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Actually i haven't worked since the ping pong pandemic started but i still get paid
I don't see how that is relevant to the discussion though
Can you please post a timestamp of Lamy saying Marine is her favourite?
All i heard in these threads is that she loves Aki and Coco, and there's actual evidence of that if you want me to post it.
I'd love to hear Lamy say Marine is her favorite, finding out new stuff about holomen is why i come to this shithole in the first place.
So plase, please i implore you, if you have a timestamp, share it with everyone.

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You're already a thread personality you fat and ugly whore, no need to namedrop yourself constantly.

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Would you rather have ball-crushing sex with Korone or weak and unsatisfying sex with Luna?

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Which holos are faker, those who talk about themselves in third person, or those who use pronouns?

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Kanata will still be able to talk about Coco's gift.
I wonder what will it be, it's hard to top a Switch and that letter.

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>Boyfriend doesn't mean they fucked
Am I posting with a bunch of delusional retards?

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Isn't it ironic that Suisei, who was rejected from idol companies for not being attractive enough, is considered a sex icon on the internet now?

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I've been self inserting as Kanata and Coco for a year now to cope with the fact that i've never had friends in my life, i was living life through them.
I honestly don't know what i will do now, their rlationship was probably the content i loved the most in hololive.

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>1 minute apart

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Isn't the wigger of nippon still collabing with some vshojo whore? I hope the entirety of EN graduates for bringing that trash into Hololive.

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Extremely loose vagina?

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It seems like SEAniggers are shitting up the thread again

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This is the most blatant global raid i have ever seen here.

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If Towa is so good, why doesn't she have her own original song?

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Why didn't Kanata join the discord call?

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Imagine my shock, sheepniggers are globaltards.

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Do you actually give a shit about that? w
I always forget how these threads are filled with nothing but underage kids.

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Cope? about what?

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