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That's right, Yuuka is a stunning young woman.

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Mom conference? Is it just a place where mommies go to get drunk?

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Yuyu has Youmu to do most of the work around the house, so she wouldn't be that bad of a pick.
Yuuka would make a great father figure, but I'm unsure of how she would perform as a mom.
Ran is practically a mom already and would know the job and be great at it.
Yukari would just relegate everything to Ran, but wouldn't provide a safe environment for a child, due to rampant domestic violence.
Kanako would be too busy most of the time with causing incidents, making Sanae-oneechan do much of the work. She'd probably be a pretty good sister, so it wouldn't be all that bad.
Eirin would likely be one of the top 3 with her millenia of experience, ample resources and her already having someone who needs to be taken care of like a child. On the other hand, she might have high expectations for you and could come off as distant due to knowing that your life is vanishingly short compared to her existence.
Yuugi wouldn't make a good mom, the alcoholism and lack of anyone responsible close to her would guarantee you'd end up troubled.
Byakuren would be a great mom herself while also having the other Myoren temple residents to help out. No real downsides aside for maybe her being somewhat busy with the Temple business.

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