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I dont get how is possible to be 7pm and its clearly 7am...

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When I said cat and dog, I meant caniforms and feliforms, that's why I mentioned foxes and hyenas. Feliforms are all cats, even big cats like lions. Caniforms are all dog-like animals. Think of an animal with a muzzle, it's probably a caniform. Most people don't realize how closely related those animals are to dogs until you point out their similar faces, and to a lesser extent claws and body shapes (bears, seals, raccoons).

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>protocol has always been to go to the first thread created after the previous thread dies
>try to change that when you don't get your way
Literal children.

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>cleared my schedule so I could enjoy UNO
>no UNO
I'm so angry right now, fuck this shit.

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When will they leave?
These threads resemble /v/ more and more every day.

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You're going to pay for this.

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weird friend!

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Are we still friends?

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