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I still don't get the story cards thing

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my favourite okuu

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Missing only the other half of my brain cell

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Not rolling for basic units is a no brainer, genius.
You and the bird deserve each other.

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Well some people are luckily retarded enough to like doing things they are bad at and likely even think they did good. I personally get depressed quickly if i dont see fast improvement or just be decent at what i am doing from get go. But then again beign good at something also depends from perspective, what is border of decent and bad?

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what is exactly considered "well written"?
i mean it can be well writen even if its nothing to do with canon and it can be even well writen while its just porn, but i guess that ultimately depends from who is reading.
i myself have mountain of doujins to read, but just never get myself to do it since i have so much other stuff to do.

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they actually hoped own idol board in that sticky since i checked it after it got stickied, not that i care for that shit.

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An adorable little baka.

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Yes. Anything.

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Indeed, indeed

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relaxing... too calm for me.


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