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he's sober

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But one of them is a boy, and the other is also a boy...
Right, that is pretty gay.

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You will never be japanese

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Is anyone watching Luna?

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And that was great when humans were dumb cunts living in caves. But when it came to the -main- reason why humans were able to advance, which is the establishing of permanent civilizations, the Cat was FAR more integral to this than the Dog

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and they still get discussed in /vyt/ you absolute cretin.

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very cool on topic post. bets on how long will it take Shion to sing turing love?

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Yes why

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>it's to make her cry
You don't need a cage or a stick to do that

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Only burgers simp for animals harder than women

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she's not streaming

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>Sober Australian
My point stands. What an absolute disappointment.

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>Sled dogs, tracking dogs, drug dogs.


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I love how you expose yourself with your obvious /v/ posting style, It's hilarious.

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My oshi isn't a holo.

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Never because she got cucked by Okayu

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the cage is minecraft, the stick is my superchat

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Nose really loves her girlfriend

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Mio-Ayame is the only one where one fully intended to groom the other

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Shion is my wife and daughter

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How is it? I'm in college and cant watch.

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I guess I lose. feel free to discuss homos then

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Go and watch a stream then, fag. Stop trying to police the thread

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who the fuck asked you blogging retard.

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>Hololive thread
>nobody talks about Hololive

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what these niggas eat? steroids?

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>the replies

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My profile at this point is a joke, I made it but nobody has ever interacted with me, I stoped caring and just upload me doing weeb shit.

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Is she saying that normal Towa looks old?

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Who's your favorite Niji, bros

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Your daughter-wife is a lazy NEET

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>a sled
>more important than establishing non perisable food and grain stores which in turn meant the creation of bread and alcohol: The main drivers of civilization
Anon, your anthropology reps...

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great Hololive posts.

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Dont that no one asked

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She talked about some games at the beginning like trackmania and street fighter not sure if she was interested in playing them
Then went on to get annoyed(playfully) at someone in chat calling her fat because she keeps eating snacks and drinking all the time so she started playing around with her model for a bit
Now she's talking about collabs and stuff but I'm a few drinks deep now and I'm having trouble focusing

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Imagine a banwave where every single retard that talked about pets got banned for 3 days

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