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>Enema took this collab away from you
I am so mad

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Reminder to keep your filters up to date.

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Your oshi will be in the collab song cover with Kiara

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I love when they reply and whoever was writing shit suddenly becomes spaghetti

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i wish this song was more popular, it is one of sora's songs i like the most

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And Luna kneeled.

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Can't wait for the meltdown which shark's outfit reveal will cause.

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Shame since Byoushin wo Kamu is not exactly an unpopular song and it's one of her best covers imo so I'm sad it's not growing that much. I don't really have doubts about her original song, it's in good hands, but she needs to find a good timing to release it to get the most out of it.

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Always fun to see the new janitors making a joke out of themselves, not sure what this faggot is trying to achieve but it's hilarious seeing someone so out of touch trying to moderate the thread, it's like if he looked at the Nijimeido and thought that was a good example to follow

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Get a gf and send her to Australia for a year

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flare did it bros she won...

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Why ENfags so mentally ill?

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who will save us from the chiggen menace

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Homofags are parasites, seeing that faggot SC Coco demanding the homos in meme review gave me second hand embarrassment

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The most moe moment in all of hololive history.

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Dont miss it. The outfit is sexy

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Mr Robert is her cousin, she just forgot her schedule was overlapping

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get in the coffin before i stuff you into it homobitchcunt

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Alright Kiara thanks

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Is that instant mining? Seems slow.

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she got 100k more views since the last time I checked, nice

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Wrong thread beggar

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It's ok kenzocuck, you can always spam your off-topic vtuber in the next thread when the janny isn't around

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ENcel wrong thread

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Anon is getting uppity again

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Agree. Make sure to not miss Kanata's new outfit reveal.

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I have a pen I have a pineapple

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But that IS a good example to follow. I hope he keeps it up.

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Why are you so mad, Lunatwig? She ended up changing the time of her stream. You guys are so pathetic and weak that you couldn't defend your princess against the homos.
My oshi's fanbase is thankfully not as shitty as you guys are.

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i feel bad for the homostars, i really do... but

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Towa is a _____

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Towa is a male

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>Anon post off topic shit
>Off topic shit gets deleted
>Anon gets banned
Seems to be working as intended. Good one janny.

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t. buttblasted shitposter that had his toy taken away

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Nuke SEA. Reduce all SEAniggers to ash. The world will finally heal without the infected wound known as the SEAnigger. The day the SEAniggers cease to exist is the day these threads become worth visiting. No schizo posts. No horrible attempts at communicating in a human language. No disgusting feces covered hands posting the garbage that spawned inside their beastly schizophrenia-riddled brains. The grotesque midgets known as SEAniggers are nothing but a drain on the world. A carcass rotting in a ditch is more a benefit to the world than a living SEAnigger. At least the filth spilling from the corpse is released back into the environment, whereas the filth released from the SEAnigger acts only to ruin these threads and the anons in them. Kill every single SEAnigger. Rejoice.

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mf really is this angry about Nose of all people, hilarious

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well i do listen to her song, but it's usually not on youtube. i will probably hit something like 1k plays before summer..

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You are still here. Thought you died or something.

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