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Everytime i see her, it makes me HNNNNNNNGG!!!

Kisume is the cutest Touhou loli ever.

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Kyouko is the cutest.

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Kisume is very cute.

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I hate Kisume so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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I forget she exists some times. Same with Letty.

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It's understandable.

Only fags like Kisume anyway.

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Hey man, my mom likes Kisume.

I don't though.

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So a fag gave birth to you.

You came out of a fag's pussy.

How does faggot pussy feel across your ears?

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Kisume used to be hnnng material, but then SoPM happened.

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I you had play Double Spoiler that would have been no suprise to you.

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Remember folks, Yukari is canon flat.

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That artist draws everyone flat.

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Kisume confirmed for cirno racing!!

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We don't even know if that girl is kisume and not just someone's head or dead body.
We don't know what Kisume really looks likes, so we can't call her cute.

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ZUN was just joking about the head, you can obviously see it's her in >>10206395

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I came buckets!

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is she very samll, or that bucket is way too big ?

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Who said it was a bucket and not a barrel?

Also, in game sprite size.

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it has a handle so is not a barrel

but know that you mention it

isnt barrel what japanese people use to bury the deads ?

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that's okay, she exists only sometimes

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Very agreed. Kisume is the cutest bucket loli ever.

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I really enjoy this image featuring her

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It's canon that Kisume does not like men.

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How can someone this cute be so cold?

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Wow what a bad ass!

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Of all the characters who live in buckets she is best

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Because ZUN says they're all flat.

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