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Binaural orgasm thread


this feels so good, at first it feels strange when she scratches your ear, but when you laid down on your bed with eyes closed and starts blowing it really hets into you it tickled at some poit but feels so good...

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if you keep listening it will stop working

be careful anon

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this is not bad too

Too bad the quality is shit

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I don't like her voice.

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This is my new favorite thing in the world and it makes my heart flutter just like old timmes

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There's already a thread here.

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I'd heard about this whole binaural thing before, but never gave it a shot because I haven't had headphones in quite awhile and also because everyone was hyping up how SCARY it was.

When I first started listening to this, I freaked out because it sounded like it was coming out of my speakers somehow. I suddenly shut the speakers off, and only when the voice kept going did I realize it was somehow coming from my shitty headphones. She sounded like she was whispering right into my ear, and it made me squirm like I was being tickled.

And then it got to the point where I think she was trying to clean my ear? What the fuck was that?

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Personally I couldn't listen to it for more than a few seconds without finding it to be ridiculous. Does that change as you keep listening?

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Its comes with the gayness, So yes and no

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It also comes with good headphones

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These kind of videos are called ASMR for anyone who's curious. If you look hard enough, there's a video with just about any sound/role play imaginable.

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>if you keep listening it will stop working
Is this true? I'm listening to this for the first time and it made my dick hard as diamond

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So does someone have a list of good ones?

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are there any good videos of chalk on chalkboard? All the youtube ones are of people drawing, and the long strokes sound like pigshit

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this shits just annoying as fuck.

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seconded, I got 3 seconds into OP's vid and noped out

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I really like the sound of using a sharpie to write on a white board, the repetitive tapping and subsequent gliding is wonderful

Unfortunately the people on youtube who have decent quality mics are too dumb to make anything aside from annoying bitch whispering and hitting their stupid long nails on piece of plastic

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Where's the longer version?

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Is this nigger a screamer, I swear to fucking piss on my ass that if this shit is a screamer I will never let this down.

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I fucking hate this video

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Thank you, based OP. Listening to it with earphones, that vid really made my day.

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How stupid would this be if it was in English?

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Only slightly more stupid than it is in "glorious" Japanese.

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holy shit, i had headphones in and i got so scared, i thought there was someone creepin around me

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super stupid.

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