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So, using an overly compilicated magic ritual, you finally managed to get to Gensokyo. Normally I let you guys pass the barrier just like that and get devoured by something, but since I'm feeling generous today I decided to give you a chance. First of all, passing through as you are now you'll end up dead before you get to the human village, even if you don't you will be fully eligible to be eaten by anyone since you're not an official village inhabitant. However, we can bypass that restriction by turning you into a youkai girl. Isn't that what you wanted all along?

So, here's the deal - I will change you into a youkai of your choice and let you enter with a chance of survival, though I won't save you if you get into trouble again. You only get one chance. On the other hand, you won't be able to turn back as you were or return to the outside world. Think of it as a little experiment of mine.

If you don't accept I will return you to your world and erase your memory of this ecounter. You'll never have a chance of entering Gensokyo again and the barrier will repel you.

So, what is your choice, human? Will you turn back or not? And who will you become?

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>However, we can bypass that restriction by turning you into a youkai girl. Isn't that what you wanted all along?
You just answered your own question, dumbass.

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Let's go

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[X] Kill Yukari and rape her anus.

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Why the flying fuck wouldn't I take that deal?
I mostly just want to take it easy anyways.

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implying you can make me the most powerful youkai in existence with your current powers yukari<

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she'd probably turn me into a shit one like Rumia

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>Implying you wouldn't find a way to use and abuse your powers even if you end up with shitty ones
If it wasn't for that "I can't see in the dark" thing and we had a slightly more clear understanding of Rumia's Darkness Manipulation, she'd be far more threatening outside of Spell Card Fights.

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First: if i know enough about barrier-bypassing magic then i know enough about yuokai-blasting magic.

Second: the Danmaku rules do not specify a particular group of humans, therefore they apply to any and all human beings, as written; this include the "Even if they win, the youkai can't kill the human" part.

Third: i ain't no buddhist traitor

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How bout a bet? If I can make you cum first I'll be free to do whatever I want otherwise I'll be your loyal manslave.

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>turning you into a youkai girl
certainly not. you can turn me into a youkai cat. but it has to be this cat, though. god, i fucking love this cat.

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That's a female cat though.

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So i know enough magic to break through barrier using
>overly compilicated magic ritual
But i did not train my magic enough to blast apart at least small building?

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I think that can be arranged.

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Make me into a kawaii girl so my senpai will notice my kawaiiness desu!

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