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In which we have happy times and make threads correctly.

Monster Girl Collection/Master List & Updates: http://bit.ly/MGCollection
Pastebin version Master List: http://pastebin.com/5dBZzWTX
Monster Girl Media: http://pastebin.com/6kd9Bjdk

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Hellhound waifus

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Yes, wonderful.
Question: Xenogears or Chrono Trigger?

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The MGC Maid Central will now resume it's activities.

Maid type: Hellhound
Name: Kenna
Personality: Bold, Headstrong and caring
Notes: Followed an alternative maid training. Good with children.

Kenna has been with MGC Maid Central for 11 years now. Kenna started her maid training at the age of 17 as part of the still ongoing juvenile reintegration program. Kenna succesfully completed an altered training focused on more dominant species at the age of 24 and has been under various Masters since.

However it is to be noted that all previous signed contracts by Masters were cancelled before their expiration dates due to various reasons.

Kenna has a strong dominant personality and will aggresivly take initiative in various aspects of her Masters life. She has proven to clash with Masters who have similar a personality.
As a maid she is known to have an under-average performance and has been reported to occasionly "force" her Master to clean up self-caused spills after being ordered to clean said spill herself*.

Kenna however seems to display protective behavior around those she deems "weak"**. She has shown to display a mix of dominant and caring behavior around such people.

Due to her history Kenna spends a relatively large amount of time performing gym related activities. She has been reported to attempt and even force*** Masters to perform similar gym related activities.

MGC Maid Central only recommends Kenna for submissive a Master that does not mind having their maid take extended control over their life.

*Cause of 3 contract cancellations.
**Method likely determined by advanced smelling technique
***Cause of 1 contract cancellation.

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I want to rub her belly after I pump it full of daughterus

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I don't think I could handle this.

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Charon's puns tickle my ribs

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What are the categories I need to fill?

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>Rub Hellhound's belly
>Her leg starts spazzing the fuck out
>She gets embarrassed

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We request the following form to be filled to allow profiling and maid matching

Please be aware that this is a time-consuming procedure and appreciates the patience of any potential Master.

In addition it is worth noting that there are already serveral filled forms in the waiting line. Please be wary of a long waiting time.

Size of residence:
Education of Master:
Current employment:
Personality of Master:
Dating or Married:

Favorite Personalities:
Favorite body type:
Favorite type of Monstergirl*:
Prefered age:
Arachnophobia: Yes/No
Specific dislikes:

Extra notes/specifications:

*No Anubis maids currently available. Sandworm maids require appointment at local Maid Center with approved form for permanent relocation of the Masters residence.

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Size of residence: two bedroom apartment
Education of Master: some college
Current employment: currently unemployed
Personality of Master: quiet yet witty
Dating or Married: dating

Favorite Personalities: Genki
Favorite body type: healthy
Favorite type of Monstergirl: Slime
Prefered age: 25 - 35
Arachnophobia: No
Specific dislikes: stupidity

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In which Team Manager Anubis does her best.

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What colour would you choose if you could choose a monster in any colour?

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Alrighty thenny.

1. Single bedroom, living room, kitchen, sauna.
2. High school graduate, also three year vocational training in pipefitting
3. University
4. "Healthy mind in a healthy body"
5. No...
6. Chill, but able to tackle problems head on and take charge of things when necessary.
7. Closer to fit than plump
8. Dragon
9. CC and above
10. No
11. Nitpicking.
12. I'm allergic to fish, don't know if it makes a difference here.

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If you're specifically asking me, I haven't played either.

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It was a general question to everyone. And you should go play both, they're better than almost anything I can think of in the last decade.

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Brownish in general.

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I prefer blue. It has always done things to me. Mystique From the X-Men probably gave me my blue skin fetish as well as my red hair fetish.

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Oh my.
I love you. Do the freckled Wurm with sex hair and stained dress next, please.

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Am I in trouble again?

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>That V
>That midriff
>Those thighs
I mean, you know, Manticore's aren't really THAT bad

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Nice, but green is still a best.

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I think most people can agree that they aren't bad monster girls; just overrated.

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That tailpussy is pretty chubby.

I wouldn't mind a Manticore wife so long as she isn't a sadist, even though femdom isn't my thing

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Overrated and overused. Personally, I don't mind them that much
I mean, look at that midriff, oh sweet Hathor

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They'd look just as good if not better on any other MG.

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The very moment she says she's willing to convert to Hathorism I'm impregnating her.
This, sadism a shit and I'd rather she not act like a bitch all the time.

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Size of residence: Small 3 bed, 1 bath house. Furnished attic and basement

Education of Master: Bachelor Degree
Current employment:Help Desk tech
Personality of Master: Easygoing with a few quirks

Dating or Married:Single

Favorite Personalities: Anything that is not heavy yan or Heavy tsun

Favorite body type: the healthier the better, although I am not opposed to others

Favorite type of Monstergirl*: Any that are not beelzebub/devil bug

Prefered age: 18 and older, 17 negotiable

Arachnophobia: No

Specific dislikes: anyone who does not enjoy cuddling.

Extra notes/specifications: One bedroom is currently an office and the other is rented out to another male who is dating a human. Maid may need to share a room with me until i acquire a second bed for her.

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Dragons that are maids? That's bullshit he said, as he spat his good taste onto the floor.

>Art by mysterious drawfag.
>One day, you will be unmasked.

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How would your monster waifu react if she found out you were actually a hybrid terminator? What if not even you knew about it yourself until after you got in a terrible accident that ended up explosing your metallic endoskeleton through an open wound?

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She would tell me terminator 4 a shit.

>> No.13041823

She would terminate me without a second thought, hunt down the people who made me, kill them, and then drink it all into oblivion.

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>Size of residence: Small
>Education of Master:Currently in college
>Current employment: Construction
>Personality of Master: Warmhearted, affectionate, sometimes a little lazy
>Dating or Married:Single

>Favorite Personalities: Outgoing, I guess.
>Favorite body type: I don't really have one
>Favorite type of Monstergirl*:Cheshire
>Prefered age: 20-30
>Arachnophobia: Nah
>Specific dislikes: None come to mind

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I swear to god I will bash your skull in for makng me remember Salvation.

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MGs won't give a fuck as long as you produce energy.
If you don't, you won't get a mg waifu in the first place

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But anon, only two Terminator movies were ever made.

>> No.13041832

Would possibly explain the urge to raise an army of 400,000 undead hive-mind daughterus to take over the world.

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lovely long fox tongue a best

if your waifu doesnt have a long tongue it's no waifu at all

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Was the movie that bad?

>> No.13041836

We discuss MGE here.
If you don't like it you're probably in the wrong thread.

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but more like licking/play-biting and maybe fingering please

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In MGC it ends with John Connor having a harem of terminators

The CC original
The genki slime loli one.
The seductive succubutt third one.

>> No.13041841

It was a Terminator film without tons of actions scenes.

It was a fucking drama about some OC bullshit.

>> No.13041846

well i do have a kitsune waifu so most likely

>> No.13041847

It was generic.

It felt more like a regular sci-fi movie than a Terminator movie.

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>not mge
Ehh, MGQ? Assassinroid was brety gud

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Size of residence: Medium.
Education of Master: Master's Degree.
Current employment: Scholarly work.
Personality of Master: Mostly tired, depressed.
Dating or Married: N/A.
Favorite Personalities: Not tsundere.
Favorite body type: CC a best.
Favorite type of Monstergirl: Oni.
Prefered age: Over 22 but under 35.
Arachnophobia: No.
Specific dislikes: Loli a shit.

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He's screwing with you anon.

>> No.13041856

Anon, this isn't the Monster Girl Encyclopedia General.

>> No.13041857

Associate's degree
Diesel Technician
Introverted, Cynical

Assertive, confident
Muscular, but still voluptuous

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*takes a hot, steamy shit*
I just made this thread smell better, heh

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What the fuck is even the difference???


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>the difference
Well for example in EMG, there is no MAMONO MANA.

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But EMG is haremshit.

I refuse to read it.

>> No.13041898

Suu a great.

Suumba is the best cleaning device.

>> No.13041899

You are really in the wrong thread.

>> No.13041900

Suu is a huge slut.

There is no denying that all she wants is dick and water.

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Size of residence: small
Education of Master: Master's degree
Current employment: none
Personality of Master: depressed
Dating or Married: neither

Favorite Personalities: easy going, caring
Favorite body type: fluffy
Favorite type of Monstergirl*: not sure, none
Prefered age: under 22,
Arachnophobia: no, but spiders a shit

>> No.13041909

Suu is too pure to know about the dick. She does love delicious agua though.

>> No.13041910

For fuck's sake...

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And pussy juice.

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keep the autism in ghost

>> No.13041918

This is my problem.
I like the girls, I like the art, I even don't mind Crabman's habit of drawing female bodies like a stick with two water balloons attached to it.
But haremshit I cannot abide.

>> No.13041919

No, she's a slut anon.

>> No.13041920

Is there a problem?

>> No.13041922

Yeah, you're really in the wrong thread.
We got kicked here off of /a/ because we talk about MGE.

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>Assassinroid was brety gud
Mein neger

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Good taste then, anon. Tell us about her.

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i wont

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That wasn't the entire reason and if you had actually been there you'd know it. I'm done talking to you.

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Son, if you think you're gonna push the "posting standards" thing back on /a/, here, you've got another thing coming.

>> No.13041932

You mean besides the fact that it's harem shit?

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To clarify, we talk about everything, but mostly we talk about "a weird headcanon monstergirl variant largely influenced by MGE set in a modern day city where monsters are cuddlebugs rather than crazed rapists and all manticores are shy subs".

And yes, we got kicked off /a/ because "That's not anime".

>> No.13041934

>"posting standards"
How does an Elf flipping someone off relate to that?

>> No.13041939

Bye. We'll be here, actually on topic.

Of course, because Anon needs his MGs to be immediately available to him and sexually nonthreatening simultaneously.

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File: 1.76 MB, 2000x3500, leonamaid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>being this assmad someone called you out
you need to actually hide your salt anon

>> No.13041947

If it's wet, don't fret.

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>actually on topic
You seriously, for reals, actually think that MGE is what these threads are for and that everything else is "off topic"?
Boo. Boo to you.

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So, just read the second intro for PRW's "Spaceworm" story. First an Apophis who does some husbando husbandry, and some sort of plotting regarding a temple, and now a Spaceworm? This is pretty damn good so far.

Loved the design he came up with for the Spaceworm too, very cool.

>> No.13041951

>sub manticore
Where did we go so wrong?

Was it with the sandwich-making Ushi-Oni? Can we blame it on Bob?

>> No.13041953

>Implying it's in any way worse than a normal manticore.

>> No.13041955

B-but this is a Christian imageboard!
Let's talk about this. Is the Spaceworm going to become the ancestor of Sandworms for the desert setting?

>> No.13041956

go back into the archives
or lurk for a while
tell me
what is the vast vast majority of everything we talk about
no please I want to know

>> No.13041957

Maid type: Oomukade
Name: Makoto
Personality: Shy, Curious and Caring
Notes: Will request acces to, or bring a basic set of tools used for working with electronics.
Completed the extra "Massaging your Master" coarse.

Makoto became part of the MGC Maid Central at her 19th birthday and is part of the organisation for 6 years now. She succesfully passed her maid training in 4 years without encountering any difficulties.

As a maid Makoto performs her duties well. She will perform all tasks asked of her without questioning. Makoto is not quick to take initiative early on unless she feels this is absolutely needed.

Makoto enjoys working on various electronic projects in her own room whenever she is not performing any tasks. She also is reported to have a curious nature and specifically enjoys observing her Master.

Based on the internship during her training, one can expect Makoto to be shy for the first few weeks when assigned to a Master. Her curious nature however will cause her to eventually attempt to interact with her Master with whatever he is doing, after which she is known to quickly increase the amount of interactions with her Master in an attempt to spend more time with him. She is also reported to attempt to increase the amount of physical interaction, usually by offering massages.
It is to be noted that Makoto will take initiative far more often after this phase.

Makoto does not make much use of the gym facilities at the MGC Maid Central when this is possible. She however follows a proper diet and therefore has a suitable weight for her bodytype.

MGC Maid Central believes Makoto to be a suitable maid for the more patient Master who enjoys the curious eye and does not mind to spend time at his hobby together with a maid.

Note: Female examinators have reported to feel "unnerved" when they were in presence of Makoto and her currently assigned examinator Master.

>> No.13041959

>Was it with the sandwich-making Ushi-Oni?
Even the Ushi-Oni who started that still planned to wreck her husband's pelvis after wowing him with her new cooking skills.

>Can we blame it on Bob?
I think .less actually drew her before Bob wrote about her.

>> No.13041961

Normal manticore also a shit but if a species is supposed to be sadistic horrors it loses a bit of the impact if they're shy blushing subs.

>> No.13041962

>haremshit I cannot abide
>incubi are known to have harems

Reggie what's wrong with you.gif

>> No.13041963

>vast majority
I think you're confusing something. The thread is "Monster Girl General", not "Monster Girl Encyclopedia General". As long as it is so, it doesn't matter if the majority of our talk is about a fanfic-version of KC's stuff.

>> No.13041965

>Is the Spaceworm going to become the ancestor of Sandworms for the desert setting?
An interesting thought. I definitely had the thought that whatever the Apophis is doing, may summon the Spaceworm to her lands. PRW did say the two pairs would meet after all.

>> No.13041966
File: 659 KB, 600x800, c1ebf56f0eef44a8e6a791bc56fd9311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Of course, because Anon needs his MGs to be immediately available to him and sexually nonthreatening simultaneously.
As a man who got into monstergirls for the frenzied-reverse-rape rather than the touch-fluffy-tail waifuism, the present geist of the zeit is a depressing state of affairs.
I just want to get pinned down, violently fucked, and left in a broken, shivering puddle of my own tears and ejaculate.
Is that too much to ask!?

>> No.13041967

>loses a bit of the impact
That impact being their shitness I assume.
Nevertheless, you have a point..

>> No.13041972

and you are acting as if MGE is not the default that we talk about and being offended when someone assumes it is despite it being more than 95% of what we talk about
youre either an idiot new or baiting
please pick one

>> No.13041974

>I think .less actually drew her before Bob wrote about her.
You can blame both of them among others for the kawaii uguu vanillashitter "original personality" trash, regardless of which came first with that instance. Apparently polar opposites and mental disorders are the only way you can be creative.

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File: 2.80 MB, 2000x2000, c5YN9yU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13041977

Not him, but have you ever read a harem series?

That shit's the worst garbage. Most of them could be solved by issue 2 if the MC stopped being a tool.

>inb4 but stories need drama.

>> No.13041978

I won't hate you for it but I will look down on you.

>> No.13041983

Woah, cowboy. We know you like Manticore's but this is a Christian image board

>> No.13041984

Nobody's actually stopping you. I mean apart from the fact that they're not real.
>you are acting as if MGE is not the default that we talk about
Please show me where I said that.
>offended when someone assumes it is
This whole thing kicked off with>>13041817
>MGs won't give a fuck as long as you produce energy.
If you don't, you won't get a mg waifu in the first place
This was said in accordance with the MGE rules, which wouldn't apply in the situation described by the Salvation guy.
You're the one who got on my case for pointing that out.

>> No.13041986

>Is that too much to ask!?
I suppose it's not, but I will call you a faggot.

>> No.13041987

Does your office handle applications for becoming a home care personnel for monster girls or do I need to go elsewhere?

>> No.13041988

You are not a sub, are you?

>> No.13041991

Alright, normie.

>> No.13041992
File: 442 KB, 1254x1771, 1422418336828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>incubi are known to have harems
You're right, and it's a negative mark against them.
The advantage MGE has over EMG here is that the "incubus harem-master" thing is left as a vague one-sentence implication tucked away in a world guide somewhere, behind a hundred and seventy something profiles of delicious monster-on-godfearing-peasant rape.

EMG, meanwhile, wallows in haremshit 24/7 like a pig in filth.

>> No.13041995

Only bicorn's husbands always have harems
For usual incubi harem is more of a rare exception than rule
And harem were always frowned upon here, you new or something?

>> No.13042001

Eh, you got a point.

Most harem series are garbage, but I've found one that I liked.

>> No.13042002

Ouch, its going to be awhile to get our maids if you need to go through all of last thread.

but i can be patient.

good things come to those who wait.

>> No.13042003


Is The Mightiest Disciple thing harem?


>reading harems

Geez, just watch the ovas and jerk off like a normal man.

>Most of them could be solved by issue 2 if the MC stopped being a tool.

You mean if he was allowed to fuck? Maybe you should stop watching bad harems and pick up light novels instead.

>> No.13042006

I think it's nice that he goes through it all.

>> No.13042007
File: 75 KB, 419x600, IHeardYouLikeBlue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some people here said they liked blue succubosses, so there ya go.

>Choco version

>> No.13042010

Yep, like I said.

i can wait.

This is what happens when i don't apply sooner.

>> No.13042011

And thank god for that.
Monogamy a best, who wants to be a timeshare?

>> No.13042014

>Maybe you should stop watching bad harems and pick up light novels instead.

Way ahead of you, I stopped reading/getting mad over them a while ago.

>> No.13042015

God Lilims look like shit.

>> No.13042017

Eh, what the hell, I'm curious what might be deemed suitable.

Size of residence: Mid-Size Apartment (2 Bed, 2 bath, bonus room)
Education of Master: Some College
Current employment: Machinist
Personality of Master: Lazy, easy going, bit of a Romantic, known for perseverance.
Dating or Married: Single

Favorite Personalities: Assertive, Calm, Forward (as in blunt, doesn't beat around the bush), Warm.
Favorite body type: Petite
Favorite type of Monstergirl*: Dragon, Nightmare, Anubis*
Preferred age: 20-30 range
Arachnophobia: Yes, but not as bad as some.
Specific dislikes: Stupidity, Air-headedness, inability to follow a train of thought or sequence of events.

*Availability or no, thought I should mention for full-disclosure.

>> No.13042018

Yes, this will do nicely.

>> No.13042021

Size of residence: Studio apartment
Education of Master: Bachelor Degree
Current employment: Animator
Personality of Master: Introverted, OCD tendencies
Dating or Married: No

Favorite Personalities: Confident, headstrong
Favorite body type: fit and healthy yet still curvy
Favorite type of Monstergirl*: Dragon
Prefered age: 23- 30
Arachnophobia: No
Specific dislikes: close minded

>> No.13042023

Most bad anime harems are adaptations of bad LN harems
What good LNs do you know?

>> No.13042025

>Blueberry Lilim
That...does not look good. The skintone clashes horribly with her white hair.

The brown version, on the other hand, looks lovely.

>> No.13042028

I'm sorry sempai, I tried, but I still failed you.

>> No.13042030

It looks wrong on a Lilim.

>> No.13042032

No I'm not talking about the colors.

Their designs are just shit.

>> No.13042037

I figured, that's why I made two.

That I will not fight you on.

>> No.13042043

They're just succubi with a dash of "original character donut steel" thrown in. They don't look powerful or terrifying enough to be lesser divinities.

>> No.13042045

I like monstergirls. I like some of them more than others, though.

Do you like monstergirls?

>> No.13042046

You're funny anon.

>only bicorns

Dark Elves, Devil Bugs, Large Mouse, Black Harpy (I'm counting it) Hobgbling, Pixies

>And harem were always frowned upon here, you new or something

No, and seeing it's part of the setting I hope you understand why I give no fucks about "our" "harems are bad" attitude.

>> No.13042047

In personal opinion or objectively?

Personally I like the DxD light novel, but I'm not sure how well it's sold in Japan.

>> No.13042048

>They don't look
That's how they get you; they sneak up on you.

>> No.13042050

Yeah, if they looked a bit more "demonic", I could dig it.

>> No.13042053

Yes, yes I do, some more than others.

>> No.13042055

>liking harems
I give no fucks about your opinion either.

>> No.13042056

One bedroom/bathroom suite.
High school grad.
Grocery clerk.
Mellow and relaxed.

Quirky kuudere or dandere.
Small end petite.
Dormouse. You said you had some.

Would prefer chocolate over vanilla.

>> No.13042057

U w0t
I only watched anime and there was only blonde girl as love interest. And maybe Shigure. Huh, I remember her name but forgot blonde
Did the manga became harem somewhere after anime material ended?

>> No.13042059

No, monstergirls a shit. Deus Vult!

>> No.13042063

Yes, mushroom girls can fuck off though.

>> No.13042064

Hello Nyan.

>> No.13042065

I'm glad we could agree on that, anon. I feel more welcome here now.

I think kitsune tails are really great. I would like to hug one.

That's not very nice.

>> No.13042067

>part of the setting
There's a lot of the setting that needs to be removed if you don't want a pastel-colored happy land mostly supported by the horrors of mind breaking, addiction, and violence. KC's world building is shit.

>> No.13042068
File: 166 KB, 800x1000, A man's lot in life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Poopy-head! Monster Girls are great!
I'm more of a scale-man myself.

>> No.13042070


>Liking monstergirls

Top kek. What are you, a faget?

>> No.13042071

Hello anon. Will be back after a dentist visit.

>> No.13042072

You don't save humanity from an eternity of slavery and rape by being nice. Cleave and smite!

>> No.13042074

I'm terrified of mushrooms yet I think the poor things must feel lonely, the most warmth from someone they will receive is on the end of a flamethrower.

>> No.13042075

>not liking mind breaking, addiction, and violence

>> No.13042076

I'd probably get together with a Matango if they were the only MG in existence.

>> No.13042077

>I'm more of a scale-man myself.
Good man.

>> No.13042079

Scales are very good at protecting monstergirls. Do you like monstergirls who are active and maybe get in fights? Or do you like that they can protect you with those scales?

I think monstergirls are very nice women who just want some companionship. I don't think it's fair to be so mean to them.

>> No.13042080

>Dark Elves
Really just daughterus who may choose to fuck daddy. You could count Dhampirs by the same coin.

>Devil Bugs, Large Mouse, Black Harpy, Pixies
I suppose, though really "Swarms" are kind of separate from a full-out harem comprised of wholely different girls.

Also you forgot Khepri and normal Fairies.

Guess that counts, given the dynamic. Also werewolves.

Still, the guy's point remains that Harems are more an exception than a rule. Fairly rare, except among swarm-species.

>> No.13042081

Size of residence: Two story house
Education: Bachelors
Employment: Park Ranger
Personality: Easily motivated and stubborn.

Favorite Personality: Assertive and Passionate
Body type: Muscular
Favorite monster: Manticore
Preferred age: Over 30
no arachnophobia
Specific dislikes: none

Extra notes: Does she know anything on how to manage forest preserves? I also want a first time and inexperienced maid.

>> No.13042082

But they want what's best for us.

>> No.13042083

A brave one, you are.

>> No.13042085

What monster girls do you like more than others?

>> No.13042087

Oh, I enjoy it, I'm just saying "part of the setting" is a poor defense when it's meant to be as flexible as possible and is poorly written.

>> No.13042088

Traitor pls

>> No.13042089

Size of residence: Big, 5 bedroom house
Education of Master: High school graduate
Current employment: University
Personality of Master: clingy, affectionate,shy
Dating or Married: Single

Favorite Personalities:strong, affectionate
Favorite body type: normal?
Favorite type of Monstergirl*:Oni
Prefered age:19-24
Arachnophobia: No
Specific dislikes: loli

>> No.13042091

Well, Mui, (the blonde) Renka, the nomal girl with glasses, the rollerblader from Yomi (also blond), and I'm missing one. And maybe chikage. Maybe.

>> No.13042092

>And is poorly written
I question this as any kind of defense. Can we really claim it's poorly written when A) It is meant to be flexible as possible, and we just argue pointlessly about what way it's supposed to flex?

And B) We don't even understand the language it was written in.

>> No.13042093

We Chaos now, purges are bad juju.

>> No.13042094

Sure. And we'd be better off as a slave race and livestock in their eyes. Never trust someone's "in your best interest" when they have a personal stake in using you a certain way.

>> No.13042095

I'd prefer if they didn't fight but I don't mind them having scales to keep them from getting unnecessary scrapes while running around and trying to learn how to fly.
Not brave, I just totally sympathized with Kira when he said he wanted to live a "plant-like life".

>> No.13042097


I'll never understand why people started doing tanned Manticores outside of a silly short I did to make her a special snowflake.

Fuck you guys and following Persian bloodlines.

>> No.13042099

I like hellhounds and krakens a lot. I think they would make good companions.

>> No.13042101

Size of residence:
Education of Master: High School, some language degrees
Current employment: None
Personality of Master: Calm, introverted
Dating or Married: Single

Favorite Personalities: Confident, intelligent, affectionate.
Favorite body type: I dislike loli body type, I like both muscle and healthy body types.
Favorite type of Monstergirl*: I like too many
Prefered age: Cakes or at least 1 year older than me
Arachnophobia: No
Specific dislikes: Ultra-sub girls

>> No.13042102


Fuck you.

>> No.13042103

But tans look good.

>> No.13042104

>KC's world building is shit.
Shock to no one to can think for themselves. Though he's not trying to build anything meaningful either, he's just building monster waifu simulator, but people with no attention span think he's God because kawaii nippon pictures.

>> No.13042106

>I question this defense
As is your right, but it's self-contradictory and relies on a few assumptions that are supposed to be good but come off as terrifying (I.e, you're supposed to enjoy being dragged off in a dark cave and be raped by a horrifying, panting and strong monster, and you'll come to love them IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, like some sort of rapid onset Stockholm syndrome) and that apparently nothing bad ever happens to anyone unless they really, really deserve it and even then.... Etc etc.

>> No.13042107

>I like hellhounds and krakens a lot
My nigga.

>> No.13042108

Is there something wrong with it? Dragons are bigger and stronger than humans. It only makes sense for the Dragon to carry the man.

>> No.13042109

Just what DO you want?

>it doesn't count even though there are a large number of women after one dick because reasons


>> No.13042110

The MGC Maid Central also features a full butler coarse. While the name implies otherwise, home care personnel follow the same coarse.

Please be aware that enlisting in butler training equals full time employment. However, there is no need to pay any form of tution fees and bedding, food and all other form of care will be provided for it's students.

Those who finish training are free to either stay with MGC maid Central and let our experts help you find a new Mistress*. Alternatively you are free to seek work on your own.
A reminder for all that provided services by the MGC Maid Central will continue to be provided for those who stay or return to the MGC Maid Central.

There is one more profile request in the previous thread, besides a few small questions. So far I have 14 profile requests in this thread. I'll probably do 3 or 4 profiles before getting tired. So I hope you guys won't mind that it will take some days to work through them all.

>> No.13042111


I want to be that man so fucking bad.

>> No.13042112

I'm not sure what you were trying to say with this post other than insinuating you're better than other people. Okay? The thread talks about his setting because it's a published work for people to congregate around

>> No.13042114

>some days
Ooh, I don't want to miss mine! Oh well, you do what you feel like doing.
Me too. And look how happy she is! There's snu-snu coming.

>> No.13042115

We don't have measurements on any of the girls, and this princess carry shit you push everywhere is your fetish, so please refrain from making such wild claims, faggot.

>> No.13042116

What I want is internally consistent writing with less blatant waifuism or at least some form of conflict that isn't "monsters a shit oh no I've been raped monsters a best" or less of a reliance on the one fairly rational bastion of human independence as a thing of evil.

>> No.13042119

Ok where do i sign up? I'm already a fully trained chef so I can pick up the other skills I need fairly quickly. ut I am going to say this upfront. I don't do ushis, mgs that use addictive chemicals(aside from Apophis), and ones that consume human flesh (blood is fine though).

>> No.13042120

>princess carrying shit
Just let him imagine being carried by a strong dragongirl, no need to throw a hissy fit because someone has dared to have different taste than you.

>> No.13042121

>that you push everywhere
>push everywhere
You're actually blaming ME for this? You're silly.

>> No.13042123

And people in hell want ice water.

This isn't DnD.

>> No.13042124


I don't think you understand just how badly I want to be him.

I think I'm about to start crying from the despair.

>> No.13042126

That's some pretty gud taste y'got there.

Because people like delicious brown.

That's mostly based off of people's own assumptions though. And as has been mentioned many times, the MGE was written purposefully vaguely so as people could make their own assumptions and come to the conclusion they like best. Thus, head-canon.

If people immediately make the most negative assumption, that's really no one's fault but their own, especially in spite of all the Word-of-God shit KC throws up to try and push people in the right direction as far as intent.

I don't know, I enjoy it for what it is. And honestly, don't really see a lot of the "Contradictions" some people tend to point out. Often times that seems to just be the result of people sticking to one vague idea too stubbornly, then claiming that anything that proves their headcanon wrong, or at least different, is a contradiction of everything, rather than just themselves.

>> No.13042127


>> No.13042129

>this isn't D&d
How on earth is that related to absolutely anything?
All I want is a setting that isn't just jerking off one side while casting the other as absolute evil.

>> No.13042130


It's my fetish too.

And you really think dragons aren't big strong monsters with big meaty claws?

>> No.13042132
File: 3.91 MB, 3000x4500, 1411589221709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is a Wolf okay?
Bitter virgin.

>> No.13042133

Are you saying you don't want your country to be ruled by a kindly Lilim who makes life happier and lewder for both man and monster? You need to stop being so paranoid.

>> No.13042134

Why do you niggers always have to shitpost like this? I wish I was unemployed so I could come here in the mornings.

>> No.13042135

The Stockholm syndrome thing is literally in the worldguide. Sure, it's probably exaggeration but if we go with that then we're just making hot assumptions.

>> No.13042136

No one asked you alp.

Doesn't mtter if there is one or five of you, you're the on pushing it at present.

>> No.13042137 [DELETED] 

Size of residence: apartment
Education of Master: highschool
Current employment: night crew retail
Personality of Master: unmotivated, easily depresed
Dating or Married: single looking to change this
Favorite Personalities: headstrong and happy
Favorite body type: petite, thin-ish
Favorite type of Monstergirl: kumiho/kitsune (prefer kumiho)
Prefered age: 20 and up
Arachnophobia: no
Specific dislikes: loli

Extra notes/specifications: need some one to pull me out of my funks and motivate me to do better

>> No.13042138

It's called "headcanon", and it's wonderful. Mine doesn't have anything I don't like.

>> No.13042139

A slave may think themselves happy but they will always remember what it was to be free.

>> No.13042140

No worries, I'm patient.

Might also be interested in that Butler Course...

>> No.13042141

>pushing it
That term does not apply here. There's likeminded people here who want it, and you're alone with your bitching.

>> No.13042143


You don't see me complaining like a little bitch when I see people push fetishes I don't like.

Like brown girls or "healthy" girls.

>> No.13042144


>> No.13042145
File: 444 KB, 850x1247, sample_ae5e0786ef909ca32dabf951120f0e5a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13042146

>asking for kumiho
oh shit nigger that's gonna end either poorly or yandere

calm down there
someone didn't like your opinion and you just have to deal with that

>wanting to be loved is now alpdom
okay edgekun

>> No.13042147


Freedom is a lie.

You're always a save to something.

>> No.13042149

>first post of the evening
>someone didn't like your opinion and you just have to deal with that
Sure thing man.

>> No.13042150

There are people that like it and are talking about it, and you're just raging like a bitch about it. How sad. It's not like they even asked you, you just interjected yourself.

>> No.13042153

Why would monsters want slaves? They want happy husbandos that won't scream about how monsters are evil and how human women are good. They just want to see your smile.

>> No.13042155

I did try to use vague terminology myself. Mosts and such.

Since, yes, I'll acknowledge that stuff like the stockholm syndrome is nigh invariably part of the setting. The "Rapid Onset" part on the other hand, one can argue as to how rapid it might be, and for what causes, and that's more where the headcanon and hot assumptions come in.

>> No.13042156

Size of residence: apartment
Education of Master: highschool
Current employment: night crew retail
Personality of Master: unmotivated, easily depresed
Dating or Married: single looking to change this
Favorite Personalities: headstrong and happy
Favorite body type: smaller than me im 5' 10"average build
Favorite type of Monstergirl: kumiho/kitsune (prefer kumiho)
Prefered age: 20 and up
Arachnophobia: no
Specific dislikes: loli

Extra notes/specifications: need someone to pull me out of my funks and motivate me to do better. Pefer if maid has more than one tail

>> No.13042157

Muh nigga
Shitskin and fatgrills a shit

>> No.13042158

Thanks to magic and different biology to ours, it's quite possible for them to be normal sized and remain fuckstrong, look at bahomets, you gonna tell me they're huge? Yet they're the strongest monsters, physically speaking, outstripping even onis, ogres and dragons.

>> No.13042160

What if the slave's life is a vast improvement to the life they had while free?
Dark Elves want slaves to play S&M games with.

>> No.13042161

Yes, but when free you can CHOOSE your chains. Better to suffer than have another control all you are.>>13042149

>> No.13042163
File: 762 KB, 900x1200, Best Neko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you teased your cat girl today?

>> No.13042164

You're hilarious, Freedom-kun.

>> No.13042165

>Not liking delicious brown or health
Shit taste detected.

Unless the reason you put it in quotations is because you're talking about guys trying to pass off out-and-out fat chicks as HEALTH, in which case I agree with you.

>> No.13042166

>having shit taste
Fite me irl faggot.

>> No.13042170

>broken man with fucked up mind brainwashed by MAMONO MANA
>happy smile
Pick one
Monsters a shit

>> No.13042171

>slaves life is a vast improvement
That's debateable, but there's obviously a level where slavedom is preferable. Still, that level would have to be something like literally starving to death while dying of the plague>life of luxury for it to not feel... Weird.

They have a vested and personal interest in enslaving people for their spirit energy. They just need to make it so the humans can't see their chains.

>> No.13042173

That's one aspect of the MGE that won't change. KC intends for his MGs to be viewed as liberation from all the negative aspects of Japanese culture.

>> No.13042174

Like I give a shit. You the ones assuming femdom means you are treated like a girl. Go be alps elsewhere.

>> No.13042175

I'd rather die than suffer mind control -- though they'd functionally be the same thing. Monsters a fine but lilim a shit, just like matango and any other brainfuck monster.

>> No.13042176

You do realize the bullshit you just spewed right?, when free you can choose your chains, being free to choose what kind of not-freedom we want?

If so the anons up there already answered if chained better chained to something cute.

>> No.13042177

>That's debatable
You just admitted that it's possible, there's no debate needed.
Mind-control can be broken. Death is permanent.

>> No.13042178

Nah, we call that gfd and it's pretty good. Go wear a trenchcoat and sit in a corner alone somewhere else, since you obviously don't want to be loved.

>> No.13042181

I just want to be the loyal, caring butler to a moderately affectionate Dragon Mistress while working alongside an Anubis head maid who shares similar sentiments.

Is that so wrong?

>> No.13042182

Alp pls, go strawman somehwere else.

>> No.13042183

>mind control can be broken
Not so far that we've seen in MGE. Mind control is permanent and part of mind breaking to make you love your captor.
>no debate is needed
Well, they would be enslaving every human everywhere as well as functionally killing all human women so I think some debate would still be needed

>> No.13042184

They want to free us for the chains modern society has put on us. Why are you against freedom?

>> No.13042187

>alp please
You seem to have a lot of obsession with alps just because someone wants to have a waifu stronger than them. Isn't that a bit strange for you to focus on the concept of a man becoming a woman?

>> No.13042189

>Implying killing off 3DPD is bad

>> No.13042190


>you obviously don' want to be loved

Treated like a woman, actually. Go back to tumblr.

>> No.13042191

>Why are you against freedom?
Oh Traitor-kun, always good for a laugh.

>> No.13042192

That's not the griffon is it? There's no lewd pics of maid griffon

>> No.13042195

>Well, they would be enslaving every human everywhere
I'd still take that over dying.

>> No.13042196

>chains modern society has put on us
>literally breaking your mind so you are incapable of any feelings besides lust and radically altering your brain chemistry
I think I'll wait till druella&co aren't in power anymore and replaced by someone less 'LET ME TRY AND HELP YOU, OPEN YOUR BRAINPAN' is in power.

>> No.13042198

While regular Monstergirls can sign up at your local maid center, all males are required to visit the main MGC Maid Central establishment in the main part of town.

It is also to be noted that unlike regular monstergirls, all male butlers are capable of refusing a Mistress as many times as they like. Though proper reasoning is expected. The Mistress being an Ushi-Oni and Mistresses that consume human flesh are considered proper reasons to refuse employment.

Though an alternative contract forbidding the use of chemicals may be offered to a butler instead if that is a given reason.

The altered maid coarse for Wurms and Wyverns involves extra lessons inside one of our test mansions where our maids in training are taught how to avoid causing damage to their surroundings.

Unfortunately the only Lilim maid ever to attempt enroll at the MGC Maid Central Maid Training quit her coarse in her first week after an incident concerning an instructor commenting on the Lilims chest. MGC Maid Central hopes that she found employment elsewhere.

The MGC Maid Central has in the past succesfully trained serveral Ushi-Oni's. They are available through an alternate contract form which also acts as marriage registration form.

>> No.13042199

That's clearly a Manticore, Anon

>> No.13042202

That includes all of your family members, anon.
So, wait. Let me get this weird argument straight. You don't want to be held because... That's like being a woman.
Hmm. Here I thought being a woman was having a vagina. Guess all those Oni are actually men.

>> No.13042206

Answer the question. Don't you want to live a happy and free life with your monster waifu?

You don't understand. All men are born sluts. They're just making them realize this.

>> No.13042208

I wish Zappy-sama would deliver us from evil by tasing all the bad posters.

>> No.13042210

Aren't you the ones throwing around the idea of being a "male wife" to a "female husband"? Alp, PLS.

>> No.13042212

It's a contentious issue. Are you still 'you' after you've suffered from radical, magically induced brainwashing and personality change? Because if not you're philosophically 'dead' anyway. If so, how does changing your values work? It also depends on the kind of slavery at hand.

>> No.13042213

But you are also 3DPD

>> No.13042216

If by "free" you mean I get to call the shots and no mindbreak/drugging bullshit, then yes.

If not, then feel free to suck my nuts.

>> No.13042220

And when did I say that? Making a lot of assumptions here about things. Perhaps you should use less ideas from your own subconscious?

They're splitting their thoughts open and changing them till they fit as they want. If it doesn't fit their world view, clearly they need 'correction'.

>> No.13042221

>You don't want to be held because... That's like being a woman

Stop playing dumb, princess carries are reserved for women.

>> No.13042222

>Are you still 'you'
Yes, just like you're still you if you suffer trauma to the head and brain damage causes a personality change.
>It also depends on the kind of slavery at hand
There are far fewer kinds of slavery that are worse than death than there are ones that I'd prefer.

>> No.13042223

>That includes all of your family members, anon.
Isn't the point that everyone becomes Monster Girls? Thus becoming young, healthy, and immortal?

>> No.13042228

Well, I guess I'm going downtown then?

>> No.13042229

Size of residence: Single bedroom, kitchen, bath, small living room.
Education of Master: High School Grad, Career Trade in Culinary
Current employment: Casino dealer
Personality of Master: Quiet, Drifting off a lot mentally
Dating or Married: neither

Favorite Personalities: Protective, Possesive
Favorite body type: Any's fine
Favorite type of Monstergirl*: Harpies
Prefered age: Anything below 35 is fine
Arachnophobia: Probably
Specific dislikes: None at the moment

Extra notes/specifications: Rooms are unusually dark, master is also likely to sneak up on others without warning to scare them.

>> No.13042231


>I think monstergirls are very nice women who just want some companionship


Tell ya what, private: They're assholes. One of them took out my brother in the war in 2023. This is why I'm fighting this war. You wanna live, you gotta learn how to fight them.

Now put your boots on, soldier. We're leaving FOB for a surprise attack on a Dragon's hoard at 0100 hours.

>> No.13042232

>Perhaps you should use less ideas from your own subconscious?

You don't know in whose camp you're sitting, do you? No matter, I'll post the cap, just for you, in a little while.

>> No.13042233

Are they? Because as far as I can tell that's just an assumption you're making. It's a type of body carry, that anyone strong enough can do, anon. Stop being dumb.

>> No.13042235

>the war in 2023
But it's 2015 you mad fool!

>> No.13042236

As long as you're wiling to drop that disgusting "I want a human wife" act and marry a monstergirl, they won't need to mindbreak you.


All men are sluts, but society brainwashes them into thinking that they're not. monsters fix this. No breaking or forcing thoughts involved.

>> No.13042237

Negative sir, 0100 hours is still nappy time.

>> No.13042238

Yes, they are. But you're some tumblrite who thinks it doesn't matter how men and women conduct themselves because gender is "an idea, or a spectrum." Fuck off.

>> No.13042240

>trauma to the head causing brain damage
There's a lot of philosophers who would say you're wrong on that, and that consciousness is the only thing that makes us us. A man who has had his entire values flipped and memories edited would be a drastically different person than before.

>few kinds of slavery
Say you're enslaved by a being of godlike power to give them more power to shatter your forms and minds into a shape more fitting to it. Do you WANT to contribute to the destruction of your species?

And here I thought it was waifus. Nevertheless, they would not be the same people after their time being remade.

>> No.13042242

Nice work.

>> No.13042243

>they won't need to mindbreak you.

Oh, how gracious of them. Why, I should by them all some flowers.

The answer is no, shitstick.

>> No.13042244

Aren't you supporting that very same idea by saying that something as simple as being carried a certain way suddenly makes you a woman?

>> No.13042249

>you have an opinion that I don't like because I don't know about body carries!
Your opinion is fundamentally wrong. Anyone can be held in a princess carry.

>> No.13042251

>And here I thought it was waifus.
Well obviously, but that's outside of family.

>Nevertheless, they would not be the same people after their time being remade.

Also, not a response to me but I'mma respond to it anyway.
>Do you WANT to contribute to the destruction of your species?

>> No.13042253

You'd rather be with some human? Why?

>> No.13042255

>nappy time
>"Private, what is your major malfunction?"
>"M is for M&Ms!"
>a lot of philosophers who would say you're wrong
I give zero fucks what "philosophers" think.
>Do you WANT to
Right now? No. If I'm reshaped? Yes.

Isn't this a bit different from the traditional idea of slavery though?

>> No.13042256


She's still not cleaning, what a ripoff...

>> No.13042257

>princess carries are only for women!
so i suppose if a man is accidentally held in that position he supernaturally turns into a woman then
that's pretty retarded anon

>> No.13042259

Also little boys being carried into bed after they fall asleep on the couch turn into little girls.

>> No.13042261

You know what they say about those, don't 'cha?

>> No.13042262

>this argument
You're all forgetting that being a mindfucked sex demon-man is a better fate than living in japanese society. It's so shit that japs are genociding themselves faster than white people and they aren't even importing niggers.

>> No.13042263

>I give zero fucks what philosophers think
Not him but you really should. They've spent a lot longer thinking on it than you.
I'd say that if you don't define self as consciousness, what is it?

>> No.13042264

Well, they should git gud.

>> No.13042265 [DELETED] 
File: 111 KB, 800x679, Proactive Raidou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13042268

That the best asses can be bought with a lump sum?

>> No.13042272


Fuck you you fags aren't allowed to like anything that wasn't "The IRC" or thread sanctioned in writefaggotry.

>> No.13042274

I aleady cited conduct, women get princess carried, men do the crrying, period.

>but muh fantasy setting

Men didn't stop being men just because there are some magic powered vixens around. They didn't switch places with women and begin staying home knitting an minding the kids.

Sure alp, keep saying it, maybe it'll come true one day. Do me a favor, for an experiment, tell a woman you want her tp princess carry you and tell us her reaction.

>> No.13042276

Since you hate monsters, I bet you're one of those freaks that like human women.

>> No.13042277

...you are really smart, no I mean it.

>> No.13042278

>but you really shouls
If I wanted to know about consciousness, I'd ask a neuroscientist, not a fucking philosopher.

>> No.13042280

>Since you hate monsters
Where do I say that? Point to where I said that I do.

>> No.13042281

>I have no counter so I'm gonna be glib an no one can stop me!

>> No.13042283

I'm a thread sanctioned writefag, I say tans are delicious. Checkmate, atheist.

>> No.13042284

Nah nigga, it's cool.

>> No.13042286


Yeah and i'm apparently one of the Big Bad Four and I say fuck your Gods and Demons let's boogie. Wheel of Fate is Turning, theist scum.

>> No.13042289

>I'd say that if you don't define self as consciousness, what is it?
What are you even asking? What is self, or what is consciousness?

If the question is "What is self", then I would say that self is the sense of individuality you have based upon your memories and experiences, and how you then act in the world and think about it based upon those. And while by this definition, yes, a person's sense of self would likely change based upon the kind of transformation we are discussing here, I do not think it would be as drastic or negative a change as you seem to believe.

If the question is "What is consciousness", I'd say fuck if I or anyone else knows as the very nature of human consciousness is a complete mystery that science is only just recently even beginning to probe at.

>> No.13042291

>Big Bad Four
As it happens, so am I. So now we're evenly matched.
Suck on my spadetail, tans are olev!

>> No.13042292

And men don't stop being men just because they like a strong woman in their lives.

Quit projecting you insecure faggot.

>> No.13042293

You assume that the moment they gain power, they'll mindbreak every human to be slaves, which sounds like you don't like them to me. Unless that's the other guy.

>> No.13042295

no that's a serious question
man is princess carried against his will (tied up or whatever)
does he become a woman
they are only for women right

>> No.13042296
File: 253 KB, 666x1000, FLY, TARKUS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.13042299

Tarkus is a large fellow.

>> No.13042300

That's just the way it be. You want to alp some dude, just grab him in your arms and BAM it's a woman.

>> No.13042301


>> No.13042303

Neuroscientists are the last people who would have an answer. Consciousness is ill-defined, biologically. It's a philosophical question.

>> No.13042306

Yeah, don't give monsters or humans power, they'll fuck it up.

Aside from that, if you're a mindbreak faggot, you're my enemy.

>> No.13042307


For you.

>> No.13042309

Now you have done it anons you guys recommend me a feels game ;_;

>> No.13042310


...The fuck you talking about? It's clearly the year two thousand... twenty... W-Why are you looking at me like that?!

>> No.13042311

I don't want mindbreak, I just want the best leaders for mankind.

>> No.13042312

>I do not think it would be as drastic or negative a change as you seem to believe.
I don't think it's negative, but the changes Druella, et al. are proposing/trying to implement are vast changes based on what they think humans should think, and should be taken with a serious grain of salt as to their actual benefit to humanity.

>> No.13042313

Anon, I'm going to trust the people who actually study how the brain works over the people who "think" about it.
If the neuroscientists don't have an answer, then that's fine, I can wait. But there is nothing, NOTHING, that philosophers can offer to this.

>> No.13042314

>And men don't stop being men just because they like a strong woman in their lives.

It's one thing wanting a partner who can watch your back, it's another to go around claiming a man's place is the home, and vomiting endlessly how you want to be treated like a woman. I'm pretty sure my reaction is appropriate. Quit alping all over the threads.

>> No.13042315

seems like an excellent wrestling technique
but there's probably some way back
hey, >>13042274 men can only do the carrying right
does that mean a woman princess carrying someone immediately becomes a man

>> No.13042316

Did you travel through time in the Great Magnetic Field?

>> No.13042317


Spec Ops dude here, did you play RO2 or Metro?

>> No.13042320

>Being a butler
Yes, I want this one

>> No.13042321

>Spec Ops dude
Huh? I'm the guy who picked it up and played through it last week, not you!

>> No.13042323

I'm pretty sure at this point you're just vomiting insecurity. People like what they like, and your constant 'ALP! ALP!' panic is very telling.

Well, there's quite a bit, actually. The concept of self and self-realization actually have directed the study of the brain pretty heavily. Just because you personally don't see how philosophy can be useful doesn't mean it isn't.

>> No.13042325


I'm the one who recommended it to some Anon last week.

>> No.13042328

Ehh, to the moon? It has a lot of feels and is fairly short

>> No.13042330

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, they come together in a nifty HD collection nowadays.

>> No.13042332

That would be humans, smart guy.

>> No.13042335
File: 1.44 MB, 1388x1955, Svenja.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13042337


Great Magnetic Field...? I... no, you guys gotta be shitting me... You're just shitting me, right?

We're in the year 2028 fighting a legion of Lilims who want to corrupt the entire planet! Did you hit your head and forget everything or something?!

>> No.13042339

Oh I'm sorry. I forgot I was in the land of the socially unaware.

You know who is gonna be dong most of the gifting this feb 14? Men. To women. As in flowers and chocolates and all that shit.

You know why it's a bigthing when a woman gifts these things to men? Because that's not protocol.

>inb4 he pretends to be stupid and asks if getting gifts as a guy makes you an alp

>> No.13042341

Well I'm the one who played it. I completed my mission and went back home like a good boy. I held the line.

>> No.13042345

IS she trying to seduce me? Because it is working.

>> No.13042346

>Shadow of the Colossus

Is good... didn`t give me anything though..

>> No.13042347

It's 2015 and all is well. You've got two more years before It Begins.

>> No.13042350

Call me insecure all you want, you're being a faggot andI'll be here to forever remind you of this fact.

>> No.13042351

Don't bother, they couldn't tell masculine from feminine traits if their balls depended on it.

Which is why they're all sad virgins.

>> No.13042352

This looks like .less.

A very different sort of .less though.
Who is this girl anyhow?

>> No.13042353

You didn't feel like a piece of shit murderer?
Huh. Guess you just ARE one.
I'm sorry. I don't have much experience with vidya so I can't be very helpful with this.

>> No.13042354


>> No.13042357


Who is she

>> No.13042358

Future alps more like. But no, it'd be one thing if they just expressed that desire and let that be the end of it, but they do it every thread.

>> No.13042360

i need an explaination
can my sex be changed just based on a wrestling move

>> No.13042362


Two thousand... fifteen...? Jesus Christ, what month is it?! WHAT DAY?!

>> No.13042363

>stop liking what I don't like
I'm not part of this argument but GROW THE FUCK UP.

>> No.13042365

>stop liking things I don't like!

>> No.13042366
File: 237 KB, 1700x1500, 1409194834471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lovecraftian MGs who by the silly law of MAMANOMANA mindbreak you into loving them

>> No.13042367


No one says you can't like it.

We're just saying: If you do, you're a little girl.

>> No.13042370

Here's your reply.

>> No.13042371

What if I love Thing-chan to begin with?

>> No.13042373

Why it's Christmas Day, Mr. Scrooge.

>> No.13042375

can my sex be changed via a wrestling move
if all it takes is a kind of hold to make me into a woman that seems pretty intense
or is it that youre making a big deal out of nothing

>> No.13042377

Are they the possessive yandere demon types?

I'm all for it.

>> No.13042382

See >>13042339

>> No.13042383

>they do it every thread
Everything is done every thread. It's three thousand posts long on average, and if you didn't find something you didn't like I'd be VERY surprised. What's more interesting is you two throwing such a shitstorm over such a trivial issue.

>> No.13042384

>*behaving like a little girl, which is not masculine, which in turn is unattractive to most females

Godda spell everything out for you, don't I?

>> No.13042385


By Gasmask's legendary buzz axe...

We gotta get outta here. Did you not hear me?! WE GOTTA GO, NOW!

>> No.13042388


Try to run from a Hound of Tindalos wolf-girl, she chases you through all angular time.

Shoggoth can assume the form of your past lovers and fuck you in your dreams to complete the illusion.

Cthulhu is tsundere psionic who communicates with visions and blasting your mind full of lewd imagery

We don't talk about Nyarlathotep he's a faggot

>> No.13042389

It's finally happened, then. Ebeneezer Scrooge has lost his marbles.

>> No.13042391

youre missing the point
you said that only women are princess carried
if you're saying this then your previous statement is not true, as men can be princess carried

so you were wrong and youre admitting that youre wrong that only women can be princess carried
it's not like most mgs would care if you were masculine or not (see world guide) and some of them would find weakness attractive (ushi-oni etc)
its less spelling it out and more you saying completely stupid and contradictory things

>> No.13042392
File: 124 KB, 1000x1000, 1421969159737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never watch your daughteru drink her entire bottle
>You'll never call her a good girl doing so as you lift her up
>you'll never pat her back until she burps
>you'll never eskimo kiss her chubby baby tummy before getting her ready for nap time.

>> No.13042394
File: 107 KB, 500x333, backpedal harder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13042395

>What's more interesting is you two throwing such a shitstorm over such a trivial issue.

Futa. Monsteboys. NTR.

>> No.13042396
File: 771 KB, 554x900, amazon-a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need a picture of an Amazon princess carrying a jailbait bishie, who just so happens to be wearing a collar.

>> No.13042398

I'll also never have to change her diapers or get puked on, or get woken up in the middle of the night by her crying. Yeah.

>> No.13042399

>Implying I was the original guy

>> No.13042400

>Jailbait Bishie

>> No.13042402

Hey, I don't like them so I ignore them. Usually they go away soon enough, and if not then I can always hide the posts.

Then honestly your defense is even more baffling.

>> No.13042404

What does any of that have to do with this?

>> No.13042405

>Coming into a Monster Girl Thread
>Not wanting Daughterus

>> No.13042406

See, of course you're ready to throw a shit-fit over it.

>> No.13042407

Yeah, have to spell everything out for you.

Social norms dictate women re to be princess carried, not men. Now screw off until you leant to use capitalization, commas and periods.

>> No.13042409

I can get behind this.

>> No.13042410

>Implying I would have to defend anything
I can't even tell if you're baiting or not.

>> No.13042414



I-I-I r-read up on this! An old faded newspaper telling about how the world wide web was taken over by a mysterious cult! People who frequented a some website with a "4" in its URL started disappearing all around the globe, and...

W-Wait... where am I?!

>> No.13042416

>Social norms dictate women re to be princess carried, not men.
but you are literally saying men cant be princess carried
and being princess carried makes you a woman
this is objectively provably not true
so are you wrong ad an idiot or are you lying

>> No.13042417

I do wanna see the shitstorm that produces...

Aside from that, fuck that noise.

>> No.13042418

Literally why are you in the MG thread if femdom makes you feel like less of a man? MG's are all about femdom.

>> No.13042421

Fuck off.

I'm saying we all have things we don't like and speak out against, so get off your high horse.

>> No.13042423

>Just discovered Lanternon not only made an epilogue for his story, but started another one along with it

Oh yes. If it's half as good as his last then this could be the best Paladin story we have.

>> No.13042425

And you stop engaging him every fucking night. Just let him cry fag by himself and he'll get bored of it.

>> No.13042427

>MG's are all about femdom.
Either stupid or bait.

>> No.13042428

What a way to try and start a shitstorm.

>> No.13042429

>Aside from that, fuck that noise.
But that post has the two most trivial things a select few autists has flung shit over.
You first.

>> No.13042432
File: 441 KB, 950x1035, 1402874500597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

daughterus are the cutest little things

>> No.13042433

>Social norms dictate women re to be princess carried
Human social norms

>MG's are all about femdom
That's wrong

>> No.13042434

>get off your high horse
The difference being that the futa and Monsterboys actually aren't allowed here, whereas the stuff you're bitching about is just you being a bitch because people like things you don't.
Stop doing that. I don't bitch about what you like.

>> No.13042437
File: 2.79 MB, 1600x2600, Tailpussy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13042438

>MGs are all abut femdom

Can someone post the list with all thesubmissive MGs please?

And femdon doesn't equal you get treated like a woman.

>> No.13042441

>Social norms dictate women re to be princess carried, not men.
This is a far cry from your earlier posts, 'only women can be princess carried'. What prompted the change in opinion? Being called out? Some of the major appeal for MGs is that they aren't much like human women, and like different things.

>ad hominem attacks
Yeah, you're really struggling here.

>> No.13042442 [DELETED] 
File: 871 KB, 900x900, amy the werehog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

check out this monstergirl

>> No.13042444

I'd like to talk about this while the shitstorm's going on.
What kind of feels are you looking for?

>> No.13042446

Show me the rules that prohibit talk of monsterboys and NTR outside of "muh feelings" pls.

>> No.13042447
File: 863 KB, 500x281, 1371976203690.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rejoice, anon.

>> No.13042448

I guess asking for a happy thread was too much.

>> No.13042449


>and femdom doesn't equal get treated like a woman.
What is a 'woman' to a monstergirl, a creature of magic and lust of a variety of shapes, sizes and strengths, colors, survival methods, prey, etc? Would they literally all have the same concept of 'women' that you do? What about amazons?

>> No.13042456

That's a furry. Note the muzzle, canine legs, full body fur covering and elongated skull. Now you know the difference.

>> No.13042457

Nigga why'd you reply?

>> No.13042458

He already did. Just report him.

>> No.13042459
File: 17 KB, 134x180, 1387395389695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no no

>> No.13042462

welcome to the zone stalker

>> No.13042463

It's a troll, don't reply.

>> No.13042464
File: 380 KB, 1024x768, 3cd7119324b2b5fc93881d1d665c4dea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some new stuff

>> No.13042465

>far cry

It's been the main point since the beginning, my opinion has not changed. Are you really that stupid or just fucking with me?

>> No.13042466
File: 1.56 MB, 2500x4000, 1399787791370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, since it's happening, I might as well ask:
>Another chapter on Ryu mimic beating up knight and crew before eventual defeat(?) and subsequent befriending

Yes or no?

>> No.13042467

That has existed for a while.

>> No.13042468
File: 659 KB, 960x720, 23428897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13042469

>Violated Hero 2

>> No.13042472

If all these idiots knew not to respond Mr. Maledom here would have shut up hours ago.

>> No.13042474

Yawn. I'm sorry, have you changed your opinion yet?

>> No.13042475

>painted nails

>> No.13042477


You joke, but I really hope Victor remains loyal to humanity in the end. There are numerous reasons why the monsters could be seen as a bad thing in Lanternon's world, so it only makes sense that the anti-monster faction gets a fair look.

>> No.13042478
File: 148 KB, 850x1133, sample-d83abf1905b8ae5708670bc33e495c98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Hey Anon, I got this potion that gives me legs for a while, what do you think?"

>> No.13042479

Amazons entry clearly states that they have values opposed to the traditional ones, meaning, that men aren't going around in MGE, asking to be treated like women, more to the point, amazons are the only monsters with this trait.

>> No.13042481

We always reply to the femdoms crying, why not the maledoms too?

I mean, it would be rude not to.

>> No.13042482

Hmm, they look nice, but do you know how to use them? Come on, try squeezing me good!

>> No.13042483


It's thick.

>> No.13042484
File: 74 KB, 238x243, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How about a picture of an Amazon cheering in glee while being princess carried by her husban for the first time ever as he struggles to stay on his feet, like pic related?

>> No.13042485

Depression Simulator kind of feels

>> No.13042487
File: 293 KB, 1280x1280, DEUS VULT RETRO EDITION.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Joke? I recently read Lantern's other story and I too enjoyed it.

I'm also the dude who wanted more paladin stories in a prior thread, so I'm double excited.

>> No.13042489

>Same picture with same text from a few threads ago.
Running dry, are we?

>> No.13042490

But it would be more polite if we just stopped caring about both altogether. Don't you agree?

>> No.13042491
File: 311 KB, 600x799, 1338174572871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well then, let's talk about something else, shall we?

What do you like about demon women?
Oni, Ushi-Oni, Dragons (who see men as a piece of 'treasure'), etc. Don't make assumptions that they are the 'only' ones with this trait if it's not true.

>> No.13042492
File: 221 KB, 1023x767, ss+(2015-02-07+at+12.04.01).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old and busted, fluffy tails is the new hotness.

>> No.13042493


>> No.13042494

I don't quite follow. And like the other guy asked, did you try Spec-Ops?

>> No.13042495

>Your hungry baby wurm daughteru will never drink all her milk in record time
>She will never proceed to eat the bottle as well
>You will never permanently switch to breastfeeding for her because you can't afford all those bottles

>> No.13042496

so we're playing dumb again. Fuck off alp, go to /d/ for your dress fitting and prepare your hole for the strap on your big, stronk princess carrying mg has for you.

>> No.13042497

I dunno, all those feelz that will be hurt...

>> No.13042499
File: 356 KB, 540x359, tumblr_njocwu49NL1sxrn8co2_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seven Seas please.

>> No.13042500

>no answer
>ad hominem attacks
Thanks for confirming 'baiting' for me.

>> No.13042501

No. Autists argue over trivial shit.

>> No.13042502




>> No.13042505

Serves you right for not getting curtains. Amateur.

>> No.13042507

I like it. It's cute.

>> No.13042508

Eh. Profile states that the amazon would react much like maledom-kun, I.E irrational furious anger and arguing over pointless matters .

>> No.13042510
File: 98 KB, 640x750, 1397229255415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because black sclera a best.

>> No.13042511

I kek'd

>> No.13042512


>> No.13042513
File: 1.74 MB, 900x1267, 1387572665336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I had more black sclera pictures.

>> No.13042514

>Oni, Ushi-Oni, Dragons (who see men as a piece of 'treasure'), etc.
Onis pass their men around. Ushi oni are less about "treasure" and more FUUL ON RAPE. Dragons do treat their men like a treasure, but nowhere does it say they treat their men like girls. You're reaching, HARD.

>> No.13042516
File: 82 KB, 429x596, Apophis_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>black sclera a best

>> No.13042517
File: 173 KB, 750x1090, 5589e515928fef2bac60389cc3060d5a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Always time for fluffy tails

>> No.13042518


>> No.13042519

Princess carrying isn't girly.

>> No.13042521


I want to rub her with oil.

>> No.13042524

You're the one baiting, but if this mans you'll leave, fine by me.

>> No.13042525

You didn't say red light!

>> No.13042526

>but nowhere does it say they treat their men like girls
>You're reaching, HARD.
Only about as hard as you are when you say that no other species treats men like women. It's perfectly reasonable to assume that a dragon would treat a human man as a 'precious thing', and that includes carrying them. Your response to Ushi-Oni and regular Oni doesn't really invalidate anything either.

Okay, so if you aren't baiting and you're making ad-hominems... that just makes you look silly.

>> No.13042527

>princess carry
>not girly

>> No.13042528

Stop biting faggot. You've known he's baiting for weeks now.

>> No.13042529


I want to see her without any piercings or jewelry.

>> No.13042530

Simon says: kill yourself!

>> No.13042532

we are prepared for the great coming as the prophecy tells us

>> No.13042533
File: 126 KB, 401x280, Tentacle_forest_example_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do the tentacle plants (not the Tentacle monster girls) in the forest of tentacles have tentacles seemingly meant for men too?

>> No.13042534

Would you prefer 'prince carrying' then? Since now you're just getting enraged by the name.

>> No.13042535

But anon, that would leave her practically NAKED!

>> No.13042537
File: 45 KB, 600x800, 1396432673999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Casual demons a best.

>> No.13042538
File: 134 KB, 340x340, 1396048535614.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fact you're whining about it so much makes be believe you're on estrogen.

>> No.13042540

Because this fantasy involves the risk of men being raped, not getting off on women being raped.

Although there is the fantasy of women being yuri raped into monsters as well, but it isn't AS prevalent.

>> No.13042541
File: 78 KB, 640x720, 1391975901588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Casual you say?

>> No.13042543

>All this manticore
Guess I can leave now.

>> No.13042545

Because MGE's tentacles don't discriminate.
The books even describe that if a couple wanders into the forest, they'll both get "assaulted". The tentacle plant binds the man and the woman and gets them both off while forcing them together and making them embrace one another and have sex.

>> No.13042547

You guys sound pretty mad actually.

>> No.13042549
File: 68 KB, 502x800, 3518d4186f577d28a9e9dad83b70999e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13042551

That's kinda hot.

>> No.13042552


In the MG world that's probably the name it would actually go by.

>Your dragon wife will never dress you up like a prince and roleplay that she kidnapped you

>> No.13042554

Show me the entry, other than amazons, that isn't you reading beween lines ans wishing, i.e., headcanon, that treat their males like girls. I'll wait.

>doesn;t invalidate
>is claiming those monsters treat teirmen like "precious things"
>onis pass them around and who knows who the hell they'll end up with
>ushi onis rape their men senseless


>> No.13042557

I just want to quit my butlering job working for this bitch of an apophis. Is that so wrong?
She's a pain in the ass to clean up after and I swear to god if I have to drag her out of her room one more god damn time just to force her to take a bath I'm gonna lose it.

>> No.13042560

How about none.

>> No.13042561

Give me your job.

>> No.13042562

Get a better job mate.

>> No.13042565

I don't have to show you.
I'm just going to link you to the world guide. http://pastebin.com/bcqd6yfY
Take a quick look through it. Should be illuminating, especially 3-2.

>>is claiming those monsters treat teirmen like "precious things"
Actually, I said 'dragons', but whatever you feel like.

>> No.13042569

im not sure what this post is intending to say
clarify please

>> No.13042571

Burden of proof is on you faggot. You just can't because you're talking out of your ass..

>> No.13042574

Go ahead and read, and develop some reading comprehension for the post too.

>> No.13042577

I'm saying fuck off with your princess carry alp wannabe bullshit.

>> No.13042578

okay youre baiting
have fun ranting and raging at someone elses opinions

>> No.13042580

Alright anons, it's time to get your MG waifu. There is a catch however! You must beat her in single hand to hand combat. Of course, there is an alternative. Simply roll a power, and then read the spoiler.

You have to beat a random MG in singles combat instead of your waifu, and if you win you'll have to marry that MG instead.

So anons, how do you do? Did you get your waifu?

>> No.13042583

That's like the fifth time this thread you've noted he's trolling, just fucking stop responding to him already.

>> No.13042584

Is that dragon from less?

>> No.13042586

I;m not seeing anything about men being treated like women.

>> No.13042588

>hidebehind physiology
>versus hinezumi
Uh. Well, I suppose I can't be hit. Does that mean I win by default/

>> No.13042590

>Daytime Walking
But I'm not a fucking Vampire!
I lose.
Yes, and her name is Zappy-sama.

>> No.13042596

If you want to call it that.

>> No.13042599

>Summer embodiment
Oh good, I'm a god of sunny days and ripe fruit.
Wait, do I actually win this?

>> No.13042601


>> No.13042604
File: 207 KB, 722x1100, 7EMKNKV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time to enjoy my firemouse waifu. Do I get to choose the color?

>> No.13042608

>I don' have to show you

Tumblr pls go, I have read the world guide, and you have nothing to show for your point beyond amazon, it's that fucking simple. Ironic tat it's that particular entry that makes your claim fall apart.

>> No.13042609 [SPOILER] 
File: 205 KB, 722x1100, 1423776605414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, they look like this.

>> No.13042610

>Cartoon Creature Creation
Oh, boy.


I win. I have an infinite arsenal of cartoonish abominations.

I suppose Chimaera isn't so bad, it's no Alice though; and it's not like I couldn't pull some bullshit like making a cartoon copy of myself and having that fight the chimaera instead of me.

>> No.13042612

An anon recommended me

>> No.13042614

Yes, I got that, but did you?

>> No.13042615

Yeah, I don't think i need the power after rolling dormouse. Which was Body Insertion.

I could just trip her as she walks around, rubbing her eyes looking for a place to sleep and just try not to die of the resulting heart palpitations as she falls and knocks her head on something.

>> No.13042616

Go back to Sky Finance, Hineyama.

>> No.13042618

That is perfectly acceptable.

hey, >>13042580 do we get to keep the power afterwards? Because it could make tender sex in the missionary position while holding hands with the lights off very difficult if I was forced to always be behind her.

>> No.13042624



All I need is prep time

>> No.13042626

No, the powers are rental only. You need to return them before you exit the arena. We just can't afford not to get the deposits on them back you see.

>> No.13042627

I really don't regret requesting that 2P color.

>> No.13042630

>Crow Tengu
Should be easy, but I would feel awful

>> No.13042631

Yes end up killing everyone didn´t get feels

>> No.13042633

That's both good and bad. Good, because I don't have to hide from everyone, and bad because she wouldn't respect me anymore since I can no longer beat her.

Weren't tengu generally supposed to be good at swordfighting? You may be in trouble.

>> No.13042635

No, do it tho.

Hana-kun is super mad again.

>> No.13042638

>Spec-Ops did nothing
>Shadow of the Colossus did nothing
Are you dead inside? Has anything ever worked?
Try Planescape: Torment.

>> No.13042639





It's time to have an existential crisis against Faggot Cat

>> No.13042643

I can imagine that would be a great battle for the ages of her trying to convince you you're going crazy, and you trying to convince her that she doesn't actually exist. Both of you end up confused.

Then you have sex.

>> No.13042645

Don't you need hands to sword fight? Unless she has magic, I don't see how she can use it.

>> No.13042647

>Pryokinetic Wing Manifistation
This should be interesting. I have no idea how this would go
>You lose, Inari! I have the higher ground!

>> No.13042649

Against the :http://monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Valkyrie
I have gained the UNLIMITED power of http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Nuclear_Manipulation

This is going to end very poorly for everyone involved. Hey, >>13042626, do i get immunity from my own powers or does everyone die of radiation poisoning within a mile?
Hm. Hold it in her talons?

>> No.13042652

>Has anything ever worked?
When I finished MGQ I actually cry...

Didn`t get aunt... WHY????

>> No.13042653
File: 722 KB, 1024x908, 1415052574277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your dragon wife will never dress you up like a prince and roleplay that she kidnapped you.

You will never get abducted my your Fox goddess's demon friends so she can play 'rescue the husband'

You will never go exploring on of Pharoah's old pyramids with you Anubis wife while dressed like Indiana Jones and Laura croft.

You will never play ........
Fill in the blank .

>> No.13042654

>Sin Embodiment

Use fetishes against them until she is a quivering pile of orgasmic goo. Alright.

>> No.13042655
File: 90 KB, 333x600, Inari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>D-do not underestimate the power of a desperate single woman!

>> No.13042657

>Didn`t get aunt... WHY????
You will take your abusesnake and be happy with it!

>> No.13042658

>Lust Constructs


>Red Oni

Guess what I'm keeping her, and my waifu. Pretty sure I can beat a nun in hand to hand combat.

>> No.13042659

It could work if she used her talons, but it would lack leverage.

>> No.13042661

The powers come as listed, though immunity is usually implied unless otherwise is stated. You'll be put somewhere out of the way for your battle to prevent fallout.

>> No.13042662

Okay, I'll just stop talking to you now.

>> No.13042664

Yeah I have feelings sorry to disappoint you

>> No.13042666

I want to dress up a mesdua and all her snakes in silly hats, but that's never going to happen. Thanks Anon.

>> No.13042668
File: 334 KB, 462x800, 1394070129397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have to beat up a crow tengu
I don't want to harm them though, I can't bring myself to

>> No.13042670

But this isn`t a happy ending anon...
Why can`t Luka actually choose?

>> No.13042673

You obviously don't have feelings if you were unfazed by everything except not getting to fuck your aunt in a nukige.

>> No.13042674
File: 349 KB, 1693x1158, 1396053581797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What other shit would you have to deal with living in a house in MGC in addition for Moth Girls being attracted to it's lights at night?

>> No.13042675

>Supernatural Strength
Yeah, I think this is going to go well.

>> No.13042676

Are the monsters healed afterwards, or should I take special care not to actually use my power for fear of killing them? As it stands there isn't much outside of a lilim that could actually survive more than a second of NUCLEAR HELLSTORM.

>> No.13042678

You should be careful, a lich can only heal so much.

>> No.13042679


Well that's easy mode, nothing can possibly-


Guys, I'm scared. This can't be coincidence.

>> No.13042681

A tengu without wings?
Too much cruel Anon.

>> No.13042686

Why would anybody roll for a power unless they couldn't beat their waifu? I'm sure I could beat a Holstaur, just have to slap her breasts and ass until she surrenders.

>> No.13042687

>Cloud Manipulation
W-well I can still win if I get something weaker that I can distra-


>> No.13042689

>Using Cryokinetic Surfing to beat a Large Mouse

That's cold, man.

>> No.13042690


I'm >>13042649.
My waifu is an Ushi-Oni.

That wouldn't go well. I'll take my chances with radiation and corrupted norse angels.

>> No.13042694

Chill out, she'll be fine

>> No.13042702

You can drown her, of freeze her in place.

You do know that gods are higher than Valkyries?

>> No.13042709

I know gods are higher, but it feels like it's a set-up and I'm falling into her trap.

>> No.13042710
File: 129 KB, 654x1000, RedHotNSingle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KC pls, why not red?

>> No.13042712

>Implying I should care about abusive snake

Yeah I only like the aunt

>> No.13042713

Too Christian. Blame Dante.

>> No.13042714

Because the blue actually looks better now that you made this

>> No.13042715

I want to lick those spicy red thighs.

>> No.13042716

Congratulations, you have a Valkyrie after you that wants you to be her god.

>> No.13042718
File: 141 KB, 1000x1000, El Duende.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does the MGE have an equivalent to South America yet?

>> No.13042719

What's that? Blame Donte? Ok.
To each their own I suppose.
We are kindred spirits, you and I.

>> No.13042721

Dude, did you see all thecrap you get? You'll be fine.

>> No.13042722

He needed a blue demon since they're so popular.
You'll get a red one in time.

>> No.13042725

I don't think so, not yet anyway.

>> No.13042729

I'd rather he do more Dragons first.

>> No.13042731



And I have


Well, considering I can apparently become a God for a limited amount of time from the Fin pantheon then I'm set

>> No.13042736

Not yet.

>> No.13042738

>more dragons
I mean, I guess... Don't we already have like four?
I just want him to actually get the Kumiho out at some point, if he's even going to do it.

>> No.13042739

Manga was never harem, though the MC did have many females interested in him. He just kept his eyes on one girl at a time like a normal person.

>> No.13042743

I think the red clashes with the hair.

>> No.13042746

Oh don't get me wrong, your stuff should come first, absolutely.

>> No.13042750

Some people get all the luck with powers. and I get fucking
What the fuck is this shit?

I have to fight an APOPHIS with the powers of being a clown?!

>> No.13042752

You think so? I tried to keep the balance close to the original one.

>> No.13042753

Anon, clowns are scary

>> No.13042754

I'm not sure if that was sarcasm, but it's not actually huge on my priority list, I just wish he would do some more obscure monsters like he's currently on instead of more variations on already-done monsters.

>> No.13042756

Nope, no sarcasm.

I agree with KC when he said more Dragons aren't that high on list.

>> No.13042758

Looking at the page, one of the sub-powers that falls under Clown Physiology is Cartoon Physics.
Use that.

>> No.13042760

It worked for Haunter in the Pokemon anime.
I dunno. I'm just having trouble seeing it IMO. Then again, I can be pretty thick when it comes to things like this.

>> No.13042761

I don't understand how this works.
>Dark Angel
Well I can just suplex her, how hard can it be

>> No.13042763

I... what. That's insane. How is that related to being a clown?

Thanks, anon. Guess I can't really lose, just fail hilariously if I somehow can't win.

>> No.13042764

Well, I am a scrub, so maybe I did screw up a bit.

>> No.13042767

>How hard can it be
Yeah, anon. I mean really, what could possibly go wrong?

>> No.13042769


You just need to become the most powerful of clowns, the rodeo clown. She won't be able to touch you.

>> No.13042771

>as the apophis lands the final below only a single phrase uttered from the fallen clown

>> No.13042773
File: 499 KB, 1088x1182, CarnEvil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He doesn't want to be cooped with a yandere demon clown in a Carnival themed Demon/Spirit Realm.

>> No.13042775
File: 953 KB, 1024x768, 1421810839726.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Hey handsome, looking for a fun time?"
>"I'll hold your hands for $20~"

>> No.13042782

mam please direct me to the nearest fluffy tail

>> No.13042783

>Going to a carnival

>> No.13042785

That's bullshit. I know a girl who does it for 10.

>> No.13042787

>not going to a carnival
You're thinking circus.
What would a Jinko tamer be like?

>> No.13042788

Besides the fact that the entire game is a sub fetish fest? It's because Luka is a fucking shota bitch.

>> No.13042790
File: 165 KB, 800x1200, 1423360134815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its that time again!
Last time I asked what your top 5 favorites were and if they changed, then what MG got you into liking MGs

Now comes :

Kitsune or Kumiho?
Whom do you prefer? and why?

>> No.13042791

That's a bit steep.

>> No.13042792


>Get the rose whip power of the bishi from YYK
>Fight a hobgolin

I think this is going to wind up more like an S&M porno than a fight.

>> No.13042797

>"So that's what you're after huh? One of those Fluff Freaks."

>> No.13042798

Which one doesn't eat my organs, cause I'll take that one.

>> No.13042801

>rodeo clown
Sounds like a plan. Should I still wear the makeup and red nose?

>clown running screaming at an apophis, ridiculous numbers of balloons spraying out of his sleeves like spaghetti, honking uncontrollably
>an unimaginable terror strikes her and she runs
Kumiho. I like a little risk attached and she's already nine-tailed. If only we could get rid of the whole 'wants to be human' thing.

>> No.13042804

Who is this splooge scrooge?

>> No.13042806

>Anti God
But I don't want to be the source all evil!
>Monotheistic Deity Physiology
What are the chances of that?



>> No.13042808

they are both fine by my books but i prefer kitsune because i dont know why

yes mam. now those directions please

>> No.13042809
File: 1.16 MB, 1200x1800, 1397332661844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kitsune, less chance of dying

>> No.13042811

Kumiho. Because they LOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOU if you actually marry them, and they aren't afraid to show it.
Now, use your powers for good, pally god.

>> No.13042814

>Should I still wear the makeup and red nose?

Yes, and some type of comically oversized article of clothing. It's just the classy thing to do.

>> No.13042816

Where's your sense of adventure? Also you know they need to drink ten gallons of semen for each tail, and you can't possibly produce that much in a reasonable timeframe.

>> No.13042821

Kumiho. Don't believe the lies, those blasted Kitsune worshippers are trying to boost their image by talking bad about the Kumiho's, when it is them who eat the bodily organs of others
Kumiho's are peaceful, their inhabitants kind, and only eat tofu and drink sake. Meanwhile Kitsune's eat livers. Kumiho's are trustful, while Kitsune's and tricky and untrustworthy, spewing lies about the good nature of their cousins

Don't listen to the lies! Those mofu mofu sons a guns are after your organs!

>> No.13042822

>"Go to the sake and fried tofu bar on 7th street. Talk to 'F♥xy'. She'll set you up with on of her daughters."

>> No.13042823

that would be why they have a 1000 yr life span

>> No.13042824

Hm. Boots for giant cowboy boots or oversized hat?

Decisions, decisions. I'm gonna bullfight that snake!

>> No.13042828

thank you miss

>> No.13042829

>Fluffy waifu or murderous monster


>> No.13042832

>trickster dickhead spirit or potentially murderous yandere spirit

Neither's really a great option, anon.

>> No.13042834

Since I'm having trouble telling one from another, I'll go with Inari.

>> No.13042835

Aren't Kitsune yandere too?

>> No.13042836

I think I'll stick to Dragons.

>> No.13042837

Kitsune, as I don't want my precious organs painfully ripped and cut out of my body.

>> No.13042841

Ah, yes. So either way you're getting a fox waifu who will murder to keep you.

Only if she doesn't love you. If she loves you, well....

>> No.13042845

Just use Controlled Mode and I should be just fine.
Ok, that might just change things...might.

>> No.13042848

>you're getting a fox waifu who will murder to keep you
That makes me hard.

>> No.13042850

Good, she likes that. Hopefully you love her too!

>> No.13042854

Do it anon, summon up the power of a god into your hand and defeat her.

>> No.13042856

Stop shilling so hard, it's annoying.

>> No.13042857

Would pay to see this fight. It'd be like freaking DBZ lite.

>> No.13042859

>stop liking girls I don't like!

>> No.13042862

A chocolate wafer

>> No.13042864

what if all the posters who like kumiho... are actually kumiho?

What if Kumiho are the only monstergirls to exist?

>> No.13042868

Great taste.

>> No.13042870

Nah, that's ridiculous.

Every monster girl/waifu/object of affection is an offshoot of a single succuvirus that sounds like Corey Burton's Brainiac

>> No.13042886

You've replied to everyone who said anything bad about kumiho, including me, fuck off. The only reason you're even here is a well timed, decently written piece of smut, otherwise you'd already been told to leave a dozen times by now.

>stop liking girls I don't like

This makes you look like a vapid little fool

>> No.13042891

Then it's time for a purge.

>> No.13042893

I think you have me confused for someone else, anon. You also seem a bit upset.

>> No.13042894

Do you assume that's all the same person?
And besides, it's just a joke anyhow. Christ

>> No.13042897


Hello erbywan.

I, am kill.

Well not really I'm going to be out of town for a while, which means no recaps for you.

Not a terribly important thing, I mean the recaps only get 4 replies average, but nonetheless any recapping services are going to have to be done by you, or (hopefully) old recapanon.

As always feel free to rape my pastebin page with PMs about what you want added to the "what MGG wants" list.

Who knows, maybe a drawfag will make some of the stuff on there.

[Spoiler]and maybe I'll grow asswings and fly to mars[/spoiler]

>> No.13042898

nah kumiho were talked about before 'that smut' if youre talking about the one greentext
actually they were talked about for quite a bit before then so assuming its one person is a bit silly

>> No.13042899

Kitsune, who wants a waifu that will kill them?

>> No.13042900

What the hell are you even talking about? You're reaching to air here

>> No.13042901

kumiho dont kill their husbandos anon
they kill the sluts who want to take him away from them
also unworthy husbands
try to be worthy for her

>> No.13042904

Well, thanks for all you've done so far.

>> No.13042906

Yeah, as in how they'll eat your liver, and every story before that one has them dong what they do so I call bullshit on your "they were talked about before"

>> No.13042912

Don't worry, anon. Nobody could possibly like a monstergirl that you don't like.

Seriously, what?

>> No.13042914

>Meanwhile on the SEEDier side of town

>> No.13042916

Will you fuck off? I don't care what you say.

>> No.13042917

well there was that other story that gauf wrote eight hundredish views back in october i think
and theyve been talked about for years
seriously why are you so upset over this

>> No.13042921

I don't think a waifu who kills you is really a waifu at all.

>> No.13042928

Why are you being so hostile? Who pulled aggro?

>> No.13042929

Sounds like you're the one who should fuck off.

>A bloo bloo someone likes something I don't ;_______;

>> No.13042931

No, they haven't, I've been in threads since the beginning, and the response until recently, the response has always been, remove kumiho. Go lie to someone else.

>> No.13042932

Didn't you hear? Someone liked a girl that he doesn't like.

>> No.13042935

Damn DPS'. Always messing up raids

>> No.13042938

>I've been in threads since the beginning
sure you have
thats why you say there hasn't been any kumiho discussion despite the talk back in september 2014 about yandere kumiho who love you so much theyll become human to keep you

or the talk in march 2014 about kumiho relatives based on kumiho becoming human

>> No.13042942

>ever post that has said the truth about kumiho gets a reply about how great they are

>not shilling

>> No.13042944

People lying on the internet? say it ain't so.

>> No.13042945

>people have never been edgelords who want to fug a kumiho ever
>people have never talked about this in the entire history of the thread
Now that's just statistically improbable.

>> No.13042948

Lie all you want, kumiho are about as accepted here as futa.

>> No.13042955

Oh boy, here we go
Get the popcorn ready

>> No.13042957

imagine the thick thud of smacking a Jinko's muscly abs and her accompanying chuff

>> No.13042958

that is clearly demonstratably not true
seeing as you are alone or near alone in railing against them

>> No.13042959

Dear diary, today I learned that spoilerizing doesn't work on phones

>> No.13042968

I count three posts about kumiho that don't have a response glorifying them. I'd say that's not all.

It's because you capitalized the S in spoiler.

>> No.13042969

It does, you just capitalized the S

>> No.13042971

It does, you just fucked up by letting the first one have a capital 's'. You gotta watch auto-caps on phones.

>> No.13042978


Guess I was the only one who chose kitsune. Oh wait...

Kumiho a shit. Fuck off.

>> No.13042979

>Kumiho aren't a good thing to write about anymore
B-but I'm on the last chapter + epilogue.

>> No.13042981

>Some Anon's joke about how Kumiho's are harmless
>Someone loses their absolute mind and goes quantum in butt frustration

>> No.13042986


Seafoam fucking please.

>> No.13042988

Just continue and finish it, Anon. Don't listen to that one Anon

>> No.13042991

just because some people chose kitsune doesnt mean theyre railing against kumiho like you
this is basic reading comprehension

>> No.13042995

Aw, well have fun. thanks for the recaps

>> No.13042997

Such is the way of 4chan.

>> No.13042998


>> No.13042999

If you give people only two choices unless one choice is verifiably shit people will inevitably pick both. That doesn't mean that everyone who picked Kitsune is as livid about people liking Kumiho as you seem to be.

Do it.

>> No.13043000

Fuck your jokes.

>> No.13043002

I'm actually Nyanon.
And I'm just teasing.

>> No.13043004


Paladin and Dormouse never, just so you know

>> No.13043005

>fuck your jokes
People actually think like this?
Tell me this is a troll.

>> No.13043007

Not the anon getting butthurt but I didn't like the story at all, so I dropped it at the first chapter.

>> No.13043009

Dude's anal clench could probably split an atom right now.

>> No.13043011

>being scared off by one autist
Anon, write what you want. Some people will like it, some dislike, and the rest ignore it.

>> No.13043014

Well that's perfectly fine.

>> No.13043017

If he keeps it up, he might go nuclear

>> No.13043018

Taste is relative, yeah?
Everyone dislikes something. As long as you don't raise a fuss I'm sure nobody will care.

>> No.13043020

I'm not the one not leaving people have their fucking choice and selling the monster I picked to them.

>> No.13043021

I just hated the character interaction.

Didn't make sense why a guy who hated monsters would suddenly just pick one up out of nowhere, but whatever.

>> No.13043022

Some of this was english. Care to restate that?

>> No.13043025

Christ, not even a Crow Tengu could decypher that

>> No.13043030

some of those are words
i think autocorrect got you or something anon because thats unreadable

>> No.13043031

I chose kitsune, and some fagot who chose kumiho didn't like that, and had to let me know.

>> No.13043035

Aren't you doing the same thing? Someone chose kumiho and you're letting them know that you didn't like that.

>> No.13043039

But Sebastian doesn't hate monsters. He is just bitter after having lost his wife and daughter, and wallowing in depression.

>> No.13043041

I should add, I made my choice and went on my way, too bad the other side can't seem to do the same.

>> No.13043045

I said >>13042837 and got some reply selling kumiho, as did >>13042856 so it's clearly they who are not happy.

>> No.13043046

You're the one throwing a shitstorm because you talked shit about someone's waifu and they responded. That's not really 'going on your way'.

>> No.13043049

Anons do you guys play MG related games?

>> No.13043051

>Kitsune, as I don't want my precious organs painfully ripped and cut out of my body.
so you literally insulted a girl and are getting upset that their fans are responding
wow that
that requires either a lack of foresight or youve been wandering blindly through life unable to predict anything

>> No.13043055

Well that's what his behavior seemed to be to me, bitter hatred and not wanting to have anything to do with the things and kidnapped and corrupted his daughter and killed(?) his wife.

Not to mention the liver eaters backstory felt fucking stupid to me.

Again, just my personal opinion.

>> No.13043060

Your linked post is an insult to kumiho and you didn't expect a response?
That's.... Anon, I'm not sure what to say. Perhaps "you should have seen this coming"?

>> No.13043062

>Not wanting a Kumiho to give you an amazing night of tail touching, fucking her in all holes and creamping her multiple times in exchange for your liver

I'd like to end this life of mine on the highest note possible.

>> No.13043065

Not only that, but the response wasn't even backlash. It was just a peaceful comment
He just went nuclear about it
This is like someone saying they picked scales over fluff, and someone said that fluffs can give good hugs like Lamia can, and he went nuclear about it because it's, to him, a marketing scam

>> No.13043066

>talking shit

Telling the truth is talking shit? That kumihos kill humans for their organs? Pls. Until makes a kumiho, they can fuck off. And seeing how much love Japanese and Korean have for one another...


>you're the only one who said kumiho are killers


>> No.13043073

I'm not sure how it was misinterpreted so far from what I intended. The pair died from a disease, not because of Sebastian, and he only became like that afterwards.
Not trying to argue, rare chance to get criticism and improve even if that part of the story is old.

>> No.13043076

>you're the only one who said kumiho are killers
I'm afraid I never said that.
You're going to need to do more than put words in my mouth to not look unreasonable here. You literally insulted >>13042837 a monstergirl in this thread and one that is not universally hated like Matango. You should expect to see someone make a joke or disagree with you, because this is 4chan.

>> No.13043077

Kumiho a shit. How's that for insulting? It's their whole thing, killing humans and eating their livers. Deal.

>> No.13043081


>> No.13043088

You forgot your quote, anon. Here you go; >>13043060

And also being faithful, loyal wives to the husbands they choose, and wanting to be human, etc.

Nice sockpuppet!

>> No.13043089

*Until KC

Not that that is any guarantee she'll be liked anyhow.

>> No.13043091

I just want to quit my butler job because a verbally and physically abusive amazon was not what I signed up for. Is that so wrong?

>> No.13043094

No, it's in your contract. You even get pay for any emotional turmoil.

>> No.13043097

No. You wanted pie and you got cake.

>> No.13043098


>> No.13043099

I'm sure someone will like her, anon. There was that guy with the matango waifu a couple dozen threads back, so anything is possible.

>> No.13043105

What did you expect?

>> No.13043107
File: 59 KB, 464x376, 1389215936374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all this butthurt over kumiho
Delicious. How did they not see this coming?

>> No.13043113

Shut up Dakini, you're too sexy.

>> No.13043116

In their mythological attributes, anon. You can't just take half of them and ignore the other half.

>> No.13043121

One guy, who I'm not sure was serious. Who cares anyway?

>> No.13043124
File: 208 KB, 383x576, 1388043243737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never, not while there is still an ounce of autism tears to be had over people liking/disliking an imaginary species of mythological construct.
Ah, yeeeeeesssss........

>> No.13043125

Bull. Shit.

>> No.13043126

Truly the world's most greatest and unsolved mystery

>> No.13043127

A nice CC kitsune to work for.

>> No.13043130

You can call bullshit for as long as you want, anon. That doesn't make it any less part of their mythological attributes. Phoenixes burn and hatch from eggs in their ashes, kraken are sea-beasts with tentacles, fox spirits (kitsune, huan ji, kumiho) are dangerous but good wives if married, etc. The only thing that matters is that Kumiho are significantly more dangerous.

>> No.13043131

Seriously, why is watching someone go full anal nuclear explosion so amusing?

>> No.13043133

Propaganda. The powers that be just don't want you to be with your superior monster waifus because they cannot control you once you have one. That's why they make up horror stories about them.

>> No.13043137
File: 165 KB, 397x484, 1388043614240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, yes!

Probably because it's the level of butthurt plus the sheer amount of anger directed that someone could actually like kumiho instead of going for the 'perfect foxy wife' that, mythologically, is nearly as dangerous as kumiho.

>> No.13043142

God I hope I can wake up one day and forget monster girls.

>> No.13043143

Well, there's that and seeing someone go quantum in anal devastation is just amusing

>> No.13043148

That sounds enticing, but why wouldn't they do that for Kitsune as well? Are Kumiho really that superior to their cousins?

>> No.13043156

I am genuinely surprised it took .less this long to draw something like this.

>> No.13043165

What is the point of these things when the writefag never puts it on their pbworks/pastebin?

>> No.13043166
File: 1.21 MB, 1091x1600, 1400388105024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daikini got a fat butt.

>> No.13043167

>Although it is not indicated in the encyclopedia entry quoted above, the kumiho is not a benign trickster who delights only in fooling people. There is no doubt that the kumiho is an evil creature; unlike the fox of Japanese folklore, who will sometimes change into a woman to marry a man who has been kind to it, the kumiho never appears as a benevolent figure. The kumiho encountered by Pak Munsu intended to harm him, but he was able to escape. Likewise, the amorous king was saved by the timely arrival of a mountain spirit who struck the kumiho on the cheek and forced her to reveal her true form. Others were not so lucky. In "The Hunter and the Kumiho" ("P'osuwa kumiho"), a hunter comes upon a fox scratching at a human skull in the woods. Before his eyes, the fox changed into an old woman and went down into a nearby village (the scratching of the skull and the subsequent metamorphosis introduces an element of sympathetic magic into the kumiho's transformation, but there is not space enough here to flesh out this aspect). The hunter followed and saw her "reunited" with her children, who had puzzled over her absence of several months. The hunter was able to warn the children that their mother had been killed by the kumiho, and the kumiho intended them to be her next victims. "The Emperor's Kumiho Daughter-in-Law" tells of us a Chinese emperor's son who married a kumiho. After the marriage, the country's retainers mysteriously began to die one by one. The tale's hero eventually discovered the kumiho and was given permission by the emperor to kill it and save the remaining retainers. The kumiho of "The Kumiho and the Samjokku (Three-legged Dog)" ("Kumihowa samjokku") is married to another Chinese emperor, and she shows vampiric tendencies in wanting to suck the blood from her intended victim, the hero of the tale (she is foiled by the hero's three-legged dog, who attacks and kills her).

>> No.13043170

>Forget monstergirls
For what reason?

>> No.13043174

>Headless Whoresman
On the one hand, this could be a very insulting pun on Lala.

On the other, it could be an all-too-appropriate title for Darling.

>> No.13043175

>In "Transformation of the Kumiho" ("Kumihoui pyeonshin"), a kumiho transforms into an identical likeness of a bride at a wedding, and not even the bride's mother can tell them apart. The kumiho is finally discovered when her clothes are removed. In "Pak Munsu and the Kumiho" ("Pakmunsuwa kumiho"), the famous character Pak Munsu encounters a girl living alone in the woods who has a distinctly fox-like appearance. "The King and the Kumiho" ("Wanggwa kumiho") tells of a king who meets a girl in the woods at night and tells her to take off her clothes after promising to save her debt-laden father. The tale records that it was too dark for the king to see whether she was actually a girl or a fox, indicating that if it had been light the difference would have been obvious. In "The Maiden who Discovered a Kumiho through a Chinese Poem" ("Hansiro kumihoreul aranaen ch'eonyeo") we read that the kumiho was ultimately revealed when a hunting dog caught the scent of the fox and attacked. All of these details would seem to indicate that, while the kumiho may be able to change its appearance, there is still something fox-like about it; its countenance changes, but its nature does not

>> No.13043177

I wouldn't believe everything you read on Wikipedia, anon. You can go on and read some of the pop culture if you want but chances are good you're willingly ignoring that because you've reached nuclear holocaust butthurt.

>> No.13043180

I've just started to hate them.

It probably has something to do with this fucking thread.

>> No.13043182

That was an entry in the writefag contest and one is to post as guest so there is no bias in voting.

>> No.13043186



>> No.13043187


>> No.13043191

>The kumiho continues to live on today as one of the few truly evil creatures of Korean folklore.

>> No.13043192

>You will never go exploring one of Pharaoh's old pyramids with your Anubis wife while dressed like Indiana Jones and Laura Croft

Oh hey, I remember when you said that to me the other night. Still saddening. That'd be so much fun...

>> No.13043193

Which Lara outfit are we talking about here
This is important.

>> No.13043197

>Laura Croft
Hello, boner? It's me, Anonymous.

>> No.13043199

Edge-kun is that you?

>> No.13043201

>what are demons
>what are succubi
>what is apep
>what is a vampire
>what is a wight, zombie, ghoul
If you're getting upset that a monstergirl doesn't conform to their mythological status, I have bad news for you....

>> No.13043203


I think Tomb Raider 2 vanilla is the only possible correct answer

>> No.13043205

I'm edgy for losing interest in something because it's filled with some of the most annoying people I've met?

Fuck off.

>> No.13043206

Not even him, but that word has lost all meaning.

>> No.13043211

Why are you even still here then?

>> No.13043217

Cry more.

>> No.13043218

I said "losing" you blithering nigger, not "lost" interest.

>> No.13043219

He's Tsundere for Monster Girls. Edge-kun pretends to hate them so they will go for him.

>> No.13043222

I think I can find that agreeable.

>> No.13043225

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. That's why I asked

>> No.13043226

She's not a murderous organ thief because she's a monster, she's a a murderous organ thief because she's a korean.

>> No.13043227

Always evil. Always. Eve demons fall into good, evil, neutral. And no, I'm not talking shin megami, but how they were viewed before Christ came along. In thousands of years, this hasn't changed, try harder.

>> No.13043235

see, now this I can understand.
>not creatures of pure evil sent to torment humanity
Pagan-kun, I...

You're also ignoring Apep, vampires, and ghouls, all creatures of pure evil.

>> No.13043249
File: 2.07 MB, 480x270, 1399767369768.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I had a Kitsune familiar like Kon to molest.

>> No.13043252

Me too anon. Me too.

>> No.13043253

>in thousands of years
The earliest kumiho myth is less than 2000 years old. Demons in the vast majority of cultures that include them have them as wicked or evil spirits.

>> No.13043257


Can be bargained with and kept away. If you fall into the clutches of one then you were really stupid because demons can't just claim a soul.




I admit I'm not too familiar with this one outside of being "worshipped against"


Takes several visits to kill you. Vampires draining victims in one visit is Hollywood bs.

Zombies, ghouls are mindless, instinct. Not too familiar with wights either.

Out of all of these though, kumiho are the one who go out of heir way to harm humans.

>> No.13043262
File: 332 KB, 692x1000, 1418279818564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kumiho until about 500 years ago were not violent creatures, apparently their hometown was raided, destroyed and it turned alot of them against the humans that did this. (Korean mythos)
Lots of them migrated out of Korea to other countries and settled down to 'normal' lives as a great number of them gave up on their quest to become human after learning of the curse .

When a Kumiho becomes human, she only lives another 50 years, loses all her magic, develops a severe guilty conscience for those she killed, and can never ascend to the heavens after death. (Buddha is not pleased)
These reasons alone( plus others not listed here) are why a great number choose to live as Kumihos , almost un-distinguishable from the 9tails in other cultures, they use a different style of magics than Kitsune, and tend to be a little more assertive/aggressive than most Kitsune.

Yes some Kumihos are known in history for being violent, and they serve as a lesson to teach people the ends do not justify the means.

Remember this, as it will be on the mid-terms!

>> No.13043267

Irrelevant. They are always evil, get I through your skull.

>Demons in the vast majority of cultures that include them have them as wicked or evil spirits

Post Christ, get your shit straight.

>> No.13043269
File: 752 KB, 1280x720, 1478324783434223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kon is amazing! She can even float!

>> No.13043270

>demons not going out of their way to harm humans
>succubi, who attack humans directly
>apep, who wants to plunge the world into eternal darkness
>vampires, who just kill you slower
You're not proving me wrong here, anon.

>> No.13043277

They still have to live, and this means eating human livers and drinking blood.

Care to cite your source?

>> No.13043279

>Billcosby as a dragon

>> No.13043281

>post Christ
There aren't demons (that are called demons and not whatever bullshit name you give them) in non-Christian cultures, get your shit right. And Christian demons have been around longer than Kumiho.

>> No.13043282

>because she feels sorry means it's okay

Fuck that, if a liver eater gets one of my family members I'm beheading the cunt, even if she says she's "sorry"

>> No.13043290

Nice try Kumiho.

>> No.13043292
File: 35 KB, 181x178, Dafuq is this shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>These idiots arguing about "MUH MYTHOLOGY"
Jesus christ, no-one but you cares. Shut up and talk about cute monstergirls.
Hellhound a best.

>> No.13043295


>> No.13043296

>that means eating livers and drinking blood
Actually, that's mostly to become human. They need a thousand, and they can survive off of other food.

Of course, if you want to go down that angle.... See vampires, ghouls, other cannibalistic monsters.

>> No.13043299


I never got why vampires were a problem.

You can suck blood without killing someone.

>> No.13043301

Are the type who thinks fucking demons exist? You blame misfortune on them? And, demons, pre Christ were seen as divinities and messangers between the gods and man, they weren't universally evil, that came with the rise of Christianity.

>attack directly
By the way, you do know succubi have to be summoned, just like demons, right?

>> No.13043303
File: 232 KB, 794x1200, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It started when one anon got butthurt as hell about kumiho. It's gone on too long as people fed him attention during his temper tantrum.

>> No.13043305
File: 2.83 MB, 2000x3117, 20da746cf6ab4993030c20fd883f8fa1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That mythology faggot is the reason I love demons and undead chicks.

>> No.13043307

Based .less is based.

>> No.13043308

Casting a lot of hot accusations here, anon. For two thousand years demons have been seen as evil, longer than kumiho have existed.
>succubi have to be summoned
Says who?

>> No.13043309

God that looks like shit.

>> No.13043312

Um, anon, they were divinities before, such a as dagon, Ishtar, baal, but all became known as demons after the rise of Christ. Are you stupid?

>> No.13043314

>Electrodom lazy Dragon got drawn.
Oh fuck yes, this is the best confused boner I've had in a while.

>> No.13043318

Undead are up there with the Egypt girls for the MGE's best.

>> No.13043320

I already did, and the point remains, kumiho are shit since they actively go for humans and are willingly evil.

>> No.13043322

Where's Janet when you need her?

>> No.13043323
File: 91 KB, 600x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13043326

How does it feel to be worse than any /v/ thread that was made?

>> No.13043329

>Monsters create and warp armor and weapons using mamono mana
>A Dark Valkyrie can tentacle rape you with her sword

>> No.13043331

casting accusations

You're the one talking about them like they exist. Also, notice I asked, not claimed you thought they were real.

>says who

The Lore.

>> No.13043332

So the same as demons, campirss, werewolves, undead, everything in Slavic mythology...
There are monstergirls from creatures of pure evil. Get over it.

And? It's been 2000 years, nobody worships Ishtar anymore but thinks of "demons" as evil. You're literally looking for a pointless argument.

>> No.13043334

Why does Zip-Zop Zippidy-Dee have a tail growing out of her temporal/occipital bone?
Mein neger.

>> No.13043335

They only eat livers/drink blood/consume essence to turn human, (even then its mentioned the taste is bad) they eat normal foods like any Kitsune/human/kumiho

Standard Korean Mythology.

>> No.13043336

We need more monster girl babies.
Cute cuddly tiny babies designed to look cute and get kisses from mommy and daddy

>> No.13043341

>the lore
That's pretty generic. A lot of sources speak of demons, succubi as free-roaming evil spirits.

>asked, not claimed
And then immediately followed with an insult.

>> No.13043342

>saying mommy and daddy
>even as a joke

Kill yourself.

>> No.13043344
File: 353 KB, 600x600, 1405006450067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like this?

>> No.13043346

Fuck no.

>> No.13043347

Like that

>> No.13043350

Maid type: Elf
Name: Angneth
Personality: Dilligent, Direct
Notes: Hard to change daily structure, will require effort from Master to alter.

Angneth has been with the MGC Maid Central for a short time now. She passed her final maid exam only a few weeks ago. Angneth claims that she was part an all species army from a young age till she joined the MGC Maid Central shortly after she quit at the age of 19. It is to be noted that Angneth did not provide any proof of service besides her ragged military clothing devoid of insignia's when joining the organisation.

Angneth places high importance at a proper diet and plenty of exercise both during and after her training at the MGC Maid Central. She occasionaly tries to encourage others to do the same.

As a maid Angneth performs her duties diligently. Taking great pride in being capable of performing her duties at an above average speed and precision. She prefers alternative maid clothing which ussualy involves some form of jeans and a sweater with the insignia of a broom, which indicates membership at the MGC Maid Central.

Angneth often takes initiative and will offer and encourage her Master to take various actions to benefit himself. These actions often include various sportive activities, spending time studying usseful new topics and practicing said topics.

Angneth takes great joy in performing these suggested actions together with her Master, whetever it involves reading, exercise or practicing cooking a new recipe. Angneth will generally try and act both as a teacher and a partner during these times.
When not encouraging or performing tasks Angnet will prefer group activites. She will often plan sessions or activites together with her Master if possible. Even when refused. Angnet will attempt to atleast be in the same room as him and performing the same task

The MGC Maid Central recommends Angnet for a Master that enjoys an assertive but not strongly dominant maid in his household.

>> No.13043353


I agree, "mommy and daddy" just sounds gay.

inb4 we were born from tubes

>> No.13043354

Valentines is almost here.
How will you spend your time with your beloved Monster Waifu?

>> No.13043358

One can only hope she comes soon. I've never seen such a shitstorm over something so trivial, even for 4chan.

>> No.13043360

Last recorded Kumiho sighting was an island called Ryo-do about 300 years ago.

>> No.13043370

Are you aware with the legend that marks kumiho as cursed existence, fallen out of the wheel of life and feeds on others to spite the gods? Kumiho a shit!

>You're literally looking for a pointless argument.

Who was it that sperged out when people preferred kitsune over kumiho because of the liver eating?

>> No.13043372

Same as everyday.
Try to take over the world!

>> No.13043385

>who sperged out
Someone made a comment and you flew into a rage about people talking about kumiho.
Don't throw stones in glass houses.

>> No.13043387

How do i delete just an image after i make a post?

>> No.13043392


Valentines didn't happen this year yet? I thought it was in january.

>> No.13043398

No, you didn't like that people aren't idiots and would pick the monster that would kill them. Kumiho a shit.

>> No.13043400
File: 26 KB, 250x415, Dormouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go to bed.

Different nationalities, Eagle harpy land has theirs in two days.

>> No.13043401

>Size of residence: Medium
>Education of Master: Finishing a bachelors
>Current employment:Student, going into software and game development
>Personality of Master: Easy going, bit overly sarcastic at times
>Dating or Married: Single

>Favorite Personalities: Nerdy, introverted, and ara ara
>Favorite body type:Thick, Healthy girls
>Favorite type of Monstergirl*:Partial to Holstaurus, and Non human/bipedal lower bodies
>Preferred age: 18->28, 50->65
>Arachnophobia: No
>Specific dislikes: N/A

>> No.13043406

>Pinky and the Brain but with a Dragon and a Wurm

>> No.13043408

*would not

>> No.13043413

First of all: you're talking to a different person.

Second of all, >>13042906
You were flipping your shit.

>> No.13043414

She's proactive, I like her.

>> No.13043450

Now I realised I forgot one thing.

>Size of residence: medium apartment

>> No.13043458
File: 168 KB, 1280x720, Zappy Dan the Magnet Man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13043463

Ah, I see. Thanks.

>> No.13043464


And it's still the truth, whoever chose kitsune got a nice little reply about how kumiho are good when they are anything but. I hate liars.

>> No.13043471

Analpain-kun, we got it the first time.

Will you kindly shut up now?

>> No.13043476

Jesus Christ dude, no one cares. Lay off it

>> No.13043477

Fuck it, why not

>Size of residence: Medium sized house
>Education of Master: 2 year college degree
>Current employment: Unemployed seeking blue collar job
>Personality of Master: Introverted, laidback
>Dating or Married: Single
>Favorite Personalities: Warm, caring, lively, intelligent, alternative, and switch
>Favorite body type: Curvy
>Favorite type of Monstergirl*: Demonic or beast
>Prefered age: N/A
>Arachnophobia: No
>Specific dislikes: Disrespect towards personal items and privacy
>Extra notes/specifications: Must like animals, namely cats and dogs. Spiritualism is a plus

>> No.13043482

No you didn't, none of you did, otherwise you wouldn't have replied to any of those posts, instead of wasting each other's time arguing.

>> No.13043486

>Assuming and implying
Here's your reply.

>> No.13043487

See >>13043482

>> No.13043489
File: 571 KB, 782x1000, 1243743632432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never be bullied by that one Thunderbird at highschool.
>Who has multiple piercings and a punk look. Electrocuting you on a regular basis, calling you her 'Shockdump'.
>When you're paralyzed temporarily from the shock, she gropes and molests you, relishing the the fact that you can't resist at all and that you're at her mercy.

I want to be bullied by a Bad Girl.

>> No.13043490
File: 21 KB, 410x230, d-dear god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13043491

>Wanting to be helpless
I'll never understand that.

>> No.13043493

Do we really gotta through a fucking shitstorm everytime we want to talk about a certain monstergirls?

Holy shit, this stupid shit happens everytime someone mentions a monstergirl.

>"Want the right to talk about Kumihos in /mgg/? Well, you can have it in the new Fox Lady DLC, for only 19.99 shitflinging posts!"

>> No.13043501

Joke's on her, I wore my rubber undersuit today. She's gonna get tenderly loved and impregnated and there's not a thing she can do about it.

>> No.13043502

Well, even though this Anon's quantum ass pain about Kumiho's was beyond unnecessary, it's not as bad as the 5+ hour undeniably the stupidest argument about Ushi Oni's a couple threads back

>> No.13043503
File: 539 KB, 800x1280, 1423580640311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A possessive monstergirl will never bully you.

>> No.13043506

I like this mystery artists stuff. It's cute, yet simple
Who is this MysteryAnon?

>> No.13043510

That wasn't about the monstergrl itself though.

Duh, this is 4chan.

>> No.13043511

I need pictures.
Pictures of MysteryAnon.
And LabAnon. I want him back.

>> No.13043513
File: 431 KB, 800x1280, 1423281216637.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish I l knew. The guy doesn't even have an imgur as far as I'm aware.

>> No.13043514

I'd like to know that too, and so does >>13041815
I imagine.

>> No.13043515

I think it's Loen, post-injury. Looks similar enough to be, different enough to assume his injury altered his draw skills. Saying that though, it's still drawn rather well

>> No.13043516

I too need pictures.
So do I. Where did you go, Labby?

>> No.13043517

Would you consider making a imagur of pastebin of these so we can see them all in one place?

>> No.13043518

Just how bad could being bullied by a Lich be?

>> No.13043520

Like this.

>> No.13043523

>different enough to assume his injury altered his draw skills

>> No.13043525

Yeah, I was thinking it might be Loen pulling a Ben Kenobi
But what if it isn't?

>> No.13043527



>> No.13043528

My Kumiho wife is one of the nicest Mgs I have ever dated, all through life she was teased for being what she was, Since I grew up with her I knew she didn't ant to become human, let alone eat them.
Funny how that worked out, I am now married to a 9 tail, and get all the hot wild bestial sex, why you ask?
Because I know changes are most human mythology is wrong.

>> No.13043529

I guess I shouldn't make you go through all the other edited crap just to get to those.

Consider it done.

>> No.13043533

Since i've successfully bastardized Apophis with oil would you fags have any suggestions?

>> No.13043535

>You'll never be bullied by a monstergirl
>You'll never be walking home one day when you get knocked out and wake up in an unfamiliar bedroom.
>You'll never open the closet door and find out that it's filled with pictures of you
>things that were stolen from you like old scarves and clothing.
>There's even a lovingly made doll of you in there.
>You'll never hear the door open.
>You'll never turn around to see the monstergirl bully, naked and panting.
>She'll never pin you to her bed while whispering in your ear about how she'll never let anyone else have you.
>You'll never notice the full moon in the window.
>You'll never be lovingly bullied all night by a possessive monstergirl bully.

It's weird how my opinion on yanderes has more or less done a complete 180.
Light yanderes that is, murderous yanderes are still shit.

>> No.13043536
File: 415 KB, 768x600, Werebat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, Loens style is easy to distinguish.
Yandere Werebat pls.

>> No.13043538

I'm implying he broke his arm or hand or something along those lines. Hence why I reiterated that its still a good drawing

>> No.13043539

I think he meant it's Leo drawing in a different style

>> No.13043543

>My Kumiho wife is one of the nicest Mgs I have ever dated

This isn't even bait, this is autism.

>> No.13043545
File: 360 KB, 597x800, tZ8066P.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's the guy who first drew Hathor back when it was still a suggestion.

>> No.13043546

Yandere bullies, yandere anything makes me rock solid.

>> No.13043547
File: 392 KB, 746x800, 1403819757305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who (or what) would you turn into a monstergirl?

>> No.13043548

Could you clarify?

>> No.13043550

Every human girl.

>> No.13043551
File: 418 KB, 555x573, 1417750785234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never be bullied by the terrible trio.
She'd be hanging around with a group of Undead Monster Girls and tease you for being living. Bullying you for having to breath and not sleeping in a coffin.

Their favorite thing to do is hold you down, hold your eyes open, then force you to read the Lich's incredibly lewd Necronomicon which makes you ejaculate because it's too much for your mortal living mind to handle.

Then they just turn you loose with an embarrassing cum stain in your pants.

>> No.13043554
File: 334 KB, 623x1000, 1401692504582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lab/Dendornanon was around before the whole Hathor thing.

>> No.13043555

that's already assumed

>> No.13043557

Oh, nice, I too would want him back.

>> No.13043559


There you go.

>> No.13043560

Yeah. Didn't he draw Charon too, once or twice?

>> No.13043562

Nice job wiping out humanity faggot.

>> No.13043565

That was Blazh.

>> No.13043566

If so then cats and dogs

Cat girls everywhere

>My parents are now stuck with a chubby gray cat girl and her talkative and fit former brother

>Makes visits that much more awesome because the grey one likes to sit on my lap.

>> No.13043567

is that .less? or someone else?

>> No.13043570


>> No.13043571

It's .Less. Kid's getting better

>> No.13043578

They won't if you help the Demon Lord win over the Chief God

>> No.13043580


Implied genderswap

Not much better but it's there

>> No.13043583



Is shit


Can't write anything that would top Schizanthus for Werebat. The most I could do is a Werebat pinning some poor sod to a wall and using her wings to support her by putting them on the cavern wall behind him and bucking her hips against him wildly.

>> No.13043586

>cats sitting in your lap when you visit a friend
>act like it's the most normal thing in the world
>meanwhile she's giving you a purrjob, glancing at you every now and then to gauge how close you are

>> No.13043587

Could very well be human, you know.

>> No.13043590

His faces are getting a little less samey.

>> No.13043592

>You'll never be cornered in the supply shed by the terrible trio.
>They'll never rip your pants off and sit you down on the manticore's lap.
>They'll never pull you close to them and whisper dirty things into your ears as the manticore's tailpussy goes to work.
>They'll never take turns raping you after the manticore's had her fill.
>All with those smug grins, and while biting their lips.
>This will never happen to you every week.
God DAMN life is terrible.

>> No.13043596

>there will never be a pic of Moth-chan dressed as the shy Olivia

>> No.13043597


>> No.13043598

Even in the timeline where the demon lord won, there were "cradles" to keep humanity from dying out. You fucked up anon, real bad.

>> No.13043600

He means human brother probably.

>> No.13043601

Would they squirm and tremble if I softly grabbed he tufts of fur in their ears?

>> No.13043603

Eh, I was never bothered by them, but I see what you mean
Maybe him and Mari tag teaming is more of an apprenticeship than a friendly get together

>> No.13043606

God you suck.

>> No.13043607

That's sinister man.

>> No.13043609

I am well aware of my shit tastes

>> No.13043610

I wonder how a Leanan Sidhe would bully someone.

>> No.13043612


Sure what?

You should know by now that i'm allegedly Mr. "Only Writes for his friends in LE IRC" or Mr. "Same synonyms".

>> No.13043614

I'm pretty sure that would make them rape you harder.
There would likely be ahegaos and heart pupils though, so probably worth it.

>> No.13043617


He meant a male cat, now genderswapped, apparently >>13043580

>> No.13043622

Of course I do, I recognize your typing style and mannerisms.

>> No.13043624

Then why aren't you rectifying the situation?

>> No.13043626

Every week? I would hate to see the MG that tried to stop that after the trio were done with her

>> No.13043628


Stalker-Anon please.

>> No.13043629
File: 29 KB, 240x247, LukaFeel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, right?
iirc they're basically the "reservations" from Brave New World: giant free-range farms that exist purely to keep a viable gene pool around and provide for occasional rape-safaris

> othersideofsky is kill
> we will never get this translated

>> No.13043630


>> No.13043632

>not hiring the oni jocks to tech them a lesson

>> No.13043633



>> No.13043636

I'm not usually a pally, but that possibility would probably change my mind...

>> No.13043637

Hey, that's how I was able to pick out that faggot Bob when he wrote that fennec fox smut thing.
He was sick from work too.

>> No.13043639

>Hiring oni jocks
No anon, that leads to WORSE rape!
>Implying you wouldn't secretly enjoy it.

>> No.13043640

Because then you are stuck with a world of cat/dog girls and either monster boys or male cats/dogs who soon become extinct due to a lack of mates.

I went with the gender option

>> No.13043642

>Not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KQwlSxl68Y
It's actually spooky.

>> No.13043643

Haha, elf maid acquired! Please send over the contract, as she seems an excellent fit.

>> No.13043646

Blame the Chief God for not letting monsters birth humans.

>> No.13043648

Well, you'll quickly find out at night

>> No.13043649

>Not training to become strong yourself
>Not becoming One Punch Man
Do you even hero?

>> No.13043651
File: 1.91 MB, 1280x1224, 1422317670963.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Sup Manslut? You got enough lunch money to cover your rape tax?"
"S-Sabrina! I, uh, don't have any lunch money... I brought my own lunch, come on can't you just let it slide, just this once?"
>"Oh we'll let it slide riiiight in."
"Please! I'll pay you in advance, tomorrow!"
>"You know the rules, if you can't pay the rape tax with money, we have to take payment some over way..."

>> No.13043653

There is always more room on "the list".

>> No.13043656

>or male cats/dogs who soon become extinct due to a lack of mates.

Dude, clones and artificial wombs.

>> No.13043661

Supposedly that was sorted by then.
There's something else in that LN that makes it "inconvenient" to fully convert humanity.

>> No.13043662

But it's true. If the Chief God were gone, monsters and humans could live in peace.

>> No.13043663

What if I get claimed by a girl? Surely they wouldn't mind.

>> No.13043669

>Implying they haven't already claimed you.
Thugdere trio isn't letting their favorite target get claimed by anyone else.

>> No.13043673

How exactly do you know that?

>> No.13043675

Maybe, but the Demon Lord and her ilk have to go as well.

>> No.13043676

Do you think that folks are going to be willing to spend that much money on cloning male cats/dogs when they could just bone a cat/dog girl and get a cat/dog girl?

This is already on top of dealing with women turning into dragons, the dead rising to feed on cuddles, and an outbreak of faggot cat.

>> No.13043680
File: 86 KB, 900x1112, 145353487954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What MG would make the best serial rapist?

Like out of some 80's slasher flick, where the cast are picked off one by one by a serial killer. But instead it's a cast of Human men, picked off one by one by a Monster Girl serial rapist. Who rapes them in the most horrific and lewd ways possible.

>> No.13043681

Didn't want to be called gary stu for the thousandth time.

Only if you don't know how to play. Hire them by doing their homework, and appeal to their zipanguese sense of honor not to rape you, since that's what you hired them for and they should honor their contract. And carry an assload of beans.

>> No.13043682

>Implying a monstergirl couldn't simply just override their scent on me.
Of course, they still wouldn't shed a tear.
Or would they?
I was there.

>> No.13043684

But then there would just be humans. That's dumb.

>> No.13043685

>I was there
I'm not even him but this is a shade of scary that makes a horror film seem like a walk in the park

>> No.13043687

>You will never be bullied by the Terrible Trio
>First at School...
>Then at your home...
>Then at their homes...
>Then at the apartment they buy to move you into...
>Then at the wedding chapel...
>And the beach where you Honeymoon with them.

>You will never be bullied by MGs.

>> No.13043688


Pick one

>> No.13043689

maybe if they showed some of that dere in the thugdere

>> No.13043691

I never said it was perfect.

>> No.13043696

You know, if the terrible trio tried to bully me, I'd do the one thing I was born to do: Banepost.

>Get cornered as one talks about how she'll let the other two have their way with me
>"Uh, you don't get to bring friends."

>> No.13043698

Would Monstergirls leave you alone if you were the pilot of a 15 meter tall mecha?

>> No.13043699

>that much money

With science changing it's focus to exploit/harness the abilities of MGs, do you really think it'll remain costly? Just admit it, you want to fuck a genderbent cat.

>> No.13043701


My point still stands. I'd only disappoint fags looking for decent smut and/or HEALING

>> No.13043703

>gary stu
Point taken, although someone has to explain to me why, in world with magic and monsters, no human ever gets to have any powers.

>> No.13043705


>"First one to rape me gets to stay as my wife."

>> No.13043706

>You will never be bullied in the house all four of you move into
>They will never bully you while their bellies are stuffed full of babies
>They will never bully you while you raise the daughterus
>Your daughterus will never bully you
I'm sure this is heaven for someone. But not me.

>> No.13043707

>You will never come to school in your 15 meter tall mecha
It hurts

>> No.13043708

Not if they can overpower your mech.

>> No.13043710

Never said I didn't anon,

Just explaining why I chose that option other than the obvious.

>> No.13043711

>getting bullied at home
>getting bullied

What kind of fagg-you live in MGC don't you?

You're still a faggot.

>> No.13043712 [DELETED] 

KC has more or less made it clear she's the best fate anyone is ever going to get in his setting.

>> No.13043714
File: 745 KB, 806x606, 1330044294581.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For my part it's because the hero is supposed to get curnbstomped and raped, not defeat all foes and stand triumphant atop a mountain of dead apophi.

>> No.13043715

Kunoichi, Vampire, Ghost. Mantis, Queen S;ime.

>> No.13043718

Who? What are you talking about?

>> No.13043722


>this boy ain't right.jpg

>> No.13043723

>Implying my waifu would let me fight tyranny in a mecha by myself

>> No.13043724

Sea Bishop
Its always the quiet ones

>> No.13043728

KC has made it clear she's the best fate anyone is going to get in his setting.

>> No.13043729

>A Cheshire Cat that wears a striped sweater and rapes men in their dreams. People find them passed out with cum everywhere.
>A Kunoichi wearing some kind of Kabuto mask stalks a group of teenage high school boys who are crashing at a cabin in the woods for some drinking and catching up. She stealthily isolates and lures them away one by one and rapes them in silence, their naked, cum-stained bodies only revealed when the last man is running frantically through to woods to escape the masked rapist.
> An Ushi-Oni writes itself really.

>> No.13043732

Small question,

Do we know what manticore venom does to women/MGs?

Does have the exact same effect?

>Poison Dragon's drink

>She mounts you while shout how her hips are moving on their own

>> No.13043737

If that's your preference, that's fine.

But to me, that seems like bullshit.

>> No.13043739
File: 276 KB, 1000x1000, 00 Wurmdam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no, a Gundam that jobs easily.

>> No.13043741

>Watch Manticore and Chesire bully some weak Cyclops girl
>Manticore begins getting fed up and tells me to fuck off and wait until it's my turn
>"At least you can talk, who are you?"
>Manticore sighs exasperatingly and calls me the bane of her existence

>> No.13043742

>Not realizing the point at which "Bully" became "Tender Loved"
>Not realizing that by the time they "Bully" you in your own home, and the home you then share later in life, they'll often finish by having you in the middle of a cuddle pile.
>Which would only grow with the daughterus.


Yeah yeah, I get that most people still wouldn't want the submissive house husband route anyway. Not the particular life I'd want, but I still think it sounds pretty cozy.

>> No.13043743

>KCs worldbuilding
Yeah, I don't know what I expected.

>> No.13043748

Because subs.

>MGE =/= Violated Hero


>> No.13043749

>Slowly the bullying gets more and more loving
>Their cruel jeers and mocking turns to lewd whispers and teasing
>Originally you get pressed between them violently, but it becomes more of a lewd four way cuddlepile
>More and more of their Dere side shows over the years.
It'd be heaven to be loved anon.

>> No.13043752
File: 203 KB, 1000x1000, 1402898072380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never pilot a mech alongside a Wurm in her own Gundam that has the Berserker System installed
>You will never eventually have an episode wherein she momentarily leaves your party after hurting you during one particularly terrible trance in her Berserk state

>> No.13043753
File: 101 KB, 638x580, 1403479913223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But KC thinks monsterization is a wonderful idea for all concerned and it's a beautiful liberation from social mores.
As opposed to being eldritch black magic that warps your mind and body into becoming a depraved sybarite for whom temperance, diligence, piety, and virtue are but faded memories.
He can say "DL a best" til the holstaurs come home, but she really is a shit.

>> No.13043754

MGU go home

>> No.13043755

>Bezerker system
You mean the NTD?

>> No.13043756

>Strawman right off the bat.

Jeez, take it easy mate.

>> No.13043757

>warps your mind and body into becoming a depraved sybarite for whom temperance, diligence, piety, and virtue are but faded memories.

How is this a bad thing?

>> No.13043760

Yes. Yes it would.

>> No.13043761

My fucking brother.
>You'll never be the pilot of a giant Mecha, period.
>You'll never fight evil alongside your waifu
It hurts my friend.

>> No.13043763
File: 1.16 MB, 960x1200, Nu-chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Berserker System is from G Gundam, although it's specific to the Nobel Gundam.

>> No.13043765


I can see this, a Yeti leaps onto some poor guy who got lost and hugs him.

No matter how much the guy struggles, he can't pry the determined Yeti off. Eventually he becomes exhausted, collapses and falls asleep. The Yeti continues to hug him while https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VP5jEAP3K4&t=2m plays

>> No.13043766

Trans-am a best

>> No.13043770


>> No.13043772

Traitor kun pls.

>> No.13043773

>Nu Mecha Musume Dragon Girl

Seriously, I love absolutely everything about this. Except maybe the asymmetrical wing.

>> No.13043774

Oh, right. I barely remember G Gundam.
God the Nu and the Sazabi are the best things to some out of CCA

The best at being overpowered

>> No.13043775

The Berserker System.

>> No.13043780

[Screaming intensifies]

>> No.13043782

You don't want to live a life of pleasure and happiness with a wife that loves you?

>> No.13043784

I couldn't be bothered finding the subbed version of this scene. I figured it would be harder to find.

I-I'll fuck off, if you want.

>> No.13043785
File: 99 KB, 375x375, 1420175485127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's why you join the adventure club instead!

>> No.13043786

Mystery drawfag will probably be a one-time deal. I don't see that particular person drawing again unless coerced like last time.

>> No.13043788

I love my oomukade wife, she makes me feel good and loved! I get all shivery when she's gone!
The heater is broken.

>> No.13043789

I've never heard the sub, watched the dub as a kid.

Still love it.

Watched wing too.

Wing hasn't aged that well.

It's not terrible but not great.

>> No.13043791

Some of us have agency beyond our penis, Traitor-kun.

>> No.13043792

Eh, it's fine. No harm done
I'm just messing with you, anon. Stick around.

>> No.13043794
File: 113 KB, 740x1092, Banshee Musume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We will never have art of monstergirls dressed as mobile suits.
G Gundam had an okay dub.
NYAV Posts dubs are still the best, they even have HUNK as Full Frontal and Char Aznable.

>> No.13043795

So would it be like Gulliver's Travels but with Fairies?

>> No.13043796

Of course it's broken.

It makes someone char without the Loli lust for a while

>> No.13043797

>Not joining the SUPER adventure club.

>> No.13043800

I think the universal Gundam that's aged perfectly is 00. But you'll get varying opinions on that

Banshee was a piece of shit. Get that monstrosity out of here

But it's just not the same without LALAH!
But seriously, it's overpowered as hell

>> No.13043803

To what? Your rulers that want that's best for themselves? Your banks? Those ungrateful human women?

>> No.13043806

Would you pilot a mobile suit with your waifu, like the Harute?

>> No.13043811

Your view is so limited, you'd never understand. So don't even try, don't look beyond the box of your reality.

>> No.13043813
File: 1.36 MB, 1320x1396, 1397792173024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Yo Anon, I know you're an FAL, but I kinda like you, even if you are camper scum. So tell you what Anon, why don't you come over so I can try my new rape mod on you. We might even livestream and upload our fun onto redchanit."
>"Ready to level up Anon?"

>> No.13043816
File: 975 KB, 500x281, 1391472560894.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if Lanternon reads through these threads or whatever, but I just read his epilogue, and I have something to say.

You can't be introducing new information in a conclusion, and you DEFINITELY can't bring up new shit in an epilogue.

Who is Oathbreaker? Is it Val? Who would refer to him as such?

What trail is he sending his rescues on? There isn't enough context here to even tell if it's a physical or metaphorical trail. I've followed your story pretty well, and I'm still flummoxed by these sections.

Also, it's generally a good thing to not skip around in time so much unless an explicit frame of reference is provided (Germany, 1948) or the sections are longer (Catch 22) so you can piece together the timeline by the greater level of detail presented. Short, disconnected snippets are just confusing. Particularly since you use the same formatting trick of a --- linebreak to separate small, linear gaps of time earlier in the story.

9/11 It's horseshit.

>> No.13043818
File: 1005 KB, 500x330, Armed Armor VN.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not liking the Banshees rad Armed Armor VN.
Damn straight I would, that's one of favorite 00 suits next to the GN-X Superbia and ELS Quanta.

>> No.13043820

I'll go to your home, gamer girl.

>> No.13043821

If a man can't control his own soul, he's better off dead.

>> No.13043822
File: 256 KB, 915x1280, 48675385_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13043824

00 season 1 is great, two needed less Satchi/Louise

I have asked a buddy though who has better social skills, Heero or Setsuna

We agreed Setsuna because Heero almost seems to go out of his way to be a dick at times.

Setsuna just wants to be a Gundam.

Like a wurm.

MG Setsuna is a Wurm

>> No.13043826

I'm flattered.
Is she from any series in particular?

>> No.13043831

What crawled inside her and died?

>> No.13043834

>Liking the Banshee
>When the Sinanju exists
I mean, it's just hard when a perfect mech like the Sinanju is in the same room as the Unicorn and the Banshee
And if you put all three in the same room, well, Sinanju's going to get most of the attention

>> No.13043836

>implying I'd associate with scrubs.
Git gud gurl.

>> No.13043837

Original Exia is mine

And I would pilot the hello out of a suit with my MG

>> No.13043839


>> No.13043841

Mah nigga. Sinanju a fucking BEST. I've got the MG, HG, and hell, even the Robot Damashii. Fuckin' love that thing.

>tfw no GN-XIV gunpla to build with Anubis Waifu.

>> No.13043847

Man, if it wasn't for the fact that my LMCS only sells the titanium finish version, I would've had the MG Sinanju by now
If they announce a PG Sinanju I swear to god

>> No.13043849

>Robot Damashii
I have both it, and the Animation Ver.
I also have a Tamashii Nations exclusive Awakened Unicorn Gundam, along with the version that has the shield funnels.

>> No.13043856

>you will never show your waifu a zombie movie while she's still adjusting to society
>you will never tell her it was based on real events before her kind came to be
>she will never become a paranoid /k/ommando
>she will never give her former undead friends dirty looks

>> No.13043857

>And then we were /m/

Ok guys, Gundam now has MGs.

How do things change?

>> No.13043862
File: 44 KB, 1325x170, Anabell Gato.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13043863

Dude, why?

>> No.13043866

>"Anon was like a husbando to me!"

>> No.13043867

She'd probably want to play all the neat things with you she never could before, like tag.

>> No.13043871

Instead of limited newtype magic bullshit and awesome gruntfights, there's now loads of all types of magic bullshit and it's nothing like Gundam at all.

Or as much like UC Gundam as G-Gundam was, which wasn't at all.

So we'll just slap an M on that. Call it MG-Gundam, have something nothing like a gundam show except for the designs and bank on the sale of gunpla.

Sounds just like bandai really.

>> No.13043873

Titanium Finish is actually what I've got for the MG. It's so shiny, I couldn't resist.

>UNDERSTANDING!!! in 00 is now accomplished not through Quantum Brainwaves...
>But through MAMONO MANA

>> No.13043875

>But I'm not dead...

>Ssssh! Your spoiling the moment!

>> No.13043876

>A sandworm and a 15m mech playing tag
How i wish to watch this.

>> No.13043880

>loads of all types of magic bullshit and it's nothing like Gundam at all
I'd post the Crystal Unicorn Gundam right now, but I "can't delete posts this often", which is a bullshit feature.

>> No.13043881

>Saving that out of all the posts in that conversation

That was one of the weakest ones. You capping your own stuff or something?

>> No.13043885

>Sirocco is a harem MC

Good Ol' Gato.

Best zeon right there.

>> No.13043888

>It's so shiny, I couldn't resist
It really is tempting. but shaving the nubs reveals the plastic, and that's annoying

>> No.13043889

I hate fun

>> No.13043890

No, I was milling around the archives and came across it.

>> No.13043894
File: 13 KB, 398x396, 1421733155718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder than you should never trash talk a monster.

You never know, so it's better to be safe.

>> No.13043895
File: 405 KB, 823x900, cyclops friend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Everyone's looking at my friend's boobs
>Small boobs are cute too
>I hate being here anyway
>My eye hurts. I need my eye drops.
>Maybe I can just use this time to brainstorm about what I'm going to do in my Kaiji fanfic
>I wish I was at home playing Darkest Dungeon and listening to my podcasts

>> No.13043897

You forget to greentext?

>> No.13043898

Hey Anon you qt

Would you rather get more Hellhound or Anubis?

>> No.13043899

Do it.

>> No.13043900


Newtype magic bullshit buddy. Read the whole sentence instead of just the second half. Instead of one stupid prototype with one pilot in it doing that, now magic fireballs and dragons and demons and everything are going to infest it down to the foot soldier level. No more gritty grunt fights. No more clunkers and clankers.

>> No.13043902


>> No.13043903

Anubis. Anubis mai waifu. Always more Anubis.

>> No.