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/jp/, I would apreciate if you could finish posting this Aya image set, I know it used to be posted a lot around 2012.
Also, Aya Thread.

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I will post what I have.

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Kimoi cloacas

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What for? It's on pixiv, you know.

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I thought so, but I can't speak japanese. Thanks for posting that one.

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That's all I have.

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You don't need to.

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>It's on pixiv,
Interesting. I'll add it to my collection of sprites, in preparation for the day when I'll finally make a game.

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You made Aya cry. I hope you are ashamed.

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I wonder... do tengu taste like chicken?

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I'm more interested in how Aya smells at the end of a warm summer day.

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Why do you ask?

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why don't you ask her?

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Is that poop?

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Chicken legs.

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I <3 Aya. She is my one and only.

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One and only what?

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My life.

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If she's your life, then she's my wife!

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To late.

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...Why is Aya cross-eyed, anon?

What did you do to her this time?

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Smug as fuck

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What do crows eat?

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I meant crow tengu!

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What are those?

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Human meat.

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I like the art in that.

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Why is she flying around with no panties? Is she that proud of her featherless maybecloaca?

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How can you be so sure it's featherless? I'm sure there's at least hair there. 2hus don't shave.

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One of the perks of being a physically unaging youkai.

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It's a uniform. It can't be helped.

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She's a reporter, not a sex worker! At least, that's what I've heard. She only sells her newspaper!

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Real cute, isn't it? If only he used his powers for good more often.

Tengu definitely don't eat humans.

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I agree. She probably does too. But it can't be helped.

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Not even if its sexually implicated eating?

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Well...maybe then.

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Aya is most certainly impure.

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she's a good and honest girl!

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I'll turn her into one through the power of love.

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But she's pure and honest already!

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Pure and honest people don't call themselves pure and honest.

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How rude.

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You can't deny it. I for one am willing to accept her despite her impurity and dishonesty.

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Same. Don't get the wrong idea.

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Stop keeping me awake, Aya threads. I hate going to bed this late.

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Just go to sleep, it'll still be here when you wake up.

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Whoa dude that's way too lewd, spoiler this stuff next time!!

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I know, I know, but I don't want to leave...

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>this, too, is worksafe.jpg

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Oops, I only just now noticed it actually was NSFW. Goodbye /jp/, I'll see you after my ban expires.

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see you later dude

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What is a ``dunut''?

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You're used to this crop I bet.

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The nipple's still there.

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pls tell me this not a vore doujin.

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>not wanting a giant 2hu to slowly savor the taste of your balls and ass crack with her tongue before slowly ingesting you

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Fuck you, that is disgusting.

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Aya shouldn't use a sword. It doesn't suit her.

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I think it suits her just fine.

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Naw. She's a reporter, not a fighter.

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I love this picture so much.

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She seems plenty eager to fight against others with spell cards. Even if you say it's different, she's a tengu, so surely at times in her long lifespan the old hag has picked up the sword and fought alongside her brethren.

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You should see the essay I wrote on it.

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Aya doesn't actually fight people much, though, just reports on them. PoFV aside.
And swords aren't modern enough for her anyway.

I should.

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I want Aya to step on my hands with her shoes!

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Is that a sexual thing? It seems like it would be incredibly painful. Maybe if she were barefoot, but in those shoes? No thanks.

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This image has an indescribably quality to it, something unfathomable in its specifics. The way it makes the viewer feel carries with it a number of implications with it, which I will examine closely in time.

To start with, what can we discern from the setting? Quite simply, the viewer is standing in his or her apartment, which appears to be either built on a cliff or hill, or is near a forest. The apartment doesn't appear extravagant or a rambunctious display of wealth. This helps the viewer connect with the image, as they have likely been of a class in which a door such as the one depicted in this image is similar to their front door, weather of a current or past house. It is made of what appears to be a natural wood, perhaps stained with some sort of dye, but doesn't have an elaborate carving. Secondly, the wall is plain. No exotic color nor wallpaper covers the apartment. It is likely, based on this, that the occupant of the apartment is not excessively wealthy, or simply just wishes to not display his or her wealth. The last thing to note about the apartment is the small shelf to the left. The shelf, while mostly hidden from sight, is a simple design. This reinforces the idea that the occupant of the apartment is not exceedingly wealthy. One can also see that there is nothing on the shelf. This could indicate a realism about the occupant, in that he or she is very 'down to earth' and lacks a vainness about them. The overall impression of the setting is a fairly simple one that most any viewer could relate to.

>> No.13087777

Secondly is the time that this image is depicted at. This is more of a point related to setting, but is important by itself too. It is also evident on the subject matter of the image which I will explain later in this paragraph. The image depicts the late afternoon of a fairly clear day; a few clouds in the sky do not change the sun from bathing the sky in its warm glow before it bids the world goodnight. This indicates the characters (That being Aya and the viewer) are probably finished at work, school or university for the day, and have either arranged to meet, or Aya has turned up unexpectedly. I will explain this more in the following paragraph. The late afternoon is depicted in most forms of media as a time in which large decisions are made, or something significant occurs. Here, this is contrasted by something fairly simple; a friend of the viewer has come around for the evening to cook and have dinner with him or her. The setting created by the color of the sky is overall significant to the overall picture, but doesn't cause much of an impression by itself aside from being aesthetically pleasing.

Now, Aya's body language and expression indicate many things about both her relationship with the viewer and her personality. Firstly, we can assume she has come over to the viewer's house for dinner and has brought with her some vegetables in order to help prepare it. It's possible that Aya and the viewer eat together often, but there is nothing to imply this. However, the position her arms are poised in suggests she is about to hand the plastic bag to the viewer in a respectful manner, so it is possible they are well acquainted with eating dinner together. Secondly, it is important to note that Aya's legs are apart. This indicates she feels relaxed around the viewer and that she does not have to conform to old expectations of specific ways for a lady to stand.

>> No.13087780

This further cements to idea that Aya is a friend of the viewer. Aya's expression also tells alot. Firstly, the drop of sweat could indicate a number of things. Presumably she feels slightly awkward at perhaps surprising the viewer by turning up early, or having purchased foodstuffs to prepare dinner with. This could be related into the polite manner in which she is holding the plastic bag, as if to be polite and apologize for showing up early or with unexpected food. Her juxtaposing eyebrows give the impression of familiar teasing, perhaps indicating some sort of simple game or task the viewer must participate in in order to get the vegetables. It's likely this will involve chasing her until the viewer is breathless, and subsequently be rewarded for effort by Aya in the form of the vegetables. This further indicates the friendly relationship the viewer has with Aya. Lastly, her speech and blush indicate she is probably apologizing for being early, indicative of her slight embarrassment and thoughtfulness for the viewer. This further strengthens the idea that she is a good friend of the viewer.

Overall, the image is able to create a small story, or basis for one, by itself. The scene depicted is probably common for many, and impossible for so many more. It depicts something very simple; a friend who showed up early for dinner after a day of work, happy to see you, backed by a beautiful sunset which harmonizes with her own style of beauty. Not a classic style of flowing dresses and long cared-for hair, but of a natural, down to earth person who you could trust and would trust you all the same. The specifics of what I've described cannot be fully delved into by many. It can be sought after and pursued, and realized one day sometime in the future.

thank you /jp/

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