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Nice combover, faggot!

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What's in the bucket?

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>People shit on her for throwing bones at humans.
Why does noone question why someone tossed a fucking corpse down a fucking well in the first place?

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Bones and heads, according to ZUN.

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Confirmed bucket-loli a anal slave!

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Bad crab! Get back in the pot.

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Murders happen.
Nothing new under the sun.

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i am the first and possibly last person to touch my nose to my particular computer's monitor

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Apparently, a Tsurube-otoshi youkai came out of well saying "So is THIS the body you dropped down here?", cackling as she threw the bones at them. As all of the humans in Gensokyo were accounted for with no one who had gone missing, no one had any no clue as to whom the skeleton belonged.
>To make matters worse, the remains disappeared while no one was looking during preparations to bury it in Muenzuka. At the present state, it's hard to tell if there was any sort of incident or not, let alone the identity of the previous owner of the bones.

The Skeleton is alive and it's Kisume's best prank pal.

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Or it was a human from the outside.

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i wish my hips moved like that

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skelly 2hu confirmed for 15

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