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Date nights with your MG Waifu are always a good idea.

Monster Girl Collections: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

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Well, close enough I suppose. Howdy.

I haven't written anything in a while, so I'm currently pretty shitty. Or more shitty than I usually am. Blame the horrible illness I got in January, and the Monster Hunter fever I got in February.

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Ghosts are olev

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which girl gives the best hugs?

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Can you make a well rounded little league team of daughterus with your Echidna waifu?

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>Close enough
Oh, silly me, Trachyon, right?

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The best hugs come from the one you love the most.

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Maid type: Nekomata
Name: Ilya
Personality: Cheerful, affectionate and intelligent
Statement: -recording is a purring sound-
Notes: Will stay together with her Master in cat-form when he is at work.

Ilya joined MGC Maid Central after finishing highschool and followed a normal maid traject. She successfully completed her final maid exam at the age of 20 without encountering any major issues. She has since then spend two years helping both the Magical Research Department and the Male Psychology Department at MGC Maid Central.

As a maid Ilya has an average performance and as such performs her tasks without issues at a normal pace. It is worth noting however that unlike regular maids Ilya will always accompany her Master to wherever he may go, even if normally impossible. She has shown to accomplish this by attaining her alternate cat-form and through the use of both charm and illusion based magic. Due to this, Masters can expect service both at their own residence and while at work. Ilya furthermore enjoys surprising her Master with various, often fish related treats.

When not performing any tasks, Ilya can often be found snuggling and relaxing with her Master. She has shown to enjoy sleeping and relaxing on her Masters lap in her cat-form. Examinators have stated to find that scratching and petting Ilya during these times to have a strong relaxing effect. It is to be noted that Ilya occasionally “forgets” to attain her cat-form and trying to lie on her Masters lap in her full form. Nevertheless, the relaxing effect from scratching and petting her has been noted to remain.

Ilya does not perform any kind of sports, while enjoying a fish-rich but balanced diet. She in addition enjoys consuming large amounts of Holstaur milk, which has had a notable effect on her skin and build.

MGC Maid Central recommends Ilya to a Master who enjoys service from a maid wherever he might go and does not mind having a maid who enjoys sleeping and relaxing on his lap.

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Yes. The "r" makes it sound cool and unique. Like a special snowflake travelling faster than the speed of light.

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I was foolish enough to ask this at the end of the last thread, leaving spook-lust unfulfilled: anyone recommend any good ghost-girl writefaggotry?

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I already do! My girls hit over .300 and their defense is top tier. Except for Casey, that's because she's a slime, she can't run that fast.

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Pls, my Oni daughteru could beat your team by herself.

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>Date with. Pharaoh
>She's formal, prim and proper and well-behaved all through the night
>Charming, even. By the time the night is over, you feel like you've made a good impression of yourself for her
>Meanwhile, she's back at her home, beating herself up over everything she didn't do perfectly
>Groaning over minute details you yourself would never have caught


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She's a slime though. She can stretch.

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Tundere Centaurs

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Tell me how much you love you waifu.

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>Special Snowflake
After hearing it in such use a couple times, I now just think of a Glacies Hymen when I hear this.

Anyway, sorry to hear that you were sick. Hope you're feeling better. And having fun with Monster Hunter. Still need to play more 3U myself.

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Remove horse

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I want to do all sorts of things to a Crow Tengu. Nice things, Cute things, Lewd things. Family things

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3U is like easy mode, while 4U is like hard mode for MH games.
FU is like European Extreme and Frontier is FUCK THIS GOD DAMNED GRINDING HELLHOLE difficulty.

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What's wrong with centaurs?

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>3U is like easy mode
Wow, maybe I'm not cut out for 4U then...I was just barely able to slay my most recent hunt, a Pink Rathian.

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Niebelfader did a Doppleganger a while ago. Not sure if that counts.

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I'm going by single play, by the way.

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But she exists in my heart and dreams, so she must be real!

3u is a mix of bag of easy mode because on one hand underwater combat is a shit, on the other hand you get flat innate 50 defense that lets you face tank many things.

FU is hard mode but for the wrong reasons.

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If only I knew what it means to love.

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Horse pussy

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It was awful and glorious at the same time.
Those fucking psychic Plesioths, mang.

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Gotta give better details than horse pussy. Centaurs are good waifu's

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They also make good burgers at Burger King and McDonald's.

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glue factory

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Nobody you stupid cunt, who the fuck would want to live in a pineapple?
http://pastebin.com/pqeR6Nd5 requests pastebin here, recap coming.

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MGC Maid Central has added this profile to it's archive. This archive can always be viewed at the following link.


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Fluffy ones

in before lamia full body hugs guy

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Nice work as always sir.

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>implying you have a heart
Wait, your waifu is crow tengu?
That's new. Why?

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I'm probably a different anon than the one you were talking to.
But if you're asking, I love them because of their frail, gentle, intelligent looks, there's just something so charming about it.
Harpies (Kikimora included) are already love, and I just really want to hug Tengus on a rainy day.

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I want a ghost girl to stare at me when I sleep.

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I like them because they seem like nice, kind, intelligent girls that want a quiet and studious life with their husbando.

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>"Baba upsies! Upsies!"

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So what do you asshats consider an "Ara ara" archetype of MGs?

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such an ugly image
then again babies in general are fucking ugly

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All the upsies in the world

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As many upsies as she wants.

Her mother will get none, mainly because she's too old for them.

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>not being strong enough to hold up your hellhound waifu during intercourse

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Sadly(?), I am him, so I already read that one.
Thanks for remembering it enough to recommend, anyway

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I wish Loen got back already.
I bet he got attacked by his dog like that one Rance game translator.

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Well at least you're not in the uncanny valley of irrelevance/loathing and being nearly forgotten, friend

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It's not about strength anon, she'd be too old for them she would probably find them childish.

Not to mention she's a bitch, the only one I love is my daughteru

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The Ghosts and Zombies squatting at his summer home have surely gotten him.

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>Not loving your waifu

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>I bet he got attacked by his dog like that one Rance game translator.
Wasn't he going up to his shack in the mountains to fight some squatters, and then no-one's heard from him since?

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Regardless, he's surely taking up a lot of time.
Just what family related things are going on for him?

>> No.13126960

If I recall correctly, his family has a beach house or some fancy shit, and some distant family was discovered to be squatting there, so now he and his close family are embattled in legal bullshit to get them the fuck out.

>> No.13126961

Maybe he got stabbed, or is going about fixing up the house after shooing them away

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Well if I WAS stuck in a half-life limbo maybe I'd get some ghost tang. So, y'know, silver linings.

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in my country we just hire thugs to physically throw squatters out.

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I hate most if not all Hellhounds, so the only way I'd have a kid with one is if I was raped and forced to stay with her.

That's why I'd take my kid and run away, raising her to be a loving switch.

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>Giving Upsies to bitch babies.
You give Upsies to qt patooty babies with smiles.

>> No.13126971

Should just shoo them out with violence.

>> No.13126974

>Spaceworm was updated while I was asleep
Neat. Apophis henchman really likes trolling cute girls, doesn't he?

>> No.13126978


This reminds me. The one classic unwritten undead waifu. The Ghast.

Aw fuck. I think I just found the leveled-up Ghoul.

>Gains paralytic touch
>Acquires jabberwock-tier aphrodisiac breath
>Immensely more powerful and cunning

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Pls, Niebel.

>> No.13126985

Well we were talking about waifus, and if you hate her so much, obviously she wouldn't be your waifu, now would she?

That Anubis was adorable. I'd love to cuddle up with her after a long day on the construction site. Shame I'm not a worker on that (Unknowingly) cursed temple.

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shut up mom I just made myself sad

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Wrong guy, Dragonslut.

>> No.13126994

Indeed so.

Second half of >>13126985 meant for >>13126974

>> No.13126995

Gimme a MG to use as a bully.

>> No.13126997

>being sad over the truth

Get used to it faggot, being alone is the best thing in the world.

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Mantis could be neat.

Vampire's too common, as is Cheshire, and Minotaur is just plain stereotypical.

>> No.13127017

Mana Elemental.

>> No.13127020

Punk-Kiki that was talked about a couple of threads back

>> No.13127030

Gothic Kikimora in her rebelious phase.

>> No.13127035

Bullying fairy.
Everyone underestimates her and then she shoves them into a locker with fairy magick.

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>"Baba! Wuv Baba n Muma!"

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A good bully would be an ogre.

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>> No.13127062

Spooky ghost bullying

>> No.13127065

Can you stop that shit? Seriously.

>> No.13127067

Is that pastebin not on the masterlist?

>> No.13127077

It's cute. You can shut the fuck up.

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don't be such a stick in the mud

>> No.13127081

Dude, fuck you.
It's cute.

>> No.13127082

No, it's autistic as fuck.

>> No.13127089

I don't think you know what that word even means.

>> No.13127090

no one does anon
no one

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>> No.13127093

No one is forcing you to stay here

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>You will never be breastfed by a Holstaurus

>> No.13127100


As opposed to what? Alp roleplaying? Shitstorms? That fucking annoying "I want X to bully Y" meme?

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So you believe >>13126911, and >>13127057 are endearing, quality posts? Then you are indeed autistic.

>> No.13127102

but they are

>> No.13127107

Don't bother responding.
The kid won't listen to anything you say and probably call us autistic again.

>> No.13127109


Says the guy with a cropped porn reaction image trying to stir up shit for nothing.

>> No.13127114

I do find them endearing and I fail to see your logic at how that's autistic, smug reaction image man.

>> No.13127116

>She uses her powers to knock things out of your hands, or toss them across the room
>She scares you all the time by appearing out of nowhere
>She makes the air around you cold and
trips you up
>She spies on you undressing
>She gives you all sorts of lewd thoughts while you sleep so she can tease you about it

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the text? no.
the images themselves? yes.
All monstergirls want to have babies so they'll be an inevitability.

>> No.13127121

This is my greatest desire.

>> No.13127127

Unless you're a backseat mod the quality of posts shouldn't really matter too much.

>> No.13127132

It isn't, but the story gets updates on the blogs so it's probably an oversight.

>> No.13127134

What if she were to pull down your pants in front of everyone, would you still want to be bullied by her then?

>> No.13127135

I dunno anon, being forgotten and irrelevant is kind of comfy right now.

>> No.13127136

I've missed you anon. It's good to see you're still around.

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Free daughterus

>> No.13127142


You're right above Punaldin. Other anon is blind.

>> No.13127143


>> No.13127144

I see nothing but evil in those eyes

>> No.13127146

I'll take a Wurm, two Ryus, a side of Kiki, and a large Jabberwock.

>> No.13127147

I have no shame.

>> No.13127151

>implying those aren't sabbath members hunting for men.
Daughterus and sonerus a WORST

>> No.13127154

I will take the box

>> No.13127155

what monster girl would be best at raising a human buy from infancy to adulthood in the ultimate goal of making him her husbando?

>> No.13127157


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Probably a Vampire, Wight, or Lich.

>> No.13127164

We need more stories like this

>> No.13127166

>have monstergirl waifu
>she gives birth to a boy
>a human boy
>he has no cool stuff from his mom
>at most some of her human features get passed down
>he's just a human
>like, holy shit son your momma is a dragon and all you have is her nose

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Demons, Undead, Dragons, Kitsune, monstergirls with long lifespans in general.

>> No.13127171


The undead have forever.
>And you, Husband 23 shall be even greater than Husband 22
>Or even Husband 7, Lucky
>He used to do this thing with his hips...
>Don't be intimidated. I know you'll be grand. >And we have your whole life to practice

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>> No.13127175

You would let her do whatever she wanted to you? Even if she forced you to do her homework. Or if she spread rumors about the things you would do for money so she could collect it from you?

>> No.13127179

>what is Incubization

>> No.13127179,1 [INTERNAL] 

Generals: My friends are here.

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File: 47 KB, 625x416, 4aee5737f48eab9e8cb6db02bfa99554ed1fe9ae28ff1deee18ab36755feb89c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13127186

Bicorns and nightmares, maybe. Vanilla centaur? Jerks who can't handle their liquor and will make you "take responsibility" even if you didn't do anything. To hell with centaurs.

Frontgina>horse pussy

>> No.13127187

>implying that humans/incubi live that long
max right now is about 115. I can't see demon mana bumping that to close to 200.

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File: 292 KB, 840x570, 1368773046915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13127192

Do you even know hoe Incubization works? Why must you always assume the worst of something?

>> No.13127194

Fuck off kid, I don't even like you or your mother.

>> No.13127198


Yeah I know undead incubus as said by KC, but I happen to like mortality. Otherwise you become the laziest fuck imaginable. What was the old Death Gate saying about elves? "They're never in a hurry because they'll almost assuredly have near limitless tomorrows to get to it."

>> No.13127201

because that makes it more fun

>> No.13127207

I was going to go with the whole "having to put up with the endless bullshit of the world" as a con for immortality, but that works too

>> No.13127209

So you'd rather just be Disposable Husband x?

Especially since many such MGs would have the means to grant you immortality regardless of MGE Shenanigans.

>> No.13127210

>not wanting limitless retrys
>not having the option to die whenever you wish

>> No.13127217

Most likely. It's not like it would have been much different from my normal school life.

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File: 560 KB, 764x1200, Glacies younger design.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reposting for cutest icicle
>get curious about glacies' hymen
>ask friend if you can see hers
>she shyly olbiges
>as she spreads her lips and looks away in embarassment, you see it
>a snowflake-shaped hymen

>> No.13127222

Just because your waifu gets a new husband every century or three doesn't mean she doesn't love you. Have you even seen Highlander?

Besides, the blind people and the dotheads from Gullivers Travels kind of turned me off the whole thing.

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File: 74 KB, 431x387, 1404950773121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Polt the best non harem girl?

>> No.13127228

Any but matango? And dormouse, for obvious reasons.

>> No.13127229

Can the MGC MC recommend me a ryu maid? Are there any?
Ryu, I want to see one done.

>> No.13127232


>> No.13127236

>break her hymen
>there's blood
>it's not hers

>> No.13127240

I've seen Highlander, but even then most of those immortals just wanted to die more and more each time they had to say goodbye to another loved one, they just couldn't.

>>13127171 and the like implies that after you'd die, she'd just shrug and move on to the next one. You're just another number who died and is ultimately irrelevant.

Immortality's the way to go. I for one want to enjoy eternity with mai waifu, whether in this world or another.

>> No.13127241

How would she feel if I felt the compulsion to kiss her spread lips?
How would she feel if I then said I wanted to break her special snowflake?

>> No.13127244

What I'm getting from you is:
>"I'm totally okay with being an elephant in the room among my waifus plethora of previous and future husbands"
>"This form of immortality is totally like the other"

>> No.13127245

All the girls are shit anyway.

>> No.13127246

somebody's insecure over the loyalty of their immortal waifu.
It's okay anon, when your bones turn to dust and all she has left of you are children and half forgotten memories and she moves on will not diminish the time you spent with her and the love shared.
Also, nothing lasts forever.
Your love lasted a long life rather than crumble under the ceaseless advances of time.

>> No.13127247
File: 100 KB, 333x370, 1400028414419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13127251

>"You either die while she loves you, or live long enough for her to cheat on you."

That's what I'm getting from you. And I'm the insecure one?

>> No.13127252


>> No.13127254

That's not Manako.

>> No.13127258

>not dicking her so hard you become Husband #1
>not permanently changing the shape of her womb to your dick

>> No.13127259

Imagine helping her in her daily routine while she's carrying a litter of pup daughterus

>> No.13127260

which mg is best for helping with fevers

>> No.13127261

by that point you'd cheat on her too.

>> No.13127262

I don't.

>> No.13127266
File: 3.23 MB, 4000x4500, 1411351617556.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nothing lasts forever
Nigga you're retarded, AND insecure.
Again, Incubization.

>> No.13127267
File: 646 KB, 1920x1080, 1403495787342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13127271


>> No.13127273

Fuck that. If you can't make it work for an eternity, then clearly you had issues from the get-go.

But whatever man, you can be Husband #3082, who might get a tiny little plaque or photo on her wall, that eventually she'll forget to even dust after she finally gets a husbando who wants to stay with her for eternity.

>> No.13127275

Have a spine anon, don't let her control your life. Either stand up to her or turn her into a nice caring girl.

>> No.13127276

Just having fun.

>> No.13127282

Eternity is a long time.

>> No.13127283

but it's true, if we're talking forever then it's a 100% guarantee of it ending.
It's a long time.

It's not the commitment I'm scared of, I just don't want to live forever.

>> No.13127288

>I just don't want to live forever
I would glady live forever.

>> No.13127289


This. I wouldn't mind living four or five hundred years if I got youth in the package, but after a thousand I'd start thinking Eternity is a really fucking long time.

>> No.13127292


>> No.13127295

That's a new meta for cosplay tier.

>> No.13127296
File: 640 KB, 1269x1800, Harpy illustration KCs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just don't want to live forever
Don't get a waifu with an inhumanly long life-span then, you whiny faggot.

Problem solved.

>> No.13127299

>implying love is a choice

>> No.13127301

>No one will love you, choice or otherwise

>> No.13127302


>> No.13127303

If you guys don't want to live forever just marry a mortal girl.

That also means more immortal girls for people who likes them, like myself.

>> No.13127304

Ok Romeo, be miserable if you want.

>> No.13127306
File: 429 KB, 800x531, 1424126543022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thinking living a really long time is the same as forever.
Screw living to the heat death of the universe or into the next one.

>> No.13127309


Fuck you.

>> No.13127312
File: 994 KB, 1240x951, Ladies of Gondor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these people spitting in the face of the gift of men
it's more than death, it is freedom from fate to forge our own lives, and freedom from this world entirely.

>> No.13127314

>Get into a relationship with an Immortal MG
>She has the power to make you immortal
>You agree to love her only as long as your mortal life lasts
>She pouts, but goes along with it. She loves you.
>She brings up the gift of eternity every so often, tempting you with it
>You continue to turn her down, wishing to remain mortal
>Eventually, you are on your deathbed
>Your immortal waifu is by your side, crying, pleading, saying your time together was too fleeting
>She repeats her offer
>Even with death's cold embrace staring you down, you hold fast, and turn her down
>She doesn't care any more
>You're too weak to resist
>She does whatever is inherent to her species, and grants you immortality
>You feel your body rocked by a burning pain like no other, as the magics she passed to you restore you to your prime
>You are furious with her when you're able to actually think again
>She doesn't care, she's just happy that you're still with her, and clings to you, holding you in a tight embrace for days
>Finally, you calm down and accept what she's done to you
>Maybe it won't be so bad?

>Time passes, and though there were ups and downs, the millennia begin to wear on you
>In truth, they wear upon her now too
>But she is happy. Content that you were together for as long as you both could bear it
>And together you shall remain, as through whatever magical means, you both end your static existences in this life
>And perhaps, you'll see what lies beyond it
>Always together.

Buncha Plebians up in here...

>> No.13127315

She would be shocked, but not hate it.
She probably wouldn't say no.

>> No.13127317

How lovely.

>> No.13127318

Simmer down shitbird, I never implicated the doujin in my post.

>> No.13127321

>saying this
>never know which MG will spirit you away

Why so angry?

>> No.13127322

You would go insane after a period of time, you'd forget the past unless your memory/brain capacity is phenomenal.

>> No.13127326

>Another day of school was ahead of you
>You showered, you brushed your teeth, ate your breakfast and just before leaving
>"Don't forget your lunch."
>You turned around to see your Elf mom holding your quite heavy lunchbag
>"I can't see how you manage to eat all this everyday, dear, but you're a growing boy."
>You thank her before saying you need to hurry to the bus stop and quickly leaving
>Aaron's already outside, waiting for you, though he looks uncomfortable
>"What's wrong, afraid of your Amazon girlfriend already, Aaron?"
>He laughs at the joke before giving a serious look and a nod over his shoulder
>"She's already here."

>> No.13127328


>> No.13127329

if you forget the past , then theoretically toy are able to experience new things (from your perspective) infinitely

>> No.13127330

Motherfucker that better not be Aragorn and what's his face.

>> No.13127336
File: 191 KB, 944x1024, 0M0geh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hi I’m TheGreens and recap anon is still not here, he tried purchasing a guard dog and wound up with a hellhound

Glass of moose
Ben Garrison>a significant portion of the world’s population
Remove racoon jew
MGE translations
Pantyquest looses his head
Which mistress will I be sold to?
A box.
All the colors of the dragon
Cuddlecore returns
Anon gets off to the “Thick and healthy” women in walmart
It’s like spy vs spy but with a NEET and a shota, and you replace the guns with rape
I pick dhampir.
Writefag-kun returns
They’re like pet names, but fucking unbearable
I’m afraid I have no reason in being a MG’s lab rat
Introducing the newest transformer product: Polt the subaru outback. Boobs and ADHD: they’re what makes a subaru a subaru
>Not making an adventuring party with 11 yandere lizardgirls what kind of cuck are you
Senor Escriton-Maricon delivers unto us a story of obesity, drug use and high school
we fight about tits
alp is love, alp is life
Anon faps to be a lichified Josef Mengele
In MGEland, the only thing you can trust is your gun.
Except winchester-chan, that bitch is crazy
Anon replaces his dick with a dog’s dick
Lanternon’s story is slightly reminiscent of fallout
Alps and futa
Anon couldn’t watch Tamers when his mom was in the room, cos renamon made his dick feel funny
Who gave me these jackboots? They’re fabulous!
Anon’s buttocks do their best krakatoa impression when he hears another anon likes minecraft
bully moar cyclops
Nyanon has lots of cheese
PRW is an alien
ALPanon is homeless
If your mother is in good health, she stands a significant chance of surviving boob cancer. An active lifestyle can do wonders for medical health.
Having friends outside a website full of cucks also does wonders for your medical health

>> No.13127337


That was what happened in Gulliver's travels to the guys born with a red dot on their bodies. They couldn't die or be killed so they just aged until they went full Alzheimer's ward and begged in the streets.

>> No.13127339

Are nuns monster girls? A denial of the self is not normal human behavior.

>> No.13127340

>Amazon girlfriend
I don't like rape and guro stories

>> No.13127341

Make sure to omit more things in your next recap, it still seems a little cluttered.

>> No.13127342

Dood this one is relatively short, a third of the thread has been skipped

>> No.13127343


Human girls are the OG monstergirl.

>> No.13127344

Yes, that's Boromir and Aragorn.
I can never find anything of the more obscure characters. Where's Forlong, Imrahil, that dude from Morthrond that lost both of his sons to the mumakil, the lord of the green hills, Angbor, and Hurin of Gondor? Not even a Beregond.

>> No.13127347

Amazons don't roll that way, the MGE kind anyways.

>> No.13127348

Magical means of processing or storing memories to prevent such issues would be a simple matter for a Lich or some such.

>> No.13127350

Oh. Fuck you then.

>> No.13127354

We allready had this fight, and said fight led us to determine that's a load of piss.

>> No.13127356

I'm reminded of that one little sketch of an MGE-ified "The Hobbit" cast.

Bilbo was the only character still a boy.

>> No.13127362

It was pretty obvious who they were.

>he still decides to fuck no bitch
can't blame him, that ring is a better waifu despite being pure evil and a ring.

>> No.13127363

Bad idea

>> No.13127365

>Anon’s buttocks do their best krakatoa impression when he hears another anon likes minecraft
Ayyy finally got mentioned in one of these

>> No.13127369


>said fight led us to determine that's a load of piss.

What's a load of piss?

>> No.13127370

You don't speak for 51+ plus people.

>> No.13127371

Im not sure that's what you want to be noticed for bro

>> No.13127374

No, fuck this, I would only take it if I could die when I tired of existence.

>and then anon proceeds to psychologically torture his waifu as he tries everything in order to doe

>> No.13127375

>Her, being Lexi, the kikimori who'd been giving you trouble for the past year
>Your heart sank as you saw her staring right at you, eyes piercing you from the confines of her hoodie
>She points and motions for you to come over, to which you obviously comply
>She beat a dragon's ass, of course you would.
>"Eyes down, nerd. Now where's my homework."
>You quickly fetch the report you typed up for her, to her specifications, and hold it out, eyes locked on a small rock
>She snatches it away and you hear her shuffling through the report
>"It passes, now, you know the drill."
>You grab her bag and shoulder it then step exactly two steps to her right and one step back
>You follow her in this manner, just like every other morning, making no sounds while she occasionally looks back at you
>You know not to make eye contact.
>It's but five minutes before you arrive at the bus stop and you see Aaron and Eris watching you

>> No.13127376


>> No.13127377

Likewise to you.

>> No.13127383

That MGE amazons are a bunch of wonderful people.

>> No.13127385

>If I could die when I tired of existence
Did you not read the end?

>> No.13127386
File: 40 KB, 500x738, 1423281141769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Recalling previous shitsorms in recaps
Are you fucking retarded? That's something RecapAnon would NEVER do.

>> No.13127390

>Aaron and Eris
might want to try to be a tiny bit more original with your names, anon

>> No.13127392

Unlike you I never implicated the entirety of the thread, as I don't speak for them.

>> No.13127395

Well, to be fair, the other guy was named Alex, and an Amazon is very different from a Hellhound?

>> No.13127397

seeing as how it was for the length of the mortal life and the current one isn't I'd dump her ass and get myself a nice centaur to ride the empty steppes with.
Life may not be over, but love sure is.

>> No.13127398

>That one with the guy who trained by putting his dick in the snow
>that ending

Not cool

>> No.13127402

Anon, why would I care what people with shit taste in vidya think about mine? I only come to these threads for Monster Girls, ergo those are the only opinions that seriously matter. Once MGU begins filtering in here and brings their shit taste on Monster Girls I'll bail. Until then I could care less. I don't mind fun shitposting arguments about vidya when the thread is slow and shit.

>> No.13127403

True enough. Still pretty close though

>> No.13127408

>Recaping the thread
What in sam hell is the point of a recap if you don't recap events? A sports team does not only recap games that they have won, or points that they themselves have scored
Ignoring arguments would make a recap pointless

>> No.13127409

Humangirls are the real monsters.

>> No.13127410


We've told him this before.

He doesn't care. In fact he LOVES the fact he gets to contribute to the recognition of said shitstorms

>> No.13127412

Or too cool?

>> No.13127413

You got noticed for the depth of your analpain, not your taste

>> No.13127417

>Anon, why would I care what people with shit taste in vidya think about mine?
Because getting furious and making a broken, ineffective argument about someone's opinion before even giving the person to write their opinion in full is immature as hell.

>> No.13127418
File: 1.68 MB, 2018x2080, BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Actually saving one of the Pokemon shitty joke things I did

I don't know how to feel about this.

>> No.13127422


What do you think they are?

>> No.13127423

>would make a recap pointless
What's the point in doing recaps if you aren't even going to do them well? You're just a shitty stand-in for someone that actually had a clue how to do them.

>> No.13127424

>Implying she'd let you go before you forgave her
She's been at this immortal thing longer than you have anon. She didn't give you immortality just to let you go so willy-nilly.

>> No.13127427

>The bus arrives shortly thereafter and you all get on with everyone sitting down in their usual seats
>Except you, you get to stand in the aisle blocking the open seat next to Lexi
>The bus ride is uneventful, as usual, though you elicit stairs from some of the other monstergirls
>Again, as usual
>After getting off, you take up your usual position and follow Lexi to her first class, calculus
>You follow her in, and set up her desk for calculus
>Pencils in the top right, notebook middle and textbook, yours to be exact, in the top left
>You wait until she shooes you away before slowly backing out of the classroom before booking it
>You make it, barely, into World History before the bell goes off and hurry to your seat, next to Eris

>> No.13127429


>What in sam hell is the point of a recap if you don't recap events?

Just recap meaningful events. People want to remember good things, not bad things. Shitstorms aren't good things to remember.

>> No.13127433

"Shitstorms" only start because inflammatory assholes can't keep their autism in check.

>> No.13127434

Not that guy but I always assumed the point of the recap was to pick out interesting news, writefagging updates, and new bits of threadcanon to call them to the attention of anyone who might have missed them. Off-topic shitstorms don't seem relevant to me.

>> No.13127442

When all you guys do is shout "You're butthurt", I don't feel butthurt, only a smug reassuring feeling.

>Getting Furious

>Broken, Ineffective argument
But no one bothered to counter my argument or present their own, only "You're butthurt." So how was it broken or ineffective?

>about someone's opinion
>Implying this thread doesn't always fight over opinions all the time about everything

>before even giving the person to write their opinion
I'm sorry, I didn't know I highjacked their keyboard and prevented them from ever typing up any replies to me. I'll make sure not to do that in the future.

>is immature as hell.
Yeah, it's almost like we're on 4chan or something.

>> No.13127444


>Still using that translation
>Dracula never once says that in JP

Really, I figured their Nipspeak would be a higher level.

>> No.13127445

I don't disagree but how is that related to the post you quoted?

captchal: imnew
fuck you captcha

>> No.13127446

So the best way to do something right is to do it in an incomplete form?

You know, if you want to try yourself, go right ahead, heavens knows I've got better things to do than spending an hour summarizing a 4chan thread.
>People want to remember good things, not bad things
Just like how you don't remember that one super awkward moment in middle school.
But you do regardless, because it is an important part of who you are.
>new bits of threadcanon to call them to the attention of anyone who might have missed them
See, as I see it, the shitstorms are part of threadcanon. There's no rule saying we're not allowed to post MG NTR in these threads, but if you do you'll be hated. It's not a rule, but it might as well be.

>> No.13127452

I think you may misconstrue how many of those shitstorms are actually intentional.

>> No.13127453

>Implying that translation isn't one of the best lines ever
I don't care if it's a Wooleyism, or just plain shit, I think it's a great line.

>> No.13127457
File: 66 KB, 576x742, WARE WA D..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13127461

What's cooler than cool? ICE COLD

Dude's dick froze and snapped off, that's not cool

>> No.13127462

>the shitstorms are part of threadcanon

>> No.13127466

>Getting Furious
You were mad, were you not?

>So how was it broken or ineffective?
by your logic needing to read the instruction manual means a game is bad.

>I'll make sure not to do that in the future.
you didn't steal their keyboard, but you did jump to the assumption that they thought one thing or another before they had the chance to write.

>Yeah, it's almost like we're on 4chan or something
To me this seems like saying acting like a tool at a sports game is ok because "it's just a game"

>> No.13127469

I based the names off my friend and his girlfriend's names. Have they been used before?

>She shifts in her seat and whispers, "You don't have to-"
>You cut her off by holding your hand up, as usual and pull out your textbook.
>Class goes by smoothly as does most of the day, you "escorting" Lexi to class and barely making it to yours
>It's no time at all before it's time for lunch and you're already headed to the roof, lunchbag in tow
>You wait barely any time at all before Lexi's walking onto the roof herself
>"Eye's dow- oh seems you've learned. That makes my job easier, now get out my lunch and do your job."
>You set her lunch up and then head back to the rooftop door, to make sure nobody interrupts her by eating with your back to the door
>You eat in silence, staring straight ahead.
>After all, nobody comes up here for lunch with her around.

I just lost where I was going with this. So, what do?

>> No.13127475


Good job.

>> No.13127481

"Alex" and "Eris" are the names of a Hellhound and her Shota from PRW's story.

And as for a direction, how about something to explain why this anon is such a bloody doormat?

>> No.13127482

>shitstorms are part of threadcanon
What? How?

>> No.13127484

Stop responding. He outright admitted he's shitposting. Just report and ignore.

>> No.13127485


>Just like how you don't remember that one super awkward moment in middle school.
>But you do regardless, because it is an important part of who you are.
>the shitstorms are part of threadcanon

Sure I do, but I would certainly like to erase it from my mind if I could, because it's a bad memory.

Mate, look.

Whatever happens directly to you that makes an impression is always hard to forget, be it good or bad, but here, we have a choice.

We can choose not to bring back previous shitstorms that pissed the Janitor off to the point of nuking us numerous times.

We can choose not to remember all the stupid shit that can easily cause a brand new shitfest.

You can choose not to cause said shitfests by not mentioning them in recaps, something almost everyone here likes.

Why? Because they're bad memories, and nobody likes bad memories.

Also, you wouldn't want alot of Anons to start getting mad at you for doing something you can easily avoid, right?

>> No.13127492
File: 233 KB, 562x538, 1401065378971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So the best way to do something right is to do it in an incomplete form?
By your logic, adding shitty and unnecessary ingredients to a good dish will improve its quality and make it taste better?
>See, as I see it, the shitstorms are part of threadcanon.
Nah, you can just fuck off.

>> No.13127511

>You were mad, were you not?
I mean, not really. Why would I get mad over the internet? You don't really think when people call something shit, they're raging and throwing their keyboard around, do you? No, they just call it shit.

>by your logic needing to read the instruction manual means a game is bad.
You're equating needing an entire wiki to beat the game an "Instruction Manual"? No, an Instruction Manual tells you controls and basic tips to help the player get started, and isn't needed past the first level when the player learns through gameplay. Minecraft's wiki is a Player's Guide, and without it, it would be near impossible for a player to know most of the recipes, let alone make it to the games half-baked ending.

>you didn't steal their keyboard, but you did jump to the assumption that they thought one thing or another before they had the chance to write.
I hardly think making a logical assumption that was hardly a stretch and they could've easily elaborated on and explained if I had assumed wrong is a big deal.

>To me this seems like saying acting like a tool at a sports game is ok because "it's just a game"
That's just the general culture and type of attitude you normally display here. I mean, you wouldn't act the way you do in front of your grandmother on 4chan, and so on. Different social situations and atmospheres call for different etiquette and expectations. If you came on 4chan expecting civilized and PG-rated discussion then do I have some bad news for you.

>> No.13127512

>complaining about this
>one of the most iconic lines in vydia
>complaining about this 18 years later

>> No.13127524

>You finish eating and look around the roof
>Fence, fence, fence, skylights for the top floor, more fences and you lock eyes with Lexi
>Oh shit.
>She looks surprised that you are staring directly at her before standing up and walking over
>She towers over you, and yet you still stare right at her and the next thing you know your face is jammed into the wall
>"What did I tell you." A statement, not a question
>You remain quiet as she calmly presses your face slightly harder into the wall
>"You are to serve me. You are to be my slave. You are not on my level. So why did you look me in the eye?"
>You mutter out, "Accident," quickly and she takes some of the pressure off of you
>"I didn't hear you, did you just claim that an act of rebellion was an accident?"
>She's pissed. It's been almost two months since you looked her in the eye. There'd been close calls but not this.
>Your thoughts are cut short but her letting go of your head, only to drive her knee into your ribs
>"Shall I reteach you the ways of obedience, Anon? Do I have to, or can I let you off easy this time?"
>You drop to your knees in front of her and place your forehead on the ground, ribs aching from her blow
>"I won't defy you again, the mistake was mine."
>You hear her make a strange sound, like she's choking but remain still, and she mutters out a quick, "Stay away from me today."
>She grabs her things and leaves the rooftop and you wait several minutes before getting up.
>The warning bell rings and you grab your things and head to class.

Oh. Woops.

>> No.13127525

>I pick dhampir
The hell is that?

>> No.13127532

>Kikimora bully


>> No.13127538

very neat bullying

>> No.13127540

...well, I'm intrigued by this abusive Kiki if nothing else.

>> No.13127543

might be the thing with the childhood friend being taken away by undead society.

>> No.13127544

>Dom Kikimora
yeah no fuck off, you subs try to inject your fetish in everything, let us have something for once

>> No.13127552

Don't sweat it, we have come to a tacit agreement, we get to make hellhound our bitch.

>> No.13127562

>Hellhound Sub
It says in their encyclopedia though you have to be "Better than a God", you can't sub them, sorry.

>> No.13127563
File: 705 KB, 1024x1398, benedict hound.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13127564

Underrated post. Gnome had the most compelling dialogue.

>> No.13127565

Oh look, another person who thinks MGE is the word of god.

>> No.13127566

>kikimora beating a dragon
>being a bully

we've gone far past lore at this point, son. No brakes on the sub Hellhound train

>> No.13127567

Stop this right now you autistic motherfuckers.

>> No.13127569

How do Mr. Cumberbatch and the Hellhound correspond to one another? Explain it to my plebic sensibilities.

>> No.13127571

Yeah, if you guys are gonna be making dom kikis, we are gonna have sub hellhounds. Fuck off right off the tip of my dick, alp.

>canon mattering that much in modern settings

>> No.13127574

No you don't. Not for the xth fucking time you won't.

>> No.13127579

They won't stop, the anal pain of the dom/sub anons will never be soothed.

>> No.13127580


>> No.13127586
File: 172 KB, 1155x924, 1424382873154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grapesnakes are infiltrating the thread. Do not trust what they say.

>> No.13127596

Fuck off. All of you.

>> No.13127597

The colorfag need to go back and retry the texture of her scales.

>> No.13127599

Make us.

>> No.13127604

Heh, typical of subs. No argument, just "Fuck off".

You have 50 dom monster girls, we have 5 at best. No need to take them to, just use a Thunderbird if you want a Harpy Dom so much.

>> No.13127606

>The rest of the day goes by in a flash and you hurry home afterschool
>You pass the house that had just been purchased at the end of the block and overhear shouting but ignore it
>You walk in the house, throw your bags down and try to rush to your room but you're caught by your mom
>Without skipping a beat, she lifts your shirt and looks at your chest before sighing
>"I told you she'd leave you be if you gave her what she wanted after long enough, dear"
>You respond just like normal with, "I know, mom."
>You stiffen when the door opens and you hear your dad walk in. You try to pull your shirt down in time but he see's what's been done
>"Son, you need to defend yourself or something. You can't let her walk over you like that. She's a kikimora, for frick's sake."
>You open your mouth to respond but he holds up a hand
>"Remember how you used to do judo when you were younger? A new place opened up three blocks away. You're enrolled."
>He hands you a letter with the address of the place and says, "You start tomorrow, now let's eat dinner."
>Dinner's nice, as always, but is interrupted by a knock at the door.
>You go to answer it and are surprised to find an older kikimora standing there and behind her, oh fuck
>It's Lexi, who looks royally pissed off, especially considering you just looked her in the eyes again.
>"Hi, my name's Patty and this is Alexis and we're two of the three newest neighbors that just moved in, we just wanted to introduce ourselves."
>The only thing running through your mind is how the fuck did someone like Lexi get someone nice for a mom.
>"Mother, I didn't want to do this. I'm only here because Dad told me to go with you. It's almost dinnertime, let's go."
>With that, she's gone. Her mom mouths a sorry at you before following her. You're going to die. Holy shit, you're dead.
>You go back to dinner and tell your parents it was someone who got lost.
>Your night is peaceful though you can't help but imagine what Lexi is going to do to you

>> No.13127611

Would you let your waifu record a sex tape of the both of you? She may or may not show it to her friends.

>> No.13127614

You're just intentionally trying to stir up shit, aren't you?

>> No.13127615

How do you know if they leave or not? Everyone's anonymous, telling people to fuck off is the usual knee jerk reaction but it never works

>> No.13127617

He's telling both sides to fuck off though. You don't know he's a sub.

>> No.13127618

Samefag harder.

>> No.13127620

which monster girl do you think is the hardest to make enough food for?

>> No.13127621

Just report both sides.

>> No.13127623

Did I not explain that in the very post which you replied to?
I understand the appeal of deleting the shit, but I do see our constant arguments as a very important part of what we are. If a dude came to these threads and talked about how much he loved futa Cheshires, he'd be crucified. Not because they're not MGs, they clearly are, but because past arguments have repeatedly displayed that ANYTHING futa or controversial just isn't welcome here. There is logic behind deleting the bad, but I just feel it pales in comparison the logic of putting it in. It's an opinion thing in a way.
You didn't actually understand what I said. So I'm just gonna move along.

>> No.13127624

Obviously, so stop responding.

>> No.13127627

No, yet you're the one telling people to fuck off outright. You're the one with the problem.

>> No.13127628

A Hellhound cannot be made to be sub.
A Kikimora will not suddenly develop the desire to dom you.

But there may be rare examples of each species who, in the first place, go against the norm. The current greentext is one such example.

Now would you shitstorming faggots shut up and quit yer whining?

>> No.13127629
File: 4 KB, 338x95, lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Reporting is for rule breaking, not people having different opinions as you that may or may not be controversial.

>> No.13127632

That's not me, you retard.

>> No.13127633

Do go on

>> No.13127637
File: 16 KB, 606x200, Yeah, I'll delete it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Afraid not.

>> No.13127639

You're the faggot who wanted to do a story to trigger people, don't you?

>> No.13127641

Well, this thread is already off to a shitty start, guess I'll go back to playing vidya for now until later tonight.

>> No.13127642

No because I wouldn't have a waifu.

>> No.13127643


>If a dude came to these threads and talked about how much he loved futa Cheshires, he'd be crucified.

But that's what should always happen. They have an entire board to discuss that shit, and we don't need them to spread their fetish here. Besides, they're on 4chan, what the fuck are they expecting?

If he weren't a regular in the threads, he wouldn't even know Recaps exist and therefore wouldn't read through them/check the archive for past shitstorms that his fetish generated.

He's not gonna bother wasting his time with that shit, he's just gonna come here and start posting, to which we'll hatefully reply.

As for the actual regulars here, they don't really want to go through this kind of shit again. New thread should mean fresh start.

>> No.13127644

This is getting into unrelated stuff so I'll keep it simple.

Minecraft does need a tutorial. There are very complex things going on inside that you wouldn't be able to figure out yourself.

I like mincraft for a lot of reasons:
I like how it's simplicity makes it equally appealing and accessible to children and adults.
I like how it's diversity and atmosphere promote creativity and exploration.
I like how the necessity of looking for materials yourself, as well as the possibility of creepers coming along and ruining it all gives your creations added value and a sense of mortality.
I like how it's simple design is easy to interpret, but also allows people to create complex and beautiful displays.
I like how it's randomly generated nature makes every world new.

yes, I'm done bloging now.

>> No.13127645


Fuck off.

You've entered the likes of Bob and Negawalker with this little rant of yours

>> No.13127646

What are you so angry about?

>> No.13127649
File: 9 KB, 275x142, 1423614557861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13127651

>A Kikimora will not suddenly develop the desire to dom you.
Well, according to the guide they DO "dom" their masters if they find them lazy/unmotivated.

>> No.13127653
File: 329 KB, 140x160, 1411501350396.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13127657

It's more like manipulating them into a man who wants to, and whom they want to, dom them.

>> No.13127659

Look at that depraved heathen.

What horrible atrocities do you think she's planning?

>> No.13127660

>Guy tells both sides to fuck off
>Call him a sub
I mean, if you're going to bait, don't make it so evident

>> No.13127661

They take care of their business, feeding them nutrition meals and akin care of the small stuff so they can focus on work an become great.

>> No.13127667

We were given a choice between a down to earth dhampir or a haughty vampire with lods of emone.
>New thread should mean fresh start.
But it's NEVER a fresh start. The same people come to every thread with their same opinions. Did people like anubises last week? Well they sure as shit will this week because the same people are here. I like to use recaps as an introduction of sorts to new people. They come in, they see what happened last time, and using that information they'll be able to predict what's going to happen this time. Perhaps a "MG slang 101" Thread sticky would be better, but until now, it's just what I do.
which is totally worse than your "little rant." Dude I'm just explaining my actions, take it for what you will.

>> No.13127669

>we have 5 at best
Somebody post the list please.

>> No.13127671

Can I talk to you guys about my totally original character for D&D 2.5E?
He's a Drow ranger that dual wields swords, is chaotic good, has an animal companion, and fights to prove that not all Drow are evil!

>> No.13127672

Jesus Christ the shitflinging is so massive it's hilarious.

I should be 300% mad at all this shit but I'm just laughing.

>> No.13127676

I'm sure you would have one. They'll love you even if you don't love yourself.

>> No.13127677

welcome to 4chan I guess. I wonder if it would be better or worse if everyone had to use usernames

>> No.13127678


> Thinks everyone who replies to him is the same person

Congrats NegaWalker. Your arrogance survived the name change.

Now fuck off and stop namefagging in an attempt to become the next ELH/LDR. We don't take kindly to either here.

>> No.13127679

They ARE haughty, and tsun, which is always shit. ALWAYS!!!

>> No.13127680

I laugh at them too, makes me feels good

>> No.13127681

This is the worst start to a thread that I have seen in a while.

>> No.13127682
File: 1.02 MB, 1571x1780, 1385085570521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW Polt is lewd

>> No.13127684

Holy shit you're so fucking butthurt right now

>> No.13127685


>But it's NEVER a fresh start.

Then let's do what we can to make it as close to one as possible.

>I like to use recaps as an introduction of sorts to new people.

We already have the most helpful advice for newcomers: Lurk more.

Let's just use the Recaps to remember the good things, like RecapAnon wanted.

>> No.13127686

Whatever you say anon.

>> No.13127688

I'm just here to read some stories and have nice discussions and yet all you guys do is bitch about how people have different tastes than you. Seriously you are acting like a bunch of autistic fourteen year-olds.

>> No.13127691

>Implying that's not what we are

>> No.13127692


>> No.13127693
File: 83 KB, 689x960, 6b7f3af031322909be65ebaa7b73f20f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What of it fag.

>> No.13127695

Look at the clock, anon. It's evening on a weekday. At least half of this shit is intentional. Just report the obvious ones and come back later when they go to bed.

>> No.13127697

>You wake up the next morning to your dad shaking you.
>"Get ready and head to judo. Dust off the skills you used to have and protect yourself, son."
>He leaves and you pull yourself out of bed and to the bathroom.
>Shower, brush teeth, get dressed, grab a change of clothes and you're on your way to the address
>You make sure to cross the street before heading in the direction, keeping cars in between you and Lexi's house
>As you pass, you hear a man shouting and look at the house and can see someone with a belt swinging at something
>Hopefully, he found out Lexi's a bully and is putting a stop to it. Hopefully.
>You rush to judo and make it in time to start training. You recognize some of the other students from when you were younger.
>You also surprise yourself at what you remember, throwing a blue oni with some difficulty
>The class goes by quickly and you are even having fun relearning what you forgot and discovering what you never forgot
>Then the class is over and you're watching some of the younger students get taught simple ways to defend themselves
>Your stomach gurgles so you leave and head home, looking forward to whatever your mom has cooked up for lunch
>A block away from the judo place, you run into Aaron, carrying his chessboard and pieces towards the library with Eris in tow
>"Heading off to battle, guys?"
>Eris laughs and pats Aaron's head before saying, "Aaron's on his way to win a chess competition at the library!"
>Aaron is pretty good at chess, being in charge of the chess team at school so, "Well, it's obvious you'll win so have fun with it."
>"And don't torment my victims?"
>You laugh and nod at him before heading in the direction of home, thoughts of your mom's dumplings on your mind
>You forget to walk on the opposite side of the street and nearly walk into Patty who's fetching the mail outside her house
>She's sporting a black eye and a slight limp and smiles as you walk up.
>"Hi there, neighbor, how you doing?"

>> No.13127699

>I am sharing a thread with teenagers


>> No.13127700

I want to bully IE-Chan by making out with Firefox in front of her.

>> No.13127701

I remember writing
>Dude I'm just explaining my actions, take it for what you will.
That applies to whoever you are. Same or different.
>Then let's do what we can to make it as close to one as possible.
Nobody wants to do that. People still want anonymoose to come and write his story, people still want .less to come and draw them pictures, people want more of the same. The very idea of a fresh start is contradictory to the very things we build these threads off of- a set of lore. MGE is the same it's always been

>Let's just use the Recaps to remember the good things, like RecapAnon wanted.
Recap anon barely applies here. It's true that I'm doing this because when he did it I liked it, but he's not my father. I do my things, he does his. He's not going to reward me for being like him. Neither will anyone here who's just another anon. I've been called a Chinese knockoff so many times I've lost count, and the idea of confirming said accusations by trying to be someone I'm not strikes me as silly.

>> No.13127705
File: 176 KB, 300x360, tumblr_m05l3sfiLJ1qhs5v7o1_400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are breaking stallman-chan's heart is all

>> No.13127714

My guess isher dad's hitting them, calling it now

>> No.13127715

She'll cry, anon.

>> No.13127716


>> No.13127717

>Nobody wants to do that. People still want anonymoose to come and write his story, people still want .less to come and draw them pictures, people want more of the same. The very idea of a fresh start is contradictory to the very things we build these threads off of- a set of lore. MGE is the same it's always been

None of them want someone to mention an argument that took 1/5th of the previous thread over somebody's tastes either, though.

Just take a look around you. Just stop and look at this thread for a second right now.

Do you really think it's worth it remembering all this shitflinging? Something that can happen easily, especially in a place like this, everyday? Seriously.

>> No.13127720

>some namefag thinks he speaks for the entire thread
My sides.

>> No.13127722

Good. She's ugly and smelly and I hate her!

>> No.13127725

>she records the whole thing
>makes thousands of websites slamming you, exposing you for the creep you are
>by the time she's done, you'll consider yourself lucky if an akaname will date you

Don't fuck with the internet son.

>> No.13127726

Well. That got dark. If a bit predictable.

You're a regular Sherlock Holmes, anon.

>> No.13127729

Eh, no browser is perfect. It's kind of a pick-your-poison. IE is the worst though. Hopefully the new version will fix it.

>> No.13127730

>Do you really think it's worth it remembering all this shitflinging? Something that can happen easily, especially in a place like this, everyday? Seriously.
Yep. If a person were to go to every recap ever written ever, they would notice that
A. We hate lots of stuff
B. Even if someone likes stuff we like, we'll fight about it
I see how you're saying it's like beating a dead horse- but it's just what we do.
when did I ever say I spoke for the entire thread?

>> No.13127733

I don't mind. It's cute when they think they know shit.

>> No.13127736

I've never had problems with it.

>> No.13127737

I'm sure Firefox will help me dispel those rumors with her own websites and videos.

>> No.13127739

I want to become the target of a damphir and her younger, vampire, sisters affection, each trying to out do the other for my love

Until they have to rescue me from (anti) Paladinchan who snapped after someone stole her wild berry poptarts.

It ends with a dramatic battle, confessions, and a loving threesome

>> No.13127740


>> No.13127746

Your entire statement right there implies that your recaps, or any recaps, are important enough to go back and revisit. Literally nothing about the recaps makes them worth viewing after their initial creation.
To me it sounds like you just want to make a guide for new comers to the thread, which is fucking retarded. When I came to this thread, it took me less than three threads to figure out what topics not to bring up, who was hated, and what to not talk about during what times.
Stop using shit like new people as a scapegoat to just stir the fucking pot.

>> No.13127747

Girl deserves it , mother dose not

>> No.13127749

I'm very sel-conscious, so I'd probably have to say no.

>> No.13127751

>If a person were to go to every recap ever written ever, they would notice that

If a person were to go see RecapAnon's original recaps, they'd see how his optimistic posts devoid of stupid shit brought the threads together, quite literally.

The guy fucking pacified Anons with his work. How, you ask? He left bad memories in the past where they belong.


I really hope you reconsider, because if you decide to keep doing this kind of stuff, then I hope you're ready to deal with a bunch of angry people that liked RecapAnon and get yelled at for corrupting his formula.

>> No.13127755

But what if she wanted to show it to her friends to prove that you're great in bed?

>> No.13127757

It's pretty obvious the angle he's going for is that the girl only "Deserves it", because she got it when she didn't deserve it.

Pretty standard bully plot...kinda disappointed to be perfectly honest.

>> No.13127762

>Stop using shit like new people as a scapegoat to just stir the fucking pot.

He's literally enabling the shitposters at this point and believes he's justified in doing it. Nothing short of mod action is going to stop him. Report and ignore.

>> No.13127767

>Report and ignore.
You could simply just filter him due to his constant namefaggotry and self-importance.

>> No.13127769

>Pretty standard bully plot
I'm gonna have to disagree, it's rare to see a bully with actual motives, most bully stories are really just crappy tsunderes.

>> No.13127774

Well, she better hide the camera pretty fucking well, because if I see it, I'm gonna be like, "Oh, nyooo...I can't do dis, let's stop."

>> No.13127779
File: 247 KB, 810x1200, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So umm...
Can we talk about Apsaras who use dance in combat?

>> No.13127780

I meant in common media, not just the stories here.

>> No.13127783

The differences are minor at this point. I switched to firefox for ad block plus and script stopper.

>> No.13127784

Milk dancers suck.

>> No.13127785

>Stop using shit like new people as a scapegoat to just stir the fucking pot.
But I'm not. It's more than just "lelnewfags." For some reason people like to see me or someone else make fun of stuff that happened. That's why I do.
The "lelnewfags" is a side thing, it's there allright but what you seem to have missed is that it took you three threads. I would hope it would only take one with recaps or a 101. Interpret it how you will, it's just how I do.
>his optimistic posts devoid of stupid shit brought the threads together, quite literally.
What you fail to remember is that the line that got us all mad composed of around seven words. Seven words, out of 2000 characters. The rest of the time I mentioned good stuff. I also mentioned other fights but again, It's not a majority of the time.

And people yell at me for copying recapanon, then they yell at me for not copying him. Not a week ago a group of people were telling me to piss off because I was copying him to closely.

People are throwing hissy fits because of what I do. I find it ironic that me not trying to enable shitposters in term enabled a very long shitpost that I unfortunately participated in. If you don't like how I do, that's fine, but this discussion deserves no more of anyone's time.

>> No.13127787

Oh yeah, pretty common anywhere else but still an improvement over most in here.

>> No.13127789

For what it's worth, Anything to quit this poop throwing party.

>> No.13127792

>she is so buggy she's lucky if she can put up three sites an hour
>IE chan gets her cousin chrome to help her
>everyone knows fox chan is a boyfriend stealing unreliable bitch
>the comments are too much for her
>she hides in her house all day and won't start for you
>when you break in, you find her with a bottle of pills in hand
>she can't get the cap open
>you force her outside, telling her everything will be daijobu
>she wipes away her tears, takes your hand, and lets you lead her outside
>that's when you see the electronic billboards
>and the blimps
>with both your faces flashing on them, along with the words cheater and whore, respectively
>everyone on the street looking at you
>she goes back in and locks you out
>people staring daggers at you wherever you go, especially women
>but who gives a shit about them right?
>but you do, can't help it, it's relentless
>gets to the point where you can only go out safely at night because they are always heckling you
>some have even thrown their drinks at you
>fox chan stops coming to school, turns out she left the country
>everyone in school hates your guts, some snicker, others scoff, asshole jocks take away your books and shove you in the lockers
>their girlfriends write mean things all over your books in lipstick
>you're too much of a pussy to anything about it
>eventually have to be homeschooled until college
>even there, no girl wants anything to do with you
>except beelzebubs
>try not to cry
>cry like the bitch you are

>> No.13127793

I kind of want a story about a MG waifu talking her husband into doing a sex tape like one of those creepy porn producers or casting couch types.

>> No.13127795

Fair enough.

Still, you'd hope that if writefags started to branch out from bare-bones anime and smut plots, they'd do better than just taking from a pre-teen afterschool sitcom.

>> No.13127796

Do it.
I wanna see how funny you can make it.

>> No.13127797

I'm suddenly recalling that one greentext of a Casting Couch Rape Video, with a Manticore and Cheshire I believe.

>> No.13127799

>"Are you alright, you look like someone beat you up, Ma'am."
>She laughs and rubs her cheek before saying, "These? No, these are love taps from my husband. Proof that he truly loves me."
>You can't even process what she just said and just nod as she heads back into her house.
>She just said being beaten by her spouse is proof of love. What the fuck.
>"What are you doing outside my house, nerd."
>You freeze at the voice, and slowly turn around, making sure to stare at the ground.
>"Why were you talking to my mom." A statement. Shit.
>You quietly respond, "She greeted me, I -"
>You're cut off by her grabbing your chin and forcing your head upward. You hear her messing with a bag.
>Then you feel cold metal around your neck and hear a click and she lets go of your chin and you reach up to your neck.
>It's a metal collar. A fucking collar with a lock on it. You forget what she's done in the past and look at her, full of anger.
>She just looks calmly at you, "A reminder, if you will. You are beneath me and I do it because it's for your good. Eye's down."
>Then she pulls off her belt, wraps it around her hand and stares into your eyes. "Or do I have to make them go down?"
>You instantly look down but as if to say not fast enough, you feel her fist collide with your stomach and you collapse, gasping for breath.
>"Now, starting Monday, you are to prepare my lunch. Yourself. You are also not to take off the collar. It's my property, as are you. Now go home."
>And you do. Stumbling and catching your breath you hurry home but not before noticing the older kikimora standing behind Lexi
>She looked worried and angry but you don't want to risk anymore pain and just keep trucking until you're home
>Appetite forgotten you walk to your room and collapse onto your bed, holding your stomach and silently crying
>The rest of the day passes before you know and you're at dinner with your parents, silently eating as your dad talks about work
>"And how was judo today?"

>> No.13127802

Holy shit, you're really anally ravaged by all this.

>> No.13127807

>What you fail to remember is that the line that got us all mad composed of around seven words. Seven words, out of 2000 characters.

I don't know if you've noticed, but even a single word, made out of 3 characters, can cause a shitstorm. I won't say it for the sake of not making this thread any worse.

>And people yell at me for copying recapanon, then they yell at me for not copying him.

You can never please everyone, so just go with the option that gives less attrition. Besides, people here are mad at everything, don't let it get to you.

All I'm saying is, keep it chill. Mentioning shitstorms in recaps will show shitposters that their doings are actually being noticed and therefore working, and will consequently proceed to intensify it. That's why we must ignore these things when we start a new thread, or else they'll come back sooner and sooner, until there's nothing left but shit.

>> No.13127809

Anon shoulda just flipped her like he did the Oni.

>> No.13127810

Bard who uses perform dance with race bonuses to dex/cha with a strength penalty

>> No.13127814

>not coming home to find your wife in the middle of her book club, announcing yourself and irrumating her in front of her friends
>not making her do cum bubbles for you to show how thick and syrupy your cum is
>not fucking her right in the pussy like a wild beast, utterly dominating her
>not fucking her ass and making her ahegao as you flood her guts with your warm whipped cream
>not fucking the unmarried friends who join in
>not being responsible for the destruction of the pelvises of the husbands off the few married ones with your display


>> No.13127818

Dude the line
>this discussion deserves no more of anyone's time.
was written for a reason. This needs to stop.
> Besides, people here are mad at everything, don't let it get to you.
Isn't that what I'm doing by just writing recaps my own way? It is. If they don't like it, I understand, but I can only hope someone else will draw amusement or convenience from it
>until there's nothing left but shit.
Again, I understand that we shouldn't go and metaphorically pick at scabs, but I allready feel like trying to adapt to so many different things is like shitting into a sea of shit. Or maybe not shitting into a sea of shit. Either way, pretty damn redundant.

>> No.13127823

>Implying I wouldn't just join a bookclub for couples with mai waifu
>Implying that the wives don't use their husbando's laps as seats
>Implying that they all don't just ride their husbando's dicks during discussions

That said.
>Making her do cum bubbles for you to show how thick and syrupy your cum is
That shit's pretty hawt.

>> No.13127825

>Make massive bank off of your porn tape, becoming icons in the lewd film industry for centuries to cum

>> No.13127826

>dom kiki
>now a collar

You tried to troll too hard and threw out your back.

>> No.13127830
File: 97 KB, 620x877, kikimora_by_lutherniel-d8byalp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Acting like it's a bad thing
Honestly I'd be fucking ecstatic someone loved me so much they wanted to make me their property and show everyone they loved and owned me

>> No.13127834

>I remember my days in the army of the demon lord
>there were us, orcs in the hundred thousands, lizardmen, amazons, the works
>ogres with great big hammers, centaurs, trolls, the skies were black with succubi
>we were poised to take down the great city
>Apsaras dancing, witches bombarding the walls with lust
>even a dragon was there
>then they came from the south
>riders in the thousands with great beasts in their train
>they trampled and shot us and scattered us as the men of the city rallied and sallied forth slaying many
>we tried to rally to the dragon but she was felled by a ballista, crushing those who sought her protection
>we were driven to the river and the mountains and there shot with no means of escape with only a steel wall of death in front of us
>I saw a big oni girl from Zipangu rush them only to be turned to mush by the cavalry
>I managed to escape by jumping into the river and having their following aarrows hot my companions instead
>I swam fast down stream, the water choked black
>in there I saw him, a scared peasant
>I dragged him under and made him mine
>now you know of why I don't want you to join the demon lord's army, they can't plan for shit

>> No.13127836


Ah, fuck.

>> No.13127839

>Implying we're anywhere close to love
>When she's beaten and bruised him repeatedly, enough to make him fear even looking her in the eye
The only remote inkling we've had of "Love" here is a catch in her breath when she reflects on how much she's beaten him up.

>> No.13127844

I was thinking more like scimitar belly dancing. Or that one martial art.

>> No.13127847

This bitch is getting elbowed in the face.

>> No.13127851

Ah okay.

See you faggots later when you aren't doing this again.

>> No.13127853

is.... is this meant for someone?
There are a lot of options

>> No.13127855

Sorry, not trying to start a shitstorm, just giving my opinion.

Well not in that situation Though at least she gives him set boundaries and only hurts him when he crosses those, that's far better then what I had as a kid where it was just RNG as to whether or not I got beat up at home. The way I see collars is that to someone else, I matter so much to them that they want to mark me as their property, so everyone will see I'm theirs. They care about me enough to want to put the effort into getting me a collar and firmly establish it. I think there's something sweet about that.

>> No.13127857


>> No.13127858

Combine the two, Pathfinder has a feat called dervish dance which lets you add dex to hit/damage

Prerequisites are weapon finesse and three ranks in perform dance

>> No.13127859

>not being able to sense incoming shitstorms

Get on my level anon.

>> No.13127862

>Anything I don't like = trolls

>> No.13127869


>just giving my opinion.

Oh, alright then.

>> No.13127870

Dood that's pretty impressive
can you predict when recap anon will come back
people don't like the other guy so much

>> No.13127871

>Shy husbando is blushing while he sits on the couch
>His waifu is encouraging him to take off his clothes, gushing about how handsome he is
>He slowly and nervously undresses, and he tries to hide his nakedness
>His waifu moves in closer, telling him he'll do a great job like always.


>> No.13127874

Or stabbed,or poisoned at lunch. Goddamn, and don't give me that "too scared" story you literally just saw what your life will be like if you let her keep going.

>> No.13127876

It's better off forgetting him anon.

>> No.13127877

but what if we don't like the new one

>> No.13127878

http://pastebin.com/ZTY1HdtW good thing I saved it for a moment like this

>> No.13127881



>> No.13127882

We complain.
And nothing happens

>> No.13127883



>> No.13127886

>"It was fun, I got to relearn some stuff and found I remembered most of everything, though I'm kinda sore."
>He smiles and nods before saying, "Good, soon, you can stand up for yourself. Hell, you could do it now if you wanted."
>You tug at your hoodie, feeling the collar against your skin reminding you of your weakness.
>You finish dinner and are quick to help your mom with the cleaning but as soon as your dad hits the shower, your mom grabs your shoulder
>"Honey, your dad didn't notice but I did. Was it her that put that on you?"
>You just nod and her grip tightens.
>"Have you considered that maybe she likes you dear?"
>You stiffen up as the words leave your mom's mouth. No, of course not. She's a sadist, beating you if you even look her in the eye.
>"She doesn't. She just likes to treat me like a slave. She said I'm her property and not to take it off. I don't know what to do."
>Her grip softens and she quietly says, "Well, do you want to wear it or not? If not, the bolt cutters are in the garage, we can deal with it."
>You stop scrubbing the plate you have in hand and think. If you take it off, she beats you. If you leave it on, you'll probably still get beaten.
>"I don't want to be somebody's slave mom. Even if somehow it's because she likes me, I don't want to be owned."
>She lets go of your shoulder and you both finish the dishes before heading to the garage.
>It's awkward doing it but she cuts the lock on the collar off and you take it off.
>"What do you want to do with it?"
>You already know. You drop it in your pocket and head outside after grabbing a notepad. You walk down the street and find yourself in front of Lexi's house.
>You pull out the pad and write down a short note, "I'm not your slave, Lexi. Please leave me alone. - Anon" before placing the collar on top of it and leaving it in the mailbox.
>You turn around and run home, adrenaline pumping from various emotions and nearly run into the older kikimora from earlier.

>> No.13127890

>Make an emoticon
>People try to do the quote thing to convey sarcasm
>Just makes it look like an angry green dude
my plan worked

>> No.13127892


Look at all these angry smilefaces.

>> No.13127895

That's interesting.
Let's go into this in more detail.

>> No.13127896

>Anon shows a bit of spine
Well finally.

>> No.13127900

It doesn't look like an angry green dude for me.

>> No.13127905

He'll probably get that spine ripped out in a minute though judging by how the story has been going.

>> No.13127911

If so his death was merciful, if he folds now years of that bulllshit will continue probably ending with seeing his daughteru following moms example

>> No.13127913

Remember these words for when my story drops.

>> No.13127915

>Kikimora beats the Anon up
>"P-Please no more"

>> No.13127917

Only if mommy beats her like her daddy beat her.

If she can keep it to just him, their daughteru might turn out okay.

>> No.13127918

Goddammit. You got me.

>> No.13127921

She's not going to pass maid school.

>> No.13127923

>mfw some people actually like this.

>> No.13127925



>> No.13127926

"You are a sad strange little Kikimora, and you have my pity."

>> No.13127928

"That wasn't cleaning! That was dusting with style!"

>> No.13127931

>"Sorry for coming out of nowhere, Anon. I'm Katherine, Alexis' older sister. I think I need to talk to you."
>You stop and slowly feel the adrenaline wearing off. "You're not going to...."
>"I'm not like my father and I want to make sure Alexis doesn't act like him," is her response to the unspoken question.
>"What do you mean, showing love through violence? I have trouble believing that, even if your mom told me that."
>She gives a sad smile before saying, "My mom is deluded, 23 years of being beaten will do that to you."
>You pause and gather your thoughts, maybe he's just as cruel to his daughters as he is to his wife. "What about you and Lexi?"
>"He didn't lay a hand on us. Just mom. But whenever he hit her, she'd make sure to tell us it was how adults showed love for another."
>You're shocked to say the least before you ask, "And you believed her?"
>She shakes her head and nearly shouts, "Hell no, I didn't but Alexis took it to heart, growing up seeing it everyday. She's a good girl, but the parents are....less than stellar."
>You can see the pain in her eyes as she says that, but it's still hard to believe. "So what does that mean with the way she's treated me?"
>She looks uncomfortable at the question and twiddles her thumbs before whispering, "I think she's in love with you. That or she considers you a close friend."
>"Even now she tries to hit me whenever I visit, thinking that that is how she shows me love. It's how she thinks you make friends. It's how she thinks lovers come together."
>"So please, be careful." And with that she gets into her car and drives off.
>Son of a bitch, you're gonna die.

>> No.13127934
File: 204 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of Disney,
>You will never be kidnapped by an old wizard who traveled back and forth through time to kidnap you to be made into one of the thirteen fat, faceless iterations of himself
>Before ultimately being rescued by your waifu from succumbing to such a horribly contrived plot point of a scheme

>> No.13127935
File: 162 KB, 724x1024, 1397340417374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The End Game.

Previous pages: http://pastebin.com/3uBkmBLF

New page: http://pastebin.com/wJBqJdYK

>> No.13127940

Well. That's a good summary alright.

Healing ahead? Maybe?

>Comparing Master Xehanort to a fat faceless man
I take offense to this!
And now I feel a bit ashamed for wondering who's going to voice him in the English Dub of KH3 now that Leonard Nimoy's gone...

>> No.13127942
File: 346 KB, 1000x1000, Black mage pophis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a FF-themed party of Apophises to fight for me and to share a cottage with when recovering HP/MP

>> No.13127945


>> No.13127946

>Leonard Nimoy
That was Leonard Nimoy?
All this time that was Leonard Nimoy's voice?

>> No.13127950

He's the guy who was purposefully going to write a story that included every single fetish or idea that this thread generally despises.

>> No.13127954

>Your not here to sleep with them

I...I don't think I can do that

>> No.13127958

>Sharing one giant caesar-size bed with 6different lamia-type girls
>Having rough passionate sex with all of them in one night
>Before falling asleep together in one big pile
>Your HP and MP have been restored <3

>> No.13127960

Is he trying to make the most universally hated story ever created here?

>> No.13127962

>You're not here to sleep with them
Bollocks and a bloody half. If i made it that far, you bet your bloody arse I'm sleeping with them

>> No.13127963

So....fat, Futa MGs who kill guys with cock vore?

Truly there are no heroes left in man

>> No.13127965

Wrong. That's the guy writing this dom kiki stuff, the one who wrote THAT oomukade greentext.

You'll see.

>> No.13127966

Theirs is restored, your probably on the verge of death.

>> No.13127967

But some people told him not to include everything to don't make it so clear (that he was baiting, I mean). In fact, I thought the guy posting his story right now was him.

>> No.13127968

>Use tent in battle
>Boss Dragon crosses her arms and pouts while me and my party get in the tent
>HP and MP are restored
>I get bitten by a snake and receive numerous statuses

>> No.13127972

>magic at lilim level

Come on mang.

>> No.13127973

How can. I not compare him to one when he kidnapped and almost NTR'd MC from his best friend and girlfriend? And makes it his mission to steal away seven young girls?

>> No.13127975

I think I will stop raiding panties and stay there as a reward for all this hard work.

>You'll see
Anon pls.

>> No.13127976

>Exit the Tent, restored, ready to fight
>Dragon Boss is gone
>All you can find is a puddle of her juices, and a note reading
>"Fuck you assholes, I'm going to get a husband."

>> No.13127981

>You're lost in a daze as you walk inside, head up to your room and lay on your bed.
>Staring at the ceiling you're lost in thought about what Katherine told you.
>Lexi thinks that hitting you is a way of being friendly. Of showing....love? Is that possible?
>You feel a headache coming on, it's all a lot to handle so you head downstairs to grab an aspirin.
>Your mom is still downstairs, your dad presumably still in the shower, and she walks over
>"You okay? You look worried, frustrated and confused all at the same time. What happened? You didn't confront her just now did you?"
>She's checking you for injuries before you push her hands away and explain the situation.
>She looks confused for a second when you explain the Lexi might think violence equals love before sighing
>"I can see something like that happening. It's kind of like our situation. Your blood mother died when you were a baby and your father and I married when you were young."
>"You were told I was mom from the beginning and I raised you as my own so you look at me as your mother. It's somewhat the same as her mother telling her, this pain is love."
>You're quiet for a second before saying, "I need to think about this. Goodnight." And you head to bed.

I'm not that guy. This is my first time posting on 4chan since 2010.

>> No.13127983

>An Apophis snake bite is as bad as Bad Breath
...I shiggy.

>> No.13127987

>Run across her later with her husband
>He's 80 levels higher than you and your party
>He's also got Excalibur and Grand Armor/Helm

>> No.13127991

Like how she'll kiss him on the cheek and guide him into foreplay, telling him that he's amazing at it? Or how she'll tell him that so many monsters will lust after him while watching this, hoping that he would fuck them, but they won't have a chance because he's hers? Or how she'll record every moan and thrust he makes?

>> No.13127993

It's a reference to FF9, where if you use a tent in battle there's a chance your character will be bitten by a snake and will receive some of the worst status ailments in the game.
It's still better than Bad Breath, though.

>> No.13127994

Dragons only accept the very best as their "Treasure", after all. What else would you expect?

>> No.13127997

>This is my first time posting on 4chan since 2010
And the first thing you post is a story with a dom kiki, collars and a monstergirl being beaten up.

>> No.13127999

I hear he soloed the four fiends AND warmech.

>> No.13128005
File: 194 KB, 1600x1200, And they will know pain and joy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll see, I guarantee it.

>> No.13128007

"And this is why no one has successfully raided the Echidna dorm."

>> No.13128019

Eh, I'm happy at where I stopped off with the raids.

>> No.13128022

Worth it

>> No.13128023
File: 50 KB, 433x480, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never be hesitantly asked by a nervous Wurm if you want to come to her house
>To play her collection of games made by Treasure Co.

>> No.13128026

Does she have Gunstar Heroes?

>> No.13128028

Oh, right.
I haven't finished enough of it to know that you can sleep in a tent during battle, i guess.
Much less so considering it's the only game where you can do it.

>> No.13128029

Anon no.

If I have to choose between Echidna panties or Echidna waifu I'll go for the waifu, sorry.

>> No.13128030

Does she have Mischief Makers?

>> No.13128031

>Not Sin & Punishment

You guys have some great taste, because all treasure games are good.

>> No.13128032


I've never played it.

>> No.13128033

>Does she have the first ever independent game made by Treasure Co.
It's a simple answer to a simple question.
She uses Fire-Fire because she feels like a real dragon using it.

>> No.13128034

It's Star Fox 64 but harder and more cuh-razy

>> No.13128036

Get it.
And the sequel.

>> No.13128039
File: 398 KB, 411x582, ARA ARA ARA ARA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, it is.
Kind of silly sleeping in a tent in important battles.
Though 9's Marlboro wasn't as "OH FUCK" as 7 or 8's, and Odin looked kind of fugly.

>> No.13128041

I randomized the encyclopedia and kikimora was the first one. I went with it.

>Your night is restless before you finally pass out at two in the morning
>Your mom wakes you up at noon and lets you know that her and your dad are headed to the city to spend the day shopping.
>You groan out an okay and goodbye before rolling back over and going back to sleep.
>You wake up an hour later to knocking at the door. You groggily get up and throw on a shirt and head down. The knocking is getting louder and you pick up the pace.
>You shout out, "I'm coming, hold on a second!" while you walk up to the door where the knocking has stopped. You open the door and get a glimpse of Lexi before the collar is thrown in your face.
>"What the hell is this, Anon? I told you. Don't take it off. Why'd you take it off?" She takes a step forward. You take a step back.
>"You're my slave. My PROPERTY. I own you and what do you do? You DEFY me. How do you think that makes me feel? How about my mom who found your fucking message?!"
>She takes another step forward and you take another back. Adrenaline is surging, your breathing has quickened and fear is running rampant.
>But you don't care. "I'm done being your slave, Alexis." It's like you slapped her in the face. "I'm not your slave or property."
>"What did you call me?" She's breathing heavily with a wild look in her face. "You were told. Obey. Follow. Never call me Alexis. Collar." She takes two steps forward and grabs your neck.
>"You.....you fuck." There's something different. She looks confused. Her grip tightens slightly.
>"Why'd you give it back? Why not just throw it away?"
>You quietly say, "Because you spent money on it. And it acted as a symbol." You stop but then continue, "Can I ask you a question?"
>She looks at you for a second before snapping, "A quick one!"
>"Are you in love with me?"
>She just stares at you. Her grip loosens and she remains quiet.

>> No.13128042

Granted getting the waifu would come with all her panties and bragging rights of sleeping with an Echidna would be about as good as stealing their panties.

>> No.13128046

>I randomized the encyclopedia and kikimora was the first one. I went with it
Sure. I believe you.

>> No.13128047



>> No.13128050
File: 305 KB, 630x891, df1d66687455ada4860c28768dc95440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh oh, you're a Human senator who's been pushing for better Human rights in Monster Girl City and someone has hired some Monster Girl Hitman or 'Rapewoman' to put you in your place.

Click http://monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random until you get a species of Monster Girl (Not a book, not the Demon Lord or Chief God, not one of those random schoolgirls or whatever that turn into a Monster Girl. A species of Monster Girl. Like a Weresheep or something)

The Rapewoman is one of this species, and she is a highly trained, professional rapist with over 1000 confirmed rapes.

How do you escape unmolested when she breaks into your house at night?

Hard mode: No Monster Girl waifu to protect you, and the cops have been paid off so you can't call them.

>> No.13128054


I kill myself.

>> No.13128056

>Lava Golem
Oh, well, that was a short life cycle. Nice knowing you all
Is what I would say if I wasn't the MVP in TFIL in my younger days

>> No.13128058

>1000 confirmed rapes
Thsi isn't even used goods, this is a new level

Well shit.

>> No.13128059

But Anon, I don't believe men should be in politics, or out of the house. I firmly believe in traditional human-monster girl roles, with men staying at home making meals, cleaning after their waifus, and raising their daughterus.

>> No.13128060

Is you fakin kidding me? She's a fucking purple midget, I could kill her by insulting her too much.

>> No.13128062

I can take her.
and by me I mean me and my 50 bodyguards.

>> No.13128063

Well, she isn't in sunlight so she isn't at full power.
Probably toss something hot at her and jump out a window.

>> No.13128064

>Former Demon Lord

>> No.13128065

What the fuck did I just say?

You get a Matango now.

>> No.13128066

I guess if I wanted to remain unmolested I can lock myself in a freezer.

>> No.13128067


>Parasite Slime

how interesting. ...Run away?

>> No.13128070

>Human girl

My own kind has betrayed me. I should have known when her name was Judith.

>> No.13128072

Hah. As if a Dragon would demean herself to being something as low as some slutty "Rapewoman".

>> No.13128073

>First ever INDEPENDENT game
Don't forget your favorite company's first developed game was for McDonald's.

>> No.13128074

What a twist.

>> No.13128075
File: 1.16 MB, 1036x2017, FireExtinguisherABC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.13128078

You also get a Matango.
And you.

>> No.13128079

>large mouse
I move in with nyanon problem solved

>> No.13128080


>> No.13128081

You said Demon Lord or Chief God.

You're making this easy for me.

>> No.13128082


Turn up the heat so she's miserable and refuse to hug her.

>> No.13128083


Fuck you. Humans are the original monsters.

>> No.13128085


>> No.13128088


If she spore bombs my house, I'm fucked, otherwise, she's gonna be facing the business end of a flamethrower. Then I get on my private jet to a trusted hospital, way the fuck away to make sure I'm clean and get treated otherwise. If I can't be saved, I hire as many death squads as my money will allow to kill as many MGs in my city as they can. Because fuck you.

>> No.13128089


Why are we doing this?

>> No.13128091
File: 28 KB, 576x324, 1234675432342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13128096

I think I'm better off with a Matango than the former Demon Lord/King.
I mean, it's not like Rance where I get to boogie with a beautiful girl who never wears clothing and decided that to ensure a hero never rises up to stand against her she made human farms where humans fucked and bred all day to make sure the populations were at an all time high and prevent the Hero from getting his power boost from numerous dead people, but it's still a bad fate.

>> No.13128097

I cry to make her feel sorry for me, then I cheapshiot her with a taser.

>> No.13128099


We should stop

>> No.13128100

Yourself. Kill.

>> No.13128101

Do I get time to plan?
If so, can I get some more to write a will first?

>> No.13128102
File: 128 KB, 337x580, Gyoubu_Danuki_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Gyoubu Danuki

I'll just get Ben "Zyklon B" Garrison to help me

>> No.13128109


You guys are making me thirsty for orange juice.

>> No.13128110

>Dark Priest

Magical Wards girl! They activate at the presence of demonic energy, posting my strength and resistance.

Don't think I'm some Ivy League pansy who sits back and let's others do his work for him

>> No.13128116

Nice. I think you win.

>> No.13128117

>Not coffee creamer

I bet you fought the bosses with guns.

>> No.13128119

Well done would vote for

>> No.13128123

Well...I'm not gonna see it coming, so I lose already.

>> No.13128124

>"Why do you think I do the things I do to you? You fucking idiot, isn't it obvious?"
>You're looking her in the eyes but there's something else there. Doubt.
>"You realize that most people don't show that through violence and dominance, right?" Is your response.
>Her response is to punch you in the stomach, "I let you talk too long, now be quiet you dumbass." You cough and choke for breath as she lets go of your neck and you drop to your knees.
>For the first time though, you're not feeling sorry for yourself. You're frustrated, angry and tired of being stepped on and you force yourself to your feet.
>She swings at you again but this time you catch her arm, grab her shoulder and throw her over your shoulder where she lands on her back in the hallway.
>The hardwood floor is not kind to her as she hits, knocking the breath out of her. She lays there coughing and gasping with a look of confusion.
>You are a decent person though and walk over to check on her. "You okay, even though you've beat the shit out of me, I don't want to hurt you."
>The confusion is strong in her now and you see doubt shining through even more. You open your mouth to say more but you're interrupted by your parents walking in.
>Your dad looks impressed that for once you weren't a little bitch while your mom rushes over to check on Lexi.
>She guides Lexi into the living room and you overhear her say, "You okay, dear? That hardwood is pretty sturdy and even the hardest head won't crack it."
>Lexi simply whispers something to her that is inaudible to you and your mom looks at you over her shoulder. "Go talk with your dad."
>Which you do, walking outside with him and sitting on the porch. "I'm glad you finally nutted up son though we tried our best to make sure that didn't have to happen."
>"We saw her waiting outside for you so we had a talk with her. Told her the differences between loving couples and.....the situation her parents have."

>> No.13128126

>over 1000 confirmed rapes
Is such a thing even possible?

>> No.13128131

>Parents tried to talk sense into her
Evidently, said attempt at clearing up some of the brainwashing didn't work.

>> No.13128132

Could you break the Mayor in two?
With your bare hands?

>> No.13128133

>1000 confirmed rapes

>> No.13128135

It's very soft and nice rape

>> No.13128139

She cuddled too hard.

>> No.13128140

Of course Anon.

I played football you know, could have even gone pro.

>> No.13128141

She uses her mouth?

>> No.13128143

I hate you people.

>> No.13128146

She only has one client that just really hates one guy, so they just keep sending her back to rape him.

>> No.13128156

I love you people.

>> No.13128157

"Oh, it's you. Again."
"It's work."
"We should just get married so you stop having to break into my house. How did you make it through that second story wind-"
"Why not? Just say 'please stop' before we do it and it still counts as a rape."

>> No.13128158

>They married after the first time
>Whenever she gets a mission, they just have sex that night
>They make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year off of this contractor.

>> No.13128162

>Be Unicorn
>Get married to rape a guy
>He's a virgin, so alright
>Wind up getting married to him
>Small ceremony
>Don't tell many people
>Wind up getting called by the same guy to rape husbando again
>Well, okay.
>Basically make a living off of one guy's grudge, and having sex with hubby

There's a victim here, but it's not the guy getting raped. Well, by the unicorn...'s vagina, anyway.

>> No.13128163

It sounds like a hilarious scam.

>> No.13128167

>Sea Slime
I'm conflicted to whether or not to run away from her or run at her.

>> No.13128168

>Get married to rape a guy
Pfft. Should be "Get paid".

>> No.13128169



>> No.13128174

the guy getting married probably doesn't like horse pussy.

>> No.13128176

>Sea Bishop

>> No.13128179

He can just use the front one.

>> No.13128181

Fuck off.

>> No.13128182

The secret is that she never raped anyone. She got the position on accident. All of the people around her experience horrible accidents that they assume is vengeance of some kind. Shes just really clumsy.

>> No.13128183

I'm the guy that rolled her, I'm not picky and now I'm rich!

>> No.13128184

Afraid not nigga, they can float with magic.

>> No.13128186

What? It's a thing.

>> No.13128187


No anon. You must GO INTO THE WATER

>> No.13128188

how did she... spike the coffee creamer!?

>> No.13128191

One that only forms on ME girls when the guy doesn't like the default packaging.

>> No.13128195

Yeah, but it's a thing that starts fights so drop it before the shit storm hits.

>> No.13128199

Actually...the official logic for the frontgina has nothing to do with whether or not a guy is put-off by so-called "Horse Pussy".

Apparently the logic for it is "The desire to be held, face-to-face".

>> No.13128200

>Laugh at the thought of a Sea Bishop hitwoman
>Go out on a Sunday stroll, fearing absolutely nothing
>Suddenly sideswiped by a car
>It's a popemobile filled with water
>She grabs your stunned body and drag it into the tank
>1001 confirmed rapes.

>> No.13128205

If your waifu had the ability to possess your body, would you let her and fight as one person?

>> No.13128209

No because two is better than one.

>> No.13128210

That's just stupid.
KC, what do you smoke? It wouldn't make sense anatomically.

>> No.13128211

Is she an Oni, Kappa, Bear or Dragon? God help you if you say Harpy...

>> No.13128213

But we can't do team up attacks in a single body.

>> No.13128215

I love you

>> No.13128218

I agree, and dislike the frontgina, and would thus have no desire to have it appear on mai centaur waifu.

But that's KC's logic for including it. "Well, couples like to hold each other, face-to-face, right? So, if they have such a strong desire, that's when it could be born..." was his answer when asked about it.

>> No.13128219

That's stupid, a mere human body wouldn't contain the power.

It's like trying to fill a balloon with more water than it can hold.

>> No.13128223

>That would explain the doubt that you could see in her eyes. You feel something stirring inside you.
>You stand up and your dad gives you a look, "You're not planning to do anything stupid are you?"
>You laugh, "I have no idea what I'm doing or if it's a good idea but....it's an idea."
>But anything you might have done is shut down as you walk into the living room and seeing Lexi in your mom's arms. Crying.
>Holy shit, that's the strangest thing. It also makes you feel horrible, like your heart is clenching.
>Your mom gives you a look like, can't help it, while rubbing the back of her head. You just say, "I...I uh...I'll be upstairs."
>It's an awkward situation and you don't want to make it more awkward. Your parents can handle this better than you.
>So you sit in your room waiting. Thinking. Until there's a knock at your door. "It...it's me."
>You should probably talk to her. It'll help her out and help you too. So, you open the door and are greeted by the sight of a red faced kikimora.
>She starts to say something but you hold up a finger to stop her. "I know what you want to say. I think. What I do know is you basically admitted to being...in love with me."
>She just nods. "I understand that you see pain as a way to show violence because of your parents but I can't do it."
>"I can't take the pain you inflict. It hurts more than just physically. I just...." You have no idea what to say.
>She looks at you and says, "I don't know if you love me. Probably not. Your parents explained everything to me. It's.....very hard to take."
>"I am in love with you though. And after you lashed out at me, I understand what it's like to have that happen. The....the uh floor hurt. A lot."
>There's something about the way she says that that makes you laugh, "Well yeah, it's hardwood. It hurts everyone, even a hardhead like you and I might consider things between us."
>She gets a hopeful look. "BUT, if you want that, it's from square one. As equals."

>> No.13128224

KC is pretty bad at things not drawing related.

>> No.13128225

It takes two to Love-Love Beam things.

>> No.13128227

What if she was a motherly MG that made great candy for you and your friends?

>> No.13128229
File: 376 KB, 418x596, Nightmare_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>All monsters in the centaur family have another vagina, aside from the horse vagina located at their rear which they’ve had since the era of the former Demon Lords. It’s in the front at the boundary of the human upper body and the horse lower body (In the same position as a human woman), and it was newly formed when their body changed to become more suitable for intercourse with a man upon the dawning of the era of the Current Demon Lord

Sorry brah.

Centaurs bully men into marriage.
Unicorn go after the thirstiest of men, virgins.
Nightmares rape me in their dreams, IN HUMAN FORM.

Even they know horsepussy is shit. Embrace the frontgina.

>> No.13128236

Except that KC literally said>>13128218 it only appears if both partners want it to.

>> No.13128237

>Shitposting again

>> No.13128240

*rape men in their dreams

>> No.13128241
File: 502 KB, 600x659, Health Lilim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will be the man who accomplishes this.

It shall be my legacy, my most prideful act of skill, I'll be remembered for centuries on MGC College Campus in both oral and written history.

And after Campus security begins their search for me, the greatest panty thief on campus, I'll go for the ultimate prize, the Lilim Dean's bloomers.

Then in true Dragon's Dogma fashion, I'll be confronted by the Dean in her office and given a choice, to be freely given her underwire and be known as the world's greatest panty raider with all the glory and riches that follow or give up my humanity to become something greater, a true incubus married to her.

This was her plan all along, a test of will and skill, to see who is worthy of having both ultimate power and the ultimate waifu.

Like an Echidna littering her home with traps to attract a strong husband, the Dean used every MG on campus to further her true endgame goal of finding a worthy mate.

>> No.13128247

horsepussy/frontpussy debate aside, having two vaginas is the dumbest shit ever.

>> No.13128249

Yeah, I'm to seeing that on the centaur entry, anywhere.

>MGE canon is shitposting.


>> No.13128252

That's when you grab the bloomers and run, waving them in the air across campus right?

>> No.13128255

>KC is the greatest troll of /mgg/

>> No.13128256

>Almost before the words leave your mouth she's already smiling, a lot different than she used to look, and nodding.
>"I'm absolutely fine with that, Anon. It'll be tough to adapt but for.....for you I can." She blushes as she finishes her sentence, which actually makes her look cute.
>You reach out a hand to her and look her in the eye. "My name's Anon." She takes your hand in hers and smiles, which looks strange, before saying, "And I'm Lex.....I'm Alexis."

>> No.13128260

I can barely find any paladin stories, anyone know and writers or one shotas I could read?

>> No.13128261

No wear them on your head like a true man!

>> No.13128262

KC makes adjustments to his canon and profiles all the time. He can't reflect each and every one in each and every single profile and release, just the latest, subsequent ones.

>> No.13128264

>if its not in the entry yet KC still says its cannon that means its not cannon
Its shitposting when you say your headcannon is the cannon.

>> No.13128267

Cute. Quite cute indeed.

So is that all?

>> No.13128271

Don't reply to him. He ignores reason and KC word of god every time and just autists about his profile. Best to just report and ignore.

>> No.13128278

Yep. Leaving it open ended so people can have the ending they want. Personally, it ends with them going switch in the bedroom and engagement collars. But others might prefer her relapsing and making him her bitch or him making her his bitch.

>> No.13128281

>Personally, it ends with them going switch in the bedroom and engagement collars.
I like this.

Thanks for the story, gonna pastebin it?

>> No.13128284
File: 115 KB, 620x877, Lilim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was always after the power trip from defeating MGs by stealing their panties.

I'll become her husband and together we'll lord over the school like gods.

>> No.13128286
File: 278 KB, 1035x550, It adds up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Still. Not. On. The. Page.

You see that shit, that shit right there? See how the leg fur parts and she's completely human there? What are you saying, the low end of her torso looks like a Barbie doll? Get the fuck out of here. There's plenty of room for the frontgina.

>but muh womb!

So she hives birth out the back one, who cares?


It's straight from the centaur page. Stay bitter.


>> No.13128291

What next? You gonna report me for saying manticores have a tailpssy? Please.

>> No.13128292

Quit forcing your shitty headcannon on us you manchild.

>> No.13128295

Not dumber than having two huge swaying boobs when you're a carnivorous predator hunting fast-running stuff in the wild.
And yet they got them. Simply because DL is one hell of a nymphomaniac mastermind.

>> No.13128300

>The low end of her torso looks like a barbie doll?
It works for Cerea, it'd work for MGE Centaur just fine too.

>> No.13128302
File: 222 KB, 750x577, 1403499241040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13128303

You saying it's headcanon, is not changing what is written on the profile. YOU headcanon frontgina away. Guess what, all centaurs have it in canon, Deal with it.

>> No.13128307

Anon this isn't even good bait, people just want to fight.

>> No.13128308

Too bad EMG is not MGE.

>> No.13128310


Too busy gunning down Bandits and shitting my pants because of bloodsuckers.

>> No.13128313

Some of us are really just tired of the stupid idea he keeps pushing.

>> No.13128315

I know and I am too.

>> No.13128318

Not to mention the retardness of frontgina having to punch through an inch of solid bone and muscle anchors in the chest. But don't engage him. He's just doing the exact same thing as last time and the time before that. You're not going to reason with a troll.

>> No.13128319

Citign canon ain't bait, no matter what anyone says. Screaming about futa centaurs now that would be bait.

>> No.13128320

You're not even trying.

>> No.13128321

And an idiotic one at that.

>> No.13128323

Cheeki-breeki humanboy...

>> No.13128326


>> No.13128329

Cool. Thanks again for a decent story anon.

>> No.13128334


Like arachne anatomy, lamias and others that don't make sense or are not viable? Your "it's retarded" doesn't amount to much when you have things like dullahans, lava golems, regenerating hymen alices and things likes slimes running around.

>inb4 mamono mana

If mamono mana can justify all of those, it can justify frontgina being functional, like undead wombs.

I'm not baiting, you just don't like the truth, and truth be told I don't care.

>> No.13128336

I feel I could've done better. Honestly should've gone with a different MG.

>> No.13128341

Your bait just keeps getting worse and worse.

>> No.13128342
File: 106 KB, 236x327, Druella freedom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to marry Ms Druella!

>> No.13128344

Then why do you go on when everybody else is letting the argument die? You might want to do nothing but fight in these threads but most of us are just tired so just stop and retain what little dignity you have left.

>> No.13128347


Good. Keep her occupied with dick at home so she stops ruining the rest of the world.

>> No.13128351


Here you go, in case you are implying I changed the citation or something.

>> No.13128355

>Authorities find the senator naked and hanging upside down from a pole, dangling over a pool.
>On his chest is the commandments of Poseidon written on his chest with his own semen.

>> No.13128366

>citing a source that's questionable to begin with because KC is vague and flakes a lot
>Not to mention the site itself can be edited

>> No.13128367

Because I was told to fuck off for mentioning canon, and am being accused of forcing headcanon, when it's plain to see for anyone who can type and read, that frontpussy is genuine article.. It's canon, and that's that, bother who it bothers.

>> No.13128371

But I wanna help her spread love to this grim world

>> No.13128372

You're really desperate huh? Okay, if the wiki cannot be trusted, them MGs can NTR, because the info in the wiki is shit. Isn't that right?

>> No.13128381

But they do NTR.
Why would an ogre care about stealing the husband of a human woman or an orc even?

>> No.13128383

>grasping for straws
You are truly pathetic. Enjoy your little headcanon by yourself, but don't force it on everyone else.

>> No.13128385

the more you read the MGE, the more depressing it becomes when you realized humanity and monsters are both doomed to extinction

>> No.13128386

You were told to fuck off for forcing something that KC has said only sometimes happens. You were told to fuck off for saying that it happens 100% of the time regardless of what either partner thinks, which if you've read anything KC has ever written you know is not true. So yes, fuck off for trying to force something that is not 100% true.

>> No.13128393

I wanna spread my smite to your evil

>> No.13128397


Yeah, read the quote >>13128229
All centaurs have it. Period. Cry more.

>> No.13128398
File: 2.79 MB, 1600x2600, Tail. Pussy..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's good pussy man...

>> No.13128400
File: 147 KB, 1000x1000, 1412898009458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Oi! We're going to make that Lego Deathstar!"
>"Hurry up!"

>> No.13128402

well, only one of her pussies can enable reproduction. The other is purely for pleasure.

>> No.13128405

that's not a pussy though, more of a sucker

>> No.13128406

>This thing I cite is true because I say it is!
>It's canon!

>> No.13128407

>Implying that's not a really fancy asshole

>> No.13128408

>the more you read the MGE, the more depressing it becomes when you realized humanity and monsters are both doomed to extinction

Pfft. The Demon Lord is guaranteed to win the conflict and allow human males to be born. The conflict is just to add spice to the setting and give monsters a reason to hunt and rape men, which gives KC the boner.

>> No.13128411

NTR from an MG is doubtful, stealing from a human woman, I believe it.

>> No.13128412

But miss, the Deathstar sucks.

>> No.13128413

>It's been a rough semester so far.
>Every day you and your friends are terrorized by the monsters that populate your school.
> Half of your dorm-mates haven't even slept in their own bed yet due to the monsters passing them around as the public cum-pump.
> You limp to your dorm, still aching from yesterday's incident.
>Your not even sure how the slimes got into the sprinkler system.
>Wish there was a way to get back at those bitches for all they've done to you and your bros.
>Hear a rustling in the trees. You see a figure with bat-like wings sitting on a tree limb.
>OHSHITNOTAGAIN...wait it's not attacking?
>It drops down and walks to you.
>Too tired to run
>Notice it's not as curvy as most succubi, actually it's kinda muscular.
>It walks closer and as it closes in and you notice 2 things.
>It's a Incubus
>On his head is a pair of frilly panties, with an upside down "L" stitched into them.
>before you can say anything he thrusts something into your arms.
>You stare at the object now in your hands: A book held closed by a pair of stripped panties.
>You look up and the incubus is gone, but in the distance you hear the shrieks of your monster classmates followed by "THEIF!"
>You take the panties off the book and a wicked grin paints your face as you read "Monster Girl City College Panty Raid Guide"

>> No.13128415

Sure, that one Apophis destroyed the second one while the two of you were building it, but it doesn't suck.

>> No.13128421

So MGs are not former monsters who killed and ate the flesh of men in the days of the old demon lords? They don't want to have sex with men now? They don't like sex, if fact, they hate it?

Please, you're embarrassing yourself.

>> No.13128422

But we're not done with your Lego pyramid!

>> No.13128423

The one fucking time these things doesn't give me the god damned hobgoblin.
I escape because I'm pretty fucking /k/.
I got holstuar milk and prisoner fruit before I got chimera

>> No.13128425

>still grasping for straws and not even staying on subject

>> No.13128429

The pyramid was completed a week ago, after the great wall of Lego.

>> No.13128431

what's so evil about love and peace anon?
wouldn't you rather stop fighting cold and wet in the dark of the night tired to your bones and cuddle with a monstergirl instead, like a warm weresheep or a loving holstaur?

>> No.13128437

The Death Star? Cool!

Can I work on some fighters to go with it?

>> No.13128438

Greentexting cannot deny anything I've said. And I am on subject, since here>>13128406 you're basically saying the guide ain't shit. And the profiles. Sorry, it's canon that they killed and ate men, and that they all want sex with men, except maybe fire mouse until she gets beaten.

>> No.13128445

Oh, and glacies, jinko and mantis, until love and heat.

>> No.13128446

Not him, but you're grasping at straws too, by denying all the Word-of-God Amendments that KC has made, and will continue to make.

>> No.13128448
File: 606 KB, 900x600, 1422400817000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You needed to tack on that this was 20+ years later.

You know, so the cycle begins anew with the Lilim's daughter searching for a husband the same way mom did.

...And I'd just be helping the male student body a little bit while we await a proper suitor to marry her, which may or may not take centuries.

I'd be the best Dad Incubus ever.

>> No.13128454

Why are casually cool and dominant Lilims the best?

>> No.13128455


We'll talk one it's in the page, or the profile gets that detail put in. Anyhow, it wouldn't erase the existence of frontgina.

>> No.13128456

You're still grasping for straws and somehow drifted onto the subject of what monsters used to be instead of your little headcanon.
Do yourself a favor, and shut up.

>> No.13128459

You're also moving the goal post, too.

>> No.13128463

The indoor pool is still unfinished and so is the throne room.

>> No.13128464

It exists, yes.

But not 100% of the time, on 100% of centaurs.
Just in couples who "Have the desire to embrace each other, face-to-face", and don't think they can accomplish that without a frontgina. For some reason.

I think they're a shit, but to each their own.
I guess.

>> No.13128465



Keep repeating it, maybe it'll come true.


Nope, profile still says all centaurs have the frontpussy.

>> No.13128466
File: 111 KB, 544x572, 1422398803740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, you guys want to know what's a joke?

Human Boy Equality.

>> No.13128469

You want to hear a joke?

Smug lilims.
Yeah, how funny is that?

>> No.13128471

Never heard of it, is that a new form of bondage?

>> No.13128473

>Still thinking the profile outweighs THE WORD OF KC HIMSELF
>Still refusing to acknowledge defeat
Just give up already.

>> No.13128474

See, it's this mentality that keeps the humans violent and deadly.

>> No.13128477

How am I moving goalposts if I'm quoting from the profile? I'm not saying weresheep have contests of strength by headbutting each other and asserting dominance this way, or greet each other that way,. THAT would be headcanon, frontpussy being present on all centaurs, is not.


>> No.13128481
File: 112 KB, 544x572, 1422398803741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the best comeback Whiny Human Boys and their Bonnet Tipping white lizards can come up with?


>> No.13128484

That's my line buddy.
>>13128477 for easy access. Cause I'm nice like that.

>> No.13128486

You're going on about unrelated things AGAIN.

>My previous post is correct! I'm super cereal!
Is your IQ smaller than your shoe size? Seriously.

>> No.13128487

You haven't made a point so there's nothing for me to comment on other than your stupid smug face.

>> No.13128488

Yes, the word of KC HIMSELF, that centaurs have two vaginas, what of it?

>> No.13128489
File: 771 KB, 554x900, amazons are rapists.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh fuck you, my sister got done in by one as did most of my friends.

>> No.13128490
File: 107 KB, 500x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oomukade a cute

>> No.13128492

Kc said they CAN have two, provided certain requirements are met.
They don't automatically have two, will never always have two, and you constantly quoting yourself makes you look like an ego ridden man grasping for straws.

>> No.13128493

The word of KC HIMSELF, that centaurs SOMETIMES have two vaginas.

He made an amendment. An adjustment. A correction. What is so hard about this for you to comprehend?

>> No.13128495
File: 187 KB, 800x800, everytime you post that.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13128497
File: 231 KB, 800x602, 1424619018668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13128498
File: 183 KB, 800x602, Ill post this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13128499
File: 200 KB, 798x601, 1424599239703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fool, you activated my trap card!

>> No.13128500

Guys just stop, your arguing with a legit autist. He wont accept being anything less than 100% right even when all evidence is against him so there's no point in trying to change his autistic opinions.

>> No.13128503

That's not autistic.
He's something much worse.

>> No.13128505


>> No.13128506


>Posting in wrong order

>> No.13128507

It's not my fault you don't understand such simple examples on what is headcanon and what is canon. I'll try again.

Chimera have multiple personalities. That is canon.

Trolls smell like chocolate. That is headcanon, as their aroma is not specified.

Know what is specified> You guessed it. Frontgina. On all centaurs.

Can't you read? It's right there on the profile! I feel like I'm talking to a wall.

>> No.13128510

A tanuki somewhere is making good money on tables

>> No.13128512
File: 118 KB, 1920x1080, 1416685303131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Kreia would make an awesome Lilim, just the sheer skill she has with manipulation and mind-fuckery would put her on par with the best.

Any characters you guys can think of that would fit the bill?

>> No.13128513

I know anon, but just look at him! >>13128507
It's so obvious that he's just trolling us at this point, but it's so damn frustrating!

Nobody's falling for his idiocy anyway. At this point it's just like playing a game of squash...

>> No.13128514


Less should really do more of this stuff.

>> No.13128515

The Zone would be my last resort to get away from monster girls.

No way would they walk into a radiation filled nightmare just for some husbands, right?

>> No.13128518

I'm gonna fuck that cat.

>> No.13128519
File: 1.10 MB, 1800x1273, Centaur Guts and Saber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not too familiar with squash...

>> No.13128520

Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong would make great Lilims


>> No.13128521

I know it is, go kill some angry russians or something to calm down.

>> No.13128522
File: 2.63 MB, 839x1200, Sasha_Folmoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Such beautiful ladies! By the Chief God, I only hope that they enjoy wonderful, healthy lives full of abstinence.

>> No.13128523

I'm right is what I am.

You keep saying I'm trolling, when I have provided proof of my words. You're really bad at this you know.

>> No.13128526


The fuck you say?

>> No.13128529

>Still trolling

>> No.13128531

It's a game where you hit a ball off of a wall, back and forth, hitting it back at the wall when it bounces back at you.

>> No.13128532


Are you joking?

>> No.13128537

Y'know what I find odd?

When they go Dark, they get outfits that increase in level of lewdness the younger they are.

>> No.13128538

Okay, how am I trolling by saying what is right on the centaur's page? Will you call me a troll if I say Holsts are stacked?

>> No.13128539

Somewhat, they do look slightly similar.

Sounds like solo pingpong.

>> No.13128542

Whatever you say, troll.
Mind quieting down now? Others are trying not to shit up the thread.

>> No.13128544

KC likes his loli...

>> No.13128545

You're trolling by saying shit like "Word of God = Headcanon" and "I am right." with no actual argument.

It's more like solo tennis, though it can be played with two players.

>> No.13128552

I see.
Certainly sounds like a weird sport, to be honest. It does fit our situation perfectly though, what with everyone practically hitting fact balls off this one idiotic wall.

>> No.13128553

meant for >>13128537

Not what I meant. Why are you posting futa centaur?

>> No.13128558


>no actual argument
>been citing the fucking centaur page as since the beginning

No, I believe you are trolling me.

>> No.13128559

This is true...what with Baphomet pretty well being his mascot, not to mention having "The best vagina", his Author Avatar having a fairy waifu, and more...

>> No.13128562

You're trolling because, while you are citing a proper source, you're ignoring subsequent amendments and Word of God from KC himself, and going so far as to call such adjustments "Headcanon".

>> No.13128563

>futa centaur
Let's not fire up another shitstorm.
It's obvious that she isn't a futa in that pic, so let's just shut our mouths, okay?

>> No.13128574
File: 466 KB, 499x1920, 1425355884779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be abducted by the lewdest Lilim on the block, thrown onto her bed and watch as she shows me her entire Pokemon Card collection and do absolutely nothing lewd.

>> No.13128576

That pic is like, every furries nightmare.

>> No.13128579

She is a futa anon, avoid in the future.

>> No.13128583

Fine, Fine. So be it.

>> No.13128586

Thank you MGC Maid Central, she's perfect. Sick days are going to be a hell of a lot more comfy

>> No.13128587

How would your waifu deal with your insomnia?

>> No.13128590

Whatever you say. Until I see your amendment in the centaur entry, all centaurs have frontgina and that is that. Just like dormice can do stuff while they sleep. Call me a troll all you like. I'll be fucking my bicorn waifu in the frontpussy she had since I first saw her.

>> No.13128591

Exercise helps me sleep, so probably sex until exhaustion. Probably a monster's solution to most marital problems I would wager.

>> No.13128592


>> No.13128596

Lots of Benadryl.

>> No.13128597

>Working in a coffee shop at a grocery store
>Easy job, just a little headache inducing. Still, it gives some pocket money to play around with while in college
>Regularly have young and old MGs come in and hit on me. Except one regular.
>She's a young Succubus named Emily who goes to my school. She comes in at least twice a day.
>On slow days, we chat about different things. Classes, professors, sports, politics, etc.
>On busy days, she always messes with the children seeking dessert drinks to, somewhat, keep them away.
>About a year after starting there, check the news and see that the full moon is tonight.
>Well, good thing I'm off. So I proceed to lock up the house and head to the basement to game.
>At 2 in the morning, I hear knocking. That's not good.
>Try to ignore but eventually can't. All the MGs on my street are married and their husbands are fulfilling their duties.
>Probably a random dude, right? Yeah, that's what I tell myself.
>It's her.
>"Anon, let me in. I've got Monster Hunter 4. Let's hunt together." Shit. This can be bad.
>"Uh....it's the full moon. I don't want to be raped. Are we going to actually play the game or are you gonna jump me?"
>Silence. "Oh shit, it's the full moon. Yeah, no. I'm not raping you. I wanna kill monsters, alright. So let me in."
>Eh, why not. I open the door, let her in and lead her to the basement. Break out the 3DS and begin hunting.
>Look at the clock a while later, "Oh hey, it's 4:30." She looks too. Then she looks at me. And smiles.
>Oh no. MISTAKES WERE MADE. Oh wait, I had a crush on her.
>Commence consensual and loving sex in the missionary position.

>> No.13128601

So, few more updated MGE Profiles got posted.

Baphomet and Dragon, just simple edits, no new information.

Goblin, just a little add-on about how Goblin Merchants will accept a male customer's body in lieu of payment. It's not advised though, as there's a high chance they might want to keep you.

Gnome contained lots of additional fluff about how cuddly and cozy sex and life with them is.

And lastly, Grizzly had some additional info on how much they love honey and nectar, and how they too are very cuddly and cozy, loving to hold their husbando to their chests when they sleep like a plush toy, and nuzzle against him.

>> No.13128602

That'd be a cute ass Lilim

>> No.13128607

Wow that was horrible.

>> No.13128609


I almost feel sorry for KC.
He answers all these questions about canon, and then dumb fucks don't pay any attention to 'em. Well, in English anyway. I hope the Japanese Fandom is more well-read.

>> No.13128611

>Yous see that Toki? They gots our reference.
>Wowee! I'm going tell Pickles.
>Sometimes Toki, this thread am nots dildos.

>> No.13128612
File: 212 KB, 1250x1500, HOVyagl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Alright husband, I got the last box, now open the door and leave your apartment one last time so we can move into my hou-"
>"Well yes, we are married now. I already filled out the paper work. Besides, you broke it, you married it."
>"Yes, I snuck into your room while you were asleep and packed all your stuff and loaded it onto a moving truck, I've seen you through your window before, your really slow at packing stuff. Not to mention I thought it'd be better to pack your anime figures and stuff without you since you seem to be embarrassed when other people see them so I thought I'd save you the embarrassment by not being behind you watching you pack them."
>"No, I think you only have average tastes in hentai from what I've seen of your collection. I mean, you could be worse I guess, but for my needs you'll do fine."

>> No.13128613

Wasn't meant to be good.

>> No.13128615

It's one guy being deliberately stupid. Last time he pulled this, he said he hated all centaurs anyway.

>> No.13128616

Besides the silly rushed end, I'm not entirely sure I get what difference the two and a half hours makes...

>> No.13128619

True. Still though, plenty of other stuff gets ignored. All because we're all too lazy to learn Japanese ourselves.

I should start scheduling in more time to study.

>> No.13128622

The fuck am supposed to with this? Machine translations? From nip? Cause that works ever so well.

>> No.13128623

I want to mock a more demure succubus a little by saying things like "What? No 'bow before me puny human?' " and then watch her immediately deny it.

>> No.13128624

One floor up lady.

I don't even own any figures.

>> No.13128627

>You broke it, you married it.

I require clarification on what she means by this.
And I hope to god she packed my figures up properly in their original boxes.
And what does she mean "I'll be fine for her needs"? What's her big perversion that I've only got "Average tastes" by comparison?!

>> No.13128631

Anon it's a pretty obvious innuendo, what normally happens when you have sex or get raped by a virgin girl?

>> No.13128632

Supposed to learn to read for yourself.

>> No.13128633

Do jabberwocks even have hoards? Thanks to the queen of hearts, all they care about is sex.

>> No.13128634

>>You broke it, you married it.

Not even the author, but I'm pretty sure she means her hymen.

>> No.13128638

Alright. I figured, but I just wanted it clarified.

Of course they have hoards.
Of sex toys and other lewdities.

>> No.13128640

The one in Vengeance is a poorfag compared to other dragons because of that.

>> No.13128641

>Learning nip
Or I could go fold 10,000 paper cranes, it would be as much of a waste of time.

>> No.13128646

I don't hate centaurs though.

>> No.13128649

They're still Dragons, so I assume so.

I always figured they were like Dragons but more lewd and romantic, and in chocolate. They'd still be haughty, greedy, and powerful, but they'd also love taking their human boy for a romantic night of lovemaking under the stars in the park she arranged to have completely empty so they could have as much privacy as they want to do all the lewdest things they can imagine.

>> No.13128650

Except that if you learn Moon, you then know a new language, or a new dialect of Ayrabic like you Americans call it.
Though if you do fold those cranes, you could just wish to know the language.

>> No.13128651

You get a wish if do this right?

>> No.13128654


>> No.13128655

Anon, when you make assumptions, it makes an ass out of u and i.

>Implying the wish wasn't the entire second side of the joke.

>> No.13128662

I've seen The Dictator, I know you people consider all non-american to be Ayrabs who don't even speak proper 'murrican.

>> No.13128670

You're still assuming I'm American Anon.

Also, The Dictator is a horrible movie, why would you watch that?

My fucking captcha made me identify a hamburger

>> No.13128675

Here's a pseudogreentext that I wrote a few days ago to prove I have an imagination. I'm not gonna edit it at all or anything. I just want to know what you guys think.

>what about white artic fox girls

> albino fox girls on the snow dunes
> dressed in cute sweaters scarfs and miniskrits because they find them fashionable
> occasionally stopping stock still and waiting for a few moments before jumping up into the air and diving headfirst into the snow
> there they remain for a minute or two, panties fully exposed due to their flipped skirts
> the young ones are doing it for fun just to play in the snow
> while the older ones are looking for something
> what becomes obvious as their skirts reveal thin underwear with lacy edges pinching into their thicker thighs and butts
> they remain in there for a long while squirming and making lewd squeaks despite easily being able to get free in an obvious attempt to tempt men to them
> the CC arctic foxes

> one in particular is so busty she messes up her attempt
> when she attempts her dive, her breasts hit the snow while her head is just submerged ceasing her descent and flipping her over
> back craned so her head is in the snow but her feet are flat on the surface in a large reverse U
> this new position is embarrassing for her because of the novelty and because her normally submerged bosom is now out in the air, shirt slipping down by gravity to reveal her thick tits with large areola to the world
> she's mortified but can't actually get back up because of her odd position

>> No.13128677

>still assuming
That's the joke.
>why would you watch that
How can you tell something is awful if you haven't seen it? By taking other people's opinions as gospel?
>made me identify a hamburger
See, you're an American. Or possibly a North-Korean, I've heard it said that Dear Leader invented hamburgers.

>> No.13128681

>Want to do story about that one teacher everyone's forgotten about
>It's cold
>Want to stay snugly in mug blankets
>Okay, whatever, I can write another time
>The cold raped my pizza, turning it into a cold hush of its former self
Yuki Onna have gone TOO far.

>> No.13128685

> it's now of all times when a man takes interest
> within moments he has her underwear pulled aside and his erect member at the entrance
> after a few moments of teasing her pink crack he thrusts in with a single motion
> she lets out a high yip and tries to shield her nethers with her luxurious snow white tail
> but he's already inside so all it does is wrap him closer to her in a psedo leglocking fashion
> interpreting this as consent he bends over her while thrusting to kiss her smooth chubby flesh
> while he works his way from her milky stomach to her heavy tits, she ceases her high yips and moans deeply with clear longing and lust
> after savaging her with a new barrage of short thrusts because of her tail clamp and his arched position he feels her suddenly pull tight over his manhood as she experiences her orgasm
> it pulls him so sweetly that as soon as he is able he releases within her, not ceasing his jackhammering as he does
> both their knees go week at the sensory overload and they collapse together into a heap, popping her head upward out of the snow when they fall
> he sees her beautiful face for the first time and is taken aback by her full lips, heavy lidded eyes, and rosy cheeks
> overcome with the sight he crawls up to her face and kisses her deeply while whispering "You're the most beautiful angel I've ever seen"

I'm not fully sold on it, but I think it's a pretty good first attempt. What do you all think?

>> No.13128686

Tell me about it. I woke up with a sore throat today.

>> No.13128691
File: 70 KB, 419x600, Ed65lnw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want for a lilim to tenderly dom me over the course of several days as she discovers every single point of pleasure on my body. And I want paizuri. I can't be the only one who likes paizuri over vaginal and all that other stuff, right?

>> No.13128693

>whose goal is to be the most lascivious of all monsters
>having shame

I wish you cold see my face right now.

>> No.13128697

>I can't be the only one who likes paizuri
Of course not anon. It's a rather pleasant, intimate, soft pleasure.
>Over vaginal and all that other stuff
Now that's just silly. It's nice, but it's not THAT nice.

>> No.13128698

Anon, your bullying me because of my nationality, and it's keeping me from writing about Dhampire cuddle sex.

>> No.13128707

We should just force the planet to get warmer already.
Then if it gets too hot, enact a nuclear winter.

>> No.13128709

>nice, but not that nice
They will never understand.... Paizuri brings you closer to a woman's heart. And if she uses her mouth while doing so, all the better.

>> No.13128710

Well I have a soar throat and it's distracting me from protecting an endangered species from the same fate.

>> No.13128712

>paizuri over vaginal

You know that gif from golden boy where they're laughing back to back? That's us right now.

>> No.13128715

Romantic, sure.

And as for "Having shame", she might've wanted privacy in the park more so she could let loose without any concern or worry of others interfering, rather than out of any sense of shame.

>> No.13128717

Never seen the .gif you speak of.

>> No.13128719

>Brings you closer to a woman's heart
Brings your dick closer to it you mean.

>If she uses her mouth while doing so
Yes, that is great. See, I view oral as being just as good as vaginal. Just without the joy and lust of impregnation. Pure physical pleasure though, pretty much equal. Paizuri is nice, but on it's own just doesn't measure up.

>> No.13128721

Her Human Boy does have shame though, so she has to choose between enjoying other Monster Girls watch her jealously as she has a wonderful time with her husbando while he doesn't, or enjoying a private romantic and lewd night between just the two.

That and her old Oni College friend needed some quick cash, so she paid her 62 cents to beat up any monster girl who tries to interrupt their privacy.

>> No.13128723
File: 152 KB, 850x850, 1359513359162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fly Titties!

>> No.13128725

Worst girls.
By far.

>> No.13128726

The horror, the horror!

>> No.13128730

U w0t

>> No.13128731

Kill with fire.

>> No.13128734

Sore, not soar.

>> No.13128738

>Dear leader invented burgers
Oh fuck my sides, why anon, why do you do this to me!

>> No.13128740
File: 218 KB, 1000x1000, Anubutt Upskirt Fall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute overall. And lewd. Favorite bit was
> occasionally stopping stock still and waiting for a few moments before jumping up into the air and diving headfirst into the snow
> there they remain for a minute or two, panties fully exposed due to their flipped skirts
> the young ones are doing it for fun just to play in the snow
> while the older ones are looking for something
> what becomes obvious as their skirts reveal thin underwear with lacy edges pinching into their thicker thighs and butts
> they remain in there for a long while squirming and making lewd squeaks despite easily being able to get free in an obvious attempt to tempt men to them
Very nice overall.

>> No.13128741

I'm not doing anything to you, they said it themselves.

>> No.13128742


>Thinking that white means albino
>Overly verbose without specific description
>Bland sex

But honestly I think the biggest flaw is that you literally just thought "Hey you know what arctic foxes do chasing rats? What if they were monstergirls and did the exact same thing for no reason but to stick their heads in the snow?" That's not exactly imaginative. Don't try to mime and cliche so much and just tell your own story.

Also, try to cut down on the "You see this is the way it is that was sexy in particular with four adjectives in a row because this sentence is run on and boring."

>> No.13128746

You just don't get it man! You just don't get it.

>> No.13128747

Regardless, I laughed way too hard.

>> No.13128750

Maybe not.

Let me ask you this though. Have you ever actually had sex? Or gotten a blowjob? Or a titfuck?

>> No.13128752

Why? Are you questioning the truth of the Dear Leader's superb abilities?
Like how he got a hole-in-one 18 times when he played Golf for the first time?

>> No.13128754

No. A man can dream. A man can Mon... On some far plane of existence, far beyond the mortal coil and the heat death of this universe lies an endless stream of life. And from one of those streams we will find our waifus. I await that dat with faith.

>> No.13128756

Oh god, I remember that.
Don't forget the detail that it was the very first time the golf course had ever been used before.

>> No.13128758

I've always somehow wound up dating flat girls so paizuri is like some dream just out of reach. I'm afraid I'll be disappointed if I ever get to try it.

>> No.13128759

Truly dear leader is best leader.

>> No.13128761

Or how he wrote several operas and symphonies, all of which were better than any made ever before.

>> No.13128763

Dear Leader Jr. may yet accomplish something himself. Or die from diabetes.

>> No.13128765

...right. Well. Just try not to build it up too much in your mind. Like I said, paizuri's nice, but it's not that nice. I'd actually heard rumors for a while that it was overrated and didn't feel good at all, and thus when I actually experienced it, was pleasantly surprised at how nice it felt. Just saying, the opposite might be true if you hype it up too much. As with anything.

Rather than Heat Death, post-existentialism, it might just be easier to seek waifus out on alien worlds...

>> No.13128768

>alien worlds
You mean worlds with bacteria and viruses we have no resistance to, and vice versa?

>> No.13128770

>Not just trying Naizuri
>Not experiencing the pleasant, warm softness of DFC, rubbing against your dick
It's not as encompassing as paizuri, sure, but it's still damn nice.

>> No.13128773

Genetic engineering is always in the future too.

After all, we can already see the starting point of being able to cherry pick different genes and genetic traits your kid will have during the fetal stage.

>> No.13128774

>Seeking waifu's in this universe and not in the glorious dimensional abyss. Why not find them in immortal places?

>> No.13128776

Imagine finding alien life when it's still in its "dinosaur" era.

>> No.13128777

Life uhh, finds a way.

>> No.13128779

Precautions must be taken, of course, but it's not like it's anything we haven't dealt with before.

>> No.13128780

>A village has been having problems with a pack of wolf girls
>No one has been raped yet, but people have been chased and harassed, and homes have been broken into
>A knight arrives, hearing of the troubles, and offers his services
>The people of the village are weary, because the knight carries no weapons, and only a tube full of tennis balls slung across his back, but seeing no other option they accept his help and ask what he would like as payment
>Before answering, he asks how many wolf girls there are in this pack, and the people of the village tell him that there are 6
>He thinks for a moment before stating that as payment he'll accept a home with a larger than average bed, as he wants to put down roots and retire once this job is done
>They agree, and off he treks into the woods
>He's gone for three weeks, and the village hasn't seen a single wolf girl since then
>Maybe they killed each other, maybe they captured him and are just having their fun, maybe they're still fighting
>He returns just as they're deciding what to do with the home they built for him, and as soon as they see him they panic and scatter
>The wolf girls with him get a little depressed, and they all stand there with their eyes downcast while holding the tennis balls he gave them
>Once the knight explained things to the village folk, they reluctantly accepted things, but they remain weary and tell their children to be careful of knight Anon and his 6 monster wives on the edge of the village
>The kids never listened, and soon the constant traffic of children coming to play sparked a desire in the wolf girls for children of their own

>> No.13128781

Them's good eating.

>> No.13128786
File: 165 KB, 850x1133, 1409142817627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Come on, let's make cubs!

>> No.13128787

>Soft chest
Not in 3D anon. They're bony, like a three-handed handjob.

>> No.13128788


How do you do that?

>> No.13128789
File: 1.39 MB, 1200x1524, 2079ea1dac23743320d1667d38c2ac11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd gladly make as many they wanted.

>> No.13128791

You know. You take your peenor and stick inside the wolfagoo!

>> No.13128792

Yes it does anon, how does it feel to be part of possibly the last inferior generation?

It makes me wonder what people who lived about 200 years ago would think if they saw all the advancements in science and medicine that we have today.
The potential rage at the unjust nature of the world, where they were born in a time when having a broken bone could mean never being able to use that part of your body again, or a spreading infection meant an amputation.

God it feels good to be alive in the time we are, even with all the issues we have.
Said any person living in "modern" times ever.

>> No.13128793

Indeed. Let's just hope that complete faggots don't start banning the path to MGs as "Unethical" or "Anti-Human" or some BS.

Yes, places we have no way of knowing as to the existence of or not...

>> No.13128794

>It makes me wonder what people who lived about 200 years ago would think if they saw all the advancements in science and medicine that we have today
Probably something like

>> No.13128796

Transhumanism can't be stopped. You get it even if you didn't ask for it.

>> No.13128797

I know. Wonderful, isn't it?

>> No.13128798

Indeed, places where dreams lie! As told in the stories of Lovecraft and Hodgson and Lord Dunsany.

>> No.13128804

>Implying it wouldn't be co-opted by furries and tumblr SJWs
Pronouns are Thon/ThonThon/Thonself

>> No.13128805

Wild fucking and milk until I pass out.

>> No.13128808
File: 82 KB, 675x544, Has science gone too far.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You still say that after seeing this?

>> No.13128810

Your turn is on friday, sweetie. And it'd be pups.

>> No.13128814

So like that one part of Shut and Jam Gaiden?

>> No.13128815

Hmm, I think you're quite mistaken there sir.

>> No.13128817

Time to make some litters then...

>> No.13128824


I think both sound nice.

>> No.13128826
File: 230 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hey mister, wanna listen to my mixtape?

>> No.13128828

I read that as he only had lube and tennis balls. Doesn't really change the story.

>> No.13128830

B-but people are going to get Alped, anon! STRAIGHT people!

>> No.13128832

I will Alp myself on their behalf.

I Alped for your sins.

>> No.13128834

You're gonna go far, kid.
Gaysus, please.

>> No.13128835

Fuck off to the ghetto.

>> No.13128836

I'd rather we make a mixtape of our own that's just your wild moans and screams and my grunts the sounds of flesh slapping together as I make you a mother.

>> No.13128841

Girl so bad all the other Monstergirls want her dead and gone. Yes, all of them

>> No.13128842

Either way, someone's going to howl 6/7 nights of the week.
Sunday's specifically so we can cuddle with each other, handholding only.

>> No.13128844

That's a damn good mixtape.

>> No.13128846
File: 1.21 MB, 1395x785, 47e91fe97e82ca889d9475f13b8cba03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Raise your hand if you're ready for snake cloaca! It's time for a new chapter of Mother of Monsters, in which recaps and rape abound!

Also, I've got a feeling the next chapter of The Word is going to take a bit, but I don't plan on dying soon, so fret not.

>> No.13128847

>Handholding only
You call that cuddling?

>> No.13128850

If I Alp myself, then no one else has to. You can all have our waifus, and not have to worry about sucking dick as a chick instead.

Do not weep for me, my child. I shall live on. In the daughterus you create with your waifu, I shall live on. In the daughterus they create, I shall live on. When all Anons have to no longer worry about Alping and not having their waifus, they can make many daughterus, and their existence is so because of my Alping.

No, shed not a tear, for by becoming an Alp, for sacrificing a chance to be with my waifu so others can, I shall be immortal.

>> No.13128851


>> No.13128852

Lewd. Sounds like a good plan. But you forgot about both of you saying that you love each other as you impregnate her.

>> No.13128853

Its already gone gold in its first week.

>> No.13128858

>no one else has to
That's ridiculous. All the gays are gonna Alp anyway.

>> No.13128859

But anon that's a given, like leg-locking and cuddling afterwards.

>> No.13128863

>Selling it
>Not keeping it a lewd secret between each of you
>Not playing it when you need the best masturbation fuel ever
>Exclusive to the two of you

A very nice touch.

>> No.13128864
File: 308 KB, 800x600, 1406837061975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Raise your hand

>> No.13128867

I hope not.

>> No.13128869

>implying we don't have dozens more tapes
>we just sold the one so that neither of us ever has to work and we can just stay at home making more tapes
Do you even life man?

>> No.13128870

>not auto-tuning it and having it playing in the background whenever she wants to make love to music

>> No.13128871

She looks like her armpit is about to get licked.

>> No.13128874

Might do some writing, any monsters you want me to write about?

>> No.13128876

N-no! That's all hairy and sweaty, you can't lick there!

>> No.13128879

Watch me

>> No.13128886

Slime or Yuki-onna please.

>> No.13128887

Holstaur. Weresheep. Werebat. Yeti. You get the idea.

>> No.13128888

Eh, me and my waifu have other means of making a livelihood than selling our sex noises for the listening pleasure of random people.

>> No.13128891

Then upload them in a cloud for free so people can enjoy them.

>> No.13128894

Anubis, Dragon, Nightmare.

>> No.13128898

Dragonslut pls

>> No.13128899

>Wanting random people on the internet to listen to the sounds of pleasure meant only for each other's ears
Seriously, why?

>> No.13128902

Ok old man.

>> No.13128905

>forgetting the rules

>> No.13128907

pls what?

>> No.13128909


>> No.13128913


This statement changes meaning depending on whether you say it like a white guy or say it like a black guy.

>> No.13128914

Spooning with six wolves leaves little wiggle room.

>> No.13128915

>everything is someone's sexual fetish

>> No.13128918

That's better.

>> No.13128939

That's some dark stuff there man.

>> No.13128952
File: 3.71 MB, 2000x2500, 1422942057413.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"I could make a long speech in an attempt to seduce you and make you my treasure, but I think it's clear from your look that my appearance alone has charmed you. Perhaps we can skip the formalities and you can hope in her and entertain me for a while."

>> No.13128953

I can hold my breath... for a loooong~ time.

>> No.13128958
File: 368 KB, 400x584, art fairy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Art fairy art fairy art fairy.

>> No.13128959

Your hands look very threatening.

>> No.13128964

I cannot deny a single word she just said, and would be overjoyed to join her and give whatever entertainment I am able.

>> No.13128966

Big Meaty Claws are one of the most comfortable things in the world though Anon.

>> No.13128967
File: 349 KB, 767x1200, 1420342642664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How stronk is your waifu?

>> No.13128968

You don't have to hold them then.

>> No.13128969
File: 2.05 MB, 1024x1283, Holsty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13128970
File: 1.38 MB, 3376x1264, 1393557800648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lady, I need to write, I can't hang out right now.

>> No.13128972

But I can't interlock fingers with them.

>> No.13128973


>> No.13128974

>friendship Holst

>> No.13128976
File: 98 KB, 800x1424, 1397600825797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stronker than yours.

>> No.13128977

No, but they can hold your hold, and she can use them to lovingly protect your fragile body.

Don't you want to feel those soft inner scales hold you tightly to her body, as her wings shield you?

>> No.13128979

>You don't have to hold them then.
You think a dragon's going to allow her hand to NOT be held? Are you mad?

>> No.13128984

If you're going to say mean stuff about her hands, then no, you don't get to hold them.

>> No.13128987

I raised my hand, and wasn't disappointed.

>> No.13128988

We could rule the world with these kind of bonds!

>> No.13128989

Hey man, I didn't say anything, I just wanted to point out that you're going to have to hold her hands. NOW.

>> No.13128990

Due to complaints by human men in Monster Girl City that they have to pay for their own full moon defenses, MGC has decided to grant each male a $10k credit to protect against the MG that is most likely to try and rape him during the monthly event. Be sure to give good reasoning for why you need the specific items you are buying, and be aware that any extra money will be granted in non-credit form after the full moon passes, no matter the outcome.
Roll for the MG coming for YOU! And reroll if you don't get a MG.
Hard mode: Roll two
Hell mode: Roll three
How do you spend the money? No, you don't get more if more than one MG is after you.

>> No.13129001

A magic and sound proof bunker, also lots of Holstaur milk and Hathorite pamphlets along with a large neon sign to hang in my living room that says "I hate kids."

>> No.13129002

>Giant ant
How much do hot air balloons cost? Or rather, what's the cheapest way to keep myself off the ground all night? I should reroll for a chall-
>Living doll
Well this sure is eas-
>Kitsune tsuki
Uh, can you armor a hot air balloon? Maybe coat it in a fire retardant?

>> No.13129003

Her silk will make money, I'll roll two
We can make money with her dust, I'll roll three.
We're starting the most well organized business in town, using the 10k as start up money. Once the company becomes profitable, we sell out to a Tanuki and bro down.

>> No.13129004

>dark Valkyrie
>lava golem

holy water, lots and lots of holy water

>> No.13129013

>Not trying to keep them out
>Instead, starting profitable businesses with them
You. I like how you think.

Also Anubis a best, so good going there.
Why do I never roll Anubis in these things?

>> No.13129014


>Parasite Slime

Hell mode mo like Ez mode.

Copper bands around the doors and windows, all kept barred and locked, salt the front door salt the window salt the bed salt the pipes.
Gonna make that slime too salty.
Dryad can't even move
Neither can Mandragora, she just stays indoors and loses her power after one scream.
The scream they let out after being uprooted.

>> No.13129016

I'm going to need that $10K for all the fire-retardant insulation and barricades.

>> No.13129019

>Girtablilu, Mandragora and a Mantis

I'm not so worried about the Mandragora but I probably screwed against the rest.

>> No.13129020

Well, I just need to make sure there isn't any place she can fit her head in and I'll be safe. No money spent. Lets roll another.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm... hot air balloon, can't get me in the air and I'll still by safe from the scylla.
>Dark angel
Fuck me it can fly. Know what? I'm okay with this, I'll take the dark angel and fuck her white in that hot air balloon.

>> No.13129021 [SPOILER] 
File: 95 KB, 489x494, 1425369364683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is relevant to a few people in here.
I'll delete it in 5 minutes

>> No.13129022

>Two deadly assassin types after you
Yeah, you're gonna have a hard time.

>> No.13129027
File: 157 KB, 682x914, Dark Angel Bonus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'll take the dark angel and fuck her white
Good man. Not my waifu, but Dark Angel's my favorite MG in terms of design and her profile.

>> No.13129028

my nigger.

>> No.13129042

Sticky fly paper everywhere
Distract her with something shiny or food
Run through the streets wearing a hazmat suit with a confused hobgoblin under my right arm and a Beelzebub partially mummified in fly paper under the left.

>> No.13129047

>taking the beelzebub
I can understand and agree on the Hobgoblin but why her?

>> No.13129049

Because surely no one deserves the fate of matangoization, even a fly.

>> No.13129051

Buy rubber sheets and surround my room with them
Gonna need some steel plating under that rubber
Okay now I'm fucked

>> No.13129058

>Okay now I'm fucked
Build an arc you lilly-livered quitter! Of course, you'd probably need to be more concerned with a flood of her fluids than one of rain, but the same boat'll work.

>> No.13129062

Touch the reverse scale anon. You know you want to. Make it a night to remember.

>> No.13129067

>implying I don't want to fuck the Ryu
I said now I'm fucked and I meant it

>> No.13129069


>Touching the reverse scale of a ryu during a full moon

dear god.

>> No.13129071

And another anon was never seen from again with the Ryu population jumping shortly afterwards.

>> No.13129082
File: 53 KB, 600x850, 1422483314871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ryus, huh?

>> No.13129085


Rumors spread that the Ryu prepared ahead of time and ate a raging mushroom shortly before having her reverse scale touched.

>> No.13129091

What if anon did too?

>> No.13129095

Asura's Wrath, the Porn.

>> No.13129100


A wandering Gandharva looking for a husband that particular night wandered into the house and saw the two of them going at it like sex-crazed beasts and made it into a song which became quite popular. Especially for unmarried Ryu.

>> No.13129105
File: 2.02 MB, 1024x2213, 20275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can women of the sea be trusted?

>> No.13129106

Night everyone.

Don't burn down the thread

>> No.13129111

Yes. They're gentle giants.
Nighty-night, don't let the Oomukade living under your bed hold your hand before marriage.

>> No.13129116


I would not become a sailor in a world of MGs personally.

>> No.13129117

I wouldn't even become a sailor now. Fuck the ocean man.

>> No.13129120

But where will I put all these phoenix chicks?

>> No.13129121

i want her to hold my hand though

>> No.13129123
File: 101 KB, 1000x750, 1403000784747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13129124

Why are you putting them down? They want up.

>> No.13129125

Rest them on your shoulder anon.

You shall be an almighty captain.

No promises. She's getting lonely

>> No.13129127

You're just trying to bully Alp again, aren't you?

>> No.13129132
File: 533 KB, 900x882, 3-2-2015lamia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when does drawing get easier you guys?

>> No.13129137

When you git gud.

>> No.13129138

After you become Japanese. Look at fucking Tezuka or Oda. The stuff just comes out of them.

>> No.13129140

There's no bodies of water within 30 miles of me, so no problem there
Bear Mace, shouldn't run me more than fifty bucks at most.
I fuck her into having corporeal form. Acquire one hot fox.

>> No.13129147

>delicious brown redhead
Your heart is true, at least.

>> No.13129148


Did you draw that anon? Pretty decent if you ask me.

>> No.13129156

Kind of a manchin, and an oversized forehead, but otherwise, quite pretty.
>Red head
Very pretty indeed.

>> No.13129170

You're heart's in the right place man, I like that Cerea picture too, everybody says you just gotta practice so do it.

>> No.13129172

How about, just as practice, you drew Junko in a box, smoking like a badass, with the words "To a good home, please take care of me" on the box.

>> No.13129177

thank you for the kind words you guys, i'll do my best to git gud

i'll keep that one in mind for the future, i'm about to go bed now though

have a nice night mgt

>> No.13129180

Yay. You don't get defiled by Oomukades in your sleep either, you hear?

>> No.13129207

Deader than dead.

>> No.13129211
File: 210 KB, 910x985, 1423564359946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look! Look what I can do!

>> No.13129215

>you will never be violated by an oomukade
why live

>> No.13129218
File: 2.23 MB, 2000x3500, 1415593819745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I can help big cats down on their luck.

>> No.13129222

>not doing both

>> No.13129224

I wonder if she could stay like that while making love.

>> No.13129247

Updated with new stuff.


>> No.13129250

Can I help? I want to see how fluffy a snow leopard's tail is.

>> No.13129251

It's customary to point out the line where the new stuff starts.

>> No.13129258

You go look for one, then. I'm helping out a tigress.

>> No.13129284

Chapter 1

I'll continue updating this paste until the chapter is finished before moving on the the next one.

>> No.13129289

There's so little of this. Next time you make more, MAKE MORE.

>> No.13129298

> "They have anti-matter in them. If you breached the vacuum chamber or cut power to the containment field you would have atomized us."

>> No.13129312

Welp, Junko's house is... not yet finished. But more progress is made, starting at line 164.


>> No.13129328
File: 66 KB, 700x700, 1403027494207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13129329
File: 203 KB, 723x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ara ara~

>> No.13129331

>tfw two sets of characters in a story meet for the first time
good stuff, man

>> No.13129336

>spaceworm glasses pharaoh-land
Holy shit

>> No.13129337

Auntie, why are you rubbing my thighs?

>> No.13129338

thank you, reading it now.

>> No.13129340

Gonna tzich her till she can't tzich any more.

>> No.13129341

No, go read >>13129284

>> No.13129344

fuck you I'll read whatever I want and you can't stop me
and I already read those

>> No.13129348

Oh. That's okay then.

>> No.13129353


>Be in a relationship with a moth girl

>All you ever have to get her as a gift are light sources.

>> No.13129359
File: 201 KB, 803x1200, Off the ceiling and onto the dance floor, flashing colors are shimmering bright, as she watches him move, to her delight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only if you have a cat with you.

You know for insurance.

>> No.13129360

What would happen if you shine the flashlight on your dick?

>> No.13129361

Red Seas Under Red Skies?

>> No.13129365


>> No.13129366

Late respond but Beladonna from An All Dogs Christmas Carol reminds me of Druella (hell, even their names sound alike). And she's even a powerful demon already, just needs some snu-snu brainwashing... and radical body humanization of course.


>> No.13129416

>you can hope in her
You need to do more proofreading.

>> No.13129422

don't get uppity you damn cannonfodder

>> No.13129432

>Vampire CEO of a multibillion dollar company
>Spends all day as an ice queen
>The fact that she keeps her office darkened to avoid the sun only adds to her reputation as an intimidating and demanding executive
>Every evening she comes home and makes her way to the couch, her Kikimoras changing her out of her sharp business suit and into one of her husband's t-shirts on the way there
>She plops down next to him with a dopey smile on her face before they kiss and she drinks a bit of his blood
>They have slow and tender cuddlesex well into the night

>> No.13129437
File: 369 KB, 800x600, 1332361727263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be married to spidergirl
>already had kids and grown old with her
>sing this on her birthday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKdsBlRNgX0with she replacing he obviously
It'd be absolutely worth it

>> No.13129444


My, didn't your little introduction drag-on. Did you prepare that little speech beforehand, or did you just wing it? I'm not interested in any case, I hear that you have a firey temper that is frankly off the scales. Anyway, I'm afraid I can't slay any longer, I'll have to fly now. Good knight

>> No.13129447

These are no rabble of mindless P'Orcs, these are P'Uruk-Hai. Their thighs are thick and their hips broad.

>> No.13129455

Hacknett, please the women of Dunland were more threatening

>> No.13129462
File: 267 KB, 727x650, 1410797219315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No bully please. Da Orc life be hard. You'll never know when some Elf is going to take over your body and make you do stuff.

>> No.13129471

Da orc life is to rape what the lord of the leash tells you to rape and do what the eye commands!
Back in line, we go hunting elves now as punishment!
that and one of those bitches stole the husband of a chief in Moria

>> No.13129474

We don't wanna go rape today~
But the lord of the leash says nay-nay-nay~
We're gonna rape all day, all day, all day~

>> No.13129490

Wolfu and Jinko fight for your affection
it's to the death
what do you do?

>> No.13129493


>> No.13129497

they're fighting themselves, not you

>> No.13129498

Slay winner, use pelts to woo lamia waifu

>> No.13129499

I tell them to stop fighting and date both of them.

>> No.13129504

If I'm dead, they won't fight, and neither of them has to go down.

>> No.13129506

But then they're sad

>> No.13129507

I'd rather they be sad than one of them be dead.

>> No.13129515


Tell them I already have a waifu and that their fighting is pointless. Actually, I have none, but my Yeti neighbor living next door keeps greeting me with hugs everyday, and the scent that she leaves on my body might just make my lie work.

>> No.13129520
File: 235 KB, 2000x1000, 1422830540650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeti palm sweat smell?

>> No.13129529

Oh sorry. New stuff starts at line 29

I don't plan to make it all that long but I'll finish it all the same so I hope you enjoy it.

>> No.13129533

Pretty good start, at long last after all the introductions! Not that those weren't great, but it's nice to see the story getting started. Definitely interested to see just where it'll go from here, especially with a cast that I really rather like already.

>> No.13129537