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Yuuka was wondering if you wanted to join her in bed for a little while.

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Okay, but only a little bit. My mom wants me home by 7.

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What are we gonna do on the bed?

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Sure, looks warm and comfy

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I just got out and got dressed.

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Mummy told me not to talk to strangers.

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I can't Yuuka, I'm sick.
I wouldn't want you to catch my cold.

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Well she can wait. I'm gay.

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She can fix that.

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I can't get in a drawing of a bed.

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We'll see about that.

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Only if she promises not to beat me up after.

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You would be surprised on how many homos have fathered children.

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Yuuka only wants to bed Patchouli

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w-why is she looking at me like that?

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Yuuka usually scares the shit out of me.

I'm not sure how I feel about this..

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Just a few punches?
C'mon, don't be a pussy

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I'm vegan...

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I doubt you'll be the one doing the eating.

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Well that's a shame, because plants just love meat.
Bones and other assorted animals parts are quite important for farms and giving the soil much needed nutrients.
There are even species of flowers that sustain themselves off of devouring living creatures.

The flesh of the living will one day become the fertilizer for the flowers of tomorrow.
Besides, I'm sure Yuuka is the type who just loves a good steak!

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Well Yuuka isn't a plant. I doubt she'd like you eating her flowers, though.

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Oh he'll be eating alright.

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You first.
Get down.

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Why is the grass black?

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Oh alright but she'll have to hug me to keep me warm though

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It's in her shade.

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Beware! Yuuka is probably unlike a Black Widow..

Viginity will be gone, but at a terrible price.

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I would pay with my life if i could have sex with Yuuka

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Agreed. Yuuka is perfect in every way.

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That's a quick way to suffer a strawberry-jamming, anon.

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Yuuka is more worried about breakfast than your poor attempts at sex.

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She's not.

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Yes she is.

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She's not and thank god for it.
Yuuka would so much more boring without her flaws.

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What you think are flaws are in fact her perfections.

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That doesn't make any sense!

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What you think makes her flawed does not actually flaw her, for they combine with her whole and parts to make her more perfect.

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Including how she doesn't have any friends?

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Does a Youkai really need friends? Really, not needing other people is a character benefit, not a flaw.

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God you make her sound dull.

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She doesn't need to have friends in order to torment or scare people, and that's what she does -- scare people, play jokes on them, make them nervous, and there's nothing stopping her from doing all that to you. She's a perfect Youkai, and if you don't like that, well, what a shame.

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i don't like flowers, they're expensive, stinky and lure in insects

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You are no longer welcome in Yuuka's garden.

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You can think of her however you want. She's a fictional character. But that's the information you get out of her in PoFV.

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>You can think of her however you want. She's a fictional character.
What a buzzkill.

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Only if you let it be.

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I want to eat a thick, fibrous, pungent turd that gets pushed out of Yuuka's anus.

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I want to eat a thick, fibrous, pungent turd that gets pushed out of Yuuka's anus.

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I'd rather cuddle Yuuka.

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Does this mean I'll be eating her instead?

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Would Yuuka still want me if I'm also a sadist? I just love bullying people and making them call me their queen but I don't think she'd let me do that to her.

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Youkai poop makes for a great fertilizer.

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May the best sadist win!

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Yuuka is a nice lady that invites people to her sunflower field to have fun.

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Are you growing anything?

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When she wants to be.

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That would be me of course

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what a crazy hippie

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Oh yeah?

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Yuuka is cute, but let's be honest here. No one is cuter than me.
Besides, that anger is unbecoming of a lady. I would never let someone make me angry.

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I'm thinking that you're underestimating the ultimate sadistic creature.

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Can I cum inside Yuuka?

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Of course. Careful with those youkai halfbreeds, though.

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And I think you're underestimating me. I'm not a creature I'm a queen.

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And she's been doing it far longer than you've been alive. Fear Yuukarin.

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Yuuka is fertile.

>> No.13571510

Something's growing, alright.

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Y-yes Yuuka, I'll make you feel good.

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