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>"I've heard you've been mistreating some of my precious cats..."

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Blogspot: http://monstergirlcollection.blogspot.mx/?zx=61f8bddc3f284770

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com/

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First for kikis are olev.

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>Fucked up the OP.

>> No.13559828

>Furry OP
OP you had ONE fucking job.

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You tried, champ

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I'm honestly not seeing it.

>> No.13559834

It's not though.

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That's not furry.

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Look at the nose.
It's practically a cat snout.

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Well, at least you recognized your mistake.


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I want to brush a Kejourou's hair.

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Remember that the term "creepy crawly" is discriminatory and problematic. Anyone who uses the term needs to check their leg privilege.

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Are you able to delete it?

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Shit, you're probably right. I thought it was just a shadow but it does look like a cat's nose.

Well, time to burn.

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I wouldn't mind a nice matango. As long as she doesn't forcefully infect anybody, I'd be happy to be with one, and live in solitude together.
They look cute in their profile picture, and are probably really soft and squishy.

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Can't delete OPs on the jay.

Either people take too long and make two of them, or someone makes one too quick and fuck it up.

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You can't delete OPs anymore for some reason.

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>Jinko waifu tries to teach daughterus how to roar
>They all squeak and squeal when trying
Status of your heart

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Quick 10-15 min quickie.
Practice for the next image I make.

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it's not a snout through, just the tip ofa cat nose.
It doesn't even have fur.

>> No.13559868

Kind of nice.
What's coming next?

>> No.13559869

Hey look, it's a walking talking deluxe size catskin couch. Just gotta make a few adjustments...

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She's ugly as fuck and looks furry

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You and me both, anon.

>> No.13559873

I want to see the result of you drawing with your non-dominant hand.

>> No.13559876

Gonna give a kiki a head pat.

>> No.13559878

Do you think she'd make lewd noises while you did?

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Cool, is it sci-fi?
It looks kinda sci-fi.

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That would be silly and pointless.

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Well, it's a shame reporting it probably wont do anything either, since they wont realize the issue. Great, we're stuck with a furry-esque no subject thread. Oh well.

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But it would be hot.
Then make some anon.

>> No.13559896

>But it would be hot
Not really. It would be like those Jap pornos where the woman goes overboard with the fake moan.

>> No.13559897

I want to date a dullahan and then facefuck her

>> No.13559900

I don't think it would be fake.

>> No.13559903

Nah, unless the thread gets deleted it's been too long. People will bitch about the subject throughout the thread though. They always do when OP fucks it up.

Sounds good to me too.

>> No.13559908

If it isn't fake then it would imply they can feel with their hair and receive sexual stimulation through it.
And that's just silly, and borderline stupid.

>> No.13559910

Stupider than....well at lot of things in MGE?

>> No.13559911

I'd pat her cheek if you catch my drift.

>> No.13559915

With the detachable head it makes it so much easier

>> No.13559917

Yes, actually.
Hair is just a bunch of protein stands, or something, and has no actual capacity for touch.

>> No.13559920

It's a practice for when I actually draw Mono-tan
I've tried that a few times, wouldn't go so well lol.
I'm throwing a few ideas around in my head, but I guess I'll see what I feel like most next week when I have time to draw on my own time.

>> No.13559921

You gonna kiss her cheek? Cute

>> No.13559924

Have you ever had a really good head massage? They're not quite orgasmic, but they feel fucking amazing.
It wouldn't be a stretch to think that kekourous could orgasm from a tender touch to their head

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File: 1.08 MB, 1240x1754, 1432770199949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you lick her paws?

>> No.13559931

Yep. And you can take the head with you where ever you go, for public facefucking.

>> No.13559932

>It's a practice for when I actually draw Mono-tan
That's neat, but do you really need practice to draw a simple Kitsune?

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Name something more heartwarming than giving your infant monster girl daughteru her bottle and then watching her fall asleep in your arm afterwards

>> No.13559938

Noice, after loving a date, walk home facefucking

>> No.13559939

A touch to the head is completely different than to the hair.
There are nerves in your scalp, anon.

>> No.13559940

Until she was steaming like a sauna.

>> No.13559942

No I'd spray her with my liquid nitrogen hose and tell her to get off my bedsheets before she burns them.
Then tell her to get her nails cut

>> No.13559944

Keeping your Shirohebi eggs safe and warm in your butthole and the experience of them hatching.

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>Incredulous Succubus isn't sure that's a good idea

>> No.13559946

Warm ups don't hurt, to get better familiar with the character.
I do this almost every time I draw someone else's character, just to get a quick feel for them.

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I want to be the dakimakura

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You're taking a swim along the beach when this girl suddenly breaches the surface of the water and clasps your hands with her own.

>"Excuse me, handsome, do you have a moment to hear about the glory and love of the Enkindlers?"

How do you respond?

>> No.13559955

does garlic work on a vampire

>> No.13559959

Dude, you are completely right.
But in the case of a kejourou, they can feel through their hair. Take a gander at the entry, and I'm fairly certain it says they can experience taste and touch through their hair, as well as interact with spirit energy.

>> No.13559960

Head massages are not hair massages.

>> No.13559961

...Do you drawfags even draw characters from any writefags? Excluding .Less?
You guys seem to only really care about your own OCs and other Drawfags'.

>> No.13559962

Yes. I want to cuddle her for hours.

>> No.13559963

Be sure to sign up for the Agency for Human boy Daki's for lonely Monster Girls.

>> No.13559965

How do you tie up a slime? I'mma kidnap her and keep her in my basement.

>> No.13559967

It works as a powerful aphrodisiac.

>> No.13559970

Scream in agony if those spines are in her hands.
As well as a cross works on a Jiangshi.

>> No.13559972

No, I don't like Hellhounds.

>> No.13559975

"...The fuck is an Enkindler?"

Or if you want to be more realistic


>> No.13559976

Jellyfish can occasionally be hermaphrodites.

>> No.13559978

No, thanks. I'm just here to use the bathroom. I'm not actually, but she doesn't need to know that.

Sounds like a dream job.

>> No.13559979


She did ELH's lilim iirc.

>> No.13559980

>Their hair can experience sense such as taste and touch for the sake of enjoying sex with men. When they feel their beloved man touching their hair and putting his face in it, they experience ecstasy, and if semen is released into their hair, the delicious taste of semen staining each and every hair is followed by a dream-like rapture, and a sensation as if they're being dominated by the man's semen.

I stand corrected. It's balls-to-ass retarded though.

>> No.13559982

Don't demand stuff from them, Anon. They don't owe us anything.

>> No.13559983

This isn't a jellyfish. It's a Sea Slime.

>> No.13559985

Fuck, I love fresh garlic. I always have a few cloves in my kitchen

>> No.13559989

>Blocking the midriff
Mari you tease

>> No.13559991

I'm not demanding. Fuck. It was just a simple question.

Is he even really a writefag at this point?

>> No.13559992

I do care, but for me anyway, it comes to how much time I have.
A lot of it is spent with things irl, and then my studies to improve my art.
Had I all the time in the world like Less does, I would draw a hell of a lot more and things in these threads too.

>> No.13559994

>It's balls-to-ass retarded though.

I don't care. I want to experience giving her the brush.

>> No.13559996

He isn't demanding anything, he's asking a question, don't pull out your defense force pitchforks just yet.

>> No.13559997

That's how almost all drawfags are. That's how they've always been. Drawfagging on 4chan is a circlejerk if you get any more than 3 artists together. I see it all the time.
IMO there's nothing wrong with that, and it makes sense. Drawfags hang out with people that both 1) share a hobby and 2) can help them improve.

>> No.13560000

Physical stuff isn't too great against slimes unless we go really high-tech. Magic items would be your best bet.

>> No.13560005

That program is a trap, it's 90% lonely yetis and they send you on a one way trip to the middle of frozen nowhere

>> No.13560006

>defense force

Hold up there, I'm not part of any Xfag defense force. I'm just sayin'. You know...just sayin'.

>> No.13560008

>Had I all the time in the world like Less does
Yet he still refuses to draw anything I bring up. Though I'm 99.998% sure he doesn't like me after what I said about Haohi as a joke.

>> No.13560012

My god, being trapped by a fluffy cuddly, brown, bi breasted warm monster girl.

What a terrible fate.

>> No.13560013

>That program is a trap, it's 90% lonely yetis
...That would be the best possible outcome, friend. Can't even think of a better outcome. Nope. Not possible.

>> No.13560014

Buy him gifts. Bitc- err, people like gifts

>> No.13560021

>Cold weather
>With Yetis to make up with warmth



>> No.13560022

>lonely yetis

Oh no~ What ever shall I do?

>> No.13560023

>Buy him gifts
That code for "give him the money shot"?

>> No.13560029

Uh oh! You've come across a Succubus/Demon who doesn't want to be evil, she wants to be good and do good things and dreams of being turned into an angel with one singular husband.
What do you do?

>> No.13560030

You must temp/seduce him with your charm. Then you will unlock the CG to his H scene

>> No.13560032

Help her out and see what happens

>> No.13560033

I put a fuckin ring on her finger and we marry in the local church

>> No.13560034

Teach her to rape again.

>> No.13560036

Wish her luck and go about my day.

>> No.13560037

Find her a paladin that's into that I guess. I don't find angels or succubi that interesting.

>> No.13560038

Maybe... or maybe he just doesn't find the ideas interesting.
It's like if someone were to ask me to do Futa stuff, I'd refuse no matter what the pay... unless the person is crazy and starts throwing ridiculous amounts lol...

>> No.13560039

Nonexistent. I'll just have to deal with the fact that I'll never see a Loli Valkyrie riding atop her brother figure's shoulders and swinging a wooden sword at things.

>> No.13560042


>> No.13560043

Help her find a husband, I guess. Like hell I'd risk being with a succuslut. If it turns out she is a liar, no loss for me, and if she turns out to be good, I helped set them up.

>> No.13560044

There's no guarantee a Yeti will find you in time before you freeze
Unless they can lock on to any cold human with their antennae

>> No.13560045

"Hey, that's a big dream you got there. Best of luck, sis."
>Brofist and part ways

>> No.13560049

>Enough money will make me draw futa

>> No.13560052

Yetis have heatseeking paws. They're fucking ninjas, mang.

>> No.13560054

No, but I'd rub them.

>> No.13560057

One Yeti is decent enough at finding travelers in peril, it's practically their job. A whole bunch of lonely ones? Should be fine.

>> No.13560058

Huh. That's a pretty good idea. Alright, Yeti Antennae now help them find people in my mind. Also, what sort of agency in a MG world offering what they offer, wouldn't see you to their door? That's just asking for trouble.

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>> No.13560067

I'm leaning towards he just doesn't like me in general. I've come up with maybe TWO ideas he might have liked, emphasis on MIGHT.
But oh well, these things happen.

>> No.13560068

A trillion is more than a billion, numbnut.

>> No.13560069

I want to find the purest monster girl and hold her hand

>> No.13560076

Enjoy your horsepussy handholding, friend.

>> No.13560079

What if you find a Wyvern or a Harpy?

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Bastet Goddess is Bestest Goddess!

>> No.13560092

She would be the bestest, if she weren't already bested by Ra-chan in the best /mgg/ Goddess contest. Best of luck next time, Bastet.

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File: 768 KB, 688x1800, Batet and Minerva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13560103

But what if I find a purer one?
Tail/wing holding works

>> No.13560106

What if you find an intangible ghost girl?

>> No.13560109

Wonder if we're doing it in public when she passes through me?

>> No.13560112
File: 1.77 MB, 1181x1748, 03895.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How big would you like the dick, sir?
I guess... still seems a bit harsh for a simple joke.

>> No.13560116

Bastet is better by default, as Ra isn't canon.

>> No.13560117

What if the first MG you find has no arms?

>> No.13560118

Doubtful. Unicorns are THE pure MG. Obviously you can make whatever you want however pure you want in your head though.

>> No.13560121

>Have a one night stand with a monster girl queen/princess
>1 year later get found during advnetures by her knights
>go back to her kingdom
>find you two have a kid now
>she wants you to take the child with you to prevent her from being dragged into this life, while she stays and watches her Kingdom
What do you do?

>> No.13560124


This fucking guy.

>> No.13560125

Would Tanuki's go after Harry Enfield?

>> No.13560130

>anything but lovingly raising your child together

>> No.13560132

>Implying canon matters at all.
Besides, Ammy and Hathor are the best.

>> No.13560133

Take the child and raise him/her to be a stronk as fuck knight and kill evil shit together.

>> No.13560135

All Hail the Glory of Set.

>> No.13560136

>I guess... still seems a bit harsh for a simple joke
I'm not completely sure it's that though, it's just what I believe is the most likely thing.
But as I said, oh well either way. He'll go off to do various Hellhound art and such, while I sit around hoping a drawfag vies enough of a fuck to do a loli Valkyrie or a Kenjourou with a hair knot puffing her cheeks in anger.

>> No.13560137
File: 20 KB, 298x299, 1430667924491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what a fucking cunt

and yeah i'll raise that kid and its going to be the best damn kid in all the fucking land

>> No.13560138

I would need to learn about their history and royal life before making a decision. There are quite a few situations where it would be preferable to take them as she says.

>> No.13560141

>How big would you like the dick, sir?
Make it a rainbow colored horse cock that's 3 feet long and jizzes semen that tastes like melted skittles.

>> No.13560142

>its going to be the best damn kid in all the fucking land
Them challenge words.

>> No.13560144

Fine. She doesn't want a daughteru then I'll take her.

>Papa, where are we going?
>"An adventure honey! Apparently an old friend of mine has perished and his hometown is being ravaged by undead."
>U-undead?! Like s-skeletons and zombies?
>"Of course! We may even see a ghost! Time for you to learn how to use a mace sweetie!"

>> No.13560145


>> No.13560146

Give her cybernetic arms that sh didn't ask for?

>> No.13560149


>> No.13560150

>Drop a nuclear bomb in MG world
>Bomb turns into an MG
How fucked are you

>> No.13560153

>Implying anything not-canon is relevant
Besides, you tastless fags are all wrong. You should worship and prostrate before the glory of the Old Gods, the Ancient Ones who sleep within the spires of the Deep.

>> No.13560158

What happens when she orgasms?

>> No.13560159

We're having twins.

>> No.13560160

Royal families have LINES of assassins waiting to kidnap/kill/rape them.
You don't need a background check, you can probably look out the window and see like 20 thieves hiding around the castle.

>> No.13560162

What if you get erased from existence in both physical and spiritual level before you find one?

>> No.13560166

Wanna lick elf ears

>> No.13560171

Wanna snuggle elves in sweaters and nibble elf ears while holding hands

>> No.13560173
File: 63 KB, 300x369, 1430347876871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13560175
File: 441 KB, 529x608, 347348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wanna nibble human ears

>> No.13560176

That's my fantasy to a T
Well, one of them

>> No.13560179

What if not all gods are female?

>> No.13560185

They probably aren't. Like the pure elemental just take on feminine forms because that's the hip thing to do now, but don't really have to.

>> No.13560191

Ever since I had a girl do this to me and suck on them it's become one of my biggest fetishes. It has no right feeling as good as it does.

>> No.13560192

Werecat what are you doing here

Go home, you don't even know how to use personal pronouns yet

>> No.13560193

If you like loli, that may be the problem there.
Less is an ass man, if you haven't noticed with the hips in so many of his pics
Sounds tasty.

>> No.13560195

Being abused by MG wife

>> No.13560196

As bad as bonnet tipping Lizardgirl.

>> No.13560197

Abusing MG wife

>> No.13560200

Considering it probably turned into a dark matter? Very.

>> No.13560201

Abusing the daughteru

>> No.13560202

Being abused by MG daughteru

>> No.13560203

Abusing the dick___

>> No.13560204
File: 470 KB, 775x719, 1427712321109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When did /jp/ start having MG threads?

>> No.13560206

how long have you been gone?

>> No.13560208

This is the first one

>> No.13560209

I'm going to abuse my dick over monster girls.

>> No.13560210

The loli was merely an example.
I know pretty well he isn't too fond of loli just from looking at his pics.
An actual request would probably be, for example, a Werewolf or Werecat in Snake's ass hugging sneaking suit from MGS2.

>> No.13560212
File: 264 KB, 800x1000, 1_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i do requests stuff i just forget to post/finish them sometimes teehee

>> No.13560214

When DID we start having them
I actually forget how long it's been

>> No.13560215

>Sounds tasty
I agree, I have a craving for Skittles now.

>> No.13560216

Any chance of you doing Apsara wearing the Mega Milk t-shirt?

>> No.13560218

About a year

>> No.13560220

I need a combination of Dragon, Wyvern, Wurm, and Ryu to exist.
They ultimate Wyrm.

>> No.13560221

Why are ears so damn lewd?

>> No.13560222

Remember to polish your monster girl's hooves/horns/claws and tusks

>> No.13560224

I want to cook for my waifu

>> No.13560227

Dicking the abuser

>> No.13560229
File: 574 KB, 1029x1920, 1415072934655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Remember to polish your husbando's cock every night before bed"

>> No.13560230

>Wurm making the cutest face as you polish her horns for her

>> No.13560231
File: 928 KB, 750x1050, c13dd7518593ac344d133778d0de299c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to cook my waifu.

>> No.13560234

>Lamia with wings wings on her back and more wings instead of arms with a crown of spikes on her head

Sounds like a double quetzalcoatl, I want to fuck it.

>> No.13560237

Your post makes me want to see a thunderbird in Raiden's Skullsuit

>> No.13560242

Well I knew that was coming.

>> No.13560243
File: 357 KB, 1000x2000, Untitled-2_3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Had I all the time in the world like Less does

mari pls

>> No.13560244

>Cooking orange juice
The fuck are you doing?

>> No.13560246

I want to help a slime

>> No.13560247

It's a honey slime, dummy.

>> No.13560248

is that a dragon with a wight hairstyle?

>> No.13560251

>more dragon

>> No.13560255

Don't post that shit

>> No.13560263
File: 2.05 MB, 2000x2500, headless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its that girl from that hero manga i forgot i did it for an anon from /a/ drawthreads

then what about this

>> No.13560266


>> No.13560273

I want her to give me head

>> No.13560277
File: 1.87 MB, 1280x1224, 1431287781448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ara ara ~ you're awake? I've been watching you sleep anon, you looked so peaceful i didn't want to awake you.

What do?

>> No.13560282

I want to give her head pats

>please solve more to be verified
Fuck you captcha

>> No.13560283

"Well, I'm awake now, what is it that you need?"

>> No.13560284

Overwhelm her sadism with loving, passionate sex with cuddles afterwards.
Otherwise, cut off her head and turn her into a dullahan.

>> No.13560285

Turn around and sleep again

>> No.13560286

Rub her navel

>> No.13560288

Well I'm awake. So now what?
>Having to solve 9 captchas to be verified

>> No.13560291

>"Good job not waking me up."
>Roll over
>Wait for the next girl to wake me, hopefully of a different species.

>> No.13560293


>Anon we both know what i need, i give you my word i will make it feel good~

>> No.13560295

>Fiercely impregnate

>> No.13560296

I'd let her have a head, if you know what I mean.

Try to go back to sleep. Tailpussy is shit.

>> No.13560301

Oh, that's right. Let's get started then.

>Proceed to start ticklefight

>> No.13560306

ill be taking requests later today after i get finished with some stuff. ill do that first

>> No.13560309

Use 5000th Dan Karate and hit her with the Omega Sanction

>> No.13560310


>Comm chimes in.
>This is not a good time.
>You gotta duck under a volley of laser fire and slide into cover before you can answer.
>"Sweetie, Daddy's busy, can I call ya back?"
>"It's bed-time, you said you'd sing me a lullaby."
>The door across the bridge in front of you explodes off it's hinges.
>Out steps the biggest fucking Hellhound you've ever seen toting the biggest fucking gun you'd ever ever imagined.
>"Sweetie, I'll sing for you once I'm back on the ship-"
>"That's what you said last time!"
>A blast from that Hound's gun blows off a chunk of your cover right next to your head.
>Your squadmates are all just staring at you incredulously.
>You can hear your little girl's pouting over the comm.
>You sigh.
>Proceed to sing Rockabye Baby while fighting Space Nazis.
>Extra loud, so she can hear you over the explosions, gunfire and the laughter of your squadmates and the ships crew.

>> No.13560311

>She tries to tickle you with her paws.
>The ER diagnosis is severe blood loss and several stabbing wounds at the sides.

>> No.13560314

>Guys laughing at a man trying to make his daughter happy
Good way to catch a beating if you ask me.

>> No.13560316

Ah... two monsters we need more of I find.
Probably what the stuff tastes like to monsters every day.

>> No.13560317

Ask for the tailpussy

>> No.13560318

I think I can walk this one off. Right?

>> No.13560320

>Anon we both know what i need
Yeah, to learn to capitalize your first person pronouns.

>> No.13560324
File: 283 KB, 715x1000, 4804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What an angry-looking vagina.

>> No.13560325

If they're anything like cat claws this wouldn't happen.

>> No.13560326

This is fucking brilliant. Can you please make that into a story?

>> No.13560329

Of course it looks angry, it's probably really hungry.

>> No.13560335
File: 51 KB, 1177x769, 143589345206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some Succubi are scary.

>> No.13560336
File: 490 KB, 655x927, -0.35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's time for some Super-Holst writes.
>Be generic anon in your early 20s
>Your have no siblings and your parents had died several years ago
>You weren't exactly sure what your dad did for work once he got remarried to that Tanuki, but they had left you with a sizable inheritance
>Even though you have an abundance of funds, you choose to live fairly modestly
>Most of the money had been invested anyways
>You also still work
>It's just part-time, but you have no idea what you'd do with yourself when the possibilities were virtually endless
>Having lots of stuff to choose from had always really intimidated you
>You have a small, two bedroom house a little outside MGC proper; not quite in the city, but not quite in the suburbs either
>Nobody ever really visited you, but something felt weird about just getting a one-bedroom house
>You enjoyed your solitary, comfortable life, even if it was a bit lonely at times

>You walking home form work one day
>Work had been uneventful, and you were looking forward to going home and being able to relax
>As you pass an alley a few blocks from home, an odd smell tickles your nose
>Chalking it up to some trash-dumper, you decide to ignore it
>You don't even make it two steps before you stop again
>You definitely just stepped in something wet.
>This was especially odd, it had been sunny and warm all day
>That smell it getting stronger, it smells almost like... milk?
>You look down and see a steady stream of white liquid trickling across the sidewalk and into the gutter
>As foreboding as it is, the smell is alluring and almost calming
>Your curiosity is piqued; you've learned to act on feelings like this as they don't happen often at all
>Otherwise you will never be able to stop thinking about what it could be and why
>The alley is thickly overgrown with weeds, but you can see a large, misshapen blob towards the back
>Welp. This better not fuck you over.

>> No.13560339

Fearboners are still valid boners to a succubus.

>> No.13560344
File: 753 KB, 800x663, d7490ad3fe05b040f1f198d13d1ae338.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Anon! Help me!"
>"A tentacle monster got me!"

>> No.13560345

>Slide the panties aside, her arousal making her lips so puffy it's easily held in place
>She whines and arcs her back as your cock grinds into her lips a few times before spearing her folds apart and sliding in to the hilt, her tight passage coiling around you ecstatically
>Sigh as you meet with the warm wetness of her womb
>Look down
>This thing is just glaring at you angrily
>Like you're skullfucking some pissed off dragon in its original form
>Have to cover its eyes so it;s not looking at you, creeping you out
>Try not to laugh
>Laugh a lot
>Go limp inside her from laughter
>She grows a complex
>Never wears angry dragon head underwear again

>> No.13560346

>"I-I'm sorry I called you a slut!"
>"It's not too late to seduce me you know! You don't have to beat me up!"

>> No.13560353

She's just a lure.

>> No.13560354

Kill monster save pretty lady.

>> No.13560361

Sorry babe, can't interfere with Natural Selection.

>> No.13560369

I'll take your word for it.

>> No.13560383

Fuck off Darwin.

>> No.13560388

I wanna be oblivious to MG flirting

>> No.13560389

Only way to save you is burning you and it alive.

>> No.13560390

You gonna get raped.

>> No.13560391

My but she is pretty. You still working on this, or is this it?

>> No.13560392

That nigga doesn't even look scared of her, just annoyed.

>> No.13560394

But with my plucky charm I avoid it

>> No.13560396

You're never as charming as you think you are.

>> No.13560398

Oh yes. This is good.

>> No.13560399

Make her solve 100 captchas. Consecutively. Before she can rape you.

She has to prove that she is not a robot, but a human.

>> No.13560402


That just makes you irresistible to them.
Just wear a chastity belt.

>> No.13560423

Monster girls who only date virgin guys

>> No.13560426

>You take a step forward
>Your foot makes a weird, wet, squelching noise as it lands in the milk-saturated grass
>God damn, it's like someone has a hose on that sprays milk instead of water
>You can sort of hear a low, repetitive murmuring coming from the shadowy blob
>Are those words?
>You can't be sure
>You cautiously move forward
>Living in a city of monsters has taught you to be on your guard at all times
>The blob slowly becomes clearer as you part the thick weeds
>You don't think you remember them being here actually, but you never really cared enough to notice
>Finally, the blob comes into full view
>A lump forms in your throat as you take in the scene before you
>A Holstosaur is sprawled out in the grass, moaning something unintelligible
>That part isn't too alarming
>What's alarming are her breasts
>Holy fucking Hathor they're huge
>Together, they're about as big as she is
>The Holst herself seems larger than most, both taller and wider
>Two steady, thick streams of milk are flowing form her large, inflamed nipples
>You can barely see the shreds of her shirt between them
>What the actual fuck happened here?
>She's finally noticed your presence.
>She turns to you; her black and white hair is soaked with milk as is the rest of her body
>Her face is so red you're almost surprised she isn't bleeding from it and her eyes are glazed and basically lifeless
>What a wreck (her voluptuous, curvy body...)
>You should just leave now
>Go back home, make a nice meal and forget what you're looking at
>That would be nice
>It's too bad you just can't bring yourself to look away
>You can't help the fact that you hoist her up on your back, her gargantuan teats draped over each of each other
>It's not your fault that you bring her back to your house and lay her in the bathroom while you change out of your now milk-drenched clothes
>You aren't responsible for any of that, right?

>> No.13560433

Well then we're fine.

>> No.13560437

That's Unicorn's primary gimmick. Don't let her pure demeanor fool you. She's basically a very selective predator.

>> No.13560439

But you just got raped by your least favorite MG and now your Waifu won't take you

>> No.13560443

Would monster girls do drugs?

>> No.13560446

They inject Semen into their blood

>> No.13560449

Nothing that would absolutely wreck their shit, and you know wonderland monsters probably smoke weed every now and again.

>> No.13560450

What about monstergirls who are into older guys?

Do they get fucked over since every boy over the age of ten is married to their childhood friend/onee-san/rapey teacher/that one girl that looked at them from outside their bedroom window/alped friends?

>> No.13560452

I do drugs, so why not?
>tfw not liftan with jinko waifu
>tfw not doing shrooms with her on the weekend

>> No.13560456

Drugs a shit.
Artificial pleasure.

>> No.13560460

That is fucked up

>> No.13560467

Of course they would, they already kinda do so with venoms, demon fruits, and whatever shit your local Bapho brewed up in her basement lab

Sounds pretty fun

>> No.13560472 [DELETED] 

>All monstergirls prioritize little boys over older guys

Fucking stop.

>> No.13560474

>those MGs that are so hooked on it that they even injects it into herself

man MGC is a really shitty place....

>> No.13560478

Depends on the setting.

For example. In MGE this wouldn't be a problem since humans and monsters are at odds with one another. Most of humanity sticks with itself and hate monsters.

In MGC it depends on how many native humans live there and how closely they normally interact with monsters. Also monstergirls don't normally give birth to human boys. So most of the time human men are immigrants.

It's not artificial. It's the opposite, since it all just comes down to nerves and chemicals. That's what makes pleasure drugs so dangerous in real life.

>> No.13560481

>every boy over the age of ten
>little boys

He meant that everyone would already have a partner that they've grown up with you dongus

>> No.13560483

I don't think you understand Anon.

I'm not saying that monstergirls prefer little boys over older guys.

I'm saying that most or all older guys are married, leaving only the young ones to get husbando'd or raped into mindbroken status.

>> No.13560484

>Succubus has a guy tied down
>Jacking him off while her nostril is positioned right on the tip of his dick
>Takes a nice big snort when he cums
>Her pupils dilate, she starts to shake a little

>> No.13560487

God, I don't mean artificial in the technical sense. I rarely ever mean that.

>> No.13560490
File: 325 KB, 700x1102, 48619100_p9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13560491

Yeah sounds horrible, why can't they be normal why do they have to inject it
Fuck snorting it is just a tiny bit better

>> No.13560492
File: 51 KB, 157x175, 1369718644991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp we're all just wrong forever then.

>> No.13560495

>Drugs a shit
Only if you're a dumbass who can't into moderation and responsibility

>> No.13560496

Why is she strangling him?

>> No.13560500

Because she's a shit, like all yanderes

>> No.13560504

Is she? How did you know?

>> No.13560509
File: 1.67 MB, 525x295, Spooky ghost girl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to marry a Ghost girl.

Do we have any good stories involving them?

>> No.13560510

He speaks stranglish. That strangle means Yandere

>> No.13560512

I'd rather not rely on drugs to get pleasure. I'd rather my pleasure be purely derived from my own emotional responses. Of course, I'm not talking about all types of pleasure in this sense.

>> No.13560513

Not all yanderes are yangires.

And just about everyone who likes yanderes prefers the flavor that gets violent with everyone else, not their love interest.

>> No.13560514

Hoh hoh hoh

>> No.13560516

Here is QT ghost

>> No.13560520

Seen that before.
Extreme QT.

>> No.13560521



>> No.13560524
File: 197 KB, 440x963, 1404094177462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want dat Ghost Butt.

>> No.13560525

Ghostgirls are my favorite

>> No.13560530

There was a very good one on MGU that was taken down for some reason. Wonder if I can contact writefag to post it on a pastebin or something.

>> No.13560532

Uh oh! Due to funky genetics that passed your monster girl waifu, your monster girl daughteru is now giant sized,
How do you react

>> No.13560535

>It was just the smell of the milk.
>The smell of the milk made you do it.
>The smell of the sweet, creamy, beautiful milk that just wanted to gorge yourself on and take a bath in
>Wait, what?
>She got you.
>Not intentionally, most likely, but she got you.
>Now wearing fresh clothes, you return to the bathroom
>Something else you couldn't easily forget was her soft, pleading mantra
>You'd gotten an earful of it when you struggled to get her to your home
>Her low, heavy breathing of the words "...milk me... ...please, milk me... ...milk me..." had been hard to ignore when they were right up against your ear
>As the first one to take notice of her plight, you were obligated to help her.
>That's how these things worked, right?
>You were just helping a sick lady, that was all.
>You look down at her, her size coupled with her massive breasts nearly filled your small bathroom
>Milk is still freely flowing from her teats, you bette act fast or she might flood the place
>A bit of awkward shifting and lifting, and you are standing next to the bathtub
>You didn't have many containers handy, and you doubted that the whole lot of them couldn't hold even a fraction of what was stored in this girl's teats
>You plug the drain
>You never used the tub anyway, and it had just been cleaned
>'Here it goes.'
>You gingerly take the Holst's left breast into your arms and awkwardly pull it towards the tub
>There's no going back now
>You wrap both hands around the flesh near her engorged nipple and squeeze
>You jump as the Holst-girl lets out a long, loud, throaty moan
>A massive jet of warm, smooth milk hits the bottom of the tub and an odd sort of satisfaction hits you
>That satisfaction drives you forward as you squeeze at her teat again
>A second jet of milk hits the tub and the Holst lets out another, equally loud moan
>With only two squeezes, you can already tell that the size of her breast has gone down

>> No.13560537
File: 507 KB, 582x823, 4932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Those red dragons
>U wot m8?

>> No.13560540

>Hurting her lover

>> No.13560541

Try to raise her as best as I can, use her to defeat other evil giant monsters.

>> No.13560545

The part where the Ghost girl is watching a movie with Gene Kelly always gets me.

>> No.13560550

>I'd rather not rely on drugs to get pleasure
See, then that wouldn't be doing them responsibly. You're probably thinking more along the lines of
>I'm so god damn sad but I'm gonna ride the white horse til I feel amazing

Where as I'm more in the camp of
>I'm gonna download a comedy flick, get some snacks, and pick up an eigth on the way home
>Then my hellhound girlfriend and I are gonna share a bowl, cuddle on the couch, and enjoy our movie

It's an enhancer of joy, not the source. When you start thinking of it as the latter, that's when you need help

>> No.13560552

I love yanderes, but violent ones that attack their lover in some way (unconsciously or in jealous despair) aren't that uncommon. More common in games or VNs so the objective is surviving her route.

>> No.13560553

First impression I got when I saw that pic some threads ago.

>> No.13560556

Semantics, blah blah blah, picking words carefully. I know what you mean. That's actually not what i mean.

>> No.13560566

Oh god muh dick

>> No.13560567
File: 981 KB, 1378x2039, 5083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you like it when your waifu nibbles on you?

>> No.13560571

Of course!

Daughterus is another matter. They don't realize how hard they're biting half the time.

>> No.13560572

Someone will be sure to remember that next time you need help from a monster about to rape you.

>> No.13560575

Are you implying non-consensual rape exists and people should want to be helped from that? Thank god that's not the world I'm living in. Sounds like shit.

>> No.13560576

I want to raise a daughteru to be kind,modest, and gentle

>> No.13560580

How much would you guys pay for a massive sandbox game, like Minecraft, with better mechanics, of course, but with the key feature of waifu simulation and a large variety of monster girls to interact with?

>> No.13560581

We think alike mang.

>> No.13560584

Druella pls

>> No.13560585

So you want her to die alone? Way to go.

My daughteru will be raping all the human boys on the park and you'll be consoling that good for nothing crybaby.

>> No.13560593

$60, but as a completed product. No early access or any of that other shit.

>> No.13560595
File: 1.82 MB, 1750x1660, 1368066924922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sex drive

>> No.13560596

>Mari arrives
>Doesn't give us new smug lilim for shitposting purposes

>> No.13560603

Up to $200 for a limited edition of the completed that at least comes with a plushie of mai waifu.

>> No.13560604

I'll raise her to be just like her mother. "No" won't be in her vocabulary!

>> No.13560605

>You can't just milk her boobs one at a time.
>That's just not right.
>You wait for a moment and an idea comes to you
>With a great deal of effort, you sit the Holst up on her knees, facing the tub
>She is very wobbly, but before she has a chance to fall, you sit cross-legged between her and the tub and let her lean on your back
>Damn she's heavy.
>You drape her teats over your shoulders again (what an awesome feeling that is) and take hold of each of her nipples
>Carefully, you start to milk her again, squeezing one nipple and then the other
>Left, right, repeat. Left, right, repeat. Jet after creamy jet of milk fills the tub
>The only other sound in the room is the deep, cooing, thankful moans of the Holst
>Eventually, her teats are small enough that the spurts of milk can barely reach the now almost full tub
>Her squirts have also decreased in pressure and quantity, and he moans have softened
>You switch places with her to have her closer to the tub
>Your arms can barely reach her nipples around her wide, squishy torso
>After a bit more milking, the tub is full.
>It still seems like she has more to give though
>The size of her breasts has decreased dramatically, but they are still more than three times the size of any you have seen
>"We're gonna get up now."
>You warn her before slowly helping her to her feet
>To your relief, the Holst is now steady and balanced enough to stand on her own
>Now that she is standing, you notice that she is at least a head taller than you
>You gently take her hand and lead her away from the tub
>Now it's the sink's turn
>Your arms wrapped around the voluptuous Holst once more, you empty the rest of her milk into the sink
>You're done.
>At least, you hope you're done.
>Two tiny trickles of milk are still leaking from the Holst, but you can't get much more than that out when you squeeze her
>You'd heard about special breeds of Holst that lactate almost constantly

>> No.13560607

Sounds fair enough to me.

>> No.13560610

Why was Konata the first one I noticed out of all those?

>> No.13560612

No I know what you meant. My point was that one shouldn't demonize a thing based on stupid people being stupid. If you want to enjoy experiences without a drug enhancing it, good for you. That's your right and your choice. If there's anything that sucks about drugs, its those who peer pressure. Those people are dicks.

>> No.13560616
File: 405 KB, 733x800, no truck for you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck were you thinking?

>> No.13560622

>My daughteru will be raping all the human boys on the park

Slut. She's gonna be used and thrown away by everyone.

>> No.13560626

>You drape her teats over your shoulders again (what an awesome feeling that is) and take hold of each of her nipples
Fucking yes. Such a good image.

>> No.13560628

>in a setting where a good portion of monsters rape and imprison their partners.

It's the other way around for the guys who can't avoid getting raped by every other monstergirls.

>> No.13560629

>Not drinking from the tap
Drain the last of it by suckling from her, you know you want to.

>> No.13560635

Fuck no.

>> No.13560644

Religion? No thanks

>> No.13560648

You have much to learn.

In MGC, humans are the sluts.

>> No.13560651

I don't live in MGC, buddy.

>> No.13560654

If that's so, then how does your point have any relation to what I'm saying? I don't think drugs are bad for those reasons. I simply don't like them because I'm edgy, egotistical and think morals mean something. In this case, I do not want to get anything from using drugs, even if it's very little, or trivial, because I place value in knowing that what I'm getting is exactly the result of equitable efforts.

>> No.13560656
File: 49 KB, 182x199, Bonnet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"You tell her! Don't let her oppress you, anon. You're a strong independent man who doesn't need a monstergirl....unless um that's your thing?...... D-do you like swords?"

>> No.13560659

Regardless of how many times this pic is posted, that bonnet Lizard won't stop looking cute.

>> No.13560660

I want a Lizardgirl to try to awkwardly hit on me before my Lilim waifu drags me away, calling me a stupid slut for associating with a faggot!

>> No.13560665

I want to break a bonnet tipper and turn her into a maneater.

>> No.13560668

What kind of Lilim is your Lilim waifu?

>> No.13560670

I like it. How would you go about this?

>> No.13560676

The smug sexist chubby NEET one who shitposts late into the night.

>> No.13560682

>Maybe you should have waited to change after you milked her.
>Both of you are soaked with milk and sweat
>There's also another odd, wetter spot around the small of your back
>'I wonder what that is...'
>"T-thank you... for milking me..."
>Her soft, sweet voice washes over you
>Holy shit, hearing her actually speak for the first time made your heart flutter
>"Don't mention it. I couldn't just leave you like that."
>She nods
>Even though she's been milked, her blush hasn't faded much
>"Let's get you some new clothes, mmm?"
>You're sure she's embarrassed about standing in front of you, fully topless
>She nods again
>"Wait here."
>You leave, quickly change, and pick something out for her
>It's only a sweater, but it's thick and massive; it should cover her well
>You return to the Holst and hand her the sweater
>She blushes a bit deeper
>"Umm... can I shower first, m-m-master?"
>It's not like you were completely opposed to being called that, but that was fucking fast
>You decide to ignore it for now
>"Yeah, it's right here, next to the tub." You pull back the curtain and open the glass door behind it
>Now that you think about it, you should probably have showered too, before you changed
>Three sets of clothes to be washed in only a few hours.
>It didn't matter though
>"Would you mind too much if I joined you? The hot water doesn't last too long around here."
>You thought it would have been impossible, but her blush deepens even further
>She merely nods, too embarrassed to meet your eyes or speak
>The two of you awkwardly stand there for a moment before you turn around and begin to undress
>You hear her struggle a bit to remove her tight, denim shorts and ruined shirt
>Your jaw almost drops as you turn back around

>> No.13560684

>You will never visit bonnet lizard's home and play videogames together
>You will never talk about swords and talk until it's nighttime
>You will never see her turn red when you tell her that you really enjoyed talking to her
>You will never have to deal with bonnet lizard mistaking your friendship for sexual desire and following you around all the time trying to fuck you
>You will never introduce her to your oni waifu and watch her heart break in two
>You will never give her a big hug and a sincere thank you before leaving to fuck your musclefu
>You will never see the glint of her tears from the door left ajar as your waifu plows repeatedly into your hips

>> No.13560687

Tell her yes and invite her to see my Katana collection

>> No.13560688

The one that keeps spamming blonde human boy pictures on /hbg/? Fuck that bi

>> No.13560693
File: 53 KB, 680x798, SalamanderBonnet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thought this was going to be about her getting waifu'd finally. My sides and boner were pleasantly surprised.

>> No.13560696

I just want her to have a happy end

>> No.13560698

>Getting off on NTR

>> No.13560701

>Showering together
This lucky bastard.

No, you fuck off with your NTR shit.

>> No.13560704

I just have a thing for Onis. I'm easy to please. Only guro would stop me.

>> No.13560705

>If that's so, then how does your point have any relation to what I'm saying?
Namely the whole "Drugs a shit" from >>13560456
Which I'm countering with "People a Shit".

>I simply don't like them because I'm edgy, egotistical and think morals mean something.
Which is your right to think so. I don't believe morals have anything to do with drugs. Blowing $100 that was supposed to go towards bills on a substance is irresponsible, sure, but its still irresponsible if the $100 was blown on video games. Its the act, not the thing, that matters. But, we'll probably be at an impasse over this.

>In this case, I do not want to get anything from using drugs, even if it's very little, or trivial, because I place value in knowing that what I'm getting is exactly the result of equitable efforts.

Which is why I said good for you. I wasn't being sarcastic.

>> No.13560707

Stab her as many times as I can

Yes I sleep with knives.

Yes, I am that edgy, call the cops I don't give a fuck.

>> No.13560710

Holy shit anon-kun, you're so cool.

>> No.13560715

Sugoooi! Anon-kun, you're so cool!

>> No.13560717

Those are some wonky ass tits.

>> No.13560719

Where have you been Doc?! I've been getting the shakes.

>> No.13560720

How is it NTR? He's maried to his waifu, that lizardgirl is just some beta whiteknight.

>> No.13560724

Namekian-girl When?

>> No.13560728

She still see's someone she has feelings for getting fucked and suffers for it. Regardless of his situation, I'd still say that qualifies, buddy.

>> No.13560732


Get alped, she can't complain then.

>> No.13560734

Anon, around here, any time there's three people involved anything that could be construed as romantic, it's considered NTR

>> No.13560737

>TFW I'm a blonde human boy
At least I know she likes my hair!

And she's not a bitch. Sure, she argues constantly about how Human Boys need to belong in the kitchen, but just because she believes in traditional gender roles doesn't mean she's bad. She just wants whats best for human boys like me and you!

>> No.13560739

Bee and Flower tag team fucking you

>> No.13560745

>not using a katana
>not teleporting behind her

Psssshhhhhh. It's going to take more than a few measly lacerations, kid.

>> No.13560750

Are you prepared for when your MG Onee-san and her friends bully you?


>> No.13560754

Who cares about a cuck like her? She can always get a whore.

>> No.13560756

I fucking love swords.

>> No.13560761

Sounds like fun. Does the bee carry you off to her hive afterwards or does the alraune cling to you possessively?

>> No.13560764

>Bonnet lizard gives up on guys and turns her gaze inwards, toward videogames and anime
>Makes a great friend on one of her korean mmos which she now plays religiously
>After several months of playing together she nearly cries when her friend tells her that he's actually a human boy
>What's more, he's going to be passing through her area and asks if she minds him staying the night, or for a few nights
>She says yes and immediately sets out to clean her room from all the piss bottles and scattered pornographical magazines
>Even hides her human boy blowup doll which she only uses to cuddle and nothing else because that would be weird
>She even cleans the dishes and spends an entire week's worth of groceries on expensive sushi for the two of them
>He promises to be there in thirty minutes and she tells him that she'll be waiting for him on the porch
>She watches the sun set with the sushi beside her and a dreamy gaze thinking of meeting her friend
>When she wakes up it's nearly three in the morning and her sushi was stolen
>Her entire body hurts from sleeping in the biting wind and she can barely walk inside
>She starts panicking thinking that her friend got lost because she fell asleep and immediately goes to text him
>He left her a message at two in the morning
>"Sorry met an oomukade who invited me to stay the night lol. You up for doing the raid next week? Haha."
>She responds "Sure haha!" while wiping away the tears on her cheeks.

>> No.13560766

I want to kill a young Lizardman's entire family and traumatize her so hard she starts wearing her mother's skull!

>> No.13560767

Nah, Mantis Twins.

>> No.13560771 [SPOILER] 
File: 42 KB, 338x430, 1432782656637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13560772

Would Kesaran Pasaran do herself?

>> No.13560777

Okay, this is just getting sad.
Someone please waifu this poor girl.
Cuddle her, hold her close, hold her hand and show her the warmth and joy of love.
And then fuck her until the pleasure twists her face into an ahegao

>> No.13560779

>The nude Holst is truly a sight to behold.
>Even though you had seen most of her, seeing her like this was... different.
>Much more satisfying.
>Her thick, chubby (but toned) legs connect gracefully with her deliciously wide hips
>She looks like she is wearing a pair of hairy, fuzzy stockings that end in shiny, black hooves
>You only glance at her trimmed, black and white spotted pubic hair for a moment
>You don't want to embarrass her TOO much.
>Her curvy, smooth belly bulges out infinitesimally, somewhat covered by her beautiful, pale arms
>You aren't sure she notices what she is doing, but, with her hands clasped together like that, she is also squeezing her huge, J-cup (or were they K-cup? You weren't very familiar with that system) breasts between them
>Her blushing face is still turned away from you, but you can tell that her eyes keep darting to your middle bits
>You gulp
>You were only just beginning to realize it, but you were probably the luckiest fucking bastard ever
>Another 'surreptitious' glance at you and the Holst nods
>You turn the water on and step into the shower
>The water heats up fairly fast; once it is at an acceptable temperature, you beckon to her
>She takes your hand and steps into the shower with you
>Your shower is more than large enough to accommodate both of you
>Despite this, the Holst still stands very close to your side
>Multiple shower heads adorn each wall at varying heights and pressures
>Showers were one thing you didn't fuck around with.
>The hot, steamy water cascades over the two of you
>You pick up your body wash and squirt a bit into your hand
>A sweet, pungent smell wafts up as you rub your hands together
>"Ladies first."

>> No.13560780

See, I don't care for group at all, but that's something I can get behind. Also, twin mantis assassins nuzzling your dick fucking where?

Man. Took me a second to get it.

>> No.13560785
File: 7 KB, 250x250, 159458348093545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13560788

Is 4chan being ass for anyone else?

>> No.13560792


>> No.13560793

This is the only place I go anymore, so I couldn't tell you. No trouble posting though, aside from the multiple captcha shit.

>> No.13560794

Would you let an MG dose you with the most potent aphrodisiacs available, teasing you and keeping you hard but never letting you orgasm?

>> No.13560798

Only if I get to shove it in her and impregnate her once she's done teasing me.

>> No.13560803

Not a fucking chance. I don't mind edging, but that's because I know I have control over it.

>> No.13560804

Did you have too much sugar again?

>> No.13560805

Not voluntarily, no.

>> No.13560806 [SPOILER] 
File: 965 KB, 950x1300, 1432783252005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know who could've saved us from a bad OP?

Skeleton Girl.

>> No.13560808

This is like, actual bullying though. And yeh, I'm always prepared. Got the mindbreak aphrodisiac and the rolls of film right here. I'll film them begging for my cock all drugged up, show it to them when they come to, and black mail them into begging for my cock sober and then send both videos off.

>> No.13560809

What he said. >>13560798

>> No.13560815

You're fresh out of an all boys middle school and about to enter high school. Your parents decided you'd need to fight off MGs eventually and don't want you alping so you're going to a mixed school this time! But are you prepared?
Roll for your number.
1-2: You're a trained runner. You'll have to flee from any MG that comes after you, but you are only human. You'll have an advantage on large, slow MGs but the faster varieties may catch you still.
3-4: You're defenseless. Or are you? You've received training to prey on the mind of those chasing you. You can fib your way out of a bad situation and even set two MGs against each other with your skilled tongue. Doesn't work so well on those that are too smart or too simple.
5-6: You've been taught martial arts to defend yourself, though the style is of your choice. It'll help you against many MGs, but non-humanoids may be tricky.
7: Holy protection sticks out like a sore thumb because it works. Most MGs won't be able to get near you, but you'll attract ones affiliated with holy energies, those that try to corrupt you, or a paladin girl.
8: Like a shadow, you hide in crowds and empty rooms with equal skill. Evading enemies is in your nature, and only the keenest of MGs can track you. You can't do much to a big MG if they catch you though.
9: Nothing like a protective Onee-san to keep you out of trouble! Whether they can handle it is the question, and if you rely on them too much they may prey on you too. Roll for which MG.
10: You're a fucking wizard, nothing short of top tier MGs can fuck with you. You'll be irresistible to MGs that do magic, but don't expect your spells to stop everything. Fireball spells are banned indoors.

So you have your skills, but who knows what'll take a liking to you?
Easy mode: Roll 1 MG
Hard mode: Roll 3 MGs
Hell mode: Roll 5 MGs

>> No.13560817

I wanna play music on her ribs

>> No.13560820

No force in the omniverse can combat the faggotry known only as OP.

>> No.13560822

why the fuck a bug over her. Creepy crawlies a shit

>> No.13560823

No because that's fucking stupid.

>> No.13560824

Only if she let me do it to her too.

>> No.13560826

Can I make hedgehog puns?

>> No.13560832

Oh, I forgot to roll for a monster.

>> No.13560835

Only after you fuck a hedgehog-girl

>> No.13560836

>Dwarf, Dark Slime, Medusa, Amazoness, Leanan Sidhe.

I take the Leanan Sidhe route.

>> No.13560838

>Dark Priest
>Enishi Isami

Doing HEAT moves all day, every day.

>> No.13560841

>You're sure you hear a small squeak escape the Holst's lips as you slowly begin to massage her shoulders
>The soap foams up; thick, white and bubbly as you gently rub up and down the length of her arms
>From her shoulders, you move around to her back, giving it the same, tender treatment from her neck all the way down to just above her voluptuous rear
>Her spotted tail sways to and fro, entranced by your ministrations
>Coming around her other side, you carefully rub your soapy hands on her soft belly
>Hoooly shit, this is heaven.
>After several moments of massaging her smooth, delicate stomach, you gulp as you move to her chest
>Even though you were all over them earlier, now you have a chance to actually take notice of her amazing chest
>The Holst moans a bit as your slippery hands move and touch all over her huge breasts
>You squeeze at them, knead at them, take the utmost care with her beautiful, precious teats
>Through the suds, you can definitely see a faint trickle of milk still oozing from her nipples
>Now that they aren't as swollen, you don't think they'll be as sensitive
>You realize just how wrong you are as you lovingly roll the stiff flesh between your fingers
>The Holst lets out a half moan, half moo as you tease her most sensitive areas
>You lose track of time as you play with the Holst's boobs, by the time you decide to move on, the soap has been completely washed away
>You replenish it, and get down on your knees

>> No.13560842

Oh, it's just like my real life. Now lets try hell mode. Yo, my first 7 rolls didn't turn up a single one. RNG pls.
>Oomukade, Dark Valk, Wight, Jinko, Dark Priest
It's alright, a Wight could protect me. She may not be the best undead, but she is still good.

>> No.13560849

How appropriate.

DMD mode:
-Dark Angel
-Fallen God

Suddenly, it's no longer Dante Must Die, but rather God of War. ...and the beginning of the legend to the successor of Los Tiburon.

>> No.13560852


Hell Mode:
>Lizard, Chimaera, Kunoichi, Nighmare, Kakuen
Chimaera Route it is.

>> No.13560853

>3 succusluts
The legend of the succubeater begins now.

>> No.13560854

Nice. I'm going to go for broke.

>Crow Tengu
I'll become known as the Ghost Kid who is able to evade any monster girl.
Then only ever appear for the Jinko as a sign of my own returned affection.

>> No.13560858

Hard Mode
>Living doll

>> No.13560859

>Hell Mode

>Dark Priest
>Blue Oni
Fuck it, I'm going to go learn some anime bullshit martial art that lets me hit ghosts and onis super hard. I might have to marry that last one though.

>> No.13560863

>Demon Lord
The rest don't even matter at this point. I have to outrun a god for four years

>> No.13560865

>Jinko, Succubus, and an Orc.

I think I'm going to be fine.

>> No.13560866
File: 20 KB, 248x322, 1369009293432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dark priest,Wurm,Cheshire,rabbit, and Sheep

This is about to get pretty comfy If I can dodge the cultist and the Special Needs child

>> No.13560869

>Not going for Isami, the best one of the three
Man, whatever.

>> No.13560870

Oh my.
>Ushi Oni
Holy shit alright.

>Dark slime

I think my big sis can keep my safe. Might have trouble with the magic ones and the nimble monkey though.

>> No.13560874

>Taught martial arts, can defend against humanoid mgs but worthless against non-humanoids

Hard mode:

Jinko: Can deal with her using some sort of martial arts unless she uses some eastern crouching tiger position

Red Oni: Pretty much the perfect rival for me given the situation, not too hard, not too easy

Chimera: A bit difficult, humanoid but mostly magical being. Don't know how tough they hit

Lets get this shounen comedy harem on the road for an uneventful school year full of fighting, love, and ntr.

>> No.13560878

For what it's worth, if I had to choose...

Yeah, I agree.

>> No.13560881

>tfw you've actually made a nice hidey-hole out of one of the secret rooms of the school
>There, you can hide comfortably until the heat wears off every time
>You've even begun bringing a handheld while you wait and relax there
Hiding always did sound fun.

>> No.13560882


>Ghost, Scylla, Hellhound, Harpy, Valkyrie

>> No.13560883



Going to stop rolling here since I can just deflect the hot-blooded idiot and go with my waifu.

>> No.13560884
File: 55 KB, 204x184, 1369545536035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never be breastfed by a Holstaurus

>> No.13560886

Chimaera hit ALMOST as hard as a dragon. But they're as nimble as a cat and have a snake tail to watch too. She's high end boss tier.

>> No.13560891

>A Holstaurus will never breastfeed herself

>> No.13560893

Would monster girls join 50 Blessings?

>> No.13560895

>use ultimate ninja skills to obtain weresheep wool
>make the comfiest hide out of all time

>> No.13560900


>> No.13560902


Kesaran Pasaran

At least the Ryu and Inari aren't too aggressive and can be reasoned with in some way.

>> No.13560905
File: 26 KB, 400x467, 14239264528884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lost to creepy crawly
Suicide end when?

>> No.13560906

>Get to learn more about Jinko girl
>One day, through a series of notes, invite and lead her to your secret hideout
>When she asks why you'd tell her where your hideaway is, you answer
>"I dunno. Cuz. I trust you."
>"And I guess I did like you a little, so yeah."

>> No.13560912

>Kesaran Pasaran
Wow, I forgot that was a thing.

Why are plant types so garbage?

>> No.13560915 [SPOILER] 
File: 44 KB, 300x300, 1432784575098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you prefer a Jinko who was like Sakaki, or one who was like Natsuo Ishido?

>> No.13560917

I want to tenderly romance that lizard. Hopefully she isn't too jaded by this point.

>> No.13560918

KC probably hates plant MGs. The only good one so far and that is putting it lightly, is the Dryad.

>> No.13560921

The one from Azumanga? Count me in.

>> No.13560923

If she is you just need to break it down and show her real love.

If you mean the one from Azumanga, I'd love that man.

>> No.13560924

So, what are some Plant Girls KC can do? I honestly can't think of many outside of Alraune.

>> No.13560926

>Fuses you to a tree for eternity

>> No.13560927

Well, Barometz is ok, I guess.

>> No.13560929

Get fucked into oblivion on the bed

I'd totally chill with the wonderland trio though, you might not even get raped!

>> No.13560931

>Sakaki Jinko
Fuck yes.

>> No.13560936

I want to watch B-movies together, cuddled up under a blanket on a cold stormy day.

>> No.13560938
File: 664 KB, 1776x2600, MM_34_35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is this I don't even

>> No.13560939

Fuck yeah, wizard time

>fire mouse
>dark angel
Everyone can be easily defeated with magic

>> No.13560941

>Bad End
Implying. She likes me, I like her back. No bad ends about it.

>> No.13560942


>> No.13560944

The answer is monsterboys

>> No.13560945

>Monster Boys
Eh, at least KC knows people don't care about them and just makes them full blown monsters instead of trying to make some fujobait shit.

>> No.13560947

Please do not sexualize the tap-dancer,

>> No.13560948

>Nobody would pick the kickboxer
Still, I'd go with both.
Though Sakaki gets more points because she doesn't just beat people up cuz.

>> No.13560949

Well, I guess you don't rape fire mouse if you beat her with magic. The cockatrice charm would bounce off your wizard robes. Yeah, looks like you're good as long as you can deal with the dark angel trying to corrupt you.

>> No.13560950

>The Holst's crotch is exactly at your eye level
>As you wrap your arms around her hairy thighs, you long to bury yourself in it
>Not now though.
>You aren't done.
>You start with her right leg, firmly wrapping your hands around it, right next to her crotch
>You massage your fingers through her silkily soft fur, making the soap in your hands foam up very quickly
>The Holst whimpers a bit as you rub the top of her thigh, but she quiets down a bit as you move lower
>Once you have fully lathered her beautiful, fuzzy leg, you move to the other and do the same
>The Holst is trembling now as you take a removable shower head and rinse her legs off with it
>You aren't quite done yet though
>Instead of the usual body wash, this time you reach for a smaller bottle
>In it is a type of soap that's magically engineered so that it won't irritate the more 'sensitive' spots on a body
>After squirting a bit into your hand you carefully reach behind the Holst to her butt
>You try to swallow the massive lump in your throat as you begin to massage her, lovingly pressing your hands into her soft, ample flesh
>You move your hands all over her deliciously firm ass, occasionally taking the base of her tail and your hand and sliding along it to its tip
>The Holst squeaks again as she feels your fingers tease along the part of her cheeks, stopping just before her pussy
>She moans and bleats beautifully when you do this
>As you bring your hands to the front of her crotch, she stamps her hooves a bit on the tile as she rubs her legs together in frustration
>You grin.
>You always were a bit of a tease
>She's been a good sport though.
>It's time to relieve her tension.

>> No.13560952

Please tell me this isn't the end.

>> No.13560953
File: 100 KB, 540x572, 1369732216100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I thought the goal as to not get fucked.

Well, job well done then, Big Boss rank awarded

>> No.13560959
File: 538 KB, 805x899, LCTEL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mothman, and Dark Priest oneesans

I like were this is going.

I chose normal mode.


>> No.13560966

>It's time to relieve her tension
Nice. She does seem pretty pent up after all that milking and cleaning.

>> No.13560975



I would build my own badass wizard tower annex with loads of dickwizard traps and each of the girls as bosses.

>Puddle is the first floor (hot tub and sauna) starter enemy
>Clumsy titties takes the second floor (arcade and theater)
>Princess buttmonkey gets the third floor (lounge and snack bar)
>Undead midboss gets to be at my right hand in the throne room. She can be enthralled if she gets too lewd.

All working together to thwart the hordes of hired guns the tanuki brings to force me to go on that date my parents promised when she tried to have the city imminent domain our house.

The girl who does the best gets lewd privileges for the night with my doppleganger illusion. Hey, gotta keep those powers. Lawful evil empires don't just build themselves you know.

>> No.13560980
File: 101 KB, 540x800, 46349855_p9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13560983

I don't mind the presence of monsterboys in EMG really, but I'm so glad he doesn't focus on them. I mean, look, fish heads and ape horses. So good to know he won't be fujo baiting any time soon. Even the minotaurs in 12 Beast stay closer to actual monsters.

>> No.13560987

I'd call him my Aniki

>> No.13560992

>Audrey Girl
>Singing Plant Idol girl with a big appetite
>Focuses on Biting ala a Vampire, and ASMR
>Constantly needs to be fed so she can grow up big and strong
>Anons find them as a tiny little Loli, but with love and care and blood they grow up into big curvy MILFs
Would you?

>> No.13560995

Hell no. Fuck that thing. Apply napalm.

>> No.13560999

Amorphophallus Titanum girl

>> No.13561001

Can't I a loli vampire instead? I want to feed her donuts and pat her head.

>> No.13561004

That's the beauty though! If you don't like Vampire play or femdom, you bully her and keep her as a tiny loli, denying her of your blood! You can either bully the tiny plant girl or be bullied by the big plant girl! Audreys would be flexible like that!

>> No.13561009

>Fast runner
>No nee-san
I'm already living in hell so lets go hell mode.

>Giant Slug
>Dark Valkyrie

I can run from all these pretty easy. Only one to look out for is the valkyrie but to be honest, having the chase end with her descending upon me on the school roof sounds pretty pleasant.

>> No.13561014

I want to bully the milf. Sexually.

>> No.13561020

>Catches you at sunset
>Sweat running down her skin and soaking into her thing clothing
>Black feathers floating down around you two
>Even she has to catch her breath while pinning you down
>Contemplates whether to take you now or do it in steps so she can chase you again
It does sound lovely.

>> No.13561022

>Slowly, agonizingly, you massage your hand through her pubic hair
>The Holst-girl moans and backs up to lean against the shower wall
>You follow her, lightly teasing her puffy pussy with a single finger
>With a hand on either of her thighs, you lovingly part her lips with your thumbs and swallow as you take in her beautiful, pink inner folds
>Beads of warm water drip down between them and the Holst shivers
>You'd rather not get any of the soap-lube in your mouth, but your fingers will do just fine
>You release her lips and carefully prod at her opening
>You look up
>"You ok?"
>She nods
>Her eyes are closed, and her face is contorted with frustration and longing
>"I have to make sure everywhere is clean, don't I?"
>Another, much more fervent nod.
>Right then!
>Gently, you slide your index finger inside of her
>Her hot inner walls shiver a little and squeeze a bit at your finger
>Even having a single finger inside the Holst makes you feel amazing
>God damn, if having a single finger in her feels that good, you can hardly imagine what 'other things' might feel like in there
>You can't tear your eyes away from her beautiful face as you slowly begin to slide your finger in and out of her
>Moans and whines and an occasional moo of pleasure escape her lips as you plunge your finger into her repeatedly
>You add another soon enough, and yet another soon after that
>Her pussy is extremely tight around your three fingers, but she doesn't seem to be in any pain
>Her mouth hangs open with pleasure, and her cow ears twitch occasionally, in sync with her lower bits
>After a few moments of your gentle, passionate fingering later, the Holst orgasms
>She moos deeply as her walls clench around your fingers, driving them out rather forcefully
>You grin as you stand up and embrace her, burying your head between her massive breasts

This is going to be a lot longer than I expected....

>> No.13561024

>Implying you could
I'd like to see a scrawny nerd try to bully a big lustful singing MILF plant girl.

Hell, I'd like to see your average browser from here try to bully a Monster Girl bigger than they are.

>> No.13561032

Someone give this hothead something to cool off with.

>> No.13561035


>> No.13561043
File: 1.58 MB, 1500x1500, b7ac77e3057c06c06e1604bfe9eb6a08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if your motheru, your onee-san, or your imouto were interested in you and told you they have fallen in love with you?
What if your Daughterus or you Waifu told you they have fallen in love with your son?
What if your own son falls in love with you?

>> No.13561055


Smug Zulu.jpg

>> No.13561058

I'm more confused by what tentacles have to do with this situation.

>> No.13561061

>If your onee-san or imouto fell in love with you
This is the only thing I'd allow.

>> No.13561065

Onee-san. Maybe the Motheru is father wasn't in the picture.

>> No.13561066

I want to storm the Demon Lord's castle after getting a key from a long and complicated side quest! I want to unlock the one door that key was meant for, and discover a dog girl manning a control station! I want to be hit by the realization that it was the dog girl! The dog girl was responsible for everything leading up to this point!

>> No.13561073

Why would tentacles ever not be relevant in a hentai story?

>> No.13561074

>What if your motheru, your onee-san, or your imouto were interested in you and told you they have fallen in love with you?
Dick them.
>What if your Daughterus or you Waifu told you they have fallen in love with your son?
If daughter, wish them fun as I lock the door, if waifu, time for murder suicide. Or get a new waifu.
Fuck off with your gay shit.
>inb4 he alps
See above.

>> No.13561075

The first one is somewhat acceptable. The mother thing would depend on if the father is still in the picture though. All the others are shit, and you should feel bad.

>> No.13561079

Well, sometimes you're fapping hard to some oneesan hentai but then the father bursts in and you get tentacles in the boy's anus. And that's terrible. Wait, that's still relevant.

>> No.13561082


>> No.13561083

>he doesn't want to fuck his mother

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.13561086

>You slip, and crash through the roof door, the mucus on your foot making you slip
>Who would have thought a slug would be so good at ambush
>It wasn't long after the fox chased you into the school pool to try and gangrape you with the more water-bound girls, you managed to escape, leaving your shirt behind as sacrifice
>You fled the scene with the sounds of disappointment floating behind you, the fox soggy and unable to run with her waterlogged tails, the mermaid stuck in water, the Scylla receeding to the depths, blushing as she clutches your shirt to her chest
>You thought rather that keeping on the main grounds you'd escape to somewhere private, the roof where you have lunch alone because you're one of those autistic MC's
>She nearly got you there, in the stairwell, dropping on you from the ceiling
>Luckily you were so soaked in sweat, she slipped off you without really managing to capture anything
>Atleast she wan'ts that smart
>Leaving behind the wet 'plat', you ascend the stairs two at a time
>You make it to the doors but she'd already laid her mucus upon the floor
>You feel her looming up behind, but she probably didn't expect you to barrel right through the doors
>Getting up immediately, you slam the doors on her, and loop your belt through the handles. With her minimal strength, she can't manage to break the leather belt.
>You'll have to retrieve it at some point, it's a good belt
>Now, with only one shoe, no shirt and pants sitting low-ish on your hips without the belt to hold them up, you realize you've done half their job for them
>No matter. You step away from the door, and fall down on the roof, looking up into the sky.
>You're safe now.
>What a day.
>You tip your head back and breathe in the afternoon air, the sweat glistening off you as it reflects the rays of the setting sun
>You squint as a black fleck distracts you. you rub your eyes and wince in pain as it grows, the light of the setting run making it hard to see

>> No.13561087

Alraune is fine, and has a decent too design too. I think they're too similar to each other though.

>> No.13561088

Because I have a father.

>> No.13561089

Family bonding.

>> No.13561099

My sinners.

>> No.13561105
File: 981 KB, 1200x858, 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you a slutty Girtablilu with a tongue piercing? It's like a labial piercing or something for them, isn't it?

>> No.13561112

Don't tongue piercings make people slurr like a drunk?

>> No.13561114

I don't like piercings, but cool redheads are my weakness...

>> No.13561118

We all have fathers, doesn't mean they're in the picture, and there was no indication of him being there. Say it you bastard, say it. Say, "I don't want to have sex with you Mom" and tear out her heart, you beast.

>> No.13561122

Gee, I wonder if its gonna be shota...

You don't say.

>> No.13561128

>"T-thank you, master..."
>You look up at her, still grinning
>"You're quite welcome. My name is Anon by the way. You an call me that if you want, but master is also fine."
>"Okay master."
>"Do you have a name"
>"It's Mei, master."
>The sound of her name sends a chill through you
>"Well then Mei, are you feeling better now?"
>"Yes master. Thank you again master."
>You didn't notice it before, but she speaks very formally
>"Hey, whatever uh... happened to you, if it was bad or anything, I'm not like that. You don't have to be scared."
>Mei nods and blushes deeply
>"T-Thank you so much, master..."
>She clings to you, shaking a bit
>Even though she was much bigger and probably stronger than you, you felt an overwhelming need to protect her
>As long as you were around, you would do anything in your power to ensure that she never had to experience whatever abuse she had endured again
>The two of you stand there for awhile, locked together in a tight, warm, and wet embrace
>The hot water was lasting much longer than usual
>Lucky again.
>Aside from the running water, the only other thing you can hear is the beating of Mei's hart against your face
>The silence is finally broken by her cute, stuttering voice
>"D-does master w-want me to clean him to?"
>'Oh boy, do I?'
>"Only if you truly want to. You definitely aren't obligated to."
>You are trying to be as thoughtful and caring as possible, and from the look of it, Mei appreciates it
>"It's okay master. I want to clean you... just like you did for me."
>"Alright then!"
>You hand her the body wash.
>The very tip of her tongue sticks out of her mouth as she focuses intently on you

>> No.13561131
File: 147 KB, 900x600, Wererabbit_profile_New.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Gotta go fast!

Dark Slime


Slime should be easy to avoid. They're not exactly known for their speed.

Grizzly? Well, she's big and clumsy. Just hope she never gets serious about chasing me.

She never stood a chance.


I'm screwed. Game over.
I'll run as fast as I can though. So she'll get frustrated, worked up, and sweaty. I want her to chase me around the schoolyard before her sudden bursts of speed overwhelm me and she humps me into next week.

Girtablilu might have been the one to take me down anyway. Quick, poisonous, and can track their prey in harsh environments. I wouldn't have minded. They hold a special place in my heart due to being the first MGE smut I read. Before I knew what MGE even was.

>> No.13561133
File: 338 KB, 1200x1744, 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


English translation for Boku no Frog-girl.

>> No.13561137

That is too cruel anon. Too cruel.

>> No.13561141

>It keeps growing, and you feel your spine freeze in shock
>Two majestic midnight black wings form as the girl descends leisurely
>You forgot about her, effectively sealing her mobility by heading indoors and dashing down corridors
>She kept up with you on the other side of the window, but you lost her soon enough
>Yet here she is, her white shirt transparent, slicked with her sweat, her slightly off-white pale skin gleaming under the sun, her hard, slightly blue-ish nipples tenting the fabric.
>You brace yourself as she begins her dive, and roll so the side as she swoops low
>"Ah, what's this?" The older girl grins at you, "Still have energy, do we? You know there are..." Her bust, already pressing up against her shirt bounces a bit as she pops a button with her soft, delicate fingers, freeing just a bit more of her modest-yet-impressive chest, "Much funner ways to do this."
>She makes another grab for you, and you dance nimble aside
>She folds her wings, and lands in a low crouch, absorbing most the momentum of her flight.
>Straightening up, the lusty senpai flicks her hair out and starts fixing her clothes, bunched up in places by her movement
>You squint as the light filters through her long, beautiful silver hair
>Some hunter's instinct must be telling her to keep you partially blinded by the sun
>You take a few easy steps to the side, putting the sun between the two of you
>Her wings flutter, shaking a few feathers loose as she finished fixing herself, and she takes steady steps towards you, popping more buttons
>You take a step back for each she takes forward, and by the time your ass hits the fence on the roof, making the chain links jitter, her top is open
>You swallow as her perky breasts bounce with each hip swinging step she takes
>You look to the door, your only escape tied off with your on belt damn.
>She grins wide, predatorial, as her victory sinks in

>> No.13561144

You know, sometimes I feel bad for people that don't also like /ss/, especially when coupled with a MG interest. Only sometimes though. Shit has to suck.

My poor heart. She is so sweet.

>> No.13561145

>Krav Maga

>Hell Mode
>Dark Priest

I'm OK with this, baring the Magic/Fire from the Dark Priest and Ignis I'm set to handle these girls, although the Amazoness and Kakuen will lead to some exciting fight scenes.

>> No.13561148

>Shit has to suck.
That's life I guess.

>> No.13561154

I'll tell her "I'd rather have sex with onee-san."

>> No.13561155

Top cute, would fuck her anus.

>> No.13561159

>Krav Maga
You're gonna get fucking destroyed, bro.

>> No.13561162

It really fucking does.

>> No.13561163

>krav maga

You could have just told us you were going to be a jobber.

Boxing/ Muay Thai/ Sanda + BJJ/Judo/Wrestling

Or bust.

>> No.13561164

Okay, so I'm a sprinter, but do I have parkour training? That might be useful.
>Gyoubu Danuki
>Ren Xiongmao
>Dark Priest

Tanuki isn't a problem in the slightest.
Dark Priest and Ren Xiongmao might be a problem
Thunderbird and Mantis are the biggest problems.
And I would gladly accept all of their love if I wasn't terrified for my pelvis and my future academic career. Maybe after I graduate college.

>> No.13561165

Oh yeah, pls give us your 5,000 page thesis on why aikido is the superior system based on your extensive knowledge and experience on all things martial arts. Shut the fuck up.

>> No.13561166

>NTR'd by your own son

>> No.13561171

I feel sorry for your mom.

>> No.13561173 [DELETED] 

Fuck off /monster/, quit shilling your shit here we don't need it.

>> No.13561174


Whats wrong with Krav Magra?

>> No.13561175
File: 28 KB, 194x211, kikes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Krav Maga
Good goy

>> No.13561176

They're cute.

I want to play videogames with them.

>> No.13561178

lol butthurt.

>> No.13561179


Steal his sister. Never let him use the car Show his baby pictures to his friends.

>> No.13561180

>The shirt slips off as she rolls her shoulders back, and in another step, the zipper on her short skirt is down, and it stops hugging her hips, slipping around her ankles
>She steps over it, leaving a trail of clothing in her wake
>Naked now, she advances, and you simply stand there, like a deer in the light, enthralled by her curvy, lewd body, and accepting in that you sealed your own fate coming up here.
>She's a head taller than you, and it isn't until she's leaning up against you, one of her arms to the side of your head, fingers curled through the links in the fence that she speaks
>She slips one of her knees between your legs, and her breasts press up against your chest
>You blush furiously, and she knows the effect she's having on you
>She looks down on you, an expression so lewd it circles back around to loving, and her lips part. You hone in on them as she begins to speak, "Got youu~mph!" You lean forward, and seal her lips with a kiss. Just because you lose the chase doesn't mean you have to lose to her like this too
>She smiles into the kiss and after the moment of shock, fights back, her tongue invading your mouth, coiling around your own
>Her hands roam over your chest, feeling your tight, slim muscles honed on the track as she presses you into the fence, her weight more supported by you than her own feet, her black winds curling around the two of you, shutting you off in your own private world
>Your own hands start to roam her body, but it isn't long till the come to rest on her large hips
>With one hand buried in the flesh of her large, pert ass, and the other under her thigh, you spin her, and press her up against the fence, the leg you were holding coming to hook you around the hips
>She breaks the kiss first, blushing as heavy as you, "My, aren't we honest. Why bother with the chase, we could have come to this conclusion so much sooner. We could have let the other girls have a little fun too."

>> No.13561181


What? I did the frog post, but I'm just sharing stuff people might like, this is a monstergirl thread. How autistic are you?

>> No.13561182

Fuck off faggot

Oh fuck off, it's blatantly obvious what you're trying to do, but we're not buying it for a second

>> No.13561184

Stop fighting and embrace the Frog. She's cute and useful.

>> No.13561185

Chief, are you saying that we can't talk about mon-stars in a monster girl thread?

>> No.13561187

>Mei rubs the body wash between her hands, just as you did
>Her large, soft hands caress your arms, lathering you with the slippery soap
>You feel goosebumps raise up on your body as she massages you, extremely focused on your care
>Your chest, back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, almost nowhere is spared form her delicate, loving touch
>She is blushing deeply; this, coupled with her intense focus is fucking adorable
>Your heart can barely take it.
>Your heart flutters a bit as Mei rinses you off with the shower head, accelerating it by wiping the foamy suds with both of her large, skilled hands
>You can tell she is very eager to please
>Once she is done, you hold up the second bottle
>"Ready for this?"
>She nods wordlessly, her blush never fading
>This kind of soap doesn't foam, however it still does just as good a job at cleaning as the previous one
>Mei wastes no time in rubbing the silky soap-lube on your buttocks
>Holy hell, a single one of the Holst's hands can fully hold one of your cheeks
>You flinch a bit at the new feeling of your whole ass being caressed by the beautiful Holst-girl kneeling in front of you
>Mei looks up, concerned
"Did I hurt you master?"
>She looks so scared...
>"No Mei, you're fine. I was just a little surprised."
>You pat her head and fondle hear ear reassuringly
>She smiles a bit and returns to her task
>>You can tell she is fascinated with your butt, you assume the lewdly focused look on her face is similar to the one you wore when you were washing her teats
>Eventually, she directs her attention to your member
>It is almost painfully erect; you are beginning to wonder how Mei handled all your teasing
>She slowly wraps her loving hands around it, moaning slightly with anticipation
>'I wonder what she's thinking about...'
>Her grip is very strong, but the soap-lube lets you slide easily in and out of her hands' embrace
>Mei begins to pump at your manhood, quickening her pace rather rapidly

>> No.13561188

If you keep being this asshurt your going to turn into an alp, anon.

you need to stop dropping your spaghetti and just deal with it, and not act like some retarded /v/ tard.

>> No.13561191

Considered a shit art, because it's incredibly diluted and the legit thing is apparently oh so rare and 2deadly. Which makes it wing chun and aikido tier.

It's also got wing chun's problem. If you taught wing chun in a way that wasn't shit and let it evolve through pressure testing you'd just end up with sanda. Similar case with krav. You'd probably just end up with the things that generally work in mma anyway. So really, you're just left with the 2deadly4u LARPing or just better off going into some devent MMA gym rather than hunting down the best krav school.

>> No.13561192

It's that, it's you shilling your shit. I ain't buying it, and neither are the rest of us.

Go back to your shitty board owned by a brittle bone bitch

>> No.13561194


Get a load of this cunt.

>> No.13561195

Alright, everyone just ignore this Anon. It's just feeding the troll at this point.

>> No.13561201

Chaim please.

>> No.13561203

Ah, Ok.
I figured I'd choose it just because it sounded interest.
I've done Taekwando up till a stage before green belt (had to drop because life gave me the finger as school kicked back in) and while it was nice, I'm not flexable enough to do a lot of the kicks required.
Realistically I'd be better taking either boxing or wrestling.

>> No.13561206
File: 430 KB, 756x1000, 1404351719108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I purchase these fabled mini-chuffs? Ordinary chuffs are too large and beefy for a little man like me, I need my chuffs in a smaller and more manageable size at a reduced cost.

>> No.13561208

It's true. I know others here agree with me, you're just two faggots double teaming to shill your shit. Or samefagging. I wouldn't be surprised.

No, I'm just sick of this shit. You're shilling your shit and acting like no one would notice. I do, and I'm telling you if you like your other place so much stay there and stop coming here. Some of us still love this place and have no intention of abandoning it because some bullshit conspiracy /pol/ told you.

For those unaware, /monster/ is trying to get into manga translations and put ads for their place at the end of the hentai. It's pretty scummy (The advertisements, not the act of translating itself) and they're shilling it here. Please don't fall for their bullshit, call them out so they'll stop spamming this thread like they did the other night.

>> No.13561217

Pygmy Jinko traders/breeders
I know a reputable guy whose got a couple adolescents he's willing to part with along with a couple kittens for those looking for daughterus.
Their a little pricy though so I hope your prepared to shell out some dough.

>> No.13561220

>I just want to serenade a sad cyclops girl and heal her with this song:

>> No.13561224
File: 396 KB, 600x800, Pixiv.Id.122678.full.1244939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

goddammit I forgot my pic

>> No.13561226

Christ you're more autistic than the guy who has a fit whenever anons bring up /m/ stuff.

Hell seeing as you're doing the same type of arguments he does I think you're the same guy.

>> No.13561227

>You grin, and begin to kiss her shoulders, collar bone and throat
>She tenses as you lavish affection upon her, and moans as she tips her head back, her fingers digging in to your back, breasts almost flat against you now
>"But I'm not interested in the other girls."
>"Oh, you're interested in me, then?"
>"Very." Her hands go to your head, an begin to stroke your scalp, fingers threading through your hair, as she considers that. If this should be more that a round of catch and a quick fuck.
>You kiss between her breasts, "Don't think so hard." You fiddle with your zipper, clip the button through the loop, and free your cock
>You press the head against the thin, laced fabric of her black panties, and press into her, grinding your head roughly around where you guess her clit to be, hidden as it is by the fabric.
>She lets out another cute gasp, "What, no foreplay?"
>You grin, as you hook as finger under her panties and push them to the side, "The chase was foreplay. You're soaking down here."
>"You'd get horny chasing after such a cutie too."
>You stretch your neck up to give her a kiss, and she meets you half way, her fingers going back to curl through your hair. She seems to like doing that.
>Her lips are soft and full, her mouth tastes like blueberry
>With one hand holding her thigh up, you bring the other up to her chest as you press the head of your cock in through her lips
>She bites your lip as she tightens and you grind your shaft down the length of her womanhood, butting up against her deepest parts, filling her completely
>She cries out in pleasure as you thrust the last inch in too, joined utterly, pushing her elasticity to the brink
>She tips her head back, and you kiss her slim, delicate throat as her voice purrs lustily, "I've n-never been to full before."
>You thrust into her, the fence creaking with the motion, bouncing her back into your thrusting hips
>You decide on what gives the best rhythm, and start quick, short thrusts

>> No.13561230

Boxing and Wrestling are respectable choices. You'd mop the floor with a lot of folks just by regularly sparring and practicing them. Any school or gym that promotes full contact sparring will get you places.

Wrestling would be your best asset. Admittedly it's a mixed bag. On one hand you can take control of the situation and even bypass some of their raw strength. Once you've got them, they basically have to submit or limbs start getting wrenched. On the other they've have extra limbs, weird anatomy, and getting so close to them like that is just asking for it to get rapey real fast.

>> No.13561231

We all do since she's single, but she'll get somebody for her eventually.

>> No.13561232

nobody gives a shit
I never even look at the last few pages anyway

>> No.13561233

Welcome back to Sweet nightmare, in which we chronicle an almost albino man’s relationship with a dream-stalking horse. We now continue a rape in progress; for the earlier portion please visit seafoam.pbworks.com/w/page/96773826/Sweet%20Nightmare

The ghoul is a creature of frightening beauty. Her long brown hair, pale skin, medium-sized breasts and hips to die for that would normally be enough to stop you in your tracks. As if that weren’t enough she’s naked, too; her breasts, crotch and thighs are covered in mud or some kind of body paint providing some illusion of decency, but you can still clearly see her hard nipples if you look. Even in her undead lurch there’s still a trace of seductive hip swaying, but her teeth come to sharp looking points and there’s no sign of intelligence in her eyes, only lust. All of it is directed your way.

One more shove finally gets the post-orgasmically limp mummy off of you and you’re half way to your feet again when another weight crashes into you and you go back down. The ghoul is way faster than the mummy and more coordinated to boot. Even as you struggle to crawl away she pulls you back with monstrous strength. Cold hands claw at your pants, but like the mummy the ghoul doesn’t seem to understand zippers. She claws at your denim for several seconds before getting frustrated, opening her mouth wide and tearing a chunk out of your jeans.


>> No.13561234

>In all your years of masturbating, not one time has even come close to this
>The way she tenderly, yet forcefully squeezes you is unlike anything you have felt before
>The Holst never loosens her grip, tightening it when she gets to your head, massaging your balls gently with her other hand
>She rolls your balls between her fingers, cupping and even pulling at them lightly
>You can even feel her warm breath on your shaft as she stares at you intently
>Words cannot describe how fantastic she is making you feel
>Jolts and spasms of pleasure wrack through your body as you push your back up against the wall of the shower
>"Are you ready to cum yet master?"
>You manage to nod, you are definitely close.
>Mei eagerly positions her wide-open mouth millimeters away from you, closes here eyes and sticks out her tongue
>That fucking face.
>She's waiting for it.
>She wants it.
>She needs it.
>One look at her amazingly lewd expression is enough to send you over the edge
>You cum, sending rope after rope of creamy seed into the Holst-girl's mouth, around her lips, and on her face
>She moans and shivers excitedly, greedily lapping up every last drop of your orgasm
>She opens her beautiful, blue eyes and stares up at you, an ecstatic smile on her face
>"Thank you for your cum master! You taste sooo good..."
>Fucking shit
>She is so amazing
>You smile back and pat her head again
>"I'm the one who should be thanking you, Mei. Thank YOU."
>She smiles and hugs you tightly
>"You're welcome master."
>Her voice is a little muffled, but they still make your heart flutter
>The water had gone cold awhile ago, but you are only noticing it now
>"Lets get out now, mmm?"
>Mei nods and you shut off the water
>The two of you get dressed in silence, and then you made dinner for the two of you


>> No.13561235
File: 30 KB, 640x480, Firecat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fine sport of wrasslin'?

>> No.13561236

I want to call a monoeye names and flood her lungs with semen.

>> No.13561237

>all complaints come from one person

>> No.13561238

The entire scene seems to unfold in slow motion as razor sharp teeth dig into the tough material of your pants scant millimeters from your twitching penis, shred the fabric and come away with a good chunk of your pants between them. You thought your dick retreated somewhere near your bladder out of survival instinct, but the ghoul fishes inside what’s left of your boxers and pulls it out.

The girl’s grimace contorts into a smile as soon as your flesh is in her hands and she gleefully pushed aside your thrashing legs to take your length between her lips. Unlike the rest of the girl her mouth is burning hot. The heat hits you like a wave, an almost unbearable warmth transmitted through impossibly viscous and slippery saliva. It’s all you can do to feebly attempt to push her head away as the pleasure of her tongue coiling around your most sensitive part makes you weak.
You don’t even notice the mummy recovering until she forces you onto your back, sits on your chest and wraps her arms around one of yours.
“Waaaaaarm,” she groans, pulling your right arm closer into her bountiful chest and beginning to grind against you. You have two dead girls assaulting you, it’s hard to move or think with the dark energy and pleasure tickling your senses, but you know you need to do something. What, though?

>> No.13561241

I'd probably go with wrestling, I'm more at home grappling than most other things. Locking joints and pinning them that way works on all things but, as you said, the question becomes if I can pin all of the things.

>> No.13561247

Do I get a choice of colors? I'd like to get something exotic like a white jinko, or maybe even one with some cool looking stripes.
What price range we looking at here though?

>> No.13561248

Reach down to irrumate the Ghoul?

>> No.13561249 [DELETED] 

I don't even know what /m/ is

I give a shit, but whatever. You faggots want this place to fall apart from shills, be my fucking guest.

>> No.13561252

That's one fine chocolate woman. It's too bad firecat is human.

>> No.13561253

>get into manga translations
Awesome, we need more MG translated manga
And I don't give a fuck about credit pages. I never read them anyway
Why the fuck you are so butthurt?

And where is that ad you are talking about? I looked at credit page and it's just nicknames, no mention of /monster/

>> No.13561255

When two people have fits that are near 1:1 It's hard not to think they're the same.

>> No.13561259

> not knowing what /m/ is.

get the fuck out you stupid paranoid /pol/smoker.

>> No.13561260
File: 1023 KB, 1440x900, Nyaancognito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She may be our fellow human, but she knows of a beautiful and stronk Ctarl-Ctarl who will be in heat soon.

>> No.13561261

This guy has the right idea. >>13561248

>> No.13561262

>It was extremely late, and both of you were very tired
>Mei refused to sleep alone in the guest room, but she helped you carry its mattress into yours
>(She carried, it, you watched.)
>She would probably end up in your bed before morning, but that was fine
>You also had to figure out what to do with all the milk still finning your tub and your sink
>Another thing you had to think about was the two tiny wet spots that had appeared on Mei's sweater during dinner
>You'd figured she was one of the Holsts that constantly lactate, but you were too tired to research it now.
>It was time for sleep.

I'm going to continue this sometime very soon. Tomorrow or the next day. I'm having a fantastic time with it, I hope you all are too. Mega-Holst an absolute best.

Pastebin is here.

>> No.13561263


At least we aren't the ones who are gonna die angry. Sad way to live your life.

>> No.13561266

Thanks anon. That was great.

>> No.13561267
File: 45 KB, 400x205, 1356941508675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There will never be an extensive series of hentai h-mangas catering to many different fetishes and drawn by several artists about the myths and legends of old.
>It will never retold to us the story of how Zeus disguised himself as the Goddess Artemis to rape one os her virgin followers, how disguised as a man and made him a cuck, or how he kidnapped a girl as a bull and raped her; as a bull.
>It will never be drawn how Loki and Thor had to crossdress and get THor married to a giant to retake Mjolnir, how Loki gave birth to an eight legged horse, or how Freyja fucked four dwarves and how Loki saw everything.
>It will never be seen how the dominion over Egypt between Horus and Set was decided by who could get their semen inside the other, and how it all ended in all-out-race over the Nile.

>> No.13561268

Huh. It was you again. Keep this up and you'll end up on my list of writefags I stick around for. Good shit, man.

>> No.13561269

Oh really? Tell me more.

>> No.13561272

Fuck yes, I loved it man.

>> No.13561273 [DELETED] 

I'm not butthurt, I just know there are shills there.

And the ad is the mascot they put at the end, that's /monster/'s creation, from their group they started not to make more content but to shill there board here and to MGU

You're the /pol/fag, you come from a website started exclusively for /pol/front.

>Le ur mad! XD
Holy shit come up with an actual argument or kill yourself I'm sick of this.

>> No.13561274

>we're not gonna die angry

Anon, I get where you're coming from but come on.

>> No.13561275

He mostly has Bengal Tiger patterned Jinkos, your normal coloration, but he does have one or two Siberian Jinko's who are adolescents.
I also think he's got some little red and white subspecies he's going for but no promises there.

Last I checked, he had 10k gold for Adolescent/Adult Bengal Jinkos with 15k gold for the kittens.

The Siberians' are 20k.

He keeps them fairly active with running so they are trim but one Siberian and two Bengals are pretty into weights so they're packing more muscle.
The kittens are still a little chubby but that'll burn off once they hit puberty.

>> No.13561277

Good read.

>> No.13561279
File: 63 KB, 720x480, 1409017188408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There once was a girl who lost her place in the Sun.

>> No.13561280


You're obviously just putting this on because you like replies. How about we bring it in for a hug? I love you Anon.

>> No.13561283

Aisha best girl.

>> No.13561284

You're all very welcome! I appreciate the praise. Writing is being really good to me lately so I'm doing as much as I can. Thanks for reading!

>> No.13561287

>And the ad is the mascot they put at the end,
Are you a fucking retard? How it can be an ad or shilling if there is no link or whatever? Only those who already use their board can get the joke
If not for your autistic rant, I would never know it came from /monster/

>> No.13561293

Just ignore him before he blows a blood vessel and makes a mess

>> No.13561294

> I would never know it came from /monster/
Yep. I wouldn't have either. Maybe he's the one from that board, and is putting on a show. That'd be funny. I don't pay attention to things outside of the doujin content itself though, so I don't give a fuck where it comes from as long as its accurate and such.

>> No.13561295

>some really obscure mascot is shilling

Get fucked. Even janitor-kun is laughing.

>> No.13561298

>One of her hands slips down her lithe belly to play with her clit, seeking more stimulation outside of the thick cock plowing into her womb
>Her deep purple eyes lock onto yours, and you feel her heartbeat vibrating through your own
>Your thrusts grow quicker, and she hooks her leg around your hips, aiding in your thrusts, her feathers tickling slightly as her wings cocoon the two of you
>In this world, it's just you and her, and the two of you hasten to your climax
>She forces her tongue through your teeth, and molests your mouth intensely, as she feels your cock thicken in impending orgasm
>She holds your head down, and you struggle to breathe almost, but you don't mind, her intensity so pleasantly breathtaking
>The fence shakes as yo you slam your hips into hers one last time, and shoot rope after rope of hot, thick seed deep into her womb, it smashes into the back of her womb, and with each twitch, your cock fills and claims her just a little more.
>Suddenly exhausted, you lean into her chest, and she holds you close
>For a while, the two of you stay like that, silent, together, until the chill of the afternoon sets in, and you begin to shiver as your sweat starts to cool.
>She lets you go, and steps over to her panties where they lay discarded. She covers her pussy with one hand, and slides the cloth up with the other, sealing your cum in her womb, letting not a drop slip out as she pulls the panties into place.
>They are cut kind of low, despite being designed to sit high on the hips. Pretty popular with the tailed girls
>You give her ass a playful smack as she pokes it out to pull her panties up, earning a giggle.
>"Now, lets not forget to clean you up too." She kneels, and takes your ball and still-hard shaft in hand.
>Without another word, her lips part, and she slides your cock down her throat, tightening her muscles to be just as tight as her pussy, and it takes a lot of control to not start skullfucking her

>> No.13561299

I wouldn't be surprised if he's from that board and is himself shilling it, I had no fucking idea what he was talking about till he explained it, hell, I don't even look at credit pages.

>> No.13561306

>anon shills by pretending to be anti-shiller
Fuck, that's actually cool

>> No.13561308

No Anon, that's not cool.

>> No.13561309

I don't think it's the janitor. I think things get deleted due to a heavy amount of reports. I remember it working like that for illegal content before I left, but I didn't notice it happening for that until recently. Guy posting an actual NTR scenario and it got deleted within 4-5 minutes due to reports. Shit was hilarious.

>> No.13561310

How is it hilarious?

>> No.13561311

>With worrying expertise, she brings you to a second orgasm, her nest bumping into your groin, sucking out the last drops of cum, another exceptionally large load, draining your balls completely
>She slides her lips off your polished cock with a wet pop, and swallows what wasn't shot directly down her throat.
>"There. All better." She smiles as she waves your softening cock around, before gently slipping it back into your underwear and doing your pants back up.
>"So," she begins, as she dresses herself, one fallen garment as a time, "Shall we hunt again?"
>With her dressed now, you step up behind her, and wrap your arms around her hips, kissing her shoulders and neck, "Sure. How about we end the next one with some breakfast?"
>You feel her blush as she relaxes into your grip, "Mine or yours?"
And that's how anon got with the dark Valkyrie from the year above.

>> No.13561312 [DELETED] 

>I think things get deleted due to a heavy amount of reports
U w0t
There are tons of scenario random-page posts with dozens of replies. They don't get deleted because of number of replies
And that guy only got 3 replies
He was rekt by janitor

>> No.13561313

Quick, I need a Monster Girl who'd be riding a bus, be wearing a leather jacket and would smell nice enough for a pervy human boy to sniff! Gimme a species!

>> No.13561314
File: 275 KB, 628x800, 6476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw you're 6'3"
>All girls are tiny.
I want to be short and taken advantage of by some Kitsunes.

>> No.13561315


>> No.13561317


>> No.13561318

Being a manlet is no fun, everybody looks down on you and you get no respect.

>> No.13561321

A rebellious Dhampir

>> No.13561325

If MGE goes off of Jap heights then a fucking Oni must be like 7 foot at the least.

>tfw 22 and still growing
My genes are scaring me please help

>> No.13561327

They smell of milk and honey.

>> No.13561329

>Troll in a leather jacket
Well that's something else.
How would the MC be able to tell she's a Dhampir?
A little too exotic.

>> No.13561330

That's still only a foot taller than many Americans and Europeans, and there are a decent number of people around the world that fall close to that height as it is.

>> No.13561332

Inari/Youko, Salamander?

>> No.13561333

She's warm. And a little rougher than your typical elegant vampire.

>> No.13561335

Oh gee, why don't we trade bodies then? I swear you humans are a bunch of pussies. You always whine about what you can't have.

>> No.13561338

>a little rougher
But anon, her only role in this story is to be sniffed while on the bus, there won't be any opportunity for her character to be explored.

>> No.13561339

>he's from that board and is himself shilling it
He obviously is from that board. Or he wouldn't recognize that /monster/ OC he is talking about

>> No.13561343

>You humans
What are you? An alien? A monster?

>> No.13561344

>wanting to b a manlet


>> No.13561346

>Tfw 5'5"
>Everyone is taller than me
Luckily, I have a fetish for the tall and the small or this would be terrible

>> No.13561348

Not enough Valkyrie stories out there

>> No.13561349

Oh well, a Troll in a leather jacket might be weird, but that's what I'll go with.

>> No.13561351

You can tell a lot from just looks anon. what kind of elegant high class vamp lady would sit with her feet on the chair in front, and listen to loud music, looking out the window in a leather jacket?

>> No.13561352

Holy shit kill yourself you fucking midget.

>> No.13561354

Because he wasted his time typing up something for a shit fetish he knew the thread wouldn't enjoy, only to have the NTR parts in it deleted. Pretty funny, man. The guy himself posted and said he was expecting it.

That's a pretty good idea. I'd love to see one of those, let alone see how she smells.

>> No.13561355

Eh, it wasn't much. But I agree, we need more Valkyrie love.

>> No.13561357

There's nothing wrong with being small. You get to drink all the milk you want and hope that it makes you tall when it doesn't because everything I know is a LIE

>> No.13561358

fuck you I'm half dwarf

>> No.13561360

>tfw 5'10
I love it when a girl is the same height or a bit taller than me

>> No.13561361

>I'd love to see one of those
You won't see her, but I'll write her to have dyed hair and stuff.

>> No.13561363

>Troll with herbs such as rosemary and basil growing on her

>> No.13561366

Why is it the "angry manlet" stereotype when it's all the tallfags instantly going
>hurrr kill you're self, midget fag

Besides, tall girls are olev. The smaller you are, the more tall girls there are, the more olev to be had.

>> No.13561367

How does it feel when you have to ask one of the store workers to help get you something on one of the higher shelves?

>> No.13561368

Then get back to mining!

>> No.13561369

Gonna be honest with you, wonderful.

>> No.13561371

Because it's not anger I'm conveying.

I'm telling that anon to kill himself because he's the size of a nine-year old.

>> No.13561374

>You won't see her, but I'll write her to have dyed hair and stuff
That's what I meant. I never actually expect to see someone draw something here. Well, except those pictures from Alp. He best make some more for us.

>> No.13561375

Exactly. Tall people have it rough since they can't get to experience taller girls because they're either the same height or below
Short people get the benefit of getting tall people, plus shortstacks. Best of both worlds

>> No.13561376

Are you saying that because you know I'm him? What gave it away, the sniffing stuff?

>> No.13561378

>tallfags vs shortfags
Are you guys seriously doing this? What is this, /v/? I fucking swear.

>> No.13561380

>Nine year old
What kind of Amazon planet are you from?

>> No.13561383


>> No.13561384

But Anon, I'm from Canada!

>> No.13561385

If it's not one thing, then we'll argue about something else. It's just human nature.

>> No.13561389

fuck you I don't mine, I'm in groundskeeping

>> No.13561393


>> No.13561394

Welcome to the human race you piece of shit.

>> No.13561395

Nah, I didn't know for sure. I had a suspicion because of the sniffing thing, but I figured you would be around sometime soon either way.

>> No.13561396

No. Worse

>> No.13561397
File: 223 KB, 600x709, 1429578174325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MG with Stocking hair, piercings, and tattoos. Haram or Halal?
Pic semi-related and still a MG according to the RUUUURUS!

>> No.13561402

You had me, and then you lost me

>> No.13561403

That’s it. The ghoul may have your dick in its mouth caught between a set of serrated teeth and in a vacuum hard enough to make an astroanaut blush, but at the same time that means you’re in the mouth of a ghoul. Deciding to ignore the mummy entirely, you reach down with your free hand and grab a fistful of silky hair. The girl below continues noisily trying to drain your balls completely heedless of your grip on her hair. Heedless, that is, until you thrust up with your hips and pound the back of her throat with your throbbing erection. You’d expected her to pull back or something when you started fucking her throat, but doing so only seems to turn her own. The undead girl moans and redoubles her efforts, somehow still managing to tease your head despite the frenzied pace your hips fall into.
You’re slamming your hips into her maw as fast as you can so you really shouldn’t be able to feel any detail, yet you still feel every bump on her tongue and every ridge on her throat. You race towards orgasm and can sense the glee in your attacker’s voice as you prepare to blow your load into the depths of her throat. Too bad that’s not in the cards.
Struggling to bring your thrashing hips back under control, at the last possible second you slip your cock from her lips and explode onto the ghoul’s face. You blast rope after rope of steaming cum onto her face. One particularly nice shot even hits her in the eye. She tries to take you back into her mouth, but between the hand gripping her hair and your wiggling hips she fails utterly.
Frustrated by the bounty on her face yet seemingly forgetting that she has hands the ghoul sits up and struggles to lick your seed off of her face, fingers clawing at empty air. That’s one down, but now what to do with the mummy?

>> No.13561405

Well I hope you aren't insinuating I should make a shitty drawing at the expense of finishing this update of mine.

>> No.13561408

Well that makes sense, most people from Ontario that I've seen are complete manlets.

Still better than Albertans.

>> No.13561409

There's a difference between arguing stupidly about something, and legitimate debate with well reasoned proponents. While not everyone is doing the former, the presence of those who do does not contribute to the forum (non-internet use of the word).

>> No.13561411

Piercings AND tattoos? Definitely haram. I can handle certain tattoos (tribal tattoos done right are amazing in 2D at least), but you can't do both.

>> No.13561414
File: 33 KB, 342x460, 'dwarf'.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck is Japan allowed to do this shit?

>> No.13561415

Poor Albertans, so much fire.

>> No.13561416

Can't handle the banter?

>> No.13561417

Why don't you grow up instead of resorting to ad hominem.

>> No.13561418

Hey, don't diss the Albertians. I have family there
But we can agree that it's better than being in Quebec. I should know. I'm next to them

>> No.13561419

Tickle the mummy!

>> No.13561421

Tattoos can be really cool if done right, but I don't like piercings.

>> No.13561423

Nah, just a regular service announcement.

>> No.13561424

Molest the shit out of the mummy. Materialize oil if you have to

>> No.13561427

Tickle the mummy?

>> No.13561430

>Denying the ghoul a load
Cold, but nice. Look around for something soft to tickle the girl with, but if not, massage her soft skin while teasing her.

>> No.13561432

Why don't you stop pretending to be so above it all and mature and get down and dirty with us, because bitching about arguments, our bread and butter, ain't gonna do shit.

>> No.13561433

Of course, monster girls from Quebec would be purged on sight.

How does it feel to freeze out there while I'm nice and comfy in the warm summer heat?

>> No.13561434
File: 84 KB, 360x350, Dwarf_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seriously, what the fuck KC? This isn't a dwarf, it's a baby loli with a hammer.

>> No.13561436

KC's gotta cater to the fetishes. Except gap moe, but we've somewhat re-purposed other MGs for that.

>> No.13561437

Holy shit I just fucking noticed the teddy bear on the hammer.

>> No.13561438

>When it's been hot as a Pheonix nethers for a month now
I wish it was cold. Boy howdy do I wish it was cold. I miss the snow

>> No.13561439

Because it makes dicks hard.

>> No.13561441

Yeah, I remember when it used to snow so hard It'd get up to my hips, now I'm lucky if it even sticks to the ground.

>> No.13561444

What exactly is wrong with that?
She is not even lewd

>> No.13561447

Wow, dwarf is barely on my radar but I feel like a criminal.

>> No.13561451

I don't care how blinding fresh fallen snow is on a sunny day, I'd rather have the cool wind, the smell of winter, and a good mug of hot cocoa then to be covered in swear 24/7
I want to cuddle my blankets god damn it, not sit in my underwear next to a fan. And I was born in the summer too

>> No.13561452
File: 135 KB, 1440x900, 2nkuv0x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>KC's gotta cater to the fetishes.
But he doesn't have a single shortstack, and dwarves are perfect for that!
Gobling are just regular lolis, and Hobgoblins aren't shortstacks, they're oppai lolis.

It's not a fucking dwarf, that's what. It's just a loli with a giant axe.

>> No.13561453

Well, KC is a pedophile, so there's no surprise there. And japan as a whole would prefer cute things. Bearded shorties aren't cute.

>> No.13561455
File: 132 KB, 1280x720, 1384351799325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying bearded shorties can't be cute.

>> No.13561457

Moon-land doesn't seem to like shortstacks as much, which is a shame. It's the land of cute things and not much else.
Well, there are some crossed wires from the radiation but besides that.

>> No.13561459

I would have been fine with a flat chested dorf if she was at least showing a bit of bush.

>> No.13561461

>Moon-land doesn't seem to like shortstacks as much
That's because everyone there qualifies as a shortstack.

>> No.13561463

Short yes, but stacked? Not so much.

>> No.13561464

>"Lets reclaim Erbor together, Bilbo-kun!"

>> No.13561465

Bread and butter? I can hardly believe that (the majority of) people here actually want to shitpost or be the victim of shitposting. Actually, that happens less often in /mgt/ than in other threads on 4chan.

>> No.13561466

Japanese girls aren't generally well stacked. It's their mandatory health laws that fines the overweight for the extra strain on their health care system. There are exceptions, but they're mostly rather skinny.

>> No.13561467

Albertan here.

I like it here.

>> No.13561469

>But he doesn't have a single shortstack, and dwarves are perfect for that!

Dwarves would have made excellent shortstacks, but he does have at least one, the hobgoblin.

>> No.13561470

Good for you, Albertan

>> No.13561471

Not by our standards maybe, but over there a chick with a B or C cup is practically considered well endowed.

>Japan fines people for being fat
Now if Obamacare included that kind of a law I would have been more ok with it.

>> No.13561472

As a BC fag, I just want to let you know that we know forest fires aren't fun and hope everything turns out okay pal.

>> No.13561473

How many shortstacks exist in real life? I think I've seen a whopping 0 of them in my whole life, not even a picture of one.

>> No.13561475

He probably meant any stacked japanese girl is going to qualify as a short stack.

It's not on their radar because jap girls are already short.

>> No.13561476

>baby loli
As apposed to an adult loli?

>> No.13561477

Is everything OK over there, champ?

>> No.13561479

I'd love a foul mouthed, perverted loli over the 'oniichan' squeaky toy variety any day.

>> No.13561480

Fuck that, I hope Albertans fucking burn, fucking speeding and always cutting me off on the highway.

>> No.13561481

I'm friendly with a girl who's close. Her rack is fucking massive and her hips are decent, she's like 4'6ish I think

>> No.13561482

But so are the men. Remember, if everyone is short, then no one is short. Too bad the Japs aren't bustier, they'd be in a great position to be short stacks to the rest of the world.

>> No.13561483

>baby loli
>a legitimately aged loli
>adult loli
>a loli who's real age is above that of a regular loli
Was that so hard to understand?

>> No.13561484

>This man has never met QT Iberian and Latino and Islander shortstacks

My mom is a shortstack. Thank god I got my dad's height.

>> No.13561485
File: 252 KB, 291x574, loli_mommy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13561488

>Being this much of an asshole
You sound like an American who stepped foot in Canada and thought that made you Canadian

>> No.13561489

Well, I've heard plenty about the fires, and there's the active fireban...but I live in Edmonton, so tend not to see much of it. Heck, it rained pretty hard here today.

>> No.13561490

I've seen a midget with huge tits and a great ass. Still can't fap to it.

>> No.13561492

4'6" is a shortstack now? I thought shortstacks were on the level of midgets. Something like 2".
How tall?

>> No.13561493

Night Anons,
Remember to only buy your Jinko cubs from a guild certified breeder or slaver, otherwise you may just end up with a werecat.
not that I'd complian
Keep on keeping on and don't burn down the thread.

>> No.13561496

Eh, don't give him too hard a time.

Drivers in Alberta suck fucking ass, everyone knows it.

>> No.13561498

Stay safe

>> No.13561499

I just thought it meant short and stacked...

>> No.13561502

>Buy premium jinko cub from royal line
>It's just a tabby were-kitten
I'd still love her as a daughter.

>> No.13561503

Shortstack just means short and stacked, not midget or pygmy. Pretty much any voluptuous girl under 5 feet is a shortstack.

4'7 or so.

>> No.13561506

Better than Toronto traffic. every roads closed. every road's congested. Bridges are falling apart

>> No.13561508

Well, that's what it implies, but that's hardly what the fetish seems to specifically entail going by what's posted by them.

>> No.13561510

Well, in Edmonton's case, all that is true because they rebuild everything every summer.

>> No.13561511

Not as bad as Montreal bridges.

>> No.13561513

Toronto in a nutshell. Glad I don't live in the condo hub of the universe

Shut up Quebec, nobody cares about you

>> No.13561514

Hobgoblin is just a loli with fat tits. She lack the plump figure and wide hips that most shortstacks come with.

>> No.13561515

So should we be making a distinction between what we mean when we talk about real life shortstacks and what we mean when we talk about imaginary shortstacks? It seems to me like all the girls that are posted in shortstack threads are akin to oppai lolis.

>> No.13561517

You, you are my friend.

>MGs bought from breeders have their liniage outlined.
>Shell out for premium dragon pup
>Never have you seen so many titles of "The brave" or "The destroyer"
>You've just taken to calling her Daughteru "the cute"

>> No.13561518

But I'm not a dirty French Canadian.

I've just seen a good amount of shit bridges in Montreal.

>> No.13561519

It's really not that hard.

Short. Stack.
Short. But stacked.
Short, as in short, not a midget.

>> No.13561520

Her ancestors would be proud.

>> No.13561524

It's just the same phenomena as people who post ham planets going on about how they like chubby chicks.

Midget/dwarf means a certain condition and proportions. Big head, stunted limbs and all that.
Pygmy just means extremely tiny but everything in normal proportion.
Short girls are neither. They're just short.

Stacked means big tits. Short and stacked.

>> No.13561526

>Always call daughteru my 'fierce little tiger'
>She grows up acting the part with great confidence
>Turns into a fun loving tomboy
>Not kuudere like a jinko but has the loudest purr in the region
>Always wonders if I just can't tell she's a were-cat or not

>> No.13561527
File: 109 KB, 424x400, Werekitty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wake up to find this girl holding you and purring with content. Her tongue happily washes over your face and hair. It seems like she's been at it for some time now. When you try to pull away she lets out a slight grumbling noise and you feel her lightly kneading paws tighten sharply to prevent you from moving. Once she settles down, the trilling werecat returns to her affectionate ministrations.

Wat do?

>> No.13561529

Just let it happen

>> No.13561532

Check the clock to see if she's gonna be late for school.

>> No.13561533

Relax and enjoy. With petting and ear scratches.

>> No.13561534

Why would I stop this? She just wants to make sure I'm clean. Let her continue. Could even reward her with petting if she does well.

>> No.13561535

Hope this is real, spank dat butt.

>> No.13561536

Clamp her neck and throw her off the bed.

>> No.13561538

>What is this? When I was her age I had burned down my first village and amassed a hoard that drew in adventurers from all corners of the earth. And she's been sold as a 'pet'?
>'Mother, she's not a 'pet' she's been adopted. And she's three, I doubt that you did such things back then."
>"Grrrrr, just send her in. I at least want to see how my progeny is doing."
>Little Dragon pup walks in, holding you hand in a claw and wearing a shirt with a smiling sun on it, going "Gama! Mama!" as soon as she sees her matriarchs.
>That day you reminded them why she's called 'The Cutest'

>> No.13561539

>cat tongue

no thanks. Hurts like a bitch.

>> No.13561540

Call her an asshole and wish she were a werewolf instead,

>> No.13561541

Either way she's your daughteru and as long as you love her it doesn't matter.

>> No.13561545

Lie back and let her go at it, maybe return the favor in the form of head scratching and ear rubbing if I can.

>> No.13561546

Have you owned a cat? It's a little rough, but is far from painful. More ticklish than anything else.

>> No.13561547

Blink slowly, nuzzle her behind her ears, and make her feel comfy.

>> No.13561549

Touch ears, touch tail, touch paws, touch face, touch arms, touch legs, touch butt, touch boobies.

>> No.13561550

Cat no, I have to go to work to keep us fed and alive.

>> No.13561551

The ghoul is distracted, and if your cum was as sticky as you think it was will be for a while. You shift your attention to the mummy still hugging your arm. Her elbows are raised in a way that leaves her armpits dangerously exposed from below. No way you’re passing that up. In some kind of lewd and playful pincer attack you grope the breast your right hand is being pulled into while reaching up with your left to tickle her exposed armpit. The result is a mix between the raspy moan you’d elicited before and a drunken giggle. The girl curls in around herself as you keep up your onslaught and you manage to free your right arm.
You keep tickling and manage to maneuver yourself behind her as she kneels, bowed under your skilled hands. If she’d needed to breathe there was no way she’d be able to, but she didn’t so you decide to keep going until she’s completely out of it. Again.

There’s something erotic about the mummy quivering against you, and between the feel of her skin and whatever was in the ghoul’s spit you’re at full mast again soon. Deciding to take a slight risk you slide down the bandages on her legs and slip yourself between her thighs. The mummy immediately stiffens, and though you still tickle her all of her laughs turn to moans as you thrust between her legs. Your earlier bout left her so drenched even with the bandage there to absorb her fluids her thighs are still plenty slick.

>> No.13561552

Yeah, a small cat is ticklish and a bit irritating after a while.

A human sized catgirl with that same tongue but more strength? That sounds like it will quickly chafe or rip skin.

>> No.13561556


The ghoul’s spit is making you quick, but the curse on the mummy makes her even quicker. Your orgasm approaches faster than it should under the mild stimulation of her skin, but before you can think of busting a nut the woman under you has moaned out her pleasure repeatedly and gone senseless under your cock. As the freight train that is your peak approaches you indulge yourself by slipping your hands under the mummy’s bandages and kneading her fat tits as you paint her bandages a new shade of white.
God, that was something. You’re sticky, sweaty and there’s a hole in your pants, but you find yourself oddly content as you wobble to your feet and head to the door, leaving two undead girls in your wake. There’s a smile on your face as you open the door and—

Wake up.

You blink in the darkness of your living room. The soft weight atop your chest and gentle breathing tell you that Laura has fallen asleep leaning on you. That warm spot probably means she’s drooling some, too. It’s night again. The heat of the day is past so going outside should be fairly comfortable. You really need to decide what to do with this girl now; she’s nice enough, but a little weird and you still aren’t really sure what your relationship is going to be. What do?

>> No.13561560

Slip out without disturbing her and go eat some food.

>> No.13561561

Check if this is reality and if it is, be really fucking emotional about it because in this moment, something impossible and fantastic happened, so I am euphoric.

>> No.13561563
File: 878 KB, 1000x1360, 1425901762599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New from line 329. I'm sorry there isn't as much creepy crawly as there is a creepy MC.


>> No.13561564

Think she'd be aware enough to not lick your skin off. After all, she has to use that tongue on her own human-like skin as well.

Either way, she might have a very modified or just ordinary tongue. Would have to if we take the Cat Kingdom into account otherwise it becomes true torture. Same with Kraken if she's a super accurate squid. Their suckers have teeth.

>> No.13561567

Make it up to us by drawing oomukade in a nurse's outfit.

>> No.13561569

I thought you wanted the Metalhead Troll.

>> No.13561570

Go grab a bite to eat and think. She does seem nice enough. Her staying would be fine with me as long as she kept this up. Lewd dreams while asleep, and something to relax with while awake.

>> No.13561573

I think that was me, and I still do. Shit would be pretty funny. Nurse Oomukade could be fun too.

>> No.13561575

I say cuddle dammit!

If going out to eat wins though, we should at least bring her something back.

>> No.13561576

>You will never lead a blind albino oomukade by the hand into your home and watch her awe-inspired expressions as she slowly feels her way through the rooms
>You will never teach her how to cuddle and watch her turn bright red from the lewdness that she's never experienced before.
>You will never have her beg you for kisses and headpats when you get home from work

Life hurts.

>> No.13561577

>If going out to eat wins though
Oh. I meant making something to eat in the kitchen. Should definitely bring her back something if not.

>> No.13561578

Let her lay down on the couch to sleep then go and do whatever

>> No.13561580

In time.

>> No.13561581

Okay, so we go get food. Are we letting the horse stay or what? I need more to go off of here than "I go eat a sandwich."

>> No.13561585

I chimed in with my opinion already. She seems nice enough.

>> No.13561587

Let her stay, go get some food, make sure to bring back/make something for her to eat too, when telling her she can stay.

>> No.13561588

What if, arachne who just uses her single next door neighbor for sperm slowly getting jealous and being abandoned as the raptor girl at work wins his heart?

>> No.13561590

Is the raptor a clever girl?

>> No.13561593

We give her an ultimatum.

Either we get to ride on her back and shout "yeehaw!" or she can leave.

>> No.13561598
File: 36 KB, 1013x646, Nurse Nojiko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm too lazy to do more now, so here's this.

>> No.13561602

Monsters need to learn their place as cum buckets and meat toilets and not question the decisions of men.

>> No.13561604

Holy shit. It's been a few days since I actually laughed out loud. Nice job. That dick heart, too.

>> No.13561608

I was trying to make it into a splurt of white stuff, but then it turned into a heart shape and I rolled with it.

>> No.13561610

What happened to the greentext last thread? Or did it end and I didn't notice?

In any case, I need more of this.

>> No.13561611
File: 200 KB, 715x1000, YM3jlkj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to mindfix an Elf Slave! I want to buy her all sorts of cute things to wear!

>> No.13561613

Well said.

>> No.13561616

So how's everyone feeling about our humble narrator's descent into the depth of depravity?

>> No.13561618

Men need to learn their place as cumpumps and meat sticks and not to question the decisions of monstergirls.

>> No.13561620

I love you alp. No homo.

>> No.13561621

That's a demon though.

>> No.13561624

Just in case you didn't get it, she's showing off the effects of Oomukade venom.

>> No.13561626

But where are her horns? All I see is Elf ears.

>> No.13561628
File: 109 KB, 810x618, 1401921268902.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you keep your cool when a girl walks into a room with a fat abdomen?

>> No.13561630

Oh, I assure you, she's very horny.

>> No.13561632

>Centaur waifu tapes fleshlight to her frontside.
>"D-do you love me now, anon-kun?"
>You throw the divorce papers at her and whisper, "fuck off you option-less backcunt."

>> No.13561635
File: 292 KB, 850x1133, sample-19e51ea09e228d75d59188558336ddee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alp Adventures got updated.

Hope you enjoy!


>> No.13561637

Nah, I got that.

>> No.13561641

How did they even get that far into the marriage to begin with?

>> No.13561644


>> No.13561648

What happens in MG Vegas does not always stay in MG Vegas.

>> No.13561657

MG Vegas would be terrible. You'd step inside, spend five days in a drug induced haze, and walk out with no money and five wives. Two of them are manticores!

>> No.13561661

How is that any different from normal Vegas?

>> No.13561664

The manticores are old hags.

>> No.13561669

Which MG would make the best gimp?

>> No.13561670

Only literally.

>> No.13561674

Look a little below the ribbons.

>> No.13561681

Elf, duh

>> No.13561692
File: 71 KB, 1316x994, Metalhead Troll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well here's this.

>> No.13561694

It doesn't have any flowers because I was too lazy, but the absence of background and the bench she's sitting on is an artistic choice. Totally.

>> No.13561698

Oh boy. Now if I go read it that is all I'll see. Great. The hands and feet seem to be about on par though. 10/10.

>> No.13561701

Here we see a manticore about to 'consume' her prey whole. The process can take anywhere for five minutes to eight hours, depending on how hungry she is. But things do not always go smoothly, even for a top man predator like the manticore.
A young manticore approaches, challenging the older resident for her prey and territory. Both begin to display their tailpussies to attempt to intimidate the other with their size while trading insults. They puff up their chests to make their busts look bigger to make themselves look more fertile than the other. This intimidation usually decides the dominant of the pair, though some bouts can last for hours. These two both appear to have equal size tailpussies and busts, and neither backs down.
A fight could injure or incapacitate either of these two mighty beasts, so they begin a different method of fighting. Their claws lock together as they spread their wings wide, and both begin to push. Their tailpussies lock together, violating each other and testing the other's skill while the match of strength continues. They will fight like this until one relents, or cannot continue.
The younger of the pair has more strength, but the skill of the mature manticore's tailpussy has sapped away her opponent's strength. The reigning queen dominates the young manticore and leaves her defeated, turning back to her frightened prey. In the distraction of defending her territory, her meal has fled. She will track him down once more, his flight only delaying the inevi-Is she looking this way?
Shit! Cheese it!

>> No.13561705

How mad would an albino Kurohebi get when you mistake her for a Shirohebi?

>> No.13561710

She's probably used to it. Does she talk like a sassy black woman?

>> No.13561711

Decent story. Not really a fan of this kind of Oomukade or addictive poison headcanon. But that's personal preference. It's well written enough that I can enjoy it anyway.

>> No.13561714

>addictive poison
You do realize Nojiko has no means of injecting her venom into him, right?

>> No.13561715

>"Ooh gurl, you did NOT just call me one ah them pasty white bitches!"

>> No.13561717

No, we give her an ultimatum. She can either tell us what she's doing here. Or she can eat all of the eggs.

>> No.13561718

Reminder that all old hags were once young beauties and all young beauties will become old hags. The same applies ourselves.

>> No.13561722

So, I'll become a grizzled old man? Do I get a cool beard? Will I get love letters from younger MGs because I'm still single?

>> No.13561728

Why not? The beard depends on your genetics though.

>> No.13561730

What a polymath.

>> No.13561731

Excellent. Where do I sign up for my yare yare card?

>> No.13561744

You can get those at like 17.

>> No.13561750

You’re hungry again. Did you really just sleep from meal to meal? It was already seven and I really didn’t feel like cooking, so eating out was the only option. Worming your way from under Laura was more difficult than you thought, but she slept like the dead so no matter how much you bumped her around she just grumbled, found another comfortable spot and started snoring again.

There was a pretty decent burger place down the street, so you walk down and order two burgers and fries. Then you remember what the horse said about only eating vegetables and fish sticks and have them change one of those burgers to a fish sandwich.

>cont. Fucking character limit

>> No.13561754

The lights are on when you make it home with the steaming bag in your hands. You expect to find Laura rooting around in the kitchen or watching TV or something, but she meets you at the door instead, wringing her hands and looking woefully uncomfortable.
“U-um,” she stutters, “I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for being a bother! Thanks a lot and I’m going to go now!” The centaur makes to walk past you, but you plant yourself in the doorway and give her your patented blank stare.
“Can I get past?”
“Nope. I just bought food, come on.” Laura looks surprised, but edges backwards as you move forward anyway. You dig into your burger while Laura nibbles at hers, peeking at you over the bun frequently.
“So I was thinking,” you begin to break the awkward silence between you, “You don’t have to leave. It… gets quiet around here.” The centaur stares at you wordlessly and you feel yourself babbling to fill the quiet. “I mean, my schedule is weird and I don’t get to talk to many people so having someone around might be nice, you know? And, uh, you’re cute too even though you did break into my house and all.”
“You’re really weird.”
“Maybe that’s why you don’t hate me.”
This is a completely different girl from the one you talked to last night. She feels so much more vulnerable and withdrawn. She also seems a lot more together; did a night of sleep make that much difference to her?

And I'm going to cut it off here for now while I think about what to do with this and get some sleep.

>> No.13561755

What are the 40+ equivalent?

>> No.13561757


>> No.13561760
File: 279 KB, 640x384, 1369184224906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.13561761


>Living in a world full of MGs
>You weren't sure how but you lived life without getting raped or dragged away by Mamono and had relatively little contact with them.
>You ponder how differently things might've turned out otherwise.
>You did have a couple of different kinds of MGs you would've liked to "waifu" back in the day
>Currently though you live in a city where they are commonplace
>And it seems you've gotten a bit of a reputation.
>You have a feeling your beard played a part in it somehow.
>Younger Mamono, several years younger, sometimes walk up to you, muster up their courage and think that you're cool, badass or other similar things.
>You've gotten a few letters with a heart sticker on the back of them made out to a "Mr. Anon"
>It strikes you as uncanny that the kinds of Mamono praising you or giving you things just happen to be the same kinds of Mamono you took a liking to when you were younger.

>> No.13561762


>> No.13561763

What happens if a fox lays down on it and gives me that fucking smirk and half-lidded eyes?

>> No.13561764

The guy died

>> No.13561766

Alright, thanks for continuing it, man. I dislike centaur types, but she is still pretty cute.

>> No.13561767

It's a very minor gripe, but after making sure that I wasn't just imagining it was mentioned. it is mentioned in entry 4. Not just addictive, but very addictive. I think it does a disservice to them as a whole to establish that. It gives people something imaginary to complain about that's not even in their profile. It came from a few grimderp greentexts and to me it's on par with mentioning bonnet wearing lizardmen when I see it. Not that they need that to have their poor reputation. They're gloomy rape trains after all.

Again, really minor thing actually. But it did bother me when I came across it.

>> No.13561769

Man being a DILF takes the fun out of MILFs. Go find a GMILF to fuck.

>> No.13561773

Nigger, you don't even know how addiction work. Sugar can be addictive. If it makes you feel good, the right personality can get addicted to it. Whether or not the withdrawal symptoms are purely mental or physical is besides the point.

>> No.13561774

But I don't care about the profiles, and it being addictive is important for the plot. I'm sorry.

>> No.13561776

It's fine, I get that. I already said I enjoyed it nonetheless even if I didn't care for the interpretation.

>> No.13561777

Hooray for Nightmare.

We need more Nightmare.

>> No.13561778

I can vouch for that damn sugar stuff. Was a pain to get myself to stop drinking tons of cola each day. It's why I don't drink alcohol, I'm pretty sure I'd kill myself somehow.

>> No.13561785


>> No.13561786

>Being a CC for your favorite monstergirls.
I cannot be trusted with this power.

>> No.13561788


>"Huh? You're interested in me, kiddo? Aren't I too old for ya?"

>> No.13561793

The power to make a young anubis tail wag at a whim?
The power to make a were-cat purr with just a simple heat pat?
The power to make a mermaid swoon as you princess carry her around town without tiring?

>> No.13561796

It's a good plot device, but it's not mentioned as a part of her gimmicks at all. It's fine if you don't like venom, but be upfront about that in general instead of saying you don't want to get addicted. When it's not even mentioned or explored.

And as someone who used to be fat and a big sweet tooth. It's your hormones going out of whack due to becoming insulin and leptin resistant. Not the sugar itself. It's not comparable to some magical neurotoxin which we don't know the side effects of.

>> No.13561798

>Looks at hand
>"I'm so fucked up."

I wanna see two CCs trying to flirt
>"A-are you sure you wouldn't want a younger girl. You could get one, easy."
>"Nonsense, you're plenty young and beautiful, I on the other hand, am jut an old man."
>[Ara Ara intensifies]
>[Yare Yare intensifies]

>> No.13561799

I think 'portrayal' is the word I'm looking for here.

>> No.13561800

Yes but sugar is the stimulus that provokes that chemical reaction, much in the same way normalfags get addicted to social media.

Again, anything can be addictive so long as it provokes a desired reaction, it is utterly comparable to "some magical neurotoxin which we don't know the side effects of."

>> No.13561802

>I'm so fucked up
Indeed, but he has barely even started yet.
I see. Well I'm still sorry about it, but I don't think I'll change that at this point.

>> No.13561806
File: 296 KB, 686x650, 1431390973620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If your already getting old why not just go full wizard? You resisted this long wait a bit longer and true arcane power will be yours.

>> No.13561810

Only if you never fapped

>> No.13561814
File: 293 KB, 2000x1000, tmp_19612-14052161802231996374872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Miia will never wrap you up
>she will never carefully insert you inside herself
>she will never start moving slowly with her eyes locked to yours
>you will never have slow passionate cuddlesex for hours
>you'll never stop sometimes to just hold her close
>you will never hear her heavy breathing and feel her heartbeat
>you will never climax at the same time after hours and fill her womb with your seed
>you will never fall asleep in each others arms

>> No.13561815

Really, if almost every girl of the species I liked had the hots for me, I'd pretty much be a slut, fucking all the ones I could.

>> No.13561816

>Head pat a young Hellhound
>"You'll be a great mom someday. When you find the guy of your dreams; the one you know you want to spend forever with, remind of every day of how much you love and cherish him."
>And then you casually stroll away.

>> No.13561822

Well duh, how is she going to dom someone twice her age?

>> No.13561825

Why don't you teach her instead of being a faggot?

>> No.13561826

So is holstaur milk. Point is, you don't know what it'll do if you are addicted. If it's mental or physical.( It might be a weird benign thing that's hardly addiction at all.) How much it would take for someone become addicted (could be a whole fucking lot in a single day). If the Oomukade would hold back if there's such a risk....

And so on.

My issue with these things is that you people tend not to like addiction, and yet you'll go for the worst possible route. Not even a little bit of things to soften the blow if you're already filling in the blanks yourself.

Don't like addiction? Doesn't mention addiction? Why ruin it for yourself by assuming addiction?

>> No.13561829

To be fair I did say the venom is "very powerful,very addictive", but that info the MC got off the internet so it might as well be just bullshit.

>> No.13561830
File: 188 KB, 707x1000, 1375393644042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>DILF sexually frustrating all the young Monstergirls
>he's too willy to get raped


>> No.13561832

>you don't know what it'll do if you are addicted.
This isn't really the point man. The point is you're addicted. Addiction is bad. It's dependence on something other than yourself.

>> No.13561837

You're reminding me of Hummingbird-chan anon.

>> No.13561838

Please don't get upset. If you people start a shitstorm because of this story, bad things will happen to it.

>> No.13561839

Okay. Keep reading. I really would like the last part addressed.

>> No.13561840

She's way bigger then that, but I could totally see cute Hummingbird daughterus being that size.

>> No.13561841

It's a discussion that's come up before regarding venom in MGE. Don't worry about it. I'm fine with how you wrote your story Alp. I don't expect you to change anything, just because some small things didn't suit my tastes.

>> No.13561842

>Hummingbird-chan daughterus
Maybe someday.

>> No.13561843
File: 137 KB, 800x566, a98c94390f0c2515699a4e734c8c3df5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13561844

I know, 2 feet high is a good height too. Imagining the daughterus really will give me diabetes though.

>> No.13561845

Oh god. I want it so bad. Just walk around with them on my shoulder as they grow up.

>> No.13561846
File: 1.13 MB, 980x1500, 4823923fb5214f358b7a0cb4cd80dc00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pocket monster girls!

>> No.13561850

>falling asleep with a pile of fuzziness on your chest
>tiny sippy cups
>tiny everything
>don't even need those weird baby holsters just use your MANLY SHOULDERS

The Best

>> No.13561851

It ain't your story man, it's more an issue with venom and toxins in threadcanon in general.

I didn't address it because what's the point. All addiction is bad, regardless of the severity, it all has potentially unforeseen, far reaching risks. You're picking apart straws here, you issue was "Guys it's not addictive," now It's changed to "Guys the addiction isn't really that bad."

>Men injected with this poison experience a rush of pleasure around the place where they were bitten at that very moment, and their bodies lose all strength. In fact, the poison is so potent that even if they don’t do anything for a while, the man will continually experience an intoxicating pleasure at the place where he was bitten.

This shit sounds hardcore to me. The shit it would have to fuck up with your body to produce this effect can't be healthy, and getting addicted to it can only be worse. Not to mention you couple the venom with the sex that would almost invariably follow, addiction could happen real quick.

>> No.13561854

>Addiction is bad

Which is why I think some of us are baffled when you insist a monstergirl's venom is addictive. I have a feeling KC didn't have addiction in mind for most of his poisonous monsters.

If it's so bad why are you insisting it has to be that way?

I have read mellodramatic stories about addictive healing potions before. It's interesting but just because it's feasible doesn't mean it isn't some fan-canon. Otherwise every other RPG would feature addiction to basic healing items.

>> No.13561856

And this is why nobody loves creepy-crawlies. They stink, they make you into an addict, and they do both on purpose because they're pure evil and don't deserve any love or affection, ever.

>> No.13561858
File: 131 KB, 500x625, 945b0d41ca800b8567185e173d3f451b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How small are we talking here?

>> No.13561861

How does she get your dickings?

>> No.13561862
File: 129 KB, 707x1000, tmp_7601-14049816077511428867549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to hot glue a tiny monstergirl!

>> No.13561863

Who says I dick it? It's obviously for sorting pocket change. Besides, this >>13561862 works.

>> No.13561865

>dicking the moe

>> No.13561867

So oomukades are being treated like mantises now?
I shiggy AND diggy over the mistreatment of the two.

>> No.13561871
File: 58 KB, 1000x707, 5e8df1c7f32cb19f0441bc6078f408bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Real small.

>> No.13561872

>now It's changed to "Guys the addiction isn't really that bad."

No I didn't. If you bothered to keep reading I asked why you folks didn't soften the blow if you're already filling in the blanks with this sort of thing. I just listed some examples.

I also introduced variables that can change how things play out. Like if you can get addicted quickly. Just because you think "addiction could happen real quick". Doesn't means someone else would. That's headcanon, because this isn't expanded upon at all.

My major point is why you feel the need to headcanon it at all if you don't like the addiction.

>> No.13561875

Look at the widdle pantsu! She can't even wear them though...

>> No.13561876

I've really started to hate threadcanon. If they don't get the moe treatment or stupid meme joke then they get this shit.

>> No.13561878

Poor Mantises. I recommend reading Viridian Ninja if you like them.

>> No.13561879

It's all just for shits and giggles anon, don't take it seriously.

>> No.13561884

As long as you can write (or convince someone else to write), threadcanon can be easily changed.

>> No.13561885

That story Seafoam did was pretty good for Mantis fans, too. Was actually the first thing I read from him.

>> No.13561889
File: 1.22 MB, 3496x4960, 70972a46bbc6e572077826b934279a8f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish to give Doll-chan the first tears of happiness in her life.

>> No.13561890

>when you insist
>implying I'm the only one

>KC didn't ave addiction in mind
KC never has anything in mind beyond churning out waifu archetypes. Of course his hug box doesn't take shit like addiction into account.

>Healing potions
Come on man, likening that to this is like likening food to healing potions. Feasible sure, but no one considers it. This is home made ecstasy in venom form.

>Why are you insisting it has to be that way
First up, if you don't want the realism of addiction factoring in to your headcanon, sure. Whatever. However, when people are engaging their brains and considering how believable a story or setting is, don't come here with that shit. Not every one likes a hugbox.

>Why would I put bad things in a setting
Really man? I can only look at a hugbox where nothing bad ever happens so long before I just roll my eyes and go "this is complete dribble". Because that isn't how the real world works, and you want some sense of realism. Because if it's too fantastical and its some utopia where everything is perfect, not only does perfection mean nothing, but it becomes hard to engage with the story. It becomes un-relatable. It's there to instill a sense of risk, danger and consequence. To give dark to light. To add a realistic complexity.

>> No.13561895

Seconding this suggestion. I should write again. I felt compelled to write the few things I did because I was assblasted at the threadcanon of some monstergirls I liked.

>> No.13561912

Or at least ignored. Works wonders when you have some decent stuff to fall back on during threadcanon faggotry.

>> No.13561914

>First up, if you don't want the realism of addiction factoring in to your headcanon, sure. Whatever. However, when people are engaging their brains and considering how believable a story or setting is, don't come here with that shit. Not every one likes a hugbox.

I'm not saying you have to go in the other direction of saccharine happiness. Just don't pretend it isn't headcanon or that it's really adding much to a compelling story. You have a fucking giant rapist centipede who is imprisoning you forever. You don't even need addiction to make it dark or portray just about everything else realistically.

Also, it's arguably more more engaging to play with possible addiction and using that for drama than to say you quickly and inevitably become addicted to something. Grimderp is called grimderp for a reason.

It's fine if you want that for storytelling.

I think most of the arguments I've seen regarding venom or similar issues are about why you wouldn't waifu one or the main reason someone dislikes X monster is a headcanon reason. That's where it gets weird to me. Not everyone is going to share that headcanon so it should be common sense to be as objective and conservative as you can when talking about said monstergirl's waifu viability. Everyone has the profile to go on. If someone wanted to they could find some vaguely defined thing on another monstergirl and warp it into something undesirable as well. It could even be a relatively 'tame' one.

If someone removed that bad thing that they headcanoned they're suddenly not shit. It's just jarring to dislike a monster for headcanon things.

>> No.13561918

So wait, this addiction thing is supposed to be a bad thing?
Because the idea of someone kidnapping me and caring about me enough to get me addicted to something that comes from their body so I love them back is giving me a really hard erection

>> No.13561923

If we're taking the addiction thing literal, you'd both be addicted to each other due to the husband's saliva-venom. This is of course always overlooked if it makes things shittier for the protagonist.

>> No.13561927

>Just don't pretend it isn't headcanon
I don't tho. It just gets accepted as thread canon cause we all know KC can't write for shit. You fall back on what you know when the source material is too vague and stupid, and you know shit like this to be addictive.

>Also, it's arguably more more engaging to play with possible addiction and using that for drama than to say you quickly and inevitably become addicted to something
Yeah of course, no one said it should be "oh, you got a drop, you're a junkie for life." I just said it would be likely for addiction to be able to set in swiftly.

>I think most of the arguments I've seen regarding venom or similar issues are about why you wouldn't waifu one or the main reason someone dislikes X monster is a headcanon reason.
Not my motive at all. >>13561918 just like this dude, I'd gladly get addicted on my waifu. Just because we both know its bad wouldn't stop us. I do unhealthy shit all the time.

I'm not saying they are shit because they turn you into a junkie. I'm just saying that they have the potential to turn you into a junkie. Generally speaking, you accept that if you waifu a girl who produces venom. Don't mean they're shit.

>> No.13561928

Really, your fate is kind of the same either way. You're a clingy Oomukade's lover forever and she'll never let you go. Some would like to have this without being literally addicted. I don't really think it makes a difference in the long run when you have an Oomukade wife.

>> No.13561930

It's called opinions. Also, opinions are not necessarily fetishes.

>captcha just asked me for the first time to pick out street signs
My my, we're slowly moving on to AI-chan's next lesson!

>> No.13561933

>Ryu, Scylla, Unicorn, Youko, Apophis
Keeping all but horse pussy
Wizard lair a best

>> No.13561934

I see. That's fair enough. I'm not thinking of you then, but I know at least one anon accepts these sort things as their headcanon and dislikes certain monsters because of it. It's kind of weird.

>> No.13561935

I'm going to apologize again for this Oomukade venom addiction thing. I'm going to go change that right now.

>> No.13561936
File: 84 KB, 358x400, 8574c4631cc30cd84a99e08b41b43fc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish there were more cute Google-tans.

>> No.13561938

It's really terrifying how fast they're making it learn.
It feels like yesterday that they where making us teach it how to read the numbers on people's addresses

>> No.13561941

Stop right there, Alp.

>> No.13561942

Please don't Alp. I don't want to feel I bullied or pressured you into it. That was never my intention when I brought it up. It was just feedback about how I felt when reading the story. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.13561944

Too late. Already changed "A very powerful, very addictive one" to "A very potent one". Now we can stop this silly argument and talk about happy stuff.

>> No.13561946

She told me bleach was a drink

>> No.13561950

Nooo! It was just threadcanon discourse!

Don't make me feel autistic!

>tfw you probably are

I guess we can talk about how slutty we are for dragons or something. Post dragons.

>> No.13561952
File: 324 KB, 533x746, 27dc64b7f4390368d3d3c2f18c2b8e51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, GUYS, I think there's a massive conspiracy here. I mean, it might be logical for 4chan to implement a feature to prevent bots, but they easily could have used something else instead of Google's Captcha. It's not hard to use something else. So here's my idea. Get this.

4chan has a huge user base. Google's AI learns best by training on a huge data set. Where else to get that data set than a website where thousands of posts are made each day? My theory is that 4chan is in cahoots with Google. They have agents planted within the system. It may even be one of the reasons moot left. It all makes sense now.

>> No.13561953
File: 1.57 MB, 2000x2000, 1400397519616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can do that. Now I'd hate to be labelled as some kind sniffy-smelly pervert, but do you think Dragon girls have a good sense of smell?

>> No.13561955

Well, ya

>> No.13561957

What does this mean for us?

>> No.13561958
File: 67 KB, 410x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never date a Kunoichi with scopophobia

>> No.13561960
File: 1.70 MB, 1600x1600, 6f1cfdbcbb91953c99e8f19021a3d0c6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're just cogs in the system. We're unknowingly contributing to the glorious botnet waifu future.

>> No.13561963


>> No.13561967

No complaints.

>> No.13561969

Of course. It's useful for all sorts of things.

Like sniffing out treasure, and pheromones. Pheromones especially. Just from a quick sniff she can tell what you've eaten, has an idea of how you're feeling, if you're sick or not, and whether that virgin boy sacrifice is actually a virgin.

Truly remarkable. I bet some old dragons can use it to tell if others are lying.

They also love the smell of sweat and sex. If you're not careful she'll probably spend an hour sniffing your crotch and taint.

>> No.13561970

>Monster girls appear
>They're all wearing Google Glass
>Normies are turned off by their monster features
>Neckbeards would would otherwise be shoving each other out of the way in a race for a waifu are violently opposed to them
>"And then he said "Fuck your botnet, bitch!" and slapped my glasses off my face before walking away. What's a botnet and why did he tell me to fuck it?"

>> No.13561971

Good, good. This is why certain Black Dragons have been known to give boys in common use baths before sex. Because they can smell the other bitches.

>> No.13561972

>her scopophobia will never turn into scopophilia when it's you who does it
>you will never give her tiny orgasms just by staring into her eyes intently
>she will never develop a dependence on your stare and become desperate and clingy, and stick to you whenever you come back to her after a few hours of not seeing her

>> No.13561975

Wonderful. More waifus for me.

I'd rather Botnet-chan though. She's just my type.

>> No.13561977
File: 163 KB, 850x1062, Dragon_Taking_A_Dip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know it. It's why they're insistent on washing the boys themselves. It's always some spot they missed, they'll tell you. Inner thighs, the nipples, behind the knee, the back of the neck, the buttocks. They'll thoroughly scrub every inch until they're satisfied. Then once she's finished she dirties him up again by marking the boy as her own.

>> No.13561980

It's like you're trying to get me to write something lewd here.

>> No.13561982

Please elaborate, with very deep details, on the part where you explain when she "dirties him up again by marking the boy as her own."

>> No.13561988

Not him but isn't it obvious? After she's done getting the stench of bitches and whores off of him, it's time for sexy times, and do you have any idea how much a Dragon can sweat during sex? They're producing the heat of their internal fire constantly, making their body temperatures unusually high all the time, and that is going to affect not only her but the boy too, getting them all hot and bothered even before they start any strenuous activities.

>> No.13561993

>I need more fap material please

>> No.13561998

I'll write some more Rhea & Willis eventually, anon.

>> No.13561999


>> No.13562003

It's going to be a while though. Maybe weeks. Find something else to fap to in the meantime.

>> No.13562007

Is anyone else noticing the captchas are becoming little by little more complex and different? It used to be that I was getting just cake. Now I just got one that asked for birthday cake.

>> No.13562008

Our little girl is learning. Succuvirus when?

>> No.13562015

I got that a while ago and it accepted regular cake. It also says "pasta or noodles" instead of just pasta now. Shits weird.

>> No.13562018

I'm more impresses it's asking the questions in my own language.

>> No.13562020

For me it's asking me for 3 pictures instead of 2

>> No.13562025


In all seriousness. This could be some really useful stuff. I can't wait for it to be merged with computer vision so robots know and are intelligently aware of the environment (as opposed to naively). We could totally get robutt waifus through this. Also look at DTAM, SLAM, object and planar detection. We're getting there.

>> No.13562038

>more Alp Adventures


>> No.13562069

Ded as fuck. I mean, I guess it is early on a Thursday.

>> No.13562071

Cheese Bandit caught red-pawed.

Sentenced to tickling and forced to wear a maid outfit.

>> No.13562072

I'm just cooking and lurking, well, it's like this on the mornings/midday around here

>> No.13562083
File: 224 KB, 1000x753, tmp_20496-14016090451871428867549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm at work
Only able to post between filing out reports
And I'm also busy fantasizing about cuddling with Miia

>> No.13562085

>You will never encounter a Tomoko Lilim

>> No.13562088

I got a feature length presentation to make in 5 hours and I haven't even started making the content.

>> No.13562098

Tiny MGs are so nice. I just want to play with them and keep them in my pocket or on my shoulder.

Huh. 4 posts without needing to fill anything out.

>> No.13562101

>Implying Tomoko would be a monster as high-ranking as a Lilim. Not just a lowly Imp.

>> No.13562102

Just record yourself jacking off to monstergirls and then have some bullshit commentary track about how this is a representation of why capitalism is killing America.

And then end it with 20 minutes of footage from 9/11

>> No.13562107

No, she has to be a Lilim.
>You, the Hero of Eldridge, Slayer of Demons, arrive at the Lilim queen's castle
>You fight through her defenders
>You kick in the door to her throne room and shout "Fiend! I have come for you, face your death!"
>You notice she's not sitting on her throne like you expected
>She's hiding behind it and peeking out at you
>"Uh, I um, I-I, um, well, um... c-c-can we not, um, uh, f-fight?"
>You feel defeated, the wind has been stolen from your sails
>Despite being a high ranking demon, you just don't have it in you to slay such a pathetic creature

>> No.13562109

That's not how it works anon.

>> No.13562111

I want to join the Varangian Guard and scare the shit out of MGs and proper Paladins alike!


>> No.13562115

>tfw I have the business card to a Varangian Guard reenactment group
I need to check that out some time.

>> No.13562117

Call on the warriors, Varangians unite. Dethrone the Emperor the gods want us to fight.

Remember the good times when we were young and full of pride?

The uprising begins, the palace burns, head for the storm with us or die.

>> No.13562118

>Varangian Guard reenactment group

I didn't even know that was a thing.

Do it, man. Sounds like fun.

>> No.13562121
File: 100 KB, 586x542, A classic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What'cha doing nerds?


>> No.13562124 [SPOILER] 
File: 727 KB, 700x990, 1432813771465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking about how YOU'RE A KID NOW YOU'RE A SQUID NOW

>> No.13562125

A shame? that wouldn't work with MG dolls.

>> No.13562126

>that image
>those normalfags

Also, I want to do things to dolls.

>> No.13562127

Listening to music, thinking about making food and wondering what I should do today.

>> No.13562128
File: 2.68 MB, 1730x2500, 1431663763199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is kraken so best girl?

>> No.13562129

Same thing we do every night

>> No.13562130

Finishing the dish I was making

>> No.13562131

Argue like a bunch of children?

>> No.13562132
File: 612 KB, 805x963, 01 (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13562133

We don't argue that bad in night threads

>> No.13562135

Play total war?

>> No.13562136
File: 397 KB, 560x787, 46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So where is new KC girl?
Is he ded?

>> No.13562137

Try to take over the world

>> No.13562140

Fap furiously to friendly feral fantasies?

>> No.13562141

Go back to plotting brain.

>> No.13562145

He got captured by ISIS.

>> No.13562153

>tfw my consistent subtle spamming has influenced anons to accept and even support my fallacious idea by their own will

>> No.13562160

There is a tiny monstergirl of your choice. She is six inches tall (monstergirls such as lamias will be significantly longer, but their human part will remain in proportion with a humanoid monstergirl of six inches).

Do you put her elasticity to use and fuck her like an onahole, bloating her with your semen until her belly is full and rounded?

Or do you cum on her repeatedly, rubbing her whole body with your shaft even as she grinds against it to get herself off, enveloping her in so much pearly goo that she can swim in it?

>> No.13562163

Can't I just have her on my shoulder like a pikachu? Does it really need the dicking?

>> No.13562169
File: 9 KB, 315x268, seat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a Christina Hansen Baphomet who catches non-pedo scum on CC dating sites and turns them into righteous lolicons!

>> No.13562176
File: 448 KB, 500x500, 24b2d9f8efeb1626ebae4c26ac6813c7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. Don't even think about dicking the pocket monster girls. They're too precious for that shit.

>> No.13562177

>Holstaurus Mayor.
>Dorf discussion.
>Being a DILF.
>Tiny MGs.
>Doll MGs.

I think this thread is off to a good start.

>> No.13562182
File: 167 KB, 707x1000, tmp_24462-14045239311501428867549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't I do both?
If I have to choose one I want the second one.

>a tiny lamia will never wrap around your dick and work it with her snake tail while teasing your weak spots with her mouth grinding on your shaft
>you'll never tell her you're ready to cum
>she'll never then position herself, mouth open, right over your urethra
>you will never blow your load down her tiny little snake throat into her tiny little snake tummy
>it will never be too much and spill all over her, covering her in your semen while she has a face of pure bliss

>> No.13562185

>she tells them to take a seat
>in the next moment she jumps on their lap and forces herself onto them with a kiss
>what follows is so lewd it'd make a succubus blush
>the show is a huge hit with flat chested monster girls around the world

>> No.13562186

And now I'm reminded of that dead anon who used to summarize these threads. Great.

>> No.13562188

I forgot that was a thing
Fuck I miss that

>> No.13562194

>like dfc
>everyone always assumes im a lolicon

>> No.13562198


>> No.13562206

I'd like both. If I had to choose I guess I'd go with the onahole option, as long as she was as elastic as a fairy or something.

I would probably watch that. Probably be pretty funny. Who would lead it if it were the other way? A Holst? They don't seem normally aggressive enough to do it.

>> No.13562209
File: 789 KB, 688x1800, Abuse the loli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which monster is the most bullyable for you?

>> No.13562213

I like tall, slender girls.
Also tall, hourglass girls and shortstacks.

>> No.13562214


>> No.13562215

>Who would lead it if it were the other way?
A Wight. Decent sized breasts and an ass to kill for, they're pretty much the best example of mature woman. Plus they have the abilities to break a man pretty easily.

>> No.13562216

Something dumb and with a lot of pride, it's who I usually tease.

>> No.13562219

None. Because I'm not a meanie, so I don't bully.

>> No.13562220


>"What news, Brother?"
>You cross your arms and cast an eye back the retreating form and the vast host arrayed behind you.
>Knowing so many tongues had brought some level of tedium to your life. You'd much prefer to speak with steel and anger, but when your brothers bade you trade sounds with the enemy, you did without complaint.
>You give your friend a raised brow and a little smirk.
>"They implore us to 'Lay down our arms' and 'Submit to their will'."
>"Really now? And how do we respond to their magnanimous proposal?"
>Your eyes scan across your ranks.
>Woad-painted savages from distant Albion.
>Ferocious raiders from the frozen North.
>Hardened men of the Rus.
>Ash-skinned fighters from the South.
>The fiercest men from all corners of the known world, united under a banner red as blood and black as night.
>...There was only ever one appropriate response.
>Your eyes meet your friend's again.
>Your little smirk becomes a feral grin.
>"Yes..." Your grin is infectious, he grows one too as he raises his axe. "YES."
>The air is torn asunder by the warcries and curses of your brothers and the smashing of shields as he does so.
>Laughing now, you draw your own weapon.
>"Come, Brothers! They have us outnumbered this time, THOSE POOR BASTARDS!"

>> No.13562221

>Make fun of her size
>Slap around her breasts and call them useless meat
>Tell her you didn't know Holsts could be that short
>The sound of "jiiiiiiii" can be heard as her Goblin worshippers spy through a crack in the door

>> No.13562228

I suppose you could go without dicking her. But she'll need to get off somehow, and this big, new world she's been introduced to isn't so well suited to her.
How will you accomodate her? Where will she sleep, and use the bathroom? She can't just go in the sink, after all, and climbing up to the toilet would be impossible for a wingless or non-spellcasting monstergirl. Would you think up a method of transport for her so she doesn't have to rely on you?

Y'know, a story about a tiny monstergirl would be interesting. Potentially cute and funny, too.
I can imagine Anon being accosted by a tiny, haughty, squeaky-voiced dragon-girl (the pouty one in that picture comes to mind), who tries to subdue him with her incredible strength. It goes quite well when she can drag him about by one arm, but stops the moment he pulls her away with his other.
Then she tries to use her devastating fire breath to instill fear into him, but he just licks his finger and presses it to her mouth to stop her.

Or maybe something about a tiny anubis, because Anubisfucker has done something to my head in an attempt to assimilate others to his tastes.
She could treat Anon like a big dumb giant, while he acts like the deadpan straight man to her hijinks. She's always standing, head held high, on the top of his own head. Barking out orders and marvelling at the world and technology around her which the "giants" have built, despite being so slow and and dumb.
She'd order him to remodel his house to suit her, and he'd humour her, and it wouldn't stop until the whole home is filled with anubis-scaled furnishings and scafolding, like K'NEX rollercoasters and tub-sized swimming pools. Maybe she could take one of those toy-soldier parachutes and go skidiving or parasailing on days off, with her big strong giant giving her the altitude and speed needed to carry out those activities.

I feel like I'm thinking too small here, ironically enough. Tiny monstergirls have a lot of potential, it seems.

>> No.13562231
File: 65 KB, 599x927, Cupid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13562232



>> No.13562233 [SPOILER] 
File: 172 KB, 715x1000, 1432817517793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13562237

KC found a way. The pink arrow is obviously for love/lust but what is the black one for? Also this must be the weapon he was talking about.

>> No.13562239

>grown up Houri

>> No.13562241

The best kind of Houri.

>> No.13562246

I guess the black arrow is to break apart couples or do that curse that prevents all love.

>> No.13562248

Oh my

>> No.13562249

Well, this isn't furry but >>13562239
They look so alike I thought he made a re-design for a second.

>> No.13562252


>> No.13562255

Lust/demonic energy for instant monsterization

>> No.13562257

>break apart couples
If so I can see yandere potential with a cupid getting jealous of a human woman and stealing her man.

>> No.13562261

I assume this is the Valkyrie version of Houris.
Does that mean that there will be Dark Horuis and Dark Cupids?

>> No.13562262

>NTR: the monster girl

>> No.13562266

Nah, that doesn't seem like something the Chief God would allow.

It's probably to deliver does 'Never find true love' curses the Eros profile mentions.

>> No.13562270

More like shipper the monster girl.
>"No, go away these human x merrow couple is a true otp, don't go fallin for that cockatrice"

>> No.13562272

Why can I only think of her as a fujoshi now

>> No.13562276

How the fuck is this a monster girl?

>> No.13562278

It isn't, and that's wonderful.

>> No.13562280

It has four wings in the back?
Still more monster parts than Pharaoh.

>> No.13562281

Because you're following suggestions on a blank slate.
And cupid looking down and pairing up couples is a thing that already happens a lot

How is Selkie a monster girl
How is Houri a monster girl
How is Angel a monster girl
How is Valkyrie a monster girl

>> No.13562284

She has wings, that's enough monster features for angels
Or you want MGQ-like angels?

>> No.13562285

>Fujo cupid that uses her arrows to Alp men

>> No.13562286

Same way a houri is or an Amazon

>> No.13562288