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Reimu and Yukari have been kidnapped by giant spiders or something! Will you save them?

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Why doesn't she just gap the webs away?

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Spider web bondage is sexy, but giant spiders are not.

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Very cute, Yamame. Let them go after you have your fun, please?

the fuck you say

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I meant regular giant spiders!

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It's okay, not all giant spiders put effort into their appearance like Yamame does.

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It's not so much their appearance as what they do.
Like, girl's stuck in a spider web. Bound up and struggling and freaking out. Hot.
Then the spider shows up. It's probably pretty nasty looking, but that's okay, girl freaks out more. Still hot.
Then the spider bites her and liquifies her insides before sucking them out and she dies a prolonged, hideous, agonizing death. That's...decidedly not hot.

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Sounds pretty hot to me dude.

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That's why you bring food with you to appease your new friend!

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Depends... do they have any money or beer?

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If we're talking about typical giant spiders, that's not going to do anything. They'll eat your food and then eat you.

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>Implying that's not just the result of Reimu jacking Yukari's cock off and things got a bit messy

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Fuck spiders, man.

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So it seems you want an intelligent spider to tie up girls and scare them for your enjoyment in exchange for services or tender.

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Uh...sure? I dunno, I wasn't really looking for a solution, just telling it how it is.

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Silly. Everyone knows the spiders pump their eggs into the girls and use them as incubators.

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Sure, some do. Those sorts are fine, if a little contrived. As long as they don't explode into spiders at the end or something.

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Can't they not breathe? It's over their noses.

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Hell no. There's a giant spider lurking near there. Why would I try something as suicidal as that?

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Spiders are cool

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I'd rather help Yamame out. She's cuter and probably has a better personality, anyway.

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And sometimes cute.

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yamame is kill

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O-or.. something?!

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Save the human, drown the youkai in holy promethium.

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Reimu yes
Yukari no
she can die in horrible agony for all I care

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Would you impregnate a spider?

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You wouldn't risk your life to rescue two cute Touhous?
I would, especially if one is Yukari.

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If my first three choices fall through, then yes.

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Nope. I'm afraid they're going to be web mummified permanently and loving it forever.

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Fuck no. Do you know what female spiders do to their mates? Eat them. Spiders can have them, I'm outta here. Besides, Yukari is screwing around...when ahe gets bored she will Gap outta there.

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Wait a minute. Look at Reimu's legs. There is a clear gap there.

Why would a spider wrap her legs individually instead of binding them together?

This smells like a trap. Probably some fetish that hag Yukari has or something. I leave as quickly as possible!

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What if poor Reimu was coerced into it and she doesn't want a spider youkai to lay eggs in her?

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Rescue the human, leave the alien to die, when it's dead kill the spider and burn the webs.


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>doesn't want a spider youkai to lay eggs in her

Why wouldn't she want that?

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They're one possible rescuer appears in front of them, and then flees before their eyes. How terrible.
Maybe the spider likes legs?

Why would she? I can't imagine it's a pleasant experience, even if you're really kinky

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It's like being pregnant except weirder.

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Don't worry, I'll impregnate them before the spider youkai does so they'll be safe

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What kind of spider goes out and kidnaps people?

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That won't work, anon. A spider youkai wouldn't need their womb to do womb stuff, they just need a soft, warm, wet place in which to lay their eggs.

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a rape spider

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I think they only do that if there isn't an abundance of food. As long as you provide for her, she won't eat you!

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i like that picture!
but who is the artist?

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I like the webbing around their feet. How does spider silk feel on your skin?

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I like to imagine that I am the web around them and I'm hugging them tightly, feeling every part of their bodies, keeping them warm and absorbing the occasional sweat droplets that leave their bodies , sometimes from embarassing places, but delicious all the same.

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Nope. They're both assholes.

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>giant spiders


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But they'll die!

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They'll just lose one life and respawn somewhere else, so it's ok.

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I would,

too bad Reimu is a cunt and will kill me if I become strong enough to kill a youkai spider, also Yukari never let me fuck her..

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>also Yukari never let me fuck her
She's tied up, you know. You can join the spider and have some fun.

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Yes, yes, join the spiders. You know you want it.

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Maybe I am shit, but I am not a rapist.

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I've been leaving the spiders alone.

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*action* shit

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But she's all webbed up. You'd get stuck.
I mean, you'd probably end up bound tightly against Yukari, which might be good depending on your kinks, but still.

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You can always ask the spider to remove web from the spots you'd like to have some fun with.

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But it'd still be sticky everywhere else. You'd have to remove almost all of the silk on her to safe, but then she could escape.

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Bottom line is that this scenario will not work in the spider's favor at all because of Yukari's gaping ability. The spider fucked up big time.

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It's magic power-stealing silk.

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You could ask the spider to move the body into some more comfortable position that would allow you to do some lewd stuff without getting too webbed up. But yeah, sooner or later the web would get in your way, somehow. I guess joining spiders isn't as fun as I thought it was.

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Spider webs are best used by spiders, really.

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