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There are so many men who talk a big game and say they have the power and stamina to please a woman like Yuugi, but when the time comes to do it there are very few who can actually do it. Can you deliver a night of bountiful pleasure to this oni, or are you just another scrub who can do nothing but talk a big game?

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y-you too

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I am a virgin, so I rather don't talk at all.

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I don't know about pleasuring her, but I'm pretty confident she can't pleasure me.

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Pencil Dick detected

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I just don't think a stinky bear-like woman would be good at pleasuring men.

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Take that back. She's a pretty lady who enjoys training, drink and the occasional romp.

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Probably not, as I'm just a scrawny nerd.
Gotta hunt some soft fairy pussy instead.

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Honestly, I'm not sure there's a man alive that can actually keep up with the booboni. Just look at her.

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A pretty lady for a sasquatch, maybe.

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Only one way to find out.

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I just moved today. First things first after putting up lights. Yuugi!

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It's you again! Yuugi is mine! Fight me!

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I believe I don't have to fight someone who doesn't even have a picture of Yuugi.

Now I must go for an oni-romp, I'll be back later.

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No! My pride!

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does yuugi have a clit bigger than my dick

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I want Yuugi to break my inferior dick after I fail to keep up with her!

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Yes i can, i banged this chick.

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>Can you deliver a night of bountiful pleasure to this oni,
I'll need to make a shopping list, first. I tend to forget to buy important ingredients for cooking otherwise.

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I'm small, she could probably use me as a human dildo.

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I used to be able to pleasure yuugi but then i stopped taking viagra.

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I really like your Yuugi. Maybe I should put a picture of Ran on my fridge to cheer me up everyday, but I only have a mini-fridge so I'd never get a good look at it.

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I really like your Yuugi. Maybe I should put a picture of Ran on my fridge to cheer me up everyday, but I only have a mini-fridge so I'd never get a good look at it. At least I get to do this when I go over to my only IRL friend's house.

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Yeah, but I see potential as a pro bodybuilder
tbqh... sho comes, sqeezes her legs, nah prostrate flies 2 blocks down the street

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Left > Right

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Not soft enough.

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Why even bother turning her into a generic girl

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Why is Sena cosplaying as Yuugi

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I have conquered my refractory period and have quite the output, so I think I may be able to at least keep up.
Oh who am I kidding? I would probably last only a handful of seconds against Yuugi's large and calloused hand roughly jerking my sensitive dick.

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Feelio when no large amazonian GF to snoo snoo me to death.

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I want Yuugi to wring me like a towel.

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this reminds me of the one where renko gets splattered by a truck

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The one on the Right is boring and generic.
The one on the left actually looks fun to hang out with and probably gives great hugs.

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>Can you deliver a night of bountiful pleasure to this oni
No because she isn't real.


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Nice joke. Guys who like Yuugi are actually gay. They wouldn't want to have sex with a dickless muscle man.

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Right, because dickless muscle men have enormous, soft tits, each of them bigger than my head.

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They could if they use steroids.

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Those aren't real tits!

>They wouldn't want to have sex with a dickless muscle man.
You're right, I wouldn't.

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Don't bully the cute musclegirls.

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Muscle women don't have those either.

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I think Yuugi would actually be likely to enjoy gentle slow sex.

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Yuugi clearly does.

I want Yuugi to crush my head with her enormous oni tits!

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It's canon that Yuugi has the biggest rack.

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She could not keep up with me, She has no nanomachines.

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What if every woman in the world had a similar body type to Yuugi? While also still looking like anime girls, if you aren't into 3D.

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2D is the best. 3D musclegirls are disgusting.

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Please delete this

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Fake oni.

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Why are they tearing off her clothes???

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she'd honestly be kind of cute if she weren't dehydrated and spray tanned

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And if she wasn't so vascular.

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Yeah, dehydration is a common tactic for bodybuilders to increase vascularity. It's also because she has unhealthy low levels of body fat.

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They're looking for the second "horn", if you know what I mean.

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They're jealous they aren't as "developed" as Yuugi.

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Both. At the same time.

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SPEAKING OF DEVELOPMENT, I wish Yuugi showed up more often in canon stuff.

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Too powerful for fighting games.
No reason for her to step out of hell.
Even goddamn Suika barely gets any screen time.

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3D musclegirls look like men.
No tits, no hips, only pecs... Reality is so cruel.

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That ass intimidates my dick

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that ass makes my penis become the big penis

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I cannot read this language.

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I think it's Mongolese.

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This is more accurate.

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Those legs aren't even muscular.

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N-no bullying!

Dont worry Yuugi. You're still an oni in my eyes.

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Do the nanomachines make Armstrong's dick turn black when it gets hard?

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Too many tattoos and hair is short.

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bet she only does curls

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Looks like the same person in a different pose with different clothes?

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i don't like men

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I wanna take Yuugi on a date!

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Why are buff waifus so rare?

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Because God hates me.

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Sad. More Nukiges should realize there is a market for buff girls.

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I want to be impregnated by yuugi's horn after a night of rough rape where she ravages my asshole and prostate with her massive clit and breaks my penis in multiple places.

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Reported for off topic post.
All images and discussion should pertain to light and visual novels, figures and other otaku paraphernalia, Touhou Project, Vocaloid, doujin works and music, and diverse niche Japanese interests
Please read the rules before making a post. The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

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Who would win, Yuugi's boobs or Kanako's boobs?

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My boner

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This isn't Seiga, it's gonna get deleted.

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Show us your tits, Yuugi!

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Musclegirl fetish truly is hard to please, but when it's good like it is with Yuugi, it's so damn good.

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>tfw Yuugi will never carry you on her shoulders

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>Yuugi will never carry you on her fat oni tits

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I'm jealous of that piece of food in her cleavage.

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Who cares about that, I'm upset I won't be able to carry Suika on my shoulders.

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ugly dyke

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It's probably how she's facing the mirror but her head blends in with her neck.

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I want to hug Yuugi.

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Many things about Yuugi hit the spot for me.

- Long, wild hair.
- Muscles.
- Gigantic breasts.
- Tall as fuck.

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do you mean finnish?

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What Beer does Yuugi drink? I think she would drink a Sink The Bismarck (41% ABV)

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>/jp/ meets /fit/

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Not The Armageddon (55%)?
It was pretty good last time I tasted.

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Why would I pay $40 for one 375ml bottle of beer, when I can get really good brandy or whisky in a 750ml for that price.

That beer shouldnt be more than $7 a bottle.

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That beer was really expensive to make, basically they're selling it at a loss even at that price. And it really tastes like some sort of whisky, you don't drink it like a normal beer of course.

Source: Brewdog pub.

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If we go by volume its priced as an $80 fancy scotch. No way it costs that much to produce as something aged like 12 years.

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Yes, Mongolian.

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