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You really did it this time, you accidentally stepped on a flower and she saw you. Quickly, how do you express you are sorry and show your regret convincingly so she won't turn you into garden compost?

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I offer my face as a chair.

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I apologize.

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I plant my seed.

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There'd be little choice in the matter: I'd have to subject myself to doing something really humiliating in order to satisfy my debt of wrongdoing. Either that or be her garden compost. Yep.

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Well all i've got going for me is being a coffee nerd, so i could offer her the dankest coffee of Gensokyo.

But idk if a brew made with the taste of dead unborn toasted seeds would be a good idea.

I'll just rip in pepperoni then

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Point towards my head. The implication should be clear.

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Suck her dick

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Tell her I'll do anything she asks.

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Yuuka is proud to be CIS scum. Die you filthy non CIS.

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According to PMiSS I should be fine with a simple apology, but if Akyuu was lying then I'm dead either way.

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Could work in your favor if she's more lenient towards non-natives. Then again, Gensokyo is rarely a welcoming environment.

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How do I get dank coffee in Americaland, /jp/?

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Anywhere. Coffee in every form is composed partially of water, and so is by its very definition dank.

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Let me in Anon

Trust me I'm a Sunflower

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i will go step on more of her flowers duh

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uuu~ Yuuka's breasts...
Yuuka's breasts...

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Jokes on you faggot hahahah, I'm Yuyuko hahahaha, OG shit, real shit, the real shit, the realest fucking gansta in Gensm0keyo, I gonna, I gonna, nuh, I gonna bust bitch knees trhen eat her sunflower seeds hahaha messing with the reelest G how dumb can a bitch get hahaha

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bitch ass nigga you will not you shall not you mofucking CANNOT stand before the truest realest G, the gangbanger, the ghost slaya, the true playa, YUYUKO sama bitch my crew wrek you my homies send you back with holes bitch what motherfucking bitch what nigga what what you gonna do nigga what you gonna do huh huh huh bitch nigga ill ffuck you up hahahah

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Lesse, i'm a outsider, i'm in Gensokyo and i have no idea where the exit is.

In any case i'm dead meat.

Now let's consider the following: by being killed by a youkai i have a good chance of becoming a vengeful spirit.
Vengeful spirits are youkai-kryptonite, if kryptonite could fling itself at Superman on it's own.

Thus wait to be killed and then go on a rampage. Who knows? Maybe after exploding 100 youkais you get a prize or something.

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What happens if I don't?
She looks like she's going to come in anyway.

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>filename "bdsm victim"
>keeps stepping on her flowers.
>Not asking for it.
>Tenshi doesn't like to get rekt

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lol who are you quoting tho?

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There would be no way around her attacking me. She saw me stepping on it. What possible excuse could I have?

The only right choice is to attack first. Put all of my might into a single punch. If I'm lucky she'll be startled for a few seconds and I could make a run for it. If not, well at least I didn't got out being a weakling, a fucking whimp like the rest of you.

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>Subject myself to doing something really humiliating
Like what, sissification?

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I would gladly die if it means I can make Yuuka happy!
I want to be fertilizer for her flowers, I want to be killed by her, she is perfect in every way.
I love you Yuuka! Please kill me!

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I say sorry and tell her to please not hurt me too much.

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I tell her that I caught and drowned 11 squirrels that attempted to aggrieve my sunflower patch this year.

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Beat her up

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just say I'm sorry and say I'll plant ten more in its place
considering it's an accident and she explicitly saw it as an accident due to the wording of the OP I'm sure she'd be reasonable about it
I don't think she's that volatile. just that if you do really fuck up big time, you'll never have an opportunity to do it again.

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It's just a fucking flower, jeez lady

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best face

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Your eyes are scary, Yuuka...

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That's what i love about it

such nice eyes

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Are you me?

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She IS the third most fecund touhou.

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It depends. Am I a cute, young 2d boy, or a 3d pig adult? Hopefully the former. Maybe Yuuka will take advantage of me.

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i need to read this again


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But it's scary!

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you don't like?

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Kinda, but it's still scary. She'll make no friends with a gaze like that.

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but i like her gaze!

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Most don't. It drives them away.

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Yeah her gaze is really attractive

something i can't explain

it's really beautiful most people like you may be frighten by it but me i enjoy it because it makes her look cute in a way. If I had a gf with the same gaze i would be very happy to be with her

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Yes, it's really good. It's the kind of casual glance that you may make when you're walking to the store during rain and see a snail crawling on the pavement.

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I don't like being looked at like I'm a bug.

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Why'd you wake her up?

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I think they're cute.

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See I'm not the only one

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It's not her fault she's inordinately powerful and has a serious-looking face. You'll quickly realize she's really a very nice person once you get to know her!

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You sound like a mega cuck

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Tell me more.

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All of you cucks don't seem to understand the meaning of BDSM.

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I want to be the "fertilizer" for her "flowers" too.

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what do you want to know

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A snail's not a bug! It's a mollusk!

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Where's that kuso thread guy?

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>somebody who fights and tries to get to safety when his life is in danger sounds like a cuck
>somebody who says "step on me yuuka-onee-sama" doesn't
Fuck off with that shitty meme btw

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Nobody is impressed by your internet bravado, dude. Grow the fuck up

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He got banned

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You're cuck if you'd punch a woman.

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Just stating the facts man, you mad that I'd punch your slime hair-colored waifu?

No I'm not. Also
>calling a man-eating abomination a woman

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I'll be her slave boy.

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Like singing bedtime lullabies to her flowers when the sun goes down for the evening.

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It was total humiliation to be genuflecting before the youkai who had raped your little sister and scooped out your waifu's eyes.

But you didn't want to die. When there is life, there is hope. Your precious life is irreplaceable. So you plastered an obsequious smile on your face and meekly got down on your hands and knees.

"YA FUCKIN' LOSER! NO MAN WOULD BOW DOWN SO EASILY! Die like the dog you are!"

Yuuka then lifted one of her legs, and sent it hurtling toward your prostrated head. Its heel sank into the back of your head with a disgusting crunch. Your head cracked open like a pomegranate and fresh blood splattered everywhere...

And then you died.

[ ] Get a clue
[ ] No time for this shit

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Just another day in the truNEET life, dudester.

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