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What would it be like having Yuuka as a girlfriend

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Lots of orgasm denial

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butt sniffingly painful
but good

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Lots of paizuri under clothes.

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I wouldn't even start to know

my heart is dedicated to Meiling

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She probably smells really bad!

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The best kind of denial!

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Unless you're some confident bodybuilder I don't think Yuuka would date anyone from /jp/.

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What if I get a bunch of villagers to believe Yuuka is in love with me?

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But I am both confident and a bodybuilder while on /jp/

I also like to bake and garden in my spare time. And long walks in the park.

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Cite your sources for this opinion

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Why is this so common with Yuuka?

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I think she likes weakers preys

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Because these niggers dump the same 20 images every thread.

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Yuuka is secretly a shotacon

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So as long as I appear to be a weak child I have a chance with Yuuka?

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Would anyone date anyone from /jp/?

Not even /cgl/ seems to be interested in /jp/. I think the only thing /jp/ is capable of is fooling a foreign Asian girl into liking them.

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/cgl/ is with /fa/

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Confident bodybuilders are weaker prey to Yuuka.

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And who is with /jp/?

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Techwear is CUTE

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She's a feet gf.

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