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In which a slime consumed the thread suddenly.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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I will have nightmare today about that demonic slime killing the thread.

Serously now, what happened?

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Good job, Anon! I was wondering what happened to the last one and I couldn't decide what to post for this new thread. Bumped off into the archives 2 times in a row... what's going on...?

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Too many backed up males in the thread, attracted the slimes.

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Kikis are olev.

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>Serously now, what happened?
From what I gather, some impatient chucklefuck tried to make a new thread, but managed to that one and the one we were in deleted.

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>Now you have two problems

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Oh man, I was considering making a new thread. Good on you anon.

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Blue girls are olev

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That man has an iron will.

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Shoggoths look cooler, and are more versatile as meidos.

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Well there's your problem, you've got a Cheshire bending time and space.

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Clever girls.

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I want to play those floating asses like bongos.

>> No.14850866

to get that one*

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I want to confess to Minotaur-senpai!

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Would some of them brag about stealing all the white boys?

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I want to protect and care for a monster girl. That'd be swell.

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I want to spike a kiki's food with mino milk so she gets as big as minotaur-senpai!

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Some prefer cool, others prefer cute.
Some prefer versatility, others prefer elbow grease.
And some prefer maids, while others simply like Shoggoths and Kikis.
[/spoiler]But this fighting, even before it becomes fighting... it will only tear us apart.[/spoiler]

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i wonder the surprise when he actually sees her face

>> No.14850879

The Jabberwock never "stole" her otouto. At least, maybe.

>> No.14850881

There. Now you can't pretend you didn't see the moral.

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I want to date an easygoing minotaur girl

>> No.14850886

Oh my.

>> No.14850889

She has anorexia somethin fierce.

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What is it with jabberwocks and otoutos anyway?

>> No.14850894

They're just viewed as prime onee-san material among the dragongirls. Also, any discussion regarding lasts a few posts so >inb4 forced.

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You know that Pharaoh would brag about how she's got a nice pale boy to her Apophis rival.
Now that I think about it, pale skin would probably be exotic in the kinds of places Pharaohs live.
Imagine her roping her Anubis Adviser and Sphinx Retainer into a foursome with you so they can understand how good her taste is.
Imagine your dick being molested by their fat brown butts.

>> No.14850898

regarding it*

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More yanderes

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Huh. I wonder why.
Though I suppose I'm also guilty of contributing to it seeing as I wrote a story about a jabberwock onee-san.

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Lizardgirl maintaining her tail!

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we need more warrior dragons

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I don't know, I would feel I'm just a fetish to her.

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I approve wholeheartedly.

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I want a scholarly blue dragon that likes to relax in her cave beneath the desert.

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>Imagine your dick being molested by their fat brown butts.
This, I also approve of.

>> No.14850926

>Though I suppose I'm also guilty of contributing to it seeing as I wrote a story about a jabberwock onee-san.
You're a pretty cool guy Gauf.

>> No.14850930

papi why

>> No.14850932

did that one anon finish that fox green text?

>> No.14850933

I like magma tiddies.

>> No.14850934

She's bad with salsa jars.

>> No.14850936

Two yan fox greentexts come to mind for me. Care to specify?

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It's been more than a year since I screencapped that, holy shit time flies.

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there was this one last thread about a fox tht traps a guy inside her cafe or something

last time I checked he said someone else could finish it as he couldn't do smut and we were trying to encourage him

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sort of like Yanwight

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Ah man, am I that obvious? ... or am I the only person to have written a Jabberwock onee-san story?

And not cool enough to have finished that damn Kumiho story, apparently. Maybe I should just drop it and do something else.

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That was written out into a full story.
Fucker deleted it though, and I actually liked it too.

>> No.14850974

>or am I the only person to have written a Jabberwock onee-san story?
That you are.
>And not cool enough to have finished that damn Kumiho story, apparently. Maybe I should just drop it and do something else.
Is it going to be different from the first Kumiho story you wrote?

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They both make great yandere adoptive moms.

>> No.14850981

x is best girl

>> No.14850986

I not so much deleted it and more it gut destroyed before i could save it
good or bad i try to hold on to everything

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I want her to pin me to a wall and force me suckle one of her tits.

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now that is a beautiful woman i want to fight

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I want to be a butler for a vampire mistress that tried magic to 'improve' a few minor imperfections, not that she had them, and ended up with Kloa tier titties.

>> No.14851001

>Kloah still hasn't mad any hmangas with the Vampires he's drawn

>> No.14851011

Entirely, hopefully. No yandere, just an awkward kumiho who has never seen a man other than her father being housed by the government with a paper pusher and trying to manage her twin urges. Featuring hilariously awful monster romance novel seduction attempts.

>> No.14851013

Sounds cute man.

>> No.14851031

Goddamn nerd monstergirls don't shut up about this game where you have to kill 16 colossi to save your husbando.

>> No.14851033

Would a yandre monster girl do her best to make her appearance better match her target's tastes?

Would they down minomilk and get lifting if he was a fan of muscle or down holstaur milk till they've got titanic titties for him?

Would you be ready for her to show up every day or two to see if her body's meeting your standards? Taking in every movement of your eye?

>> No.14851043

>Would a yandre monster girl do her best to make her appearance better match her target's tastes?
I can already appreciate a decent amount of bodytypes.

>> No.14851045

Or you know, use the old yandere way

Kidnap him until he develops stockholm syndrome

>> No.14851055

Then she's just going to get confused when she finds that EVERYTHING works.

Well yeah but that's boring.

>> No.14851057

You mean like that Kiki that removed kiki bits to appeal to her master's preference for humans?

>> No.14851061

They'd love to experiment with different methods at least.

>> No.14851065

>Well yeah but that's boring
It has a 100% of success you know.

>> No.14851066

The one doing the handstand?

>> No.14851084


What if you happen to be desperate and are weak against yandere types? Will it not happen because you actually want it? That's how animes work right?

>> No.14851086

Well, that's just redundant.

>> No.14851087

It's annoying really. There isn't a single original monstergirl game developer out there, aping all our human made games.
The message of the original really gets lost when you change the ending to a sex scene and nothing else.

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I want a Wyvern.

>> No.14851102

Yandere Dormouse

>> No.14851104

I'm gonna tie her up in her sleep so she doesn't make a ruckus.

>> No.14851108

Sounds adorable.

>> No.14851109

What if she ties you up so she can sleep all day hugging you without having to worry about yourself escaping?

>> No.14851117

5/10, made me chuckle. No little mouse could ever overpower me, especially when she's already tied up and I'm raping her.

>> No.14851118

Trigger warning: this story features a smelly manticore hobo

>You walked home on your way from your job, dead tired. The doctor you worked under was slow as molasses, so overtime was a common occurrence.
>By the time you clocked out it was already dark out, so you made your way to the subway located several blocks down.
>You kept your pace brisk since path took you through a rough patch of town
>Back straightened, head up, and house keys poking out through your balled fist; just like your father had taught you
>"Spare some change?"
>You jumped, startled by the sudden appearance of a homeless woman from a gap between two buildings
>A manticore, judging by the tail swishing behind her
>She was leaning up against the alley wall, resting on the balls of her feet
>Plastic bags were wrapped around her tattered shoes, with the soles hanging loose like hungry mouths. She wore a greasy looking faux-fur jacket over an even greasier wifebeater.
>Her breath reeked of halitosis and cheap alcohol
>She gave a friendly grin, although her eyes stayed hard and mean, looking you over
>"So, whaddya say? Help a girl out?"
>"Nope, got no money on me," you said, while slowly edging away
>Faster than you could react, her tail lashed out and whipped you across the face, embedding numerous spines into your cheek and neck
>You gasped from the pain and collapsed onto your hands and knees, immobile from the venom while she methodically patted you down for any valuables
>After liberating you from your wallet, keys, and phone, she looped her segmented tail around your throat
>You were dragged deep into the alley and leaned against the brick wall of the building
>By that time you were panting from the venom, sweating bullets and sporting a painfully erect boner
>Your arms and legs were completely without feeling and impossible to move
>The manticore stripped you in a matter of seconds with a practiced ease, and then stripped herself of her faux-fur jacket and baggy pants, leaving her in just the wifebeater and an oddly clean looking pair of panties.
>A highly concentrated draft of Eau De Hobo wafted from the woman, making you gag.
>"You reek", you sputtered, nose wrinkled in distaste, which only made her grin widen
>"How rude, I'm a proper lady. Lemme help you with those spines," she said, and promptly tore out the handful of barbs stuck in you
>You screamed and tried to bring your hand up to my face, only getting a twitch in response
>"Know why yer not bleedin more? It's a co-ag-eurlant in my venom, makes it not bleed more"

>> No.14851122

She's going to tie up your heart by being really cute in her pajamas!

>> No.14851123

They make plenty of original games. Like Paladin Hunter, or Ghost Photographer, or Brothel Builder.

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>You will never find a loving, fit Amazon
>She will never take you on as her companion
>You will never adventure around the world with her, saving her from danger and vice-versa
>You will never enjoy post-victory sex
>Gumwild will never put out a new chapter

Why even live?

>> No.14851125

>What are drugs

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Viper lamias are best lamias

>> No.14851139

>Paladin Hunter
>Ghost Photographer
The only one I don't know is Brothel Builder, what is that based on?

>> No.14851144

>buff catgirls
Mmm baby.

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Man, I want rub my face on Miia's exposed belly!

>> No.14851152


>> No.14851153

I want a lazy but inexplicably muscled cat girl to nap in my lap.

>> No.14851156

That's a hardcore snek.

>> No.14851162

Would she want you to rub her abs while she purrs?

>> No.14851165

It'd be cold anon!

>> No.14851168

Maybe, although I don't think that I'd be able to stop myself.

>> No.14851171

I wouldn't want it any other way

>> No.14851173

You start off as monstergirl with the dream of making one of the best brothels i the world for monstergirls. So you hire men to work as workers, manage finances, build your brothel and train your prostitutes to make all sorts of clients with different tastes happy, and deal with all sorts of problems along the way. The latest editions even added in the ability to seduce and marry your favorite whore.

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Then I'll warm it up!

>> No.14851176

I implore you to continue.

>> No.14851178

Man, I want to rub my dick on Miia's exposed face!

>> No.14851186

Is it wrong if I want to play this. Except for the last part obviously.

>> No.14851198

So it's the end of the day after work/school/NEET excursions into the outside world. You've come back home, and you're ready to wind down.

But, when you walk into your bedroom, you find, sitting on your bed:

(Or the monstergirl of your choice, if you're boring and hate fun. Rerolls for the Siths, but nothing else. You roll matango, you get a matango, motherfucker.)

She speaks English, and is just as stunned as you are. For moments ago, she was getting on in her daily life in a world which, going by her description, sounds straight out of a fantasy novel.
Now, she's lost and confused with no friends or family around, in a stranger's bedroom in an utterly alien world.

If she can normally, she can still cast spells. If she can perform feats that should be impossible going by physics, she'll still be able to. (Harpies will still be able to fly, and dragons breath fire, for example.) KC's corruption and demonic energy bullshit doesn't apply.

The only problem is, she's a monstergirl. In this world. This actual world, where magic is a thing of fiction, and where we're killing each other because of skin colour, beliefs and imaginary borders. God knows what a random person might think if they see a human who doesn't actually look completely human. Do you think a religious man would be friendly to a literal demon?
If you decide to take her in, being the first face she happens across, you're taking responsibility. If she goes out in public with her monster bits showing, heads are no doubt going to turn.
Get unlucky, and you might even see police lights outside your window and hear a knock on the door late at night. Or some men in sunglasses and suits at the porch. Or just a broken down door and a blow to the head by people in riot gear, before waking up in a quarantined interrogation cell. Who can say?

If you live with your parents, family or roommate/s, you're going to need to deal with that somehow. Do you keep her secret? If not, will they let her stay?
If you live alone, will you let her stay, or kick her out onto the streets, where she'll no doubt be discovered by someone else, for better or for worse?
If you take her in, can you provide for both her and you? Will you be able to feed her? Let's make it interesting and say she can't live off of semen alone. She needs real food, you lazy ass.

So, what do?
How fucked are you?
Can you make it work? What about long term? Twenty years? Thirty? More?

>> No.14851206

>Not wanting to mark you bottom bitch bishie as your own
It's like you don't even love him

>> No.14851217



She'd be cold. I'd have to specialize my home, or get used to a lot of cuddling.

>> No.14851230

What is this, easy mode?

>> No.14851239

I want to help polish her scales.

I feel like we've had this discussion before and it was adorable.
>"Don't worry Anon, I'm going to kill all those FILTHY whozzz"
>She falls asleep trying to steal your flute
>You find her napping in the bushes beneath your window in the morning

>> No.14851243

I also got Kitsune-bi.
I always get Kitsune-bi.

>> No.14851245

Yeah baby.

>> No.14851247

You didn't copy me, I know that much but with what I'm writing its like you read part of my mind

>> No.14851252

>rolled a Dhampir
I have absolutely no issues then! Let's hope she can cook, I'll domesticate the fuck out of her.

>> No.14851263

>Cheshire Cat
I guess it'd be pretty easy to hide her, what with the invisibility and teleporting she can do, and buying food for two isn't that much more expensive than food for one. I'll have to introduce her to stuff like Pizza though.
We'll probably cuddle and fuck a lot, and I'll introduce her to human movies, shows, and games.
She'll probably get a little chubby from the NEET lifestyle though.
And maybe on our off time we can try and figure out how she ended up in my world.
Which will probably lead to us connecting the two worlds and opening the portal, whoops.

>> No.14851271

>Blue slime
not sure what to do with it

>> No.14851277



But in all seriousness this would probably be easy modo. Violations of natural law aside, it's not like anyone/anything could really do anything to her considering.

Might need a bit of explaining to the folks, but hey, one's almost as crazy as I am, so it wouldn't be too hard.

As for food? I imagine I could figure something out.

>> No.14851278

It would be fun if you like management games. You would have to offer up a variety of men t suit all the clients you get. Some girls would want to get pounded hard by a bara, others want sweet frail boys, some might want men more on the "cuddly" side. Then you would have to train your men depending on their skills. Oral, massages, dealing with the effects of drugs, taking or dealing pain, and some more niche fetishes as well. Then it's just a mater of keeping the money flowing in while keeping both your workers and customers happy,

>> No.14851279

A glacies huh? I would give no fucks, she's so damn cute everyone else will just have to deal with it.
Make her conjour her own armour and weapons and stuff, would be fun,

>> No.14851283

withh the whole "easy to tame" thing, getting settled in you be easy.
thought how to I explain to my mother that we now have a tenant that is not only part serpent-dragon but can head but a wall and win?

>> No.14851289

this shit is rigged

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File: 507 KB, 800x1124, 1456095644534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Straight out of Compton, better moove your ass.

>> No.14851297

You gay son?

>> No.14851299

Rigged? Man, I got the Chief Friggin' God three times in a row.

Then Druella, twice.

Then a STORY about mamono, not an actual monster.

>> No.14851302

>Kobold (waifu)
I honestly don't know. There are so many factors and unknowns here that I'd only really feel safe keeping her in my unit of the duplex I live in. I could walk her late at night so she doesn't go stir-crazy, and once we have a relationship going I don't think my family would be opposed or anything. If the family doesn't take well to her though, I'm pretty much fucked. My health is shit and I can't work more than part time, so providing would be very difficult. Without my expensive meds and insurance that my grandparents pay for, I'd be even more screwed.

Shit anon, this wasn't supposed to make me feel shitty about my life. ;_;

>> No.14851308

I have no idea how my parents would react, but probably not well. We can just stuff her in the extra room we have and let her sleep most of the day. She's not going to get into any trouble, or eat much anyway. But her making men rape her would be a massive problem.

>> No.14851311

>The Chief God
Yeah, rerolling.
>Kesaran Pasaran
Okay, that's manageable. For the sake of argument let's say I don't get the fuck out of Dodge and call the cops the moment I see someone inexplicably in my house. I could probably arrange to have her put up for a few days/weeks but after that she'd probably have to go. At least integrating her probably wouldn't be hard; she could just shave her fluff, wear long clothes and pass as a human mostly. I'd at least be her first friend/advisor even if she's not getting waifu'd.

Holy fuck that was a boring way to handle things. No wonder I'm not the MC of anything. I mean, shit, I don't even know how to address/prevent having the CIA or some other alphabet agency kick my door in.

Look up where gas and powerlines are buried in your area, then you can just have her make a nice burrow in the yard.

>> No.14851313

I say rigged because I just wrote a story involving her

>> No.14851314

I think I'll be juuuust fine.

>> No.14851318

So does that mean Deruella got plopped onto your bed with no demonic energy bullshit?
Lucky bastard.

>> No.14851322
File: 13 KB, 250x316, 250px-Succubus_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Couldn't even give me one of the interesting variants, could you? Alright...

First off, establish that I'll help her provided she doesn't rape me senseless. Rape me, but leave me functional. Second, I help her blend in. Get her some clothes and pray she has a glamour spell to conceal the monster bits. Third, convince the folks to let her stay a while. I'll tell them she's a friend from college and needs a place to crash for a while for some reason or another. Then, assuming that all that goes well and she is willing to try, I get her on her feet. Help her find a job (not prostitution because that's just begging the cops to kick my door down) so she can hopefully get a place to live or at the very least pay rent for now. The big issue's going to be food. I'm willing to feed her, but again she can't really be going out and raping dudes for food.

Assuming all of that goes according to plan, we move out to nice place together and I get to live my life as the only man in the world with a sex demon girlfriend.

>> No.14851335

I hope you're ready for her to look at you with heart eyes whenever she gets particularly hungry.
I wonder how a Succubus who's spent most of her life surviving off of mostly semen and demonic energy would react to eating food for the first time?

>> No.14851340

>Look up where gas and powerlines are buried in your area, then you can just have her make a nice burrow in the yard.
Oh joy, research
but if it makes her happy ill do it

>> No.14851350

Easy mode. Let the loli dreams come true.

>> No.14851354

>Couldn't even give me one of the interesting variants, could you? Alright...
Quit yer bitchin', you've got a woman that should have illusion magic to hide her monster bits that can still rock your fucking world.

Semen shouldn't even be an issue in many places; just send her someplace people go to hook up and she should be able to weasel out some food AND dick for free. Succubi are really easy mode so long as, as you say, you convince her not to mindbreak you with the V.

>Oh joy, research
That can't be more than three phone calls, c'mon.

>> No.14851358

as long as you get ine that doesnt get the urge to "fix humanity" and using monsterisation as a threat when she's pissed

>> No.14851361

I'm sure she'd be somewhat easy to hide if you clothe her right. Just be careful about the dogs in your neighborhood.

>> No.14851365

Fugg. Possibly one of the least subtle and most obviously supernatural (powers-wise) girls MGE has.
Worse still, I live in Texas. There's nowhere good to hide here.
I think I can make it work long-term, but it's going to be a LOT of work and it involves me moving back north to the mountains and basically giving up my current career path entirely. I'd still go through with it though.

>> No.14851370

You realize that that doesn't do anything.
It's like, Oh no you didn't bump the thread.

>> No.14851372

I'm a late night person and my folks are gone pretty regularly. As long as we stay quiet it should be fine. The tricky part would be how to feed her when I'm not around.
It goes back to that whole issue of the more guys she fucks, the greater the chance of getting found out.

I guess I could fill up a few condoms every night to make snack packs for her?

>> No.14851373

make her wear rubber so you can prevent her shocking people

>> No.14851388

I guess so. Maybe it's that I'm at an uncertain point in my life right now so having a cute Kobold waifu just appear one day would make everything much more chaotic. I'd do it all for her though, for her and the daughteru I'd want to put in her belly.

>> No.14851391

How in the- I don't even know what she looks like!
Forget that, I have a GOD in my room!
How do you deal with a GOD that I don't even know what she looks like? I mean, she's a cat girl, duh, but are we talking Cait Sith cat girl or Nekomata Cat Girl?
I mean, I have nothing against having a delicious brown cat girl, but come on!

Fuck it, we're going to figure this out. We're doing it live!

>> No.14851394

>That can't be more than three phone calls, c'mon.
yeah but its still a little annoying.
I wonder if I can get her a job on demolition sites?

>> No.14851398

If an average joe sees her covered in goddamn lightning even ONCE there's going to be so much hell raised it isn't even funny.
Possibly to MiB levels.

>> No.14851399

I don't know anon, latex is expensive stuff.

If only I could make it through all these stories I want to write in a timely fashion, I've been wanting to write about a latex Raiju since she came out.

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File: 354 KB, 907x1221, 1454552142286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I usually run with the PAD Bastet as my default image of her.

>> No.14851408

tell them its experimental clothing

>> No.14851409

>Former Demon Lord
Oh crap.... looks like I'm the first casualty in the demon lords war to claim earth.

>> No.14851414

Every time I try to imagine a Bastet my mind defaults to Sphinx
Hey, either way, delicious brown catgirl

>> No.14851416

>dark matter
Just...fuck you

>> No.14851417

>using monsterisation as a threat
Would it even be a threat? Don't they view that as an improvement?

Also, I just realized that lilims would be an even better choice than echidnas when it comes to making monster girls real for the rest of us. It'd be like that catgirl raygun scene in UFO Ultrmaiden, but with a RNG built in. Neat.

>It goes back to that whole issue of the more guys she fucks, the greater the chance of getting found out.
I went in with the assumption she'd have glamors, that shouldn't really matter. She might become a legendary slut, but that doesn't make her not human. I suppose there's the option of letting her break and enter to rape men in their sleep too but, you know, The Law.

>Semen snack packs
Hilarious. Have fun convincing her not to gobble them all up right away, but it's a valid idea.

Dammit guys. You get a monstergirl and a few phone calls to take care of housing forever is an issue? Fine, send ME the dragon lamia. Assuming you somehow managed to not get shoved into the back of a van by men in suits you could easily get her work in construction or demolition. Pipe installers would LOVE a wurm.

>> No.14851424

You aren't the Kobold daughteru dicker, are you? I could see that being a rather large problem if she existed in the real world.

>> No.14851431

No comment.

>> No.14851434

This will probably be doable. From looks alone to the average person it'd just be a floating chick with multiple eyes on her and nothing too deadly looking like a giant dragon or arachnee so hopefully people wouldn't freak out too much from her. Though people are vastly different from each other so someone will surely do something harmful to her should they see her so I couldn't let her go out willy-nilly and would have to bound her indoors a lot which she'd most likely hate me for but it's for her own good. Would try to learn about what kind of spells she knows about and see whether I can learn any or if there'd be a way to send her back home. The whole thing would just lead to me being a paranoid fuck about people around us and something bad happening to her.

>> No.14851438

>Dammit guys. You get a monstergirl and a few phone calls to take care of housing forever is an issue? Fine, send ME the dragon lamia. Assuming you somehow managed to not get shoved into the back of a van by men in suits you could easily get her work in construction or demolition. Pipe installers would LOVE a wurm.
OI! now hold on just a Damn moment here! I said it was a LITTLE annoying! if you want my wurm you will have to fucking fight me!

>> No.14851442

So Anon, how does your waifu react to the news that Leonardo Decaprio finally got an Oscar?

>> No.14851444


I rolled the page for the Cheshire doujinshi. That counts as a Cheshire!


>> No.14851447


>> No.14851457

Anyone have any cute/good feeling stories like this http://pastebin.com/CzgEM5YC ? Not necessarily NSFW but just leaves a sweet taste in your mouth sorta story.

>> No.14851459

>Would it even be a threat? Don't they view that as an improvement?
think about it, the last way you want you cover blown is a video reaching youtube of the lilim pouncing on some bitch that went to far in pissing her off and turning into a arachne or something to "improve" her.

>> No.14851460

I can imagine a lean sidhe creaming herself at th news.

>> No.14851462

"Why do you care? I'm not going to wake up married to a woman tomorrow, am I?"

>> No.14851465

It finally happened? Took them long enough. Not that he doesn't deserve it, but I wouldn't have been surprised if Matt Damon got it. Though I suppose his movie had the good luck of being released more recently.

>> No.14851466

Well at least you wouldn't need to worry about the government coming after you in particular when the entire town is a monsterized orgy.

I will drug you with my kesaran pasaran and lure the wurm away with Reese's Pieces, m8. Don't mess with me.

I feel like we're all kind of forgetting that the DoD or your countryour country's equivalent thereof would be all over this shit like flies. Any hint of magic or some chick with a bunch of eye stalks could end up with one or both of you as experiments or something else not good.

Oh, threating you, the person trying to keep her bullshit rape magic hidden. That makes sense.

>> No.14851467

If Leo should have won and Oscar for anything, it should have been for Wolf of Wallstreet, or Django.

I'm not really a big fan of his desu, and i'm fucking dreading the fact he's gonna be playing my favorite serial killer it The Devil in the White City adaptation that's supposed to be happening

>> No.14851469

Let them try to stop her.

>> No.14851482

Finally happened.
Got a 'Best Actor' out of it.

She's just going to ride you extra hard that night to get Leo out of your head isn't she?

You miss-spell something there?

>> No.14851492

no, word filter i forgot about, It's fucking retarded that and abbreviated "to be honest" is on the same level as s.m.h and f.a.m and shit now

>> No.14851495

>She's just going to ride you extra hard that night to get Leo out of your head isn't she?
>HFW you call out his name just to fuck with her

Now that's a valid point. Holy shit, that could get nasty.

>> No.14851497

That's because the abbreviated form is just used for shitposting like the other two.

>> No.14851500

It was a mercy kill than anything. Love you Leo but that was more of a pity Oscar than a "You earned it, kid" Oscar
Should've won it for Django

>> No.14851502

Granted it does stipulate that DE doesn't apply.

>> No.14851504

>Dear Mr. Decaprio,
>If I ever hear my husband cry out your name during intercourse again then I will personally fly to your home, burn it down, drag you out, and toss you to a pair of large alps that live down the street from me.
>Sincerely, Cynthia Sinderscale

Should've gotten it for a lot of things.
Surprise at how well Mad Max did too.

>> No.14851505

They could take her down with enough firepower, but if she tosses DE bombs at the right places, they'll have bigger problems.

>> No.14851511

Just imagine if she dropped it on Beijing or New York.
Instant demon realm.

>> No.14851512

Agreed. Hell, he should've got it for Titanic all those years ago. But here we are
I'm surprised Mad Max won that many Oscars. Great film but Jesus that was some hard dom right there. Ushi Oni's are jealous of that pelvis destruction

>> No.14851513

>Surprised at how well Mad Max did
Motherfucker, what? It was hands-down the best action movie last year, and was far and away the most technically impressive. Practical effects get me like nothing else.

>> No.14851516

Well, his performance wasn't that great on titanic though

>> No.14851518

Yeah, but still. He should've had at least multiple by now

>> No.14851520

Yeah, it took home a lot of things today.

It was good but I was under the impression that it would get snubbed due to being an action movie.

>> No.14851521

That's what I'm saying. You turn a major city into a massive rape pit it'll cripple them. It would be my default traitor plan.

But it's not the kind of Oscar bait that gets the awards.

>> No.14851522

>Granted it does stipulate that DE doesn't apply
But it also specifically says magic DOES if she already had it, and lilims have that in spades. I mean, in all practicality >>14851505 is right if she hunkers down, but imagine what goes on before that or she realizes she's still in trouble on the defensive and starts teleporting around on the offensive first?

It'd be a situation harrier than an ushi oni.

>> No.14851525

I'll allow her to stay with me as she is likely friendly and since she doesn't like to be lonely I'll b more than glad to keep her company. It should be easy to get around as long as she wears a hat and jeans to hide the monster bits, she should be good to go in public. I can easily provide for her as I'm quiet comfortable in my life, also since I'd be her only companion the chances of her raping me are little to none, as I'd tel her that as long as I can trust her she can trust me in return.

>> No.14851527

You could even get her to hit Detroit!...Although that would honestly just be a bit of an improvement.

>> No.14851529

Damn you're right the moment a hint of supernatural stuff appears all kinds of funky shit will go down. Only solution I'd see to this is to hide ourselves away in a isolated location away from everyone or just openly show her off to the public and hope for the better.

>> No.14851530

Just upset it didn't actually win for Best Visual Effects.

>> No.14851537

is detroit really that bad?

>> No.14851540

>Is a city founded almost entirely on car manufacturing that ships all its jobs to China that bad?
What do you think?

>> No.14851544

>is detroit really that bad?

>> No.14851546
File: 202 KB, 638x1000, She-Hulk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wonderland Centaur soon fellow STALKERs!

>> No.14851548

Detroit is only good when you stay in the rich areas or the parts where the sports stadiums are.

The only honest difference between it and Flint is that one has drinkable water.

It's so corrupt that even a Tanuki would be shocked at it....Right before putting her own corruption into play and making it better.

Then again, I just hate big cities so a bit of my bias may be slipping in.

>> No.14851549


>> No.14851551

I'd an ogre lawyer like her.
I'd even settle down with her for marriage, even if I did run the risk of getting kidnapped every now and then.

>> No.14851552

>just openly show her off to the public and hope for the better.
That doesn't sound like a good idea at all unless you've got something as Milquetoast as, say, a dark priest or something. Anything with magic, venom or really noticeable superstrength is getting spirited away, and even if you did roll a girl with little to no military or political application you can still look forward to answering how the hell she got there in the first place. Some of us have done a pretty piss-poor job of addressing that and in your case you'd basically have to fuck off innawoods unless she's got glamour magic or something.

>> No.14851557

Wait a minute, are we getting new girls on monday now?

>> No.14851559

>First Wednesdays
>Then sundays
>Now Mondays
KC in charge of scheduling

>> No.14851560

I got a question,, why bring this up?

>> No.14851564

it the tweet seriously up?

>> No.14851565

I don't know

>> No.14851568

>you will never 'accidentally' get a MG pregnant
>she will never force you to take responsibility
>you will never whisper in her ear that this was your plan all along.
let me die.

>> No.14851572

No reason. Not like we're being tested.

>> No.14851576

His last tweet is from the 27th.
>It is over Yara chores to do and not do Yara organize files, after can concentrate on the work for the picture book Ⅱ until the summer ...!

>> No.14851577

I want to impregnate the minotaur captain of the football team after she decides to get a little 'busy' with me after a game.

It will only be partially consensual.

>> No.14851590

i just feel like i read something like this befoer, cant put my finger on it

>> No.14851594

>Not impregnating the whole football team
C'mon anon, dream big. Imagine all those /fit/ monstergirls doting on their cute daughterus once they're born.
Imagine your /fit/ wives helping you get /fit/ and then rewarding you with primal ball-slapping sex.
Imagine the cuddlepiles.

>> No.14851595

>rolled manticore
Hello, Pfizer, here I come. Welcome to the next billion dollar pharmaceutical. Other than that, it's gonna be a bitch.

>> No.14851604

You do know they'll probably end up killing her or something, right?

>> No.14851607

I'd love nothing more than to do that.
>No huge harem of jinkos, minotaurs, onis, and other races all lifting, caring for young daughterus, or carrying new ones to love.

The highschool would need to have two teams, of which one would be dedicated to the daughterus we'd produce.
Unless a few of them are book smart and want to study arcane stuff and such.

>> No.14851618

I'm not gonna lie anon, I kinda want to be a scrawny nerd that the Monstergirl football team at my college grabs and drags to their sorority house to pump full of aphrodisiacs and pass around like a lewd party favor. Just a gang of /fit/ girls stealing kisses, having a contest to see who can suck the most shots out of me, holding a lottery to see who gets to take my virginity, ect.
And they keep using me as their boytoy at their private parties until one day they go a bit too far and all end up pregnant.
Then they decide to make an honest man of me and become my wives.

>> No.14851619

This time of year, absolutely. Though unless you can think of a VERY good way to hide her tail and other inhuman features (don't forget her eyes), she probably won't be going out much anyway. She'd be large, but being cold blooded, she probably wouldn't need to eat as much as you'd expect. So could you pay for all the hot water she'd use, basically?

That is pretty easy to deal with, actually.
Who is she going to possess?

Nice. I suppose if the men in suits come to your door, she can always just insert some false memories about a false alarm to stay hidden.
Imagine living your life with her ability, too. Get spoiled on a movie, book or game? Let her take the memory away. Want to experience a great plot all over again? Why not? Want to escape reality to a fantastical world of dreams? Time to put your head on her lap and spend hours in your perfect, virtual reality heaven.

I think it's the sort of idea which does universally occur when dealing with fantasy settings with a lot of room for personal imagination.
That said, I look forward to seeing what you're actually working on writing. Do you have a Pastebin name to remember?

Lucky. A cute, half-vampire girl who can blend into society, but still comes with some of the perks sounds lovely.

Do you think she'd follow you out without your knowledge and prank people using her powers? That could lead to a lot of tension if she starts messing around with authority figures while you're watching.
Imagine if a police officer pulls you over for speeding, and the chesire's disembodied face appears behind his back, making fun of them in silence while you watch.
If you open up that portal, you'll be ushering in a new age. They won't be able to stay hidden from the public. Would you be ready to face all the repercussions?

Put her in a bucket, give her water and tasty fruits. See if you can buy a waterproof bodysuit for her, so your carpets and books don't get ruined.

She'll probably remodel your house to make it several times bigger on the inside than on the outside.
I think you'd be safe if one of your parents decided to call the police on her. After all, why would the shoggoth put through that call when the phone is made out of her?

Yeah, a glacies sounds super cute. Though probably not so easy to hide the fact that you can see right through her.
Maybe you can cover her up in clothes and paint her face skin coloured if you ever need to go out with her.

Well, look at it this way. Tasks requiring physical strength aren't a problem any more. She's friendly, ready to help, and great at digging, if you ever want to apply that talent somehow. Unless your mother is a really suspicious person, I think you'll be able to convince her.

For the better. Undines are great. Enjoy never having to worry about drowning, and having the best baths in the world. It's possible that you might even be able to stealthily transport her using a bottle of water, too.

You'd find a way, I'm sure. I know what it's like to try and balance money when you're paying to keep your health out of the red, though. It is hard. And taking care of another person who can't be seen by the public would make it triply difficult. Given your circumstances, you'd have to work extremely hard to find a way to provide for her and make it work, and that's without considering the possibility of children with her. Could you hope to feed the the child or children she could give birth to?
But, when it's the end of the day, and you're cuddling up to her in bed, seeing her smile as she hugs and nuzzles you, would it be worth it then?

There's also the issue of trying to get up in the morning if you wake up and discover she's sleepwalked right into your bed.
I think a dormouse would be more manageable than most, but yeah, that rape aura is a problem.

Kesarans are pretty small, man. Like hold-in-your-hand-and-use-as-a-living-onahole small.
That, and she's so light a literal stray breeze can pick her up off her feet. Plus you have to worry about her spores making you and everyone around her feeling super high and happy.

Yeah, having a nearly godlike lilim with her magic more or less intact would be pretty nice.
Hell, even if you got unlucky and got the whole SWAT situation, she's probably be able to deal with it well enough.

Hey, regular succubi are great.
But as for a job, I think she'd be able to put her talents to use in a position where individual presentation comes into play.
If she can conjure a glamour, she might even be able to make good money as a model, consisting her body is pure natural sex.
Let her pour on the magic charm, she could sell sand to a man in a desert. Getting a job with a male interviewer wouldn't be that hard.
And yes, the sex you'd get to have with her would literally be the best anyone's ever had.

>> No.14851621

Good night Anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, please try and figure out a way to save yourself from impregnating three single, senior (grade) monster girls on prom night.

>> No.14851622

You don't ever let them know the source. Contact them through a smaller lab, sell only the formula and spectroscopy data. It's worth a lot less than a full synthesis or direct supply of product, but it's likely to be better than anything they will ever find on their own. You're also going to lose a cut to the intermediary lab, but it's still a whole lot of money.

>> No.14851623

That would be lovely.
Would they all show up in their nicest dresses, or cleanest clothes, and show you each individual pregnancy test while blushing and stating how they're there to take responsibility?

>> No.14851628

>Who is she going to possess?
Oh the fun possibilities.

>> No.14851630


Okay. I will absolutely not integrate with the senors. I understand.

>> No.14851633

>Do you have a Pastebin name to remember?
You know me as Beast
when I said you read my mind, its been a thought I've had lately about my next thing

>> No.14851636

>seeing her smile as she hugs and nuzzles you, would it be worth it then?

Also, you're fucking based as fuck for doing this.

>> No.14851638

Shit. There's no way I can hide that.

>> No.14851644

>Unless your mother is a really suspicious person, I think you'll be able to convince her.
well she does believe in both god and aliens...

>> No.14851646

You don't think they'll want to find out? It's not like they don't have the resources , and Big Pharma is not known for playing nice.

>> No.14851648

What time is it in London?

>> No.14851653
File: 311 KB, 1131x707, wp__holo___spice_and_wolf_ii___1680_1050_by_ergh3-d5s7khc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No way I can hide that
Are you even trying, anon? There's an entire series that outlines how to hide your new waifu! Get her a bottle of hair dye, buy her some long dresses, and stock up on batteries. You can pass the ears off as a weird headband.

>> No.14851654

>Imagine if a police officer pulls you over for speeding, and the chesire's disembodied face appears behind his back, making fun of them in silence while you watch.
I don't think I have to worry about that. I don't have a license yet and mainly take public transportation. Also I'm so nervous about speed limits that I probably won't get pulled over at any point.
Plus I'll have a chat with her about how if the authorities catch her there's a very real chance the government will want to dissect her to find out how her reality warping powers work and that she's too important to me to risk like that.

And once the portal opens I'll take responsibility and lead the charge for equal rights for monsters. Sure I'll have to make some concessions like "No raping humans." on the monster side, but legalizing prostitution should fix that problem. There's plenty of horny lonely people out there. Imagine how many would sign up if they found out they could earn a nice government paycheck fucking horny girls.

>> No.14851656

quarter to 7

>> No.14851657

Well, seeing as how she's physically just a brown milf with red tattoos, it should be pretty damned easy to conceal her true nature from the world at large.

I'm a welder, so I make enough to feed us both and have my own apartment. So the only real issue comes in trying to make some bullshit story to my friends and family about why a guy like me is suddenly shacking up with a woman they've never met who's way the fuck outta my league, and why she can't get a job, a license or wrap her head around electronics and indoor plumbing. That, and work sometimes requires me to be away from home, for weeks on end occasionally though the thought of coming home from one of those excursions and immediately being tackled to the ground by a lonely Pharaoh does make my heart flutter a little.

>> No.14851667


>Large Mouse

Well I live on my own and I don't really get visitors much at all. With enough clothing she might be able to pass as a human.

I am learning how to cook a little so I could take care of her well enough I think.

Though I have no idea how I long I'll actually be living in this apartment for and if I'd be able to help her if I wound up leaving it

>> No.14851668

Didn't Holo end up nearly revealed several times? It probably is easier than I'm thinking, though.

>> No.14851669

If it weren't for her lack of records, she could make a career in politics.

>> No.14851673

>After all, why would the shoggoth put through that call when the phone is made out of her?
Cell phones. You'd have to make her block radio waves and then keep your parents locked in the waifu dungeon forever more so they don't tell or display hints of NON-EUCLIDEAN madness when they go out. Not really a great idea. Now, if you managed to find some land in the middle of nowhere...

>Kesarans are pretty small, man.
I imagined the adults being about as large as a small woman and marginally harder to blow away, no major issue there. If they are onahole-sized then every issue save the pollen thing disappears as I could easily afford to feed and house her. I really would've rather a vanilla fairy in this case, but whatever.

>> No.14851677

Yes and Yes.
There would be lots of cuddling and fretting over the wedding details.
Some time after we're all married and have kids, the cuddlepile will only grow larger.
Of course, on certain occasions the wives will send the kids off to go hang out with their uncle and his kids and then either bust out the "barely there" lingerie, or get their old clothes they wore back in college, now slightly too small for their /fit/ yet motherly bodies and fuck me like they did back in college.

>> No.14851685

Sorry for the wait, all. Been studying for a midterm.

>"Fucking enlightening. Could we get this over with?", you feigned disinterest, hoping you didn't look as scared shitless as you felt.
>"Name's Aemma, with an 'ae'; mum was dead drunk when she wrote the name on the birth certificate"
>The tension dissipated, and you laughed in disbelief.
>"Your mother was drunk when she conceived? And more importantly, you're introducing yourself??"
>You couldn't believe it.
>"Seemed tha proper thing to do an' all, considerin'," she said. Considering what? Was there a romantic mood permeating the air that you weren't aware of?
>A few moments passed, and you still weren't sure how to respond to that.
>"Well, seein' as you're ready and able, let's get down to business," Aemma said, and sauntered over to you.
>She straddled your hips and roughly pulled your face towards hers with a grimy paw
>Her breath tickled and made your eyes water.
>She took in your face, as if memorizing it.
>"Keep quiet, now. Scream an' I'll have to stitch that cute mouth shut." You believed her.
>You nodded, two short bobs of the head
>Aemma smiled, and pulled you into a kiss. The taste of booze, bad breath, and whatever she had eaten for lunch flooded your mouth and left you reeling.
>She broke the kiss and ordered you to keep your mouth open. When you didn't obey fast enough she slapped you twice on the injured side of your face. You yelped and finally obeyed.
>The manticore loosed a gob of spit into your waiting mouth and ordered you to swallow.
>You did, and shuddered in distaste.
>"Good boy!", she said, and tousled your hair.
>"Ever fucked a tail pussy before?", she inquired. You shook your head.
>"First things first, I want ya to clean 'er up fer me nice an' proper." The tail appeared over her shoulder and approached you, barbs retracted.
>A cheesy, thick yellow discharge coated the crevices and inside of her tail's fuckhole.
>"Fuck! Keep that thing back!", you exclaimed.
>"Don' worry, I won't make ya swallow." she said, as if that were somehow reassuring.
>"Oh god. I've probably caught something already from your disgusting spit...", you moaned.
>"Nah; I'm clean." The irony was not lost on you. "Now then..."
>Aemma's tail was suddenly thrust forward, smearing its fetid stink all over your face.
>Past the point of caring, you began lapping up the accumulated smegma from the folds of the tail. You cleaned the inside of the tail as well, which would contract around your tongue as you entered it.
>Aemma's moans grew in intensity until a shuddering orgasm hit her.
>"Wha do ah do wih dis?", you said, sticking out your tongue for her to see.
>"Ah, you can just spit that out. I'm sure it tastes pretty nast-"
>You cut her off and swallowed the load, just to spite the crazy bitch.
>Aemma was almost speechless, it had given her pause. A grin spread like wildfire over her face.
>"Why, yer just a little slut! Here, give this a whiff." Aemma peeled off the wifebeater and wrapped her arm around your head, pushing it into her armpit.

>> No.14851692

That's wonderful.
I can dig it, especially if they were a hockey team.
I could even play goalie

Would you be prepared for the cuddle piled to include them in just their old jersies and nothing else?

>> No.14851695

I don't want to struggle to pay for all these children, but i can't turn enough profit! I'm going to have to pick up a second job so that we can live a comfortable life! I'm going to work so many hours that my waifu will feel neglected and run into the arms of a gentleman of the darker-skinned variety!

>> No.14851696

>legalizing prostitution should fix that problem.
You what? Free love has never been an issue. Only the more monstrous girls might, I repeat MIGHT have an issue securing a somewhat steady supply of dick. Enough propoganda and you could set up even those with husbands somewhat readily within two decades or so.

Didn't pharaoh have some kind of broken order geass thing going? You could probably fake records well enough for a low-level political job.

>> No.14851708

This is starting to get uncomfortable.

>> No.14851713

This should not arouse me.

And yet, it does.

>> No.14851762

>You will never hypnotize your MG waifu into a kissu slut before you get married.
>you will never make it so that she cums from kisses.
"You may now kiss the bride."

>> No.14851771

[vomits internally]

>> No.14851778

Turning in for the night. In case any of you want to read more of this sexual deviant filth as it comes out, I've uploaded it onto my pastebin for convenience. I suppose I'll be posting under kip in these threads.

Here are a few potential endings I've been considering.
-The MC discovers The Big Lebowski was trying to frame him, and that Bunny was safe all along. Poor Donny died for nothing.
-Some sort of incomprehensible cop-out Shyamalan-esque ending
-Marlowe goes to a bar to get hammered and thinks about Silver-Wig


>> No.14851803
File: 343 KB, 500x706, 1427177297993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

B-baby Jesus will cry if we do that!

>> No.14851809

There's no need for them to care. Sell enough information and they have it for themselves. It's not worth the effort to pursue it past that point unless they're aspiring to cartoon villainry (admittedly, would not rule that out).

>> No.14851822

Like I give a fuck, lady. Now let's get that sweater pulled up and bring those ears higher to where I can nibble 'em.

>> No.14851825

>removing the sweater
But anon, the puppies!

>> No.14851829

Oh boy. I guess she could act as your younger cousin in front of friends. Or roleplay as your cute little sister in public.
Are you prepared for all the magic she'll be casting on you and her?

That's a tough one, yeah. On the plus side, no more worrying about electricity, provided you can keep her fed.
But unless she can keep her arcing electricity extremely well in check while outside, people are going to think she's done kind of alien, or visually impressive social experiment.
Gotta be careful with your delicate electronics around her, too. No building a new PC while she's in the room.

She's a tall, muscular brown catgirl, who could possibly pass for a lion girl, if it wasn't for the turquoise and gold eye-liner, and the air of absolute divine regality surrounding her.
I hope you're ready to worship.

I'd let you reroll for that too, considering it isn't a monstergirl.
I doubt a beast monster like that would get very far in a world with bullets, tank shells, aerial bombardments, and no other monsters to command. You and your neighbours would be extremely unlucky though, to put it lightly.

Well, her magical explosions just make everyone in a certain radius extremely lusty. Just pray that authorities don't pinpoint your home as the center of the occasional mass orgy, though.
There'll be outrages because of it, I'm sure.

Are you forgetting the massive single eye in the middle of her head? I think that alone would make people go pale with fear, even if we ignore the eyestalks and ability to leak liquid latex.
Though her powerful hypnosis abilities might prove extremely useful, especially when she can use her stalks to hypnotise multiple people at once.

Did I do the random link wrong? Oh well, I'll give that to you anyway.

You'd need a hat to accommodate her ears, and some trousers that'd fit her extremely fat, fluffy thighs.
Otherwise, that seems doable. Just don't leave her alone for extended periods of time.

It's an idea that makes the rounds in my mind once every few weeks or so. It's not a particularly unique idea, but I thought it'd be fun to put it into the context of a scenario for the thread.
I didn't expect to see so much discussion over it. The thread's normally quiet around this time. It's a nice surprise.

That's a dangerous game, but you could make good money if you play it right.
Did you see Limitless? It's like that, but with sex instead of being smart.

Their consent might be an issue. Or not, considering how kitsune-bis work. I suppose it's just down to wherever or not you're fine with taking control away from an innocent person and changing them like that against their knowing will.

I look forward to reading it.
Maybe you could get some inspiration from all these posts.

I'm more bored than based, but thank you.

There was a post earlier with raiju. I think if you could hide her arcing electricity (which would be down to her self control and current level of charge) and her effect on electronics, you'd be able to have her in public pretty easily.

Tell her the wurm is a really scaly angel. Like one of those freaky angels who are just a bunch of eyes stuck on a giant glowing Cheerio.

There is that possibility, but you have to consider that those government paycheques won't be growing on trees. The money comes from their spending, so it'll be subject to all the same issues. And the first few years will be arduous, with that system likely not yet implemented. There would be a lot of dissent, possibly protests and attempts at vigilante crusades.

A pharaoh does sound great. As with any other monstergirl in this situation trying to get a job, you'd probably need to forge some paperwork to actually get her into the records system.
Otherwise, teaching such a lovely, beautiful reanimated lady about your world sounds like a lot of fun.

What sort of stuff do you think you'd end up cooking for her?
True about the apartment thing, though. If you decided to move, would you conceivably be able to take her with you, or would her sudden appearance mean that you'd need to down longer in your current home?

She could fake the cell phones with her own body too, but you're right. Best not to deceive the parents or make them go crazy.

As for the kesaran, take another look at their page. An illustration there shows them being used just like an onahole.
I agree a regular fairy would be more convenient, but if you learn to deal with her spores, you could save and store them for a private weekend with her.

>> No.14851834

But they wouldn't be able to make it.I'm sure they would would be very curious to find out where it comes from. But then again, I have no idea how this stuff works out.

>> No.14851842

>I suppose it's just down to wherever or not you're fine with taking control away from an innocent person and changing them like that against their knowing will.
Not unless they want it to happen. I mean, what's the worst that can happen if I wait? The ghost fox possesses me?

>> No.14851859
File: 1.70 MB, 1343x1859, 1428504168133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get badass, adventurous waifu
>become incubus and obtain her badass, adventurous qualities
Seriously, stories of battle couples?

>> No.14851862

I'd abuse that power so much if I could hypnotise my waifu.
I'd make it so that every time we kiss, she has the most pleasurable, emotionally fulfilling orgasms. I'd make her ears extremely sensitive erogenous zones, and send her even deeper into a blissful, empty-eyed trance with ASMR, making her drool happily.
And sometimes, with her head on my lap, I'd send her into trance, and make her feel as if she's floating, lighter than air, and as fluid as if she were a slimegirl. It would be the perfect way to massage all the stress out of her, and snap her out of the trance feeling better than she ever has in her life.

>> No.14851866

That's why, until a solution can be established, we'll keep the monstergirls in designated embassies or just stay on the other side of the portal. Volunteers are allowed to enter for the purpose of sex.
My Cheshire friend will have to act as the spokeswoman for the monstergirl side to convince them to go with this by reminding them that A. Demonic Energy isn't a thing here, B. Humans in this world have weapons that can reduce a city to ash and practically salt the earth for decades if not longer, and C. they technically have no rights outside the embassies or the other side of the portal and are subject to mob violence or worse.
Also, working so closely with her to ensure the safety and integration of her kind will probably cause us to get pretty close. We might even get married.

>> No.14851875
File: 788 KB, 1082x1394, 1401768606946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dragoon & Wyvern a best.

>> No.14851903

Who let the dogs out? This guy.

>An illustration there shows them being used just like an onahole.
The page also says they "come in various sizes." I made full use of that like an Olympic Mental Gymnast. As for the spores, that shouldn't be too hard. Just get something like a hood used for model painting and a dust mask and suck them up/shave them off. Frequent washing might also work.

Hypnosis works so well as a fetish. I mean shit, tell me that isn't lewd and comfy as fuck at the same time.

>> No.14851905

>comfy as fuck
Mindflayer please go.

>> No.14851913

C'mon. Tell me
> I'd send her into trance, and make her feel as if she's floating, lighter than air, and as fluid as if she were a slimegirl. It would be the perfect way to massage all the stress out of her, and snap her out of the trance feeling better than she ever has in her life.
Doesn't sound luxuriously relaxing. Mindflayers are also great for this but require a borderline insane and as such suspect level of trust.

>> No.14851917

I for one love and trust my Flayerfu with my heart and mind!

>> No.14851920
File: 384 KB, 869x1199, 5340958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lich giving her husband a lap pillow while she reads an ancient tome.
Sometimes being the husband of a kuu, is not always easy... especially when she's engrossed in research for the next time she's going to fuck you silly.
Also... your face is a nice place to put her tome on.

>> No.14851927

Baby Jesus will cry no matter what we do, he's a baby, babies cry.

Adult Jesus, on the other hand, would likely be too busy busting Pharisee headcanon to care, but on the off chance he did glance over, he'd probably approve of any acts of love.

>> No.14851931

But she needs to use magic to keep the book in balance so why doesn't she just cast levitation on it?

>> No.14851935

Jesus had a foot fetish. Mary Magdalene hanged out with him because he paid well for her footjobs and such.

>> No.14851946

So I get to smell old book and lich cunt at the same time? Sounds like a deal.

>> No.14851953

She's butt-fucking-naked under that cloak. I can't abide by this. I'm taking up knitting.

>> No.14851956
File: 1.09 MB, 1600x2000, 1442081980863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man, I thought I posted the suggestion too late. I'm a happy man right now, thanks Maritan.

>> No.14851957

Mary Magdalene is canon proof that Jesus approves of taking sluts and whores and making decent women of them.

To be Christian is to strive to be Christ-like, therefore there is nothing more Christian than capturing the lewdest Succubus you can find and turning her into your loving, faithful housewife with the power of D.

>> No.14851965


>> No.14851974

>and making decent women of them
But he didn't marry her. I bet everyone but Ginger-Judas got a piece of her though.

>> No.14851982

>the last thread wasn't even archived
was there a massive shitposting war at the end or something?

>> No.14851987

It just got archived out of nowhere.

>> No.14851995

Glad you like it! I thought the idea was funny, also like liches a lot too.

>> No.14852003

Can we get a blind loli Gnome getting her toes kissed by an anon?

>> No.14852008

What matters is the result, Anon, not the means. When you're the son of God you can make girls pure just by letting them fondle your feet with their hair. Us regular joes gotta put it in.

>molests people with her hair
Mary Magdalene confirmed Kejourou

>> No.14852014

>Mary Magdalene confirmed Kejourou
This is absolutely heretical. It's almost as bad as
>And on the cross he said "Peter, Peter I can see your house from here".

>> No.14852028
File: 1.42 MB, 1555x1855, 1438274621812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beware of Dark Elves. This is the last year to prepare.

>> No.14852032

I hope so.

>> No.14852039

...Maritan drew a Lich.
Oh. Oh yes, this will do very nicely.

>> No.14852046

The last year before what?

And is my fifty-meter deep, double-reinforced concrete bunker a proper defense?

>> No.14852058

>The last year before what?
Conjunction of the Spheres.
>And is my fifty-meter deep, double-reinforced concrete bunker a proper defense?
Sure. How long do you plan on staying down there?

>> No.14852059

Can you get in and out of it?

>> No.14852065

Well, if they're going to be Kloah style towering titty monsters I'm going to probably die from exhaustion.

>> No.14852071

That wouldn't be in their best interests, they'll pace you.

>> No.14852138

>Conjunction of the Spheres.
Oh, that.
>Sure. How long do you plan on staying down there?
Well, I've got a generator, water purifier, water condensator, air purifier/recirculator/separator, enough canned food and water to last a century for five normal people, enough room to run around (in a circle, admittedly), a small area for supplementary plant farming, a stupid amount of recreational supplies (including a digital copy of the library of congress, the Gutenberg project library, several complete tv shows, movies and two tons of condoms for use or barter) , and triple redundancy on all vital systems (such as two gas generators supplementing one basic fission plant with absurd protections). A bit excessive? Probably.

Comfy, though. Cozy. Definitely safe.

There's a main elevator that triggers several blast doors. It's one-way only, no radiation/waste/lava/etc. getting in. Definitely no Strayan Raiders going for Valhalla.

As for exit, well, there's a few digging machines meant for expansion that've been stored inside. They'll be used to dig up and out when all's said and done. Worst-case scenario, I just blow up the elevator shaft (easier from the bottom, thanks to planning) and build a ladder out.

And yes, I've been practicing.

>> No.14852159

Anon, these are monstergirls you're dealing with. They're going to think you're insane or an asshole.

>> No.14852191

A) It was a joke item, hence the spoilering and the stupid amount.
B) If they were actually a thing being stored, they'd be the basic, generic, unlubricated simple latex variety - the kind that can be used for alarming stuff.

>> No.14852215

Well, I've either got a peasant boy kissing my feet for saving him from rape city or some ass who keeps complaining that women ain't got shit on tail pussy. Either way should be fun to get to know fantasy land 「ME」

>> No.14852373

This thread is deader than the monster girl scene's gonna be in half a year when KC wraps up the encyclopaedia.

>> No.14852392

Except KC isn't wrapping it up.

>> No.14852395


the thread is always dead around right now, fambina. People gotta sleep.

>> No.14852399

He can't keep making shit up forever.

>> No.14852402
File: 67 KB, 404x600, 1426617827516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know a way to liven things up!

In Finland they've been giving the "refugees" karate lessons with taxpayer money. This makes me think of a bunch of Monster Girls getting taught karate in case the mean human boys try to sexually harass them.
P'Orcfugees welcome!

>> No.14852412

Not like he makes up the creatures he turns into sexy she-devils.

>> No.14852417

>you will never fuck Lala in the neckpussy

>> No.14852418

Hiding her won't be a problem, she could just use some spell to make her look human. Perhaps only temporary, but it's enough.
I could keep her a secret from my friends and family but that won't work long term, but if I can make them understand, they will (hopefully) be ok with it.
And could I provide for her? She's dead, I don't know if she needs food or sleep. But let's for arguments sake say she does, She could work a normal job as long as she keeps her spell up and they don't require ID or something, so once I get her comfortable with the everything, she could start working somewhere. Worst case scenario, she has to work somewhere shitty.

Long Term, this won't be a problem, She can function in society, and she can do so without being notiest.
All is good.

>> No.14852437

>don't require ID
Dude. She's a Lich. She can cast an illusion of a legit ID.

>> No.14852438

Do you know how many KC said he wanted to do?
We're not even to 200 yet!
So, like it or not, we're here forever.

>> No.14852445

Ooh. So we WILL get Phoenix and Hydra and Jötunn and Fenrir and Jormundgand and the Furies?

>> No.14852467

Eventually. All of those sound like ones I really want to see too.
You can run, but the Furies will find you wherever you go.

>> No.14852472

Well the only problems would be to get your family and friends to not panic, and keep the Lich from waddling off to explore the new world or doing experiments that cause too much attention.

With all the monsters from folklore and fiction, he's in no danger of running out of ideas.

>> No.14852473
File: 120 KB, 875x700, 1456572434902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come with me anon!

>> No.14852482

Actually, 'only' half of that. That's still years and probably enough for me to grow realistic, marry, start a normie family and abandon my dream of some magical, otherworldly love. ;_;

>> No.14852489

>That's still years and probably enough for me to grow realistic, marry, start a normie family and abandon my dream of some magical, otherworldly love

>> No.14852498
File: 220 KB, 1000x707, sadakiss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14852502

Quitter, quitter pants-shitter!

>> No.14852518

>tfw no adoptive Echidna mom
>tfw no group of protective Lamia type onee-sans
>tfw no Apophis imouto who wants to conquer the world so that she can make it illegal for people to say bad things about you

>> No.14852546

That Lich is cute, she has a great rack, and I'm rather jealous of her husbando.

Fantastic job Mari; nice choice.

>> No.14852547

>what is a sober view on human psychology, passions, and aging

>> No.14852555

Giving up on the waifu. If you really loved her, you wouldn't let reality stop you from loving her. This only proves you never cared about anyone but yourself.
You made her cry, anon.

>> No.14852600

Not that guy but I recently realized I hide my nerd powerlevel out in the real world and when I come here I hide my real-world powerlevel.

If I was clever I'd quote Shakespeare or say something about masks, but I'm not so I'll leave it at that. It's interesting though.

>> No.14852630

So we don't dick the daughteru

But does that mean adoptive monster girl mothers don't /ss/ the sonnu?

>> No.14852653

>having any sense of limitations

>> No.14852666

If a monster girl adopted a human boy, there's a chance she just wants to be a good mom and not a female pedophile.

>> No.14852669

>So we don't dick the daughteru
Much as I wish it were so, this is not the case.

>But does that mean adoptive monster girl mothers don't /ss/ the sonnu?
Depends. Did she buy a husband for her daughter? If then, no she'd probably hold back and find another man. Did she buy a husband for herself? In that case yes.

>> No.14852678

After Monster Girl Cologne I'm not really sure about bringing in all these Monster Girl refugees.

They kind of, well, rape people.

>> No.14852682

>Dark Angel
Don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing. I will get a lot of funny looks when she goes out. Folks may not be cool with it though.

>> No.14852688

would you eat the booty like groceries though

>> No.14852694

That's normal, though.
The worst thing about 4chan is that there are guys who don't hide their powerlevel in the real world and act like they would in a thread in public. You end up wondering if they have any self awareness at all.
Besides, isn't it more fun knowing that people have this completely false idea about what you're like?

>> No.14852704
File: 164 KB, 400x612, 1543875342875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Open medicine cabinet.
>Fat cat ass.
>Open the oven to put in something to cook.
>Fat cat ass.
>Open the washing machine.
>Fat cat ass.
>Open biscuit tin.
>Small fat cat ass.
>Open wardrobe.
>Extra big fat cat ass.
>Walk into Garage.
>Your car is gone.
>In it's place is a fat cat ass with wheels.

That's when you started to suspect something.

>> No.14852707 [SPOILER] 
File: 173 KB, 800x600, 1456740094413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great . I kicked that elf out of my bedroom last night, and then this morning I get this elf MGC police woman visiting me.

I'm just gonna have to go with it.

>> No.14852708

Back in the old days they used to have these things called masked balls, where everyone hid their faces at a party and could pretend to be someone else instead/actually be themselves instead of what was expected of them. Anonymous places like 4chan are just modern versions of this.

>> No.14852715

Dass rayciss! If boys don't want to have sex, why they have dicks?

>> No.14852718

>you start to suspect something
Wait a minute...

>> No.14852732


So lets see here. I get a beautiful woman who uses magic, can shape shift and brings me luck, ands many years to my life ,and will likely turn into a goddess in a few years

Not only do I get lots of Mofu., but she can also change herself to look like any woman she wants to.

i see no problems with this roll. and will enjoy my new life and hopefully wife.

>> No.14852733

Is nothing sacred to these slutty purplecats?!

>> No.14852752

Remember : Just never ask her where the remote is

>> No.14852756

Well, there is a 50% chance she'll go yan for you. So flip a coin.

>> No.14852759
File: 1.20 MB, 1200x2493, I need an adult.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No adoptive Echidna (single)mom.
>No CC Echidna oldest sister who looks after the family while mom is busy working.
>No unusually calm-mannered Satyros big sister who is always incredibly sensual whenever you are alone with her. (pic related)
>No Demon/Titania twin big sisters who get along surprisingly well, to the point of finishing each-others sentences.
>No exceedingly girly Minotaur big sister who cherishes you because you treat her like a lady.
>No lazy Hellhound big sister who just wants to lay around and cuddle all day.
>No Flat-chested, responsible Lizard sister the same age as you who tries to keep all the other sisters in line.
>No Kobold little sister a year younger than you who follows you around like a puppy.
>No Sandworm larva little sister in a giant converted ant farm in the living room who always smiles at you when you tap on the glass.
>No Wurmouto.

It hurts.

>> No.14852769

I think this is rigged, just out of curiosity I re-rolled and got an Inari.
Now I wonder which would be the better of the 2?

>> No.14852774

I'm just going to assume a named character doesn't count
I have a constantly horny woman masturbating on my bed. I count that as a win, but I due to circumstances I'm back with my family for a while and my religious mother is not going to take kindly to her perversion or the fact she's some kind of lightning demon.
I'm also getting vanned and taken to some shady government building for it, because I guess that's what the government would do if you were linked to some strange alien appearing on Earth.
My life would be like that kid's in ET, only with more electric shocks and ejaculations.

>> No.14852778

Is that Auntie Yuuna?

>> No.14852783

Holy hell, that semen demon really is an adult.

>> No.14852791
File: 1.48 MB, 827x1223, e9b5079610615e61a510313a37f96ac5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not /ss/ing the human son

Why should fathers have all the fun dicking monster daughterus? There shall be justice in this world of perversion.

>> No.14852792

Whatever do you do with her?

>> No.14852794

>no results on google
spoonfeed pls

>> No.14852800

That Hellhound sounds wonderful. Imagine cuddling with her and the Kobold.
Imagine the Echidna snapping pictures with her phone while you're all asleep and muttering "Mom's gonna love this" to herself.

>> No.14852802

>Christmas with a single mother

>> No.14852808

>That cat's face
>"Eyyyy boy, a cat is fine too!"

>> No.14852811

Oh man, I don't envy the kid who gets adopted by the Demon Lord and suddenly has the Lilim as his Onee-Sans.
I'm lying. I envy the fuck out of that kid.

>> No.14852815

It's weird. People are always calling me Sir and assuming I have kids or at least a wife. I seem to have some sort of 'responsible adult' aura that makes me appear much older than I really am, and it mystifies me as to how I acquired such a thing.

I was out with my Mom somewhere a while back and halfway through a conversation I realized I was being mistaken for her husband. She found that way more amusing than I did.

>> No.14852816

You too can have a Lilim. All you have to do is sing up for Tr8torsRus Inc.

>> No.14852824
File: 328 KB, 623x492, LOOK OUT A SAURIAN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>KC will get every monster present in Dragon's Dogma done by default

Barring the ones already finished, we're missing Hydra, Gryphon, Holy Dragon, Metal Golem of Rapetitude, Undead Dragon, Grim Goblins, Armored Cyclops / Gore Cyclops, Juggernaut styled Undead (Eliminators), Snow Harpies, and the most terrifying of all possessed "humans".

>> No.14852829

What about GEO Saurians?

>> No.14852831

Inoue Makito
It's untranslated, from one of the big h-magazines. I don't think you'll find it by itself.

>> No.14852832

No anon you don't understand.
I want to be molested by my Lilim Onee-san
Possibly Deruella.

>> No.14852833

I dunno nothin' bout no Dragon's Dogma. Tell me more of these Grim Goblins and Cyclops sub-types.

>> No.14852836


>> No.14852839

>I realized I was being mistaken for her husband.
You know what must be done.

>> No.14852840

Bash my enemies.

>> No.14852842

You underestimate my power of putting an artist's name into exhentai


>> No.14852843

Slimy wet Flatfish!

>> No.14852848

Why must you hurt me like this? I want them all, especially the Hellhound and Demon/Titania duo.

>> No.14852850

I remember a hero who did this.

>> No.14852855

>I dunno nothin' bout no Dragon's Dogma.

You bring shame upon your famiry.

Think of it as like ...Dire versions of Goblins and Hobgoblins while the Cyclops would be large warrior sized ones.

>> No.14852858
File: 1.28 MB, 700x1000, 1450736956546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Having Druella as an Onee-san
What a wonderful fate that would be.

>> No.14852859

>You bring shame upon your famiry
They're used to it. Now sell it to me.

>> No.14852861
File: 158 KB, 413x1007, Lillim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be a human boy going through puberty
>Every day you come home, your Lilim mother greets you dressed like this
>Sometimes asks to sleep with you like old times
>Sometimes barges in during showers and offers to wash you
>Teases you around every corner

Having a monster girl mom actually sounds like hell.

>> No.14852862

I'm just imagining you bludgeoning an enemy with your Wurmouto while she cheerfully squeals "I'm helping!"

>> No.14852863

I honestly don't care what she wants at this point. Apocalypse

>> No.14852864

It is weird. Whenever someone new comes to my workplace I'm often mistaken for the boss, but in reality I'm a lazy manchild who faps to anime girls with monster parts for limbs. I think it's great.

>> No.14852870

Sell what?

>> No.14852874

Nah, her catchphrase would be
>You just got nailed!
Let me explain this to you in terms you can understand.
You like game. I don't know about game. Explain to me why you like game.

>> No.14852882

>sounds like hell
Just hit it, Sigmund.

>> No.14852889

It sure is.


>> No.14852891

Mom/son is actually a huge fetish of mine but applying it to my real mother kills my libido faster than a cyanide enema.

>> No.14852893
File: 167 KB, 296x828, A cat is more than fine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being adopted by Mari.
>Knowing your mother was leaving the house every night to participate in orgies and gangbangs
>Always teasing you about being single and jokes about marrying you off to one of her friends
>Leaves you in the care of her cat when she's not around
Actually that last part doesn't sound bad at all.

>> No.14852894

Well, your brain chemistry is working just fine. You have that going for you too.

>> No.14852895
File: 216 KB, 850x1194, 1427191983364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd like an arranged marriage to some cute but shy Succubut.

>> No.14852896

I may or may not have a slightly unhealthy obsession with cuddlefucking Deruella.

There's no blood relation anon. Stop being a wuss and plow that Lilim until your balls are dry.
Let her tight pussy milk every last drop out.

>> No.14852902

>Cat cooks for you while your mother is busy having her body painted white in the week long orgy in the living room, having taken the fiftieth cock of the day, the front door revolving at this point.
>Cat cuddles next to you while you try and sleep, her paws over your ears so you can't hear your slutmother's moans as another buy blows balls deep in her

>> No.14852911

This isn't /v/ or /vg/ so I can't explain how it's DMC, Elder Scrolls, and Dark Souls combined into one.

>> No.14852912

As cute as this 'butt is, I can't help but notice she has her tail positioned like a scorpion's stringer.

>> No.14852913

>Arranged marriage to a shy succubutt who has not yet experienced the pleasure of human penis
>Childhood friend
>Comes to a realization that she wants nothing more in the world than to suck your cock
>Secretly becomes yandere
>Deep ruv, shy on the streets, freak in the sheets

>> No.14852918

>being a monster she has no sense of shame when it comes to sex
>will ask you casually about your masturbation habits, and due to her monster ability to detect pleasure, knows when you're playing with yourself
>sometimes she wants to know what you were fapping to, because she sensed a greater amount of pleasure than usual
>doesn't see the problem with being naked around her own adopted son, he's a man, it's natural for him to see breasts at some point, right?
>she gets deeply upset when you get embarrassed or shy over these things, and furiously blames human culture for bring men up "wrong"
>is terrified you'll fall in love with some human whore one day instead of that nice succubus down the street
>she sometimes "forgets" to lock the doors at night, secretly hoping one of the local girls will storm in and force so much pleasure on you that she'll have a happily married son by morning.

>> No.14852920
File: 515 KB, 1920x1080, 1429332065946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so I can't explain
Why not? I doubt you'll get banned for a little digression.
She's prepared to defend herself against possible molesters.

>> No.14852930
File: 1.95 MB, 1400x1900, Off it comes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What exactly do you think flashes through the mind of a monster MILF who's being told by her son that he wants to have sex with her?

>> No.14852934

>Mari leaves Cocaine Cat in charge of the house when she's gone
Is this the most irresponsible mother in all the demon realms?

>> No.14852938
File: 241 KB, 982x699, 1445143638953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14852940

update never

>> No.14852942
File: 529 KB, 1007x1462, Surprisingly Accurate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, take this, I need to go sleep now.

>> No.14852954

What is this image trying to convey?

>> No.14852957

What a thoughtful cat.
Hey, at least she'll probably share whatever demon realm drugs she's on. You ever wanted to know why she looks so high?

>> No.14852967

That wolves hunt in packs.

>> No.14852976

I see. Not sure if that makes a particularly compelling game though. Pass.

>> No.14852986

I've been interested in it for a while, but it doesn't exactly leap out at me as something I absolutely must play.

>> No.14852998

>Oh my god
>Holy fuck it's really happening
>I thought this was an urban legend
>I can't believe he wants me, there are so many girls for him to pick from
>I can't believe it
>I'm so fucking happy
>Oh shit
>Don't cry
>He'll think it's weird, it'll kill the mood!

>> No.14853002
File: 91 KB, 376x536, 1450015483350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to visit a shrine

>> No.14853016

I haven't played dragon's dogma yet, I take it it's worth it?spoiler for off-topic.

>> No.14853018
File: 30 KB, 480x480, best_mom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14853025

>All those hearts
I can't imagine this shirt being appropriate in any non-incest related context.

>> No.14853032

disgusting, but you better continue

>> No.14853034

I just scrolled down to Mantis mom and was instantly satisfied with her.

That's the deal.

>> No.14853041

You still suffering from winter because that ryu's heart is frozen over because of that bastard that ditched her to go date that warmth loving lamia girl?

>> No.14853056

pretty much
also my house has no heating today so everywhere is freaking cold

>> No.14853074
File: 610 KB, 1200x1700, 1413874835623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The city looks neat from up above.

>> No.14853116

Should flying MGs wear skirts? No.
Do they wear them anyways to attract guys? Yes.
Do they wear a different flavor each day to try to appeal to more people? Hell yes.
Will she save going commando for the wedding? You better believe it.

>> No.14853139

She looks so elegant. I like to think that there are a race of Icarii, born from dudes who fucked harpies pre-DL years, who are human/harpy hybrids that look like this. All the upsides of being harpies, none of the down.

>> No.14853211

>Blue Dragon
If anything, a Blue Dragon would be an incredibly demeaning ojou-sama type wearing glasses who mocks you with illusions while hiding behind the fact that she just wants you to stay with her and never let her be lonely again. She can't handle the idea of spending the rest of her life in the dark or under the sands by herself.

>> No.14853218
File: 609 KB, 1000x1200, Zappy-sama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the current conversation.

>> No.14853219
File: 1.54 MB, 1910x2156, Dragon's Dogma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spoilered for being unrelated to thread

Dragon's Dogma is a weird game, but it gets better the more you play. It's an open world type of game, that's sorta like a combination of Souls and Elder Scrolls with Shadow of the Colossus bosses.

Everything about it is cheesy, but it's done in Capcom's east meets west sort of cheesy.

At first, it's a cake walk. The main game is fun and easy, with lots of minor touches that sets it apart from other games. Dragon's Dogma is the only game where you if you make a loli pawn, you have to pick her up and carry her across knee deep water so her lamp doesn't get wet. If you're a big dude, you won't get knocked down as much, but if you're a boy, you can essentially grab onto a wild harpy and let her fly you about for a bit. There's a pawn system, which is essentially a create-your-AI-slave, who will do battle alongside you and if you don't like their tone, can be sat down and given a stern talking to until their personality changes. You can have up to three pawns in your party, including your own personal one. You can acquire pawns from other people and can recruit them in a couple different ways, your pawn will actually learn your habits and small details the more you fight alongside them.

It's a hodgepodge of things from other games that shouldn't work as well as it does together. The controls are tight, the actual gameplay is solid, and the classes are extremely varied (Sorcerer is actually a goddamn sorcerer, the spells in the game are fucking awesome). The story is nonsensical and you're sorta just there for the most of it, until the end, where shit gets interesting. The dragon fights are actual dragon fights, not that silly slapping shit from Skyrim. All boss fights are fun. Except maybe the second form of the secret final boss.

On top of that, once you've had your fill of the open world adventurin', and you're tired of side fetch quests and such, there's the expansion island added in Dark Arisen called Bitterblack Isle.

Bitterblack Isle is a labyrinth in which enemies will appear at random, and strong bosses will appear out of nowhere. Dragon's Dogma is a cake walk, but then you get to Bitterblack Isle, and you're forced to grow a pair of nut hair or get your shit slapped like a bitch.

The monsters are just fun to fight in Dragon's Dogma, but the only real monster girl is the harpies, and the harpy variants (succubi and snow harpies).

>> No.14853229

>Monster girl raises a human boy up from birth to be a fine young man and find himself a loyal woman
>He just wants to marry and impregnate her

Why doesn't this happen more often?

>> No.14853230

YOU! How is it that you're still alive and with us? What words did you whisper in Charon's ear to let you return?

>> No.14853244

I play games mostly for the story, though. I doubt this is so fun to play I'd cut back on that standard.

>> No.14853248

He probably said he'd keep quiet about her going to host clubs during work hours.

>> No.14853265

The best part is if the guy eventually wisens up to her illusions and shit like
>Hoo-h? Drinking sand again? That's not water you know, you idioooot. I guess humans really don't have the mental capacity to tell the real from the fake do they?
>He mutters something
>What's that? Speak up, let me hear your voice, slave!
>At least girls in my hometown don't use padding.
>W-what do you mean? (HE KNOWS)
>Your breasts are about as real as the illusions you cast. There's no shame in being flat as a boar-- UF!
>Idiot! Dullard! Dummy! Troglodyte!
>Blue Dragon spends the rest of the day locked in her boudoir clutching her body pillow of Anon while he nurses the swollen cheek from her tail smacking him

>> No.14853270

Joke's on her I prefer small breasts.

>> No.14853279

The best part about a Blue Dragon is giving how sensitive their horns are you could probably get her off by licking and stroking it. Like an ultra-sensitive battery that tingles on the tongue and flips her switch faster than gentle caressing while she's forced to get humiliated by a lower life form.

Blue Dragon naizuri WHEN

>> No.14853300

All I wanted in life was rub a bottom-heavy fox loli's thighs. Is that too much to ask for? What'd I do to deserve this?

>> No.14853303

On a completely different not thread related note. My antivir just started going nuts on any page I open on 4chan stating that some trojan is being blocked.

Anyone else get a similar thing?

>> No.14853305

The bad thing is when I think of Elin thighed Kitsunes I think of Kitsch.

>> No.14853310

Yeah, there's some kind of adware going on.

>> No.14853312

Oneesans were meant to molest their otoutos, and Jabberwocks have all the tools and ability to do just that.

>> No.14853314

>What'd I do to deserve this?
You're too wishy washy in your deviances. Either go full pedo or go home.

>> No.14853318


>> No.14853326
File: 140 KB, 850x708, sample-e239914f1a95281df36ae48e8408a847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy gets it.

>> No.14853331


>> No.14853336
File: 2.07 MB, 1414x2000, 1402082329011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not for me, then again I run noscript and adblock.

Maybe succuviris is after you.

>> No.14853375

A Kikimora with a big butt and an even bigger tail.

>> No.14853382

Kikis are too much of a meme

>> No.14853385

Yeah, I really like it. I think it's a shame so much of the hypnosis fetish is just "Hah, I hypnotised you, now I can rape you while you act like a thoughtless sex doll," because I really enjoy consensual hypnosis.
I'd tell my waifu I'm going to hypnotise her, and even when she knows I've changed her mind so she orgasms when we kiss, it'll still happen.
I think I'd still do some sneaky stuff with it, though. Stuff like making different parts of her body hypersensitive while she's under, or making her drowsy so we can cuddle together.

The amount of trust required for it really appeals to me too. I'd love to use it as a bonding experience, with my waifu resting her head in my lap. She knows that in a few moments, she'll have given up control of her body and mind to me, but she still goes through with it, because she trusts me.
Then, seconds later, she'll be under, having all the stress in her body worked away in the most pleasurable way as she becomes putty to knead and play with. It'd be a nice bonding experience, especially when she rises back out from her trance.

>> No.14853390

You're too much of a meme, anon.

>> No.14853393

The lady starstruck, she's nothing but bad luck~
The lady starstruck, she's coming after you~

>> No.14853395

When everyone is a meme, nobody will be.

>> No.14853398

This is the seventh time we've posted this meme. We've become exceedingly good at it.

>> No.14853400
File: 453 KB, 990x1091, 52630794_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If there's one thing this world needs, it's huge fluffy tails.

>> No.14853401

[X] Molest Fluffy Tail

>> No.14853409
File: 558 KB, 1200x1118, 1418560110464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweater puppies, sweater puppies~

>> No.14853414

Those are some big feet.

>> No.14853424

>"All the better to step on you with my dear."

>> No.14853429
File: 2.36 MB, 1925x2450, 49399705_p7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's all fun and games until the fluffy tail molests YOU.

>> No.14853434

What waifufag would you NTR?

I think they're all prime NTR material, I want to fuck their waifus in front of them.

>> No.14853444
File: 3.85 MB, 1085x1239, 1452567116940.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The serial snuggler has struck again! Eyewitness reports claim to have seen her masquerading as a kiki looking for a master to serve, only to then tackle and then passionately hug anyone that lets her into their house!

Please! If you see a suspicious Kiki that has big fluffy paws instead of feathers, alert the authorities immediately!

>> No.14853446

The serious waifufags here are obnoxious, and deserve to see their love ruined before their eyes.

>> No.14853450

I'm just going to dress a Wurm up like a little boy and leave her in the streets to wait. Surely this bait will be irresistible.

>> No.14853453

What do you have against the waifufags?

Are you the same people that complain that wockfag doesn't spend his money on the monstergirls you want him to?

>> No.14853457

If he can't have his waifu, nobody can have theirs either!

>> No.14853458

My mind's telling me NoooOooO, but my body, but my body is telling me YEEEESSSSS

>> No.14853465
File: 1.94 MB, 1900x2781, 55524413_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This man gets it

>> No.14853470

I thought I saw one working at the coffee shop, but that might just have been a yeti waitress.

>> No.14853471


>"I don't want to pretend to be a little boy daddy. I wanna be Macho Man Randy Savage!"

>> No.14853477

Please enjoy responsibly.
Mofu addiction is a very real issue that afflicts a growing number of men every year.

>> No.14853481
File: 471 KB, 660x923, 1421802777900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never be mindbroken by the fluff

>> No.14853493

This reminds me of the old mofuholics anonymous posts where fluffy girls would wait outside to abduct the members.

>> No.14853499

Wurm pro-wrestling would be so cash, yo.

>> No.14853509

Reminder you will never be quick enough to fug Metal Queen Slime and gain like 4-6 levels.

>> No.14853515

>never be quick enough

>> No.14853521

Why would I want to be such a quick shot a light breeze laughing at my erection would make me cum intensely? I'm not Luka.

>> No.14853526

>Ate-all-the-cookies-in-the-cookie-jar-and-hugged-the-boy-she-liked TITANIUM CAGE GRUDGE MATCH

>> No.14853528


>> No.14853593


>> No.14853599

>Not getting the joke.

>> No.14853602
File: 2.01 MB, 1634x2000, 1443089447388.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Looks like I caught the bouquet, guess I'm next in line.
>Well hello there.

>> No.14853605

How weird would it be to meet single MGs during a marriage?

>> No.14853609

Not very. And they'd be extra ready to aggressively pursue you. More than usual at least.

>> No.14853610

That's right, I didn't get the joke. That's why I said "Eh?".

>> No.14853614

>Not getting my play on your words

>> No.14853617

Eh, hi, I need too go and do some stuff... that's not here... Please don't rape me.

>> No.14853623

No need to be shy, you were destined to be together. Why else would you have been the first man she saw after catching the flowers? Your fly is even open!

>> No.14853624

I dunno, just imagine going to the marriage of one of your friends just to see there is a single MG eyeing you, wanting to jump you and husbando you then and there fueled by the marriage feels while you don't even know her name.

Scary but arousing to some degree.

>> No.14853627

And then rape happened.
followed by marriage.

>> No.14853633

>Chain Marriages
This sounds like it could get out of hand pretty quickly.

>> No.14853639

Especially if the reception is handled by the sabbath.

>> No.14853643

>Big busty holst wants to marry your little brother
>A loli werecat that oddly carries around a riding crop keeps flirting with you
>Somehow this feels a bit backwards, yet not

>> No.14853647

>Your blood will never be so tasty it will make a vamp go full yan and chain you to her bed so she can keep you safe and watch over you 24/7
>She'll never give you games to occupy yourself with and snuggle with you at night to keep her bloodbag happy and warm
>She'll never come home one day after her rare outings to be absolutely devestated at seeing the chains broken
>She'll never find you in the kitchen nonchalantly making a snack and a coffee, the remnants of the shackle still around your wrist.

>> No.14853649

What is her reaction?

>> No.14853652


>> No.14853654

I don't know. Such an overwhelming joy after such a distressing despair might even make her brain fry. But I'm sure that waking up to you nursing her after she fainted would make her go full dere.

>> No.14853703

Metal, Liquid Metal, and Metal King Slimes are a staple of the Dragon Quest series, based around the mascot monster of the franchise.
They are notorious for having the highest defense in the game, where even at max level you're lucky to do more than 1-2 damage, for running away almost instantly, and for having such high speed they usually would act before your characters which coincides with point B to make them annoyingly hard to kill.
Doing so nets you the most experience in the game.
Therefore the joke is that you literally could not run fast enough to catch a Metal Queen Slime.

>> No.14853711

The fuck are those chains made of? Plastic?

>> No.14853713

Best daughter

>> No.14853715

Uh-huh. I never played Dragon Quest, and I never will. It killed HxH.

>> No.14853738

>Implying you weren't there so long you incubised

>> No.14853746

She looks pissed.

Are you sure she likes it?

>> No.14853748

Anon is a big guy if you didn't know.

>> No.14853751

No Togashi being a lazy fuck killed it.

>> No.14853753

A lazy fuck addicted to Dragon Quest, much like Miura was corrupted by [email protected]

>> No.14853757

According to standard Touhou humor formulas, I believe she is jealous due to boobhat.

>> No.14853759

This post made me quite happy since I was actually thinking of the opening scene in relation to a story I'm outlining.

>> No.14853805

The thighs are the only thing you want to touch?

>> No.14853816

W-well I mean it's where i'd start! Don't think I'd leave the base of her tail and her earfluff unmolested

>> No.14853861

DQ9 was my shit for a long time, I had so much fun with that game.

>> No.14853886
File: 942 KB, 854x1200, Trans-Am Raiju.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Raiju... hide her arcing electricity (which would be down to her self control and current level of charge)...
A Raiju that learns self-control develops a most unique ability. Indeed, a powerful technique lying in wait.
Before unleashing it she will utter a simple, but essential phrase: "Ore wa... Raiju."
The name of this incredible power is none other than: TRANS-AM

>> No.14853923
File: 280 KB, 1002x1416, 01346e4c1a48b121af655e62626ec431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Human girls > Monster girls

Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.

>> No.14853925

order shill please stay go

>> No.14853930

Appreciating diversity > comparison bait

Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.

Also, of course what's REAL is better. Can't you see this fighting will only TEAR US APART?!

>> No.14853933

oh please
humans are the biggest horse of all

>> No.14853942

>Prove me wrong.
Well, humangirls are real and all around, and yet there are still places like this.

>> No.14853943

Obviously we're talking about 2D human girls here.

>> No.14853961
File: 136 KB, 300x300, 1442864720308.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is true.
You can manipulate what to turn a human girl will turn into.

>> No.14853968

>implying I can't be speaking of both realms

>> No.14854027

I want to give my Kobold daughteru her daily deepthroat training! I want to watch and help her suckle a breathing-hole dildo until she can hold it all the way down her throat and breathe normally without gagging! Once she's fully trained I want to start using dildos as gags for her!

>> No.14854049

Human girls don't have exotic sex abilites.

>> No.14854068
File: 140 KB, 800x1000, 1424308536569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uuu~! Anon, I never agreed to going outside like this!

>> No.14854075

Oh, quit your whining. I could have made you wear a translucent white micro bikini or a latex gimp suit or even a leash and collar. Count yourself lucky, Anubis-tan.

>> No.14854079

I want to go to the Maid-con and bring home lots of maid memorabilia along with one or two real maids.

>> No.14854082

Setsuna please

>> No.14854088

I want to run a booth at Maid-con where I sell frilly maid memorabilia! I want lots of cute maids to purchase personalized brooms!

>> No.14854089

I want me and my Kiki waifu to take our Kiki daughteru to her very first Maid-con and see her eyes light up when she sees all the maids and maid stuff there.

>> No.14854103

This sounds like a fun idea. What kinds of things would one expect to see at the MGC Maid-con?

>> No.14854114

That's a soft Elf.

>> No.14854118

I don't know, but I'd make my Kikimory wear their latex maid outfits through the whole maid-con to tease them.

>> No.14854121

A setsuna is all she needs to bring you to your knees. Now eat up.

>> No.14854134
File: 150 KB, 960x872, King of Riders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why not both...?
Anon, please. Apply yourself.
To them that is - in bed or in battle.

>> No.14854152
File: 473 KB, 1102x1262, 1453928159741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>missed an adoptive monstergirl mom discussion

>> No.14854157

It's okay, there's a talk about mommies on /a/ right now.

>> No.14854163

>Literally the maid paradise
>Everywhere there are stands selling all kind of maid stuff
>Outfits, brooms, aprons, you name it
>MaidxMaster doujins sell like hotcakes
>Actual maids posing with people wanting to get photos
>Maid Central has quite a space where they try to find a master for their maids
>Puppet show featuring a genki Kiki trying to save the world from aliens with her trusty turbobroom
>When you leave they give you a pin button that reads "i went to the maid-con and had a maidtastic day!"
It would be the paradise indeed.

>> No.14854179

>"The Art of Maiding" books on sale, a do it yourself guide to becoming a maid.
>Panels on Battle Meidos, maiding for women with weaponry.
>Small panels for getting master to notice you
>Another panel for dealing with masters that have usual tastes lead by a kiki whose master is a hathorite follower and an oppai loli werecat that's heavy on the oppai.
>Ironically for that last one the only thing that changed was the werecat's height.

>> No.14854190
File: 78 KB, 800x1000, Lala sundress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad—the dreams where I see Lala are the best I've ever had.

>> No.14854198

>oppai loli werecat that's heavy on the oppai
I wonder how she'd get shit done.

>> No.14854209

Why do you think she's co-running the panel?

She probably, has a bunch of ladders that let her reach various areas and may have a bunch of brooms sized for her.

>> No.14854211

But she looks so cute. I'm sure she'll make everyone else who sees her jealous.

>> No.14854217

What about rubbing her tongue with yours
Or touching her face with a blindfold and her butt with considerable velocity
Or touching her insides with various things
Or holding hands

>> No.14854218

You can always continue it

>> No.14854221

Extensive, specialized training. I bet she even uses her massive, squishy boobies to help her too, they've got a big surface area so if she strapped a sponge or a duster to them she could get work done real fast. I bet if she did that she'd be really good at paizuri too!

>> No.14854223

Being adopted by a Monster mommy who tries her hardest not to V you so the social workers won't take you away from her sounds neat.

>> No.14854227

I have no idea how I would've without bringing up lactation in some manner.

>> No.14854229

>Implying the social workers aren't monstergirls as well
>Implying the social workers don't encourage momcest to make the mother-son bound stronger

>> No.14854231

What's wrong with lactation then? Perfectly natural female bodily function.

>> No.14854234

>Come home and see ultra oppai loli werecat maid washing the windows
>She's removed her shirt and has two rags attached to her breasts and she's just rubbing her chest on the window.
>"I'll be there in a second mastah! Just let me finish the windows and I'll help you in a moment!"

Hello boner.

>> No.14854238
File: 428 KB, 800x650, 161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know, and it's also my fetish.

>> No.14854241

I like pailolis, but I wouldn't mind if she got a bit of a reduction.

>> No.14854244
File: 830 KB, 797x599, 1429077153841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elves have longer life-spans than humans, and their age doesn't show. This strumpet could be a century old.
I want to be subject to her motherly wisdom.

>> No.14854248

>Battle Meido
#1 choice of weapon: https://youtu.be/feOoeGgEprU?t=21m52s

>> No.14854250

Sometimes I just want to see a muscular Elf and P'Orc punch the crap out of eachother in an effort to impress the man they love.

>> No.14854251

I recognize that artist.
A virus in monster girls that causes intense lactation would be wonderful.
We would call it Milky Cow Disease.

Come on, she's got big fat werecat tats.

>> No.14854260

>Humie is mine!
>No, it is I who shall impart my cultural influence on him!
Meanwhile the human boy is drinking Dwarven lager.

>> No.14854262

Sachito is a wonderful artist.

>> No.14854264

I want her to tame me!

>> No.14854267

I wouldn't mind massaging a bottom-heavy fox loli's feet. That way, you can slowly work your way up, planting kissing first on her toes, then even higher.
After that, you can go all out feeling her soft, plump thighs and her full, round bottom, teasing her with kisses on the inside of her thigh, and gentle bites on her delicious butt.

>> No.14854269

That he is.
That he is.

>> No.14854270

Oh fuck yeah this is good, thanks Mari!

>> No.14854274

Consider the following:
Chaos Wurm.

>> No.14854276
File: 1.43 MB, 1446x2046, Dark-Elf-Beastmaster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I figured this shows off a more muscular visage

>> No.14854281

I want her to tame, housebreak and train me!

>> No.14854286

A lovely shortstack with wide hips and a huge rear?
That would be nice.
I'd just impregnate all three and put an end to it.

>> No.14854291

Which of the gods does she follow?

>> No.14854296

She is a being of primordial chaos, not a silly Warhammer knock-off! Now get some milk for her khroneflakes!

>> No.14854300

Oh, she's just adorable
Time for head pats.

>> No.14854308

>Not the Aeon Wurm
I bet nobody even gets this reference

>> No.14854310

Yeah, no.

>> No.14854320
File: 1.05 MB, 1280x1874, tumblr_o3806rfe0z1re14vqo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good taste.

>> No.14854321

>the standards of what a "good mother" means are a bit different for mgs
>the more inappropriate the applicant is, the more likely they'll get to choose to adopt a boy instead of a monster girl
>single men wanting to adopt are asked questions like "what type of monster you'd want as a wife?", for absolutely no reason at all, of course

>> No.14854335

What would you have to do to get a Wurm to let you put your thingy in her snake cloaca?

>> No.14854340

She doesn't have a cloaca.

>> No.14854346

Ask her nicely? Wurms love sex you know.

>> No.14854349

>implying her head wouldn't start smoking as she tries to figure out what a cloaca is.

>> No.14854350

>Chinese dress
>Those thighs
>That tail
>Those godlike thighs

Oh my. I want to eat her out with those thighs around my head. I want to wrap my arms around them, lift her legs in the aid, push my dick between her puffy vulva, and pound her down into the mattress forever.

>> No.14854360
File: 157 KB, 485x335, Plead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14854361

Do the boys being adopted have any say in the matter?

>> No.14854362

I want to cumflate a loli fox in a china dress.

>> No.14854364

No, they're just kids and mommy knows best.

>> No.14854366
File: 1.01 MB, 700x990, There be Dragons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly >>14854340

>> No.14854367

But what if there's more than one candidate to be the mother?

>> No.14854369

b-but then how does she poop?

>> No.14854370

Then they will wrestle in mud.

>> No.14854377

But that doesn't make sense, also the stronger ones would always win

>> No.14854386

I want to be mayor of a rural human town!
I want a monstergirl to move in, expecting easy pickings from a town that had never seen a monstergirl!
I want to call out the local chapter of the Order to organize a cross burning and lynching to keep my town pure!

>> No.14854389

Where does an orphanage find boys ,shotas at that?

>> No.14854391

I want to lock you in the looney bin!

>> No.14854393

Hey Fogman, may I grip a cig?

>> No.14854410

Death to the violent Orderfags.

>> No.14854414

>after a terrible accident involving a smart car, and a wheat thresher, you're left orphaned
>get adopted by MG
>Manticore more specifically
>she claims she's only 24 but even you can spot the bags and wrinkles around her face
>whatever she seems really nice
>go to her house
>it's neat and clean and still in your old school district
>but she shows you your room and you're blown away
>there's a 70" tv, both a Rapestation 4 and Xboner One, and in the corner is a brand new PC
>she says this used to be her old "game room"
>you ask her about what she means and she shows you the basement
>it's your very own personal arcade down there
>all of your favorite games are down there
>apparently she helped create one of the first gaming comapnies that sold for millions in the 1980's
>you ask her how can she do that if she's only 24
>she quickly trips you up with your tail and tells you to "be careful about your surroundings"
>oh it's on now
>challenge her to a few games in the basement
>she crushes you in all the games you two play
>you can't beat her high score in anything
>can't beat her in racing games because she can switch gears with her tail
>can't beat her in fighting games because she's memorized all of the combos and specials
>go back upstairs and watch a movie on the couch while Mommacore makes dinner
>eat and talk more about how things are
>you start to feel tired as Brad Pitt keeps talking about baseball
>you feel a warmth spread around your face
>Mommacore has fallen asleep on you
>whatever it feels great, and soon you're fast asleep in your Mommacores mane
>you dreamed of flowers that night
>it was the first time in a while that you dreamed of something good

>> No.14854415

Anon, no! If you kill them you'll be just as bad as them!

>> No.14854416

I'd love to adopt a little Monstergirl.

>> No.14854417

And I want to be the communal husband to a bunch of strongfat orcs.

>> No.14854422

>you start to feel tired as Brad Pitt keeps talking about baseball
That movie is so good.

>> No.14854429

I don't even like Manticores but the name alone makes me want her to adopt me. She seems like a nice girl too.

>> No.14854438

>tfw I could never get into Mother/Son incest because I have a great relationship with my mom and the thought of anything like that is weird as fuck to me
This is why Onee-sans are best.

>> No.14854439

Writefag here, should I continue this? I'm not really big on making huge overarching stories, because I suck at doing that, but I feel like I've got something going especially if I start making the aspect about how they both end up wanting to fuck, but cannot because of the social workers.

>> No.14854441

A little more shouldn't hurt anyone.
I don't have any issues with my mother either but that doesn't mean I don't want to have sex with other mothers and drink their delicious milk.

>> No.14854445

>tfw I love mom/son incest but I hate my fat bitch of a mother
>seriously my mother can die and the world will become a little more happier because of all the negativity that would leave this plane of existence

>> No.14854447

>that doesn't mean I don't want to have sex with other mothers and drink their delicious milk.
Oh, I'm all for MILFS and the like, but the thougt of someone acting as my mother specifically just feels very wrong.

>> No.14854449

Lactating manticore using her tail pussy to milk herself when?

>> No.14854450

Go for it.

>> No.14854452

See, that's understandable because you already want someone different. I don't, which is why it's weird for me.

>> No.14854454

>70" tv
did they ever make CRT TVs this huge

>> No.14854456

>the thought of someone acting
I don't have this problem Role-play works just fine, just fine.

>> No.14854457

>milky manticore gives herself a milk enema with her own tits and tailpussy
Lewd on ALL SORTS of levels.

>> No.14854458

I'm all for the lactating manticore part, but I also believe she's better off using a breast pump instead of her own tailpussy.

>> No.14854461

Fuck, I forgot that tailpussies are distended buttholes. That may be a little too lewd, yes.

>> No.14854463

But Anon, there is no evil, just circumstances, you would be as bad as them in their shoes.

>> No.14854467

In her enraged state, the elf can throw this 65 pound television as if it was little more than a hollow prop.

>> No.14854468

There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those who are too weak to seek it!

>> No.14854470

Stop trying to push the tailpussy butthole shit again you faggots.

>> No.14854473

And the best bit is that none of it's going to waste!

What makes you say that?
Her tailpussy has better suction.

>> No.14854474

It's the only logical conclusion anon, you're in denial.

Manticores are secretly the biggest buttsluts ever.

>> No.14854476

>Cumfill your loli fox
>You can see the slight curve of her tummy through the sheer fabric of the dress as she takes it all
>When you're done, she curls her tail up between her legs to hug, covering and sealing up her pussy while leg locking you
>Your dick is basically constantly rubbing against her massive fluffy tail as you hold her

Yes please.

>> No.14854482

Why does it feel so right to cumflate loli foxes?
Or loli manticubs for that matter.

>> No.14854483
File: 63 KB, 300x300, Medusa by exet.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine. No killing. Just controlled paralysis. I prefer non-lethal options anyway:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_h_4klLkuA Potato quality example.

>> No.14854486

Loli anythings, really. Kikis, Kobolds, Hellhounds, etc.
I guess I have a thing for cumflating little wan-wans.

>> No.14854493

Funny thing I just finished that game.

Who could be Jensen's waifu?

>> No.14854496

>time passes and you're no longer the young boy who lost his parents
>you're now a young man in the last semester of your senior year of high school
>and Mommacore has been acting weird around you
>like not talking to you weird
>you go to meet with your social worker the next day to be caught by surprise
>your old black lady of a social worker has been replaced by a small, yet busty, cyclops
>she informs you that since you're in the care of a MG that they need a "better perspective" on these cases
>she then asks if she can make a house visit the next day
>you don't see why that wouldn't be a problem and you two agree to meet
>you get home to a pitch black house
>not even the tv is on
>as you go into the house, you hear something upstairs
>light is coming from your room and nowhere else
>you open the door to see Mommacore, naked in your bed using two dildos in her pussy and tailpussy, while huffing your dirty underwear and watching old videos of the trip to Fiji that you two went on last summer
>you wonder why she made you wear a speedo the entire time you were there
>and now you know why
>Mommacore is just staring at you, almost crying
>then she jumps up and yells "I'm sorry Anon!" while running into her room and locking the door

To be continued after lunch.

>> No.14854497

The real question is if you plug them up afterwards so that they end up going about the day with a white filled belly like that.

Would you do just enough so that they have a little swelling or go till they look full on to term?

How would you explain this to the teacher?

>> No.14854500

I want a Mantis going all Adam Jensen now.

>> No.14854507

Lactating Wisdom Cows

>> No.14854508

>you open the door to see Mommacore, naked in your bed using two dildos in her pussy and tailpussy, while huffing your dirty underwear and watching old videos of the trip to Fiji that you two went on last summer
This bodes well to my loins.

>> No.14854510

>Work with cyborg mantis.
>Whenever you ask her what she thinks about her situation she just lets you know that she didn't ask for it.
>Always gets a laugh from you and you pat her head as a result.
>Her little eye guards snap into place as you do and a blush covers her face.

>> No.14854511
File: 702 KB, 2500x3632, 1429690789527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if you're not adopted by one but TWO monstergirls?

>> No.14854517

Because you're filling them up with more love than you think they can handle, but it turns out despite their size, they can handle and take it all in.
Plus, the thought of a loli fox with a little temporary pot belly is really kind of cute. Especially when that pot belly is full of warm, pleasurable semen you put into them.

>> No.14854520
File: 665 KB, 800x569, 1421988220458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FFM threesomes up in this bitch.

>> No.14854521


>cumflate a slime girl, loli or no
>there's so much that it takes her awhile to absorb it all
>even after doing so her body has changed into a whitish color that isn't a color normally possible for slimes to get naturally.

>> No.14854522


>> No.14854525


And they were twins?

>> No.14854528


>> No.14854530


>> No.14854532

I like my lolifucking with no wierd fetishes, thanks.

>> No.14854534

Of course I'll plug them up, I want them to be able to enjoy their nice, big spirit energy meal slowly throughout the day. I think a just barely noticeable bulge is best, that way they;re always flustered and nervous that they might get found out, but the embarrassment of actually getting found out won't be diminished too much.

The teacher should probably understand at least, I'm just helping her with her homework.

>> No.14854535

I give up. I'll become their pollination slave. And I'll change my name to Seymour.

>> No.14854536

Watching a little anubutt struggle around with her new, overfilled belly would be lovely.

That would be pretty nice.
I imagine that they'd see it as a point of pride, even if it wears off after a little while.

>> No.14854539

>Not a weird fetish

>> No.14854540


>> No.14854542

That would be four of them, you mad man.

That's fine.
Do you just do a regular object to keep it in like a plug or do you put a very quite vibrator in her and leave it on?

>> No.14854543

It's not THAT weird anon, you get to have a nice, massive orgasm, and she gets to have a nice, tight, warm feeling in her belly. She'll carry your love around for hours, safe and warm inside her as she absorbs it.

>> No.14854545

>That would be four of them, you mad man
No, that's two since a Liliraune is composed by two girls.

>> No.14854548

>I imagine that they'd see it as a point of pride, even if it wears off after a little while.

And then they'd want to do it all over again.

>> No.14854553

Oh, I use all sorts of things. Clear packing tape, an egg vibrator or two, a long thick dildo vibrator that I can control remotely, or even a pair of tight latex panties. I like to keep her guessing as to how I'll plug her up next.

>> No.14854556

Yes, you said two liliraune, therefore there would be four girls, two per each liliraune.

You'd have four mothers!

Slimes would probably try and keep themselves an opaque light blue/pink/lilac or whatever else their color is to show off how much they've pleased their husband.

Teasing the cumflated loli fox is fun.

>> No.14854558

Quicksilver please

>> No.14854559
File: 1.14 MB, 1200x1103, 1453165237889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be adopted by twin sharkgirls

Or twin yandere lamias, I'm not sure yet

>> No.14854562

That would be nice.
It would be best if it's spontaneous and she tries to teach through her leaky titties.

>> No.14854564

What, anon? We're having a good time here.

>> No.14854567

>Teasing the cumflated loli fox is fun.
Oh, most definitely.

>> No.14854568
File: 251 KB, 1115x1300, 0dabd811309369d75bd9e4fd7148004b9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>manage to cut your finger on something
>sharkmoms lewdly suckle on it with dilated eyes

>> No.14854570

I like to think the milk passes on knowledge

Nothing, was just making a joke. Just remember five year olds dont have the stamina of grown women. Give 'em a break every now and then.

>> No.14854572

>Give 'em a break every now and then.

>> No.14854576

>Loli fox goes to class with cumflated belly
>One of the older girls notices it and lets her know about a 'secret' that'll make it even easier for you to do to her.
>She sneaks some manticore venom into your food that night.

How does this end?

I can only hope that knowledge cow doesn't touch me and learn all my fetishes.
It would probably overload her.

>> No.14854585

Bed time must be indeed fun with them

>> No.14854589

>How does this end?
She just gets a bigger belly, and I have to watch myself for signs of addiction.

>> No.14854590


And all the other slime girls she shows off too would get jealous and start wanting that for themselves, getting their husband to use all manner of things so they can be absolutely full of semen too.

From that point on you'd see a lot more married slime girls having a white body.

>> No.14854595

I wish Mommacore was my mom. Then things would be different around here!

>> No.14854600

What do you do if she likes it bigger?
Do you convince her that a smaller one is better or give her a larger one through the use of some, hopefully, nonaddictive stuff.
Does she get grounded for spiking your food?

Well, it would be more whitish than anything.
A pure white slime would be an idol to them.

Although this does raise the question of what a cumflated slime looks like considering there is no stomach/womb to hold it in.

>> No.14854605
File: 271 KB, 600x750, N-Nya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, can you take care of my Cheshire Cat imouto for a bit?

I need to find the source of some 'Fufufu~' laugh in the house.

Don't do anything lewd to her, okay?

>> No.14854609

I'm not into lolis so sure, I won't do anything lewd.

>> No.14854611

There will definitely be a punishment for being sneaky, but it won't be too harsh as she was just trying to get more of my love.

The way I'll play it off is big bellies will get old if I give her them too much, and having the little ones most of the time will make them better too. It's a lesson in moderation, honesty, and variety.

>> No.14854615

Straight from KC himself

>" The concept was, “a brown skinned onee-san”(elder sister), “a purple-pink dragon”, “a lewd slutty dragon”, and “the diamond suite”. Thus Wonderland’s lewd dragon, the Jabberwocky, was created."

>> No.14854616


They would just keep growing slowly as their bodies absorbed it, bigger and bigger. The rate would be far more than what they're accustomed to so they wouldn't be able to make daughters immediately but pretty soon after. Probably a half dozen white slime daughters who eventually turn back to their mothers natural color

>> No.14854617

The monster is on the inside

>> No.14854619

>Abandoning your precious imoutou in front of a bunch of horny, gropey anons who will gangbang her poor tits and use her milk for lube

>> No.14854623
File: 213 KB, 1200x1500, 1451245827447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honk honk!

>> No.14854627

I should stop posting when I'm distracted, that came out like shit.

>> No.14854629

What happens if she asks you to give her a really big one as a reward for doing good in school?
What if she keeps doing that when she's not a loli anymore?

Such a fascinating species.

>> No.14854638

She can definitely have rewards, especially if she does a good job at school. If she makes straight As, I'll whip myself up a nice venom cocktail and get her belly so big that she won't be able to move much for a whole weekend!

I don't mind continuing when she's older either, she'll always be my cute little fox with the big, full belly.

>> No.14854643
File: 695 KB, 905x948, Mozart is out there.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>“the diamond suite”
For the longest time I never understood what that meant until I looked at the Wonderland designs

Holy fuck what does this mean

>> No.14854645

Would you really want to see her try to walk around the house with a belly like that?
Happily humming as she cradles it?

What if she wants to go out in public like that or hang out with her friends?

Can you really keep such a lewd fox under control?

>> No.14854649

KC still needs to account for the Joker/Jack.

>> No.14854653

It means the Cheshire is spayed.

Ha, geddit?

>> No.14854657

No, I can't control her. She's her own person, and I don't want to impede on her social life or her exercise or anything like that. I've talked to her about all the embarrassing risks that come with going out with a big, cumflated belly, but she doesn't seem to mind too much as long as people don't tease her a lot.

>> No.14854664

That look could kill a man.

>> No.14854667

Anon, she'd probably come home happy and tell you about how many looks she was getting.
She may even ask you to rub it for her, as she dreams of what it would be like to have your kids.....along with maybe hoping you could go another round with her.

>> No.14854670

It'd be a comfy death.

>> No.14854672

Cheshires don't deserve to have barren wombs.

>> No.14854674

You're gonna get clubbed saying stuff like that.

>> No.14854678

Giving bellyrubs while we lay together with her on her back in the crook of my arm is one of my favorite things to do with her. She'll get daughterus when she's old enough, right now it's just nice to enjoy the solitary company of a single loli fox.

>> No.14854679

>cumflate a Yuki-onna
>The sheer amount of semen and the warmth of it puts her in a trance well after the fact.
>She moans about how warm it is, how good it feels ,etc

>> No.14854685

Then she's got something to look forward to.

Cue the 'I feel like I'm melting...' quotes?

>> No.14854691

>Cue the 'I feel like I'm melting...' quotes?

Yeah pretty much

>> No.14854696


Well, I'd keep going till her belly can be seen through that kimono.

>> No.14854699 [SPOILER] 
File: 598 KB, 800x600, 1456772566921.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That shirt belongs with only one fine lady.

>> No.14854701

Hyperthermia is no joke, anonymous. She's obviously in the middle of a stroke and you're sitting there thinking it's cute as fuck.

Remember. Strokes aren't moe.

>> No.14854713

If that were the case wouldn't they have problems if they were hugged by a Yeti for too long?

>> No.14854721



>> No.14854726

I always knew yetis were sociopaths bent on murdering everything.

>> No.14854743
File: 250 KB, 650x488, 1450039551779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sickening. Just look at this poor defenseless Yuki-onna

>> No.14854749

Jesus Christ. Why would you post that.
That yuki onna is clearly in shock.

>> No.14854756

Yetis only murder your internal anguish with their warmth and unconditional love.

>> No.14854779
File: 184 KB, 780x1016, 1454690478791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want my Onee-san to lift for me!

>> No.14854784

>not with
You suck!

>> No.14854787

>Dem strength growths.
Best oneesan.

>> No.14854799

She wants to be the one who protects.

>> No.14854825
File: 134 KB, 977x1000, tumblr_o36lpuWDIs1tks7kwo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oneesans getting fit by using their otouto as a weight

>> No.14854834

Then letting him use her thighs as pillows afterwards, because daaamn.

>> No.14854852

>you're now knocking on Mommacores door, trying to get her to open up
>all she's doing is crying and telling you to leave her alone
>you tell her it's not as bad as she thinks
>upon hearing this she pulls the door open and tells you with a puffy face "Bad?!? I'm literally torn between being a mother to you and fucking you!"
>"BUT I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!" you proclaim to her face
>she just stands there, registering what you just said
>you can see her tail swaying back and forth like a puppy
>and like that you see her eyes glaze over as she grabs you and throws you into her bed
>she's drooling now crawling over your body taking in your musk
>then as fast as she threw you on the bed, your pants and underwear were shredded
>as she sees that you're already rock hard, she skips the pleasentries and foreplay and rides you hard
>it doesn't even take a minute before both of you are cumming
>it feels like you two came for hours on end
>but in reality it was only about a minute and a half
>still quite a record though
>but something feels off
>you're still hard even after cumming so much
>you look past your Mommacore to see her tail with no barbs on the bulb
>three are in the wall, one's in her dresser, and five are in your legs and feet
>Mommacore just smiles like a Cheshire and tells you "we've got a long night ahead of us dear~!"

More to come ahead...

>> No.14854864

Groovy baby.

>> No.14854950

Ash go and stay go you are literally hitler to Demon girls.

>> No.14854952

There's nothing wrong with tender Manticore motheru loving.

>> No.14854959
File: 578 KB, 750x900, Wherever I am, I must also rape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prepare to be bullied nerd!

>> No.14854967

Since when did an ancient /a/ FOTM get art?

>> No.14854970

Why me?

>> No.14854988

Bully wars when?

Will you fight for your right to molest qt girls with that mean dragon bully that is cruel because her mom is an alcoholic.

Remember that the meek will get NOTHING, are you man enough to seek your bully paradise?

>> No.14854989

Get in line. The Smug Squad's usually stealing my clothes at eleven, a group of Goblins are likely playing keep-away with my lunch at noon, a Cheshire keeps messing with my supplies round the clock, and I'm pretty sure a Mindflayer/Shoggoth pair in my third period has been messing with my sense of time and spatial perception.

>> No.14854994

Everything you do to me, I'm going to do double on an alp.

>> No.14855008

Indeed, in fact I endorse it, needs a bigger Manticore family if anything. Never enough mane to huff in my opinion.

>> No.14855010

I want to cumflate an alp and force her to walk around with a dildo build for dire centaurs stuck in her.

>> No.14855014

You're going to get her teen pregnant.

Either that or all that spirit energy is going to go to her hips.

>> No.14855015

>Wanting a MG that is looser than Quill's butthole.

>> No.14855027

Are you telling me that you don't want her to come up to you with a pout on her face as she complains about how wide her hips are getting and how thick her thighs are?
Because that's not going to stop me.

And as for the former....Guess I'll just have to take responsibility for that.

Succubutt's can be as tight or lose as they want!

>> No.14855035
File: 571 KB, 960x1280, Pegasusseseses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dire Centaur.

>> No.14855041

Isn't that an FE character?

>> No.14855053

Worst pegasus rider at that.
Her daughter is better.

>> No.14855062

>it's morning already
>and you're still pounding away your Mommacore on her king sized bed
>you're too engrossed by hitting it from the back while huffing her mane to notice the front door being opened
>and it isn't until you both cum again that you notice the flustered monoeye in a business suit in the doorway of the bedroom
>oh shit, you forgot all about the social worker coming over
>and then you hear Mommacore exclaim "Jessie?!?"
>you (still hard) ask her how she knows the social worker
>"Jessie was my freshman buddy when I was a senior in high school!"
>"Back in 1980 Sarah." The social worker counters
>you don't think nows the time to tease her about her graduation year so you take that info and store it away for later
>the cyclops continues "You know Sarah, this is a gross negligence on your part as this boys foster mother. You're looking at serious jail time right now."
>your Mommacore goes white and silent, tears welling up in her eyes
>for some reason things start to get blurry and soon the both of you are pleading with Jessica to make things right
>"How old is he?" Jessica asks
>you tell her that you turned 18 two months ago
>she tells you two to clean up and meet her downstairs
>Mommacore tells you to use your shower this time as she needs some time to herself
>you sadly tell her okay and respect her wishes
>the whole time you're trying to figure out a way to keep on living with your Mommacore
>you eventually get out of the shower and go downstairs to see a calm monoeye and a shaking Mommacore drinking coffee in the kitchen
>Jessica sees you and asks you to sit down and explains that she won't call the authorities and that you two are in the clear
>as long as you two are married and no longer a foster family
>she hands you a piece of paper that was already signed by your Mommacore
>'Certificate of Marriage' it reads
>you sign the paper like it was a contract from the Dodgers
>as soon as you sign it Mommacore grabs you and kisses you like never before
>you're all to happy to reciprocate
>you then thank Jessica for helping you two
>she just smiles and says "You can thank your Aunt Jessica during the honeymoon stud!"
>you don't know what to think of this as you turn to your Mommacore
>she just shrugs her shoulders and says "What Anon? I had to make a deal to get this certificate of marriage and you really impressed Jessie here this morning!"
>now it was the cyclops' turn to be embarrassed
>you're just shaking your head, wondering where the future will take you
>but, with your Mommacore by your side, you know the future will be great

>> No.14855065

Bigger than Ushi's they be, with great slabs of muscle and tits the size of your head.

>> No.14855074

Jessie is a total fembro.

>> No.14855103

Dammit, I want a Mommacore now. ;_;

>> No.14855106

I want a Dire Ushi-Oni to break through my wall in search of a husband!

I want a Dire Ushi-Oni to rampage down the street chasing me!

I want a Dire Ushi-Oni to put me into traction after an earthquake-causing bout of lovemaking!

I want a Dire Ushi-Oni to be the first sight I see after waking up in the hospital, her hair mussed up from sleeping at my side!

I want to go hunting in the Notafrican jungles for wild beasts with my Dire Ushi-Oni wife, roasting the spoils of victory over a roaring fire, laughing at her flustered face as I compliment her cooking!

>> No.14855109

Use her as your mount!
Ride the spider cow into battle!

>> No.14855121

>MGC authorities giving a shit

>> No.14855137

>go to Not!Africa
>go on safari
>all of a sudden see a herd of elephants running away from a tree line
>you think you're about to see a pack of lions do what nature intended
>instead it's a sort of reverse Tarzan with a Dire Ushi-Oni in loincloths and holding a spear
>and some guy in turn of the century safari gear (hat and all) using an elephant gun
>between the two of them they chase and take down an elephant
>as quick as they came the Ushi Oni drags the elephant back into the jungle
>it's been three years since you came back from Not!Africa and you can still hear the sounds those two made that evening in your head

>> No.14855140

>no tiny penis
I am disappoint.

>> No.14855144

Sounds nice, like walking in the forests of north eastern america and stumbling across a tawny colored dire wendigo.

>> No.14855153

I ride her times of battle.

She rides me in times of peace.

Sorry sandpie.

On a separate note, anyone got any decent Ushi-Oni stories? I've seen that one of the contract killer hired to kill one, the one guy who gets nabbed while picking herbs, the one Gretchen: MD, and the one who goes off to stop the Ushi from pillaging the village, but are there any others?

>> No.14855165

It's those bullshit regulations human rights groups put on them.

>> No.14855175

I know right? Just because I'm an Ushi-Oni with 3 TBs of shota porn on my computer, I can't become a preschool teacher! It's racist I tell you!

>> No.14855182

MGs catching you while you are masturbating when?

>> No.14855191

>Oh shit. I'm sorry.

>> No.14855193

>Lich catches you masturbating
>Gets out a notepad and quietly notes down what you were watching and your technique before leaving the room without saying a word
>She never mentions what the notes were for

>> No.14855194


>> No.14855198

Wanna go big girl?
I'll fight you!

>> No.14855208

>the one who goes off to stop the Ushi from pillaging the village
Which one is this?

>> No.14855209

Sheesh calm down nigga, it's just a post.

>> No.14855213

Be sure to delete this reaction image in due course.

>> No.14855216

I'm convinced at this point that it's one guy who gets really triggered whenever people posts anything remotely similar to RP.

>> No.14855217

I know.

>> No.14855222


>Kejourou catching you masturbating.
>She sneaks around to not draw your attention
>She stands behind you and waits
>When you ejaculate her hair moves toward your crotch and collects your semen
>When she's caught doing this she smirks and nonchalantly walks away, winking at you before leaving your room

Alternately she helps you jerk off with her hair.

>> No.14855233
File: 1.34 MB, 3000x2000, Wurm marksman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're... not going to have a problem, are we?

>> No.14855239

At least she won't have to worry about a sticky bolt.

>> No.14855247
File: 845 KB, 826x1062, jabberwock_girl_by_materclaws-d9tbdcx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about catching a MG masturbating?

>> No.14855269

Oh fuck, I think that artist forgot to shade something.

>> No.14855272

Only if they're either aghast that you're wasting perfectly good semen, or they're horrified at the implication they aren't sexually satisfying you.

>> No.14855277

The only reason I can't like this picture is that stupid thing in her neck.
It looks like a retarded face with big teeth.

>> No.14855284

>have yandere Amazon waifu
>she catches you masturbating
>she grabs your hands and holds them over your head while riding you
>after she milks you twelve times she calmly tells you "next time I will cut them off"
>after hearing this she holds you close and falls asleep
>you're just left in her huge bust thinking about how you can tell her that you want to have children

>> No.14855285

That broach is just a part of her design. Buf of course not all Wocks have one.

>> No.14855293

>Alp catches you masturbating
>Comments on the quality of the dirty stuff you're watching
>Masturbates next to you
>Jokes that you need to get laid because your stroking technique sucks
>Offers to help
>Super effective with her advanced phallumancy and her own fluids on her hands helping lubricate your member
>Doesn't realize she's staring down the barrel of a loaded gun until it goes off all over her face
>Ask her if she's alright after hearing her kyaa
>She says she's just startled, and next time you should tell her when you're about to cum
>You don't say anything about how she's wiping it off with her hands and licking her fingers in front of you

>> No.14855298
File: 61 KB, 407x353, Ur a big tie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a bowtie with the Jabberwock's face on it. Multi-purpose, all the dragons want one.

>> No.14855299

>Getting ready to have sex with your loli anubis partner
>She's sitting on the bed, all proud and confident, ready to share her first time with you
>What she doesn't know is that just hours ago, you put together and downed a whole bottle full of what most people refer to as "The Holy Grail."
>Along with a mixture of Zinc supplements, Lecithin and Pygeum taken over the course of three weeks, the drink itself is a mixture of various mamono substances
>Made using a base of humpty egg slime, enough to fill half of a juicer flask
>Two tablespoons of manticore venom, and the paralytic-neutralised extract of girtablilu venom, very carefully mixed using a bonding agent so the two substances don't act against each other
>An experimental substance processed from the Sabbath's tentacle medicine, which should hopefully only bolster semen production to that of a tentacle plant
>All carefully bonded together with a magical spell to ensure the individual components compound each other
>As you walk into the bedroom, feeling the uncontrollable stirring in your balls, you wonder if maybe going to all this effort was overkill
>You make your way into the bedroom, and see her waiting there, completely nude, making a show of rubbing warm coconut oil over her bronze skin
>She's beckoning you over with a paw, sticking her tongue out and teasing you
>Without a second to waste, you pin her small, supple body to the mattress beneath you
>Taking it in stride, she goads you on, kissing and nuzzling you
>You notice her pupils dilate a little when she takes a sniff, doubtless able to smell the excess of precum leaking from your erection
>Still, she manages to maintain her composure right up to the point where you press your head against the tight, puffy entrance to her sex
>She hugs you tight and shuts her eyes, her confident façade dropped as she asks you to be slow and gentle
>You comply, even with the massive amount of semen inside just begging to be released, practically screaming at you to ignore her, and impale her with feral thrusts until you've flooded inside her ahegaoing body
>The next hour is spent exploring each other, slowly pumping in and out of her, leaking enough precum to make up for several climaxes, and resisting the agonising, blissful strain in your testes
>Not long after a gentle puff of air into her ear and a playful poke of her belly button causes her to tighten around you, orgasm approaches
>You can feel it building like a tsunami on the horizon, as if there's all the heat and fury of an active volcano just waiting to erupt from you
>Your pace increases, along with the volume and frequency of the anubis' delighted gasps and moans
>You hold it back until the last second, mentally stepping down on the hosepipe inside you until the pressure builds enough to throw you off of it entirely
>You climax and erupt, and feel like you've ascended, been transported to a world where bliss and rapture replaces time and space
>The anubis' little paws clutch at your back for dear life, claws carving tiny, bleeding divots into the skin as if she's afraid the sheer amount of boiling cum might consume and carry her away
>You spurt, and spurt, and spurt... and keep on spurting, locked and trapped in an orgasm which just won't end
>One minute passes, then two, then even more, all filled with endless white hot flow as you pump into the anubis' womb over and over
>You haven't relented for a second, and you're sure that, even in your sex-clouded mind, the amount of semen you're producing is physically impossible
>Just where is it coming from? How is your body producing all of it?
>By now, the dark skin around her crotch the the insides of her thighs has been painted completely white, spilled semen staining and soaking into the bedsheets to the point of oversaturation
>Her ass is slipping back and forth on a layer of cum with every thrust, the bedsheets beneath her now as lubricated as a slip-and-slide
>You noticed the normally off-white !.! runes on her tummy fill up and turn pure white not long ago, but now something entirely different is happening
>They're glowing
>Maybe due to the extreme amounts of your seed being poured into her, the magical marks on her body are emitting a bright light, perhaps and indication that she's being magically overcharged
>It's the last thing you consciously compute before you feel yourself succumbing to the constant, unrelenting pleasure, and you black out entirely

>> No.14855309

>When you come to, you're lying on your back in bed
>Your little anubis lover is fast asleep, drooling onto your chest
>You notice her runes are still glowing with that same light as before, not diminished in the slightest
>You also notice that both your lower bodies are still absolutely coated in gooey semen, like a cream-coloured slimegirl decided to have her way with you both
>That, and her belly is noticeably rotund, slightly rounded as if she's several months pregnant
>Your slight stirring wakes her up, and she looks up at you sleepily
>Her red eyes seem to glow just a little brighter in the darkness than they usually do, but they still seem hazy and out focus
>Too out of it to even make a clever comment, she climbs up to you, smiling happily, and presses her lips to yours, affectionately kissing you
>After a passionate reciprocation, she slumps down and cuddles up to you, quickly falling asleep and snoring quietly in your arms

>You'd later learn that she actually spent several months casting subtle spells on you, all of them laying dormant until she activated them tonight
>The spells were all intended to multiply your virility and output
>As it turns out, the spell actually worked in tandem with your concoction, increasing your semen to an outright ridiculous degree
>Upon both learning of each other's hidden plans, you vow together to not keep secrets from each other
>After all, it's probably for the best to save that sort of cumflation play for special events

>> No.14855326


Lewd loli anubutts are nice.

>> No.14855327

>yandere Amazon
But anon they're all yandere. And shit taste too.

>> No.14855338


>> No.14855339

I want to go to a Sabbath church in Egypt. All those brown loli butts would be sublime.

>> No.14855341

Hot damn. Saved.

>> No.14855353


Would you give a loli pharoah her husband and rule a loli kingdom?

>> No.14855355

Dammit man why do you have to do this and blow my Mommacore story out of the water? Any tips on how to write smut? I cannot write smut to save my life.

>> No.14855366

I want to beat the shit out of that thing. It really makes me mad for some reason

>> No.14855368

Does it include a harem of brown loli concubines?
Because I want that. I want it a lot.

>> No.14855377
File: 44 KB, 245x131, 0029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being mad at a bowtie
But why? What did the clothing ever do to you?

>> No.14855380
File: 229 KB, 339x600, Anubis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do we have any images of a loli anubis?

>> No.14855382

Of course it does.
There's the kephri, the loli anubis, the loli mummies, and maybe a loli sphinx or two.

>> No.14855390
File: 533 KB, 1000x2000, Anubis-tan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14855393
File: 418 KB, 893x747, spehs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14855403

>brown loli harem
>Anubis second in command
>the twin Sphinx bodyguards
>all eight Mummie sisters
>that one Sandworm who just wanted to be friends with everybody
>and of course the Pharoah is your bottom bitch
All lolis, all delicious brown girls, all is good in the world.

>> No.14855412

You motherfuckers have gotten into my head at this point. I spent the entire work day imagining Icarii and Harpy healing as a story. Get out.

>> No.14855419

We're not in your head anon. You think there's some sort of Mindflayer conspiracy going on here? Hahahahahahahaha, that's ridiculous fellow human.

>> No.14855428

It looks like its moking me. Saying dumb things and swinging that long tongue side to side while having that stupid face stare deep into my soul.

Is this Wonderland magic?

>> No.14855432

Stick your dick in it

>> No.14855447
File: 91 KB, 340x400, proto-Wock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about a desert loliwock?

>> No.14855468

Yes she is part of the harem too.

>> No.14855472

I'm going to stick my fist in it

>> No.14855486

It'll be like a magic act

The bowtie looks flat, but when you stick your hand inside it it just keeps going into nothingness. I'd pull out before you accidentally fall inside.

>> No.14855491

I want to give it the sourest sour candy ever.

>> No.14855495

Make sure you use lube.

>> No.14855497

Does this desert loliwock have hope for man?

>> No.14855508


Where would you go if you fell in?

>> No.14855511

Uh oh Anon,

It seems that your daughteru got part of a tainted shipment of milk at school and she's now lactating and has breasts the size of her head.

The effects are permanent.

What do you do other than take part in a class action lawsuit against the shipper?

If you don't have a species in mind, roll till you get a race you like.

>> No.14855520

Not the guy you're responding to, but all I write is smut, so I do have a few tips. Writing smut is entirely in the details. The events of the scene are less important than the description that goes into it. You have to focus on describing sensation and reaction rather than what happens. Secondary sexual behaviors also merit description, from altered breathing, to smells, to the look and feel of sweaty skin. Try looking at single pictures of scenes similar to what you're writing and see what your eyes catch on. Focus on these things.

Written smut is unlike any other form of erotica. Pictures and videos can show a lot of things that the viewer may like that the creator never intended to invoke. When you write, you need to keep this in mind. Anything you don't say doesn't exist in the scene. This is why detail is so important and is what separates good smut from mediocre and bad smut.

If you're serious about working on smut writing, keep writing and drop by /d/'s erotic fiction general. We're not all as /d/eviant as the board would suggest and are more than willing to help with editing and criticism, as well as providing good resources and examples.

Most importantly, keep writing. We all learned from practice

>> No.14855523

Only if you give her babies.

>> No.14855530

It'd probably end up something like this


>> No.14855541

They sure are. Even at a young age, all the sitting around they do gives them round, soft butts, and they know it.

Glad you liked it so much.
I was thinking about Pastebinning it, but it's a little short. Now that you've saved it, though, there's no need to. Thanks.

Ah, I haven't blown it out of the water. I just did a little two part greentext. Yours has way more substance to it.
As for the smut question, that's a tough one. I'm no expert, but I've found a writing style which I feel comfortable with, and which most people seem to enjoy.
I try to experiment with stuff, and check my writing constantly, but for the most part, I've found a nice rhythm which works for me.
I suppose I could say this. Read good smut by various authors, and identify the individual elements about them that turn you on. Adapt those to your writing, and identify their shortcomings, so you can improve upon them in your own writing.
Use powerful theme-fitting imagery, but don't saturate your story with it. For slower, more gentle and intimate lovemaking, more peaceful imagery is good. Conversely, for wild aggressive sex, strong and almost forceful imagery is good.
But again, don't oversaturate. I'm always trying to see if I've used too many metaphors or similes in a short amount of time.
A piece of advice which I almost never follow myself is to maintain good flow. When writing smut, sit down somewhere private and comfortable, and do it all in one go. For me, if I don't do this, then I have to spend a while catching up with what I've written to try and get back into the rhythm of things.
Usually when I'm writing smut, I'm thinking a lot about how easy it is to fap to, as offputtting as that might sound. I write to try and get across the feel of a building climax, and write the climax itself to try and enhance the climax of the reader, if that makes sense.

But that's just how I do things personally. If you want, you can choose to try and do some of that stuff, or do your own thing. But if you want to get better, do try to practice different techniques, styles and stuff. That will help immensely when it comes to improving yourself.

Not of the actual MGE Anubis, no, I don't think there are.

>> No.14855544
File: 265 KB, 420x600, Minotaurus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I, uh, dont know, so I would consult the Neighbor holst for advice

>> No.14855545

I can vouch for the spoiler.

>> No.14855556

What monster girl would be best to CLOBBAH THAT THERE KIRBY!?

>> No.14855561

>Crow Tengu
She's going to have trouble flying and she'll need some new clothes. I think a settlement would solve some of the problems.

>> No.14855562

You'd end up with a milking schedule for her and proper techniques to clean clothes, long with a few bra recommendations for her.

You are now properly prepared to raise a muscle holst

>> No.14855567

You know what?
I'll just pretend to kiss it, then I'll bite its tongue off

>> No.14855572

That's fine, we'll look into using the settlement money to get her some Hathor Milk. A couple gallons should make her proportional. Or go horribly wrong and make her blimp up.

Hopefully it'll work.

>> No.14855585
File: 579 KB, 972x1068, 1455758993458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think she would find it interesting and study its effect and such.
I also think living with it wouldn't be too bad, so I'm not going to do much else.

>> No.14855596


The Minotaur needs more art. -.- She has basically none.

>> No.14855603

That she will.
You'll also need to pick her up a few educational books/videos intended for jubjubs that'll help her learn to fly or, more importantly, teach her how to strengthen her flight muscles.

That latter happens and your daughteru is horribly blimped up.
What is she and how does this affect her?

Your daughteru becomes quite skilled in the self made magic of lactomancy, an entire school devoted to the alteration of milk and its properties.

She also wins a prize for discovering a use for demonic energy as a golem powering component but that's an unrelated event.
she never does figure out how to get her breasts down or stop the milk and she stops any attempts after one spell actually increased the size rather than decreasing it.

You also may want to water proof her spell books.

>> No.14855605

Mommacore writer here. Thanks for the tips, and as a reward. I don't have a pastebin so one of you guys can take it.

>> No.14855608
File: 129 KB, 869x1280, Ridem cow girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would a monster girl mom giving her son the v be considered a failure as a parent?

>> No.14855617

Honestly? Probably not.
Would you turn down that cow offering to let you work out your frustration using her tits?

>> No.14855627

You really should get a pastebin if you plan to write. It makes everything so much easier. It also motivates you to keep writing and keep getting better if there's a name attached to what you write.

>> No.14855629

Don't know. Don't care. I wanna ride that cow all night long and a little into the morning too!

>> No.14855634
File: 1.48 MB, 1210x1400, 1418977823528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"You there, knight! Join my adventuring party! We're gonna go save the world!"

>> No.14855638

Lady, I'm a peasant.

>> No.14855640
File: 386 KB, 863x1200, cb063a4a1620214a05e78d0b836f7110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which is better

Losing your virginity to your succubus-mom?
Losing your virginity to your succubus-sis?

>> No.14855645

It's too late anon. She's got her tail firmly wrapped around you and is pulling you along for some world saving.

>> No.14855648

I'm not a knight; I'm barely fit to fight! Go find someone else, along with an optometrist while you're at it.

>> No.14855649

...You do realize I'm the final boss, right?

>> No.14855656

Well.....beets farming potatoes I guess.

>> No.14855661

Save the world? From what? You're not being very specific about this you know.

>> No.14855662

Only if you prove your strength to me!
Assume fighting stance!

>> No.14855663

Make me.

>> No.14855664

Save the world, huh? Have you really given it some thought?
I mean, the world's pretty big. And no matter how hard you try you can't really save the whole world
Plus, how are you even going to get around? By air? By sea? By land?
Then you have to factor in language barriers, stumbling into the middle of a war, bandits, pirates, thief.
Then you've got factions who may or may not take too kindly to one such as yourself. Laws and all that
Plus, how big is this party anyhow? You can't save the world with some rag-tag band of misfits. That's fiction, lady. Life isn't kind to those blinded by their own ignorance

Listen kid, I suggest giving this more thought before you go tossing your life around willy-nilly

>> No.14855668
File: 712 KB, 868x1228, 1429429429286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Yosh! Don't hold back!"

>> No.14855677

Both. At once.

>> No.14855678

Whoa whoa that foot's way too lewd. Put that thing away.

>> No.14855682

How shit do you have to be to think the only way to move forward is to re-write your old shit since you can't think of new ideas?

>> No.14855683

>A Kejourou daughter with big tits

Get her new/more clothing I guess. I'm not sure that she'll be too bothered by it.

>> No.14855691

True, although she may have to worry about her hair getting drenched on occasion.

>> No.14855692

Nothin personnel kid.

>> No.14855696

Prepare to face my 'Face the Foot' style!

>> No.14855697

Sometimes you just need to keep writing. Even if it's just to fix your old shit, it's still productive. It's bad to force yourself if you have no inspiration, but it's even worse to get out of the habit of writing.

>> No.14855708

Same to you little lizard!

>> No.14855714


I really bother trying to edit my old stuff. If it's a new story I might make a few edits but other than that I don't really bother.

Heck I can't even really read my old stuff anymore.

>> No.14855717


She could start wearing a pony tail so prevent that

>> No.14855720

I can't read any of my stuff.

>> No.14855726
File: 436 KB, 688x1000, 1405410375417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"T-There's nothing lewd about this!"

>> No.14855731

So your daughter starts wearing her hair in a huge ass pony tail and has a slew of new clothes out of it.

Sounds like she made out pretty good.

>> No.14855737

Er, didn't I just say I'm the final boss? Seriously, there's a wanted poster right over there with my face on it.

You're not nearly leveled enough to take an actual attack. You still need to go through the seventeen MacGuffin trials in the Chamber of Unnecessary Sexual Tension and acquire the Statue of the Silver Monkey.

>> No.14855752

>Statue of the Silver Monkey.



I would like a Monster Girl version of this gameshow, where Kakuen temple guardians molest the shotas in the final challenge.

>> No.14855753

I really don't want a pastebin. Because I don't want a name that everyone will hate and hate on me for. So I just write now want to do silly stupid greentexts.

>> No.14855760


I don't really either. But other people seem to like what I put out here well enough so that's nice.

>> No.14855802
File: 206 KB, 788x1200, 1349854334245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Say what you want about the Silver Monkey, but she sure is stacked!

>> No.14855811

It's not that I have no inspiration it's just I have no grasp of the flow of a story. General rule of thumb for a smut short is 3 - 4 paragraphs before any lewd shit and even then it's kind of a hassle for me.

>> No.14855813
File: 3.82 MB, 1680x2150, 65.1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh dear, it looks like her tentacles and bowtie have begun to rebel against their master. Or she's just acting again, Wonderland girls are big hams.


>> No.14855814

I desire to spank the monkey

>> No.14855831

You desire to hear the smack of your hand on her round monkey bottom echo and reverberate throughout the temple? While she sweats and pants for more? Telling you that she's a dirty, thieving monkey who deserves to be punished?

>> No.14855842

You know it.
The bigger the better.

>> No.14855847

>That hair pull
>The look of panic on her face
I shouldn't enjoy a Jabberwock in trouble so much.

>> No.14855850

Do you have an idea in mind already and just can't work to where you need to be, or is it a general problem with everything you write? If it's the latter, how do you start your stories? Do your ideas start with a story or with a smut concept?

>> No.14855853

Listen here lady, that Lich isn't doing anything illegal and she's not trying to take over the world. At least not right now.

>> No.14855854

What have you done

>> No.14855865

so much this

>> No.14855871

Next you're gonna tell me the Evil Vampire Countess who lives in that big scary castle is just a NEET who sits around in her pajamas playing video games all day and night.

>> No.14855874

I've done nothing.
The question now is what you do to help your shy, slightly creepy daughteru adapt to life now that she has tits that are always leaking and, probably, bigger than her mothers.

>> No.14855879

>the bowtie again

Don't worry Wockie! I'll rip that thing away from you

>> No.14855884
File: 155 KB, 850x850, Hey honey! You must be feline good!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no Cat daughteru to embarrass with dad jokes in front of her friends.

>> No.14855890

the bowtie has taken control of the tentacles. god help us all

>> No.14855892

General problem with everything I write. Some of the time they start out as simple smut concepts and other times stories that don't necessarily involve explicit sex. But the problem is the same, have a destination but no idea how to get there.

>> No.14855898

>You gotta be kitten me!
>Meow you're just messing with your old man.
>That sounds like the purrfect idea my lovely daughter!

I would have so much fun.

>> No.14855901

>You will never tease your daughteru relentlessly in front of her friends
It's parenting 101

>> No.14855905

And just wait until she gets a boyfriend! I'll show him all the pictures of when she was just a kitten! Playing with toy mouses and going nuts with a ball of yarn.

>> No.14855910


What about the picture of her playing in a cardboard box?

>> No.14855914

All I can imagine is my buddy and I dressing as cops and doing the "cat game" scene from super troopers to my cat waifu and/or daughteru.

>> No.14855920

>What about the picture of her playing in a cardboard box?

Of course, along with a video of her climbing the curtains, reaching the top, then being too scared to come back down.

>> No.14855929

I now have the image of a baby werecat in a pink onesi crying to get down from where she's climbed on the curtains, her ears flat against her head and tears at the corner of her eyes.

It's cute.

>> No.14855938

Mewling until you pick her up and lower her down, then she forgets what happens and runs over to her scratching post.


>> No.14855946

It's positively adorable shit.

>> No.14855952

That's probably one of the most common problems a writer can face. The best advice I can give is to describe my own process. I write whatever I have. If it's just smut, I just write the smut. If it's sections of the story with no connecting scenes, I write them down in order (making sure to mark the transitions so I don't miss anything). If you have enough material to call it a skeleton of a story, start trying to tie it together. Don't worry about the plot. Plot is just an accumulation of character decisions. Think from the characters' standpoints: what are their motivations? What's important to them? This should help you figure out how to connect events. It's all about building a consistent framework that flows believably between scenes. It helps a lot to write from one character's perspective (not necessarily fp, I use tpl), focusing on describing how they came to be where they are and why they are doing what they are doing.

If you don't have enough material to make a story when you try to build the skeleton, just hold off. Keep the document open, look over it once or twice a day. Over time, you'll get more ideas to add. Repeat this until you have enough to start writing, then see above.

>> No.14855954

>they start out as simple smut concepts
Another writefag here, when I do smut this is generally how it starts too.
>have a particularly pleasing fantasy
>write it down as graphically as possible
>ask yourself "How would this situation start out?"
>end up basing a short story around this one scene you wanted to do.

>> No.14855959
File: 86 KB, 208x337, assuming control.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the wock from her rogue bowtie?

>> No.14855963

Is it just a coincidence that you chose these two when there's one yuri artwork of them...?

>> No.14855972

Which artwork is that?

>> No.14855977

>I write whatever I have. If it's just smut, I just write the smut. If it's sections of the story with no connecting scenes, I write them down in order (making sure to mark the transitions so I don't miss anything). If you have enough material to call it a skeleton of a story, start trying to tie it together
I also do this. It's kind of weird to start off writing a random scene then moving on to an earlier section, but then movies are filmed out of order too normally.

>> No.14855978
File: 303 KB, 586x800, Elegant Leviathan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>China dresses
>dragon girls
>thick tails

>> No.14856003


I just start with a vague idea and sort of flesh it out overtime before writing. Maybe I should write it down and the sequence in which it'd happen before actually starting.

>> No.14856010

You have no idea on how much I want to kill that.

Look at how smug and arrogant that thing is. Does he think he's getting away with bullying a Wock a mocking me?

>> No.14856011

There's a reason that middle school teachers make you write outlines before ever writing a full paper. It helps.

>> No.14856014
File: 173 KB, 550x544, 1447884813172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a slightly yandere kikimora to pin me to the bed while she starts laying claim to me while holding bolt cutters to my tendons!

>> No.14856017

Just something from loen's seedy savant mind - https://imgur.com/u0XYBAS

>> No.14856019
File: 285 KB, 1100x800, In an alternate Universe with MGs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rapestation 3 has no games.

>> No.14856021
File: 157 KB, 1500x974, Kiki cry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's all fun and games at first...

>> No.14856022


Yeah I only have a rough idea of how to go from one part to another so writing all that down ahead of time is something i should do next time

>> No.14856023

Man GILF Kitsune had a wild life.

>> No.14856024

>SLIGHTLY yandere
>bolt cutters to tendons
Anon, I think you need to reevaluate your Yandere leveling system.

>> No.14856025

I want my slightly yandere kiki to start putting on weight when she notices me staring at the hathorite priestesses preaching in the street.

>> No.14856027

I'd hate to see what his idea of an extreme yandere is like.

>> No.14856028

Why can't she just rape you?

>> No.14856030
File: 111 KB, 544x572, 1429379103764.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing Rapestation
>not playing X-Boner


>> No.14856033

She knocks you out and get herself surgically attached to you by some shady Thai doctor who is willing to turn a blind eye for enough cash.

>> No.14856034

It could literally save his life.

Let's pray for Anon's safety.

>> No.14856035


>actually owning a X-boner

>> No.14856036

Whoa, that's pretty beautiful. I wonder why I haven't seen that sort of thing before. Seems like it would be a pretty popular and common idea.

>> No.14856038
File: 149 KB, 700x908, We've reached critical levels of smug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes she did.

>Playing Xboner

How do you play something that's broken though?

>> No.14856039

>Owning an XBoner

>> No.14856040

Fuck you, you smug Lilim!

>> No.14856042

Like a Siamese Twin?

And in what configuration?

>> No.14856043

Does X-Boner come with rechargeable not!dildo/not!selfwarmingonahole - depending on the customer - to allow players to "kinect" with the game experience...?

>> No.14856047

Whatever way best supports penetration and yandereness. Presumably, she'd have you connected at the fucking stomach or something, so you have to be constantly looking her in the eyes. It also forces you into a permanent missionary position, which kinda fits.

>> No.14856053

>not owning Pussy-Cock master race
That's a PC if you were wondering
I actually like all 3 RL equivalents

>> No.14856058

I guess it's because that's "all" it is: beautiful. It wouldn't happen in MGE in most instances. It'd be considered unrealistic behaviour. But, that's what creative license is for!

>> No.14856072

>It wouldn't happen in MGE in most instances. It'd be considered unrealistic behaviour.
Well, there's a reason so many people disregard the "realistic MGE behaviour" and use their own headcanons.
The further creative licence takes us away from it, the better.

>> No.14856089

The only solution is to ban tendons, that way yanderes can't cut them!

>> No.14856090
File: 141 KB, 850x654, It's how they choose their mates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soon (tm)

>> No.14856100

Wonderland Centaur soon? Excellent news friend.

>> No.14856102

It is evaluated! Low tier is disabling your legs while mid tier is taking a hammer to your arms when you crawl away

Rape comes after. Or during

>> No.14856109

>Wonderland Centaur
>In keeping with Wonderland tradition, she has two legs and no horse pussy

The only way it won't be shit.

>> No.14856136
File: 1.15 MB, 2124x862, implying your daughterus will ever be this good.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14856140

>TFW the Wonderland Centaur is a living Chess Piece
>So instead of Horse Pussy she has a marble Nippon Horse Head Mask for a head

>> No.14856152

I actually like that idea. A knight chess piece monstergirl? It's good.

Too good for KC to ever consider, I bet.

>> No.14856157

Kangaroo soon..? Could be good.

>> No.14856163
File: 127 KB, 528x1015, NOW WE'RE TALKING BABY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're speaking my language now.

>> No.14856185

>bolt cutters
Doesn't match up, t b q h.

>> No.14856208

We need more monster girl operators.

>> No.14856217
File: 589 KB, 1024x768, It begins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We shall breed the finest mind tentacles.

>> No.14856218

Hi anons. Klaus here. I've hit a bit of a wall with my second chapter, so I'm gonna set it down for a minute to try and collect my thoughts. I'd rather it have a short break than me try to force something thats bad. However, that being said, I'm working on a short story right now that is in the whole "high school" setting thing. I feel like thats a pretty fun place to write. Expect it either later tonight or tomorrow. Hope you guys understand. The story isn't dead, but just taking a step back to look at the bigger picture of the story. Thanks again.

>> No.14856219

>This is Wurm-chan! Please hold.

>> No.14856231

who are you?

>> No.14856238

>Wurm-chan keeps forgetting her operator job isn't a sex hotline job

>> No.14856240

Modernizing a Monstergirl army would be a huge pain. Most humans are basically the same, but monsters vary wildly. That would mean different training and equipment for each one. But once you got past that, they would be very dangerous.

>> No.14856241

A newblood writer. Who are you?

>> No.14856250

Just some guy who does shitty greentexts I wrote the Mommacore greentext earlier. I haven't heard of you, got a pastebin or something I can check out?

>> No.14856258

>But once you got past that, they would be very dangerous.
Until they actually have to deploy and get crippled by their horrible logistics.

>> No.14856259

It'd only be "too good" for KC because he's not in it for the lore or the meaning behind his monster choices. He's only in it for the quick fap bait; But then, aren't we all?

I mean, as much as I hate certain writers here for the people they are, they can at least put more thought into a setting than just using a magical panacea for laziness like MAMANO MANA to fix everything. But that's just me bellyaching like a bitch about something that's entirely out of my control.

>> No.14856260

Of course friendo. Link yours so I can read yours, too.


>> No.14856262
File: 110 KB, 1200x800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fluffy tail police.

It's my job to ensure that your story contains at least one fluffy tail.

>> No.14856265

I dunno, working as a phone operator would be pretty boring for a lot of monster girls.
Also, I'd imagine that >>14856238 would happen a lot, except intentionally.

>> No.14856270

I don't have a pastebin. I prefer to just do anonymous greentexts that can either live on in someone else's name or die when a thread does.

>> No.14856280

There's that too. Some don't even have hands or can't fit through doors. But if you found ways to use them unconventionally that might change things. ,

>> No.14856281

You're not that guy who wrote the felon monoeye greentext are you?

>> No.14856282

Foxgirls in athletic wear and spats is a miracle of the universe.

>> No.14856283

And sexy. So sexy. Seal team six made of exclusively monster girls.

>> No.14856286

On average, my stories contain 1.2 fluffy tails. Is that sufficient, officer?

>> No.14856288

I'd also be concerned about discipline and how well they obey orders. Another issue would be to prevent them from raping the locals, or their allies, or even their fellow servicemen.

>> No.14856290
File: 73 KB, 495x636, 1441343560375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never smell a Kitsune's musky nethers through her sweat covered spats after a long day at the gym
>Her giant bushy tail swishing back and forth, fanning the smell of a fox in the mood at you

>> No.14856292

You mean this one?
Yes. Yes I did write that. It sucks I know, but I had to get the idea of tricking a cyclops to make her own wedding ring out of my head.

>> No.14856293

That is acceptable. Carry on, citizen.

>> No.14856297

Well that's what military training is for.

>> No.14856298

>Your monster girl has now been cursed with an ass SO FAT she can not fit through doors.
How do you react? Bare in mind this includes doors made specifically for her.
meaning Chesire ass is so fat she gets stuck even in the dimensional door

>> No.14856299
File: 109 KB, 638x1000, 1432358361851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14856305

So it's an ass that increases to match the size of whatever door she's trying to get through?

What if I just make an extra large window that she can climb through?

>> No.14856307

Do bulbous, manticore tailpussy count? Because I have one of those in the story I'm writing right now.

>> No.14856308

I'm unconvinced. Monstergirl instincts won't be so easily suppressed, especially if monstergirls form a large portion of the military.

>> No.14856312

>It sucks I know
well at least even you know, and aren't parading this shit around like some people here

>> No.14856313

Sabbath potion.

>> No.14856314
File: 673 KB, 841x1340, 1449081596270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14856326

Obviously, you'd just have to restrict your selection to MGs who are married. It would actually be incredibly beneficial to deploy them as husband/wife pairs anyway, basically working under Sparta logic. It becomes even better if your world runs under the common interpretation of incubization resulting in men more closely related to their wives (such as the husbands of onis and ushis becoming strong enough to not get wrecked by their mates).

>> No.14856327

There's ways to keep them in check. Drugs to suppress libido, sex toys, letting them out into the town under supervision, or just letting them rape the enemy.

>> No.14856329

If I didn't like it I wouldn't have put it on pastebin ya tit. It was a good first try.

>> No.14856332

I imagine that the answer to that will just be that you now have a loli with an ass bigger than she is.

>> No.14856334

It wasn't my first try...

>> No.14856337

Well whatever ya cunt.

>> No.14856342

I'm sorry, I don't want to be a cunt, I want to be a cool guy who makes silly and stupid greentexts that may or may not bring about the end of threads.

>> No.14856345

Handy links for military Monster Girls:
The first two links look similar, but neither one pulls up all the related works.

See >>14855233 for Wurm Marksman

>> No.14856348

I have reservations about this, if you deploy married couples you're going to run into situations where they prioritize their partner over the mission or possibly over the well-being of the unit. In other words, you're opening up too much possibility of a conflict of interest between their job and their family.

Historically speaking, drugging your soldiers has never led to anything good. Sex toys seem pretty ineffective when the real deal is equally available. Letting them rape the enemy is also right out, because unfortunately that constitutes a war crime and will likely have significant repercussions.

>> No.14856351

>bring about the end of threads.
Anon, you either have way too much faith in your own shittiness or have some strange idea that people care about writefagging here enough to implode the thread over it. Bob tried his damnedest and if he couldn't pull it off how would an inoffensive and alright greentext writer do it?

>> No.14856353
File: 3.85 MB, 725x625, Mono matrimony.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>impressed Jessie
>cyclops turn to blush
So... impressing monoeyes, huh?

>> No.14856358

They have low standards anyway.

>> No.14856359

Schedule a vacation to Pandemonium until the curse wears off.
She's getting fucked 24/7.
Hypothetically, if you have multiple Monstergirl wives, would they all get cursed with enormous asses?
Just hypothetically.

>> No.14856364

You just wouldn't deploy them in that kind of mission. At the end of the day, humans are probably always going to be the best for anything that requires subtlety and discretion. Keep these teams for just fucking shit up.

>> No.14856367

I want this semen demon to stop fucking disembodied hands.

>> No.14856368

Are they fluffy tails?

>> No.14856371

Anon I love you. No alp.

>> No.14856372
File: 94 KB, 780x1210, Mahouhebi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mahouhebi casts spell: 'Baiter-be-gone!'

>> No.14856374

>Toned body
>Black, skintight elbow gloves in addition to everything else

Oh baby.

>> No.14856376

Maybe just hire men to work on base if you catch what I mean? Then all you have to do is put limits on when and how much they can visit so they don't waste too much time.

>> No.14856379

Worry not, I understand. I enjoy compiling stashes of such things, like the Salamander stash from last thread.

By the way, be sure to check the artists' blog for the uncensored, well, really the unclothed versions. Quite beautiful really.

>> No.14856382

They're so desperate to be loved they would take anyone who showed an interest in then. They're the Anon of monstergirls.

>> No.14856386

Didn't you know? Monoeyes have such powerful vision that they can even see spirits who usually can only manifest parts of their bodies visibly, like their hands... Reminds me of Re-Kan all of a sudden.

>> No.14856390

I want to offer monster girls their dream husbands while taking something in return from them be it their voice, their sight, their figure, or more.

>> No.14856397

As long as they're cute mg's with guns I will find them all beautiful.

>> No.14856398

>Anubis with an ass that is magically always big enough to get stuck in doors

I must exercise responsibility and refrain from setting up traps to tease and do lewd things to her
I must stop thinking about her ass getting stuck in a circular space station door when she tries to float through, resulting in her being entirely helpless until I come along to find the door plugged by a huge, floating rear-end.

>> No.14856400
File: 308 KB, 1968x994, Madam Jensen cmb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jensen's waifu
Madam Jensen, you say...?
Play on his name fully intended, by the way

>Mantis going all Adam Jensen
Perfection IS real!

>cyber mantis
>"I never asked for this"
>kuudere headpats
>cool shades
Perfection... Just. Got. Better.

So I went into photoshop and tried a thing.
Man, this music would impress even a Sidhe and Gandharva!
All this Deus Ex talk today pleases me...!

>> No.14856404

Would a dragon bully say things like "nerd" and "dweeb"?

If she doesn't, who would?

>> No.14856408

Surprisingly cute.

>> No.14856409

Where were you when Japan invented yet another type of pussy?

>> No.14856410

What happens when you push her out with some grease and she has to try and walk around with it?

What about the snickering mummies who call their boss a literal ass?

>> No.14856411

If i cast a spell to ward off the bad taste, will she go away?

>> No.14856413

Frankly, I just don't want any monstergirls in the military. I've heard that men can contract cooties from activities such as kissing, hugging, and sharing a uniform with girls!


But honestly though, the best way to integrate monstergirls into the military would be to only allow some of the more "human" monstergirl species into combat arms, while some of the other species are relegated to only support roles. Furthermore, it'll be necessary to ensure that human majority is maintained to aid in military integration, among other reasons.

>> No.14856424

>expect something stupid or disgusting
>get both
Sausages, japan.

>> No.14856427

that is weird

>> No.14856436

Such were my thoughts when I'd finally finished. It just made me want to make it more cute! A subtle brightening of the blush here, a slight curving of the mouth to make a smile there.

>> No.14856437

Then you're going to have a flustered, greased-up anubis with a fat butt on your hands. Maybe you should keep an arm around her waist just so she doesn't fall down when she walks.

And the bravest of the mummies are going to sneak up and use their coiled-up bandages to spank the anubis' ass, just so they can see how it jiggles in its newly enhanced state.

>> No.14856449

Those are some mischievous mummies, slapping it like that.

I bet she'd have them knock down all the walls so she can see better and, more importantly, not get stuck in doors while she's working.

Wonder if they'd keep widening the entrance door to the building so she keeps getting bigger each time, along with normally getting stuck.

I also wonder what will happen if she fails to notice and ends up unable to keep her balance to walk one day.

>> No.14856456

>Deus Ex: Monster Girl Revolution
>augmentations for every MG
That's some fair photoshopping. It actually fits the styles of the originals. A smiling cyber Mantis IS surprisingly cute. CUTE!

>> No.14856476 [SPOILER] 
File: 183 KB, 500x688, 1456796458023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, let's all cool it and look at the time.

>> No.14856486
File: 79 KB, 360x360, 1453065357995.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]