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Taking Yuuka out on a date! She really enjoys your company, and she trusts you enough to let you drive her! It's your third date, so who knows what could happen tonight...!

Where are you going to take her?

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Obviously to a greenhouse or nursery to buy some flowers and vegetables, then we can spend the evening planting them together.

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To my sex dungeon.

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>who knows what could happen tonight...!
Substance abuse and crying

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I really want to invite Yuuka inside my house, so she can kick off her shoes and peel off her sweaty socks, so I can see her naked bare feet!

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Going on a date with Yuuka!
Getting shitfaced with Yuuka!
Driving under the influence with Yuuka!
Crashing and dying horribly!
With Yuuka!

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Whose car is that?

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Deep into the forest.

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Yuuka is the kind of girl that buys wedding cakes for the third date.

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>Where are you going to take her?
Where indeed?

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Sorry Yuuka. I've already got a girlfriend.

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i wanna fuck a doctor

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I'm going to take Yuuka to the togue and show her how fast I am!

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Someplace where we are all alone!

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>She really enjoys your company

I don't think she would.

And I'm kind of unstable so I'd probably drive towards a cliff on whim just to see her reaction or purposefully to betray her expectation.

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Good! I want Yuuka to become obsessed with me, so I can marry her cutely!

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Off a cliff

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Yuuka wants you to notice her fatty milkmelons!

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green hair is hot

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>It's your third date, so who knows what could happen tonight...!

What happened in the first and second one? I need context here, chief.

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Yuuka had a GREAT TIME! She's really into you! She's giving you funny looks! She walked you over to the condoms in the pharmacy store!

Sex with Yuuka!

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MEh...I fuck them

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But are you truly fast enough to surpass the swish woman?

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>wanting me to buy condoms
b-b-back that ass up...

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Then we're of the same mind about where our relationship is heading

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If she's in my car, in front of me, then she's not the real Yuuka.
She's supposed to be on the other side of the world, unreachable by normal humans, and she will never be interested in them let alone someone like me.

What in front of me must some kind of malicious entity posing as her.
I have to be careful.

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Of course she would be interested in normal humans. She would have something to eat.

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Putting a washboard on front seat like that.

What a weirdo.

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she would poke holes though condoms

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Do you think Yuuka actually eat humans? Serious question.

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Personally no.

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Yuuka a Love

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I take her to the bank to show her all the money in my account! And that's how you get a wife.

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She can exist without doing that, considering the fear which she instills without doing anything.

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/ /    ヽ :: \
| (●), 、(●)、 |
|  ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,   |
|   ,;‐=‐ヽ .:::: |
\  `ニニ´  .:::/    け、結構です
       .n:n    nn
      nf|||    | | |^!n
      f|.| | ∩  ∩|..| |..|
      |: ::  ! }  {! ::: : |
      ヽ  ,イ   ヽ  :イ..

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How many kids would the /jp/ have?

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With Yuuka? Three.

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As many as long as we can still put them out
I imagine condoms are in short supply in gensokyo

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I'll produce babies until she turn ugly then kill all the children to make a hotpot

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Terrible post.

See me after class.

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As many as possible!
I don't believe in birth control, especially in regards to me and 2hus

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Are you implying you smelly shut-ins are actually capable of starting a family? Hah! you need to talk to a girl first, champ.

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Yuuka will talk to me first!

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Yuuka is not real, she is a cartoon

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I don't think Yuuka would die in that scenario, she seems pretty tough.

You'd definitely die though.

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As long as Yuuka's by my side, that's okay too.

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Im taking her to the catalog! Now lets see a thread more appropriate for her.

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There we go

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Don't bully the Yuuka!!!

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Sorry! I will take her to bully /m/ as an apology!!!

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I am not a rich man.

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You better post link

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No surprises here, bullies are DUMB!

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I dont know how to crossboard, im dumb

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Into a car with higher definition.

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>>/board letter(s)/number

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Just found it but it's awkward to get into the joke now.
The post is almost 20 minutes old.

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Date's over, driving back to her home.

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She's been giving you that look since the start of the date, aren't you going to do something?

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She's dead inside

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Meetup with the other fine looking ladies.

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playing chicken

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Yuuka doesn't understand why you like her big smelly feet so much, and it makes her flustered, but she'll go with it because she likes you!

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Probably to a hospital, I can't drive.

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Then tore me to pieces afterwards.
Yuuka is a monster.

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The suicide forest!

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drive home and have some chicken nuggets

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going over to Yuuka's house and giving her a haircut!

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Don't say that after you just sink your feet in the toilet!

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Don't die

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I don't think she likes it!

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Telling Yuuka to shave her hairy vagina!

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Smelling Yuuka's hairy vagina!

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Don't forget your coupons

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I want to smell Yuuka's smelly armpits, feet and crotch, and then fluster her by describing the smells back to her!

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sitting on a tree

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She looks nervous.

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You're a real piece of shit anon.

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She doesn't know how to get down

>> No.15569406

She can fly down.

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She left her wings at home today

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walking along the beach side with yuuka

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Too bad, I'm not sharing.

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It's okay, Reisen is going to be my girlfriend anyway!

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Changed her hair?

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Or smart. You went into the drive-thru the wrong way!

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taking surprise photos with yuuka

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Taking surprise photos of Yuuka.

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Yuuka doesn't like cameras. The idea of someone looking at her without her knowledge or consent whenever they want weirds her out.

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Dem tittays.

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Nonsense, she loves the attention.

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