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Whats cooking Daddy-o?

Last Thread: >>15545788

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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I don't have enough sticks to whack you with, so I'll just say that OP IS A FAGGOT!

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Literally a worse girl than the siths.

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Made by the same guy that did the original Godzilla. Later released in the U.S. under the name 'Attack of the Mushroom People'. Good movie, but the fungal plague is indeed unsettling.

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I have a mental image of a poster where a mushroom creature is on a tricycle. That movie?

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Furfag pls.

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I wasn't complimenting the Siths with that statement either anon.

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That was actually a toy based on the title creatures from that movie.

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The next OP should start the thread with a Humpty Dumpty.

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reminder that all people who like kobolds are closet furfags

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Fuck that.

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You were shot down seven ways to sunday anon. Give up, you're the only one who thinks that.

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t. hellhoundfag

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Eat shit, Binky-boy.

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Anon no.

Laziest bait I've seen in quite some time.

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All right folks. Last thread we had around 150 posters. Time for Harem role call.

Post your MG harem, yes I'm talking to you! I want to see a full roster, so get motivated.

>hard mode
Include a description of your group dynamic. Why are these girls a part of your life, and how do they handle each other?

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Eh, why not? Much better than transgender shit

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Does a waifu and a single daughteru count as a harem?

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Kikimora triplets.
Very yandere, but willing to share with each other.

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Harem? But I've got one waifu.

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>you will never be breastfed by a holstaurus

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Sorry anon, i'm a one girl kind of guy

I know i wouldn't be able to love all the girls equally and i would feel guilty, it wouldn't be fair to not be able to give my everything to them

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Only one girl for me anon and that's Miia.

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Meer a SHIT

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>Get out of my pool you damn monster girl!

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I do not generally fantasize about having a harem, because I am not a pleb.

One slime waifu and occasional clone/daughteru/sisteru post-mitosis fucking, that's as far as I go

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Are you a fun enough guy to date a fungi?

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>a fungi
>a, singular
>fungi, plural
HATE. Let me tell you about HATE. HATE!

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Unagi Joro

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Fuck no.

>> No.15558509

Fungi? Fun-guy?
Sounds like fun-gay if you ask me.

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>Having a harem

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Well this is a gay ol' thread, isn't it, with the Alps and things.

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Not for long!

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I want to ruffle that hair!

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If it's a Mad Hatter, sure.

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Fuck, I'm tired and bored so why not?
>Busty Himedere Vampire
Gothic Lolita dresses, Hair Drills, the works. RP British Accent
>/fit/ Gym Bunny Hellhound
All spats and tank tops all the time. Very prone to bants. Brooklyn Accent
>Chubby Lazy Cheshire Cat
Prone to teasing and cuddling, sometimes at the same time. Cockney Accent.
>Curvy Metalhead Succubus
Big into Classical Metal and Hard Rock mostly, legs for days and into some seriously kinky shit. Scottish Accent.
>Pear Shaped Genki Kakuen
Always down to cuddle, or fuck, or both. Completely aware of how much her ass jiggles. Oral fixation. Chinese Accent, slightly broken English
>Hourglass Flirty Manticore
Master bonermancer, prefers to seduce rather than take. Thick Greek Accent, rolls her rs super hard.
>Spooky Shoggoth Meido
Never sticks to one body type, works for the Vampire, hides in the shadows and helps facilitate lewd encounters. Thick German accent
>Shortstack Tomboy Gazer
Loves commenting on other people playing games, actually a bit of a novice herself. Occasional nudist, but only when company isn't over. Dixie accent.
And then there's me, the poor sap who can't turn away any of these girls to the point where the Vampire actually had to move all of us into her house.
The girls get along because of one shared trait that makes them work together well with the goal of draining my balls dry,
All of them are dangerously smug.
What can I say, I'm a slut for smug.

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Ammy style wolf

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I don't have a harem.

My only true love is Anivia-darling.

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> Scottish Accent
Have you ever lived in Scotland?
I have, and I can't think of any possible way that accent could be sexy.
Even when they're flirting with you it sounds like ZOOL is threatening to smash the entire pub over your head for looking at his tartans the wrong way.

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I have a fetish for accents.
Also this.

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>Not wanting to fuck ZOOL

>> No.15558552

Surprisingly pleasant.

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>You will never get to drive cars with Jeremy Clarkson.

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>A 250 year old witch who is now in my care thanks to some pact that my great great great great grandfather made with her. She is a genius who suffers silently because she desperately wants to grow up (get bigger tits).
>A Nekomata girl I unwittingly saved while she was in cat form, now she's pledged to become my wife. She plays up the cute foreign girl with a basic understanding of English trope. She also can't grasp the concept of laser pointers.
>My CC Lamia next door neighbor who always gives me odd colored cookies. Secretly a masochist.
>The Arachne who's basically just started squatting in my garage. After an incident that ended in my broom catching fire I decided she could stay. She's an ice queen but she doesn't mind opening up to me.
>My Human childhood friend who has been my ace since we were five. She plays video games with me and quotes Star Wars constantly. Lately she's been more moody around me and less talkative, but she's still squishy in all the right places.

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But that's basically NTRing a bunch of girls with their friends.

>> No.15558577

>fit Hellhound with a Brooklyn accent
I didn't know how much I need this in my life until now.

>> No.15558579

If you're wrong, maybe.

>> No.15558585

>Human childhood friend
You disgust me.

>> No.15558590

>Aye, ye wanna stir last night's haggis, do ye?
No ma'am.

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>Chubby nerdy Tentacle
Happy go lucky, enjoys playing video games and watching anime with me, is very much a romantic.
>shortstack culinary expert Flowkelp
Very determined and driven, loves making new types of recipes for other's to try, likes to relax beside me to talk about her day.
>tall lithe, mantis
Very much into the arts by painting and sculpting whatever cones to mind, is a bit nervous about her height around me since she's like 7ft 8.
>Busty, opera singing mermaid
loves to make song to sing to the audience as well as all of us, loves to test out new songs by first performing them to me in her lovely voice. listens to many types of music.
>strong bookworm Yuki onna
Has subtle yet clear signs of lithe strong muscles on her, loves reading and watching superhero related material especially as it's her favorite type of reading material, surprisingly loves to slow dance with me to winter time music when in a good mood.
The girls get along due to all of them being friends before meeting me and since I was too polite to pick only one, I decided to date them all since we all got along well already as friends. They're favorite thing to do is to come together and put on a show on for me, to both entertain me while also allowing them to grow stronger with their unique hobbies. They're all very loving and affectionate, for when sex comes around the passion it creates for all of us involved means more than how much sex we have.

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Don't forget the bants anon. She'd constantly be getting into mock arguments with other girls and her dirty talk would be unreal.

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Anon stop. I don't have the time to masturbate right now.

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A tough puppy huh?

>> No.15558640

I'm going to stick my thumb in a Hellhounds butt!

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Are you the original guy, or just some one who picked up the fallen torch?

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We need more thick girls in this thread.

>> No.15558658

More thick please.

>> No.15558659

The toughest she can be, both in and out of the bedroom.

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No, we need more lewd skinny girls in this thread.

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Accents are pretty great. I don't know how legitimate it is, but playing all this fallout 4 has given me a real hardon for Cait and her accent.
>No celtic-irish fae grill to fug
>No sweet pillow talk to share between the two of you

I still haven't cemented the best fae grill to fuck though. Titty Anna is too lofty. Dullahan? Non-furry cu sith?

>> No.15558666

>"Hey buddy, I'm rapin' over 'ere!"

>> No.15558667

Not sure if this is a "harem", per se; more like what I vaguely imagine my life would be like in MGC:

> laid back, dopey holstaur
Actual gf, works at the milkshake bar. Met her when I went in quite innocently for a drink and she considered my inability to stop ogling her tits tantamount to asking her out on a date, so just slipped her number under my sundae
> mute impreg fetish devil bug sisters
Just a pair of stinky bugs who live in my ceiling. If gf isn't staying over I will inevitably wake up in the morning to find one of them riding my morning wood
> sassy feral nekomata
A stray cat who prowls the apartment building. Try taking the trash out at the wrong time and you'll find her dumpster-diving for discarded fish, and get raped for your intrusion
> frustrated black harpy coworker
A christmas cake and mad as hell about it. Every time I need something at work it's "Well anon, I could help you out, but in return... I want 5 minutes in the supply closet". Then I'm picking feathers out of my underwear the rest of the day.

That's the recurring cast, but hell, it's MGC, you can't get through a traffic stop without paying the cops a "fine" in utero.

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Hey anons just remember that were all clinically depressed and that your waifu wont be real.

There is only depression.

>> No.15558687

>get Kejourou as waifu
>tell girl to let her hair grow really long
Problem solved.

>> No.15558689

Which is why I can only temporarily satisfy myself by drawing my own monster girl waifus.

Truly it's just plain suffering, I should be a buddhist monk.

>> No.15558692

A slimy, tentacle, Mindflayer scalp massage would cure this.

>> No.15558693

Classic blueberry. Queen bee type, who wants to be waited on hand and foot. Lazy and spoiled, but has a hidden desire to be bossed around and shown her place. Hides in the bathroom closet so she can jump you in the shower.
No nonsense, level headed, and grounding agent in an otherwise crazy universe. She reluctantly plays the role of an older sister type, and is the best at restraining her carnal desires. Secretly a hopeless romantic who likes being woo'ed in classic fashion.
Drips sarcasm with every sultry word. Is she truly happy to serve? Or clean her masters dirty body? We may never know. And that's just how she likes it. The first to offer sexual reprieve to her master with a smug grin, as long as she reminds you how hopeless you are.
>Vamp mosquito
Genius level intellect, German accent, and a doctorate in monster physiology. Her usefulness in the field of science is bellied only by her reputation as a pathological troublemaker. Mischievous, sly, and manipulative. She also has a severe daddy complex, and acts bratty in hopes she's punished for her misdeeds.
>Will o Wisp
Obsessed with dark magic and the secrets of the multiverse, she pretends to despise men because she cant have a normal conversation with one without going into wild heat. Very awkward, but craves attention she has no idea how to handle. Chuuni as fuck, but actually a reliable consultant on all things magical. Will never instigate a sexual encounter, but fantasizes constantly in her journals.

Yeah, I'm pretty far gone.

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Oh, I just realised...

>> No.15558697

It's not really rape when it's a consensual relationship Satan.
Outside of Hell, other kinds of sex besides rape exist.

>> No.15558698

Fuck you, I am my own hype machine and ive been at full power for weeks

>> No.15558699 [DELETED] 

Oh, I just realised...

>> No.15558702

Come to think about it, we talk about Overcharging Kikis from time to time, but I know for a fact that getting headpats from a cute monstergirl would overcharge me.

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I want a mushroom to molest me

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>what about lewd frog girls?

>> No.15558711

Fuck head pats!
I would be charged by loving cuddle by a salamander girl just a little shorter then I am

>> No.15558714

That's not lewd, that's slutty.

>> No.15558718

>No dragon that slaps people that offend her with her tail

>> No.15558721

Ahah! I refuse to see a medical professional, and have thus never been formally diagnosed with jack squat!

>> No.15558723

Fuck you; she's real in my dreams. That's why I sleep almost fourteen hours a day.

>> No.15558725

That's not slutty, that's the standard cheer-leading uniform for Monster Girl High.

>> No.15558726

Pretty sure thats an instant kill.

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>> No.15558733

I'm just not into that look is all.

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She's only ever in my drunk dreams, that's why i drink myself to sleep twice a week

It might honestly be the only thing keeping me going

>> No.15558740

Pretty sure she knows how to control her strength so it isnt neck breaking

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"Adventurer! I heard you needed a healer for your next quest? Would you like me to accompany you? Or do you not an old snake like me dragging you down?"

>> No.15558743

That's a nice Vamp Mosquito you've got there.

>> No.15558745

I have never had a single monstergirl dream in my 5 years of being into them.


>> No.15558751

Still going to call a chubby jinko Garfield and see what happens but i wont stop there, I'll find insulting names of all the monsters and test them out!

>> No.15558754

The only time I ever had a mg related dream was with a human grill that might have been a shirihebi in disguise.

>> No.15558756

Of course you can accompany me mam, not only would having a healer be useful but more importantly having someone to keep me company on this adventure would be really great. I think we'll be getting along really well, but first I must ask you who you are and why do you wish to accompany in the first place if you don't mind my curiosity?

>> No.15558757

I actually had one with a weresheep/pan faun.

>> No.15558758

You can heal for me, but im going to have to insist you put on this sweater. You seem to have mastered the art of distraction.

>> No.15558759

I keep telling you, I'm not on a quest, I'm the mailman. Take your LARPing somewhere else.

>> No.15558761

That doesn't sound like it counts, if she only MIGHT have been snek
Did you at least get some sweet dream action out of her?

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{Marche intensifies}

>> No.15558764

I will punish a Hakutaku with knowledge by forcing her to watch all of Adam sandler's movies in order to find the good ones

>> No.15558765

Fuck off Marche. Nobody likes you.

>> No.15558768

This entire thread is escapism. Your argument is invalid here.

>> No.15558770

backstory for a guy how hasnt played fft?

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File: 2.24 MB, 1200x1800, Find Fi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only MG dream I've had that I can completely remember was cosplay. Did have my waifu luckily enough...and also a Jinko, for some reason. And for some reason completely beyond my understanding, several Fis wandering around.

I feel like I might've had one other since, with actual MGs, but alas, can't quite recollect.

>> No.15558772

Wife. Very motherly, friendly and open, would classify as a young lady turning into a milfcake. Gives ara ara vibes. Kind, gentle, caring and ferocious when it comes to family. Takes care of the meals for everyone. Switches from S to M for the mood. Occasionally seals off the doors and windows for alone time and often forgets about it. Quartermaster and is responsible perishable storage.

Head maid and mistress. Deals with cleaning, laundry, clothing and equipment. Slightly tubby from all the food being cooked. Hard dom and aggressive when it comes with bad habits. Straightens everyone up. Teaches the wife about miscellaneous things. Has a stash of books and naughty things. Secretly wants to have a shota to raise. A light sleeper, gets annoyed at the nightly buzzing from Hellhound's room, but has too much pride to do anything about it.

Bindings and storage, helps Head Maid. Has large knowledge of being oirans and etiquette. Dislikes the fact that the wife is too clingy and likes to molest everyone else. Has bad habits such as sleeping late, is an alcoholic laziness and bad hygiene. Bath time together means she slides on top of everyone for a good scrub and some groping here and there. Excellent massager, likes light choking and asphyxiation.

Fit and likes to do work. From tiling and cabinetry, she can make a house. Can't sit still and itches to do work. Steals vibrators and dildos from Arachne's stash for her own pleasure. Fixes the odd thing in the house, makes beds for everyone. Pleasant to work with, as I crunch numbers and she cuts to size and builds. Commands everyone else for help during larger projects and is a good manager. Touches herself during her sleep. Has not been dicked. Has lesbian gangbang rape fantasies.

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>> No.15558776

No we were sitting together in the cafeteria of an american college. I've never been north of the equator. And I'm pretty sure she was a sneaky snake. It was literally all I could think about while looking at her. I remember a powerful sense of cognitive dissonance, in that she was clearly a shirihebi, but she had legs.

I dunno, it was weird, and the dream shifted away from her soon after.

>> No.15558777

I only have the one Oomukade. Everyone else is plan b-ayylmao

>> No.15558779

Unless Mad Hatter get that shit away from me.

>> No.15558781

Thanks. They're criminally under rated, although I could go without the addictive aspect. Don't mind giving blood though.

>> No.15558788

Jokes on you I have major depression AND I accept that my waifu isn't real. Doesn't mean I still can't fantasize about her and Monster Girls in general.

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"Oh Anon, my daughter's not home right now. I was just about to go out back and sunbathe. Could you help me lotion my back dearie?"

>> No.15558796

They get pulled into a fantasy land from reality. it's better for everyone involved, but the main character says it's unhealthy and everyone needs to find a way back to reality.

>> No.15558797

Pharaohs are JUSTICE

>> No.15558798

The only dreams I remember are some weird fantasy stories where shit happens, I get wrapped up in it, and when the climax comes, I'm up. Then I forget all of it. Not a single one of those hazy dreams had my waifu in it. It's a bit annoying.

>> No.15558801

there is always on killjoy
thanks for telling me

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And Anubis is just a fat, lazy, overbearing, spoiled princess who needs to get laid!

>> No.15558807

Why not gt your husband to do it?

>> No.15558808

Walks around construction facility, healthy and delicious dieting and positive reinforcement, now.

>> No.15558810

Ma'am, you misunderstand. I'm here for you!

>> No.15558812

Ms. Anubis are you trying to seduce me?

>> No.15558813

Anon her husband has been dead for a while.

>> No.15558818
File: 867 KB, 1280x720, 1455800861159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Khepri is that you?

>> No.15558819

What, does her neighborhood not have a lich?

>> No.15558824

Uh that's a tempting offer ma'am, but I should really go meet your daughte- uh wow, yes it's very fluffy, but I need tooooOOOOHOHO That's pretty forward of you. And that's my zipper.

Where's that lotion again?

>> No.15558825

>not healthy

I feel like having someting to live for is more healthy then killing myself

>> No.15558831

Y'know, I think pretty much all monstergirl settings would be absolutely chock full of single mothers.

MGQ is already (because half of them fucking murdervore you as part of the impregnation process).

EMG maybe less so, because each girl is assigned a family so you know full well who the babydaddy is if she gets knocked up...

But MGE definately, with all the random indiscriminate rape that most of the girls do. When you need 3 square meals of white cream a day whether you're married or not, the whole fuck-to-live-and-live-to-fuck lifestyle the mgs lead, even with low fertility they're inevitably going to get knocked up at random at some point and have no way of knowing which of the hundred travellers they assulted recently is the father.

>> No.15558844

Im almost entirely sure magic contraceptive exists, atleast for the matriarch types like Demons and Titanias.

And can undead like Ghouls even have children?

>> No.15558856

>magic contraceptive
But why? It's like going to the range and just pulling the trigger on an empty gun for an hour or so.

>> No.15558866

A Monstergirl who only wants to have kids with her husband, but screws the slaves in the slave pit while she is away on work. Gotta get that spirit energy, and it's not like slaves count as people.

>> No.15558869

>Im almost entirely sure magic contraceptive exists, atleast for the matriarch types like Demons and Titanias

Even if they do, I wouldn't expect MGs to use them. Why wouldn't they want a kid? Don't forget they're part beast: the reason they want sex isn't just succubus nymphomania, it's also beastial mate-lust. The desire to pass on their genes is stronk.

> undead having children

They explicitly can, Fallen Maidens addresses it directly. Wandering Scholar even editorialises that this means "undead" might be a misnomer and such monstergirls are really new proper species rather than just walking post-mortal versions of old species

>> No.15558889

Let's say your MG wife has already given you five beautiful children. She still wants your spirit energy, but the kids are almost out of the house and she just wants some time for the two of you before you turn her into a baby factory again.

>> No.15558908

In KC land, it's so hard to have children for most species that it's never an issue. In fact, the more powerful the monster, usually the harder it is for them to have children.

It's bad enough that couples make whole pilgrimages to the tentacle rape forest just for an extra chance of conception.

>inb4 N(Tree)R

>> No.15558922

Fair enough, that's kind of a reason for a married, already-fruitful monster to dial it back a notch.

But I'm talking about single monstergirls. And I guess I was thinking about the ones that live out in the wilds; froggirls, harpies, goblins, those sort of ones. Life in the great outdoors is rough, and who knows, you might fall down a ravine tomorrow and die. Gotta pass on your genes every chance you get.

>> No.15558923


>> No.15558924

My fetish is that tentacles capture my wife and I, and force us to fuck each other, while conveniently ignoring my ass, and helping me gang my wife.

>> No.15558926

> having such a chilly sex life you need tentacles to force you to fuck

Get a better waifu, anon. For both yours sakes.

>> No.15558927

Nah mate, I'm just lazy.

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U-umi da?

>> No.15558936


Speak english.

>> No.15558937

Beg pardon?

>> No.15558938

How bro-ish of them.

>> No.15558939

>Queen Shoggoth
Waifu. Met her by chance one night in the mountains of the south pole. A gang of delinquent albino penguin girls rolled through and destroyed our expedition, carried all the men off. By chance I was out of camp when it happened. I had come down with mild fever-symptoms, and had troubles sleeping. I took a short walk and stopped to enjoy the Aurora Australis - the way those solar and magnetic spirits dance is quite captivating. When I turned returned, the camp was already a wasteland. I scavenged what I could of the supplies into a large backpack and made to cross the mountains alone in hopes of reaching the beach where our ship landed.

Unfortunately, a heavy blizzard began to blow in precisely at that moment. Stranded and in the open, our camp destitute with no shelter, I opted to just keep my head down and trudge onward against the incline. I would reach the crest or die trying. If I made it, I could easily make my way down again to the security of the boat.

As I walked, the howling, snow-whipped winds began to twist and take sinister shape. Arrant notes would slip in, notes of a thin and monotonous, whining flute. Against the onslaught, my heart beat in my ears but under the duress my fever must have begun to arc up, for under the thrumming beat of my own heart I fancied the muffled and maddening beat of vile drums.

To this day I have no recollection for how long or far I walked. All I hold for certain was that surely, bit by bit, I was losing myself to this maddening cacophony. But then I made the crest. And upon looking across the blasted white-washes wastes, I lost myself truly.

Twisting below me, before my eyes was an illogical labrynth - reaching pinnacles spearing through the writhing clouds of ice vapors - winding roads and split buildings, grand and awesome minarets and arches. I stood upon a slate balcony and stood aghast as the alien figures carved into the balustrade of both an infinitely masterful and complex workmanship, such that they appeared to move and observe me, yet in the same stroke, infinitely primal.

I forgot the cold, forgot even the daemon flutes as I descended into the incomprehensible maze, drawn as much by a fell curiosity as I was a sick revulsion and a need to escape the biting cold.

I wandered through ruins, some far to large to home a man, some far too small, and some disconcertingly fitting. I spied wyrd edifices that no mammalian being could possibly inhabit, odd furnishings and countless shelves lined with books of all shapes and sizes, carved with letters and alphabets, some which my mind seemed to reject on an innate level, others which made me shudder uncontrollably for how familiar they were. The oldest incarnations of Sanskrit and arabic. English of a stroke more modern than even my own.

I passed through doorways and halls whose angles and non-euclidian architecture resonated with my fever in ways I can scarce comprehend. I felt a passenger in my own mind as I watched my self trudge through hallways I had no right to navigate to intimately. I descended to depths that not even the light above dared touch, and yet found myself walking onward steadfast, my eyes unnaturally accustomed to the gloom.

The tunnels were lined with images of Greater beings than I have ever thought possible. Commanding civilization, seeding life. I was witness to a history my fingers fear to type and stood petrified as I reached back through the ages and fell upon the moment that which mustn't go free was released. I don't know what brought the bile up from my stomach, the wretched end to the story or the crude, insulting continuation.

I wandered further yet, tracing the steps of an abandoned, lonesome existence. Soon I ceased to care for the quality of the imitation, and begin to mourn for the creature carving it. It's tale resonated with me on a level deeper than the past mastery, and I found my footsteps hastening.

My recollections from that point onward are vague - a haunting, wretched sobbing - a writhing black mass - vast caverns and immaculately tended homes, lost to the millennia.

And yet what I do recall in blissful vividness, the sensations of the exact moment I plunged into that inky darkness, and embraced it. The exact moment I felt arms wrap around me in turn.

She is, essentially lazy. Lazy and clingy but highly doting. Acts the mother figure and finds great thrill in looking after her autonomous clones. soft and voluptuous, prefers modern clothes like sweaters

>Guard Shoggoth
In a word, overzealous. It can get annoying, but I can't begrudge her enthusiasm as having a master to protect after so long. Huge softy off duty. Likes cute things. Athletic/buff body with wide hips and sculpted abs. Dresses in out-dated fashion when not in her suit of armor

>Maid Shoggoth
Archaic and servile. Hides a mischievous and rebellious streak. Revels in seduction and winding me up. Her maid outfit grows lewder by the day. Thick thighs.

>> No.15558944

That's not the point. It's a (monster) wife's job to take the initiative and guide her husband in a variety of interesting and inventive ways while inflaming his passion! If she's not getting you so hot and bothered that your laziness is a distant memory, she hardly qualifies as a wife at all!

Luckily, Sensei Hakutaku's Marriage Counseling is open for business! From just $59.99 a session you can learn anew how to get out of the marital rut and feel like newlyweds again! Visit our offices at 69 Zipangu Road for a no-obligation free quotation!

Be aware that, as husbands often require extra classes, wives should be prepared that their partners will certainly be required to stay after class for at least half an hour of advanced one-on-one tuition with Sensei Hakutaku. Wives should not feel obligated to wait around during this time. In fact, it's probably best of you go home and start working on dinner or something while husband is... studying. He'll need his stamina, after all!

>> No.15558946

The VR and AR revolution will bring waifus to the mainstream. Whether that's good or bad isn't clear.

I'm still depressed because of my OCD and Inattentive ADHD.

>> No.15558948

>You will never go with a close Monstergirl friend to a lewd cafe.
>You will never try to guess which of the male servers are alps by teasing everyone relentlessly.

>> No.15558950

I accidently my concept of love. Did anyone ever decided to go do even as to look more like a monster girl?

>> No.15558954

Did you let a mindflayer cross some wires there, bud?

>> No.15558956

It's an older meme, Mistress, but it checks out.

>> No.15558959


>> No.15558970

All things considered, I wouldn't be opposed to her using the same spell on me right away.
After all, there's worse things to be than the perfect cuddlepillow for a lovely anubis. And she has good time management, so I'd never miss out on anything because of the time spent like that.

>> No.15558976

Fine, we'll go to the beach. But it's just a lake, you know.

>> No.15558979

As an addendum, we'd just need to be careful with that kind of magic, though.
Say I slip the potion version into her meal at dinner without her knowledge, and she casts the spell on me right as I'm getting under the covers in her.

Then suddenly we'd both be spending the night helpless and almost completely unable to move, just able to shuffle up to each other and pass the eight hours on the bed like that.

>> No.15558981

So since Dead Rising 4 is all about female zombies, can we talk about a man wading through a mall full of cute zombies?

>> No.15558985

This is a wierd kink and you need to stop.
Just, y'know, get into lactation or something, like a NORMAL Japanese reverse-rape beastiality cartoon fetishist.

>> No.15558988

>Really hot out
>Can't stand the heat anymore
>Go to the mall that's filled with Zombies and just lie down on the floor
>The building itself is air conditioned, and then the Zombie girls that start piling on you are nice and cool too
>It's like heaven

>> No.15558991

>Fall asleep
>Wake up surrounded by Wights

>> No.15558992

> "...diiiiiiiiicks..."
> "...rargh... diiiiicks..."
> "...seeemeeeen..."
> "...diiiiiicks..."
> "...braiiiiiins..."
> "..."
> "...whaaat the fuuuck, Sanaeeee..."
> "...what, neeeerdboys are seeeeexy..."
> "...yooou're peeerpetuaaating... a neeegativeee steeereeeotype... Sanaeee..."
> "...fuuuuck youuu, myyy husbando > youuuur husbandoooo..."

>> No.15559047
File: 260 KB, 708x1000, Version_1_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As far as MGE goes, it's really up to the reader's interpretation as to the very specifics of the setting. The way I've always thought of it is that it depends on the species. Obviously, a succubus or similar type girls I think are more prone to just fuck and leave, thus meaning they're more likely to be single mothers. Whereas, say an Ushi-Oni or a Sandworm just captures the first guy they find and turn them into their eternal cumpump. Meaning they wouldn't be likely single mothers. All in all, it's up for you to decide; whatever makes you happy.

>> No.15559065
File: 316 KB, 1000x1000, 41579634_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, that's a great idea. I'll combine the lactation with the daki transformation!
After all, what use is an animate daki monstergirl if they don't have breasts to milk and suck?

This should apply to living futon girls, too.

>> No.15559083

Well fair point, obviously unicorns aren't going to be trailed by 5 bastard foals from 5 different fathers.

And monsters like, I dunno, arachnes or whatever who are REALLY GOOD at preventing their random capture fuckbuddies from physically escaping, are less likely to end up raising a child alone because the father just physically can't leave.

I suppose my point is that I don't expect single monstergirls to consider motherhood something to be avoided. Singledom is bad, motherhood is good; so single-motherhood is non-ideal, but it's better than single not-motherhood.

>> No.15559089

I approve of this.

>> No.15559099

I like to think monstergirls have an innate understanding of the value of a father, and won't conceive until one is as close to guaranteed as you can get.

>> No.15559109
File: 140 KB, 404x600, orc00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A small pack of 5 P'orcs.

Two of them come from the same family. One is the same age as me, just off a month or so, the other is eight years older. Then the other three come from a different family, twins who are a year older, the last one is two years younger than me. I haven't decided on names yet.

They all met each other just a few weeks before attempting to capture me, only to fail by getting caught in their own trap. I ended up saving them from the trap, otherwise they could have been in serious trouble if stuck for a long period of time. They recognized me as their master after saving them from their trap, treating their wounds, and cooking a nice meal for them.

There's sort of a friendly rivalry between them all when it comes to getting my attention, but they all love each other as well. The oldest one sometimes feels like a bit of an outcast in the group because of her age. But truth be told, she's my favorite. I'd never tell the other girls that though! And, I try not to make it obvious. The twins are identical and not just in appearance. They behave the same way and do almost everything together.

Because taking care of all their "needs" is, well, draining. They do all the housework, leaving me to do whatever I want. Usually that time is spent with them, on occasion giving each girl their own day with me, whatever they want to do, just the two of us.

We live in an old abandoned mansion on the outskirts of a town. They've done a lot of improvements on it to make it look nice, and a bit more like home for them. That means erecting palisades and small watchtower in the front where the gate is. Not that there's any danger for thousands of miles, since we're in the center of a massive mamono realm. It's more of a cultural thing for them. But this also ties into the fact that they're very protective of me.

Overall though, we all get along well. If they're not with me, they're with each other doing things together. Jealousy can seep in at times, but nothing to serious to make anyone hate each other. If anyone of them were in trouble, they'd all jump to their defense.

>>This scenario is still a WIP

>> No.15559110

But in MGEland monster children are actually remarkably difficult to conceive.
It takes some very dedicated fucking for them to even stand a chance of getting babby. There's a line in the world guides to the effect of "even though couples with MGs fuck a whole lot more than purely human couples, they're less likely to have children."

>> No.15559113
File: 282 KB, 640x480, 1442539125851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15559117

See I think it's cuter if they DON'T have an innate understanding, and then when to her surprise you do stick around and you all become a cute family she gets overjoyed with how much better it is this way and how lucky she is to have you.

Also my autism kinda requires that random-rape single-mother pregnancy be a thing to explain how monster populations sustain themselves in wilderness areas where men and indeed humans in general are rare

>> No.15559120

Wasn't there a tentacle forest where the tentacles get more and more violent as you approach the center, but there's some sort of fruit that guarantees the couple a baby on their next fuck?

>> No.15559122

>Oppai loli Lich
Incredibly smart when it comes to magic and science but has an extreme lack of common sense or worldly knowledge outside of that. Always roping the rest of the harem into her shenanigans such as trying new temporary potions or making them try out hew new sex toy machines against their will. Being the guy in the harem I'd be the only one she wouldn't drag into that sort of thing.
>Gentle giant Jinko
A bit more feminine than the average Jinko and probably the kindest of the harem. Due to her nature she's usually the #1 victim of the Lich and subjected to all manner of things but some of the others in the harem see her as an older sister figure since she handles a lot of the household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. She's also a big scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies or anything violent.
>Military otaku Yeti
Tanks, planes, ships, you name it and she probably has encyclopaedic knowledge of it. She's probably such a military otaku that she'd survive on rations alone unless the Jinko nagged her to eat something decent and often sleeps in a tent in the back garden. Despite all of that she's still a pacifist herself and is still a cuddle slut like you would expect a Yeti to be, she wouldn't mind taking up a harmless hobby like paint ball if they made guns that were usable with her big fluffy paws though.
>Khepri twins
One mildly tsundere and the other the world's biggest tease. Both can often be found playing video games in the living room and are fiercely competitive with each other, the tsun is a sore looser and often sulks in the Yeti's tent after arguments until her sister comes to apologize for teasing her too much. Outside of their gaming hobby they can often be found playing kitchen assistant to the Jinko to make themselves useful or on a sisters day out in town.
>MMA fighter Hellhound
Loud and sometimes doesn't express herself exactly how she means to but has a heart of gold. She's a fairly competent fighter with a 17 win 3 loss record in local tournaments. Prone to sulking after a loss or close fight and won't come out of her room until meal time. After a win however she's usually fairly smug and tells her story to the tsundere Khepri who will listen in awe.
Despite being a tough girl she's the #2 victim of the Lich as she's helpless against magic.

>> No.15559123

Yes, but it's not like it's an accumulation of baby batter in the womb that does it. A single Mg might fuck as often as a married one, she just fucks more men. And any one of those might be the lucky one.

>Single mothers raising shit kids is cute
Yeah, nah. As for your spoiler, nothing is stopping them from kidnapping one man and making him a communal cumpump

>> No.15559127

Yeah, I'm just saying the odds are really low.

>> No.15559140
File: 480 KB, 964x1100, 1430247648779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't believe I once tried to write this thing into a story. What is even the point in its existence?

>> No.15559142

It's a classic if goofy japanese monster. The point of it is mostly just that anything can become a monstergirl if you toss enough mamanobama at it.

>> No.15559143

Umbrellas need love too. She's actually super cute.

>> No.15559146
File: 426 KB, 678x800, 1c863119e8e8b2f7dfbb09905b49093f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you mean? Karakasa obake are great.

>> No.15559150

It's the quintessential nip dick cheese fetishist.

>> No.15559159

> Single mothers raising shit kids is cute

Well, I don't dispute that IRL bastadry is degenerative to both mother and child, but when the kid is SUPPOSED to grow up into a feral rapist who lives in a cave there's not really a pressing need for a positive father figure, is there?

> nothing is stopping them from kidnapping one man and making him a communal cumpump
If MGs were capable of keeping their rape captives in the rape cave with a 0% escape rate, then sure.
I mean, I don't discount that model as a possibility, I just don't think it's always gonna be a success

Also you'd be pretty fucking pissed off if as an explorer you tripped and fell into the Lost Tribal Oppai Lizardgirl Village and they all ignored you because "Yeah, we captured the Great Husband-Fatheru 40 years ago and all 150 of us are his harem-wives. Sorry buddy, you're not getting any action here, *bounce bounce*"

>> No.15559160

No, that's the Akaname, anon.

>> No.15559162

>AR revolution will bring waifus to the mainstream
MGE Go? Gotta catch'em all

>went into shady place to catch rare mg
>got raped by that mg

>> No.15559169
File: 487 KB, 570x599, 1442951151427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maaan, these shrooms are the shit, maaan!

>> No.15559170

No, akaname is rimjob fetish
Though I don't know why would karakasa be dick cheese

>> No.15559173

Akaname is filth in general.
Sweat, dick cheese, rimming, whatever.
She's gonna get that tongue all up in and around ya.

>> No.15559174

Oh, I got the two gross tongue monsters mixed up. My bad.

>> No.15559176

I heard that there was some recent VR Sex Showcase in Japan.

It got cancelled early because interest was too high for the venue or some shit.
Truly the age of the waifu is fast advancing.

>> No.15559181

>If MGs were capable of keeping their rape captives in the rape cave with a 0% escape rate, then sure.
? You make it sound like its so hard to chain a dude to a rock and keep him there. Don't forget how often the last girl to gang rape him would jut fall asleep on top of him and hold him inside her until morning. also, you're forgetting mamono mana and drugs and magic and venom and shit.

>Also you'd be pretty fucking pissed off if as an explorer you tripped and fell into the Lost Tribal Oppai Lizardgirl Village and they all ignored you because "Yeah, we captured the Great Husband-Fatheru 40 years ago and all 150 of us are his harem-wives. Sorry buddy, you're not getting any action here, *bounce bounce*"
>Exploring just to get your dick wet.
No, I wouldn't be pissed off. What kind of assumption is that?
>I discovered the lost tribe, therefor I get to dick them!

>> No.15559197

> You make it sound like its so hard to chain a dude to a rock and keep him there.

When you're a harpy and don't have any hands - or metalworking, for that matter - then I actually do think this would be nontrivial.

Also I don't really expect feral monstergirls who live in the wilderness to be very smart, frankly. It wouldn't take a Houdini to escape them.

> No, I wouldn't be pissed off. What kind of assumption is that?
>I discovered the lost tribe, therefor I get to dick them!

...I don't think you have quite grasped the tropes of this genre yet.

>> No.15559198
File: 1.25 MB, 539x7960, 56843580_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bullying a monoeye!

>> No.15559206

>Shortstack holst
Motherly and kind, she does her best to keep everyone happy, slough her gentle smile belies an iron hard will if things are getting out of hand.

Also prone to sneaking in her milk into the food/drinks because she knows of my love of breasts

>Tubby Tanuki Heiress
If the holst runs the place, the heiress owns it, buying everything she wants and getting a bit pouty when things are denied to her.

Much of her money comes from stocks so she just snacks and watches anime while selling/trading. Acts haughty but knows when to call it quits.

First to go for cuddling when I get back.

>Muscled hinezumi
A martial arts master, she's the serious one in the group, always ready to train or sparr at the drop of the hat.

Has thick thighs and a taste for bad kungfu movies

Also slightly confused as to why she needs new bras as of late.

>Tall wight
The tallest (and secretly the youngest) of the group, the wight works as an accountant for an alchemical firm.

A quiet, reserved woman, she's actually a huge nerd that runs DnD campaigns for the group, although there is a suspicious amount of undead who try and grapple my character

>> No.15559209

Go away Nurgle, I’m not joining chaos.

>> No.15559212

Auntie Nurgle just wants to nurse you when you're sick~

>> No.15559215

But she's going to keep him sick

>> No.15559216

And nurse him forever, and forever, and forever~

>> No.15559217

>then I actually do think this would be nontrivial
>Build eyrie
>Put tribe-slut in eyrie
>Tribe slut tries to escape first night
>Falls too far and breaks both legs
>Put tribe-slut back in eyrie
>Tribe-slut doesn't try to leave anymore.
Not that hard.

>It's a trope
What if I just wanna explore with my waifu? What if I'm not exploring solely to get my dick wet? I find it curious that you are so set on railroading this to a single conclusion when that is the antithesis of the hugbox this genre is.

>> No.15559218

While that is nice, and she does take care of me and I do like it. It’s not ok to make me sick in order to take care of me.

>> No.15559222

> Auntie Nurgle just wants to nurse you when you're sick
The 'nurse' with the uniform and the temperature-taking, or the 'nurse' with the calcium?
Both plz

>> No.15559229

> I find it curious that you are so set on railroading this to a single conclusion when that is the antithesis of the hugbox this genre is

Finding a lost tribe of oppai lizardgirls that WON'T give you the V is the antithesis of the monstergirl genre?

K, lol

>> No.15559233

>Railroading isn't antithetical to a wish fulfillment genre
I think you're the one with the shallow understanding.

>> No.15559238

I'd love a tribe of oppai Loki lizard women

>> No.15559239
File: 609 KB, 1000x1376, pixiv57598348_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never have a yandere battle meido who protects you with all her might and is desperate for your approval

>> No.15559245

Do rich people get together and make bets on underground Meido Martial Arts matches?

>> No.15559248

I want to live in the mountains and not be noticed by the dragons for years

>> No.15559250

No. What a shitty master

>> No.15559254

It's easy not to be noticed by Dragons when you're going down, down to Goblin Town, ho-ho my lad!

>> No.15559257

What's the point of battle maids then? How do they spar anyway?

>> No.15559258

>you will enact(roleplay) your waifu's weeaboo fantasy by pretending to be a moe boy or the main love interest of an isekai novel

>> No.15559262

>Hoho Human. Is has been so long since a mortal dared to tread so close to my lair. For what reason have you come?

>What are you talking about? We've been neighbors for at least seven years now


>I left you that welcome cake when I first moved in.

>That was you?

>> No.15559264

By removing potential threats that want to do bad things to master

>> No.15559265

I want to fall asleep hugging the yeti as she goes on about WW2 airplane engines for hours

>> No.15559267

Nope, I'll outright refuse. nothing will get me to act like a shitstain little protag

>> No.15559268

>implying isekai novels in mg world would have male protags

>> No.15559269
File: 132 KB, 718x1000, Big girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a no bully thread.

Please don't make lewd or bullying comments about a MG's body

>> No.15559274

Her confused as fuck face would be awesome

>> No.15559275

NOT commenting on a monstergirl's fine booty is considered emotional abuse in 49 states, anon

>> No.15559278
File: 300 KB, 864x810, senaspies_c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>alp thread
>no bullying


>> No.15559280

Please don't sexualise the nun. She's not used to lewd comments and is embarrassed about her BIG butt

>> No.15559282

This is the cutest scorpion-girl I have ever seen.
Huge perky tits and a belt-bikini do wonders for distracting from the whole giant-terrifying-monster-carapace thing

>> No.15559285

>Do I really need to say 'I'm cumming with the force of a thousand clams?'

>> No.15559287

>/fit/ Tomboy Hellhound
Tall and muscular, total bro who is always down to hang out and have some fun. Almost exclusively wears a sports bra and spats. Always does something that will flex her muscles when you're around, like carrying something heavy, she knows that her abs are your weakness. Prepare for the roughest, wildest sex imaginable.

>Partying Raiju
Slim athletic body, legs for days, all kinds of flexible. Lives electronic music, often has it cranked, loves to go out and dance at nightclubs. Gets very close and personal if you walk in on her dancing, slinks up and down your body, her hands travelling all over, sending small, pleasurable shocks through your body. Gets along well with Hellhound, and often goes to the gym with her. You've overheard her trying to convince Hellhound to do a threesome with you and her. A total freak in bed.

>Bossy Anubis
Average height, the finest butt you have ever seen. A complete neat freak, always gives Hellhound and Raiju Hell for not being more tidy, everything has to be just so, picky about her food. Enjoys reading. Opens up more when you get her alone, and secretly likes to cuddle with you while having a pleasant conversation as well as having her tail brushed. Likes passionate sex, favorite position is lotus position.

>Shortstack kobold
The softest, nicest breasts this side of MGC. She's everybody's best friend. Always there for a word of encouragement or to lend a helping hand. A bit of a klutz. Doesn't have any one particular hobby but enjoys just about everything. Enjoys spending time with everybody, but you especially. The softest, cuddliest sex to be had.

>Thick Lazy Yeti
Thick in all the right places. Yeti is content to lay around all day watching TV or playing games. Always totally mellow, nothing seems to get her angry. When asked to help around the house she only puts in a minimum effort. What she can do, aside from forcing you to be her personal teddy bear, is make a variety of delicious frozen deserts from scratch, which is where she gets her soft thickness.

>> No.15559288

>Dragon asks her wyvern neighbor about the hobo.
>"Hold on.... There's a human who lives here?"
>Yeah! He's been here since before I moved in.
>"So THATS where the cakes come from!"

>> No.15559298

Lone Wolf & Cub, with a man and his Werewolf daughteru. Discuss.

>> No.15559301

Eeeehhh, give me a plot. What are they doing? Where are they doing it? What's the conflict of the story? What happened to mama? Did a bear eat her? Or is she away on a trip and they've been waiting for her to get back for two years?

>> No.15559302

Why don't you discuss it, you lazy fuck.

>> No.15559303

Yo I pitched you an idea,whaddya want from me ovah hear? Fogeddaboudid!

>> No.15559312
File: 117 KB, 900x1272, dee063c56b8608a5dfe7e188c1c93f28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course not, why would I? My waifu wouldn't like me commenting on other girls' butts.

>> No.15559315
File: 256 KB, 434x616, raiju_staff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Lewd-dancing raver raiju

I need this in my life

>> No.15559322

Anubis is all anyone could ever need.

And she certainly sounds incredible.

>> No.15559356

>She will never hold your head to her chest while retelling the battle of Britain in great detail

>> No.15559358
File: 75 KB, 346x600, 1430403043981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark Matters wield the power cosmic!

>> No.15559376

Does passionate mean loving or vigorous here? I'm having a hard time imagining a big-butt Anubis rocking in her husband's lap very fast.

Sex hair Yeti when? Yukari an OK girl

>> No.15559380

I meant loving, tender, that kinda thing.

>> No.15559381
File: 100 KB, 300x100, 1420938068965.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any alp stories?
>inb4 faggot

>> No.15559383

>Yukari an OK girl
She was who I had in mind while thinking of the Yeti. Just Yeti sized and into all kinds of military history rather than limited to land battles.

>> No.15559385

Alp Adventures is good. If you want to try something a little more hardcore, try Andrea the Alp.

>> No.15559392
File: 1.76 MB, 3936x4408, Your best friend is an Alp CYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The sensual suspects is one, there's also a number of them that were created off-site.

>> No.15559396

>CYOA where you bang an Alp who used to be your best friend
I don't need this in my life. Not at all.

>> No.15559397

Speaking of, there was also Yandere Alp ONAHOLE VAGANIA

>> No.15559398

When will the TG cancer leave?

>> No.15559401

Never, Alps are part of MGE and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it.

>> No.15559404

So is yuri. That doesn't stop the neighborhood watch. What the fuck happened?

>> No.15559407

Alps are lovable rascals and their spokesperson in these threads is someone you love to hate.

>> No.15559433

I have various versions of my dragon waifu, it's like I'm a dimension hopper and I'm trying to date my waifu in all og them.

Delinquent, student council, evil lord, guardian, hero, goddess, adventurer, mercenary, neet, homeless, rich, bystander, tsundere, kuudere and many more. She is everything to me.

>> No.15559437

This is an idea I like, alt-universe versions of the waifu sound great.

>> No.15559456

I hate it when my device autocorrects a Japanese word for a child into the name of a Norse god too.

>> No.15559461

>lovable rascals

Cancerous excuse for closet faggots. I'd rather vomit up my liver and talk about werewolves domming weresheep than permit trannies in the thread.

>> No.15559465
File: 250 KB, 531x750, WeresheepBaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talk about werewolves domming weresheep

Honestly not a terrible idea senpai

>> No.15559469

Do you remember where this yandere alp is?

>> No.15559474
File: 327 KB, 891x900, 1446035447976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody needs you to permit anything though. Alps are not going anywhere, and there's nothing you can do about it. Here, have a flower.

>> No.15559477

Which would be preferable if you were a kindergartner again?

Playing in the sandbox with Sandworm and Wurm?
Playing Monopoly with Lich and Albino Lamia?
Find a way to play patty-cake with Crybaby Wyvern?
Ditch class with second grade Salamander and Hellhound because you're too cool for school?
Or get lectured by the 6th grade Hakutaku teacher and stare at her bouncing takus?

>> No.15559478

>Implying I wouldn't go to play with the Titania teacher

>> No.15559479

I didn't actually mean we should talk about that, if the context of it being next to the bit about vomiting livers didn't imply that.
I mean, I'd love to actually talk about that, but we both know the thread isn't stable enough to not explode over such discussion.

>> No.15559481

I'll do what I did in real kindergarten and play kiss-tag with the girls.
In this case the Goblin-Hobgoblin-Goblin triplets.

>> No.15559483

I prefer the idea of Hellhounds domming Weresheep but that's just me.

>> No.15559485

Protect crybaby wyvern from the fire beasts.

>> No.15559487

>Alt universe interpretations of your waifu

I'm guilty of doing this too. In my writefag ideas, I like to imagine different incarnations of her. In the present world, a young prodigy with a love for model building. In a fantasy world, a child with great magical talent and a gifted priestess-in-training who yearns for the stars. And in a future setting, a genius with pioneering dreams that spans a galaxy and beyond.

A single soul, maybe with slightly different personalities and wildly different backgrounds, but the same defining traits and dreams.

>> No.15559490


>> No.15559493

>Nerdy Monster girls invite you over for a game night filled with vidya, pizza, soda and bullying/teasing/raping the overall loser
>Buff Monster girls invite you the gym with promises of gains, muscle feeling and possibly sex
>Naughty Monster girls invite you to a party/orgy of unprotected sex and fertility spring spiked punch where there will most certainly be at least 20 babies conceived
Who do you go with?

>> No.15559495

Yeah, it's kinda weird though. It's like I love her so much that I'm fated to be with her no matter what. Sure, I like other girls, but she is so good that I don't mind being with her in every dimension existing. Too bad I can't be with her in this one

>> No.15559496

Gym. I'm feeling the need for it, even though I just went on Sunday.

>> No.15559497

No I'm not.

>> No.15559501

Wonder if Holst ears would be all tough and sinewy.

>> No.15559505

I've played with cow ears. I would like this.

>> No.15559511

I know what you mean. It's that feeling where you can't get enough of her, you want to experience everything with her. Things impossible in one world of setting you can still do with her, with the gift of multiple universes to share.

>> No.15559513

Show me what spells you can do and take off those glasses.

>> No.15559514

>Kobold and/or Hellhound puppies grawing on the Holst kindergarten teacher's ears

>> No.15559521

She's protected by Ryu when she's not absent from school or treating the water fountain like it's her property.
Only you and maybe a few stray birds have to worry about those firey girls.

>> No.15559524

Nerd party. I'm too tired from work for the gym and I don't want kids. What kind of MGs would be at these parties?

>> No.15559527

Thanks for the laugh.

>> No.15559528

Then I'm gonna play with the fiery girls and hopefully they won't notice when I'm trying to convert them into attending class. That should not only make the cool kids my friends, but also win some favor with yhe teacher.

>> No.15559531

Gazers, anubi, devils, runty kitsunes, fairies, and such.

>> No.15559536
File: 446 KB, 564x800, Holstaurus1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Holst kindergarten teacher
>Holst kindergarten teacher
>Holst kindergarten teacher who keeps having to gently dissuade the kids when they try to get at her boobs
>They're all remembering their earlier days at their own mothers' teats and the scent of milk kicks their instincts back in
>Some of the toddlers are baphos or minos who can already overpower her
>Invariably when it's time to take the kids home she's pinned to the floor under a pile of assorted monstergirls
> all suckling her at once like baby animals
>"S-sarah, Rosa, your f-father's here to take you h-home a-ah~!"
> nottu disu shitu again, it ruins their appetite for dinner

>> No.15559541

>convert them
The one being converted is YOU. You think you're reforming them, until one day you notice you're shooting cans with Hellhound's new pellet gun instead of going to school.
The lonely, might as well be an alcoholic Echidna who teaches kindergarten? Or the Holst who teaches second grade?

>> No.15559542

Oddly yet intensely hot. I like it.

>> No.15559544

Gym, I need more power.

>> No.15559547

How are they?

>> No.15559550
File: 133 KB, 600x773, 0_Liliraune.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Curse those delinquents, they found out about my impreg fetish!
Well, maybe when they getting fat and hormonal for 9 months that'll teach 'em to straighten up and fly right!

>> No.15559552

I wouldn't be converted that easily. She might be extra fun, but school is still important. And the teacher, well, maybe I wouldn't get to friendly with her now that I think about it.

>> No.15559553 [DELETED] 

This is why we're making threads only after the previous one dies was a good system.

Because otherwise it'll be the biggest fucking retard who makes the new thread every time.

>> No.15559557

Breastfeeding when the girl's being forced is the pinnacle of the lactation fetish. I salute you sir.

>> No.15559558


>> No.15559572

So are cait and cu and you don't see them mentioned here except with compete disgust you gnat

>> No.15559573

>Meanwhile the pedophile Succubus teacher is trying to pull the little boys away from her colleague
>"Hora hora, don't you want to rub your pee-pee against aunty's butt?"
>It never works because the kids are too little to care about lewd stuff
>Eventually she gives up and sits in the corner hugging her knees
>One day one of the boys comes over to hug her
>Still doesn't get the D, but at least it's something

>> No.15559575


So which girls would make the worst Kindergarten teacher?

The obvious answer: 98% of them. Though I would imagine some are worse than others

>> No.15559577

> impreg fetish
> posts liliraunes, which don't get pregnant

>> No.15559579

You can't do jack shit about Alps being accepted here.

>> No.15559584


>> No.15559585

They've never been anything else except shitposting.

>> No.15559589


Fuck off to /lgbt/ or /d/ with transgender shit

>> No.15559590
File: 194 KB, 700x600, 1439758462768.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, they love you.

>> No.15559592
File: 109 KB, 900x600, Nereid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The monstergirl it is least responsible to leave in a position of responsibility is the nereid.
She will literally try and drown everyone.

>> No.15559593

Mamano Mana

>> No.15559595


>> No.15559596

Triggered much?

>> No.15559597

I wouldn't say that "being a shitposting meme" equates to acceptance.

>> No.15559598

I want to say grudgingly endured? But yeah, accepted is a complete stretch.

>> No.15559600

Any chance they had at acceptance was destroyed by shitposters.

>> No.15559603
File: 278 KB, 560x420, AlrauneAudio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't mean they can't reproduce; they just won't get baby bumps. Alraunes, liliraunes, and matangos just puff seeds / spores out into the breeze

>> No.15559604
File: 184 KB, 655x860, 1451504801339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15559605

>implying they need to be "accepted" by a bunch of autists
They're monster girls tho.

>> No.15559606

More like being what they are and the crowd they would bring. But we should stop now.

>> No.15559608

But if you dated her she might stop drinking out of loneliness! She's had a rough life of always being single when she wants to be a mother.
>She gets a date
>Gets ready like it's the most important day in her life
>Waits for her date
>Hours go by
>Gets a text the next day telling her that her date is now more interested in a Jabberwock that's into roleplaying as his sister, and says that he's not calling back
>Echidna rolls into a ball
>Tries not to cry
>Sobs loudly

>> No.15559609


>> No.15559610

>I wouldn't say that "being a shitposting meme" equates to acceptance.
You do realise we're on 4chan, right?

>> No.15559614


>> No.15559615


>> No.15559617

I know reading is hard, but you should give alp's entry a shot.

>> No.15559619

Would spraying a vampsquito with Raid be considered a hate crime?

>> No.15559620

Tranny =/= girl

>> No.15559626

I like reptiles, but I only like a handful of snakes. Poor Echidna will have to keep looking for a husband. The most I would do is offer a shoulder for her to cry on.

>> No.15559629

You're going to make her cry and fly away

And then some desperate bum is going to confort her and help her get the spray off of her which would eventually lead the both of them to marry and have 8 children

Do you really want that?

>> No.15559632 [SPOILER] 
File: 265 KB, 815x755, 1468938183869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15559634

Billy, no! Guess that makes me the Last of Us.

>> No.15559635

I'd go kindergarden cop on their ass.

>> No.15559638

That shroom looks dangerous. Remember to stay away from mushroom forests.

>> No.15559639

All Wurms should go to kindergarten and stay there.

>> No.15559642

I'm fine with most of that but 8 children? Mosquitos make my skin crawl.

>> No.15559645

Can I go there?

>> No.15559652
File: 841 KB, 2000x2900, WurmTokha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you a dumb wurm?

>> No.15559657

I want to be a teacher to a class full of grown wurms. Like, 35 of them.

>> No.15559658

All Wurms should go to my house and stay there

>> No.15559660

No but somebody needs to look after them, you know?

>> No.15559662
File: 250 KB, 886x742, Mariet and Luigia in small form.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You seem villainous anon.

>> No.15559664

>Hello, class. I'm anon.

>> No.15559665
File: 499 KB, 900x608, 57980375_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15559666

Electricity in the air?

>> No.15559667

Whatever, Alp.

>> No.15559670

Why are you trying to force Alps back into the conversation?

>> No.15559672

I'm just addressing him by his name.

>> No.15559676

Where'd you get an idea like that? Alp likes Wurms.

>> No.15559683

>snake with a ribbon
Cute. Does that mean all that other hair is male though?

>> No.15559687

Did their moms not named them properly? I will come up with a different name for each one of them. Gotta raise my students like they are my family.

>> No.15559693

A shoulder to cry on is a start, at least.
>All of her students see her down and pouty the next day
>They each try to cheer her up in their own way
>Dragon tries to share her chocolate coins
>Wyvern tries to give an uplifting speech, but ends up making herself cry
>Anubis plans out something in Lego bloacks
>Ophy pats her on the back
>Wurm tries to share her cupcakes, but can't find them because she ate them already and forgot about it
>Lich didn't notice and was too busy reading about eugenics, and Kiki herself was a little blue for some reason

>> No.15559696

Thick and fat elves belong in the bin

>> No.15559699

Just wait until winter, all Vampire Mosquitos become NEETs at that time, you won't see a single one out of their house

I kinda want to be a NEET with a Vampire Mosquito

>> No.15559702

>doesn't like actual thick
I'm gonna whack you with a flaming 2x4 with nails embedded.

>> No.15559705

You know what will cheer sad Echidnas up? The whole class making a little party for her. With banners and confetti and shit.

>> No.15559706

I really want her to sit on my face

>> No.15559708

We kinda tried that during elementary school when our teacher got married.
It wasn't very successful, but at least we tried. I didn't want to, but one of the girls knew karate.
Wish I had a nice martial artists Oni to bully me into being a better person.

>> No.15559712

I want to play that ass like drums. Rumba drums. Being played by an angry god.

>> No.15559713
File: 3.03 MB, 2288x2472, 1456340482617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To make use of Anubis Advisor and use Egypt to conquer the Medieval world, or to become Shogun, miritary rurer of arr Japan?
Decision, decisions.

>> No.15559715

Would you work at a farm if the job was to breed with the cake or near cake animals to help ensure a new stock of animals are ready in a few years, and had a decent pay?
Hard Mode: The Cows and P'Orcs are fat
Hard mode reward, you can fuck the Farmer's hot daughter
[Spoiler]Extreme mode: the Farmer has Race and Milking Centaurs
[Spoiler]Extreme mode reward, you can keep 5 girls after leaving

>> No.15559716
File: 121 KB, 480x640, 620b3f0a890d41f0638a7be9bf96bdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thick Elves should find work as milkmaids and wetnurses.
(Provided they also develop a yandere-level attachment to the child they're feeding)

>> No.15559718

>cobra head
Oh god, Anubis is working for Apophis!

>> No.15559723

Goddamnit I love cowtits but you have to have as too, what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.15559725

Sure, I would go extra hard. Bbut I don't want the extra rewards, just more money.

>> No.15559726

>Whole class
So Jimmy, Timmy, Anubis, Pharaoh, Ophy, Sandworm, Khepri, Wurm, Dragon, Wyvern, Ryu, Kitsune, Werewolf really into WW2 stories, Kiki, cardboard cutout Girtablilu, Dark Elf and P'Ork, Albino Lamia when she's back from chemo, Lich and mayber her Elf-Wight sister, Ushi-Oni that like anime, Minotaur and Dullahan, Holst and her faceless future husband, Yuki and Yeti, Mantis that has always been in the background, and new transfer students Wendigo and Chimera?
We're going to need a LOT of cake and a LOT of party items.

>> No.15559727

While her ass is definitely plump, I needed an image to drive home the lactating Elf thing too.

>> No.15559728

Is that Flonne?

>> No.15559730

>that ass
Are you joshing me right now?

>> No.15559732

Nope, but it was drawn by the guy that designed characters for La Pucelle.

>> No.15559734

Order the cake from the Dragon bakery.

>> No.15559736

I mean, it definitely has a nice layer of fat on it. But still.

>> No.15559737

Teamwork can do miracles. The Echidna will never be sad again after the little festival.

>> No.15559747

What are you, Irish?

>> No.15559749

Yes, but there's no curvature, no eye pleasing roundness, she looks like she lost a fight with a pizza man.

>> No.15559757 [DELETED] 
File: 529 KB, 1000x1542, 16b8e4a9cdca9d61e71056ffbe352cd6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright fine, have a thicc Elf butt.

>> No.15559762

The Ghoul is my waifu. I wouldn't want a true harem. Maybe 2 identical twin sister ghouls would be nice but mostly I prefer vanilla on-on-one relationships.

>> No.15559764

Until she reaches 3p while still single. Then she'll propably be joining Junko's naps on the railroad.
>Dragon's Bakery
They've been doing fantastically after her rival appeared on Kitchen Nightmares and shut down shortly after. She still has the clutzy Elf who trips over nothing and the Succubus who makes everything shaped like a dick as her employees, though.

>> No.15559766

Where the Onee-sans at? Fuck the losers.

>> No.15559767

Nevermind, I think those might be visible nipples.

>> No.15559770

I'm starting to pity this woman. Can anyone even protect her smile?

>> No.15559788
File: 368 KB, 400x584, Leanan_Sidhe_Monochrome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> sit down to write for the first time in 6 months
> feeling good, donna make some edits to an old draft before I start on the next chapter
> phone rings
> then doorbell rings
> then I get an e-mail saying I have to sort out some banking stuff
> then my stomach's rumbling and I go make a sandwich
> suddenly it's 11.30pm and pretty much bedtime
JUST fuck my Sidhe up senpai

>> No.15559797

Perhaps you need to work hard and protect that smile? Protect that lonely woman's heart like a proud knight, Anon, and perhaps you may one day see a warm smile that surpasses the sun?
Elf-Wight is there. 6th grade Lilim and Jabberwock aren't, though.
Jabberwock got grounded after covering for Lilim after she did something, and Lilim feels bad after having her best friend cover for her after she called her teacher a cow.

>> No.15559805

And yet you have time to shitpost here. GET BACK TO WORK!

>> No.15559809

>Yuki makes a crude ice sculpture of Jimmy with a giant "NO HUGGING" sign on the front
>her creation is ruined again by 2 paw-shaped indents melted away from the sculpture

>> No.15559828

Which Monster Girl would be THE LAW?

>> No.15559830
File: 134 KB, 758x948, Cmw4vUjUEAAdzIF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15559835

No Shirou, no swords.

>> No.15559838

>Yuki makes another ice sculpture of Jimmy
>Before it's even finished Yeti appears once more to hug it
>Yuki gets into a fit
>Yeti hugs her and settles her down
>Until Anubis rides by on a tricycle and knocks over the Jimmy on ice
>Yuki and Yeti blankly stare at the remains

>> No.15559844

Snow obviously an inferior building material, she's doing them a favor!

>> No.15559849

I guess I'll have to do. I would hate seeing a lonely Echidna slowly torture herself like that. I'll do my best to be worthy of a woman like her!

>> No.15559872

Not to Wurms. They find the fact that it can be eaten a giant plus.
May Eros bless your heart and your libido

>> No.15559875

>Years of pent up sexual frustration

Oh shit forgot about that. Too late now, I don't go back on my word and I'm gonna make her feel like the most special woman in the world.

>> No.15559883

Anon all of the Egypt themed girls except for the Mummy and the Khepri are wearing something cobra shaped or cobra themed

>> No.15559892

Cursed Swords are surprisingly soft.

>> No.15559893

Anon you're going to need a new pelvis after the intense week long SNU SNU session turns yours into dust.
I'd reccomend mithral/mythril/etc, as it doesn't get rejected by the body.

>> No.15559897
File: 52 KB, 670x439, Cursed Calcium Cannons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monster mojo enhanced Cursed Swords probably give their host some bouncy upgrades.

>> No.15559901

Pharaoh, anubis, dullahan, grizzled werewolf.

>> No.15559902

Got to be soft for all that rough paizuri. I don't think anyone would survive rough naizuri sane.

>> No.15559903

Don't need to worry about me, Anon. The moment I declared my love was the moment I started pelvis training. The most beautiful woman in the world deserves the strongest pelvis.

>> No.15559904 [SPOILER] 
File: 40 KB, 211x320, 1468944892052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Anon all of the Egypt themed girls except for the Mummy and the Khepri are wearing something cobra shaped or cobra themed

I think I just realized who they all have allegiance to.

>> No.15559909

>Your Meek Childhood friend will never see you drifting further and further away from her because of your duties as a knight.
>She'll never go full yandere and enact rites to turn herself into a Cursed Sword.
>She'll never go find a suit of Living Armor and convince it to let her wear it in order to win your heart.
>Their minds connecting will never cause the Living Armor to go yandere for you too.
>You'll never get your pelvis rocked when they find you and carry you off to their new castle lair.
Damn it. It's a better plot than Soul Calibur V at least.

>> No.15559910

>Dullahan Judge
>constantly has to send creeps to the cubes for stealing her head

>> No.15559916

>Cursed Sword
She's going to spitroast you, isn't she?

>> No.15559917

Why would she need a suit of armor to do that, she can just cut your shit up once she becomes a cursed sword.

>> No.15559921

Your dedication is inspiring.
It seems Echidna will get her happy end after all. Now only Dragon's mum, Junko, and Ex-Nurse Weresheep remain.

>> No.15559923

More like furious and passionate cowgirl position while the living armor's ghost form rides my face.

Because Nightmare with tits anon.

>> No.15559929
File: 843 KB, 1882x1729, 1463603564662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's no love like a yanderes love.

>> No.15559932

>Ahaha desu wa, darling~
>So you like fighting more than me?
>Well, I'll show you a good time!
And then anon got ran through again and again until he stopped thinking.

It'd be worth it going away for good to have a few days with Hershey's head. Her esophagus would be so distended by the time they found me that she could barely swallow.

>> No.15559935

I still don't understand.

>> No.15559938

>dragon mom


>> No.15559943

>Come here little treasures! Ufufufu~

>> No.15559945

Now we need a cursed shield maiden.

>> No.15559947

That picture's pretty much what I imagined the endgame of that to be. Cursed Sword and Living Armor working in tandem to create the ultimate warrior of corruption.
Also of saving innocent people from the order, but that's not the main focus.

Play Soul Calibur.

>> No.15559959

>play soul calibur

>pretty much what I imagined the endgame of that to be
Soul edge wants to engulf the world and eat every soul in it.

>> No.15559967

There is no way in hell I can resist a fucking dragon, especially a big milfy one.

>> No.15559968

I'm talking about the Yandere Duo possessing the Knight, not the endgame of Soul Calibur.

>> No.15559973

I wonder what will happen to little boys who get overly affectionate with her.

>> No.15559978

Seems nightmarish to me. No pun intended.

>> No.15559979

They can't get close to her if I shoo them away.

>> No.15559980

Then what will happen to you? She's a married woman after all. I bet her husband is going to beat you up for not living your life correctly.

>> No.15559981

That's right. Can you handle the queen of baked goods and put a bun in her oven?
You'll have to deal with the picture of her late husband, who died in a tragic boating accident, glaring at you as you bed her though.

>> No.15560006


>> No.15560011

>tragic boating accident
Was it a NICE BOAT?

>> No.15560014

You know what I want? I want to go to some backwater town with Monster Girls, and have everyone behave like they were right out of Deadly Premonition.
So says Miss Stewart.

>> No.15560024

>disheveled Mad Hatter in a bathrobe
>"Hurry up! My TEA is getting COLD!"

>> No.15560026

>This sex is great, can you feel it Zach?

>> No.15560031

>being manhandled by an alp
Kill yourself with a chainsaw john

>> No.15560032

No, it was a regular boat. It just sank after a bunch of vikings got bested in a rock contest and decided to be giant sore losers about it.
Poor man couldn't swim, and ended up leaving Dragon a widow. She could have had him revived, but he also hated the idea of becoming a zombie and had it put in his will so that it wouldn't happen.

>> No.15560037

Getting revived doesn't turn you into a zombie. I would know, I have story where it's part of the backstory!

>> No.15560050

That's right. Your skeleton leaps out of your corpse wishmaster style. In KC land, you have to be fed the dead man mushroom before you actually kick the bucket to be an undead incubus. It also has the side effect of killing you when you eat it.

But apparently your wife can trek all the way to the afterlife to haul your spirit back like Orpheus if she's really determined.

He also mentioned they might be so sad that they kill themselves to be with you in death.

>> No.15560051

Why would you talk about gender bending with your bud. Pretty awkward

>> No.15560054

>He also mentioned they might be so sad that they kill themselves to be with you in death
That's what I told the Sphinx in MGQ I'd do if my wife died.

>> No.15560071

>implying he wasn't gay for his bud to begin with and secretly lusting for him all along but too loser to say anything

>> No.15560079

So I just watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zViyZGmBhvs And I have to wonder, do we have any stories that deals with killing monsters/people in a realistic manner? That deals with the consequences of going against natural instinct in the ways described in this video? I'd like to read them if we have any. Because I realize now that I've dealt with the matter in a very flippant way.

>> No.15560084

The husband doesn't know that, however.
Dragon decided to move on with her long life and cherish the good memories while raising a daughter that's afraid of thunder.

>> No.15560091

Oh great, pointless drama due to misunderstandings.

>> No.15560103

I seriously doubt it.

>> No.15560108

I would treat her dead husband with utmost respect. The poor guy wasn't able of making her happy due to a tragic event, so I'm going to carry on his legacy and do it in his instead. By making a promise with her, I'm also making one with her husband, so that he may rest in peace, knowing that his wife is in good hands. Or something like that, dealing with someone who has passed away is hard.

>> No.15560118

Unless he was a major cuck, the dude's spirit won't be too happy hi wife is in another man's hands.

>> No.15560123

We don't.

>> No.15560128

So when after she's dead and you're dead, how are you going to handle things?

>> No.15560132

>Going for a widow
Don't be fucking faggots

>> No.15560138

Let's leave that aside for now.

>> No.15560141

No, this is important. You can't just tap dat ass and expect to get away with it.

>> No.15560143

>being dead
>wanting your wife to be lonely and miserable for the rest of her long, long dragon lifespan

>> No.15560144

It's NTR tier what you're doing.

>> No.15560150

She will live what, some centuries? After that she will eternally be with her husband. If you compare both periods of time the first one it's almost irrelevant.

>> No.15560152

>wanting another guy fucking your wife and then sticking around after they die, so your wife spends her afterlife with the new stud and you get to watch them have sex
Yeah, fuck that. I'm just never getting a girl, period.

>> No.15560157

Shouldn't the dragon be a CC?

>> No.15560158
File: 227 KB, 556x618, 1457468812030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga you're retarded, your lifespan automatically alters to match your waifus so you have no chance of dying before her.
It's almost like you want her to fuck other men after your death.

>> No.15560161


>> No.15560164

Have you even read the original post this all came from? The premise is that she's a widow whose husband died in a tragic boating accident years ago.

>> No.15560166

>cursed sword story by Harblador

>> No.15560173

CC dragons are perfect for sexing.

Maybe I wouldn't date the dragon milf. It does feel kinda wrong to do it and I wouldn't want my wife dating another guy if I died either.

>> No.15560216

Rough paizuri never(?)

>> No.15560236

A large part of that he missed is the difference between volunteer and conscript armies. Much of the shit numbers come from pressing men into service that haven't held a weapon before, much less pointed it at another human being. Historically, it's why peasant militia were barely useful garbage.

Another is he didn't address the reason why not ton of people are used to killing. It's all handled nice and neat by the slaughterhouse, the butcher, the exterminator, even the vet puts your dog to sleep for you.

That's why so much of the time, war heroes were farmboys. Because death and killing just required in living day to day. Nobody is there to take care of that stuff for them, an unpleasant but necessary truth. See Audey Murphy, half the good fighter pilots of the last several decades (the number of astronauts from Ohio is staggering), modern top snipers etc. Even further back, how many were hunters and farmers from Crockett to Roosevelt and Taylor. And even further back, how the best archers and men at arms were always drawn from similar groups.

So what he's saying about instinct is honestly bullshit. In prehistoric times, people were far more barbaric during war. And he would have realized it too if he compared humans to modern apes at all. Sure there's a lot of posturing, but the actual fights are vicious and bloody.

Instead the problem of training was that it's trying to radically change people past their formative years when their way of thinking and morals are already pretty set. It's not encoded, it's learned. You can still beat the reactions you want into them, and that's how it's done nowadays, but the dissonance is what causes trauma. Unfortunately, the only way around this is to either begin the training much earlier or have them grow up in a harsher environment. And nobody wants child soldiers.

So in the grand scheme of things, the way monsters would react is based on several things. Their natural instincts (which are probably different than those of humans), their culture, their upbringing, and their training. The details of all those facets being completely up to the individual author.

>> No.15560262

So cursed swords empower those that pick them up, women become one with the sword. But if a guy picked one up, he'd be filled with the same urge to cut people? He'd become an incubus eventually and could he remain just a swordsman, or would he be compelled to find a wife?

>> No.15560272
File: 124 KB, 540x480, tumblr_o62izooFUi1tl172po2_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey! Hey! Y'wanna see?

>> No.15560275

Wanna play with the tail.

>> No.15560278


>> No.15560286
File: 294 KB, 600x800, 1452673891280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anubis demands tribute!

Anubis prefers tribute in the form of chocolate-covered potato chips!

>> No.15560289

Lose 50 pounds and we'll talk about giving you chocolate, chubster.

>> No.15560290

Anubis is going to get a nice new experience. It's called "pulling the block alone while I whip her".

>> No.15560295

Well, that was very enlightening anon. Thanks.Though you seem to contradict yourself in saying
> Historically, it's why peasant militia were barely useful garbage.
And then saying
>That's why so much of the time, war heroes were farmboys. Because death and killing just required in living day to day. Nobody is there to take care of that stuff for them, an unpleasant but necessary truth.

Wouldn't most peasant militia be the farm-boys you talk about here?

>> No.15560296

You've clearly had enough tributes, how about you try a treadmill?

>> No.15560297

Go away /d/

>> No.15560311

I'd fuck her ass till I wore out the elastic.

>> No.15560313

>The sword cannot parasitically infest a man unless he has the qualities to become an alp. When a man uses the sword the desire to cut isn't as strong as in the case of a woman, but there is an additional function of searching for the woman the man is fond of and prioritizing cutting her.
>A man can't fuse with it, so eventually maybe his wife or a potential wife will be drawn to the sword and pick it up.

>> No.15560316
File: 60 KB, 600x800, 3321710c5d7c3f22017b29d59e748871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Anon, could I...could I make a request?"
>"May I touch your ears?"
>"I mean...I hope it doesn't seem insensitive, but they're sure so soft and smooth-looking."

>> No.15560317

Peasants were serfs and part of villages who had all the modern subsets of butcher and so on.

I meant farmer in the modern way, which would have been small-time landed people, homesteaders, plantationers etc. in earlier eras.

>> No.15560327

I don't know if I'd be able to resist that question.
>An elf, succubus, or other pointy eared girl will never molest your ears while breathing heavily.

>> No.15560332


Sure. But I'll want to touch yours in return

>> No.15560335

A serf still had to feed his family though. Surely a serf had to kill chickens himself.

>> No.15560336

No, anon, peasants are free farmers. Serfs are unfree farmers and burghers are townsmen.

>> No.15560341
File: 635 KB, 1000x1412, 1468044423278.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>necromancer dad and mummy mom are always nagging you to find a nice dead girl
>tell them you will never go out with and undead and set out to find someone with a beating heart
>you go to the student council room to ask out that anubis vice president you've been eyeing for awhile
>no one is here, but there is a school uniform and some underwear on the floor
>you hear some people outside the room and, not wanting to be seen as a pervert, you jump into a nearby sarcophagus
>"Ara, you're pretty bold to get in bed with a naked stranger," says the pharaoh president as she wraps her arms around you, "but I don't hate bold men."
>not giving up, you nick your finger with an exacto knife as an excuse to see that cute grizzly girl working in the nurse's room
>find out she isn't there, but the vampire nurse is
>she tends to your finger by sucking it for an inordinate amount of time, moaning rather lewdly
>"Haa~, how can someone's blood be this good... You don't have a girlfriend, do you?"
>getting desperate, you write a simple love letter for that harpy on a fancy piece of paper someone left behind, saying "I love you. Anon."
>go looking for an envelope, returning just in time to see a jianshi attaching the paper to her forehead
>"Anon, I feel the same way~"
>decide it's time for the last resort
>ask out a human girl
>surprisingly she says yes
>gets hit by a truck seconds later, comes back as a zombie a few days after

And that, kids, is how I met your mothers

>> No.15560348

Good end.
Especially since that Zombie is going to end up becoming a Wight eventually.

>> No.15560351

Would it still give him power though, that's what I care about.

>> No.15560354

The way I always understood it, peasant is a non-noble of any job class. Serfs are a subclass of non-nobles that lease land from a noble though usually that is muddied up with oaths of loyalty or the lease is called tribute or it's mixed with taxes or similar things.

Depends on where he got them. At the market, they'd kill it for you when you bought it. At home it was usually the women who did that because they were the cooks.

>> No.15560355

>Not just giving up at the vampire and settling down with her

>> No.15560356

What the fuck is this, Lemony Snickett's?

>> No.15560366

>not settling down with the vampire and shagging her rotten, by force if needed, to sire a dhampir and go Belmont on your wife

>> No.15560369

But why?

>> No.15560373

Okay, so this whole thing gave me the idea of a resisting faction of churchy zealots in demon-run lands secretly developing the most ruthless and efficient paladins they can with methods similar in mindset to the way we train modern soldiers to kill on reflex today. In the setting it's a prototype system of two "siblings", one older and one younger that look out for each other and train together to create a familial bond.

The idea being that it would breed pairs of highly able and highly self-reliant killers to work for this shadow-faction of the church that should have been everrun by demons and should no longer exist.

My question is, does this gel with the mindset from that medieval styled era or is it essentially redundant. Would they not have the same conditioned aversions to killing as modern man would?

>> No.15560375

Why not?

>> No.15560378

This is the second time I've noticed you mention this shitty fantasy of yours. If you love it so much, fucking write it.

>> No.15560380

Because she just wants to love you.

>> No.15560383

Was it the Belmont thing? This is the first time I've written this.

>> No.15560386

Maybe you're misunderstanding me. I don't want to hurt her, I just want a vampire/dhampir pair.

>> No.15560387

Then you have a counterpart out there with the same castlevanian whippy fantasies.

>> No.15560389

How about no

>> No.15560392

Who's gonna stop me?

>> No.15560393

I bet that if an Oni broke my legs in a drunken rampage, she'd be obligated to carry me around and protect my smile!

>> No.15560399

No one can stop you from your shitty fantasies, sadly, but I'd rather not have to read them here.

>> No.15560402

Actually, that's how you trained knights in the classic medieval system. Start them young. Except they also had to be administrators, bureaucrats and strategic commanders on top of soldiers. Being a good noble was a hard job. That's why so many of them were terrible at one aspect or another.

Making legions of straight up killers is easier than that. Unwanted third+ children sent to join the church would make good fodder for it too. The question is how you select them and separate them out from the ones destined to become plain priests or monks. But if you're just showing the end products of the program and not going full Ender's Game then I guess it doesn't matter much the how or the why they got there.

>> No.15560405

Too bad, nothing verboten about it.

>> No.15560420

>necromancer dad and mummy mom
You parents were driving that truck weren't they?

>> No.15560428

Well my idea was that this entire system was in its prototype stages and the church was just figuring out the details and testing the waters. There is an existing program to secretly train paladins/potential heroes and the elder siblings would be chosen from some of the youngest and more average of that program. The younger siblings would be generic throw-away orphans who may have an aptitude for becoming a soldier.

There would be three test pairs, a male/male female/female and male/female. The story would follow the training of the m/f pair obviously.

>> No.15560432

I wouldn't make it out of the sarcophagus with the Pharaoh, to be honest.

>> No.15560436

He's confusing you and seems like himself too by conflating being accustomed to shooting to kill with being a rural dweller. One of these is much more important than the other.

For example early modern light infantry were drawn from professional hunters who were used to early rifles. The type of gun is incidental, what you're really looking for here is being accustomed to shooting live targets. Shooting vermin and small game should also give a leg up to farmers of the very short period when firearms have been cheap enough for them to own. It's not that chopping a chicken's head makes you a good soldier, it's shooting at live targets.

You've always understood it wrong. Serfs are very specifically people under serfdom.

Peasant literally means rural dweller and is variously used for anything from small landowners to slaves, depending on the area and period. More commonly it's used to describe the higher farming classes, particularly in countries where the estates of the realm distinguished between rural and urban commoners (ie. peasants and burghers). In these cases specifically the farmers who had a voice in politics are called peasants.

>> No.15560445

Then you're going full Ender's Game then.

Well, be sure to think out the training really well then. You'll have to find that careful blend of fanaticism and independent thinking that makes for the most effective monster slayer.

>> No.15560448

>The story would follow the training of the m/f pair obviously.
>not going full Sacred Band
Not gay.

>> No.15560449

>Full Ender's Game
>That feeling when your waifu is so yandere she tricks you into glassing an entire plane of Hell because she thought they had wet panties for you
>It's just a game, Anon

>> No.15560456

>Ender's Game
>Sacred Band
I doun't understand any of these references. Should I read this shit for a reference of what I want to do?

>> No.15560462

>the very short period when firearms have been cheap enough for them to own. It's not that chopping a chicken's head makes you a good soldier, it's shooting at live targets.

I wouldn't exactly call the last five hundred years a very short period. And bows and crossbows also served that purpose before then where it was allowed. When the english encouraged that training in their population during the 1400's, it paid off pretty well.

But largely yeah, shooting at live targets. But trapping and killing things in general fits well enough. Killing a snake with a shovel in the yard is something that serves the same purpose for example.

>> No.15560468

Let me just put it into perspective with Ender's Game. Think Starship Trooper's film adaptation, but instead of the bugs being aggressive as shit and pretty fucking stupid, they're an empathic, intelligent race who only attacked humans accidentally due to our different biology.

Now, take a teenage kid and trick him into thinking a battle he's waging against said alien race that leads to their home world getting an anti-matter EXTERMINATUS laser to its entire surface is just a simulation and then tell him AFTER THE FACT that he just killed an entire race like wiping excrement from a boot.

>> No.15560477

You know the one thing I really wish was in the movie that they left out from the book? How the ships got older and shittier the closer they got to the bug homeworld because of how long it took them to get out there. That and the fact that what they told the kids were drone fighters were flown by real human beans.

Made the last couple battles that much better.

>> No.15560482

Well, I mean, they did shoot first.

>> No.15560489

They didn't attack by accident. They just couldn't figure out why were were so pissed about a few hundred thousand worthless worker drones eating it. It's not like they killed our queen right?

>What do you mean they're all individuals and don't have a queen?

>> No.15560490

There's also the fact that monsters are very different from humans. You can properly find some common ground with an enemy solider and feel bad about killing them, but something like a serial rapist with a mouth full of venom and a body of a bug? That's much easier to vilify, especially with decades of books and movies and video games about humans heroically killing evil alien or monster invaders.

>> No.15560504

>teenage kid
Actually I think Ender was about 6 years old in the book and spent a couple years at camp.
So yeah, imagine a kid not even in the double digits yet being congratulated for genocide.

>> No.15560508

Is that the real, canon explanation for the war?

Seems pretty ridiculous, even then not to realise why destroying someone else's property would piss them off.

>> No.15560512

Y'know for as shit as the movie was, the kid who played Ender captured the horror of realizing you just committed genocide pretty well.

>> No.15560514

>Killing a snake with a shovel in the yard is something that serves the same purpose for example.
Citation really needed for that. I've done that and I'm not rural. Besides, General Marshall claimed that less than 30% of US soldiers shot at the enemy, but 45% of the population was rural. Even if every single killer was rural, that still only makes up at most two thirds of them. If just dispatching an animal was enough, shouldn't a lot more be shooting?

>> No.15560515

>Turns out she's been undead for six years
>The real story is about how you secretly want to date that Canadian Ghoul girl who you've been on and off with for several years, despite clear signs that the two of you will never work out.

>> No.15560533

Pretty sure they didn't have a concept of "someone else's property" given that they were a hive mind.

>> No.15560539

Conscripts vs volunteers anon. Most of those people weren't there by choice. Plus, you're looking at late-30's pre-dustbowl numbers. By the mid-40's those numbers dropped into the upper 30's percentage wise and kept up that steep drop for the next several decades.

Rural also doesn't mean farmer. There's small towns all over the place that make up most of the rural population. Say there's 200 people in Butte Hold and 50 that actually farm around them. So only a fraction even out there fit the type of out alone in the sticks.

>Citation really needed for that. I've done that and I'm not rural
But how many people have? And do they have to do it regularly enough where it's not some big event but just going about their business? Basically they have to get jaded to that sort of thing.

>> No.15560542

What, no. Don't be ridiculous. Your dad gave the driver a heart attack

>> No.15560543

Cow with M Cup breast measurements

>> No.15560547

> my dad keeps killing the girls I hit on

>> No.15560548

Hi Matsu.

>> No.15560551

This is like the title of a LN

>> No.15560556

Can't be a Milf if she's a CC.
Not like it's NTR, what with the husband being DEAAAAAAAAAAD and all.
Maybe he's in purgatory or already reincarnated into some shota on the other side of the globe. Just don't think about these things, and enjoy her for what she is: A single Milf with a thriving buisiness and two inept employees that are actually friends with Ex-Nurse Weresheep.

>> No.15560557

>M Cup breast measurements
My appreciation for those depends on the height and thickness of the Holst they belong to.

>> No.15560563

It's NTR.

>> No.15560588

You're a faggot.

>> No.15560589

How depraved am I for wanting to do a Cthulhu-sama short that may or may not involve sculpting, insanity, and mindflaying?

>> No.15560597
File: 1.43 MB, 937x1031, 1381765496_9abc6a2205bebb15a9f93e860558c053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look out we need an adult

>> No.15560602

I need an adultier adult!

>> No.15560610

She is an adult.

>> No.15560611
File: 276 KB, 600x849, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>"I am an adult."

>> No.15560618

Can I have another adult?

>> No.15560619

>So, a mama's boy, huh?
>I'll be your mommy

>> No.15560623

She looks cute and cuddly.

>> No.15560636

I want to tug on her nipple tassles.

>> No.15560641

>No Apophis with a costume and roleplay fetish ever.
God damn it.

>> No.15560643

>And do they have to do it regularly enough where it's not some big event but just going about their business? Basically they have to get jaded to that sort of thing.
So why didn't early gunpowder armies shoot any harder? Those guys were used to all sorts of animals roaming their yards all day and yet failed to really aim for the other guy. And yet the people who were actually effective shots were hunters, who were specifically accustomed to shoot their guns at living targets. It's almost as if you have to actually do something that's a lot like shooting people to get good at shooting people. There's nothing mechanically or psychologically similar to combat about shovelling a snake.

>> No.15560644

Not depraved enough, hop to it

>> No.15560655

Ophy sure has a lot going for her in terms of genetics when she gets older.
I almost feel sad for Pharaoh and Anubis. ALMOST.

>> No.15560663

>let me just ignore the entire point about forcing people to go war versus choosing to and how that effects everything
Anon. Anon, plz.

>So why didn't early gunpowder armies shoot any harder?
There are no statistics for that. 1300's handcanon were too inaccurate to track that anyway.

>> No.15560682
File: 615 KB, 1200x1275, 253e6d88c177768fd3d1429a93e2e27371776ff7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I colored another picture of Miia

I should probably get around to learning how to actually do it, but for now it's nice and relaxing, and it feels nice to make new stuff until my turn with Loen comes up

>> No.15560695

I want to drink wine off her chubby belly and out of her cleavage. Send help.

>> No.15560700
File: 97 KB, 823x1000, 1456482254700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pervert, have higher standards. Who wants a chubby mean old snake?

>> No.15560702

She's not fat!

>> No.15560715


It looks nice. I should color a few images too

>> No.15560717

I'm glad whoever was asking him to draw those fucking potbellies stopped.

>> No.15560720

Those are high standards.

i want to cuddle an Apophis.

>> No.15560723
File: 195 KB, 750x1046, Yanyanderedere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't understand my depravity. I just want an Apophis or Wight to offer a nipple up from one of their marvelously proportionate breasts with a dabble of either a dark red or white wine and telling me to "Drink up, for this one shall never be snatched from you."

>> No.15560725

The Jägers weren't professionals either, they were hunters. Why did they do so much better?

>There are no statistics for that.
I can immediately think of the generals Gerhard von Scharnhorst and Charles-Joseph de Ligne, who ran through accuracy tests for musket armies in the turn of the 18th-19th centuries.
>1300's handcanon
If your understanding of gunpowder armies based on reading wikipedia or something? There's no reason to consider anything pre-Wars of Religion a gunpowder army.

>> No.15560726


>> No.15560736

How about an elf?
Or a Vampire?
Or a familiar

>> No.15560743

I would
In fact, I'd go farther.
Then again, I'd also love a muscle apophis

>> No.15560746

I wouldn't mind being played with like this. I mean so long as she doesn't betray my trust or give me anything with side or after effects.

>> No.15560750

How about a muscle Pharaoh with your Fatpophis?

>> No.15560765

Yes please.

>> No.15560766

I would love nothing more than that.
One wrapped up to my left, the other on my right.
Hard muscle and soft pudge, the best of both worlds.

>> No.15560772

Reminder the average lamia (that include Apophis) would be fit as fuck due to the waist movement.

>> No.15560774

Why not a vamp-elf? Why not have her sit on your lap facing you, and suck her tits while she sucks your neck?

>> No.15560781

But MMOs

>> No.15560782

The comic or the nipple? Because either way shit's gonna get kinky.

>> No.15560786

Good. I want them to coil around me and squish until I cum.

>> No.15560787

That would be nice.
Of course she'd need to be doubly haughty so that it makes it better When we do doggy style.

>> No.15560790

I want a Apophis to use me as a living daki!

>> No.15560796

>You'll never pound a Vampire Elf's fat ass and tease her ears while her yelps turn into moans of pleasure.
>You'll never transition into a Mating Press while frenching her.

>> No.15560799
File: 460 KB, 1800x2250, 1462810909752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.15560802


>> No.15560805

Id rather bite a vampires neck, and lap at the blood to experience her wild reaction.

>> No.15560808

Exactly, although heaven help me if that ass matches her chest.

The cuddliest of cats.
Wanna spoil her with sweets and cuddles!

>> No.15560811

You gonna get raped.

>> No.15560815

Referring to the comic

>> No.15560818

I want to fuck those tits and those thighs.

>heaven help me if that ass matches her chest
It's bigger.

>> No.15560825
File: 58 KB, 450x273, 1459641321523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Day 1
>I have been kicked out of my research team over my interest in tubes and narrow passageways
>They said I had vapor for brains! I'll show them!

>Day 24
>Have found remote tribe of Kobolds that share an interest in tubes
>Such gifted and understanding minds must not be wasted
>They shall help me with my studies, and assist me in my experiments

>Day 59
>I slipped various mutagenic materials of magical origin into their food when they weren't looking, as well as gave them a captured human boy to play with
>Most became extremely agressive, physically violent, and showed increased muscle mass and libido
>Some became taller and more well endowed sexually, as well as showing increased acts of cuddling and hugging
>One became quiet, but showed heightened intellect through construction of tubes
>More human boys were acquired to keep the others occupied as I studied the last one further

>Day 170
>Paladins have destroyed my research and purged my subjects
>I truly wonder just how they even found there way to such a remote set is islands with no influence from the outside world
>I think back on the words of an old friend, telling me that I would be better off doing research in another dimension
>Sigh heavily before feeling like an idiot

>> No.15560828

>Tubes and narrow passageways
You're not fooling me this time Space Pirate.

>> No.15560831

Oh lordy.
I'm going to pump that vamp-elf full of damphirs.

She's going to have a baby bump to match the rest.

>> No.15560835

Did her experiments go off to become space pirates?

>> No.15560840

Oh boy.

Space liches experimenting on monstergirls with phazon, the corroruption that twists and defiles even mamono mana. Eventually they even make the Metroid Prime, a floating, energy based googirl shielded by an insect-like exoskeleton.

And it's all down to one birb in a suit of (possibly divine) power armour to take them down.

>> No.15560841

>Napoleonic era is early gunpowder
At the minimum, King Charles army in the early 1500's was a gunpowder army, especially how heavily they relied on cannon. Not to mention even closer to your dates, the poor colonials who were fighting the French and Indian War decades before the turn of the 19th century had loads of muskets in private ownership because they were so cheap. Gunpowder and guns were common as sin even in the mid-17th century.

You're trying to argue it's hunters specifically when it's just about anybody who weren't introduced to firearms by the military. Even the Revolutionary War Kentucky Rifle sharpshooters were more farmers than trappers or hunters. It's people used to killing things, and not scared of weapons because they're already familiar with them. Killing things by hand is much more personal and visceral than using a gun. The only reason anyone would think it's less bad psychologically is if they were never been around firearms in their younger years. You know, like those crazies that talk about guns are only for murdering people and stuff.

But even for thousands of years, kids would just get a sling and some rocks to go get a rabbit to bring home. That sort of thing is enough to get the proper mindset.

>> No.15560849

An Oni who just wants to be a soft house wife and make meat and possibly booze style dishes for her family

>> No.15560851

...is shit.

You're welcome for helping you finish the phrase.

>> No.15560859

A soft house wife. So she wants to be soft, a house, and a wife?

Those are some hefty aspirations.

>> No.15560865

Would you work for Minotaur Moving Company?

>> No.15560866
File: 578 KB, 750x900, Wherever I am, I must also rape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if...Angel Grape Snake?

>> No.15560871

>it's just about anybody who weren't introduced to firearms by the military.
Good job anon, you've goalpost-shifted yourself into exactly what I said.

>It's not that chopping a chicken's head makes you a good soldier, it's shooting at live targets.

>get a sling and some rocks to go get a rabbit to bring home. That sort of thing is enough to get the proper mindset.
>shooting at live targets.

Remember how you started by claiming this?
>Killing a snake with a shovel in the yard is something that serves the same purpose for example.

The only argument you have is whether 200 years is a short time or not, which I'll concede to you, even though it's the length of the entire Crusader state period, which I'd hardly desribe as long.

>> No.15560875

What if... I marry her?

>> No.15560880


You will be raped and bullied every day for the rest of your life

>> No.15560881

Why not?

As long as it doesn't dissolve into bullying over trying to compete with the rest of the herd

>> No.15560889

I will do the same with her. We will rape eachother and the one who cums first gets bullied.

>> No.15560890

Is it really raping and bullying if he wants it?

>> No.15560900

>Space Pirate Kobolds
Fund this. NOW, you Alps!
>Lich developes PED device
>It just gives you a phazon enhanced hard on that could shatter diamonds
Overall I would gladly use tech from her, even if it's pretty dangerous looking.

>> No.15560901


Technically no, it just means he's a slut

>> No.15560908

Im a big guy. I could hack it with some Mino's babes.

>> No.15560915

>Fund this. NOW, you Alps!

Its called metroid.

>> No.15560921

Anon if you talk that that you might make those Minotaurs aroused!

Then nobody will get any work done!

>> No.15560928

It doesn't even matter about shooting. You could be spearing frogs in a pond or clubbing a big rat. It's just about being used to killing things and understanding weapons are tools.

You can't even get the time right. Even if we were going by your argument, then it would be whether 350 years is a short time or not and more like 500 years. The Spanish made huge use of matchlocks all through the 1500's. 200 is laughable. Even the French and Indian War was over 250 years ago.

>> No.15560936

Id promise to help their milking, for motivational blow jobs

>> No.15560938

>Im a big guy.
For her?

>> No.15560955

Shit, PED powered monstergirls would be fucking great.
My first thought goes to a hellhound using it, turning all her flames blue and white while basically tripling her strength. I wonder what a fully phazon corrupted one would look like, though? Veins glowing below her skin like they're pumping blue and purple lava? Red eyes shot with mad, sickly blue?

Then there's the obvoiusly compatible girls like golems and so on.

>> No.15560959

You really think they'd stop after getting a taste of your dick?

>> No.15560962
File: 428 KB, 800x1330, 1421541678621.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I tell my Onee-san she's too old for walkies? I don't want her getting mad at me

>> No.15560963 [DELETED] 
File: 769 KB, 1600x1600, 57f6701956f6cd69028eb7d3495f4020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15560968

I saw a Baphomet walking down the sidewalk today and shouted at her "Monsters can never reproduce the appeal of human fragility."

When I got home, there was a naked loli porcelain golem tied up on my bed.

You win this round, Sabbath.

>> No.15560975

But it doesn't have stupid Kobolds in space treating Metroids like pets when not stealing shit.
Imagine being in a giant trading ship in space hauling a large amount of carge, when you're attacked by Kobold Space pirates!

>> No.15560978

>Posting images from boorus of all places
>Which people have all already seen
>With no interesting discussion at all

Why do you keep doing that? This isn't /h/.

>> No.15560982

Dog girls are never too old for walks.

>> No.15560991
File: 103 KB, 620x877, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But are they too old to give their lover walks?

>> No.15561000

>Only a month to go before MGE 2 releases

KC should put out a few profiles and preview pages to hype up the release

In fact, he needs a Tanuki to do his marketing

>> No.15561003

That's dumb, you're dumb.

But no, they aren't.

>> No.15561011

Does this mean that if I shout my preferences in lolis at just any bahomet that I see on the street, she'll get one delivered to me?
Truly this is the miracle of the future.

>> No.15561015

Blue flames are likely, maybe her eyes also turning a deep glowy blue.
>Lich bursts through door to bedroom
>"Anon, I have turned your rock collection into a Golem through Phazon!" She yells quietly in monotone
>"That's neat, I guess. Don't take the golem for granite, hun."

>> No.15561021

I don't care what anyone says.
Centaurs deserve love and procreating with too.

>> No.15561025

If those girls lose all our customers because they can't stop sucking off on the job, then they'll be in a world of hurt way worse than swole milk sacks.

>> No.15561032

Oh man, I was talking about Golems, but I totally forgot about Thardus.

You'd also get alraune/liliraune Flaahgra, a trio of ghost girls who keep showing up (maybe a ghost, kitsune-bi, and ittan just for variety), a big, and motherly Sheegoth girl.
Not to mention an Omega Pirate Oni and a Meta Dragon Ridley.

>> No.15561038
File: 211 KB, 819x614, 1467432130133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you get a Nightmare pregnant does she appear so in your dreams?

>> No.15561051

If you get a nightmare pregnant, you can see the soul of the yet to be born child as a ball of light floating next to her in your dreams.

>> No.15561063
File: 144 KB, 1201x665, 1456610294436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dare Anon to spend the whole night at the graveyard! Wearing a shirt that says 'I'm a slut for Undead Girls'

>> No.15561071
File: 430 KB, 478x698, Sisters_of_Twilight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's basically how I feel about Elves.

>> No.15561076

I volunteer for the challenge.

>> No.15561077

I'll spend the night, but I'm not wearing a t-shirt that says that. Too much for me.

>> No.15561080


I dare you to do it instead

>> No.15561089

Alright, as long as I get to bring a proton pack and a pot of coffee with me.

>> No.15561099

If the Kejourou is in it it'll be neat to see if he does any new art for her like what the previews we've seen have shown

>> No.15561103

Alright! Fine!

And I'll steal one of Lich-san's magic books as well!

>> No.15561107


if you want to go on a suicide mission, be my guest

>> No.15561110


Don't forget about invisible sentry and parasite queen?
What about the other prime bosses?
>emperor Ing
>Dark Samus
>Kobold Pirate Commando
>Yuki Onna ice-bro
And forgetting Thardus isn't very nice, since he's not a very ore-iginal concept.

>> No.15561115

Best faction.

>> No.15561120
File: 384 KB, 869x1199, 1456732558161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RIP Anon.

Hopefully that Lich teaches you some manners.

>> No.15561126

I'm going to steal a vampire's cloak!

>> No.15561131

But preview pages are already out. On his site.

>> No.15561133

You know what their cloaks are, right? You can't steal them.

>> No.15561134

I want to shove my dick in that Ghouls mouth.

>> No.15561135

What would a mummy be doing in a graveyard?

What is this? Zombies Raped my Neighbors?

>> No.15561138

Then a Wight's dress!

>> No.15561139

The finest materials went into making that cloak, very fine red velvet interior, with a smooth black silk on the outside!

>> No.15561141

Perfect for jerking off on.

>> No.15561148

Bring it. I'll introduce you to my harem in the morning.

>> No.15561149

Parasite Queen is a massive cockroach girl in an energy shielded jar.
Invisible Sentry is a fucking pain to fight normally, but I remember the orginal NGC version had a glitch where you could open the door to its room, and snipe it without even engaging the fight. No idea if that carried over to Trilogy, I never tried it there.

Don't forget the minibosses like the Plated Beetle and the Hive Mecha, which had the best boss fight music in the game. The latter would probably be a huge robutt who works to live in harmony with a bunch of beegirls, caring for the hive.

From Echoes, you could have Quadraxis, the biggest mecha girl or mecha-arachne to ever have lived, if you don't mind giving it more legs.

And a cool, battle-ready Yuki Onna with ice armour as a version of Rundas would be fucking great.

>> No.15561150
File: 113 KB, 320x210, 134578345543435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would make her angry enough to make her go into her final form.

>> No.15561154

Gonna whip that Vampire.

>> No.15561157

I'm thinking that Parasite Queen would be an enormous Devil Bug, especially since there are so many little versions of her around.
I wouldn't consider the cloaked drone to be notable boss, especially if you pull shenanigans to get the x-ray visor before it. Maybe an armored Harpy with a cloaking device? I still have the guide book which claimed that it could be seen with the thermal visor, those lying fucks.

>> No.15561164

He HAS to make a hairjob picture of her

He can still show more of them, things like pages about new realms/city or even just new items and foods

>> No.15561173

Lets see how good everyone's taste is, list the monster girl best suited to the following outfits and you can only say each monster girl once.
>School swimsuit
>Bunny girl
>Police woman

>> No.15561182

>"Anon! Let's go to the dog park!!!"
>"We can't go back anymore since someone won't stop getting jealous."
>"It wasn't my fault! That hussy poodle girl was totally coming on to you!"
>"She asked me for the time."
>"It could've been a trick to get to my Master!"
>"Did you just call me 'Master'?
>"You're imagining things little bro, I would never want you to bend me over and fuck me senseless!"
>she quickly covers up her mouth with her paws
>"You just went into heat, didn't you?"
>all your Onee-San can do is blush madly while nodding her head while her tail goes crazy behind her

>> No.15561186

In order and avoiding races that wear that stuff already.
>Cheshire Cat
>Elf/Dark Elf

>> No.15561189

Kikimora, every category.
Fuck your rules.

>> No.15561193


>> No.15561195

I don't give a shit, but Idol is definitely Yuki Onna.

>> No.15561197
File: 52 KB, 600x800, 1468823490011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cat Girl
>School swimsuit
Shark Girl
>Bunny Girl
Bunny Girl
>Police woman
Dark Elf

>> No.15561198

>>School swimsuit
>>Bunny girl
>>Police woman

>> No.15561201

i want a hellhound police officer to set me up for house arrest and then volunteer to supervise me at home

>> No.15561203

>He HAS to make a hairjob picture of her

Yeah I'll be disappointed if he doesn't

>> No.15561206

>School Swimsuit
>Bunny Girl
>Police Woman

>> No.15561209

>Nazi styled Dark Elf
Get out.

>> No.15561212

>Dark Elf.

>> No.15561215

I want a Hellhound police officer to take me into the back of her car and ride me senseless!
I want to hand her her lunch and give her a kiss on her forehead before wishing her luck on the rest of her shift and asking her if she wants me to grill her a hot dog or a hamburger for dinner tonight.

>> No.15561217

Avoiding the obvious answers. Anubis.
Manticore, Hinezumi
>School swimsuit
>Bunny girl
>Police woman
Avoiding the obvious, Selkie

>> No.15561219

Are you harboring any round-ears?

>> No.15561220

>No MG police woman to help you turn away from a life of crime to be the best husband and father ever.

>> No.15561223

Its too early for this.
>Maid, Hellhound
>Nurse, Demon
>Suit, Lich
>School swimsuit, Vamp Mosquito
>Bunny girl, Vampire
>Police woman, Wight
>Idol, Shoggoth
>Cowgirl, Ghoul
>Princess, Will o wisp

>> No.15561228

>School swimsuit
>Bunny girl
>Police woman
Dark elf

>> No.15561230

>Get handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car by a Hellhound police officer
>Jeez lady I haven't had a fantasy like this since I was twelve
>She rides you ragged and manages to shut you the hell up

>> No.15561233

>When she breaks out the cop puns you just roll you eyes and groan.

>> No.15561243

>School swimsuit
>Bunny girl
>Police woman

>> No.15561246
File: 50 KB, 576x568, 1453310677960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Princess dormouse
Anon no, I never considered this, my heart can't handle it!

>> No.15561250

>tell an Ushi-Oni that you're into cowgirls
>She smiles and says "Oh Anon! That's my favorite position too!"
>tender rape then ensues

>> No.15561253
File: 169 KB, 494x750, 1439684578758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

elf/ dark elf
>school swimsuit
>bunny girl
>police women

>> No.15561256

I want to ask a hellhound police officer if she wants dinner, a bath, or me, when she gets home from a long day of policing

i want her to get a second-wind and rip off my apron and say she wants all three at the same time

>> No.15561258

I want to be the royal cuddler to a Dormouse princess!

>> No.15561268

>you will never feed your hellhound waifu a steak made just the way she likes it while she bounces on your dick when you two are taking a bath
Why must real life be suffering?

>> No.15561276

>steak in the bath
This seems like a bad idea.

>> No.15561281

Maid - Kiki
Nurse - Mindflayer
Suit - Succubus
School Swimsuit - Sahuagin
Bunny Girl - March Hare
Police (patrol) - Werewolf
Police (roadways) - Centaur
Police (Riot) - Living Armor
Idol - Apsara
Cowgirl - Holstaur
Princess - Ryu

>> No.15561282 [SPOILER] 
File: 41 KB, 600x600, 1468967502779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its a great idea anon shush

>> No.15561283


Anyone have the comic with the Lamia in the police force?

>> No.15561297

I want to carry her around when she falls asleep, which is all the time.
I want the other servants to tease me about enjoying it.
I want to be unable to leave her room at night because she's clinging to my shirt so hard!

>> No.15561298

>you can only say each monster girl once.
No. Kobold for all of them!

>> No.15561300

Wouldn't have it any other way. She even has her own natural lasso thanks to her webs.

>> No.15561302

I'm gonna assume that the girls who usually wear these outfits aren't allowed, so no Kikimora, Sahuagin, Holst, etc...

Succubus or any cosplay tier
>School swimsuit
>Bunny girl
Colorful Harpy species, Peacock variant probably
Mothman or Butterfly girl

>> No.15561312
File: 186 KB, 727x1011, 1465765080735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be high school delinquent
>you're as tall as an oni, and about as strong as one too
>most people are too afraid of you to get close to you, causing you to dislike interacting with others and sparking brawls with other delinquents both human and monster
>but there's one bothersome teacher out of the entire faculty that isn't scared of you
>Hakutaku-sensei is always the first (and only) one to greet you every morning with that annoyingly bright smile
>she always seems to know when you have trouble with something in class
>she's so nosy like that
>one day you overhear some teachers telling her not to bother with that "good-for-nothing brute"
>she scolds them for talking that way, calling you a precious student of hers
>later, after everyone else has gone home, you talk with her in the classroom, telling her she should just listen to the other teachers and keep her distance
>she'll just end up getting hurt eventually
>she simply gives a soft giggle, saying she'll be fine
>this damn woman. you decide to show her how dangerous you are, pushing her down and raping her
>is she scared now?
>she still has that same gentle smile she always gives you
>"I won't let you be alone, Anon."
>she holds your head close to her chest until you finish, stroking your hair
>...damn woman
>you come in the next day looking like a model student, surprising everyone
>Hakutaku-sensei asks the reason for your change in appearance
>you blush a bit, saying "I wanted to be a man worthy of sensei."

>> No.15561313

>I wanted to be a man worthy of sensei.

>> No.15561320
File: 86 KB, 563x758, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Cheshire Cat





>School swimsuit

Kraken Not sure how that works but fuck it

>Bunny girl


>Police woman

Hell Hound







>> No.15561326

I think I've lost all capacity to be lewd.

>> No.15561328

I'd rather be courted by a tiny shortstack wolfu who's completely cheerful, outgoing, and brash as a foil.
Then she could talk about how she's got a "big, scary alpha wolf" to protect her, when in reality she's the one going out of her way, above and beyond, for me.

>> No.15561329


>> No.15561330

Drink more water and eat more potato skins.

>> No.15561333

Just try harder.

>> No.15561342

>school swimsuit
>bunny girl
>police woman

>> No.15561344

Lady Cheeseworth XXII, heiress to the Cheeseworth name.

The Cheeseworth family owns 40% of all cheese and cheese production in the world, they are very wealthy.

>> No.15561353

Just think about MILFs in string bikinis washing your car. That helps me get lewd.

>> No.15561369


was good until you pussified the guy.

>> No.15561374

>and about as strong as one too
I highly doubt it, unless this is some setting with strength magic or something.

>> No.15561382

Just think about a perfect anubis wearing nothing but wispy, white translucent lingerie floating about in zero-g, all slick from the combination of milk, sweat and sexual fluids pooling to her skin light floating gels. Imagine she's revolving ass over head and showing off her cute little butthole and lips, tail fanning the scent and droplets of her arousal straight to you, while she beckons you with a come-hither motion and eyes with nothing but love in them.
She could be tall and perflat, curvy and busty, a soft shortstack, a lithe little loli, young and nubile, or an elegant and mature lady.

Gets me aroused as fuck every time I think of it.


>> No.15561395

It's sad.

>> No.15561401

Do you think that oppai loli monster girls are self-conscious about their height?

>> No.15561404

I've nearly run out of alcohol and brain to aneuryse at this point, Anon

>> No.15561406

They are, until they accidentally walk tits first into someone's crotch and it clicks in their head.

>> No.15561409

They're lolis. They're supposed to be that high.

>> No.15561414

Have you ever stopped to ponder if it's possible to even be able to keep it up to fuck every monster girl you like?
What kind of stamina does a man need to fuck for Days on end?

>> No.15561416

True, that part is convenient.

But what about things like minotaurs or onis?
The ones that are supposed to be big and tall?

>> No.15561422

Incubus stamina.
Alternatively, there's potions for that.

>> No.15561423

>...damn woman
>the next day you come in late to class
>"Anon, your late. Hurry and take your-"
>you cut her short with a kiss in front of the whole class
>"You're my woman now, got it?"
>you take your seat in the back of the class as some of the other students try to shake her out of her blushing stupor


>> No.15561428

Maybe sometimes. Which is why you show them otherwise, by giving them piggyback rides, spooning them, getting standing paizuri and crumpling down after orgasm to hug them on the floor, and so on.
There's also picking them up and fucking them in the air so their legs are dangling, telling her sweet things like how smaller girls have bigger hearts, princess carrying them, and so on.

Oppai lolis are portable, lovable cuddling and fucking machines.

>> No.15561432

ah yes, very good, very good.

>> No.15561436

That and they can sit in your lap a whole lot easier than bigger girls.

>> No.15561440

>Letting some damn maledomfag ruin a good story

>> No.15561443

Too forced

>> No.15561448

What Monster Girl would molest other Monster Girls platonically, out of a love for breasts? Like Katsuragi?

>> No.15561449

nigga the original ending is still there. just think of it as an alt end. also i'm maledom too

>> No.15561450

Here is what you do.

Think about your favorite monster girl walking up to you while you lay on the bed. If she starts doing lewd things, just follow her lead. If she hugs and cuddles you, cry into her arms and drown yourself in escapism.

>> No.15561453 [DELETED] 

Then go away, this thread isn't for you.

>> No.15561459 [DELETED] 

False flag more.

>> No.15561460 [DELETED] 

monstergirls aren't just for betafags, dude

>> No.15561461

Well Tentacles are recovering lesbians, vanilla succubi are bi, liliraunes are forced-threesome, and bicorns and khepris and large mice expect to have other girls there during sexy time.
So that's some places to start.

>> No.15561465 [DELETED] 

It's been proven time and time again this thread isn't for you.

>> No.15561466


>> No.15561467

Just looking at the profile picture, the tentacle girl seems too meek and shy to do that sort of thing by herself. She'd be the girl other monstergirls can flock to so they can make use of the poor, stammering plant-girl's many limbs.

>> No.15561468 [DELETED] 

/u/ please go.

>> No.15561470 [DELETED] 

and yet here i am, enjoying myself. sure seem like it's for me

>> No.15561472 [DELETED] 

I'm a femdomfag. False flag more.

>> No.15561474 [DELETED] 

I'm talking about yuri.
It's stated in the profile that tentacles molest women.

He wanted to know what one would most like molest and I gave an answer.

>> No.15561477 [DELETED] 

>I'm talking about yuri.
Yeah, it's pretty evident, now please leave.

>> No.15561479

>...damn woman
>you come early to class the next day
>Hakutaku-sensei asks the reason for your change of behavior
>you avoid eye contact and ignore the question

There. Dude is still a delinquent, but he is developing feelings for the teacher.

>> No.15561481 [DELETED] 

>I'm talking about yuri.

I think that's what he's taking greivance too, Anon.
Typo got a chuckle out of me though.

>> No.15561482 [DELETED] 

*not talking about Yuri.

I missed a very important word there.

>> No.15561485 [DELETED] 

No, I think you knew what you said originally.

>> No.15561487 [DELETED] 

citation needed.

>> No.15561490

You're such a baka. Maybe you need a tentacle girl to lean over your shoulder and help you type. Or a tentacle girl leaning over each shoulder, so they can both help you.

>> No.15561491

>You will never defend your Hakutaku sensei's honor
>You will never take blow after blow, never backing down or turning your back from a fight
>The teachers will never reinforce that you're a worthless banchou and that she's wasting her time
>She'll never fret over your new bruises and cuts one day in the nurse's lounge, applying anti-sceptic, nearly coming to tears
>"You're better than this. I know it. So... why? Why throw your schooling away?"
>Throw off your jacket and shirt, there isn't a single scar or mar on it, all of it's on the front of your body and arms. The true sign of your vindication and resolve.
>You look her straight in the face and tell her, "I'm no longer a student for you to fret over. From now on, I'll be your shield. Your wall."
>She'll never turn beet red and 'HNNNNNGH' into your chest

>> No.15561494 [DELETED] 

Try staying in a thread newfag.

>> No.15561495

That I do.
Maybe they can help me prevent such unfortunate things in the future.

>> No.15561503

See, the idea is you have your hands at your keyboard, but then they have their big tentacly hands ready to correct any mistakes you make.

If you go for two tentacles, just make sure their limbs don't touch though. They'll get embarrassed, and they might accidentally get their tentacles tangled up with each other. Have fun spending hours undoing that while they're blushing and fidgiting because they're essentially being forced into an involuntary version of interlocking fingers.

>> No.15561507 [DELETED] 

you tried.

>> No.15561510

It specifically says platonically Anon.

Yuri is romance and making out. Girls holding and comparing each others breasts platonically for the sole purpose of breasts is fine.

>> No.15561512

And if they're sitting on my shoulders then my head's going to be stuck between them.

>> No.15561516 [DELETED] 

No, it's not. It's a slippery slope into faggotry that shouldn't be allowed.

>> No.15561521

You're basically saying literally every ecchi anime with two girls in it is a "slippery slope" because that scene WILL come up, guaranteed. It's just a fanservice trope. There's a reason the word "fallacy" is often stapled to the end of that phrase.

>> No.15561528 [DELETED] 

No matter how you try to push it /u/, your garbage fetish isn't going to be allowed.

You have an entire board for this garbage.

>> No.15561530

I literally just cummed, you asshole

Also, numbers.

>> No.15561531

Ew. hair all covered in tentacle juices, their finer, explorative tendrils carressing around the insides of your ears, twining around each other.

Now that I think about it, if you could live with two tentacle girls, what colour schemes would you like them to have? Bonus points if they compliment each other.
I'll feel like they're the kind of girl where you can really go all out with the colour pallettes and it'll still work for them.

>> No.15561535
File: 452 KB, 1800x2250, 1469582314985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15561543

Again, huge fanservice trope about as popular in anime as the idea of cat-ear headbands. Not some conspiratory invasion by a board you don't like.
Stop being so silly and angry. It gets boring.

>> No.15561544

>carressing around the insides of your ears
aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA This is never a pleasant sensation.

>> No.15561551 [DELETED] 

>Not some conspiratory invasion by a board you don't like.
Except it's been proven that you faggots keep coming over here trying to push that garbage, now leave.

>> No.15561553

I dunno, if they were warm, and not all that wet, it could be nice. Maybe they have tentacles with different ends, and the one they use to wonder about your ears feel like cotton buds, only softer, and less dry and scratchy.

>> No.15561557

Can confirm, I've had enough bees try to get into my brain to never be able enjoy something like that.

>> No.15561558

Easy, they'd be pallet swapped versions of each other.

One would be blue with gold flowers, the other would gold with blue flowers.

The fattest of fat bottoms.
Would gladly knead.

>> No.15561561

Tell us a story, anon.

>> No.15561571

Not really a story, it's just than whenever I go outside during summer bees constantly fly into my ears. So now I have to wear a hoodie constantly.

>> No.15561578

Can't go wrong with blue and gold. Flowers with those colours would look beautiful next to each other. And the blue skin is a plus. I think the gold skin would be a little weird and different, but like I say, with a tentacle, it's not too farfetched.

Maybe your earwax smells like honey.
Also, the sensation of any insect flying near one's ear is as close to anti-ASMR as I think is possible.

>> No.15561588

>Maybe your earwax smells like honey.
It doesn't.

>> No.15561591

Whatever you think want to believe. Make sure that hot head of yours doesn't burn up the tinfoil atop it.

>> No.15561595

And so anon was destined for a bee MG.

>> No.15561596 [DELETED] 

/u/ pls, you're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Might as well break out the insecure card already and get this over with.

>> No.15561598

That they would, a lovely pair of complementary tentacle girls.
They'd probably start giggling and engage in cheek rubbing against my stubble when they ride on my shoulders.

>> No.15561599

Well, have you checked? Have you smelled the inside of your own ear recently?

>> No.15561606

How small are you imagining these tentacle girls, anyway?

Actual, to the whole thread, how big do you think tentacle girls are, anyway? As big as a person? Or a large plant? Somewhere inbetween?
After all, I don't think we've seen a solid reference for scale in egards to them.

>> No.15561618

I hate bees.

Only once when I was a kid trying to figure out why bees kept flying into my ear.

>> No.15561625

I imagine loli sized but they can wrap you with their tentacles to anchor themselves.

>> No.15561630

But bees are great. And beegirls are great too. Fluffy, chitinous, can fly, will lactate honeymilk and their sex tastes like nectar, and they're so light you could lift a fully grown one up with one hand.

>> No.15561640

They're annoying as fuck, not as bad as Wasps though.

>> No.15561641

It's a curse. A queen bee from a dimension with MGs put it on you.

>> No.15561648

But that doesn't make any sense, why would she do that?

>> No.15561656

Cause fuck you that's why.

>> No.15561658

To make you easier to find when Monstergirls become real in 2017.

>> No.15561662

It's like a beacon. The bees that attack you are trying to bring you to their queen.

>> No.15561663

I like that idea. Like a loli tentacle clining to your back like a backpack, or wrapping herself against your chest. If she coils around you enough, the little thing might even just fall asleep with her ear right next to your heartbeat while you're still standing around and doing stuff.

>> No.15561664

Are you gonna kill yourself when that doesn't happen?

>> No.15561671

As big as me/bigger than me. Or maybe I just want a tentacle girl onee-san.

>> No.15561677

Monster girls are waiting for 2017 to happens too. If it doesn't, then me and my waifu are going to meet in the afterlife.

>> No.15561678

Maybe you just want to hide under her slick, warm tentacle skirt like it's a living kotatsu.

>> No.15561680

There was once a boy.
Too old to be a child,
Too young to be man.

Who called a monster.

>> No.15561686

She could hug you in her sleep without having to focus on it.

>> No.15561689

I want to rub against a honeybee's abdomen! Are kevlar vests really expensive?

>> No.15561698

Is that a yes?

>> No.15561699

If such a thing is true, then that's kind of comforting. After all, my waifu has the perfect ability to guide souls in the afterlife.

>> No.15561704

But my favorite MGs are plebeian taste.

>> No.15561705

Don't know what the question has to do with the statement, but it looks like you can buy thin, covert kevlar vests for around £300 and up, or whatever your currency equivalent is.

>> No.15561706

Prophecies don't work like that, if nothing happens then you pick another random year and start the hype again.

>> No.15561707

I wanna violate a cowteacher while she keeps me for detention!

>> No.15561721

Hm yes, that sounds comfy and rapey.

>> No.15561722

I want to do it by surprise, but that's an easy way to get stung.

>> No.15561729

Stick a cork on the end of her stinger.

>> No.15561731

Don't give him ideas.

>> No.15561736

No, I'm too cool to kill myself. I'm going to wait until the end of times if I don't get to meet her earlier.

And? It's just you and her, no Anons and real life. Also, you shouldn't tell your favorite girls that they are "plebeian taste", they have feeling too.

>> No.15561739
File: 2.65 MB, 3000x5000, 1466558680139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love wolfus!

>> No.15561749

>honeybee chasing her hind end like a dog, trying to get the cork off
And just like that I'm going to bully beegirls.

>> No.15561752

Well that's just rude.

But anon, that isn't going to happen

But they're tiny little shits, how could they bring me to a woman that's in a different dimension?

>> No.15561759

Sounds lovely. Like you could spend a whole day out with her, going to the beach, or the woods, or somewhere like that having fun and exploring together.
Then when the sun's setting, she drifts up to you, slumped like a partial wilted flower, and lets you hold her to your chest. Then her tentacles all instinctively curl and coil around your torso, kind of like how an infant will grip onto their parents by reflex.
It'd be like they've solidified while wrapped around your body, and you'd have to quitely and gently pry them all off of you to get both you and her ready for bed. Maybe tickling the underside of her tendrils until they let go of you?

>how could they bring me to a woman that's in a different dimension
Where do you think the bees have been disappearing to in the first place, Anon?

>> No.15561761

They've been dying anon.

>> No.15561762

My! What big paws you have!

>> No.15561763

Don't question the bees, they are filled with magic.

>> No.15561764

The fact that you called yourself cool proves you aren't.

>> No.15561765

But then she'd just curl up around my arm.
Not that I'd mind.

>> No.15561771

Why would I kill myself? I'm already dead inside.

>> No.15561773

What a shit story, but then again its bob so i shoudn't have expected much

>> No.15561778

They're filled with hatred and venom.

>> No.15561780
File: 1.18 MB, 1200x1204, NOT THE BEES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Have Q. Bee waifu
>The hive is more or less just a loosely organized group of bees that provide for her financially with various businesses, mostly honey manufacturing and farming or something like Green Peace actually accomplishing shit
>Come down with some laryngitis
>She hears you hacking and coughing your lungs out, tilts her head at you, blinking compound eyes
>Her antennae twitch and at least three drones are with her
>"What's wrong, love?" She asks you
>"Throat... is... jacked... up", you wheeze back at her between coughs
>"Need... honey... lemon... or a *augh-huk-huk* lozenge..."
>"Why?", stepping forward. She stops her drones with one of her chitinous arms
>"Throat *cough*... hurts", point at it with your hand in a sort of "C" to emphasize to her
>She just smiles and undoes the lace top she's wearing
>"Undress me. Then undress yourself."
>Try to tell her this isn't the time for sex
>"Skinship is the only true path to healing, love", she dismisses the drones and uses her two pairs of arms to undress you until you're hot and bothered and incredibly naked
>Her body's still vastly different from a human's, the deep violet chitin of her arms and legs seeming disjointed from her torso
>"Lay down", she coos to you
>Before you can say anything, she has her honeyed tits out from beneath her fluffy collar, the smaller pair of arms kneading and massaging them until she's flushed and huffing
>Presses one of her perky nipples to your mouth, letting you latch on
>"Now suck and be well."
>Her milk tastes of honey, soothing your throat, while suckling on her teat is giving you a raging hard-on
>She ends up jerking you with her bottom pair of arms, playing with you on edge relentlessly while she nurses you with her breast milk
>Meanwhile, you imagine the drones can detect the "DO NOT DISTURB" pheromones your waifu is putting out, it's awfully quiet
>You end up falling asleep in her fuzz, suckling on her breasts until you're finally healed a day later
Fucking bees, man.

>> No.15561792

I took off my clothes for this?
>nursing handjobs
You really like that shit don't you.

>> No.15561793
File: 3.92 MB, 2131x3033, a793b3979d84e57e336ec24c473bd3d3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>“So they finally got her,” Charlotte muses, poking at the fluffy dome of marshmallows rising out of her cocoa, “I suppose it was just a matter of time really.”

>“Isn’t there something we can do about this?”

>“Besides helping her out with the litigation? Not really.”

>“And how do we go about doing that?”

>“Well, you can start by reading up on law. Take this.”

>Charlotte sets her cup on the table and fishes a 2-inch thick book covered in a nondescript dust jacket from the pile of texts on her desk. A title rendered in thin, efficient letters reads ‘Legal Considerations for Lower Court Trials, Claims, Suits, Sentences, Pleas, Commutations and Other Proceedings with Special Emphasis On Mamono, Elementals, Miscellaneous Demonic Entities and Associated Meta-humans at the County Level, Third Revised Edition’.

>“Sounds thrilling.”


>> No.15561803
File: 3.63 MB, 2646x1801, 1457831398817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it ain't gonna suck itself.

>> No.15561808

It would be nice to save space ad money you would spend on medicine.

>> No.15561822

I'm going to hit all of those bees. I'd still fight them even after a day of lifting table saws, cement bags and other shit into trucks.

>> No.15561824

The difference between bees and hornets/wasps:


- Fluffy
- Fat
- Full of mofu-mofu and good feelings, will pollinate flowers to keep the circle of life going
- Will do its damnedest to not sting you since doing so will result in its death soon after due to pulling out internal organs when dislodging from you
- Will drink of you and love you

Hornets and Wasps:

- MajesticVICIOUS CUNTS insects
- Will sting you without provocation
- Will continue to sting you because their stingers don't come off
- If big enough, will sting you dead, second only to the Dindu Africanized Honey Bees THANKS JAPAN
- Like the Shark to the Bee's dolphin, will get wing beat into submission
-Made of glass and will shatter itself to harm children

>> No.15561827

Center and right are getting purged. Unless those eyes are just a headdress or something.

>> No.15561830

I prefer to think they're big; about 2.5 m. tall.

>> No.15561837

I got stung by bees once because I was doing yard work on a juniper bush they had decided to make a home in.
I felt awful about it afterwards. Poor bees.
Compared to wasps, you can barely even tell they're stinging you.

>> No.15561842

>Before you can say anything, she has her honeyed tits out from beneath her fluffy collar, the smaller pair of arms kneading and massaging them until she's flushed and huffing
>>Presses one of her perky nipples to your mouth, letting you latch on
>"Now suck and be well."
>Her milk tastes of honey, soothing your throat, while suckling on her teat is giving you a raging hard-on
>She ends up jerking you with her bottom pair of arms, playing with you on edge relentlessly while she nurses you with her breast milk
My fucking fetish.

>> No.15561843

The Hornet Queen in the center is scary!

>> No.15561845

Both of them are shite.

>> No.15561846

Human sized. And I'm still not used to all this attention they're getting all of a sudden.

>> No.15561852

Holy shit dude, welcome back from the dead again.
DAMN this has been a good day.

>> No.15561857

I get pretty mad when I hear a bzz bzz in the air, but if it's a bee then I don't really mind. Bees are cool in my book but I would never fuck a bee girl.

>> No.15561858
File: 124 KB, 654x1002, CnprKFlUsAAxP1H.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15561868


Ugh, what. What gave you the idea I liked nursing handjobs? I don't do them often enough and multi-arm girls are RSAnon's cut-o'-ribeye

>> No.15561869

>the finer points of monstergirl law are a veritable thicket of bullshit. There are entire chapters dedicated to how astrology, climate, and even time of day influence the culpability of a defendant, complete with exhaustive histories of precedents, and all of that varies for just about every known species of monster
Fucking wat

>> No.15561870

Ah, that's pretty interesting. So from that, your idea of the tentacle girls is more that they transformed from the larger plants and trees in the Tentacle Forest, rather than the smaller bushes or plants. The kind of trees which would probably pick a person clean off the ground to do tentacle-y things to them, for example.
Is that right?

We might go a long time without discussing them, and people might be afraid to bring them up because of easily incited autists sometimes, but I think they're too lovely to be forgotten or hated at all.

>> No.15561874
File: 405 KB, 973x1271, 1467499447299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sure do love dragons!

>> No.15561876
File: 124 KB, 960x540, 0032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fluffy and mofu-mofu
You got that right, I want to massage Honey's feet fluff.

>> No.15561881

Bee shills please leave, nobody trusts you.

>> No.15561886

Nobody except Harblador would touch them

>> No.15561894

How's this?

>> No.15561896

>The kind of trees which would probably pick a person clean off the ground to do tentacle-y things to them, for example.
Is that right?
Yes. I'm totally fine with being pinned down and forced by one.

>> No.15561903
File: 212 KB, 960x540, cutie 109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like them too.

On another note: How am I supposed to use my dragon's wings to full potential? I know about wing hugs, blankets, polishing and massage.

Are there anymore wing tricks that I don't know?

>> No.15561906

use it as an umbrella on a rainy day and smooch your dragon

>> No.15561914

Would be better without the cuckqueen shit tbqh

>> No.15561936

So there's always a legal excuse for having raped that shota?

>> No.15561937

there should be more smug dragons, they are the perfect species to be smug. Rich, powerful, feared, etc

>> No.15561942

Dragons are mean!

>> No.15561955

Something I see in a lot of dragon pictures is that most of them have that indifferent face. Sure it makes sense since they live for centuries and shit, but I would love to see some more expression. I was the one that requested >>15561874

Some of them are. It's nice to have some variables.

>> No.15561956

>because it was sunny, I'll rape you
>because it was windy, I'll rape you
>because I had a nice nap, I'll rape you
>because something didn't go my way, I'll rape you
>and finally I'll rape you for no reason at all
Monstergirls a shit.

>> No.15561967

No it's not! Dragons steal fathers away from their sons!

>> No.15561972

I have never understood the appeal of tanlines. I'm not, like, "eww" at them or anything, I just don't understand why they might be considered sexual.
On the other hand, I understand tiddies just fine, and those are a nice pair.

>> No.15561977

What monster girl would help my arms stop feeling like dead weights?

>> No.15561981

Slime. Full body massages man.

>> No.15561985

Nice to see you back. I've been waiting on more of this for a while.

>> No.15561987

I don't like slimes.

>> No.15562000

What are you fat?

>> No.15562001

If I had to bet, tanlines are something of an admission of guilt. They come to be because people selectively clothe parts of their body that are seen as being naughty. As such, the visibility of tanlines means that what you are seeing is perceived as being unacceptable, and anything taboo quickly becomes erotic.

>> No.15562006

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, remember that giving a bumble loli a flower is the equivalent of marriage.

>> No.15562007

No, my arms just feel numb since I helped my neighbor move a table saw and some other heavy stuff into his truck.

>> No.15562009


>> No.15562014

I recommend 20 CC's of FUCKING LIFT FAGGOT

>> No.15562017


>> No.15562020

/fit/ pls calm your mantits.

>> No.15562025

That... sounds too convoluted to be true, but I like it anyway for its convolution.

>> No.15562035

They're pecs. PEEEEEECS!!!

I hope an ogre husbandos you.

>> No.15562040


>> No.15562046

Because you'll either be broken or be the best you you can be.

>> No.15562050

But Ogres are bad.

>> No.15562053

I want to be an Ogre's house husband!

>> No.15562057
File: 99 KB, 600x480, 1468459809091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be a big monster girl's mindbroken cumpump!

>> No.15562064

I want to make a momstergirl my mind broken cum dump.

>> No.15562066

I want a big monster girl to be my mindbroken cumdump!

>> No.15562068


dammit, but also now interested.

>> No.15562074

I want to teach baby Wurm-chan that 1+1=my dick in her butt!

>> No.15562076

Only if you're weak.

>> No.15562078

No, they're bad in general.

>> No.15562079

I want to learn koppo jutsu by practicing on a skeleton!

>> No.15562085
File: 860 KB, 2329x1022, 1438966823535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they aren't that bad

>> No.15562088

>he doesn't want furious battle sex
I pity you.

>> No.15562089

> I want to be a big monster girl's mindbroken cumpump!
I want to be a little monstergirl's mindbroken cumpump! I want to have her smugly mock me all the time about how big strong humanboys lose to even little girls when their dicks are attacked!

(Actually I don't know why I'm exclaiming it like a hyperbolic faggot, I want that unironically.)

>> No.15562098

I want to be a big monster cuddlepump.

>> No.15562102

They're awful!

You can have that with a Minotaur, an infinitely better monster girl.

>> No.15562108

your awful!

>> No.15562109

You're just a big chicken.

>> No.15562114

Not as awful as Ogres.

Ogres are trash anon, sorry to tell you.

>> No.15562116 [DELETED] 

I want to lewdly slather my Kobold waifu in oil with the help of my Kobold waifu while they wear their matching latex one-piece swimsuits! Then, we're going to have a nice, long, slippery three-way cuddlefucking session on our plastic air mattress!

>> No.15562122

I want to lewdly slather my Kobold waifu in oil with the help of my Kobold daughteru while they wear their matching latex one-piece swimsuits! Then, we're going to have a nice, long, slippery three-way cuddlefucking session on our plastic air mattress!

>> No.15562123
File: 434 KB, 746x1005, 2a24915b078869937b5993b1354d7d38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be a big monster girl's mindbroken cuddlepump!

>> No.15562124

>my kobold waifu by my kobold waifu
Go to bed koboldfucker.
Love you, no homo

>> No.15562125

Monmusu Kobolds, DnD Kobolds, or Reptilian Kobolds?

>> No.15562137

yeah, we know what you did. everyone saw.

>> No.15562138

I'd love to be tied down by a little monstergirl and be cursed not to cum without her permission and have her slowly ride me while moaning and panting with a ragged breath and a red face.

>> No.15562146

I mean they're both technically his waifus so it isn't that bad.

>> No.15562148

Go away nanashi.

>> No.15562150
File: 122 KB, 460x706, ogre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything you've posted has been nothing but trash. Ogres are great!

>> No.15562153

Th-That's a thick amazon...

>> No.15562156

Go away Ogre, nobody likes you.

>> No.15562158

You're garbage and you'll probably be claimed by a cait you weak shit.

>> No.15562164

I like ogres.

>> No.15562167

I like Ogres!

>> No.15562170

I do

>> No.15562173

I like ogres!
Tol girls are love.
Tol /fit/ girls are even more love.

>> No.15562174

I love ogres!

>> No.15562175


MGE Kobolds, except with more human-like feet.

>> No.15562178

Ogre shills please leave, nobody likes your objectively bad monster girl. They're almost as bad as that 3DPD-teir cow in EMG.

>> No.15562179

prove it!

>> No.15562183

How are they bad, defend your shit opinion.


>> No.15562185

No, I want to be attacked by a flat ogre that leads a gang of loli onis.

>> No.15562190

There's literally nothing wrong with being a little girl's cockslave and making her cum five times before being finished with her kogai.

>> No.15562194

They're abusive, rude and I don't like them!

Then go after Onis, Ogres are bad! They have smelly layers!

>> No.15562195

You can't always know EVERYTHING anon!

>> No.15562198
File: 287 KB, 492x800, 793488c22eb1b0752b5fadd814ff60c7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gothLoli onis are cute!

>> No.15562199

>There's literally nothing wrong with being a little girl's cockslave
True, but when she stabs your dick, she needs to die.

>> No.15562201

you sound like a big baby

>> No.15562202
File: 186 KB, 659x1200, ittan momen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Underrated monster girl.

Id want to find one in black velvet, or a cushiony autumn quilt.

>> No.15562205

But anon, that's the best part

>> No.15562212

You're a big baby!

>> No.15562223

I will fight you in real life, no joke.

>> No.15562226

You're just a no dominance bitch.

>> No.15562231

I'd love a big duvet ittan. Just imagine how plush, soft, and busty she'd be. Rolling up in her every night would be heavenly.

>> No.15562232

Maledomfag pls

>> No.15562241

It's not even about maledom, you just freaking suck.

>> No.15562246


>> No.15562249



>> No.15562250
File: 187 KB, 850x561, 151888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15562251


>> No.15562255
File: 651 KB, 1262x869, She says no thanks to your offer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"I'm already full."

>> No.15562257

Exactly! criminally underrated monster girl. Imagine wearing your bear-skin waifu as a warm coat while you both venture through a snow storm, then curling up in front of the fire to dry each other.

>> No.15562259

>That face

Oh my.

>> No.15562263

Sure wish i could read full filenames. I have no mouse and I must hover.

>> No.15562264

That uniform is an impressive example of monstergirl ingenuity.

>> No.15562266

Gonna rape that wan wan.

>> No.15562268

I want to work at a monstergirl bar and add the special ingredient to the drinks. Especially the beer.

>> No.15562274


>> No.15562279

But she won't be full after her shift is over in another six hours. There's a gap between lunch and dinner after all.

>> No.15562282

On a phone? I think if you open the image, then tap the cutoff name, it should show the full thing.

Title is "she says no thanks to your offer"

>> No.15562294

I will pay you actual money to draw nothing but hellhound art for the next month.

>> No.15562298

>A month of Memehound

>> No.15562299

They're call sperm banks anon.

>> No.15562301

>"I'm already full."
aww jeez

>> No.15562303

Good plan of you want to make people sick of her.

>> No.15562305

But there's no alcohol there.

>> No.15562307

I will pay him actual money to draw nothing but hellhound art for the next month which only I will have access to.
There, fixed it.

>> No.15562309

Mantis police partner!

>> No.15562310

That's about as likely as that faggot xana shutting up about anubi.

>> No.15562311


Microsoft surface pro. Removable keyboard is the first thing to go. Charger second.

>> No.15562315

Mantis pastry chef.

>> No.15562316

Or as likely as me not enabling his love for anubi.

>> No.15562318

Mantis wife.

>> No.15562321

I hope you both get trampled by a pokemon go mob.

>> No.15562323
File: 671 KB, 1801x1439, whileyourcoatdrieswearthis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bunny girl

>> No.15562324

You jumped the gun anon.

>> No.15562327

That's pretty adorable

>> No.15562329

Yep, you can't not think of that picture at some point when discussing ittans. Just flip around the guy there, have him hugging and kissing the futon-girl back, and that'd be my reaction.

Possessing animal skins is something I never thought of until now. Would they assume secondary traits of the animal who's skin they're inhabiting?
Either way, to the imaginative, their potential is as varied and numerous as the different fabrics and clothes that exist in the world.

>> No.15562330

You can never jump the gun with a Mantis!

>> No.15562332

Neat. Those two little dots below her mouth looks like eyes. Like she's hiding a tiny owl under her chin.

>> No.15562336

I'm too busy writefagging crappy greentexts and occasional stories but mostly playing new Monster Hunter to go outside.

>> No.15562337

But there's nowhere to go but motherhood and dicking the daughteru.

>> No.15562338

You are far too good for us Latenight.

>> No.15562343

I recalled that you wanted a commission of them?

>> No.15562347

You haven't been watching the news have you?

Oh god, I just thought about the most annoying thing ever, monstergirls knocking on your door to catch the squirtle in your house. You end up getting a cloyster.

>> No.15562349

Never thought I'd see art of a Wendigos butt, good work mang.

>> No.15562350

I'm never going to dick the daughteru! She's going to find a nice boy her own age.

>> No.15562354

>plastic air mattress
What are you poor?

>> No.15562355

Yes, I got one commission from Snibako, but I am looking to get more once I have the money for them.

>> No.15562358

No silly, it's so we don't get oil all over our regular bed and mess up our sheets forever!

>> No.15562361

You cannot resist the jiiiii anon.

>> No.15562362
File: 412 KB, 1456x1456, eEY0QwN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, okay. Just asking because I remembered that you also wanted one from me I think one or two months ago.

>> No.15562364

I pay enough attention to realise that the app has singlehandedly resulted in corpses being discovered, mobs forming around public places in minutes, and people getting lost in holes several dozen feet deep.
Everything I've read about it is kind of hilarious.

Anon, nothing compares to the feeling of oiled skin gliding over a sleek, bouncy plastic air mattress.

>> No.15562369

I can if she's my daughter!

I'll mating press my Mantis wife all day though.

>> No.15562370

>Sultry arabic silks that dance in the wind of the Pharaohs court
>wolf skin pelt that goes into heat with the full moon. wans, and has fluffy ears
>Big tittied quilt that smothers you from behind with a playful ara ara.

>> No.15562373

Yeah, there are so many artists I want to get around to, I haven't forgotten about you! Coming up with ideas and poses is pretty difficult too.

>> No.15562388

And the second a stream of your sticky dad milk comes flooding out of your waifu's vagina, she's going to swipe it and place it in her own. You can't hoard the D anon, not from your daughteru.

>> No.15562394

But I don't want to give it to my daughter! She should find a boy her own age!

>> No.15562397

Do you love your daughteru anon?

>> No.15562402

Of course I do, what kind of father would I be if I didn't love my kids?

>> No.15562406

That Pharaoh's court idea is great. Imagine a whole palatial room full of rich, swirling tapestries, flowing in an invisible breeze, all floating and suspended on nothing at all. Then you realise, they're not just huge swaths of fabric that reach from ceiling to floor, but dancers. Impossibly tall, perfectly grace ittan dancers swaying around the pharaoh's court to a slow, graceful and pleasantly intoxicating music.
Maybe as they dance, they obscure the line of sight to the Pharaoh herself, sitting on her throne. And when she wants to make herself known, she stands up, and walks down the aisle, parting the ittans with barely a thought, like she's parting a sea of rich silk and vibrant colour.

>> No.15562424

Then what's the problem?

>> No.15562425

Well she loves you too, and she understands that no one will ever love her like you will. You're all happy together aren't you? Wouldn't you be even happier to receive her love, for her to show you how deep her feelings for you go? Boys her age are silly anyway, they never wan to play with her like you do, they think she's weird and creepy, and her antennae are ugly, but you accept and love her as she is. She sees how happy you make mommy, and she wants that too, she never feels better than when she's in your arms. With dad. With mom. Wouldn't it be nice if we all got along? You wouldn't break her heart that way would you? You wouldn't reject your child, right?

>> No.15562440

Either Anubis or Dragon, based upon the answer to "Princess".
>School Swimsuit
Can it be white? If so, Pharaoh. If not, Familiar.
>Bunny Girl
>Police Woman
Like what kinda princess? If like, Disney-European, then Alice. If it's a bit more flexible, then Anubis.

>> No.15562445

I don't love her like that, she's my kid for god's sake!

Sure, she might have not found anyone yet but if she gives it some I can bet she'll find a boy she'll want to spend the rest of her life with! I just can't do something so indecent to my own daughter.

>Wouldn't it be nice if we all got along?

That was just a mistake, right anon? Right?

>> No.15562446

>monster known for smothering anyone it sees
>can replicate any form or body type, the only limit being the amount of cloth on hand
>not even Japan takes advantage of this for facesitting, breast smothering, or forced cunnilingus

>> No.15562454

Then you may be required to give them spirit energy to quell their urges.

Damn. That was very poetic.

>> No.15562456

Actually, scratch Shirohebi, Lich Nurse.

>> No.15562458
File: 94 KB, 667x775, 1426641090334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How angry would your waifu be if someone interrupted your love making? How would she deal with it?

>> No.15562459

But I could never do something like that.

>> No.15562462

Not angry enough to stop. She would tell them to piss off tho.

>> No.15562463

It's a damn shame. My adoration is steadily building for them as time goes on, though. Maybe it'll bubble up enough that something nice comes out of it, soon.

Thanks. If it wasn't late at night, I'd write more for the other scenarios. Maybe some other time.

>> No.15562464

Probably just ignore the interruption, turn back around and keep making love to me.
Got to keep those priorities straight.

>> No.15562465

More embarrassed then upset, she would just twist around and tell them to get lost.

>> No.15562467

But they call her a cockroach and shoo her away! She's always alone, the only times she has anyone to talk to is when she's at home, with you. She has no one else. She can't help feeling this way. Anon, don't like what's left of her love. She can't compete with mom, but of dad were to love her in that way...

No mistake, just writing her thoughts. Should I have used quotation marks?

>> No.15562469
File: 1.42 MB, 1900x1080, 1460847436717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i doubt she'd stop

but if she did there'd be hell to pay

>> No.15562472

>not further aroused and putting on a show

>> No.15562479
File: 139 KB, 294x454, this fucking cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She would just turn her head and grin before resuming.

>> No.15562480

Only proof that if a monster girl wants a human boy, she better be prepared to pretend to be an older sister.

>> No.15562481

She'd hurl them out before asking "Now where were we?" and resuming.

>> No.15562487

But what about her best friend? Doesn't she like him?

Yeah, you should have used quotation marks.

>> No.15562498

Slimes don't even know it's sex. They think it's just lunchtime.
She'd probably wave at them, form a second head, and carry on a conversation while still hungrily sucking me off.
What can I say, obliviousness turns me on.

>> No.15562501

Probably keep making love, but casting a debilitating curse or hex on the interloper. Maybe remove their sexual organs for a day, or bind them up in bandages so they can't move. Or give them a perpetually runny nose for a week.

>> No.15562506

Oh, you mean the boy she tells you all about, how much fun they have together at school, the boy you've never met? She just didn't want you to worry. The boys scorn her. The girls ignore her. But she has to be a good daughter. For daddy. So she makes no fuss and kisses you on the cheek every morning, hoping today will be the day you won't let go of her hand.

>> No.15562508

MG's are far different from HG's. If you dont supply your girls with enough spirit energy, they could develop severe traumas. Abandonment, for instance. Daddy issues without question.

Be sure to love them enough, according to monster standards, not human ones. Its selfish otherwise.

>> No.15562511

> all this flashy shit
> just want to fondle a ganguro pharoah in the back alley behind the pyramid

O great Grapesnake, you cannot destroy this nation soon enough

>> No.15562515

>perpetually runny nose for a week
As a lifelong sinus sufferer, fuck you, I will fucking kill your waifu and feed you her heart.

>> No.15562518


>> No.15562521

>ganguro pharaoh
She a whore?

>> No.15562526

Oh god, I'm a terrible father. I never realized how much of an awful time my daughter has been having for so long.

But how could I sleep at night knowing I did something like that to my child? My family would never let me come to family reunions if they knew.

>> No.15562529

Well then, don't interrupt sex between a poweful magical monstergirl and her husbando. Maybe you'd like to go a few days with a blank patch of skin where your dick would be instead?

>> No.15562540

That's offensive, anon. She might have fallen on hard times after being cast down from her throne and pumped full of apophis venom, but she would never do something as humangirlish as *charging* for her affections.

She's not a whore, she's a slut!

>> No.15562546

This is why apophi should be defanged.

>> No.15562552

"Interrupting an officer in the course of her duties: four days in the matango cubes"

>> No.15562565

>You'll never be bullied by a Rich Pharaoh and her friends after coming to MGC High because she thinks she can get away with anything.
>You'll never hiding behind the gym at some point.
>You'll never meet an Apophis crying back there and comfort her.
>She'll never fall for you and decide to help pay you back.
>Her love for you will never give her the nerve to secretly poison the Pharaoh and her friends and then tie them up for you to violate as you please.
>She'll never offer herself up too so you can see how superior she is compared to them.

>> No.15562566

Do you finally understand? How lonely and anxious she's been all this time? You're the one she knows she can rely on, will you really cast her aside because of a "blood connection"? If she's part of you, and you her, why ever would you not embrace her and love her truly? It hurts anon, to see the one thing you want above all else and be denied it, and having to smile and pretend everything's fine. The longer you keep her away the more she hurts, looking at you just ices her soul. What will you do man?