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Now everybody just cool your tits.

Previous thread: >>15634470

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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First for succulove!

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Second for charybdis are gross and digusting!

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Can love overcome anything?

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Dragon love!

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No, but it usually doesn't hurt.

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I want this as my boss

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Remember to love the mouse you never knew you lived with.

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She probably ate the roach poison I scattered all over my kitchen.

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Wrong answer, you go to the tentacle pit.

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You want her to give you a raise just by pampering her?

Only if it's strong.

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But she's old and is creepy with male employees.

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All love is strong, we're talking about love, not some crush.

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Some loves are stronger than the others. I'm talking about dimension breaking love.

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Sound like it was the right answer after all!

I mean... NOOOOO!!

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Just going to post this again, I don't think Gazerfag caught it last thread.

Basically, got together with Snib to commission a picture of a gazer with my personal favourite girl, to post on Gazerfag's birthday.
The basic idea was a little gazer, who can naturally levitate, supporting an equally little anubis as she casts a levitation spell on herself to fly for the first time.
Oh, and there's some easily found easter-eggs adorning the gazer too.
Snib did a fantastic job on this, and as always, he's a downright great guy to hang with.

So from one waifufag to another, happy belated birthday, Gazerfag!
Hope you like the full image!


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No, just that thing you were saving for a rainy day.

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That's really pretty.

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All monstergirls love strongly enough their husbands.

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>So from one waifufag to another, happy belated birthday, Gazerfag!
>Hope you like the full image!
Fucking alps.

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No they don't, they just want his energy. It's more like dependence or imprinting than anything.

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Do you think love can bloom, even on a battlefield?

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Not true, please paladin go, you're not gonna find a husband here.

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I don't know, Anon. I think my love for my monster is stronger than the love that some random MG feels for her random husband.

See >>15647464 Gazerfag and some other waifufags have that little dimension breaking love I was talking about.

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no it can not

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>I think my love for my monster is stronger than the love that some random MG feels for her random husband
But you don't know anything about those random ones.

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But anon, you and your waifu are just a couple of randoms to that other guy.

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Everything you love dies, Otacon.

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I want pessimistic people to go, there's enough already with me here.

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Spend my lunch hour in her office every day

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No we are not. You don't know about me and my beautiful sunset Dragon? What's that anon, are you living under a rock?

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I don't know anon, my vampire waifu does not let me leave her castle, much less talk to other WHORES, just like she says.

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I love zombies because they are great listeners

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It's okay. You'll sit here with your hope and love until the soul crushing reality catches up with you.

Then, you can try to hide your misery with transparent attempts at apathy and cynicism.

One of us.

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Zombies love you because they love you.
>ywn feel unconditional love

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Stop raping the word love.

>> No.15647547

and that is why I like them more that Wights that I didn't meet as a zombie first

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What does each species say when catcalling a guy?

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Love love love love love

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It sounds like you need a Yeti.

>> No.15647563


What about an attack yeti bodyguard

>> No.15647565

>Any snow/ice related mg
"Hey there pretty boy, you wanna have a ice time?"

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Both are Olev for entirely different reasons. A Wight you didn't raise is likely centuries old. She could tell you all kinds of stories, introduce you to all sorts of people, Is likely filthy rich. Has powerful and ancient traditional values.

Two different strokes for two entirely different folks.

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Are you calling my waifu a whore? She can take down whole kingdoms and your little house wouldn't be different.

>> No.15647580

So they can aggressively snuggle your enemies?

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Hi, Beast.

>> No.15647594

Well not really, that's what my waifu says.

But if she says it, it must be true.

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>"Anon, it would be highly advantageous for both of our studies if you were to offer your body as a test subject for my research."
>"I shall put your name on the paper next to mine so you'll have partial credit."

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they're trained in the finest close quarters cuddling tactics passed down the yeti line for generations

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If your waifu is that insecure she must be pretty lame

>> No.15647606

I forgot to ask people whether or not I should continue it.

>> No.15647610

What if I'm not interested?

>> No.15647611

Hellwan best monster girl

>> No.15647612

50% credit or no deal

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Wight: "Je t'aime, mon chéri."

Dragon: "I want to make you into my precious."

Lich: "Come, it is time to make science."

Succubus: "Hey, want a match? My pussy and your dick <3!"

Tanuki: "Ohhhh! Ohhh my God! The way you handled those dollar bills at the register! HNNNNNNF! I LOVE YOU!"

Arachne: "You know what's better than Horse Pussy? SPIDER EPIGYNE."

Ushi-Oni: [Maniacal laughter and the sounds of breaking drywall, as well as vise-like hugging]

Manticore: "My tailpussy ain't gonna fill itself, fuckboi."

Balrog: "W-Who needs a stupid ring anyway. I just wanted to be your precious."

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>"Nice try, Kelpy. I know that's a marriage application."
>"I'll sign it myself."

>> No.15647622

50% and some heavy cuddling and you got a deal

>> No.15647632

>Tanuki: sorry m8 no checks just loads of money
>she slaps the guy with a stack of bills

>> No.15647633



Holy fuck that's adorable.

Morgoth should have gotten him a Balrog waifu instead of going after those stupid rocks

>> No.15647635

"Nice butt, bro!"

>> No.15647636

She's not, she just cares about me a lot.

>> No.15647642

How much would a Tanuki like coin collections

>> No.15647647

>"I'll simply find another method in order to convince you of the merit of this venture."
Enjoy married life anons.

>> No.15647663

That's the closet I'll get to publishing a paper, so I'll take it.

>> No.15647682

She's kinda unsettling. It'll just drive me off.

>> No.15647694

Yeah, Snib's really great at the lighting and particle effects. At first I wasn't too sure about the anubis' magic effect, wherever I wanted it to be a bubble, or an aura or cloud, but when I saw this, I thought it was perfect.
The light reflections on the two girls are sublime too.

Tell me your birthday and your favourite girl, and I'll get a picture of an anubis doing something nice with her, too.

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>Enjoy married life anons.
But it's just an academic paper?

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Today feels like a good day to write.

>> No.15647700

What if she gains fifty pounds and promises to sit on your face?
That's what the paper is about anon. Don't worry, it's for science. If you enjoy it, that's just a welcome bonus.

>> No.15647701

>Eye of Horus over one of the gazer's stalks
Neat touch.

>> No.15647707

Wop it out

>> No.15647708

Liches already have feet stuff, so I guess facesitting is inevitable.
Hopefully there's some lactation stuff in the future too.

>> No.15647709

how can marriage be for science

>> No.15647711

She's still really weird and will do all sorts of bad things to me.

>> No.15647722

I just posted some work. might do more stuff tomorrow

>> No.15647729

No day is a good day to write for me anyway

>> No.15647735

Bummer, man.

>> No.15647740

So take a break and get back to it when you feel like it.
Considering I've take a break from writing that lasted a year, I may not be the best person to take advice from on this.

>> No.15647746

> spoiler
If I remember correctly he actually DID in one of the obscure footnotes in Tales Of Middle Earth: Morgoth's Ring or whatever those anthologies of obscure lore are called.

Manwe a shit. SHIIIIITTTTT

>> No.15647755

I'm on a year break too

>> No.15647764

>She's still really bad and will do all sorts of weird things to me.
Fixed that for you.
It's mutually beneficial to both fields.

>> No.15647767


>If I remember correctly he actually DID in one of the obscure footnotes in Tales Of Middle Earth: Morgoth's Ring or whatever those anthologies of obscure lore are called

Holy shit what

>> No.15647775

Same thing.

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>vise-like hugging

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More power to you, then. I'm of a mind that if you don't find some manner of enjoyment or compensation out of something, why do it? I like putting the silly shit that runs through my head into a more concrete form. The fact that there are actually a few people that like it, which for fucks sake still shocks the shit out of me, is a side benefit. But I think if you try forcing it, it'll just bite you in the ass and whatever you do churn out will be sub-par for all involved. Take a note from /jp/ and just take it easy.
Again, I'm probably not the best authority on this. I may write, but I don't consider myself a "writer". And I have a tendency to talk out of my ass at times. So take it with a grain of salt.

>> No.15647795

I want to remove an Ushi's silly eye patch

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>come home after a stressful day at school
>you just want to go up to your room and rub one out
>as soon as you walk in, your momster pokes her head out of the kitchen
>"Ah, Anon, I took the liberty of cleaning your room. Try not to let it get so messy next time."
>well, that's one less thing to worry about
>you get to your room and reach for your porn stash hidden under the bed
>what you pull out isn't your porn, but an assortment of erotic magazines focused on mother and son, as well as several photos of your momster posing in lewd outfits
>you still end up masturbating to them

>> No.15647801

Doesn't that make them a lot more rapey than they already are?

>> No.15647802


>> No.15647803

I wonder when I should invite my orc girlfriend to meet her

>> No.15647806

Just a strange decorative cloth I'd be fine because I trust her

>> No.15647811


>If I take that patch off, will you die?

>> No.15647816

>It would be extremely rapey

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I couldn't resist an Elf momster, even if she's low-tier compared to other momsters.

>> No.15647820

I guess she adopted me and there's no husband, right?

'Cause I'm not NTRing anyone and she wouldn't/shouldn't since she's a mg.

>> No.15647822


>You're a big girl

>> No.15647826

I'd return her photos, she must have misplaced them

>> No.15647827

You can't call your own mother low tier, no mattter the species.

>> No.15647832

Yeah, she is just a lonely cake looking for someone to keep her company.

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Why are momsters so good?

>> No.15647844

Well I'll make sure she isn't either a cake or lonely anymore.

>> No.15647853

Except his stepmom.

I think.

>> No.15647864

I want to find a nice husband for my momster so she can leave me alone

>> No.15647866

>you go back downstairs with the pictures and go to your mom who you hear doing something in her room
>you knock on the door
"Hey mom, can we talk?"
>you hear a loud crash and a rushed "R-Right there!"
>all of a sudden your momster opens the door
>you notice her hair is disheveled, she's sweating, and her legs look like they're about to give out
>"What do you need, h-honey?"
>hand her back her pictures
"You left these in my room, shouldn't they be in an album?"
>her head tilts ever so slightly and she starts laughing in a manner you can only describe as 'maniacal'
>the next thing you recall is your momster grabbing you by the collar and throwing you onto her bed
>that was the beginning of your momsters new "training regiment"

>> No.15647869

There is a paladin down the road that might work

>> No.15647871

You're gonna be her husband.

>> No.15647875

>Showing an elf your orc gf
Do you want your mom to cry because you are breaking her heart by not marrying a nice elven girl

>> No.15647877

Smokey and the Bandit with monster girls?
>Sheriff Justice is an Echidna
>Junior is a Jubjub
>Snowman's a Yeti
>Bandit's a Cheshire
>Frog's a shota

>> No.15647879

>Wight: "Je t'aime, mon chéri."
I hate this meme. A pox on the faggot that started it. I bite my thumb at thee

>> No.15647880

But anon, you're the husband.

>> No.15647881

Lucky lad.

>> No.15647882

I want her to be happy, not dead

I will not fall into the clutches of evil. I want to date a nice, genki girl that is my age.

>> No.15647885

He's old enough his eyes aren't as great and elves look human enough

>> No.15647887

If you marry your adoptive mom you're mixing the love of a mother and the love of a wife, which makes it the ultimate form of love.

>> No.15647891

Who said adoptive?

>> No.15647896

Anon did.

>> No.15647897


>> No.15647898

Why do monster daughters have a strange incest phase that they go through

>> No.15647904

Not all of them go through it.

>> No.15647910

It's better to mix the love of an older sister and the love o a wife. It's the ultimater form of love. And that way you dont have to worry about NTRing your dad.

>Dad marries a monster
>Moves to the country
>Monster already has an older daughter
>She lives in the city
>You end up moving in with her to do highchool and uni

>> No.15647912

Can it be helped that they think the world of their daddy?

Particularly heartbreaking are the cases where the father is a widower.

>> No.15647914

It's weird when your relatives get corrupted.

>> No.15647915

It's a lich you mongol.

>> No.15647916

I was obviously talking about single moms. Why the hell would you think about NTRshit.

>> No.15647923

Don't mistake the species of the monster you are talking to or she will get mad

>> No.15647924

Why must you assume that the Momster is married 100% of the time?

>> No.15647925

If she was human theres nofmally a father, which makes it haram.

>> No.15647928


>> No.15647932

Bu they need to realize their mother would want them to find a cute boy of their own

>> No.15647941

How else will you have a monster older sister?

>> No.15647945

>How else will you have a monster older sister?
Human sister monsterizes, or by way of time fuckery like in Gaufs Wock story.

Anyways, we were talking about moms, not onee-sans.

>> No.15647947

She's NBR?

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File: 156 KB, 1024x1024, ace9581436977a6a17f019bfebaa29b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15647952

Oh sorry shrew

>> No.15647955

Do boys belong to their onee-sans or to their childhood friends?

>> No.15647956 [SPOILER] 
File: 242 KB, 859x1200, 1470544460519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's late.
Post spooky waifus.

>> No.15647960

The answer is yes

>> No.15647966

To the highschool friend.

>> No.15647968

Can your onee-san be your childhood friend as well?

>> No.15647970

it's a joke on how wavy and green her hair is, ya dip

>> No.15647971

The former obviously

That's a real SOFT looking waifu. .

>> No.15647974

Well yes, but imagine they're different individuals this time.

>> No.15647981 [SPOILER] 
File: 356 KB, 822x1507, 1470544837021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

were you expecting some cute girl?

>> No.15647984

And I hit the jackpot.

>> No.15647985

>There are too many single monstergirls applying to adopt a human boy, and not enough of the later
>Monstergirls end making groups more chances of getting one
>Anon ends with more than one mother lusting after him

>> No.15647992 [SPOILER] 
File: 60 KB, 732x1090, 1470544993872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15647995

Gonna call an alp the cutest little succubus I ever met

>> No.15647998

To have more chances*

>> No.15647999

and then anon and his skeleton wife rattled their bones

>> No.15648003

What if after they adopt him they realize they just want to raise him instead of fuck him

>> No.15648007


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>tfw no one cares about Hasshaku-sama

>> No.15648015

I'm not a fan of shota but I fucking love his work.

>> No.15648021

I've seen her posted enough times to know it's not true.

>> No.15648025

but they see how cute he is and realize he will need a girl his age

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>I don't have any sexy local legends

>> No.15648030

No girl will ever love him like they do.

>> No.15648032

But he needs one true love not a harem

>> No.15648033
File: 616 KB, 2240x1680, 864408c23487dbf9cf3c37464e4f9e94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15648039 [SPOILER] 
File: 311 KB, 500x636, 1470545668523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15648040

It can be just two moms, which makes it bigamy, and is better than harems.

>> No.15648046

I like flat chested ghosts

>> No.15648052

Quick! give me something comfy!

>> No.15648056

A vibrating slime to lay down in

>> No.15648057


>> No.15648059

Your waifu.

>> No.15648063
File: 3.02 MB, 2000x2500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Warm baths are comfy

>> No.15648065

>slime waifu functions as an automatic massage cushion
Nice. One more reason to get onboard the slime girl bandwagon.

>> No.15648067

I tried to write something for this but there are too many things making my brain no good. I'll just say that I want to be locked in a sarcophagus while this thing molests and rapes me into a quivering mess

>> No.15648069

Sleeping with a YUGE Wendigo within her cloaks pocket dimension.

>> No.15648073

How does a dire Alp look like?

>> No.15648074

Child solider beetles sharing fruit

>> No.15648077

Like your momma.

>> No.15648082

Like buff dudes.

>> No.15648084

That bath does look comfy but that dragon while being very lovely looking, I don't think I should join her in the bath as it feels like a trap in order to assault/ rape me. Also why would she want me to join her and why should i trust her not to try any funny business, is she trying to ask me out on a date?

>> No.15648086

It's cool. She even has sake for the both of you.

>> No.15648093


Get in the fucking tub Anon

>> No.15648096

Just sit on her lap and get molested, slut.

>> No.15648097

Well in that case I join her in the bath for a date, maybe we can learn abut each other and maybe even get swap stories between us over a drink.

>> No.15648099

If you are on a street corner after dark you may be approached by monster who want to buy your body

>> No.15648104


>> No.15648105

Strongfat or just stronk

Depends on the alp

>> No.15648106

Well then if she's going to be rude and harmful to me like that, then no I will not join the dragon in the tub. It will teach her that she how to actually get a date and that I want relationship with someone I can trust/share my likes with, not just about having sex with.

>> No.15648110


>Back talking a dragon

Rest in pepperoni Anon

>> No.15648111

or you are approached by cops who also want to buy your body and then arrest you

>> No.15648131

She won't do anything to me, especially since she's so used to always getting what she want's handed to her. The fact I said no to her is something she's never experienced before, and is lesson that might help her one day learn that if you want something you need to earn it rather than taking it by force. plus i have no like for someone as impatient and rude as her, i look for a loving relationship not just sex.

>> No.15648138

>It's raining
>One of the worst storms you've seen this year
>Luckily, you're not outside
>You're inside, sitting on your couch in front of the TV
>Your troll wife sits down next you you, carrying two mugs of freshly prepared tea, with just a hint of honey and lemon
>You both enjoy your tea, watching some movie on the television, and listening to the patter of the rain when you mute the commercials
>Suddenly, the TV turns off, and the lights go dark
>The storm must be worse than you thought, probably knocked down a power line
>You both stumble around in the dark for a while until you manage to find the candles and matches
>With candles lit and vision restored, you retire to the room with the wood stove
>You load a few logs of firewood into the stove along with a few sheets of crumpled newspaper, and ignite it with a match
>You turn back to see your troll wife seated on the couch, her arms spread, clearly desiring your company
>As soon as you sit next to her, her arms wrap around you, and she rests her head against your chest
>The scent of her hair reaches your nose, a mix of strawberries and fresh flowers
>You wrap an arm around her waist, moving your hand down to her hips, enjoying her soft supple body
>She looks up at you with dreamy eyes, and plants a kiss on your cheek
>You both remain on the couch, simply enjoying the warmth of the stove and each other while the storm rages outside
>As the fire dies down, and the candles burn out, the two of you drift into sleep in each other's arms
>As morning comes you are greeted by the sun, peering through the window
>It seems the storm has passed
>Your troll wife lies next to you on the couch, and once more you are greeted with the scent of strawberries

>> No.15648146

I say continue, it's nice to see something a tad fresh.

>> No.15648153


>She won't do anything to me

She'll make you eat all the eggs

>> No.15648159

I feel envy.

>> No.15648167

I didn't ask for these feels.

>> No.15648170
File: 962 KB, 788x1200, Ahh, you were at my side all along.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How strong would Cursed Holy Swords be?

>> No.15648172

Well no thank you, those eggs are probably filled with who knows what and also i'd like to politely refuse by not taking her food. Plus she can use those eggs to snack on while she thinks about how rude and bossy he was with me.

>> No.15648175

Probably as strong as blessed demonic swords.

>> No.15648182

What if it isn't a Cursed Holy Sword, but a Holy Cursed Sword.

>Take up the blade and forever be cursed to carry out gods will and gods will alone
>Lay your hands on any woman who isn't your sword and be forever burned.
>Cut anything other than monster scum and be forever sterile

>> No.15648187

Why so stubborn, just get in there, she promises you'll feel good, and she will give you some money so you can buy some pretty things for yourself.

>> No.15648191

She is just thinking about your weel being, Anon. The thing about dragons being big bads is just a story told by envious lizardmen that can't get a man.
Dragons are mostly kind and protective unless you piss them the fuck off, which is something you didn't do. So go on Anon, get in the bath and start to talk with her, a small step at a time.

>> No.15648198

How many bard of gold is she paying you to shill for her?

>> No.15648199

>fuck up
>"i-it was intentional you know!"

>> No.15648205

>Projecting this hard
Not even him, but you should probably stop. Plus her hair is a pretty kelpy green. Some one edit it a pale blue

>> No.15648217

I have a question Beast.
Are the names of the woman and her mother significant? I can't google it right now and its bugging me.

>> No.15648224

Would an alp be mad if your called it a succubus

>> No.15648227
File: 1.25 MB, 3264x1836, 0806162250a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did more doodles. Tried a Kraken again, and feel like I did worse than before.

>> No.15648232
File: 153 KB, 800x614, 1469398036406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep at it anon! You're getting better!

>> No.15648245

C'mon Anon, I'm not getting paid, I just want a fellow comrade to match up with a dragon just like what happened to me. Dragons are too proud to pay just for a small advertising especially if they come from a guy like me.
You can trust me on this one, Dragons won't do you any harm because most of them are actually scared of being hurt.

Can you imagine how many dragons have been turned down because of the fear of being killed by her? Or the fact that she can buy your whole lineage with just a small part of her hoard?
You said you wanted a relationship where you can trust the other side right? So maybe this is the first step, show her a bit of trust by getting into the bath and she'll show you back.

She does look pretty cute.

>> No.15648248

a real shame the monsters with paws can never sew for you

>> No.15648249

One of those situations where I imagine it would depend more on intent or perceived intent than anything else. In the sack or as a group description it'd probably be fine, but if you're trying to her feelings it'd sting.

>> No.15648252
File: 1.27 MB, 3264x1836, 0806162252a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now for something I forgot about last time. Sketching with lamplight is tedious.

>> No.15648270

Well since you sound trusting dragon lover and she seems to actually want a relationship with me, I'll join her in the bath so we can start talking in order to get to know each other. As long as she show back my trust and treats me well, i'll not only do the same but tell her that i'm excited to join her in the bath for our first date. I bet she'll gain the biggest smile and blush after i join her in the bath and ask her to tell me more about herself.

>> No.15648271

How exactly does an inland get rained, hailed, and lightninged on for 5 consecutive hours. Who is responsible for this?

>> No.15648274

How haughty can a yeti be until she stops being a yeti

>> No.15648277


>> No.15648278
File: 1.34 MB, 3264x1836, 0806162251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried this. Was only partially satisfied, somehow.

>> No.15648279

Someone just NTRed a ryuu in your general vicinity.

>> No.15648280

Tentacles are hard to keep consistent, you still did great anyway

I don't know what is going on there, but it needs to stop and that whelp needs to be returned to her dragon mother

>> No.15648281

Some dude is having an orgy with a bunch of elementals and things are staring to get intense for them.

>> No.15648294
File: 1.29 MB, 3264x1836, 0806162251a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you insist.

At least I achieved that, then.

>> No.15648302

I'm writing a dark and edgy piece that I feel is necessary and am hating every bit of it.

Why can't everything be hugbox.

>> No.15648303

Very hard. I'd be better off doing 4 simple fat tentacles+2 longer ones in the future.

It's a guy putting a Dragon's horn in his mouth.

>> No.15648312

If only it's because I'm bored and it was something I was too lazy to mess with originally before kelp even existed.


>> No.15648313

The trick is in learning to enjoy the suffering. You have it within you, just bring it out.

>> No.15648317

>enjoy the suffering
I'd really rather not be that sort of person.

>> No.15648321

She might be flattered if you believed she was a girl all along

>> No.15648323

Also, I am somewhat surprised my doodle for another thread was put on a booru along other works of "art". Not really MG related, though.
Just think about gypsie Werecats or belly dancer Succubi with a great tan.

>> No.15648329

>belly dancer Succubi with a great tan
Why hasn't this been made known to me

>> No.15648341

What kind of drinking games would monsters play

>> No.15648343

Spin the bottle...after drink the entire bottle.

>> No.15648345

If she wants to act like a stuck up princess and expects me to massage her paws on command and make her tea then she's in for a surprise because I'd do it

>> No.15648347


It's where you drink alcohol and get naked.

>> No.15648358

Because you aren't in the loop.

>> No.15648371

Titty Twister

>> No.15648382

If you cum before you partner you take a drink.
If your partner cums before you she takes a drink.
If you cum at the same time everyone takes a drink.
If you say something stupid drink until you drop dead.

>> No.15648391

How do you get your Wock nee-san to treat you like a man instead of a little kid?

>> No.15648393

Play her fat butt like bongos

>> No.15648394

Get her a box of flying scorpions.

>> No.15648396

There is an interesting twitter going on right now in japan.


Basically, if you could pick 1 girl to remove from MGE, whom would it be?

>> No.15648398

would you like to take pity on me and tell me where I can find it?

>> No.15648399

What a dangerous question

>> No.15648400


>> No.15648401

How about all parasites?

>> No.15648406
File: 90 KB, 950x890, 1466057158929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you help a lonely Ryu have a fantasy?

>> No.15648408

Transgender obviously
Is this even a question?

>> No.15648409


>> No.15648410

what kind of fantasy?

>> No.15648415

There is no such drawing, anon. There's a doodle of a tsundere human wench, but no Succubutt belly dancer with a sexy tan and sweat glistening on her navel.

>> No.15648419


You have a link to this? I'm curious what the answers are.

>> No.15648420

I'd braid her hair if she's in to that kinda thing. A big fat over the front of the shoulder braid.

>> No.15648422

Alp. If we only had one furry I'd chose that, but unfortunately there are already two.

>> No.15648425

but it doesnt matter, the japs love transgender

>> No.15648429

Wait until she wants to fuck and then gain a dominant position. Before she can react, tell her honestly and confess your feelings. That you want her to see you as more than her little kid brother, but as her man. Cum inside, and fall asleep with your head between her breasts. Science has proven a 97% chance of her smiling wryly, patting your head and calling you her husband.

>> No.15648432

Now she's beet red and awkwardly looking away.

>> No.15648433


>> No.15648443

>Not those SLUT Scyllas
Out with you.

>> No.15648446

Sir you forget yourself.

>> No.15648449

Alps. They are complete fucking cancer. Like the other anon said, I'd choose a furry but there are two.

>> No.15648450

I like white scaled snakes

>> No.15648451

Nor really story wise
in outside of that, enyo is a greek war goddess and bellona is her roman equivelant

>> No.15648452

Albino Lamias or them Shirihebi?

>> No.15648454

Totally nuke alps. if not them one of the furries.

>> No.15648456


>> No.15648459
File: 3.15 MB, 1365x2100, 1414546814636.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15648460

>no Succubutt belly dancer
why have you lied to me

>> No.15648461

So Albino Lamia? Brcause we don't take kindly to liking buttslut sneks 'round these here parts.

>> No.15648464

I didnct lie. You just misunderstood. Maybe Mari can fulfill your lust for belly dancer Succubi in themed attire?

>> No.15648466

Why not both at the same time?

>> No.15648468

They like you
they like you alot
just dont leave

>> No.15648469

Because not everything needs to be together at once. It's like eating pizza and ice cream together: only a Wurm would do it.

>> No.15648471

and wurms have advanced intelligence

>> No.15648484
File: 375 KB, 610x552, 4964308f7a2d168e36e61bbc085659fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it the duty and privilege of an onee-sama to claim her little brother virginity at the ripe age of 12?

which mg's wouldn't?

would raping someone's little brother and stealing his virginity be considered a crime against the older sister?

>> No.15648487

Advanced for a single celled organism.

>> No.15648489

Would it result in a lawsuit?

>> No.15648491

if the older sis was a tanuki it would

>> No.15648492
File: 687 KB, 913x1100, 1342982816773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something a little different this time from my usual silly humor. A couple days back I mentioned an idea in the thread about a monstergirl version of a D&D pseudodragon. The idea of it ended up sticking with me and a quick story formed from it.
So as always: For your perusal, should you deign to read it, I offer you a sort of side chapter to Alp Adventures.


I remembered to put the link in the post this time! Yay!

>> No.15648507
File: 51 KB, 650x458, 1444563787107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one where Anon comes to her shrine seeking wisdom, but leaves with a Ryu wife.

>> No.15648510

Always spoil the little sister even if she is a large ushi

>> No.15648537
File: 266 KB, 858x800, cuddles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2700 words in five hours. I'll take it.

Goodnight anons. Dream of snuggly Yetis.

>> No.15648545

Im going to put a dragon in a headlong till she calls me Sir

>> No.15648546

Cute alp
Cute dragon whelp

Would've been cuter if something happened that made the MC think of having babies of her own

>> No.15648548

>large ushi completely incapable to go against her older brother.
>Other ushi's dont get why she doesn't just rape him (making sure she doesn't hear it since shes a head taller then most of them)
>when she gets berated for something by him she inevitable ends up smaller as she keeps lowering herself with every word he speaks.
>after the first few tears he usually forgives her and gets her and icecream.
>older brother wonders why all his class mates have to deal with rape so often when he was never bothered by anything larger then a house mouse who got a little drunk and which he just kept away by placing his hand against her head.

>> No.15648560

It's easy enough to ignore Alp shitposters and the final stage of parasite corruption isn't that different from the rest of the MGE

That leaves Cait Sith or Humpty Egg

>> No.15648585

>made the MC think of having babies of her own
Not likely to happen. Especially not anytime soon. Or probably any time. To be honest I hadn't had any plans on taking the story into the direction child having, or even the MC having thoughts of, territory.

>> No.15648600

>Big scary Ushi-Oni getting told off by her older, Human brother.

I want to see this.

>> No.15648602

>Humpty Egg
There is enough pedophilia in MGE it doesn't matter.

>> No.15648607

Yeah, the designs nice, but I still can't shake the fact that she's basically an unborn fetus.

Jubjubs are weird.

>> No.15648608

Cait or Cu has to take the vote of expulsion over the humpty egg by a country mile.

>> No.15648609

>the designs nice
Kill yourself

>> No.15648613

The worst thing isn't even that she's pedo slime.
It's not even that you're fucking what is essentially an aborted fetus.

The worst thing is that she could've been a jubjub but isn't

>> No.15648618

>She's always getting into fights, and has never lost once
>Even the teachers at school are terrified of her
>She left her textbooks at home one day, so her brother comes to drop them off to her
>One of her self proclaimed underlings asks her who the guy dropping the books off is
>She tells him it's her brother
>"Oho, you don't go too hard on him so that you can use him as a gofer, huh?"
>"You know, when you rape him."
>Her expression changes in an instant to one of a small child who has just been caught doing something wrong and now fears the oncoming punishment
>"What?! No! What onii-sama says is the law, and good girls don't break the law! I'M NOT A BAD GIRL! I'M A GOOD GIRL!"

>> No.15648638

>Older brother telling her she needs to be more responsible, and not forget her textbooks.
>She stands there fidgeting with her huge claws, saying she's sorry.

>> No.15648657

Aw, not even as a stray thought? Not even one offhand comment from dragonmom about how she can't let her keep Jinx but she's sure she'll be a great mommy herself one day? Not one second of the MC imagining her belly swelling with a baby succubus and then shaking her head saying "No way, no way, no way!"

Come oooooooon.

>> No.15648668

Now that is a true waste of life

>> No.15648669

Now I want a Ushi-Oni delinquent little sister

I'd make sure she didn't go overboard with the rape and focused on her studies

>> No.15648686

What are the Japanese answers to it like?

>> No.15648713

Yep, and teach her how to dance just in time for the school ball.

>> No.15648755

Dwarf, no hesitation

Seriously, I can find the charm of Devil Bugs, Matangos, Dryads and other questionable profiles but no amount of good will and headcanon will get over the fact that Dwarves look like toddlers

>> No.15648768

I always just imagined them a shortstacks

>> No.15648781
File: 548 KB, 4095x3651, CpLzOG5UsAIXc_C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why haven't you pledged allegiance to Apophis yet?

>> No.15648786

Anubis-senpai told me she was evil!

>> No.15648793

Because Green Demon Realms >>> "Dark" Demon Realms.

>> No.15648794

I'm going to help her get rid of that pesky Pharaoh and her stupid ideas

Who the hell needs a working economy and all that other bullshit?

Love and happiness is all we need, and Apophis is going to give us that

>> No.15648798

Bah, what would that stuck up dog know? She's probably still upset that Apophis used to laugh at her still wearing bear panties in middle school.

>> No.15648827
File: 665 KB, 2000x1125, wallhaven-361741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you agree for a peaceful monstergirl world that would have cats this ugly and distorted.

>> No.15648831

In my opinion Anubis-senpai is evil!

>> No.15648864

Then you are lost!

>> No.15648865

I can imagine it staring at me at night while I'm in bed.

But it's a small price to pay.

>> No.15648876

Obviously yes, I would even go into a world that has actual monsters if there was monster girls too

I'd just ask my waifu to protect me

>> No.15648902
File: 32 KB, 317x272, Nope nope nope NOPE NOPE NOPE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>First thought is what large cats would look like

>> No.15648955

Why would you want that? If she did she'll stop giving you free cookies and headpats.

>> No.15648973

I think anubi wearing bear panties are great.
Underrated pantsu.

>> No.15648983

I don't particularly care for them

>> No.15648987

Girls with piercings are trash and should be purged. This includes earrings.

>> No.15648994

Hey, it's russian katawa shoujo artist

>> No.15649019

Anubis would totally be the kind of girl acting like she's more grown up than she is yet she still wears bear panties and can't drink black coffee.
Even gyraru succubutts with gaudy hoop earrings? You monster.

>> No.15649020

>gyaru succubutts with gaudy hoop earrings
Beyond repugnant.

>> No.15649031
File: 190 KB, 725x1028, DISDAIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are trash and should be purged. Fucking kill yourself, faggot.

>> No.15649036


Everything else has its place, in a way. Even the Siths and Matango serve a purpose - they're a warning sign of FETISHES GOING TOO FAR. The Lilim, though? They're just Mary Sue-ed up Succubi mixed with Dark Matter, like Timmy's First MG OC or something.

>> No.15649043

Read the encyclopedia next time.

>> No.15649045

>Monster girl daughteru has made a pillow fort
Quick use her weakness to topple her empire of softness!

>> No.15649047

Anons with bad opinions are trash and should be purged.

>> No.15649050

I tell her the pizza rolls are done and watch her destroy her own fort.

>> No.15649054

>Open door

>> No.15649064

I bet you like girls with tattoos, too.

>> No.15649066

Now that you point it out I realize that I'm against piercings too, I'd hate if my waifu pierced herself no matter where

Apophis is still a great girl though

>> No.15649069

My daughteru has no weakness, she's in a fort! We're doomed! DOOMED!

>> No.15649075

>You like this one objectively great thing, I bet you like this other one!
Yeah, no shit faggot.

>> No.15649078

That won't work. The one she likes is you!

>> No.15649085
File: 403 KB, 630x900, 1439811420371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>objectively great
You mean to say that girls with rings in their noses are somehow a positive thing?
That's it. Ooga booga boo, this zombie casts a curse on you!

>> No.15649088

>and can't drink black coffee.
She's just a responsible scheduledog. She knows caffeine is bad for her, and her sleep schedule is good enough that she doesn't need any in the morning.

Looks like it's time to fall back on tummy tickles and tactical nuzzling.

>> No.15649098

>Choose the absolute trashiest piercing and hold all others to that standard
That's not how it works, nerd. I bet you're going to point to a butterfly trampstamp next and use that as an example of how all tattoos are shit.

>> No.15649100

>Read the encyclopedia next time.
Alright, why not do it again right now?

>"Lilim is the collective name given to the daughters of the Demon Lord and her husband. They are succubi of exceptional power and captivating beauty while inheriting their parents ambition to create a world filled with humans and monsters united in carnal bliss. They also inherit incredibly powerful magic, strong enough to perform special monsterizations and in some cases to go about creating their own toy dimensions."

So far, just super-powered Succubi with Dark Matter elements.

>"They have pale skin and pure white hair, which they share in common with the Demon Lord and red eyes full of demonic energy."

I wonder if they like swords and hate happiness? Nah, too much dick on the brain.

>"They have the greatest power of all succubi, but even if they don’t use their power for charm spells, almost all men would become their prisoner after only catching a glimpse of their visage. Even without using words of temptation, men are aroused at the sight of them and consumed by total lust. If they tempt a man, even without magic, there is no element of force even necessary."

Succubus? Check. Overwhelming power? Check.

>"Just like the Demon Lord, they are beings that have the demonic energy of all the monsters in the world contained within their bodies. Just like the Demon Lord, they have the ability to cause human women to be reborn as any kind of monster through having sex, as long as the resulting race is one that is subordinate to the Demon Lord and was always, or has effectively become entirely a monster race."

And here's the Dark Matter and Mary Sue powers coming into play, full-throttle.

Guess what? I read the encyclopedia. Did you?

>> No.15649102
File: 210 KB, 1024x768, 1444243951400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help the Mofu-aunt next door move some furniture?

>> No.15649104

>objectively great
>oh, but this one thing is shit and doesn't count

>> No.15649106

>can't drink black coffee.
Why is this a thing? I thought they would love coffe

>> No.15649108

Piercings and tattoos are the universal signs of a garbage person.

>> No.15649110
File: 2.24 MB, 1254x1771, 3777007aa6adc2507728b940ef8e1829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good tattoos on the right girl can look real nice.

>> No.15649114

They perform the vital role of sustaining the system should anything happen to their mother. That alone sounds pretty purposeful if you ask me. They are the major political driving force within the monster factions, and dictate much of monster society.

>> No.15649115

It's like you don't even know what a Mary Sue is and just repeat it whenever you don't like something because you heard it on the internet once.

>> No.15649120

I would say that food is objectively great. And then you have shit like zucchini.

>> No.15649126
File: 285 KB, 357x500, Sylph_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about the air bender.

>> No.15649129

What are "pleasure runes", Alex.

>> No.15649134

Not him.
I think one of the problems with Lilims is that you can’t have them be anything BUT overpowered Mary sues. I mean, Dragon and liches are supposedly strong enough to defeat entire armies by themselves. And the you have the daughters of the demon lord. A being that somehow defeated the chief goddess and grew ultra powerful and has the strongest of all mankind as her husband. So both their parents are so ridiculously overpowered you can’t have them be anything but incomprehensibly powerful. The only way to make them better is to tone down the Mary sue part and not make them be morally right about everything they do and just be completely perfect.

>> No.15649146

The main problem with Lilims is that they are overused. People seem to have misunderstood their rarity.

>> No.15649157

Mary Sue doesn't mean powerful though. Sure being strong can be a factor but it's not the only thing that's needed to qualify as one.

An individual Lilim could have any number of personality flaws or issues in other areas of her life. The profiles aren't individuals and people often forget that.

>> No.15649161

Monster girl Olympics?

>> No.15649164

I wish I could cum from a gentle breeze.
Some species have unfair advantages.

>> No.15649182

That's why they'd probably have to have a few different species categories to limit the advantages.

>> No.15649183

Sustaining an ecosystem? Perhaps, in the case of the Queen of Hearts, although anything related to Wonderland is confusing at best. Druella/Derulla, on the other hand...


I had to write a bloody paper on the subject years ago. With a bibliography and everything. It was awful, both the research and the writing, but I did do the damn research.

Basically my issue with the concept of the Lilim, in general. Not so much their existence, so much as their existence outside the heart of the Demon Lord's immediate territory. Yes, they're immensely powerful for the purposes of capturing territory...but so are Dark Matters, which are far more expendable and numerous, and less of an investment.

And this is the biggest issue I have with them.

And that's all I really have to say on the matter, anything more would be a bit redundant.

Anyone up for mocking Alps?

>> No.15649187

>Sustaining an ecosystem? Perhaps, in the case of the Queen of Hearts, although anything related to Wonderland is confusing at best. Druella/Derulla, on the other hand...
You literally don't now shit. the lilim are a failsafe if the order manage to slay the demonlord. the lilim prevent monsters from reverting and slaughtering all their husbands.

>> No.15649209

I've always thought the best way to handle lilims is to approach them the same way the Fey Queens in the Dreaden Files were.
You're all arguing about them from the point of view of protagonist or antagonist in the story, but approaching them as a force of nature completely above the conflicts in your story might be a good way to go. Where you treat them like a natural event, if that natural event had its own goals to fulfil or balances to maintain.

>> No.15649229

>A being that somehow defeated the chief goddess
I highly doubt DL defeated chief god in a fair fight
Humans just stopped worshiping chief god and started fucking monsters, thus significantly weakening the chief god and empowering demon lord. Chief god probably just turned into monster herself once the demon energy presence became too overwhelming

>> No.15649249

Wasn't it both her and her husband who was the former hero defeating the chief god together?

>> No.15649251

>I highly doubt DL defeated chief god in a fair fight
Possible. But considering this is KC we're talking about, she probably would defeat her in a fair fight and then everyone would join her.

>Chief god probably just turned into monster herself once the demon energy presence became too overwhelming
Correct me if I'm wrong, but gods are repetitively immune to demon energy. as in, they can't be forced to monsterize. I remember KC talking about this in one of his Q&As. and the once the DL wins they wouldn't just kill her but that they had something planed. what that was is currently unknown but there is some definitely something planed.

>> No.15649260

>as in, they can't be forced to monsterize
Nothing a bit of mindbreak can't fix. That's probably their end game plan, make her want to mosterize.

>> No.15649263


Alps aren't that bad the problem is the fanbase

>> No.15649265

Somehow that's the rout I expect KC to go down... I hope he won't be that lazy or bad.

>> No.15649266

>You and your angel will never run an exorcist service out of your ancient, odd little town
>You'll never partner up with a bro tier scholar and his shoggoth waifu
>You'll never deal with the daemons mythological and leave to him the daemons cosmological
>Your weapon of choice will never be the holy book, his a magical piece of chalk that never runs out and can be summoned in a moment
>You'll never combat evil together, you reading aloud Enochian chants that make his ears bleed, and him drawing lines and circles as angles so impossible it makes your mind throb with madness
>You'll never go with him to his waifu's family mansion in Antarctica to take a small vacation.

I wanna fight evil damnit.

>> No.15649267

>But considering this is KC we're talking about, she probably would defeat her in a fair fight and then everyone would join her.
Dunno, I think KC is more into corruption than epic fair fights

>they had something planed.
90% it's to turn her into monster and find her husband to fuck

>> No.15649268

Also why people fight so relentlessly to keep yuri out of these threads.
How 'bout that.

>> No.15649270

>90% it's to turn her into monster and find her husband to fuck
Let me hope that he won't do that anon. I... I just want to hope.

>> No.15649271

Alps are shit writers and deserve to be bullied for their futile efforts.

>> No.15649273

>Alps aren't that bad

>> No.15649276

I want to lovingly bully an alp.

>> No.15649277

Yeah I know.

But no fags thank to them. That's nice.

>> No.15649278

What's wrong with that? What is your solution?
They need to get rid of her so humanity won't go extinct. Killing her doesn't sounds very KCish and appropriate for hugbox universe. Sealing her also doesn't work because it leaves her chance to free herself and wreck shit again and she will be lonely all alone, which will make whiteknights sad. Monsterization and happy hubby-fucking sounds like the only valid choice

>> No.15649279

>Humans just stopped worshiping chief god and started fucking monsters, thus significantly weakening the chief god and empowering demon lord. Chief god probably just turned into monster herself once the demon energy presence became too overwhelming

No, the other guy is right. KC Land is still 91% humans and the Order is still the largest religion on the planet by a huge margin. Mamanobama is literally so broken that the DL did reach up and smack the Chief God around. It's so bad that the other gods even worry about her huge power destabalizing the whole universe eventually as it spirals out of control.

>> No.15649281

The people who like them are fags.

>> No.15649283

Big Gay Alp's Big Gay Bullying Plaza.

>> No.15649285

>aren't that bad

I would much rather prefer "mamonomana turns fags straight" solution to fags than fucking tranny shit

>> No.15649286

So the Demon Lord and Demonic energy is just spiral energy.

A great power that will lead to absolute ruin and the death of the universe.

>> No.15649289

CG is a title. The current one getting her ass handed to her is just some previously minor god in a long list of gods. They'll just take the mantle from her, and the DL will become the new Chief God. Guaranteed that's the ending.

>> No.15649290

Gonna tweak their ears, stroke their tails, and flirt with them so they don't know if i'm being serious or not.

>> No.15649291

No, just a bunch of transgender snowflakes running around instead of getting the gay fucked out of them, robbing the dick supply twofold, in throwing their own cock away, and stealing some one else's.

>> No.15649292

Fucking spirals, always ruining things for everyone.

>> No.15649296


>> No.15649299

>What's wrong with that?
In context? Nothing. My problem with it is that The DL could even do it in the first place. I mean, mind breaking and monsterzing the Chief goddess? The supposedly strongest god there is? It just annoys me.

>> No.15649300
File: 92 KB, 410x694, and then anon realised that he was the fag all along.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>liking girls makes you a fag

>> No.15649301

You forgot to mention because it also entirely invalidates the MGE as an interesting or engaging setting for any story.

>> No.15649302

You know... that is actually a very good comparison.

>> No.15649305


Fuck off to /d/. They have threads for your transhit fetishes.

>> No.15649307


>> No.15649315
File: 119 KB, 1024x724, Fine monster girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This cutie slides up slow, seemingly from nowhere, and asks Anon if he wants to go out on a date.

Her eyes seem to exude a faint strange pulsing glow as she asks though.

What do you do Anon?

>> No.15649316
File: 18 KB, 350x236, Greetings fellow heterosexual human male.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girls, girls, girls!

>> No.15649317

Her paws are silly.

>> No.15649319

Spill mom's spaghetti in her lap, then run away.

>> No.15649320

Oh? You mean the fact that there is no conflict worth discussing what so ever?
The only reason the DL just haven't taken over everything yet is because she's just "oh we'll just wait until we can have male children and the we can take over the world." No other faction stand a chance against her. The only reason they exist is because she let's them.

>> No.15649323

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly it.

>> No.15649334

>it also entirely invalidates the MGE as an interesting or engaging setting for any story
It doesn't necessarily, as far as I am from advocating it. Proven by many stories taking place (practically) within the setting. You don't exactly need a perfect large-scale geopolitical balance or eternal status quo for some waifu-and-hubbie-going-adventuring scenario.

>> No.15649337

Foxes are shit. Even if I find the "eyes never open" trait mysterious and alluring.

>> No.15649343

I don't remember a single story that actually used cg vs dl fight. It's always just random guy adventuring or some local fights at best

>> No.15649349

there was one on MGU but it involved trans shit

>> No.15649353

Nobody uses it because nobody writes straight KC land. It has too many problems and is too broken with a single inescapable ultimate outcome.

In any case, people much prefer the war to be waged on the ground than in the heavens. Why? Because then mortals actually have some kind of say in which side wins.

So honestly the guy is right. That shit is why nobody does straight MGE and makes their own settings instead.

>> No.15649354

They're made for holding silly boys down.
This is how you get made into an erotic plate.
Hers are very, very pretty when they're open.

>> No.15649356
File: 56 KB, 131x220, rape face.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no! It looks like she used a magic charm spell with her eyes!

If only you had summoned Zylphe or averted your GAZE you would have been safe!

You have to roll a 6 in order to not get raped otherwise you'll get shameful Anal sex.


>> No.15649362

>an erotic plate
A what now?

>> No.15649363

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Rape Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Slut Like Nigga Close Your Legs Haha

>> No.15649364

If I roll a 6, can I fuck her pussy then?

>> No.15649365

>I had to write a bloody paper on the subject years ago. With a bibliography and everything.
Watch out over here, we've got a badass. Did you even read your first link?

>"Mary Sue" is an *extremely* subjective value judgement.

>> No.15649366

Yao is too attractive, I just want to inseminate her and then take responsibility.

>> No.15649371

Who cares about the DL of the Chief God?

Just put the Demons of Chaos in charge and MGE will become a 10/10 setting

>> No.15649372
File: 179 KB, 512x512, 1380744764723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No but you do escape.

>> No.15649378

Eh, Anal isn't bad. I guess it'll do.

>> No.15649385
File: 257 KB, 850x1202, 1421822002546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Story about a former lewd delinquent becoming a preacher in a small town full of perverts when?

>> No.15649386

Virgin monsters sometime become spontaneously pregnant with human male children.

>> No.15649387

>All Demons of Chaos faction girls turn their husbands into monsterboys
Looks like the mindflayers already got to this one.

>> No.15649391

There was a story about some criminal who got teleported into MGEland and became a priest

>> No.15649393

With an Irish Vampire as her best buddy?

>> No.15649394

>Demons of Chaos faction girls turn their husbands into monsterboys
Kindly kill yourself

>> No.15649395

You first, because it's right.

>> No.15649396


>Being asked out on a date from a MG
>Refusal means rape

Why not just rape and be done with it?

>> No.15649404

>All Demons of Chaos faction girls turn their husbands into monsterboys
Wait what? where dose it say anything like that?

>> No.15649409

>For all intents and purposes entirely temporary and/or reversible

>> No.15649414
File: 119 KB, 650x895, sadsquid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>purple sasquatch in a coat
>slime man

Do you see the pattern here?

>> No.15649418

The new anti rape law says that they must first ask you on a date or inform you that they are going to rape you and that they must take responsibility for your new monster pussy addiction.

>> No.15649419

>Doesn't know it's the monster form that's the true form and the human form is temporary just like all monstergirl to human disguises
Check the Q&A from when the mindflayer released

>> No.15649435

That doesn't make it true of the shoggoth or wendigo, and in the mindflayer's case, there is literally nothing stopping you from reverting back indefinitely. Lets not forget that this is the king of hugbox here.

>> No.15649441

Wow. Times sure are a-changin'. How did that law get passed?

>> No.15649446
File: 168 KB, 910x761, 1411664317736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I layered on an extra "This sounds suspicious" factor that even ties back into the game she is from.

Alternatively they could have said yes and gone on a date.

>> No.15649454

Alps literally can't be created in monster tolerant areas, so they'll be gone if the demon lord takes over everything.

>> No.15649456

Well it got bundled with some “other” laws. Like that they can break into your home and “ask you for a date” as long as they don’t break anything. Or the law that forces a man to “help” someone that is in their mating season. You know, that kind of thing.

>> No.15649465

It was Shoggy, Mercutio.

>Mucus Toad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M02_dnl9zCA

>> No.15649466
File: 236 KB, 961x1112, CANT WAKE UP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15649467

>Implying some tranny fuccboi won't be exposed to all the badass monstergirls and want to become one.
You can't get rid of them you can only make them want to kill themselves

>> No.15649469

The shoggoth doesn't even have a transformation gimmick. You are a slime guy after a while with no bones. You just don't look different. Wendigos never mention that you get a choice. KC clarified in a Q&A that you could turn back for awhile with them and then had to do the same with Mindflayer.

And from the Sandworm Q&A, Echidna, Jurogumo, Succubus Q&A, plus a couple others I know I'm forgetting, we know that turning into a different non-original shape takes a lot of mana and is not permanent. Default form being the monster, you can't be full humanoid all the time unless you are super powerful and have been married to a particular monster a long ass time.

KC is the king of corruption and contradictions. He loves to push certain things but then back off from the full force later. Like mindflayers are brainwashing people no matter how you slice it. But you'd never get him to say it in a million years. Even the profile calls it "almost brainwashing but not really" it's just "realizing hidden true emotions" and stuff. So his slipping around in this particular area is not unexpected.

>> No.15649476

I would like them more if they didn't have the transformation shit.

>> No.15649478

>Implying someone isn't going to be a little bit too curious about how it feels on the other side

>> No.15649485
File: 2.07 MB, 1414x2000, Succuvirus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need money. Do I
A) Whore myself to Monsters with kinky desires
B) Attempt to win the lottery
C) Lead a life of crime by having Succuvirus-chan hack banks for me?

>> No.15649497


>> No.15649500

Sell yourself as a boytoy to a fat old monster girl. Best money-to-work ratio.

>> No.15649505

Anyone who could potentially become an alp would be born as a succubus because only certain kinds of boys can turn into alps.

>> No.15649506

Be a slut on a cam. But from the options I'd say A.

>> No.15649510
File: 585 KB, 1500x500, 1437680850769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder what kind of perversions would await someone who chose that.
>fat old

>> No.15649512

>Not capturing and selling shotas.
They'd never suspect a boy of the crime.

>> No.15649513
File: 560 KB, 1200x829, 8eeFhVQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>fat old
Hey man, if you want serious money you need to suck up that pride.

>> No.15649520

Shota Snatcher: a chilling tale of crime, corruption, and the desperation that would drive a man to extreme lengths to make ends meet.
Based on a true story.

>> No.15649530

All it takes is for some guy to really want to be a monster girl.
Or they grew far too attached to some genderbending fruit a Cheshire tricked them into eating during a visit to Wonderland.

>> No.15649532

>Human boy born of a human mother and father would be born a succubus
What the fuck are you smoking?

>I wonder what kind of perversions would await someone who chose that.

>"Fufufu, I haven't experienced anything like this since that one squire afore the eve of battle some hundred years ago. I'll tell you what child. I'll double your pay if you do a little roleplaying for me."
>The undead goddess steps closer and traces a finger up your chest to your chin
>"You are a brave soldier of the rebel militia, and I... am the tyrannical countess. Maybe this time I won't be dissapointed."

>> No.15649535

>"You are a brave soldier of the rebel militia, and I... am the tyrannical countess. Maybe this time I won't be dissapointed."

>> No.15649536
File: 436 KB, 1200x1697, tE_yW_11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Become a male bitch

>> No.15649539

She won't break me! I'll never be a slut for the V!

>> No.15649541

That just sounds like a succubus carrying a horrible secret that they alped in the womb.

Or worse, that at the tender age of 5 their dick flew off and exploded like the Challenger.

>> No.15649544

Do we have stories of manwhores?

>> No.15649553

Anyone have link to lateanon(?) sketches?

>> No.15649559

I asked in the last thread, and nobody responded, so I guess not.

>I will never work in a male brothel to please monstergirls

>> No.15649566

Pretty Human.

>> No.15649568

Link motherfucker, do you have it?

>> No.15649573

This. There's a couple others too. It's worth mentioning that they all suffer from the falling in love with a client stuff and really lose the real manwhore mindset almost from the getgo.

>> No.15649576

What kind of human whore would you be?

The normal one, that does mostly sex?

The one specialized in being a scort for monstergirls who need a partner for social events?

The one specialized on making himself pass for some lonely monstergirl's bf and go on dates with her?

>> No.15649579

Not on my phone. But seafoam wrote it.

>> No.15649584

Then I'll write my own whore story, with blackjack and hookers!
The kind who lets himself be subjected to things the dirty minds of Dark Elves invent.
Thanks, that'll do.

>> No.15649593

In MGC, what's the punishment for rape of a married man?

>> No.15649598

Out of all those? None. If I had to do something like that I'd be a straight up golddigger. Find a rich person to marry and attach myself like a bloodsucking leech, just like a real life golddigger!

>> No.15649602

Public flogging. Ten lashes.

>> No.15649606

By Snu Snu

>> No.15649608

>Out of all those? None
Well, those are the professional ones., what you want to be isn't one.

>> No.15649611

The women get to fight Thunderdome style, and the winner gets to keep the man. If he pulls some pussy "I'll dick them both and make them get along" then his first wife has the option to leave his cheating ass too.

>> No.15649615

Execution of the NTR-er

>> No.15649616

If you want to get technical, a profession requires a license. So only regulated legal prostitution and stuff like geishas would fall under professional.

>> No.15649630

I'd be the alp whore. Stage 2 alps, through their friends or through their own curiosity, get drawn to me and I break them in and show them exactly what their new bodies were built for. They'll leave their money and take their shame with them, but sooner or later they'll be crawling back for more of that guilty pleasure.

>> No.15649637

Sluts, all of you.

>> No.15649648

Yes? and?

>> No.15649652

Why not stop being one and settle down with a nice human girl?

>> No.15649656


>> No.15649658

They're weak, ugly, annoying, and have no cool parts.

>> No.15649661

They're not ugly and annoying. The 2D ones at least.

>> No.15649662
File: 2.20 MB, 1492x2087, 58132703_p1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you help a Monster Girl lose weight?

>> No.15649665

I don't think it's worth it to marry a human girl in a MG scenario, not really because monster are superior or something like that but because in the end it is inevitable that she turns into one and you will feel like crap because you will feel like you weren't able to protect her.

The emotional damage is not worth it.

>> No.15649669

Banished to the tentacle forest for a week.

>> No.15649677

Well if it is voluntarily at least she can choose what monstergirls she wants to be.

>> No.15649678

If the rapist has higher standing than the wife, probably nothing.
>implying MGC isn't a lawless hellhole

>> No.15649681

I prefer to think it isn't.

>> No.15649686

I don't know where you came up with this fantasy anon, but it's hard to become anything she wants. It's up to location and chance more than anything. And 90% of the time it will be a succubus due to that being the most prevalent energy type and the one with greater corruption potential than all others.

>> No.15649687

I dislike this meme.

>> No.15649691

He's right though, no matter what you think.

>> No.15649696

Well, thing is, if you fell in love with a human i guess it was for a reason, if that girl happened to turn into a monster, would you still look at her the same way?

What if the quirk you loved about her was overwritten with the endless lust all monster have? if the change was really noticeable you will feel the guilt of not being able to prevent it really hard.

>> No.15649698

>The oldest and most consistent depiction of MGC
>A meme
How new are you? MGC has been a lawless dump since it was invented.

>> No.15649699

Tubby monster girls are for loving.

>> No.15649702

>Ghost shackles bind your arms behind you and you hesitate for a brief instant in deciding to spit on her or at her feet. Testing the waters, you decide to simply spit at her feet, but throw in passionate vitriol in compensation.
>"You can't do anything to me, you fat cunt. You noble swine have already glutted yourselves of our lands and lives. We. Have. Nothing. Left."
>A loud crack rings out across the room and your cheek inflames with a hot sting. The Wight's eyes burn in a fury half mock, half genuine
>It was a powerful backhand, one of her nails cutting your cheek, just barely enough to have a drop of blood ooze out of the shallow graze
>You start to second guess your words when you notice the faint blush come to her cheeks and an evident wash of surprise and thrill behind the mask
>She rubs her hand slightly and her lips part, "That's what the last three said. I thought I told you not to disappoint me." Her tone is icy and quiet.
>Your lip curls in a defiant snarl
>She ignores it with the haughty air of nobility, and her eyes lock on the slight wound on your cheek
>She steps close enough to make you involuntarily gasp,
>Her breath rolls out like the frigid north breeze
>"Perhaps my subordinates haven't managed to get the message across. In that case I'll do it myself." She plants her lips on your cheek and her cool tongue laps and pokes at the wound, having much the same effect of ice on a swelling. You shudder, but can't stop yourself from looking down her slender throat and deep cleavage.
>Her lips break free from your cheek and you see the faintest trace of blood on her tongue before she swallows.
>"Your lands. Your lives." Her eyes fall upon your own, piercing and pale. "There is always more for us to take. Such is the nature of the ruling class."
>You square your shoulders and glare back. This earns you a smile.
>She places a hand to your chest and gives a gracefully light push
>The force of it sends you stumbling back before the side of the bed collects your legs. You land with a familiar pomf.
>She looks down at you imperiously. "I have an idea, boy."
>You glare up at her, but she doesn't continue. finally you grind a "What?" out through your teeth.
>She smiles smugly and begins to advance on you. You scramble up to the wall, but she makes her way across the expanse of bed with a graceful crawl, her wide hips swaying at you seductively
>"I admit, I found this uprising particularly... captivating. If only passion alone could win wars, wouldn't you agree? I have five hundred of your countrymen, and a years worth of provisions. In honor of your valor, I'll return it all on one condition."
>A flash of hope ignites in your eyes and you bite the bait. "What is it?"
>She crawls onto you, and straddles your hips, the weight of her ass in your lap is almost enough to draw all your attention, but the large bust before your eyes is an equally strong contender.
>She wraps her arms around your head and pulls you into her bosom, "Show me that valor one last time. Resist me to the end, and I'll return it all. But if you cum before I do, all bets are off and you shall be mine for evermore. What say you?"

>> No.15649703

Doesn't stop it from being dumb.

>> No.15649705


>> No.15649708

Did you know MGC started on /a/ being a normal city but with monstergirls and some of them in positions of power?

Then people who hated monstergirls being in power spread the meme of it being a shithole, because they hated the idea.

But you probably didn't know.

>> No.15649718

Look, it's that one revisionist asshole. People who were actually there know you're full of it. Monstergirl City wasn't even a thing until people started ending greentexts with "Such is life in Monstergirl City." And that never denoted anything good.

>> No.15649724

It's only dumb if you think monsters would actually be good at governance. MGE monstergirls sure as hell wouldn't. Their whole setup is based around shirking responsibility and reveling in pleasure. A great escape from salaryman hell. Not a great way to actually run a city.

>> No.15649725

Will she still abuse me when I'm her slave?

>> No.15649730

>Look, it's that one revisionist asshole

>> No.15649734

You don't have to fully follow canon.

>> No.15649741

Will you still be rude?

>> No.15649748

I would imagine with all the magic shit it would be a post scarcity society so there really wouldn't be much of a need for a government.

>> No.15649749

MGC is threadcanon based on MGE monstergirls. It's a fun logical extension of the stupid shit that would happen with them in charge. The only people who would get upset at it are people who think monstergirls need to be superior in every respect instead of having their own separate and bizarre flaws compared to humans.

Besides, MGE monstergirls are the primary fodder of this thread. Going "But in my headcanon they're actually X,Y and Z" is an exercise in retardation in here.

>> No.15649751

Of course! She's evil and ruined my life?

>> No.15649753

Id rather not be dominated, Id settle for simpler girl

>> No.15649755

Then yeah, probably.

>> No.15649756

By taking her to the glue factory.

>> No.15649761

It just comes off kind of petty sometimes. Besides Pharaohs exist and run functioning governments.

>> No.15649763

I would like to whitess when a lilim lays waste to a city.

>> No.15649767

I'd rather see lilim wasted in a city

>> No.15649775

That's how KC demon realms get by. It really is like mostly peaceful anarchy more than anything. Human men and women have practically no protection. Only little children need food. Nobody needs shelter. Since the infrastructure is unneeded, everything falls into disrepair. People work when they feel like it, do a couple hobbies. It all functions alright because everyone can just get by with fucking at the end of the day. But it's still basically living in a lawless ruin, just like the descriptions of Lescatie post-Deruella. Everybody is way happier, but the place is a wreck.

>> No.15649779


Yao is one of the few monsters worth dating from MGQ, so sure. I'd count myself lucky in this instance, given the other possibilities.

>> No.15649786

a city of pure id
so what happens to the superego?

>> No.15649789

What comes off as petty is people whining about MGC and trying to change it because they can't stand monsters being portrayed in a less than perfect light. Nothing is stopping anyone from making Monstropolis or something that's a new city where everyone gets on perfect in their perfect city of cooperative perfection. But Christ sake, leave MGC out of it.

Also, Pharoahs run oasis cities. That's a couple thousand people max. And they're still demon realms with all the corruption that goes with it.

>> No.15649793

Source? Or these are just assumptions?

>> No.15649798

It loops back into the id. Every higher function a monstergirl has is bent towards improving sex and pleasure. Look at the Sabbath, head of all monster technology. Almost completely new sex inventions. This sort of single minded pursuit is one reason why the monstergirls haven't just rolled over everything in their path. It's just a lesser priority compared to what their true passions are.

>> No.15649799

I'm fine with monstergirls having flaws, but people use that as an excuse to show an obvious bias towards humans.

>> No.15649803

Those are just his assumptions. KC has made it very clear on multiple occasions that life continues on as normal during the day and only gets super freaky sex town at night.
You still have carpenters and bakers and jewelers and all the other bullshit that comes with having a town.

>> No.15649810

Some people just seem to hate monster girls. Don't really know why they are here.

>> No.15649813

Which is why MGC is showed as a hellhole, as I said.

>> No.15649814


>Some people just seem to hate monster girls. Don't really know why they are here.

Autism, or they're some kinda anger masochist.

>> No.15649817

an intellectual hellhole.

>> No.15649820

So how is that not petty?

>> No.15649821

It's like people don't even read the setting. The demon lord's kingdom is a huge city that runs perfectly fine. Monsters have been shown as being perfectly able to run places without them turning into hellholes.

>> No.15649829

Kek, maybe this is the perfect setting after all, grimderps have their hate boners and hugbox fags go full dere dere with their waifus.

>> No.15649830

What's this from?

Not even a exhentai file search worked.

>> No.15649832

A bizarre tool to use given the filename

>> No.15649834

Unlike the other guy said, they are facts pulled from the profiles and the world guides.

Monstergirls only need SE to survive. They get all that and more from sex. They can also get small amounts from food. Children being the only ones not constantly having sex are the only ones that actually need to eat.

This is why food production is only treated as a light hobby and the occasional smalltime farmer just chuckles when his crops get wiped out by demon beasts.

It's stated that monstergirls are incredibly unreliable at normal jobs since they skip out and come in late practically every day. The only ones that are serious business are the ones that piggyback off human civilization like tanukis. Commerce is too lax otherwise.

Monstergirls and incubi are also incredibly resilient physically. They don't need shelter to survive. They'll never die from exposure or catch hypothermia. Any structures they have are either old relics from previous DL eras like the DL castle or the pyramids, or are inherited from humans when they are corrupted or occasionally built for fun.

Lescatie is a happy wreck where the old ruined churches and such are used for sex tourism while the rest of the place basically went full orgy.

What KC does say is that monstergirls have a thriving cultural scene in the arts and love painting and sculpture. All sex and lewd based of course.

So what monstergirls do is have a lot less needs than your average human civilization. Because of that, they can do very little and get by just fine.

>> No.15649840

The Mayor knows you can do better, anon.

>> No.15649841

so its kind of a weird combination of grimdark and hugbox

>> No.15649843

It's really the opposite. It was a vehicle for strong and scary monsters to have their way with men. The pussyfication and general moe of monstergirls here lately makes certain people view such a thing as mean or pro-human. If anything people should be upset that almost all the girls have collapsed into neet cuddlebugs.

>> No.15649848

He asked for a source not you saying "they are facts pulled from the profiles and the world guides."
>go read it yourself im not gonna do the work for you

>> No.15649849

File searching exhentai is the 5th line of defense.

The other 4 methods failed me completely.

>> No.15649853
File: 1.87 MB, 1559x2215, 1392155785424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meanwhile, in her rape-cave, the nefarious Mermaid plots the rape of that handsome, deep-diving treasure hunter!

>> No.15649855

the ex file search has stop working for me a long time,
im not sure what happened, maybey something to do with all the extension I have?

>> No.15649858

Just assumptions then, got it.

>> No.15649864

Is it that fucking hard to Ctrl-f "monster culture" "monster jobs" "spirit energy" and all instances of "Lescatie" in the Word Guide at minimum? Come on. I'm not going to sit here and get three wall of text posts of quotes just because somebody is too lazy to skim the main setting book at the least.

>> No.15649865

All of that is easily confirmed by going to the wiki page for a world guide and ctrl + Fing for key words and such.

The guy gave canon information, it's not his fault people are too lazy to do 5 seconds of their own research about a setting they claim to be interested in. There's literally no excuses when all of this is in english.

>> No.15649867

Exlinks is busted.

I went to the actual site and used file search.


But that's a sea monster.

>> No.15649870

Ctrl + f hive mind.

>> No.15649871

thats what i mean, using the file search on the main stie dont work for me.

>> No.15649873

No, it shows monstergirls as both incompetent and aggressive, while humans are the victims. Again there's nothing wrong with this if shown with some restraint, which isn't the case for most people.

>> No.15649878

>But that's a sea monster
Quiet, you.

>> No.15649880

I literally can't stop fapping to momcest, but at least I'm trying to keep it nbr, which monster girl works better for an incest story?

>> No.15649885

>go read it yourself im not gonna do the work for you
It's almost like people love making claims without any citation to back it up.

>> No.15649889

That's literally the serpent from the book of Job

>> No.15649890

Sadpanda's file search is literally complete and utter fucking shit. It might work like 0.1% of the time. MIGHT work.

I have no idea why it's so horrible and non-functioning.

>> No.15649891

Sea Monster


>> No.15649894

it use to work in the past, now anytime I use search it just sends me to the front page.

>> No.15649896

The problem of monstergirls is their huge hedonism, but they're not stupid. I assure you that if you put men on a different solar system than their own and tell them to get in there they will do it, in some way or another.

>> No.15649902

You were already given everything you need. The main work cited is WG1. Nobody is going to spend an hour to satisfy your autism when you are given everything you need to look it up yourself. It would do you good to read the actual setting book anyway. The whole thing is on the wiki and even divided into neat sections. Then you won't have these stupid arguments in the future.

>> No.15649903

Almost every sea monster is evil and should be left alone.

>> No.15649908

It's like you're pulling shit out of your ass without even reading the canon material, and asking the people telling you to stop being retarded to spend time and effort to spoonfeed you the exact parts of said canon material which prove you're retarded.

>> No.15649909

>Nobody is going to spend an hour to satisfy your autism when you are given everything you need to look it up yourself.
>go read it yourself im not gonna do the work for you
This is fun.

>> No.15649910


>> No.15649911

There's that word again. "Literally".

>> No.15649915

Except in the Muromi series Levia-san is shorthand for her real name, Leviathan. Which is the Biblical sea monster from the book of Job. So yes, she's literally a sea monster. Not your waifu.

>> No.15649917
File: 478 KB, 408x580, Mommy Snek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mommy Snek, naturally.

>> No.15649919

They are incompetent at governing and very sexually aggressive. There is nothing wrong with portraying them that way. You know why? Because anyone at all who is a good politician or bureaucrat has to sacrifice being a good family for that. They just don't have the time to be there for their spouse or their children the way other people do. No monstergirl would ever make that trade.

>> No.15649922

Dozy yet caring, she's not good at most things and is a terrible cook but if there's one thing she's good at it's making her son happy through gentle momdom with plenty of kissing.
A strict and slightly tsundere mother who swears that she's only giving her son a handjob because he doesn't take care of his needs as often as they should. Things progress until she can't take it any more and ends in missionary sex with leg locking.
Lolimom. She's smug and loves to tease, leaves her underwear in her sons room "by mistake" when doing laundry and "accidentally" gets dressed with the door to her room open. Eventually her son snaps and has his way with her while she laughs and tells him that it took him long enough.

I think about monster girl incest more than is probably healthy.

>> No.15649923


>> No.15649924

If you're got such a tardboner for "proofs", then how about you yourself provide citations for your claims.
Oh right, you can't provide citations because nothing backing your stupidity up exists.

>> No.15649926

He made the argument so he needs to provide supporting evidence.
"It's in the book go read" isn't a citation. Try again.

>> No.15649927

>Tell me a summary of stuff
>Here you go
>I don't believe you! I want it all quoted by section and page!
>Then go do it yourself. Here's the source.

Exactly. You aren't worth the effort. You're barely worth the effort of this reply. You won't be the next time.

>> No.15649935

>Tell me a summary of stuff with citations
>Here you go, sans citations
>That's fine but you need to support that argument with evidence.
>lol stop being autistic go read it yourself fag

>> No.15649943

The one making the argument is you. So where the fuck is your proof about monstergirls being good at governance?

>> No.15649946

I said restraint. There's nothing wrong with portraying monstergirls with having trouble adapting to human civilization, but the punchline of "lol monstergirls can't do anything right but rape men" gets old.

>> No.15649948

The guy that makes the original assertion against common knowledge is the one who needs proof. That's the other guy. He got a list of works cited anyway. Anybody that demands more than the source is a complete faggot anyway. It just means he's never going to read the source and bitch for other people to comb through it for him every time he says something dumb.

>> No.15649966
File: 441 KB, 1350x1392, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>There's nothing wrong with portraying monstergirls with having trouble adapting to human civilization

I always thought this would be such a cool idea to expand upon, along with the conflicting mentality of being part monster and part human.

But then the second part of the post comes in.

I wish I felt better about my ability to write

>> No.15649971

If I don't cry myself to sleep over all the hate I get, you shouldn't either.

>> No.15649972

Wight, Echidna, Apophis, Troll, Ren Xiangmao all come to mind.

>> No.15649975

>Monster girls can't run towns

"A town of monsters that exists near the demon lord's castle. It was created by the Demon Lord's subordinates, the succubi, as a place for the monsters to bring back men, and it looks almost like an amusement center. The residential district was designed to be appropriate for living with human men, and the market district is lined with shops that deal in all manners of magical items and drugs used for lewd acts, as well as unique clothes and accessories for pleasing men. Many are stunned by the array of merchandise, and monster tourists and peddlers even visit from outside the demon realm to make their purchases. It is extremely bustling. There are also many different variously themed inns to suit their moods. Depending on the place, they can enjoy having sex with a man in different atmospheres, so many of the married couples that live in the demon world often use them. This town was created as a veritable paradise for monsters. "
Of course it's going to have a leaning towards lewd activities due to the nature of monsters but there's no mention of it being a run down Detroit style dystopia.

>> No.15649980

They can do lots right. You just need to stop expecting them to do something right that's a complete contradiction to their way of life. Their culture is alien and incompatible with standard human culture. MGC hammers that home. You just don't like that it doesn't play to their nonsexual strengths. But you know what? If you want something that does play to their strengths, it's not going to be a modern heavily urbanized city.

Decentralized is what monsters do best. That works best at a small scale. Little monster towns could be self-sufficient utopias.

>> No.15649991

Camwhore while your Succuvirus hacks the lottery numbers from winners watching your streams.

>> No.15649995
File: 268 KB, 826x853, My means of creation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The ultimate heist. I like it! Feel like writing it for me?

>> No.15649996

>little town
Lescatie is the run down place.

The fact that the whole capital of the demon realm is just a castle and a little town should clue you in to how they do things as well.

>> No.15650001

>Lescatie is the run down place.
L1967. "During the daytime the streets were lined with shops and brimming with energy. Excepting the high proportion of monsters, it looked not unlike an ordinary city."

>> No.15650006

Still no reason to push human bias.

>> No.15650012

One is in the demon lord's area, the other was taken over by Druella's extremist faction which even other monsters hate. There's a world of difference there.

>> No.15650029

You sound like you have a massive bias yourself.

>> No.15650036

Ironically enough, we can't really trust the stuff KC writes, even though it's the only thing we have, the bias towards monsters is so high that it feels like a joke from a historian point of view.

>> No.15650038

This. Reminds of that ancient video of the girl crying to leave Brittany Spears alone.

>> No.15650039

>They can do lots right. You just need to stop expecting them to do something right that's a complete contradiction to their way of life. Their culture is alien and incompatible with standard human culture.
Not him, but if they can manage to make agriculture fetish fuel I'm sure they can make political dominance a fuel to their fetishes. Esp. the more inclined like tanuki, dragons, lilim and wight. Not to forget pharaoh and governance is her schtick.

>lel onsters r retard can only raep
tired meme

>> No.15650040

I have a bias against people trying to make monstergirls unsympathetic in the monstergirl thread.

>> No.15650043

>Given evidence
>We can't trust it

>> No.15650045

Obviously the bias towards monsters is high, that's the whole point of the setting. Monsters always win in whatever they do.
It's a nice porn/eternal fantasy setting but if you're looking for solid world building, you should get into a different series.

>> No.15650047

>not liking evil unsympatheic monstergirls too
Some people like MONSTERgirls just as much as monsterGIRLS you whiner.

>> No.15650056

As long as only some of them are evil.

>> No.15650057

The guy conveniently left out the following paragraphs where it talks about the city turning into red sky orgy central as soon as the sun goes down, and also the part about the ruler talking with one of his wives about all the people fucking in the street in broad daylight and all the rest. He's cherrypicking.

>On the main street love hotels and sex toy shops opened their doors in place of the daytime stores, lamps of dubious hues began to light, and even the look of the passersby changed. Most were now monster couples, who snuggled up to each other as they walked. The mana now thick in the air stirred up the lusts of lovers and married couples alike. The numbers entering love hotels, picking out sex toys with eyes glazed over in anticipation, and, unable to wait for an inn, making love in the open air increased far beyond what they had been during the day.

>> No.15650062

>implying political dominance for the sake of her fetish won't result in lawless dystopic anarchy
And just remember that the pharaohs' kingdoms are still demonic realms.

>> No.15650066

They don't make agriculture fetish fuel. The people who did it in WG2 were regular humans that farmed before they got turned. They just shift over to that Japanese perfect fruit kind of hobby farming. The sexual part is the gas scorpions which are a crop pest.

>> No.15650072

How would an elf react if I asked her if I could eat her out?

>> No.15650073
File: 904 KB, 1000x914, 1449614956631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never be the squire of a thick CC paladin turned Wight

>> No.15650075

That has nothing to do with the argument of monsters not being able to govern. It very clearly states that the city is like any other ordinary city (with an emphasis on lewd) and turns into sex town at night.

No cherry picking there mate, having love hotels and sex in broad daylight is par course for monster behaviour and does not affect their ability to govern a city.

>> No.15650078
File: 197 KB, 800x800, 1393240228618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bloede dhoine!

>> No.15650085

its a post scarcity society there is no need to govern, people dont need food or shelter, so what incentive would they have to work?

>> No.15650088

Their crops are literally more valuable the more the couple fucks. Good crops are a status symbol and couples strive to get better crops all the time. They manage the farms themselves and they do well considering they don't even need to eat the produce.
>implying authoritarian characters like anubi would stand for a lawless dystopic anarchy
They probably get wet when the hear traffic systems have been modified to east peak hour traffic.

>> No.15650089

It's literally just habit and KC's freedomboner.

>> No.15650094

>what incentive would they have to work?
That's a question for KC and sounds like a bone to pick with his world building which is perfectly valid.
In all honesty, I wouldn't work either. I don't know why anyone in canon does but they do.

>> No.15650103

well if you look at maslows hierchy of needs things like sex food and shelter is near the bottom,
so i like to think in the mge people will eventually turn to intellectual pursuits with all their more primal needs fulfilled.

>> No.15650104

To emphasize this, nobody is really governing anyway. These people are doing all this without oversight. The king just wanders around town and fucks all day. They even talk about removing all the regulations for commerce.

>Now that Lescatié had become one of the few monster nations, however, no restrictions worth mentioning existed.

>> No.15650109

The problem is since they're all part succubi, their primal need for sex is never completely fulfilled. It's why it's the main focus of all their progress.

>> No.15650116

what about the men?

>> No.15650120

As a deep sea diver by trade, I constantly dream of this happening. A sea Monstergirl would be convenient as fuck. They could deliver me tools, help me muscle things around, and watch my back. My only worry is that they might tk mah jerb, because they neither need air or decompression.

>> No.15650121

Money is another means to obtain a man. Even if they don't need money, they can see the useful applications of it.

>> No.15650124

what if they faced a faction that could actually fight back and had to divert resources to defense?

>> No.15650126

Men are incubized which causes them to share the same values with monsters, i.e. sex is great and continued enhancement/enjoyment of sex is the primal pursuit.

>> No.15650130

It's kind of fuzzy. On one hand, KC says you keep yourself pretty much including your interests. On the other, you automatically become ultra-pro monster no matter how you felt before snu snu and your sex drive is turned up to a thousand. That has gotta affect your mind something fierce.

>> No.15650131

That was why Lescatie got spirit bombed in the first place; they were making too many heroes and causing trouble for the DL.

>> No.15650132

You are picturing human boys as 3dpd.

>> No.15650141

rare metals would probably be useless by then
I would imagine that men would be the currency.
Monmusu families would use their sons to barter or forge alliances.

>> No.15650147

those people were super religious though, which I think in the long run makes them more susceptible to corruption, since when you look at it they were exchanging one addiction for another.

>> No.15650149
File: 586 KB, 894x990, 1450690888021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girls on quests to find mates are the best.

>> No.15650153

Itt: grimderp boner

>> No.15650156

They're so overpowered right now, it would just make them mobilize some of their forces. I mean the super special ops units of the DL just fuck and nap in her castle all day. If you mean something that's a real threat? It would be interesting to see if they could organize. I don't know if they could. Their power protects them as they are now, but without that huge edge, they might be completely lost. Imagine some monstergirl hearing her hometown where her husband and little girl are is being attacked. She would desert in an instant.

>> No.15650160

Well human boys are sluts, so yes.

>> No.15650161

I suppose but my point still stands. They were significant enough a threat that the DL had to stop fucking for 5 minutes to tell her daughter to handle it.
If the hero capital of the great and powerful Order can be wiped out by a single Lilim, I doubt anyone else stands much of a chance.

>> No.15650162
File: 169 KB, 310x325, 1340591227939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15650165

Would that Baphomet eat Wonderland cake to tease him even more?

>> No.15650167

That's not until 3rd race completion though. We have no idea how long that will be. The war has already been going on for over a thousand years in the current KC timeline. Most monsters don't bother with men after they grab a husband either.

Makes you wonder what the current currency is and how it works.

>> No.15650168

>I would imagine that men would be the currency.
>Monmusu families would use their sons to barter or forge alliances.
I like it. It's like the reverse role of the medieval age but with the confidence of knowing you'll be treated well by your new wife/family.

>> No.15650171

If I leave a whole bunch of sweets in my kitchen with the window unlocked what Monster Girls can I expect to see snacking on them when I return?

>> No.15650174

Lolis, lolis everywhere.

>> No.15650176

Sounds like a harpy thing. Or a rodent thing. Basic village monster girls, essentially.

>> No.15650181
File: 239 KB, 850x850, 1356128873143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kitsunes are best!

Snakes are lame!

>> No.15650186

Not nearly enough tails. 9 or bust, imo

>> No.15650190

I recall this one having a puffy vulva.

>> No.15650192

You like super used goods?

>> No.15650194

>If you mean something that's a real threat? It would be interesting to see if they could organize
The sheer FEAR encoded into tentacle DNA wants a word.

>> No.15650207

That was just one pissed off Lilim. Something actually being a threat to all monstergirls would have to be tough enough to take out a lilim or three or it wouldn't really be a threat.

That's my point. Imagine a faction tough enough to do that. It's insane.

>> No.15650210 [SPOILER] 
File: 63 KB, 500x411, 1470588026088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those Kitsunes are too strong for you anon, you can't handle Kitsunes that powerful.

>> No.15650211

Not him, but I remember a dragon, a baphomet, a succubus and I don't know what else taking part on it, but not a Lilim.

>> No.15650215

>That was just one pissed off Lilim.
No, I'm pretty sure it was a few dragons too.

>> No.15650226

They aren't nearly powerful enough to resist deez nuts. And used goods don't bother me.

>> No.15650232
File: 660 KB, 610x1000, mad_hatter_bra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be seduced by a handsome mad hatter.

>> No.15650242

Well you would need a faction that uses their brains. Knows how to attack just enough to disrupt their forces but not enough to provoke an organized attack, possibly gorilla style warfare, not a city to city empire, but a series of land acquisition resembling tendrils that creeps around monster occupied lands, never taking a city but rather encircling them , cutting off communication lines , preventing the monster lord from using them for resources or military support, while at the same time avoiding major conflict since if those within the city aren't being attack they are just going to continue fucking and going about their business.
They would need to be versed enough in magi science to be able to reverse engineer the process of monsterfication and know how to defend against it, and draw psychological profiles of all their servants to know whom is most suggestible to go turncoat, but also profiles of high ranking monsters to know how to play them against each other.

>> No.15650243


Looked it up. Was some Dullahans, Witches, One Bap, One Dragon, and the Lilim.

Did find something I had forgotten though. Some monstergirls make clothing out of the tentacle plants and let it fuck them as they go about their day. Not even just small stuff, but dresses and stuff.

>> No.15650248

I wish someone would draw them in a gown or skirt, just once. And maybe make the hat a bonnet or wizard hat or something.

>> No.15650251

>gown or skirt, just once.

>> No.15650255

what about 10 tails?

>> No.15650257

You're right. Twice or three times would be best.

>> No.15650260

>surrounding and taking land
You just made me realize the one thing that would be a threat. Nothing can remove mamano mana once it's seeped into the people and the land. It's the biggest crutch of the KC monstergirls. Imagine a group that could do what even the Order heroes couldn't do and purify areas they conquer or be immune to corruption. It would be the monstergirls worst nightmare. It would destroy their entire method of nonlethal combat too.

Sure that sounds broken and sue as fuck, but what it's fighting is the same way. I can't really imagine anything else that would put both sides on equal footing so neatly.

>> No.15650261

That ludicrous! One of those tails must be a Wurm in disguise!

>> No.15650265

9 is my strike zone, but I'll never say no to more fluffy tails.

That being said, that's one powerful freakin fox.

>> No.15650268

It wouldn't fit.

>> No.15650269

shell make it fit

>> No.15650272

What about 1000 tails?

>> No.15650276

I don't think she would be able to move.

>> No.15650279

That would be one heavy butt plug.

>> No.15650282

Or we could just not write the monstergirls as hilariously overpowered as KC?

KC doesn't want anything to harm his precious porn/waifu fantasy. I can respect that. I haven't exactly enjoyed writing the darker parts of my own settings.

But if you're going to to go through all of the effort to write something more than slice-of-life, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to ask what it is you're trying to do.

Is it A) write a porn fantasy, or B) tell a story.

There is too much gymnastics involved to support all of the idiosyncrasies of the setting. Rather than trying to dance around them, it's easier to just cut them entirely.

>> No.15650284

>Nothing can remove mamano mana once it's seeped into the people and the land.
maybey but if they reverse engineer the process with magi science they can either figure out how to manipulate the mamano mana and reduce it to a neutral state that doesn't effect the mind, or develop a process to prevent the mind from being manipulate by mamano mana.

>> No.15650286

I look forward to it.

>> No.15650291

There's also potions that turn their husband into tentacles. Then they wear him.

>> No.15650298
File: 742 KB, 826x1800, 1451500348178.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Milkmaid monstergirls in cowprint maidkinis.

>> No.15650299

>toppling a pillow fort
I hope you step on a Lego.

>> No.15650304
File: 727 KB, 1041x568, [Hisasi] Fui ni Ai (Unexpected Love).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't really share that since I have a fetish for fucking girls in tight pants or jeans.

>> No.15650308

>KC doesn't want anything to harm his precious porn/waifu fantasy. I can respect that.
I wish more people would realise this. You don't have to try to fit everything into MGE because MGE wasn't designed with your ideas in mind.
Go make your own thing using MGE as inspiration or a base but don't restrict yourself and then turn around to shit talk canon because you chose to put those walls up.

>> No.15650309

Doesn't necessarily matter about the mind only. The changes wrought by mamano mana are tremendously physical. Monsterization of all women. Death of native flora and fauna to be replaced by demon realm plants and animals. Sky of eternal night once it gets to a high enough concentration.

It really has to be a way to scrub the stuff out or actually nuetralize it, because neutralizing one effect just means one thing. Now you're making monstergirls with clear minds unclouded by succubus lewdness. That would either backfire spectacularly or turn into a monster vs. monster war.

>> No.15650311

kek, are you 13?

>> No.15650313

She has servants for such things.
Holst maids are the breast maids

>> No.15650314

I like tight pants and jeans too, but every mad hatter I see wears loose slacks. Just not my thing.

>> No.15650317

>turn into a monster vs. monster war.
that would certainly be on option on the table.

>> No.15650318

KC's problem is he has such a huge hardon for corruption that the implications of a bunch of his stuff really is quite dire. That's why canon is such a messed up mix of tone.

>> No.15650322

Exactly. You can even follow the train of his logic. mamonomana exists because of idea x, y exists to hold mamonomana up, and so on and so forth. All to keep the setting afloat.

>> No.15650325

Any decent pictures of Scyllas from the front? I'm up and may as well doodle.

>> No.15650328

Corruption exists as a means to make sure humanity can't win. I'm sure the fetish itself exist as well, but I don't think it was the primary reason.

>> No.15650334
File: 149 KB, 708x1000, 1464138939820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15650335

I love prince like girls. Suave like Satyroses.

>> No.15650337

>Something exists in KC setting, the primary purpose of which ISN'T for the purposes of fetishes.

The only exception may be for hugboxing.

But still, kek.

>> No.15650338

The fetish was most definitely the primary reason, friend. It is far too pervasive otherwise, and he spends an inordinate amount of time and focus on it.

The setting was built around corruption fetish rather than the other way around.

>> No.15650340

I don't understand how people can like edgy shit. I guess people just enjoy their anger, there is that manga called "Goblin slayer" and /a/ fucking loves it and its garbage.

>> No.15650341

Would you let one sweep you off your feet?

>> No.15650346

I want to be seduced and Princess Carried by a monster girl!

>> No.15650349

>Or we could just not write the monstergirls as hilariously overpowered as KC?
not as fun, I like thinking about how one could beat sue type people or races from other stories.
For instance I like to toy with the idea of how one is able to beat a a typical overpowered isekai self insert power fantasy hero,
haven't actually got that quite down yet, like I write it all up and then looking at it considering how he was beaten he wasn't really a typical isekai hero to begin with
so I delete it all and start all over.

>> No.15650351
File: 166 KB, 800x1000, And away we go.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You and me both.

>> No.15650352

Anyone know what happened to lanternon? Haven't seen him in ages.

>> No.15650354

>or actually nuetralize it
or manipulating so that it forces people to take the point of view of the nation rather than the monster lord, creating an army of monsters for you to use and making the monstergirl seriously consider land expansion.

>> No.15650366

I would blush like a highschool girl if a dragon did that to me and treated me like her precious treasure.

>> No.15650368

We have our own "Goblin slayer" kind of story here.

>> No.15650369

I like "edge" as long as I feel like there's a purpose to it. Akame ha Kill is a good example of where the edge is so ridiculous and there's no real sense of humanity.

>> No.15650374


>> No.15650381

That's just how Kenny seems to be rolling right now.

>> No.15650384

>I don't understand how people can like edgy shit
how can you enjoy a story about conflict?
I like happy endings but there has to be enough of struggling and suffering to make the happy ending a good payoff.

>> No.15650385
File: 197 KB, 818x1157, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I would blush like a highschool girl if a dragon did that to me and treated me like her precious treasure


Why is the nickname "my precious treasure," so damn sweet?

>> No.15650387

>he likes something I don't, better meme and imply he's underage

>> No.15650390

>I like "edge" as long as I feel like there's a purpose to it.
So i guess like berserk?

>> No.15650392

Ahem, prince. I have some dignity.

>> No.15650394

I haven't gotten around to reading that but from what I've heard...maybe?

>> No.15650397

Get out of here and go read Berserk.

>> No.15650400

Yandere dragons

>> No.15650403

When it's finished.

>> No.15650404

For what reason?

>> No.15650406


>> No.15650409

they finally got off boat though
they've been on that boat for as long as ive been on 4chan

>> No.15650411
File: 366 KB, 800x930, 1397547920435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So never? Why would you miss out on one of the best manga ever made for such a reason?

>> No.15650412

People like it sometimes when the gloves come off. It's variety if nothing else.

Besides, edgy means something dark and shocking just for the sake of being dark and shocking. Plenty of bloody and brutal stories can be great if the violence serves a storytelling purpose. You seem like you get angry at that stuff though. I'll tell you that the people that like it are certainly not angry at it. You don't have to be a miserable sack of hate to enjoy something more lethal.

On the flipside, other people could say about you "I don't understand people that only like that sappy happy shit. They must be too simple to appreciate a tragedy. I guess they just enjoy shallow souless cuteness." And that's not true, right? But I bet it didn't feel good to read. Think about that next time.

>> No.15650419

So she can take the rest of it away from me.

>> No.15650420

When I picked it up, they hadn't gotten on yet. Damn I'm old.

>> No.15650421

I sounds so intimate and shows that you matter a lot to her and she'll do anything in other to protect you.

Dragons are so sweet

>> No.15650422

>berserk get off boat
>HxH gets on boat

>> No.15650427

I like monsters in my setting to usually have at least one weaknesd.
Hell, everything has at least one:
MC is weak to ice element and pierce attacks, while taking 10000% damage from magic that's further boosted by his negative magic defense.
Silver Dragon is weak to thunder, and like the rest of her species will go catatonic if you break her horns or damage her wings/tail sufficiently.
Fox's weakness is she doesn't stand out and is still level 1.
Yeti canct handle 70 degree areas or higher, much like Canadians, and will combust in deserts.

High ranking demons and angels, however, tend to be more on the "takes forever to kill/defeat side" than "overpowered as hell". IE: more VIT than STR/MAG.
Seraphs are on the "ohfuckohfuckohfuckjustdiealready" tier due to having a divine barrier that's a pain in the ass to bypass while negating ALL incoming damage, as well as being able to regenerate at Deadpool speeds in areas saturated with divine/holy energy, which happens by them merely existing in an area or using a few attacks.

>> No.15650429

>Best at anything
It's edgy trash that relies purely on shock value because the author is a hack piece of shit.

>> No.15650431
File: 2.90 MB, 1075x600, Baiting mermaids.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15650438

I like happy and dark equally. Edgy is just a buzzword from naysayers. I apologize for nothing.

>> No.15650439


Leviathan could totally be your waifu, especially if you get her drunk.

>> No.15650447

Its a refence to wcw.

Also I sure wouldn't complain if a dragon called me princess. The fact she loves me enough to call me some high standing name melts my heart.

Also I'm a slut who would do anything his wife asked.

>> No.15650449

>deadpool speeds
That's not so impressive.

>> No.15650450
File: 566 KB, 742x552, slime akazawa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have some dignity.
not for long

>> No.15650451
File: 1.13 MB, 1240x1754, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>I sounds so intimate and shows that you matter a lot to her and she'll do anything in other to protect you.

I think that's why I'm drawn to them and hot dogs, and even monster girls in general. Granted some are kind of aloof, stand offish, or just fucking crazy. But I still love them.

>> No.15650452

Even if she asked you to sleep with other women to show you the reason why she is the best and that nothing will ever compare to her?

>> No.15650455

depends on the writer i suppose

>> No.15650456

Is that the vore slime?

>> No.15650457

>Liking garbage

>> No.15650472


Yeah she eats a guy then takes another boy and milks him for awhile.

Eventually when he runs out of cum she forces him to birth slime girls and after awhile of that she eats him

>> No.15650476
File: 1.28 MB, 992x1403, 58257316_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Late but


Only Centaurfags will like the other pages though, be warned.

>> No.15650478

/d/ please go.

>> No.15650485

Yeah, that protective behavior is really nice.

What really makes dragon be my most precious treasure though is her whole personality. Even thought my waifu isn't exactly like the one mentioned in the profile.

>> No.15650486 [SPOILER] 
File: 334 KB, 600x800, 1470591705621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon was later captured and kept as a rape slave.

This served as a warning to all Kitsune desirers, you have to work your way up to the powerful ones....

>> No.15650487

I will admit that from a narrative perspective mge is kind of boring, if such a world did exist I would murder a man in front of his own grandmother to get in.

>> No.15650489

I'd love to have sex with Slan, if the stuff she's probably into wouldn't cause you to die horribly and end up in hell.

>> No.15650492

Hey, someone asked, he answered. Don't shoot the messenger.

>> No.15650494

Woah woah woah

I'm a slut but not the kind of slut that sleeps with people other then his wife

>> No.15650495

She's the one who'd be taking the punishment, if we go by her little rump with the Dragonslayer.

>> No.15650497

That would probably get you cursed. Feel like a hero yet?

>> No.15650500

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.15650503

Nice. Thanks, Anon.

>> No.15650511

That by design would render you undeserving of it.

>> No.15650513

Should her wounds heal up instantly or something? It's regen.

Also, even if you manage to defeat an angel, where even the weakest are like punching a boulder until it breaks, they don't die. What you faced was more or less a mass of divine energy they use to manifest into the world temporarily.
Once defeated, they are basically rendered unable to maintain their form and end up going back to their god's realm to recuperate. This means that angel that has a giant love for pestering you every step of the way will never die, even when you kill her, and will be back within an hour to a few weeks depending on their rank.
Seraphs, while strong, tend to refuse going to the regular world out of not wanting to even so much get a speck of dust on them. This trait is shared with the CG herself, with her being a massive neatfreak.

>> No.15650515

Irrelevant, go back to your own hellhole.

>> No.15650522

You're either genuinely being a retarded zealot, or you're falseflagging by acting like a retarded zealot to make the guys who keep /d/ stuff out of this thread look bad.

Either way, stop.

>> No.15650533

Calm your tits, all I said I deadpool regen speed is not that impressive, if you said hulk, wolverine or elixir that'd be different.

>> No.15650534
File: 366 KB, 750x1500, Esdese The Ice Dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'd go evil in MGE world just to be cursed that only evil MGs would be interested in me

Being a Villain is harder than being a Hero anyway.

>> No.15650537

Yeah, people like to talk shit about it but I like it, and I would gladly live there.

>> No.15650541

I'm telling /d/fags to stay out, simple.

>> No.15650543

If I ever became a villain, I'd do it like Tarquin from Order of the Stick.

>> No.15650554

That's not how it works.

>> No.15650555

In my opinion, this is one of the major issues with MGE and monstergirl settings. It's really fucking difficult to have the same level of conflict that you would in a regular fantasy setting.

>> No.15650558

It doesn't work like that in MGE.

>> No.15650559

>Don't like DOOM: Goblins
Fucking pussy

>> No.15650561

>TFW no writefaggotry story with an ending like this

>> No.15650562

Well, no, you're not.

Some guy posted a picture of a slimegirl's face.
Someone else asked if it was from a certain doujin.
Then someone said yes, and you told that person to "go back to /d/."
Then I told you not to make baseless assumptions at people answering questions, and you told me to "go back to /d/."

Take an objective, outside look at that, and tell me that's not being an easily triggered tin-hat man.

This is a dumb conversation anyway.

>> No.15650564

There will be none, MGs hate "irredeemable scumbags" and I'm pretty sure killing someone in the way you described would qualify. Hell, MGs would sooner corrupt than kill and they're the "bad" guys. You want in you 'gon have to find another way.

>> No.15650568

what if the mge and mgq merged and so the mge monsterlord has to figure out coexistence with a race of monstergirls that like to eat people.

>> No.15650571

/d/ is not okay here, stop arguing about inane details. Bye.

>> No.15650572

Its not that hard. Conflict doesn't have to be Humans VS Invaders, it can be other things as well.

>> No.15650574

Yeah and it was shit

>> No.15650575

>This is a dumb conversation anyway.
I found it intresting

>> No.15650576

Independence Day 3
Monster girls and humans vs Aliens

>> No.15650582

Protag man ends up a slave to the monster pussy?


>> No.15650583

Don't even compare them, the MC of that manga is literally a cuck.

>> No.15650584

You guys just don't understand. The best part about kitsune is starting out with a one-tail, and over time turning her into a nine-tail.

>> No.15650591

He saw his sister get raped. He wasn't fucking his sister.

>> No.15650596


>> No.15650597

yeah cause they got to her first

>> No.15650598

And he had to watch like cuck while she enjoyed being raped in every hole by goblins.

>> No.15650599

That's tl;dr to you? Seven lines of text?
Way to invalidate your opinion, fail to make any counterpoint whatsoever, and make yourself look like a man with an IQ below 50.

>> No.15650603

Actually I prefer having humans and monstergirls vs. the antagonists. But it's difficult to do because your only choices for antagonists are humans or monstergirls, and if your protagonists are often fighting or killing humans/monstergirls then people dismiss your story as edgeshit.

At least in regular fantasy you had generic monsters as well.

>> No.15650604

im not familiar with thhat comic or whatever
but where they in a romantic relationship beforehand?

>> No.15650607

Stopped reading there, time for genocide.
>but there are goo-

>> No.15650610
File: 403 KB, 720x514, GOB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think his sister was his end goal, anon.
You know, I've had this thought a few times. Imagine the sheer cuckposting if the Eclipse happened in this day and age and now however many years ago. Anyway, your shitposting aside he's pretty rip and tear when it comes to green guts.

>> No.15650613

You need to go to sleep. It's way past your bedtime.

>> No.15650614
File: 143 KB, 800x952, Jinko Bounty Hunter coming to a bush near you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you believe that no evil MGs exist? That no MGs would be cursed to never find love by Eros?

Nonsense I say, two negatives make a positive, a cursed man and cursed MG could find love but the selection pool is simply smaller.

>> No.15650618
File: 277 KB, 800x1231, 1464222028695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Goblin Slayer is DOOMGuy
>TFW after an eternity of fucking murdering every demon in sight not even the Demon Lord tries to dissuade him

>> No.15650624

Who cares.

>> No.15650626

>responding to anything coming from mgq with anything but extreme prejudice
I bet you liked plansect you freak.

>> No.15650633
File: 95 KB, 800x600, Granberry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like what I like. You only hate.

>> No.15650635

People have been talking about there not being enough stories about monstergirls adapting yo human society. That could work as a conflict. Its easy to get people to understand the conflict, as these sorts of culture clashes are frequent in human history and its easy to set up both sides as sympathetic.

>> No.15650636

You think I'm shitposting? Irony. You are the one going out of your way to defend a edgy shit manga dude. This is not /a/.

>> No.15650637
File: 67 KB, 508x546, 21ccc273dac77dba66419b7294065bf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15650638

If you get cursed you literally can't feel love. You may get along with her (if an evil mg even exists) but will never be able to feel anything for each other.

>> No.15650641

It literally can't happen, MGs want husbands and love, not to do evil, and the curse works so no one will love you, so you wouldn't live teem and vice verso. If you want to headcanon fine but don't be hardheaded.

>> No.15650642
File: 1.27 MB, 1031x1471, 6f20ccdd1ca05979f117da46ad1c1631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moo moo motherfucker.

>> No.15650643
File: 580 KB, 1000x3500, granbery storybook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15650644

A) you brought it up and B) you are the one cuckposting where it isn't relevant. Irony.

>> No.15650648
File: 121 KB, 1424x463, Pie Charts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's plenty of MGs that don't murder people in MGQ...

And I have the math to prove it!

>> No.15650649

>made Luka a fucktoy in her ending, human cattle tier

>sold her body in exchange for draining men of their souls
Not helping your case here.

>> No.15650651

What a nice story.

>> No.15650652

>defending MGQ in any way, shape or form
You can stop now.

>> No.15650656

And is used goods like tamamo.

>> No.15650659

I didn't brought anything up, you just got triggered because I called that MC a cuck, which he is. I'm droping this, it's off topic anyway.

>> No.15650660

I will never understand this, why would you care?

>> No.15650661

Fine, it's not love, it's Evil with sexy Benefits.

Yet MGs have all the tools to do evil.

Poisons, deceptions, magic, ect.

They even use them too.

>> No.15650669

I can but I choose not to.

>> No.15650670

Even then you're left with the fact that, according to people such as >>15650641 , monstergirls can do no wrong. Monstergirls don't hurt people, they don't kill people, they don't torture people, they never do anything "bad". Even if you have them resorting to doing other things aside from generic violence, you still have humans resorting to it with violence. Which makes humans out to look like the bad guys, even if they aren't.

Seriously, there's next to no way to justify why a monstergirl would harm a man instead of just raping him instead, and because of obamamana he'll then immediately get brainwashed into loving monstergirls forever.

>> No.15650672

I don't but other people do, he might be one of them.

>> No.15650673

>I don't understand how people can like edgy shit. I guess people just enjoy their anger, there is that manga called "Goblin slayer" and /a/ fucking loves it and its garbage.
>I didn't brought anything up

>> No.15650677
File: 182 KB, 1408x483, Pie Chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dare you to post the lewd version.

More Math.

>> No.15650685

whats wrong with it?
yeah there was death and struggle, but it had a happy ending when the god forcing people to fight monster was defeating and coexistence was extablished.

>> No.15650693

You are not talking to that same person, anon.

>> No.15650694

>monstergirks can do no wrong
Don't make me out to be one of those people, plenty wrong with what MGs do tie get what trey want, but the way the other guy writes, he's making them but to do evil stuff cause LOL, that's what I'm saying they don't do.

>> No.15650698

Almost all the monsters in it are evil enough to deserve death.

>> No.15650701

There's always the saturday morning cartoon type evil that is essentially harmless. Got to promote the hero culture, after all. Heroes are no use without their other half.

>> No.15650704
File: 304 KB, 700x649, 1451626244902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well anon, maid or school girl uniform?

>> No.15650705

Well then fuck off out of my reply chain,or at least comment with a "not him but"

>> No.15650708

What's the difference between a mate and husband?

>> No.15650715

Then there's the "enslave everyone in the realm" evil.
aka Grapesnakes.

>> No.15650716

>Most of it is shit
No suprises here.

>> No.15650717

I'll let her stay in the lingerie, that' what's making her drip.

>> No.15650718

they have flaws anon, but thats what makes it an intresting setting.

>> No.15650719

This is not your chatroom.

>> No.15650720

That wasn't my intention, I merely needed to use you to make a point. But when people believe that monstergirls are not capable of evil or are not capable of being inherently evil, then it makes fro pretty boring or one-sided conflict.

>> No.15650721

Not much.

Just there for accuracy of descriptions.

>> No.15650723

You are not talking to that same person, anon. :^)

>> No.15650724

No, not interesting. It made me side with the purge-fags. It's not a setting I want anything to do with.

>> No.15650729

I'll take the maid uniform for later, right now I'll have her in that lingerie.

>> No.15650732

Mantis school girl and arachne maid.

>> No.15650733

School girl for her.

>> No.15650735

That sort of conflict typically has little or no consequences if things go wrong. Sure there might be consequences if the plan succeeds, but in the process nothing is going to happen to the hero or their acquaintances.

>> No.15650738

How MGQ paradox translation is going anyway? I haven't checked it in a year or something

>> No.15650739
File: 1.06 MB, 1200x1597, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>tfw I kinda like Grapist Snakes

Not to fond of the whole enslavement thing though.

>> No.15650740

Lame, you are obviously the same butthurt person.

>> No.15650741

>slave and fuckstick ends far outweighs any semblance of good ends
>but mgq monsters are good
Are you dumb?

>> No.15650745

>Are you dumb?
He likes MGQ, of course he is.

>> No.15650746

>Not wanting to be a grapesnake's slave
How? Boysluts are naturally attracted to them.

>> No.15650748

those are the ones that live in the wild
the ones in the city have adapted to coexist with humans.

>> No.15650749

Eh, slave can be good too, can't it?

Also it would be good to see what girls are included in every part.

>> No.15650750

You haven't really given me anything to be butthurt over. Cuck is fairly standard fare. Well, maybe less so in the actual threads because the people there have actually read the thing whereas you clearly haven't.

>> No.15650755

Slave is another word for husband to them, anyway.

>> No.15650756

This, they are textbook mary sue.

>> No.15650757
File: 474 KB, 577x724, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I should have clarified "enslavement of everyone in the realm."

I wouldn't mind being her personal slave/fuck toy, so long as it's only me

>> No.15650760

Procrastinating is a character flaw.
Getting mad too easily is another.
Raping someone to death and seeing people as little more than semen bags, playthings or cattle, that's a little less character flaw, more, you're horrible and need to die.

>> No.15650761

Last thing I remember it was about 35-40% done. Don't quote me on that.

>> No.15650767

Its about balance. You can have monstergirl antagonists and have them do things like raping or enslaving men, or monsterizing women, but there is going too far where these traits vastly overshadow their good ones. I think that in these situations it actually puts some weight to the violent humans rather then the monstergirls as their hate is understandable. Like in MGQ where there were plenty of awful monstergirls, so people not wanting to do anything with them made sense.

>> No.15650770

Yeah, I should have noticed. Benefit of the doubt and all that.

>> No.15650773

Good thing /a/ loves edgy shit and monster boys then.

>> No.15650779

beautiful work

>> No.15650780
File: 143 KB, 419x600, Lilim_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, we dont really post the base lilim nowdays. I do prefer her design over the oc ones

>> No.15650781

Maybe it's because Luka is literally coming at the MGs wielding a fucking sword and they, like most people, wouldn't take too kindly to that behavior if they won the fight?

What would you do with a MG that tried to slap your shit with a sword after you defeated her? Would your first move be to make her a waifu? Probably not.

"Slave" is basically House Husband territory most of the time anyway, something that MGE Amazons do.

>> No.15650783

How about you had a monster girl twin? How would that work? Monsterization? Which species would she be? Would you fuck her?

>> No.15650784

>monster boys
haha, going all out, aren't you son?

>> No.15650785

Is she oozing Dark Matter, or did she just eat a lot of blueberries and get diarrhea?

>> No.15650786

Why so much autism today?

>> No.15650787

>#not all monsters
Man with scornful look baleful enough to bore a hole in your soul.gif

>> No.15650790

She is a dark matter bender.

>> No.15650794

Just saying, a lot of people read it because of all the goblin rape. Good thing people like that stuff there.

>> No.15650797

If you cut out the needles marry sue part, I actually like base Lilim. I would cuddle one before she rapes me.

>> No.15650799

Swordfighting gets them wet. Plus all the monsters use demon realm silver weapons anyway. Nothing wrong with taking your prize after claiming victory.

>> No.15650800

Grimderp stuff if I had to guess.

>> No.15650801

Trying to use MGQ isn't a good example here. Because monstergirls would actually kill or harm humans, this isn't the case in an MGE-inspired setting.

>> No.15650804

>I would cuddle one before she rapes me.
I think you got that backwards.

>> No.15650806

Who is the Base Lilim? I mean each Lilim is rare and unique, so who is the Lilim that's on the profile?

This is a question that seriously needs to be asked to KC.

>> No.15650807

We're talking mgq not mge, slave is slave. There's no defending that shit.

Luka would rather not fight, he gets forced into it cause monsters won't fuck off, want a toy in are under orders, not much choice but to fight.

>> No.15650811
File: 631 KB, 959x1188, 42788834_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you cut out the mary sue part don't you just get a succubutt?
Not that there's anything wrong with them.

>> No.15650812
File: 805 KB, 1176x926, 53b6fe01034a6901d9de292737823329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you like your Undead Kingdoms?

>> No.15650817

I've said it before that I enjoy them as corruptors and I still do, but I cant talk about it most of the time

>> No.15650819

Far away from me.

>> No.15650820

Like Überwald from Discworld.

>> No.15650822

also luka's angel blood makes him irresistible to monstergirl and attracts them , other humans don't seem to have that much trouble traveling from city to city.

>> No.15650824

Northern, cold, gothic and coastal

>> No.15650825

Not really a fan of undeads outside of the pharaoh

>> No.15650826

A quiet and lonely place away from civilization.

>> No.15650827

They can't be that far away if some of them happen to exist by way of a Spirit Realm.

>> No.15650828


No one knows. I wonder if she's the type who tries really hard to impress her sisters and parents but never gets any recognition

>> No.15650830

In their own corner of the world, away from the part of the world I reside in.

>> No.15650834

Then why not a not-Egypt based Undead Kingdom?

>> No.15650835

>succubus who cuts off one of her horns and gives it to you as apromise of marriage

>> No.15650836

like in corpse bride where people are happy and singing and dancing.

>> No.15650838

Like the Twlight Realm from LoZ: TP.

>> No.15650840

>goblins are monsterboys
Goblins are straight up monsters dude. Dnd shit. Pull your head out.

>> No.15650841
File: 390 KB, 1000x1111, 1458028989649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15650842

She's the girl that everyone knows but no one knows. You know what I mean?

>> No.15650844

Not exactly what I was trying to say, as monstergirls don't have to kill men to be hateable. Lets say there is a setting in which there are huge armies of monstergirls that invade human countries. They assault human towns and cities, rape men, married or not, corrupt the women and keep the men as their docile slaves. This is what most monstergirls the new reader sees are like. So there is a group of humans that hate the monstergirls and want them dead. You can try to show these humans as wrong, but its a situation in which their hostility is completely understandable. So any attempts to paint them as bad as the monstergirls falls flat.

>> No.15650850

Not if I deafest her and then cuddle her. Then after I cuddle her she'll won't know what to do she'll just rape me.
I actually typed them in the wrong order.

I wouldn't complain if I had a succubutt. They would still just want me to be happy.

A place where there is often a "let's stay inside and cuddle" weather. the sun never really shine, and at best is behind clouds. And it never sleeps, you could go out at night or day and it would be almost the same.

>> No.15650851

Yeah in MGE.

MGQ sword fighting is substantially more deadly, it's why both Luka's swords are major plot points.

Bullshit, Yao's technically a "Slave" ending and Luka gets to live in a castle, have his dick sucked, and tap that ass every night.

Many of the slave endings are comparable to MGE Amazon conditions or better.

>> No.15650855

Spooky lewd.

>> No.15650856

Monsters with penis= monster boy.

>> No.15650857

What do you have to do to get a Wight maid?

>> No.15650858

I mean, I would accept it, but I'd really rather she didn't go to such extremes.
Surely there's something less damaging she can come up with.

>> No.15650860

Basically Holloween town from NMBC.

The Adams family are all monster girls and live together on the edge of town. There's a cemetary that stretches for miles and miles, and is hundreds of years old. The forest is dark, and alive with terrifying nightmares. The mist steals people who enter. It's either twilight or midnight, depending on the time.

>> No.15650863

What if it's a feminine penis?

>> No.15650864

So by your logic a straight up scaly dragon that happens to have a twat is a monstergirl. Good to know, that'll make shoggoks happy. Feel free to stop shitposting any time

>> No.15650865

You're actually fucking retarded. So are those scorpions and big mammoth monsters in MGE monsterboys too?

>> No.15650866

>less damaging
what if it grows back?

>> No.15650867

Talk her into it.

>> No.15650869

1.) Attain Zombie meido
2.) Fuck her until she is a Wight meido

>> No.15650871

No, I wouldn't want her to hurt herself. She doesn't need to give a part of her to keep the promise, just her words and trust is enough.

>> No.15650872

Yeah, cause every monstergirl is yao or the harpy queen right? It's all good.

That was sarcasm. MGQ is shit, deal with it.

>> No.15650873

I don't really like self-mutilation. But I couldn't say no to her if she did.

>> No.15650877

all the guys in harpy village were slaves and they seem fairly happy with it.

>> No.15650878

That's /d/.
Those are animals.

>> No.15650879


>> No.15650880

She'd have me by the balls, I'd have to say yes or be the biggest asshat around.

Plus if she was willing to go that far, I doubt No would be an acceptable answer anyway

>> No.15650882

Even in this scenario, how would you explain monstergirls that choose to aid the humans against their own race?

Furthermore, this sort of situation doesn't really apply to settings with monstergirl-human coexistence within the same region.

>> No.15650884

That's literally what you propose.

>> No.15650888

What? All the monsters in MGE are girls.

>> No.15650889

How hard would it be to get a zombie then? would it just be "go to the closest graveyard and stay there till midnight" or "find a necromancer"?

>> No.15650893

I'm saying the overall conditions in harpy village were good you retard. The men were actually loved and taken care of, but that's not the case in 90% of the slave endings and you know it.

>> No.15650894

doesn't the cthullu girls turn there husbands into tentacle monsters?

>> No.15650895

I suppose that's better, but the real issue is I wouldn't want an MG hurting herself just to show her devotion.

Not quite.

>> No.15650896

I'm not proposing anything.

>> No.15650899
File: 425 KB, 643x489, Demonrealmboar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aaaand I forgot the picture.

>> No.15650902

That's just a meme.

>> No.15650903

yes. base lilim >> OC lilims and druella

>> No.15650907

Yes, along with Wendigos turning their husbands into monster boys.

>> No.15650908

Monster + penis = monsterboy
Monster + twat = monstergirl therefore furry/scalie monsters by virtue of their genitalia are monstergirls

And if you think that you're new as fuck

>> No.15650909

Now thats pretty cute

>> No.15650910

>"monster" counterparts to normal animals.

You're talking out your ass.

Again, in more polite terms, look at my link above.
The Anon saying any monster with a dick is a monsterboy is fucking retarded.
Smaug from The Hobbit is a monster, a dragon to be specific. And he's male. Does that make him a monsterboy?

Now do you see how retarded his argument is?

>> No.15650912

>I suppose that's better, but the real issue is I wouldn't want an MG hurting herself just to show her devotion.
in certain context I feel it can work . Like for a male tsundere where she does that to herself which causes the guy to drop his defenses and rush to her aid out of concern.

>> No.15650913

That goblin looks so damn happy.

>> No.15650914

Zombies should be fairly common.

>> No.15650915

But is it a monsterboy?

>> No.15650918

IDK who you are but you are probably one of my five favorite people on here. God bless you and screw that OC/Druella shitfest

>> No.15650919

You could show the peaceful ones as proof that not all monstergirls are bad, even if they are the exception. This can still apply to stories that have monsters and humans living together as long as they focus heavily on how they are a negative influence on society.

>> No.15650922

I swear, there's just some complete newfag to the thread who's seen some of the shitstorms we've had, and is trying his best to fit in with absolutely no knowledge of the subject by trying to be as "puritan" about everything as possible.

It's the only explanation for this blatant idiocy.

>> No.15650924

>Monsterboyfags are here

>> No.15650925


>> No.15650926

if you go to the undead kingdom they would probably be super common as well.

>> No.15650927

You've got good taste, but keep that shit to Facebook and text messages.

>> No.15650928

Lurk more.

>> No.15650929

But they are canon.

>> No.15650931

The smug face on the cloth is a nice touch.

>> No.15650932


Ok maybe top six now bud.

>> No.15650933

fuck off

>> No.15650937

Wild beasts =/= monsterboys.

>> No.15650940

Druella was shat on by the the thread. I actually like the canon version

>> No.15650943

do inccubus count though?
in fact do inccubus take on any monster traits, or do they just look exactly as they did as humans?

>> No.15650945
File: 149 KB, 363x398, 1397381004375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing warms my heart more than a happy Goblin or Hobgoblin.

Well except maybe a group of them partying around a camp fire with some meat and good booze.

>> No.15650949
File: 23 KB, 292x343, huggu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did a thing, figured i'd stick to something super simplistic for the sake of not screwing up and hating myself again. It happens alot ;_;

>> No.15650950

Incubi are just as trash as monster boys.

>> No.15650952

A Yeti refusing a hug?

>> No.15650953

Say NO to hugs!

>> No.15650954

But "no" what? She won't take a "no" for an answer?

>> No.15650955

what do you consider good booze?

>> No.15650957

And you are bait.

>> No.15650960

This thread could use a little napalm.

>> No.15650961

Yeti says no to anons being cold?

>> No.15650963

please no

>> No.15650964

Incubi are defined to be "not monsters."
>Ultimately, they're just humans altered by demonic energy.

As far as appearance:
>The body changes to become more healthy and durable so that it's convenient for sex, but it's rare for the appearance to change greatly other than that.
Where the "change greatly" likely refers to another line where he mentions that those too fat or feeble may experience greater changes to fix that.

>> No.15650966

The thread version and the canon version are both pretty shit, but they're shit in completely opposite ways.
Canon Druella is an unlikable extremist with nothing about her except corruption, corruption, corruption.
Thread Druella is a saccharine moeblob piece of candy-sprinkled shit who acts like some shrinking violet at every opportunity, in abject defiance to her actual race and ability.

>> No.15650967

"NO" to someone refusing hugs.
"NO" escape

>> No.15650970
File: 339 KB, 1280x603, Necropolis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ruled by the living. Outnumbered by the dead.

>> No.15650971

Some of the finest ale in the kingdom that they stole from some poor traveller.

>> No.15650972
File: 152 KB, 367x600, Ignis_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not even a little napalm?

>> No.15650974

Why would there be living leaders?

>> No.15650975

>MGQ is shit

If MGQ didn't exist you'd have about half the MG doujins, games, art, and animu / mango that you currently enjoy now.

People that didn't play MGQ for the story, characters, and porn missed out pretty harshly.

>> No.15650976


>> No.15650977


Incubi are more or less just human men with more stamina and lust and with the ability to survive in places like a desert or a blizzard.

>> No.15650980

That sounds stupid. Unles the living are ineffectual figureheads

>> No.15650981

you know for a while it was the big monstergirl thing
monster musume seems to have overshadowed it though.

>> No.15650983

Unusual eyes, occasionally sharpened teeth.
It's minor.

>> No.15650984

I would only become an incubus just to cumflate lolis and smug monster girls with my huge dong.

>> No.15650985
File: 322 KB, 1280x905, Runeprotected steam ship.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a reference to a really good series.
But the answer is the necromancers are alive. Well, at least until they accidentally make a lich.

>> No.15650987

You keep saying that yet you produce nothing that would make me interested

>> No.15650988

How fucking new are you, are you trying to start more shit but doing this discussion or you don't even care about reading the wiki before starting doing questions?

To add to what you posted, the only canon "weird" physical change is that incubi tend to have weird iris colors due to DE.

>> No.15650989
File: 1.27 MB, 3264x1836, 0807161201a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That'll do, pig, that'll do.

>> No.15650992

>occasionally sharpened teeth
No, go away .less.

>> No.15650994

Whether people liked it or not, it was necessary for the content we have now to exist in such bounty as it does now.

Though IMO its still shit, it was necessary shit

>> No.15650997

but I LIKE corruption. granted there's little else to her but what is there I actually enjoy.

Its very understandable why you hate her, but She is my fetish incarnate, so I'll respectfully disagree.

>> No.15651001

Do you have a single fact to back that up?

>> No.15651004

Calm your autism.

>> No.15651005

th-thanks, anon, but I didn't do anything

>> No.15651008

>Lilims are Mary Sues
Fucking only autists like Bollocks and InariKitsune actually believe that

>> No.15651012

I don't think calling them out on it gets you anywhere.

>> No.15651017

Does each Lilim like a different flavor of ice cream? Like one liking vanilla and another liking blueberry?

>> No.15651018

I want my zombie waidu to protect from a rapist Wight

>> No.15651019

WG1 also mentioned in the sections you cut out that the only reason they are not defined as monsters is that they have both SE and DE which no monster has, and that the Order just considers them all monsters anyway. "Humans altered by demonic energy." is no different than any other girl that's like "Houri altered by demonic energy." Still a monster. The distinction the author makes really isn't a good one, more an arbitrary statement to make readers feel better about incubization and to separate it from human women who morph into all sorts of species.

What's really sad is KC retconned all that stuff anyway when he started making a few girls that did turn you into monsterboys.

But then

>> No.15651021

Well I can spoil a 3 part game story for you.

Or would you rather I start posting about the 200+ MGs that are in it?

Almost everyone finds 1-2 waifus in the game. You get to enjoy "purging" the shit out of the MGs you don't like.

It's because MGQ is a pretty old game now.

EMG exists now in part because of MGQ regardless.

>> No.15651022

She'll likely fail.

>> No.15651025

>Slow dumb zombie stopping a beautiful and enchanting Wight

Looks like you are getting an upgrade

>> No.15651026

It's because she's Wight.

>> No.15651027

Get your sources correctly then.

>> No.15651031
File: 298 KB, 850x1212, sample_776b4478ad8ea80f2c4ea64d15659731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>monster monpiece is getting PC released fully uncensored

>> No.15651033

You know what will happen right? Your zombie will get beat up and at the last second she'll transform into a Wight in order to protect you. No need to worry though, she'll transform back once the rage dissipates

>> No.15651037

Old news grandpa.

Looking forward to it though.

>> No.15651038

Just like with elves, they're monsterize but they're pretty much the same except with DE as well.

Personally I don't consider them monsterboys.

>> No.15651044

But the power of love will help her
That is cute

>> No.15651047

You'll just get raped.

>> No.15651049

My penis believes in you who believes in this news. Waiting like a Lich with nothing better to do.

>> No.15651053

The difference now is what kind of DE caused the transformation. It's what separates, "Behold my new footlong schlong." from "Yer a Squidward, Harry."

Whereas before, according to the guide, the second one was not supposed to happen at all.

>> No.15651054

>It's because MGQ is a pretty old game now.

>> No.15651060

its probably not your cup of tea, i think he is just talking about the influence it had on monstergirl doujinshi

>> No.15651062

2011 was almost 6 years ago.

>> No.15651063

Yeah, because KC wanted to please to some people etc etc

At least for now it's only related to a few species from a minor faction.

>> No.15651066

But I know a zombie can protect my smile

>> No.15651072

>At least for now it's only related to a few species from a minor faction.
Amen to that.

>> No.15651079

No employee wants to be a Squidward

>> No.15651085

She can barely control her motor functions.

>> No.15651092

>sadsquid stuck to flayer vagina with a I REALLY WISH I WASN'T HERE RIGHT NOW button
>it's upside down because he's upside down

>> No.15651099

Still I know she loves me and that is all that matters

>> No.15651107

>he croaked hoarsely said as the wight pounded herself onto his crotch with zero restraint, his zombifu watching helplessly, scattered about the room
Yeah, you're a real peach.

>> No.15651109
File: 145 KB, 460x588, sad little ran.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people shitting on mgq
I know its totally way out of the taste for the people here but that game holds a lot of sentimental value to me.

>> No.15651112

I wouldn't say 5 months is "almost". But yeah, shit's old.

>> No.15651114

I do. Think of all the kooky adventures you could get into as a squid.

>> No.15651118

>sentimental value
Elaborate. I could use a good belly laugh.

>> No.15651119

I still go back to it every now and again for a fap. it may have some shitty things but it got some top tier stuff as well.

>> No.15651122

>bang your wife

Squids are not exactly adapted for land.

>> No.15651123

It does for me too, at least Part 1. But you can't deny how many abominations started making the next two parts a lot less fun. Part 3 especially. It went from a game fappable 90% of the time to like 20% of the time. Those percentages are way too low for me to enjoy in a porn game.

>> No.15651125

More like she'd turn him into a shota smaller than herself.

>> No.15651129

>Be Sadsquid
>Waifu won't let you turn back into a human until you pull off the prank of a century
>She's dunked you in a vat of white house paint and put googly eyes on you
>Waits for a known human girl plumber to walk by
>Throws you at mach speed at her face
>She pauses, screams
>Get beaten up
>There's got to be more to life than being a Squidward

>> No.15651135
File: 248 KB, 1216x670, pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15651139

>What the fuck, you-
>Fuck you, blooper.

>> No.15651141 [DELETED] 

Its what got me into monstegirl and a bunch of weird fetishes I didn't know I had . but also as weird as it sounds I became emotionally invested in the characters. Also part 1,2 and 3 were released and translated when I was in college, so as embarrassing as it is to admit, I sort of associate this game with my university years, which as a wage slave is something I look back fondly to a lot.

>> No.15651145

>R63 Mario bros
That just wrong

>> No.15651149

Glad you caught the reference

>> No.15651152

>have to use all your energy to heal so still stuck as a sadsquid
>bury your sorrows with ten arms full of game controllers and junk food

>> No.15651156

Porn: it's what brings the world happiness.

>> No.15651160

Its what got me into monstegirls and a bunch of weird fetishes I didn't know I had . but also as weird as it sounds I became emotionally invested in the characters. Also part 1,2 and 3 were released and translated when I was in college, so as embarrassing as it is to admit, I sort of associate this game with my university years, which as a wage slave is something I look back fondly to a lot.

>> No.15651162

But that begs the question: What DO we care about?

>> No.15651165

love and hug
hug and kisses

>> No.15651166


>> No.15651167
File: 59 KB, 292x343, no escape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no escaping the yeti

>> No.15651169 [SPOILER] 
File: 851 KB, 897x1464, 1470600116660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15651170


>> No.15651172

Or she uses her lack of feeling pain to keep attack the wight

>> No.15651175

Through dick. Unity.

>> No.15651179

what if I put on one of those glasses mustache disguises?

>> No.15651182

You could jump into the sea while your wife is at the beach and stop a gang of devious dolphin mermaids from ruining your vacation. Or use your squid powers to sneak into a bank and uncover a conspiracy to manipulate the economy as your wife is making changes to her account. Or squishing all over the city so you gathering gifts and fixing things so can give her the best surprise birthday ever.

>> No.15651185

I want to fuck a Mindflayer just so I can tell her "Are you squidding me?" after sex

>> No.15651193

get one of those bowl helmets and fill it with water.

>> No.15651195

>could move like 2 miles per hour while whole
>surely she can defeat a soul manipulator on par with a lich as she lies dismembered on the ground
The joke is no longer funny anon. Not that it ever was.

>> No.15651198

Or you could just wear a suit and no one will know you got squidded.

>> No.15651199

What if Lilim and Wock from MGK planned your birthday party?

>> No.15651202

What's MGK?

>> No.15651203

The yeti does not discriminate, all will be hugged and your distinctiveness will be added to their own, resistance is futile

>> No.15651213

What if I don't like Birthday Parties? My Birthdays have always ended up miserable, I prefer to just ignore them.

I do like those Oneesans though, even if one of them is a washboard bully.

>> No.15651215

New, I take it? It's something from a year ago.

>> No.15651224

I'm a little too old for birthday parties, and I don't have too many friends with enough energy to get a party going.
I don't think I would be able to say no to a little Jabberwock and Lilim, though, especially if they get the cake right.

>> No.15651227

It would get wet.

>> No.15651228

Maybe they will plan something small with just the three of you?

>> No.15651229

You know, people often complain about some monsters getting memed by threadcanon, but the threadcanon Wight is really far from the profile. They're always portrayed as either huge dicks, or ascended zombies that are still stuck in "hugs"-mode.

>> No.15651237

I've actually been here for about 1 and a half year. I either missed it or didn't give a shit about it, but I have no idea what MGK is.

>> No.15651247

Hey I try to keep them in rich and classy territory when I can but I fully agree with you.

I'd like to see RS do something with a Wight if he hasn't already.

>> No.15651255
File: 381 KB, 672x1100, 275_cait_sith_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup daddy-o.

>> No.15651262

>ascended zombies that are still stuck in "hugs"-mode.
I don't think I ever saw that kind of wight

Huge dicks is mostly canon though.

>> No.15651266

I kept playing for the story and characters

>> No.15651288

>Sadsquid and Coatman burying their sorrows in junk food and vidya

>> No.15651295

I like skeletons because they can be cute boneheads

>> No.15651298

I bet they even figured out the ancient secret of ordering pizzas without catbutt.

>> No.15651302


I'm a little surprised my favorite MG species is in MGQ part 3 and has pretty normal scenes, compared to all the other weird stuff that happens in part 3

>> No.15651322

What if you had a Cait Sith Alp?

>> No.15651324

Who? The loli angel?

>> No.15651335

Cu siths are better.

>> No.15651337

>you thought you could just have a normal pet
>but your male housecat was secretly a faggot all along
I don't know why I'm laughing so hard at this.

>> No.15651338

Time to find an oppai loli basalisk den.

>> No.15651340
File: 1.26 MB, 3264x1836, 0807161320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cake you say? Because this is the second time I'e drawn one today.

>> No.15651341

Isn't there already a wight in a story by RS, one that's pretty heavily in the crazy bitch -territory?

>> No.15651343