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Not important, but interesting: Yuugi has never known the the touch of a man.

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>Not important
Not being a slut is very important

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Fair Maiden Hoshiguma Yuugi

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Yeah, because she's gay.

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I want to start a post-progressive metal band employing high-gain, distorted, palm-muted, low-pitch guitar sounds, atonal poly-rhythms and the occasional ambient soundscape background with the two Oni and the totally human Hermit.

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Prog rock with Yuugi!

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We'll call ourselves...
"Uneven Head Culture".

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I would let those tats know the touch of hot semen.

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That's 4th degree sexual assault, oniichan.

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I also have never known the touch of a man...

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while i completely respect this as an idea and support it, i could not bring myself to play prog metal. maybe doom metal we can compromise on? i'd do that.

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I need a double dick-crushing uneven paizuri with the two onis.
Kasen can sit out because she's definitely not an oni.

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Just dump some Yuugi's tits already.
Let me give her all the the touch of man she wants.

This little man also need a touch.

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yuugi isnt all just about boobs!
she can also fight!>>15664945

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>That one doujin featuring 3 meter tall Yuugi

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*hugs Yuugi*

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Yuugi would certainly not object to knowing the touch of a man in contact sports. She would also likely put you in a neck brace or a leg cast at the very least.


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But /jp/ only want boobs.
Next you say you come here not solely for masturbating to touhous.

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I like abs too

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boobs and abs are a pretty good combination

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Ooh not bad.
Fappable abs sure is something but it only works well with big tits.

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there are other ways to masturbate

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>TFW no statuesque drunkard to bro out with

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>Inbetween her breasts
>Pressed against her abs
>both hands on her toned ass

is there a better way to go?

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What are the other ways? Please tell me.

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Please don't take pictures of sleeping Touhous without their permission.

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I like voluptous Yuugi better.
I also prefer her being submissive.

I'm sure enough dicking will tame her and I can use her whenever I want.

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And she's horny obv.

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Then I'll definitely give her good dickings like lusty animals.

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Would you want a oni as a maid? It has it's pros and cons tough.

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Can I pay her in cheap alcohol and semen?

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I want to lick her feet

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All them 3,5 vol beer cans?

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She'll really have to help with the second one if she wants that much.

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I want to see Yuugi's ahegao as I fuck her silly while tickling her belly.

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I masturbate in my head to the thought of a God of War doujinshi game starring Yuugi.

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Marry the oni~<3

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Defile the oni!

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You should just silent and post more pictures like that.
No one want to hear about your favorite vidya.

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Is there the rest?

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I want to suck on the oni's horn

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Meiling has penis. She sex with Oni. Then Oni got spooked and ran away. Next day. She came back in a wedding dress and accepted to become wife to Meiling.

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Well, DUH. She ain't exist nigga.

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I've never played a single God of War though, Kratos is too manly, I probably won't be able to stop thinking about dicks.
Yuugi has all of the brawn and none of the penis, so it should be fine.

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If you don't want to post lewd Yuugi pictures and talk about how you want to fuck her then piss off.

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Wowow okay RUDE

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>implying Yuugi isn't going to see your ahegao

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>You like that little man?

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I want to give her a full body rub down with oil. Then she notices my tiny little dick is hard so she takes my virginity ;-;

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How would she even feel anything?

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She just shoves your whole body into her vagoo like a human dildo.

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Yuugi unapologetically wears frilly white panties under her tiger skins. She thinks they look cute.

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I don't care. Those fat, pretty, virgin areolas must end covered with my fetid semen, thick ropes of sperm landing all over them.

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Yuugi on lead guitar, Kasen on bass, and the goburin on drums would be kewl. Like a three piece industrial post-metal group or some shit.

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I disagree. I prefer strong assertive Yuugi with a kink for being a sub occasionally.

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Yuugi would instantly respect anyone who would ask her out, and she secretly wants a boy to cuddle with and lose her virginity too!

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>Yuugi would instantly respect anyone who would ask her out
No she wouldn't, they'd need to prove their strength
>she secretly wants a boy
She's an oni, she's isn't secret about anything.

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Fuck off

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>wanting to be dominated by female

Don't be a beta male once in a while.
Show her the supremacy of your cock and put her into complete submission. Give Yuugi embarassing sex and make her moan like a girl. She will beg you to stop but soon submit by how good it feel and will make stupid, embarassing faces. Before you know it she become complete girl and want to become your loyal bitch you can use everytime.

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Kinda kek'd there

>> No.15670979

I agree with you anon, that game would be fun as shit.

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I've started writing a fapfic about cumming inside suika and yuugi! Please wait warmly.

>> No.15671424

No you fuck off secondareddit, what you don't like it when someone disagrees with your headcanon?
You know how I can tell you're the kind of guy that freezes up and stutters in front of a girl in real life? You're embarrassing yourself, internet-alpha.

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Hey, who the hell do you think you are, coming into our pleasant Yuugi thread and shitting over everything?


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That's not right, man.

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Canonshit is for prententious shithead.

Fuck off.

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There's being a secondary, then there's imagining a character to be the complete opposite of what they really are.

Your fantasy is fucking lame.

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We only know a slight peek into her personality
Akyuu has been known to stretch the truth or lie in her accounts (or "edited" by Yukari), and she admitted to not knowing a lot about Yuugi.
So maybe she just acts tough and wants to be seen as such?

Perhaps her supposed "hatred of timid people" is just projection and insecurity?
Suika doesn't seem to mind humans and "weak people," but she's pretty chill and can drink more than Yuugi. So why is Yuugi the one who's tense and always trying to prove something? She ran away from humans after all.

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I am not too content on sharing my wife with anybody else!

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ogres have layers

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Only when playing a LAN party. Holy fuck I'm old...

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Shes good.

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Oh. It seems she didn't tell you what she was doing with me last night.

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Touhou characters are cumslut to be fucked into submission, period.
They can't be aggressive around faceless male proved by several doujins.

>> No.15677514

Laughing at you when you passed out after 3 drinks, ya soft cunt?

>> No.15678150

Can't beat the cock.

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