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Fun-sized Succubi.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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I need ideas for doodles.

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This thread came first, let's use this one.

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Second for waifus

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Godammit it happened again, but I do believe this one was created first.

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This one was earlier

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Not the OP of either, but it was literally a couple of seconds apart.

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Dragons and Griffons dancing across the sky.

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So this thread then?

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Yeah, it's nobody's fault. Just a really unlikely coincidence that it happened again.

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F5 F5 F5

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Draw some of the MGE girls who have no art, maybe?
Like the Pot Devil. Maybe even redesign her so she's less cosplay-tier and uninteresting.

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I want to tell monsters I'll give them a kiss and them give them chocolate kisses instead

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Who? You have a large black were a name would likely be.

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Yes and this was literally a couple of seconds sooner.

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Draw a Sahuagin carrying a Pot Devil to help her move. That's two unpopular girls with one stroke!

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Blank, not black. Silly racist phone.

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I want mofus to stop taking up arms in rebellion, why not cuddle instead?

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It's confirmed now. Large Black and Pot Devil are the OTP.

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There will be no cuddles for them. They're just dogs of war.

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Pixie has it worse.
Who remembers her between imps and fairies?

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Rubbing their noses in bloody battlefield dirt.

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Anubis glaring at hasty edits doodled in her schedule.

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Why don't you put Pot Devils in a Mimic?

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They're rebelling against the cruel regime which hoards the cute boys for their snuggle harems while leaving the old and busted boys for the laborers and peasants.
Each village is required to send its cutest three shotas to the capital, where the Mofu Elite will use and discard them as they like.
Only through their action can a new state be formed where a cute boy can snuggle any girl he likes, where shampoo and tail conditioner are available to all. A new start in Mofustan.

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Cut me some slack, anon. I'm only one man.

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You rang?

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I think she would just act like double D and do them regardless of how dubious they appear instead of noticing.

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Mommy pls come home

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This is how Matroyska Dolls are made in the MG universe.

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Witches are the best.

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Ever placed a bag of holding inside another one?
P.S. do not do this.

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I hear that if you unstack one all the way without being raped, you get the whole family.

>> No.15763299

I want to protect little mofus from this destiny.

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What happens to yetis who grow up to be flat chested?

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Holst milk.

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I misread that as dysentary. Oregan Trail be a mighty killer.

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It all goes in the arms

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7:00 - Wake up
7:05 - Wash, brush tail, and dress
7:35 - Breakfast
7̶:̶5̶0̶ ̶-̶ ̶L̶e̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶
7:50 - Go back to bed and cuddle husband
8̶:̶3̶0̶ ̶-̶ ̶A̶r̶r̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶t̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶,̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶p̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶
8:30 - Heavy petting and nuzzling with husband

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So they become extra strong?

>A yeti will never make you heat up with hardcore exercises

>> No.15763334

They have plumper and wider lower halves to compensate.

>> No.15763336

>washboard body
>YUGE gigantic paws and fluff
It would be a nice tradeoff

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Reminds me of that doujin about the monstergirl with the huge claws living in the sewers.
Except they'd be huge paws instead.

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How much we talking?

>> No.15763368

>No fairy-sized monstergirls to build gunpla with.
>I'll never use a spell bought from a Dark Mage to grow them to full size and cuddle with them.

>> No.15763374

Hips at 1.25x shoulder width.

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Pic-relateds level.

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Have a mini Holst for now as I contemplate what to do next. Don't care for pot devils.

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I'm ok with that.
Large rear?

I'm a-Ok with that

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Wow, that really is small. I can't even make it out.

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So tiny

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I don't want to have to be the one to wash diarrhea out of my waifu's fluffy tail.

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Shit. Forgot the image.

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Do a Chimaera without pauldrons, you can even make her an OC

She's such an underrated girl

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Small girls shouldn't handle hot drinks, it would burn their tongues.

>> No.15763423

Rear big enough she could stand up and you could set a cup of hot chocolate on it safely.

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Only ocs I care about doodling are Sandy, Lani, those Lilims, and MGK Lich with japanese Elf-Wight cooking spaghetti.

>> No.15763434

Would gladly hug and sink my hands into that rear

>> No.15763442

Gross. But you know that it's true love when your partner is willing to stay with you during and after your lowest point like that, and care for/help you clean with no reservations.

>> No.15763450

Can you hide weed in a pot devil?

>> No.15763452

>Man saved after raijin forced into
Oh fuck now i need to know, what kind of cruel destiny was that man saved from?

>> No.15763457

Wanna pick up the tiny holst

>> No.15763458

Friendly reminder that lolis are perfectly acceptable and there is nothing wrong with them.

>> No.15763462

I prefer them at least mentally advanced.

>> No.15763470

Legal lolis are best lolis, especially when oppai lolis

>> No.15763473

She forced him to put his dick in an outlet.

>> No.15763476

Draw whatever, and then apply band aids on boobs and crotch. It will create perfection.

>> No.15763482

Why would anyone say the contrary except for the assblasted /d/fags?

>> No.15763485

KC has confirmed that monster lolis are basically ready for sex whenever they feel like it, no matter how young.
Fuckin humpty eggs man.

>> No.15763494

Wolfu lolis are the best.

>> No.15763496

I meant mentally advanced outside of dickings.
If I can't carry a conversation with them on at least a comparable level it's not gonna work out.
Is it any wonder that the 100-year-old-loli is such a common trope?

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What about the oppai lolis?

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>If I can't carry a conversation with them on at least a comparable level it's not gonna work out.
Oh. Well I understand that then.
no it's not I guess.

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Got that right. I'd tell /d/fags to eat dicks but they would probably like that.

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Part two. (Line 119)
I think I know where I'm going with this.
also the the grammar should be 60% better (I hope)

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/d/ hates loli?
The savages.

>> No.15763515

What about true lolis (say, eleven years old or something) who are still smart enough to hold a conversation with, and fully understand the consequences of their actions?

>> No.15763528

I could go for it, I guess. There's just a lot of things you only learn with experience/age.
That said it's much easier to accept wen it's MGs we're dealing with who have different maturity processes than us.

>> No.15763530

I'd personally prefer a Shortstack Gremlin to be honest.

>> No.15763543

They do.

>> No.15763555

Fox lolis are the best, good girls with a hint of mischief and lewdness.

>> No.15763564

This is true.

>> No.15763565

It's coming along nicely, beast.

>> No.15763567

Fox Lolis make the best lewd childhood friends because they get lewder when they grow up.

>> No.15763572

Few mistakes here and there, but it's pretty nice. I always enjoy some dragons.

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Aren't monster girls so graceful?

>> No.15763582

I want to introduce a monstergirl fresh from the portal to video games!
Wanna cuddle with her while she experiences my childhood games with wide eyed wonder!

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Are they?

>> No.15763588

Can i ground my daughteru for being too flat?

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File: 700 KB, 990x1400, 0c58006f118887e1956dd922e5cc35ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, they go ballistic every time they see a loli

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File: 125 KB, 600x450, sleeping beauty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are!
Especially dragons, they are graceful³.

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If you don't like it, it's your responsibility to remedy it with a proper diet.

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But it's your fault that she is so flat!

p.s. uterus tatoos are turbohot

>> No.15763656

What about tall, flat onee-sans?

>> No.15763661

They can hold you close to their hearts.
And probably have killer hips to compensate.

>> No.15763662

Read that doujin when it was first translated and I still find myself going back to it.

My only complaint is that I wish the daughter stayed like that for a while longer before filling out but it was still great.

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Y'all are super fucking negative.

Say something positive about the monster girl threads on /jp/.

For example, I'm very proud that nobody here actually likes Goblins and that's a great thing.

>> No.15763676

What happens if a Kikimora gives herself headpats

>> No.15763679

Dude what, the thread has been pretty upbeat today.
I'd credit the fact that school is back in session.

>> No.15763681

This is a hard one.

I like it that most of us agree that dragons are top tier.

She explodes and stops cleaning.

>> No.15763684

Yes. Flat, girly foxes with only one tail and romantic views about things like boys and sex.

>> No.15763688

I want to sell myself to a human boy auction, only to be won by a mysterious bidder, who ends up being my Onee-san!

>> No.15763689

>Say something positive about the monster girl threads on /jp/.
Undead and lactation discussions are superb.

>> No.15763694

Source is No Loli No Life, by Nekosaki Aoi.
And thank god for Konusuba, because Megumin is lewd loli incarnate.

>> No.15763695

That's just masturbation, anon.

>> No.15763698

Free_Drinks' Wight story is kinda like that.

>> No.15763711

Thanks man

And you shall get more dragons!

>> No.15763719

That's true. I think ideally, a monstergirl loli for me would be one who despite being still young, has the comprehensive capacity of someone a little older, and is at least mostly educated on sexual matters.

>> No.15763759

This place is what got me into lactation

>> No.15763775

Sexual stuff is a given but I not so sure about other. And there are plenty of girls who are stupid despite not being young like wurm, slimes, goblins etc

>> No.15763779

We need more lactation art. We have a good few greentexts and stories on it but more art would be great.

>> No.15763780

>You will never volunteer at a Rape Truck.
>You will never be fucked constantly by a bunch of top-tier monstergirls until you eventually find a waifu with a harem fetish.

>> No.15763784

It did for me too, and much to my surprise and pleasure lactation is discussed outside of these threads on this very board.

>> No.15763785

So, how do you break it to the waifu that Gene Wilder is dead?

>> No.15763790

Forced breastfeeding a best.

>> No.15763791

I'm going to date a Lilim with a tattoo over her Uterus.

Neither of us want kids. She thinks it's hot to use a reproductive symbol sexually.

>> No.15763801

This, except the girl is a masochist and begs you to pull them off.

>> No.15763809

>We need more lactation art
If only they involve non-bovine monstergirls.

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>For example, I'm very proud that nobody here actually likes Goblins and that's a great thing.
Hey screw you buddy.

As for positive things, I honestly have a better time here than anywhere else on 4chan or in any other community right now.

>> No.15763812

"Man saved after suffering heart failure by a family of Raiju after the youngest shocked him back to life. He was then forced into marriage with her by her mother."

>> No.15763814

I'm sick as hell and I don't have a waifu.

Which Monstergirl can best return me to health before I steal her heart?

>> No.15763826

Although it's easy to cause a shitstorm, overall it's pretty comfy and the waifufags here are pretty cool.

>> No.15763829

>tfw there are only two stories with it
>and in one of them the girl has her eyes gouged out with arrows
I'm salty.

>> No.15763834

We marathon his movies in honor of his legacy.

>> No.15763835

There's an artist I found on pixiv a while back that does a lot of milky foxgirls.

>> No.15763841

Take your favorite Non Monster girl, girl.
Make her your least favorite Monster girl.
Do you still love her?

>> No.15763848

>I found on pixiv a while back that does a lot of milky foxgirls
I need a link fampai, and hopefully he draws them with the level of thickness Ginzake draws his lactating Momiji with.

>> No.15763859

This has been a terrible fucking year.

>> No.15763861

Give me a few minutes and I'll see if I can find em, I'm on my laptop at the moment.

>> No.15763863

I can look past it if it is her.

>> No.15763865

>>and in one of them the girl has her eyes gouged out with arrows

>> No.15763870

We fit in really well, as if this board was made for us.

>> No.15763875

Any decent Chimera images? I need one.

For science!

>> No.15763879

Fuck you for ruining my day, anon.

>> No.15763880

You're not too familiar with the concept of a "would you rather" question are you? The point is both options are shit, one is just a greater evil than the other.

>> No.15763883

Ah, here we go.

>> No.15763886

Paladin-kuns story.

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File: 1014 KB, 1688x2500, A3t8G.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going out to the woods and making Monstergirls blush, kind of like in this image. Where do you find the Hellhounds?

>> No.15763893

Thanks my man.

>> No.15763895

Though more often then before there are conversations and topics I don't enjoy, this place is still pretty fun to browse and talk on. Moreso then others places i've looked at.

Although I can still get really pissed at those people who spam single sentence shitposts throughout a thread when they are here like 'Would a Kiki like slowpats or fast pats', 'What if you put coffee in a Raiju'sTea', and 'Would you a flat holst' There is some fucker who keeps coming here and just continuously spouts this shit. Just thinking about it makes my blood start to boil a little bit.

>> No.15763900

He's talking about the story where paladins go around slaughering monsters. They come across this massive minotaur who grabs a guy and forces her tits into his mouth, and they all respond by shooting arrows into her eyes.

Aren't there actually two other stories with forced breastfeeding? There's the ghoul one and the yandere holstaur one.

>> No.15763908


The Holst one for those who are interested

>> No.15763909

The threads have always had a bit of that, but I agree someone is doing it way too much lately. It doesn't feel malicious or anything, more like a newfag who hasn't quite settled in yet.

>> No.15763910

Yeah, fox lolis are pretty fantastic. They've got a lot of appeal to them in many different ways. That mix of innocence with nascent sensuality, for example.

But personally for me, nothing can beat a lolinubis.

>> No.15763911

If you mean Penys ghoul one, it's a bit of a background mention.

>> No.15763917

>your cock will never have the girth of a small tree

>> No.15763918

Which is a shame, because he's a great writer. If he made it a prominant scene I bet it would have been hot as fuck.

>> No.15763920

>Makoto Kino
I mean, her PLOT might get an upgrade

>> No.15763922

Thats true, it pisses me off a bit but I'm sure its not meant to be making people mad. They might just be trying to start some interesting/unusual conversation, granted some of the content is autistic. Still pisses me the fuck off, but that kind of stuff is just a pet peeve of mine. Also, and of course, there's also the whole 'opinions may vary' thing.

>> No.15763933

>granted some of the content is autistic
Well, he is trying to generate conversations based entirely on stupid thread memes half the time, so I share your annoyance with it.

>> No.15763944


Shouldn't Selkie be everyone's least favorite monster girl?

>> No.15763946

What would be the most anger inducing thing you can say or do to your wife?

>> No.15763948

>No sex for a month!

>> No.15763952


Little bit of Amazon /ss/?

>> No.15763956

Well, guess I'll have to find the MGE profile on dan or gel then. Oh well.

>> No.15763957

Not with that attitude. Thrusting with the force of a jackhammer will have the same effect anyway.
And at least in monstergirl land, options exist for you to increase your dick size until it's figuratively filling a monstergirl up to her brain.

>> No.15763958

Be myself

>> No.15763966

Do you have no situational awareness?

>> No.15763970

I want a kunoichi to laugh at my tiny penis!
I want her to stay hidden, so I think my house is haunted!

>> No.15763974

Probably something like calling her selfish.

>> No.15763984


>> No.15763985

I do. I just don't care if the quality of a post meets your standards or not.

>> No.15763986

Yes. Just like that.

Best kind of lolis.
Though Legal Loli is good too.

>> No.15763988


>> No.15763993

Any non pixiv link to this?

>> No.15763996

Knew talking about em was going to get them started up.


>> No.15764005

Spite is probably the most powerful emotion the average anon has. You mention something you dislike and a bunch of chucklefucks will do it to annoy you.

>> No.15764009

Come on now, they didn't post a meme at least.

>> No.15764011

>lewd foxes

Anubis is pretty good too, for a lot of the same reasons as fox.

>> No.15764014

>Amazon /ss/

>> No.15764016

Damn straight, oh well. Not like I would stop talking about stuff I liked either if two random schmucks started snack-talking it, but still kinda irksome.

>> No.15764018

Anubisfucker pls

>> No.15764020

>But personally for me, nothing can beat a lolinubis.
Mah most nigga of niggas.

>> No.15764026

Abubu is always the same old shit, wish he'd mix it up a bit and do more non shota stuff.

>> No.15764031

From which series though? Not looking to judge, just curious since they're both lovely.

>> No.15764043

Is there anything written about a guy who just turned 18 being fucked by a Lilim, and being mindbroken immediately?

>> No.15764047

Do monsters like beards

>> No.15764061

But I prefer foxes

>> No.15764063

Rance series by Alicesoft.
Which series were you thinking of?

I am writing a story where an Apophis that travels with the MC. has a beard fetish.

>> No.15764064

Brian Blessed as the sexiest man ever on a sexual rampage across the world's largest Demon Realm when?

>> No.15764066

>Takaya Noriko
>Cait Sith
I'm conflicted, highly conflicted. I think I'd have to see it happen to know my true feelings on this but I've got a feeling my love for her personality would win.

Nothing a good shave can't fix, turn her into a big breasted Werecat.

>> No.15764076

I hope so, I have a full beard and stache combo and have been told I look good in a suit. Maybe I could pull a nice Satyros at a high end bar.

>> No.15764080

Yeah, now that you mention it, there's a lot of similarities there.
Anubi have less tails, but that exotic, delicious brown is more than an even trade.
They'd have that purity about them in their studious and by-the-book nature, but their wolfgirl instincts would be a small, very sutble balancing force to that.
Bedding a lolinubis like that would probably be a gentle learning experience for her, as she grips your shoulders with her claws and holds on tight for dear life.

>> No.15764108

In the Ghoul one there's just a short bit featuring a corrupted Paladin forcing a dude to drink her milk.
It was in that surprise anal fightan' game scene IIRC.

Also, Ghoul features a lactating Wight but again it isn't a major part of the story.

>> No.15764112

Anubisfucker you think way too much about lolinubi.

>> No.15764114

The wiki has just about the only 3 pieces you'll find of her. A decent sketch, a nice alternate and a good recolour. Oh and there's the MGE II bonus art that was recently revealed.

>> No.15764126


>> No.15764131

He's not me, I'm me.

I mean, I agree with pretty well everything he just said, but that's beside the point.

>> No.15764142

>the MGE II bonus art that was recently revealed.
[goat noises]

>> No.15764147

Oh god, it's like a Mindflayernubis turned a bunch of people into Anubisfuckers like then!

>> No.15764161
File: 242 KB, 723x744, 1449886945889.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15764171

Is she part mummy?

>> No.15764173

That statement is only two-thirds true. I'm not Anubisfucker, there's no such thing as thinking about lolinubi too much, but I do think about them a lot.
All sorts of scenarios, some of them lewd, some of them not so lewd. Things like spending a day out in the woods and giving one piggyback rides as we explore off the beaten path together. Or stroking her hair and giving her backrubs as she reads or studies. And helping her get to sleep by resting her head in my laps and gently cleaning her ears, massaging her scalp and forehead.
Not to mention showering with her, water streaming down her bronze body, her long black hair sticking to the curves of her back and buttcheeks. Lifting her up with my hands under her rump to sandwich her between me and the wall, and dicking her until we're both exhausted. Then cleaning ourselves both up, and wrapping her up in a towel until she looks like some sort of wendigo hybrid, only her face peeking out from the warm fabric.

>> No.15764174

It's just a different concept or a WIP. I hadn't looked it up before, but here's the artist: http://inbunche.deviantart.com/gallery/44622374/Fanart

Their latest piece is an awesome monster girl of the Gore Magala from Monster Hunter.

It's a coloured version of this that's on the wiki. In fact it was posted in the previous thread, I believe.

>> No.15764183

All of that sounds wonderful to be sure.
The cute is cute, the lewd is lewd.

But that last one just utterly destroys my heart. Cuteness overload.

>> No.15764187

I see.

>> No.15764188

Any good undead stories that you would recommend?

>> No.15764189

>It's a coloured version of this that's on the wiki. In fact it was posted in the previous thread, I believe.
The way it's partly coloured and never finished bugs me, I prefer the line art since it looks cleaner.

Shame it's doomed to stay a WIP really.

>> No.15764215

Punaldin's one about a Lich doctor got a laugh out of me, mainly because that's exactly what doctors in kc land would be like.

>> No.15764230


>> No.15764248

I've never really found a name for it, but it is adorable. Wrapping a lolinubis up a towel to dry her like that is one vairation.
Another is when she's on the bed, and you roll her up in the covers like a pancake. Her arms are pinned to her sides, only her head is sticking out, and all she can do is wriggle about.
Like that, you could pick her up like a rolled-up carpet, kiss her, play with her ears, or whatever you like.
Another variation is where you get her to lie on top of you, then roll yourselves up in the quilt like that. From her perspective, she'll be pinned to you completely, unable to move, nestled against your chest in a world of bedsheets. And you'll be similarly pinned until you roll back out, stuck with your arms wrapped around her.

>> No.15764261

Most of Penywise's stories feature undead, and he's a damn good writer.

>> No.15764265
File: 601 KB, 596x598, Chimaera by Richard-Catoto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, just as with that Pharaoh piece that people mourned over due to the watermark, a quick look through ALL the artist's galleries reveals:
a) a coloured Chimarea https://www.instagram.com/catotoro/ He seems to use this more frequently.
b) his artstation has an even larger version of the coloured Gore Magala dragon https://www.artstation.com/artist/catotoro

Also, save the thread one and trade the sketch for this please? (though I thank you for it since it's nice to see the "whole process" now)

>> No.15764293

Penywise, Punaldin, and LDR all have pretty good undead stories. Avoid Shoggocks at all costs.

>> No.15764295

>Another is when she's on the bed, and you roll her up in the covers like a pancake. Her arms are pinned to her sides, only her head is sticking out, and all she can do is wriggle about.
Anuburrito, yes! YES!

Even better! Sounds cozy as fuck.
I'd just worry about her getting too stuffy in all that...would have to give her a way to easily signal that she needs air.

>> No.15764323

Learned my lesson, going to check all an artist's pages from now on.

This is fantastic though, the first fully coloured Chimera pic.

>> No.15764354

Yes, that's the perfect name for it! An anuburrito.
And the beautiful thing about it is just how versatile it is. Staying in on a cold winter's day? Just roll yourselves up in such a way that her face is popping out in front just below yours. Then you can go about the house carrying her like that.

I don't think you'd need to worry about a signal or anything, though. She might be resting her head happily upon your chest, cheek against pectoral, but I think you'd still be able to hear her.
So when it starts getting to stuffy from your body heat, or your concentrated scent in such a confined space starts giving her certain urges, she could just say so. Then it'd be a case of unrolling the other way, ending up on your back while she stradles your chest. Her hair a mess, the flush on her cheeks visible even through her dark complexion, smiling and giggling as she clambers, a little dizzy, to meet your eyes with hers.

>> No.15764356
File: 342 KB, 646x913, 1465539236421.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Touch the Tiger, Anon.

>> No.15764360


>> No.15764368
File: 227 KB, 450x750, 54090301_p3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll touch A tiger, but not that one.

>> No.15764370

But what happens when you touch the tiger, the tiger touches back?

>> No.15764377

You will touch her, and compliment her on her fluffy tiger legs to boost her self-esteem.

You lose your innocence to a Tiger.

>> No.15764379

What kind of dancing is your waifu's favorite? I bet Kikimoras are good a ballet

>> No.15764381

Good things.

>> No.15764385

>compliment her on her fluffy tiger legs to boost her self-esteem.
I'd prefer being honest to avoid any potentially more painful misunderstandings.

>> No.15764386

>Your Kiki maid will never teach you how to dance just in time for the MGC High Prom.

>> No.15764391

>Then it'd be a case of unrolling the other way, ending up on your back while she stradles your chest. Her hair a mess, the flush on her cheeks visible even through her dark complexion, smiling and giggling as she clambers, a little dizzy, to meet your eyes with hers.
This really is almost too good.

So many wonderful ideas for Anubi and Lolinubi...so little money and artists I like available for commissions often enough...

>> No.15764396

Danse Macabre

>> No.15764397


>> No.15764406

Crow Tengu are creepy stalkers. They follow men around and take notes on what they like (and do). Is having a cute Waifu worth abandoning your privacy?

>> No.15764412
File: 769 KB, 2800x2000, Weddie dancer by tooomiy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A waltz among the waves!
On one hand it requires strength and absolute devotion to your partner's body.
On the other hand, I don't have my "sea legs" just yet, so she earns herself a fine chuckle each time she attempts to teach me more.

>> No.15764417

>Wanted to write a chaos monster from the same place as the mindflayer and shoggoth since neither of them fit what I had in mind
>Realize I'm an uncultured fuck that has never read Lovecraft


>> No.15764418

>Kikimora maid teaches you how to dance
>You take her to prom
>People laugh because you took your maid to prom
>The laughing stops when she starts grinding on you in the dirtiest way possible, eventually leading to her flat out fucking you right there on the dance floor

>> No.15764422

I want to give that tiny tiger a bunch of sweets!

>> No.15764435
File: 406 KB, 600x1000, 27685931_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about a nice cold popsicle on a hot summer day?

>> No.15764438

Yeah, it's tough when there's more ideas than there is money or suitable artists. And it's even harder for loli stuff, even if it's not totally lewd.

I guess all there is to do is write down the ideas, maybe with potential artists next to them, and wait for the right time with some money saved.

Now, I've got this urge to commission some art with the idea I was just talking about. Maybe a 1st person POV piece with a flushed, messy haired lolinubis straddling your chest. Maybe even two versions. One where she's dressed in pyjamas or something, smiling sweetly, and another where she's totally nude, with a more seductive look to her.

>> No.15764442

Read it you faggot, prose is shit but it's still some great stuff.

>> No.15764445

She can have all the holst ice cream she wants!

>> No.15764447

>Maybe a 1st person POV piece with a flushed, messy haired lolinubis straddling your chest. Maybe even two versions. One where she's dressed in pyjamas or something, smiling sweetly, and another where she's totally nude, with a more seductive look to her.
Yes, that sounds magnificent. Perfection, plain and simple.

>> No.15764448

Would a monster girl let you keep a pet cat? I like cats, and there's a sweet one outside I've been feeding lately that I'd like to let in and keep as a pet. They would like cats right?

>> No.15764452

Sounds like you need a nekomata.

>> No.15764453

I'd be too busy loving her for her to take notes.

>> No.15764465

>Get cornered by Jinko after a round in the gym
>She's covered in a thin sheen of sweat and you're too busy focusing your eyes on her biceps, her trapezium, her abdominals, fucking anything to distract you from the sight of her in spats with healthy sized calcium cannons near your face
"Touch the tiger. Do it now."
>Start running your arm across her developed biceps, her furred forearms and even between her pawed digits
>When you start running across her abs she palms your face in one huge meaty paw and lets out a husky chortle
"You're not touching the tiger yet, little man."
>There's a shuffling sound of fabric while she takes your hand in her free paw and moves it close to something hot enough that you can feel it on the back of your hand
>Then you can feel it, a hot bath of sweat and some kind of musky, sour smelling fluid
>Holy shit it's her vagina
>Try to struggle, she starts to rub herself along your palm, effectively getting herself off
"Go on, keep touching the tiger."
>Finally pull away from her just in time for her to force her spats onto your face, smothering you in the heady smell of her sex and sweat suffocating you
>Her tail wraps around you as one paw palms your growing erection and balls beneath your shorts
"Now... It's time for the tiger to touch [You]"
>To just think, not even a week ago she was just a demure little human gym girl who'd seemed to have innocently asked if you were a dog or cat person

>> No.15764466

Band aids! My holy grail.

>> No.15764473

I'm not sure what problem they would have with one, unless they're a wolf girl or a cat themselves.

>> No.15764480


>> No.15764493

that seems weird, like having a pet python and dating a snake girl, Like what if they can understand each other?

>> No.15764494

"Anon, please! Just let me write down how aggressive you are!"

"That was a really cute nickname you used! I want to save it!"

>> No.15764500

A Yandere monster will spy on you using her pet minions

>> No.15764505

No! Bad Kiki! No lewd in public!

It's the spanking machine for her tonight.

>> No.15764511

>Iron beast
>Not the roulette

>> No.15764513

Well, it won't be weird unless you don't want her to use her full cat form to BE your pet cat.

>> No.15764516

Glad you like it too.
It's on my list now, which means for anubis ideas I've got I've got:

Kaoru Tanamachi cosplay (In a queue to be done)
Tharja cosplay
Lewder, 100% bodystocking
Naked Deep-V Cover-Alls
Wedding dress
Extremely long twintails (might upgrade this to a full on Ore Twintails cosplay)
Doing lewd things in zero gravity (Sub-res drew one of these, and there's Loen's lingerie pic, but there's no such thing as enough of this for me)
Hair done up in a ponytail, with a hime cut and side-bangs
Interlacing fingers/digits while holding hands with Anon
Drooling in pleasure onto a pillow while getting her ears cleaned and rubbed (a picture of her drooling while her ears are played with already exists. So kind of already done?)
Naked apron
Naked towel (Done, thanks based Monorus)
Full rubber/latex body suit
1st person POV of flushed, messy-haired lolinubis straddling viewer. Pyjama version, and lewd naked version

I can feel my bank account crying out in preemptive pain as I look at that list. Someday it'll be completed.

>> No.15764529

>The waltz was also criticized on moral grounds by those opposed to its closer hold and rapid turning movements. Religious leaders almost unanimously regarded it as vulgar and sinful. Continental court circles held out obstinately against the waltz. In England, (a land of strict morals), the waltz was accepted even more slowly.
>"We remarked with pain that the indecent foreign dance called the Waltz was introduced (we believe for the first time) at the English court on Friday last ... it is quite sufficient to cast one's eyes on the voluptuous intertwining of the limbs and close compressure on the bodies in their dance, to see that it is indeed far removed from the modest reserve which has hitherto been considered distinctive of English females. So long as this obscene display was confined to prostitutes and adulteresses, we did not think it deserving of notice; but now that it is attempted to be forced on the respectable classes of society by the civil examples of their superiors, we feel it a duty to warn every parent against exposing his daughter to so fatal a contagion."
There's no other option for high class monsters than a dance that was historically thought to be too lewd.

>> No.15764534

>Doing lewd things in zero gravity.

Aunbises would really like Elite: Dangerous.

>> No.15764536

Jesus anon, I'm both jealous and not jealous at all of this list.

Jealous because you seem to have all your ideas in order, not jealous because holy crap that's a lot of ideas.

>> No.15764537

Ah, I figured as much. The other Senhime who will come up almost as much in search results is Sen Tokugawa from Hyakka Ryouran.

Good, good! May you find great works rather than despair. And, yes, it is fantastic. I even learned a thing or two considering that this Chimaera was drawn with some references to the Crash Bandicoot chimera.

>> No.15764539

That kind of sophsitication is why you marry a Wight. Then she sits on your face.

>> No.15764548

No notes when she's too busy caring for the baby.

>> No.15764586

>fucking anything to distract you from the sight of her in spats with healthy sized calcium cannons near your face
Tall musclegirls with YUGE tits are a plus.

>> No.15764596

>Kaoru Tanamachi
Admittedly not familiar.

>Tharja cosplay
Alternatively, Tharja as an Anubis? I think both could be excellent.

>Naked Deep-V Cover-Alls
Naked suspenders also good.

>Wedding Dress
Always a good idea. I'm sure I've said it before, but pic related started out as such a thing, before me and Mono both agreed she looked good in purple.

>Extremely long twintails (might upgrade this to a full on Ore Twintails cosplay)
Oh that'd be neat.

>Doing lewd things in zero gravity
>but there's no such thing as enough of this for me

>Hair done up in a ponytail, with a hime cut and side-bangs
Personally not a fan of ponytails in general. This particular style being the exception.


>Ear-cleaning ahegao


>Naked Apron
This as well.

>Naked towel (Done, thanks based Monorus)
You're both fantastically based in my books for that.

>Elite: Dangerous
God I need to get that game.

>> No.15764606
File: 436 KB, 800x567, 1454088162861.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you're going by strictly Star-Spawn of Cthulhu or the Big C himself, it'd be R'lyeh in the Pacific Ocean. Shoggoths on Earth originated from the Plateau of Leng in Antarctica with the Elder Things. Ubbo-Sathla and Atlach-Nacha are both in Antarctica as well.

If you're going to be an Abominationfag then cool beans, just don't disappoint me like Harblador's absence or make me irritated like Boll/Shoggocks' stupid passive-aggressive bitchiness that made a stupid old feud resurface

>> No.15764609

Living a life exploring the galaxy, doing whatever jobs might come their way, and living freely in the vast expanses of space? Yeah, could appeal to them.

Yeah, I try to keep it all organised. Right now I've got a file for my commission ideas, a seperate one for my anubis commission ideas, a list of the art I've gotten from artists, wherever through gifts or commissions, and an Excel spreadsheet of artists who will do MG commissions. That latter one isn't complete, but I've got a good 64 names on there right now.
Even then, I don't think I'm as organised as Jabberwock guy when it comes to how he sorts his MG art.

I'm pretty sure it'll take a pretty long time to get that list completed as it currently is, and there's no doubt I'll be adding ideas to it as well. It's a feeling so complicated.

>> No.15764611
File: 254 KB, 800x710, 1453682564438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just finished reading Nyarlathotep. I don't think I've understood anything of what was said.

>> No.15764645

Read it again

Keep reading

Do not stop reading

>> No.15764648


>> No.15764653

>Le lovecraft had shit prose
When will this meme die? Lovecraft had OK prose. Only sjwfags who love cthulu but hate that lovecraft was a racist push that meme as a way to push his legacy down further.

Man I had a Shoggoth book club to join and discuss stories.

>> No.15764654

>"What are you playing Anon?"
>"A game where you fly through space as Commander of a ship. It's beautifully designed and worth all the tutorials."
>"What tutorials?"
>"You have to spend an hour or so watching tutorials before you can play effectively, and map out trade rout-MMGH!"

It's hard to around an Anubis enough that they go straight to facesitting, but Elite manages.

>> No.15764700

what game?

>> No.15764715

Kaoru's one of the girls in Amagami. Fluffy hair, confident and assertive, best friend of the MC, and has the objectively best navel.
You're right with the Tharja one though, either way roung would work well.
I get what you mean about the ponytail, I just think it'd be a nice alternate look. Like the picture .less drew where she's holding a wrench? I adore that kind of messy, but still elegant ponytail, where it's not drawing up all the hair on the head, but still allows for bangs and stuff.
What colour do you think would work the best for an anubis' cheongsam?

>She just take the controller/keyboard from you, and pushes you down on the couch, sitting on the face and taking over the game from you
>You take it in stride and start eating her out.


>> No.15764716

It isn't from a game.

>> No.15764754
File: 1.20 MB, 694x1024, MGW2ScanPage8-1_zps7a503372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> travels the world gathering spirits
> saves a nation from desolation by turning it into a Demon Realm
> soloed a dark matter just for more power to do work
> still no husband

How does someone travel through monster-owned territory without getting forcibly married? I want to propose to best girl with least fanart.

>> No.15764773

Uh oh! Your Monster girl waifu is pregnant with decatuplets! What are you going to do!?

>> No.15764782

>How does someone travel through monster-owned territory without getting forcibly married?
Say you have your eyes on someone.

>> No.15764784

I don't think she could be forced to marry anyone.

>> No.15764787

I'm going to ía ía cthulhu ftaghn louder than ever before because she's Shub-Niggurath.

>> No.15764788

That's a lot of tiny tigers. I'm going to rub that growing belly, help her recover after the long birthing process, raise all of them with all the love I have, and pat all the tiny tiger heads.

>> No.15764791
File: 2.84 MB, 2112x3280, 1472361400278.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For some reason I think Raiju would love to be huge teases, maybe it's because I kinda see actual weasels as being mischievous, but I could see Raiju being the type to walk around shirtless/with barely anything on just to bug you, doing yoga and flexing where you can see her, or getting touchy-feely with you whenever she can.

>> No.15764797

>Really smart and cute.
>Dark Matter, a really powerful Monster.
>Makes cute moans when her tentacles rub against her pussy.

I'll marry her if nobody wants to.

>> No.15764813

I can get behind this.

>> No.15764814

>Raiju going nude or wearing spats with no panties, and doing standing splits when they know you're looking.

Oh boy.
I wish Latenight had given that raiju the fluffy monstergirl arms and legs, though. Only thing holding that picture back.

>> No.15764824

Gonna give her the D battery.

>> No.15764835

Give her a Shining Dragon.

>> No.15764839


>> No.15764844

She really wants a husband too. She tried to put a personal ad in one of the monster manuals if I'm remembering correctly. She's pretty much a Christmas Cake if I'm not wrong.
You've gotta be willing to take in her elementals too.

>> No.15764847

A Monster's Hospitality.

>> No.15764860

How does she feel about a harem, where she's my Waifu and the rest are Monstergirls with Benefits?

>> No.15764861
File: 256 KB, 565x1000, lilim cook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15764862

to be fair there are plenty of monsters that fit that bill. Probably most of them really. Living with monster girls must be boner hell

>> No.15764863

Suddenly start to worry that mofucores may not be a joke after all and start reading up on manticore biology. It'd be too embarrassing to ask the wife.

>> No.15764864

It's a really good doujin by the way anon.
That Lamia wants to eat him because her friends said that humans taste good, but she's too soft hearted and he's too kind.
They end up fucking, falling in love, marrying, and having a kid together.

>> No.15764868

Dorky CC or not, she's still a monstergirl with pride.
The only harem she'll let you have is her and her Elementals. That should be all the monster pussy you need.

I want to bend that Lilim over a bed and spank her fat ass until she stops being so rude.
Then comes the rough fucking.

>> No.15764872

>Anon always thought manticores and mofucores were different species
>It turns out the mofucore is the infant form of the manticore
>When a manticore gives birth to them, they just tumble and roll out of her tailpussy, whooping and laughing, fur matter from the fluids

Monstergirls are fucking weird.

>> No.15764875

>Bend a Lilim in a naked apron over and spank her ass
>It gives a soft jiggle and she smiles, her vaginal lips winking at you softly as they begin to grow moist
"Come on then, show me what you got~"
>Keep slapping her, the more and more her ass jiggles the more and more she begins to leak fem-pre
>Give her a rough fucking like you always thought you could give a masochistic monster
>Try to pull out, tail wraps around you
>Rough fucking goes until the morning sun

>> No.15764876

well, right up until you get a gf/wife that is. The teasing and boners are still there but at least they're manageable.

>> No.15764877
File: 677 KB, 944x1280, Anubis Dress Pout-s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just realized I forgot the pic related when I said pic related...

>What colour do you think would work the best for an anubis' cheongsam?
Hmm, good question...Black's always nice. Purple as I mentioned and here demonstrate is nice. Maybe a shade of red to bring out her eyes? Though I know you prefer green, which could also work.

>> No.15764893

Are any writefags or greentexters on? I want to request something I've been thinking about for a while.

>> No.15764895

I'm here

>> No.15764896
File: 207 KB, 800x1000, 1456132440949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anubutts are pretty doggos.

>> No.15764897

I'm also here

>> No.15764900


>> No.15764902

I'm here but only in a shitposting capacity.

>> No.15764910

Does anybody have the uncensored version of that Cassandra pic from last thread? I don't remember seeing it before and I didn't see it until the thread 404'd.

>> No.15764913

At some point I'm gonna flip her over and fuck her missionary style so I can look into her eyes while I do it!

>> No.15764915

Yeah, green eyes are my favourite, but it's not vital to me that ever picture have them. Red eyes have that striking, wolfish, glow-in-the-dark charm to them, after all.
Black and purple cheongsams would be pretty interesting. With the anubis' hair and skin colour, I think they'd look quite subtle on her. Like wearing skin colour clothes, that illusion of nudity while still being decent, especially with the cheongsam clinging to her curves and showing her thighs like that.
Red with gold highlights and filigree is a pretty classic look for a cheongsam as well, so that would definitely match well with her eyes.
It might be something to ask an artist about. I'm no good at fashion and colour theory.

>> No.15764925

Doggos are not for checking out.

>> No.15764926



Cool! Do either one of you like this idea?

>Qt guy prepositioned by a Lilim.
>He agrees to fuck her.
>The second the tip of his dick touches her pussy, he's already cumming.
>By the time she's hilted him, he's cum harder than he thought possible.
>Continues fucking him until she orgasms on his dick, which feels better than hearing the choir of Heaven.
>Pulls out, he's still shooting.
>She walks away with his cum in her pussy.
He gets up a few minutes later, completely fine. Both of them that kind of sex as a fetish.

It ends with them building a snowman.

>> No.15764930

>Giving a Lilim childhood friend a rough fucking in missionary
>Telling her you've always loved her
>How you've always admired her, even with her platitude of sisters
>Making her furiously blush and avert her gaze before you force her to make eye contact
>Putting Lilim into a mating press and pounding her baby room like a jackhammer
>Try to pull out before you ejaculate
>Wraps legs around you, her tail around you, her fucking arms and wings around you as she looks into your eyes with heart pupils and makes you flood her womb with so much semen that the afterglow lights up the bedroom in the DL's castle like the fucking Fourth of July
>Several months later, acquire triplet daughterus

>> No.15764932

That's a lot of space.

>> No.15764933
File: 1.89 MB, 1300x1800, 1457371420626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too late, I'm checking out all the doggos, with their fluffy mofu and fit stomachs!

>> No.15764939

You sick fuck! i bet you also molest their ears and sniff their tails!

>> No.15764940

And pretty good with their hands as this shows.
Although I'm a little jealous thinking about how she'll be naturally more comfortable becoming dirty on the job AND look better doing it.

>> No.15764945

No, they're for marrying then checking out.

That's given me a pretty neat idea.
Monstergirls having literal afterglows p. Because of the magic they absorb from the semen, when they're in their hazy, post-sex bliss, their bodies literally glow and radiate a soft light, like an aura. Each one unique to an individual in colour, style, softness, etc, depending on her species and personality.

>> No.15764948

With permission, Anon. With permission.
At least for that last one, I'm sure.
Right, other Anon?

>> No.15764949
File: 14 KB, 403x120, doggo switch flipped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15764950
File: 735 KB, 750x1063, 1455680455789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes I even hold their paw or give their tail a good brushing!

>> No.15764957
File: 1.27 MB, 1280x837, Wuff Burger Sub-res.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did someone say space?

I'm sure Anon was just giving them an example of how long he'd like the story to be. Right?

>> No.15764959

>Flipping an anubis' switch with teasing, stroking and brushing until she's sopping wet, giving off pheromones so thick you can barely think through them, and turning her into a nympho even more lewd and forceful than a hellhound in heat

Oh god, yes please.

>> No.15764961

>Black and purple cheongsams would be pretty interesting. With the anubis' hair and skin colour, I think they'd look quite subtle on her. Like wearing skin colour clothes, that illusion of nudity while still being decent, especially with the cheongsam clinging to her curves and showing her thighs like that.
>Red with gold highlights and filigree is a pretty classic look for a cheongsam as well, so that would definitely match well with her eyes.
Precisely my thoughts on both cases.

>> No.15764962

Gonna cuddle her and our daughterus!
Gonna show them all sorts of movies and games!
Just imagine how confused her sisters back on the other side of the portal will be when she comes back for the family reunion dressed in modern casual clothes with three little Lilims wearing t-shirts and skirts.

>> No.15764964

Sub-Res drew that? He's come a long way.

>> No.15764965

Yes! That would be a good length.

>> No.15764967

I know girls can be as, if not more extreme when it comes to teasing, but man as men at least we don't end up becoming such a lewd mess as pictured. You'd better satisfy her heart properly after making her like that, one way or another.

>> No.15764977

That's either a Tengen Toppa-sized wolfgirl, or she's a long, long way away from civilisation.

>> No.15764981

What reason would a monster have for wanting the guy fucking her to pull out?

>> No.15764985

If she wants it all over her face or tits or wherever.
Some monstergirls are into that.

>> No.15765003
File: 193 KB, 841x1200, 1234873624234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bullying Monster Girls is the best!

>> No.15765005

>as men at least we don't end up becoming such a lewd mess as pictured.
I bet a monstergirl would be able to reduce a man to such a state, though. Magic, pheromones, natural charm... With those on their side, they could arouse like no human ever could.

>> No.15765006

Dude, that's a quasar in the background. As in the only way you could be as close as she is to one is to exist when earth was still a molten blob about 3 billion years before the first single celled scum evolved.

>> No.15765008
File: 474 KB, 1104x1619, Madam M. Jensen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Mofu is might!" as I've come to say! Heck, even he thinks so as evidence by his DA profile picture: "Dutcman with Fluff: 'I am growing stronger'"

My favourite of his works to-date is still the sublime 'Madam M. Jensen' sketch that a few anons and I thought of and he found enjoyable enough to draw, if not also having had contributed to the discussion itself (pic related)

Speaking of Deus Ex, not only was there an ad for it on his DA page, but GaLm with the 4 parts of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided LP today! I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS! But I'll take it.

Still gotta' watch that some day. Too much LP content and seasonal anime currently. Well, I say that, but it's a matter of not wanting to lose self-control and fall behind on multiple series for the sake of one.

If I don't enjoy entertainment and support the people who make it properly, what kind of example would I be setting for my waifu? And just think about the (soon-to-be) children!

>> No.15765011

How does it taste better for monster girls, to just swallow in her mouth or to receive it in her womb?

>> No.15765030

Why did you have to post such a great girl with that shit taste?

>> No.15765049

Yeah I think its different for each girl. Like both different for each species and different for each individual. Also corruption fruit makes it better on the skin.

>> No.15765061

Yeah, you're right, but I think the time when most quasars were commonly occurring was around 10 billion years ago.
Either way, yeah, you'd have to be a huge distance away from one to safely observe it, considering all that phenomenal energy and gamma radiation they're emitting.
A mostly focused beam of pure light and energy, destructive power born from so many stellar masses within the accretion disc of a supermassive black hole so large, it has an entire galaxy orbiting around it.
There's no other power in the universe quite like them.

Too much LP content to watch? I don't even know what to say about that, except to maybe regain control of your life.
Make some time to watch the series when you can, though.

>> No.15765076
File: 3.74 MB, 4758x3453, 1471834000336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heavy Automatons with epaulettes.

>> No.15765078

>There's no other power in the universe quite like them.

Considering how we only see them because observing the heavens is also an exercise in observing the past, more correct to say there was nothing like them since there hasn't been for a really really long time. There's a reason I used 8 billion as the tail end.

>> No.15765094

This, especially is it's their first time and they're so sensitive on the outside that they want to feel the warmth there first.

Can we actually produce that much though? I think that by that point we're already shooting the stuff they really want.

None of them can- okay, maybe a few can, but most of them can't "taste" through their lower "lips".

If you're asking if it tastes better when they take it straight from you, or after it pours out of them, that depends on what you've both eaten. That and if she prefers the afterglow cocktail of you both or your pure taste instead in general.

It is a glutton who seeks to consume everything as quickly as possible. To savor the dishes before them and carve out a time and place for even greater delicacies is the way of the one with fine taste, whether their palate has tasted much or tasted few.

And I was officially introduced to anime relatively recently. I knew about MGE before that. Also, TTGL was always a "it's good, but the kind of good where it won't matter when you see it, basically timeless" recommendation

Well, between all the seasonal anime, LN, manga and other non-virtual entertainment. Not binging before I have time is how I keep control.

>> No.15765105
File: 2.29 MB, 3327x2977, Kuda-gitsune.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, monstergirls in the MGE manage to find lewd or abnormally organic ways to solve a lot of problems, given that their major resource is sex and they have crazy anatomy.
Just how far does this extend? Can every simple job turn into some wacky BDSM scenario? Do they make magitek that can be fixed with cum?

>> No.15765109

Wanna hold hands with the automaton!

>> No.15765117

>Can every simple job turn into some wacky BDSM scenario?
Oh, absolutely!

>> No.15765123

The Demon Lord and her ex-hero husband are literally trying to fuck reality to their liking. What do you think?

>> No.15765129

That's pretty great. I'd imagine there'd be some unusual sexual solutions to certain specific problems, yes.
Nothing as wildly hilarious as that picture, but with magic being some Spiral-esque source of literally unlimited energy produced from nothing, you'd see somepretry interesting stuff. Technology and societal norms would advance in completely different and unique ways.

>> No.15765134

I think a slime would work better than a fox in that situation

>> No.15765136
File: 416 KB, 636x900, Maxa' space harpy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What? Was she just killed? I know that one comic with the phone personification, but this?

To answer your question: they don't have a lot in the way of jobs or that can break. For such things, they were for the most part either the makers themselves and know how to rebuild, know a spell or two or can just convince a man or 3 to help them (while they help themselves to their favourite man of the lot sometimes).

They mightn't sell their bodies, but they- I'm just going to stop ruining your particular brand of fun actually.

>> No.15765139

I'll be honest, that has an interesting and almost fancy sound to it.

>> No.15765140
File: 328 KB, 853x480, 5150793+_5bdcdd8d0fde4abdda0d47e59ca945e3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not comedy! Threading Spirit Energy and Demonic Energy together in the shape of a double helix is how you get pic related.

>> No.15765144

Not him but honestly the guy is being way too Rube Goldberg about the whole thing. KC just goes "Abracamamanobama! It's fixed!"

All that other weird shit would require effort, and effort is the antithesis of monster culture.

>> No.15765146

>That weird moment when your single MG neighbor comes to you asking for help
>"Sir, my air conditioner just broke, i need you to take off your pants and cum all over me so i can mix your energy with mine and fix it easier"
How do you even respond to this? you're not even sure if she legit needs help or just wants to husbando you.

>> No.15765147

Would monsters have very little innovation(outside of sex toys) after they beat the CG?

>> No.15765151

But what if I'm trying to get Spiral Energy's bigger meaner cousin anon? What if I'm trying to make a Getter Ray powered Automaton combat maid?

>> No.15765158

They have very little innovation outside of sex toys as it is already. The joke is just that apparently every technology can be applied to sex toys so they are crazy advanced because of it, just that they never use it for anything else. It's why you have automatons but everyone still lives in stone castles.

>> No.15765177

Tired hands make for bad grammar and interesting not-words.

As much as I'd love to harness Spiral Energy and use it to fuck my waifu with the literal force of a cosmos behind me, I can't help but draw parallels between it and DE/SE. And I can't help but think that the Demon Lord could potentially be ignorant to any long term consequences the Chief God might actually be aware of.

Like maybe (TTGL spoilers) the Chief God used monsters and cullings to keep the human race in check, so that spirit energy would never grow out of hand.
But now that the Demon Lord is in charge, humans and MGs are producing and consuming SE and DE without restraint, producing matter and energy from nothingness as a result, bending the fabric of reality to a breaking point.
And the Demon Lord doesn't have the restraint or awareness to prevent a Spiral Nemesis-like event. A "Demon Nemesis" if you will. She'll just try to solve the problem with more fucking and DE, not knowing she's actually accelerating the problem.

>> No.15765179

>Tease an Anubis verbally, stroke her ears and brush her tail until she goes into premature estrus
>Doesn't say, gets up and bends over so you can smell her through the fabric
>There's something about it that's soporific, a thick heady smell of feral lust and instincts being woken in you
>She's swishing her tail back and forth until more and more of the thick in-heat smell just engulfs your entire mind and body
>Rough. Anubis fucking.
>Wake up not knowing where you are, not knowing who you are
>All you know is that some guy, presumably a cop is yelling at you in ching chong ding dong language while Goobis sleeps with her cheeks resting on your morning wood

>> No.15765182
File: 708 KB, 1348x1500, 1461421435515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I want a threesome with a Hellhound and an Anubutt.

>Mankind Divided
God I was so let down by the ending to that, or lack thereof.

>> No.15765188
File: 256 KB, 434x616, Liluth_Raiju.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Never mind that there are monsters who by nature pursue creativity and invention, they'd be pretty capable of adapting various facets of their culture to contribute to more than just making love (and families) for the sake of their very existence.

It's like that one Anon who brought up how we "abandoned" Raiju's official profile - yes and no.

It seems like that, but we basically adapt features to other activities. While a Raiju usually both builds up energy and expends it through sexual activity, that is from the POV of a Raiju who has only lived as a Raiju.

Lots can happily change when they really start interacting with other cultures, especially the one their husband is fond of.

>> No.15765191

The other nonaligned gods that exist in KC's setting fear exactly that.

>> No.15765199

>CG: That is the path that leads to extinction. Why can't you see the pathetic limitation of the mortal races?
>DL: No, that's YOUR limitation! You sit here, closed-off, locking away other lifeforms thinking you know what love is! That's nobody's limitation but your own!!

Great job anon, now I need to watch it again. Or maybe run MGQ again. My manly spirit wants to see some mons break through the heavens. Maybe some combining. And not just the sexual way either- maybe team attacks or something.

>> No.15765200

But maybe, just maybe, a fellow MGE lover's positive and honest view of it made it all just a bit better?

I see. I'll keep that thoroughly in mind, though, I'm enjoying the ride and the world it takes place in thus far.

Still want to commission Sub to do an awesome full-colour piece of Madam M. Jensen, but commies are closed right now.SOON

>> No.15765212

We're talking about KC, not your headcanon land. The monstergirls there don't embrace other cultures. Essentially what happens when a place monsterizes is some weird kind of utopian anarchy where all the rules and laws are thrown out the window yet everyone still functions happily without them.

Unfortunately, those kind of expectations of behavior and traditions are what makes a culture. So monsterized places always change into a monster culture. Even in KC, the only ones who cling to old ways are the human girls who were transformed. Two or three generations out and that will disappear.

>> No.15765213
File: 631 KB, 1200x1333, 1459719555672.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For what it's worth, I did enjoy the 25 or so hours I spent with it, I feel I got my money's worth, but the ending just feels like MGSV all over again.

I wish wolfus were real.

>> No.15765224

Yes, yes YES. I was waiting for this!
Primal, unrestrained, mind-melting breeding sex with the anubi in heat!

>> No.15765229 [SPOILER] 
File: 480 KB, 690x8000, 1472519352623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You get that by having sex with Automations. Fill up your maid and it'll be done.

Yeah, that could absolutely be the case. Although the Anti-Spiral did some really fucked up stuff to ensure Spiral Energy wouldn't get out of control, so you can't blame most humans and Monstergirls for believing the Demon Lord. If anything Demonic Energy should be used to tear open a hole to a new universe with a sturdier fabric of reality. Anyone who needs its infinite power can call on it.

>> No.15765233

by proxy sure. Most any task has one species or another that is really good at that sort of task. They work better when they fuck alot. Ergo yes fucking sort of does fix all problems.

>> No.15765234

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned anal sex in tandem with the Anubis discussion.

>> No.15765235

I'll assume you aren't the Anon I was attempting to give an answer to. I mean, I suppose change would be slow. But what happens when different monsters are living around the same area?

Especially ones who are fond of learning, or very warm, inviting and curious about others in general? Granted, such MGs and even their husbands may just be "seduced" into caring less about such matters by the more sexually obsessed couples, but can you really stop change?

I'm glad to hear that first part. As for the second part, I have reason to believe in "next time".

>> No.15765241

We were just waiting for you to have that honour. Just do not ever do it if she does not feel clean!
Mamono be damned. An Anbuis has her pride.

>> No.15765251

Is this the word we call members of the all 'Automaton nation' (husbandos notwithstanding), the members of the 'Automation'?

>> No.15765260

>tear open a hole to a new universe with a sturdier fabric of reality.
But wouldn't that make the new universe incredibly less sturdy by the nature of that action? You'd be tearing a hole in it large enough for an entire world's population, and be keeping it open for a very considerable long of time. Not to mention the amount of DE you'd be using to do that, and the fact that you'd now be bringing all your population, including incubi and monstergirls, producing mighty amounts of DE, into the new world.

This could easily just turn into a multi-universe apocalypse event, where the Demon Lord's empire is forced to migrate from universe to universe, leaving nothing but shattered and destroyed realities in her wake, Big Crunches, increasing in number as more and more are born with the power to produce DE.

>> No.15765266

That's a treat for the weekends, for those who are into it. It always leaves her a little sore afterwards anyway, so the weekend when she can rest is the best time for it.

>> No.15765278

Mm, not exactly senpai. Monstergirls have a hivemind system working for them- a sort of low level link to DL herself that allowed her to succubize them in the first place. Demon Realms work because all the monstergirls living in them share a subconscious desire to prioritize their husband over fighting or scheming against their neighbors.

>> No.15765283

>But what happens when different monsters are living around the same area?
>Especially ones who are fond of learning, or very warm, inviting and curious about others in general? Granted, such MGs and even their husbands may just be "seduced" into caring less about such matters by the more sexually obsessed couples, but can you really stop change?

All their stuff is built around sex though. Even the supposedly wise cow only cares about acquiring knowledge on the sex habits of other monsters and using that to hook them up with men. Sex is the ultimate purpose and goal, and they put it right out there in the open. Which interestingly isn't different from the drive of just about every biological being on the planet in reality. Humans are some of the few that even pretend differently.

When they win and no longer even have to compete nearly as harshly for males, the bar will actually fall for them.

And even the greatest non-sex scholars will still be geared in the same general direction.

"Anon: a biography of the last human man."
"Lost sexual rituals of human women, and what we can learn from them."

Nobody is arguing that there aren't multiple applications for many things monsters do. What's silly is arguing that any of them particularly care about any of them.

You're familiar with the old Id, Ego, SuperEgo right? KC Monstergirls basically don't have the last one. They have a SuperId instead.

>> No.15765289

It's not a hivemind. It's more like brainwashing or mind control. Kind of ironic that DE did the same thing to the old monsters themselves that people complain about it doing to everything else.

>> No.15765290

The alternative is, of course, chaos. Atlach-nacha, Mindflayers, and Shoggoths working toward an anti-spiral sort of entity by serving the DLs desires.

>> No.15765296

I want to create an Automaton based off of Wurms!

>> No.15765304

Sounds like that digging machine from that movie The Core.

>> No.15765305
File: 839 KB, 1000x889, 1470596904083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Hoo, hoo"

>> No.15765312

Who is that cutie?

>> No.15765313

In TTGL, they momentarily tear a hole in the universe and it sort of closes by itself. They wouldn't be moving her entire empire there, though!

Spiral Energy is a force of evolution, and one of the effects of purposeful evolution can be increased intelligence. My idea is to move the Demon Lord and her husband to another, sturdier and empty universe. Once the Chief God is defeated they can use that power to become more intelligent rather than throwing galaxies around. Given enough time, the both of them could figure out how to use their power to strengthen the fibers that hold the universe together. Like pic related.

The problem is that the Demon Lord isn't going to be thinking "I can apply the principles of Artificial SuperIntelligence here!" We need to get a Lich to replace her. Unless her husband will realize that exponential energy generation isn't a good idea.

>> No.15765322 [SPOILER] 
File: 100 KB, 789x550, 1472520784280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15765323

Scary. So the big eldritch gods are actually trying to prevent the apocalypse scenario th Demon Lord is unwittingly causing.
But of course, all their servants they send, like the shogs and flayers, turn into monstergirls.

It's not something KC would ever bring up in his setting, of course, but it'd be very interesting to see a story like that.
Set in the MGE world, slowly becoming a perfect paradise of sex, as the universe slowly becomes more and more unstable, with certain higher entities trying to stop the devastating force that is Demonic Energy.

>> No.15765324

The fluffiest of owl girls

>> No.15765342

I think they're more just the symbol of the same thing the DL does to every other god's servants, turns them into her own servants.

Sea Bitches
Eldritch Abominations

All served different deities. All become monsterized. Kinda scary when you think about it. But then everyone knows just how broken DE is in the first place.

>> No.15765347
File: 154 KB, 1280x840, Sea Bishop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm. I still don't know. Let's agree to disagree, but also agree that we should enjoy this topic again once all the girls of MGEII are out.

>> No.15765351

It's a kind of parasitism and assimilation, in a way. A force so vast all it comes across is swept up and becomes a part of it wherever they want to or not.
And yes, it is pretty terrifying.

>> No.15765357

Seems like a conglomeration of sex ending

>> No.15765359

No wonder Elves are so quick to recognized lewdness.

>> No.15765364

Yes, they are quick to realize when the D should not be present. Darn spelling my mistakes

>> No.15765369

The old Humans might be able to keep innovation and advancement going after DL wins

>> No.15765370

> in before someone makes a complaint regarding incubi again
I swear I will never understand why some folk in this thread just can't appreciate getting buffs for doing the right thing and picking a monstergirl waifu.

Then again, can we get a confirm on the importance of SE in all this? We know that it is capable of most of the magic feats DE is, we know it is a naturally occurring resource, and we know that creatures that already have DE really, really want it.

>> No.15765371 [DELETED] 

Would someone mind relinking the imgur album that has all the 2nd encyclopedia bonus art in it? I seem to have misplaced my picture of the Demon going cowgirl.

>> No.15765374

Are you kidding? After monstergirls show up, innovation and advancement is going to get a few hundred year fast forward.

>> No.15765382

Confirmed. Chief god liked her humans in the early iron age and would ask her old demon lord to wipe them back to post bronze age understanding when they advanced too far. We just got sentient robots in the latest update. DL loves technology and advancement.

>> No.15765384

I bet the SuperId knows all the best sex positions.

>> No.15765393 [DELETED] 

Hai kore

And for posterity: MGEII new girls

>> No.15765398 [DELETED] 

delet this

t. kc

>> No.15765399

>Then again, can we get a confirm on the importance of SE in all this? We know that it is capable of most of the magic feats DE is, we know it is a naturally occurring resource, and we know that creatures that already have DE really, really want it.

Read the part in World Guide 1 about the perpetual fucking machine.

SE is fuel to make DE
A man monsterized into an incubus produces more SE the more DE is poured into him.

Both processes produce GREATER energy than is used in them. This results in a neverending spiral in power upward from fucking. It's how a lowly succubus and her paladin husband became gods who can shake the heavens themselves.

Incubi are most certainly non-human, in the way a monsterized elf isn't a regular elf. They don't think exactly the same way, some things are forcibly overwritten in their minds. Not as drastic as a human girl going succubus but still a similar process.

Interestingly, the MGE dwarves and elves make a good parallel for why humanity fears incubi. Except instead of one day, you look up and all your bros are gone, it's that one day you look up and all the human women are gone.

>> No.15765405 [DELETED] 

My thanks, friend. You are a saint.

>> No.15765409

But all the innovation would be in sex, and pretty much nothing else
The best for pure humans would be defeating the DL and CG

>> No.15765414

She even invents new ones.

>> No.15765421
File: 1.97 MB, 540x530, ReZero Emilia worried, check, motherly, what are you hiding, don't worry I'm fi-...gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15765426

But won't humans face the exact same fate as the dwarves if they get too infected without the birth barrier being broken?
The "run out of bros", that is.

>> No.15765431

You'd also have to defeat the entire line of succession for the Demon Lord, since any Lilim could take up the reigns in case something happens.
Not an easy feat for humanity, to say the least.

>> No.15765443

How does one best send a dragon into a breeding frenzy?

>> No.15765446

>It's how a lowly succubus and her paladin husband became gods who can shake the heavens themselves.
Nigga she was powerful enough to become the DL and he was the most powerful hero the CG ever had.

>The best for pure humans would be defeating the DL and CG
Not going to happen, (A few) heroes are able to match the most powerful monstergirls thanks to the Chief God's boost.

Without their help, humans can take middle tier monstergirls at most.

>inb4 triggered HFYfag

>> No.15765453


Does DE dissipate in an environment of other energies if its isolated, or is it like The Thing where one infected dog gets out and before long you've got your entire research station tied up and are testing them for lewdness?

>> No.15765458

Yes. That's the gamble the demon lord is making. But since after a thousand years of war, monstergirls are still only about 9% of the population and the DL can already beat the Chief God's ass like a drum if she could only get ahold of her, that gamble is likely to pay off. In fact KC has told us since long ago that the DL will win for certain.

>> No.15765465

Reminder that the CG and DL are both shit and deserve a beating.

Neutral life is the best life.

>> No.15765469

The Thing. It cannot be cleansed or destroyed. It only spreads inevitably until one day it will cover everything. That's why it's broken as fuck.

The old kind of DE from previous Demon Lords didn't seem to be this way though.

>> No.15765470

I'm not saying what is possible, I'm just saying what would be best possible outcome for the pure humans in KCistan.

>> No.15765472

It's nuclear, anon. Dark Matters are DE nukes. It doesn't fade away, it can't be purified, and they don't intend to stop.

>> No.15765473

>t. guy who's gonna get beat by whoever wins

>> No.15765475

>Nigga she was powerful enough to become the DL and he was the most powerful hero the CG ever had.

I know. But I was comparing that to actual gods, which by this point they have surpassed.

>> No.15765478

Are you talking about yourself?

>> No.15765480

Join Chaos, enjoy freedom to live how you want.

>> No.15765483

Pretty much. It's a shame the entirety of KC's plot revolves around choosing the shinier piece of shit when it comes to humanities future.

But corruption fags will be corruption fags.

>> No.15765485

You mean the Ark-Gurren punch?

And that superintelligence thing is fair enough, but like you say, the Demon Lord isn't thinking that far. She doesn't want accelerated evolution or higher intelligence. She wants a paradise of fucking. It would take external intervention from something not a part of her empire, and therefore not under her thrall, to create that awareness.
Even then, having a higher level of intelligence, or superintelligence, to strengthen the fundamental integrity of a universe doesn't seem like a sure fix. It feels more like the sort of thing where you have a fallible entity making these changes even gods can't or shouldn't do. I mean, just think about the implications of being able to have that much metaphysical control over a concept like that. The multiverse would be the way it is, right down to its stability, for a reason, and changing factors like that might lead to something even worse. There is such a thing as too much stability, and if one would have to keep increasing it with the same ever-growing, instability-generating force that DE is, then who knows what could happen. We as humans have no way to comprehend this, but what if that stability stops branching universes in the multiverse. What if it causes some form of multiuniversal stasis? Forget time stopping, this is full on reality stopping. At this point, it's completely in the realm of sci-fi. But it's fun to think about.

And besides, it's like that song says. No one man should have all that power. Even if that man is a woman, or a god, like the Demon Lord.

>> No.15765486

Thing is, they didn't start from the bottom.

>> No.15765487

>wanting to be a monsterboy
Worst faction, and that's saying something when the Fallen God is a thing.

>> No.15765496

Chaos is dumb and so is Law. Neutral/Grimm is the best for humans.

>> No.15765498

How do you go from chaos to monsterboy? That's an impressive set of mental gymnastics.

>> No.15765503

Fair point.

>> No.15765507

The worst part is in his setting the DL wins, sure she's better than the Chief God but it's still fucking awful for pure humans that want to live a quiet life.

>> No.15765508

Why was >>15765393 deleted? It was just the new profiles and bonus art.

>> No.15765512

>Every chaos girl turns her husband into a monsterboy
>"Wow, anon. What a leap in logic you have to say something about monsterboys!"

You can't be serious.

>> No.15765513

Atleast you aren't enslaved to will of some psychopathic demon lord.

>> No.15765519

You're neither enslaved nor she's psycopathic

>> No.15765520

You kinda are, since all the chaos girls are corrupted by DE to be monstergirls in the first place. You're double extra fucked.

>> No.15765522

This is honestly one area where the headcanon of the better writefags is usually better than KC's.

The longer I've been here the less I've come to care about KCs world. It's just another form of slavery with slightly nicer chains. Fuck everyone who just wants to live a comfy and happy life without feeling like a piece of meat between two starving wolves.

>> No.15765523

If male squids are monsterboys, then by your logic, female squids are monstergirls. You've got to stop throwing a hissy every time a mindflayer, shog or wendigo is mentioned in the thread, Anon.

>> No.15765524

You're enslaved to every fucking faction though.

There is no good end for a human in MGE, only slightly less shitty endings.

>> No.15765525

>live a quiet life.
Why would anyone want that when they can just fuck all day and all night

>> No.15765530

Minbreak is literally slavery, you just no longer can view it as such. Because mindbreak.

Having no value for the will and freedom of others, while abusing power is almost the definition of a psycopath

>> No.15765531

>humans that want to live a quiet life
Marry a holst and live in a green demon realm?

>> No.15765532

It's like Rance. Humanity was literally made just to struggle against fate for the amusement of some dick whale god.

>> No.15765534

Male counterpart of a monstergirl is always a monsterboy, dumbass. You need to stop you're retarded belief that only bishi cosplay fags are monsterboys. That has never been the definition.

>> No.15765535

If by some astronomical chance you are him, I just want to say that Froleytia would make "perfect" Nurarihyon material. Also, thanks for the new wealth of content!

>> No.15765536

And eventually devolve into milky sex 24/7 after aphrodisiac permeates the land

>> No.15765538

The argument over whether Superintelligence will or won’t act a certain way is sci-fi. On the one hand, it’s not like having a high enough intelligence wouldn’t render you essentially infallible assuming that was one of your goals. That is complete speculation and none of us know what something at that intelligent would think like. Especially if it’s a sentient being with emotions instead of a computer. We’re not even sure there is a multiverse; much less that it’s ordered in a way that would be catastrophic if something else took up residence there. It also could be that these problems exist no matter how intelligent you are. We can build skyscrapers, but we can’t wave our hands and make them appear.

Luka and Alice managed power pretty well. Their goal was coexistence rather than wiping out an opposing force though. Is the Demon Lord's husband a bad enough dude to kick out Huxley and invite Ian Banks?

>> No.15765539

Are not all monstergirls beholden to the demon lord and her mechanations?
Sure, but in the Mindflayer profile for instance, it says they only changed but still act for chaos.
Chaos doesnt enslave you, they recruit you.

>> No.15765540

You can have sex while living a quiet life. Some people just don't like feral rapists that don't know how to behave.

But I don't want to turn into an Incubi, I like being human.

>> No.15765541

Then I guess every male who waifus a monstergirl is a monsterboy too, by your definition. After all, they're the male counterpart to their partner.

Seriously, you seem pretty keen to force monsterboy discussion in the thread. Is there something you're not telling us here?

>> No.15765543

> Not catching on that DL is yan for her husband and by extension the entire human race

She only wants what's best for you anon- and what's best is a reality she's designed to keep everyone together happily.

That abusive CG ain't no good for you son. She hurt ya.

>> No.15765546

Which is why any ending in scenarios like this where humans rise up and kick the shit out of gods that do things like that are the best endings.

They absolutely enslave you, Mindflayers fucking brainwash people for fucks sake.

>> No.15765547

>I don't want to turn into an Incubi
But that is the endgame for humans after DL takes over

>> No.15765550

Not all of us share KCs fantasy. I for one would live as a happy human male.

>> No.15765552

Then I won't marry a monster girl.

Maybe even pay a Lich to make some kind of ring that resists DE.

>> No.15765553

>But I don't want to turn into an Incubi, I like being human
Good thing Incubi are human.

>> No.15765556

No, no they aren't.

They look kind of human, act human and might behave like humans. But they aren't humans.

>> No.15765557

Yeah the ring will resist it by pumping it into you, end of the day your ring will still be pure having resisted all the DE

>> No.15765558
File: 252 KB, 850x603, 1469069591397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome ladies and gentleman, to the weekly shitfest between the die-hards and the normies. Please take a seat, grab a bowl of prisoner fruit, and enjoy the show.

>> No.15765559

Oh boy, we back to taking about yandere gods now?

>Watched over you and altered your fate from birth to shape you into her ideal man
>If another girl even so much as makes contact with you, the next second shell be gone from existence, the timeline changing to adapt as if she never was. Her parents never had a child, you never knew anyone by that name, and so on
>Makes her own universe for you and traps you in it. No matter which direction you run in, where you turn to look, it'll always lead back to her.

>> No.15765563

>Not all of us share KCs fantasy
But that is irrelevant when discussing KC-Landia

>> No.15765564

That depends on which side of the fence you sit on.

>> No.15765565

>doesn't know the definition of counterpart to a species

I don't know why I'm surprised. By your definition, all the plain monster looking males in Crabman's stuff are not monsterboys.

Honestly you just sound like a butthurt Chaos girl fag that's upset that even latenight couldn't save them from their terrible profiles forever instead of being thankful he made cute wendigos for awhile.

>> No.15765566

>kind of human
You wot

>> No.15765568

What are they going with him once he thaws?

>> No.15765569

It's an interesting gamble that would absolutely work, all else being equal.
What if some outside force came along and started killing humans, say a gamma ray burst or a huge meteor came along and vaporized all the humans on one side of the planet?

>> No.15765572

Not at all. He's explicitly said that the world essentially revolves around the individual's fantasies. You can have it almost any way you want it as long as it doesn't involve butchery or other unpleasantness.

>> No.15765573

Alright, then I'll pay a Gremlin to build something to keep DE out of my body.

There is absolutely no problem with sitting on the fence when both sides are complete trash.

>> No.15765574

What if she is Yandere for her high priest, but he has to stay celibate?

>> No.15765576

Huggle him and tell him everything is going to be okay, and neither of these shitty endgames are going to come true.

>> No.15765577

You know, things must be pretty hard for the CG.

>Give human chosen one's power
>He is your favorite, 10/10 would marry
>He marries your enemy instead

>> No.15765578

Asking a lich, who's very magic is given foundation by DE, to make a DE-immunity ring doesn't seem like the altogether most sound idea.

Although we did talk about DE absorbant accessories a little while back, if you recall that.
Earrings or amulets or other items which would act as a lightning rod and safe storage for DE, converting it into heat and light when it reached capacity, and venting it back into the earth as ambient energy at a specially made discharge station.

>> No.15765579

DE changes your appearance anon, remember? It doesn't change much but it's enough to make me want to have nothing to do with it.

>> No.15765580

No, they free your mind from all of your insecurities and hesitations. Thats not brainwash, thats therapy.

>その場合は夫の不安消しにしか使わなそう。 あったとしたらだが、ここまでしてもお前の元にいくんやぞおら!みたいな
>In that case, it seems it would only be used to erase the husband's anxiety. Supposing it did happen, it would be like, “Hey, even if I have to go this far, I will reach you!”

>It kind of seems like mindflayer-san would be suited for the occupation of a marriage counselor...

>> No.15765581

Wing and horn rubs.

>> No.15765582

>There is absolutely no problem with sitting on the fence when both sides are complete trash.
Hey man, I'm with you. It's a figure of speech.

>> No.15765584

Interesting speculation, but like I said, KC has already told us the canon endgame since the beginning. The DL will win. It's a foregone conclusion.

>> No.15765586

Yes out of your body and into your consciousness

>> No.15765588

KC tells us a lot of things. A lot of it seems to be ignored around here. For good reason.

>> No.15765589

They completely brainwash you, they forcibly alter everything you think and force their agenda into your memories.

>> No.15765591

>DE changes your appearance anon, remember?
The only thing that changes is your iris' color, and not always happens.

>> No.15765599

An owl girl? This has a concept that has evaded me for too long. I gotta add it to the pile of stories I wanna write about. Also that picture is hella cute, though her eyes are just a little too big. Still cute though.

>> No.15765601

You forget the part where you are now saturated with DE, and are now connected by invisible puppet strings to the DL.

>> No.15765603

>insecurities and hesitations

>Flayer decides to do that on a depressed person
>Dude doesn't hesitate to kill himself

Flayers are bad, but I like them either way.

>> No.15765604

Now that seems like something I can agree with.

No, completely out of body and mind.

That's still a risk that I don't want anything to do with.

>> No.15765605

Too edgy for me, and I like the way I am. If the waifu or dl can't handle that, they can find some other schmuck.

>> No.15765606

>DE changes your appearance anon, remember?
No it doesn't.

>> No.15765610

CG was cucked by the anti-cuck group

>> No.15765611

Well i just proved you wrong, so I guess its just say-whatever-you-want hour.

>> No.15765614

Well yeah, but this is specifically a KC land discussion.

Personally, I throw away a lot of KC stuff, especially the biggest issue, DE.

Not him but yes it does. You change slowly to become your waifu's ideal and the same happens to her. That includes looks, attitude, the whole nine yards.

>> No.15765616

I didn't know having DE apart from SE was part of the appearance.

Wait what. Is this a joke or something.

>> No.15765617

To be fair, IIRC the mindflayer's profile was so controversial that he had to backtrack and release those statements. I can't really fault anyone for still not wanting anything to do with them.

>> No.15765618

>By your definition, all the plain monster looking males in Crabman's stuff are not monsterboys.
Not at all. I'm saying it's ridiculous to call a beast with literally no human likeness a monsterboy. The boy/girl suffix after "monster" implies a roughly equal level of humanity at least. Or do you need basic explaining on what a monstergirl is?

Either way, seems you just want to fabricate a reason to hate the eldritch gods. I'd rather you not drag them down with you.
Keep replying if you like. I shan't.

>> No.15765619

Yes it does, not by much but it still does.

Sorry anon, but Chaos a shit.

What are you talking about?

>> No.15765620

>Wait what. Is this a joke or something.
What's so difficult to understand?

>> No.15765621

>eldritch gods

>> No.15765622

>No, completely out of body and mind.
It's like a monkey's paw, DE is magic that doesn't care

>> No.15765623

>I shan't.
Redditor pls go

>> No.15765625

>Personally, I throw away a lot of KC stuff, especially the biggest issue, DE
Have fun dying centuries before your waifu, having someone in the family dying of cancer or simply not being able to live with her due to the environment where she lives.

>> No.15765627

So squidshit is either monsterboys or bestiality.

Neither of them is acceptable here.


>> No.15765629

>implies a roughly equal level of humanity at least
No it fucking doesn't. But that you think that sure explains your retardation.

>> No.15765634

Well I guess the only option left would be to completely isolate myself from DE until I could find a way to negate the effects about it I wouldn't like.

>> No.15765635

>centuries before your waifu
Implying that KC's ridiculous longevity isn't just another problem, or that magic couldn't just cure cancer.

>> No.15765636

You're acting like DE is literally the only concept anyone in the entire human race has come up with that increases a lifespan. Literally anyone can just come up with a much better and thought-out alternative which increases lifespan.
Besides, sadness and bad shit needs to happenin life.

>> No.15765640

Don't forget the new spider that turns you into a fucking giant spider that fucks women with a spider dick.

Also whatever the fuck Wendigos turn you into.

Shoggoths are the only good Chaos girl.

>> No.15765642

>Have fun
I do. I think the two most charming things about monstergirls are learning to live with the vast differences in biology/habitat along with their alien ways of thinking. I find it far more interesting that way.

Besides, even for KC, mermaid blood is needed to extend life for monsters that don't produce enough DE for their husbands, like elves.

>> No.15765644

So you're saying it's fine for furries and literal beasts to be called monster-girls?

>> No.15765645

>sadness and bad shit needs to happenin life
I disagree. There should be obstacles to overcome and improve yourself as a person, but dying of the plague in your twenties is just a waste.

Adversity and tragedy are very different things. That's not to say I agree with DE.

>> No.15765646

Suffering fags complaining about the hugbox being too grimderp.

>> No.15765648

That's a lot of buzzwords. You want to try swapping them out for a sentence that actually makes sense?

>> No.15765649

I wish I could just divorce Shoggoths from the rest of the chaos girls before this cancer gets to them too.

>> No.15765650

Crabman pls go

Who are you even talking about?

>> No.15765652

>Implying that KC's ridiculous longevity isn't just another problem
I didn't know KC invented monsters with long lifespans. I guess vampires and dragons, between others, were created by KC?

>Besides, sadness and bad shit needs to happenin life
I just can't understand some people here. I guess wanting a happy life is not enough for you?

>muh suffering

>> No.15765654

> not wanting a Mayfly December romance

But OK, not ALL aspects of DE are bad: pinning your life force to your waifu is romantic and being able to cast 1337 sex magic is kinda necessary in a medieval sex setting.
The thing people tend to find objectionable is the whole forced-change-in-attitudes-to-monsters thing. Personally I dislike it because I think it's redundant. Imagining my xenophobic heart slowly melting due to the love and affection of my monster 'captor' is a lot nicer than imagining *boop*, one fuck and I'm magically reprogrammed to be a spider fetishist. That's opening a whole can of worms you just don't need to open.

>> No.15765656

But without mindbreak, corruption, and extinction why would anyone possibly find the setting attractive?

>> No.15765659

Chaos isn't shit when they party the hardest.

Wonderland just lowers your life expectancy, and standard realm DL monsters are so diversified, they dont even know what the DL wants from them.

>> No.15765660


Now shut the fuck up.

>> No.15765665

>Shoggoths are the only good Chaos girl.

They turn you into a slime like them. But at least you don't look any different.

>> No.15765666

>I didn't know KC invented monsters with long lifespans.
I'm reasonably certain that KC gave all of his monsters incredibly long lives, not even including what a couple could do with their bullshit mamonomana hacks.

>> No.15765668

>Chaos isn't shit when they party the hardest.
That doesn't really mean anything, sure they might have a lot of fun but they're still shit.

Citation fucking needed.

>> No.15765670

Who said I don't want a happy life? Everyone does.
But this is the thing with contrast and perception. If sadness doesn't exist, in a way neither can happiness. Th ability to actually perceive and feel sadness from a bad event is what allows us to feel the opposite, happiness from a good event, and actually comprehend and appreciate that as happiness at all.

It's one of the fundamentals of contrast in the way we think, feel and perceive as humans.

>> No.15765673


Citation the fucking Shog profile, illiterate-kun

>> No.15765674

I'm reasonably certain he didn't, and most of his monstergirls have more or less the lifespan of the average first world human (80 years).

That's why mermaid blood gives you a bigger lifespan according to him.

>> No.15765677

Burden of proof faggot.

>> No.15765679
File: 680 KB, 900x1395, 41d58c1f40d1fc5452c42bd9ee3467f5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NowI've lost it,I know I can kill

>> No.15765680

>Citation fucking needed.

The part of the profile where after you soak in all her lovely DE for awhile, weapons and things pass right through you just like a slime.

Typical KC mechanic. Incubi, like transformed human girls, are affected by the type of DE that causes their transformation. In some cases, this is apparent as resistance to extreme climates, maybe getting green thumb if you're with a troll, etc. With chaos girls it means you take one their traits a little more literally.

>> No.15765683

She can kill my huge boner using her body? Sure thing.

>> No.15765684

That cat needs a hug.

>> No.15765685

>That's why mermaid blood gives you a bigger lifespan according to him.

I'm scared that - since monstergirls unfailingly fetishise and sexualise everything about themselves - mermaids would be in to bloodplay, so I don't like them any more.

>> No.15765688

Of course mermaids are into watersports, they are sea creatures.

>> No.15765689

>mermaids would be in to bloodplay
I think he means you have to go find and kill them like voldemort and the unicorns.

>> No.15765691

But they don't, MGE monster girls have incredibly long lifespans.

It's why KC said that when you die your waifu will probably move on, now I know he didn't say that exactly but he did say something similar to it.

>> No.15765695

>"Get up! So I can kill you again!"

Johnson knows what the ladies like

>> No.15765696

You really need to go to the wiki and reread everything again.

>> No.15765698

Nah, KC talks about the mermaids themselves selling it as a commodity. You didn't think KC would ever write something that condones killing monstergirls would you?

>> No.15765699

There are no bad Chaos girls. They are all cute as fuck, and exciting to live and love. Chaos is just the greatest faction.

>> No.15765701
File: 53 KB, 372x363, 47989469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's why KC said that when you die your waifu will probably move on

>> No.15765704

Is this the new contrarian meme?

>> No.15765705

I vividly remember KC answering a question by saying something similar to that.

>> No.15765708
File: 2.12 MB, 1900x2500, Shark - midnight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the extend of vampires with their husbands, only probably far, far less since it's not a dietary craving, sure they could be. Shark-types too.

>> No.15765712

>That new spider
>Canon Wendigos
>Shoggoths if you include that slime shit

Nah mate.

>> No.15765713

>I'm reasonably certain that KC gave all of his monsters incredibly long lives,
Sort of.

They live anywhere from as long as a human to thousands of years. Mermaid blood, accepting undeath, or entering a spirit realm like Pandemonium or Wonderland are options for those not willing to accept death. Those that have already passed can be resurrected if they have only recently died, brought back by necromancy, or you can try to drag them out of the afterlife.

KC tied lifespan to magical power and we all know the best way for a monster to boost that.

>> No.15765714

My apologies

>> No.15765716

What he said was "She would be more likely to kill herself or haul your soul back from the underworld Orpheus style. But if you really wanted, she might move on and love again."

>> No.15765718

I honestly can't tell if your just trying to rustle jimmies or you actually believe that

>> No.15765720

How can you claim to love Shoggoth, but not have read her profile? You don't deserve proof for something thats been established fact since Shog came out.

>> No.15765721

You know what would be good? Monster girls und panzer. At least it would be better than Fury.

>> No.15765723

That's it, thanks anon.

>> No.15765724

>You didn't think KC would ever write something that condones killing monstergirls would you?
I'm sure you'd suffer for it. I also find it hard to believe he be for a girl just pulling out a dagger and opening a vein.

>> No.15765726

Then why did you make a list of the benefits?

>> No.15765727

Fun fact, you can't be ressurected through regular necromancy. Why, you ask? Because male bodies are brought back as female skeletons. The undead mushroom has to be given to a living man.

Scary, huh?

The part about dragging someone out of the afterlife is correct though.

>> No.15765730

Actually, I really do think he said that.

>> No.15765731

I never claimed I did, I just said they're the one that's the least shit.

Squid pls

>> No.15765734

>Yuribait trash
Nah, go away /u/

>> No.15765738

>or you can try to drag them out of the afterlife

Sounds like a nice story idea.

>> No.15765739

That sounds cute as fuck.
Can you imagine being on your way to eternal rest and the suddenly your waifu comes running out of nowhere and princess carries you back home?

>> No.15765740

Guys I need some help. A while back someone shared an ASMR video of a drunk kitsune giving you a massage. There's ear nibbling and an oily handjob in it too. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Because if so I would really appreciate a link.

>> No.15765744


>> No.15765750

Anyone who hates chaos is just closed minded to an infinity of possibility.

Here's your precious citation, lazy bones
>A physical change will occur among those who continue to receive their service. There is not any apparent change in appearance, but, for example, if cut with a sword, it will pass through their body without damaging them; as if they had become a slime. When being served with the shoggoth's body, at the place where one has been touched, it will feel like one's body is melding together with the shoggoth's body, resulting in an experience of pleasure similar to sexual pleasure.

>> No.15765752

Fuck you, find it yourself.

>> No.15765753

Would be a good excuse to use Charon in a story too.

>> No.15765754

>what is 'daily life with a lich'?

>> No.15765758

How on earth is that cute? She committed suicide. Any loving husband would want her to try and live a happy life while you patiently wait in Valhalla or whatever passes for an afterlife.

>> No.15765760

I hope you enjoy spending the rest of your life in the underworld with your waifu after she kills herself then.

>> No.15765762
File: 149 KB, 541x458, 1408655001189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MGE monster girls have incredibly long lifespans
Only the high tier ones like vampires, dragons, lilims and such. There are ways to increase it temporarily (blood mermaid) or permanently (undead mushroom) but those are not what are we talking about. We're talking about natural lifespans.

>It's why KC said that when you die your waifu will probably move on
First, if you died of age that means you're waifu is about to die too, because your lifespan will match hers.

BUT if somehow you die before time, there are three options:

>She commits suicide
KC said many monstergirls do this because the afterlife is real in MGE so they do it to rejoin their husbands

>She stays single until she dies and can rejoin his husband in he afterlife
Same from above, never marries again.

These two make the 99.9% of the cases, because you know, monstergirls are faithful as we all know and love. Then some faggot with a fetish for widowes asked him if he could marry a widow, and KC (who clearly didn't like the idea) said it could be possible (of course he said it) but it would be extremelly difficult because you would have to prove her you really love her, and that it would take an extremelly long time and a lot of hard work to make it happen. So yeah, there's the option, but he doesn't like it, and if you do you're a faggot for doing it.

Fucking newfags trying to force their shit as canon

>> No.15765764

Ahem. I misread your post. >>15765739. My apologies.

>> No.15765768

She's not a kitsune, btw. It's just a bow.

>> No.15765770

Fuck you. I've been trying. It's been killing me because all I wanted to do was listen to that all day and I cannot find it to save my life. Not trying to get bloggy here but some personal shit went down in my life and now I'm drunk and am in desperate need of a pick me up.
Help a brother out.

>> No.15765771

I'm not saying she wouldn't come, I'm just saying I can imagine myself being princess carried since I'm not into that.

That and she's much shorter then me.

>> No.15765777

Thank you anon. You've made the easily most shittiest day in the past 16 years of my life somewhat better.

>> No.15765783

Chaos a shit, sorry m8.

>> No.15765785

Ah, I see. Then how about she crying and begging you to come back, remembering all the good times ou guys spent together? You can hold hands and walk back or maybe you can carry her tired soul back.

>> No.15765787

Maid Island is the best island

>> No.15765795

Somebody screencap this for future newfags.

>> No.15765796

>not tentacle island
I am disappointed in you, anon.

>> No.15765799

Who is on maid island?

>> No.15765803

>Explorer walking through the distant Snowlands, caught in a raging blizzard
>The cold chills him to his bones, and visibility is reduced to barely three metres
>But he knows he has to keep going, and he'll find shelter soon enough
>It's as he's climbing down a snow bank that he hears something
>A shrill, inhuman cry echoing even through the storm
>It turns his sweat somehow even colder against his crawling skin
>The cry continues, getting louder, closer
>It's then that a massive, shambling shape appears before him
>Over two metres tall, thick and girthy, inhuman yellow eyes glinting out on a head that seems entirely disconnected from the rest of its body
>All wrapped up in a shaggy white cloak that seems somehow alive and ambulant of its own volition, screeching that same horrid, warbling alarm-cry at him
>The explorer backs up in fear, but comes up against the steep rise of snow he just descended
>He knows what it is
>He's heard tales of it
>A wendigo, a monster that will stalk the Snowlands with a perpetual hunger for flesh
>A parasitic spirit that consumes and assimilates desperate men, turning them into mad, flesh-starved beasts
>Judging by the huge appearance of the thing, this wendigo must've already captured and transformed some unfortunate man
>The explorer's life flashes before his eyes as the wendigo approaches him
>Its cloak opens up, roughly halfway down its body, revealing,
>A human's gloved hand, open palm extended to him
>Another hand appears from the darkness and peels away the rest of the cloak revealing two things
>A man, dressed in heavy winter clothes, smiling down at the explorer
>And a hooved, furry-legged little girl with antlers and inhuman yellow eyes, sitting atop the man's shoulders
>She seems to be the one wearing the actual cloak with a pointed hood, drawing it around herself bashfully
>The man takes the explorer's hand and explains that she saved him from the snow and became his travelling companion, and that he can help the explorer get to shelter
>After a little bit of coercing, the wendigo grudgingly lets the explorer under the protection of her cloak, the two men holding it over their heads like a tarp as they make their way to safety.

>> No.15765804

The truth has been spoken

>> No.15765812

The Yuki-onna will say "冻住, 不许走" and get play of the game

>> No.15765814

She's not a complete pushover, anon. But I would be happy to carry her back home.

>> No.15765815

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, please be careful beneath the mountains, ornery dwarves and some lonely dark elves are the least of your problems.

Primal magma drakes lurk down there, and they may pounce you if they get the chance.

>> No.15765819

I- I understood that reference.
But I doubled-checked in case.

>> No.15765827
File: 551 KB, 672x900, Maxa' Magma Drake Tild Framith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For future use

>> No.15765830

I dunno about everyone else, but given those choices, I'd dive straight for the magma drakes.

>> No.15765834

Pfft, those magma drakes are all talk!

>> No.15765836

Is good.

You say that but these aren't the fancy, gold hoarding ones you are used to.
These girls hoard hard gems and are muscled from all the work the do....although they are a bit crude.

Yeah, and that talk is Snu-snu

>> No.15765844

Too bad they can't back up their words, just bring a flame resistant item or two and they're pushovers!

>> No.15765846
File: 2.10 MB, 1771x2509, Fluffly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for telling me.
I'm heading there right now.

>> No.15765849

They're still pretty strong, Anon.
Sharp claws and muscle can make do where fire does not.

Whatever you say, man.

>> No.15765855

I'm not much of a dragon guy at all. I don't think I would be good enough for any of those high and mighty gold hoarding ones.
Besides, when compared to toddlers which probably don't even come up to my knees with even shorter attitudes, and BDSM-loving dark elves, these magma drakes look even more like heaven.
Also, I love my girls with some muscle to them, and aren't too uptight.

>> No.15765862

That's why you gotta know their weak points.

>> No.15765884

>Explorer walking through the distant Snowlands, caught in a raging blizzard
>The cold chills him to his bones, and visibility is reduced to barely three metres
>He hears something amidst all that cold, lonely snow
>A bell
>It's calm and peaceful, just hearing its ring makes him feel safe and warm
>It's then that a centaur-like shape appears before him
>Big, thick and fluffy, inhuman legs leaving footprints on the snow
>Covered by layers of warm clothes and scarfs and her lower parts, full of fur that also looks comfy
>The explorer falls in front of salvation, his eyes glisten with hope
>He knows what it is
>He's heard tales of it
>A White Horn, a monster that will save wanderers of the snow
>She takes the lost souls to her cottage where they drink hot cocoa and watch christmas movies
>Judging by the amounts of snow in her fur and clothes, her house must be nearby
>She greets you and asks if you want to rest at her place until the snowstorm passed
>You thank her, hop on and get ready to get comfy
>Far away there is a pair of inhuman yellow eyes glinting out on a head that seems entirely disconnected from the rest of its body
>It shrieks and cries, running off to the distance
>What would've happened with that young explorer if the horsepussy haven't found him?
>No one will ever know.

>> No.15765885

Impressive, but that's gonna be a pain in the ass to find insulated gloves.

>> No.15765890

>don't burn down the thread
And you post lavagina, good job.

>> No.15765892

>I don't think I would be good enough

That's what we all think until a dragon declares that you are now her most precious treasure.

>> No.15765900
File: 471 KB, 1200x804, 1472435528747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 6' 3"
>tfw no qt3.14 busty shortstack whose feet can't reach the ground during standing sex

>> No.15765911

6'4 anon here, I feel the suffering too

>> No.15765927

6'5, it god damn sucks.

>> No.15765933
File: 646 KB, 194x172, 1470083649575.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Use image search
>Source actually comes up

>> No.15765934

6'6 here

Suffering also extends to finding proper clothes, having to manually correct my posture due to being around things made for midgets, nogains, and so on.

I just want a shortstack to suddenly put her on my shoulders and see her reaction upon seeing the world as I see it

>> No.15765939

>You'll never be a big strong protector for a perfect little shortstack girl, like a kobold or runt-of-the-litter wolfgirl
>Being able to pick her up with as much ease as a big stuffed toy, to spoon her, carry her, or fuck her standing

It really is true sadness.

>> No.15765941

I can relate to all of these things, especially putting the girl on shoulders.

>> No.15765952
File: 355 KB, 700x999, ''GAN-BAAAA-RE!'' Barometz by 8COST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine taste indeed

How. Dare. You.
To taint the spirit of such charitable souls.
You did not merely mention a kindred spirit, but usurped one with the other.

Also "horsepussy". Truly the man - or less than one - knows not what he speaks of!

Nanoweave son! Don't underestimate what a Lich can do with the right materials. Don't even get me started on Gremlins.

As long as you say that not assuming I'm the same one who wrote the goodnight message. Besides in the words of an Anon from Dishonored:
>"A little fire that warms is better than a big fire that burns"
This is the guiding principle for Dragon-kind in many facets of their culture, as it has been since before the Demon Lord sought them out.

>> No.15765959

>To taint the spirit of such charitable souls.
Wendigos are not nice.

>> No.15765965

The wendigo in the greentext was lovely. Just a little shy.

>> No.15765969

Then how about a Whitehorn carrying a loli Yeti and a Awawendigo to look for some lost Anons?
Now everyone is happy.

>> No.15765970

worked 2 years at a store with registers so low, i'm surprised my back isn't fucked up
if monstergirls came through a rift tomorrow, I would instantly try to get fit for this very reason

>> No.15765972

Get behind me, Anon.
For you are the origin of a lie.
Not the original lie, but an original lie.

>> No.15765975

I wish they'd hurry up with this rift thing. The loneliness is crushing.

>> No.15765977

This is more than simple acceptable. The buddy-system is a beautiful thing!

My issue was with Sat- Anon attempting to nullify the good nature of a Wendigo in such a scene, and through use of the noble White Horn no less. Bah! What filth.

>> No.15765981

So. No one saw that cute little Barometz that was around here a moment ago, right?

>> No.15765982

You should try to help them too, Anon. Beat one off thinking about your favorite monster girl and your energy will go to her.

>> No.15765986

how can they gather enough power to open a rift to this world if they don't have any cute human boys to get spirit energy from?

>> No.15765987

I just hope my waifu knows how much I love her, wherever she is.

>> No.15765989

I'd blush the whole way back to her keep if she told me that.

>> No.15765993

Life finds a way

>> No.15765995

Hey now, the Wendigo was still going to help him, she was just too slow. She has that huge cloak slowing her and she tries to lead the adventures outside of the mountain using her sounds, while the Whitewhore moves swiftly using her legs and leads adventurers towards her with the bell.

>> No.15765997

I always get a little depressed after working out, or when checking myself in the mirror like the vain piece of shit I am, because I always think about how I'll never be able to put this to use for protecting a littl monstergirl, and wrapping her up in my arms.

>> No.15766014

You are not helping yourself.
But I also see that you're not truly trying, Anon.
Good day to you, Slanderer!
Really, enjoy!

>> No.15766016

That's a dumb thing to think about, Anon. Your waifu loves you more than you can imagine.
You know all those times when you start daydreaming and she suddenly pays a visit? That's her breaking a little bit of the walls that separates you from her in order to invade your mind.

That's quite a normal reaction. Something so magnificent as a dragon sees so much value in beings like us. Really makes you think.
I would go crazy and probably try to marry her if a dragon showed interest in me.

>> No.15766021

Sorry, I stuttered.

>> No.15766026

Your misdeeds towards forgotten girls will not be forgiven.

>> No.15766029

Does it mean someone is bound by scales, or bound for scales?

>> No.15766030

Someone, somewhere, dreams of their waifu breaking through into our world like this. Only out of lust and with an equally passionate greeting of their own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjYctJ1ZKpM

>> No.15766035

Your daughteru just found out that Willy Wonka is dead and that there will never be candy again.
What do?

>> No.15766036
File: 156 KB, 840x1200, 1469350592389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wyverns are best when muscly and busty.

>> No.15766039

All right, all right. At least write something nice for the Whitehorn and Wendigo some time. A little poem. A wee Haiku for each perhaps.

>> No.15766042

Muscle Wyverns sound pretty heroic.

>> No.15766044
File: 805 KB, 768x883, yetimomsayseh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like someone's neglecting the true winter cuddler here. Yetis are for warmth and hugs!

>> No.15766085

>that slime shit
Literally no different to what every other monstergirl does for you. Fuck a salamander, gain fire resistance, fuck a shog, gain phys resistance. It isn't even a visible change.

>> No.15766090

Chaos apologist pls go

>> No.15766091

its all equally trash though

>> No.15766096
File: 632 KB, 850x637, 1427969509199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a thrust like lightning.
A spearhead thrust to pierce my heart.
Trying to dodge it would be useless.
Being lightning, it's invisible to the human eye.

>> No.15766101

>try and live a happy life
How does she do that when the most important person she has ever known, and will ever know is dead?

>> No.15766116
File: 551 KB, 700x918, 41787068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want some grilled chicken tonight, with teriyaki sauce.

>> No.15766118
File: 114 KB, 750x445, Lolipop Wurm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mollie has a moment of silence for him and savors the flavour of her next treasured candy. Then she has the most thought intensive Girls Night in recent history, with Morgen the Lich, who always appreciated the effect-over-time approach that could be taken with many a candy, and a Gremlin named Charlotte, who turned to Wonka's quality candy many a night for a nice buzz while building.

In 83 days' time, after countless blueprints, recipes and crowd-types tested, it is time:

>The 'Molly Mocha Candy Café' has its grand opening!

It is the first of its kind, each one to come to open as warmly and with as personal of a touch as the last.

'Course there is, indeed, a factory - the heart and hope of the concept. That there is managed by Charlotte with the energy, know-how and magitech mates to keep it running, fun like it should.

Morgen handles the more adult side of matters, though, this is still candy and so it's nothing too outrageous - but more than enough data to allow her to be so in her other works. Oh and she brings the Undead crowd into the fold as well, including a sweet-toothed, financially supporting Wight - who remains anonymous.

Last but certainly not least, the heart away from home, Mollie. She handles the openings personally alongside her husband, along with the taste-testing for just about everything. Even Morgen's more adult concoctions can't unintentionally distract her from her mission, but her husband is supportive in that regard as well. From Kikis to Khepris, she'll take aboard just about anyone willing to help spread this hint of sweetness across the MGE lands.

Happy as we are to help, it's sad for the family, two daughters and myself, to watch her go off for grand openings some days. But life has only been getting better since the first café we help her run to this day and it's a fine thing to share that happiness.

>> No.15766120

For all we fucking know, it's necessary. Try bunking up with a lava golem and living comfortably with her whilst baking alive thanks to the head radiation of lava.

Maybe it's a necessary environmental consideration when living with a shog. Maybe if you take the wrong step through the wrong angle, you end up slipping through space and falling sideways into a fucking table or something. I'd rather pain not be a part of my daily life until I get good at walking the dimensions thanks.

>> No.15766121

Not at all. The Yeti was spared any dishonor after all.

>> No.15766124

Well that escalated quickly.

>> No.15766128

Slimeman apologist pls


>> No.15766134

If my assumption is right about what beasts wants, its the latter

>> No.15766141

As long as you tongue her in a way that's lip-bitingly good.

>> No.15766143

You need the physical resist because every time she sneezes the objects made from her body go flying. One night you're having a pleasant steak dinner and next thing you know you're pinned to the wall by the silverware.

>> No.15766149

I imagine that it'll be very juicy, and finger-licking good.

>> No.15766154

I don't feel like this buzzword fits. Like, you're trying to take the triangle one and ram it through the circle slot. Maybe you're looking for something more like advocate.

That's silly though. That implies that she doesn't just form whatever she needs when she needs it, and prepares before hand.

>> No.15766164

No, you're defending something that is completely trash and should be done away with.

>> No.15766180

Not that guy, but slimeman is just Human with buffs. No different than Incubus.

>> No.15766181

It's pretty great desu. Not that hard to defend. I mean it kind of justifies itself.

>> No.15766182
File: 111 KB, 1024x768, catnipaction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah... living with monstergirls probably means needing good insurance. I mean, how long would a regular house remain standing when hosting some of these girls?

>> No.15766183

The Gate of Babylon or UBW's few seconds for summoning of different kinds can make all the difference.
She might not be fighting for her master's life any time soon, but being prepared even when you can prepare on the spot is a sign of a quality maid, to say the least.
Shoggoth Gate of Chaos when?

>> No.15766184

Well if an afterlife is all but guaranteed, she makes the best out of her life and waits to see him again.

>> No.15766186

Now this is just sad, you're not even trying to bait properly anymore.

>> No.15766187

Must. Not. Fap.
I'm breaaaakiiinng the haaaabiiiit.TONIGHT

>> No.15766190
File: 776 KB, 800x1000, 1436693763651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that Dragonflies keep the skies clear of shitty girls like Beelzebubs and Vamp Mosquitoes. Show a little appreciation, yeah?

>> No.15766191

Is there a monster that has no ass or tits, but isn't loli?

>> No.15766192

>Makes the best out of her life
Stupid. You gonna go up to an athlete who recently became paraplegic and tell him to make the best out of his life?

Irony, thy name is anon.

>> No.15766193

You're doing great buddy.

>> No.15766196
File: 247 KB, 400x550, Mimic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15766199

>comparing a paraplegic to a widow
I shouldn't have to explain to you why this is such a bad comparison.

>> No.15766201
File: 313 KB, 1000x704, Sadako.full.1243936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fear boners anyone?
Also, is the recently released Sadako vs Kayako movie scary?
Who would you fuck, sadako or kayako?

>> No.15766204


>> No.15766205

I don't know what a Kayako is. I was creeped out plenty when I saw pictures of the new Godzilla movie. Goddamn those soulless eyes and the bulging neck with bleeding gills will haunt my nightmares.

>> No.15766208

How can she even play with those hands?
I would imagine that she would smash two buttons instead of just one.

>> No.15766209

She sure has a large chest

>> No.15766211

But everyone knows its the kikis that fought in the great cleanliness conflicts. The carnage still remains today, and even some of the maidos that made if back never really returned from the fighting. My neighbor's girl still sleeps with a can of beelze-spray under her bed and insists on bathing her master personally just to feel safe...

>> No.15766214

Not a fan of insect girls, but I really like that design.
It includes some genuinely inhuman parts while maintaining a sleek and graceful look that doesn't have a giant abdomen or horrible spiny bits.
8/10 would date.

>> No.15766215

Yeah but she's a Dragon so the controller obeys her anyway, just to be safe.

>> No.15766218

Feel free to do so, considering how closely mamono mana ties two individuals together. For girls more reliant on SE intake than food like elementals and succubi, I feel it's even more dire than that. Can they even live beyond that point or do they just starve to death?

>> No.15766221

I've always liked pulling their wings off every time I captured one when I was wee kid. I hope she wouldn't take it personally.

>> No.15766222

Don't know what a kayako is, but my answer is sill sadako, the cutie. We need more onryo stories.

>> No.15766224

You deserve to suffer.

>> No.15766225

Don't you want ghost sex?

>> No.15766226

If we had Earthbound but with 1 human boy and 3 MGs, which MGs would fit in best?

>> No.15766228

Oh come on anon, I was like 6 or 7 back then. Surely she wouldn't mind.

>> No.15766230

No, really.
Are you a serial killer?
I respected them as beautiful little creatures even before I learned they were obliterating mosquitoes for me.

>> No.15766231


>> No.15766233
File: 50 KB, 595x629, Godzilla dos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to see it. As for the last question:
>Toshi Densetsu Series

I need to find a copy of that, or hope it comes to NA and see it on screen. Heck, why not both? I'd like some "Shin Godzilla" monster girl aesthetic!

>> No.15766235
File: 55 KB, 204x184, 1369545536035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never be breastfed by a holstaurus

>> No.15766236

>6 or 7
Meaning you were already old enough to know better? A four-year-old doing that I can kind of understand, but you were in the first grade. Fucking fall down the stairs and break your neck, Dahmer.

>> No.15766241

I have an idea, let's think of an MG that would be the least compatible for you. Mine is a kikimora because I'm a messy person. I don't want to be berated for my ways.

>> No.15766245

> hey anon, i used to throw rocks at monkeys when I was a kid. Sometimes they were big enough to break an arm or a leg, and I'd watch as predators pounced on the easy catch. Thats fine, right?

Serial killers all like to start with animals, anon.

>> No.15766253

Beautiful, this one.

>wee kid
My fondest memories of Dragonflies as a child were the Nui Rama. NUI RAMA AUTOMATON!
Defeating the purpose of being diverse and unique one "head-canon" at a time?

>> No.15766256

Onis. I'm an abstainer and I can't stand people who are drunk.

>> No.15766263

I don't know if a kiki is a bad choice for you since the extra work will probably make them happier since they will feel more needed. If there was a bad choice for a messy person it'd probably be a vampire since she'd be all prim and proper. Even more so if she got you to act as her butler.

>> No.15766268

Somebody wrote a story regarding this picture right?
I forgot the title and the writer.

>> No.15766269

I diced a worm up into little pieces when I was four.

>> No.15766276

and each grew into a new worm

>> No.15766277

I don't want anyone to know that I'm a slob. I'm prim and proper on the outside but I NEVER let people into my apartment. Besides, I'm planning to fix my bad habit on my own, I don't want to seek help from an MG. Much less a neat freak kiki.

>> No.15766279

No, I smashed them up after that.

>> No.15766281

Not him but pretty much anyone interested in biology took bugs apart as a kid just out of curiosity. Not like their nervous systems feel pain the way a mammal's does. It's way too much to jump all over a person for that. Even old school zoology classes still use vivisection for educational purposes.

Most hunters start around the age of five or six too, so killing things in general isn't really bad either.

It's full on Peter from Ender's Game killing people's pets and skinning squirrels alive that's psycho. Like that rotten kid from It that locked a puppy in an old junkyard freezer just to watch it die from exposure. Psychos are pretty much always psychos.

>> No.15766284

That's planaria, anon.

>> No.15766287
File: 449 KB, 223x400, 1472015791068.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Monster can resist the temptation that stretchy anime meat offers.

>> No.15766290

You walking in the middle of the night, two onis grab you in both arm and drags you into a pub to drink. Wat do?

>> No.15766294

Let my waifu hurt them. She's bigger than them.

>> No.15766296

When I was a kid I had a thorny berry bush that kept getting decimated by some sort of species-specific caterpillar. Hundreds of them would eat through all the leaves.
So I'd break off one of the thorns, stick it through 3-4 of those caterpillars, and jam it into the ground near an ant colony where I would them watch them tear apart the squirming morsels.

As I grew up, I felt pretty bad about breaking the thorns.

>> No.15766298
File: 557 KB, 800x1100, 1441085054328.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd say all hunters are sick fucks since they enjoy killing for sport, but that's just me.

>> No.15766300

Do you like your monsters squishy or hard?

>> No.15766301

>It's full on Peter from Ender's Game killing people's pets and skinning squirrels alive that's psycho.

Disrespecting the Hegemon?
4 years in the cubes.

>> No.15766303

FUCK why'd you have to remind me.

>> No.15766304

Dudes are hard. Grills are soft.>>15766241

>> No.15766305

Title and writer pls.

>> No.15766306

Cheshires are cute but I think I'd lose my patience for it really quick. Like, could you imagine living with one?

> memecat replaces everything in the fridge just to get a chance to 'lolrandom'
> cereal boxes are all filled with crunchberries
> yogurt replaced with toothpaste
> celery and carrots all bicycle horns

And all the catbutt, just everywhere.

> look to the clock on the wall for the time- cattbutt.
> need to use the toilet- catbutt.
> out of the shower and looking for a shirt from the dresser- catbutt.

I just.... I couldn't.

>> No.15766307

Fluffy and firm.

>> No.15766308

How terrifying.

Being dragged into a pub or bar, teeming with the roughest, toughest and meanest Onis in the city.

Bottles are flying, they're all arm-wrestling or in some brawl, all while music plays in the background from a loud, but beat-up jukebox.

They ask you what you'd like and you tell them you don't drink.

The music stops, and they're all looking at you like you just pissed on their father's grave.

>> No.15766311

That's a tough one. On one hand I love womanly softness and THICC, but muscles and toned bodies do it for me too.

>> No.15766314

bit late, but what lactating ghoul?

>> No.15766322

You're focused way too much on the killing and not on the rest. It's not like the people revel in watching something die. Heh, reminds me of the old PETA fishing is murder campaign. Now that was some funny stuff.

>> No.15766324

I would be incompatible with an alp because I am not a homosexual.
Other than that, I think probably lizardgirl or something. I don't wanna be doing training montages every day or battle evil bandits. I wanna snuggle up on the couch with a pleasantly warm, lazy pandagirl and get COMFY.

>> No.15766326

Not him, but refer to >>15764108
The Ghoul herself doesn't lactate since she's bottom heavy instead of chesty.

>> No.15766328
File: 141 KB, 434x600, Skeleton - Butter-t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll need a Skeleton for sure! Why?
To ensure you're gonna' have a good time.

>> No.15766330

> not just saying you're driving later
> not saying you're on meds that disallow it
> not just ordering a cola and allowing the moment to pass without incident

nice spaghetti spill there, anon senpai.

>> No.15766332
File: 157 KB, 738x830, 1435501016490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, fuck that. They kill things for sport, they love it. If it wasn't about the killing, they wouldn't have to include that.
And I don't get fishing either. And I sound like a vegan pussy for saying all this. I'm done.

>> No.15766333

Like the Ajin Satou?

>> No.15766336

Kayako. I always felt sympathetic towards her for some reason. Also, she's pretty cute.

Ju-On/The Grudge

Anything overly cheerful or energetic. Either that, or a Hellhound or Manticore or any other who would constantly belittle me.

>> No.15766337

Why do vampire mosquitoes look like total breeding sluts?

>> No.15766338

Dragon's or Vampires. Not a fan of haughty people and its all too easy to hurt my self esteem and make me feel worthless/inferior, don't want any MGs that could do that just by giving me a tour of their homes or by talking about themselves.

>> No.15766339


>> No.15766340

>I sound like a vegan pussy for saying all this
You really do. A pretty good reason to reexamine the stuff you're saying.

>> No.15766341

Because they are total breeding sluts.
Actual vampires dislike them because they're such breeding sluts they give vampires a bad name.

>> No.15766345
File: 773 KB, 707x1000, 1430466013722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's no time to explain, you just gotta come with me and fight the shadow thingies!

>> No.15766349

She needs a neck reduction.

>> No.15766350

My lack of ambition would make a very miserable valkyrie.

>> No.15766351

>The twist is that the shadow thingies are the final form of Magical Boys.

>> No.15766352

You're right. I should go kill things for shits and giggles like a normal boy!

>> No.15766353

>bad name
If by that you mean it ruins their tsundere tendencies with their own husbands to the point where the husband is sure they're just being tsundere and not really trying to wait to have a child, then yes.

>> No.15766356

They don't want to make you feel bad, they just want to impress you. Boys like money, right?

>> No.15766357

Yeah ok but If you're the tank I'm playing healer. No way in hell I'll relegate myself to the disposable dps tier for a quest I don't even understand yet.

>> No.15766358

No, there is time to explain.

>> No.15766359
File: 1.13 MB, 3360x3429, 1471536290476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey anon, you wanna become a Mahou Shounen?

>> No.15766361

Don't shame her for being part Giraffe

>> No.15766362

Am I using an actual weapon, or a key that "unlocks their death"? This is important.

>> No.15766364

How about a Keygunblade?

>> No.15766366

What have I done? I. I accept.

>> No.15766367

Anon, I ignored your ignorant rant about how people love killing or they wouldn't do it, already. You really want to kick all this dust up? No reason to.

>> No.15766368

Now that brought about a change of perspective

>> No.15766377

You can't say anything that will change my mind about this. I don't want to kick up any dust. I already wanted to stop but you kept replying to me anyway.
Don't do that anymore.

>> No.15766384

How about dual-wielding them? One black, one white. The other Keygunblade has a revolver chamber, the other is a semi-automatic.

>> No.15766387

>People not responding to inflamatory anything
>In this thread

Made me laugh, anon

>> No.15766391

What does the rival wield? It's gotta be a katana, right? Guntana. Giant tumbler key type Guntana.

>> No.15766392

You're pretty good.

>> No.15766398

A giant Keygunblade called Heartbreaker in one hand, it works like a bazooka. In the other hand it's a sleek Katana with a Japanese name that stands for A Thousand Anguished Cries or something. Instead of a black one and a white one, his weapons have a black-and-white checker coloration.

>> No.15766404

On second thought, I'll leave this quest to you machine maniacs.

>> No.15766410
File: 424 KB, 765x720, 1409586770029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can fight your destiny, but you cannot escape it!

>> No.15766413

Feel bad for the guy if that chick is his destiny

>> No.15766416

She's just the mysterious merchant who sold him the gem that opened up the portal through the wall of lewd paintings in the kids' secret base. She introduced him to the idea of paying for things with Cummi instead of money.
Turns out she's a member of An Organization.

>> No.15766427

>disparaging Mamizou
Monsplaining won't help, but know that your opinion is wrong.

>> No.15766460

Grasshopper MG with thoughts of Justice when?

>> No.15766467

only ghoul encounter brings to mind the corrupted paladin, is that the one?

>> No.15766470

I'm not sure I want to start sexualising Jiminy Cricket, anon.

>> No.15766472

You're gonna get kicked.

>> No.15766474

Nah, it's this Ghoul story:

>> No.15766482

Pretty unfortunate. Not only the official TL comes God knows when, it obviously won't be posted as screenshots-and-prose to give me a story mod reading (can't stand to play these pixel-ish RPGs for some reason).

I'm puzzled how Exet found you were translating it. Do you mention/promote your translations anywhere outside of here, OtherSide? This might lead to some interesting conclusions.

>> No.15766485

He's right.
She's a shit.

>> No.15766486

Contrary to popular belief, KC (and exet acting as his watchdog) do actually pay attention happenings in the English MGE community.
Most places outside of here have some form of established contact with him so it's not surprising he knew of Sky.

>> No.15766497

> Contrary to popular belief, KC (and exet acting as his watchdog) do actually pay attention happenings in the English MGE community.
This hasn't been "popular belief" since MGU went down precisely BECAUSE they thought he paid no attention.
Now everyone knows exet watches us like the Kempetai.

>> No.15766510

Meidos should wear rubber gloves so they can actually clean properly.

>> No.15766512

I'm sorry to be that guy, but what happened on mgu that got it shut down? I've heard about the site but that's all I've gleamed while I've been around

>> No.15766514

Rubber gloves are a life saver, I remember trying to do the dishes without them a couple times and my eczema disapproved. A lot. Badly. When the bottle says it's irritating to skin, you better take it seriously.

>> No.15766519

They got a C&D and pussied out. Honestly, KC doesn't have money for any legal action and japanese copyright isn't enforced overseas for jack anyway.

What they should have done is just given him an apology and kept on doing what they were doing. Then the place wouldn't have gone belly up. I wonder if they would have if they knew what the consequences of what their actual choice would be?

>> No.15766523

So the place used to be a actual decent place to discuss what we do on the thread? Damn

>> No.15766524

I dont think Shogs even need to use hands to clean.

>> No.15766527

I was on MGU when it started, so I got to see its downfall into total retardation personally. Basically the old site admin and creator (who was a reasonable person, I talked with him a lot on the chatrooms) left, almost all the other people on there were either edgy teenagers (or never left the edgy teen phase) or were just legitimately horrible people (with very few exceptions). Things got so stupid they began sending hate mail to KC for making the MGE a friendly setting instead of a grimderp one, and that's when he said "fuck this shit" and starting telling them to go fuck themselves.

Site was massively butthurt and banned from posting actual content, and now it makes it's shitty knock-off with more donut steels and edginess.

>> No.15766530

some dude reacted to the familiar poorly and sent KC some guro or something,

MGU still lives and and can still talk about MGE with people that still care, you just cant post any official content or trans notes.

Sadly MGU is a shadow of its former glory, the HR guy pretty much shoves his setting down peoples throats and theres links to furry boards

Times be changin'

>> No.15766531

> he's never seen a shog slide around her master's place like a roomba when she thinks he isn't watching

It's the cute little things that help me forget the whole 'eldritch horror' shtick.

>> No.15766534

Alright, lemme break it down for ya, as it's kind of a long story.

Started off way back when, with a member of MGU who did photoshopped image of a Witch's bloody head on a pike. Now, this image eventually reached KC, whose reaction was basically "lol fuckin' gaijin". However, members of the MGU community blew this out of proportion, made a big deal over it, wound up bugging KC a bit, and eventually banned the guy who made the image, along with a couple others.
Time went by, and eventually, MGU's staff realized what a bunch of tools they were regarding the whole thing, and unbanned these guys...right around the time that the Familiar came out. So, what's the guy do? Do the same thing to the Familiar he did to the last Sabbath MG, and put her head on a pike. This got back to KC, and actually pissed him off this time since MGU had made such a big deal over it before.

Now, this still didn't result in KC telling them to stop hosting his shit. What did was their reaction this time. Y'see, rather than grovel now that it was actually kind of appropriate, they got into a whole deal of "Muh freedom of speech", and sent KC a letter which could basically be summed up as "Fuck you". What's hilarious is that they seemed to think it was worded fairly politely, but anyone who glimpsed it with even a slight understanding of Japanese sensibilities could tell how massively offensive it would come off after being translated.

So KC got tired of their shit, told them to stop hosting his stuff, and they went "Fine! We don't need no stinkin' MGE! We'll make our own! With Black Jack! And hookers! And shitty art from a guy who thinks KC copied his designs!"

>> No.15766537

>And shitty art from a guy who thinks KC copied his designs!"
every time i'm reminded of Reat, I remember what happened with mono and beast and laugh

>> No.15766539

>And shitty art from a guy who thinks KC copied his designs!

Oh lawd I remember that guy.

>> No.15766540

No. What it was, was the place to get new profiles, translated profiles and KC info, as well as a heavily populated forum. Basically MGR morphed from it's corpse, but as a smaller lesser thing.

These threads have always been these threads, wild and crazy.

I'm trying to think of a good comparison. I guess MGU used to be like this thread back when it was on /a/ before the exodus when there was no monmusu general or /monster/ that had split off from us. Tumultuous, but insanely active. Not that this place isn't still super active now, but when all those disparate groups were confined in one place you can imagine what it was like.

>> No.15766542

redpill me? sounds hilarious.

>> No.15766552
File: 432 KB, 749x1024, Lichencomplete_zps4caddff0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is a small summary, but.

Raet was one of the MGU admins. He was wanting to create his own MG universe, called Praxis, when relations with KC went south.

The problem is that his art sucks, and he was convinced that KC was stealing his awful designs, which added to the hilarity. He bitched about it constantly, and held a grudge against KC for it, which probably had an impact on MGU wanting to break off.

Pic related, it's one of his monsters.

>> No.15766557

oh god, that's just the worst. some people.

>> No.15766563
File: 197 KB, 696x954, 1445420596774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well lookee here!

>> No.15766566

The guy is the "HR" guy for MGU who made a breakaway setting from MGE call praxis, its almost the sonic-chu of monster girls. Among other things in the setting include; "physical energy, a alice rippoff known as a wendy. and a church lead by a holstuar that worships the chief god.

He requested mono to do art for one of his girls and mono refused and he went on to bitch about it in the fourm. I thing Cheshire pics where involved but ill let someone else expand on it.

then he did the same thing when Beast (a MGU migrant) refused to add praxis girls to his series. what makes beasts one amusing it was recently found out that the Reat drew a pic of his girls crawing that they could be part of beast's thing and emailed that pic to beast in some kind of weird attemp. he then when one to complain that some of the monsters in the roulette act like praxis girls and as such, he should have no problem doing them.

Man's a basket case

>> No.15766568


>> No.15766571

>So the place used to be a actual decent place to discuss what we do on the thread? Damn
Yes and no.
It was indeed the 'second' best MGE discussion place next to here, but was rife with all the e-persona drama that non-anon forums always have, and 90% of the userbase were literally 12-year-olds (hence its inevitable going down in flames).
It was a slightly classier wiki, not a slightly classier 4chan.

This. For christs sake the site was hosted in HUNGARY precisely in order to make themselves functionally immune to legalese, I have no idea why they just decided to give up and fold.

>> No.15766573

I am still confused on how there are so many young ass fucks on the wiki and other sites, I'm genuinely concerned and confused on why it is the way it is.

>> No.15766575

>what makes beasts one amusing it was recently found out that the Reat drew a pic of his girls crawing that they could be part of beast's thing and emailed that pic to beast in some kind of weird attemp

I might see this differently, but that seems kinda sweet. If somebody like latenight sent me something like that with ganbatte fairy, I would probably cave.

>> No.15766579
File: 475 KB, 797x1070, 1461839156382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone's coming.

>> No.15766581

>And shitty art from a guy who thinks KC copied his designs

I remember when Valkyrie came out just before he planned to release his crayon-art angel monster, and he genuinely thought that KC was spying on him and rush-made Valkyrie just to steal his thunder.
My sides reached terminal velocity that day.

>> No.15766584

Oh fuck I remember him. Dude was a loon before becoming an admin. After the original admin left, they started handing out promotions like candy. If I visited the chatroom more I probably would have gotten one.

>> No.15766586

I know, right? I wasn't sure if the Wiki had gotten the Bonus Art like they'd snagged the Profile leaks, so being charitable as I am, went on their Discord to share it and see.

And as it turns out, not only is their main channel SFW, but one of the people on at the time was "Verified" as underaged!

>> No.15766592

>I am still confused on how there are so many young ass fucks on the wiki and other sites

Well MGE is pretty much babby's first porn setting, isn't it?
I mean, if you just take the profiles at face value it's a world of smiling fantasy anime girls who want to suck your dick even more than anime girls usually do, where nothing bad ever happens but you can still grab your thousand-folded katana and edgelord it up being a dark sorceror fighting the evil Christians.
To be honest I'm the opposite way round to you - I'm mildly ashamed that at 29 years old I'm really into something that is blatantly obvious adolescent-bait.

>> No.15766595


MG fans seem surprisingly young, which bothers me.

>> No.15766597


>> No.15766599

But you know latenights a nice guy and you like the charaters he does
Raet is different, his designs are ugly and his stetting is trash covered in piss.

>> No.15766601

I know people on this thread love talking about cuddling with their waifus and loving daughteru raising a little more then would be expected, but more often then not when people talk about MGs its a very nsfw topic. I know some balls drop faster then others but its still awkward and kinda disgusting to see people that young get it on the conversations people can have revolving this shit.

Also my brain is fried after work so i'm sorry for my terrible ass grammar

>> No.15766603

>how there are so many young ass fucks on the wiki
I can answer that: Wikia does tons of cross-promotion so you get tons of people on your wiki coming from other wikis.
Wikia also likes to push the fact that it's safe for work and provide basic social structure in the form of chat and forums.
Why they specifically target younger audiences is not known but that's how you get so many youngsters. I know this from conversations I've had with the Wikia employees.

>> No.15766604

> tfw you're more ashamed of the fact other fans are younger, rather than the fact you're fapping to cartoon beastiality rape porn

>> No.15766609

I thought is because of weird amoun of 40k fans that where there.

or do you have to be 12 to like 40k?

>> No.15766612

No, there are many things about 40k that can be enjoyed by adults as well.

>> No.15766623

No, I'm 25 and I enjoy some of it, I just found it a tad too depressing for my tastes.

also I suck at tabletops

>> No.15766624

40K is kind of babies first wargame, and pushed immensely by the fact that GamesWorkshop has their own string of stores in many areas. It's just what kids that age are exposed to.

Some days I ponder why there's so many MGS fans in here when I don't care for it. Then I shrug and am happy at least every thread doesn't have STANDING HERE anymore.

>> No.15766627


It's the fact that kids are fapping to that cartoon bestiality rape porn that bothers me.

MGE, when you look past it's cutesy hugbox exterior, caters to some pretty strong fetishes. It's filled with corruption, mindbreak, pedophilia, shit tons of rape, and a few nope-level monster designs.

I feel a bit of cringe when I think of early sperglord teens reading a few profiles and probably bragging to their classmates about daughteru fucking.

>> No.15766631

Why Beast though? not saying hes bad but is there others he could go to?

>> No.15766632

Mod department becoming a trainwreck is one thing I remember, yeah.

>> No.15766638

Isn't there some guy that is rolpaying a order night 90% of the time?

>> No.15766639

Agreed, although you can say its got a lot of 'entry level' (which kind of sounds weird to say) stuff that can pander to all kinds of people, it can be somewhat extreme and push things that are usually considered pretty terrible pretty hard.

>> No.15766651

My greatest regret is never keeping in contact with the original admin. He really was a cool guy. Maybe someday we'll meet again in the sea of stars.

>> No.15766656

That's the thing, a decent amount of people and a few of the mods there LIKE praxis and agree to write shorts and do art for him. Beast just happens to be one of the few natives to refuse.

And Beast's setting (if we can call it that) has monstergirls coming from their world to ours, Raet wanted a piece of that pie in order to spread praxis's attention.

>> No.15766660

> MGE, when you look past it's cutesy hugbox exterior
Well that's why I said "If you take the profiles at face value".
My strong suspicion is that the 12-year-olds just see "Friendly catgirl with big tits who wants dick bad", and that's their faps for the night.
It's only us 4chan degenerates that are sufficiently jaded to peel back the curtain behind the friendly catgirl with big tits who wants dick bad, and see a spiritual wasteland of genocide, child prostitution, mindrape, and the death of all that is good in Man as the forces of depravity prepare to immanentize the Eschaton in a Huxley-esque dystopia.
Whereas I think the 12-year-olds are too busy fapping to catgirl tits to read any of the settings stuff at all, let alone read between the lines of it.

>> No.15766666

Yup. Except it's 100% of time, no jokes. And he's not one bit funny to actually justify it.
He's only one among the few, though. That loud, passive-aggressive egomaniac from Italia shoving his ass into everything was another fine specimen.

>> No.15766667

I basically read what you said and my mind translated it to
>they don't even read the lore

and I nearly died and broke my computer in the process laughing so hard. I think your right, but its still kinda funny to think about.

>> No.15766672
File: 794 KB, 830x1200, 1440812150332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder how punishment of a breach in demon contract works?
It is a Magic based contract, there has to be something in it that covers this.

>> No.15766674

Yeah, ditto. He seemed kinda...off, to me at times, but you could probably say that about most of us. Still, he was a nice dude to chat with.

>> No.15766675
File: 376 KB, 981x1100, 290_humpty_egg_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and see a spiritual wasteland of genocide, child prostitution, mindrape, and the death of all that is good in Man as the forces of depravity prepare to immanentize the Eschaton in a Huxley-esque dystopia.

Don't forget the fetal prostitution. Can't have the unborn monsters feeling left out.

>> No.15766676

Oh fuck, now I'm reading it back to myself and it sounds like I was writing a manifesto of how autists are the natural aristocracy.
Plz disregard, I meant it in a "Don't worry, I don't think it corrupts the children too much" way, not in a "Fucking plebs don't know DEEPEST LORE" way.

>> No.15766677

That italian rings a bell
care to expand, mega-satan?

>> No.15766678

I get what you meant, but it gave me a good chuckle reading it that way.

>> No.15766683

Would you believe I actually completely forgot that thing exists?

>> No.15766684

>bragging to their classmates about daughteru fucking.
Oh god. I can see this happening and I can only hope they have the sense to not discuss any sabbath shit.

>> No.15766686

He was an /m/fag. Both tokushit and mechashit.

He was my brother from another mother.

>> No.15766689

>another chocolate demon edit

fuark, they can't keep getting away with it.

>> No.15766690

Once again I realized I am a degenerate because Humpty is in my top 10 list, alongside dwarves.

May the fires of hell cleanse my sinful soul

>> No.15766691

To be honest back on MGU and indeed in the wiki to this day, families never really came up. No-one but us thinks about daughterus at all, let alone whether or not it is appropriate to dick them.

>> No.15766692

Just for that I'll be sure to bring it back when this thread reaches page 10.

>> No.15766696

Sabath isn't exclusively daughters

>> No.15766697
File: 1.43 MB, 750x1600, 1423988307058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're a hundred years too early to be asking my sister out! You'll have to make do with ME tonight!

>> No.15766699

I'm wooing your onee-chan and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

>> No.15766705

This is true. This is very true indeed.
Come to think of it, I might've been the one to get him into Toku...

>> No.15766711

I am not sure what you mean.
My point is that this is the only place that considers family relations involving MGs, whether that be momdom or daughterufucking or whatever. For everywhere else it's rare that even marriage is mentioned. They're just girls that you fuck, not girls that you love.

I don't know whether this makes us more degenerate or less degenerate.

>> No.15766712

Things like that happen when people say "I don't like blue"

>> No.15766714

You'll have to defeat her in an epic chuuni battle of epic proportions. Then you may do X with the onee-chan.

>> No.15766715
File: 80 KB, 667x705, 1425028240167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to get back in the writing game. How do I get up and do it?

>> No.15766716

Explain why you like them.
If you can do so in a way that doesn't require me to drink bleach afterwards I'd appreciate it.

>> No.15766719

>posting monsterboys

>> No.15766720

What? Isn't that just a regular dude with a Succubutt?

>> No.15766721

Go ahead, anon, if it makes you feel better. MGSV hurt you more than I ever could.

>> No.15766723

Those are both dudes. Thats one of the oldest pics on the internet.

>> No.15766724

I know, and Survive was twisting the knife and pouring salt in the wounds.

>> No.15766729

anon, I...

>> No.15766734

Oh no! Anon just sprouted horns!

And a spadetail just ripped a hole in his pants!

And did I say "his"? My mistake!

>> No.15766739

I'd like to preemptively apologize and I'll make sure not to cause a ruckus at your funeral. I'm fucking terrible at putting my thoughts into cohesive sentences.

Well for starters I am a big fan of size differences, both ways go. And having a small little slimelet with both a solid and soft part to cuddle/kidnap you with sounds very nice. The fact that you imprint on them is also a trait i'm a huge sucker for. They can end up keeping you in their shell and force you into full-body contact with a little one who loves you the moment she sees you and never wants to let you go. Idk. They also got the slime jelly 'mechanic' so they can force you to only eat them, so they have some potential yandere tendencies which is a huge plus to me.

>> No.15766741

I was talking about spergs in school talking about their hot new hobby, of which the sabbath is a large part of. Which is why I said I can only hope they have the sense to not discuss it

>> No.15766744
File: 116 KB, 1000x1000, Disguise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry. My shame knows no bounds.

>> No.15766751

> imprinting
> portable rapecave
> yan option
I'll give you a pass, these are not max heresy fetishes.
Honestly surprised someone managed to salvage something not awful out of her.

>> No.15766754

Love wonderland girls, none of them shall go to waste my compadre.

Except Jabberwock, she is kinda meh knock-off dragon tier.

>> No.15766779

>They can end up keeping you in their shell
Yo, aren't they fairy sized?

>> No.15766786

I'd imagine them being like 2-3 feet tall, give or take. With the eggshell being much larger, because the profile states that they can use it to bind you inside of it.

>> No.15766791

Nah dude. They're jubjub babies gone wrong. Shell size would be standard jubjub egg size. You can just get dragged into it like a mimic box. Fucking KC bullshit size magic.

>> No.15766799

You may be right, but I get off on them more the way I thought about them earlier.

I dunno though, the page phrases it weirdly, nothing about being sucked into any little small eggs or anything

>> No.15766804

How large is the egg a jubjub lays?

Also, not that other anon, but you havent' redeemed yourself, nerd. Wisp does all that infinitely better. And isn't an aborted fetus.

>> No.15766810

>Only the high tier ones like vampires, dragons, lilims and such
Late reply but someone so wrong needs corrected.

You can't say its just the high ranking ones since KC has actually been pretty vague about which life spans are longer than others, purposely vague so people have more to work with. Undead would obviously be long lived, so would anything obviously old like the abominations, golems and the like.
There's also automatons now which wouldn't have a normal life span and lets not forget angels/demons and anything else usually associated with being around for ages.

Don't get me wrong, the guy you were responding to was a gigantic faggot who was wrong and didn't know about linked life spans but also being wrong and other anons believing your every word as truth is also bad.

>> No.15766811

So wait, its just a worse Wisp?

>> No.15766816

I Know I'm a degenerate. Still find the little slime super attractive though.

And I'm not sure, its never something mentioned. However I felt the phrasing implied that there at least wasn't any mimicy size alternation shenanigans going on.

>> No.15766819

What monster would make a good Lara Croft?

>> No.15766821

A wisp keeps your soul in her skirt cage for all eternity like some scary Ghost of Christmas Present. It's kind of its own thing.

>> No.15766822

>How large is the egg a jubjub lays?

It's never said in the profile, but there are two options.

A: Real world size for a bird that size which would be about as big as a softball.
B: /d/ tier horror show

>> No.15766823


>> No.15766824

Basically. They're a shittier mimic too. Fuck even a Pot devil is better. She can build her own kind of fable 2-esque Serenity Farm within her microcosm.

Yeah, if you're dead. But if you waifu one while you're alive, she does all the same shit.

>> No.15766827

>Whiny British bitch who destroys everything she touches and has massive daddy issues
Definitely a Wonderland girl.

>> No.15766828

Which version are you talking about?

>> No.15766830

>British Kakuen adventuring partner with god-tier T&A
I don't think I could handle it.

>> No.15766837

Pretty sure that's common to all of them. Original, Movies, and Reboot. But at least they didn't tack it onto the original until late in the series.

Man I miss playing Tomb Raider 2 back in the day.

>> No.15766840

Underworld Lara is the best Lara.

>> No.15766842

I always imagined it to be man-sized or almost man-sized, so you can be comfy inside it when she captures you.

And as for how something man-sized came out of a jubjub; I dunno, I guess I always just handwaved it as "Muh Wonderland". Like, it's a normal sized egg when she lays it, but once the fetus decides to suicide it can have wildly-inconsistent sizes as per her / her husbando's convenience. Same way normal slimes can give themselves tits at will.

I mean, the yolk-slime can obviously reform the eggshell around her, so presumably she can reform it at the size she wants.

>> No.15766844

Yeah, this is how I had imagined it! It's not exactly the best/most scientific way to go around it, but thats how I thought it was.

God bless u random anon for putting it into words

>> No.15766847

You realize that enveloping a man isn't unique to fetus slime, right? Literally every slime can do that.

>> No.15766856
File: 766 KB, 1200x969, 1431528252144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where would you spend your honeymoon?

>> No.15766858

I want to see an Anubis dressed like Tomb Raider 2 Lara.

>> No.15766860

>Already live in a 10/10 place
Spend it at home.

>> No.15766863

That's not very romantic, Mr. Homebody.

>> No.15766867

I like the idea of a honeymoon at a nice, quiet, isolated ryokan up in the mountains. Preferably with both a public, landscaped rotenburo, and a private in-room bath.

>> No.15766872

Which outfit?

>> No.15766874

>Mansion on the edge of a cliff with snow capped mountains to the north and the vast cold grey ocean out to the west which shines at night with the lights of the playing sea ghosts
>blanketed by mists, and snow and very little sunlight

>Not romantic
What am I going to do? Take us some place objectively worse?

>> No.15766876

Azores, I guess. Always wanted to visit there. Caribbean and stuff I could do anytime. And if I went on a tour of Europe, I'd want to have more time walking around than breaking the bed so it would have to be saved for some other time.

>> No.15766877


>> No.15766878


>> No.15766880

Oh, when you said Tomb Raider 2 outfit I thought you were talking about a unique one.

But that's just as good.

>> No.15766882

>all that talk of cold and snow

It always confounded me how people would choose ice and mountains over tropical sun.

>> No.15766884

>Cold and snow
>Not good
I don't think you know how to have fun, eh?

>> No.15766894

I go camping alone, and let Hellwife hunt me down. The thrill of the chase, and the ultimate fear boner.

>> No.15766896

>I don't think you know how to have fun, eh?
I just know how to not freeze to death. You see those people that get heatstroke and die when it's 120 outside? I'm happy all day long in long sleeves and pants. That is not a good build for any kind of cold.

>> No.15766897

Tropical sun is fucking shit. I hate heat and sweat.

>> No.15766898

Snow is great. Hot weather is 5 kinds of ass.

I really, truly pity those who live in places where, during the winter, it just gets really rainy. That's true hell right there.

>> No.15766900

Then I guess we're just polar opposites then because I fee like I have Yeti blood in my veins. I can just power through the cold.

>> No.15766908


>> No.15766910


>> No.15766929

>spending your honeymoon in Hell
Kinky, but also good for tans.

>> No.15766932

You probably don't live in tropical sun.

>> No.15766933

But you only tan with UV rays.

>> No.15766939

I do and I love it. Just like you probably live in some frozen tundra and love it.

>> No.15766942

I live in Australia and I loathe it except for the dead of winter.

>> No.15766944

Sooo...right now.

>> No.15766951

It's starting to get warmer. A month ago was nice.

>> No.15766964
File: 294 KB, 1059x1500, 1429083588584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And there are no UV rays in Hell because...?

>> No.15766969

Ahhhhhhh Kos, or some say, Kosm

>> No.15766971

I live in what used to be a frozen tundra but is now just wet dirt because you guys didn't listen to Al Gore.

>> No.15766973

No sun?

>> No.15766975

>only the Earth's Sun is capable of producing UV
Anon, this come as a shock to you, but that's not true!
Makes you feel kinda stupid for worshiping Sun Deities, huh?

>> No.15766976

Nah anon. He's right. Haven't you ever gotten a fire tan?

>> No.15766979

I don't worship any Deities, too lazy.

No, is that an actual thing?

>> No.15766980

I'd rather have the doll.

>> No.15766985

>is that an actual thing?

You ever wonder why bakers and blacksmiths are so tan?

>> No.15766989

Well you tricked me into searching on google. Hope you feel good about wasting ten seconds of my time.

>> No.15766990

Oh, well then.

>> No.15766993

Why settle for that plain old piece of used goods, when you can join the Vileblood master race? You'll love the vampire babes, blood katanas and cute crows!

>> No.15766996

But Maria was at least related to the Vilebloods. And the Doll was modeled on Maria. So therefore, tangentially...

>> No.15767002
File: 563 KB, 2048x1862, 1460765930471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I originally wrote this story back in June-July for a friend, but going back and reading it I felt it was shit, so I rewrote parts of it hoping to make it better. Might write a second chapter for it.


>> No.15767005

If you're going to be making stories, you should set up an account for these instead of just adding them on as a guest.

>> No.15767019
File: 886 KB, 1269x1200, 1425405867821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ohohoho! I have obtained tickets to the new Godzilla movie! Throw yourselves at my feet and grovel for my affection!

>> No.15767020

Cute. Anything with Hellhounds is good.

>> No.15767025

I've never even seen a Godzilla movie in my life except for the 2000 one.

>> No.15767026

No thanks I've already seen it.

>> No.15767027

So you have never seen a Godzilla movie, period?
This breaks the ojou.

>> No.15767028

>This breaks the ojou.

Dammit if she cries I will have to hug her and say I'll go anyway.

>> No.15767029

Yep, not a single one.

Haven't even seen a single bit of Pacific Rim either. I think the only monster movie I really saw was Cloverfield.

>> No.15767030

You should go grab a torrent and watch the original Gojira from the 50's.

>> No.15767038

Eh, that's way too much effort for what seems like very little pay off. There just so many movies I'll have to get through it just seems like a pain in the ass.

Not to mention after the recent take downs I have no reliable torrent site.

>> No.15767041

The orchestral track from '54 is still god-tier. 0:47 and on.


>> No.15767042
File: 863 KB, 800x1162, 1394390159567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We Kaiju Girls now?

>> No.15767047

The new proper mirror is https://katorents.net

>> No.15767049

I told you to watch one movie, anon. Don't be a fucking drama queen. This is something everyone should see.
Gives me chills, this one.

>> No.15767052

I'm a very lazy man anon. The only thing I really get excited for anymore is sleep.

>> No.15767055

Just go watch it you bloody fool!

>> No.15767058
File: 2.29 MB, 1447x2046, bde3634421f340b535ebd531ea9ccbc2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spice and Wolf Anniversary Omnibus available for Amazon preorder
>All the light novels collected into a single fuckhuge literal tome, with two text columns per page like an honest-to-god bible
>Only 2000 to be produced, each individually numbered

Money has never left my wallet so quickly before.

>> No.15767060

I second this man's excellent taste and call for cultural enrichment!

>> No.15767061

I'm doing it, just decided to say fuck it and grab a collection of the movies up until 2004.

>> No.15767062

I can't waste money on this extravagance, I'm getting me Sandman.

>> No.15767072

They're not all going to be good, you should use a guide.

>> No.15767084
File: 370 KB, 809x1000, Fearsome Mukade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your silly radioactive iguanas can't beat true monsters!

>> No.15767090

>radioactive iguanas
I'm way more cared (and turned on) by deathclaws than I am giant centipedes

>> No.15767092

Jokes on her, I would do that even if she didn't have the tickets.

>> No.15767118
File: 349 KB, 1307x1307, 1414354940796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey kid, wanna awoo?

>> No.15767123
File: 316 KB, 800x1000, 1460848693039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That building is all kinds of fucked up, she either destroyed my house or i'm in a ghetto in the middle of the night. Either way, no, I like my dogs bigger and warmer

>> No.15767172

Replace mahou shounen with kamen rider, also if you let me tap that sweet contract making ass then we have a deal.

>> No.15767174

So writers, how fast does it take for you to finish a single story?
I want to produce OC but it seems I have the focus of a 10 year old.

>> No.15767179


For my story, which was


The first draft took me roughly a month, but I suck ass at writing, the revise that is the current one, took maybe 3 hours, but it was only that fast because I had the first draft to work off of.

>> No.15767180

Depends entirely on length and drive. Some times it takes ages. Some times I get an urge to write and put out something pushing 3-5k in a handful of hours.

>> No.15767181

Depends on my urge
when the day is right everything flows nicely and it usually takes me 2 days, with this grammar thing im using it now takes a tad longer

>> No.15767183
File: 122 KB, 965x827, esther_the_templar_by_exaxuxer-d65h18s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Faced with the Monsters' powerful ability to tempt human men, the Knights Templar develop similar methods of recruitment

>> No.15767186

Call the local lilim, we got a fresh one on our hands!

>> No.15767198

She will never fall!

>> No.15767201
File: 178 KB, 1212x2048, 1446441672439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just try it, you filthy dweller of The Pit.

>> No.15767207

I just got a scenario.

>Girl becomes a Paladin because she secretly wants to become a monster
>Keeps failing and accidentally destroying the demon lord's forces
>Is hailed as the Order's greatest hero

>> No.15767213

Anon, consider this. If any punchline is gap moe or wacky misunderstandings, it's a fucking terrible idea.

>> No.15767225

What's wrong with gap moe?

>> No.15767234

Was barely funny when it wasn't overused to hell and back. Now it's just sad and unfunny. When "Wouldn't it be funny if X was Y the total opposite of X?" is the whole joke, it's just worthless. Think of it like jumpscares in horror. Not something necessarily bad by itself, but when it's what you rely on it or it's the basis for the whole premise, it's total garbage.

>> No.15767240
File: 267 KB, 1000x1000, 1467610622910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Small Monster Girls bullying Big Monster Girls

>> No.15767248


>> No.15767250

Would there be any Saracen MG for her to battle?

>> No.15767268
File: 288 KB, 1024x1448, demon_girl_by_torahimemax-dafq82k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15767277

As long as it says in the contract I get to set things on fire, then yes

>> No.15767282

Let me grab a team of lawyers and an electron microscope first.

>> No.15767286

She writes the fine print in invisible ink

>> No.15767294

Only if it's a fake one.

>> No.15767297

I have never finished a story.

>> No.15767303

Small monsters girls being bullies by even smaller monsters.

>> No.15767305
File: 91 KB, 419x500, Gnome_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gotta go to work
Work all night
Searching for underpants HEY

>> No.15767311


>> No.15767328

Do monster girls care about what type of underwear men wear? Do some like boxers and do others like briefs. Is there that kind of creepy minority that prefers men who wear panties?

>> No.15767337

>Is there that kind of creepy minority that prefers men who wear panties?
Alps. They can smell their own kind.

>> No.15767356

>Is there that kind of creepy minority that prefers men who wear panties?
They sound like pretty big perverts to be into that stuff.

>> No.15767368

Be careful with perv monster girls that go around town stealing boxers and wearing them in her head.

>> No.15767369

Don't worry, me neither. I do try to though.

>> No.15767375







>> No.15767384
File: 82 KB, 620x877, 1436288506291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope they only steal the clean pairs, no one could be that depraved to steal a man's used unmentionables

>> No.15767398

They tease you on the streets so you stain them with precum. After you change, they steal it and sniff your scent.

I see.

>> No.15767419

>umi osho's note thing
tell us instead of dumping some moonrock next time

>> No.15767425
File: 617 KB, 1187x1383, Bingo1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never thought i'd thanks any sjw for provinding me some fun ideas

>> No.15767426

Why is Gnome so perfect?

>> No.15767427

Oh goodness, who's she?

>> No.15767433

I created her just for this drawing

>> No.15767434

>Not the Underboob one
Still, damn good Barb

>> No.15767436

Honestly, I get fucking hard from functional armor on women. Skimpy has its place in bitches like Deja Thoris or Red Sonya but I want some coverage in my knights.

>tfw no elf in italo-norman armor with duckbill helm and hybrid mail

>> No.15767441

Does she have a name, and if she does can I use her?

>> No.15767447

she doesn't have a name but yes you can use her \o/

>> No.15767453

She does look pretty gorgeous.

>> No.15767463

Good, I've been having ideas for a character like this and now that I have a visual, I'm finally getting back to work.
After I beat up Al Gore

>> No.15767470

I want to hug and love and start a happy family with a baphomet.

>> No.15767475

Key concept: habit & turtle girl, turtleshell shibari, subtly erotic vestments

The Zipangu-native nun in service to the god of the seas, "Umi Osho".
They perform the role of remaking the body of men to be fit to leave with monsters under the sea.
Originally, the Umi Osho had a very strange appearance, with a man's head on a turtle's shell, and would appear in stormy seas and cause shipwrecks.
The Encyclopedia version doesn't have that ability though... but harming them will definitely cause the sea god's ire to erupt in a storm.
In this setting, they act as guides to the Ryuuguujou, which is inspired by the fairy tale of Urashima Tarou, who rescues a turtle and is rewarded with a visit to the Ryuuguujou. In addition, they kind of act as an eastern counterpart to the western-inspired "Sea Bishop".
Additionally, in the tale of Urashima Tarou, the turtle was being bullied and tortured by a group of children. This led to the Encyclopedia version having a strong masochistic streak.


>> No.15767477

I want to bury my face in voluptuous dragon breasts in front of a baphomet and declare their superiority over flatty goats.

>> No.15767482

Thanks! Also, will you do the Demon making of translation? KC released it back when his enty schedule was awkward due to comiket. Hopefully he'll release making ofs on a more consistent basis.

>> No.15767484
File: 297 KB, 571x600, content_umiosho_r1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15767485

My brother.

>> No.15767488
File: 223 KB, 1232x1620, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

THICC demons

>> No.15767489

>can I use her?

>> No.15767504
File: 359 KB, 700x1002, 1392960686401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a good, strong, Sahu name?

>> No.15767513


>> No.15767514

A name for German Holsts.

>> No.15767517

As well as good, strong Sahuagin.

>> No.15767522

Okay. What about her Otter nee-san?

>> No.15767525

Tethys, Ceto, Galene, other water goddess names.

>> No.15767527


>> No.15767537

They name a child Gertruder so they can have a lame pun when she has a younger sister? What kind of Mommy Snek would do that?

>> No.15767541

What species is this thing?

>> No.15767542

One named Gertrudest.

>> No.15767545

I already had the direction for this design down with the first sketch. I thought of designing her in such a fashion as to combine the appearance of a tortoise with the appearance of her raiments. The idea of giving her sleeves and socks in the shape of tortoise fins so her rough silhouette was finished quickly, but I was worrying over the small details of her design.

In the left design, I exposed more of her body, and made the outfit more form fitting, but it ended up looking more like overalls than a robe... the version on the right is closer to the final design. I also added a turtleshell design to her apron.

Past this, she only went through a few pose changes until the finished version. As I mentioned before, her sleeves and socks are in the shape of tortoise fins, with a scale pattern. That pattern is also found on her hood, and the apron over her thin mini robe. Since her overall color scheme is so heavy in turtle like green tones, I added the scarlet cord as a further accessory.
The carapace she carries has a pattern of sorts of swirly lumps, to give her a stronger Youkai-like appearance.

Her feature that I'm definitely the most proud of is that tiny thin yellow undergarment! At first glance you'd think that I kind of overdressed her (for a monster girl that is), but look closely, and you'll see that the cloth is so thin that you can easily see the outlines of her body underneath, where she naturally wears absolutely nothing!
Furthermore, the red string decorating her clothing resembles a shell pattern at first glance, fitting with her design, but it's actually Tortoise Shell Body Suit shibari, representing her masochistic nature.

All in all, her clothes are designed to look like a nun habit at first glance, but when you look closer you can tell that they're actually dressed quite lewdly, and some won't be able to get that eroticism out of their head anymore! For those among you, I'm sure she'll rank among your favorites.

Well, that's all on this literal cosplay girl.

>> No.15767546

Granny had a MASTER PLAN it seems.

>> No.15767549
File: 1.51 MB, 1500x1060, fox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, I give up. Who is the artist for this image?
Reverse searching, pixiv searching, and booru searching have not availed me.
The style looks halfway between Batta and Sakifox, but it wasn't in either of their galleries or twitters.

And damn do I want more. This is such a blissfully lewd image. I can just imagine the joy of this hardcore onanist when she finally gets to snuggle a man from the hips.

>> No.15767550
File: 1.36 MB, 3264x1836, 0830160753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I forgot about that. That had the lewd samurai and ninja girls in appealing art style, right?

Also, did some more doodles. Here's Lani, a knight, and a dragon fairy.

>> No.15767557

What a cute flying slug and Lilim cosplay.
How old is she anyway?

>> No.15767562

If she has no monster features at all and it's all just clothing, then why is she in the MGE?

>> No.15767570

To be fair, how do you make a turtle girl look attractive without making her straight up cosplay?

>> No.15767583


>> No.15767584
File: 1.15 MB, 3264x1836, 0830160754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also did Chimera. The lack of Digimon shoulders is nice for her, and the long hair is because I like long hair on girls.

>> No.15767591

He probably didn't want her to look too much like the Kappa. Hence the maximum cosplay direction.

>> No.15767605

He said attractive