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A spear to pick.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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Dragons a cute

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This one was first. Ahem.

I just finished reading Preacher and I want to get hatefucked by a stronk independent Monster Girl who thinks my old fashioned machismo is demeaning to her when she's obviously way more badass than I could ever hope to be!

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Dragons really are cute.

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I want to be domed by a badass dragon girl

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>This one was first. Ahem.
Oh dear, another one was made after this one?
>I just finished reading Preacher and I want to get hatefucked by a stronk independent Monster Girl who thinks my old fashioned machismo is demeaning to her when she's obviously way more badass than I could ever hope to be!
A lovely desire.

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Where did the maids go?

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Monster girls deserve death.

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Another hoss pussy knight?

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Off to serve their masters.

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Looks like a goat.

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Well I certainly like goats. They're intelligent and friendly, unlike horses.

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If you're doing goat centaurs you either have to scale down the human parts of scale up the goat parts. Which do you prefer?

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So how would most monsters react to being raised by different raced parents? Such as Mama Wurm and the Ryu whelp.

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It would be pretty weird at first but they would accept her as a fellow family member.

But there are a few weird combinations.

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Nurture>nature, though both matter.

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Scale up the goat parts, I don't need no little girls.
Or Mama Ryu and the Water Wurmling.

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>Moose saga legos
I wonder what over story brand stuff we could do?

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Mama Dragon and the Wurm/Ryu/Wyvern/Wock Chimera.

A bunch.
Like Spider and Fly, Joe the Chemistry Teacher, Alp with bonus action figure styled after his art with kung-fu grip.

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Or the lesser mentioned Wurm-greens.

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>Alp with bonus action figure styled after his art with kung-fu grip.
Excuse me?

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Alp the writer figurine.
Styled after his artwork.
At this point he is like the cousin we mock openly despite him still being family.

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He's drawn himself?
What an asshole.

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No. All we know is he's a 6'4" tall and hairy man.
So we'll just use a generic fat pornstar and have it done in Alp's style.

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I've come to the realisation that Ryu is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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I thought he was supposed to be a manlet?
Or is 6´4" manlet size in Singapore?

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maybe horizontally

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All dragons chimera must be pretty hard to handle.
One second she is the smartest girl in the world, then she just goes full retard and rapes you while crying.

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>defined buttcheeks
>no actual skin to be able to make that ass fuckable
Suffering. At least polymorphing is a thing.

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Are you sure about that? If you change your mind a Ryu might fall into a deep depression.

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Anon, that ass isn't for ruining. It's for softly groping

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I'm sure.

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Very unstable, like a Hydra.
Crybaby, onee-san, retard, mellow slipnslide lover; and more.

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I don't remember. All I know is I am still the tallest at 6'6", manlets.

In radius?

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I want to be a rapebait cute scholar who is accompanied by a yandere paladin!

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A monstergirl butt that you can't fuck is like a burger without cheese or a tittymonster without cowprint.

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Think about it anon, you are about to get a waifu. You can't just call her that because you are in Ryu season, you'll need to giver her constant love.

She'll be thinking about you wherever she is, and you'll need to answer her feelings by doing the same.

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I will post this every thread until you like her!
Please like her. She's a good girl and she's always wet for you.

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anon stop

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>you will never masturbate your cheshire daughteru so she doesn't rape anybody

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I will devote my love to her.

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It's like Sakura fish all over again, minus the funny edits.

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>you will never take your daughter to buy a Ilothe doll.
>You will never see a vengeance tv series
>You will never see monsters line u for a wrightfag book signing

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That ones before my time

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>You will never see monsters line u for a wrightfag book signing
As a writefag this sounds weird.

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It's Sakura Matou. She's eating a fish. It's posted every day until you like it.

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>vengeance tv series
Who would you have play the main charater

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I see, thank you

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Ryu are for tender loving and living a quiet life with.

See also: Holstaurus

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Sean bean

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I want a Mari doll with squishy catmatter cushion.

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>vengeance tv series
I'd rather see something a bit more sitcomy, like the paladin reintegration program.

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I'd worship that water god

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I like Shogs, but not because they are maids.

In fact I would totally date a Shog with her own job. Something that compliments her ability to make tools and shapeshift, like a cat burglar or mechanical engineer.

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You do know he doesn't die in everything he's in right?
Granted the last two moves I saw him and he lives in were shit so that's not a good sign either

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Which monstergirls butt is the most ravageable?

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The one that you love the most

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That of a loli Shirohebi.

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The brown one is giving me Rajang flashbacks.

Fucking Caravaneer's Challenge

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Buttslut loli buttwizard healing snek?

>> No.15828351

No ass magic here anon, just putting your big hot thingy in her tight snekhole.

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Shirihebi heal you through anal sex, anon.
They are literal buttslut mages.

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Only if the Lolihebi is equipped with a plump backside.

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Less cringe and magical realm, more pictures.

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Oh. Well ok then.
I'd say most are, they need the extra volume there to support their snake bits.

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It's too early on in the thread to dump images.

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Who drew this? It is bloody adorable.

>> No.15828388

No idea, but I do know that image I posted is scanned from a traditional drawing.

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Anon and the Baby Factory?

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No, Anon and Staying Home So He Doesn't Get Raped

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Fat-bottomed Shirohebi white mages?

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Can't wait to see the Oompa Loompas in this one

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They're just Goblins with suspenders.

>> No.15828403

... continue.

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>it's a gang of pygmy Jubjubs painted orange

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There's no earthly way of knowing which way this boat is going.

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Is it really ok to impregnate a Mad Hatter and spread her spores of insanity?

>> No.15828414

I'd be willing to ride it out.

>> No.15828415

Charon-chan you're fired

>> No.15828421


>implying the Mad Hatter won't break into his house and rape him there

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What's the interest like for monstergirl time stop fetish stories?

>> No.15828435

I don't like it, it sounds scary.

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By making babies with the Hatter?

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I'm sorry for my butler leading you into this room. He thought you were a candyman.

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There was a sickly time Dragon discussion some months back.
Otherwise I'm not into timestop since the reactions between both the monstergirl and her man/boy during sexytimes have value to me.

>> No.15828451

Im cool with it, though I prefer time travel/looping shenanigans.

>> No.15828456

I want to pee on Wurm-chan while she's sleeping

>> No.15828457

What could possibly be scary about that?

Don't you want to be hunted down by a feral blue hellhound, turning the corner down to your street and the safety of your warded house, only to find that you're suddenly running right into her claws?
Or to turn away from her in horror, just to blink and find yourself still facing the exact same direction even after doing a 180?

The thing I like most about timestop is the potential for fucking with physics, and the reactions when you "stack" pleasure and sensations, if you know what I mean.
That time dragon stuff sounds pretty cool though. Link?

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>> No.15828460

My trap alarm just went off

Maybe a Steve Reeves movie will fix it, if it's not too abysmal.

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>> No.15828466

It's how Wurms pronounce "why" in Japanese.

>> No.15828468

>That time dragon stuff sounds pretty cool though. Link?

>> No.15828469

Obviously he wants to urinate molten tungsten onto a sleeping wurm to keep her warm and cover her in his scent at the same time.

>> No.15828471

They honestly don't work without a lot of thought. And you can always tell when it comes up lately that somebody just saw Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare and said "What if that with monstergirls?" because of all the dumb idea copycat stuff like "All the touching you did while time was stopped, they feel in a single instant of mindmelting pleasure!"

So I guess in short, try to do something novel with it. If you're just painting by the numbers then don't even bother.

>> No.15828472

Tungsten has like the highest melting point, I hope the Wurm won't be scalded.

>> No.15828487

Please, do not corrupt the Wurms, they are pure.

>> No.15828495

No they're not, they hate baths because they sink like anvils.

>> No.15828497

We talk about throwing wurms into the sun and black holes all the time. She'll be fine.

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>"Well are you going to kiss my feet or what?"

What do you do?

>> No.15828499

I'll bite your legs off!

>> No.15828500

Play footsies.

>> No.15828501

Not really into femdom, but i'd lick between her toes to see what she does.

>> No.15828502

Kiss away like a bitch so I don't get the cane again. Hope Apophis-chan saves me.

>> No.15828504

Interlace my fingers between her toes, and kiss each individual one.

>> No.15828505

Are they clean?

>> No.15828506

Not into feet, but I'd gladly suckle those brown milktanks.

>> No.15828510

Tell her I'm not a footfag, give her leg a good yank so she slides off her throne and lands on my level, then give her a big kiss on the lips.

>> No.15828516

>how to be brutally slashed in half by guards part 1

>> No.15828520

Cowprint is bad.

>> No.15828522

If you work hard enough, there's the possibility that you'll get to hold one. But that's only if you be a good boy and lick those feet

Scrubbed with fresh water from the river Nile then moisturised with honey and milk

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>Hope Apophis-chan saves me

>Your Apophis childhood friend will never save you from a hag Pharoah

Why live?

>> No.15828529

>Implying a proper dignitary would make somebody kiss their feet in public in court

This isn't some Apophis-run den of hedons.

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Poor Wurm-chan, always smashing through walls...

>> No.15828532

The Nile is full of crocodile poop.

>> No.15828536

A sweater with proper lines does more for oppai than cowprint could ever dream of.

>> No.15828544

Ribbed cowprint sweaters.

>> No.15828545

Wow. Fucking creative, and romantic as shit.

Never watched that hentai, but you're right, the idea is a little stale if it's kind of the go-to thing for doujins with that mechanic to use most commonly.

>> No.15828549

This. Cowprint is dumb. Only good animal prints are tiger print and leopard print anyhow.

>> No.15828550

You're diluting the sweater puppies effect, not emphasizing it.

>> No.15828554

The snake witch is dead. She was defeated by the Pharaohs army.

>> No.15828558

Kiss the foot-paws of her Anubis assistant.

>> No.15828565

Then I will become completely apathetic to my situation, thus obtaining the powers of The Grey Lantern Corps.

>> No.15828573


>> No.15828575

You'll get to kiss those aswell. But you have to show your respect to the Pharaoh first.

>> No.15828577

>She was defeated by the Pharaohs army.
Yeah, that's what Pharaoh wants you to think.
In reality all it took was one kind man to actually approach the Apophis and propose, but that doesn't look as good.

>> No.15828580

Traditional mediums. Basically stuff drawn on paper or a canvas or something.

>> No.15828586

That's not true! That's impossible!

>> No.15828588

Pen or pencil or whatever on physical paper.

>> No.15828590

Search your heart. You know it to be true!

>> No.15828594

But that's unfair. If a man has eyes only for an anubis, his lips should be only for that anubis too.

>> No.15828595


>> No.15828606

Anon, you're a brave warrior for the kingdom, she'll give you the Anubis' hand in marriage. But It doesn't matter what position you hold, to gain her trust for her to hand over your Anubis waifu.
You need to kiss her feet.

>> No.15828613

Fine. But just a peck on the tips of her toes. Using false lips like in that older Batman movie with Poison Ivy.

>> No.15828621

Oppai loli arachnes

>> No.15828622

>"That's not good enough anon, give them a real kiss. I can easily have you thrown in a dungeon for disobeying the Pharaoh's word."

>> No.15828626

I don't see why a deep, heart-forward bow wouldn't suffice.

>> No.15828628

Huge /fit/ Hobgoblin.

>> No.15828629

This is how you get someone to bribe Sandwurm-chan to take a detour through the capital.

>> No.15828630

Normal oppai Arachnes already look great due to posture, so a pailoli Arachne would look amazing.

>> No.15828632

That would be nice.
Would she let me princess carry her?

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File: 257 KB, 800x800, 024cccd3-9440-41f0-ad8b-9f0aeb18f7eb..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slime girls are best girls.

>> No.15828635

Get out

>> No.15828637

Fine. But I'll be looking at her with pity, if she has to stoop to such petty methods to get at me and receive affection from someone.
And I'll run right off afterwards to nuzzle the anubis advisor's private parts.

>> No.15828639

Shy, tomboy, mildly /fit/ Mindflayers

>> No.15828640

That elf looks like she's having fun.

>> No.15828643

>"Good boy. Now tell me, how do they taste?"

>> No.15828645

Even better if she's a himedere who puffs up her chest in pride and demands you praise her.

>> No.15828649

The pharaoh's feet smell like sand and skin.
Anubis paws' smell of the comforting musk of fur, rose flowers from her body wash, the scent being locked in by her fur, and various spices from when she was doing jobs in the kitchen.

>> No.15828652

More like dirt, from constantly dusting wherever she walks.

>> No.15828655

Please. The mummies do the menial jobs like cleaning and dusting. Anubis has a kingdom's infrastructure to support, servants and slaves to delegate and order, and a pharaoh's schedule to maintain, after all.

>> No.15828658

>the Pharaoh finally allows you to have an Anubis hand in marriage
>she rejects you

>> No.15828660

>muscle girls being carried
This goes against everything I thought but I'm okay with it.

>> No.15828662

The heart beam being fired by their tails is too strong!

>> No.15828665

The best way to put heartpupils in her eyes.

>> No.15828667

That's what you get for responding to a footfag.

>> No.15828669

Like bossiness, excel spreadsheets and all-day meetings!

>> No.15828671

Time to become a villain.

Wait, I thought that was the pharaoh asking how her feet tasted.

>> No.15828674

I want to wrangle wurms!!!

>> No.15828675

>All the other Mindflayer are doing weird stuff in their underground society and corrupting humans left and right
>Meanwhile she lives in a small cabin near a beach and spends all her time swimming and practicing various sports
>Humans run whenever they see her as if they were in the path of a charging Wurm
>She has to feed on seafood instead of delicious human thoughts
>At least it's a protein rich diet
>Sometimes she wonders if she would have been better off being born as a regular Scylla
>She just wants a friend to play with

>> No.15828677

>tfw you're sexually aroused by well structured spreadsheets

Its a good feel.

>> No.15828678

Nothing says 'Anubis' more than a meeting where you spend all day at the table slumped over while she barks about business stuff.

>> No.15828681

I'd like to slump over an anubis while she barks about business stuff.

>> No.15828682

I left my laptop open and my brother saw the monster girls, what do.

Do I need to Abel him to protect my shameful secret?

>> No.15828684

Thats a pretty cute Mindflayer. I would compete with her on the beach, take her on a date, and then take her flaying virginity with really lewd thoughts.

>> No.15828687

>Hours of ravaging her rump.
>She's not even tired and she's still going on about payrolls, sales and administrative duties.
>Won't let you pull out.

>> No.15828688

I'd like to have an Anubis sit in my lap, cuddling her while she barks out orders at a meeting!

There are worse things than having a fetish that's millennia old.

>> No.15828691

>you'd swear she's gone over this slide before but, nobody is really paying attention

>> No.15828692

I'd love to do that with a plump loli anubis.

>> No.15828694

Hope he forgets about it.

>> No.15828695

Nothing. In comparison to what could be categorised as "degenerate fetishes", having a Monstergirl fetish is pretty vanilla

>> No.15828696

So hand drawn?

>> No.15828699

You know what other fetish is millenia old?

>> No.15828700


>> No.15828701

Samw thing happened to me.
Brother just said Kitsune are better than Dragons.

>> No.15828702

Most of them?

I was more pointing out just how well documented Monster Girls are by comparison.

>> No.15828703

I want to be a house husband for a busy working Anubis.

>> No.15828706

>Brother just said Kitsune are better than Dragons.
Kill your brother
>But he's my brothe-

>> No.15828710
File: 517 KB, 1000x1077, 154987453343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since the dawn of time, Anubis' have told people what to do in a bossy manner.

>> No.15828711

Tell your brother that no one can be that wrong.

>> No.15828716

Id take orders from her

>> No.15828717

He's a man of taste.

>> No.15828723

Tell him they're both equally good

>> No.15828725

What about Kitsune-Dragons?

>> No.15828727

Tell him he's a faggot and to wear a tail buttplug if he likes them so much.

>> No.15828728
File: 218 KB, 1333x2000, 1448933430157-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good to see someone in that family has non-shit taste.

>> No.15828729

Tell him he has inferior tastes.

>> No.15828730

I like Dragons, but fluffy tails are hard to beat. He's got a point.

>> No.15828736

Talk to him about it. He's your brother, he'll understand that a man is entitled to his own tastes. If not he's a pussy ass shitlord who needs to not encroach on what people do behind closed doors.
Still not as bad as my cousin finding all my incest hentai and some pics of her I stole from her facebook of her at the beach or pool in a bikini.
It's been almost a year since it happened and she can't even look me in the eye, let alone talk to me.

>> No.15828746

Hah. Freaking casual.

>> No.15828753

oh thanks for that, i needed to remember I wasn't the shittiest human being out there today.

no but seriously guy with the brother, your only option is to figure out his fetish and expose the fuck out of him before he can do the same to you. I advise putting some disturbing illegal shit on his computer and blowing the whistle on it, thereby making your stuff tame in comparison.

>> No.15828755
File: 1009 KB, 3120x2388, 1466792207588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would the fluff-to-scales ratio be?
Also, anyone have that Latenight image of those tiny Dragons sleeping on an anons body?

>> No.15828768

You know, it's written Dragon's Layer in MGE
A common misconception

>> No.15828781

Fuck off

>> No.15828792
File: 2.10 MB, 1771x2509, Fluffly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe a bit of fluff under the scales?

>> No.15828797

Tell me some interesting facts about your personal setting. Yes, you!

>> No.15828801

50:40:10 skin to scales to fluff

>> No.15828802

That can work. Also, how does Ilothe sleep with that yuge head crest?

>> No.15828805

Meh, it's no worse than the usual monstergirl stuff.
It's not pure love yuri. It's straight up corruption, which is normal fare.

>> No.15828806

You can use fancy magic with spirit energy.

>> No.15828808

Not him but it's still yuri and yuri is never usual fare here. So you know, fuck off.

>> No.15828811

I've slept with glasses before, I'm sure it's almost the same.

>> No.15828815

Monstergirls can get pregnant as easily as human women. Yes, this means that unless you use some sort of contraceptive, your monstergirl waifu will be constantly pregnant.

There are a lot of different magical contraceptives, but the most popular is a womb tattoo thats like a runic heart. As long as the girl has the tattoo, she wont get pregnant.

If you continue to fill a monstergirls womb with cum, until her womb is swollen and bulging, you can fracture the magic tattoo, and force her to become pregnant

>> No.15828818

Did you forget the story we had just recently of a shog turning a girl into another shog? Exactly the same thing.
It's the Dark Slime's entire schtick. And the parasite slime. Literally any MG does it just with their DE.

There's a reason people get up in arms over yuri, but that isn't it.

>> No.15828821

The original demon realm capital is like a reverse Bermuda Triangle. Weird stuff falls into it from all sorts of dimensions. It's how they knew places like earth were real long before they ever figured out how to get there.

>> No.15828823

He's right though.

>> No.15828826
File: 502 KB, 2200x1587, 184637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If a monstergirls breasts are large enough, they can lactate like Holsts.
Undead Kingdoms can be accessed via crypts, tombs, and abandoned buildings.
Large structures can exist as their own Spirit/Demon Realms, like a Vampires castle for instance.

>> No.15828828

Mamono Mana has made the sex toy industry much more versatile. Things that were impossible or semi-possible but could also cause death are now perfectly safe and totally possible!

>> No.15828839

>Did you forget the story we had just recently of a shog turning a girl into another shog?
Didn't see it or I would have told it to get lost too.

Parasite slimes are hated. Dark slimes are never talked about. Most corruption anybody bothers with here is certainly not by yuri sex. You really have no leg to stand on. Yuri is not suddenly okay just because it's not muh pure love nonsense. That part of MGE falls under the same aversion as Siths and similar undesirables.

>> No.15828840

>There are a lot of different magical contraceptives, but the most popular is a womb tattoo thats like a runic heart. As long as the girl has the tattoo, she wont get pregnant.
>If you continue to fill a monstergirls womb with cum, until her womb is swollen and bulging, you can fracture the magic tattoo, and force her to become pregnant
Ultra lewd.

>> No.15828845

>Dark slimes are never talked about.
Except several times in the last week since they're smart slimes and have cores.

>> No.15828847

Dragons are super strong, to the point that their king is 100% unaffected by the DL's little tricks.
Merely claiming the title of DL gives you a big level boost.
Not-Leviathan rules the seas and wrecks the face of anyone who thinks otherwise.
Airships have a tough time due to a very pesky Wyvern with feathery scales destroying any she comes across.
Kitsune have settlements everywhere. Some are on an island and are born with 2 tails from the getgo, while another group lives on a continent full of JRPG super bosses as random encounters.
Snake types are lazy, but still manage to stay fit.
There are countless elemental spirits, the main 4 are just the most well known and most powerful for their element.
You can form pacts with things, like Drakengard, for power or quick healing at the cost of having your soul linked to another's.
Mari's cat multiplies constantly, causing her to get rid of them by mailing them to people.

>> No.15828849

Most monstergirl infants are born as mature as a 1 year old human infant.

Monstergirls hardly eve need to go to the bathroom, most of their waste is expelled as demon energy.

Yes, this is really just because I despise babies and don't like thinking about monstergirls going to the bathroom. Fight me.

>> No.15828851
File: 220 KB, 900x900, Slime_carrier.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im not that guy, but your words ring hollow because nobody hates Slime Carriers, especially after the latest bonus art shows them walking around all civilized.

>> No.15828854

>Nobody hate parasites
Good one, anon. Just like nobody hates ropers and matangos.

>> No.15828855

Mamono can give birth to male humans. Yes, blood related incest is possible.

>> No.15828862

If you believe something strongly enough, it generates its own form of spirit energy that might have an effect on monster girls. This means that mountaintop hermitages actually deflect monster girls, because they focus on seclusion. This turns abbeys and such where people with a vow of chastity reside into almost insurmountably defended strongholds rather then rape parties all the time.
It also means that if you either love someone or think you love someone, you'll get the same "don't rape me i'm married" aura if it's strong enough. If you only think you love someone, they can still feel a different way which will radiate your broken smile in roughly a mile's radius, making all girls sensitive enough to pick up the changes of spirit energy significantly sadder.

>> No.15828864
File: 631 KB, 696x893, Roper_pt4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, ropers and matangos nobody seems to like, but Slime Carriers are fine.

>> No.15828866

I fucking hate them and ropers

>> No.15828867


>> No.15828869

Well, then you'd be a minority out of a bunch of poeple who liked the story.

Parasite slimes have been getting some favourable discussion recently, dark slimes are occasionally brought up, and you can't use "well, they're not talked about" as an argument to exclude them, because then you'd just be excluding half the MGE.
You've forgotten the very reason why people have such an averse reaction to yuri in the first place.

>> No.15828871

>Mari's cat multiplies constantly, causing her to get rid of them by mailing them to people.
Oh damn.

>> No.15828872

>Monstergirls hardly eve need to go to the bathroom, most of their waste is expelled as demon energy.
Finally, a way to justify this.

This is good stuff too.

>> No.15828875

It's like Gremlins.
Only they're catmatters instead.

>> No.15828877

>host is a meat puppet for the slime
>steals the host memories and commandeers its brain

This is just silly.

>> No.15828886

I can't believe you pulled the vocal minority card. I'm out. Enjoy the backlash if you keep that stuff up.

>> No.15828887

Thats litterally no different than the DL corrupting a human women into a sex factory herself. The only difference is DL uses magic, and parasites use biology.

>> No.15828888

MGCs in demon realms are developed far closer to modern civilization when compared to the human realms. When it comes to picking men, an individual skilled in spirit energy manipulation is naturally considered a more appealing pick, because they will (after coming around to loving their waifu) power up far more quickly and easily than the average individual. This includes mages and clerics for 'soft' SE manipulation outside of the body that helps develop and nourish a demon realm, and 'hard' warrior type SE users that personally strengthen themselves and their waifus. Heroes though strong in their own right are often thought of as 'a chance to cuck the CG' by some circles of very powerful monstergirls, and though this isn't always the case it has been the spark of several happy marriages.

Incubi really are just augmented humans who have had the limits on their SE capacity removed, and a bit of DE corruption so as to promote its growth. Heroes have been augmented with Divine Energy, which is like a concentrated spirit energy. Their capacity hasn't actually changed, just their quality. Succubi are the best and most efficient at converting this energy, meaning their power spikes much more quickly when they obtain a husband. Other monstergirls need time to receive the same gains, though constant exposure to their husband's spirit energy will lessen the gap here.

A 'defeating the party' fetish is pretty common among younger monstergirls, as a residual effect from the DLs of old. Thus, adventurers are more popular targets than cityfolk or farmers. This seems like it would contrast with the more modernized society of the monstergirls, but many of them find human society to be rustic and romantic in its own way, and a human boy's fascination with their 'magic tools' can be very cute in its own way.

>> No.15828897

Being brainwashed and being nothing but wetware for another animal are totally different things anon.

>> No.15828898

>Good story everyone liked, literally no controversy around it
>"I'm sure I would've told it to fuck off though"

What else is there to say? You're just being purposely obtuse at this point.

>> No.15828901

This is cannon to MGE you understand? There are human mages, they just don't get the raw powah of DE.

>> No.15828902

>steals memories and commandeers brain
Just like normal MGE fare, then.

>> No.15828907

I've already mentioned most of them. DE is much weaker then it is in the MGE. It only affects humans when it's concentrated into something like a spell or venom.

Getting into MGC is extremely competitive as it's the only way most monstergirls will get a husband. Since the humans won the war and control the tests and education needed to get into the city i the first place this allows them to easily control the desperate monstergirls. Many of them are unhappy about this.

It is rare for monstergirls to be found outside of MGC on Earth. Some gained visas to work or travel there, but most snuck out of the city or scattered and hid themselves before the war ended and the situation was controlled.

If a human woman monsterizes she is still roughly the equivalent of her age in monster years. A middle aged woman will be a middle aged kitsune.

What kind of stuff would even end up there?

>> No.15828910

Posting something once and people letting it slide is not evidence that everyone likes it or there's no controversy. Depends on the time of day it's posted, whether people think it's bait, whether people are tired and don't want a fight, loads of things.

There's always been odd examples of people doing dumb stuff like talking about futa, watersports, feeding, whatever without a thread implosion at a particular time. That happening one time does not make it accepted.

The very fact that you have multiple people taking issue with that sort of thing right now indicates the opposite.

>> No.15828911

Well yeah those are different, but good thing that's not what happens with parasite victims then.

The victim and the parasite merge to become a single standalone creature ie: just like demon corruption. They may look or act like victims, but that's just a baiting tactic to attract males.

>> No.15828920

Not that guy but the Shog story was good and you should read it.

>> No.15828923

>2D monstergirl version of our 1930's.
All countries have a primary species that conforms most of its population.
Wars sometimes are fought to get more males, they're considered a resource (is just that there aren't as many as monstergirls want, so they have to fight for them).
Fascist states are matriarchal societies.
Democracies are well, democracies, but in some countries men can't vote until they're 30.
There are three big blocks or alliances.
DE is a thing, although does not have the same name, and only exists to match lifespans and nothing else.

>> No.15828924

The host mind is subsumed by the slime. That's how they become one. It's not half slime and half girlie.

>> No.15828927
File: 1.71 MB, 1169x1700, 452462347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to say that I wanted to ask for help here to fill Europe's map of species, but I didn't know if it was thread related.

>> No.15828928

Parasite Slimes have no sentience/intelligence of their own; rather they are a sort of systematic infection of slime base cells. The host must contend with escalating monstrous urges but otherwise retain their own personality and autonomy.

>> No.15828931

Why not being unable to vote unless they're married?

>> No.15828933

Sometimes, sensible people know how to avoid bait without destroying a whole thread with such an implosion.
What multiple people right now? So far, only you've been replying.

And are you really saying that people are "letting the shog story slide"?
Because at that point, you're just making junk up. "Oh, people liked it this time, but I bet they'll hate the same thing next time!"
Really, dude?

>> No.15828935
File: 331 KB, 1000x553, Unicorn Natural Habitat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You better watch out for that Unicorn anon, she's a real killer.

>> No.15828938

Doing anything that may really fuck with the world's balance will cause every single Dragon to go apeshit and kill/destroy the cause. They are basically police.
Man is much weaker in the present than in the past. Green fighters have trouble fighting slimes, where green ones in the past could take on Minotaurs and such with ease.
Magic uses mana normally, but it can have something else used instead.
Elemental magic is utterly devastating when aided by local spirits/great spirit of the same element.
Silver Dragons are often called Magic Dragons. Their scales and bones can be used to make divine misical instruments, which has made what few remain very unstrusting of others.
Griffon's are utterly prideful, but dumb.
The current DL is the 2nd weakest DL in history.
The CG is very unstable, and is a neatfreak. The main reason she doesn't directly do anything is due to not wanting a bunch of pissed off Dragons tearing her apart.
A Loli Echidna will never stop following you, so don't bother telling her to leave and save yourself a headache.
All Girtablilu like being on another person's back, as it reminds them of their youth.

>> No.15828949

So what, like... Germany has Dragons, Russia is full of Jinkos, and the English are Holstaurs?

>> No.15828953

More like England is full of Houri.

>> No.15828956

Remember: bicorns are just sluts who want you to fuck your real waifu on their backs.

>> No.15828960

>And then the slime’s monstrous desire to seek and love men will meld into and mix with the host’s mind, such that they are interchangeable, and a new monster called a “slime carrier” will be born that has a lewd mind fixated on love and pleasure like a slime while still retaining the superior intellect and advanced thinking capabilities of a human.

Im sorry but you're just wrong.

>> No.15828961

I have my White Horn wife so I'm safe.

>> No.15828964

>A Loli Echidna will never stop following you, so don't bother telling her to leave and save yourself a headache.
She can't tell me what to do!
>All Girtablilu like being on another person's back, as it reminds them of their youth.
Their comfort as backpacks is probably debatable.

>> No.15828967

Maybe? I like a mix of both. During the wars England always liked to have the face of the average individual keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of horrors. A Holst protecting her husbando in the face of a Dragon somehow seems more impressive than a Valkyrie doing so.

>> No.15828971

What if...White Horn Unicorn?

>> No.15828972

More or less, except that all the girls you said are wrong.

>> No.15828973

But the smile on that Girty's face when she is on your back is priceless.

>> No.15828982

>What multiple people right now? So far, only you've been replying.
Take a look again. At least three took issue with this.

And I don't particularly care whether anyone thought a particular shog story was good or bad. It's just ludicrous to say that because the thread didn't explode at one story that suddenly now yuri is hunky dory.

>> No.15828983

Most men become monster-pussy addict after a single rape

Monster girls instincts cause them to do things even if they don't know why they are doing it

Monster girls rarely have any serious conflicts but if one does occur it is more often than not solved by just showing off their power/aura

The order isn't a thing but there are human-only countries who dislike monstergirls, and those countries are pretty much shitholes that only remain untouched because they are good at pumping out human boys who leave it to go with monster girls

There are a few dimensions that anyone can go to and live in. More can be created by very powerful monsters at any time

>> No.15828984

Burgerland is full of dark matters and wurms then? All strength and no intelligence, but fuck messing with that.

>> No.15828985

We don't know much about White Horn (other than she looks great) so I can't really imagine much.

>> No.15828987

Burgerland is still blank.

>> No.15828988

Spirit energy is more malleable.
There are normal monsters that are treated as another faction ruled by another god.
You can beat monster girls if you train enough.
Some people are evil.
Diseases and death exists. You can extend your life time by methods like rituals or eating certain things.

Those are only some of them, but it's basically just a normal fantasy setting.

>> No.15828994

>A Loli Echidna will never stop following you, so don't bother telling her to leave and save yourself a headache.
>You'll never have an Echidna childhood friend who starts getting really lewd when the two of you hit your teenage years.
>She'll never pin you to your bed on the night of your 16th birthday while breathing heavily and drooling slightly.
>She'll never tell you how she's been waiting so long for you to be legal even though she's only a couple months older than you.
>She'll never gesture to a contraceptive tattoo on her stomach and tell you there's no need to worry about having kids just yet.
>She'll never tell you that there'll be plenty of time for that after she learns your weak spots and you learn hers before grabbing your hands and forcing you to grope her considerable chest.
>You'll never wake up the next day in the afternoon after hours upon hours of rough birthday sex with her clinging to your side with a big goofy smile on her sleeping face.
Suffering is here.

>> No.15828996

That essentially says the slime uses the human as a living processor. They're pretty much just big gooey Goa'uld.

>> No.15828999
File: 342 KB, 762x893, Hoof Pussy Kingdom coming in cold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure we do.

We know she's the most /fa/ waifu in all of MGE.

Then we combine that with the most pure waifu in all of MGE.

Truly the perfect girl.

>> No.15829001

What makes your waifu special to you anon?

>> No.15829004

What doesn't make her special to me? The answer is nothing.
I can't think of something I don't love about her.

Or did you want me to be more specific?

>> No.15829005

>Mari's cat multiplies constantly, causing her to get rid of them by mailing them to people.

That's just great.

>> No.15829007

I always kind of thought that Slime Carriers were a symbiotic relationship that co-operated to get men after the human portion becomes lewd.
Also that the slime can eventually learn how to form a slimy doppelganger of the human girl for tag team sex.

>> No.15829012

Any stories based on seduction rather than rape?

>> No.15829013

Dragon's general resistance to the Demon Lord's corrupting influence is carried not just in their wills, but their physical bodies. Therefore, materials created using things such as their scales or teeth are corruption-resistant.

>> No.15829016

Just imagine opening your door one day to find a few Dark Matter catgirls that tackle you to the ground and rape you senseless before starting to laze around the house.
Thanks Mari.

>> No.15829017

Behemoths are basically hyper aggressive Cowgirls with a taste for meat. They vent built up sexual frustration by violently attacking anything nearby if they can't find a man.
Echidna are booted out at 8-10 by their moms so they can find a dungeon and camp there until an adventurer comes along. Finding a full grown one means she has been there a long time.
Sandworms have REALLY good memory, and remember people by the sounds they make.
All young Apophi shout "HELP! HELP! I'M BEING OPPRESSED!" if you hit them.
Holsts are warm and come in all sizes.
Mummies are really attached to the jars holding their organs.
Some Egypt themed Liches do exist.

>> No.15829024

It's all fun and games until there are 100 of them and you don't know what to do with them.
Other than tell them to turn into lego blocks.

>> No.15829029

Good job anon, you transcended to good taste

>> No.15829033

Doesn't change the fact I want her profiel and it to be translated.

>> No.15829036

There are definitely more, so if anyone wants to add some feel free.

>> No.15829057

Demon Realm Silver can phase through most things including armor, which is why the order got stomped at every opportunity

>> No.15829062

>What kind of stuff would even end up there?
A book, somebody's fridge, a person, something familiar from an alternate reality, an unfathomable abomination from beyond the stars. Most of it is like saving an icy fragment of a crashed comet though. Unless the world it came from is in extreme close alignment, the living things die and the objects disintegrate after a short time.

>> No.15829067

Her determination, her smile, her strength holy shit that bitch is strong and the fact she accepted me even with my flaws. I love her lots.

>> No.15829070

Is it a dragon?

>> No.15829071

Hey anon, a loli mucus toad has come forwards and wants to know if you have heard of the Deep Ones.

Do you come to the meeting on the pamphlet and get yourself a free wife?

>> No.15829075

>Your plump, plush lolinubis wants to learn to drive
>Even if she's too young to learn right away, you figure you can give her some lessons like any good dad
>Even if you're not actually her dad, the dynamic between you two slips between father/daughter and husband/wife with natural ease
>So you drive out to some empty lot of abandoned land outside the city, where you won't be caught
>Lolinubis crawls over onto your lap and takes the wheel
>She can barely see over her own paws on it
>Maybe this isn't the best idea, but her tail's wagging so hard against your stomach, and her weight has a delightfully warm comfort to it
>Her feet can't reach the pedals, so you compromise, letting her put her paws over your own feet on the pedals
>She's so serious and eager to learn at the same time, as you walk her through the basics
>Clutch, gears, acceleration, braking, and so on
>She nods after your explanation, but when she's ready to go, she pauses and looks up at you, turning to catch your eyes
>"Uh, could you lift me a bit higher? Please?"
>How could you resist?
>With both hands, you reach under her and clutch at her godlike rear, using your palms as a seat for that perfect softness
>Countless hours of princess carrying, leg-dangling standing sex, play-wrestling and workouts for the sake of being huge for her have toned your body
>Combined with the fact that her ass feels heavenly in your fingers, and you could hold her like this for hours
>Now able to see, she stutteringly starts the car and slowly drives around in meandering circles
>As the initial anxiety fades and her ears come back up from the sides of her head, she starts to enjoy it more and more
>Her confidence builds in a matter of minutes, and soon she's changing gears, making use of the straights to build up speed, and generally having a blast
>The abandoned land is pretty bumpy, however, and each small jolt makes her bounce back down on your lap
>You notice the curve of her rump against your crotch more and more
>Her back pressing against your chest
>The scent of her luscious black hair
>Her sweet, melodious voice every time she whoops or asks if she did something well
>And the fact that, over the course of several minutes, you notice she seems to be intentionally driving over bumpy patches of road more and more
>You ask her what she's doing, trying your hardest to suppress your boner
>She just smiles innocently like the anubian angel she is
>Almost an hour and a half later, the sun's starting to set, and you are fighting the urge to fuck her right there in the driver's seat like Guts resisting the Beast of Darkness
>The anubis is shivering so much she can't even hold the wheel straight
>So you tell her to park up and shut the engine off
>Then you open the door and just carry her out, laying her down on the hood of the car
>Making sure your arms are cradling her butt and head from the hard frame of the car, you pepper her collar with kisses as she clumsily pulls down her skirt and panties
>She closes her eyes, relaxing and giggling as you lavish her body with your mouth
>When you finally stick it in her, the force of your bucking and thrusting into her are probably enough to half the life of your car's suspension
>After nightfall, as you drive back home with her sleeping in the passenger seat, you don't doubt for a second that it was worth it, though

>> No.15829078

Aww how did you know?

Pretty obvious at this point.

>> No.15829080
File: 278 KB, 850x508, 1465440156293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never ravage and spank a fat Cheshire butt while she squeals and ahegaos through her pizza box portal

>> No.15829088

I just didn't understand the "She'd accept me for my flaws" part

>> No.15829090

>You will never order that pizza everyday so you can enjoy that same cat

>> No.15829091

I think the crippling self esteem issues blatantly implied in the post made it easier to guess.

>> No.15829098

So what happens if I pull them out through the boxes?

>> No.15829104

I know I said "despite my flaws" but it was just to make it more meaningful. The only problems I have is the fear of taking the first step and anger problems, I think.

>> No.15829110

She becomes kuudere.

>> No.15829117
File: 126 KB, 456x448, 1461113982007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, do you want that Cheshires belly to be gravid with kittens 9 months down the line?

>> No.15829119

She's cute and underrated.

>> No.15829125
File: 981 KB, 2000x1335, Smug + Genki = Love.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna fuck those Cheshire Twins full of kittens.
And I'll take responsibility too.

>> No.15829127

>not giving her a boost with your erection
You had one job.

>> No.15829128

I'd rather put that hot sauce to good use seeing as they stole my pizza.

>> No.15829129

Witches are the best.

>> No.15829139

Damn. Next time, then. With enhancement spells so that even if she takes in the whole dick, its length and girth will force her to be boosted up by it.
Like a dick-puppet.

>> No.15829143

I've got a bunch of headcannon about the invertebrate monstergirls.

-Ants and Bees have grub-like larvae and they care for every single one in the colony. The young are not sentient until after growing and metamorphosing into the mature form, intelligent but mostly lacking in memories.

-Devilbugs give live birth, usually as twins or triplets, but have comparatively brief pregnancies. Their young are nymphs (very small but otherwise adult-shaped) rather than larva. They grow normally instead of metamorphosing, and develop mentally more or less like human children do. They are not as unintelligent as the encyclopedia suggests; most species simply lack vocal cords. However, a few large tropical species are quite articulate and sing beautifully.

-Arachne lay hundreds of eggs into a silk sac and care for/guard them until they hatch. Spiderlings are very small and more monstrous than their mature state; they hang around the mother's territory and hunt smaller prey (or steal scraps from mom). The mother mostly ignores them as minor pests until they grow large enough to gain more humanoid aspects and intelligence. Mortality rates are high among hatchlings, which is a bit of a shock for both husbands and other monstergirls unfamiliar with arachne.

-Scorpion pregnancies are infrequent, but they give birth to dozens of nymphs at a time. They care for all of them and the young often share territory for most of their lives. Scorp's family culture is probably the one closest to humans.

>> No.15829146
File: 281 KB, 900x1758, Weird Fishes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Nereid: http://pastebin.com/wienVbfT

>> No.15829150

I want to make her pregnant.

>> No.15829153

>Arachne lay hundreds of eggs into a silk sac and care for/guard them until they hatch
I only ever saw Arachnes as having clutches of 3-5 daughterus.

>> No.15829154

In my setting Scorpions are roughly similar, though a few have a good relationship with Sandworms.

>> No.15829156

Thanks anon

>> No.15829158

But she's still young. And she'll be even plumper, and start developing her breasts early.
And it'll be your job to be with her almost 24/7 to support her through all aspects of childbirth.

>> No.15829165

Who's the cutest monstergirl?

>> No.15829168

Can she or the kid even live through thay considering how underdeveloped she is?

>> No.15829170

Hellhound and Cheshire Cat.

>> No.15829171


>> No.15829176
File: 131 KB, 1000x1000, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it even a competition?

>> No.15829178

The fluffy ones and maybe familiar.

>> No.15829180

Still trying to work on the details but might as well.

There's a powerful Lilim in the north who rules her kingdom.
The Lilim's best friend is a Lich who she helped on the path to becoming what she is.
The kingdom itself is large with a reasonable population but it's mostly spread out into small towns and villages with some of the more wild girls preferring the mountains and caves.
In one of the jungle regions of the setting, there's an area controlled by a tribe of brown Jinkos who wear tribal outfits and paint markings on their faces.
Molten sandworms exist in volcanic areas, their bodies made up of hard scales that resemble rock and it's not uncommon for them to be seen dripping with lava.
The strongest non-Lilim entity in the setting is a dragon although most believe it's the head Baphomet, the dragon finds it amusing and lets the misunderstanding slide to humour her flat chested rival.
Honestly my setting's pretty shit but at least I enjoy it.

>> No.15829192

Reminder that your waifu loves you

>> No.15829195

>That last part

Baphos are weaker than dragons in mine too, but Baphos are too childish to accept that.

>> No.15829199

Monstergirl physiology ensures her body is able to bear the birthing process without abnormal risk.
That she's part wolf would mean that she wouldn't be as debilitated by pregnancy as a human is.
Just read about all the ways a human fetus will parasitise its mother's body, and imagine that all that is nonexistent as far as monstergirls are concerned.

>> No.15829204
File: 209 KB, 626x885, 19e318e1279a22eb958a19134788114e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost any of them when small.

>> No.15829205

Even with the high mortality rate, wouldn't that need to a lot of Arachne? Unless they die as often as sea turtle babies.

>> No.15829212

Why does she love me?

>> No.15829224

>you will never wake up with a mofu pile made of your kids on top of you

>> No.15829225

Could be like that one insect species in Old Man's war that eat each other until they gain sentience. It's explained that this loss and fear helps them have empathy in their adult years. At one point, they decided to segregate their young to keep them from eating each other and wound up with one of the largest most dangerous empires in known history, both because of the explosive reproduction rate and the lack of empathy by the adults. A load of other species had to band together and kick their asses so bad they almost went extinct.

>> No.15829229

Crow Tengu.

>> No.15829230

In mine Baphos are stronger than dragons in general but it's just that that specific dragon is so freakishly strong that she could probably make a Lilim break a sweat and take her seriously if she went rogue. Not enough to beat one mind you and she has no reason to.

>> No.15829236

Remind her that I feel the same.

>> No.15829239

>Sleeping with your mofu waifu
>Hear the pitter patter of rain on the window
>Hey, wait a minute. Isn't there supposed to be a thunder sto-
>Lightning flashes
>Thunder shakes the house
>Your mofu daughters rush into your room and huddle against you underneath the covers
>Everything from the neck down is just mofu
>Your mofu waifu has apparently claimed your arm in an iron grip
>And she says she's not afraid of thunderstorms anymore

>> No.15829275

The best way to spend a storm.
Storms are really comfy when you get to stay inside and not have to go anywhere.

>> No.15829290

Ain't it the truth
They suck when you're shitpo- err, doing something productive on the computer and the power goes out
Mainly because it freaks me out every time

>> No.15829294

Every time it comes up, I can't help but think that the thing with monstergirls of any kind being afraid of thunderstorms is the dumbest fucking shit in the world.
No offense, but it's so, so goddamn retarded.

>> No.15829299

Ever had a dog?

>> No.15829300

Now this sounds like a fantastic way to spend an evening.

>> No.15829305

>Literally comparing sapient monstergirls to animals with no way to comprehend what a thunderstorm is

Are you being satirical?

>> No.15829306

Same here.

>> No.15829312

They're still girls at the end of the day. Known more than one girl who were terrified of lightning even in their 20s.

>> No.15829318

Is it really so farfetched to think that just maybe beast-MGs might retain a few instincts?
I mean if you want humans in fancy clothing, go for it, but I like it when MGs act inhuman to a degree.

>> No.15829331

Werewolves digging into bedding to get comfortable.

>> No.15829340

Time for ants
Ant colonies exist as sovereign entities united by dynasties

They have a monopoly on railroads, and openly import from both angelic and demonic realms

Antgirls possess six limbs, and usually use two for walking, or four when walking on the side or roof of tunnels. Under extreme stress or panic, they revert to primal instincts and skitter about on all six.

The queen is only directly involved in raising more queens. Workers and soldiers are raised by ants of the same caste, whom they see as mother figures despite being older sisters.

None of them are sterile, but the presence of a queen suppresses their reproductive instinct(although they're still fine with sex), although if their husband really wants a kid, they might be willing to oblige.

Colonies without queens can exist, but without a queen controlling the population those colonies have problems with class warfare until someone becomes the new queen.

>> No.15829346

>walk into your bedroom one evening
>there's an enormous lump under the covers and a tail sticking out the side
>you approach as quietly as you can
>tail starts wagging

>> No.15829359

Yes, when it's reducing them to the level of a literal fucking animal.
That fear of thunder comes from an animal's inability to understand it. They just comprehend it as something big, unknown and loud, like a predator big enough to roar like a thunderclap.

A monstergirl would easily be able to understand "oh, it's just a storm" and still be able to function without turning into your scared little princess who needs to be protected every time a loud noise so much as occurs near her.
Sure, some instincts might remain, making one jump a bit, maybe make the tail stick out.

But to think that some foxgirl or wolfgirl is going to be mentally regressed until they're a domesticated dog is just, kind of sad.

>> No.15829379

Dude, you're taking this way too seriously

>> No.15829385

The only correct answer in this situation is to get under the covers with her for maximum comfy cuddles.

Some people are afraid of thunder too anon.
It might just be her phobia.

>> No.15829393

People taking something seriously in the monstergirl thread?
Well, I never.

>> No.15829394

>without turning into your scared little princess who needs to be protected
Are you seriously trying to argue that this is a maledom issue?

>> No.15829396

Come on down, anon. I don't think stilts are good for that horse of yours.

>> No.15829408

>That fear of thunder comes from an animal's inability to understand it.
Surely you have a citation that it is SOLELY this and not instinct in any way, shape, or form.

>> No.15829413

I gotta agree with you. But you gotta understand where you are. Cute always wins out, no matter how stupid. And girls being afraid of thunder is still several levels below stupidity like lactating chocolate milk and icecream.

If you want to make a war on stupid stuff anon, there are higher value targets.

>> No.15829414

No. Just basic physiology and psychology.

If people can argue with such righteousness about the dumb stuff they do here, so can I.

>> No.15829417
File: 55 KB, 204x184, 1369545536035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never be breastfed by a holstaurus

>> No.15829430

>without turning into your scared little princess who needs to be protected
Careful there, starting to sound like a group of people you probably don't want to be associated with.

You really seem mad though.

>> No.15829432

>starting to sound like a group of people you probably don't want to be associated with.
Salty shitposters?

>> No.15829436

It's bullshit too, because there's adults who are scared of insects, mice, dogs and all kinds of other silly things that they understand but just don't like.
He's just pissed off at an idea and trying to justify his stance.

>> No.15829440

I'm mostly pissed off because there's this fucking fly which has been in my room for the last hour or so. I've been taking swings at it, but the motherfucker just won't stay dead even after a direct hit.
Fuck flies.

>> No.15829442

>A monstergirl would easily be able to understand "oh, it's just a storm" and still be able to function without turning into your scared little princess who needs to be protected every time a loud noise so much as occurs near her.

What if Druella was scared of thunderstorms

>> No.15829445

Another group that starts with S and ends in W. I don't really want to open that can of wurms though.

>> No.15829446

Do those fears reduce them to the intelligence level of an ape every time they get scared?

Yeah, didn't think so.

>> No.15829451


>> No.15829452
File: 175 KB, 561x799, tmp_30947-1359765720169918220740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want my wife and daughter to wrap around me comfy in bed during a spooky thunder storm.
Is that so much to ask?

>> No.15829456

Apparently yes

>> No.15829460

Silly MGTOW's obviously anon

>> No.15829466

>being scared of something = fucking retarded
What is wrong with you?

>> No.15829472

But that doesn't start with an S.

>> No.15829477

When did I ever equate a person being scared of something to them being retarded?
When you have a grown person completely unable to act independently or intelligently without finding the nearest man and giving him a full body hug out of fear of the big, scary thunder, then yes, that's when the idea itself could be called retarded, maybe.

>> No.15829481

Silly starts with an S

>> No.15829485

Not him, but I actually spent several years working as an assistant to an animal behaviorist. He's right that it's not so much instinct as it is fear of loud noises. Not only is it just scary, dogs can also hear at much higher and lower sound frequencies. Things such as fireworks and thunder can actually be physically painful.

>> No.15829490

Fear of thunder is an extreamly commen phobia anon.

My mom has it, so does my grandma.

They might not NEED to go to someone else, but it makes it more comforting to have someone you love nearbye to get through it

>> No.15829497

>missing the point this much
It's called looking for comfort. The same way a real woman would run to her husband if there was a huge scary spider, it happens in real life all the time. It's no stretch to think that a highly affectionate race such as monster girls would use it as an excuse to get some hugs.

>> No.15829501

>without finding the nearest man and giving him a full body hug
Might want to reread that greentext, although it appears you're offended by the idea that an MG might want support.

>> No.15829518

I want my big, powerful dragon waifu to scream and cry because she's terrified of spiders. Arachnophobia is sexy and I like it when my girls are utterly incapable of dealing with everyday things.

>> No.15829528

>Giving your waifu arachnophobia
>tfw arachnophobic
>tfw seeing a spider before going to sleep, grabbing something to kill it, and suddenly not seeing it anymore
>Wanting to give this fear to your waifu


>> No.15829529
File: 332 KB, 550x440, 1471663349858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, you really are assblasted.

>> No.15829534

>>tfw seeing a spider before going to sleep, grabbing something to kill it, and suddenly not seeing it anymore
>Taking your eyes off a spider
You monumental fool. Remember the first rule:
NEVER EVER take your eyes off a spider

>> No.15829536

Smug cat won't be so smug when I hug her.

>> No.15829540

It's actually my first post today, but this whole argument is stupid. If I want a cuddly hellhound or manticore, anon blasts me for making everything "moeblob" but making even the most tough girls terrified of lightning is okay.

I don't get this place sometimes.

>> No.15829541

>not barehanding that eight legged freak into the next life
Your kung fu is weak, Daniel-san.

>> No.15829542

When you hug her, she is smug.
When you try to ignore her, she is smug.
When you spank the misbehaving cat, she is smug.

>> No.15829543

No anon, then she's going to get even smugger!
But only around other girls as she brags about how much she loves you. In that moment she'll just have a big goofy smile on her face.

>> No.15829544

>>Taking your eyes off a spider
>Not checking to see if what you're about to grab isn't in fact another spider

You naive fool

>> No.15829548

Interestingly enough, this particular combination has been done before. Ah, gap moe, the worst moe.

>> No.15829549

I'll give a kiss right on the lips!

I'll even stare right into her eyes!

>> No.15829550

We weren't talking about hellhounds, dumbass.
The greentext that started this only referred to them as a "mofu," which usually brings up foxes first and foremost. And the butthurt post in response said "monstergirls of any kind."

>> No.15829558

>checking to see if what you're about to grab isn't in fact another spider
>Not letting nature settle itself

You baka fool

>> No.15829563

Spiders are the only crawlies I allow in my house.
They keep everything else away and they leave me alone.

>> No.15829566

The last time we allowed nature to settle itself we ended up with spiders that learned how to hide

>> No.15829570

You have no idea how exceptionally well timed you are, I'll mail you a Happy Art Fairy™

>> No.15829571

And the first example given was a dog.

>> No.15829572

I hope you were planning on having children anon, because you're about to give that Cheshire a whole lot of children.
She's going to get so goddamn smug around her friends while she shows you off and brags about how wonderful you are. Levels of smug thought unattainable.
And she'll have Heart Pupils whenever she looks at you.

>> No.15829576

Which sounds like Kobold to me.

>> No.15829577

Hellhounds aren't the only dog monstergirls anon.
Kobolds and Werewolves exist too.

>> No.15829580
File: 193 KB, 1190x1680, 1467776295239-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>modern society where the male to female ratio is 15 to 1
>monster girls can subconsciously choose when they get pregnant
>daughteru dicking is verbotten

>> No.15829582

But then anon went on a rant about the fear being based on instinct. If it was instinctual, why wouldn't it apply to all canine based MGs?

>> No.15829585

>daughteru dicking is verbotten

>> No.15829588

If there's a theoretical upper limit on smug, I'm pretty sure a Cheshire showing off her man in public hits it.

The instinctual fear may be there, but how they deal with it would vary by MG species.

>> No.15829592

>Not-Leviathan rules the seas and wrecks the face of anyone who thinks otherwise.
So much this, I had some idea about this Godzilla sized White Whale girl who lived at the bottom of the ocean.
Her name is Levi-chan and all she really wants is a friend.

>> No.15829594

>male to female ratio is 15 to 1

I think you worded that wrong, anon.

>> No.15829601

>If there's a theoretical upper limit on smug, I'm pretty sure a Cheshire showing off her man in public hits it.
Not only that, but the sheer ridiculous amount of affection she's showing would even make a Yeti blush.

>> No.15829606

Spirit energy and DE are two sides of the same coin and inherently linked to the soul of the individual. As the person changes through experience, his/her energy would subtly change as well.

A few things that tie in with this
1. MGs can sense this energy more readily than humans and find compatible mates (their soulmate) with it.
2. A male/MG couple can't get have children until their energy is in "alignment". Once they've become bound together completely and both want children, the MG can't get pregnant.

It solves several issues. MGs won't fall for cruel or evil men, and the husband doesn't become a father before he's ready.

>> No.15829611

>I'm pretty sure a Cheshire showing off her man in public hits it

Nah, it'd be a Cheshire showing off her kids

>> No.15829614

...the MG *can* get pregnant

>> No.15829616

He loves his waifu so much, he's willing to and certain that he'll eliminate all the competition before they get her.

>> No.15829631

>"Look at them! Look how wonderful they are! Me and my wonderful husband made these!"
>Meanwhile her kids are just blushing and asking their mother to stop embarrassing them in front of her old school friends.

>> No.15829633

Goddammit you're right. I'm so out of it right now. I've been up for three days straight. Maybe I should get some sleep.

>> No.15829638

>I've been up for three days straight.
What the fuck are you doing man?

>> No.15829640
File: 3.17 MB, 3200x2000, Sleepy Anubis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's dangerously unhealthy. Seriously, three days? Take an early night.

>> No.15829642

>monster girls can subconsciously choose when they get pregnant
Don't go full retard anon.

Just stop with your bullshit already.

>> No.15829647

I love embarrassing monster moms.

>> No.15829657
File: 663 KB, 735x1000, slime carrier chocolate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Late reply, but that's an incorrect interpretation. The profile clearly states the host retains their sentience and free will, and the only thing the slime does is meld with/alter their body, and ramp up their sex drive.

The slime is whats absorbed by the host, not the other way around. They have one mind, the hosts, which has become a lewd monsters like any other monster girl.

>> No.15829662

Oh god I know what my waifu would do to show of our daughteru.

A fucking daughteru battle club. Dammit waifu.

>> No.15829681

Not while that snake is watching

>> No.15829684

But Anon... The snake is always watching.

>> No.15829691

She looks way cuter with those thigh bracelets, instead of the thigh-highs in the normal profile art.

You don't see nearly enough of thigh bracelets in anything.

>> No.15829693

>C'mon boy go kiss her foot.
>C'mon I don't wanna spend another night with her all sad sayin' she can't get a nice slave boy and eatin' all that ice-cream
>Shit man she can pack it away, I gotta go to the store every other day and buy her near a crate of it.

>> No.15829696

B-but where does it all go?

>> No.15829699

Poor snake, it must suffer more than an Apophis.

>> No.15829703

She doesn't sleep. She simply rows a boat out into the middle of a lake with a lantern and a buttonbox concertina at sundown.

Doesn't explain the fucking bars of refined metals at the morning crow, though.

>> No.15829705

Is the snake hypnotic?

>> No.15829712

>Where you think man? This bitch got a booty like you wouldn't believe.
He gets by okay. He just wants his Pharaoh to get with a nice human boy so he can get one of the few non-monsterised snakes around.

>> No.15829725

Is it wrong that I imagined two daughterus getting in a ring with Socker Boppers and fighting until one of them's too exhausted to get up while their mothers cheer from the sidelines?
What monstergirl's your waifu anon? Because I bet my Hellhound daughteru can beat your daughteru.

>> No.15829734
File: 359 KB, 753x1100, 285_mucus_toad_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>[Triangle] Seieki Daisuki Rui-chan no Semeseme Ningen Choukyou Nikki
I should have checked this before, too good. If you ignore the funny business with him face fucking an actual frog for one page.

>> No.15829744

You're right.
I don't believe it.

Bring me to her so that I may see this booty.

>> No.15829748

She is a Pharaoh anon, you will see the booty when you prove to be a valuable servant.

And chair.

>> No.15829751

You can't see it because she's sitting on her throne and she's a bit embarrassed by it.
Nothing you couldn't fix with a little ass appreciation though.

>> No.15829760

>Pharaoh who never gets out of her chair for the entire day because she is too important to walk anywhere and NOT because her butt is stuck

>> No.15829761

Then I'll bring her double ice cream so I can see it.

Oh, it would get appreciated alright.

>> No.15829765
File: 11 KB, 243x207, 1439751506943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Ara ara~ You wouldn't believe the Oedipus complex he had growing up~ I guess that's one of the perks of my condition. No. Sagging~"
>Wight-Mom talking to your Lich waifu while she just stares blankly at the difference between their bosoms and hips
>Looks back at you
>Flushes an ever slight blush
You always were an ass man.

>> No.15829770

I want to see her blush when I oil up her fat butt to help her out of her chair so she can sit on my lap.

>> No.15829773

>Oh, it would get appreciated alright.

So are you going to appreciate it so much she starts to flaunt it and it becomes fashionable in the kingdom to have a big badonkadonk?

>> No.15829777

Not that anon, but I bet my manticore daughteru would be pretty shitty at fighting. Her wings and tail are easy targets for bullying. She's gonna come crying back and bury her head into manti-momma's mane. My waifu will cradle her protectively within her large, leathery wings. We'll have her laughing and happy again after a few rounds of tail kissing and playing airplane.

>> No.15829782

Many monster girls prefer seduction over rape. They'll take a human they like back to their home and tell him he can leave whenever he wants to. Since they're supernaturally attractive and literally built for sex, few manage to do so.

>> No.15829787

So much that she starts wearing clothes that emphasize her extra large rear.

>> No.15829794

Be careful. It's quite an ass.
You're going to create a paradise for assmen.

>> No.15829811

And I am ready for that, although I'll need to ensure that the pharoah has the biggest.

>> No.15829816

>Be careful. It's quite an ass.
I can't guarantee that I won't praise it so much she starts getting smug.
I wouldn't be able to resist taking off my pants if she told me to.

>> No.15829818

my brother

>> No.15829823

How would you do that?
Anon, do you like hotdogs?

>> No.15829828


>> No.15829834

Well I'm sure you can guess the rest.

>> No.15829837

Well, ice cream seems to be working so far, although I may know of another trick.

If groping breasts can make them bigger, then how about groping her rear?

>> No.15829839
File: 193 KB, 700x986, miriel dark mage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need a thick mage nee-san to study with! So I can get her out of the house after she turns into a lich!

>> No.15829840
File: 265 KB, 490x900, c46110392351eb9bfff2e9c36e92d52a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me, Anon, what does your waifu's voice sound like?

>> No.15829846

Well you can always try Anon.

>> No.15829853

Oh, I will.

I'll massage her rear every day for an hour or two in the hopes of keeping her with the largest of rears.

>> No.15829854
File: 29 KB, 565x478, 1451868379118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forget something?

>> No.15829855

The husbands of monster girls live just as long as their wives, and monster girls have varying lifespans based on their race. A bug or plant type monster girl would have a lifespan similar to that of a human, about 100 years. Beastman types, like minotaurs and werewolves around 500. Dark beast types can easily hit 1000 years. Dragons and demonic types can live up to 5000. Undead monster girls obviously can live on forever. Particularly powerful individuals can easily double their lifespans.

Life in mamono realms is completely care free. There's no need to work, unless you want to. The technology and culture in these realms lag behind that of human lands and/or is a complete ripoff of what humans have developed. However, magic has developed much quicker and is more advanced than what is in human lands. Most of the spells and potions developed are obviously for lewd purposes, so much so that whatever your fetish, you can do it with the help of magic, unless it's NTR.

Due to the scarcity of single men, monster girls usually settle with the first guy they fuck, exceptions being rare and powerful ones, like lilims, dragons, baphomets, vampires, etc. Better hope your first encounter with a monster girl isn't a matango.

Appearances aren't what monster girls target men for, since magic can correct just about anything wrong with you physically. They tend to go after guys with high libido which correlates to having more spirit energy/mana that monster girls love so much.

There are variants for just about every type of monster girl that have adapted to different environments. So instead of just grizzlies, you have polar bear grizzlies and black bear grizzlies. Rockworms and dirtworms are variants of the sandworm that live in mountainous and cooler climates.

I like the idea of undead kingdoms being accessed through tombs and such.

>> No.15829858

Nope! That nerd needs to learn how to live on her own! Good riddens!

>> No.15829859

You're a real hero Anon.

>> No.15829866

But I want to have a child with her.

>> No.15829867

Hiromi Hirata

>> No.15829870
File: 841 KB, 1129x1241, 1473648276202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I imagine she sounds like the vocalist from this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhhEYe5Hczo

Raiju needs love too!

>> No.15829871

I'm just a man who likes large rears.
Even if its size embarrasses the pharaoh.

>> No.15829887

>"Ara ara~ You wouldn't believe the Oedipus complex he had growing up~ I guess that's one of the perks of my condition. No. Sagging~"
I want to make Wightmom my wife too.

>> No.15829890
File: 611 KB, 642x900, 05587fd583e964b8190e9faf25605e93.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheshire maids?

>> No.15829894

Well she's going to need heirs

Never mind that she's immortal she just wants an excuse.

>> No.15829901

>Black and white cheshire.

i want that.

>> No.15829909

Silent movie Cheshire?

>> No.15829913

I want a black and a white cheshire.

>> No.15829914

I'll princess carry her into her room and then caress her from behind while I pump into her and feel her ass jiggle with every thrust.
I'll cuddle her afterwards and stroke her hair while telling her how much she means to me!

>> No.15829919

>Quiet, black and white cheshire that lets her pranks and small, but mischevious, smile do the talking.

Yeah, that's nice.

>> No.15829926
File: 156 KB, 956x1200, CoW-4dnVUAAESre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheshires can have fur colors outside the standard violet can't they? If so, white hair/fur with black stripes would look great on a milkmaid Cheshire.

>> No.15829930 [SPOILER] 
File: 382 KB, 1366x768, 1473725749536.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elves are for?

>> No.15829933


>> No.15829936

God damn I want to fuck those smug cat tits.

>> No.15829939

Go back to /a/.

>> No.15829940

I do imagine they come in a variety of colors, mostly blues, reds, and violets, but Black and white would be very good too.
And they'd all be great as milk maids, especially if she starts teasing you with her large chest and you reciprocate by slipping more holst milk in her food to mess with her.

>> No.15829947

>tfw a big tiddy Cheshire will never molest you on the subway

>> No.15829955

That was good, you really work fast.

>> No.15829960

I don't remember the last time I saw you here.

>> No.15829964

He posted a colored version of a /d/ Hellhound .less image for kicks.

>> No.15829970

So he turned into another faggot as well?

Good to know.

>> No.15829976


>> No.15829984

>Wanting to make a Wightmom your wife
I wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.15829989

Well, I was away from Internet since late April.

And it's not like I can contribute much here.

>> No.15830009

>no cubby kakuen to lose wheight with

>> No.15830029
File: 231 KB, 1276x610, SMUG2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW this is what being the only male to a Holstaur baker mom and sister is like

>> No.15830033

>Smug Holstaur Onee-san and Mom
Oh to be adopted into that family.

>> No.15830065
File: 323 KB, 1536x2048, 1460378729225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your Cheshire milkmaid will never warp in front of you, and dangle her massive breasts in front of you while asking if you want anything
>You will never run your hands through her luscious white fur and hair while draining her breasts of their bounty by mouth
>You will never trace a finger along her spine and cause her to arch her back in pleasure
>You will never squeeze her thick thighs and occasionally spank her plump rear
>The combined sensations on her breasts, back, thighs, and ass will never cause her to roll her eyes back for a particularly loud orgasm
>You will never remove her clothes off and carry her off to bed while she holds you close with her silky paws

>> No.15830077

Late reply because biology is dumb as fuck, but my waifu is a tomboy black dragon, so I think my daughteru will put up a good fight.

>> No.15830087

Do you think that it'll end in a draw that causes our daughterus stand up and shake hands over a good fight forming a strong friendship?

>> No.15830097

But what if they started to give you baked goods they baked using their own breast milk as the cremé for, knowing you'd get addicted to the taste?

>> No.15830102

Then I might end up turning into a slut for them.

>> No.15830120

The flames of battle in their hearts burn even brighter now, Anon. Looks like they will be best friends.

>> No.15830127
File: 193 KB, 566x800, e63fac81f7f1675b1c798c79ce634bd2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tits, the short term cure for depression.

>> No.15830137

>She breaks the branches she tries to stay on

>> No.15830143

Wanna make her the biggest and the milkiest.

>> No.15830144

> slime waifu
Our daughteru wouldn't even know she's in a fight, she'd think it's just play-wrestling
Apologies in advance if my daughteru ends up dissolving your daughteru's clothes and essentially tentacle-raping her as a means of effecting a submission hold. But really, what did you think would happen, throwing her into the ring with a slime?

>> No.15830145

Doesn't the guy end up breeding her?

>> No.15830151

They doesn't work.

>> No.15830156

With her and a lamia. He ends married with two girls.

>> No.15830169

But if you have constant access to a short term cure, isn't it permanent?

>> No.15830179

>Daughteru ends up trying to vaporize your slime


>> No.15830208

>Slime turns into a cloud for a while till she regains her form

>> No.15830222

>Cloud slime can do acid rain

You have a powerful daughteru, Anon, you just haven't noticed that yet.

>> No.15830265

You keep improving.
Nice to see you can do this style too.

>> No.15830306

Oh wow. You've been gone from here for a while. How come?

>> No.15830317

Cloud slime could tentacle rape her opponent using nothing but her own gaseous form. How does one fight such a foe?

>> No.15830339

> Accidentally inhale a cloud slime
> have all your blood explode out of you when she tries to reform and you've absorbed her vapors
> end up just a skeleton standing amidst a bloody mess and a horrified slime waifu
> take a moment to play the xylephone on your ribs before falling apart.

>> No.15830362

Could I get a source for that good sir?

>> No.15830366

Because that happens when anyone consumes Slime Jelly, right?

>> No.15830367

Just like Spider-Man
Pretty sure a liquid slimegirl would be able to do something scary like that too, though.

>> No.15830381

Sexing, tender or rough.

also, long time no see

>> No.15830439

>That extraordinarily awkward feeling when your best friend's identical twin sister drinks the succubus kool-aid at some highschool party with her friends and has been trying to take a ride on your bologna-pony ever since.

>> No.15830440

I want to have a an older salamander try to bully me until she goes too far one day and we fight so hard that she heart pupils.

>> No.15830443

My daughteru's bark is definitely worse than her bite. Plus, she's too much of a masochist to try to win.

>> No.15830451
File: 1.02 MB, 1576x1522, sunnyday.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15830452

Id rathed her be a tad younger then me.

>> No.15830456

Those are adorable little ryus and a beautiful wife.

Would happily get coiled around by all of them.

>> No.15830459

But fighting up is the best!

>> No.15830460

Ice daughterus can beat that easily.

>> No.15830462

>tails wagging happily
I feel the sunshine in my heart.

>> No.15830466

>beautiful wife

You do know that's a Ryu, right? A big, fat, emotional mess one.

>> No.15830467


>> No.15830471

So the best kind?
Because she looks soft and cuddly. I wanna make more daughterus with her.

>> No.15830483

That Ryu is old! And fat!

>> No.15830484

And a dork.

>> No.15830489


Which makes her the cutest ryu!
Gonna fill that shrine with little ryus!
They'll outnumber the hebis!

>> No.15830493
File: 1.58 MB, 1560x2200, goodnight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, I don't feel like bullying the Ryus anymore.

Look at the little thing. People used to call her stupid and irresponsible whenever bad weather came and it didn't feel like she was popular even though she is a dragon. I though it could be funny to bully her together with everyone, but maybe deep inside I just wanted her to be known.
Called her big, old, lonely a bunch of times, and this was just proof that deep inside people loved her lots and lots. Hell, she even got a bunch of latenight's drawings and some daughterus.

I guess I'm too sleepy and might be writing a bunch of bullshit or whatever, but while it does make me happy when I see that image with the daughterus, it also makes me a little sad that I don't know how to bully her anymore. What am I doing?

>> No.15830494

Since they're identical, that means your friend's a woman too.
Corrupt her as well for a bigamy end.

>> No.15830497


is there a limit to how many daughters a monster girl will want to make with you?

>> No.15830501

I presume as many as you want and as many times you are able to impregnate her.

I don't know if they ever go infertile.

>> No.15830509


>> No.15830511

She barely knows how to take care of two, do you think she'll be able to take care of a whole shrine? Also, I don't think the hehehebis will be babysitting them considering they'll be going on dates with their boyfriends.

>> No.15830521

It'll just be part of their duties!
During the day at least.

At night it will be family time and when the older girls get big enough then they can babysit.

And I believe in the waifu!
She can raise those daughterus with help!

>> No.15830542

>with help

From who? Don't tell me you plan on being with them all the time, Anon. She might be a little too happy that you are taking responsibility and might get a little too touchy after the little stars go to sleep. Surely you wouldn't want to engage in such obscene acts with a crybaby like her. She will coil around you and keep going on and on about how much she loves you.

>> No.15830549

Of course I'm going to be there to help!
I'll play with the daughterus, change them, and read them stories each evening!

And I most certainly wouldn't mind doing anything a cry baby like her. Because she's my crybaby.

>> No.15830574

Good night Anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, please remember that bullying monster girls is forbidden unless you work in one of THOSE gentlewomen's clubs

>> No.15830589
File: 69 KB, 500x700, Hay Spud~.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everybody in monstergirl land is impervious to unintentional harm. Cowgirl position with a giant monstergirl just feels snug as opposed to powdering your pelvis, and a centaur won't break a leg if she trips on a pot hole.

>> No.15830614

What club?

>> No.15830616

You know what will happens if you say things like that to her, right?
She will remember the days she spent alone in her shrine, daydreaming about the day she would manage to seduce a young boy and marry him, only to snap back to reality and cry all alone in the dark corners of her room. Then the memories of when you appeared up and showed her how much brighter and sunny a day can be. How even after showing her weak side, you still comforted her and made her clouded mind clear up with a big, shining smile. She will cry a lot you know? She will keep calling your name over and over again to make sure you are real and still there, and maybe she'll even try to feel you with her whole body, Anon.
I don't think this is a good idea. Are you sure you want to stay together with a woman such as her?

>> No.15830632

I only work at the Mofu Club as fluff brushing director

>> No.15830647

>My daughteru can beat up your daughteru!

My god.
What have we become?

>> No.15830654

Hey, I work independently. I just can't drum up business without slipping a business card down an alp's shirt or two.

>> No.15830661

We've become a competition for second place, because nobody can beat my Shoggoth daughteru!

>> No.15830668

Blame >>15829662 's waifu.

>> No.15830670

Im stil surprised at how much both activity and quality this part makes the lesser amount of sense the thread lost since september hit

>> No.15830678

To page 62.

Feel free to enjoy the rest of it too, if ya like.

>> No.15830679

I want to carry a harpy around on my back. Unrelated but I also want to marry that harpy and start a happy family.

>> No.15830681

Running out of things to talk about. I just lurk for the drawfags/writefags at this point.

>> No.15830685
File: 172 KB, 252x352, charaF_2016_0912_2236_22_820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why aren't you making you're waifu ATM?

>> No.15830690

Anon, do you not know what a Socker Bopper is?
We're not making them fight like animals. Nothing below the belt and nothing above shoulders.

>> No.15830698

Things have been slowing down quite a lot recently. I'm not sure if the board is moving faster or what, but we aren't hitting image limit and sometimes we don't even hit 2000 posts.

>> No.15830702

I know, of course.

But still, there's something inherently childish about it. And I'm not talking about the little girls swatting at each other with cushioned weapons.

>> No.15830713



>> No.15830714

Why would I make her an ATM?

>> No.15830717

It's the waifus cheering for their little girls like they were little girls themselves. It's the bestial natures of monsters coming back, but in a cuter.

>> No.15830723
File: 513 KB, 1200x2000, 1438929481018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?

>> No.15830725

I've made my waifu several times, in character generators scattered about the web. I have yet to find a really good one though.

>> No.15830736

/tg/ plz go

>> No.15830738

I did make her a few days ago, but they weren't monster parts, so she wasn't complete.

>> No.15830744

Is there anything of them making babies

>> No.15830747

Still really want battle maiden ryu & shirohebi.

>> No.15830751

I pay other people to do it for me, at least the visual parts.

>> No.15830767

Ditto man, but even they have slowed down recently.

I dont think we've hit even 2000 for the last 2-3 threads. I just hope all this inactivity doesnt involve/include the guys who translates the profiles.

>> No.15830771

Of course things slowed down in September, school is back in full force.

>> No.15830779

Do not trust the hakutakus

>> No.15830781

Even then, I remember the times when a new profile spurred days of brainstorming and fun content.

BullyTurtle was posted, and got like fifty posts about her, tops. Otohime was posted and got maybe thirty.

>> No.15830782

I love birds. I love them so much.

>> No.15830784

Give them bananas instead of apples. It'll be more fun to watch her eat it.

>> No.15830789
File: 133 KB, 1200x675, 1454628247949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I'm sure there's at least one out there that loves you back.

>> No.15830813
File: 248 KB, 950x453, lamia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15830824

I miss that shit m8, now whenever something new comes out its barely recognized for the most part and people keep going back to posting the same 3-4 girls with the same personalities that could be described with 2-3 words.

>> No.15830829
File: 354 KB, 686x822, 1416904594447.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whine! Whine and contribute nothing! That's what you're good for!

>> No.15830830

It's not too surprising the hype got diluted with so many new arrivals.

>> No.15830838

Most of the newer ones just don't have the potential of something like a mindflayer.

>> No.15830843

People are probably waiting for ones like Gremlin, Griffon and those two Zipangu girls whose names I can't remember.
Those ones seemed to have the most hype when they got revealed if I'm remembering correctly.

>> No.15830851

Hey man i try to contribute. I write and talk n shit, but all i do is peanuts compared to everyone posting all the same stuff over and over again

>> No.15830852

Watch them be the last ones and everyone be dead by then.

>> No.15830857
File: 99 KB, 370x600, 1409799249086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So which girls is it okay to talk about, anon?

>> No.15830865

I'm waiting for Automaton, myself

>> No.15830867
File: 409 KB, 1507x1240, 1468559651416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So do mimics get really good at walking on their hands? Or do they just wait for a strong man to come along?

How much space is actually in those chests?

>> No.15830877

They grow little legs on those chests, like The Luggage from Discworld.

>> No.15830878

Time Lord technology.

It's bigger on the inside

>> No.15830882

Maybe they hop around all over the place, like kids in a sack race.

>> No.15830884

Sorry for whining and bitching, ill stop now. But its just makes me sad tonsee how everything lights up if you ctrl f Wolfu, wan, and lich in almost every thread of this kind for the last 3-4 months

>> No.15830889

It gets bigger when you pull on it

>> No.15830890
File: 136 KB, 733x850, 1437729569670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Answer my question.

>> No.15830895

Don't make fun of them or they'll kick you!
They can do a lot of kicking with hundreds of tiny legs.

>> No.15830898

Ah, thats probably pretty likely.
But this is just plain adorable. I would love to watch my mimic girlfriend try and bounce her way to the bedroom, tipping over constantly as she goes.

Assumed as much. I wonder if they have a whole private sanctum inside their chests, where they can just kick back and laze about.

Of course, as soon as someone opens the chest, the mimic is thrust outward from the chest forcibly, even if she was in the shower or something.

>> No.15830914
File: 211 KB, 819x614, 134584354534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>See you tonight, handsome~

>> No.15830917

I haven't had a dream in a couple of days now. I hope it'll be nice.

>> No.15830920

>Your dreams will never be invaded by a Night Mare

>> No.15830921


if you passed out in a bar, would the nightmare take the chance to go inside your dream right then and there?

>> No.15830923

Joke's on you, I've had nightmares for the past week.
I sure hope you enjoy the Omv Ricket, or whatever the hell the thing with the arms is called, it's a dream so I can't remember it exactly.

>> No.15830924

Joke's on her, I don't even have dreams!

>> No.15830925
File: 573 KB, 1200x946, 12345768453453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want drunk dreamhorses to stay out of my dreams.

>> No.15830927

Hope you have fun getting stuck in my dream catcher.

>> No.15830933

Would that count as BDSM + abandonment play?

>> No.15830934

What kind of faggot dreams about reading?

>> No.15830937

I mean, she's welcome to join me in dreamland, but lately its been a real fucking trip. I've never had dreams as vivid as I've been having the last two weeks.

>> No.15830938


While she rapes you in your dreams, your passed out body will be raped by another Monster Girl.

It's like a threesome that you can't prevent.

>> No.15830943

I'm going to sleep right now. Hopefully my waifu will protect me against those mean horses.

>> No.15830945

Someone from the literature part of a christian image board.

>> No.15830948

P-Please, I just want a normal, refreshing sleep.

>> No.15830951

Someone who doesn't realize he's dreaming.

>> No.15830952
File: 1.34 MB, 850x1200, 1469064295817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never breed a monstergirl with this height, thickness, and level of assertiveness

>> No.15830953

Didn't /lit/ stalk some woman from a youtube channel about books?

>> No.15830959

How awkward would it be when the Mindflayer at the bar, and Nightmare by the tables, both show up at the same time in your head to seduce you?

>> No.15830961
File: 431 KB, 600x2304, 1467167804906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15830970

What if she helps you sleep better by making your dream a calm soothing one?

Fuck you, I shouldn't be laughing this hard.

>> No.15830971


>> No.15830972

You mean they aren't just flat?

>> No.15830973

> While she rapes you in your dreams, your passed out body will be raped by another Monster Girl.

Anon plz. It's my fantasy to captured, raped, and thrown out like an empty juice carton when I'm emptied, only to be picked up from the garbage heap by another monstergirl and put through the cycle again.

I imagine starting the night in a tuxedo being molested by a classy wight in the back room of her spoopy castle-mansion, and by the time dawn creeps over me I'm in tattered rags being gangraped by the devil bugs in the basement, after passing through who knows how many sets of grubby hands during my sexual descent down the social ladder.

>> No.15830975

Now that's hilarious

>> No.15830976

Where? I don't see any.

>> No.15830980

Those certainly don't look like women, anon.

Either that or the artist can draw a feminine face to save his life.

>> No.15830981

All that fire is behaving rather oddly.

>> No.15830984

Poor thing, she doesn't even have a flying goblin to blame it on.

>> No.15830995

10/10 fantasy i might steal this to think about on my own time

>> No.15830999
File: 215 KB, 500x442, MAMONO MANA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would a Monster Girl version of The Kingpin of Crime be?

>> No.15831003

Chainsmoking alice

>> No.15831020

Hooray for the Spiderman trauma.

>> No.15831027

I needed>>15831020
to understand that reference.

>> No.15831032

Very tender and inspiring. Nice work.

>> No.15831056

Yeah, it was awful.
She was such a sweetheart, and they just got so fucking creepy.

>> No.15831061

The worst part about it is that completely fits, they weren't creepy by feminist standards. Those faggots were going way over the line.

>> No.15831071
File: 133 KB, 410x600, Kunoichi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know about that, but I do know who Daredevil would be.

>> No.15831078
File: 227 KB, 960x1280, 1457471463556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A particularly pudgy Minotaur (since Kingpin got that lowkey strength)

>> No.15831079

Werebat maybe?

>> No.15831080

Kunoichis are cute, really god damn cute!

>> No.15831081

>Attack of the Buff Kakuen

>> No.15831083

I love the idea of a jadded old hag trapped in an Alices body, chain smoking herself to the grave while tending bar.

>> No.15831086

Pull on their tails, it's their only non-lewd weakness.

>> No.15831088

>Pulling on tails isn't lewd
Nigger, do you know where you are?

>> No.15831089

>Bat with ninja skills
I like it. We need art of this.

>> No.15831095

But doesn't it just make them unable to move?

How could that be lewd?

>> No.15831100
File: 290 KB, 672x1200, Ren_Xiongmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pandas are no longer endangered
never to lazy to fuck

>> No.15831103

That was beautiful, and quite romantic. Great work.

>> No.15831112

wait really? source?

>> No.15831117


>> No.15831120


>> No.15831124

huh. guess they finally developed a sex drive.

Red panda edit when? >>15831100

>> No.15831128

You know what they say, never say no to panda!

>> No.15831131


Not to /pol/ post, but, if it's like anything else I've learned regarding mainland china, don't believe anything involving numbers that hasn't been independently verified....

>> No.15831139

So if I dont pick up the cheese ill get raped?

>> No.15831142

I suppose that's good now that giraffes are?

>> No.15831148

>Bags full of shopping
>On your doorstep trying to fiddle with keys
>Panda appears next to you with a hapy, lewd grin on her face
>Asks if you want a quick fuck
>Laugh a little and say your hands are a bit busy
>Lift the armful of bags to demonstrate this
>The expression from her face drops
~Just you know why~
~Why you and I~
>And with a single swipe of her paw, she knocks everything out of your arms making it go scatteringall over the shop
>Cans of tomato soup go flying up into the air
>And with another swipe she claws it in twain
>While stomping your carton of milk and spraying it all over your front steps
>And kicking your loaf of bread away
>She turns back to look at you
~Just you know why~
~Why you and I~

>> No.15831161

That Panda is getting punched.

>> No.15831164

>Nervously tell you son to go get more panda cheese.
>She eyes him and licks her lips.
>Tell him to get another.
>She nods and walks on.

These pandas I swear.

>> No.15831178

>>She eyes him and licks her lips.
>Allowing her to walk off after threatening your son's virginity like that
What kind of father are you? A boy's virginity is for his childhood friend.

>> No.15831182

>No kunoichi to use her blade-tail to give me a shave

>> No.15831185

Being forced to give out consent to a monster girl after she physically threatens you sounds way hotter than it should be

>> No.15831187

Get you head out of the generic gutter
childhood friend is not always best girl

>> No.15831189

So you would just throw your son to the wolves? Is that the kind of father you are, anon?

>> No.15831192

Don't want to mess with that Panda.

>> No.15831194

The wolves are nice girls. Don't you see how much love they get here?

>> No.15831199

I remember a short lived manga where one of the girls was the self-proclaimed "childhood friend against his will"

>> No.15831204

I'm not talking about Wolfus, anon. Wolfus are cuddly and very nice women.

I'm talking about actual wolves.

>> No.15831208

I want to teach a werewolf the peanut butter trick

>> No.15831213

Anon no.

>> No.15831216

the what?

>> No.15831219

You sick bastard

>> No.15831230

I'll do it! I'll make sure the peanut butter's crunchy too!

>> No.15831233

Reminder that geese harpies are not your friend

>> No.15831243
File: 176 KB, 702x886, theydontloveyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that monstergirls only want you for your energy.

>> No.15831247

No way man. They appreciate the dickings too.

>> No.15831249

Reminder that human women only want you for your assets.

Only monstergirls can love you unconditionally!

>> No.15831251

Doesn't matter, had sex

>> No.15831252

>No cute chubby Ryu family to attack you with hugs and coils

>> No.15831253

How else she she going to do the dark matter spirit bomb?

>> No.15831265

Would it be possible to gain a lilims love and trust?

and then kill her in her sleep?

>> No.15831272

I guess, assuming she doesn't have some sort of magical insurance policy that returns her to a previous state or something.

>> No.15831283

Go to bed, you have school tomorrow.

>> No.15831284

Hell if he found you had a folder of bunnygirls that would just make you Hugh Hefner.

>> No.15831285

>magical insurance policy
"Hyperion recommends checking for any excess limbs before continuing your adventure."

>> No.15831287

These are important questions. How else can I protect my fellow man from the tyranny of monstergirls?

>> No.15831290

Oh I'm sure you can protect without roleplaying like a wiki faggot.

>> No.15831292

You don't. You accept the sweet loving embrace of Monster girls.

>> No.15831298

You sound awfully upset. I think someone needs a nice Paladin girl to hug.

>> No.15831300
File: 67 KB, 404x600, 1426617827516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hog the sow!
Kiss her low!

>> No.15831301

You sick your dick in prime quality waresheep and and avoid ruler types like the plague

>> No.15831327

>You will never be in a secret underground warehouse where your Gremlin waifu unveils her latest invention.
>It will never explode in both your faces causing her to slowly weep.
>You will never cheer her up by saying that explosion was awesome and she is truly a master of her crafts.
>She will never suddenly laugh and say "just as planned" before picking up the scraps and rebuilding with renewed vigor and a smile on her face.

Feels bad, man.

>> No.15831350
File: 584 KB, 707x1425, hoodie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh. So you went the science route, huh? With the hyperactive jumpsuit wearing one? It's your waifu and all, so that's cool I guess.

I mean, I guess having a lich waifu like mine isn't so much different. Except, you know, the whole 'undead' thing. Not having to worry about how many days you spend just cuddling is pretty nice. Oh, but she doesn't have that energy gremlins have, no sir. She's calm and relaxed all the time, wearing a straight face even when sinking me into perverted schemes.

"What are you talking about, anon? The goo pit is perfectly comfortable. Come swimming with me."
"But it's glowing and-"
"perfectly safe. Daijoubu."
"Isn't it moving over there?"
"Get in the sli- innocuous goo, husband."

They both are thinkers and creators in a way, so that's similar. Except mine works with the Sabbath. You know, the leading industry of development in the world? Where does your waifu work again? Her basement, you said? Independent work must be nice. Very... free.

Sorry anon, couldn't resist.

>> No.15831367

> Humanity is in danger of freezing over!
> Will Kakuen ever be able to overcome the evil Emperess Glacies?
> Can the Mon-warriors overcome this mighty foe?
> Who was this mysterious "master" our frozen foe alluded to?
> Find out next time, on Ryu-Ball-Z!

>> No.15831375

>the next episode is six minutes of the opening and a recap of what happened before, 2 minutes of them staring at each other and characters reacting to it, then 7 minutes of commercials, then a recap of what happened before the commercials, then someone says something, close-ups of peoples reactions to what was said, then the ending narration, then 3 minutes of the ending theme and next episode preview

>> No.15831385

She would get too into the fact I would buckle at the knees when hearing any form of praise. Too into the fact I enjoy her guidance to help me find direction, too into the squire who eagerly does what she wants without question with a smile, so long as he has a goal to strive for.

She'll go full dom and into a Lilim with a gentle femdom fetish before the next moon.

>> No.15831386

The pain of basic cable. I remember it well.

>> No.15831392
File: 409 KB, 900x700, 1419319223109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well you summoned me, so you better feed me!

>> No.15831393

6+2+7+recap+new+3 = 18 + recap + new
30 = 18 + r + n
12 = r + n

even if the internal episode recap is equal to the series recap at the start, this is scarily true in the timeslot provided. This is no exaggeration, people. abridged is better than the new series. It might be better than the original too- even the cringeworthiest of jokes still don't take up twice the time of the new information.

>> No.15831396

Sorry, I'm an idiot so I can't offer a witty retort or any particularly intellectual banter.

I can see why that whole undead thing is so enticing, yes. Being able to gently cuddle without a care for all eternity and all that. I imagine it must be very... warm...

Besides, seeing someone with so much energy run around is very inspiring, I suppose living every day together with laughter and explosions is good enough for me.

Also, the Sabbath you say? Wow, you got some connections, there. Must admit I'm rather impressed. Oh, and I said 'secret underground warehouse'. I can see how you might mistake them, but believe me; can't fit a ship in a basement.

>> No.15831399

Freeloaderbus please, my balls are like raisins after you just have your breakfast.

>> No.15831400

Hm? Yeah, there's some sandwiches and cola or tea in the fridge. Grab the chips from the pantry if you're getting up, would you? I wanna solve this sheet before taking a break. Thanks again for helping me with logarithmic functions, class prez!

>> No.15831405

What villainy is this?

>> No.15831413

You don't want the turkey and swiss, huh? Well we could always order pizza, but every time I do there's this purple cat that keeps sneaking into the box and eating it all before I get any... Well, I guess we have time for fish tacos? There's a family restaurant up the street that does traditional tortillas made there and everything.

>> No.15831414

I love DBZAbridged. TFS just seems to get better with time. The voice acting is definitely higher quality than most legit dubs, and they manage to keep the spirit of the source material, while cutting a ton of the fat, and writing out some great jokes.

>> No.15831417

My Popo!

>> No.15831422

At once! I live to serve!

>> No.15831431


>> No.15831436

Forced corruption, Not my cup of tea, but well written; which is what I imagine what most people reacted to the story.
Welcome to the world of different tastes anon

>> No.15831449


>> No.15831450

>quod erat demonstrandum: when forced into a situation where dangerous monstergirls are near, the 'boneheaded hero tactic' can be utilized to avoid any unwanted rape. By giving off an aura of either purity or stupidity the enemy is stunned into gentle compliance for a time, however this is an advanced tactic not to be attempted by amateurs. Take note that this does not always work on oneesan type monsters, who may actually be riled up sexually by the same tactic.

>> No.15831473


DE cant make men incubi unless they do a voluntary ritual.

Slimes/Shoggs can have a semi-normal pregnancy.

On earth only about 15 Percent more mg than men. Just enough for competition, not enough for mass MG suffering. Other side of the gate can be the standard harem ratio.

MG can be 3dpd but it is against their instincts.

Just a bunch of hugbox crap honesty

>> No.15831477

>Take note that this does always work on oneesan type monsters every single time, who are definitely never riled up sexually by the same tactic.
Fixed. Mou~ Tell the truth anon.

>> No.15831522

>In a far off magical land there exist curses called PHOBIAS capable of rendering adult monstergirls afraid of small spiders, mice and flying insects.
>You must take the role of SirJustusWarrior, honorary graduate of psych 101 to end this curse cast by the Wizards of the Patriarchy.
>Finish showing the Dragon Queen how insignificant small rodents are to her liberated, independent self.
>Get bit by the small mouse.
>Die of rabies.

>> No.15831526


Monstergirls *can* be civilized by a good husbando, but if left to their own devices their behaviour is very animal-like: they just want to rut and suck all day, be pregnant constantly, and let their kids slither off into the undergrowth rather than raise them. That's why the population doesn't explode: not due to infertility, but because the childhood follows the Rules Of Nature.

Monstergirls know that all humans hate and fear them, and most of them know they don't have the resources to keep a man prisoner, so they mostly pump-n-dump because they assume relationships are Can Not Have. If she wakes up in her nest and you haven't run away in the night, she'll probably be terrified.

>> No.15831530

It's like our world, but the girls are starting to get through to us on a conceptual level, and the more ethereal ones, like the Elementals, are starting to manifest.

>> No.15831535

Reminder, your 3dpd girl wants your wallet and your pool boy, in that order

>> No.15831542

Paladin-chan only wants three things.Your love. Your devotion, and your sons.

>> No.15831546

Bit of a late reply, but you ever read the "His Dark Materials" books?
There was a reason most common people had a dog or wolf for a soul.
Humans love doggos.

>> No.15831588
File: 417 KB, 648x905, 1427448851589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Join the Platoon Pristine and take over the world!

>> No.15831617

Eh, I'd rather the Moorauders and enjoy some cow based barbarias

>> No.15831620
File: 195 KB, 700x1030, 1434620551581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We live in yurts!

>> No.15831631

They also make cheese.

>> No.15831636


>> No.15831677
File: 448 KB, 725x1024, 1433314035768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Knights ho!

>> No.15831688
File: 218 KB, 857x511, Prepare yourself!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got my knight right here!

>> No.15831689
File: 48 KB, 680x699, 1469233537458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you don't give them your energy, they win.

>> No.15831694

That looks like there going for a tag move

>> No.15831698

>Dragoon is totally into it and serious
>Wyvern is just glad to be spending time with him

>> No.15831704

No, I told you before that I am a bartender, not an escort

>> No.15831711
File: 456 KB, 1703x1703, Knight and dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought that was a dragon?

>> No.15831716

I assumed Wyvern because partnership with a knight, it could very well be a Dragon.

>> No.15831724
File: 2.63 MB, 2700x3150, 25101008_p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For honor!

>> No.15831738

I would do terrible things to that maus if she wound up in my dungeon

>> No.15831757

Like what?

>> No.15831758

You too? Would you ruin her, or make her so obedient she fights for you with glee?

>> No.15831762

Ruin her as a fighter.
Nothing breaks ones pride like making her near worthless as a fighter

>> No.15831771

You're going to need to elaborate on the process anon.

>> No.15831777

Well, she doesn't look particularly busty so getting her an overly large chest would throw her balance off a bit.
Her muscles would need to be weakened so some extended time tied up could help get rid of them, as would reducing her protein intake, possibly with an increase in sweets and junk food to replace it with useless stuff

Lastly, we'd need to break her will so a little bit of 'servant training' would help make her loyal

>> No.15831807
File: 1.34 MB, 900x1900, 1428304915439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How droll.

>> No.15831827

Are you telling me that binding up a maus, slapping her with a riding crop, forcing her to have sweets/holst milk, and getting into some advanced orgasm denial for weeks is boring?

>> No.15831831

Not him, but that sounds dull as shit.

>> No.15831833

Shit you know how to give the feels too, I'm still amazed you just appeared out of nowhere.

Guess it's obvious you have been writing quite the time before starting here.

>> No.15831843

Well, I'll go be dull with the maus, elf, centaur, and mermaid that tried to bust in.

>> No.15831857

>It's so boring I need to include other girls to justify hanging up a perfectly fine piece of maus ass and doing nothing with it.

>> No.15831865

Anon, you don't don't 'that' to them until you've fully broken them!

You can also bind them up real good and hNg them from the ceiling like chandeliers

>> No.15831873

>Not having savage, animalistic sex with a fierce biker maus who is constantly fighting you for the dominant position, culminating in the two of you being hot, sweaty and quivering, fucking eachother well past your stamina reserves until all that's left is gentle yet passionate grinding and short, deep thrusts.

>> No.15831882
File: 693 KB, 900x9195, 1469392257625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15831887

Might at well just spend the entire time petting her until she gets addicted to your dungeon master hand.

>> No.15831893

The idea is cute, but would patching a wing like that even work?

>> No.15831898

Just pretend it works, it's for her sake.

>> No.15831907

Eh, that could be a side thing too.

I mean, it's not like every mind breaking needs to involve filling every orifice with dice centaur sized vibrators

>> No.15831913
File: 407 KB, 700x700, pet mouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15831921


>> No.15831926
File: 568 KB, 960x1200, tumblr_nxkoapl2vS1r5kws5o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15831953

I want her to squirt all over that cookie and then I want to eat it while she watches.

>> No.15831956

I swear to god, this guy has the best anti-humor on the fucking web.

>> No.15831967
File: 106 KB, 850x993, 1440063559445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ice Cream?

>> No.15831970

I cream.

>> No.15831975

This, Fairies work on belief.

>> No.15832022

Not for the hot monsters.

>> No.15832074

So as a combination to looking back at some early shit and celebrating my first full year here. I've fixed it the first piece i ever did

If i'm right, the only major problem would be tense use.

part of me is thinking of putting some money aside to commission one of my characters, who do you think I should do?

>> No.15832087

So if i say "I do believe in big breasted tall Titantas" over and over again I'll get one.

>> No.15832088
File: 72 KB, 500x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Oh no, look how heavy it's raining. Guess you can't go to work, the roads are all slippy. You'll have to stay in and cuddle me all day"

>> No.15832097

Yes. One will appear in your dreams and maje sure you feel good.

>> No.15832098

Sure you will little Billy. Sure you willl.

>> No.15832105

Has it really been a year already? It feels like you've been with us for a lot longer, glad you stuck around though.

Get the character that your heart tells you to, I think that's always the most important thing with commissions.

>> No.15832109

How good?
Aw gee wiz thanks mister!

>> No.15832110

>gee wiz
Although I fear little Billy will turn into little Billie by the time the Titania shows up, and then they'll go out looking for cocks together.

>> No.15832118

He's not like that he's just innocent.

>> No.15832126

And the love of cock is the most innocent love of all, you're not fooling me. Whack it with a stick! Whack it I say!

>> No.15832127

How good do you think it is to be happy?

>> No.15832132

He just wants his Titania onee-chan anon, leave him alone.

>> No.15832168

What is your waifu's favorite food anon?

>> No.15832173


>> No.15832187

Extra spicy meat curry. She deosn't like fruits vegetables that much though.

>> No.15832202

Probably my cum.

>> No.15832204

My waifu and yours should be friends.

>> No.15832212


It's the only one anyway

>> No.15832244

Smoked BBQ yak meat

>> No.15832250

This a Yeti we're talking about?

>> No.15832255

What species is your waifu? I bet they would make the spiciest curry ever.

>> No.15832259

Well she's dark and scaly and has an affinity to fire, but I won't reveal the secret.

>> No.15832290

Would you look at that. Mine is also black and scaly, she also like to breath fire a lot.

They would definitely be good friends.

>> No.15832294

Two little Alps sitting in a tree~
Spilling S-P-A-G-H-E-T-T-I

>> No.15832305
File: 116 KB, 393x600, Salamandra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M-mine is actually a Salamander.

>> No.15832320

Yes, but it could also apply to wendigos

>> No.15832325

Wendigos are North-American. Yaks are not found in North-America.

>> No.15832336

Hey now, my waifu might be a black dragon, but that doesn't mean I'm alphy.

Don't lie about her, she will be sad.

>> No.15832339

I've decided I'm going to become an archaeologist when I grow up, and I'll go excavating the ancient pagan ruins of my country that nobody has given two shits about in the past couple thousand years.
Which girl would be a good partner for that? I'm not asking for someone who has seen that shit in use herself, because that takes away the romance of discovery. I mean someone who doesn't mind camping out inna woods and excavating and being mostly bored.

>> No.15832346

I'm not lying! I've talked about her before! She's 190cm tall and she's a metalhead!

>> No.15832357

>I've decided I'm going to become an archaeologist
That's what I'm studying

Since my waifu is rich as fuck I imagine she finances my excavations

>> No.15832365

Wendigos want to move to get away from the colder climates and take their coats off, enjoy some wholesome American television like Hell's Kitchen and Bobby Flay

>> No.15832367

>No mature, proud dragon that squeals like a little girl when her husband gives her new gems.
>She will never keep the first one you got for her round her neck

>> No.15832372

Where do you find all these gems? They're not just lying around, are they?
Are they? Anyway, to keep posting you have to pay, shall we say, a small fee?
>Pay 300 gems []
>No thanks! []

>> No.15832386

the husband would be a treasure hunter, all the gems and jewellery are given to the dragon, help he sells the other relics to fund his trips

>> No.15832391

This post smells of 'coon,

>> No.15832393

Bear, actually.

>> No.15832400

Took me a bit. Dammit, Moneybags.

>> No.15832405

It's been a long time since you played the three Spyro games, hasn't it?
You should replay them. I did it a while ago. Great stuff.

>> No.15832408

Goddamn its been too long since I've played old spyro, I missef the ref completly
fuck that guy

>> No.15832412

Fuck off Justin. You've somehow managed to be an even worse PM than your father.

>> No.15832417

Please explain who that guy is

>> No.15832427
File: 387 KB, 900x900, 1458123826239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Study hard, archaeologist anons. History is being treated as less and less important these days.

>> No.15832431

Canadian Prime Minister CURRANT YEAR

>> No.15832437

The Dear Leader of Canada who says "If you kill your enemies, they win"

>> No.15832439

That's OK. I'm pretty sure history is just whatever you feel it is.
I heard that it was written by the victors and we all know what shitlords they are.

>> No.15832441

That's loser talk, boy!

>> No.15832445

Thank you

>> No.15832449

Fook that, eh?

>> No.15832454

Crow Tengu

>> No.15832457

There is none, shit's held in place by magic and they ain't gotta explain shit, be it a city of monstergirls or a remote shrine. It's magic bitch, I'm not so autistic as to start making up big worlds for my fap material.

Also this will cause butthurt but since you asked: maledom not existing is the constant in all of it I guess, maledomfags just get an amazon or something to fix them.

>> No.15832470

More of a ass clench for me. Id rather there be no dom past the rape

>> No.15832498

well memed fags

>> No.15832517
File: 597 KB, 774x1083, 1436447365898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to try a full-body tentacle massage and some suction-cup hickies.

>> No.15832529

Steak, medium rare, with a side of Arby's curly fries.
And pineapple.

>> No.15832530

I want to massage a Kraken's tentacles

>> No.15832535

>You will never roleplay a outbreak with a zombie harem

>> No.15832550

Can I fucking be fucking Negan, fuck?

>> No.15832553
File: 186 KB, 200x152, 1434660525280.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>YUGE girl rubbing her sweaty pussy in her male's face to "mark him" and make him see the appeal of her scent
>MFW huge sweaty dire wolf doing this to you after practice

>> No.15832560

I'd rather that be how I meet them.
>Monstergirl invasion of our world
>One tactic is to let Ghouls and Zombies swarm a city.
>You'll never run away from a pack of about five Zombies and a Ghoul who noticed you.
>You'll never trip and fall, allowing them to catch up.
>You'll never quiver in fear as they tear off your shirt, hoping you'll at least die quick.
>You'll never be surprised when they just huddle around you and cuddle you while the Ghoul assaults your mouth with her tongue.
>"He's waaarm~"
>"Found one~"
>"So waaaarm~"
>You'll never be carried off by them to your house.
>They'll never cuddlefuck you for days.
>You'll never walk out of that house the day peace is made with six loving Wight waifus.

>> No.15832567

Better yet, roleplaying a zombie outbreak with a harem of normal monster girls
>they're the "zombies"
>you're armed with a nerf gun and foam bat
>if you get caught they can have their way with you freely and do what they want
>if you win, the last "zombie" you took out has to lay down and let you have your way with her how you want, regardless her preferences
>the games are always competitive and winning side always changes, as does who the last "zombie" is

>> No.15832596

That sounds fun as fuck, granted even at 25, i still want nerf toys

>> No.15832601

Well I'm not taking responsibility for a bunch of shitskins destroying their own history like retards.

>> No.15832606

They're way better now than they were when I was a kid man.
Nerf is pretty much a family friendly arms dealer now.

>> No.15832607

It's not just them, history as a subject is being cut down on in grade school in the future. At least where I live it's getting replaced with language classes and gym.
And not just any language, but one spoken by 5% of the population but that everyone has to learn because the law says so.

>> No.15832626

They improved massively over the years and competition is always fun regardless of age.

>> No.15832638
File: 311 KB, 2048x1536, CsPQPfKVYAAd6FK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your Yeti neighbour cooked a bit too much food and wants to share the extras, you would accept her offer right?

>> No.15832639

I guess so, but this means she's got to come over my place some other night so I can treat her.

>> No.15832653
File: 338 KB, 803x786, 1451927173560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want this, but with a YUGE Onee-Familiar.

>> No.15832664

That sounds AMAZING.

>> No.15832670 [SPOILER] 
File: 99 KB, 500x600, 1473786124762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you impregnate and take responsibility?

>> No.15832671


>> No.15832682

In a fuckin heartbeat anon

>> No.15832696

She looks so sad in that "nobody will ever love me" kind of way. So yeah, i'd give her a child if I never ran into one of my favorite species.

>> No.15832704

Absolutely, centipedes are lovely (and the smelly is one of the worst memes to come out of this place)

>> No.15832708
File: 94 KB, 736x641, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a child

Anon, centipedes lay many, many eggs.

>> No.15832712

>that pose
It's like she's saying "MINE, BACK OFF".

>> No.15832714


>> No.15832715

That's exactly what she's saying.

>> No.15832718

Just a little bit.

>> No.15832720

That means I'll have to repay her, either a menial task around her house that requires dexterity and not huge paws or hugs

>> No.15832724

>you go to comfort her and see your children
>get bitten by overprotective mother

>> No.15832728
File: 554 KB, 700x872, c5WRtjo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oomukade daughterus would probably be adorable too. Just imagine a pair of little gloomy Oomukades coiling around your legs for a hug while their mother takes a photo.

>> No.15832729

I can now imagine an Oomukade behaving like that around her husband.
>Honey, I made half of them, I have every right to told them

>> No.15832735

But all she wants is your happiness.

She perfectly okay with your happiness involving hugs, lewdness and marriage proposals but she's not pushy and would be content with you just enjoying the meal.

>> No.15832736

In your setting, how did you meet you're waifu? Was there rape? Was it traditional dating? some other circumstance?

Tell me the story, and post pic of waifus species.

>> No.15832737

She looks like she just came back from either a ball pit or a pool of jelly beans

>> No.15832740

Who keeps drawing these yetis? The last 2 images are the same style and signed off the same way with the English and Japanese name

>> No.15832741

Oomukade definitely lay less than that if their uncommonness is anything to go by.

>> No.15832742

Pity sex and licking each others' wounds.

I forget which came first.

>> No.15832743

This guy https://twitter.com/gashiwataex378

>> No.15832744

I've never given any thought to such things. I always just concentrate on the bit where I'm cuddling her as I go to sleep.

>> No.15832751
File: 304 KB, 607x678, 1435980242620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Snowball sake and your saliva into her mouth
>Kiss her mouth, her cheek, the hollow of her neck
>Caress her petite breasts, lick her absALWAYSLICKTHEABS
>Drunkenly climb on top of her and FEROCIOUSLY impregnate
>To the point she loses all control of her body and makes sure to use her multitudes of legs to prevent you from pulling out, ensuring insemination
>Continue until Round 32
>All the daughterus

>> No.15832759


>> No.15832760

I wonder if they are sad because they are a grown monster woman with a flat chest.
This centipede is just plain cute.

>> No.15832765

Anon, you are aware snowball means swapping semen orally right? It's not a catch-all for any fluid.

>> No.15832777
File: 126 KB, 800x1131, Young one.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've created a bunch of settings. Some where I find her while exploring, some where we end up together by fate, some where I see her by herself and go for it. There are even some where she finds me and starts the love train.

Doesn't really matter though, we always end up loving each other no matter the circumstances.

>> No.15832783

I'll be her personal daki for one night, anything that happens is up to her

>> No.15832788

I like this Young One.

>> No.15832791

But where would you find a vampire willing to le you use her as a weapon to bludgeon people?

>> No.15832797

I could always just wield a Wurm wrapped in roses.

>> No.15832805
File: 403 KB, 1280x1493, Breakfast is rape with extra sauce.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like to think this is the same guy and he keeps getting harassed by local girls trying to win him over by conquering his stomach.

>> No.15832807

Do I have to eat ALL the eggs though?

>> No.15832813
File: 801 KB, 830x1200, 1440808668694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of the time whenever I make a setting, it involves knights and war and love blooming on the battlefield

One particular one had a Lady knight turn into a demon. cant remember much but her contract as disguised as a simple mercenary one

>> No.15832820

And there I was resisting the urge to make the file name egg related. Damn it.

>> No.15832823

The setting I keep coming back to is the one where she used to be my dog.

>> No.15832827

I swear theres a manga with that, It involved a lot of foot licking for some reason

>> No.15832831

I mean, I'm in to subs and all that, but not so much the foot licking. I feel like that would just tickle too much.

>> No.15832833
File: 129 KB, 850x1061, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Valued worshipper of the rain goddess

>> No.15832842

Usually it's some sort of shit like rekindling a past romance because I know only one way to tell a story.

The other times it's a killing man who's reached his killing prime, weapons of my choice great balls of fire.

>> No.15832885
File: 447 KB, 846x1200, shoggoth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Travel north to escape DL army invasion
>Find ancient ruins
>Its an odd place, my brain trembles
>Climb the tower, and find cult of Chaos girls doing astronomy
>"Ara Ara"
>Crazy orgy
>Young Shoggoth grows attached and starts following me around.

>Spend our years rescuing Chaos girls from DL capture squads

>> No.15832887

We meet as coworkers.

>> No.15832888
File: 254 KB, 800x710, 1448085633649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

6ft. Albino Penguingirls when?

>> No.15832905


>> No.15832906
File: 492 KB, 587x557, 1436919937471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wanting 72" albino noot-noots
>Not wanting Elder Things
>Not wanting Hounds of Tindalos
>Not wanting Yugolonac
>Not wanting Shub-Niggurath
>Not wanting Hastur
>Not wanting Nyarlathotep
>Not wanting the power to move you

>> No.15832917

>Skin colored demon

Why does this feel like heresy?

>> No.15832919

Now there's a blast from the past.

>> No.15832934

>skin colored
you mean sunburn colored?

>> No.15832942
File: 293 KB, 857x1200, whywouldyouwanttoleave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never spend the day in a tentacle girl pit.
Life sucks.

>> No.15832945

meh. I've seen plenty of pink looking white people.

>> No.15832947

Good thing Tentacles get no content like the shit tier girls they are!

>> No.15832953

Budget cuts have forced the pit owners to combine the tentacle girl and slime girl pits.

>> No.15832955

You like tentacles up your butt?

>> No.15832957

That would be nice, but I'd prefer a day in a snake pit or slime pool.

>> No.15832964
File: 266 KB, 858x800, nkBnZms.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doing requests inbetween commissions

>> No.15832971

Dragon handstand.

>> No.15832972

christmas yeti

>> No.15832973

Who are you, and what kind of requests?

>> No.15832981


some mg requests i got before normie things got a hold of me

>> No.15832986

Gazer/Wisp hybrid please. Really want to see something come from that.

>> No.15832991

Living armor battling against a cursed sword over a man.

>> No.15832993

Ah. In that case, a tentacle girl in a one-piece swimsuit? Never mind how she got it on in the first place.

>> No.15832998


A cute kej doing cute things

>> No.15833005

A pregnant stage 3 alp

>> No.15833011
File: 342 KB, 703x1200, wight_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Short-haired musclegirl Wight with tattered armor.

>> No.15833035

Soldier beetle drinking juice

>> No.15833036
File: 77 KB, 600x683, 1469073908339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What bad habits does your waifu have?

>> No.15833039

not existing ;_;

>> No.15833045

Salamander librarian

>> No.15833047

A potato. Just a potato.

>> No.15833051

Mine smokes and drinks both of which are great fetishes. Drunk sex especially.

>> No.15833058


Same here. What a coincidence

>> No.15833061
File: 476 KB, 188x174, sweatinguu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/fit/ bobcut Wight

>> No.15833066

Too many sweets, not enough exercise.

>> No.15833069

Cursing, can get really moody at times.

>> No.15833072

>/fit/ bobcut
My brother

>> No.15833080


>> No.15833090

Fuck I hope I'm not late, any chance of a Hobgoblin in a school swimsuit?

>> No.15833093

Seconding. that was a good hyrbid, and too cute to just let fade into the ether.

>> No.15833094

I had a request from about 5-6 months ago that never got done

>> No.15833096

She starts breathing some fire when she's bored, which might end up burning the house if she isn't careful. It also comes out when she orgasms.

>> No.15833100

well im starting now

>> No.15833104 [SPOILER] 
File: 568 KB, 700x893, 1473793965645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's kinda like XCOM 2 but with monster girls.

>> No.15833105 [DELETED] 

It better be the remaining requests of the 13 from half a year ago first, although I'm not holding much hope

>> No.15833138

Careful not to fall for it.

>> No.15833142

>those faggots that spammed that scaly shit on the eve of XCOM 2's release
>that one faggot that even made a thread OP with one before it thankfully got deleted

>> No.15833156
File: 87 KB, 600x800, 1458616408606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Toads are pretty cool.

>> No.15833163

Queen of intercrural.

>> No.15833183

If you're still taking requests/suggestions, an Anubis in a lab coat?

>> No.15833184

You know you basically gave him a (you) right?

>> No.15833185
File: 133 KB, 1412x1000, 1469583175431-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would anybody not want a thick Onee-san to dote on them everyday and help them take a bath even when they're 25 and living on their own?

>> No.15833189

Why not a wife?
Onee-sans are a meme.

>> No.15833194

Because sisters are the worst thing to have.

>> No.15833196

What 13 requests were those?

>> No.15833198

Futakuchi-onna when, KC?

>> No.15833202


right around the same time as the Rokurokubi

>> No.15833206


>> No.15833212

Not him, but I remember attempting to send something when you were taking requests at that time, but it didn't go through.

>> No.15833220

>First one is literally a request for an edgelord "hates everything especially my dad" robot with a black and red colour scheme, wolverine claws, wearing a fedora and a longcoat, overseeing a burning city

Fucking lel.

>> No.15833228

Oh fuck you're right. Nigga even has a GN Nucleus or some shit.

>> No.15833236

>Said guy also has 'sonic' in the name


>> No.15833237
File: 16 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only thing worth of note in my setting is that the Big Bad, if you even want to call them that is still a male. But he's too busy having his four wives fuck with the fabric of reality to care to do anything.

Fucking Lilith.

>> No.15833244

How are they fucking with the fabric of reality?

>> No.15833253

Well, for starters, that was originally high quality bait in that pic

>> No.15833259

The four wives have the power to lower the resolution of reality?
That sounds like some bizarre Stand power.

>> No.15833266

Oh hey, neat.

The guy who did that one cool Gargoyle pic.

Like, literally the only fanart she's ever gotten.

>> No.15833267
File: 3.58 MB, 360x270, 1469889620806.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They do it like any other powerful spell casters. Finding the proper conduit. One may use humanity's dreams, the other their fears, the other their lust. Anything to make monsters real, it's sort of a 'various circles/planes of reality that never truly intersect or overlap' save for with some kind of interference.

Just like a certain Antarctican Spider helping them for shits-n-giggles.

>> No.15833269


>> No.15833270

You mean the one where she was moving around during daytime?

>> No.15833272

A young Raiju practicing thunder mastery.

>> No.15833274
File: 1006 KB, 2800x1979, yeti.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Extortion is thinking man fetish

he didnt even send a note so :y

>> No.15833277
File: 607 KB, 2800x1979, yeti 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont even know anymore, it's 4 am

>> No.15833278

Nice work! She looks fluffy right down to her eyelashes.
"Manager" only has one "n" in it though.

>> No.15833280

Somehow I feel like this could cause an FDA violation.

>> No.15833283

Maybe the guy's name is Mannager

>> No.15833284

Neat. Almost get a kind of Godhand sense for it, as malevolent entities who each interact with the world through different concepts and themes.

Pretty sure the Atlach's dwelling is in the Arctic though, not the Antarctic.

>> No.15833286
File: 1003 KB, 2800x1979, yeti.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.15833293

This is fine

>> No.15833294

Pretty such that's illegal. What's that text over her ID? Fired?

>> No.15833295
File: 37 KB, 329x266, d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15833298

Everything is fine

>> No.15833300

Just double checked. It is.

The main problem with the whole setting is I suck at writing things in a subtle manner so the only real scene I have in my head is Lilith going to Atlach-Nacha's lair only to be disappointed it looks more like a posh boudoir with lavish throw pillows and a massive loom over Discount Shelob's Lair.

>> No.15833301


>> No.15833302

I bet it's "retired".

>> No.15833305

Inspector yeti I'd like to report a violation, there's white fur in my beer

>> No.15833307

>Extortion is thinking man fetish
>reply to Christmas yeti idea
I'm so confused

>> No.15833309

Better give her the drink equivalent of a Nasty Patty.

>> No.15833311

That was one of the old requests I should know because it was my request.

>> No.15833312

im assuming that's the same guy who sent the request to my dA

in hindsight, yeti cult might be bigger than one person

>> No.15833313

She's a Christmas Cake?

Y'know, in hindsight, that episode was dark as fuck.

>> No.15833321

>yeti cult might be bigger than one person

There's literally handfuls of us.

>> No.15833323

Uh, the christmas yeti post today was mine and i haven't made other requests. I guess yetis are just really popular.

>> No.15833324

Wait....I remember the lower half of that face!

It's the cuddler!

>> No.15833326

Will you still be doing the requests from long ago? I sent a note for that.

>> No.15833328

I sent the suit agent yeti request, another guy requested the Christmas yeti a few minutes ago. I love it by the way, thank you.

>> No.15833330

>White whale
Anon, white whales are dicks.

Levi is a water Dragon that is just really powerful, but has been called a water Wurm before. The people who call her that most of the time end up swept away by a titanic tsunami.

>> No.15833331

Since he just did mine I'm assuming he is doing those8 requests

>> No.15833332

currently in dilemma between sleep and continuing strems

>> No.15833333

It all makes sense now.

It's really cool that he's taking the time to do requests. I wish I had the desire to draw.

>> No.15833335

She's disguising herself as an inspector in a stolen suit, she'll do anything for a hug!

>> No.15833336

It involves alot of canibalism

>> No.15833339

> I wish I had the desire to draw.
>I wish I could want to draw

And the award for dumbest post I've read tonight goes to you. If you want to draw, do so. Make the desire.

>> No.15833340

I knew it!
They called me crazy for memorizing every criminal in Monster Girl City but I knew it would come in handy!

>> No.15833341

Jesus fuck.

>> No.15833350

She played at my field once, and I tried to single her out during a game. She ton exception to this, said if I won the round I could take her on a date. If she won she got to play for free forever. She won, but still wanted a date.

>> No.15833358

A tiny Mantis eating an apple

>> No.15833365

Let me dumb it down for you since you seem to have completely missed the context. I find it really cool that this artist is taking time to do requests and make others happy. I would love to spend my time making others happy, but I don't enjoy drawing enough to do so.

>> No.15833366

A Kobold begging for bellyrubs!

>> No.15833371

I thought about having the mc constantly joke about using team members as food rations in dire situations, as well as there being a noodle incident with a bard, but I don't really feel like doing it.

>> No.15833376

>Discount Shelob

Can you not? I don't expect you to understand Ungoliant's role in LOTR is closer to that of Nyarlathotep as a force of malevolance, with the difference being that it is her hunger and gluttony that threatens reality and the treasures of gods. I don't even expect you to get that Shelob is left both horribly underpowered as compared to her mother and tragically understated on both the books and movies as a sign of decay of the old world. At the very least though, you should know Atlach-Nacha is more of a creator, designing the bridge between our world and another that would likely be it's end.

So as an artisan, of course her home is filled with nice things she finds comfortable. Don't mistake her for some sort of Ushi-Oni conjurer of cheap rapes.

>> No.15833378

Well, enjoyment comes from within.
If you can't get enjoyment from making others happy with your drawings, then you don't really want to make others happy like you claim.

Just saying, it's like an Anon moaning about how they can't be a writefag for whatever stupid reason. All it serves is to make yourself look like a martyr and attention seeker.

>> No.15833379

Quality reply. Reading one anon curbstomp another is always so satisfying.

Have you considered writing instead?

>> No.15833388


How quaint.

>> No.15833389
File: 1.21 MB, 3264x1836, 0829161127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then do something else for the people. Writing, drawing, carving mgs out of wood, just do whatever works for you and such.

>> No.15833394
File: 148 KB, 862x1000, 1469846643439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was more or less referring to the fact that giant spiders usually have webbing everywhere, Anon.

I don't even really care for Tolkein and his Finngolian boner love, though I did enjoy LOTR as a novel series.

>> No.15833398
File: 713 KB, 500x3000, 1470259158478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15833404
File: 806 KB, 650x2291, 1471045558262.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15833406

You still completely miss the point. I like making people happy, but the I absolutely do not like drawing. It's tedious, incredibly detail-minded work, that is uncomfortable with back and wrist pain.

Might be worth trying, though I don't see a lot of writing requests outside of the /d/ thread. I was kind of under the impression writing requests were frowned upon.

>> No.15833409

Little Hellwan deserves a more supportive mother.

>> No.15833416

Cute but I've never been a fan of the edgy symbols and stuff.

>> No.15833422
File: 836 KB, 1280x1920, GRAZED GRAZED GRAZED DODGED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15833425

Knigga just write and ask for suggestions.

>> No.15833441

Never gotten any kind of wrist or back pain, but I do have a concern for the latter, as drawing does involve bending over quite a lot. I wonder if professionals have a proper setup or habit to prevent back pain like that.

As for the requests, they're not frowned upon here.
But the way I see it, a request for something to be written here isn't as overt as just "Any writers, please write [thing]!"
The way I see it, any conversation, greentext, or "What if [thing did a thing]?" post could be seen as a request in it's own right. We're being presented with ideas and potentials, a general calling to the thread to see if someone else might attach themselves to those ideas and realise them in an even more fleshed-out way.
Like that recent gazer-wisp thing. It was just started out as a silly idea talking about fusions, but it's gained some traction now, to the point where people really want art for it. Just keep an eye open for interesting ideas, wherever people ask you to or not, I say.
Also, steal ideas all the time.

>> No.15833443

>I was kind of under the impression writing requests were frowned upon
It's not so much that they're frowned upon, it's that some anons are quick to call you a shill if you only do requests for popular girls.

Plus, you're very limited to the kind of writing that is both quick and fits your personal taste. This usually limits write requests to SoL, which has been getting a lot of hate recently.

This is why writers here ask only for names and such rather than asking for a setting/plot whole deal kind of thing.

>> No.15833453

>asking for names
People this creatively bankrupt should not be writers.

>> No.15833458

>I wonder if professionals have a proper setup or habit to prevent back pain like that
I've seen a couple of amatuer set-ups and even they usually invest in a good chair as well as a stand-up adjustable desk. I'm told that standing at a properly adjusted desk solves so many problems especially if you already have a desk job you come home from.

>> No.15833459

This is heart attack-inducingly adorable.

Heckwan a cute.
I will have a cute image of Anupups forming a human/anubian ladder to reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge someday. Mark my words!

>> No.15833463

I ask for names because I am shit at naming things.
I mean, what kind of name for a demon is Libidinel?

>> No.15833468
File: 1.34 MB, 1024x768, 1393936618514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that this cute jew exists.

>> No.15833470

Anubis ladder you say? I might be of service, even if I am shit.

>> No.15833471

That's very close-minded. It's a way of including people without going for a full-blown request.

There's a difference between "what should I name this OC" and "Would you like your OC to be part of my story?".

>> No.15833473

Do you have the original text of that ladder thing?

>> No.15833477

>being presented with ideas and potentials
This post was a really good way of putting it and I never thought of it like that. I'll keep my eyes open for opportunity.

>> No.15833479

Hey, I can't help it if thinking up names is a weak-point.

Granted that's probably because I overthink them and insist that the name have some sort of quasi-meaning to it. Like giving a dragon something nice that's reflective of the color of her scales without just naming her "Azura" or something simple like that, for instance. Or something not just meaningful, but culturally distinct for girls like an Anubis or Apsaras.

It's not a good habit.

>> No.15833482

Did someone ever do a greentext off of it?

I've just been mentioning it off-handedly for months or years whenever cute daughteru antics come up. Not sure if anyone's ever written anything more substantial related to the idea.

>> No.15833485

>other people's ocs in another person's story
Ha. I doubt anyone cares enough about my donut steelim or Golem with fuckhuge arms and the Int stat of a Wurm to write them in!

>> No.15833495

Well, I meant it more like "Give me an MG you want to see as a lawyer." But who knows, maybe your donut golem will one day see the light of Microsoft Word.

You gotta believe.

>> No.15833497

>Parents drive off somewhere
>Litter of Anubis pups and their adoptive Wurm sister start making a b-line for the fridge
>Atop the mighty metal box of frost is a jar of cookies, and they aim to get them
>The Anupups form a ladder using their own bodies while another climbs them
>They trip on a lego block and tumble over
>They Wurm casually slithers up the fridge like a snake and claims her prize

>> No.15833501
File: 543 KB, 2000x2000, 1440098180497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't even frogpost here correctly, huh? I'd recommend suicide, but wisps don't deserve that cruelty.

>> No.15833503

I would like to be part of a monster digging crew

>> No.15833507
File: 98 KB, 535x339, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was the most smug face I could find in my image folders.

>> No.15833510

As if. Sandy is uninteresting compared to loli Anubi or Cheshire kittens high off catnip, and Lani is too donut steelix for anyone to write, so I guess it will be up to me.
Of course, I do plan on mentioning other OCs in my crap.

>> No.15833511

I find myself ponder two things.

1) What sequence of circumstances would lead to an Anubis and her husbando adopting a Wurm?

2) How would she manage to slither up the fridge, given that one side would be against a wall preventing her from coiling around it, and it's unlikely she'd be able to get a good enough grip on the vertical surface to essentially "Walk" right up it?

>> No.15833513

They would make you dig them with your shovel.

>> No.15833520

The parents thought she was adorable when pretending to be a dog.

It isn't a 100% smooth fridge, so there's just enough for her to climb up like a snike climbs up a tree.

>> No.15833529

Who is better between those two? Frog or fish?

>> No.15833533

Fish has a 100% better hairstyle, but loses in every other field.

>> No.15833545

Fish is kuudere. So that's pretty neat.

>> No.15833549

1) A wurm sacrificed herself saving the anubis mother during a mech-related incident, and the anubis vowed to raise the wurm's daughter

2) Wurm scales are naturally magnetic. In fact, they have a sensory ability that allows them to use magnetic fields to detect the composition of earth around them when digging, with a sensory organ that receives feedback to determine their surroundings even through the earth. By focusing that ability, they can locate underground structures, and imperfections such as ore deposits or buried objects with ease.

>> No.15833554

That actually sounds really neat.

>> No.15833557


The Wurm we need, but not the one we deserve.

>> No.15833577

Why am I picturing a Wurm sacrificing herself while doing some DBZ salute from within a mech?

>> No.15833590

MG Daredevil would be a Boxer Kobold

>> No.15833595
File: 692 KB, 1001x938, bff472bb2a313102e7f54ad1f038a268c02ae585dec25921b42ad01392129590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder to headpat your waifu at least five times a day.

>> No.15833598

Not even with a rented dick.

>> No.15833600

That raiju is fat.

>> No.15833601
File: 1.04 MB, 1500x1200, 39633122_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [sa