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I really, really, really, REALLY hope Hiroyouki-san doesn't get rid of /jp/ in a cost-cutting measure!

I love /jp/! It's a cute board where I can talk about cute Touhous with other cute girls!

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If that were the case, then what are some good alternatives to /jp/?

I love this place, but we need to move on when it dies

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/jp/ is slow so I guess it doesn't use much bandwith.
He should do something to piss off people from /pol/, /b/ or /v/ so lots of people leave, kinda like moot said that he likes how the other chans taking people away is actually good for costs.

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It's back to /a/ then :^)

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Develop something that can detect frogposting, awooposting etc. Autoban for 24h every time the user posts an image that is detected. Bring back visible sage.

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He should. Most of the people from those boards are cancerous anyway. Well, /v/ is okay despite it's blatant elitism, at least it's better than the other two. /r9k/ is kinda cancerous as well.

I'm not seeing what this would accomplish honestly... if you try to take away one kind of shitposting it just gets replaced by another. That's not to mention actually making a system to effectively detect them in the first place.

Also there's no reason for visible sage. All it does is help cultivate atmospheres of hostility.

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I didn't mean to say that as a way to talk badly about other people, I just think those three boards are the most numerous boards so probably the ones that cost more to run.
Unless /gif/ or /hr/ with their bigger and more numerous images/videos consume more.

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Most porn boards should be nuked, they serve no purpose

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