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Putting the love in Lovecraftian.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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Kobolds are very cute!

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That's better.

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Cute Dragons!

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There should only be one MG thred. Honestly.

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>There should only be one MG thred. Honestly.
That's how things are, and how they should and will stay thankfully enough.

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That's why I love them.

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Sub Draws the best Foxs

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Do shoggoths struggle to maintain a comprehensive form and jiggle/undulate when you tickle them?

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No, I mean on all of /jp/. Like there's a monster musume thread up too. That doesn't belong on /jp/ Take it to /a/ or post here, y'know?

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I already had 6 monster girl dreams in total, 2 with wolfs and 4 with dragons. Too bad I can only control when I have them a little bit.

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That one's been here half the day and I have no idea why.

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Feels weird seeing delicious thighs on a Shogg.

They have enough trouble not squealing in bliss just from you touching them

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I want to see an armored shog

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I wasn't even that that MM thread was up until the previous thread was archived.

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Yeah, some guy was spamming that thread on multiple boards the other day

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Shogs are master imitators and shapeshifters, so of course they can hold their shape.

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Shoggoths are the best thick girls.

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I want to see a battle maid Shoggoth form a lance from her own body while protecting her young mastah.

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It's because she jiggles, isn't it?

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Not exactly a dream

>Have frequent night terrors for some reason, the type you just wake up and run out the room without thinking before you fully wake up and realize what you were doing and feel like a retard
>One night, have a night terror that has some actual degree of sense in it, happened before but they're like a 1/1000 chance
>Seemed to get up believing there was a demon hidden in my room playing hide and go seek, and I was playing along
>At one point I moved my bed and searched underneath it, unable to find her
>Then asked to myself "I wonder where you might be."
>Problem is my native language isn't even english, and I said that in english
>Wake up fully, have no idea what the fuck just happened
>Have to move bed back to where it was

A mindflayer must be fucking with me at this point

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Find her, Anon.

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So since writefats on the list don't post their new stuff here that often should i just go down the list checking for anything new periodically?

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>Demon sits back from her crystal ball with her hands to her face going "Kyaa~ So cute!"
>Her eyes flick to the calendar on the wall, a big heart around 1/1/2017
You are marked.

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I still want a Lilim, Pharaoh, Baphomet, and Dragon to dom me. Kms.

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Halloween is coming up! Are you prepared to be spooked?

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>Monster girls marking Anons on their dreams

So, who marked you for 2017?

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Okay anon, then Which one would ride your dick first, which one would ride your face first, and which two would get your arms first?

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Anyone have a picture of a living doll in casual clothes? Maybe a maid uniform?

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No one.

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Tough question. Bit too baked to answerr right now.

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How does one woo onis if they you don't drink? I don't think they'd want you to break your liver just to impress them

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They'd probably appreciate a good listener.
Of course, being able to prove your stamina would be helpful.
Not many people can go all the way with Oni sisters after all, but what a ride you'd get.

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It's freezing at night, I need a Yeti to tuck me in and make these trembles go away

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It's getting pretty warm at night, I need an Anubis to tell me the secret to staying cool.

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how do i court a dragon?

>> No.16006871

why hasn't my waifu marked my dreams yet?
she has to be thinking up something clever or something that i'll remember until the big day

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Depends on the Dragon.

Trust me, I have ph.D on dragons.

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Absolutely nobody.

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Lots of gold or a very skilled sword hand.

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BIG dragons! The bigger the better! Especially if they have delicious abs needing to be licked.

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You be the always sober friend who keeps them out of trouble unless that trouble is them groping you.

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Okay Anon, you'll probably have to be weak and frail.

You see, big dragons are often seen as scary and dangerous, but they have a softspots for things that needs to be protected. Good luck, young prince.

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I dunno if she has abs, but you're welcome to try and get close enough to ask.

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There are several routes.

>The Royal Bloodline Route
>The Blood-Related Route
>The Knight and Sword Route
>The Princess Dress Route

Pick one.

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Mecha Ryu!
Fights for me and you!

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Maybe she did and you didn't even notice.

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yeah, giving a princess dress to a muscled dragon is a good way to win them over.

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You misunderstand my friend.
The one wearing the dress is you.

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Where is the "Annoy her until she accepts" Route?

>> No.16006923

Would you dress up in one of your waifu's frilly dresses and a fluffy pink fur boa to prance around with your daughteru and have a tea party?

It'd make your daughteru really happy!

>> No.16006926

Not if my waifu is nearby.

>> No.16006927

Only if my waifu is nearby.

>> No.16006930

Gotta put the dragon in this.

Nothing looks better in a dress than a big, muscled dragon.

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>"Alright, I think you've had enough. Let's get you back home."
>"Ya know wha' I like 'bout you, Anon? Yur always shooooo nice. Why *hic* why you don have a girlfrien' yet. Haha, you not packin' down there?"
>she grabs your crotch, and her face flushes even more than it already is
>"...It certainly ain't that..."

>> No.16006934

Of course! It's for my daughteru after all.

>> No.16006937

thats awfully crummy of me
unless she's trying to be all stealthy n what not
but we all know stealth is optional

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No, my daughter needs a father not a faggot.

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How would your daughter react to finding out you like being emasculated by your wife?

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You should try harder, Anon. I don't see why your waifu would try to hide from you.

>> No.16006947

She'll learn how to treat her man right.

>> No.16006948

Honestly? It'd probably freak her the hell out, I'm almost always the dominant one. The role reversal probably wouldn't be too bad on it's own, but the dress and stuff would probably push things way over the line.

>> No.16006952

Shock at first and then she'll enter in denial and we will all pretend it was just a dream. I love my daughteru a lot.

>> No.16006953

It will be good for her. She needs to learn to take the initiative and get herself a cuteboy before some lesser monsters do

>> No.16006955

But my daughteru already belongs to me and my waifu!

>> No.16006956

Good luck trying to discipline your daughter when she's seen you in a dress taking dragon tail up the ass.

I mean really, you're just begging to have your daughter dom you too.

>> No.16006963

Anon, you have to be able to let her go. Let her go after you sit the boy down for a long talk with Uncle Shotty in your lap, but let her go nonetheless.

>> No.16006965

But my daughteru wants to have a brave knight as a husband, one that can fend off monsters by himself.

>> No.16006967

>implying I'd be the bad cop

Your waifu's called a monster girl for a reason.

>> No.16006969

Not gonna happen anon. We're long past the point of that!

>> No.16006971

Thats when you take her home so she doesn't do anything silly.

>> No.16006975

She's the civilized sort of monster, thank you very much.

>> No.16006988

Nah, that's what I keep the alp for.

>> No.16006993

Well sure if you wanna be the girl of the relationship I spose it doesn't matter.

>> No.16006996

>wanting to be protected
Did you adopt a kobold or something? Its in a dragon's nature to be very protective. And even if she isn't she will grow to have big muscles,powerful claws,with a fiery breath and strong wings for flight. She could kick the butt of 90% of monsters and humans with ease.

>> No.16007003

I'm sure that 10% is made up of people who post maledom on /mgt/

>> No.16007006

She ate a princess book or something and now wants to be one. She can take care of herself but it seems like she wants a strong guy that can princess carry her.

>> No.16007008

I'll do my very best
maybe she's nervous, about what i don't know.

when you meet your waifu would she be nervous about anything?
would she be nervous about you finding all her merch she has of you?

>> No.16007009

even the best people from /fit/ would be toast compare to a even a sub-par dragon realistically.

>> No.16007016

She would be a little embarrassed, but the recovery would be quick and she would go on about how she won't be needing those things anymore now that she has me.

>> No.16007018

Good night anons,

Take care and don't burn down the thread.

instead, please make sure that you never give a mouse a cookie.

If you do, she'll want some milk, which will cause her to want a new bra, which will end up with her giving you paizuri before moving on to other things.

>> No.16007022

Gag characters like us don't get merchandise.
I'd be lucky to get fanart!

>> No.16007024

Every one of us has at least one piece of fanart.

>> No.16007025

>decide she's a bit too drunk to leave her by herself tonight
>get back home and lend her some clothes for the night
>no surprise they don't fit her
>you briefly consider letting her have your bed while you sleep on the couch, but lately that couch has acquired an absolutely acrid scent, so you decide you'll have to share the bed with her
>as soon as she flops down on your bed, she's out like a light, so you lay down and drift off as well
>wake up about an hour later to her erratic breathing
>at first your afraid she's feeling sick from all that alcohol until you hear her moaning your name in a not so sickly manner
>you look over your shoulder to glimpse her arm moving rapidly under the covers
>this is quite a stunning situation and your not sure if you should just pretend to be sleeping or let her know you're awake

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>she would go on about how she won't be needing those things anymore now that she has me.

then you're extra valuable to her

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I got single marks from an alice, kiki, dragonewt, and a kolbold over the year. But an arachne seems to be a repeat visitor

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That sounds pretty good to me though.

>> No.16007061

How would she react if she felt you shift and "accidentally" grab her copious boob in your "sleep"?

I can't help but shake the feeling that other monstergirls would mock her for liking me.
>Ew, you like that humanboy?
>Year 2016 of our demon lord
>Liking Turbosluts
>That one'd let any smug girl do whatever she wanted to him! How's it feel to know your husbando would probably have been in a thousand Vs before his worn out dick got in yours?
>"You don't know that! Maybe he just wants someone to love him. Someone to tell him everything's going to be alright. Someone to hold him close every night and wake up next to."
>Ha Ha, yeah no. Your husbando's a shit anon. He never gets any art other than Gangbangs anyway.
>Hey look, I got a picture of your husbando getting gangbanged by Orcs!
I want to tell her she's right.

>> No.16007069

Can I give her spankings and a ball gag instead?

>> No.16007073

You made me wonder what would MGs say about me. It's a weird feeling.

>> No.16007098

>400+ post threads arguing over whether Anon is legitimately retarded or just pretending to be

>> No.16007102

she'd probably gently lay her hand atop yours and make you squeeze her breast, imagining you were doing it on purpose. she's probably imagining that you caught her masturbating in your bed and are taking the opportunity to grab her boobs, which is exactly what's happening unbeknownst to her

>> No.16007108

I've only seen an undead of indeterminate origin, an angel, and a demon.

>> No.16007119

I too often see angels, whole trees full of them, perching like birds.
I've visited Hell with a demon, and we hung together over that cold abyss.

>> No.16007120

I'd be the Kesaran Pasaran of human boys.

>> No.16007123

She'd probably feel surprised if she felt your dick pressing against her ass.

>> No.16007139

>Dick presses up against her brawny, bouncy rump
>Her hand freezes and she begins to stammer an excuse
>You take her hand and keep her fingers moving as you start to grind and grope at her chest
>gently push her onto her belly and straddle her hips getting in place to pronebone her before rolling her over once more and giving her a long, leg locked session of cuddle fucking.
Those sheets are going to be a mess

>> No.16007162

I was thinking more the Somnophilia route of she thinks you're getting a boner in your sleep and ends up being unable to stop herself from raping you in your sleep.
And then you open your eyes, watch her blush and try to make an excuse and then pull her close to whisper how you've been awake the whole time before shutting her up with a kiss and causing her hips to move on their own.

>> No.16007165

I've come to the realization about something

>Their human boy version of the encyclopedia just gives a rough estimate on the various different types of attitude, intellect, physiology, psychology, etc
>Ergo they are talking about what attitudes or physiques are best, like shota/bearmode/bishi/etc and calm/aggressive/coldsteelthehedgeheg/etc
>Some husbandofags go beyond it and start creating their husbandos
>Through drawfaggotry, writefaggotry, whatever else, actual individual husbandos pop up
>Anons here could be one of the shitty OCs they have over there
>Some of the waifus could be one of the shitty OCs we have over here
>Both anons and waifus subconsciously "marked" to create each other without knowing, with the thought always in the creator's head as if it was natural

Better start asking those faggots with the lilim OCs if they have waifus, because they might have one now without knowing

>> No.16007173

A bit tame. You know the saying, anon, Strike when the Oni is horny!

>> No.16007179

I started writing something along these lines a while ago after some Anon posted his dream about being hunted down by monster girls on a tropical island.
I wonder how monsters would take to the idea that no matter what happens in a monster girl story, it ends with happy husbando handholding.

>> No.16007183

I'm not sure I'd call an Oni furiously thrusting her hips so hard that you can hear her asscheeks slapping against the upper part of your thighs as her pussy grips you tighter than a vice "tame".

>> No.16007186

What happens when more than one monstergirl collaborates on the creation of a husbando? Does that mean that man is destined to have a harem? Or is the first girl to contribute the one to get him?

>> No.16007187

It's low effort. Gotta put her on the back foot, love is a battle

>> No.16007201

I'd say it depends on the nature of the collaboration. It might be just the usual case of metaphysical wingmanning.

>> No.16007209

Well what if after she cums for the first time, you flip her on her back and mating press her while sucking on one of her nipples?
What happens when her Blue Oni sister comes to pick her up the next morning and finds the two of you still fucking like rabbits?

>> No.16007211

The multiverse is big enough for both of them.

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File: 2.60 MB, 1000x1300, 1b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey MGE PNG editor, It's been another year...
u on my level yet... or do yours still have more white edge than an ICP concert?

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File: 778 KB, 830x1200, Demon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16007229

Acceptable. Preferable. Desirable.
>Blue Oni heard that you took her sister home last night, drunk off her ass
>Comes to check up on her, but mostly concerned for you and the state of your pelvis
>Finds her spread out on your bead with a river of cum between her legs with an arm around you, you lying down with your back on her abs and your head between her breasts.

>> No.16007231

i like a kobold a lot but you faggots bully her

>> No.16007232

That looks nice mang.

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File: 55 KB, 204x184, IMG_0218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never be breastfed by a holstaurus

>> No.16007240

So would she watch in wide eyed shock through the crack in the door as me and her sister keep fucking while reaching down to touch herself?
What would happen if we ended up catching her?

>> No.16007241

It's really just one guy.

>> No.16007248

Up to you, my dude. If it were me, I might tease the red oni by saying "your sister is watching us", but I'm a monogamous dude. She couldn't get any fun

>> No.16007261

>There is a monster girl masturbating to you right now

>> No.16007277

I'm open to polygamy if the monstergirls are either sisters or close friends.
Plus, the blue/red contrast for things like Paizuri is too good to pass up. Same as seeing that stoic nerdy face of hers twist into an ahegao.

>> No.16007283

Lichs can be broken like those hentai girls who end up becoming sex crazed?
That's hot but I wouldn't want my waifu to be mind broken like that
By the way how long does it take you to translate this? Seems like it shouldn't take more than a few minutes but then Japanese is a mess

He made like 2 more pictures after you criticized him then he disappeared
Kind of sad when you think about it, I used his transparent album so much that I learned the link

>> No.16007288

I'm only open to polygamy if a group of girls get me and fall for me simultaneously. No late comers allowed. But if a pair of sisters or best friends hunt me down at the same time and our feelings grow together, yeah sure. I can handle that.

But if there's a relationship established and some one tries to butt in, they'l need a lich ASAP

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How do you like your yanderes?

>> No.16007300


>> No.16007302

Eight limbed

>> No.16007303

Never willing to show you how desperate they really are until it's too late.

>> No.16007304

I want a monstergirl that is so big and strong that she wouldn't even notice me struggling against her when she takes me!

>> No.16007307

I'm not sure what to say about that. It's just too weird of a feeling for me.

Not too heavy on the "yan" part. I'd like to have a life outside of being her sex toy.
In terms of physical appearances, I prefer my yanderes robotic.

>> No.16007309

>How do you like your yanderes?
I like my yanderes like I like my paladins. Dead.

>> No.16007317

>other anons are now happy with their waifus
>tfw no MG even wants to be near you
>tfw you are so depressed that your aura has became a big turn off

>> No.16007321

I like my yanderes the way I like my coffee, big ol' titties.

>> No.16007324

Echidna sisterhoods would probably be a jackpot and a nightmare at the same time.
On one hand, lots of varieties of monster pussy and all of it loves you.
One the other hand, reverse gangbangs are the most common thing you'll be doing.
Wait, I'm not seeing any downsides here.

>> No.16007325

>"D-don't worry anon. Just be yourself, you'll meet the right girl."
Hearing a monster girl say this while wincing at my presence would legit make me kill myself

>> No.16007326

Oomukades are your friend.

>> No.16007331

Like how I like my whiskey and women; Twelve years old and mixed with coke.

>> No.16007335

>Be a depressed sad sack that no monstergirl wants to fuck.
>Go home to mope in your sorrow.
>Immediately met with fat Holstaurus titties in the face the moment you get in your room.
>"Anoooon~ I hope you don't mind me letting myself in. You're so sad anon, all those bitches don't know how good you are. But I do~"
>Before you can even scream, she's shoving you to the bed and pulling down your pants.
>The last thing you see before your vision becomes engulfed in tits is her crazed eyes and wide smile twisting further into an ahegao as she steals your virginity.
Don't be a sad sack anon, that's how you attract Yandere girls with twisted healing fetishes.

>> No.16007347

Like my ice cream. Just a hint, but mostly vanilla.

>> No.16007349

I like the ones who force you to love them one way or another
Whether that's by raping you until you break, using some kind of addictive venom, using magic, keeping you captive, etc...

>Depressed Anon with a gloomy Oomukade
>They both sit in the dark, too anxious to talk to each other
>Half an hour passes
>She finally asks if he wants to have sex
>Anon replies that he deserves to die a virgin
>"M-me too."
>They go back to starting at the ground in silence

>> No.16007356

>Omukade doesn't just envenom and rape anon

>> No.16007371

That's how you end up with a creepy Wisp

Yeah that's what she'd actually do for sure, she'd rape him until he was fixed

>> No.16007395

>Too awkward to tell anon she wants sex
>Too awkward to straight up rape him
>Too awkward to even just go for the throat and pump him up full of juice
>You don't know you're about to be in for a world of rape until you feel her lips from behind
This is how you play a gloomy mukade

>> No.16007413

>You wander into an Oomukade's cave in search for precious minerals
>She backs away in a corner and simply looks at you
>You ask her if she has seen any shiny stones
>She nods and points toward a deeper part of the cave
>You walk there and starting mining
>You can hear her anxiously scuttling about
>You try to make small talk but she doesn't reply
>Her scuttling gets more frantic
>You suddenly feel a sharp pain in your neck
>She just pumped you full of venom

This is why you never trust gloomy girls

>> No.16007429

>Backs off immediately and observes, flinching every time you move
>Darting back in when you let your guard down for another bite, striking like a viper
>Waits until your pants are about to burst and you are completely paralyzed
>Ravages you
>Can even be mad, can only feel relief now that your cock is freed and in a place wet and warm.
>Scuttles off the instant you regain movement
>But stalks for from that moment forth, raping you the instant you get a moment of privacy
Wonder how long it would take to convince her not to be scared round you, and that its okay to hang out

>> No.16007437


>> No.16007444

I wish KC had given the shoggoth actual legs. But no, he just had to have that dumb blob half for "contrast".

>> No.16007449

That tail-holster is cute!


>> No.16007452

Did you get the wrong image there champ?

>> No.16007454

Which monster girls would give the best footjobs?

>> No.16007458

This picture reminds me of the MGE RPG that's supposed to be in the works.

Can't wait for that.

>> No.16007462

She's a shapeshifter anon. There's no reason she can't have legs.
She could have the shapeliest legs in the world if you wanted her to.

>> No.16007463
File: 105 KB, 500x600, oomukadoc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16007465

Wonder how miiafag feels about it.

>> No.16007471

It's not like she doesn't have the option to have legs. But what KC went with works better as a "default" form for a monster that's meant to look scary.

>> No.16007484

>Wonder how long it would take to convince her not to be scared round you, and that its okay to hang out
A few days at most, when you can hug her without her snap-biting at you then you know you're golden

She most definitely can, just like all slimes
The profile picture is just a single individual of the species, you're bound to have some who prefer to stay bidepal as their base form

That one loli angel for MGQ

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Granberia's good at making people happy with her feet!

>> No.16007489


>> No.16007490

Get that scalie shit out of here.

>> No.16007491

What monstergirls would make the best power bottoms?
Big butts are a plus here.

>> No.16007494

>A few days at most, when you can hug her without her snap-biting at you then you know you're golden
You know what I do with my cat when I get sick of him trying to bite me? I grab his paws and I grab his head with my thumb and forefinger to either side of his head, the flesh between the two fingers keeping his jaw open.

It wouldn't work with a human jaw, but the image of anon catching her mid bite and cramming someting in there to keep her jaw from clamping down is pretty cute.

Caught and stopped mid bight I bet she'd be pretty flustered

>> No.16007496

Granberia has big feet though

>> No.16007513
File: 653 KB, 657x929, 1438954345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do your worst Human, I shall never yield.

>> No.16007517

Be an unyielding bodypillow all you like. What do you think I'm here for, information? Now lie down, I'm tired.

>> No.16007521
File: 600 KB, 800x1183, fb23729f39705aacca0c8a6aab48bde9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16007527

>You'll never snuggle with a big buff busty dollarham knight
>You'll never rest with your back up against her solid abs, and her breasts resting on a shoulder each
>You'll never cradle her head to your chest and slip into a restful snooze

>> No.16007530

We have ways of making Knife-ears talk!

Bring out the Elf Lube!

>> No.16007552
File: 102 KB, 1000x1000, 1455676060859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aw shit nigga

>> No.16007555

They bite with their tail or the fangs on their neck, that'd be quite hard to stop but if you managed to she'd become so red you'd think she had caught a Japanese cold

This is what they all say until you throw them in the Wurm pit

>> No.16007558

Naw I headcanon mouthfangs. Its the only method worthwile

>> No.16007562

Why does the elf insist we torture her? Is she some sort of pervert?

>> No.16007568

>you'll never torture a monster girl by making her watch you fuck a human woman who's a total dead fish

>> No.16007577
File: 169 KB, 1024x1212, mge_stop_to_smell_the_flowers_by_cerberus123-d797u3t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beware plants!

seriously, trapping men like that is a dick move

>> No.16007579

>"What are you doing women?"
>"Can't you see he's doing all the work?"
>"You're not worthy of having sex!"
>"Are you even enjoying this?"
>"Please make this nightmare end."
>She starts crying

This is how you give a monster PTSD

>> No.16007587

>You'll never be a psychiatrist who specializes in monstergirls who were traumatized during the contact war.
>"And doc, she just laid there and took it. No thrusting, no grinding, she didn't even moan. It was... Oh fallen it was horrible. I can't even look at human women without getting a panic attack now."
>"It's alright. Those days over. Why don't you tell me about your fears of intimacy now?"

>> No.16007622

>Cute thicc shogs with glasses


>> No.16007625

Reminder that Foxfus=Kitsunes=Wolfus

They're all for love.

>> No.16007641
File: 692 KB, 1001x938, 1473803025869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mofu monster girls alre collectively the best

>> No.16007643

The only good mofu is a dead mofu

>> No.16007645

What about cat girls?

>> No.16007649


>> No.16007653

Plant girls have all the right to trapping men they come across, don't try to demonize them

They're all decent, I'd fuck and dump a few of them before marrying my objectively superior mermaid waifu

>> No.16007657

Thats mean.

>> No.16007658

I missed out catgirls but they're still up there. Like >>16007641 said. All mofu is best.

>> No.16007661

>Giving me two (you)s
Your generosity doesn't make me any less right. name a better state for mofu than the state of undeath. You can't.

>> No.16007662

See you need to state that or else I might think that all you want to do is murder Mofu girls.

>> No.16007670

I'm sure my Death Hound wouldn't mind. She could use some pack sisters.

>> No.16007671

>the manga, while enjoyable, exists purely to cause shitstorms

That's probably the most backwards and egotistical thing I've read this week.

>> No.16007674

We shall see about that. ALUISIOS, fetch that adorable young stableboy. I think it's time our elf friend learned the true terror of The snugly wugly room

>> No.16007677

That's a pretty nifty way to take the piss out of undeadfags, I'll give you that.

>> No.16007680

Well I am taking the piss, but it's not like its directed at any one. 'Specially seeing as I'm an undeadfag myself.

>> No.16007685
File: 200 KB, 850x1176, 1467464602982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does Gazer have a following here?

>> No.16007689

There's one obsessed dude, and a gaggle of anons who just praise the OC he pays for. So kind of.

>> No.16007697

Is it archived anywhere?

>> No.16007700
File: 1.19 MB, 2250x1800, 1467683046160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm supposing you're a new guy?

>> No.16007701

The dregs of his tithings upon the altar trickle down from time to time, so there's no one thread.

>> No.16007720

Isn't that the one that needs a haircut?

>> No.16007732

Yeah, I don't frequent /jp/ often. Gazer really caught my eye though.

>> No.16007745

Archive of what? Gazer pics? Check here in gallery http://monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Gazer
Though I'm sure gazerfags have even more pics

>> No.16007750
File: 132 KB, 640x480, 1406560981532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>be hitting the gym at the police academy as usual
>there's this chick
>taller than me
>obviously more muscular than me
>pumping iron like no tomorrow
>going red in the face, cursing out loud at the end of every set
If she'd had some scales and a tail, I'd have pounced on her. Isn't it a scary thought that there people living right now who could very well become a real waifu if they were but exposed to some corrupting agents?
The monsters from our dreams walk among us.

>> No.16007753

Consider the Bobbit Worm, the Oomukade of the seas.
Why isn't she a Monster Girl yet?

>> No.16007754

My Dragonfu. I think I wrote a story about the dream I had about her.

>> No.16007766


Superior taste.

>> No.16007768

>how long does it take you to translate this? Seems like it shouldn't take more than a few minutes
Depends on the kanji and if KC is using figures of speech or talking around the subject. (which he usually does.) It usually takes a good 20 minutes or so to transcribe the super blurry text onto a document so that I can actually read it, and it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to look up information, since I'm mostly just doing this for practice.

>> No.16007770

I had a dream where Steve Jobs gave me time-traveling strawberry-slice porridge so I could go back in time and convince his younger self to invent the Wii-U.

What does that mean?

>> No.16007771

It means stop taking candy from Wonderland girls.

>> No.16007779

It means you should invest that money you make with your shrimp boat into some apple company.

>> No.16007798

You know exactly why the Bobbit Worm is not and should not be made into a Monster Girl.
Also the Centipedes of the seas are very obviously Remipedia.

>> No.16007802

Big tits, seems harmless and nice at the time. Then things go up to 11 in a hurry.

>> No.16007806

That's a concept no one talks about
3DPD are trash so I get why but isn't there something hot about turning a mediocre girl you wouldn't even try to date into a perfect waifu?

That's much longer than I expected,you've got some determination

>since I'm mostly just doing this for practice
At this rate KC is going to fill your vocabulary with a bunch of perverted kanjis

>> No.16007807

Sandworms are basically built off the oligochaete body type. Almost all sand shark type stuff is, even going back before tremors.

>> No.16007808

Tremors sure is a fun movie.

>> No.16007810

All tremors are fun movies. I need to get around to watching the series one of these days too.

>> No.16007816

What other monster movies are must-see for when the ladies come to our world?

>> No.16007818

I remember that exact thing happening in a pastebin story once. Why are big tittied yanderes so good?

>> No.16007824


>> No.16007826

Mindflayers don't deserve to be bullied

>> No.16007828

This. Probably a snek.

>You'll never get stare-raped by a basilisk because she found out you talked to another girl

>> No.16007842

All these beautiful monster girls. I don't understand how some of you can pick a favorite.

>> No.16007843

The way I like my coffee: not at all

>> No.16007844

The heart wants what it wants.

>> No.16007848

Picking a favourite? What is this nonsense, you're as crazy as a Cheshire in wonderland.

>> No.16007851

You're not the one who does the picking boya

>> No.16007863
File: 412 KB, 526x1200, 1463484534279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Especially wolfus

>> No.16007878

This >>16007848
It just happens, you don't have a say in it

>> No.16007879
File: 39 KB, 600x539, 1431069165102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your daughteru saw the movie The Hunt, starring Mads Mikkelsen. She is now convinced the world is a horrible, horrible place and the only way to fix it is for the Sabbath to take over the world. How do you stop her insane criminal genius from turning everyone into a lolicon?

>> No.16007885

She can just join Druella instead.

>> No.16007887

She's doing the right thing, I'll just make sure she doesn't mess up.

>> No.16007890

In being forever alone harder than most /r9k/ guys?

>> No.16007892

Druella at least looks hot so she'll find someone eventually.

>> No.16007894

In taking over the world.

>> No.16007896

Yes and /r9k/ people can just up and die while Druella, being a lilim, is effectively immortal. /r9k/ will be forever alone for like 80 year max, Druella will probably be alone for 8001

>> No.16007903

Tell her to just follow her instinct and corrupt women on her own like her mother and grandmother did before her

I'd be kinda proud if my daughter told me about all the vile 3DPD she turned into lovely Mindflayers

But anon, she already has「YOU」

>> No.16007909

I want to jilt Druella at the altar!

>> No.16007926
File: 2.74 MB, 2480x2134, 1440085309170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know how Spider-Man can lift 40 tons and make huge jumps?
Consider if Ushi-Oni had the proportional strength of a spider.

>> No.16007928

so who else is going to be dissapointed in 2017

>> No.16007930

Is it true that men receive broken bones and bruises after rape from a Ushi-Oni?

>> No.16007934

You know how Spiderman is a faggot

>> No.16007935

I remember when 2012 turned to 2013. I was minding the main gate at a military installation that night. We were pretty disappointed we didn't die and get to stop doing the mind-numbingly boring shit.
Not at all. They exercise extreme restraint during sex.
This includes restraining you, of course. With web.

>> No.16007938

The guy who is constantly getting all the bitches is a faggot?
Get out of here, hothead.

>> No.16007939


>> No.16007941

>We were pretty disappointed we didn't die and get to stop doing the mind-numbingly boring shit
Don't you people get guns

>> No.16007946

All good men are faggots

>> No.16007948


>> No.16007966

I don't remember that pic
Link to full? Or it's already full?

>> No.16007969

I'm sorry, I just picked it from my folder at random, no clue about that.

>> No.16007980

I'm sure 80% of men couldn't resist a basic Succubus' charm magic, so a Lilim wouldn't even have to use spells to get a men in their bed

I'll just be sad for half an hour or something

>> No.16007984

Then why is Druella still alone

>> No.16007986

Anyone has full of that pic? >>16007926

>> No.16007990

Get that shit out of here, proper wolfus only have wolf ears and a tail.

>> No.16007997
File: 26 KB, 456x662, Werewolf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16008000
File: 672 KB, 760x1040, 38786824_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You wot mate

>> No.16008010

>that nose
Kill yourself.

>> No.16008013


>> No.16008018

We have no clue about power-levels in MGE, I recall a mention of the strongest species being able to wipe off a town DBZ style but aside from that and specific abilities we can't really tell how strong such or such monster girl truly is

You're better off using your headcanon on that matter, I doubt KC will ever touch on it seriously

Because she's waiting for that one boy who falls in love with her without being influenced by her powers

>> No.16008028

This si the monster girl thread, not the furshit thread.

>> No.16008032

Are you really this bored?

>> No.16008034

If you were to go on an adventure, where would you like to go?
Or would you prefer not to know beforehand?

>> No.16008038

Not even him, but its just the fucking nose. Chill the fuck out.

>> No.16008042
File: 350 KB, 583x920, Nah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16008045

>Your Tanuki boss will never offer to let you fuck her in the ass every day in exchange for a 15% pay cut
>You'll never take the offer because you're a slut for bushy tails, and hers is the biggest and bushiest you've ever seen

>> No.16008046

I'll give you the benefit of doubt and say that you are just baiting.

>> No.16008060

Are you for real?

>> No.16008062


>> No.16008063

Sign her up for the local Sabbath Scout Troupe.

Buy as many cookies as possible to support her endeavors.

>> No.16008069

You're a furry.

>> No.16008070

On my own? I guess an undead kingdom

If a monster girl accompanied me I'd go to the deep sea

>She'll never promote you to her personal boy toy
>She'll never give you a huge raise because she can't get enough of you
>You'll never eventually be the one giving orders because she got addicted to your cock

>> No.16008075

>undead kingdom
>deep sea
Huh, you answered the last time I asked.

>> No.16008077

How is someone with taste as awful as yours still alive. That wolfgirl is the pinnacle of wild sexiness.

>> No.16008078

I always reply deep sea to this kind of question, there has to be so much cool and spooky stuff going on down there

First time I replied undead kindgom though

>> No.16008080
File: 1.38 MB, 1700x1158, 1468376792006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That Elf is wearing too much clothing! She better be going commando underneath or doing whatever it is when she's all tied up with rope under her clothes. I forget what it's called, the women are tied up with bondage rope underneath their clothes, and it's fuckin top tier bullying/waifu material.

>> No.16008081
File: 947 KB, 499x477, 1447373478773.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16008082

That isn't an Elf, that's a Dragon.

>> No.16008085

>massive jpg artifacts in a png

>> No.16008087

>That wolfgirl is the pinnacle of wild sexiness.
Eh, she could use proper paws instead of recolored hands. It doesn't go very well with her feet.

>> No.16008093

Here you go
Reminds me it's probably about time I commissioned some more porn.

>> No.16008098
File: 401 KB, 1889x1959, Best Elf Iliana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16008105

>jammin out to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmX4hB1qB8E
>thought of chilling out under a pagoda during a rainstorm with a pair of Kakuen twins
>they've been arguing about who's fighting style is better
>the tomboyish, top heavy one argues that her punch heavy style is the best
>while the genki, pear shaped one argues that her kick heavy style is better
>you've already realized that this was brought up to make you answer that age old question: tits or ass?

>> No.16008108


>> No.16008122
File: 190 KB, 800x512, YOU SAY SOME STUPID SHIT ANON.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sexualizing the Nah

She's wearing the right amount of clothing you pervert!

>> No.16008123

Those god damn dark elves need to stop being so goddamned lewd
Just go back to your shitty swamp country and let real girls like Succubus be lewd

>> No.16008127

I want to go live with the Dark Elves in their land of volcanoes and giant mushrooms!
I want to join one of their great houses and convince them I'm one of their distant ancestors reborn into a new fucktoy!

>> No.16008144

I want to be bossed around and bullied by an Anubis.

>> No.16008147
File: 2.20 MB, 3000x4243, 1422384389698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to help a Lilim integrate into society.

>> No.16008154

Why does she need your help?

>> No.16008156

I see where you're coming from. Her hands do still have claws though, and they look just inhuman enough, integrating with the rest of her body, that they still look powerful. And that, while keeping the same sleek look she has in general.
But I do wonder what she'd look like with paws. Could be nice.

>> No.16008157

Because she only knows how to live in a world where she bends reality to her whim, and that's against the ruurus in society.

>> No.16008158

Is that even a button nose, or just shading?
I haven't seen anyone comment on it before all the times that pic has been posted here.

>> No.16008167

Isn't she basically in a position to make and shape those rules, then?

>> No.16008172

What would be the point of trying to integrate into society if you're just going to give up and integrate the society to yourself? It's like you don't believe she can do it!

>> No.16008173

I want to spank an anubis, she would probably make cute yelps.

>> No.16008177

It's pretty hard to tell.
Especially given the trend among Japanese artists to scarcely draw the nose at all.

>> No.16008178

Eh, they don't really look that inhuman to me? I feel like they should be just a bit larger with more noticeable claws.

>> No.16008194

Regular old /Jp/ flipping their shit at the sight of a button nose.

Grade A autism.

>> No.16008197

Are we seriously actually defending furshit now?
Monster girls should have completely normal human faces. That's the main thing distinguishing them from furries.

>> No.16008202

What about mono-eyes and Gazer?

>> No.16008204

Wasn't the Ice Queen supposed to be released today?

>> No.16008211
File: 1.35 MB, 886x1280, 1469847291970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. Nah.

>> No.16008212

If only, I just want it to be over and done with.

>> No.16008213

Hated for a reason.

>> No.16008215

It smells like wet dog.

>> No.16008227

Those wolf hips are for breeding.

>> No.16008229

That's not true. Some scales on the face for example is perfectly fine, see Miia for example.

>> No.16008230


>> No.16008233

I meant facial structure. Obviously some scales are fine.

>> No.16008235

Because her fur is wet. She just took a shower, anon.

>> No.16008238

>hated for a reason

These threads aren't just you.

>> No.16008239

>It's only ok if I, the monster girl police, say it's ok.

>> No.16008240

People joke about them because of the bullying meme associated with monoeyes, actual hate is rare.

>> No.16008244

I wouldn't really say there's a set rule as long as it doesn't go full furry.

I think button noses are ugly as hell but that alone doesn't make a furry.

>> No.16008245

Since when are they hated?

>> No.16008256

Human facial structure is one of the defining requirements of monster girls. You allow trash like that wolf and soon we'll be overrun with /a/'s Polt posters

>> No.16008263
File: 1.05 MB, 1947x999, 1471990175712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Highest quality cuddler

>> No.16008265

So? It's not the fur itself that smells, it's sweat and stuff like that.
She just cleaned herself, it wouldn't smell like anything in particular. Except soap or shampoo.

>> No.16008267


>> No.16008268

Those hands are hideous.

>> No.16008274

Anon. There is a distinct difference in a small little button nose, and full body fur with button nose. Something so small does not step over the line to furry especially when the girls already have paws, ears and tails. An average person would say alone the tail makes them furry.
But we should still push out shit like Polt.
And I'm fairly sure we already have some poltfags in these threads >>16006654

>> No.16008276
File: 630 KB, 1280x1850, ENG018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not enough limbs to be the best cuddler.

>> No.16008282

Don't bully

For tight protective cuddles.

>> No.16008284

He's right though, wocks are shit.

>> No.16008287

Jabberwocks are up there on the cuddle scale but as >>16008276 said, the top is still dominated by Kraken and other Scylla types

>> No.16008288

>There is a distinct difference in a small little button nose, and full body fur with button nose.
No there isn't.

>> No.16008292

>No tentacles
>No snake part
Can't have best cuddles.

>> No.16008297

He's right, it's ugly but he's right.

>> No.16008300
File: 2.04 MB, 1500x2000, 1471565132946.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A wock's cuddles have something great in them though


>> No.16008301

Ahh, the elusive Kuddlefish.

>> No.16008302
File: 1.02 MB, 700x1000, Kuddly Kraken.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gosh, Krakens sure are kuddly.

>> No.16008304 [DELETED] 

Buck wocks have tentacles. With mouths.

>> No.16008306

Yes there is dumbass. I'm surprised you'd say there is no difference since you can say that a girl is not furry if she has paws, ears and a tail, but she is furry if she has a paws, ears, a tail and a button nose.

You contradict yourself.

>> No.16008311

But wocks have tentacles. With mouths.

>> No.16008323

If you search up furry shit you'll see full body fur and a button nose. You won't see just a button nose.

>> No.16008333
File: 672 KB, 824x1024, 1439886396004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kraken's with a fetish for wearing boots are silly.

>> No.16008346
File: 210 KB, 923x564, 352355234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those don't count.

The official list of best cuddlers is: Kraken, Scylla, Tentacle, Apophis, Basilisk, Medusa, Shirohebi, Vanilla Lamia, Echidna, Oomukade, Liliraune, Unagi Joro, Wurm, Ryu, Ushi-Oni, Arachne, Jorogumo, Soldier Beetle.

If your waifu isn't in this list, she's not one of the best.

>> No.16008349

So where would a girl with body fur (but none on her face) but no button nose fall?

>> No.16008352


>> No.16008353

>Kraken using polymorph to please her husband's foot fetish

>> No.16008357

A footfag doesn't deserve a kraken wife

>> No.16008360

>no yeti
You fucked up, so close to being a perfect list.

>> No.16008361

Fuck if I know. Are you referring to a specific girl?

>> No.16008363

You forgot Mindflayers

Enough sex and cuddles and his foot fetish will soon become a tentacles fetish

>> No.16008371
File: 2.16 MB, 1612x2357, 396285ea4cd3dc0ec8dfc601eb9f0905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fluff snek for bestest cuddles.

>> No.16008379
File: 524 KB, 2000x2500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to a supermarket with your dragon waifu
>you loose her in the store
>she panics and starts to tear up
>she begins knocking over isles to find you

What do?

>> No.16008382

Yeti can't be on that list

Mindflayer isn't good enough either, is she were, I'd have also included all the slimes

>> No.16008388

Cry out at the top of my lungs

>> No.16008390

Just shout her name and tell her to stay put so I can find her, if she knows I haven't disappeared it should be fine.

>> No.16008392

>Mindflayer isn't good enough either
Ow come on, is it the webbed tentacles? Sure they're a bit awkward for cuddling but they do the job properly

>> No.16008393

I'd rather cuddle with an Ice Queen than a Yeti.

>> No.16008402

try to yell:
>We've been through this, CALL ME IF YOU ARE LOST! YOU HAVE A CELLPHONE!
They never learn...

>> No.16008415

Bundle up to hug an Ice Queen and don't let her convince you to take off your parka and snow pants, she wants you to get certain parts frozen to her

If things go south and you're too cold to move a Yeti will always be there to save you

>> No.16008418


>> No.16008426

Reminder that mofu is for weak men who still own teddy bears.

>> No.16008431
File: 1022 KB, 480x360, 1467141005710.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>*beep boop*
>Would <Anon's Waifu> please come to the courtesy booth, we have a little gift for you
>*beep boop*

This works doubly well, your waifu finds you easily, and you get to get it all on video so you can send it into MGC's funniest home videos for a guaranteed prize winner.

>> No.16008432

Oh this reminds me, why hasn't KC powered up yet?

Ice Queens feel delightfully warm to their husbands and naked cuddling with one is the best

If you're going to sneak into the room of Ice Queen who doesn't even know you to cuddle her while she sleeps then yeah, bring in the full on blizzard attire

>You'll never be rescued by a White Horn and a Yeti after trying to sneak into an Ice Queen's bed

>> No.16008433

Western bullying broke KC.

>> No.16008435

This is true. Real men are sluts for scales.

>> No.16008439

Got somethin' against teddy bears, ya faggots?

>> No.16008443

That's true. I guess having godlike powers over reality doesn't make you popular.

>> No.16008447

Hey anons. Its me, that guy that promised to write the second chapter of Whimsical that will involve JubJub facesitting, college is just been rough, on the account I've had to take a class on how to write history articles and shit like that. I promise I'm working on it, just bear with me, fall break is coming up.

>> No.16008451

Button noses don't change the facial structure, though. They still have the same small triangular profile anime noses do.

>> No.16008452
File: 210 KB, 500x596, 1428243791046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, well, well! What do we have here? An attentionwhore who thinks the thread is their blog?

>> No.16008455

I write. Don't want people to think I've abandoned said writing.

>> No.16008462

Maybe it's just the claws and the colouration. Combined with her muscular, lithe look, they seem just as sleek and powerful as her canine legs, so I'm drawing an association there.

Either way, her design is fucking top-notch.

>> No.16008463

Good to hear.
He's giving an update on why something he promised hasn't happened yet. There's a difference between blogging and updates.

>> No.16008470

How some people tend to draw their human noses doesn't change the fact that it's a dog's nose.

>> No.16008475

Yes, it does. Wish can reproduce mass charm species just fine, she can literally make herself popular.

>> No.16008476

So you ARE saying she can't do it without relying on magic? Why don't you believe in her, man?

>> No.16008478

>some people
It's pretty much the norm for anime style art. And it's not a full on muzzle, either, which is definitely furry.

Also, the "rule" about keeping the facial structure completely human doesn't work. There's lots of monstergirls with different facial structures that are even more wild than button noses. Just look at Thomas.

>> No.16008481

She shouldn't rely on her powers like that. Otherwise, take them away, and there won't be anything interesting or noteworthy about her.

>> No.16008482

>Oh this reminds me, why hasn't KC powered up yet?
Don't know, but I'm getting nervous.

>> No.16008484
File: 461 KB, 226x281, 1427740317865.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>even /d/ has their monster girl thread
>they used our Oomukadoc as the OP
We're spreading everywhere, man.

>> No.16008485

There's literally no reason for her to not use magic that's like saying you want your hot and charismatic friend to be popular without talking and with a bag over her head or you want to learn calculus but the teacher isn't allowed to use the words 'differential' or 'limit'

>> No.16008490

It's an integral part of her person, it'd be like asking a car mechanic to still be a godly car mechanic without using his hands

>> No.16008495

>this all powerful being is bored and wants to try challenging herself
>my challenge to her is to become part of society without using her reality warping powers
It's like you're missing the point completely. Are you being obtuse on purpose or are you just a dumb-dumb?

>> No.16008500

>Just look at Thomas
The guy no one likes?
And even then, show me an example of a girl with a non human facial structure by him that isn't outright furry.

>> No.16008503

That's just his job, though. It doesn't make him who he is.
His whole life wouldn't revolve around repairing cars, so the lilim shouldn't over rely on magic like that. They'd both be really one-dimensional, otherwise.

Haven't you been reading Mob Psycho?

>> No.16008504

That's not what you said though, you said you want to help her integrate into society when in reality changing society to fit her better is one way of integrating into it
If that's not allowed then she can just use her magic powers to do charity work beyond the wildest dreams of Jesus and make everyone love her.

>> No.16008507

But changing society is not integrating into it, it's integrating it to you.

>> No.16008510

You shouldn't lie like that. Or even pretend that your personal opinions about a person are mirrored by everyone else.
Pretty much all of his insectoid girls are great, for instance.

I think at this point you don't want to discuss so much as you just want to try and cause strife in the thread.

>> No.16008513

The /d/ threads are older than this place.

>> No.16008516

Dropped by my bookstore and saw they're carrying mge book now. What a time. Are you guys prepared for the flood?

>> No.16008517

>Pretty much all of his insectoid girls are great, for instance.
And they also have nearly completely human facial structure. The standard arachne eyes or some mandibles are nowhere near as extreme as a button nose.

>> No.16008518

Missing the point. Art is completely irrelevant here.
Imagine a normal human with a dog's nose. Is that attractive to you? Personally, I find it fucking hideous.

>Just look at Thomas
That MGQ artist? the only thing really off on the girls he draws are the eyes. I hope you don't consider chin-mantles and mandibles as a part of facial structure.

>> No.16008521

It happens every time the button nose gets showed. Spastics flip their shit. It happens. Best to ignore them.

>> No.16008524

No I haven't is it good?
>it doesn't make him who he is
It can be a rather big part of it. Humans have a lot of identities, and if being a godly car mechanic was something he took a lot of pride in then losing the ability to ever fix a car again would be a huge blow and make him arguably not the 'same person'. Same thing with a prize-winning singer, the fact that their songs are respected form an integral part of their character to them. You can't just take that away and expect them to behave like the same person.

It's the same damn thing, just because someone manages to change the world, for better or worse, doesn't mean he's not integrated into society, in fact it kind of implies he already integrated himself because you generally can't push through changes without being integrated.
And if a Lilim joins a charity and magics up infinite soup for soup kitchens, why is that somehow cheating when geniuses can use their genius to figure out how to make refrigerators?
I mean unless you're asking her to be a literal nobody and never affect society but like, that's easy, just make her a NEET. If you let her go outside though don't expect her not to change things, a lilim is by definition a born winner, they WILL change things just through their own talent (or beauty) given the change.

>> No.16008525


>> No.16008527

It has to be bait with how stupid these posts are.

>> No.16008545
File: 811 KB, 1050x800, 1418810153057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pick your poison.

>> No.16008546

Which MG would be most attracted to someone who just rides motorcycles?

>> No.16008548

I want to surprise cuddle a half asleep Ice Queen and have her unravel the scarf covering my face to nuzzle me in her drowsiness

>> No.16008549

Right or left, they look ara ara.

Or both, since I'm ok with bigamy

>> No.16008551

Objectively, they're on the same level in terms of extremes. I think it's just some kind of cognitive bias, people associating them as a singular aspect of furries, which is why people act out when they see one on an otherwise human face.
Really, mandibles and inhuman eyes are more anatomically different and visually distinct than button noses.

Art is 100% relevant here. We're talking about drawn depictions of characters, after all.
A human with a button nose like that would be uncanny in real life. But similarly, many aspects of monstergirls would be uncanny in reality. Claws, snake hair, joints, seams and transitions between monster and human parts, the skin underneath the furry parts of a fluffy monstergirl. That's why we don't talk about monstergirls in the context of real life anyway. So what you're saying is a completely moot point.

>> No.16008553

There will be no flood.

The amount of people on 4chan who buy manga and don't know about fan translations by now are extremely small. Even leddit has known about MGE for years.

>> No.16008556

Not much to go on here since they're all presenting similar body language, but probably right or left with a bit of a lean towards right. The sake and having her hair pinned up like that seems to suggest she's the type to get dirty and have fun sometimes and she looks ara ara on top of that.

>> No.16008568

KC doesn't stick to a strict schedule. You'll get a profile when he feels like it.

>> No.16008576

Hasn't he been trying to keep a 2 weeks schedule since he created his enty?

I even remember him apologizing about not posting for a month

>> No.16008592

I wish there were more dragon shenanigans like this.

>> No.16008611

Whats the most sickeningly cute thing you would do with your waifu?

>> No.16008613

how would your MG react if you slapped her with your diamond hard benis?

offended? aroused?

>> No.16008618


>> No.16008622

Pretty hard choice between left and right, but I'd have to go with the one on the left because of her hair style, all else being equal.

>> No.16008624

>a dragon crying because she's lost
This isn't a dragon, it's a lizardman with a superiority complex.

>> No.16008626

Surprised her little treasure would do such a thing.

>> No.16008627

Mine's fucking small so I don't think she'd notice.

>> No.16008633

Confusion, then rape. She's the type that wants to "break" me. Little does she know, I'll be the one doing the breaking.

>> No.16008634
File: 214 KB, 700x694, 1440818262735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Growl at it pounce on me for some aggressive sucking.

>> No.16008645

Have her sleep on my lap while I play with her tentacles

Give me a blowjob and tell me that she appreciates how straightforward I am

>> No.16008647

>Claws, snake hair, joints, seams and transitions between monster and human parts, the skin underneath the furry parts of a fluffy monstergirl
Where exactly is the uncanny? I don't see anything uncanny here at all. No more uncanny then the transition between normal skin and burned skin or something.

Also, we're not talking about drawings. We're talking about button noses, and that they are a hop and a skip away from a muzzle. You're basically trying to stop people from complaining about furshit by easing furshit into the thread. It's not going to work.

>> No.16008656
File: 947 KB, 1800x2250, 1464121314257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Ah. You want to do more testing? That's good, I wonder what we will begin with."
>"After we are done I'll cuddle you like normal so don't worry. Now lay down."

I want to break a lich's phylactery and then fuck her until dawn.

>> No.16008660

Rape me

>> No.16008661
File: 709 KB, 713x1000, Dragon knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No dragon to team up with and deliver JUSTICE with

>> No.16008664

She looks like the type to have a stick up her ass.

>> No.16008689

Yes she has. Your stick. shove it up her ass.

>> No.16008703

then remove the stick and fill it with your love

>> No.16008724

Then you BREAK HER!

>> No.16008763

The only acceptable dragons are THICC Dragons and /fit/ dragons. No twigs.

>> No.16008768

What kinds of Dragons should be thick? And what kinds fit?

What about thickfit?

>> No.16008770

I concur!

>> No.16008777

One of the things I liked from EMG was that onsen where you go to meet potential husbands/wives.

>> No.16008791

You say that just because Wyverns are naturally slim
I've seen through your trick you dirty liar, I won't stand for more propaganda against Wyverns

I'd really like a Wyvern with red and black scales who's always angry and is overly violent during sex

>> No.16008792

She'd just be a pile of ash

>> No.16008799

>Backwards and egotistical
I enjoy the manga, but I'm not going to deny that having a character modeled after a Koala specifically to bring up the fact that they eat their mother's shit or that outside of the eucalyptus leaf, they have no ability to really eat ANYTHING doesn't exist to incense people on here.

>> No.16008800

I think it should be mixed.

>> No.16008805

Not in MGE.

>> No.16008810

She would slap me back with her tail and proceed to polish the diamond.

>> No.16008812

Wyverns are an acceptation. but Slim on other dragons just looks weird.

>> No.16008815

That's...retarded. How the fuck do you even get rid of one then? Are they literally invincible now on top of being spellcasters that can kill everything?

>> No.16008817

She is panicking because she lost you

>You'll never play hide and seek with your dragon and accidentally destroy the world

>> No.16008825

>Are they literally invincible now on top of being spellcasters that can kill everything?
Yes. What were you expecting?

>> No.16008828

We agree then
I wouldn't call slim dragons weird they're still beautiful but they just don't have that attractiveness a more voluptuous dragon has

To put it bluntly, slim dragons are for admiring from a distance
Thicc and fit dragons are for making half-breed children with

>> No.16008830

For KC not to remove the one and only weakness of one of the most disgustingly terrifying monsters.

>> No.16008832

No, you're wrong.

Every dragon is insanely great and should recieve a bunch of kissies. If you get a normal one you can spend the whole day at the gym or eating cakes too, not only it will deepen your relationship but it will also move her towards you taste if you're into that.

>> No.16008834

Breaking the phylactery makes her soul return to her body. That makes her vulnerable.

>> No.16008835

I've always wondered if the "most prized treasure" thing dragons do is yandere. Is it just the dragon loving you so much she couldn't bare to loose you or is it "I'll kill whoever touches you"?

>> No.16008846

Dragons stay reasonable I guess, so yandere thing is not really about them. But they don't like to lose sight of you.

>> No.16008847

I just see it as possessive, not quite yandere. She wouldn't dare to hurt you or the ones you love because she knows you would be sad.
Dragons are smart, yanderes are retarded.

>> No.16008859

I agree, all dragons should be treated equally. But it's just dragons who are barely /fit/ and have twig arms/legs look weird. Although they would make up for this quality if they were tall.

>> No.16008877

KC has never cared about making MGE monsters even remotely balanced.

>> No.16008891

What if I want her to hurt me in bed?

>> No.16008898

I kind of want to run a game where HFY players have to deal with MGE monsters in the MGQ fashion (lose = rape).
Raped is Raped no resurrect
Power Word Climax

>> No.16008906

I want a dragon to beat me up.

>> No.16008907
File: 3.98 MB, 2134x3031, fcae51aaf022288b1fcb9516d1a07229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monstergirls with breast envy

>> No.16008909

The hurt I'm talking about is tying you up in the basement and/or killing you. Recieving a few scratches and punches is okay.

>> No.16008912

Tell those Foxfus that flat chests are for soft massages.

>> No.16008913

Why would he care about weaknesses anyway? Monsters supposed to be fucked, not killed

>> No.16008917

Well yeah but like
I mean I dunno, literal invincibility leaves a poor taste in my mouth

>> No.16008923
File: 270 KB, 885x1254, 55242679_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16008925

Time to get those other girls on a milk and chest massage regime so they become the bustiest foxes!

>> No.16008927

You'd be surprised how many people can't grasp this thought.

>> No.16008928

>Loli waifu thoroughly raping you after you glanced at another girl's cleavage

>> No.16008929

It's not like you could kill them anyway, Will of the Wisps are incredibly annoying to fight too

>> No.16008934

For massaging

>> No.16008946

I want to tell a monster girl that her chest will come in when she grows up and have her proudly show me her B-cup breasts while I look at the truly massive posterior she's sporting.

>> No.16008954

>You will never be conscripted into a Goblin gang as a kid
>You will never quickly become the de facto leader because you are way smarter than they are
>You will never lead them on a massive crime spree that leaves you all stunningly rich
>Goblins everywhere will never flock to your side as your gang slowly becomes an army
>You will never marry the Hobgoblin who led the originally gang, who was "officially" the leader of the original gang and thus leader of this sprawling army
>You will never be the Goblin King

>> No.16008956

dude, if the soul is back in the body that means she can be killed now...

>> No.16008957

I once entertained the idea of a quick and simple TRPG where you quested to find the perfect waifu or get raped trying.

>> No.16008960

>It can be a rather big part of it. Humans have a lot of identities, and if being a godly car mechanic was something he took a lot of pride in then losing the ability to ever fix a car again would be a huge blow and make him arguably not the 'same person'. Same thing with a prize-winning singer, the fact that their songs are respected form an integral part of their character to them. You can't just take that away and expect them to behave like the same person.
Which is exactly why it's a good idea not to rely on a singular aspect of oneself like that. If you lose it, or it grows tired in some way, you need something else to define yourself by. Otherwise you're not really much of anything anymore.

To answer your question, Mob Psycho's pretty great. It's unfair just to call it "One Punch Man with Psychics" because there's so much more to it, even if they seem similar on the surface.
I'd say that OPM has more entertaining and memorable side characters, like all the heroes, but the writing, characters and theming in MP100 is definitely stronger.
And a few chapters in, it does a VERY good job of showing you that Mob isn't the unshakable, indestructible hero like Saitama is.
Definitely worth both a watch and a read.

>> No.16008963

Welcome to MGE.
Please leave your expectations for good writing at the door.

>> No.16008969

I saw those screenshots however long ago but I thought they were supposed to be fakes someone made?
Also at least the game that came with the second encyclopedia is getting translated supposedly.

>> No.16008970

Foxfus are perfect for flat chests.

>> No.16008975

Elves probably. Maybe succubi. There are only so many monsters with normal human feet.

>> No.16008978

You are provided a harem permit and are only allowed to have 5 girls. Which do you pick? You're free to name/describe any girls from your own setting.

>> No.16008979

>He doesn't want pawjobs or lizardgirl footjobs

Look at him and guffaw.

>> No.16008981

I don't know where that quote came from, guess I highlighted something without knowing.

>> No.16008985

Saitama being an unshakeable indestructible hero is the point of his story, it's supposed to show how lonely and above all fucking pointless and boring it is to actually be at the top like power fantasy faggots love.

>which is exactly why...
That's not how it works. What you're referring to is existential despair once it gets taken away, what I'm saying is that you can't deny someone an aspect of their existence,

>> No.16008990
File: 156 KB, 840x1200, 1469350592389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You say that just because Wyverns are naturally slim
Wyverns are best with big tits or a chubby bodytype as I've learned from Averageanon.

>> No.16009006

Chubby, big breasted wyverns are for snuggling.

>> No.16009034

A haughty Otohime who wants to party all the time and is ridiculously rich
A shy Flow Kelp who constantly sticks to me and rarely speaks
A very perverted Raiju who only cares about sex and rapes me whenever the occasion arises
A Kraken who acts like a big sister to everyone but is lazy and unreliable
And a Dormouse who gets along with everyone and makes sure no one is fighting

I'm a sucker for demons of chaos girls but they aren't suited for harems

>> No.16009050

My top 5, duh.

Although I'd rather just have two

>> No.16009053
File: 51 KB, 512x578, 1427013681012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you join an interplanetary cultural exchange program and go live in a Space Dark Elf colony for the benefit of both species?

>> No.16009059

But the only girl I see in a sexual way is my waifu, all others are just friends.

>> No.16009062

What's the catch?

>> No.16009067

You have to live on an alien planet far away from home, with no FTL connections to watch your anime on.

>> No.16009068

That's what I mean by egotistical. The writer didn't add that in to incense people on here. He put that in because it was a poop joke in a comedy manga about animal-girls. The writer doesn't even know about this place, or our breed of autism.

It doesn't exist purely to cause shitstorms, because pretty much anyone else into monstergirls or manga in general, except the people here, are completely capable of enjoying a series which was made to be enjoyed, without causing shitstorms.

>> No.16009076

Well that's just boring.

>> No.16009078

I don't think Dark Elves would ever be boring.

>> No.16009083

A yandere, muscled dark valkyrie who enjoys calling herself my bodyguard, if only to always be by my side.

A chubby, bottom heavy chimera whose dragon part is mad that the other parts keep eating sweets.

A deredere snek with a large chest that enjoys cuddling and cooking.

A shy Leanan Sidhe who gets her fill of art through the RPGs we run.

A buff, tomboy minotaur whose pretty much in a lifting competition with the dark valk to see who can get more buff she's also shy about being seen in dresses.

>> No.16009103

I always wanted to write something like that. I imagine the number of adventurers that go around has gone way up since the transformation. After all the best case scenario is still riches and glory, but the worse case went from horrible gruesome death to living with a sexy devoted wife. I wanted to right bits about someone who got lost in monster territory and wanted to survive just long enough to find a monster they liked before giving in.

>> No.16009110

Well they don't have internet.

>> No.16009114

They're very dominant.

>> No.16009123

>hardworking Anubis
>lazy Pharaoh
>tomboy Dragon
>violent Manticore
>smug Demon
Plain as fuck but I'm ok with that

>> No.16009168


>> No.16009170

Hello all you happy people.
I make it a personal rule to write at least 2K for everything I do
as such burning edge part2 hs been extended a bit. (line 241, line 161 is the start of part 2)

part 3 should be coming soon. I hope

>> No.16009182

>Space Elf Colony
>In Spess
>No Internet

They'd have internet for sure.

Whether it will be the moderately freedom as shit version we have now or some disgusting 100% big brother future version everyone is trying to push onto us I have no idea.

I don't even know what would be on fricken Dark Elf Internet though, sure porn would be there most definitely but whether they have DE Weebs with their own anime who knows.

If they both both genders then it could go any direction but if it's female only then I'm sure there's something akin to Sailor Moon but with boys instead.

And Jojo.

>> No.16009218

Ice Queen
Dark Mage

>> No.16009229

I want a ice queen to laugh at my tiny penis!
I want kc to release the profile so I can work out how she'd do it!

>> No.16009238

We're hitting levels of god tier taste that are mathematically impossible.

Sweet taste anon.

>> No.16009245

Belittlement fetish is best.

>> No.16009246

Why wouldn't they have internet? They just don't have FTL connections to Earth internet.

>> No.16009250
File: 869 KB, 746x1140, eb475b97dc1ff23d448d5e9d79941d53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16009251

Everyone knows there are no boys on the dark elf internet other then the social networks.

>> No.16009253

What's Burning Edge?

>> No.16009256


>> No.16009261

Dark Elf internet must have its own message boards full of shitposting. I was just in a thread where they posted that shit about the graffiti from Pompey, this stuff is universal.

>> No.16009263

A tsundere Hinezumi, acts though but is a bit on the weak side for her race. Easily flustered when teased. Has her hair tied back in a long ponytail and her breasts are smaller than average, to make up for this she was blessed with an amazing bottom half.

A teen Anubis. Still in high school but has a great pair of breasts, her hair is wavy and not too long. Personality wise she's a little more mellow than the average Anubis but still pushes people to do their best in their daily life and can't stand seeing people down on themselves.

A borderline christmas cake satyros. Her looks don't differ from the profile too much except for fashion sense as she prefers wearing suits. Loves threesomes and often teases the Hinezumi in various ways because she finds the reactions amusing. Despite her forward and flirty nature she's rather weak to kissing.

An Ushi-Oni rocker. She's the lead singer for a local band. Wears leather jackets, has pierced ears and has hair that comes down over her sealed eye. Outside of her hobbies she's a typical rape happy Ushi but she's quite affectionate with the after care.

A Nekomata maid. Sandard looks for a MGE Nekomata with slightly longer hair and a maid uniform. Insisted to be the caretaker of the house but that was really an excuse to laze around. She's rather clingy and wants the most one on one time out of all the girls but is scared of the Ushi-Oni so doesn't speak up much when she's around.

>> No.16009271
File: 152 KB, 1000x1000, 1469769049039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Better start asking those faggots with the lilim OCs if they have waifus, because they might have one now without knowing
>Don't have a waifu
>Supposedly Victoria is now my waifu


>> No.16009275

Best cows.
Would make a dairy out of them.

>> No.16009276

That sounds like quite a lovely and lively harem
Bonus points for the Chimaera too, love that idea

Ayy nice, can't wait to see what she turns into

>3 profiles that haven't been released yet
>All of them onee-sans

Anon, we need to talk
You can't just marry any girl who looks like she will take care of you and protect you, this is how you end up sleeping smothered in large soft breasts and spend your entire days cuddling and having sex

>> No.16009278

I sure hope my waifu and OC Lilim never fight. It would end badly for both of them.

>> No.16009281

Make it really cold so your dick gets even smaller.

>> No.16009287

>You can't just
You can't tell me what to do!

>> No.16009288

You'd be able to tell when the dragon was in control because she'd be in the gym, wearing spats and a sports bra while complaining how 'the others' keep ruining all her gains.

Naturally, the minotaur and dark valk would be working out at the same time to show off their gains.

Even the leansidhe would be there on a miniature weight set.

>> No.16009297

>family setting with all onee-san monster girls

Sweet Jesus...

>> No.16009304

I'd like to be a fit dragons personal sweat cleaner.

>> No.16009309

You sir, you know what is best in life.

>> No.16009313

Would you massage her as well?

>> No.16009315

1. My waifu.
2. My waifu as a loli.
3. The younger alt universe version of my waifu where she studied alchemy and magic instead of the sciences.
4. A minigirl version of my waifu.
5. A taller, older, curvier and softer vesion of my waifu, who occasionally acts more lewdly, touchy-feely and motherly towards her alt versions, despite them being a little weirded out by it.


1. My waifu.
2. A 7'5" tall hellhound with more passion than restraint, and all the subtlety of a flaming boxing glove to the face. Big, wild hair and shaggy fur, and a mane you could sink half your head into. Extremely loving and protective, if sometimes teasingly dominant, when it comes to the harem.
3. A shortstack lich where almost nothing is off limits to her when it comes to spellcrafting and fetishes. /d/ is just a big catalog of potential projects for her.
4. A cheery, strawberry red slimegirl who adores travelling of all kinds, from holidays to urban exploration, to simple walks to unfamiliar places from local areas. Also admires beings with solid bodies like we admire slimegirls and their amorphous properties.
5. Not too sure about the fifth one. Maybe a robutt girl. Who can also double as an exo-suit for the slimegirl to "wear", and who spars with the hellhound because her combat ability as a robot/cyborg is second-to-none, even compared to the powerhouse monstergirl types. Also, she'd be fawned over by the lich and anubis, both of them building stuff for her, enhancing her in various ways.

>> No.16009318

>From your own setting

Dodging that Bi-Corn bullet I see.

>> No.16009324

Yes, you'd run your hands up and down her muscles after a work out.

I'm already diamonds

>> No.16009334

story im working on, I wanted to cool off from roulette stories

>> No.16009336

1. My Kobold waifu
2. My Kobold daughteru
3. n/a
4. n/a
5. n/a

>> No.16009342

>Even the leansidhe would be there on a miniature weight set.

So many sluts for muscles in here
Is the idea of licking a Dragon's hard sweaty abs clean and watching her smug reaction to it really that attractive?
What if she scissors your head with her muscly thighs to punish you for getting a boner while cleaning her?

>> No.16009352

Stop anon. I'm going to explode.

>> No.16009364
File: 117 KB, 600x706, 1453339983576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw never

>> No.16009367

I like your roulette series. Sure, the British public are insane and don't seem to care that the UK is being invaded by magic sex demons, but there's something interesting about that.

>> No.16009369

I think I would do a very bad Dragon cleaner. I would make eye contact when doing it and if she gets smug she also gets tongue tickled.

>> No.16009382

true, but I wanted to try a thing about a woman turning monster, the roulette isn't suited for that

>> No.16009393
File: 2.09 MB, 4075x1072, 144634734634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pick your poison

>> No.16009399

>bad Dragon cleaner.
Your services would be welcome on /v/.

>> No.16009402

Red as long as she takes out that silly belly piercing.

>> No.16009403

I shall pour all these 'poisons' into a mug and chug down the mixture.

>> No.16009406

Second from the right.

>> No.16009410

Oh god please no.

>> No.16009416

Edible chocolate.

>> No.16009418

Same as >>16009402
Piercings are for slutty girls

>> No.16009421

Anon it's her tribe tradition. Don't you like a girl with culture?

>> No.16009423

The only acceptable culture is western culture. All others are barbaric and should be preserved only as historical writing and archaeological curios, not as living practice.
All hail the Empire!

>> No.16009424

I don't get it.

>> No.16009429

/v/ has the most bad dragon dildos out of every board. Even those boards.

>> No.16009431


>> No.16009433

>having an empire
What empire is this and how does this relate to Monster Girls?

>> No.16009435

What would happen if one were to cheat on a dragon girl?

Will she rape you in her full dragon form?

>> No.16009436


>> No.16009437

I never been to /v/. But this is just another reason why /v/ needs to be nuked.

>> No.16009439

Here we fucking go again

>> No.16009442

Some cultures aren't worth really subscibing to. Like the ones which like ritualistic genital mutilation, or the ones which like piercings. The former's obviously worse than the latter, but they're both pretty bad.

Just give me a peaceful tribe who likes bodypaint and building really nice houses in the trees, utilising and cooperating with nature to form their infrastructure.

>> No.16009445

Just because she's tiny and shy doesn't mean she can't get fit.

As for the dragon.
I start eating her out with the gusto I had with cleaning her abs.

>> No.16009447
File: 2.17 MB, 1920x1076, sweatingman.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All of them. At one time.

>> No.16009450

If you want to have an argument about cultures go to pol. Don't do it here. I don't care if you feel the need to tell everyone why some cultures are stupid. Just do it on pol.

>> No.16009452

>like the ones which like ritualistic genital mutilation,
>or the ones which like piercings.
So, USA "culture"?

>> No.16009453
File: 652 KB, 1000x1000, 1438775783098.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't some hugbox where you can bring up things and not get shit on if people don't like the things you bring up.

>> No.16009454

I'm not having an argument, just saying some tribal aspects aren't really all that romantic, and I'm not one for piercings.
Unless you're confusing me for another poster?

>> No.16009459

Oh hey, I remember reading this a long time ago, was this reason people recently were saying you jumped in the OC lilim ship? Because this story is old. Anyway, good to see a continuation, thanks.

>> No.16009461


>> No.16009462

Well, I, uh. Hmm.


>> No.16009465

Will I still get petrified if she looks at me through her glasses?

>> No.16009466

I almost completely forgot about this. Good to see you're still going with it.
I too can't wait to see what she turns into.

>> No.16009469

Yes. You should wear sunglasses to stop her gaze.

>> No.16009470

No. But this is a board, with rules. And anything unrelated to this board needs to go to the board it was made for. I simply said, "don't you like a girl with some culture?" then some faggot felt the need to be a faggot. So I showed him his way to his board for that shit.

>> No.16009474
File: 200 KB, 1200x1694, 1415002029315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't you go flapping your jaw anon, you have shit taste if you like trashy shit like piercings and no amount of crying /pol/ will make your taste any better.
Here, smell a nice flower.

>> No.16009481

But except for >>16009431, nothing's veered from the current topic. This all stemmed from some picture with colour swaps of that slutty oni.
The people saying piercings and that aspect of cultures with have them as a mandatory thing being trash are perfectly valid.

>> No.16009485

She goes full dragon form, rapes you, and devours the girl you cheated with.
You "enter" the dragon at one end, while the girl enters from the other.

It's like poetry, it rhymes.

>> No.16009488

>No ur wrong I'm right

Did you even read >>16009423?

>> No.16009491

Yeah. It was obviously being facetious. Or sarcastic. Or a joke. Pick whichever word you like.

>> No.16009494

>7ft something amazon but brown skin
>lewd hourglass dark priest
>bubbly cheerful Barometz
>thick orc
>head strong minatour

>> No.16009495

That post was facetious as feces. You're making a mountain out of a molehill, Anon. Drop it.

>> No.16009497

Ironic shit posting is still shit posting.

>> No.16009505

Responding to shitposting is shitposting by proxy. Shoot, I guess you got me roped in as well. Clever girl.

>> No.16009506

I want to have an argument about the rape culture monster girls promote against human boys. Why does nobody talks about this?

>> No.16009508

Why are Orcs best when served thick?

>> No.16009509

Get raped, fuckboy.

>> No.16009511

I think we literally had that argument yesterday.

>> No.16009513

No, it's an obvious joke. Do you have a disability which prevents you from comprehending humour?
When you go outside with your friends and people joke with you, do you report them to the nearest police officer for shitposting in real life?

>> No.16009517
File: 133 KB, 830x515, 1438001647561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nicely parroted, friend! Keep this up and you will fit right in!

>> No.16009523

>Officer, I'd like to report a shitposting!
God, could you imagine

>> No.16009525
File: 238 KB, 393x1280, 1472853814531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Evil girls are still best.

>> No.16009526

>he thinks his little victim cries for help matter

Monster girls don't care if you cry during rape.

>> No.16009530

Better for cuddling
Bounce and jiggle more in sex

>> No.16009532

That dress looks highly impractical.

>> No.16009533

pretty much, I had touched it up and reposted it. and thanks for the support

>> No.16009537

Would gladly give one big, hearty meals so she's the biggest and the softest.

>> No.16009539

>I-it's just humour! B-but it's not shitposting a-as long as I do it!

Cool. Nice to know I can start shitposting with an excuse now.

>> No.16009543

>and he's still at it
Does it really upset you so much that people think piercings are trashy?

>> No.16009555

>he thinks this is about a small piercing

Are you retarded?

>> No.16009556

Never had blue before. I'll go with her

>> No.16009564

Why does that flower look so sexual?

>> No.16009567

How do you think plants reproduce?

>> No.16009569
File: 768 KB, 1589x1787, 1463349368695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With all the "How big do you like your MG" I was thinking.
How small would you like your MG waifu? Be it shortstack or loli.

>> No.16009573

>The only acceptable culture is western culture. All others are barbaric and should be preserved only as historical writing and archaeological curios, not as living practice.
>All hail the Empire!

How could that be anything but a joke? It's nowhere near shitposting, and anyone with even a basic ability to comprehend tone and exaggeration in writing would understand that. I mean, for god's sake, just look at the MGE. It's literally built on hyperbole.
I know people throw the word around very casually here, but are you actually autistic? Do you measure on the spectrum?

Or are you just meta-shitposting and trying to bait me and others out? In which case, congratulations, you got yourself caught. Now what's the next step of your master plan?

>> No.16009575

I like em big and I like em small
The closer they are to my own size the worse, frankly.

>> No.16009585

I prefer tall girls, but I also like shortstacks, and I would go with Doraf tier shortstack.

>> No.16009590

>still continuing to defend shitposting

Whether it was intended as a joke, it's still unrelated. Now can you just stop so we continue waifu posting?

>> No.16009595

I like my girls talk and short. The normal height just looks too normal.

>> No.16009597

Tall. Preferably a foot taller than me.

Same height is fine too

>> No.16009598
File: 171 KB, 700x614, 1423486822405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plenty of people are talking about waifus and have been for a while. Get with the times, grandpa.

>> No.16009599

>Still trying to call a joke shitposting because you don't like it personally

>> No.16009603

Just stop replying to him

>> No.16009607


>> No.16009610

I would go from 7' tall, to as small as palm-of-your-hand minigirl, and everything inbetween.

>> No.16009619

That's a pretty cute daughteru.

>> No.16009621

Which monster would fuck you then toss you aside like the worthless boyslut that you are?

>> No.16009622

Very big.

On all sorts of ways. Even personality.

The height would be big enough that if I hug her I'd be able to bury my face in her breasts. i.e. the best height.

>> No.16009627
File: 129 KB, 1024x743, 1461074717642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

7ft, is great for tall girls, while 4ft. is great for shortstacks and pear-shaped lolis.

>> No.16009630

An ideal shortstack for me would come just up to the bottom of my chest, for reference I'm 6'1.

That would be great for a Jubjub or Hobgoblin.

>> No.16009632

Stop it. I'd never ruin a monster girls purity.

>> No.16009637

Potentially all of them. Gotta get that nutrious semen fix somehow.

>> No.16009638

Even if she threw me away, I would just come back. They call me the boomerang.

>> No.16009645

I like tall or same height, the shortest i'd prefer is 5'2

>> No.16009651
File: 243 KB, 535x1000, moe blind lizardgirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16009657

My waifu is 4'11. Not a loli though, just a short little Kobold. Her breasts aren't that big and her butt is only a little bigger in proportion, so she's not really a shortstack either.

My daughteru is almost a foot shorter than her mother, just under 4 feet. She's quite short for her age too, but there's no problem with that! She's not a shortstack at all either.

>> No.16009658


Good man. Don't take "no" for an answer.

>> No.16009659
File: 187 KB, 755x1271, 37f364aa1c859e549ec59b6856609656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16009664

4" lolis are love
4"+ oppai lolis are great too

I'd love to just go around the MGE world in an epic quest to find my waifu
I'd get raped by all the girls who come across me, most would let me go but some would keep me for a few days/weeks until I convince them of my love for my destined wife
I'd eventually find her and we'd get married on the stop

>> No.16009665

Blind girls are just way too cute for this world

>> No.16009674

It feels weird looking at a picture which you enjoyed the first time you saw it, then having nothing but bitter feelings towards it now.

>> No.16009678
File: 1.22 MB, 8113x870, a5ceb5b13dd96dde6c283592132296af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great taste.

It pisses me off when artists don't get her and other doraph's heights wrong.

>> No.16009681
File: 71 KB, 571x800, 1355778441991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16009683
File: 1.69 MB, 2560x1440, smug alice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16009691

Don't start spamming now. Especially with no actual content.

>> No.16009694

It would be nice to have this chart with the names.

>> No.16009696

Hunters took her legs for food.

Do burn scars next.

>> No.16009697

Anyone who says this needs to fall themselves off a cliff immediately.

>> No.16009702

With the translated names, I mean.

>> No.16009709

Easy enough http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2492896

Hard translating it in a way that doesn't look shit is beyond me though.

>> No.16009710
File: 334 KB, 462x800, 1358722227629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry all I got is this

>> No.16009724

I meant the names in the image, not as tags.

>> No.16009726

I have a problem with alices were I like them and don't at the same time.
I mean, just look at that smug loli face. She's lifting her skirt and inviting you to fuck her. How can you resist?

>> No.16009730

What >>16009691 said.
You're just being annoying now.

>> No.16009733

These are sad. But strangely cute.

>> No.16009741

Her call.
I like to think the elementals can be as small or large as they want.

>> No.16009742

They're there with the soft translations.

I could hard translate it with ugly white boxes but I doubt you want that.

>> No.16009745

loli size is good but I like some meat on my shorties.

>> No.16009750

>How can you resist?
Easily,she looks like a kid. I'd tell her to come back when she's older, only she never will be.

And then I'd probably get raped by Sabbath, but not for lack of trying.

>> No.16009751

Smol and HUEG

>> No.16009754

Lolis can have meat on them.

>> No.16009756

I'm gonna put a hobgoblin on a diet of mega-holst milk! Gonna make the stackiest shortstack!

>> No.16009758
File: 1.08 MB, 1200x1600, 49f608fddb22431143f06ec1fda569fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How old is a sugar mommy monster girl that pays for your tuition fees allowed to be? What's your limit?

>> No.16009761

You forgot one. The triumverate of retarded, /v/-tier words isn't yet complete.

>> No.16009766

I know but saying loli shortstack would be weird.
The amount of meat I like varies anyways.

>> No.16009767

What are you gonna do with her constant lactating anon?

>> No.16009769

Depends, what's her lifespan and rate of ageing? And what MG type is she?

>> No.16009780

Anon please.
I know she's strong but the size of her assets is going to throw her balance off something fierce.

>> No.16009783

>tfw 2m tall

I want to give her a piggyback ride!

I want her to break my neck with her thighs pressing so hard because she's afraid of such heights!

>> No.16009789

Oh yeah. THICC

>> No.16009795

>you will never get sugar mom loli

>> No.16009802

>Forte is 125 cm

God, I want her so bad.

>> No.16009803

There we go. Now someone should draw a girl who features all those qualities, except she's presented as the most deformed, mutated blob of sickening flesh. Just to post whenever people use any of those words.

>> No.16009808

Not necessarily even a shortstack. Just a loli with pudge.

>> No.16009815
File: 853 KB, 1021x1457, 1470394048154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want her to break my neck with her thighs pressing so hard because she's afraid of such heights!
That sounds painful. On the plus side due to her constant desire to prove useful she would probably nurse you back to health.

>> No.16009818

Lolis with soft, pudgy bellies and thighs are a miracle of the universe.

>> No.16009819

That would be nice too, especially if she dresses a little small so her skirt doesn't cover her rear so much as it rests upon it and her rear strains her panties.

She needs a wee bit of a belly too so that I can poke it and tease her too.

>> No.16009838


>> No.16009846

Soft lolis are for spoiling, head pats, and once piece swimsuits that hug their frames

>> No.16009851

Bottle and drink it

She has goblin followers to help her get around, it'll be fine

>> No.16009852
File: 135 KB, 1000x866, 037a20aa3a86613899d13b88ed87b33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want her to break my neck with her thighs pressing so hard because she's afraid of such heights!
Yeesh anon.

>> No.16009856
File: 207 KB, 782x1023, NarumeiaTHICC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Geez guys, the things I'd do to a monstergirl thats drawn with Narumeias body in pic-related.

>> No.16009860

So many semen demons

>> No.16009861

What about groping? Don't you want to grope her poochy tummy, to fondle her squishy newly developing breasts? She has to have the baby breasts to match her round little belly you know, and they definitely aren't going to grope themselves.

>> No.16009863

But if she does that then she's going to get weaker due to not using her muscles!

She's going to get thick thighs, and a thicker bottom!

>> No.16009865

wiking girl when?

>> No.16009867

That I would.
I'd feel all of her up!

I may even suckle those new breasts!

>> No.16009876

Amazons already raid villages for males, just say there's a tribe living in a cold place, give them blonde hair and pale skin and there you go.

Alright, now I need to see an edit of the amazon pic like that.

>> No.16009881

Be careful Anon. You do know that excessive suckling can trigger lactation even outside of pregnancy and post-childbirth, right?
If she starts producing milk and having it all gulped down by you, then you'll have to feed her even more to make sure she's getting enough nutrients.

>> No.16009884


>> No.16009885

Thats something I'd be more than willing to do.
I'll even keep groping and suckling her chest to keep it going!

I'll make sure she's got enough to support her new lactation.

>> No.16009887

She'd probably be all squirmy and wiggly though. I mean, all that touching and poking and squeezing must tickle a lot! You'd need to be extra careful so she doesn't get hurt, or you could find some way to keep her still.

>> No.16009888

>You will never fight tooth and nail to keep Amazons out of your village.

>> No.16009889

I'd enjoy her wiggling and little gasps, it would let me know that all my touching has made her feel good.

>> No.16009894

Get raped if you fail, earn several lovestruck stalkers if you succeed.
I'm trying to figure out which one would be the better result.

>> No.16009898

Be honest with the thread now: Do you want to talk about pudgy lolis in bondage gear and shibari? Maybe even suspended bondage?

>> No.16009899

Good on you. What position is the best for groping pudgy lolis like that?

>> No.16009902

Succeeding, obviously.

The safety of the village comes first.

>> No.16009905

I mean, yeah.

>> No.16009908

But then Amazons would occasionally drop by the village to hand you gifts and run away blushing!

>> No.16009912

That's the opposite of a problem

>> No.16009913

It's called "fat". And fat is a shit.

>> No.16009917

Well, there's the standard 'in lap' position where you have her in you lap and grope her there, allowing you to feel her rear against you while you grope.

There's laying on her lower half so her legs can wrap around you while you suckle/grope her.

Lastly, you could pin her on her front so you can attack from behind.

It is when she finds that her old rags don't cover as much as they used to.

>> No.16009923

Well that doesn't sound that bad.

But no matter how many cute gifts they give, I must keep a watchful eye in order to keep the village safe.

>> No.16009934

If they fail they will just try again and again.

>> No.16009939

Really? Even if the Amazon Matriarch's 6 foot tall /fit/ warrior of a daughter gave you a love letter written in crude English and sprinted out of sight the moment it's in your hands?

>> No.16009946

You will eventually get kidnapped, raped and husbando'd, in that order.

>> No.16009950

Where does a pharaoh's snake go when you fuck her?

>> No.16009961

Off to rest in the royal pet spa.

>> No.16009964

>having such pleb taste in 2016

>> No.16009966

Your ass.

>> No.16009975

>everyone should love fatshit in current year

>> No.16009979

>Anything more than rail thin is fatshit

>> No.16009981

Probably in the kitchen to bring you and the Pharaoh refreshments

>> No.16009986

It's not fat anon. It's just a little more to cuddle. Stop being such a raging homosexual.

>> No.16009996

>6 foot
That's quite short for an Amazon, she's even shorter than me for heaven's sake. But to answer your question, that still doesn't sound that bad.

>> No.16009997

>t. stickfucker

>> No.16010003

Lolis are meant to be soft.

>> No.16010008

>t. pigfucker

>> No.16010010

Well she's young. Around your age actually.
One time you could swear you saw her eyes at night watching you sleep.

>> No.16010014

If the bonus art is to be believed, it doesn't go anywhere. She probably involves it in the action occasionally.
>Royal Pet Living Onahole

>> No.16010016

What's wrong with fucking Orcs?

>> No.16010020


>> No.16010021


>> No.16010022

Alright, now the line has been crossed.

Those Amazon are getting a talking to.

>> No.16010025

I'm going to dick a strongfat P'Orc and you can't stop me!

>> No.16010026

>Encouraging bestiality
>Soiling the Pharaoh's loyal and pure pet snake
To the /trash/ with you.

>> No.16010030

But anon, she does it because she fell in love with you during that battle, harder than any of her sisters.
She wants to be with you, to hold you close and raise a family with you.
You're not going to turn that adorable amazon princess down are you?

>> No.16010032

>He wouldn't fuck a p'orc

Git a load ov dis grot, kam

>> No.16010035

He watches some TV, maybe looks for some female snakes.

>> No.16010036

I'm all for soiling the Pharaoh's loyal and pure pet snake, but then I also headcanon it as a loyal lamia retainer who never leaves her mistresses side, going so far as to transform into a snake to coil around the pharaoh,

>> No.16010043

Okay then, go for it. How do you want to tie up your loli monstergirls? I'd say rope and heavy bondage is a little too much for a young girl, even a MG. But ribbon bondage seems just perfect for them. Looks nice, silky material feels nice against the skin, and the thin fabric is perfect for showing off skindentations where it all squeezes into her.
One thing I can't decide on, though, is positions. I think some other context is required to really think of some fitting positions and situations. Like what type and kind of monstergirl they are.

>> No.16010044

Friendly reminder that eating out P'Orcs is a sin and that men who do it don't receive any Houris

>> No.16010048

I've sometimes joked that the pet snake is what happens when an apophis loses to a pharaoh. Maybe it'd work better with a purple snake, but a childhood friend lamia who assumes that form to be with the pharaoh and keep her safe is pretty appealing too.

>> No.16010049

I'm going to eat out a pudgy P'orc and theres nothing the Houris can do to stop me!

>> No.16010052

I just want a tall strongfat Oni with big tits to use me as her daki.
I would post an image, but I've just noticed all my relevant pictures have blatant sex or exposed tits

>> No.16010055

I don't really know, anon. Amazons aren't quite my type.

>> No.16010059

Just put some censor on them.

>> No.16010060

Would she join in during sex along with the Sphinx and the Anubis?

>> No.16010062

I feel as though I had an impact through my ahoge Golem and Automaton.

>> No.16010065

There's a territory between fatties and sticks. And pudgy is definitely in the fatty category.

>> No.16010066

Not if a Cupid snipes you first you wannabe heretic

>> No.16010069

Anon, you don't understand. She loves you. She loves you so much that it hurts. She dreams about you, she fantasizes about raising a family with you, she thinks about you while she touches herself. Are you going to make her cry? Don't make her cry.

>> No.16010070

A Kikimora. What about fuzzy handcuffs or soft padded leather cuffs? I don't think those would be too uncomfortable. Gags are nice too, but that might be a little more difficult.

>> No.16010072

Use imgur

>> No.16010075

Bondage rope.

>> No.16010078

What is imgur

>> No.16010081

Alright, fine. I'd give her a chance, but just one. If it doesn't work out then she has to promise not to have a fit.

>> No.16010083

Probably wrap around all three of you at once. Maybe a bit of tailfucking, who knows. It's all one big, happy sex family with the pharaoh's court.

>> No.16010084

I'd like to be fucked by an Amazon, but living in some hut in the jungle would suck ass. I bet Amazon kids are fucking horrible to deal with too.

>> No.16010085

>t. skeleton

>> No.16010087

Then I'll fall in love with her!
I'll do it even if she doesn't have a face and is flat out fat!

The houris are out of luck here!

The P'Orc may even bring in some of her friends!

>> No.16010088


>> No.16010090

They teach their kids to respect their fathers and men.

>> No.16010094

>Anon was later found getting gangraped by a dozen of fat faceless P'Orcs

This is why you need to follow Eros' words

>> No.16010095

Nice joke.

>> No.16010097

>'ey you guys want anythin'?
>....okay I'll just..make a sandwich I guess

Life of a Monster Girl pet is a thankless one.

>> No.16010100

A Holstaur
A Hakutaku
A Yeti
A White Horn
And another Holstaur

>> No.16010102

A bipedal White Horn I hope.

>> No.16010103

Oh god it's this guy again.
Why do Amazons trigger you so hard? Is it the role reversal?

>> No.16010104

You act like I'm not asking for it.

>> No.16010107

Nothing he said implied being triggered though.

>> No.16010109

A Byakhee
A Shoggoth
A Lloigor
A Star-Spawn of Cthulhu
A Hound of Tindalos

Fuck the SAN points I have green hair.

>> No.16010110

Amazons are mean, they don't know how to be nice.

>> No.16010111
File: 444 KB, 1009x1200, 1451613707749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone's still assblasted.

>> No.16010112

You're a joke.

>> No.16010113

>t. Fat fag
I bet you are old and faceless as well

>> No.16010115
File: 575 KB, 907x1210, 7bea6a3a5ee874a28ef6f0e09bbdf52d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's this, Anon? You weren't thinking of going to the lonely ryu's shrine, were you?

>> No.16010118

I bet she has more legs than a centipede.

>> No.16010119

Yes I was.
Do you want to come with me loli-fox?

>> No.16010120


>> No.16010121

Either way.

>> No.16010124

>He's not old and faceless

According to your waifu they're patrician traits

>> No.16010125

Look out! There is a spoopy skeleton behind you

>> No.16010126

Usually I'd say no. A man's dick belongs to his waifu and his waifu alone. However, this particular scenario does fulfill one of the very few exceptions I have, and that is in the case of meeting both women at once, and them being very close to each other. That and the fact that if you never dick the snake, she'll die a virgin. Because she can't very well run off with her own husband and abandon her queen.

Sphinx and anubis can go fuck off and find their own men though.

>> No.16010127

Anyone has a good female bodytype chart? Preferably more 2D-ish than realistic.

Asking for reasons.

>> No.16010135

I'd go for a girl with a much more dynamic and interesting body, personally. Like a multi-arm something, or a serpentine girl. Oh, or a loli tentacle. Imagine how involved putting her into bondage would be. Every rope, pressing into every nest of tentacles, around every limb and against soft, hidden skin.

But padded cuffs are a good idea. Along with leather. You could even expand that into a whole harness, something comfortable to set her up in so she's all suspended, swinging back and forth slowly in the air as you play with her body.

>> No.16010136

So, basically mega Sleipnir?

>> No.16010138

What a slut, I hope you find it in your heart to repent before you die otherwise you'll end up in P'Orc hell
You don't want to know what profanities happen in there

>> No.16010139

>being okay with horse pussy
You have to go back.

>> No.16010142

Not him, but I also am. Not my favorite thing anyway but still.

>> No.16010144

>forcing meme oc
Only after you

>> No.16010145

Multi arm girls are awesome. Why aren't there more of them?
Post your favorite multi arm girls.

>> No.16010146

If you married her, she'd merge her tribe with your village to protect it.
You wouldn't have to defend the village alone anymore.

>> No.16010147

>Not loving centaurs
Away with you.

>> No.16010149

He wouldn't have to defend the village anymore.

>> No.16010150


There you are. Go nuts.

>> No.16010152

i kinda do now.

Granted, I'm just doing this so I get a bunch of fat, faceless P'Orcs that I'm going to 'pork' until they get heart pupils and faces.

>> No.16010154

Look anon, part of me just really wants to be the shared husband of the Pharaoh and her royal court.

>> No.16010158

Yes, but with more legs. So many legs that it goes around the universe.

>> No.16010159
File: 351 KB, 563x829, 104870b6d8118a1c170308a5c4af2343.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would a multi armed chimera of anywhere between 6-8 different species and personalities be like?

>> No.16010160

While working on an idea of what to doodle next, how about some MGK before I potentially lose my job from car bullshit?

You are Jimmy, a young boy with augmented eyes and sunglasses you never take off even at night.
Do you watch Jurassic Park 1 with Anubis, Mantis, Pharaoh, Wurm, and Sandworm during a sleepover at Sandworm's place?
Do you and Ophy play teamplay Mario Party against Holst and her faceless future husband?
Do you trade your shiny with decent IVs T-taur for Ryu's shiny Milotic with perfect IVs and a master ball?
Do you and Dragon try and toughen up Wyvern through a montage?
Do you eat beef stew with Yuki and Yeti at Yeti's?
Do you try and ear puff pastries at Kiki's as her neatfreak mother tries to kill every germ on you with alcohol and fire?
Do you watch Spirited Away with Ushi Oni, Lich, Albino Lamia, and Elf-Wight at Lich's fortress of bone?
Do you take Junko to Dominoes for a job application?
Do you molest Griffon's ahoge?
Do you learn how to make baklava with 6th grade Lilim and Wock?
Do you say hello to the new 6th grade White Horn?
Do you play pretend Paladins and Monsters with Mermaid as the princess?
Or do you draw dicks on your Alp sister Tammy's face?

>> No.16010167

Anon, there are more threats than just Amazon raiders.
Rival tribes, wild monstergirls, the occasional Order attack. There are more things to protect the village from.
And that one anon held off an entire amazon tribe. They're not going to take him off guard duty, they know he's a badass.

>> No.16010169


>> No.16010170

That's why I said "mega".

>> No.16010173

Amazons don't want their husbands to get hurt, they do the hard work.

>> No.16010178

But this anon's proved himself. It'd be an insult to him to keep him from his job.
Also Husband and Wife battle couples are amazing.

>> No.16010181

But it's mega mega.

>> No.16010183

>has 6 different arms
>can't jack you off with any of them
What a useless chimera that would be

>> No.16010184

Training Wyvern with the power of love seems good, but molesting a Griffon sounds so tempting.

>> No.16010185

Reminds me of a tg story where s guy and his paladin wife are at each others' throats over her constantly abusing him and saying he is too wrak to fight and should stsy out of battles.
End with him going full "HATRED IS WHAT DRIVES ME" on her ass and proving he isn't a bustah.

>> No.16010187

Phone you fucking suck.

>> No.16010188
File: 880 KB, 2304x1728, 1457849302954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a Monster Girl Homestay! Any will do!

>> No.16010190

If anything, that would make him the husband of a high ranked amazon, but he's still a male.

>> No.16010193

Except this is an Amazon arguing for her husband to stay on the guard because she knows he's not a bustah.

>> No.16010194

Say hello to the White Horn. She seems pretty green

>> No.16010196

You could speed things up by ripping out Wyvern's ahoge.

>> No.16010197

But how do you know he even married an Amazon?

Maybe he left the village to help defend weak villages from aggressive monster girl attacks?

>> No.16010199

>i kinda do now.

Think of all the P'Orcs who ever died virgins
Now view them all stacked in the same completely blank and empty room
Then imagine yourself getting thrown in there with no hopes of ever escaping
You'd spend the rest of eternity pleasing bitter P'Orcs who couldn't score a man in their entire life

>> No.16010202

So basically:
>"You'll stay and guard the home because you are strong and proven you can protect the one place where we can let down our guard and rest"

>> No.16010203
File: 105 KB, 850x566, sample_a2005680fd41eaa1181990732ab129b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Classy CEO Manticore
Yankee Intern Hellhound
Genki Clerk Cheshire
Cool Supervisor Jinko
Grumpy Secretary Anubis

I like women in uniform. And big meaty paws.

>> No.16010207

Now that I think about it, wouldn't that just be ultra?

>> No.16010210

She is from a land like Greenland.

Hohoho. Naw, she's Alaskan.

>> No.16010211


>> No.16010212

I want to join them for water cooler talk!

>> No.16010213
File: 243 KB, 1000x1590, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even go to the gym but hell i would go with this.

>ywn see her body flex as she works out
>beads of sweat dripping from her abs
>later having those melon crushing thighs around your neck

>> No.16010217

Wait, what if I touch their ahoges together?

>> No.16010218

>Do you watch Spirited Away with Ushi Oni, Lich, Albino Lamia, and Elf-Wight at Lich's fortress of bone?
I love that movie! Of course I will watch it with them, we could cuddle and everything.

>> No.16010221

A shortstack Lich with the standard love of experimentation. Mostly likes alchemy but will cast various spells on housemates to enchance or change their sexual experience. Will be taking notes.

A 7ft tall muscular Werewolf who likes to roleplay as a protective big sister and has a worrying fetish for genderswapped red riding hood. Insists on being called "big sis".

A Genki Gremlin who has taken over the garage to build a variety of concerning sex machines. She is very insecure about her flat chest but is too embarressed to ask Lich for a fix.

A video game-loving Succubus. She's lazy as fuck but a total bro, who happens to live of sexual energy. Dislikes Gremlin because she keeps trying to dismantle her consoles for parts. Due to being a Succubus she is the most skilled at fucking. Will beat Contra on hard whilst riding your cock.

Suave English 'ara ara' Satyros. A fantastic speaker, amazing at the art of seduction and is seen as a total creep by Werewolf. Obviously likes to drink fine wine, not as classy as she likes herself out to be. Possibly putting on the accent a bit as when she's really getting into sex her voice starts sounding more common.

I probably but too much thought into this

>> No.16010222

You become ahoge.

>> No.16010223

Reality will sunder as anons rage necause it's technically yuri

>> No.16010224

Ultra ultra then.

>> No.16010228

>Two yetis rubbing their ahoges together

Lewd as fuck.

>> No.16010230

Hairs have sex? I need an adult Kej for this.

And Dragon would be my host then. We'll be together forever.

>> No.16010231

Cuddling in a mostly corpse pile? Anon, you sure you can handle Elf-Wight?
She might be motherly, but she won't hold back on the killer hugs.

>> No.16010233


>> No.16010236

Tie them together for BDSM play with them.

Can a Kej even get an ahoge?

>> No.16010238

They'd even be intertwining hair strands, and possibly going so far as to look each other in the eyes as they do it.

>> No.16010239
File: 297 KB, 938x800, 1467925716333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing like an intense gym workout to get you into shape.

>> No.16010243

This is why you don't let young foxes play with undeads

>before I potentially lose my job from car bullshit?
Oh man that sucks

I'll go watch Jurassic Park, hope Sandworm-chan let's me watch it with from inside it looks so comfy in there

>> No.16010244

This should be illegal.

>> No.16010245

The I'll hug her back! And if that doesn't work, motorboat her.

>> No.16010248

>Haughty Ojou-sama Kakuen
The heiress of a prestegious dojo. A skilled martial artist. Secretly loves commoner things like pro wrestling.
>Genki Cheshire Cat
The Kakuen's childhood friend and maid. Smug and energetic
>Thugdere Hellhound
Tall, /fit/, and busty. My childhood friend.
>Clumsy Shortstack Manticore
Doesn't have the best balance due to her frame. A little insecure because of her height and how she feels she can't be scary. Fucking adorable even when she gets smug.
>Lewd Hourglass shaped Gremlin
Paid a Lich to help her get a taller sexier body and she acts Ara Ara as a result. Has an ass that refuses to quit.

The basic idea is that I got hired as the Kakuen's butler semi against my will, and the Hellhound followed me.
Sixsomes ensue.

>> No.16010253

I'd be fine with that.

In fact, if someone can get a gate going then I can go there and get started.

>> No.16010254

Can't motorboat her if you can't escape being crushed in her lap as you watch the movie.
You WILL enjoy the boobhat.

>> No.16010255

>can't jack you off with any of them
Why not?

>> No.16010261

She's still small, anon.
Like, grapefruit size still since she hasn't even molted yet.

She is literally travel size.

>> No.16010270

Imagine if you were being jacked off by Za Warudo.
You'll lose your dick and might get split in half.

>> No.16010272

>The safety of the village comes first.
Maybe if i offer myself as sacrifice they'll go away?

>> No.16010274

She's using THAT!

A legendary technique only masters of the handjob know how to use!

>> No.16010276

I dunno man, getting handjob from something like Kirra Queenu would certainly lead to explosive results.

>> No.16010277

You give Amazons an inch and they'll take a mile.

>> No.16010278

Are you for real?
Do you realize that they all suffer from decades, if not centuries of sexual frustration?
How are you going to satisfy all the twisted fetishes they gained from years of masturbation?
What if one asks you to do something obscene like fucking her in the ass while pulling on her hair ?

Oww, too bad guess I'll have to ask her big sister

>She is literally travel size.
Cute, is there a place where I can buy my own?

>> No.16010281

>gangbang shit

>> No.16010282

She has no sisters yet. Still eggs.

You can only make them, anon.

>> No.16010289

I don't get it.

>> No.16010290

Calm down dude, it's just a picture.

>> No.16010292

He's most likely falseflagging.

>> No.16010295

Relax Anon, sharing is caring.

>> No.16010297

Would any of those hands even feel good at all?

>> No.16010307

>Defending gangbang trash
End your life for your shit taste.

>> No.16010309

Now that I think about it, Sandworm puberty probably kills bank accounts pretty quickly.

>> No.16010317

Calm down Anon. It can't hurt you. It's not real.

>> No.16010319

An oujousama Queen shog who would make a highly irresponsible ruler, so it's good that her domain only extends as far as her house and the offshoots within. Wants most of all the be domestic. The house is eternally clean but that won't stop her from donning a slutty maid uniform in your presence and bending over to sweep at some dust. Is the best cook you've ever known and is skilled enough under the sheets to put a lilim to shame/

A stark contrast and highly responsible oujousama shog who fashions herself a queen anyway. Is the first offshoot and entertains her Queen in matters intillectual and stimulating. Together they are like the two queens ruling over their household, but there are just like parents to the younger offshoots, with the queen paying the indulgent good cop and the eldest offshoot playing the responsible stern cop. She is an avid reader of science and will delve in the odd experiment of her own. Has many contacts within the scientific community, naming liches and hakutaku among her scholarly peers.

The second oldest offshoot is a stoic bodyguard whose expression never changes, who is far far from kuu. Secretly she wishes master would spend all day molesting her and even an innocent surprise tickle while she's on duty is enough to have her panties soaking. This is only while she's on duty though, and in her time off, she's much more self indulgent and as what is considered the "first born" by the queen and her first queenly offshoot, she is spoiled when she feels like she can get away with it. Expect to have her come complaining to you that standing guard all day means she needs a massage. Undefeated in the ring of martial combat, utilizes styles both natural and eldritch.

The second youngest is a keen creator, of music, sculptures, paintings, written works. She spends all her time with her head in the clouds with suspicious looking Leanan Sidhe buzzing about her. Very slow, laid back and relaxed. When she isn't creating, she's reading. Loves nothing more than having you read to her, but failing that, is more than content to snuggle up with you as she reads

The youngest is the family pride and something of a sis-con. That is, she's obsessed with every member of her family. At times it manifests in a vaguely questionable way, at other times it manifests in her eternal striving for perfection. Rarely if ever spends time on her own and when she is, she's practicing. All other times are spend learning from her bigger sisters, how to fight, how to create, how to be tern and responsible and how to be soft and motherly. And she excels at this wonderfully, resulting in a responsible, but kind hearted girl with a heart of stone, who could fare well against practically anything with her boundless martial skill and her boundless creativity and the scientific knowledge to apply her unique capabilities to the fullest. But of all the traits she'd taken from her sisters the one that holds the strongest sway over her is another trait borrowed from her bodyguard sister. Extraordinarily weak to being spoiled. Headpats turn her into putty is not literally melting her. And you'd swear that she'd picked up the ability to purr from somewhere whenever you hug her.

>> No.16010323

1. A tall /fit/ over protective dragon girl who likes to sleep very close to her "favourite treasure". Sometimes sneaking in your room to sleep with you in her grasp.

2. A shortstack pudgy kitsune with a tendency to hug, a lot.

3. A busy Anubis who always takes charge of a situation and likes to get everyone to do chores around the house.

4. A thicc delinquent hellhound always getting into trouble. Like flashing her thicc ass at you and loves face sitting

5. Yandere but not too yandere Kikimora. Likes to rub herself up against you.

>> No.16010326

Wow f.am. Tl:dr a cute waifu?

>> No.16010327

The dream is dead... Guess we can still have fun watching the movie, hope she doesn't get scared of the dinosaurs I wouldn't know how to calm her down

>> No.16010331
File: 19 KB, 413x395, hammburgler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's this rustled over an image on an imageboard
Calm down, Jesus.

>> No.16010333

Minimal stuff would be the best. Hands tied behind back or over head, blindfold, and a collar for wolfus. Maybe a ballgag sometimes.

>> No.16010334

tl;dr 5 cute waifus who are actually one cute waifu

>> No.16010340
File: 366 KB, 638x900, 73b421b96bed92e1cff16ffe82f64ce6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post your waifu's / favorite girl:

>B/W/H measurements (if she has a human type body)

>> No.16010341

So one cute super waifu?

>> No.16010343

>Retarded reaction image poster has shit taste

>> No.16010345

Pretty much

>> No.16010349
File: 709 KB, 1028x672, 56100392_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to slap Shub-Niggurath's tits!
I want to lose my sanity as I gaze upon her otherworldly boobs!

>> No.16010350

Well guess what, Anon? Your waifu is cute.

>> No.16010351

>TFW nobody gave a shit about Shub-Niggurath until this series
Fuck all of you, I want Harblador back. At least he understood me.

>> No.16010352

This image puts to mind a MG version of the moon presence as it descends upon you lovingly.

>> No.16010356

>posting reaction images on an imageboard is bad
...are you an idiot?

>> No.16010357

Croe Tengu
23 Earth years.
120 pounds.
>B/W/H measurements (if she has a human type body)
Not sure how to write it in measurements, but she has a slim bodytype with B cups.

>> No.16010359

is there a collection of these big enough to read anywhere?

>> No.16010361

>Being a newfag

>> No.16010366

>not understanding why this thread doesn't like reaction images
How new are you?

>> No.16010367

It's fine if you delete it in short order.

>> No.16010369

It's fine. Just make sure you delete it before the thirty-minute grace period passes and you can't delete it anymore. We prefer to preserve images for as long as we can, so off-topic ones should be avoided. Thanks and enjoy your stay.

>> No.16010370

Hi you must be new here.

>> No.16010373

Mantis hunting rival?

>> No.16010374

>Undead, age is meaningless
>5' something, can and will use magic to change that often
>whatever she wants due to magic
>same as above, but standard form is slim-ish and roughly a C cup.

>> No.16010376 [DELETED] 

Too easy. But thanks for playing anyways.

>> No.16010381

>26 if put into human years
>210 kg (heavy girl)
>Can't be fucked to do measurements.

>> No.16010382

Newfag pls

>> No.16010383

>I was just pretending

>> No.16010384


>> No.16010385

Quake has her too.
You get to see quite a lot of her when you telefrag her weird blob ass at the end. Quake guy is the Old Man Henderson of videogames, they both killed an Old One.

>> No.16010386

>I was just pretending to be retarded.

>> No.16010387

I thought the kids were in school?

>> No.16010389

>hurr durr
>fuck off retard
>jokes on you I was only pretending
Fuck off retard.

>> No.16010390 [DELETED] 

merely pretending

>> No.16010393 [SPOILER] 
File: 224 KB, 1000x912, 1477255882490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slap this.

>> No.16010394

You know its Sunday, right?

>> No.16010399

>/mgt/ still hasn't mastered the art of not replying #195842

>> No.16010402

>First Nyarlathotep, Hastur and Cthuga
>Now Shub-Niggarath
Japan just wants to moe-ify Lovecraft's entire roster don't they?
I'm perfectly cool with it, but the man himself is spinning so hard in his grave they could power a small city with the energy

>> No.16010403

Where does my hand go?

>> No.16010404

Not replying what?

>> No.16010406

You understood the meme, right?

>> No.16010408
File: 744 KB, 1240x873, bootycrow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In her cloaca.

>> No.16010411

Inside her along with the rest of your body if you use the teleport.

>> No.16010412

Oh man, yes please.
Like a little firebrand hellhound loli who eats like a furnace burns fuel. Except she hasn't quite developed the height and metabolism to deal with her appetite, so it's left her a little pokable around the edges.
Of course, it means all her clothes are a little too tight, that goes without saying. What's really interesting is the way her hellfire manifests itself. It's common knowledge that young hellhounds don't have perfect control over their powers, but that lack of control always presents itself in different ways.
With her, it'd be pressure. With any pressing contact upon her skin, it'd heat up. The more push, the hotter her skin gets. You could press a finger against her belly, just above the navel, and take it away a few seconds later to find a glowing spot of orange in the middle of her charcoal skin. Hug her really tight, and you'll leave molten bands around her abodomen, subtly swirling with high-temperature colours.

Now, just do the math. Tight clothes, pudgy body, and a condition that makes tightness=heat.
Think of the possibilities. You could make her wear some panties that bunch up just a little bit, and she'd be dealing with literally boiling puffy vulva in less than two hours. Incandescent pink between those lips, dripping hot honey.
Tie her up in bondage? If her ropes don't burn after a little while, you could free them from her and see the perfect imprint of them crisscrossing her body, like veins of lava flowing through obsidian.
Out for a day on her beach with her almost subtly spilling out from her one-piece swimsuit? Obviously, her skin won't get any darker, but peel away the swimsuit at the end of the day, and her entire torso beneath it will be glowing like the sun. Dark nipples turned red-hot, every inch of her skin glowing like the surface of the sun, a dazzling inverse tan (no, not the trigonometric function).

Just think twice before introducing her to the wonders of vacbeds.

>> No.16010413

I'm just going to list the girls I posted about in >>16010248
I also don't know how to do B/W/H, so I'm just going to post their cup sizes.

>5' 8"
>145 lbs.
>D Cup

>5' 4"
>120 lbs.
>F cup

>6' 5"
>185 lbs.
>DD Cup

>4' 10"
>110 lbs.
>E cup

>6' 1"
>150 lbs.
>F Cup

>> No.16010416

This shouldn't be making me hard.

>> No.16010417

187cm standing normally (248cm full size)
58.5 kg

I'm not sure about the weight, I made the calculations a while ago

>> No.16010419

>boiling puffy vulva in less than two hours

Oh boy...

>> No.16010423

>15 yo
>That's rude to ask
>93/62/90 but I'm pretty sure her B is higher than that

>> No.16010424


>> No.16010426

Is it a bad idea to use ~ in writings to indicate sexy talk?

>> No.16010427

>Could be 20, could be 200. doesn't matter. If I had to guess it would be in the 400 to 500 range.
>Slightly large than 150cm.
>I dono, 65 Kg? Dosen't matter all that much.
>I have no idea what this means

>> No.16010428

So long as you don't overuse it, I think it'd be fine.

>> No.16010431

Yes, very. Just write competently.

>> No.16010432

>Smaller than the cheshire by a large margin despite being older

I sense inevitable bullying

>> No.16010433


>Looks 24
>91/59/89 (cm)

>> No.16010436

I find those creepy. It doesn't help that my first exposure to them was a movie where an assassin got a woman to use one and then suffocated her with it.

>> No.16010437

I've used them and faced no repercussions whatsoever. Just be conservative in how you use them, like ellipses.

>> No.16010438

>being triggered by a relatively vanilla fetish.

I don't think this is the site for you, Anon.
You might fit in better here: http://www.christianforums.com/

>> No.16010439



Light hearted prankster. Likes to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. She can be obnoxious at her worst. Has a little chub in all the right places.


A scholar. Enjoys reading and learning, but occasionally she loses herself in her books. Has OCD and a short tolerance for people who are acting like idiots. Pear shaped and bottom heavy.


A quiet loner. Used to being on her own, so she doesn't talk much. She's kinda hard to get to know, but she is surprisingly sassy and blunt when she's around those she's comfortable with. Has a nice rack.


A doting eccentric. She can be over dramatic at times, for good and for ill. She's highly affectionate, and isn't afraid to show how much she cares for others. She's fairly voluptuous.


An tomboy. Talks tough shit but is fairly insecure about her own abilities and her looks. Tends to speak before she thinks, which gets her into trouble. She has abs of steel and a firm ass.

>> No.16010441

>6'1" She's a loli dragon
>67 Kg
>She is pretty average all across the board

I love her lots.

>> No.16010442

The Manticore's a Shortstack and she's clumsy.
Bullying was inevitable from the start.

>> No.16010444

That's furshit anon.

>> No.16010447

Do you see actual writers use them at all, ever?
Don't use them. They're just a lazy crutch to convey tone when you don't or can't use the context, atmosphere and writing itself to do it properly.

>> No.16010453

They're basically the best thing for constriction fetishes. Hell, they can even be relaxing.
You can get kinds that leave your head/face free, or which completely cover you, but ventilation and safeties will be built in to ensure that suffocation is never a risk if you use them properly.

They are a little weird by themselves, I think, but they'd work great with that lolihound. Or for some really close, tight intimacy between a couple sharing the same bed.

>> No.16010464

Cup sizes aren't an exact system of measurement, just so you know.
They have a proportional relationship to band size (upper torso circumference), so depending on the size of a girl, the cup sizes will change radically.

B/W/H is a much more exact method. All you have to do is google some examples so you get a good feel for the scales and number ranges you'll be working with, then ballpark it. People aren't going to be analysing what you say down to the single centimetre; just taking a pretty good idea of the girl's proportions.

>> No.16010467

It really dries out your funds.

>> No.16010468

Hold her and pat her tiny head.

>> No.16010475

That's way too much work man. I just want to sexually bully a shortstack christmas cake Manticore. And I'm aware that cup sizes scale to the girl.

>> No.16010483

Another thing that I've been thinking about is how does an older one go to school? Like, are the hallways extra large just for them, or do they just do outside classes?

>> No.16010484
File: 222 KB, 818x1157, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only reason she's giving you the smug is because it's going on you.

>> No.16010487
File: 609 KB, 657x890, 1432512646410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In that regard, how yuge would a set of I cups on a 7ft. monstergirl be?

>> No.16010488

No thanks.

>> No.16010491

On a scale from flat to huge, my guess would be at "pretty damn".

>> No.16010492

What a dummy, my waist isn't that thin! She should know after seeing it so many times.

>> No.16010493

They would have their own gravitational pull.

>> No.16010496

Let's agree to disagree.

>> No.16010497


Monster girls in a modern setting would probably have either found a niche to live in (Sandworms take up space in the deserts that no one else wants to live in and they build a large scale society or something), or they have some restrictions on them (Sandworms can't enter large cities and have to do their business outside the city or via proxy) or both.

Plus Sandworms always came off to me as being small population wise (along with dragons and Manticores)

>> No.16010500
File: 2.03 MB, 1138x1204, 1469325583513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a lot of milk then.

>> No.16010501


This is the monstergirl thread. Take your furry schlock to /b/.

>> No.16010505

It's technically Ornifex, who isn't a furry.

>> No.16010507
File: 3.02 MB, 2000x2500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>the collar isn't made of metal/gold and encrusted with gems

One job

One fucking job

>> No.16010508

Either outside classes, or homeschooling once they get too big.

>> No.16010510

An I cup implies a 28-30cm difference between the bust and underbust circumference.

A 7' tall girl would have a pretty large body to begin with so my guess would be around 120cm at least.

>> No.16010514

>Is it a bad idea to use ~ in writings to indicate sexy talk?
Used sparingly it's fine.

>> No.16010518

Uh huh, yeah. Whatever you say.

>> No.16010524

They can turn into lamia.

>> No.16010525

Nice reading comprehension.

>> No.16010529

>Uh durr its RELATIVELY vanilla
Yeah no shit, you fucking faggot, if it isn't fetishising botfly removal everything is relatively vanilla.

>> No.16010533
File: 174 KB, 600x502, 1437924956993.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can fetishize that.

>> No.16010540

Nice ad hominem, overreaction and hyperbole.
I'd say "you know what I mean" but you obviously won't.
So, why do vacbeds trigger you so much? And why did you choose that once sentence out of the entire wall of text to focus on and moan about? Do you just like being upset?

>> No.16010543
File: 399 KB, 1680x1050, fe5bcf36dd35328dfde2ae729d2c4213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you help a dragon girl pass down her legacy?

>> No.16010545
File: 407 KB, 902x813, gazer toast SI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got a bit of a haircut recently, so I thought I would get another picture of me and wife together.
And there's another one on the way, as well.

Can't call me a girl this time.

>> No.16010548

Yeah, now all I can do is call you a faggot.

>> No.16010556

Are her hips the only thing keeping that sweater in place?

>> No.16010557

You claimed it was relatively vanilla. And he gave you an example of relativity. at this point you've been proven wrong but can't admit it so you just scream "ad hominem" while just a few words later commit and ad hominem. Either bait or just really big "can't be proven wrong" complex.

>> No.16010558

That and friction. At least until she produces a little too much goo.

>> No.16010559

Yes. Gazerfag may be a waifufag but he knows how to pick a winner.

>> No.16010560
File: 1.27 MB, 2976x3508, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ara~ with a fang is objectively superior

>> No.16010561

You too

>> No.16010563

Of course but that's more of a lizard man.

>> No.16010564

God that thing looks stupid

>> No.16010565

Don't get sassy with me you fucking nerd.

>> No.16010567

You're the one saying anything has a pass if it's only "relatively" vanilla.
You know, you said I was triggered even before I was calling you a faggot. A single word response doesn't constitute a triggering, I really don't think you know what that word means. Or you do know, and you're just being dishonest because you think that you can dismiss what I'm saying if you just say I'm triggered.

>And why did you choose that once sentence out of the entire wall of text to focus on and moan about?
Vacbeds are shit and I ignored the rest of your post. It was the only sentence that wasn't attached to a wall of text full of shit fetishes so of course it stood out.

>> No.16010569

Looking much better Gazerfag.

>> No.16010572


Is it wrong if I want to give a gremlin raspberries on her exposed stomach?

Seriously, she's the perfect size to pin down and just go to town on her torso. Sure she'd still have that smug grin while you did it, but she'd probably like it.

>> No.16010573

And also you don't know what an ad hominem is, so don't use it. Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it.

>> No.16010574

gentlemen, let's say there were two succubi willing to do -anything- bedroom-related for you.

what do?

>> No.16010575

I'm pretty sure you're going to kill your gazer from love overdose.

>> No.16010578


>> No.16010579

Tell them I draw the line at soul sucking.

>> No.16010581

A highly stilted example of "relatively" only meant to forgo reason to try and discredit what I said. When you go to extremes like that, of course you can say anything is anything, because you're just dividing things which aren't black and white into a binary scenario.
Vacbeds really aren't that extreme, especially in relation to monstergirls.

>> No.16010582

Kindly offer them a sweater and some tea. It's really cold outside and that scanty choice of clothing isn't helping.

>> No.16010586

>had similar girly hair to gazerfag
>get it cut last week
>he now has the same length hair as me again
Am I being stalked or do I have an evil gazer loving twin out there?

>> No.16010589

Turn them down.

>> No.16010591

Rough reverse spitroasting with cuddling afterwards as a starter.
Double Paizuri and blowjobs for foreplay.

>> No.16010592

>A highly stilted example of "relatively" only meant to forgo reason to try and discredit what I said
No, an example of why you don't argue based on relativity.
>When you go to extremes like that, of course you can say anything is anything
Exactly. Which is why you don't argue based on relativity.

You don't get to slip your shit fetishes into the vanilla category because it's "relatively" vanilla. I was simply demonstrating that folly.

>> No.16010594

Is it supposed to be some kind of robot holding her? I see arms but no head or anything.
Purple and Gold? Who thought that was a good idea?

>> No.16010595

Okay then Woolie, I understand getting to that midnight release is more important.

>> No.16010596

Well I need more info about those two succubi to decide; how are they like, why are they here, why me, will they leave next morning, etc

>> No.16010599

>Vacbeds are shit and I ignored the rest of your post. It was the only sentence that wasn't attached to a wall of text full of shit fetishes so of course it stood out.

Ah, so you're just lashing out because you don't like the fetishes someone else likes. You shouldn't flaunt your own opinions as fact and think that the world revolves around you because of that. You'll be in for some nasty upsets when you're proven wrong. You know, like how you're getting upset now.

>ad hominem
>directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
>Uh durr
>you fucking faggot

That seems pretty directed. Then again, I think you just wanted to start a shitstorm because someone on the internet wrote something which didn't pander to your own tastes. Congrats. You're causing a shitstorm.

>> No.16010602

Double buttjob. Not even a contest.

>> No.16010603

Omikron: Nomad Soul?

>> No.16010605

Can KC succubi still do that?

>> No.16010607
File: 72 KB, 680x716, gazer toast sweater.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also wife doodle.
Being a nerd is fine
Thank you
There's no such thing.
I usually get it cut every spring/summer and let it grow back out so by the time it starts getting colder it's decently long again.
This year I got lazy so now I'm going into winter with shorter hair.
I'll push through with the warmth from commissioning comfy winter clothes wife pictures.

>> No.16010609


>> No.16010610

>Vacbeds really aren't that extreme
I guarantee if you explained it to a random fuck they'd think you were high off your ass.
"It's not vore" does not make your fetish vanilla.

>> No.16010613

You talking shit about the imperial colors?

>> No.16010616

>I guarantee if you explained it to a random fuck they'd think you were high off your ass.
Just like monstergirls, then.

>> No.16010617

I might be a piece of shit but I'm nowhere near as bad as that nigger with terrible hair.

>> No.16010620
File: 388 KB, 1080x1920, JWF0NdW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's how it is in the original art

>> No.16010621

What color skin would you want your succubi to have? And just how plump would their asses be?

>> No.16010622

>Being a nerd is fine
As expected from a fucking nerd.

>> No.16010624

dat fluffy hair


>> No.16010626

Doesn't stop it from being STUPID
gremilin has shit design skill confirmed.

>> No.16010627

How do you get so much art from these people?
Do you keep a list of artists and just check daily to see if they're taking requests?

>> No.16010630

We should never let monstergirls play that game.
On top of it being bad it'd spit in the face of David Bowie's legacy and I don't know if I could handle ruining David Bowie for a monstergirl.

Then maybe you shouldn't turn down the threesome.

>> No.16010631

maybe he's staked and they're all commissions

>> No.16010633

And it's still pretty stupid.

>> No.16010636

But I don't like Succubi.

>> No.16010637

Im partial to normal white or delicious brown.
The plumpest
Like legoman or rebis maybe

>> No.16010639

This? This is what ad hominem looks like. You're implying that I am furious with emotion and therefor what I'm saying holds no credence. It's only ad hominem if you attack the individual in order to refute their argument.

If I said you are a faggot and therefor you are wrong, that is an ad hominem.

Merely calling you a faggot and then also explaining the fault in your argument, is not.

>You shouldn't flaunt your own opinions as fact and think that the world revolves around you because of that. You'll be in for some nasty upsets when you're proven wrong. You know, like how you're getting upset now.
Feel free to stop projecting at any moment. Funny how all this came about by a single post that said "violentlypuking.jpg" are you so threatened by your snowflake fetish being insulted that you have to jump on the defensive this hard?

I called your fetish shit. Welcome to /mgt/.

>> No.16010640

I'm gonna do the best I can

>> No.16010641

No, they're mostly requests. He's said so, and probably hasn't spent over $200 or $300. But you'd have to ask him about that.

>> No.16010643

I'm worried for the Gazerfag safety. One day he'll come to terms with the fact she isn't real and he might try to kill himself.

>> No.16010646

Nope. She is going to HNNNG so hard over there that she is going to explode.

>> No.16010650

He's going to keep defending his shit fetish. Might aswell ignore the shitter.

>> No.16010651

God I just want to fuck a Gremlin so bad.Why is there no porn of this sperm shaman yet?

>> No.16010652

I can't wait for 2017 so I can laugh at every waifufag when nothing happens.

>> No.16010653

It just seems that when you make a post like that, you want negative attention. Why else would you "ignore an entire wall of text", even when you obviously read it so that you could complain about not liking the fetishes in it, then make a single remark like that, instead of just leaving it be and talking about what you want?
Do you just want attention that badly?

>> No.16010656

What do you see in her?

>> No.16010658

Because Gremlins are shit, the only good thing about them is that they build Automatons.

>> No.16010663

That's really mean anon. You shouldn't be that mean.

S-She will be real!

>> No.16010666

Preferably my penis.

Seriously though, the whole smug mechanic thing just does it for me. Plus she has the hair length I've always had as my ideal and those car like ears just add to her charm.
The body enhancements she can give are a nice bonus too.

>> No.16010667

Well yeah the profile isn't translated yet. Once we actually now what she does I expect a story or two

>> No.16010668

No, she won't. None of them will be real.

At most the only thing that will happen will be literal monsters showing up, not monster girls.

>> No.16010669

Or maybe, just maybe,
he thought your fetish is shit.

>> No.16010671

this is acceptable
this is also acceptable
this is unacceptable
good taste
they are twins of average for a succubus build and size.
good taste

>> No.16010675
File: 35 KB, 236x451, gazer rori collage individual.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No this is zach
fluff is wonderful
I commissioned those two from a friend, but overall for requests I guess it's a 'right place right time' kind of thing
At this point I've probably spent about ~$900 total on commissions. Whenever I look around for artists, I make note of their commission prices and my whole thing has kind of changed from "Oh hey this artist is open for requests" to "Oh hey this artist has really cheap commissions". In a few months or so I think I'll take a look at commissioning some more expensive artists.
A bit too late to worry about something like that, anon.
I'm the one who'd explode, if anything.
Is this some meme I haven't been clued in on yet

>> No.16010679

Yep. Both of you are going to have heart attacks.

>> No.16010681


Fucking hell. Jeez man. You really might want to think about getting a real girlfriend. This is unhealthy.

>> No.16010683

>Why else would you "ignore an entire wall of text", even when you obviously read it so that you could complain about not liking the fetishes in it, then make a single remark like that
Uh, so I read your entire wall of text, so I could complain about not liking it. That's how you think this went, inside your head, right? If that was the case Why did I "leave a single remark like that"? Why not respond to more of the fetishes you listed out?

Would that not indicate that I had only read that one line, separate from your wall of shit, and responded to it?

Could it not be, that I saw a shit fetish, and called it shit? Jesus you're projecting all over this. Do me a favor. Don't tax your head trying to read between the lines when I only gave you a single line.

>Do you just want attention that badly?
Oof, you got me. I post anonymously on 4chan for attention. I'm done with this.

>> No.16010684

So what are your bets for who is gonna kill themselves first in 2017?

My bet goes for Miiafag.

>> No.16010685

Don't tell yourself that. Yours will be real one day.

>> No.16010686

And whats the average build for a succubi. And they didn't tell me why they're here.

>> No.16010687

Probably the KC profile. Tall but with curves at the right places.

>> No.16010688

Is fucking them in every position until they are pregnant okay?

>> No.16010690

We've had a rough idea for a while thanks to cripplechan's translation, how much of that is true is anyone's guess though.
Pretty sure wockfag and miiafag have spent more. Besides spending money on what makes you happy isn't unhealthy, hell I spent 3k on a single game over 5 years and don't regret a single dollar of that.

>> No.16010691

Where do you think you are, fag.

>> No.16010692

What's so special about 2017? I mean, if I wish hard enough, right?

>> No.16010694
File: 402 KB, 702x702, 1441058874779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At this point I've probably spent about ~$900 total on commissions.

>> No.16010696

It's got to be more than a right place right time thing. Just looking around, finding artists who'll be willing to draw monstergirl stuff. There's got to be something you do in the first place, to find and connect with artists.

I guess you have spent a fair amount more than I thought, though. Guess I underestimated the ratio of small commissions to requests.

>> No.16010699

Original image?

>> No.16010702

Easily searchable.

>> No.16010703

I have it right here.

>> No.16010704

>Stop wasting money into things you like and waste it anyway in a woman

>> No.16010705

I should be repulsed at the idea is spending so money on a waifu. But for some reason it makes me want to follow in their steps.

What the fuck have you done to me

>> No.16010706


>> No.16010707

Yes, boyim. Pay tribute to your vagina overqueens.

>> No.16010710

Like man it don't even matter if she ugly just something to take his mind off of an addiction to a cartoon character.

>> No.16010716

Are you typing in ebonics on purpose, or what?

>> No.16010717

Where did you come from

>> No.16010723

No, she won't.

Mainly because I don't have a waifu.

>> No.16010727

I'm doing it on purpose because I really cannot wrap my head around it.

>> No.16010730

>inb4 another 'too easy'

>> No.16010731
File: 321 KB, 161x169, 1476985504472.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude please.

>> No.16010733

Then maybe this isn't the site for you.

>> No.16010734

That's good but I'm not doing anything with them anyway, I won't give my cum to two sluts who will probably disappear as soon as they get whay they want.

>> No.16010737

Then you must be living eternal suffering. It's not a very nice laifu without a waifu.

>> No.16010739

>probably 1000's of years old but appears to be 22-25
>7'2 or 218 cm
>never really thought about it but probably pretty heavy due to scales and whatnot
>somewhere around a D or DD cup, and an above average rear and hips

>> No.16010744

Plenty there for you to wrap your head around. Have fun.

>> No.16010745

You do realise what board you're on right?

>> No.16010746

You just seem bitter at this point. Why are you getting so riled up over this?

>Oof, you got me. I post anonymously on 4chan for attention. I'm done with this.
Why else do any of us post at all? It's to have people reply to us and engage in talk.
Use this site for long enough, it becomes an ingrained positive reaction when someone replies to your own post.

>> No.16010747

Go back to your particular shithole then

>> No.16010749

It's actually pretty easy once you're completely dead inside and fill the void with really irrational racism.

>> No.16010754

Quick! Strike the Dragon's chest while it's exposed!

>> No.16010755

But how?

>> No.16010758

20-25 I'd say would be ideal
Another range, 5'6''-6'
As long as I can still feasibly princess carry her and she's not anorexic I'm fine with anything in there.
I've never been good at these measurements, I still don't even fully understand them, but I'll tell you what I do understand
Bust: Huge
Waist: Lickable/kissable
Hips: Birthing

>> No.16010759
File: 76 KB, 659x492, gazer rollercoaster collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, I don't want a girlfriend, I have my wife.
heart attacks of love
And I will spend more as time goes on.
Well I know a lot of people, but I'm not the kind of person who befriends others just to get free shit.
There are a lot of seemingly random artists out there who explicitly advertise "hello person I will draw your cark if you ask", spend a little bit of time looking around and you'll find them. One-time interactions like those are responsible for most of the art I've gotten.

>> No.16010764

Too much smug in one gif

This is why I prefer onee-san vampires

>> No.16010765

>Dragon steals your heart the wrong way and now you have to dick her to get it back

>> No.16010781

Wouldn't the dragon just punch you?

>> No.16010785

I can see through your lies! You are wrong! I will be her most prized treasure.

>> No.16010801
File: 322 KB, 972x695, 1474232763284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yupiel is cute, CUTE

>> No.16010834

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. That would kind of make things awkward between a Sandworm and her crush who has a soft spot for lamias.

>> No.16010858
File: 1.90 MB, 2100x1330, 59551286_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [