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What are Sanae's ten desires?

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Listing ass twice.

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To have two asses.

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a s s

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To be left alone from assholes like you.

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To be my wife! (x10)

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To have a skill as notable as Fantasy Heaven, Master Spark, the ability to strike at near light speed, or stopping time.

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she's a fictional character, she doesn't exists, ergo, she cannot wish

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to become an idol that is known for her tits and ass

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become into a sex goddess

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This is actually somewhat true, all the other playable commands have features,abilities and attacks that's clearly makes them unique och distinguished.
But what does Sanea got? It really feels like she's just a bad copy of Reimu

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1. 2
2. 5
3. 0
4. 0
5. 0
6. 0
7. 0
8. 0
9. 0
10. 0

Also this. She gets really annoyed seeing all this sexualization of her from secondaries who don't even play the games or read the manga.

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1. Seizing the methods of production
2. Democratizing the workplace
3. Establishing an army of revolutionary workers
4. Financing insurrection are peasant movements in the third world
5. Completely destroying the parasitic banking system
6. Nationalizing all technologies to ensure that automation benefits all citizens and not just a few owners
7. Sending all reactionaries for reeducation
8. Sending all bourgeois liberals for reeducation
9. Freeing the people from religious superstition
10. Creating a future free from capitalist barbarism

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Nice blog

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snek bullets?
toad bombs?

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1-Be better than reimu
2-Become the shrine deity
3-a bottomless ice cream tub
4-more friends
5-be Nue waifu
6-be less of a bitch
7-make a family
8-beat reimu
9-exterminate all youkais
10-beat reimu

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This desu

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Sanae likes girls!

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Explain me the Sanae is a slug meme.

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There's this rock/paper/siscors thing with frogs, snakes, and slugs. Suwako's a frog, Kanako's a snake, so Sanae must be a slug.

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1. Rub and knead boy-butts!
2. Kiss and smooch boy-butts!
3. Slather and tongue boy-butts!
4. Tickle and finger boy-butts!
5. Prod and tease boy-butts!
6. Insert and pop boy-butts!
7. Pump and rut boy-butts!
8. Cream and fill boy-butts!
9. Plug and block boy-butts!
10. Own and subjugate boy butts!

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>9. Freeing the people from religious superstition
Why would a goddess try to free people from religious superstition? Isn't that sorta counter-intuitive?
Or do you mean all other religions with the superstition part? The whole 'believe in me and only in me' thing?

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Probably the latter. Religions and spirituality is a great vessel for achieving and consolidating temporal authority and power

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Better that than secondary degeneracy.

In MoF, she and her goddesses wanted Reimu to either GTFO or join them as the head Shrine honchos in Gensokyo. So indeed, definitely the latter.

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Please do not use crossboarder memes in /jp/.

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Accusing each other of being degenerates is actually vintage /jp/ heritage.

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I know but crossboarders that shall not be named have poisoned this figurative well

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Food. Especially sweets
Robots. She loves robots
Service to her religion and Gensokyo
Stable, not too little, not too much income
Friends, like her old schoolmates and Gensokyo besties
Family, she loves Kanako and Suwako
Cheer and love
Monogamous marriage with the perfect husbando
To have two or three children with that husbando
To keep having fun and living life to the fullest

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*seizes the means of production

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>Monogamous marriage with the perfect husbando
>To have two or three children with that husbando
Let's not go crazy here.

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>Robots. She loves robots
the perfect wife

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>Robots. She loves robots
Green Nepgear?

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Sanae needs to be punished so that she won't be frisky with random men... but how?

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Sanae loves to drink

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holy shit that quote

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i would

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sex in the missionary position

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to eat mystia to eat shark fin

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>8 kilometres away


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No, no, you love it when she drinks. You're confused, anon.

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Living together with Sanaes!

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Me and my family of Sannies

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How many cocks do they go through a week?

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Ten things in the same time :
1 - A hand massing her right boob
2 - A other hand doing the same at her left boob
3 - A dick onto her right hand
4 - A other dick onto her left hand
5 - A cock into her mouth
6 - A dick into her ass
7 - A dick into her pussy
8 - A dick between her feets
9 - Kanako caressing her back and belly
10 - Suwako caressing her legs

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Sanae is a FUCKING SLUT!!!

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Sanae is a nice girl who does her best and is just going through the same things as every girl her age.

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>going through the same things as every girl her age.
So, she's going through hundreds of dicks?

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It's important to have a healthy maternal instinct when you're responsible for the continuation of a divine bloodline.
I'm not sure there are that many men in Gensokyo in the first place.

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The human village is 50 per cent male.

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After what Sanae went through when she was a mere human, her desire to take revenge against the bullies is real.

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>just now realizing this is true
Sanae is a murderer

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Sanae trades blowjobs for faith

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Fuck off /leftypol/

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>She causes the deaths of millions at a time

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Sanae threads always have:
-60% of the posters calling her a slut and sexualizing her
-20% of the posters just sexualizing her
-10% of the posters sick of the slut meme and trying to say good things about Sanae, but often get ignored or laughed at
-10% shitposters

As a proud Sanaefag, this is sad to see!

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What if I'm sick of the "Sanae is a slut" meme but I don't like her anyway?

>> No.16297574

What if I like Sanae but also like her slutty part and want to have sexual intercourse with her and give her my faith in exchange of blowjobs?

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i feel bad for recognizing what the full picture is just from that crop...

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1. Dick
2. Dick
3. Dick
4. Dick
5. Dick
6. Dick
7. Dick
8. Dick
9. Dick
10. Dick

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Sanae likes litle boys

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What are Reimu's 10 desires?

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You forgot cock

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1. To be fed by her husband!
2. To be unconditionally loved by her husband!
3.To be cuddled by her husband!
4. To hold hands with her husband!
5.To give kisses to her husband!
6. To kill youkai with her husband!
7. To grow old with her husband!
8. To be pampered by her husband!
9.To be impregnated by her husband!
10. To have me as her husband!

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How's Reimu's fellatio technique?

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Communism jokes are ancient /jp/ heritage.

>> No.16300273

Building a proletariat paradise with comrade Sanae!

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Alright, but it's her paizuri technique she'll use to win you over.

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Dubs confirm.

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You listed NTR her husband twice.

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please stop posting the inferior faithless miko

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show us ur boobs sanae

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>not appreciating both mikos

I'm >>16297062 , by the way. Sanae's the best, but not appreciating Reimu as well is uncool.

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sanae is actually a huge dyke.

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