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Crazy, noisy bizarre town!

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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First for cute Kobolds!

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Second or third for Maids are olev

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Third for big sisters!

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Break down, break down!

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What's going on in this image?

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How do you feel about MGs afraid of humans?
No, it's not NTR or porn.

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Mastah shows Kiki a new broom, then breaks it to remind her that life is not nice.

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But if we keep being reminded of the bad things we can never be happy.

Any person who dares to do that to a maid doesn't deserve a maid at all.

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How monstrous is too monstrous for you personally? Doesn't have to be thread-approved, just curious how far individuals would be okay with.

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Well personally I have recently taken a liking to a certain female Turian

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Animal pussy.

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Nanashi is making new chapter about the smuggest lolipire
Now with 100% more collars

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You and I
We're brothers now

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Don't act as if Kikis aren't genetically programmed to enjoy bullying
A Kiki is at her happiest when her master bullies her and makes her sleep in a cage

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>those claws

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You've piqued my interest.

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Absolutely disgusting.

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She's the perfect height too.

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>those nails
Unfus maximus.

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>Losing to lolis

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Automatons are, and forever will be the best monstergirl species aside from the Undead.

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i suddenly have a reason to live

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Automatons are nice.

It must feel amazing to have a girl like that always defending you and getting over protective.

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I want to make a Vampire wear a ball gag all the time because biting is no!

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I want to be a Monster Girl's slave!

Who she treats very nicely.

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>You'll never visit the monstergirl equivalent of Venice with your waifu
>You'll never see the places where the prefabricated buildings merge with the architecture they started to build after settling in.
>You'll never see groups of Mermaid and Mershark youths speeding down the canals on their way to school.
>You'll never sit on a balcony and take in the sights while eating at a local restaurant
>You'll never have rowdy sex in the hotel you're staying at before cleaning up and getting on the phone to talk to the kids and their babysitter.
Sounds amazing honestly.

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Sure thing man.

>Metallic onahole
>Cold and dead pussy

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Handholding during sex

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I want to be locked up in a prison run by Dark Elves for two consecutive life-sentences, get raped by a gang of Alps and later become the warden's invaluable ally due to my experience with Tanukis!

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Urban scenes with monster girls are the best. I'd love to draw some myself one day.

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Sounds perfect senpai

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I'm not quite sure myself. I'm perfectly okay with everything in MGE and I'd gladly fuck something like the one in this image but I think my personal limit is based on the design rather than the level of monstrosity.

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>implying monmusu Venice isn't an Undead city

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Confirmed for knowing nothing about MGE Undead and Automatons and invalidating his objectively bad opinion even further.

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That's too hardcore for me.

I only go for gentle femdom.

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This is way too lewd you sick degenerate.

Go back to >>>/d/. Looks amazing though

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Go away, Micolash

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Anon, that's monstergirl Paris.

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>Sounds amazing honestly.
Indeed! I'd definitely want to bring my daughteru along though instead of leaving her at home.

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Well anon, the thing is it'd be an anniversary trip.
You don't bring your kids on an anniversary trip. It's special.

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Don't worry anon. The kids get fucked too.

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You disgust me.

>> No.16776666

I'm a daughteru dicker too, but if it was my and my waifu's anniversary I think you're right.

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How do you handle life in the urban world of Monster Girl love? Do you increase your social link with tough ones so they can protect you?

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My waifu is the toughest, and also dangerously yan. She'll take care of me.

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They have rules against rape.

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What do you mean "too" turbosatan?
daughterus aren't for dicking.

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Is that OK?

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I was referring to >>16776658

Says you anon.

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You disgust me, Anon. How can you not cumflate your whole family and leave all those cute balloons resting?

It was anon. I agree that daughteru dicking is bad.

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Only against NTR rape, though. Raping a single guy is fine, especially if he's her childhood friend. Then it's encouraged, before he cheats on her.

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No, it's against rape in general unless we are talkinga bout a purple city. Monsters would have to learn how to flirt or to make mamono mana work faster than a guy can scream in an alleyway.

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Daughterus are for headpats. No dicking.

Well, one of them is the proper way to do it and the other could depend on the guy's fetish.

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>always defending you and getting over protective
They're like a species of Aigis' that can perform actual sex acts.

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Would you, a married man, assist a friend Mamono that was plotting to rape another man? Not like hold him down or anything too cuckish but actively assist her in some plot or scheme she had for jumping a guy she has her eye on?

>> No.16776750

Yes, of course. Especially if that man was lonely and was a good friend of mine.

>> No.16776758

I'd prevent the rape altogether by convincing the guy to sack the fuck up and confess to that girl before she does something drastic already.

>> No.16776772

Sure. But I'd end up sabotaging it by telling him to man up and fuck the mamono

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File: 65 KB, 400x400, 5FFB7757-7A03-4336-A018-A725042F2BC6-1057-00000126430A93DB_tmp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could say that'd be my whole job!

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Canonically, how do we know that the Wondering Scholar is a trust worthy source?

I mean he did grow up in an Order city.

>> No.16776779

Great taste

>> No.16776781

>shota rape is illegal
>raping adult men is perfectly fine
If you didn't want to get raped, you should've married your childhood friend. Now you're getting V'd by some creepy virgin CC.

>> No.16776783

>Wondering Scholar wrote a book of lies
>And made mad cash for it

>> No.16776787

We canonically know he's an imperfect source at least in tone as well as hyperbole
His hyperbole and misunderstanding of mindsets actually is a low key reason a lot of people here sometimes misinterpret certain Mamono like the Chaos girls or aspects of living with Monsters in general

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If she was my friend then I don't see why not, but if I knew both of them then it would be a romantic date instead of rape.

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Anon, I think you responded to the wrong post.

>> No.16776800

He is not. It was said that he blows thing out of proportions with "they do nothing but fug"

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Finished the Tentacle-date story I said I would do, sorry about the delay to whoever was expecting it.

Also, there potentially may be a Salamander short some point later on, we'll see how much I manage to write.

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So really when he says "all day fug" it could actually mean "fug ever 2 days or so"

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File: 341 KB, 865x1139, __redcap_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_nav__9bf2275698456218c4c10059e9974e0f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it considered rude to tell a CC monster girl that she's old?

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What the fuck? There is no way you would be able to fuck your waifu that little.

Three times per day at minimum.

>> No.16776838

Considering monsters live to a billion years it would be better to call them Wine or something.

>> No.16776842

Awesome! Reading now!

>> No.16776848

Oh jeez man. That's a lot of fug.

>> No.16776854

Hymens are like wine anon. Its always best when you let it age.

That's why CCs are like fine aged wine. Call a CC fine aged wine and she'll blush.

>> No.16776864

Damn dude, that's a lot
Three weekly makes sense

>> No.16776866

No it's not. I fap three times a day and if my waifu was here I would try to cum inside of her at least five times everyday.

Though if it was a medieval setting I can see myself taking a day or two of the week just to fuck her a lot.

>> No.16776872

>I fap three times a day
Are you a hikky-NEET?

>> No.16776873

You have mamono mana running to keep you going so I don't really think so.

I mean, it's one when you wake up, one in the afternoon and one when you go to sleep. It's not that much, right?

>> No.16776874

Is it a jogging Salamander?

>> No.16776875

But what about anons who work? They've got things to do?

>> No.16776880

>It's not that much, right?
It's a little much, lad

>> No.16776883

I don't think I'd want to spend 3 hours per day fucking if I also had a job.

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File: 334 KB, 900x820, 4d9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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It is. It's not going to be overly long, but expect some sweaty sex.

>> No.16776897

No? I work part time in the morning and go to uni at night. I wake up early and go for a jog, then I get home, shower fap and go to work. After I get home I eat a grub, take care of the dogs and clean the house up a bit, then fap and go to school.
After I'm home I take a bath and eatdinner, fapping before sleeping.


Just a quickie then?

>> No.16776904

>creepy virgin CC
People need to dick those monsters while they're still young so this doesn't happen.

>> No.16776905

Fapping and sex are two different things
One requires energy
A lot of energy
Then there's the risk of your waifu getting a little too into it and you either end up late for work or a bruised pelvis

Depends on the mamono

>> No.16776915

That's what mamono mana is for. It even replenishes your energy and makes you good to go.

>> No.16776919

I work full time. So I can just imagine coming home after a hard day at work to see my waifus in naked apron, ready to please me.

>> No.16776922

>not screwing your waifu every other hour
Do you hate her or something? Or do you just want to watch her suffer?

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>> No.16776931

Their nephew needs to dick them just before they tip over to the yan. Overripe fruits are the best. They're so juicy and sweet. Deflowering a 34-year-old virgin is the same. She'd blush and yelp in surprise at how much better it feels than her vibrators and ahegao from being kissed during sex.

>> No.16776933

I'll be working full time soon too, so it will probably be reduced to one or two times only. But if she was here then sunday would be the best day of the weekend.

I fuck her every millisecond.

>> No.16776939

That was fucking adorable, 10/10

>> No.16776940

But anon, mamono mana keeps you from getting hurt from sex; there's no pain. When you two reach your limit, you just fall asleep.

>> No.16776941

Pat the dangerous girls!

>> No.16776942

I'm a licensed doctor and I fap three times a day, sometimes four or five on days off, what are you smoking?

>> No.16776954

I really liked the sense of her tipping over the edge when she finally came on to him. That and pussy tentacles are hot.

>> No.16776957

I guess I'm just not a quickshot.

>> No.16776962

You're awesome, Frostcicle. That was exactly what I was hoping for!

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>> No.16776966

>tfw ywn live a comfy city life with your MG wife

I'm considering if I'd like to live in Japan with my waifu. It just looks so comfy but I don't wanna come off as a bit weeby.

>> No.16776971

Pure, pristine CCs are fine and all but I'd rather lose my virginity to a hobo Manticore in a dark alley of a bad part of town

>> No.16776979

Not sure what that has to do with fapping three times a day on some days but alright?

>> No.16776990

You'd really want that? Why?

>> No.16776993

Pretty specific

>> No.16777000

He's filthy, knows what he wants, and doesn't care what anyone thinks.
Truly a man's man.

>> No.16777001

Nothing wrong with wanting to live a comfy life with your waifu anon. Location doesn't matter so long as the two of you are happy.

But would you bring her home with you and watch her almost start crying when she showers for the first time in years?

>> No.16777007

This is the first Tentacle story I've read where they actual use their vagina vagina, not just their tentacle vagina
Even if there are tentacles in her vagina
Its good

>> No.16777012

You're right, being in each other's company is all that matters. Although I wouldn't mind looking out the window of a city apartment with my waifus while we cuddle under blankets.


Muh heart can't take it. Anon better hug her and wipe away those tears.

>> No.16777013

Welcoming a homeless monster girl in your house is the best
Seeing her transform from a scared, broken little thing to a proud and healthy woman must be a life experience

>> No.16777015
File: 507 KB, 700x675, __midnight_vampire_queen_vampire_and_vampy_granblue_fantasy_shadowverse_and_shingeki_no_bahamut_drawn_by_n_a__815872fbe5422c958ef4fb941f82724a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember not to neglect the runt MGs

>> No.16777017

Great work as per usual, Frosticle. I love it!

Keep up the good work man!

>> No.16777023

Is never, runts are cuties.

>> No.16777025

Writefags; how's your stories going? I want to finish one today myself.

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File: 214 KB, 700x694, HRW she's in the mood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dangerous ones are the best ones.

>> No.16777033

I really should write another story, I just don't really have much time.

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File: 1.38 MB, 3264x1836, 0327171207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my attempt at a small study cow.

>> No.16777045

>get raped by a hobo manticore
>she forces you to take her back to your place and give her shelter
>she acts as if the house like her own, treats you like a slave and rapes you at least three times a day with her tail
>eventually she starts to clean up a little, starts bathing regularly, straightens her hair and asks you to buy her nice clothes
>you would never guess she was a hobo any more, she looks more feminine than any manticore you've ever seen
>during one of her regular rape sessions she goes further than normal and uses her real pussy, lowering herself onto you with tears of happiness in her eyes
>you always thought she was a loose whore from the street but it turns out that although she's done some things she wasn't proud of with her tail, she always saved herself where it mattered
>you spend the rest of the night having tender cuddle sex and vow to never let her live on the streets again as she's going to be your bride
I know it's shit and cheesy but damn it I have a thing for healing.

>> No.16777050

Draw an alp.

>> No.16777052

Taking too long to transfer one story onto a computer.

Thinking of working on that Dragon's butler story in the meantime.

>> No.16777054

I've been sitting on three ideas for what must be a few months now, and now I have a new one after the nice Altach-Nacha chat we had the other day.

>> No.16777055


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File: 232 KB, 839x959, tumblr_ok6kkiSs7M1vldipoo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Manticores are lovely ladies memes aside.

>> No.16777057

Cute Keine.

>> No.16777058

That's one genki shortstack. She's missing or hiding her third eye though.

>> No.16777060

Shukushuku hakutaku are adorable.

>> No.16777065

The Cicada Kabedon!

No man can escape this!

>> No.16777069

Real nice, she gives a porn teacher vibe the kind that would ask Anon to stay after class because he needs "special" care

Also you should have defined the limit between her tasty thighs are her fluffy legs

Healing is a patrician fetish and it works on every species too
I hope she can one day forget the hell that she went through

That they are even though they act scary and mean

>> No.16777070

I just didn't draw it.
Drawing two is a pain already.

>> No.16777071

You can ride and sleep on it too. Would try it with a teacher Taku.

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File: 275 KB, 858x800, Terrible person.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“I hug people rushing to work or school in the mornings so they’ll be even later!”

>> No.16777075

You mean show where the thighs end and the fluff begins? Cause that's hiddrn by the skirt. The fluff almost starts under the butt in the profile image.

>> No.16777076
File: 269 KB, 722x1000, 1490563843799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Behold these Demons.

>> No.16777079

Bad Yeti!

>> No.16777080

Stay away from yetis, Anon.
They rape men with their hugs.

>> No.16777084

A pile of shukushuku takus must be heavenly.

>> No.16777085
File: 1.02 MB, 3508x2480, 1458132653026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're sadists who want loved, they really are lovely.

>> No.16777088

Oh you're right, for some reason I thought it started just above the knee
Maybe she'd look sexier that way tho she got plenty already

>> No.16777090

Are yetis for love or for rejecting?

>> No.16777091

I'm glad you noticed that, since that was exactly what I was going for. I really wanted to show how she was trying her best to act as un-rapey as possible, but as soon as she had a man actually paying attention to her, her nature took hold and she went full rape mode.

I'm glad you liked it, I enjoyed writing it a lot more than I expected.

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File: 179 KB, 1300x940, 143267435342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder to visit MGC's infamous Manticore Dentist.


>> No.16777095

Sorry, thighfag, but you must deal with fluffy intercural instead of the regular kind.

Unless you shave her legs, but thatcs a felony.

>> No.16777103

I heard my name being called.
Hakutakus thighs are extra good because not only they are wrapped in fluff but they are also extremelly warm. If you do it too much some of her dripping might run down the fur and give it an extra feeling, alos enticing you to slowly go up and up until you are knocking on her entrance.

>> No.16777105

It's the same if she wraps her legs around your head too.

>> No.16777107

Thank god I would be safe. Just don't tell me she needs to kiss me in order to make the procedure.

>> No.16777109

Head is a bit different because you would be getting a sniff of that scent first hand nad things might get a bit sweaty especially if you reached around and stroked her tail while licking her cow hole.

I think I'm becoming a master of cunnilingus.

>> No.16777114

When she huffs a little too much gas she gets all cuddly and friendly.

It's a good time to catch her, less likely to inject your gums with venom from one of her tail spikes as anesthetic.

>> No.16777118

>yank her tail
That's considered a marriage proposal.
Most kids don't realize that though and do it often.

>> No.16777122

But you do need anesthetic depending on the treatment. Let's say in my case she would just whiten my teeth, how would the procedure go?

>> No.16777127
File: 7 KB, 160x160, 201703221710337b5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look out, it's some kind of smug rapist creature!

>> No.16777131

>Marrieage proposal
Man, those monster girl take the tail business too far. I can see myself ending up with a few wives at the end of highschool by accident if monster girl existed.

>> No.16777135

That tail if fatter than she is.

>> No.16777137

With giggly breasts and a sizeable tail.

>> No.16777138


>> No.16777139

She'd be wearing the sunglasses that are meant for you, so you don't get blinded by the light.

But otherwise she'd be a bit bored, no real way to inflict pain on you, just cause mild discomfort.

She'll give your shiny white teeth a 'test drive' with a deep kiss afterwards though.

>> No.16777142

>Bring the teacher cupcakes on her birthday
>It's considered a marriage proposal by her species
>Pick up a girl's books after she trips and sends them flying
>It's considered a marriage proposal by her species
>Give the food I don't want at lunch away by tossing it randomly, beaning a girl in the head
>It's considered a marriage proposal by her species
>It's considered a marriage proposal by her species

>> No.16777143 [SPOILER] 
File: 420 KB, 1010x670, 1490643480534.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need more thicc monster tails

>> No.16777145

Well thank god she wouldn't be able to read my mind cause I would definitely get thoughts about her climbing on top of me and leaning in for a kiss.

>> No.16777147

I'm going to write this one up.

>> No.16777149

Thick tails are a treasure that needs to be protected.

I demand the posting of more THICC TAILS! I want to massage them all over!

>> No.16777150
File: 264 KB, 1024x1544, 67MQg9M.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Horse skates

>> No.16777151


>> No.16777152

Let's see how well she skates with a big creampie.

>> No.16777157

>that slimebooty on Crits Pixiv
He's come a long way. Hathorite Lich when?

>> No.16777158
File: 1.48 MB, 2000x2000, 1434706500062.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16777160

What about thicc tails with bows on them? I want to see the toughest Lizardman in the land with a cute red ribbon on her tail!

>> No.16777161

What's next, tail lingerie?

>> No.16777165

Yes! Stockings in tails!

>> No.16777166

Tail armor.

Also, common a husbando to buy a bow for his reptile waifu. It's a know thing that spreads even to dragons. You can even choose if you want to put it in her wings, tails or horns.

>> No.16777167

What are some petite MGs?

Like a Nui petite and the like.

>> No.16777169

dat tongue

I want a tonguejob from her

>> No.16777170

Poorly. I know what I want to write, struggling how to write it. I want to flesh out the world, not just repeat 'he noots the noot out of the penguin'.

>> No.16777172

I've actually wanted to draw that for a while now but I lost the post that had the specifics of it because I'm an idiot

>> No.16777174

Horn bows are cute. CUTE.

>> No.16777175

I can repost them if that's okay.

>> No.16777178

You see, i have the opposite problem. I can't write smut to save my fucking life, but I can worldbuild like no ones business.

>> No.16777179

Anything can be petite if you put your mind to it.

Like a Demon Lord or a God.

>> No.16777181

I'd melt if I saw a dragon with horn bows.

That's just so cute!

>> No.16777182


Horn bows forever.

>> No.16777187

And I struggle with building and don't even bother with sex.

>> No.16777191

What kind of stuff are you wanting to flesh out, Penguin-harpy-smothersex guy? Penguin harpy society for when her friends join in?

>> No.16777192

I wouldn't mind.

I kind feel bad considering I said I'd draw it like, a year ago at this point. At least my quality has improved to make up for it

>> No.16777193

>Dragon with a cute horn bow
>Tail bow
>And Diablos horn bow fully upgraded

What would you do then?

>> No.16777194

Yes indeed, especially if they go well with the dragon's color scheme. Or anything that has a horn actually, but I find it cuter on dragons.

>> No.16777196

Penguin society is meaningless since they just stand around for months or get eaten by whales/leopard selkies.

>> No.16777197

Alright you got me
Take this hearty kek

>> No.16777198

>Lich Hathorite
>fanned out, silky short hair
>massive Holstaur-tier tits and a chubby belly to compliment
>wears a cow-print bikini top that looks gorgeous on her light violet skin
>tied around her waist is a tattered sash marked with the insignia of her Undead Kingdom based sect
>in place of her former skull shaped wrist, ankle, and neck cuffs are stylized trinkets based off of cow skulls
>due to Hathors association with fertility, the goal of this Liches research is to find a way for her fellow Undead to conceive faster

>At least my quality has improved to make up for it
Your girls have gotten delightfully soft.

>> No.16777203

I really love the thought of a petite hellhound in white lingerie.

>> No.16777206

Penguin harpies though, not just normal penguins.

>> No.16777208
File: 1012 KB, 1500x1304, 1490412011417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's...really not how that works anon.


>> No.16777210

So just as smart but fuckable.
You have to be on duty 24/7 to make sure she doesn't get herself killed.

>> No.16777215

No, that is how it works.

Anything can be petite. ANYTHING.

>> No.16777218

Thanks! I'll try to draw something of her sometime soon for real this time, honest

>> No.16777224

If you don't I'll make $50.
So no rush.

>> No.16777227


>> No.16777235

Yosh! Then I shall accept this responsibility if it means having all of that warm plush softness on me every night.
First, to establish a perimeter.

>> No.16777237

Never said I can write good smut. Hence the noot noot.

Currently trying to describe her nursing him as he lays in fever. Not even sure what is the problem, maybe being aware that people are waiting the sequel chokes me.

>> No.16777243

Pizzabus a cute! CUTE!

>> No.16777245 [SPOILER] 
File: 634 KB, 810x1080, 1490644799751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anything can be anything

Bodies don't work that way anon, they just don't!

>> No.16777250

But she always smells like pizza.

>> No.16777252

Heh, how long would I have to wait to post it?

>> No.16777259

Oh you poor, poor unenlightened fellow.

Anything can be petite.
Anything can be healthy.
Anything can he YUGE.
anything can be tomboyish.
Anything can be tall.
Anything can even be a mix of any of the above.

>> No.16777262

Doesn't matter for me.
Anons may swarm you if you don't get started now and post it soon though.

>> No.16777267

But she falls through the ice along with your egg.

>> No.16777273

Hey, don't sweat it man, there's no rush. Just think comfort and warmth and there's sure to be no problem. And really, no rush at all. A comfy piece should be comfily written!

>> No.16777276

Would a Wight be embarrassed of her husband if he was a commoner?

>> No.16777280

Life vests and an emergency space heater for when we climb out!

>> No.16777287

Would be interesting to see. But probably not, because she'll make him higher class.

>> No.16777291

I doubt it. She'd probably teach him how to dress up and act properly in high society.

>> No.16777292
File: 405 KB, 748x1258, 1487974064175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She wouldn't care about her hubbies social standing.

>> No.16777294

Quite the opposite, she would be proud and show him off to her Wight friends.
>"A commoner of such high quality is one in a million if not more, none of you could ever hope to find someone as perfect as him"
While hugging him and giving the other Wights a smug grin, she knows they're jealous.

>> No.16777295


If anything, she'd probably take offense to someone bringing it up, especially in a negative light.

>> No.16777296

Fair enough, it shouldn't take me any longer than next week though.

>> No.16777305

One small thing I just wanted to point out from the first one, I doubt she would have feathers. She'd still have wings but they'd be like the fuzzy penguin flappers instead of more regular harpy wings.
Penguin down/fuzz is a huge part of their warmth and appeal.

>> No.16777307

Why is she about to strike someone down? Has she spot a thief in her manor?

>> No.16777315
File: 89 KB, 629x863, gazer bomhat 2 sm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A couple new wife commissions finished today!

>> No.16777318

Getting lewder and lewder.

>> No.16777319

Would a Wight be embarrassed that her man can beat her in a fight?

>> No.16777321
File: 109 KB, 732x919, gazer bomhat 1 sm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really happy with them.
Also got some progress updates on some stuff and I'm excited to see where things will go.

>> No.16777323

Monster wives protecting their husband's smile is too pure for this world.

>> No.16777326

I'd rather have a nerdy shy mg mindbreak me in an attempt to feel powerful for once in her life.

>> No.16777333

Would a Salamander be embarrassed of her weak husband who's never beat her in a fight?

>> No.16777334

Probably just do the whole
>I-I just let you win because it would not do to beat you so thoroughly as an undead of my status!

>> No.16777338

At this rate Gazers will outnumber all other monsters in art.

I hope you're satisfied, Dragonfags, knowing ome guy is one upping you and your waifus.

>> No.16777339
File: 133 KB, 410x600, Kunoichi_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What we need is is a hyper paranoid kunoichi that stalks anon and removes "threats"

>> No.16777342

Yeah, that's my shit right there.

>> No.16777343

I imagine that it would depend on the length of the fight, and even then she'd probably be up to helping him get stronger.

Eagerly awaiting the day when the two of them get into a match that seems to last forever, to the point where she can't tell if that's sweat running down her thighs or something else.

>> No.16777347

Only to trip over something and reveal herself and her big ass to the one she was supposed to stalk.

>> No.16777349

yes, fuzz would be the word I should have used. I also haven't settled do I imagine her as actual Harpy-species or cosplay-tier Kemono Friends penguin.

>> No.16777353

What are you talking about, Anon? Gazer has around 500 pics. I'm sure she has more art than the whole encyclopedia combined. Though only one person loves her.

>> No.16777354

Would an Amazon insure that her husband stays as petite and "Male" as possible for the beautiful husband status among the tribe instead of letting him work out and fight?

>> No.16777357

I doubt even a hobo Manticore would want to take my virginity.

>> No.16777362

That Kunoichi butt is getting molested if that happens.

>> No.16777364

It won't be long now until Gazerfag has more waifu pics than all other monsters combined have in total.

>> No.16777369

Being that kind of man for my waifu is what I want!

>> No.16777370

Gazer, how much have you spent on pics? Its gotta be up there now.

>> No.16777377

Gonna molest her until she swears fealty to my cock.

Then I am going to make her wear no clothing ever 24/7 while shadowing me in public.

>> No.16777379

It's the nerdy shy MGs who tend to go crazy
You can bet she won't ever let you go after she loses her virginity on your dick

Then go to a Unicorn, she will cherish you and love you for the rest of her life

>> No.16777380

I want to overpower an Amazon and do nothing lewd to her

>> No.16777382

That's what I've said. She is the monster with most pics, but also one of the most unpopular.
I find it kinda funny that people care more about Gazerfag than her.

>> No.16777383

I would never do such a thing.

>> No.16777386
File: 577 KB, 1214x1200, 1458905711495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder how odd it would be to see a guy in armour talking to himself?

>> No.16777390

>Day 14
>I kept stalking Anon today
>He was going to get milk this morning
>I had already removed it since it was probably poised by a Holstaur.
>He became frustrated to not find any milk to his cereal
>I believe the cereal might have been modified by the Sabbath
>I will continue to protect him for every danger that I can.

>> No.16777391

That's too far, anon! Making her go naked in public is too mean.

>> No.16777392

Horsepussy is disgusting though.

>> No.16777393

I think we need to axe Gazerfag to allow other waifus to get some spotlight.

>> No.16777394

The way I imagined it was big penguin flapper wings, chubby human body and head, then stubby penguin-y calves that end in webbed feet. And with a lil pengu tail.

>> No.16777395
File: 2.05 MB, 1359x1604, __cursed_sword_and_living_armor_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_barbariank__e223dcf322270d175c4cab5a93a51ca3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does the girl inside visible to everyone else like pic related?

>> No.16777396

Over 3k at this point.

>> No.16777398

I desire a shortstack amazon.

I also desire to know how amazon society would integrate with the modern world where martial strength is no longer of value.

>> No.16777399

It's strange how much detail KC put into living armor. It just looks odd from how he usually draws.

>> No.16777401

I don't think anyone other than him would be able to see her unless he willed it.

>> No.16777402

On your next commission, will you have your waifu be holding a copy of Black Sabbath's album Master of Reality? It would be very much appreciated.

>> No.16777403

Now there's a man with priorities.
Make sure you give every order confirmation with a big old slap on her huge plump ass.

>> No.16777404

I'll make her do it until she loves it and becomes a nudist.

Then I'll reward her every day she goes without leaving a trace of her existence out in public by filling her up until she's a cross eyed mess.

>> No.16777405

Does Gazer drink Holstaur milk to make her ass so fat?

>> No.16777408

They'd find jobs as enforcers, bouncers and, in the cases of the profoundly desperate, mail order brides.
Most would just wander about aimlessly in this brave new world however. Some would probably create isolated villages away from civilization out of desperation.

>> No.16777411

I always thought they were invisible to everyone else unless willed.

>> No.16777412

Well, you better let her keep that mask.

>> No.16777413

>husband stays as petite and "Male"

Is it wrong to want to be like this as your waifu's house husband?

>> No.16777419

Shortstack Amazon tribe who fear men and their monstrous appendages that corrupt and enslave women.

>> No.16777420 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.27 MB, 2560x1440, 1490647173965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Unicorns have the most benefits as a waifu

You get all the advantages of an Incubus, peak health, and permanent health coverage for the rest of your life.

Which would be long as fuck.

Also pure I guess.

>> No.16777424


>horse pussy and or awkward from pussy.

It's a deal breaker

>> No.16777425

So they'd end up as the overweight mallcops that talk about how they used to be linebackers in high school?

I want to be a big, muscled husbando house husband of an amazon.

They're still fierce, they've just yet to overcome the human male's technique of simply picking her up.

>> No.16777426

>Can take any physical job and do it better than anyone
>Most would wander

>> No.16777431

She is allowed the mask outside the house.
Inside she must be 100% nude to allow her lord to view every inch of her lewd body as I please.


>> No.16777436

Picking them up and impaling them on your dick must frighten the tribe.

>> No.16777439
File: 480 KB, 595x842, 59134482_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have to admit that while they may not be my favourite monster girl, or even favourite Centaur that they're up there with the best wife material. I would probably be extremely happy with a Unicorn wife and it's a shame they don't get more content.

>> No.16777440

Would you make her always walk and gyrate lewdly when around the house as well?
Mandatory lapdances in the bath?
Constant tongue licking on your neck as you eat dinner?
Softly rubbing and swaying her ass as she presents it on the bed when you finally head to your room for the night?

>> No.16777441

Yes but it also makes them want to bear children.

>> No.16777442

What if she realises her need to claim him?
The mission log would turn a bit creepy.

>> No.16777443


Prime corruption material.

>> No.16777444

But with more sex during the day, and wakeup blowjobs.

>> No.16777446

You don't corrupt what's already a Monstergirl willing to be with man, man.
Even I wouldn't do that.

>> No.16777449

Scratch out the overweight thing and basically yeah.

Not physical strength anon. Martial strength.
They can no longer march on villages and take what they want like in the old country.
No Amazoness who is born on the other side of the portal will know the ancient rite of pillaging a human town and raping the man who will be her husband before her battle sisters. Some will be happy about that. Others will not.

On the other hand, it might wind you up with an adoring harem of shortstack Amazons because of how "strong and manly" you are to them.

>> No.16777457
File: 3.57 MB, 3720x5262, Yeti V1 hires.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not my school's uniform, she doesn't even go to my school!

>> No.16777459

>Petite tribe watches a man violate their sister
>He's moving that vile thing in and out of her with each hip thrust, making her legs dangle around limply in the air
>For some reason they cam only watch the act instead of helping her out
>A hot and unknown feeling starts to well up within all of them by the time their sister is a moaning, wet mess with her tongue hanging out like a beast

>> No.16777461

As expected of the Kunoichi lord.
Sounds fantastic.

>> No.16777463

Anon, the only way to corrupt a Unicorn is to turn her into a Bicorn.
You're not that cruel right anon? You wouldn't make her the ruler of your growing harem right? She'll go from a sweet innocent girl to dominatrix taskmistress who gets off bullying the other girls in your harem to get them ready for your dick.

>> No.16777471

>Screw every Amazon in the tribe, including the Shaman/Matriarch
>End up with harem of petite warriors who worship your mighty and divine totem pole with their bodies and hearts

>> No.16777473

They will just pick all martial sports / security / discipline related jobs and have gender reversed relationships.

Also the shorstack amazon thing is retarded, but we avoid people ruining normal amazons that way it's fine.

>> No.16777474

Would a man who corrupted multiple Unicorns be treated the same as a serial killer?

>> No.16777476

I'm torn, they're perfect but Bicorns are perfect in their own way. I can't choose.

>> No.16777477

I don't have any music themed commissions planned at the moment, though I do have a few album cover parody ideas I might commission eventually.
Master of Reality doesn't really work for something like that though, but it might be a nice secondary detail alongside a few other similar albums I like for one of my more background-focused ideas.
She doesn't need anything like that to maintain a shapely behind.
I'm not trying to.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possible imagine.

>> No.16777478

Hope you like waking up with at least two of them molesting your dick with their tits.

>> No.16777479

If she proves worthy enough I might reward her with the privilege of getting pregnant with her lord's seed and birthing a child or 9.

>> No.16777480

Time to impregnate the tribe, although I still want them to be prideful, fierce warriors

>> No.16777482

My unicorn won't stop glowing, and I keep hearing someone yell the word 'understanding' from inside. Please advise.

>> No.16777484

but if*

>> No.16777488

I'd love it.

Their ritual pleases my wrathful judgement stick and it should be done every morning to ensure none face my wrath.

>> No.16777491

They will obviously fight tooth and nail for you and won't let other tribes belittle them without a figt.

>> No.16777500

That's such a bountiful blessing for a mere Kunoichi! Such high honor!
What would she have to do to earn such a boon, I wonder? How could a Kunoichi perform the ultimate act of sexual temptation and satisfaction?

>> No.16777502

I think we can take that risk and strike you down safely.

>> No.16777504

Keep in mind the maximum number to a group titfuck in this case is six, and they might form a queue. Make sure to eat healthily and work out so your stamina will let you keep up with them.
And be careful not to get too confident anon. Or those little Amazons will tie you down and rape you until they're all pregnant.
[Small they may be, they're still Amazons./spoiler]

>> No.16777508

What are some of your album parody ideas? I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought about this.

>> No.16777510

Years of faithful service plus an oath of service in this life and the next, which is consummated the following day.

>> No.16777514

I'm not corrupting them. I'm helping them ascend.

>> No.16777517

Obviously. I must show off my superiority daily by violating each member of the tribe daily, with the matriarch and captured girls from other tribes thrice daily.

>> No.16777520

I can only imagine the trembling of her lewd body, the uneven heavy breathing, the look of adoration and love and lust, and the excessive lubrication between her meaty thighs as she awaited her lord to bless her on that day, sprawled out in position on the bed.

>> No.16777533

And then her lewd faces during the next week to ensure fertilization, with near endless sexual acts done to maximize chances.

And then her blissful, loving face as she rubs her pregnant belly along with her lord

>> No.16777547

Blissful indeed. I know I wouldn't be able to resist constantly kissing her passionately over her shoulder as I rubbed her womb from behind were I in such a position. Constantly praising her loyalty and dedication between kisses, as well as whispering how her duty is still far, far from over when my hands slide lower and caress and fondle her now even more prodigious backside.

Hot damn.

>> No.16777565

Gonna be hard for her to be a ninja with a bun in the oven though.

>> No.16777571

Basically just parodies of album covers that I think would work. Something kind of gorillaz style would be nice, maybe a strfkr or the pillows album, I dunno. Haven't sorted out too many of the details yet. A beatles or kiss themed picture would be pretty interesting but I'm not sure what specifically I'd go with.
I might try first for a parody of hi-fi anatomia because sketches aren't expensive and it'd be cute.

>> No.16777580

Horns are for kissing and polishing.

>> No.16777583

Or yanking in your case since it's used to it.

>> No.16777594

And tugging, and pulling at, and using to force your waifu down on your cock for hours on end since she's undead and can't choke out!

>> No.16777601

Would her gag reflex still function though?
Would she use zombie breath instead of gagging or vomiting?

>> No.16777611

I don't get it.

I don't see myself doing that, seems a bit too violent. Even if she is Undead.

I prefer gentle passionate sex.

>> No.16777614

Human horn.

>> No.16777617

Yes, I imagine it would at least a little bit- she'd probably burble out some miasma and maybe feel her throat clench a bit, but she'd look up with lewd smiling eyes showing how much she loves it and wants it to keep going!
Eh, it's not for everyone, but if they're into it they're into it!

>> No.16777625
File: 480 KB, 2048x1888, CujhfA6VIAEal35.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

White Horns are for hugging and brushing

>> No.16777636

I want to tenderly brush White Horn after warm bath.

>> No.16777640

And napping against im a warm tent or cabin with a fireplace.

>> No.16777642

>but if they're into it they're into it!

Sure but I just don't see myself violently grabbing her by her cute and lovely horns to push her head down on my dick. It's fine if you're into it, it's just not for me. But if she want to do that on my dick then I can't stop her.

>> No.16777663

Do White Horns live in perma-frost areas or do they shed their winter-fur like their animal-counterparts?

>> No.16777665

Kunoichi teaching her daughter the ropes only for said daughter to tie herself up lewdly on every occasion.

>> No.16777666

What if you fell asleep while she was carrying you back to town?

>> No.16777667

Probably permafrost.

Winter wonder land.

>> No.16777668

Reminds me of this oldie

>> No.16777670

Icd either fall and break my neck or fall asleep against her, making her blush and smile.

>> No.16777676

I want a Kunoichi that looks like Miyabi.

>> No.16777690

And is an edgelord like her?

But also loves her Mama?

>> No.16777694

>warm bath
That's going to make her more haughty and aroused

Sleeping on a White Horn's fluff while watching 1970s kung fu movie dubs on VHS would be nice

>> No.16777695


>> No.16777696

I want a homu

>> No.16777698

Sounds nice.

I'd rather have a dragon Kat though.

>> No.16777710

Crab is worst girl.

>> No.16777718

Crab is best girl.

>> No.16777725

She's almost as bad as Yumi and Squid lesbian.

>> No.16777732
File: 352 KB, 700x681, 1463929808158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fondling MGs while they sit on your lap. Fondling them in bed when you're the big spoon. Fondling them under the table in the ice cream parlor.

The hands of man have minds of their own.

>> No.16777766

I'd fondle my Shortstack waifu. Fondle her breasts alright!

>> No.16777782
File: 622 KB, 785x1165, Shortstack Automaton never.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They'd need things to grope like breasts and a poochy belly.

>> No.16777799

Matron model automaton's are for groping.

>> No.16777806

>Matron model

Those can get that clingy can't they? I've heard they malfunction and think fully grown adults are children.

>> No.16777831
File: 193 KB, 1000x1000, 1489263987829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the context of the setting, do Automatons with shortstack and tall thicc bodies already exist?

>> No.16777834

You'd think they wouldn't exist because why the hell would their old masters need a Shortstack Automaton?

>> No.16777838

Yeah, they can baby their husbands pretty hard unless you manage to dick them before they reach that point.

Yep, they probably would.

>> No.16777842

Huh, doesn't sound so bad really.

>> No.16777843

>why the hell would their old masters need a Shortstack Automaton?
It's likely that Automatons just looked like sexless combat droids before DE came into the picture, and were probably developed to be of different shapes and sizes in order to fit certain combat roles.

>> No.16777857

What kind of combat role needs a small droid with large ammo boxes on it's chest?

>> No.16777865

The kind you could attach to larger emplacements or be portable enough to defend a multiple locations.

>> No.16777866

To shoot things while sneaking around or something. Who knows what kind of combat Automatons saw in the age of the previous Demon Lord(s) since it seems like they were sealed away for eons.

>> No.16777868
File: 98 KB, 535x339, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yupiel is the miracle of the universe.

>> No.16777878

Ammo mule for heavier weapons that use plenty of ammo.

>> No.16777884

Shortstack automatons are for ____

>> No.16777886

I liked the idea they predated the war between the Chief God and Demon Lord, and that they were the servant class for the original humans who through the efforts of CG and DL have been rendered practically impotent. This being the reason that they are subservient to humans.

>> No.16777887

>tfw no smug loli mistress

>> No.16777889

Sitting in you lap and hugging while you watch a show.

>> No.16777891

Facesitting and milking.

>> No.16777901

What's an automatons favorite TV show?

>> No.16777906

These are both what shortstacks were built for.


>> No.16777908


>> No.16777910

Probably some engineering shows, or maybe some instructional videos.

>> No.16777914
File: 198 KB, 763x999, 1482184513485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Home care, human care, cooking shows, and /m/ stuff for Mastah.

>> No.16777915

Would How It's Made be porn?

>> No.16777920

How It's Made

>> No.16777921

Is it wrong for me to want to be treated like a child by a group of Elves?

>> No.16777924

Nope. Just like it's not wrong to be treated by a child by onee sans.

>> No.16777929

Damn straight. Hellhounds are a good example, as are Ushi-Oni, or drunk Oni in general.

The rapetrain has no brakes...but eventually, all engines must rest to avoid damage. Those who can handle the ride, know the best happiness comes from sticking it out through to the end, and seeing the look on her face as she gazes down, flushed, in ecstasy...priceless.

>> No.16777933

>take a knee, hold up a velvet box with a ring
>utter confusion

>> No.16777936

>Automaton watching how its made
>nods their head "I could do that"
>proceeds to make a surfboard while you are at work
>you live nowhere near the ocean
>looks like your next vacation has been decided.
take bets on how well automatons are able to surf

>> No.16777940

Oh thank goodness.

Though it might be okay if they were all taller than me

>> No.16777945

With all those gyro stabilisers she probably could surf very well.

>> No.16777948

>take bets on how well automatons are able to surf
For starters they're lightweight, but they'd need something stabilize their Orbital Frame-esque "feet".

>> No.16777951

Still anon. That makes it better.

>ywn have a tall MG dote on you

>> No.16777957
File: 155 KB, 718x722, smugvamp2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16777963

I'd want them to be all the deres of the rainbow.

>> No.16777968
File: 105 KB, 1080x1110, Salamander19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay, finished the jogging Salamander story. It's pretty much was just an excuse for me to right some smut, so it's not that long or complex. Let me know what you thought of it!

>> No.16777972

really jogged my noggin

>> No.16777976

really got my motor running

>> No.16777977
File: 32 KB, 234x167, KpT3PYm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How soft is this thing?

>> No.16777981

I'm curious as to what exactly is going on in this image, would someone be a dear and provide the source material for it? Purely so I can be sure that that MG is not getting raped, of course!

>> No.16777982

At least a 7

>> No.16777995


>When dad tries to show his mayadere daughteru how a real BBEG makes an impression

>> No.16778016

I love the idea of some kind of warlord marrying a non-threatening species and then trying to get his daughter into it when she is clearly not suited for intimidation.

>> No.16778030

You mean you don't fear Sally Fluffsmother, the weresheep barbarian princess?

>> No.16778054

>"Alright Sally you're going to march in there, grab the prince by his fucking jaw and tell him he will pay our demands"
>Sally Fluffsmother, daughter of Anon the indomitable and Lucy the Soft One (her idea) skips into the room cheerily, softly caresses the prince long the cheek and softly asks if he would pay the bandit king.
>The prince blushes furiously and agrees to whatever she wants
>Sally happily skips back to her father and asks how she did
>He grips the bridge of his nose and tells her she did good and that they'll work on it while she hugs him and runs to tell her mother of her success
Life is hard in the wilds.

>> No.16778092

What would your waifu's internet handle be, if she had one?

>> No.16778098

Too many waifu questionnaires per thread mang, either tone it down or stop it.

>> No.16778100
File: 127 KB, 1024x1024, 53782695_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tasukete, dude!

>> No.16778108
File: 79 KB, 681x881, 53782695_p13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chanta should stop giving her human ears.

>> No.16778109

I don't know why but this one is pretty hilarious.

>> No.16778113


>> No.16778114


>> No.16778117

Most of her time would be on an anonymous imageboard anon, stuff like that would be mostly private. She may have a nickname in her favorite human boy general thread since she'd post a lot, but that's it.

>> No.16778128

Well tell us that then.

>> No.16778133

>Amazon's want cardio bunny husbands

Something about this doesn't feel right.

>> No.16778139

Something like DFK for daughteru fucker Kobold.

>> No.16778140


>> No.16778142

Oh that's golden.

>> No.16778150

She just wants you to be lithe and toned to compliment her big and strong body.
And maybe to make it kinkier when she wants to be the bottom.

I expected nothing and got even less.

>> No.16778162
File: 404 KB, 701x992, Nightmare 2.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still waiting on that Undead Horse Pussy.

Who am I kidding, Wonderland Horse Pussy will probably come long before that.

>> No.16778170

>monstergirls encouraging daughter fucking
There is no end to the degeneracy.

>> No.16778181

Some species are canonically about that life.

>> No.16778185

xXxSephilothxXx for maximum irony

>> No.16778186

Most likely she would be basted on the White Knight.

I think she'd be seemingly prudish but unintentionally lewd.

>"You see Anon, the key to making your enemy submit is to thrust your lance into them. You must thrust hard and fast, making sure to assault the weak points."

>> No.16778199

She wouldn't have a seemingly unrelated writefag name that she eventually revealed was her as well?

>> No.16778207

Probably something like Hydrargyrum

>> No.16778214

Very funny anon. If she did I don't know what it would be though, as I assume she'd follow the same naming convention I did and base the second bit loosely off her last (in this case maiden) name.

>> No.16778216

Victoria Fries

>> No.16778225
File: 72 KB, 500x867, 1489293569529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck you for reminding me about that.

>> No.16778231 [SPOILER] 
File: 287 KB, 902x506, 1490659385218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't be coming in here and saying Fries like that.

>> No.16778233

D'awww...that was so heartwarming. Sweet, tasteful, and romantic, just as it should be. Job well done!

Please do write more soon.

>> No.16778234

>Unrelated image
>Meme generator tier image
Fuck you.

>> No.16778258

What doe cum even taste like to monstergirls?

>> No.16778289
File: 415 KB, 1050x885, Both Waifus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If best girls and the rest of MGQ are to be believed, it depends on the male but is generally luxurious and delicious.

In fact I'm about 90% sure how cum functions between MGQ and MGE are effectively identical since both regen mana and are worth "fighting" to obtain on taste alone.

Even the monsters who can steal your levels via sex draw in MGQ parallels to more sex making MGs stronger in MGE.

>> No.16778294

If i ever posed this question to my waifu, I feel like the only real answer she could give me would be "You".

>> No.16778315

This >>16778294

Also it's the best tasting thing ever to your waifu at least.

>> No.16778336

I want a Pharaoh to...I dunno do things to me I guess.

>> No.16778348

That's a good way to get her to use the red snake on your dick anon.

You should probably be more specific to avoid that.

>> No.16778349

Uh...facesit me?

>> No.16778370
File: 3.33 MB, 2555x3600, 1489002517060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pharaoh facesits you while using her feet to play with your cock
>ufufu's~ after you cum all over her feet
Now that's a lot better!
I have also realized there is a sad lack of Pharaoh art.

>> No.16778373

>banned by copyright
Stupid Draconian Windbags getting in the way of my fun.

>> No.16778405

At least you have more than P'orcs. We got jack.

>> No.16778407
File: 166 KB, 1000x1000, 1490134880395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16778427
File: 269 KB, 1024x1365, 1469991847863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't take it the wrong way. We have a couple pictures like this, but not something more substantial like pic related

>> No.16778432

Gonna kidnap that P'Orc and take her to the snuggle dungeon.

>> No.16778443

Will she call me a good boy?

>> No.16778444

It was an agreeing disheartened buii.
What horrible terrors await in such a place for a poor defenseless plush p'orc?

>> No.16778445

>snuggle dungeon
Does that include being placed in warm baths against their will?

>> No.16778452

Pillows, cakes, and cold glasses of milk to follow said cakes, along with a comfy bed and blankets.

Massages will also be included.

>> No.16778456

>P'Orc gets kidnapped and put in the snuggle dungeon
>It's actually a really relaxing spa complete with hot tub and her own customized bath robe that she's 'forced' to wear as anon gives her a full body massage and pedicure after a hot-tub dip and hair salon

>> No.16778459

Such are the horrors I'd place upon them.

>> No.16778464

Dastardly! You bastard, that's way too much pampering and blissful comfort for a single P'Orc! She'll be assaulted with unreasonable levels of comfy!

>> No.16778469

>She thinks it's all a diabolical trick since this is how it started.

>> No.16778470

Too bad.
She's getting a pre-warmed bed!

>> No.16778472

What's your end game, feeding and bodily pleasing her like that? How long do you plan to keep her there in such luxury?

>> No.16778475

Oh, I won't keep her there, she'll keep herself there!

>> No.16778478

>no echidna that hates game shows

>> No.16778483

She'd also pat your head for being such a good little boy for her. She may even kiss your cheek and say she wants you to be with her forever.

>> No.16778485

>no game shows that hate on echidnas

>> No.16778486

You sick fuck!
Aha, so it IS a psychological torture then! What kind of sicko man gets a P'Orc addicted to feelings of pampering and love?

>> No.16778488

>she's kinda disappointed that this is actually a nice play
>she thought she was gonna get lovingly tortured
>keeps asking you when you're gonna pull out the paddle and go to town on her ass, or at least call her slutty. you just keep pampering her
>you planned this all along. the real torture is her not being tortured

>> No.16778491

The man whose gonna get her nice and soft before offering to bed her one evening!

>> No.16778495

>P'Orc keeps making cute horrified expressions at each new pampering activity thinking its going to turn into something horrifying
>Still waits patiently without resisting during all of the activities that require her to lay still or relax

>> No.16778501

Truly a sick fuck. The sickest of them all, you're a monster! Also this >>16778488 at least tell me you'll give her a good spanking on her big soft bottom when you do!

>> No.16778510

Of course not!
She's in for slow, tender love making where her rear is massaged, not spanked!

>> No.16778517
File: 777 KB, 1024x1112, 1489935857526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna pat the hotdog!

>> No.16778526

>A new activity is revealed
>She screams continuously but doesn't actually do anything to stop you
>Once she's comfy she just sits there with a smile and hums happily until the next activity is revealed and cues the screaming again.

>> No.16778528

>Weak muffled cries of 'noooooou' while you tenderly make love to her and massage her rear
>she's actually just blushing profusely at being treated so nice
>That's when you start the intense torture of calling her beautiful and saying how lovely and soft her body is and what a wonderful lady she is
>She whimpers and moans "in agony" as she hides her face in her hands and sucks on another candy left by the side of the bed
She's gonna find a way to escape this hell, you bastard! Right after she finishes her afternoon Margarita and samples the eclair platter again. And her next massage. Also she was hoping to get in the hot tub one last time with some of that nice bath lotion. And she can't pass up at least one more night in the bed that auto-massages you while you sleep. B-but after all that she's breakin out!

>> No.16778536

That's fucking adorable.

>> No.16778537

But then she'd miss her favorite movie day!
And game day!

>> No.16778540

>The newest activity is a relaxation room meant to be quiet as the tranquil sound of waterfalls and traditional Japanese flutes loft about
>She still screams, but in a whisper to be polite and not disturb the atmosphere

>> No.16778542

>Tfw you wanted to commission ittla but they're not taking anymore commissions

>> No.16778547

>She breaks out screaming bloody murder
>Runs right back to the original trap gate and hops it
>sits in the middle and waits for you, still screaming
>sees you
>stops screaming to wave and say "Hi Anon!" cheerily before she starts screaming again but this time swaying happily.

>> No.16778548

>Several months later, Anon flat out calls her out on how she's never leaving as they've plainly gone on dates outside and she's had plenty of opportunities
>She agrees but says its more for her pride than anything
>Timidly says she'll drop the act if he can put one last 'torture' on her as she nervously rubs a hand over her womb

>> No.16778552

I shall prepare the room
Would she prefer with or without manticore venom? .

>> No.16778555

>Her former warband watches shaking their heads as she's shoulder carried back by Anon, kicking her feet not in protest but like a little kid excited about going to a waterpark, sneaking in little kisses on the side of his face
There goes a truly broken woman. For shame.

>> No.16778558

Definitely NOT with. That would be HORRIBLE. Truly the WORST kind of torture if you did it WITH manticore venom.

>> No.16778559

How come I have never seen stories or art involving P'orcs being hogtied?

>> No.16778561
File: 661 KB, 1500x1500, 1489035302144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying they wouldn't feel a pang of jealousy at not having a husbando of their own to indulge with their thick piggy bodies

>> No.16778563

Very well.
The arrangements will be made.
No stopping until conception is confirmed.

>> No.16778565

Because being hogtied is very painful for something with a bipedal anatomy and not in the sexy way

>> No.16778570

Coulda sworn a few days ago when we were talking about the more hardcore domming P'Orcs stuff someone mentioned hogtying

>> No.16778574

She'll be breathily moaning out 'Torture me!' all night long as she takes load after load after load.
And that's how Anon got an adorable pampered plump P'Orc waifu. Good man.

>> No.16778575

Reports of P'Orcs seemingly intentionally getting caught in fences or easily giving up during 'raids' have skyrocketed in the past weeks.

>> No.16778576

I don't think I've ever seen anyone mention hogtying in here, even QS/KDF.
It's a crime.

>> No.16778590

>Daughteru's brag about the rigorous standards set on them by their father and how only the best Orcs can get their true rewards
>In reality Anon just buys them ice cream if they bring home an honor roll report card.

>> No.16778591

>even QS/KDF.
I have a couple of times anon, just not recently at all. It is a top tier bondage position though! Great for enjoying the struggle, from either perspective.

>> No.16778593

>It gets more and more obvious

>> No.16778596

Best end.
Gonna give those daughterus a breeding sow of a mom.

>> No.16778605

>Anon, his loving wife, and daughterus are out to dinner to celebrate good report cards
>All the daugherus make dramatic horrified expressions when their dad surprises them all with desert
>Mama P'Orc smooches Anon and says he's terrible~
Truly the best end. Keep pumping out them daughterus.

>> No.16778609

Pigs sure are cute.

>> No.16778615

>P'orc puts bucket on her head
>"Oh no I'm stuck! I hope Anon isn't around and does something to me~!
>Anon walks up to her and tries to help her out of the bucket
>He surprises her and she runs blindly
>Straight into a tree
>Anon carries her to his place to make sure she's alright
>Cue cuddle dungeon

>> No.16778619

>Dramatic 'Fu fu fu!' behind his back as her genius plan worked out

>> No.16778632
File: 150 KB, 579x880, 1489222082688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your parents go off on vacation for a week, leaving you home with your onee-chan
>you can't help but notice her devious smile as you see your parents off
>that night she makes dinner, then you both hangout on the couch watching tv
>then it hits you. your blood starts to boil around your crotch and you pop a boner so hard, you almost punch a hole in your pants
>your onee-chan reveals she slipped some raging shrooms into your food and that she plans to spend the rest of the night having her way with you
>she starts off by giving you a Fue-tier blowjob, and it's not long before you're pumping a huge load into her mouth
>she pulls back after downing as much of you semen as she could and tells you that things are just getting started
>she doesn't realize just how right she is until you grab her head and force her mouth back around your turgid cock
>you irrumate her as hard as you can, somehow managing to keep hitting a sensitive spot in the back of her throat that sends shocks through her brain
>she tries to pull away, but the combination of pleasure and the effects of the raging shroom make her attempts futile
>you end up raping her mouth all night long in a lust driven stupor until you're empty and she's full
>when you finally pull free from her mouth, she slumps back, unconscious
>all the cum you packed in her has inflated her stomach, and all else she couldn't swallow has run down her chin, glazing her big tits
Onee-chans better be careful when lewding their otoutos

>> No.16778643


>> No.16778646

See, that right there is a monster that didn't think her plan through.
She should have read her Onee-Sabbath manual: "How to Properly Seduce your Otouto" if she wanted to avoid such clumsy mistakes.

>> No.16778647

They better indeed, golly.

>> No.16778663
File: 144 KB, 483x550, Dullahan_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"This new general of ours is insane! He took away all of our swords and replaced them with these weird pipe weapons."
>"I know! By looking by what we saw at the demonstration, I'd say this weapon is shit."
>"Heh, just goes to show what happens when you put a man in charge."
"Ladies, if you're going to insult me, at least do it out of of earshot. Now do one hundred pushups. Fifty for insulting me, fifty for being dumbasses."

>> No.16778668

I never noticed before, but profile Dullahan actually has some massive tits hidden there.

>> No.16778696

A wholesale move to firearms is probably not a good idea, I'd go for a pike-and-shot based army instead. Although I'd still need a strong cavalry force to screen them. Eh, in the end it's going to be based around what I even have to work with.

>> No.16778703

I'm really hoping KC gives her an art update.

>> No.16778708

How goes the writing/drawing/commissioning lads?

>> No.16778711
File: 518 KB, 1280x1280, 1486974602159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need my headless hottie.

>> No.16778714

Your probably right, In my mind it was Anon moving them to lever action rifles.

>> No.16778757

I've got 2 waifu commissions and 1 request in the works at the moment. I'm not sure when the paid commissions will be done, but the request will hopefully be done soon, the progress pictures look great.

>> No.16778771

Still the same long waits for my two in-process commissions, though one has gotten a little shorter. I also might have a third coming up but I won't know if I get a slot till Friday.

>> No.16778783

You've gotta give them a proper demonstration to show them just how outclassed their old weapons are.
>You there! Dark Elf!
>"Yes handsome~?"
>None of that shit soldier. I want you to hit that target with your bow.
>"Alright, jeez. Aaaand, there. Bullseye. Can your stupid pipe do thaaaaaaaaa-"
>By the time she's halfway through mouthing off, anon's drawn his rifle and unloaded the seven round magazine into the target.
>Listen up soldiers! This is the Mossberg Model 464! This rifle, in the hands of a skilled marksman can do more in thirty seconds than one of your archers can do in five minutes!
>You can see them paying a bit more attention now as some of the more war oriented girls get a glimmer in their eyes.
>This weapon fires up to seven rounds before needing to be reloaded! That means every gun can neutralize seven targets a magazine! It has superior range, accuracy and penetration to your medieval bullshit! And, until the forges lean how to properly mass assemble Demonic Silver .30-30 rounds, it is EXTREMELY lethal!
>The fear in some of their eyes is delicious
>You will be training with this killing machine until you can fire, reload and service it in your fucking sleep! Do I make myself clear?
>Various mutters and nods are made by the crowd of monstergirls
>When I ask you a question I expect a "Sir yes Sir!" soldiers! Now let me repeat myself, Do I make myself clear?!
>We'll make a proper army out of you idiots yet!

>> No.16778799


>> No.16778805

My thought on this from most to least.


>> No.16778811

>only two commissions



>> No.16778813

This >>16778771 is me.

>> No.16778816

>he thinks he's going to teach MGs to use lethal weapons
Are you retarded or just too deep in your fantasy to think?

>> No.16778821

Anon, did you miss the Demon Silver line?
They're practicing with the normal rounds so they'll be good when the non-lethal is ready.

>> No.16778826

>seven round magazine
>Not having a 100 round drum mag on your babykiller9000, complete with a pistol grip and a shoulder thing that goes up

>> No.16778830

Given the way he was rambling on after that, it sure seemed like they'd be operating them regardless.

>> No.16778832
File: 1.88 MB, 2323x1800, relaxing [ittla].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, I'm just one of the Anubisfags.

>> No.16778833

Anon, seven rounds is the actual capacity of a Mossberg Model 464.
You don't need tacticool shit like drum mags and pistol grips when you've got basic skill.

>> No.16778835

/k/ / militaryboner autism always draws a giggle out of me when it pops up on every board
I'm glad there are now mediums that allow them to literally fantasize about fucking their raifus

>> No.16778837

It's a good idea in general to teach them that ultimately a gun is a killing tool, just depending on the ammunition. Also, trigger discipline.

>> No.16778838

After much practice I think I'm good enough to draw monstergirls and may drown this place in content of the girls I like

>> No.16778845
File: 733 KB, 2305x2348, Bottled lizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been reborn from hell to say that this pleases me.

Squishy levels of soft.

>> No.16778847

Gotta get them in line so they'll listen to orders.

I'm not even from /k/. I looked some shit up on the internet about specs.
I just think the idea of monstergirls taking down the order and getting husbands from an exceptional distance is a hilarious mental image.

>> No.16778848

Cmon manly secondhand embarrassment can only handle so much
This is turboautism

>> No.16778851
File: 749 KB, 1139x1500, tumblr_ob7gnlraCC1r1pjtlo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>.30-30 is extremely lethal
>Can get the same power out of 7.62x39 with the advantage of having a better and more reliable weapons system like an AK or SKS

Really cheekis my breekis

>> No.16778856

God, I forgot that aspect. Proper discipline would be nice.

Maybe I'm trying to help some anons who want a proper military waifu and not a gyaru with a sword anon.

>> No.16778860

I want to fill a communist monster girl's womb with my capitalist cum!

>> No.16778863

They already have a rather effective method for that.

>> No.16778864

You don't start people who've been sword and boarding up until that point with the big shit anon.
Ease them into it and give better weapons to the ones that excel.
Besides, the post I was responding to mentioned Lever-Action rifles.

>> No.16778877

>Anon cums in commie MG
>After much ahego face, she puts her finger to her vag.
>Starts pulling out quarters.
>Anon's face confronted into one of pain.

>> No.16778882

I assumed he was alluding to a scene from Stargate.

>> No.16778899

You ruined it.

>> No.16778902

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, please remember to help short MGs reach things they normally couldn't reach.

They live a difficult life and need all the help they can get.

>> No.16778906

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'd lovingly impregnate a fascist fox.

>> No.16778915

No. I'll give short MGs normal milk and leave them upside down so they can grow and get stuff for themselves.

>> No.16778922

But that won't help them grow, that will just flip their skirts so everyone can see their underwear!

>> No.16778939

They can do it in private with just me tutoring them.

>> No.16778940

As long as she playfully reaches for my dick like a good shortstack housewaifu
Even better!

>> No.16778944
File: 204 KB, 653x549, she was confused at first -- no one who had visted the orphanage before had ever done this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16778947

This is how intentionally putting stuff on the top shelf starts. Some nerd telling me what to do.

>> No.16778948

>lever action
>not using bolt action for the great wars
>not using breach loaded for the not victorian era

U wot.

>> No.16778957

It seems I've developed arrhythmia

>> No.16778962

Damn you Latenight, stop making me want to love a chaos girl.

>> No.16778964

But how can you tutor them to be tall?

No bully the wife!

Just wait till they get their minotaur friend to put you on the top shelf!

>> No.16778966

I don't think I could resist giving that squishy Lovecraftian abomination a hug.

>> No.16778968

>getting husbands from an exceptional distance
>"Great shot Jess you must have gotten him at near 100 meters!"
>"Yeah now I just need to make it to him before he wakes up!"
Are you sure you thought this through anon

>> No.16778970

No time. Nevermore.
She looks very youthful.

>> No.16778971

>orphaned flayer
muh heart. I doubt I would be able to resist her if I the waifu and walked in, and she wrapped a tentacle around my ankle, looking up with puppydog eyes.

>> No.16778984

>Another squishy
The 600 flayers squish you in unity. I just can't live without them in my little mind anymore, too cute.

>> No.16778992

You don't question my tutoring, Anon. Just accept that I'll have those girls upside down and growing.

>> No.16778994

Hey! I wrote that greentext from while back! You remembered!

>> No.16778997

Too damn cute

>> No.16779005

ITs not bullying! It's loving married teasing! She knows I'd carry her sexy stacked self around everywhere

>> No.16779007

I remember that. It was sad but really cute.

>> No.16779022
File: 952 KB, 1500x1580, 1454953950336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

String, the feline's natural enemy.

>> No.16779041

Man, I ain't usually okay with the possibility of getting brainwashed, but there's no way I could resist a squishy daughteru like that. I'll raise her to use her flaying for good.

>> No.16779054
File: 154 KB, 553x550, daughteru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn right Anon. Raise them for comfy brain massages and healing of Ex Order members who have ptsd.

>> No.16779063

> Not starting off with bolt action rifes in the face of short supply in unfamiliar territory
> Not impressing upon the soldiers the effective stopping power and range of a single round before teaching them the application of controlled burst suppressive fire
> Not starting their education with familiar elven jungle tactics before moving on to fire-by-rank and urban combat maneuvers

I respect your ammunition selection but sense that you've little understanding of the necessary evolution of tactics. Doing it your way will end up with many wasted bullets and no respect for the potential of the weapon they wield.

Also, Wolfus playing 'paintball' with demon silver rounds and real guns are cute. I'd like to cook them all barbecue after a long day of playing / drill training outside, doling out headpats and watching their tails wag. Cute!

>> No.16779068
File: 497 KB, 1200x1721, IMG_1007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pay up, anon.

>> No.16779071

But what does she taste like if licked.

>> No.16779075

Looks like she finally got her happy end.

>> No.16779084
File: 87 KB, 650x446, 1464621109578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like hopes and dreams. Really soft and squosh too.

>> No.16779131

I need all the squishy mind altering daughterus. All of them. I must protect and lick them all.

>> No.16779163

Don't do that.

>> No.16779166

>Kitten daughter is distressed
>She got her paws stuck in string
>Help her out and ball up the string
>The moment you turn your back she pounces
>And gets stuck
>Help her again and tell her not to pounce
>She pounces
>Help her again and give string to your wife
>Hear a frustrated meow
>Her paws are stuck

>> No.16779168

I'd forgive her if she did it to me once in awhile, as long as it's only temporary and nothing harmful
>flayer daughteru has grown up into a fine young woman
>as much as it pains you to say, it's probably best she go out and find herself a man, even though you've never approved of anyone before
>not that your daughteru has dated anyone before
>anyway, you go to sleep that night pretty happy after your ray of sunshine gives you a smooch on the cheek before bed
>wake up the next morning...only to find out a whole week has passed
>with such a large gap of lost time, you immediately suspect your daughteru, but decide not to bring it up
>that is until she greets you with "Good morning, Darl- I mean, Dad."
>ask her what's up, and she admits that she made you think she was your wife for a week
I don't think I could stay mad at her

>> No.16779169

Just be careful when getting a legion of them and remember to press or bounce them on walls daily.

>> No.16779173

That's it, nail-clipping time!

>> No.16779176

She would be in for a scolding if it was with me, bu that would never happen so no need to worry.

>> No.16779182
File: 620 KB, 1233x1274, tumblr_ojr75mCHmq1vldipoo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sublime bodytype.

>> No.16779185

Does she navigate asteroid fields?

>> No.16779187

It can't be helped.

Endless squishing til the end of days.

>> No.16779194

>Ittan-momen wrapped around you as an undershirt
>Living armor over that
>Cursed sword in your right hand
>have shoggified skin from Shog wife
Have I Ascended? Who would give me resistance to magic? I want to travel the countryside with my harem as an optional secret overpowered boss

>> No.16779206


>> No.16779207

You know what would be the most fucked up secret boss? A guy with a chaos harem.

>> No.16779208

Imagine trying to give your daughter a bath.

>> No.16779215

>Go in a house, start breaking furniture because there's usually orbs or something inside chairs and tables
>chairs and tables are actually a Shoggoth

>> No.16779221

>Clipping daughters nails
>Wife acting smug that she doesn't complain as much
>Finish clipping, grab wife by her scruff, sit her in your lap and start clipping
>She complains more
>A lot more
>Daughter acts smug that she didn't complain as much
Would it kill them to not be smug about something

>> No.16779227

>Squid faced, slime-formed giant spider travelling around in a massive reality-warping cloak

>> No.16779229

>Anything related to cats, especially catgirls
>Not being smug
I don't follow.

>> No.16779230

Just the other day my cat fell from a bookshelf in her basket. She pretended nothing had happened and resumed washing herself despite the basket's vertical position having changed rapidly.
Cats never admit to embarrassment.

>> No.16779232

I want to cuddle with my cuddlebug ryu

>> No.16779242

And don't forget slimy too. You wouldn't even be able to hit it and there is probably going to be more chaos girls until the end.

>Kick a chest because that's how the cool guys open it
>The chest was Shogg
>With a mimic inside

>> No.16779249

>Try to give daughter bath
>Pick her up to drop her in but she has a death grip on your arm
>Need wife's help to pry her off.
>Now she's stuck on your wife
>Tell your wife to get in the tub and you can kill two birds with one stone
>She balks and refuses
>Try to pick her up
>She gets a death grip on your arm
>Just get in the tub yourself you can change pajamas anyway and your daughter will get a bath no matter what.

>> No.16779255

>Kick a chest because that's how the cool guys open it
>The chest was Shogg
>With a mimic inside
That's terrible since they would scold you for being rude first and make you feel embarrassed before making you apologize.

>> No.16779260

I love that about cats.

>> No.16779265
File: 393 KB, 640x675, IMG_2727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mimic-chan is cute.

>> No.16779270

Kind of hard to not be youthful when you're fun sized.

I think every cow, which is roughly 2, that I have drawn so far has been tiny.

>> No.16779302


I'm not really sure when I started to find smugness sexually attractive. It happened so seamlessly.

>> No.16779311

Smug girls are snug girls.

>> No.16779316
File: 1.95 MB, 499x758, 1485289513699.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16779322

I know I should be focusing on the breasts, but jesus fuck...those thighs.

>> No.16779323

Look at those milk jugs bounce.

>> No.16779324

she should sit on my face

>> No.16779325

Is there anything more comfy than a wife who has become smug because of your praise raising her self esteem?

>> No.16779328
File: 1.15 MB, 1528x2048, C70Rx_oVUAAIXIX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Smugness is the fuel of the perpetual motion machine.

>> No.16779329
File: 693 KB, 850x1046, 1490303367857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to marry Shamsiel and get into shenanigans!

>> No.16779337

Smug 9 tailed mofu with smug face pics taped onto her tails.

>> No.16779339


I want a ratatoskr who oozes smugness, and I want her to remain smug as I snuggle her in public. Maybe on a park bench during a rainy day. She gets to be nice and warm, and she wants everyone who sees her to notice how contently smug she is.

>> No.16779343

What happens if she oversmugs? Think of the ramifications

>> No.16779352

>What happens if she oversmugs? Think of the ramifications
Just call her a cutie and rub her tail and she'll go from smug to bashful, relieving the smug buildup

>> No.16779353

What possible ramifications could there be?

>> No.16779354

>not starting off with falling block black powder rifles then moving on to smokeless powder from there

>> No.16779363

>Wake up
>teasing titfuck
>enter a part of town that's not super populated
>smug titfuck+blowjob
>go to church
>flying upside down titfuck in the confessional
>go home
>titfuck into blowjob into facial into vaginal
>sleep, repeat
The life.

>> No.16779364

Smug impotence, she might never be able to smug again.

>> No.16779368

See >>16779325
You have to heal your waifus smug and help her get her groove back (music may or may not be involved)

>> No.16779371

Please do not dirty the confessionals, some of us use them for their intended purposes.

>> No.16779374

But what happens if a girl oversmugs and doesn't have a husbando to heal her?

>> No.16779376

Lately whenever I read porn, I can't help but imagine how much better it would be if the women were monster girls
>reading a doujin about a teacher who tied up and doms a student who came to her asking about colleges
>after she fucks him (and basically forces him to impregnate her), she tells him that he shouldn't bother with college because she'll take responsibility as long as he cums for her "Forever and ever."
That shit would have been great with a Taku or Demon

>> No.16779378

In such a circumstance I'd fuck the smug back into her.

>> No.16779381


>> No.16779384

>Read doujin about really healthy slut with big hips and ass domming her student and making sure no female students get too close to him
>Still dom even when he's on top

>> No.16779391

How would a man effectively ward off Succubi?

>> No.16779392

She does a training montage. Possibly disco related shenanigans occur and then she has to teach an order town to love the music. Her husband appears somewhere in there. Probably.

>> No.16779393

I don't have the link, but the artist is Tawara Hiryuu. Do-S Onna Kyoushi, or something

>> No.16779394

Garlic, definitely garlic.
I would never lie to you, anonymous.

>> No.16779396

Marry a possesive non-succubi MG

>> No.16779400

But Garlic is for vampires.

>> No.16779401

But succubi are awesome
I was actually about to say, we should talk about vanilla succubutts more.
Do they get more respect than other monsters in MG towns? Occupy a higher caste in general? I imagine they're one of the most varied individual species since they are ultimately the master race of monsters in the current era.

>> No.16779402

Not if you put a bunch in a sock, maybe with some frozen meat, and beat them with it.

>> No.16779405
File: 283 KB, 816x1212, 1450384150579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 to the 1 and a 1 to the 3
>I like good pussy
>and I like the tree

>> No.16779407

Anon we're warding Succubi not tenderizing dinner take this seriously

>> No.16779408

>In order to meet the desire of a wide variety of types of men, they range from having full, voluptuous bodies, to having bodies that stay like that of a child and never grow. Despite the variations, all are beautifully lewd, arousing the desire of men. Just as their appearance vary greatly, so too do their personalities, but every succubus has in common being extremely lustful and dedicate to the pursuit of pleasure.
I bet if you did a lineup of all the succubutts in a Demon Realm city they'd hit almost every single bodysize/shape fetish imaginable.

>> No.16779413

Just beat them with your meat. It's foolproof

>> No.16779417

>vanilla succubutts
>They only do it in the missionary position, lights on, holding hands for the purpose of procreation
>still super lewd in any other situation
Kinda want

>> No.16779422

That's kinda hot anon. I bet when she gets home she changes into really conservative and modest outfits too.

>> No.16779423

That's a cute tree

>> No.16779424
File: 55 KB, 204x184, IMG_0383.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never be breastfed by a holstaurus

>> No.16779434

No man, it needs to be a classy southern belle succubus that always dresses and acts in a respectable manner in public though with all of the sass available. But when it's just you and her she's all about the deep kissing and licking eyes and great announcements of passion and love.

>> No.16779438

>forgetting that her breasts become engorged with milk while around churches

>> No.16779442

>walks around town looking like a super model that walked off the catwalk
> comes home and changes into a long dress that covers her chest and legs, a nice plain apron, a thick pair of glasses, and ties her hair up in a ponytail

>> No.16779443

We should design a Succubutt from cultures around the world.
>Southern Belle American Succ
>Spicy Latin American Succ
>Big Booty Carnivale Brazilian Succ
>Femdom Haughty Parisian Succ
>Trickster Not!Morrigan Celtic Succ
etc etc

>> No.16779446

Foul-mouthed Australian Succ

>> No.16779449

I didn't say the confessional would be clean by the time you left it
Finally left Boen on this playthrough, forgot how fucking long this VN was

>> No.16779452

>In the confessional with Shamsiel
>Her tits swelling and leaking with milk as she wraps her legs around your head and pumps another load out of you into her throat.
>You can feel the vibrations of her giggle through your dick.

>> No.16779458

What are some of the smartest species and what are some of the biggest adorable dumdums? I'd like to marry a smart one, adopt a dumdum and give her more opportunities than she's ever had before.

>> No.16779462

>Dragon by sheer high stats
>Maybe Mad Hatter but she's fucking insane so

>Dragon Zombie (depending who you ask)

>> No.16779468

>what are some of the biggest adorable dumdums?
Pick a letter from the alphabet, say "(letter) is for..." and you'll have your answer in seconds

>> No.16779475

I don't get it.
>D is for
>Deiz Four
>Deez Four
>These Four
Am I the dumdum?

>> No.16779479

slime is about to get massaged. Yuusha-sama, Yukagen wa Ikaga desu ka?

>> No.16779480

Ryus do X is for Y after Wurm was fired from her job.

C is for Cookie.

>> No.16779483

Retard Wurms are cancer

>> No.16779487

Seriously I don't get it. Someone please explain to me.

>> No.16779490

It's not really retarded.
More like something you'd see in a children's cartoon.

>> No.16779511

That doesn't make it any better

>> No.16779515

I want a Nacha that acts exactly like Suzuka-sama

>> No.16779520

Wurms should make great teachers as they understand children better with their simple natures.

>> No.16779522

Stop trying to defend bad threadcanon

>> No.16779525

Oh quit being such a fucking negative nancy.

>> No.16779527

I want a Kikimora that acts like Beatrix.

>> No.16779528
File: 132 KB, 850x803, 1485795407867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget to take your wolfus for lots of walkies!

>> No.16779530

Meant for >>16779522

>> No.16779537

More like lots of sits
on my face
after she's been lifting

>> No.16779543
File: 873 KB, 1844x2589, lvl1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16779545

I wanna see how fluffy a wolfu gets after she blow-dries her hair after a shower! I want her to get bashful when I snicker at it!

>> No.16779548

Were her tendons slashed or something?

>> No.16779549
File: 1.23 MB, 1844x2589, lvl2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16779557
File: 1.26 MB, 1844x2589, lvl3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16779566

I always love it when adventures have pans. I don't know why.

>> No.16779587

>tfw succubi aren't real.

Feels bad man.

>> No.16779591

I feel like they're the most common, honestly.

>> No.16779604

They offer top utility, until you try to use one to shield yourself from the rain and you piss god off in your arrogance at thinking a cooking item is going to protect you so he drops you like a fly.

God forbid it ever be an aluminum pan.

>> No.16779605

One of those tentacles is slightly longer than the others, I wonder what it's for?

>> No.16779608


>> No.16779611
File: 292 KB, 857x1200, 1490380251672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16779615

>until you try to use one to shield yourself from the rain

>> No.16779617

Too heavy.
Carbon steel is best for power/weight/durability ratio.

>> No.16779621

RIP aluminum pan man.

>> No.16779623

>posting the stolen version
Here, have the original made by the creator.

>> No.16779635

Think of a classic story (Famous Literature, Amazing Movie, Outstanding play/musical/opera etc.)


The main character is now that species monster girl. How's it different?

>> No.16779637

Rocky Balboa is now a pissed off italian kejourou.

>> No.16779641

>Princess Bride
>White Horn

Everything went better than expected.

>> No.16779644

>Vegetable, book, book, wandering traveler, another vegetable.

I give up and just say beowolfu.

>> No.16779647

Seriously, use:

>> No.16779654

It's a sign to write about gardening, fairies, and traveling.

>> No.16779669

>Spirited Away
So her husbando was turned into a P'orc and now she must work in a spa to figure out who the fuck's responsible?

>> No.16779672

>Beowolfu has fight off the dastardly genki Grendel dragon girl from stealing her pack
>Also has to fight off Grendel's ara ara mother

>> No.16779682


Aw shit, this just got good on like six different levels.

"Murphy, it's you!"
"Dead or alive, you're cumming with me."

That's not even counting her Automaton rival.

>> No.16779683

>Hunchback of notre dam
Wouldn't she slowly become less deformed and much more attractive as the fox took over? That would vastly change the whole story. She might even get the dick at the end, instead of that human girl knight.

>> No.16779689

>Frankenstein's monster
I don't know. That wounds alright... maybe.

>> No.16779691

I'd watch the hell out of that.

>> No.16779698

Sure you would, fag.

>> No.16779705

>Fucks a girl

>> No.16779716

>taking a joke seriously

>> No.16779722

>thinking my post was serious

>> No.16779728

"You are in violation of MGC penile code 6619. Drop your pants and present yourself for inspection. You now have five seconds to comply."

>> No.16779730

>implying implications
>Not imagining a joke going over a headless Dullahan's missing head

>> No.16779731

Newly formed ladies and gentlemen, please, settle it in couples counseling

>> No.16779754


>Treasure Island
>Chesire Cat


>> No.16779757
File: 1.10 MB, 1500x1402, 1488253800403.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since their legs are soft, would you accept intercrural from an Automaton?

>> No.16779765

I really want to see a Cheshire in a fruit hat now.

>> No.16779775

> The original "Ghost in the Shell"
> Wight

I mean, an Automaton would have been more appropriate, but maybe undeath is the better parallel with how common it is in MGE.

> Pre-undeath waifu: "You're talking about giving up life itself. After that, how can I be sure that the person comes back is really me?"
> Tempting Lich: "You can't. Why would you want to be? The person you are now is restrained. Your desire to remain human is what limits your happiness."

>> No.16779791

Only if she was an Automaidon.

>> No.16779810

So I'm playing Fire Emblem: If right now, and all I can think of is how easily a Kiki could just be a swap for Felicia. Low damage, but heals and debuffs that make for a strong support character. As a matter of fact, most MGs could probably transition well in game.

>> No.16779817

>Low damage
Give her a Flame Shuriken you dunce.

Lich Nyx pls.

>> No.16779819

>Low Damage
Inherit her Iceberg.

>> No.16779827

Why are there cameras?

>> No.16779831

wonderful things

>> No.16779833


J-just started playing, senpais. I'll try that once the tutorial parts finish?
Or maybe in Conquest after Birthright. Depends on where she is.

Anyway! Monstergirl FE seems pretty easy to spell out. It's already half waifusim anyway.

>> No.16779836

Seems a bit mean to do that to my onee san. Then again I would be hopped up on raging mushrooms and unable to controls my own actions.

Also Lucoa is cute! Really enjoying watching Maid Dragon.

>> No.16779841

>American Psycho
>Ren Xiongmao
I don't even know if it'd even resemble the same movie. What does the Ren Xiongmao go nuts under the stresses of corporate culture and rapes all the vice presidents?

>> No.16779871

Cause it's hip to be square.

>> No.16779876

>It's hip to fuck me!

>> No.16779884

>"Try getting a reservation in Zipangu now you fucking stupid bastard! You stupid bastaaard!"

>> No.16779894
File: 1.29 MB, 1885x1405, Cute slime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder that no matter what, your waifu will always love you.

>> No.16779897

>Standing 69 where she floats, gives you a titfuck and sucks on your balls whileyou eat her out.
Never let it be said succubi aren't the bet lays.

>> No.16779901

Yesterday enty anon asked KC how squirrels travel to their datacenter and do they keep their smug during fug. Is he here? Did he post answers? Maybe I missed them

>> No.16779902

Which dere is best dere when it comes to MG waifus?

>> No.16779906

I bet Succubi even have secret positions they don't let any other races know.
Fuck I love em.

>> No.16779907

Dan-dairy for Cows.
Kuu for undead.
Yan for maids.

>> No.16779910

>Standing 69 where she floats, gives you a titfuck and sucks on your balls whileyou eat her out.
>titfuck while sucking on your balls while you eat her out
Jesus. That's some grade A stuff right there.

>> No.16779911
File: 129 KB, 1024x743, 1472681567187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some might think it boring, but I prefer deredere. Erodere is good too.

>> No.16779913

You have no idea how much that little spoiler keeps me going. Lately my brain is going on overdrive and doing a "best of the worst" montage of all my cringe and shame when I'm trying to learn math. The thoughts of my waifu really help in drowning those bad thoughts out.

>> No.16779915

It really entirely depends on the girl as well as the guy.
These are both right though, especially Erodere or deredere for JubJub and March Hare as well as Yan for maids.

>> No.16779916

This >>16779913

Thanks, really means a lot. I can't wait to come home to see my waifus waiting for me.

>> No.16779918


>"A-A human who loves me and doesn't try to kill me?! Y-You're staying with me forever!"

>> No.16779920

I want a JubJub with those proportions to make audible heavy flopping sounds with those massive tits as I rail her from behind

>> No.16779922

A yandere Mad Hatter would be a thing of nightmares.
>can talk her way out of any situation
>master of social manipulation to maximize the amount of time she can spend with you
>arguments and such are useless against her
>debating her is like fighting a current
>worms her way into your head and screws it around so much all you can do is see that she is the only one for you

>> No.16779932
File: 541 KB, 800x800, 52862567_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"See what I mean? You know it's true. The only thing that matters is me- and- you~!"
>She says as you find yourself agreeing even as she finishes binding your legs to the bedframe
>You're not quite sure how she convinced you, but she's definitely right. You're sure of it. Why would you let her tell everyone else that you moved far away so that no one will be looking for you if she wasn't right? That just wouldn't make any sense...
>She smiles warmly at you, her lovely lifeless eyes and reassuring twitching lips looking just as perfect and normal as that cute butcher knew in her hand that she has a very good reason for carrying around... right?

>> No.16779934


>> No.16779947
File: 687 KB, 1197x800, 1485388077622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't mind her convincing me it's perfectly normal to walk around with my head stuffed between her huge rack. That that's entirely normal husband behavior to just stay lodged in there.
Maybe even using a wonderland potion to shrink me down to actually carry me around in her cleavage for a while

>> No.16779951
File: 285 KB, 1000x1000, 1490487695324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Infiltration complete
>Awaiting orders

>> No.16779955

>Meido Gear Softness: Guns of the Mamono Lords

>> No.16779964

This Automaton is a master of disguise, truly.

>> No.16779966

>Low Fuel bar
>Eats a mackerel

None can notice her once she uses Stealth.

>> No.16779970

That's pretty hot

>> No.16779990

I don't think he answers until the next enty goes up so it might take two weeks.

>> No.16780001

> Dem0n Lord: The world will become one; I have found the way. Mofu, meido, sabbath... even our fetishes will become irrelevant. The world that the old Chief God envisioned will cease to be our reality, human and monster-kind can be made whole.

>> No.16780105

>Cheshire Cat


>> No.16780116

>Just kidding, I wasn't drowning
>And I teleported us back to town

>> No.16780122

>Paint me like one of your french boys
>She paints him like a stereotypical Frenchman.

>> No.16780126

>Giant curly mustache
>Baguette censorship over boner

>> No.16780213

I feel like doing that kind of art wouldn't be to uncommon.
"Paint them with their culture" or something like that.

>> No.16780319
File: 1.05 MB, 1280x1816, wight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is the thread so ded

>> No.16780322

I think miss lich turned everyone to undeads again.

>> No.16780326
File: 190 KB, 1280x960, Yuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing to discuss.

Everyone's in limp dick mode.

>> No.16780341

My dick isn't dead after seeing that.

>> No.16780352

Big Bottomed Bots

>> No.16780392

Do they have the authorization to make the rocking world go round?

>> No.16780402

I'm at work

>> No.16780425

Ice, the hyperweapon's one weakness!

>> No.16780434

That could be said about all dicks.

>> No.16780449

Except those married to yukionna, glacies, and ice queen.

>> No.16780463

But Rance isn't married to any.
Which is why Yuki froze his dick. The crazy bitch.

>> No.16780470

Which is why the hyper weapon is weak to ice.

>> No.16780474

But it still prevailed in the end thanks to hotsprings.

>> No.16780480

Busy getting pegged by dragongirl midir.

>> No.16780510

Indeed. Hotsprings make everything better.

>> No.16780516

Especially making making love to lonely CC hotspring owners.

>> No.16780548
File: 535 KB, 1200x817, 1489628650466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oneesans are for

>> No.16780551

>Cuddling in bed.
>Getting Otouto to fondle her breasts
>Taking Otouto's virginity
>Making Otouto a real man
>marrying Otouto

I want my oneesans.

>> No.16780552

Tricking into hedonism

>> No.16780553

domming you.

>> No.16780555

C'mon anon, can't you activate your inner dragon slayer? Remember Kalameet.

>> No.16780566

Never fought 'im.

>> No.16780570

Aside from foxes and kirsunes. What other MGs make the best CC hot spring owners?

>ywn make a CC blush when you take off your clothes and expose your muscles

>> No.16780576

But I'm sure you're not losing your dragon slaying virginity, right?

>> No.16780579

Dragons, because volcanoes.
Salamanders, because same thing.
Yeti/Wendigo because Japanese cliches involving monkeys.

>> No.16780580
File: 457 KB, 2555x1520, shecomestomakeajointaccount.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got to be tanukis.

>> No.16780581

Don't phrase it in such a faggoty way. But not counting Mr.Plunge it is.

>> No.16780582

For some reason I see oni in particular being somewhat good at it, probably claimed a bunch of mountain springs ages before the tanuki could buy the land.

>> No.16780585

>I bathed in these very springs after my rampages on mount Ooe!
>Come! Join me in these rejuvenating waters!

>> No.16780590

Well anon let me tell tou that all dragons are the same. Just go on and bonk their legs with perfect framed dodge rolls. You're lucky you don't have to deal with armor sets and skills.

Also remember to attack the tail.

>> No.16780597

Clown suits are cancer.

>> No.16780600

Midir is weaker in the head, and the death animation is a scripted critical attack to the head. He's the antithesis of regular dragons.

>> No.16780601

Do you know what your're talking about?

>> No.16780617

Attacking the head does deal more damage, but there are way more attacks he can hit you with. Just bonk the head one or two times and go for the legs.

Yes, I have ph.d in dragons.

>> No.16780619
File: 716 KB, 2481x3509, lamia peach.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Video games can be improved with monstergirls

>> No.16780620

The tail doesn't have a hitbox.

>> No.16780625
File: 428 KB, 929x1141, rampant degeneracy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really? Well Professor Fema L.E. Zard would like to see your long, thick Doctoral Thesis.

>> No.16780632

ET game.

>> No.16780644

But they can't fix broken game mechanics and controls.

>> No.16780647

There is part of it that does. You can hit that when she breathes fire bellow her.

I would definitely show her that and my abibities to prove that I'm a professional on the field, though it would be in private.

>> No.16780663

There's way too many video game girls I want to see as monster girls.

>> No.16780670

I need a strongfat anaconda lamia in my life.
What other waifus can you find in a jungle?

>> No.16780679

Mosquitos, those huge ones that slap you before raping.

That and more bugs.

>> No.16780681


>> No.16780705
File: 576 KB, 600x700, 1428314138632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to leave behind the crazy noise of city life and lead a plant-like life.

>> No.16780715

You don't need monstergirls to lead that life right now anon.

>> No.16780717
File: 1.84 MB, 2612x3600, eel whore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

eel whore

>> No.16780718

Yes I do, otherwise I can't be without the net.

>> No.16780736

I only wanted to shake her hand! I swear!

>> No.16780739


>> No.16780740
File: 288 KB, 714x1000, 4660d1c2c7756bc063c7b2075ad4f9b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some plants can be savage though.

>> No.16780756
File: 505 KB, 1200x1600, 1463904121748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16780768
File: 437 KB, 595x842, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed, the wilds hold some truly "savage" beasts.

>> No.16780772

That looks like a man who eventually decided to stop thinking.

>> No.16780778

I wouldn't mind a similar,
unthinking fate.

>> No.16780785

there are places with empty nature and silence that have net coverage.

>> No.16780797

Really powerful but airheaded Lich that can outpower Lilims but has a 90% teamfrag rate?

Or a Wight that knows kung fu?

>> No.16780798

why is one of the girls inside the flower have normal human skin?

>> No.16780803


>> No.16780807

To lure in passers-by.

>> No.16780814

But green is so much more alluring.

>> No.16780843

>Outpowering a lilim
I didn't know undead had dreams.

>> No.16780859

>Jungle vamp mosquitoes that are larger and more ferocious

Jungles are scary

>> No.16780862

>Been playing a lot of Rainbow Six Siege
>All the female operators as monster girls
>They all try to get Recruit's dick

>> No.16780867

The green hell is not for man. We evolved in the savanna.

>> No.16780868

The underside of her lower body looks so slapable. Like you could jusy lay her down and slap that thing all day long.

>> No.16780873

I feel the sudden urge to play starbound

>> No.16780877

Imagine the buzz that their wings does. It would be loud enough to either make a man rape to hard or cum.

>> No.16780908

>silps and get stuck to her chest
>she tells you to accept responsibility

Every time

>> No.16780910

Just make sure to install cutebound, barb and hdoom guy done a great job of toning down the tumbr faces and furries.

>> No.16780918

Even the dead have dreams,
But it's very possible for something to be stronger than a Lilim magically.
It just hasn't really been done yet at all. Lich is the only really contender to even TRY something like that and have a realistic chance of succeeding.
Well, MAYBE Demons too, but I couldn't bet on them.

>> No.16780930

Nah, that would be baphos.

>> No.16780934


>> No.16780937

She's crashing this ship with no survivors.

>> No.16780945
File: 3.64 MB, 1488x2104, 43252640_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lich is the only really contender

>> No.16780952

Glacies in a Bane mask is what we need.

>> No.16780966

>Reaches god status
>Becomes stagnant with their now static power level that can only be affected by faith from followers
>Lich that just needs to research and experiment will eventually surpass that in time

>> No.16780988
File: 609 KB, 1169x827, 31814458_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I know nothing: The Post
The worshipers aren't necessary. Kyuubi are on par with gods, but they don't need to be faith-powered.
That's why it takes them nigh-on 1000 years to get there. The mythological basis is that the accumulate power with age.
Interestingly enough, this is more of a carry-over from Chinese mythos than an original feature of Japan's.

>> No.16780990

Their magic must be pretty high up there for them to be considered the strongest monster and to build up an organization that fucks shit up. Liches are high tier, but can still be beaten.

>Hit a Lich's soul container
>She instantly loses

>> No.16780996

>Hit a Lich's soul container
>it was merely a ruse
>also had explosives runes carved on it in case you touched it
All according to keikaku.

>> No.16781009

>Hit soul container
>Your weapon breaks
Do you REALLY expect a Lich to not reinforce and fortify their soul gem to the point where it has more defense than a Wurm's egg?

>> No.16781010

>Dispel runes
>Dispel Illusion spell
>Wack soul thing with stick

>> No.16781019
File: 765 KB, 830x1070, 1469782406084.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But you already hit the fake and got a face full of explosions, you don't get to take it back.

>> No.16781020

>Fighting a high level monster with a normal weapon

>> No.16781026

And yet it still falls under the japanese belief system, being kitsune and all, with faith playing a heavy roll in a god's powers.
Godhood status in nipland is a double edged sword.

But it is far from hard for a nine tailed fox that doesn't live under a rock to amass an army of followers unless they're a prostitute being outed by a virgin fortune teller.

>> No.16781027

All I'm saying, is if the lich is single and you find her phylactery with the intent to destroy it, make sure I'm around when you do destroy it. I'll clean everything up.

>> No.16781029

What are magic shields and talismans or powerful ranged attacks.

>> No.16781033

Unless your sword is enchanted with insane durability or has a Zod rune, even high level weapons would probably break against one.

>> No.16781034

>What are magic shields
Not something you have, mate.
>powerful ranged attacks
What happened to the stick you had?

>> No.16781052

Cursed dragon swords would be really effective considering DE would sink in and poison her sould that's inside.

Who the fuck would fight a magic based monster without magic protection? Of course I would have it along with a tree worth of sticks to wack her with it and throw at her stone.

>> No.16781055

>Who the fuck would fight a magic based monster without magic protection?
The guy who thinks hitting a phylactery with a stick is going to do something.

>> No.16781057

I said on par with gods, not that they are gods. Because they aren't, in the technical sense.
They don't need followers at all. They're a boost, a shortcut to power for the politically savvy, but ultimately no replacement for experience.

If anything, the kitsune worshipers of Zipangu are more akin to cults of personality.

>> No.16781058

>tfw artist asks you to prove you own a character before they'll draw a commission of her
Why though?

>> No.16781065

They're American and know they can be sued.

>> No.16781074

All about doing comishes for OC's now-a-days
Everyone's scared of getting sued

>> No.16781078

weapons grade autism.

>> No.16781086

>poison her soul
Not happening. Those things are impregnable to magic and magical influences outside of a simple force spell to end them flying.

Cults and enough faith or worship can elevate one to a divine or godlike status, but such things are extremely rare.

Also curiously, Vecna, Lich god of Liches, undead, and dark magic, commands all sorts of undead, from run-of-the-mill zombies and skeletons to Oni, Liches, Vampires and various kinds of constructs. Just think, there's a super godly Lich with a bunch of Oni and Golem servants tending to her needs.

>> No.16781089

That's retarded.

>> No.16781095
File: 148 KB, 600x514, 1439973571973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

'sup bro, wanna shoot some hoops?

>> No.16781100

If they take money for drawing something they don't own, it's a more serious crime than killing someone.

>> No.16781101

Basketball is for posers.

>> No.16781102

Mari won't do this for my OC, will she?

>> No.16781103

Alps are underrated.

>> No.16781104

There's something off about Jerome.

>> No.16781113

That's even worse. Explosion ranged spells to send them flying all around would fuck a lich up.
>Oh but their defense is high
Knock them around with explosions until they are near you. Another way to do it if you are still saying no is making the Lich hit it.

Really anon?

>> No.16781115

No. I hate basketball

>> No.16781117

I'm not that anon, but in my experience with commissioning I've only had one artist ask for proof and they were already a pain to work with.

>> No.16781120

Which artist?

>> No.16781122

>the Head of Vecna hoax becomes the Penis of Vecna hoax
It would be extremely painful 4 those dumb incubi who fall for it.

>> No.16781136

Adding to this because it came to mind after I posted, just show them KC's twitter and website and explain that he's cool with fan creations and retweets them to show his appreciation.

>> No.16781137

>Heart of Vecna holder is now a youthful looking Incubi that gets a private audience with Vecna every day

>> No.16781138

These guys are so out of shape they're scared they'll lose to an Alp at sports.

>> No.16781143

I just hate basketball

>> No.16781155

Alps are cute! More people need to realise this.

>> No.16781157


>> No.16781159

Is this KDF?

>> No.16781162

Nobody of relevance to here, I decided on not getting from them anyway.

>> No.16781163

See now if it was baseball

>> No.16781165

No anon, this >>16781117 is me.

>> No.16781167


>> No.16781169

What about Baseketball?

>> No.16781171


>> No.16781174


>> No.16781175

No more nachos and mountain dew for you

>> No.16781176

We all are mere facets of KDF.

>> No.16781177

You aren't!

>> No.16781184

My waifu is not a wan and I have no desire to dick daughterus.
And I ain't into latex either.

>> No.16781187

>tfw we were all kdf's alter egos
We need to stop.

>> No.16781191

We're all KDF now

>> No.16781193

Hi anon!

Want me to teach you how to be a father number wan?

>> No.16781194

You were born out of a different desire and fetish he holds.

But we is he, and he will not stop, so will we shall be he to be.

>> No.16781196

Is there a mindflayer on the loose again?

>> No.16781200

>a father number wan
>We are Number One except it's KDF

>> No.16781203

What if she too is KDF?

>> No.16781209

A small little flayer with latex texture and her tentacles are floopy like dog ears.

>> No.16781217

She's always accompanied by a bigger one that looks like her but much older.

>> No.16781223

Yknow, we always talk about miniflayers. What about megaflayers?
The Krakens of flayers.

>> No.16781228

>Are you, uh, a real father?
>“Well, uh, technically... nah.”
>Have you ever raped your family, like, uh, like a biological daughteru?
>Have you ever tried latex?
>“Nah, nah...”
>Alright! I can see that I will have to teach you how to be true degenerates

>> No.16781229

There's also Lichflayers and dragonflayers.

Mix and match for oneesan.

>> No.16781233

I'm going to flick KDF's daughteru on the forehead and call her a bad girl.

>> No.16781235

You talking about the great mindbreaker?

>> No.16781236

Lost my shit

>> No.16781242


That's a bit mean anon. You wouldn't like it if he did that to your daughteru, would you?

>> No.16781249

Now listen closely!
Here's a little lesson in Dickery
This is going down in /mgt/!
If you wanna daughteru dicker number wan
You have to chase a Kobold daughter on the run!

Just follow my moves, and sneak around,
be careful not to make a sound...!
No, don't tell them you're quicksilver!

>> No.16781251

That's where I'm going to draw the line anon, that is assault and you could get arrested. Nobody is allowed to call my daughteru a bad girl except me or her mother either.

>> No.16781258


>> No.16781263


>> No.16781267

Can Mamono mana restore a girl's broken hymen?

>> No.16781268
File: 637 KB, 2584x3183, CzzQEjxUAAAgQbm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can Dragons Umoo?

>> No.16781270

That's literally Alice's whole gimmick.

>> No.16781271
File: 2.63 MB, 2790x3828, 1482350495627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being owned by dragons

>> No.16781275
File: 522 KB, 810x1200, Apsara_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No dancing Apsara gifs/webms
I don't know if anyone does animated commissions of that nature or how much they'd cost, but it's a damn shame is what it is.

>> No.16781277

If she is a blonde red dragon then umu!

Being owned and owning.

>> No.16781284

Greatest shame. I need more art of monster girls dancing, belly or other wise.

>> No.16781290

Don't forget Houri, the difference is there is that one remembers you dicked them and the other doesn't.

>> No.16781291

What does the milk taste like, /mgt/?

>> No.16781293

Is what life is all about. I'd love for my dragons to own me, I would belong to them!

>> No.16781294

I like eggnog.

>> No.16781306

>Immortality loophole
>Won't get attacked by Order if you're married to one
>Genki and cheerful
>Fucking gorgeous brown skinned goddesses
>The last word in striptease/lapdances and probably one of the top tiers if not the toppest tier in moves during actual sex
>Eros followers so you know they're deredere as fuck
Apsara are OP KC pls nerf

>> No.16781307

I'd rather shock some fags.

>> No.16781309

I can dig that

>> No.16781316

It'd probably be less intensely sweet, though.
So you don't get sick to your stomach should you drink a lot all at once.

>> No.16781319

Thank you for reminding me of that one bad Christmas

>> No.16781324

I have never tasted eggnog. But I assume it is good.

>> No.16781329

I wonder if she ever walks around doing handstands and upside down dancing around the house.
...Why not?

>> No.16781341

A loli Aspara can turn you into a lolicon if you see her waving at you. She's that OP.

>> No.16781345

I want my waifu to enjoy dancing. Would never be bored of watching her body moving to the music.

>> No.16781347

How long have you been with your waifu anon?

>> No.16781348

Handstands are hot.

>> No.16781355

It is and I can assure you it tastes nothing like eggs.

>> No.16781356

I feel you anon. I never really liked dancing at all, but the thought of dancing around with my waifu at night in the privacy of our bedroom or letting my daughteru stand on my feet while I slow dance with her both sound too comfy to not want.

>> No.16781363

3 years.

>> No.16781364

>Apsara wife bounds up to you in the morning
>Fuck she's hot even when she's being goofy, how the hell did you get so lucky
>"Moo~rning darling!"
>She stops right in front of you with a beaming smile
>Lean forward for a kiss but she playfully puts a finger to your lips to stop you
>"Ah~ah! Close your eyes first~"
>Puzzled but amused, you do so
>Lean forward again with your eyes closed, only to feel a strange softness that while not unpleasant certainly isn't your waifu's luscious lips
>open your eyes to see you're smooching the top of her foot, her whole body upside down in a hand stand while twisted seductively, her face looking up with one winking eye and her tongue sticking out
>"Hehe! Got you darling!"
>She flips away like a professional cheerleader before sticking the landing and posing with arms wide open, then bringing them to her face in double peace signs
>Eros be praised, you love this woman

>> No.16781366

It depends on the other man. Do I know him? Respect him?

>> No.16781371

Well the first story I have of her is from January 15th 2015, so I probably had her in mind as far back as 2014. Three years then, going on fourth.

>> No.16781375

Over a year with first waifu and slightly less than 3 months with the second

I wonder if monster girls celebrate their wedding anniversary, I bet Eros girls do
Some monster girls probably don't even keep track of the date

>> No.16781377

7 years now, I think.

>> No.16781379

Who even is that old? Aisha? Mink?

>> No.16781381

What we need is soccer monsters!

>> No.16781382

She started creeping into my head arround 2014, love for her got stronger and stroner till by mid 2016 she yook up 90 percent of my thoughts, me thinking about her takes up most of my time.

>> No.16781385

Go make more videos Demo

>> No.16781387

Well someone's popular.

>> No.16781393
File: 410 KB, 748x1200, 313_phantom_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>phantom asked demon lord about the fight with the chief god so she can make a drama about it.
>turns out the fight isn't that exciting and she has to make a lot of shit up.

>> No.16781395

It'll be exactly a year and a half in two days.

>> No.16781398
File: 131 KB, 1024x864, IMG_0483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one and only.

>> No.16781401

It's football you uncultured swine!

>> No.16781403

Nice, dude.

>> No.16781409

Soccer dads?

>> No.16781410

What would an MGE movie be like under Micheal Bay?

>> No.16781412

I'm afraid Dudeanon is someone else.
God bless chanta though.

>> No.16781415

>"Yeah I mean she was kinda a putz. Sweet girl though. Young. Kinda just keeled over at the first attack. Felt bad, really."
>"...M-my lady, surely there was some excitement to the affair?"
>"Nnnoope. Just one and done. I guess hubby and I kinda overleveled a bit. Well... alot."

>> No.16781416

Probably the fall of Lescatie, with a lot more explosions. They could use [YOU] as the MC too.

>> No.16781419

That is a very genki Apsara

>> No.16781420

I guess it stands to reason that a succubus would be a fan of grinding.

>> No.16781423

Dark matter bombs everywhere.

>> No.16781427
File: 293 KB, 507x581, dumb smugposter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn puncat.

>> No.16781429

>Grind too much to fight a monster because the scholar said she was op
>Win with one strike
Oh it happens so many times in RPGs.

>> No.16781432

Kinda hard to tell with me being a slut and never serious enough to stay with one waifu, but been following MGE for couple years now and dedicated myself to the Waifu about four-five months.

>> No.16781433

>Chief god not so tough after being raped

>> No.16781435

3 movies with shia lebouf as elt and megan fox as either willamaria or deruella

>> No.16781437

>Quote from God raped: "What are you going to do, rape me?"

>> No.16781438

Who would even rape her I wonder.

>> No.16781442

>NEET Succubus offering to powerlevel your MMO character

We all know what she'll ask for her payment

>> No.16781443

And then suddenly Mark Wahlberg makes it hurt a little less.

>> No.16781444

Who does Mark Wahlberg play?

The same person he always plays: Mark Wahlberg.

>> No.16781445

>We all know what she'll ask for her payment

>> No.16781447


>> No.16781453

Thats weak, a shyamalan movie would be better (or worse?)
Maybe if after earth was MGE, then it would not have sucked so much.

>> No.16781455

>chief god frequenting chinese cartoon image boards continually seeing memes about her getting rekt by demon lord
>becomes depressed and eventually surrenders without a fight
>tfw cheshires meme magic the chief god out of power

>> No.16781459

and Kelsey grammar does some stupid stuff

>> No.16781461

>Signs with Monstergirls

>> No.16781463

Is the QoH unique in her creating a pocket dimension that has it's own aesthetics and can even entirely create many new subspecies of Monstergirls? What other pocket dimensions can you see a lilim creating that has unique MG subspecies in them?
(Steelims need not apply)

>> No.16781467
File: 378 KB, 1349x1632, 1472963496252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to swell her belly with daughterus and my man juice.

>> No.16781473

I want to kidnap a bunch of Sabbath members and chain them to treadmills in my basement. They'd all be forced to wear uncomfortable ballet boots, tight restrictive cuffs, giant ball gags as well as nipple and clit clamps. I'd never turn the treadmills off so I could use the loli generated power to live off the grid.

>> No.16781474

I can see a lilim creating a tropical dimension with a bunch of beachy/jungle variations of MGs.

>> No.16781483

What would the twist even be?
>The heroine was a polymorped ushi oni the whole time?
>Steve was working for the liims?
>the building is powered by a mega raiju?

>> No.16781490

>Monsters stopped by water
would be a tad funnier

>> No.16781491

4 months yesterday!

>> No.16781492

It was just fat guys ERPing.

>> No.16781494

Aww jeez anon. While I think kidnapping the unwilling is really not okay, I do quite like bits of the scenario otherwise. I'm sure my waifu and daughteru would love to do some predicament bondage along these lines.

You really shouldn't kidnap people though, that' wrong.

>> No.16781498

my dude can you not?

>> No.16781499

Okay, the second one sounds like a normal twist.
I want to know the kind of plot that would have the other two.

Especially the third one, why would the twist be that a Raiju is powering a building?

>> No.16781503

Reminds me of that island in Ragnarok Online where you can only enter if you're married. If you're single you can only drink in the island's bar.

This is a chance for single anons to find his waifu.

>> No.16781507

I want to kidnap a sabbath member and throw her in a farm full of holsts and minos.

>> No.16781519

Stop dumping stuff at other peoples farms. They may live comfy life, but they don't need your trash.

>> No.16781522

Simple, Raiju shocks turn women into other Raijus right?

Now think of a movie with a building that's been in low maintenance so a lot of shocks could happen.
With the Raiju being the main power supply, you can set it up so Raiju's infest the building and women are getting turned and they don't know whats causing it till they find the mega Raiju.

>> No.16781528

I know I'm new to the waifu scene. But since October last year.

>> No.16781535

Why? It's not trash it's more working hand.

>> No.16781538
File: 37 KB, 300x292, IMG_1625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't go a day without trying to start fights over the Sabbath, can you?

>> No.16781540

What's going on?

>> No.16781543

Every single fucking day people start bitching about the sabbath or the other way around and it gets old really fast.

>> No.16781544

Cutest umu!
Would praise and spoil

>> No.16781545

What's the appropriate way to respond to your daughteru trying to have sex with you?

Hard mode: You aren't a daughteru dicker

>> No.16781551

I then put some dadrock on.

>> No.16781552

I don't see any bitching except you man, all I see is friendly shitposting.

>> No.16781553

I don't mind the sabbath really. I'd be buying lolification potions from them.

>> No.16781559

I'm a bit preemptive here because I'm getting sick of seeing the same kindergarten slap-fight every day for a week.

>> No.16781562

"No. I belong to your mom and most humans find that stuff weird. I love you but only as a daughteru. That one friend loves you as a girl though "

>> No.16781563

I have no shame in easy mode anon. I'd get the waifu and we'd gently and lovingly teach our daughteru all the things she wants to know!

>> No.16781566

You're being far too preemptive, please go.

>> No.16781568

>kindergarten slap fight


>> No.16781571


This is how a good father responds to a situation like that.

>> No.16781580

A good girl would like dadrock to suck up to you.

>> No.16781583

>Good father
Thanks anon. I would do my best so that my daughterus grow up cute and nice.

>> No.16781584

Being a 'good' father is subjective anon.

>> No.16781588


>> No.16781590

As they should. Remember to give plenty of headpats!

Sure KDF. But personally I think that's what a good father dose.

>> No.16781605

Of course. Gonna give them just the right amount of headpats so that they don't lust for me but love me lots.

>> No.16781612

I want to be the hunky boytoy husband of a royally thick Queen Beegirl with an ass for days and an ovipositor for years

>> No.16781619

How many headpats is that?

>> No.16781620

Good luck with that.

>> No.16781621

I would go full smug Alucard on her.
>"Hmp. Is that so? What is a daughter lusting after her own father? But a miserable pile of desires. Enough of talk, have at you."
No daughter of mine is going for reward without earning it first through her own hard work.

>> No.16781622

You'll make a great father anon and your daughterus will love you with all their heart.

>> No.16781627

>Tfw have an extreme irrational fear of bees
>Yet find beegirls adorable
It's an abstract kind of feel

>> No.16781633

Depends on her age, species, how many friends she has and how many of them are guys.

I'm even ready to headpat grand daughterus.

>> No.16781634

Same, and I posted that

>> No.16781636

Actually in my experience jungle mosquitoes are very small, and the northern/taiga mosquitoes are fucking massive in comparison.

>> No.16781641

Grand daughterus are a treasure too pure for this world. I can just imagine visiting them in old age and then yelling "Grand Papa!" while burying me in a hug pile.

October couldn't come quicker.

>> No.16781642

Can confirm.
You know what Canadians never mention? The mosquito problem. God damn.

>> No.16781646

Thank you for reminding me that mosquito season is coming up
Fuck. And I take the bus too

>> No.16781655

Stuff her into a cannon and launch her straight into her childhood friend's house.

>> No.16781656

Grand daughteru pile would be too much for me. I can imagine them playing with my daughteru and waifu.

If only I could have dreams like this.

>> No.16781662

Anon that sounds abusive,

>> No.16781663

I tell my wife and make her deal with it.

>> No.16781676

>KDF will never experience this

>> No.16781683

What is better
A kind motherly Queen Bee who knows all her daughters and takes care of her family
Or a breedcrazy Queen Bee who spends all her days riding her semen dispenser of a husband in order to reproduce as much as possible?

>> No.16781690

Some kind of combination of the two.

>> No.16781691

No bro it's hockey time

>> No.16781696

That's fine with me anon, my waifu and daughteru and I are all very happy with our dynamic and don't want it to change.

>> No.16781724
File: 187 KB, 960x540, 0053_Affection_D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

80% breedcrazy 20% kind mother?

>> No.16781725

It hurts my heart too much imagining this. Family hug piles are perfect.

>> No.16781726

I see merits for both
Maybe the second for the first half of marriage and the first on the back half

>> No.16781727

Why are people so obsessed with KDF lately?

>> No.16781735

Gimme 70/30 and it's a deal

>> No.16781748

The first while still casually constantly riding/milking her husband at all times

>> No.16781749

He's either astroturfing or annoying cunts just won't shut up about him.

>> No.16781780

I don't think it's him.
It's just that every time any one of: bondage, daughterus, latex; is brought up, some moron has to link it to KDF.

>> No.16781784


>> No.16781791

That sounds pretty good though if she is weak to nostalgia she might have random spurts of lust where she goes back to her old ways

It would be weird
>Queen Bee wife hasn't stopped fucking you for 2 months straight
>You're fed special honey with extremely potent aphrodisiac properties to keep going
>Your 102th daughter bursts in the royal chamber
>She wants to show off the good grade she got at school
>You and your wife praise her and talk with her for a bit
>All while still having slow, sticky, unending sex

>> No.16781798
File: 412 KB, 636x900, 1472123613290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Snow leopards are going extinct, but Mother Earth still remembers.

>> No.16781800

You just described my exact fucking fantasy
I want precisely that, please and thank you

>> No.16781801

Someone tell me about that NTR rule again that's in place in the MGE world.
I keep forgetting what it was, was it "If you try to NTR some guy's wife away they and every other monster have free game to kill you" or something along that line?

>> No.16781816

That's the 'intentionally wanting to kill people' rule
The NTR rule is a wife's pussy literally won't allow a dick besides her husbands in
Though if the guy is doing it intentionally it probably activates the first rule
Just throw him in the matango pits, they'll be delighted and do right by him

>> No.16781817

He's good for (you)s.
I'm lonely.

>> No.16781823

Adopt a homeless kitty or two.

>> No.16781824

Jesus Christ with thighs like that I'd be a regular visitor. I'd rub my face all over those thighs and squeeze them, maybe even giving them a lick if she was ok with that.

I would visit every day.

>> No.16781834

I need sleep as much as anyone else.

>> No.16781835

That actually sounds incredibly comfy, just always slowly pumping in and out of her puffy entrance, both of you constantly in a state of at least mild bliss.
And it's not like you can't stop for a couple minutes or so if totally necessary to hug a daughteru or twenty. Plus the daughterus would be used to it and think nothing of it when having a big family dinner while mama and papa slowly continue cuddlefucking as they catch up with the daughterus they haven't seen in a while.

>> No.16781837

I don't think you can afford that, anon.

>> No.16781841
File: 991 KB, 1222x1476, 1478133393407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else want a big 7-10ft fox to hold them down and agressively lick the spot over their liver or is it just me?

>> No.16781842
File: 337 KB, 533x800, a7fde1936fb08fc5c7ad6093ec2de1b4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the ending was comfy as fuck and everybody ends happily
>also best bird showed up

>> No.16781847

Both scenarios are oddly cute.

>> No.16781850

I'll sell my body if I can't.

You aren't alone anon.

>> No.16781856

That's hot.

>> No.16781861

I prefer my girls to not have a desire to consume my valuable organs.

>> No.16781865
File: 329 KB, 630x891, 1481240516861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fitpire wants to exercise. Don't just sit at the computer, anon!

>> No.16781875

It ended? When can I watch it? Can't find it on streaming sites I usually use

>> No.16781878

But I want to keep my blood. I need it.

>> No.16781881

Not all of it. You'll get pussy in exchange, too!

>> No.16781885


>> No.16781888


>> No.16781891

Pussy sounds good. But what if my dignity and valuable blood?

>> No.16781901

Don't kid yourself, you have no dignity. Your body will make new blood over time.

>> No.16781928

Sure. I would take her to jog under the sun.

>> No.16781936

Don't wanna.

>> No.16781944

>some of the older daughterus occasionally walk through the royal chamber, giving their mom an affection pat on the belly or coming to you for headpats
>Also have you taste test new honey batches for potency and taste, as you've been become an expert on such things
>get more embarrassed when you and your wife get walked in on NOT fucking and just resting or cuddling, insisting there's nothing wrong to which older daughterus roll their eyes jokingly and younger ones giggle

>> No.16781949
File: 299 KB, 700x714, smug fennec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>streaming sites I usually use
This calls for a smugfox

>> No.16781950

I'd prefer a short, like 5ft, fox do that instead.

>> No.16781964

Are smug foxes for headpats?

>> No.16781968

Fuck man. The life right there. I'd be the best Dad/husband/breeding-cumpump there could be.

>> No.16781982

That's it, I'm convinced
When the portal opens I'm rushing to the nearest bee hive

Political meetings with the Grizzlies and Hornets will be hard but it's a small price to pay

>> No.16781991

I'm too lazy for dling stuff desu senpai

>> No.16782005
File: 286 KB, 462x657, smug serval.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>manually dling/torrenting
Happy meal head

>> No.16782027

How do you auto dl?

>> No.16782031
File: 157 KB, 1200x1081, C8AE2IJVQAA_7MD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would you like your brown fox, small or large?

>> No.16782032

Large please. And I'll take two.

>> No.16782034

Can I have both?

>> No.16782036


>> No.16782038

how big do they come

>> No.16782041

Obviously loli though both is even better

>> No.16782042

don't try to trick me.
i know you're with the fbi

>> No.16782051

Very difficult choice. I don't even think I can pick.


>> No.16782052

What would the FBI equivalent of MGE be like? Apparently their NSA is full of squirrels.

>> No.16782054


>> No.16782060

The small one but unfortunately knowing what this artist usually draws ruins things for me.

>> No.16782063

Reminder you don't lewd the elf, the elfs lewd you

>> No.16782064

What's the artist like?

>> No.16782069

You can't handle that much fox, nobody can
Pick a single one unless you want to me smothered in fox pheromones and be forced to spend all your time breeding and pampering foxes

>> No.16782074

Mostly futa and tentacles

>> No.