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Someone made this and posted it on /tg/ a few days ago. I only learned about Touhou from it, so I figured you may want to know for whatever reason.

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I read through the whole thing and this looks like it went through a lot of thinking and planning.

Its like a really autistic version of a D&D world setting.
If a few 4-5 people and a 'DM' played this like D&D it probably would be okay to give it a shot.
Just a couple of things were stupid.

>You instantly committed suicide. Why.
>Class, personality, and powers to fuck anything in your path.
>Being a guy is overpowered (not that i'm complaining)

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>Being immortal should just not be there.
Thats like kids on a playground using finger guns saying, "You're dead!" "No you're dead!"

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Honestly a Touhou-based tabletop game would probably not look anything like D&D since a plethora of skills, like Dungeoneering, Heal, Athletics, etc (depending on edition) don't really fit well into the in-game universe. Not to mention attributes would be seriously out of whack when considering characters like Yuugi.

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>Being a guy is overpowered
The point cost is very high though.

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>Its like a really autistic version of a D&D world setting.
>If a few 4-5 people and a 'DM' played this like D&D it probably would be okay to give it a shot.
The CYOA format is kinda weird, but it's essentially a cross between an RPG character creator and one of the old-time Choose Your Own Adventure novels.
Most of their value is to get you thinking about the scenario and what you would do, not actually acting or roleplaying it out. Occasionally, people write vignettes about the results of their choices, but it rarely goes much farther than that.
>You instantly committed suicide. Why.
Because CYOAs need introductions, and that's a pretty funny one. Suspend your disbelief a bit.

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>Lets just say i was talking about 5th edition

So true which in that case who ever came up with this need pre-made npc stats, items, areas, flying system rules, ect.
Something that would take at least a good month or two polishing the broken aspects of the game

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Sometimes I see threads on here where they give you a map and they tell you, 'You're here. Good luck' and just type whatever.

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>Being a guy is overpowered


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Honestly you'd probably have to do a serious redesign of the combat system. Melee in D&D has always been relatively simple and straight-forward with magic being a little more complicated due to cast times and such. Which I don't really think apply any despite it all being basically about magic.

I guess you could approach it a bit like the Numenera setting? Although most characters would fall into Strength or Intelligence, with a small handful focused on Speed.

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Looks decent, though it kinda feels like a template for a CYOA on /thp/

You could easily select the option below as a sample for a slice-of-life story with a bit of romance.

10 tokens, 0 bonus (damn secondary)
- (0 tokensMale/Outsider
- (2 tokens) Magical Realm: Act - "Don't Move" (or equally multi-purpose command)
- (Bonus) Final Boss Theme - Large House + Servant
- (Favorite aspect) Everything - Yukari
- (Job) Shrine worker Moriya - Use strong tech skills
- (4 tokens) Waifu - No explanation needed
- (2 tokens) Internet
- (1 token) Sake jug
- (1 token) Introduction - Suika

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[x] Jump in the lake

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Remember when Touhou CYOAs were good?

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Trick question, they were never good.

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Smart boy.

Is "Magical Realm: Act" designed to be potentially overpowered or really only for sexual? I can think of a number of ways to abuse this.

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Started with Half-Youkai to save points but then found I didn't really have much to spend points on...

10 tokens, 1 bonus
-(5 tokens) Girl/Strong Youkai
-(0 tokens) Cannon
-(Stage Theme) Normal Boss Theme
-(Favorite aspect) Everything - Parsee
-(0 tokens) Neet
-(6 tokens) Incident

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It feels like if you like canon Gensokyo and don't want to fuck everything in sight, there aren't a whole lot of options to spend tokens on.

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I've always felt a bit limited with points even taking Half-Youkai, but that might be because I can always find something to tweak in the world. For instance, making everybody significantly bustier (so that *anybody* goes beyond the default DD limit) costs 3 tokens by itself.

On a vaguely related topic, how strong would a Half-Youkai (with abilities that support magic, like special senses or being a power source) that becomes a Magician be compared to a 'normal' one?

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full clearing StB is not as hard as a lunatic 1cc

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If you don't choose Overpowered and Grimhou so you can plow down entire armies for the power of your waifu, then I'm sorry but you have terminal homosexuality. There is no cure.

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>abusive Yuuka

Annihilate Yuuka for an easy 3 points.

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jokes on you, its ultimate magic yuuka who is stronger than demonbane

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Depends, did you use a cheesy shot type? Did you get gold level score in all scenes? There are various factors determining how difficult clearing these games are.

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>Ultimate Magic Yuuka

No where does it state she's immune to the Death status effect. Boss fight is too easy.

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My greatest Touhou achievements are some Hard 1ccs and Extra clears, so I get 14 points.

Boy (3)
Magician (4)
Canon (0)
Headcanon(Body) (1)
NEET (0)
Reimu in-crowd (2)
Waifu (4)

I like the canon Touhou setting (except for everyone supposedly being flat), and mostly just want to have fun with magic, meet the characters, and eventually marry my favorite. I'm not too interested in sleeping around or being overpowered. I'm also pretty content with my current body, and would feel uncomfortable becoming a girl.

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10 initial credits [C] / 9 power points [P]

- 0 [C] - Girl;
- 9 [P] - God - Power to materialize things from imagination;
- 0 [C] - Canon Gensokyo;
Extra Boss Theme - Fancy House With Servant;
Personality - I'm easygoing and extroverted;
- 0 [C] - Being a God - Another servant!
- 0 [C] - Incident + Reimu's parties;
- 4 [C] - Waifu;
- 4 [C] - Immortality Elixir;
- 2 [C] - Food;
+ 0 [C] - No drawbacks.

This was easier than I thought it'd be. Maybe God is a game breaker, lots of free stuff. Or maybe not being a filthy degenerate was what saved me from debt.

I almost feel like getting Cirno as my imouto, maybe I could spend 1 credit from that drawback into changing her personality so she wouldn't be so bratty. Then another 1 credit to turn some girls into dickgirls.

Whatever the case, I can now live forever in Gensokyo and recreate the universe when it is over - no trapped-into-the-void scenario! Can a God die even she's drank the elixir? I guess not.

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I'd say a Touhou based game will likely end up more like World of Darkness: Every player will just blast the enemy with their most powerful spellcards right at the beginning and the battles will already be decided in the first round.

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10 (base) tokens / 0 power tokens
>Gender: Boy (-3)
>Powerlevel: Outsider (+3)
>Base World: Lewd (-2)
>Alterations: Magical Realm: Act - Masturbate/Edge about Me (-2)
>Music Bonus: Final Boss / Extra Boss Theme - Large House + Servant
>Favorite Bonus: Everything - Yukari
>Job: Magician (0)
>Perk: Waifu - Yukari (-4)
>Perk: Immortality Elixir (-4)
>Drawback: Annoying Komeji (+2)

Lots of synergy with this low cost build. Best used to gradually increase powerlevel while improving relationship levels with selected girls from the cast. If played well, this route has much potential (lewd and non-lewd) without being completely overpowered.

Entering as a male outsider with the power to slowly mindrape any of the cast has much potential, whether for self-defense against hungry youkai or to slowly build up a willing harem. Taking the Magician job allows for slow, much needed increases to powerlevel. The Waifu perk for best girl is a no-brainer. Immortality Elixir is an insurance to ensure continued survival, while Annoying Komeji can be handled by being smart most of the time (even when she eventually falls for you).

Would be fun to join or run a CYOA with this setting.

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Base 10
Girl 0
Bonus +1 (Still don't get the entire Shaming culture about that)
Weak Youkai -2
Canon 0
No Further Alts
Final Boss (Okuu) (but I want the small cozy place...)
Their Theme/Abilities (Okuu)
Newspaper helper -1
Introduction (Aya) -1 (Don't want to make boss mad or hate me)

Um... did I do this right? I have a lot of points left over.

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Spend it on food or other quality-of-life perks

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>10 base tokens / 0 power tokens
>Gender: Boy (-3)
>Power Level: Overpowered (-11)
>Base World: Grimdark (+4) / Lewd (-2) / Doujin (-3)
>Music Bonus: Menu Theme / Something Else
>Favorite Bonus: Other / Couldn't Decide
>Job: Buddist Monk (+2)
>Drawbacks: all of them

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I've seen people post cyoa's outside of /tg/ on places like /v/, /fit/, /a/. STOP IT

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>Power Level: Overpowered
Will still lose against Gensokyo heavy hitters like Yukari

>Drawbacks: all of them
This can only end in the poor guy getting gangraped every minute in different ways which are usually violent and depraved. No boner, stahp

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Girl - 10p
Magician - 6p
Canon, Lewd - 4p
Headcanon(Body) - 3p
Final/Extra Boss Theme - 3p
Music/Gameplay/Abilities - 3p
Newspaper Helper - 2p
Internet - 0p


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Why is that jet dropping Aya as a bomb?

>> No.16804391

Because Aya is a bombshell.


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Except then you'll have Reimu on your ass, and she WILL fuck your shit up. Doesn't matter how strong you are. There's a reason she's feared by youkai.

That does bring up a good point, though. If you were human, you could probably ask Reimu for protection. Unless you lived at the shrine, she may not be able to protect you too much, though. But she could at least promise retribution if Yuuka continued to fuck your shit up repeatedly.

That sounds like a pretty shit detriment not worth the point bonus in general, though. Trying to walk around with a broken body all the time is going to be fucked as hell. Honestly, some of these options are a bit broken in various ways.

Anyway, the whole "more points if you're good at Touhou" thing is kind of broken. Especially on the internet, anyone can lie about it and get a free 6/8/whatever points. Aside from this it's a bit unfair. Why should you need to be good at the game to have more power and options within the context of a different game? It kind of creates unfair advantages. At the very least, if this is the way they want to design it, it would be prudent to test more than just game ability. Something like test one's knowledge of canon as well as another test to decide how many extra points they should get. While minimizing the bonuses from the games as well. I would cut those in half and remove the STB option.

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>Anyway, the whole "more points if you're good at Touhou" thing is kind of broken.
I thought so too, but the creator mentioned that power level doesn't really matter unless you take Grimhou.

>Especially on the internet, anyone can lie about it and get a free 6/8/whatever points.
Power tokens, not generic tokens. And it's not like lying would affect anyone else who plays.

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Power tokens can only be used to increase powerlevel, which isn't all that useful since even at "Overpowered" you'll be crushed by Reimu, Yukari and probably most final/extra bosses easily. Even with Grimhou you'd need to work at getting stronger or playing smart to defeat them.

Honestly, this one seems more fun with Canon/Lewd Gensokyo worlds.

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Are Touhou quests allowed in /qst/?

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All quests are allowed in qst.

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The only things banned in /qst/ are the ones with Global Rules specifically banning them.

Touhou's off-topic in most of the other boards, but just like Touhou lewds are accepted on /e/, Touhou quests can be on /qst/.

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The only quests banned in /qst/ are the ones with Global Rules specifically banning them.

Touhou's off-topic in most of the other boards, but just like Touhou lewds are accepted on /e/, Touhou quests can be on /qst/.

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>so many interpretations

And damn that is one awfully written Yuyuko. Anyway, aside from my own stuffy revulsion that seems neat and decently thought out. Also, I may have played every single game but 1CCs are beyond me. I'm bad at shmups.

If I were to use this thing I could get what I'd want from a CYOA so that's nice.

I'd get
>Powerlevel: 0
>Boy (0)
>Outsider (0)
>Canon (0)
>Fate of 60 Years: Final Boss Theme
>Yuuka: Their Music/Gameplay/Abilities
>Magician (0)
>Reimu in Crowd (-2)
That leaves me with 8 tokens, which I'd probably use to get formally introduced to Reimu (probably get Marisa for free since she's always around Reimu, and getting in their heads sounds good), Kaguya (most open EET resident, getting in her head also sound good), and Remilia and Patchouli (making good with SDM and especially these two would be VERY helpful). That leaves 4 that I dunno what I'd do with. Maybe Yuyuko (free Youmu), Tenshi (just cause), Sekibanki (though she's a "villager" she's a recluse), and...Yukari, so I'd get some sense of importance.

Though I could just as easily abandon the 4 extra and plan on meeting all of those folks except maybe Banki later at a party. Then I might use it to waifu Tenko. Though she's far from my favorite, I think that'd be an amusing as hell scenario.

Incident would be tempting if I wasn't shit at the games. Also
>implying people care about Reimu's list

And one more thing, all Touhou characters aren't flat. If this is really canon, then that should mean alt character designs WITHIN canon should also be canon. That means if you want a Satori with tits, there is indeed a canon reference for that in PMiSS. This isn't actually headcanon, I feel.

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Oh and even official ZUN art has some boobs nowadays. See: Reimu

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Considering I wanted to kill myself, I go for this quick build:

>Male (no dealing with an altered state of mind due to hormonal differences) [3]
>Magician [7]
>Canon [7]

No need for additional Tokens; just eat the ones I've got remaining for extra power, I guess. Then the plan is to summon a Sun at my location to finish the job I botched with the pills, noose and the guns. Must have been 9mm or something.

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>Not just developing an antidepressant spell

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This is not what my intention was, according to the rule sheet, and I would never compromise what I am. This is what you don't understand about me. If I intended to kill myself, then sudden nuclear hell it is.

>> No.16805623

70% of botched suicides aren't followed by a second attempt.


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Good try, Yuyuko Prime, but I'm not being dissuaded. Sun it is.

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May as well repost my build from /tg/ to see if it contradicts setting mechanics or something.

>Female 10
Three points is pretty high, and I can probably just magic myself a dick if I miss it.
>No skill bonus
>Half-Youkai 7
Not entirely sure how the magic system works, but I gather that magic senses and natural power generation would be useful​ for a mage.

>Canon + Lewd 5
Not dying is good, as is a little bit of fun on the side.
>Headcanon (Body) 4
>Magical Realm (General) 2
Three points to make everybody curvier - seems like a pretty good trade to me.
>Normal Boss Theme 1
I don't tend to pick favorites or listen to game music - but getting out and meeting people is still worth a token.

>Magician 1
My Youkai powers should make this a lot easier.
>Food -1
Shouldn't need food for too long, but it's still useful.
>Drunk Suika 0
If she gets too annoying, I'll develop a sleep spell.

Pretty simple build - enjoy independence, become a powerful wizard, and hang out with hot chicks.

>> No.16806554

>Base 10, bonus 2 with Normal 1cc for 12 total
>Boy, 9 left.
Time to hang out with my bro Kourin.
>Strong Youkai, 4 left.
>Canon + Lewd, 2 left.
>Headcanon(Body), 1 left.
TD Stage 1 theme is my favorite, so small cozy house.
I love everything about Yuyuko, so ghost crush? Neat.
>Newspaper helper, 0 left.
Even if it's a daily publication if I go with distribution I could do it quickly and take the rest of the day off.
>Reimu parties, sake jug, and Internet, -5 left.
I already have the "Everything" bonus, so I can start the waifuing at a party. Every two weeks is no time if I get youkai immortality. And I need the internet to keep shitposting on 4chan.
>Pay debt with Brat Cirno, Annoying Komeiji and Drunk Suika
I've dealt with younger siblings and drunk people in my life before, so I can handle it. Satori will be a bigger issue, but since I got strong youkai powerlevel I could perhaps find a way to get mind shielding.

>> No.16806740

>actually picking hourai elixir

can't wait for subahibi to be translated so people don't do this

>> No.16806863

Mind trying to explain why?

Is it just plight of the immortal stuff?

>> No.16806878

by the time it gets old you will be 0% closer to it ending

>> No.16806987

The ride never ends.
Eventually the immortals would find themselves with nothing to do in a dark void, waiting for billions of years for anything to pop up, hoping for some miracle that another Big Bang might happen.

>> No.16806995

Billions of years is an insignificantly short portion of the time an immortal would have to wait.

>> No.16807205

Keep in mind that you're an immortal with magic.
Even if you can't commit actual suicide, a Sleeping Beauty-esque spell would serve much the same purpose, with the added bonus that it might be able to use your own energy to slowly synthesize a new world one pebble at a time.

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Base 10+8, I wish something like LNB or Lunatic ultra 1cc counted for some more but oh well.
Boy(Age 12 or so, 3) + Overpowered(11) + Lewd(2) + Extra boss theme(Necrofantasia, 0) + Sakuya's looks/design/fashion (0) + Devil Mansion Servant (2) + Sake Jug(1) + Bully(to be a slave to Sakuya, 4) + internet(so I can shitpost about it all, 2) + Reimu hates you(I'm not a fan of her either, -1) Yandere(not immune so I'll shoo her away with spellcards every time because overpowered, -3) + Klepto Marisa(material possessions are unimportant, -2) + Drunk Suika(this is not even a drawback, -1)

I just want to re-enact https://exhentai.org/g/849994/665faa0988/.
If I need Doujin for it I'll drop Bully and take it + Headcanon(personality) and make it so. Not taking Yuuka just to blast her away because I don't exactly dislike her.

>> No.16808257

>Klepto Marisa(material possessions are unimportant

You are going to get your sake jug and any supplies you need to conduct your SDM Servant duties stolen.

>Drunk Suika(this is not even a drawback, -1)
Depends more on your boss' opinion than yours I think. Seems to me like you might get yourself kicked out.

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Start (+10)
Boy (-3)
Normal clear (+2)
Weak Youkai (-2)
Ability: Capable of performing minor tricks (similar to the Prestidigitation spell from Pathfinder)
Lewd (-2)
Doujin (-3)
Headcanon (Body) (-1)
Headcanon (Personality) (-1)
Magical Realm (General) (-2)
Annoying Komeji (+2)

I want to be an overconfident little boy weak youkai who dresses like a magician, has feeble powers (but strives to become stronger), and gets molested by the rest of the cast.

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File: 22 KB, 735x450, Sure, gremlins might not be very Gensokyo-ey, but I'm happy!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my original build polished up and reposted, but this time with a portrait!

>Never Played(10)
>Weak Youkai: Gremlin(8)
>Special Ability: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Part_Manipulation (8)
>Rigid Paradise(7)
>Miyako Yoshika's Personality(7)
>Newspaper Helper(6)
>Reimu In-Crowd(4)

First things first. Headcanon(personality) will be used to make everybody more reasonable and less violent; Reimu didn't up and kill a man for wanting to be a youkai, Yuuka's a sweet gal once you get to know her, etc.

Also, I plan on living somewhere near Youkai Mountain to make the morning commute as the Bunbunmaru's Miss Fixit a little easier on myself. I also use my internet access to bone up on my /out/ and /diy/ type skills as needed, and I bet that I could stretch my hotpot a lot farther than two people by increasing the size of it's ingredients every so often as it gets eaten.

Other than that, my bolstered social graces should help me avoid spilling my spaghetti all over the place, which has decent synergy with going to Reimu's parties.
>Malfunction Sign: Why Is My Coffee Pot Ticking?

>> No.16808931

>Reposting this so I can link to it on /jp/.
As opposed to just posting the images themselves here?

>> No.16808947

The images are too big to be uploaded to /jp/.

>> No.16808970

Just reduce their file size first.

>> No.16809454

That would either shrink them down to be unreadable, or artifact them so much you couldn't read it either.

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File: 241 KB, 553x415, aJRAx9w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Outsider (male)
>Grimhou, Doujin
>Headcannon: Body (i am technically a 2hu as well so this should be effective)
>Katana Sign: Nottin Personnel Kid

>> No.16809746

Wait, if we have cleared on several levels of difficulty, do we get the bonuses for each previous threshold? Do they add up? I've cleared Easy/Normal/Hard.

>> No.16809781

Read the fucking text.

>> No.16809822

So as a scrub I'll take the flaws of Brat Cirno, Klepto Marisa, Annoying Komeiji and Drunk Suika. Then after that, since I have 17 points, I'll take Overpowered, also taking Female, then I'll take for self-bonuses Boss theme (as my favourite song is Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle) and Abilities as my favourite part of my favourite character, then I'll take Shrine Keeper (Hakurei) as my job. After that, I will take Canon as the world, then Reimu In Crowd, Introduction, and Relative (Reimu), with myself looking nearly identical to her and being blood related.

>> No.16809847

Actually, I'll take Headcanon (Personality) instead of Introduction just to make people a little nicer. As for power, I'm going to choose Energy Manipulation.

>> No.16813352

Starting with 2 bonus powerlevel points for clearing Normal:
>Fairy, female
>headcanon (body), headcanon (personality)
>extra boss theme bonus, personality bonus
>Perks: Introduction (Gengetsu), Food, Internet, Relative (Gengetsu)

Become a busty immortal fairy with no responsibilities, a good home with a free fairy friend that helps out with chores I can dote on, Internet access, immortality, and plenty of things to do in Gensokyo. And if I get bored of that too I can always hang out with Gengetsu in the dream world.

It's a comfy CYOA but it feels like there's so little to do with points if you aren't into grim/lewd, and so much stuff is given away for free like housing. This build could be made perfectly functional with 3 tokens, 10 + more is just overkill.

>> No.16813371

This is one FAT rabbit.

>> No.16813808


I'm from /tg/, I just figured this would be a better place to put my builds than the thread since there's been a few new threads since this was put up.

God Mode Overpowered Reimu Flavor:
>Points: Infinity
>Gender: Girl
>Power Level: Overpowered
Select Ability: Game Manipulation

Use ability on this CYOA to cheat myself into infinite points. Buy literally everything.

Yeah, yeah, I know. But look, this is like, the *one* setting where it doesn't matter. I mean, the spirit of the spell card rules states that if you use your full power, you basically lose (Which is why when Kaguya does it you still get a good ending even after dying to her final spells.)

I just really wanna be a reality warper and go on a power trip. This is the setting where doing so is not only feasible, but where I wouldn't be alone if I did.

I mean, let's be real here. Forget about Yukari; Reimu can still kick my ass seven ways from Sunday. I may be able to put people in games, but Reimu has the ability to not play. In other words, I get countered extra hard by her.

...it never ceases to amuse me that Reimu's superpower is to give zero fucks.

Badass Normal Marisa Flavor

>Gender: Male
>Power Level: Outsider
>Base World Alterations: Canon
>Music: Something Else (Fragrant Plants/Dancing Water Spray)
>Favorite Thing: Sakuya's Abilities/Gameplay/Music
>Job: Magician
>Perks and Powers: Food, Sake Jug, Internet, Reimu In-Crowd, Introductions (Marisa, Alice, Patchouli)

Party it up with Reimu, supply as much booze as necessary. Make good impressions on the three magicians, then get them drunk and beg them to teach me magic. Odds are it won't work and I'll be on my own. Fine then. Use unlimited booze to buy supplies from Human Village as needed. Venture into Forest of Magic to conduct experiments. Odds of horrible horrible death=very very high. But it'd almost be worth it to truly be a self-made outsider in Gensokyo.

Mysterious Outsider Sanae Flavor

>Gender: Female
>Points: 2 Power for Normal cc. (I call shenanigans beating Infinite Superspeed Flying Object on Lunatic should clear me for more points the fighting games should count rawrawrawr) +1 Drunk Suika
>Species: Half-Youkai
>Alterations: Lewd+Doujin; both Headcanons and Magical Realms.

Having trouble fleshing out this build, but basically I wanna use my CYOA porn powers to bluff about having the ability to control biology rather than actually do anything lewd.

...My heart's just not ready.

>> No.16813855

You know, if so many people seem interested in this, why don't we get a DM and see about making it happen or something?

Although, it's true that aside from character creation and shit, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of combat rules and shit, and other game mechanics(something you only have to briefly flip through a DM's guide to see that most of them have a fuckload of). I'm not sure how any of that would play out. Maybe most of the game would just end up being roleplay or something?

>> No.16813905


>Most of their value is to get you thinking about the scenario and what you would do, not actually acting or roleplaying it out
The few times CYOAs have been converted into RPGs, they've been explicitly multiplayer (that is, the fluff allows for multiple 'readers'), and it's never lasted too long.

>> No.16813936
File: 939 KB, 700x1036, _7f43b4619f3aabe2f9e86fb5801bc96a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Base: 10 + 6 Power (Lunatic)

Gender: Female (10+6)
Power Level: Tengu (8)
Base world: Canon + Lewd (6)
Further alteration: Headcanon (Body), Headcanon (Personality) (4)
Self bonus: Normal Boss Theme (Forbidden Magic), Shinki's Personality (4)
Job: Shrine Worker (Moriya) (4)
Powers and perks: Waifu, Internet (-2)
Drawback: Annoying Komeiji (0)

Speccing into Engineering for 7 years is finally paying off, time to live a comfy life on a mountain and romance Makai's top woman! An annoying Satori is actually kind of interesting in any case.

>> No.16814127
File: 1.23 MB, 900x1272, 57436546_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Base: 10 + 6 Power (Lunatic 1cc, though I also agree that LNBs should've been a thing (10 tokens for that!). Or high scores. Not a big deal, though.)

Gender: Male (13)
Power Level: Magician (9)
Base world: Canon + Lewd (7)
Further Alterations: Headcanon (Body+Personality) (5)
Self bonus: Stage Theme (Tomorrow will be Sunny, Yesterday was Not), Sanae's Everything (5)
Job: Shrine Worker (Moriya) (5)
Powers and Perks: Introduction + Waifu + Internet (-2)
Drawback: Brat Cirno (0)

Good shit. Spending the rest of my days with Sanae sounds heavenly.

>> No.16814209
File: 81 KB, 700x681, 8ckqLX1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finished StB so ill take 4 points instead of 8.
4+6+4= 14 power tokens
>boy, overpowered
>brat cirno, suika,klepto (gain 5)
15 creds now
>lewd (take 2)
>headcannon,body (take 1)
>magical realm, general (take 2)
>normal boss theme
>gameplay abilities
>incident (take 6)
>internet (take 2)
>food (take 2)
i'll just return to my normal lifestyle after the incident ends i guess

>> No.16814363
File: 206 KB, 650x542, sumireko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This seems interesting. I'll try picking the options I can get. However, I'm not fluent in /tg/ related things.

>Gender: Girl
I'm already female and it's free. It seems like a reasonable choice to me.

>Race: Half-youkai
I think that this would be the best choice if I want to get to know everyone without seeming too pathetic or too imposing. Being both human and youkai can help me keep my humanity while also being able to understand and converse with non-humans much easier.

>Baseworld Alterations: Canon
I think the other options are worthless and without merit. I might as well kill myself again if I even consider those choices.

>Further Alterations: Headcanon (body)
Like the description provided, I do believe characters have different body types, like Yuugi and Rinnosuke being absolute beefcakes.

>Self-bonuses: Stage Theme (Desire Drive)
Having a humble house that's surrounded with beautiful scenery and gentle nature ambiance sounds very appealing. I think it's nice to live like that.

>Favorite Aspect: Everything
I don't like to play favorites, but I also love many characters as passionately as to say "Everything." It would be weird to have a lot of people crush on me, though.

>Lifestyle: Newspaper Helper
As much as the choices seem appealing at first, I think this is the best one. Gensokyo is good for a quiet life, but I'd like to have an adventurous life myself. I'm also naturally talented in photography and I'm confident in my writing skills. I think I would be a natural for the Tengu newspaper business.

I would have picked DMS but I don't want to chop up human corpses if I can help it. If I could find an alternative or persuade the mistress to exclude that from the job description, then I'd gladly be an SDM maid (I admire Sakuya a lot).

>Powers and Perks:
+1 Food
+3 Introduction
These seem pretty essential. I'd choose Incident if I was a Strong Youkai. If a different person started an incident, I'd like to join in as a collaborator and be a pretty memorable stage boss.

>Klepto Marisa +2
Seems like a fun scenario. I think it would be fun if I could start a stealing feud with her.
>Annoying Komeiji +2
I love Satori. All my life, people have misunderstood my intentions even if I spell them out clearly. I think that if Komeiji Satori was always around to tell my thoughts honestly and without lies to others, I think I'd be happy. By all means, I'd like her to annoy me with her company.
>Yandere +3
I don't hate anyone and I like everyone, so I'm not sure who this would affect. But if it helps me realize who I've neglected, then I'd like to know who it'd be.
>Brat Cirno +2
I have a little sister like Cirno. They have similar personalities and look around the same age. I think I'd feel more at home if Cirno wanted my time.

>> No.16814372
File: 187 KB, 574x417, i5QZDCx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are no girls on the internet, fuck off.

>> No.16814496
File: 84 KB, 315x602, yamame_ha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm already female

>> No.16814903

>Reasonable sexual dynamics are "worthless and without merit"
Have fun with that sexual frustration.

>> No.16815349


People have tried to put together a system, but making spellcard rules for a tabletop is hard IIRC.


Headcanon (Personality) could probably help with that.

>> No.16815410

Can I marry you?

>> No.16817768
File: 2.04 MB, 1400x4327, 1491106147180-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not like the quality will be reduced by that much.

>> No.16817769
File: 1.51 MB, 1400x3910, 1491106219400-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16817772
File: 2.49 MB, 1400x6239, 1491106342567-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16823329

It's basic file management not to compress a picture unless you have to - then people who just see the lower-quality version will only save it, and then a (slightly) shittier version will profilerate until people either find and replace their version with the full size one, or it gets compressed yet again and the cycle continues.

>> No.16826650

Upload it to imgur or something if you wish, but posting on a slow board a link to another thread from a much faster board just for an image isn't a good idea.

The second image is the only one that's within the file size limit even without compression so you can post it together with the link to all the uncompressed images so people will more easily get what you're talking about.

>> No.16829399

I didn't know the filesize limit of /jp/, imgur compresses the images too, and linking was easier than finding another place to source.

>> No.16829852

/jp/'s file size limit is 4 MB, and I just checked that imgur's is 5 MB before it starts compressing.

Maybe a site like mediafire or mega would be better.

>> No.16830463 [DELETED] 

New janny must not know choose-your-own-bullshit is not allowed around here.

>> No.16830651

It's Touhou related, it's new (or was when the thread was made), and it started by linking to where it best fits.

If you still think it doesn't fit, then you have to make an actual case as to why.

>> No.16831958

>10 + 2 for Normal CC clear
I'm fine being a girl in the Touhou Universe (12)
>Being a Magician is pretty cool (8)
>Canon (8)
The Canon Universe is fine, and I don't need anything lewd, just a jolly good time.
No addition Alterations
>Self Bonus
I love U.N Owen was Her, no matter how overhype it is. I get a pretty solid house for being my favorite
> My Favorite thing?
I literally love everything about Flan, her design,story, battle, and music. She really just resonate with me.
>Occupation (6)
Working at The Scarlet Devil Mansion, mean more time to see Flan. Working without much breaks is a small price to pay.
>Perks (2)
Reimu In-Crowd, and Internet. I want to still be somewhat connected with people in the Outside World. The Reimu In-crowd would really help with meeting the other characters, which is pretty nice.

I really like the Touhou universe and not much need to be changed, I just want to be a part of it. Only in one's dream will that be a reality.

>> No.16832130

>She really just resonate with me.
You're a smug cunt living in a basement?

>> No.16832873

How many of those words that you typed were used in any way resembling intended meaning???

>> No.16832911

All of them. Which ones gave you problems?

>> No.16840839

I never got an answer - what's with the magic system?

Basic wiki-ing implies that most of it's replicating the innate abilities of Youkai, and that materials are often necessary, but I didn't find a comprehensive enough explanation about much else.

Is it just ad-libbed?

>> No.16841759

All of you choosing Boy need to get out.

>> No.16841967

All of you who don't want to impregnate a 2hou need to get out.

>> No.16842050

What if they'd rather be impregnated as a 2hu instead?

>> No.16842218

There wouldn't be anybody to impregnate them.

>> No.16842236

There are plenty of other hus in Gensokyo to impregnate them

>> No.16842288

And they'd need to waifu a magician to do anything productive.

>> No.16846102
File: 205 KB, 800x800, 1450500483167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>who is Yukari
>who is Seija
>who is Yuugi
You aren't very creative, are you anon?

>> No.16846405

Just ask Seija to flip your gender, I guess.

>> No.16848622

..that brings up a very interesting point: Introduction (Seija) costs less than directly buying masculinity.

>> No.16848660

How does Seija's power work? Can she really make anything its opposite? I thought she could only flip spatial directions.

>> No.16849104
File: 69 KB, 780x900, 324fcce61e4fe2d30f91d70e668022fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seija can flip things over.

She's just an amanojaku, they're low tier as fuck. Sagume, a kind of amanojaku, has the entirety of existence act in reverse of her words. Fate shit. She's a god, after all.

>> No.16850412

my base i have beaten all games on at least normal and th7 and th8 th9 and 13 i have beat on lunatic. th8 and th7 all bosses.
so my setup
canon and doujin
magical realm body 1 act and general
headcanon body and personality
extra boss
normal boss theme
favorite thing - Everything Momiji
Job Magician
relative -Cirno
waifu >>cirno
Elixer too.
reimu in crowd
drunk suika :D

>> No.16851378

>Yukari will never turn you into a girl, pin you down and impregnate you just because it amuses her

>> No.16851768 [DELETED] 
File: 354 KB, 1278x2828, Image0006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/thp/ is still fucking dying jp

Pls visit for old times sake

>> No.16855074

why live.

>> No.16862689

Gender: Girl (Age 18)
Power Tokens: +4, For having beat several extra stage bosses.
Power Level: Magician, might as well spend all those tokens here since I can't use them elsewhere.

Base World Alterations: Lewd (-2)
Further Alterations: Headcanon (Body and Personality) (-2)
Magical Realm (General) (-2)

Self Bonuses
Favorite Music: Bhava-agra As Seen Through a Child's Mind. I guess this is a Last boss theme?
Favorite Touhou: Tenshi
Favorite thing about her: Her Personality.

Lifestyle: NEET
Powers and Perks: Introduction x4: (Tenshi, Reimu, Marisa, Alice)
I'm not going to take any drawbacks, since I'm now ageless and none of them are removable.

>> No.16865936

There is no need to be upset

>> No.16867044 [DELETED] 

The fact that it has its own board and is banned literally everywhere else should be fucking obvious to both of you >>>/qst/

>> No.16867252 [DELETED] 

First, quests are not CYOAs (at least not the same type as these - the term is overused), primarily due to the lack of author involvement. CYOAs aren't banned anywhere, they just are a /tg/ topic.
Second, while CYOA is a /tg/ topic, a Touhou CYOA is, surprise surprise, Touhou related. Like how the OP picture is relevant both to /jp/ and /e/, Touhou CYOAs fit in both /jp/ and /tg/.
Finally, the mods seem to be fine with it. If you want to tell them how to do their jobs, you should probably do better than vague generalization and personal attacks.

>> No.16867588 [DELETED] 

>Finally, the mods seem to be fine with it.
Says the mod

>> No.16867651 [DELETED] 

We don't. Fuck off.

>> No.16869475 [DELETED] 

>"If the mods haven't banned it already, maybe they don't think it's worth banning?"

Aaand you're trying to speak for everyone... including the people who have already replied otherwise.

>> No.16869809
File: 60 KB, 960x720, last picture taken by man seconds before violent death.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not, I'll do it.

>Gender: boi (7)

Just like God intended.

>2hu skill: easy mode peasant (+1)

I have no shame.

>Power Level: STRONK boi (3)

Ability: The Power of Rock.

>Base: Canon in D (3)

Long-term romance is patrician.

>Favorite song: Flowering Night

My own house, at last! Take that, mom!

>Favorite: Meiling - her everything!

I'm serious, this is the only acceptable answer.

>Job: I always wondered what it was like to be a paperboy. (2)

>Bonus : Introduction - Meiling (1); Reimu in-crowd (-1)


>"Drawbacks": Drunk Suika (0)

I can't pass up a shot at free snuggles, even though there's an extremely high chance that she smells like my uncle Eric.

Let's do it.

Pic somewhat related.

>> No.16874306 [DELETED] 

I'm just saying, half the time the mods don't think it's worth banning or even removing actual rule breaking content, like nude images and uncalled for memes, but if it's in an idol/monster general and it's a post someone doesn't like, it's gone in an instant. It's hard to say "the mods approve of it" when they seem to prefer to enforce their preferences rather than the actual rules.

Basically saying "the mods haven't deleted it" is as flaky as saying "we've done x for years, so it's part of /jp/ history/culture" even if the threads get deleted every time.

>> No.16885152
File: 978 KB, 901x1250, b8f4c0501ae00d79ac9223cc5ada77f3[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One last bump.

>> No.16885886

>11 tokens (1 cc'd MoF on Easy)
>Female -0
>Magician -4
>Lewd -2
>Magical Realm (general) -2
>Normal boss theme (Dark Side of Fate)
>I like them for their personality
>NEET -0 (since I already have magician)
>Waifu Minoriko -4 (really calm and comfy waifu harvest god, imagine all you could do with her...)
Drunk Suika +1 (Yay for a foursome with the drunk Aki sisters and Suika!)

Pretty good in the end!

>> No.16896372
File: 1.03 MB, 1350x1800, 62a438913e0c616927d8f3dea894ea8b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gender: Boy

>Outsider (10)

I guess I could go for half youkai, but I dont want to affect my humanity in any way.

>Lewd (8)

Eternity without sex would be boring.

>Headcanon: Bust size (7)

Some girls are okay being flat, but some increase to Yuuka or Alice is not bad.

>Normal boss theme (6)

A nice place to rest and practice magic.

>Their looks: Yuuka

The cutest murderer.

>Job: Buddhist monk, Magician (8)

Not a bad deal living at the temple, sure is no fun allowed for ten years, but with the daily training I will get a decent fit body to impress some village girls, and enough strength and training to hold my own in a fight with some weaker youkais.

Once my ten years are up, I will be free to learn magic on my own.

>Perks: Immortality elixir (4)

Complete immortality is too good to pass up, and searching for magical ingredients will be less painful if I cant die to any weird youkai taking me by surprise.

>Sake jug/Food (1)

No need to worry about supplies on those long journeys.

>Internet (-1)

Gotta keep up with the latest high quality meme material

>Drunk Suika (0)

My family has its own share of annoying drunks, the kind that will weep and scream on 3am that they can no longer feel their legs after drinking enough tequila to kill a horse, Suika cant be worse than that.

I could have made myself a magician from the get go, but I dont want to lose the joy of learning to cast my first spells.

>> No.16897312 [DELETED] 

>I'm already female

On the internet!? Did you not get your complimentary membership card and dick two weeks after first logging on?

>> No.16905476

The "most powerful" spellcard is useless against master level dodging. And bombs.

>> No.16913695

>grimhou, Doujin

how this is supposed to work?

>> No.16920523
File: 190 KB, 724x1024, 2ee20646bab1ac0cbccc362a05b7d299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>grimhou, Doujin

>how this is supposed to work?

You now stuck in the Girls for M version of touhou, you know, the daily rape mixed with brutal beatings kind.

>> No.16920828
File: 66 KB, 1024x702, i am so done.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I defeated EX stages in StB just in case this happens.

>Complete photo game AND its EX, beat PcB in lunatic
8 + 6 + 4 = 18 pts
>Boy (age 17)
i don't even know why i even did that, lets move on
>Lewd (2)
>Magical Realm General (2)
since i technically AM a touhou from that point on i should be able to edit myself
>Ex Boss Theme (immortal smoke)
>Favorite:Looks, Patchouli
(picking only for the confidency and attractiveness)
>Incident (4)
>Internet (2)
i miss XP, will still shitpost on jaypee and post pics
>Food (2)
>Sake jug (1)
just like collecting welfare
>Yandere, Rinnosuke (+3) ill kill him or force him to fuck off later lol

welcome to the good life

>> No.16920862

>You now stuck in the Girls for M version of touhou

Sounds like heaven to me.

>> No.16923979
File: 311 KB, 1056x1504, cute tongue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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