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>No Rumia thread.

Is that so?

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Rumia wants to eat delicious bear!

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Who are you quoting?

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You wouldn't smooch Rumia's belly

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I want to eviscerate rumia.

That's what she gets for trying to eat me!

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Why is this slut so popular?
She's not important in 2hu story. That's why ZUN has completely forgotten about this useless loli.
Another one for the "2hus that will never appear again" Collection along with Mima.

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This pic makes me want to impregnate her.

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Because she's in 6

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>She's not important in 2hu story
Neither are like 80% of stage 1/2/3 characters in touhou.

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oops forgot to contribute!

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Shocking news: most Touhou "fans" are lobotomized EoSD secondaries who only want cute girls doing cute things.
At least Mima did something and had good themes, instead of fucking Apparitions stalk the night.

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sleeping next to Rumia!

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Don't be a bitter fag

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Why do people always go to the "Fuck Nostalgiafags" argument?

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She is the first 2hu to ever use spellcards, the only one that uses random danmaku, and the first boss of the Windows games. Also, I want to fuck her

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>She's not important in 2hu story.
Rumia is a lazy Gensokyoan NEET and that's why I love her. Also I want to remove her seal.

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i want her to be looking at me

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Because being a contrarian is cool and hip.

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Because "It's an EoSD loli" is literally the only thing that makes her popular. She's even blander than Medicine.

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Rumia empties my head of rational thoughts and fills it with thoughts of rough animalistic mating press sex without protection

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bitter hags can't compete

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It's their fault for posting lolicon shit in an innocent Rumia thread like this.

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But Rumia-chan is naturally cute and sexy!

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Repeating he same thing over and over again doesn't make it true, you autist.

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one two three time to fall in the dark~

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Who is OP quoting?

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I wonder what Rumia is thinking about..

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stay be cool, /jp/

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starting a family with Rumia!

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Rumia ate your dick!

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Only secondaries call Lumia Rumia.

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stay be nice, anon

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One, two, three

Time to fall in the dark

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Rumia is for mating press tenderly

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Rumia is for loud, wet, sticky impregnating public sex in the middle of the Human Village.

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Girls can't give girls the mating press.

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She better appears in Touhou 16.
Her first time and also last time appear is Touhou 6.

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What's up with these artist who go batshit insane and end deleting all their art from all the platforms they used?

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I want to make out with Rumia's navel!

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barg barg

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Isn't illegal to a human to have sex with a youkai?

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That only makes it hotter, dummy.

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Rumia eats humans so why she could have sex with her meal?
Imagine Rumia cooking a HotDog with your penis.

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but my dick has been there, dude.

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If you didn't cum too much it's ok.

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That artist draws the sexiest Yamame, but not a much less sexy Rumia.

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Oh, sorry, I'm just looking for my car keys.

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Search deeper!

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Look deeper!

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Sanae would never say this

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You aren't Sanae,bitch!

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I want to drink coffee from Lumia's mouth!

>> No.16942827

That seems awkward. It'd be lukewarm at best, which is a terrible way to drink coffee.

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It was in her mouth, that's all I care about.

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I want to make lots of beautiful Aryan children with Rumia-chan!

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You'll never be able to impregnate Teen Rumia, she's the one who impregnates you!

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It looks like a fun game.

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Is this game translated?

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Gensowanderer on the ps4. The pc version will probably never be translated.

Be sure to thank NISA for charging $50 for a touhou doujin game with overpriced dlc as well.

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fucking kikes

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I don't know if I should blame Sony or ZUN for this...

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Why ZUN? That's not his game and AQUASTYLE has been know for being greedy as fuck since forever.

You can't argue about the ULiL exclusives and say it's ZUN's fault all day if you want, but don't put him in stuff he has no control over.

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For allowing them to publish that game in the PS4.
I have the feeling that part of the profits of the game are for ZUN.

>> No.16946250

the game is also getting a nintendo switch port. There's already a handful of games on the psp and vita in japan.

>> No.16946271

That's incredible! What's next? Steam? Keep it up, ZUN, you'll become rich prostituting your game.

>> No.16946276

>I have the feeling that part of the profits of the game are for ZUN.

A completely baseless accusation.

>> No.16946281

It should actually be "prostituting your IP", the game is not his

>> No.16946285

Your feelings are wrong.

Also this is retarded, I only get a feeling you're insecure because you have no more excuses to not buy the games.

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If I could buy his games, I would, but all we get are these fangames translated by NISA, no less.
Anyway, let's stop with this pointless discussion

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>Aryan children
Rumia is polish, dude.

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It's okay, I'm not German either

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But all 2hus are japanese...
(Except China)

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And Seiga, and the rest of the SDM barring possibly Sakuya

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...And Clownpiece.

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Ps4s are really expensive. I wouldnt mind buying the games on pc but theres not many games on the ps4 that interest me so I can't justify the jump.

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It's 200 dollars.

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It's on PC too, just not translated

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...And Marisa.

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$200 for a dust collector.

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Genso Rondo in very fun! And the PS4 version has new characters: Yukarin, Yuyuko, Flan-chan and a slut that works for newspaper that doesn't deserve to be called by her name.

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the online is probably dead for the game and you also have to pay for psn+.

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Why do this exist?

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Those characters are DLC, you know...

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It's fine if you just don't think you'll use it, but don't pretend like 200 dollars is a lot of money.

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Guys she just winked at me! I'm going to get lucky!

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You're only a "good friend".

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Because Japanese is a bad language.

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You mean a good meal

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Just because you can't speak Japanese doesn't mean it's a bad language for everyone, you moron.

>> No.16946468

If it's such a great language, why can't it handle the letter L?

Checkmate, Zipangu.

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You mean to tell me people here wouldn't risk their lives to stick their dick in crazy?

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And people from Makai.

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Go back to Mexico, you bitch!

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But I know her. I know her very well, if you know what I'm saying.

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>please free me from this low-poly poorly rendered hell

>> No.16946532

I'm afraid it's impossible then.

>> No.16946535

Don't talk like if you were able to do it better.

>> No.16946537

I want to be this rich some day

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That implies A. I'd want to B. It should be done

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One day I made my little sister to dress up as Rumia, I think I'm pedophile now...

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What a guy

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Lumia is a little SLUT!

>> No.16949933

Is translation anon from nanoka thread here?

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Human garbage, bigot.

>> No.16950624

Maybe in burgerland, but it's fucking expensive elsewhere.
Stupid fucking American EOP scum.

>> No.16951153

EOPs should just be banned from /jp/

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Team-fourstar please consider public service and increased puzzle comprehension

>> No.16958239

Rumia servicing one of the anchormen under the table as they cover a story!

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Anyone knows where to find the OST of this game?

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File: 1.86 MB, 1260x1648, 1357cde11bda0a93f230554b6f4fff00.jpg?5945668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ma-ting press! Ma-ting press!

>> No.16958851

This pic turns me off...

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alright gayboy

>> No.16970107

Get a real gf,you LOSER!

>> No.16972972

i'm in a long term relationship with your mom, it's pretty hot

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My mommy says you're terrible in bed and your dick is smaller than an atom

>> No.16974612

My mommy says you're terrible in bed and your phimosis dick is smaller than an atom

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bump for l e w d Rumia pics.

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oh shit I fucked up

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Where are her panties?

>> No.16985084

in my soup

>> No.16985844

2hus don't use underwear.

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