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Yuuka is cool as heck, my dudes.

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best old hag is best old hag

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Hello gardener Mima

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Tell me about Yuuka: Does she really kill Humans?

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Only if they call her ugly!

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alway rember day from hell when it all went south

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She probably hasn't done such a thing in many years. It is pretty likely that she and Mima killed some Shinki's people.

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Consider the following: Elly's scythe is actually a farming tool.

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But Letty is the coolest nee-san.

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Consider the following:
Elly's 'scythe' is actually a Maggal'addiyr*, meaning the graphic that makes it look like the edge is on the 'wrong' side (outer side, not inner side) is actually correct - and her throwing it is perfectly reasonable.

*Maggal'addiyr: Mesopotamian Reverse Scythe/Curved Pole-Ax, meant for cutting bushels of grain.

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"It doesn't matter if it is Human, Youkai, or Demon; Genocide is just another game~~"

Interesting problem with pic related: according to Zun, Yuuka doesn't actually use the Spellcard system (which is why she has no entry in the Grimmore of Marisa).

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Any source for the interview where Zun states this?

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Then what are those things in PoFV?

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If they weren't spellcards, I guess they would just be 'attacks' she tacked a name onto for the hell of it.
Sounds like splitting hairs, though, considering spellcards can be made up on the spot.

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That's not Yuuka. It's yucka, her clone from the Probability Space Hypervessel.

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Yuuka is cool, but she is also cute.
All hail the original Youkai Moe.

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Where's the "used pantyhose" guy?

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used pantyhose

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thank you

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If she's not the final boss of the new game I'm gonna go to Japan and kill ZUN

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You're not my dude.

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Final bosses are always newhus, dude. At best she'll be the extra stage midboss.

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Yuuka would technically be a newhu.

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PC-98 aside, she already exists in the Windows canon because of PoFV, and there's an article about her in PMiSS.

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S-Shut up! She's coming back! I feel it in my bones!

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Yuuka is not a hag, regardless of how secondaries portray her.

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You are making a mistake.

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Yuuka's one of the most famous and powerful touhous despite never appearing in a Windows-era game. Her not being a final boss in the mainline game that finally gives her an appearance would be bizarre.

Although there is the question as to how Cirno is going to beat the extra boss if the direct cause of the incident is the last boss.

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>despite never appearing in a Windows-era game.
PoFV isn't Windows era?

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There was, and is, no PoFV.

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I want to NEET around with the sweaty-assed flower lady.

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I want the sweaty-assed flower lady to sit on my face with her sweat ass!!

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I want to be Elly and work for Yuuka.

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I think he's just an idiot who misinterpreted this line from Perfect Memento and jumped to a ridiculous conclusion:
>Rather than relying on youkai abilities or magic, she often performs overwhelming physical attacks.
And yes, everyone's Fairy-, Witch-, and Dragon-class attacks from TH09 are indeed spell cards.

Go back to your own timeline.

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Not a mainline one.

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No attacks featured in PoFV were in GoM and she has no other Spell Cards to speak of. Original anon is just a massive idiot.

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Letty is actually just Yuuka in disguise.

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Get Snapchat they said, there's nothing to lose they said.

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Don't be a wuss.

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I'd download any botnet if it meant a needle in my penis

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Playing tag with Yuukarin!

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Consider this, if Touhous are their headwear, then Yuuka is the world itself.
She is my world at least.

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At least save decent art if you like her so much, nerdlord

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Only if you purposely bother her without giving a genuine apology.

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what is the context for Yuuka discussing hamburgers

if anything, I had her as being the most powerful vegan in existence and the only reason she doesn't have a throne of skulls is because skulls don't grow on trees

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She's hungry.

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is she even that famous? there's like twenty other characters that people probably know more than her

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"Heard you talking shit you little bitch."

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Yuuka is my paizuri slave, dude.

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Yuuka is my wife.

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I want to put my face between Yuuka's massive, sweaty asscheeks and sniff like a dog.

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Chikado so good. Those ropes are gonna get in the way, though.

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Old ladies on a date.

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why do people think Yuuka is a hag?

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I wish I could rape Yuuka's rude tits at my leisure too

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> vegan
Anon, she's a youkai. She's most likely a maneater like most of the rest of them.
Why is she commenting on hamburgers in that image? It's cute and causes a double take.

She's #30 in the popularity polls, of well over a hundred.
When considering for 2nd and 3rd most favorite characters, she actually jumps to the upper 20s, but your main point is correct.
However, almost all of the core fanbase is most certainly aware of her.

The supposed story is that that it's from Zun's old drunken comments where he quipped she was as old as nature itself.
Like any of his drunken comments, they are not meant to be taken seriously, and are almost certainly non-canon.
That didn't prevent the Japanese fanbase from momentarily having a field day with the comment, before the fad faded like anything else.
I have never been able to find any actual proof of this story, however, so I don't believe.

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>When considering for 2nd and 3rd most favorite characters
Where do I find this data?

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She is the best. The strongest without 9. She can defeat ZUN in a second.
She doesn't need one.

Also waiting for her and Mima in Toho 16

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the hat is a symbol of acquiescence and slavery to an individual, force, ideology, dogma, or other reason that stops you from doing as you please.

if I had a picture of all 2hus sorted by their Hat Categorization Index (0 is absolutely not wearing a hat, 1 is arguably having some kind of minor hair feature like horns or a headband, 2 is a ribbon or other large accessory that's basically a hat, 3 is unarguably a hat) then I could easily point out it's a rough index of independence and doing whatever the fuck you want.

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Every powerful touhou that isn't explicitly a loli gets wanked into being a hag. Even Mokou is more often than not interpreted as being a hag. Kanako has been drawn smaller than Marisa in side material and people STILL treat her as a megahag.

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I refuse to believe there are people who think that Mokou is a hag

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But Mokou is is explicitly stated to be a child. Secondaries need to be culled.

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That may be, but there are some very significant outliers to that hypothesis.

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>Even Mokou is more often than not interpreted as being a hag
Haha what?

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>Even Mokou is more often than not interpreted as being a hag

You are crazy my dude

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marisa's hat is so large and exaggerated that it's a poor disguise for her true nature. she is trying to blend in and look like she's subservient to the powers that be and so she doesn't stand out as the rebel she is. it's obvious that Marisa's pretty smart and knows she needs to keep her head low and keep herself palled up with Reimu.

also she uses her hat primarily for the practical purpose of carrying mushrooms

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These are very good points.

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That is not a slug, that is a tsuchinoko.

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We're talking about the same people who draw fucking Rumia playing around in the day like just another fairy.

She's not typically drawn with substantial tits, but she and Kaguya are usually around as tall as Udonge who is practically always drawn as upper teens despite being officially illustrated as a loli more than once.

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I really like Yuuka's hair

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Kanako, Yukari, Eirin, and maybe Yuyuko are the only true hags here.

Hell, even REMILIA is more so of a hag than Mokou, even though neither are actually hags, really.

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>Mokou is is explicitly stated to be a child.
I love this.

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the garden is not the only thing budding there.

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Kanako is a god who can take any form she wants and Yuyuko is a dead little girl who acts the part. Yukari sometimes plays parts befitting the hag archetype, but is a youkai whose form is not absolute and personality is not human. Eirin is the only old lady, and even she is perpetually somewhat youthful in figure.

There are no hags.

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But Remilia is supposedly not even half of Mokou's age
Dunno about body age though

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What if Yuuka, Letty and Minoriko are all the same person? Yuuka is the "Master of Four Seasons" after all.
Maybe she has a cute pink-haired form for the spring.

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She's a carnivore, my dude

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That was just a joke

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