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hi flan

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How to draw your own Flanfly!

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Off to a good start.

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Flan's back again, and about time too!

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flan boobie

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I want flan to one-shot me

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Flan-chan  sugoi!

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post the run one

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flan!!! im eating pizza!!

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now post the bike one!

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Fuck you. I had a trend going here.

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did yu no tat eggs ar wyk a metapor por yor wyf????
yu kan kwak tem open nd kook tem nd go mm weel gud!! !!
yu kan inkyoobayt tem until tey beekum PETWAFYD
eetohr way...
yu WIL weetowrn tu te gwownd wun day
nd when yu du
yu may jus fynd
tat beeyeeng an egg
was wohrth te gwind ! !!!!!

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post the mega archive one

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Flan is in her 2AM. All's right with the world.

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Where's the "Here's Flanfly!" Edit?

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Post the ded OP one.

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no one cares you loser!!

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that's very rude.

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I really ai (love in japanese) these threads. Sometimes, they're the only things I have to look forward to in my sad pathetic li-oh wait I just realized im out of Energy drinks. I got to go to the store (albeit at 2:39AM) to get my addict fix!

Please understand, it keeps the little whispers of reality's beckons at bay!

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flan likes redbull

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well its expensivee...
i get more bang for my buck with monster 2/$4... redbull is 8 oz while monster is like 16

i have work at least 1PM probably and its 3AM here...yet...yet...barely much food either...

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you will need a strong diet for big work

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energy drinks are gross

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fuck you i cant win at mahjong why live

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<span class="sjis">/jp/・フランドールの板[/spoiler]

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Arigatou. However, my diet currently consists of Cherios since they're only healthy cereal, and ocassionally hot dogs microwaved...i aspire to eat veges and organic fruit but it takes effort to steam the veges and org fruit is expensive bla bla bla... I wish i had enough to afford Chipotles and Pho Thai bo vien at least once a week.

ultimately luck of the draw. try playing a static game like chess where there is 0% RNG. there's even 4 player chess too...

everyone says that and yes they're fucking unhealthy as shit but i got hooked on them since i was in high school/16 years old. thats when monster just came out ish and red bull was the only drink before then. then after i graduated i started drinking AMP and Rockstar... the drinks have a very specific taste and are really the only thing i treat myself with (like an addict spending when i shouldnt).and then the depression knowing its rotting my enamel and dentists cost 10 bajillion dollars

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Stop right there, criminal scum! I will NOT permit christmas tree touhou with BOOBS. Or JUGS even!? Is that MILKTANK cosplaying as Flandre Scarlet? HA

What a joke, am i RIGHT people?

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As long you are brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, which is a requirement regardless how depressed you are, since not brushing your teeth can actually lead to some life shortening irreversible damage, you are fine. Don't let your teeth rot away

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meido still asleep

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thank you very much. i'm VERY good with my oral healthy as so far as not seeing a dentist for a few years (part of that is deep seated self hatred/nihilism etc). i brush maybe an hour or 2 after drinking an energy drink, and drink in a way where it just goes to my tongue and back(as much as i can avoid it going to teeth). and i'm always rinsing my mouth with water and everything else i eat is healthy/no candy etc

its like one of the only happy things in my day. i can't really enjoy games or fighters or anything anymore. just read manga and read about philosophy, tell myself one day ill have a $16/hr office job

surprised janny hasn't killed thread but im happy its still left up. if ur awake janny dont delet pls. ;_;


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Am I too late for the Remi hijack?

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Maybe next time...

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Even though it's just me, watashi wa (myself in Japanese) will allow it!

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Okay this is a cute character! This is a cute size! I believe she's from "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" and that her name is... I wanna say Flandre? I kinda wanna hug this one!!! ^-^

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its the only flandre i like, that is, fly flandre!

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thanks you!!

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2 hours of flan!

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flan keychain

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Dear Anonymous,

I am sending this to omae wa (youreself in japanese) that I LIKE (daisuki in japanese) that I wish you to send this to my P.O. Box! I will recirprocate by sending you back my very own Ramen Noodle package. In fact, its my second to last one, since im so poor!

Please understand this is the extent I would go to that we a GREAT exchange, but that I am not willing to send more than that. This noodle pack is important to me and I just wish someone would make me a real home cooked meal from the heart...

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dammit dude i just wanna get good without watching tons of higher level matches essentially the mahjong game is lots of defensive decisions in the right time but i cant perfect when i need to be defensive unlike SUPER TURBO ill wreck you at that kaPIECE

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3 hours of flan!

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thanks for a pleasant 3 hour thread.

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There is nothing wrong with flan boobie.
It is you who is wrong.

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It's time for Flan to go to bed.

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Flan's cookie will always love you!

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good night...

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4 hours.

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Fuck you and fuck everything in your life

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Fuck everything in my life? Bold claim, my friend. Are you sure you've got enough fuck in you for that? Don't go boasting on a place like /jp/ without being able to back it up!

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The boobe girl.

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