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Why do people associate Rumia so strongly with eating people? It's Reimu that brings it up in their conversation, and she doesn't even mention it at all in her conversation with Marisa.

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>It's Reimu that brings it up in their conversation
Reimu eats the Youkai. She was using reverse logic on Rumia.

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Every book that talks about Rumia brings up that she eats people. And she gets strangely excited when Reimu bring it up.

Unlike, say, Mystia, who repeatedly talks about kidnapping and eating people, but no written material ever says that she does.

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Rumia is pretty much "generic youkai" the 2hu, and has pretty much always been characterized as the single most run of the mill youkai in the setting.

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Little blond loli is best for juxtaposition against the gore of the slaughter of humans

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>Every book that talks about Rumia brings up that she eats people.
No, just Akyuu, who basically claims that all youkai eat people by definition.
Then you have BAiJR with Rumia herself explicitly stating her disinterest in attacking people, and everywhere else she's a random background character with no characterization to speak of.

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And Akyuu is provably fake news. Does this look like a "terrifying" smile to you? Pretty much everything she writes is just to make youkai sound spooky.

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In Bohemian Archive she complains that attacking people became harder than before, and says that doing it is a yokai's job.

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Yuuka has no trouble sounding terrifying without anybody's help.

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I'm sure Akyuu's exaggerating the details, but Yuuka's easily the sort to wear that smile while teasing people in very unnervingly violent ways. If she really is some ultra ancient nature spirit youkai then it's natural that she basically wouldn't even care about people being scared for their lives, since that's like a tree thinking it needs to be careful not to spook some aphids. Ultimately she just does not give one iota of a shit unless it involves flowers, but it's in a way that's probably creepy if you bump into her.

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Only reasonable time I could see her being a man-eater is when an outsider gets spirited away, since those are fair game compared to those from the Village.
She probably just spends her time aimlessly wandering and occasionally spooking people, and might as well be playing the bare minimum at staying relevant enough to not vanish from lack of belief.

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