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Hat fashion and assthetics

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: http://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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post girls with horns wearing hats

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Big sweethearts with Big asses

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Maids are olev

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Cupid maid cutely asking master for kisses!

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cows are olev

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I want to do things to my waifu.

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Cupid maid blushing furiously as she approaches master while he's sitting down relaxing and sitting on his lap, so nervous she's trembling!
What do you do?

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Monsters are not allowed near schools.

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Very slowly and gently blow on the back of her ears, not moving my hands until I'm sure she's calmed down enough to stop completely trembling.
Softly touching the back of my hands to her arms and rubbing them up and down.
Ever so gently pulling her back to lean and relax against me as my hands come around her front and rest on her lap so she can nestle between my arms.
All while softly whispering 'Its okay' and 'I love you' to her.

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It's okay she has a master so won't molest anyone maybe him

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as monstergirls get more popular it is inevitable that some work is going to do a "deconstruction" of it, or at least attempt to
what would that even look like?

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It already deconstructed itself via MGQ

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how so?

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She needs to pass the security checks and make sure that she's on the up and up. They haven't had an infiltration yet. Thank goodness for hardworking teachers like Miss D. Mage and Miss Démon

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M-miss D. Mage sure has shiny, long legs... and the way she flips her hair and glances over those glasses make me feel funny...

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Wasn't that sort of what demi-chan was? Showing that behind the myths they weren't really monsters but humans with rare conditions and looking into finding ways to help them hope?

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Now Anon she's a serious educator. It's a good thing we have her since we seem to go through teachers very fast.

And students it seems.

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big plump golden brown rump

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But in one on one detention, she sits on the desk and sits in a really, really weird way while just staring! And I swear she even licked her lips! I think she may have had an accident even, there was a wet spot on the desk when she stood up to lean over and observe the homework! Not to mention the way she was leaning over was also really weird! Its too weird! It feels really, really funny!

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>Sexual predator dark mage teacher on completely oblivious shota student
>Not CC, not desperate, in complete control, knows exactly what she's doing
THIS is what I like. Desperate CCs are cool and all but I like my /ss/ to be with sexy, completely confident cougars.

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Anon these lies about your teacher will not be tolerated. Now I think she wants to see you. Something about private lessons in her home.

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other than the cute dulahan I didn't really see anyone else I would qualify as a monstergirl,
granted I dropped the show fairly early

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They're the best, not only for shotas but also teens and bishies

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Beware the yandere.

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>Miss D. Mage looms over Anon from behind, her long pedicured purple nails sliding over his shoulders and down onto his chest, her humongous breasts straining her too small blouse and even smaller red black bra underneath as they wobble and bounce over his head
>Miss Démon has shadows over her eyes as she ufufus looking at the two of them in her office approvingly, and anon gulps as he's dragged backwards out into the parking lot by Miss D. Mage
>That night, lines were written, but not on a chalkboard and not just by a student in detention
>"I will never leave miss D. Mage" "I will never let Anon leave"
>He never came back to school again

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And then the school had to find yet more Teachers.

It's a good thing the principal's secretary, Miss M. Flayer is so good at finding suitable candidates.

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>Bapho sends anon who proposed to her on a quest
>Its been 2 hours already since he should had crossed this road so Bapho disguised as a loli cute girl can sell him the potion that will help him complete the quest
>She gets worried and tracks him
>She finds him in a farm fucking the brains out of a Holstaur

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>Smug Holst.jpg

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Baphos are cute.

Lolis and tits are both fantastic.

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The students will miss Miss D. Mage, even if she did pay extra special attention to Anon and always asked the class to leave early so she could tutor him.
That's education though! Good on Miss. M. Flayer!

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These Snuggle Scouts are getting a little too old to be in

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>free cake
im in

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Hopefully the next teacher they get is just as hardworking as her.

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>Snuggle Scouts
I figured thats what she would refer to her daughters as.

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she's going to curse the whole farm with her magic. Everything it produces will be in small amount.

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Are Yeti's the purest monster girls?

>> No.17352826

What about the anon?

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No way dude, those are Alices.

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He will become a full shota.

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Agreed, I love this idea. I want more /ss/exual predator MGs.

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Anyone playing with Squids tomorrow?

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Winter MGs are pure as snow

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Dude spoilers.

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No but I will probably fap to Marina

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I would rank unicorns as purest ,
centuars are underappreciated though

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>her long pedicured purple nails sliding over his shoulders and down onto his chest
Miss D Mage sure is a silly lady to contort herself to where she's doing a hand stand behind anon and rubbing her feet on him.

>> No.17352862

Anon wasn't very good with his vocabulary after all. At least now he has homeschooling.

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Alps that keep trying to be princes but are actually princESSES. Eventually turn into your sugar mom and buy you HUGE tracts of land.

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I don't own a switch.

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Shotas cant be Oni-chans. Unless Bapho becomes Onee-Sama.

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>He will become a full shota.
>Onee-san Holstaur orgasming
She's just making things worse.

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Eh, I'd be fine with that.

>> No.17352878

She already lost him, so might as well curse the dude.

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>Shotas can't be Oni-chans
You just need to make her a year younger.

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Commissar hat-san! No!

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Nah, Im on the opinion once you propose you are set. You cant back out from Salamander's training or Bapho's loli pussy quest.

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>when your daughterus start picking up and mimicking the lewd habits of your waifu
How would that be, anon?

>> No.17352916

So the Bapho just has to accept her fiance fucking other girls? I'd laugh at her.

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Burnt marks around her room. It means she's masturbating.

>> No.17352925

would momster be overprotective about their sons,
would their be other monstergirls she wouldn't approve courting her son?

>> No.17352931

If she's single, yes.

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>come here for new art
>don't want to sift through 2000 posts to find new art
Can we just get a MGT booru going here?

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Assuming among my waifu list I end up with the rapetrains (Mino or Hellhound) I am already mentally preparing myself for the fact that likely either another kid or a grown guy will be dicking my daughteru possibly at age 10 or earlier. I dont like it, but I wanted monster waifu so I have to pick both the good and the bad. Assuming I marry one of my other 3 possible waifus (Jinko, Dragon or Ochimusha) there is no much to worry about as they are so restrained they will likely not get lewd until they are at least in their late teens.

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Probably just lots of excessive sniffing and licking, maybe she'd sway her hips a little extra when she wags her tail like my waifu does when she's in a happy mood.

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File: 727 KB, 702x800, fa5b52bcb62b120777e196b40c38731e68bad1d4f48c9b586fdd39db55459f84.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys should watch what you eat these days since companies just random shit inside the cans.

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>Learning world history at Order University
>There's a new professor this year
>A woman from Zipangu
>Fortunately, her accent isn't too thick, but she likes to use words from her native language a lot
>She calls all the girls "Yujo", which she says is a term of endearment for young ladies
>She also calls you "Keitaishoku", which she again says is a term of endearment, this time towards an excellent student
>You once saw her quickly stuff a big armful of something furry under her desk when you visited her to ask a question about an assignment
>She assured you it was her pet dog and asked you to keep quiet about it since pets weren't allowed on campus, promising to treat you to dinner if you agreed

>> No.17352945

>Finally got a decent pair of headphones
>Been trying out asmr
What girls would be good at that?

Lamiae are a given, and Devil and Demon would also probably be fantastic.
Any others?

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I want to see cute fluffy coat version of glacies.
And a slightly bashful glacies doing a cute little hearthand thing.

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>son, I don't like your new girlfriend.
Oh my god mom, just because she's a hellhound!?
>you and momster spend the next hour arguing whether she's racist or not.

>> No.17352975

Will this soup turn my bro into a high energy alp?

>> No.17352979

No you fool!

It's made out of alps.

>> No.17352992

She will likely keep a close eye on him or curse him with antirape spell so it doesnt happen again.

>> No.17352997

or could be projecting,
>succumom spent her youth slutting around and using guys before settling down
>cant imagine a another succubus wouldn't do the same to her son

>> No.17353003

What if it's an Anubis instead?

>> No.17353015

She'd be the one that courts her son, or else the whole momster thing is pointless.

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New waifu art, just something simple again. Been planning and starting more with some nice backgrounds instead of the usual plain ones, and that Nureonago sketch from a few days back is going to get coloured eventually.

>> No.17353021

Whats with the foot ring?

>> No.17353024

That nose is a bit, you know.

>> No.17353027

Why is your waifu drawn with a big schnozz so often?

>> No.17353028

>the whole momster thing is pointless.
not true, momster exist so their sons dont have shit taste

>> No.17353029

Does you're waifu have fetal alcohol syndrome?

>> No.17353031


>> No.17353033

Sons exist so their moms can vag them down.

>> No.17353034

I don't know, the artist just added it for some reason. I like it though!

I really don't know either. I don't tell the artists to do it, so it's probably just down to their own styles.

>> No.17353036

What if the momster already has a husband?

>> No.17353039

If she's not a single momster with a Jocasta complex, why have a momster at all?

>> No.17353044

Maybe the son will be extra lewd.

>> No.17353048

Are these artists from tumblr? That place does something to people, it infects them with something, and then they all start drawing the exact same ugly noses.

>> No.17353072

the tumblr nose isn't as bad as it could be
but the shading or lack there of around her eyes puts a little more emphasis on it
the nose itself looks cute though

>> No.17353079

I've only found one of them through Tumblr. And anyways, there's only two pictures where I agree her nose looks a little off, but they were just quick and cheap ones, I wasn't going in with the highest expectations. People can think what they want, but I'll still love them regardless!

>> No.17353089

What would you do if portals open and you are sucked to the Mamono's Lord castle and find out the Mamono Lord consider herself the momster of all anons that ever posted here? Also after finding your waifu you are expected to bring her to meet your momster.

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The nose doesn't really look all that big to me. Looks normal sized. Maybe because everybody here is used to microscopic anime noses?

>> No.17353093

That's the spirit anon! That's all that matters when it comes down to it, not the opinions of angsty anons here.

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File: 446 KB, 718x757, 63963495_p23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Gonna princess carry her just to feel her squirm.

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File: 1.14 MB, 2009x2395, ankh [akiosketch].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess you're right, most art is done in the style where there's hardly any nose in the first place, so as soon as artists add a bit more definition to it, you get people popping up about it. Not that I mind, anons can think what they want about it.

Thanks anon, I always try to stay positive and actually talk about it instead of freaking out. I think we'd all benefit if we did that more.

>> No.17353112

>not filling her with heirs to the throne
A sad world where alps can't be happy mothers.

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File: 2.01 MB, 2496x4128, iyjbev.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think all the art of her so far has been super cute.

>> No.17353124

I guess I would go find my waifu and then bring her to see the DL. What else can you do?

>> No.17353139

What if the DL doesnt approve her?

>> No.17353144

I don't approve of the DL why should i care if she doesn't approve who i love?

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File: 1.95 MB, 2000x2595, 1490318860664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I had more dosh I'd spend some on comissions of my waifu.

But I would rather spend it on new guns.

>> No.17353151

I have a feeling that might actually be the case. My waifu is a chaos girl, and they screw with the grand design a bit.

>> No.17353153

Thanks! Even though I may be biased, I do agree that she's pretty good at being cute.

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File: 123 KB, 471x577, 1495393958499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17353164

>horn sensitivity
I never considered this.

>> No.17353165

What sort of things would you get of her?

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File: 2.20 MB, 1000x1000, 157834587435.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 1.40 MB, 2550x3300, 1497978666111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same dude

>> No.17353173

I'm thinking of getting more as well once I save up.

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File: 141 KB, 1275x1255, 1495048583465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a muscle slut, so there would be lots of abs. I was thinking one of her in a firefighter outfit, just the pants, and a sports bra, showing off her stomach muscles, maybe covered in ash from a fire, or all sweaty or something.
Maybe something with guns too, since I like the rooty tooty point and shooties.

>> No.17353187

>Wererabbit Harem
They'd be the most energetic household ever. And with the softest thighs. Awesome.

>> No.17353189

This is my favorite Hellhound picture. She looks like a fun girl to hang with.

>> No.17353191

i hvae a muscled hellhound comm waiting to be done and was also thinking about getting a fire fighter hellhound comm too are we the same person?

>> No.17353193

What kind of guns would a Hellhound like? Something big and loud?

>> No.17353203

Something with a bit of fire to it.

>> No.17353204
File: 369 KB, 800x1000, Hellhound23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically something like this but with a hellhound. https://i.imgur.com/rVNxAsI.jpg


I'm thinking Deagle brand Deagle, or something in .50 BMG.

>> No.17353209

I want a strongfat manticore that is smug and teasing but loves to play at being a housewife.

>> No.17353212

shotguns with incindiary ammo

>> No.17353214

ittla's doing monochrome sketches right now for pretty cheap, and his muscle stuff is great. Just something to consider.

>> No.17353217
File: 249 KB, 638x708, 63749806_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on coc/k/ there are 2D examples out there.

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File: 593 KB, 854x1200, IMG_7843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you accompany her to the Amazon Queen's Wedding? She feels embarrassed being a queen and attending alone.

>> No.17353223
File: 1.30 MB, 1274x1920, tumblr_o89n820mAm1r6u72yo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ittla is one I was considering, I love their art, though I would definitely want it in color.

>> No.17353226

>Hellhounds are Reaper mains

>> No.17353233

Only if we take her carriage and she lets me rest my head on her.
Tis a normal thing, you see.

>> No.17353236

Titania-sama is so beautiful and colorful!
She's really gorgeous!

>> No.17353238 [SPOILER] 
File: 68 KB, 1024x612, 1500600698368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably this

im actually considering him
but first i want to support my irl artist friends who are also into mge or at least heard of it

>> No.17353240

I'd tell her I would but then flake out

>> No.17353243
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x1813, 1474567489692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can Hellhounds compete with maximum annoyance? I bet those Yeti Mei players have good banter too

>> No.17353249

Or course! As long as you promise to also feed her some cake.

>> No.17353251

>The world is worth cuddling for!

>> No.17353256

ar 15 loaded with starburst ammo (http://www.americanspecialtyammo.com/Starburst_Ammo.html) and snakehound loudener

>> No.17353257

I'll bake her one myself, filled with love and sincerity.
A cute queen like her deserves a great cake.
Only, she'll have to let me feed it to her while she closes her eyes.
Tis a normal thing, you see.

>> No.17353262

shit looks its just for shits and giggles, but would it do actual damaged to a person?

>> No.17353269

it'd light them on fire at least

>> No.17353282

Not really. That's pretty traditional monstergirl fare.

>> No.17353285
File: 124 KB, 415x488, 57951178_p14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anubis are Pharah mains

>> No.17353289

A blunderbuss. All at once your enemies are shredded to pieces, set on fire, deafened and given lead poisoning.

>> No.17353291

Perfect, she'll have lots of fun with you! If you keep her happy, she may even ask you to try and reenact the wedding with her. To show the fairies at her kingdom what they missed.

>> No.17353292

>Custom-made Raptor Suits for big fluffy paws.


>> No.17353302

Obrez'd mosin nagant http://14544-presscdn-0-64.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/obrez4-cover.jpg

>> No.17353309

Liches, because lower, soft voices are the fucking best when it comes to ASMR.
Also I'm going to recommend you ASMR stuff.

Lolis. They get lewd.

The title says wolfgirl, but it's actually a fox girl.

Not quite MG related, but her voice is nice.

If you've got a high quality set of headphones, you'll see a noticable difference in quality when you switch from Youtube to grabbing the ASMR tracks from the source. There's a thread on /h/ you can look at for more information.

>> No.17353313

Oh that would be stupendous. I'd be more than happy to do so.
Only, she'll have to let me extend the kiss and use my hands a bit more at the end, particularly on her bountiful chest.
Tis a normal thing, you see.

>> No.17353322

what if he brings a shyccubus?

>> No.17353332

Remember not to let your paladin-chan childhood friend get possessed.

That route can lead to mutation, transformation, and a merging of souls.

>> No.17353336

But Liches are too awkward for ASMR stuff.

>> No.17353337

She looks pretty stunning. The sheen on her skin and the glint off of every piece of jewelry comes together to create a really nice effect. Combined with the washed out effects and the bright white dress, it almost looks as if she's radiating light.
The white eyeliner, and the two dots of it below each eye are pretty amazing too.
The nose is fine. People here have gone so long looking at anime noses they've forgotten that even those which aren't drawn as a single dot can still look fine.

>> No.17353343

But I want ASMR of a Lich who has you tied down to an operating table to perform lewd experiments on you!

Like the effects of nibbling your ear!

>> No.17353346

I say otherwise. As does this:

>> No.17353347

How do spider girls deal with being feared by so many guys. If I woke up at night and saw a spider girl in a corner of my bedroom I'd probably have a heart attack.

>> No.17353351

By being big, busty sweeties and turning on the light to explain the situation.

>> No.17353362

It's worth mentioning that the average guy off the street would be terrified of most monster girls to begin with. Not sure how to tell you dude, but we're all deviants. You're supposed to be scared when an oni or a lamia starts overpowering you, not get a boner.

For them it's just a matter of finding one of us freaks and initiating a struggle snuggle. Any of us would give in eventually.

>> No.17353364

By being erotic as fuck with huge tits and confident ara ara personalities and voices.

>> No.17353365

No thanks.

>> No.17353368

>Dormice are Doomfist mains

>> No.17353369

Oh yes.

>> No.17353372

>It's worth mentioning that the average guy off the street would be terrified of most monster girls to begin with.
I once had a hallucination involving that one yandere moth, you know the one.
Let me tell you , that shit is hot in 2d, but once you see that trying to interact with you irl it is beyond terrifying.

>> No.17353377

Get help.
And not from your tulpa.

>> No.17353381

Sp00ky m80
What exactly did you see?

>> No.17353382

Definitely an acquired taste, at the very least. That being said I've seen some surprisingly good cosplay.

Also, mind the hallucinations. I've been there (severe sleep deprivation, grief) and it was not fun. If you know what's causing them do what you can to keep that shit under control.

>> No.17353384

3D ruins everything, more news at 11

>> No.17353388

Titcow spiders are best spiders!

Big, heavy venom sacks bound up for when they climb!

Honestly, it would take some getting used to to see a spider woman walking on the ceiling of my home, even if its a bit small for that.

>> No.17353389

>If I woke up at night and saw a spider girl in a corner of my bedroom I'd probably have a heart attack

The scarier the better. Trap door spiders when?

>> No.17353393

I'm glad you like it! All the things you said about it are great, and I think one of my favourite parts is that the top of her dress is sheer, but she's still covered by the bits hanging off her shoulders!

>> No.17353394

Would you still love your waifu if she was a murderer?

>> No.17353395

Yup. She's my waifu after all.

>> No.17353397

I'd slap her, but yes.

>> No.17353399

Depends who she killed, and why. How she might reflect on the act would matter, too.

>> No.17353401

I certainly don't like bugs, but I could learn to cope with time. Spiders are cool. I mostly just don't like having small things crawling on me and getting up in my shit. I'd probably be okay if they were human-sized and had a squishy rack.

Honestly, anything with a pretty human face and the ability to communicate is significantly easier to deal with no matter what it is.

>> No.17353402

Loli monsters wearing nipple clamps!

>> No.17353407

That it is, although you'd need to keep an eye out for daughterus performing sneak attacks on the ceiling to surprise daddy.

>> No.17353414

her chasing me around catching me and then whispering a bunch of incomprehensible things into my ear as I'm desperately trying push her off and crawl away.

>> No.17353419

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, please make sure that you keep an eye for greedy kobold pups that curl up in your favorite sleeping spot when its time for bed.

They're tricksy creatures despite their cute, fluffy exteriors.

>> No.17353425

I think it'd be hot.

>> No.17353426

Hey that's Kobolds two in a row now. Favoritism?

>> No.17353430

That's when you surprise them and use them as head pillows or body pillows, depending on their position.
Would be soft and comfy as hell either way.

>> No.17353435

I don't think I did one yesterday so that would be news to me.

Regardless, the dice have decided that kobolds are tonight's girl.

That it would, although they may make little wining noises when you put pressure on them before turning in their sleep to better hug whatever part is next to them.

>> No.17353447

I want Kobold daughterus
But I don't want to lewd them or even be married to a Kobold
I just want to raise two genki Kobold daughters and give them a good life and meet their boyfriends and be proud of them as adopted girls I took off the streets
So what species, other than a Kobold, would be attracted to me as a single dad purely raising Kobold daughters?

>> No.17353454

Other kobold moms, holsts, werewolves, ushis, and a couple others.

Also unicorns and houris.

Single anons with pure daughterus would be a meal ticket to get you a wife.

Single fathers with cute, pure

>> No.17353461

Pharaoh waifu so yes, She'd probably had gotten her hands dirty when she was still alive.

>> No.17353474

>A refined, classy Ushi-Oni is having lunch with her friends in the park
>She greatly prides herself on being able to control her IMMENSE URGE TO RAPERAPERAPERA-
>She's a refined woman, no need to be so base and vulgar
>Suddenly she sees Anon walking by with his two Kobold daughterus, one hanging on to each hand, swinging them as they lick at ice cream he bought them
>They're all three laughing and his pure love for his girls is unmistakable
>As is the fact that his SE is completely untainted, he's a virgin and untainted by another monstergirl at all
>Friends of the Ushi look over with worry at her
>She's staring, her plate shattered in her hand, fork bent in half, fluffy legs chittering, teeth grinding, sweat running down her whole body and steam coming out of her nostrils in deep, heavy breaths
>Her eye is bloodshot red and twitching

>> No.17353478

The best.

Can you imagine her after the fact where she's clutching two laughing kobold daughterus in her fluffy claws and laughing as they nuzzle her?

Spider cow is best adopted mom for them.

They can even ride on her back when they're tired!

>> No.17353480

This is something I think about sometimes.
To view pictures, no matter how realistic, or read stories, no matter how grounded, just won't do justice to actually seeing a monstergirl breathe and move in reality.
Take that edited image of the profile picture hellhound coming out of a cupboard door at night. Just that image alone is creepy enough. But imagine actually being in your room at night, and seeing something like that leering out of the dark at you. Seven feet tall, glowing eyes, intelligent like a human, cruel and wild and hungry like a predator too. All that, completely solid and real, a few feet in front of you.
In all of human history, our instincts haven't prepared us for witnessing anything like that. You'd freeze up at first, no matter how big a monstergirl or hellhound fan you were.
If you weren't used to being in close contact with a monstergirl, you'd probably get a pretty alien feeling from touching them. Like the feeling you might get if a cat or dog gets on your lap, and you're not used to let animals climb on you. Or the feeling of holding a larger spider, like a tarantula, if spiders unnerve you.

Don't forget getting up close and personal with a monstergirl. Seeing all the seams, all the inhuman bits down the pore, scale or fur strand. Being able to look down a dog girl's ears. The divide between snake and human around a lamia's hips, where her skin slowly gets firmer and more shinier, slowly shaping into harder chunks, and those chunks become the fully serpentine scales. Being in casual contact with a wurm or dragon, when they have enough strength to crush solid rock in their hands alone, and could accidentally break your finger bones with all the difficulty it'd take you to fold a drinking straw.

It's that truly alien factor I kind of love about them.

>> No.17353483

How would daughters turn out being raised by a different species, though? I can't imagine it being the most stable thing.

>> No.17353488

Thats really cute.
I imagine she'd get plenty of bonding time with the girls and explain to them happily and lovingly how she's going to be helping their daddy now.
Especially for the few weeks he's bedridden with a pelvis so obliterated even Mamono mana is taking some time to catch up to heal it.
But he's happy with how it turned out.

>> No.17353492

>Family goes out to a movie
>Daughterus both sleeping on Mommy's back on the way home nuzzled up in her furry abdomen while Dad rides right up on her back and caresses her from behind

>> No.17353493

I imagine they'd be fine, although the kobolds may end up being a bit fitter than normal and a tad more aggressive due to their ushi mom wanting them to be tougher like her.

Loli slimes may start trying to look like adopted moms though.

Yep, it would be good.

Besides, Daddy's shattered pelvis doesn't stop them all from watching a family movie.

>> No.17353496


The cutest part is when she says they have to get off but they only whine and snuggle up tighter on her fluff.

>> No.17353499

>The girls dress up like Devil Bugs
>The mom dresses up like a mecha
>The dad dresses up like a mummy
>Mostly because he actually has a bandaged torso and pelvis brace from a particularly rough session a week prior that started when he told his wife he wanted to give the girls a little sister

>> No.17353512

Depending on who she killed, I may even love her more.

>> No.17353516

God that's adorable.
Imagine them laying down back there and her independently using her legs to slowly rock them to sleep
Meanwhile deeply making out with papa in front with her humanoid torso

>> No.17353523

I should start taking commissions again so I can afford new guns. ;-;7

>> No.17353529

/k/ plz stay

>> No.17353548
File: 158 KB, 512x512, 1494098182277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it time for girls with guns? It is.

>> No.17353549
File: 104 KB, 1158x819, 1481024499755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's okay, I'm not going anywhere.

>> No.17353553
File: 100 KB, 1067x1199, DClQDxAUMAAgJRU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay, time for a game, name your waifu and gun you'd get her

>> No.17353574
File: 104 KB, 1000x800, IMG_3496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spiders are nice.

>> No.17353580
File: 673 KB, 841x1340, 1449081596270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably some cheap slavshit like an SKS or Mosin Nagant

>> No.17353587

I've been playing a lot of MGSV recently, and it makes the idea of operating with a hellhound pretty appealing.
When running across Africa at night, in the middle of a rainstorm, I start thinking how lonely it'd get.
Then, with a hellhound partner, that you could pitch up a camo tarp between two trees and wait out the storm together, looking out over the landscape, at the lights of the airports and outposts in the distance. The rain would be falling everywhere around you, but for a brief moment, the two of you would be warm and safe in each other's company.

>> No.17353590
File: 280 KB, 1033x660, 1492484922334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd think a martini henry

>> No.17353592
File: 694 KB, 539x751, 28962759.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>D-Dog but it's a wolf monster girl instead of just a regular ol' wolf
I'll take it.

>> No.17353596
File: 84 KB, 640x655, IMG_0452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the proper procedure to pet a monster girl? I've heard that it can be dangerous to pet a fox due to mofu overdoses.

>> No.17353599
File: 174 KB, 634x872, IMG_3491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never be a royal hime cut inspector

>> No.17353608

Just go for it, what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.17353609

>muscle Hellhound art in the works
Oh yes!

>> No.17353614

>Crow Tengu
No fingers means no guns.

>> No.17353617
File: 450 KB, 1617x1261, 1472219605625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17353618
File: 118 KB, 666x1200, firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17353620


I wonder what sort of extra abilities a monstergirl D-Dog would even have. Besides seducing and distracting soldiers like the pinups on the cardboard box.

>> No.17353624
File: 98 KB, 665x718, dMkVdTH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just don't start with a nine-tail. You gotta work up to that.
Every first-timer thinks they can handle it and none of them can.

>> No.17353625

You could find your liver carved out by a woman who is simultaneously eating it and rubbing her faucet of a pussy all over your slowly regenerating gaping wound.

>> No.17353626

But who would she work the gun?

>> No.17353631

I wanna give a mayadere a silver P-38.

>> No.17353632

It's fine, livers grow back.

>> No.17353638

That doesn't sound very sanitary.

>> No.17353643

That's hot as fuck.

>> No.17353665


>> No.17353673

How is she supposed to shoot it with her big meaty claws?

>> No.17353679

That's the fun part. but when she does, she can't control it and does the > and < style eyes while failing to stop. So cute.

>> No.17353694
File: 165 KB, 850x1060, __g41_girls_frontline_drawn_by_feng_ze__sample-514c15907f99659dac0b7fa59bd38c2f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since KC tends to draw most MGs with digits the size of baseballs, you could apply that argument to pretty much any beastman type MG.

Though that doesn't make your objection any less valid.

Also, what about when waifus are guns?

>> No.17353698

Some firearms have removable trigger guards (so you can shoot with winter mitts), so I can see those being used by meaty pawed/clawed monstergirls.

>> No.17353704

I heard that cats like having their ears rubbed. You think this would extend to foxes as well?

>> No.17353706

They're VERY big guns

>> No.17353728
File: 2.59 MB, 2048x2048, 1470431436739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, there are some lewd possibilities

>> No.17353733

>Working on guns naked
Hot, but very unsafe. Especially with a rifle that big.

>> No.17353744
File: 234 KB, 561x756, 43596392.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's okay, it's not loaded.

>> No.17353748

She's not naked. Misogynistic fuck.

>> No.17353750
File: 139 KB, 1400x1000, sakosexy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that I would fuck a gun poster

>> No.17353751
File: 212 KB, 700x506, 4518a54e92ef8e4338620643ffca3443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, she is cleaning herself kinda, sooooo

>> No.17353767

What is the monster girl version of "It's not you, it's me"?

>> No.17353796

Luxury size mimic.

>> No.17353797

I love Mimics, top ten, but there's something very unsettling about that one.

>> No.17353804

I don't know about you but I'd fall for that mimic any day.

>> No.17353808

Nothing unsafe about it. Unless you're one of those people concerned about the fact that some gun oils are carcinogenic.

>> No.17353810

Send help anons, lately I'm overcome with the desire to give spankings.

>> No.17353815

on what monstergirls?

>> No.17353819
File: 94 KB, 850x567, 1422491518638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never fear, anon. A therapy elf is inbound to assist with these urges.

>> No.17353822

My waifu and/or daughteru of course.

>> No.17353830

Yeah but it's not MG related until you tell us what species they are ding dong

>> No.17353837

not him but I think I know.

>> No.17353839

They're Kobolds anon! Kobolds with really nice butts.

>> No.17353841

called it.

>> No.17353843

I'm sorry to say that beastlike girls aren't my thing, but I do like that the profile Kobold carries around her own leash in a bag.

>> No.17353853

I think it is pretty neat too anon. While I don't think my waifu or daughteru would carry their leashes around all the time or really at all in my waifu's case, I do think that my daughteru might carry hers around the house with her a little like a security blanket. Who knows, my waifu might do the same when I'm not looking, she is definitely the type to get really embarrassed about doing things that are supposed to be for little girls.

>> No.17353888

God. The thought of being dumped or rejected by a monster girl stings the soul.
>"You're not even worth raping."

>> No.17353892

It would only confirm what i already know anon.

Im a pile of truly worthless trash.

>> No.17353908
File: 1.91 MB, 1280x1224, Run, little Rabbit....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if it's just to give you a head start?

>> No.17353915

Why would she give you a head start by outright saying that she won't rape you? If anything, you'd run less.

>> No.17353923

She's not going to 'rape' you, that sounds far too crude and unrefined. She's going to 'hunt' you, like a predator chasing it's prey. This is sport for her.

>> No.17353935

>Implying I'd run
>Implying that wouldn't break my carefully constructed mental dam and allow all of my built up depression and self hatred wash over me

>> No.17353946

> " Look, I'm just not ready for a relationship now. I've got a lot going for me, and if I got tangled up in a relationship, it would just slow me down. Plus? I think I can do better, just being brutally honest with you. You...I don't even want to bother. You, you're just not marriage material, you know? "
" Yeah, I know. "
> " Look, don't get mad. Worst case, you can always get a Wisp. They don't really get their pick of the litter, so I'm sure you can find a busty little Wisp who doesn't have any options. "

>> No.17353950

Sounds more like she wants anon to kill himself because that's exactly what's going to happen.

>> No.17353952

If you're not worth raping what makes you think you're worth hunting?

>> No.17353954

>Anon stands there expressionless without movement
>Manticore instead of seeing the clinical depression, misunderstands it as anon disregarding what she said and standing his ground
>Because anon is expressionless, the manticore also misunderstands that as absolute fearlessness even though he's in front of a manticore
>Manticore starts blushing and breathing heavily

>> No.17353965
File: 176 KB, 486x512, 1477656710284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plain, flat Paladin-chans with no ass deserve cumflation!

>> No.17353975

> Manticore starts trying to come onto him, but he just shrugs her off and leaves
> She can't get over that she just got rejected when in fact she rejected him
> Keeps trying to hunt down this fearless sex god, but the Ratatoskr she paid to hunt him down just points her at this depressed sadsack who lives in a shitty apartment and drinks his days away.
> None of the girls at the pub even talk to him.
> There's just a particularly desperate Unicorn neighbor who insists she can "heal" him.
> Knowing that the man who seduced her before can't possibly be this miserable, her search continues further.

>> No.17353993

>Eventually finds him in the same town after grocery shopping, believes him to be walking about being a lady killer under the excuse of shopping when he's just merely making sure he won't starve to death for day
>Follows him and pounces him into a dark alley, he's not getting away this time
>As she's on top of him she starts taunting him with a devilish grin, but anon has zero expression
>He's basically dead inside, but the manticore sees it as an unflinching, cold, fearless stare right into her soul, almost as if she bored him
>Terrified of witnessing what she believed to be the impossible, she gets off him and crawls back
>Anon just calmly gets back up, dusts off his clothes, and marches away without even saying a goodbye, all while the manticore stares with her heart furiously beating
>Must've been the very first man in existence to not fear the manticore even after an ambush, she had to get him no matter the cost!

>> No.17353996

All Paladin-chans deserve marriage and tender love.

>> No.17354000

All Paladin-chans deserve corruption and being bred with a dozen cute monster daughters. Pure Succubi are the best, and I want one as my wife so bad.

>> No.17354011
File: 122 KB, 418x550, Mermaid_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I a bad person for wanting to be pinned down and violated by monsters that are defined as the most gentle and non-rapey.

Is there a name for this fetish.

Pic related

>> No.17354018

I'm afraid you have a terminal case of best taste.

There's nothing better than being overpowered and forcibly taken in the most romantic, gentle, loving way imaginable.

>> No.17354019
File: 102 KB, 1000x1000, 1496747223569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gentle femdom? Good stuff.

>> No.17354022
File: 865 KB, 875x597, hornjob.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to make an Oni cum just from a hornjob.

>> No.17354030


Maybe it's just the idea of breaking established profiles that I like

Other weird things I've loved- Monogamous Bicorn turned because husband was raped by paladin, violent ogre turned sweet when falling for a chronically ill anon, etc

>> No.17354037

Nothing wrong with wanting to discover something new about someone you think you know. Having the tables turned on you like that can be exciting.

Like your petite, sweet, softspoken gf suddenly confessing that she really wants to try biting your neck and digging her nails into your back while you fug. Fucking 10/10.

>> No.17354038

>violent ogre turned sweet when falling for a chronically ill anon
That actually sounds kinda cute anon. An Ogre falling for a human who keeps collapsing and coughing violently, triggering protective instincts she never even knew she had.

>> No.17354040
File: 507 KB, 1280x1128, 1475561177984.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I can see the appeal. As far as a name or term, I do not know.

>> No.17354046

It's easy to imagine a yandere gentle girl raping you, but could a non-yan do it as well?

>> No.17354053


If she was pent up enough, absolutely. Eventually something (or someone) has gotta give.

>> No.17354073

I'd really like for the gentle girl to go nuts when she attacks. You know, trampling, angry handjobs, that sort of thing. Just let all her frustration and resentment boil over.

It's even better if she's a childhood friend who's always been nice and friendly to me and just can't take not having me anymore.

>> No.17354118
File: 1.29 MB, 1400x2500, Hathor priest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does it make sense for monster girls to have a religion that is all about softness and thickness?
I can kind of see it if you associate it with fertility but that's about it

>> No.17354122


From KC's appended notes on the mindflayer:

>For example, if requested by another couple, she can give the husband the memory that “he himself is an orc (from the era of the former demon lords) “ and she can give the monster girl the memory that “she herself is a human knight”. This does aid in having realistic play that isn't acting, and stuff like that...

So with mindflayers, you can turn anyone into a rape machine.

>> No.17354130
File: 346 KB, 700x642, 1499743629197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she can give the monster girl the memory that “she herself is a human knight”.
>literally a Succubutt who thinks she's a Paladin-chan
This is my waifu.

>> No.17354174

I want a Paladin of Hathor in my adventuring party, a pious lawful good Minotaur who's well-spoken and carries around a large hammer.

>> No.17354175
File: 151 KB, 800x916, CursedSword5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cursed Dragonslayer girls are olev

>> No.17354178

That's a shifty-looking Tanuki merchant.

>> No.17354181

Better have an onahole on the other side of the hammer so she can milk the bad boys dry with it to teach them a lesson.

>> No.17354188

Buy a souvenir from her and you might get a new waifu, literally.

>> No.17354190

>Not tricking the Tanuki into taking hold of the sword

>> No.17354191

Her Hathor-blessed breasts also deflect arrows, swords and other projectiles. They just bounce off her glorious cleavage.

>> No.17354196

Hathor paladins would willingly corrupt themselves into Holsts to show their devotion

Cursed anything are love
I wonder if Cursed Dragonslayer keep some haughtiness from their dragonic blood

>> No.17354221


I'd say that's racist but who am I kidding, everyone knows you can't trust the damn coons.

>> No.17354230

They have to have some sort of aim blessing on them too, it seems nobody can take their eyes off them.

>> No.17354251

That bargain barrel is just full of salt.

>> No.17354261

What's a bargain Cursed Sword even like?
Flat, tsundere, CBT fetishist?

>> No.17354263

I want to take one of the bargain bin swords and pamper her, sharpen her on a whetstone, give her a nice polish and a clean so she doesn't rust. Gonna take good care of her.

>> No.17354268

You've got to oil her too, if you know what I mean.

>> No.17354277

Rust acts like tan marks

>> No.17354281

Flat, tsundere, brown-skinned CBT fetishist?

>> No.17354286
File: 27 KB, 292x594, Lizardman_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have this urge to see women with their hair down

>> No.17354293
File: 2.76 MB, 2359x2053, __suzu_original_drawn_by_ittla__c995d5f43905b2c3db1f48f9185d808a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lies and slander, theres absolutely nothing wrong with Tanukis

>> No.17354308

Lady I'd be more inclined to believe you if you hadn't broken into my house to tell me that you were definitely not interested in me. I mean we both know I don't have the confidence necessary to make a pass at you. The least you could do is stop following me to give me this speech.

>> No.17354309

You're gonna end up with a yandere living dragonslayer who will never let you touch another sword or woman in your life

Would a Lizardman challenge you to a duel if you undid her ponytail?

>> No.17354312

not seeing a downside here

>> No.17354313

Gonna ejaculate on that Nook's glasses

>> No.17354316

This was in the related images sidebar

Would you?

>> No.17354322

You better take responsibility or she'll sue

>> No.17354324

That one is a futa.

>> No.17354335

I won't. I'll kidnap her and take her into the mountains to be my slave wife. She'll never see another dollar in her life, she'll be forced to birth my children instead of doing business for the rest of her life.

>> No.17354352

What if she destroys all your kitchen knifes and sharp tools because she wants to be the only blade you ever use?
Cutting a tomato with a dragonnslayer is not an easy task, especially when she moans when you try to do so

>> No.17354354

You just have to set her down and rub the things you want to cut on her instead of moving her around.

>> No.17354365

That's even lewder
She might cum when you do woodwork with her, and then you wouldn't be able to cut anything without getting a boner

>> No.17354371

>you wouldn't be able to cut anything without getting a boner
There's only one thing to do at this point.
Cut your boner on her.

>> No.17354386

Congrats, I have finally rescanned all of MGE2 with quality,


For those who can't get on sad panda

>> No.17354390 [SPOILER] 
File: 233 KB, 812x561, 1500629300601.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Snek wipip

Goodnight anon, I hope you guys have been doing well o7

>> No.17354420

Hey, thanks man. It's very much appreciated
If the official translation seems off we can now relate to these scans to check if SS took any liberties

>> No.17354437
File: 162 KB, 854x1200, smoke hobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would if be weird if you had a woman in your life and everyone around you tries to tell you they haven seen her before?

>> No.17354460

Well yeah. Why is everyone playing this prank?

>> No.17354526

they probaly enjoy a BFD more

>> No.17354539


All I know is that I would love a big, pudgy smoke hobo to come home to after a long day at work.

>> No.17354542

Appreciate the work, these ones are a lot better than the last.

>> No.17354551

I'd like to have casual sex with a nura.

>> No.17354596

Snib is too pure for this world

>> No.17354603

Good to see you drawing again lately snib, sleep well.

>> No.17354610

Somebody give snib his muscle MGs to protect him

>> No.17354620
File: 354 KB, 800x1131, brushie brushie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Threadly reminder that fox mofu requires constant grooming and care to look its best.
It's important to keep to a healthy routine to get that slick business-grade tail.

>> No.17354631
File: 730 KB, 1000x1000, 25101008_p39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keeping focused on the task at hand is the hardest part.

>> No.17354638

>pic related
Mermaids are rapists. Half the guys who disappear at the beach are their fault.

>> No.17354643
File: 263 KB, 768x1024, fucking lewd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tails are meant for hugging, not brushing.

>> No.17354645

I thought it was because of nereids?

>> No.17354647
File: 247 KB, 900x720, 55585532_p7_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm literally going to kidnap this girl to be my mofu slave.

>> No.17354648

That's a loli that is going to become a kitsune very fast if she keeps that up.

>> No.17354650

Will she hug her own tail if that happens?

>> No.17354652

All the time.

>> No.17354654

That's hot. I want to creampie her while she's high off her own tail.

>> No.17354668

If you keep that up she'll eventually have two of them to play with.

>> No.17354671

I need to keep it up until she has three, then. Two for both her arms and one for me.

>> No.17354680

Why stop there? You can go so much farther with this, and there should be no brakes.

>> No.17354686

Can't go much further than four, though. We'll both hand both arms full after that point. I'd have to really step it up and give her enough fluff to make us a fluff cocoon to get it noticeably better.

>> No.17354704
File: 327 KB, 675x1100, Umi_Osho_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need more turtles

>> No.17354709

Turtleshell is sensitive.
I'm going to bind this turtle girl in turtleshell bondage and then molest her shell with my lewd dick.

>> No.17354718

Those legs are meant to be licked

Only an Anon with the most skillful fingers could awaken the sensitivity of a turtle's shell

>> No.17354726

I'm going to run my dick along all the grooves on her shell. If it doesn't get her off, I'll roll her over and irrumate her.

>> No.17354733

>Umi oshos protesting mario kart

>> No.17354734

A fluff cocoon might get that poor girl in a coma until you pull her out, she'd become entirely dependent on you anon!

>> No.17354743

>Lamiass facesitting never

>> No.17354745

I'd just pull her hips and legs out and let her upper body stew in her own cocoon while I use her womb as an onahip.

>> No.17354747

Come and Visit lovely Innsmouth, Massachusetts this summer before the cold weather sets in!

Beautiful, seaside views and cuter HUMAN women are here to please you!

Sign up now and get free scuba diving tours with trained professionals!

Innsmouth, you'll never leave....Unsatisfied!

>> No.17354753

Harblador pls
Did they even have to pay you for that flyer?

>> No.17354758

Eventually she'll end up pregnant, then you'll have the daughter's tail adding to the mofu pile too!

>> No.17354765

>You flip an Umi-Osho on her back
>She's completely defenseless
>Expects you to breed her pussy ruthlessly
>You instead breed for mouth
She would be both relieved and frustrated that you didn't go all the way

I like to think that aquatic monster girls love to play Mario Party and Mario kart in Ryugujo
They would take out their frustration on the nearest turtle whenever they would lose because of a blue/red/green shell

>> No.17354767

why would they protest a game promoting the abuse of turtles

>> No.17354769
File: 586 KB, 850x734, Er1FpyY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd raise our daughter to be a hard, disciplined fox, so she doesn't end up as shameful as her mother.

>> No.17354778

I am not he.

Besides, everyone knows that cute mermaids and flatf- HUMAN girls and human girls rub the town and chase any theoretical shoggoths and minflayers into the sea to prevent their cover from being blo- Purge the horrors!

>> No.17354779

You are a good father anon, good job.

>> No.17354787

It'll lead to trouble in her marriage, though. She'll be so unused to tailship that when her husband ruffles them, she'll ahegao and go into heat in an instant.

>> No.17354796

Some stuff on hot areas and their monsters

>monsters living in these areas can not only easily tolerate high temperatures, but actually absorb external heat and convert it into internal heat, hence why many of them tend to be aggressive and hot-blooded
>during intercourse with such a monster, her demonic energy surrounds you both, not only protecting you from the heat, but drawing it in, and making it have the same effect on you as it does on her, leading to very heated, sweaty sex
>you really wanna stay in close contact with a monster once you get deeper into these areas if you don't wanna burn up
>husbands of such monsters have very high resistance to heat and flames, and also gain the same heat conversion ability as their wives
>they have higher body temperature than normal, and can also exchange heat via physical contact

>villages close to volcanoes have people worshipping these monsters and Ignis for safety
>these intensely hot areas are considered safe havens for these monsters and their husbands because the order can't safely enter them
>Dwarves and Cyclopes run mining operations for valuable ores, and facilities operate using the volcanoes' geothermal energy, leading to properous industry
>these monsters sap away the volcanoes' accumulating fire elemental energy which would lead to an eruption, pacifying it, but for very large and dangerous volcanoes, the demon lord assigns Balrogs, great monsters with bodies clad in flame, to watch over them and keep them dormant

>> No.17354801 [DELETED] 
File: 501 KB, 648x738, 1500626319404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When are you people going to accept that monstergirls simply can't compete with human girls?

>> No.17354806

Never. Why?

>> No.17354807

I'm sure that her husband would find it very cute seeing her in that state when she is normally so composed and in control.

>> No.17354810

He will, yes, but it will be extremely embarrassing for her to go from trampling his dick to writhing on her back and begging for hugs and putting it in the moment he kisses her tail.

>> No.17354812

That's some neat infos and pretty much what makes the most sense given what was previously established

>>villages close to volcanoes have people worshipping these monsters and Ignis for safety
Monster girl worship is severely underrated, maybe some people will consider it since you now can canonically worship Hellhounds

>but for very large and dangerous volcanoes, the demon lord assigns Balrogs, great monsters with bodies clad in flame, to watch over them and keep them dormant
Balrogs confirmed. I'm going to bet that they will be a species of extremely rapey red skinned Demon type who can also be extremely emotional and cuddly in the right circumstances

>> No.17354821

Oh shit, good info.

>leading to very heated, sweaty sex
As expected from volcanoes girls with their hot bodes.

>husbands of such monsters have very high resistance to heat and flames, and also gain the same heat conversion ability as their wives
>>they have higher body temperature than normal, and can also exchange heat via physical contact
I wonder if being a fire husband and getting too close to other girls would be dangerous. It does give me some nice ideas though.

>Dwarves and Cyclopes run mining operations for valuable ores, and facilities operate using the volcanoes' geothermal energy, leading to properous industry
This is nice to hear. Shows that monsters really aren't all about sex.

My dick is interested.

>> No.17354824

Just think of how good it'll feel when she finally builds up a tolerance to it and punishes her husband 'harshly' for being so cocky for so long.

>> No.17354830

Thanks for the translation notes, the first chunk is exactly what I wanted it to be like. It seems thread canon speculation about girls from those regions having warm pussies was right on the money, as was gaining heat resistance by marrying one.

Balrogs being mentioned makes me hope the profile comes soon, volcanic region girls are some of my favourites.

>> No.17354832

That sounds like the kind of encounter that will leave him ahegao'd and her pregnant.

>> No.17354838

Your granddaughter would be absolutely adorable anon.

>> No.17354839

Ahh, now I really want to see a picture with a dopey granny fox, a harsh mommy fox, and a happy loli fox.

>> No.17354840

Balrogs soon?

>> No.17354843

I sure hope so, then again he outright said he has plans for fenrir and other girls but that was years ago.

Hopefully this is different since it was mentioned in one of the books.

>> No.17354847

Please don't be like the hellhounds

>> No.17354848

Me too anon, it would be really cute.

>> No.17354851

Don't worry, they'll only fall in love with wizards.

>> No.17354853

Time to grind my magic stat. To the library we go.

>> No.17354856

Good thing I'm only a few years off then.

>> No.17354873

Stuff on the mist continent

>located to the north of Zipangu across the sea
>the waters surrounding it are covered in dense fog, and unless you're brought there by someone who knows the right way, the fog will inevitably swallow you and you will never return
>the continent is REALLY, REALLY FUCKING BIG
>so big that there's still a lot about it that's still unknown
>it's secluded from other regions and thus has a very unique culture with little external influence
>architecture that's similar to Zipangu's but much more colorful and vibrant, and more robust
>ethnic clothing is colorful and fabulous, and monsters also wear them to enhance their body's innate charm
>a huge fortress spanning the border, palaces are huge, statues are FUCKING huge, forests are huge, mountains are huge
>godlike monsters live at their peaks on holy grounds, their magical energy overflowing down and covering the land like fog
>the order has zero presence here, leading to monsters and humans living together, and an entirely different religious system
>three nations fight for control over the continent, with other various small nations under their dominion
>this constant war is why so many monsters in the Mist Continent are skilled fighters

>> No.17354876

>Land of the Four Gods
>a nation where humans and monsters live as equals, but societal discipline is a bit more loose than usual
>everything normal during daytime, but monsters get really lewd at night
>because there's no hostility against monsters, they enter society normally, and can charm humans without having to attack them
>they're a peaceful nation who has no interest in the others' territory, and only wants to preserve their own, but they will fight unyieldingly and very fabulously to do so

>> No.17354881

>>the waters surrounding it are covered in dense fog, and unless you're brought there by someone who knows the right way, the fog will inevitably swallow you and you will never return
I'd pay charon to take me there.

>>ethnic clothing is colorful and fabulous, and monsters also wear them to enhance their body's innate charm
Clothes are great, better than full nude.

>>three nations fight for control over the continent, with other various small nations under their dominion
Sounds like easy money and training for mercenaries.

>> No.17354884

oh, and forgot to mention, as the name suggests, they worship four great monsters called the Four Gods. Meaning Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu and Seiryu.

>Land of the Four Fiends
>basically a massive dark demon realm, ruled by the Four Fiends
>a society, if you can even call it that, dominated by monsters, endorsing the assault, rape and corruption of humans
>they obviously treasure their husbands, but holy shit it's just orgies on the streets, monsters training their husbands akin to sex slaves, this place is seriously depraved, all out hedonism
>Mist Continent monsters shown in the profiles are their Four Gods version. For example, a Jinko from there will be the proud, chaste warrior you'd expect her to be. A Jinko from this nation will be a violent beast, constantly in heat, madly attacking men, and mercilessly violating them after they've been defeated
>the constant sex means monsters in this nation are rapidly accumulating great power
>even in smaller nations, it might not be too rare to find even monsters like Nine-Tailed Youkos
>they don't really give a shit about politics or territory, they just want to turn the whole continent into a giant demon realm and get men to fuck and marry

>> No.17354885

...if you know what I mean?

>> No.17354886
File: 111 KB, 643x531, Smugvamp3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gentle femdom a best.

>> No.17354887

>the waters surrounding it are covered in dense fog, and unless you're brought there by someone who knows the right way, the fog will inevitably swallow you and you will never return
I wonder what kind of monster attacks people who get swallowed up by the fog? Thinking about it there's no aquatic girl from the mist continent yet, maybe a hint for a future girl?
>godlike monsters live at their peaks on holy grounds
Hopefully this means monsters like Qilin will be showing up.
>three nations fight for control over the continent, with other various small
nations under their dominion
>this constant war is why so many monsters in the Mist Continent are skilled fighters
This explains a lot, guess we can be sure there will be more warrior girls some time.
Sounds comfy, mist continent is really up there with Zipangu in terms of places to live.

>> No.17354889

>Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu and Seiryu
So a Pheonix, a white tiger, a turtle and a dragon. Nice.
> For example, a Jinko from there will be the proud, chaste warrior you'd expect her to be. A Jinko from this nation will be a violent beast, constantly in heat, madly attacking men, and mercilessly violating them after they've been defeated

>> No.17354891

>Land of the Four Spirits
>a conservative human-dominated nation, with worship of the Four Spirits living atop the great mountains' peaks at their center
>though humans dominate this society, they don't exclude monsters, but they're regarded as lower than humans. marrying and having kids with them is okay though
>the four spirits generally don't give a shit about the affairs of the lower world, but occasionally people from this nation will journey to their hallowed grounds to be granted their power
>while monsters are considered lower than humans, Incubi are powerful and respected
>they're aggressively attacking the other two nations to claim dominion over the continent
>their military is mainly comprised of men, but some of them may have their wives joining them on the battlefield? not so sure on this one

>> No.17354893

Sounds like Pandaria

>> No.17354894 [DELETED] 
File: 769 KB, 1260x810, 61687279_p1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the continent is REALLY, REALLY FUCKING BIG
Then the continent Lescatie is on must be even YUGER.
>a huge fortress spanning the border
I already like these guys.
>three nations fight for control over the continent, with other various small nations under their dominion
It wouldn't be not-Japan without feudal conflicts. Though with the fact it's referred to as Zipangu I wonder if their are composites of any famous Sengoku era figures.
>Land of the Four Gods
So even Zipangu has a 4 Heavenly Kings thing going on? Though in this case they're gonna be divine Monstergirls.

>> No.17354896
File: 111 KB, 800x600, IMG_3500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I literally can't stop loving spiders. Is that bad?

>> No.17354899

The mist continent is china, not japan

>> No.17354902
File: 64 KB, 182x192, 1463596396099.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aaand I feel retarded. I can't believe I mixed up Zipangu with China and vice-versa.

>> No.17354904

Worst nation.
Silly anon, mist continent is not-china.

>> No.17354905

You know it is.

>> No.17354920

Was already expecting those fours. I wonder if we'll get a book with individuals like gods

Land of whores. I'd go there for some quickies.

Nothing really catched my attetion in this one other than humans winning.

>> No.17354925

>Land of whores. I'd go there for some quickies.
>I can't read

>> No.17354928

Orgies and the "divine" beasts my man.

>> No.17354929

The Mist Continent is the best one so far, so with its size it's not even fair
I'll side with the Four Fiends without a doubt ,and fuck the spirits

>The Four Gods/Fiends/Spirits
KC is slowly building up MGE's divinities and other unique characters
I recall reading that he might write a world guide dedicated to them at some point, he might be serious about it

>> No.17354936

Orgies in KCland means everyone with their partner, not sharing.

See Amazon tribes and the Fallen God dimension.

>> No.17354938

Gentle femdom is good, but lolidom is really shit.

>> No.17354939

>I'd go there for some quickies
t. future sex slave

>> No.17354942

Doesn't stop me from fucking the four sluts though.

Not if I go away after.

>> No.17354944

>fuck the spirits
Personally I want to fuck Byakko
Would pretty much be a white dire Jinko.

>> No.17354945

I want to have a one night stand with a yandere.

>> No.17354949

I want to let a Cheshire bully me so she can be smug and happy again. Going to tell her embarrassing and cringy stories from my childhood that she can poke fun at to feel better. I'll do it for her.

>> No.17354951

>Doesn't stop me from fucking the four sluts though.
Your level of delusion is high

>> No.17354957

The return of the fabled internet tough guy.

>> No.17354958

>Jinko from this nation will be a violent beast, constantly in heat, madly attacking men, and mercilessly violating them after they've been defeated

>> No.17354959

I'd just travel around the Mist Continent. My waifu will find me.

>> No.17354960

>Common Jinko
>Four fiends
Make up your mind

>> No.17354964

What did the Shog say when she found out her owner was into pegging?
Sissy Mastah~

>> No.17354965

What happens if I walk up to one, hug her, and ask her to be gentle?

>> No.17354972

I just said it doesn't stop me from fucking the four sluts in the post above.

You'll probably get some extra rough femdom with a lot of smug.

>> No.17354974


>> No.17354978

>you can't be into pegging without being a sissy

>> No.17354980

Good luck reaching her before getting raped and husbando'd by an actual white dire Jinko

Just ask a Hakutaku, she will tell you how to find your waifu
Or the other way around

>> No.17354982

>Good luck reaching her before getting raped and husbando'd by an actual white dire Jinko
That's an acceptable fate. As long as there's a huge white Jinko I'm happy.

>> No.17354983

Gentle maledom > gentle femdom

It's the one true way to show your love to lolis.

>> No.17354987

What is a Kikimora Maid's favorite color?

It's just a stupid pun, calm down.

>> No.17355007

The brutality and violence of the first intercourse with her might make you regret your decision to cross the border
But then when you wake up between her powerful arms and paws, see her blissful expression, hear her happy chuff and realize that this is your wife now you will conclude that you made the best decision
Though you might regret it again the next day when you learn just how big her libido is

>> No.17355008

So it's the switch, the sub and the dom nations. That's a pretty nice move.

>> No.17355014

Barbed tonguejobs?

>> No.17355017
File: 110 KB, 387x286, Prisonerfruit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about a health bar made out of prisoner fruit?
Have it presented by a gnome or a troll for that "natural flavor"
Dragon pocky is a thing, so it could happen

>> No.17355023

It sounds like a trial but one that's worth going through, thankfully the first time with a Jinko can lead to becoming an Incubus in a single night so a dire one could probably do it before the night was over.
>dom and sub nations at each other's throats
>the middle ground just want to get along
>get attacked for being fence sitters
KC knew exactly what he was doing.

>> No.17355041

Dragon pocky?

>> No.17355042

I wonder what raising daughterus would be like in this place.

>> No.17355052

Awful, like everything else there.

>> No.17355056

Get ready for your daughteru getting fucked even if she's just 5.

>> No.17355057

10x more likely to willingly become a daughteru dicker
50x more likely to get raped by your daughteru.

>> No.17355059

100% more degeneracy!

>> No.17355061

Given how the place works it's more likely that she's the one doing the fucking

>> No.17355069

I can see how it might appeal to some people but jesus christ I can't imagine anywhere in the MGE world I'd abhor living in more than that place.
It's everything I hate about dark demon realms turned up to 11.

>> No.17355071

So what're the nureonago from there like?

>> No.17355073

True. Seems like a horrible place to have a kid if you are still a bit human inside.

>> No.17355084

Intensely sexual.

>> No.17355086
File: 772 KB, 596x1054, food thing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dragonia guide
there's this thing that looks like pocky

>> No.17355090

Wrong not-Asian nation.

>> No.17355100

do NOT dick the daughteru

>> No.17355108

Then don't go to that shit kingdom.

>> No.17355112
File: 1.29 MB, 1421x1351, 1497752903852.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am addicted to Onee sans and femdom. Now the notion of adding a Titania to my harem is growing. I need help with my powerslut addiction! What will the children think?

>> No.17355113

You make it sound like you get a choice in that place.

>> No.17355114

During her first day outside she'll probably have sex, so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.17355119

If you live in the land of the four fiends you won't have a choice.

>> No.17355123

They'd think you are a shit person for having more than one wife.

>> No.17355125

Does it really count as a harem if you're less the man of the house and more so the communal slut?

>> No.17355126

Some would likely wake up one day to feel their 3 year old daughteru got up early to make a snack of Daddy's morning wood.

>> No.17355128

Aww jeez.

>> No.17355131

Instead of drinking milk from her mom's tits she would drink milk from her father's penis.

>> No.17355140

What the fuck is this thread right now?

>> No.17355141

a mess

>> No.17355142

Too many logical conclusions.

>> No.17355145

I want to force feed my waifu Lima Beans

>> No.17355146

This is actually civilized discussion for a change.

>> No.17355148

i think he's refering to

>> No.17355149

I like to think house husband. I will raise and protect the daughterus.

>> No.17355151

Welcome to monstergirls.

>> No.17355153


>> No.17355156

Thats the greatest act of cruelty that a MG can do and as such I expect only Manticore, the one with the "cruel" disposition to be able to do that shit. Likely as trolling before finally raping him. I can see her following behind until anon throws himself from a high place only to find himself rescued by the Manticore midair.
>Then she will realize she went too far when they are having sex and anon suddenly breaks on tears and starts sobbing and wailing
>She will be more doting than a normal manticore and will be Hellhound level protective swearing to never allow anyone to make him shed a tear again

>> No.17355162

That one Korra greentext has no business being as hot as it was.

>> No.17355165

>and anon suddenly breaks on tears and starts sobbing and wailing
What in the world?

>> No.17355168

Master Shakes voice.

>> No.17355171


>> No.17355176

Again, not like you get a choice in the Land of the Four Fiends.

>> No.17355178

That is super cute. Now I need a good kitsune image to go with it!

>> No.17355183

this ruined that sand wurm doujin

>> No.17355184

All daughteru dickers should be exiled there. Especially KDF.

>> No.17355185
File: 1.21 MB, 1687x1199, IMG_0454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't seen one yet. I love these goofy anatomy images. We need more of them.

>> No.17355187

>a 4koma omake joke ruined the doujin
Holy lel

>> No.17355193

Your daughter would grow up to be a stuck up monster surpremacist instead of a good girl in the land of four fiends anyway, what a terrible daughterfu.

>remove fiends remove fiends from premises, you are the worst not-china. gods+spirits+order= remove fiends, scholar alive in lescartie

>> No.17355196

Titanias are special cases. They exist as both Onee san and imouto at the same time.
They're top tier though.

>> No.17355204

Dorome, champion!
Numbah won!

Best smile
Best hands!
Cute girl, cute, best for hubby! Dorome best!

>> No.17355208

And thats a reason why I love MGE, cause its the one setting where it cant happen. Unless she is married.

>> No.17355209

But how can I wear her precious jewel as my wedding ring? Do I need to keep my arm inside her at all times?

>> No.17355210

Doromes are love

>> No.17355215


>> No.17355216

Worst hands for worst handjobs.
Cute tiny hands a best.

>> No.17355218

There's a good chance that's her core man.
She kinda needs it.

>> No.17355221

It isn't her core, just crystallized mana.

>> No.17355222

It's KC Approved™

>> No.17355238

Don't make Dorome cry!
Maybe you just need small hands for your baby dick!
Knowing Doromes, if you asked her she'd give it to you, even if her body rapidly started melting after.
That is, if it works like that.
Her heart is twenty times bigger than her brain, and I love her for it.

>> No.17355240

daughterufags should all kill themselves.

>> No.17355254

Relax man, we were just having a calm, comfy discussion.

>> No.17355261

And I don't like mommyfags but you don't see me being a big whiny baby every time they post.

>> No.17355274

I want to ream Dorome's loose, sloppy palmspussy!

>> No.17355275

What would Dorome handjobs feel like?

>> No.17355277

That's only because you'd rather fuck the baby than be one.

That was a joke don't kill me.

>> No.17355278

Fucking this. The two fetishes are largely similar but the daughteru fags get way more hate.

>> No.17355282

Is it possible to make a Hellhoukd cry at all?

>> No.17355284

Hurt her husband.

>> No.17355287

The best lubed, pulsing and wet onahole being held by a woman you love setting the pace. Not to mention you'd sink back into her mud and she'd give you smiling kisses and tongue as she relaxes you so you can release more than you ever have before.
This makes the Dorome happiest. See her face of bliss and admiration as she looks up at you and sighs when you fill her with your energy!

>> No.17355291

Make her chop some onions or squirt jalapeno juice in her eyes.

>> No.17355292

But once she stops crying, she'd probably go and haul your ass out of the afterlife.

>> No.17355297

i miss those /r9k/ threads

>> No.17355304

I want to hug a Dorome while widly thrusting my hips into her clapped hands! They're big girls so it shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.17355305

"Daughterufags" might mean multiple things.

Are you guys talking about the autists who chose a waifu from a setting full of loli sex to have saccarine family daydreams about and get triggered about it, like that guy who's obsessed with childhood friends and arranged marriage?
Or are you talking about the daugheru dickers?
Or about the KDF-tier daughteru dickers?

>> No.17355314
File: 379 KB, 1280x1824, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ahobaka's monstergirls.


>> No.17355315

Heaven onions.

>> No.17355320

>Are you guys talking about the autists (many words)
I have no idea what you're talking about in that sentence.

>> No.17355322

>Or are you talking about the daugheru dickers?
>Or about the KDF-tier daughteru dickers?
These. The other side of the weird incest coin.

>> No.17355327

>Anon can't read

>> No.17355329

Great when there's no NTR

>> No.17355336

Its interesting that rather than just having natural disasters magically cease in areas dominated by monsters, the Mamono Lord may send especially powerful monsters to keep watch over and prevent such disasters.

I want to be the husband of a balrog, assisting her work to keep a massive volcano from destroying MGE Pompeii.

>> No.17355337

What does anons getting triggered over their daydreams have to do with the term "daughterufags?"

>> No.17355340

Anon, that's how you make little heartbubbles burble up in her base as she forms a second torso behind you to caress and engulf you, her eyes sighing as her mouth hangs open whimpering happily and repeating 'love... love!' for hours on end!

>> No.17355343

The Four Gods land certainly sounds like the comfiest region, but on the Four Spirits region I'm surprised KC actually made such a powerful human-dominated land that isn't intensely against monsters.

>> No.17355344

>wanting to stick your dick in a pile of wet dirt

>> No.17355347

She should grow two extra heads, too, so she can hug me from both sides, have one extra head hang upside down to kiss me while the other behind it smiles and looks me in the eye.

>> No.17355350

Yeah, it's not the order, just a bunch of doms together. Nice to see them stepping their gane up.

>> No.17355352

What kind of consistency does a Dorome's mud have? I hope it's not entirely watery liquid, that'd be pretty lame.

>> No.17355353

>he doesn't want to fuck mudpussy

>> No.17355358

I'd prefer art clay consistency

>> No.17355359

Would a Hellhound feel proud or sad if her husband is terrified of her?

>> No.17355362

Wouldn't kissing a Dorome be kinda gross?

>> No.17355363

Definitely sad.

>> No.17355366

Anyone who uses the term "daughteru" has nothing to say that's worth hearing.

>> No.17355367

Enty suggests heavy, thick semi liquid.

>> No.17355369

Back home there's a sort of mud that shows up sometimes that's just called "gumbo."
It's incredibly sticky except to itself, so good luck going anywhere with that muck around.
I imagine they're made up of something with that consistency.

>> No.17355371

The people here who seem to post more about pure fantasies of having daughterus than about sexual stuff or their waifus have been referred to as "daugherufags" before. Some of them do get pretty upset about the nature of the MGE setting and the monstergirls, which is quite silly since they obviously had to know what they were getting into.

>> No.17355380

She'd do so, and then when she feels you're about to finish she'd bring them all to the front with big knowing smiles, then happily yell your name in chorus before attacking you with a barrage of sloppy kisses all over your face!
The force would send you falling back even as you came, but her mud would pad your fall. Then as you look up you'd see her straddling over you, shyly separating her mud so you have access to her special spot. She'd cutely hold a hand to her chin and blush waiting for you to say if it's okay to enter her special spot, her eyes not leaving yours as she gives a big knowing smile! You'd be so enamored you wouldn't even notice the extra bodies starting to form around you, ready to massage and hug and kiss you as you begin the next stage of your tryst.
Almost certainly she can control it, from almost entirely solid to liquid enough to be able to seep through the ground down into dungeons, which I believe is referenced in her profile.

>> No.17355389

I feel like there's something to be said about the fact that the ones who want to be treated like little kids get more bent out of shape when they get criticized as opposed to the people who want to be the big strong adults.

>> No.17355393

>the floor is Dorome
>the walls are Dorome
>the whole cave is Dorome

>> No.17355396

Please don't poke them.

>> No.17355400

I'm going to prod her chest with my dick until I've dug out a canal to her core so I can deposit my love directly onto it.

>> No.17355407

There does seem to be a maturity gap at least from what I can see in here.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone but it still kind of does for me.

>> No.17355412

>which I believe is referenced in her profile.
The thing mentioned in her profile is that since her body is made of earth, she can easily merge into the ground below, or reshape her body out of any earth around her. You're not completely wrong but her control over her body goes far beyond degree of solidity.

>> No.17355424

Fuck off you shitty daughterufags.

>> No.17355427

It's definitely a pleasant substance, but aside from that everything else is left to the imagination
It's pure earth essence melted by mamono mana, it's impossible to compare that to substances from earth

>> No.17355429

I have to agree. I love his artstyle, it's just a shame about his subject matter half the time.

>> No.17355433

So if Doromes are just melted Gnomes, are Gnomes entirely made of earth too? What would their body feel like?

>> No.17355434

See also oneesanfags getting butthurt about >most amazing vagina and constantly trying to start shit, until they started getting called out on it.

>> No.17355435

Doromes come from the moon
Which is a Dorome!
>Dorome gasping and laughing and writhing as the tip of your dick prods against her core
>her whole being is bubbling up hearts and is warm and vibrating
>she gives the most amazing toregao as you stain her core white, truly happiest as happy can be
You did it anon. You pleased the Dorome.
So she can even change the type of mud her body is made of pending the area, eh?
Dorome making sand castles out of herself at the beach when?

>> No.17355438

Wow anon. I don't know if you're trying to prove my point or not, but I'm not a daughterufag. I just call it like I see it.

>> No.17355440

This too.

>> No.17355441

Would she try to have sex right there though?
I'm not sure if I want to try sand pussy

>> No.17355443

Onee-sanfags can get annoyed really easily too if a girl that they consider a sister is not treated like one.
Like that Kraken talk two threads ago.

>> No.17355445

>sitting on a beach chair on vacation, chilling in the sun
>another man and his foxy kitsune wife walk up and greet you
>"Excuse me, sir? Is that your daughter playing with ours?"
>they point to three laughing fox daughters running around, covered in mudsand, dancing between sand castles as a happy Dorome with a bucket on her head and a little toy shovel sticking out of her shoulder chases them laughing as well
>"...no, that's my wife"

>> No.17355448

>like onee-sans and the onee sabbath
>was half the driving force of that Kraken conversation
You guys are pretty generalizing. Not everyone gives a shit if other people are into other things.

>> No.17355452

As always, it will end up being enjoyable and any unpleasant parts of it will not occur.

>> No.17355453
File: 117 KB, 1001x1200, DFLG1_pUwAAUlXO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you lick milk off of a Holst's armpit?

>> No.17355457

Shit like this gets on my nerves too and I love onee-sans. My preferred onee-sans aren't even the usual suspects either so they almost never get talked about as one.

Also onee-sabbath thread canon wank.

>> No.17355459

It's what happens a lot of the time. Some anons instantly scream maledom is shit when they see it.

>> No.17355462

You're probably right, but even if it is just a vocal minority stirring the shit and flinging the autism, sometimes it cant help feel like half the thread fucking hates you sometimes.

>> No.17355463

eew, no.

Why does she even have milk there?

>> No.17355464

But what happens if every single part about it is unpleasant? Demonic energy gets rid of inconveniences, but I don't knkw whay it would do about something entirely unpleasant in every way.

>> No.17355467 [DELETED] 

At least we can all agree that everyone hates KDF.

>> No.17355468

All it really has to do is slightly tone down the roughness and prevent anything getting in your dickhole and it's fine. It'd be fine grained anyway.

>> No.17355470

>Health bars
That would be kind of neat.
would you use more that just prisoner fruit and try out other demon realm stuff?

>> No.17355471 [DELETED] 

I'm a big fan of incest myself but I feel like he's done way more harm than good, considering all the shitposting his existence has generated. Hope he's doing ok tho, I'd feel pretty rancid if every iteration of this thread shitposted on my biggest fantasy/ies.

>> No.17355480 [DELETED] 

Oh come on now, at least try to be subtle about it instead of unnecessarily calling him out over and over again.

>> No.17355484

As someone who has jerked off with wet sand before, I think you're overestimating it's courseness and unpleasantness

>> No.17355485 [DELETED] 

I feel it's more the fault of his rabid haters and the defense force too. He deserves some hate, but not nearly all of what he gets here.

>> No.17355486 [DELETED] 

I'm starting to think some of the people here get more hate then necessary.

>> No.17355488

But doesn't it get everywhere?

>> No.17355494

Anakin pls

>> No.17355499 [DELETED] 

No. Quicksilver gets exactly the amount of hate he deserves, no more no less.

>> No.17355504
File: 298 KB, 1000x1000, 1446230626029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As someone who has jerked off with wet sand before

>> No.17355505 [DELETED] 

That pedo fuck reaps what he sows.

>> No.17355506

Thinking that doromes come from the moon and the moon is a dorome is like thinking that the earth is flat. The moon is obviously made out of cheese.

>> No.17355509 [DELETED] 

Not really, its just the the oldfags that fucked up and KDF.
Hate is remembered for good reason.

>> No.17355516

>Large mice gulping

>> No.17355520 [DELETED] 
File: 49 KB, 446x545, IMG_1682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17355521

>As someone who has jerked off with wet sand before
oh god anon why

>> No.17355523
File: 23 KB, 165x207, 1451088230976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>As someone who has jerked off with wet sand before
This motherfucker.

>> No.17355529

Gotta respect you for trying.

>> No.17355534

As someone who's done the same, it depends. Very fine sand you're right, that actually feels pretty nice. Beyond that? Absolutely not.
How much water?

>> No.17355546 [DELETED] 

I honestly don't know why he makes you people so angry.

>> No.17355549 [DELETED] 

Some people just need something to get mad at.

>> No.17355553
File: 762 KB, 1276x1754, 003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Houtenki made how to draw lewd grills book

>> No.17355558

Why would I want to learn how to draw only one face and one body?
Houtengeki is seriously overrated

>> No.17355560 [DELETED] 

I personally don't care either way.
I may not like what he does but I'm here for what I like.
ripping on a guy for what he likes is boring and pointless

>> No.17355563 [DELETED] 

Same. Fetieshes aside he's an okay dude.

>> No.17355570

It's easy for you to say that now. Atleast others sometimes tell their own (or apparently their own) to not be faggots, because it reflects badly on everyone. It wouldn't be a surprise if some of the people who hate KDF are lolifags, and the false flagger cunnyposter was also told to go fuck himself.

>It's what happens a lot of the time. Some anons instantly scream maledom is shit when they see it.
Like that guy who got upset about dark mages a few days ago. Not to even mention how much shitposting hellhoundfags have done over the years, basically forcing their headcanon down the thread's throat as actual canon.

>> No.17355573

Not much of an artist but I appreciate seeing how he does things.
>one face
The book clearly has different faces in it though.

Besides, those bodies are hot.

>> No.17355580

>Captain Ears and Nothing Else
I sleep.

>> No.17355589

>It's easy for you to say that now. Atleast others sometimes tell their own (or apparently their own) to not be faggots, because it reflects badly on everyone
I'd prefer not to add more fuel to the fire when there's an argument like that. I just want to talk about the girls I like.
>Like that guy who got upset about dark mages
Like I said in my previous post, blame onee-sabbath thread canon. People hyped dark mages up to be that before they were even a thing, back when KC said there were witches that weren't part of the Sabbath. Then there was the initial fuck up by MGR that made people think their breasts grown larger and larger with sex by default, which got corrected later on to just say that they become more beautiful.

Sadly Dark Mages have never quite managed to shake that image even though they were never intended to be that way, they're as varied in body types as every other monster girl. Don't get me wrong, I love the big breasted ones but that's not all there is to them.

>> No.17355595

What's wrong with that? Bare minimum girls are nice too.

>> No.17355600 [DELETED] 

>Known daughteru dicker
>Posts his commissions in the thread, even the ones he really shouldn't.
>Diaper. Fetish.

>> No.17355607

If I was into that I wouldn't be in these threads.

>> No.17355613 [DELETED] 

>Known daughteru dicker
I'm not sure that's a strike against him, since even KC's world guidebook says it's accepted in canon to do so in MGE-land. Plus there's a shitload of mom-son fetishists here so inter-generational incest is hardly forbidden here.

The toddlercon and diaper stuff is shit though.

>> No.17355614

It assumes you know anatomy and perspective already, so you should be able to draw different faces and bodies in advance.
Gonna get back to those anatomy studies one of these days, I swear.

>> No.17355616 [DELETED] 

The "ones he really shouldn't" are usually retards who go out of their way to grab commissions from his tumblr or whatever that he did not post here.
Then they post it here and get mad over it.
They are literally going out of their way to make themselves angry.

>> No.17355618 [DELETED] 

>being so boring you actually only have the approved thread vanilla as fuck fetishes and think that everyone else around you doesn't have plenty of others that they just keep to themselves
The lack of awareness is sickening

>> No.17355625 [DELETED] 

I mean hell we have a couple Sandworm posters in here but nobody gives them any shit over the very obvious implication.

>> No.17355628 [DELETED] 

Anon, I swear to god if you're defending KDF's fucking diaper fetish.

>> No.17355633 [DELETED] 

You'll what?
Say 'duh I guess it's ok if we post futa and NTR then huh'?
People are into weird shit, he and they keep it to themselves, deal with it if you wanna go out of your way looking for it when they post somewhere else

>> No.17355637 [DELETED] 

>everyone who thinks getting mad over KDF is stupid is defending his every move
Have you tried not obsessing over the things you don't like?

>> No.17355638 [DELETED] 

I'm fairly sure I'd be publicly crucified if I posted my fetishes.

>> No.17355640 [DELETED] 

I've been posting stories about my fetishes to a fairly muted reaction for years. I think it's a question of how you present them.

>> No.17355642 [DELETED] 

It's not like he posts the diaper fetish images here, he wrote one story back when he didn't know how to contain himself and has calmed down considerably over time.

>> No.17355644

Why don't we go back to talking about the new region info instead of fucking KDF of the thousandth fucking time
Jesus, people were bitching for new content to talk about, now we fucking get it and all people want to talk about is the stupid incest guy.

>> No.17355645 [DELETED] 

No, I'll just be very disappointed since I know I have no power over what you post.


>> No.17355646 [DELETED] 
File: 1.09 MB, 1200x1751, 20170717_134432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to do this with a Hellhound, a Jinko or a Minotaur.

>> No.17355649

Because Billy wants to play Thread Police again.

>> No.17355657
File: 2.46 MB, 1385x2000, __original_drawn_by_chita_ketchup__8985357996996ea912ac5d9897bfa659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will you trust this cute tanuki?

>> No.17355659 [DELETED] 

Probably. Most I think I could get away with if I was a writefag, just barely but one of them would get me burned at the stake.
Really it's sad. We've been starved of content for months yet when presented with some shiny new info people still find a way to turn it into a reason to talk about a guy they don't like.

>> No.17355665

Hellhound would never do it.
Jinko would never do it.
Minotaur are pretty emotionally volatile but the odds of them doing so are pretty damn low.

>> No.17355670

They'll do it if you want it, as long as they're sure you don't actually get hurt.
What do you think all those monsters who enjoy fighting do?

>> No.17355678

I'll trust her bust to bring me to orgasm and her glasses to reap the harvest.

>> No.17355679

A Hellhound wouldn't do it even if you did want it. They'd probably "punish" you for even suggesting it.
And fighting monsters keep the fighting outside of sex except on a metaphorical level.

>> No.17355689

Hellhounds are questionable there, yeah, the others not so much though.
>And fighting monsters keep the fighting outside of sex except on a metaphorical level.
They literally fight as foreplay, and get aroused from fighting. You think that they'd shy away from this kind of thing if they knew you were into it?

>> No.17355690

>Tanuki financial advisor
>Demon lawyer
>Mad Hatter therapist
>Succubus secretary
>tfw you don't realize they're all conspiring together to be your harem

I want this so bad. All of them waiting to pounce and sexually as well as financially and legally control me.

>> No.17355700

Why wouldnt "love rough sex" Hellhound do it? Why wouldnt Jinko do it? Wht wouldnt Minotaur who is stated to love rough and violent sex?

>> No.17355701

For a lot of them, yeah.
Salamanders just go mere_female_lizard.txt for their husband, especially after fights.

>> No.17355709

Because monster girls hate hurting their husbands? And it's specifically stated that no matter how rough things get, they'll always only make you feel pleasure? Moron.

>> No.17355711

>Salamanders just go mere_female_lizard.txt for their husband, especially after fights.
yeah sure the most hot blooded girl in the entire fucking setting will just go full on submissive during sex.

>> No.17355712

>Why wouldnt "love rough sex" Hellhound do it?

>they lash out violently at men with their lust, but they
>treat men carelessly.
>They also recognize that humans are frail beings, and they treat them with care as "their one and only male," something more valuable to them than anything else.
Gee I wonder why.

>> No.17355719

The safest bet with MGE is to always assume that a girl wouldn't do anything weird and fetishy. Because she probably won't. So learn to appreciate your titfucks and cowgirl.

>> No.17355722

Hinezumi maybe.
Salamanders turn into love-obsessed wackos that make the "muh true love" faggots here sound tame.

>> No.17355724
File: 440 KB, 769x1200, dark_mage_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would like to make potions with a dark mage
making all kinds of weird shit to drink and see what happens.

>> No.17355729

>Anon's shortstack Tanuki financial adviser is a rich Ojou-sama who offers to help him in tough months in exchange for a little "compensation" under the desk.
>Anon's Demon Lawyer promises him a 100% success rate in the court in exchange for a "little donation" in her mouth every few days.
>Anon's Mad Hatter therapist uses hypnotherapy to ease his stress and then jacks him off in his sleep.
>Succubus Secretary insists on being paid in creampies and constantly sneaks under anon's desk so he can pound her ass where no-one can see.
RIP to your pelvis anon, when the trap is sprung you're going on an island retreat for the sake of impregnation. It doesn't stop until they're all pregnant and they have spells to lower impregnation chance to keep it going longer.

>> No.17355737

Would you love your Dark Mage Onee-san even if she made weird potions that turned her into various other things for the sake of a new feeling while raping you?
Or if she kept experimenting with lewd familiars who she keeps fed with your cum?

>> No.17355744

What sorts of things, and what sorts of familiars?

>> No.17355746

You nailed it anon, 10/10 god damn
>island retreat
>wake up on a private beachside resort in a beach chair
>all four of them approach in super erotic, insanely fancy and expensive swimsuits and bluntly explain how things will be from now on
I'm in heaven!!!

>> No.17355751

>Salamanders turn into love-obsessed wackos that make the "muh true love" faggots here sound tame.
They're also still aggressive and love fighting.

>> No.17355752

Anon's a slut for wealthy, sexy business girls
Who else could tag on to such a harem?

>> No.17355760

I want a slender highschool age dark mage who calls me onii-san to tease me with her magic by suspending me in the air and doing all sorts of lewd things while my feet can't touch the ground.

>> No.17355764 [SPOILER] 
File: 105 KB, 371x511, 1500658361513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mostly just temporarily giving herself properties of other monstergirls, like becoming a Slime, or a Dragon, ect.
As for the familiars, she'd give them more permanent additions as well as other body types, like the Shortstack Familiar with more Cheshire-like traits, the Tall /fit/ Familiar with Kitsune-like traits or the Oppai Loli Familiar with Dragon-like traits.
And I just noticed that that last one is basically Iruru so get ready for breeding.

>> No.17355765

>partying for months at an island resort with four gorgeous rich MGs fucking you in the hottub, at parties, on the beach, in the super suite with money flying left and right
Sounds fun as fuck

>> No.17355776

I want to make potions with a much taller, slender dark mage who's just tall enough to fit my face into her breasts while we dance together.

>> No.17355779

In that case whats stopping them from punching him in the face and have the punches generate pleasure rather than pain? If mamono mana can have you be embraced by an orgasmic Wurm without turning you into a red paste, Im sure it can allow your waifu to make you her punching bag without damaging you.

>> No.17355784

Okay I get Hellhound. But I still dont get why Jinko and Minotaur would refuse if he is into that.

>> No.17355785

That's pretty much what Dark Elves and Ogres already do.

>> No.17355787

I want to a Tanuki down after I explain to her that a money shot doesn't actually involve money.

>> No.17355788
File: 318 KB, 1280x1835, 0E575EFB-4764-4B29-9E74-D47463193C4A-2267-0000045E92E5CB99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's something I wanted to share with you all when using google translate on the scans.

Well, now with Volume 1 and Volume 2, the monsters I introduced were a total of 200 tribes. Originally, it is not amusing to me that those who are in contact with these monsters can become theirs long ago. But fortunately things are already getting their companions and they do not give me eyes and both couples are willing to talk to me 0 You know how new monsters are in this book and how you felt Could it be? Did you feel the demons as a threat? Did you feel the demons as attractive? Demons are changing now, humans change, this world is in the midst of change. Whether it is a good or bad direction, the world will always change. I want to make use of the knowledge I gained in books to live the changing world, but how I feel about the changing world, it is up to you I am currently in the land that is dominated by the Shinto shrine, far away from the land controlled by Zipangu I am staying. There is no one in this country who wrote such a book who pursues me to execute, talking with the fairy, Lianancy who is a travel companion who could calmly take a brush for a while and then go to the next place Perhaps, after having stayed in Zipangu for a while, spreading the view, we will advance the boat to the north in search of the unknown monsters, and will land on "the continent of fog"), and that I heard that the demons of the sea which have never met even on the route have deceived the human beings and that demons with immeasurable ecology are lurking in our common sense at the bottom of the ocean. If my journey continues safely the next will be on the continent of fog, if my trip was not alright it will surely be in the third volumes that I am writing at the bottom of the ocean, to see again Wandering monstrous scientist

>> No.17355805

>That pedo fuck rapes what he sows.

>> No.17355806

Minotaurs would be the most likely.
Jinko, despite being fighters, don't really fight human men.
You have to remembers that monsters are really averse to hurting their husbands for fairly obvious reasons.

>> No.17355809

The graceful, mysterious Arch Mage talked about a few months back?

>> No.17355811

I was thinking about Mona from Shovel Knight here, actually.

>> No.17355813

They'll fight human men, they just don't attack them unless they're in heat.

>> No.17355814


>> No.17355821
File: 71 KB, 500x618, IMG_0920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God fucking dammit.

>> No.17355824

Rapes the sows? Loli p'orcs?

>> No.17355830

Or if he has catnip or is a Jinkoslut/muscleslut and gets touchy with them.

>> No.17355833

Do not lewd the loli p'orcs.

>> No.17355836


I wonder if the wandering scholar ever gives that fairy the D.

>> No.17355837

That's not really "attacking."
That's more "and then she threw him over her shoulder and he was never seen again."

>> No.17355841

She probably fucks him in his sleep at a minimum.

>> No.17355842

Loli P'orcs are for dressing up in uncomfortably lewd clothing and bondage gear for use as little piggy slaves.

>> No.17355843

But I want to fuck a loli p'orc from behind while finger blasting her sister.

>> No.17355844

Who says I want to fight them (though that would be hot too!)?

I only want her to give me a good pounding while she milks me dry.

>> No.17355846


>> No.17355847 [DELETED] 

>not fucking one while eating the other out

>> No.17355852
File: 289 KB, 1124x1486, 1494515391194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's another. Coincidentally I love both Dorome and Redcap.

>> No.17355858

This nigga

>> No.17355864

Do not what? Do not fuck the second one in the missionary position while the first one sits on her face, making her sister eat out the fresh load that was just blown inside her?

Because that's pretty hot.

>> No.17355866

Whats the difference from that and attacking men in heat?

>> No.17355876

One involves fucking the guy on the spot.
The other involves taking them back to the rape cave and ensuring they never leave.

>> No.17355882

I want to fuck an oppai loli p'orc from behind while fingerblasting her little bean.

>> No.17355899

Jinkos in heat take the guy back to the cave too, either before or after the rape. Also Jinkos enter in heat with catnip and touchy musclesluts too, thats why they get tiger pussy and not a punch in the stomach.

>> No.17355903

The other option is 10/10. When you inverse the standard kidnapping/mind-break doujin and make a group of qts the instigators and just a single guy the victim, that shits hella hot.

>> No.17355912 [DELETED] 

Do you want to make a p'orc squeal? That's how you do it.

>> No.17355916

you son of a bitch

>> No.17355932

So what type of sports do we have in the monstergirl world? Please let there be basketball, I really want a ogre doubles partner.

>> No.17355935

>a younger dark mage calling you onii-san and doing all kinds of other stuff she knows she can tease you with to make your dick hard
Top tier

>> No.17355944

I want to melt her mind away and make her addicted to my dick. That way when her body matures she'll want to bounce on me every day no matter what happens.

>> No.17355951

I heard theres a martial arts competition where martial artist MGs must make a guy cum with nothing but punches and kicks to erogenous zones and specific pressure points. The first one to make him cum the most, wins. Also all fighters marry the male dummy after the competition.

>> No.17355962

I don't even know what's going on. I'd like the shit to please go.

>> No.17355965

They hunt for sport, though a large number seem to be unable to catch the concept of 'catch & release'

>> No.17355972

>she has you trapped in the air with her levitation magic, unable to move your limbs due to the restraints she's summoned
>gives you a smirk as she pulls down the front of her top, just enough to give you a good look without showing her nipples
>when she notices your boner she pulls the top back up and gives a satisfied giggle
>"ufufu, onii-san got aroused by my body."
>"you know I'd still be high school age if I lived in the city right? older men are so shameless these days"
>this is followed by what seems like hours of cock teasing and making you beg to see more before she allows things to progress
Remember, if you don't want to be teased by a younger girl it's a good idea to raise your magic def.

>> No.17355973

>anon shows up ready to show off his fighting skills
>thinks this is a real martial arts tourney
>gets decimated by a Jinko after she uses her ero-martial arts to give him a boner and distracting him eough to finish him
>a very confused yet satisfied anon goes home having lost the tourney but won a Jinko waifu who wants to train him

>> No.17355976

Masochist anon, please.

>> No.17355977

Vague shit like that just makes you look like a pussy who's too afraid to address the issue directly. Quote what you're talking about at least.

>> No.17355980

>MGs must make a guy cum with nothing but punches and kicks to erogenous zones
Oh god, I can't even imagine the type of guy that would risk that.

>> No.17355981

>people are talking about MGs in the monster girl thread

>> No.17356002

It is truly a shame that people are actually talking about monster girls.

>> No.17356004

I hate KDF too anon.

>> No.17356010

Or you could keep her a loli with the help of a sabbath potion. Either way you have a cute po'rc who's addicted to you, it's a win win situation.

>> No.17356021

You faggots are relentless lately.

>> No.17356036

I'd rather have a home-made doraf-p'orc MILF to bounce in my lap just as thirstily as she did as a little girl.

>> No.17356042

Do more

>> No.17356044

Now we're talking.

>> No.17356058
File: 854 KB, 744x1182, YEnFOiP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>husbands of such monsters have very high resistance to heat and flames, and also gain the same heat conversion ability as their wives
Now that sounds like something that could be put to good use.

>villages close to volcanoes have people worshipping these monsters and Ignis for safety
I wonder if one lucky guy could get a covenant from a ignis

>> No.17356062

You're stepping in hot water here lad.

>> No.17356075

I didnt want to post the generic ignis pic and i forgot about the tits

>> No.17356099
File: 1.65 MB, 2894x3520, fox flustering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please be very careful in your tour of Zipangu, handsome foreigner.
The maidens there are fragile flowers.

>> No.17356105

Just point me to the crows.

>> No.17356110

I wanna touch those ears

>> No.17356114

This >>17356105

Those crow tengus better beware as I'm going to hit on them especially with "Hey cutie!"

>> No.17356115


>> No.17356117

Would there be a language barrier?

>> No.17356124

Everyone speaks body language.

>> No.17356128

I want to charm a shy Oomukade with my gaijin powers.
Oh who am I kidding, I'm just as shy as her.

>> No.17356130

She might bite your turgid dick when you pull it out, though.

>> No.17356135

I look forward to simultaneously charming and offending the foxgirls of notJapan with my barbaric gaijin ways.

>> No.17356138

Alp plz

>> No.17356141

Hassan-chan please.

>> No.17356142

Alp doesn't have a monopoly on turgidity.

>> No.17356144

Lose the battle but win her heart, excellent.

>> No.17356146

I wish I could meet a yandere...

>> No.17356147

Alps are, in fact, incapable of turgidity.

>> No.17356149

I would.

>> No.17356155

Not true.
They've got nipples and a love button, don't they?

>> No.17356162

Those can't get turgid.

>> No.17356181

>She gets wet thanks to your manliness
>She gets angry thanks to your cultural insensitivity
>Thinking about the fact that she's both aroused and angry at the same time makes her more aroused and more angry

>> No.17356190
File: 328 KB, 900x1350, __original_drawn_by_shone__00d7ae8c9e5d54b6bdf867674f33345a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are you looking in my drawers, nii-chan?

>> No.17356192

I want to offend an Inari or Ochimusha and have her slap me, then immediately drag me by the hand to her home/room and mount me like a Hellhound.

>> No.17356195

They're just so nicely built, even by the standards of Demon Realm carpentry

>> No.17356199

I want to insult an Ochi and have her challenge me to a mutual masturbation duel.

>> No.17356201
File: 115 KB, 390x600, Undine_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets talk about spirits
with undines power you could surf without worrying about falling off... or using a board.

>> No.17356206

Certainly not looking for my blood-related little sister's dirty socks for onahole purposes, no ma'am.

>> No.17356207

Good luck with that.
Inari are one of the only species that don't rape, they pretty much exclusively seduce.

>> No.17356212

What about Ochi?

>> No.17356213

She shouldn't even need magic to make you have a hard time thinking about anything else than how much you want to thrust your dick into her. Loli pear or JC-age one would be even better.

>> No.17356219

I would be kinda cool to reach a point in power where you could just take from the atmosphere to form water.
I want that power and the sex to get to that power

>> No.17356222

I'd give that one a solid "maybe?"
>because they tend to think of it as impertinent, they will not make a move on their lord themselves.
>However, it is said that they will seek their lord's affection after having fought and risked their life for him.
A random Ochi probably wouldn't, but it's possible if she had declared you her lord.

>> No.17356225

If she's flustered now, think about when she gets home and her mother tells her that the same man is staying with them for his visit.

She'll be lying in bed, with the knowledge that the handsome foreigner is just the next room over, with his door unlocked, sleeping semi-naked.

>> No.17356253
File: 754 KB, 840x1500, 1489689636970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Objectively the best

>> No.17356262

That's a big, lovely girl.

>> No.17356266

>There's a Lion in my bed!

>> No.17356268

>when your jinko daughteru finds out you're submissive and weak

>> No.17356270

>not tickling his nose with her tail
Kitty be missin' dem opportunities

>> No.17356271

Sneezing would ruin the moment though.

>> No.17356272


I want this except with a dragon.

>> No.17356276

Cheek rubs, then.

>> No.17356278
File: 93 KB, 850x721, barbnacho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since somebody mentioned it last thread...

>Be a monster hunter, seeking out the leads for a dangerous spider in the frozen wastes
>It's damned cold, which means the local Ice Queen must be going through a dry spell with her husband, your peck half-frozen in the layers of furs covering your body
>The feeling of a miasma grows as you near a cave, frozen webs draping the mouth of it like silken curtains
>'You're building some kind of realm-bridge. Well, I've got some fire for you. Fuck you, spider.'
>Grunting, you're moving in the claustrophobic tunnels, a ghostly melody floating into your reddened ears. It sounds like a woman's voice, or possibly a young girl's, drawing you deeper into the bowels of the earth.
>Dropping your heavy cloak and furs, you attempt to limber up in your tunic and heavy boots
>'If I'm gonna die today, at least It'll be well dressed. Not like some wall-chicken stealing vagrant.'
>Finally, there's a dim light ahead. The webbed cavern tunnels giving way to a lavish and posh looking room, covered in throw pillows and silken curtains and blankets. Sitting in the center, as if the four spider limbs sprouting from her back are plucking an invisible instrument, is the Atlach-Nacha you were told about.
"You know, it's often common courtesy to knock at the door to a girl's boudoir. You may never know if she's proper."
>Curse under your breath, readying your short sword as she stands up to turn towards you, the loose robe around her shoulders dropping ever so slightly.
>The blood freezes like ice in your veins when she turns, completely naked from the front, your mind trying to process what you're seeing
"But then, you reek like a virgin anyway, so stealth was never an option."
>Her words fall on deaf ears, the alien aura pulsating from her making it seem like a colossal spider with a human face is sizing up a tasty morsel
>You can't even move, much less scream as she smirks at you, bringing one leg up, all the way to her head as she balances on her other foot's ball
"There's something much more interesting down here to focus on, virgin-hunter~"

>> No.17356279
File: 395 KB, 1296x600, Inari book profile update.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Almost never assault humans" according to the book profile.

Are you man enough to get a inari to rape you?

>> No.17356280

Such is life in the Land of the Four Fiends.

>> No.17356282

This is my dream. Only with a large hellhound and her warm breath on the back of my neck.

>> No.17356287
File: 99 KB, 850x1020, IMG_20170710_200759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to do this with my Ochi
>Not have sex with her for at least a few days after meeting her
>Tell her to meet come here in 1 hour fully prepared with her sword equiped as I have an extremely important assignment to give her
>She comes
>Receive her in formal Zipangu military uniform (or the closest I can find) to make this feel as formal as possible
>Hand her a sealed envelope with the instructions to not read it until 5 hours pass and not leave the room until she has read it
>Not even to follow or guard me, under the threat that if she does she will have dishonored me
>5 hours pass
>She open it
>"Noble warrior, from the moment you read this, anon is no longer your lord, but a vile criminal that must be captured and dealt with. You are thus ordered to find him, drag him by force if necessary to your room and rape him for 24 hours straight and after that, keep raping him until he asks for your hand in marriage, only then is he to become your lord again. Remember, he is now nothing but your prisoner and you are not to stop even if he ask you to. You are to do with him whatever you want and use him in whatever way you please."
How would she react to this?

>> No.17356289

I wonder how on earth you would get one to do that.

>> No.17356290

I believe it would actually be quite easy. Just be basically incapable of recognizing or acting upon any of her seductive moves, and eventually she'll have to take a more direct approach.

>> No.17356291

10 bucks say that I can get an Alice to roughly rape me.

>> No.17356293

How do you get an Inari to rape you?

>> No.17356294
File: 186 KB, 850x560, 1435627685777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my dream too. It is the best dream.

>> No.17356295

Just slip a raging mushroom in her drink. People forget that it makes monsters more rapey if they eat it.

>> No.17356299


>> No.17356301

>In a drink

>> No.17356305

Well yes, raging mushroom is the obvious answer as it can even get monsters that never rape to rape (i.e. alice). But the implication in the inari profile is that assaulting humans is something they are known for doing, just very rarely.

>> No.17356306

I feel like almost everyone, let alone any anons here, would be unable to resist the sheer cocktease they are capable of.
Especially once you've got a boner and she's "innocently" sitting in your lap and giving you the barest touches purely by accident, of course.

>> No.17356309

Begin to secrete corpse slime from her cold, rotten genitals.

>> No.17356312

Show us where the bad Lich touched you, anon.

>> No.17356315

Liquidise it of course.

>> No.17356322

Ever tried to blend mushrooms before?

>> No.17356324
File: 427 KB, 800x800, e5e866b15983f7e43d011efa7d487e71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17356329

I can just imagine her rough voice saying all the lewd things she wants to do as she gives a warm pawjob. Hellhounds are too good for this world.

>> No.17356338

Most men in MGE likely lose their v-card very early on. Some anons here hsve decades of thirst and are also so set that no woman will take them, that are not able to recognize flirt as flirt. Ie they will always believe "by accident" is truly by accident and while decades of thirst may sound like they are easy prey, it also means they are jaded and hard to break. Basically Inaris have never faced the kind of dense flirt blindness and resistance to teasing some anons have.

>> No.17356347

Mushroom soup it is then.

>> No.17356352

Inari are also hundreds of years old and have patience to match. They know subtlety.
Plus, nothing says seduction can't involve a traditional romance.

>> No.17356355

>traditional romance
The absolute weakness of any jaded man. An unexpected fairy tale type romance.

>> No.17356361

Making an anon slowly trust you, become your friend, and then your lover is the ultimate test of a monster's seductive skills. The ultimate prey. She can't make a false move in months, possibly even years, or she might spook the cautious anon.

>> No.17356362

that's thick soup with mushrooms in it not really pure liquid shrooms anon

>> No.17356365

I want a Ittan-momen made from a manly hunter's cabin blanket.

Super comfy, none of that silk shenanigans.

>> No.17356368

>Her voyeuristic display snaps you back to reality as the spider-girl smirks at you, lowering her leg back to the floor
>Pink. It was a bright, lovely pink.
"Now, since you've come to your senses. What can I do for you... a hot bath, a drink of tea, or perhaps..."
>She opens her mouth, two long fangs glistening with a glaze of violet fluids, tracing along them with her tongue
"You're one of those filthy degenerates who wants me to bite them."
>'I'd rather you just lay there and let me stab my sword through you and be done with it.'
>Your words seem to stun her, albeit momentarily, then she erupts into a tittering laugh. A kind of condescending, flute-like fit of giggling from a girl a foot shorter than you, as if you'd just told her the sky was chartreuse.
"What makes you think you have any chance of beating me, hm? A filthy, virginal fly who stepped willingly into my parlor would find himself at a loss in two strokes of the sword."
>That does it, letting out an inarticulate yell you charge forward to impale her on your blade, only to find your progress halted by thick webbing
>It doesn't yield to your attempts to free yourself, and you end up losing article upon article of clothing until you're half-naked in your trousers in front of her in her vast 'boudoir' of a chamber
"My my, out of breath already? At this rate you'll never be able to slay me. Though, you did give it a good, earnest shot. For that, I'll give you some extra special treatment."
>The top pair of her scythe legs strike in unison, freeing you of your remaining clothing, while one from the bottom pair bats away your short sword like taking a toy from a child
"An impertinent little scamp like you needs to be taught some manners. For now, I think my feet will suffice, don't you?"
>Working quickly, she sews your arms into the fabrics of her silken, webbed blankets, your feet following suit. Thankfully, your cock's stayed flaccid, against that dark, hungry part of your brain
"For a virgin you're not that poor off downstairs, are you?"
>Make a snarky comment about flattery to her, only to receive a reprimanding stamp of a foot to your face
"Shh shh shh. No more talk. Just sit back, and relax."
>Maneuvering her legs, to allow you to see her slit, the Nacha's feet begin to gently stroke and play with your cock, like they were petting a small animal
>Try to think of something else, you remind yourself. Don't let her see that you're getting aroused.
"Oh? Are my feet not good enough? You're about to break my heart, young man. It's almost as if you don't want to feel the pleasures of my pussy."
>Her expression hardens as she starts to stroke the erection into you with the soft flesh of her underfoot
"But you'll have to pledge fealty before that, or my fangs."

>> No.17356372

If you throw a bunch in it I'm sure the effect will be the same.

>> No.17356374

Regardless, the mushrooms can still work their magic even if they are only used as accents to the food.

>It has a spicy taste, which is unusual for a mamono realm food, and it's used to accent a dish. According to the monsters of Zipangu, it goes very well with their staple food, which is white rice.

>> No.17356384

One thing I'd definitely do is travelling the whole world in search of the spiciest ingredients so I can make my waifu an extra spicy curry.

>> No.17356386

How're you gonna slip mushroom soup into her drink.
Might as well just shove it into her mouth with your tongue

>> No.17356387
File: 1.45 MB, 1400x1500, IMG_2085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If her intentions are honest she should have no problems.

>> No.17356388

You put it in there carefully.

>> No.17356391

The problem is seduction involves recognizing the social and subtle cues from the opposite gender being attracted to you. Some anons truly have their social sexual skills really destroyed. Unless the Inari flat out says "Look, I like you" and even them some will think she is joking or worse, laughing at them. The kind of denseness that a 3DPD ruled world can cause will be literally alien to MGs. The Inari would have to be willing to rebuild his social skills from the ground, in some cases to the point of having to resurrect his belief that it is possible for a woman to be attracted to them if she has other options (which Inaris tend to have). It would take a lot of effort and patience, like rebuilding Europe after WWII. Is she really that willing to do all this repair work? Isnt it easier to just rape him or fill him with DE so he raped her? Why would she go through all this effort when she has easier alternatives?

>> No.17356399

>Why would she go through all this effort when she has easier alternatives?
>"Do I look like some piece of shit Korean fox to you? Do it the right way or not at all."

>> No.17356400

To have no problems the girl would need the following
>enough patience to play the long game
>enough aggression to overcome the anon's low self-esteem but not so much that he becomes suspicious
>genuine interest in the anon to allow them to connect before the rape
It'd be much easier to just overpower and rape him than try to heal his heart.

>> No.17356409

Rape won't fix what's inside.

>> No.17356411

Smashing the safe will get you the money just as well as picking the lock. The money being semen, of course.

>> No.17356412

Obama will.

>> No.17356418

Rape will fix what's not inside her

>> No.17356422

Not really. You need a mindflayer to really patch that up.
And even then, that's a ban-aid solution.

>> No.17356424

>The post that made all the heal fetish MGs heartpupil

>> No.17356425

Why would she be so impatient?
She's waited god knows how long already, she can wait a little longer to make sure it's the best relationship either of them could hope for.

>> No.17356437

I think an Inari could concievably seduce a jaded anon he believes HER confession and quite easily.
Now seduce him so he confess to her while believing she has other suitors? That is impossible.

>> No.17356446

He might not admit it, even to himself, but she can read him like a book.
She'd know exactly the buttons to push.

In general, MGs are going to understand you better than you do.

>> No.17356448

>Minutes turn into an eternity, the Nacha trying a variety of techniques with her feet to try and edge you into an ejaculation
>Your erection at this point is more painful than the first ones you had in puberty, a flag pole ready to flop against your abdomen if she stopped her ministrations
>Thankfully, years of edging yourself through strict masturbatory training have you seemingly at the advantage
"Why fight it, boy? Once I set my sights on my prey, I never let them go."
>Your grin seems to ruin her mood as she removes her feet from your cock, walking around to your head, the tiny slit of her pussy right above you
"Perhaps I should try... a new method of attack~"
>Forcefully sitting on you, the spider girl starts to grind against the bridge of your nose, dousing you in the sweet smell of her feminine nectar and allowing you to feel the palpable heat of her arousal
>Thoughts begin to flood into your mind on how you want to plunge dick first into her, to fuck the smug out of her, to DESTROY her
>The idea of flooding her womb with your seed causing your cock to twitch and flex with pre-ejaculate
"Oh! No you don't~!"
>Webbing shoots out and cuts off your jettisoning of jack-seed, painfully blue balling you
"We can't have you come this far and shoot off without having any fun. Now can we?"
>Giggling, she starts to playfully dry hump your face, more and more ejaculations building up as you're unable to move
"Oho! So you do have a soft spot! Tell me, what were you thinking about, hmmm? Be honest and I'll give you a much-deserved reward."
>'I want you as my wife, and mistress. I can't... win. You're much too strong.'
>The Nacha dismounts, instead moving towards your pelvis, positioning herself right above your glans
"Good answer, but it'll take a bit more than that to win the day."
>Her pussy grips you in a heated vise as she begins to steadily ride you, laughing at your whimpering from the blue-balling. Two strokes in and you already came.
"You'll have to learn patience, but don't worry. I'll just have to FUCK it into you."
>Hours pass, the Nacha having ridden you ragged, you've come at least three times into her by now after she released the webbing
"I'm tired of moving, come over here boy. Ravish me like you're thinking to. I won't stop you."
>Laying down, she spreads her legs and pulls them up to her head in gymnastic flexibility
>The sex that follows is bestial, rough, her upper body obscured by yours as you strike at her hips like an enemy to be killed
>Soon enough, her insides begin to convulse around you, a searing hot fire surging through your veins
>Her fangs deeply planted into your neck while you fill her to the brim with your seed, never pulling out while she starts to pet your head, pumping more and more venom into you.
"Kukuku... You did well, Darling~"

>> No.17356455


Everyone wants to feel special, like they matter, like somebody gives a shit about them. I don't think I could immediately comprehend such a feeling, but I like to imagine it.

>> No.17356456

What does being bitten by a Nacho feels like? And how do you piss her off enough so that she goes from the insults to physical violence (biting)?

>> No.17356464

I need to know so I can enjoy those sweet tsunloli dick bites as soon as they arrive.

>> No.17356476

So she's kinda like Yupiel, the Nacho?

>> No.17356480

What's the tag for the inverse of a fallen angel? I would think "ascended/purified" succubus would work but it doesn't

>> No.17356483

I'd rather Suzuka-sama, the Nacho.

>> No.17356484

You somehow made me like Nachos on some level. Well done.

>> No.17356489

Golden tiger stripe desert eagle, work matching tiger stripe camo, of course

>> No.17356496


>> No.17356497

Suzuka-sama is a little too CBT to follow through with.

>> No.17356500
File: 329 KB, 1280x1256, 1489931192836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of lewd things would they say, I wonder?

>> No.17356504

I really like the physical bullying and mental cuddling that Suzuka does.

>> No.17356505

"Personality: Devoted" is truly the single best thing you can find on an MG's profile.

>> No.17356508

That's just a nice way to say yandere, anon.

>> No.17356511


>> No.17356517

>If the man attempts to flee then they’ll sense the presence of his spirit energy and follow him no matter where he goes, so it’s impossible to successfully escape them. Eventually, they’ll even turn up at a man’s home. Once she arrives at the man’s home, she’ll just start living there and behaving like his wife. Then she’ll cover him with her damp, wet, liquid body, having sticky sex, and milk his semen.
>not yan

>> No.17356519


Just for posterity's sake.

>> No.17356523

That's a good thing though.

>> No.17356525

I like this talk of emotional fulfillment and healing. I don't think I could ever be happy in one of KC's dark realms. I wonder why the Fiend area seemed so popular earlier, with all of the current talk of healing.

>> No.17356526

>Why would she go through all this effort when she has easier alternatives?
She probably wouldn't even bother with him once she learned how much of a shitbag he is.

>> No.17356529

People were just talking shit about it though.

>> No.17356530

Probably about how many times she was going to make you cum, how much she enjoyed your reactions and how many babies she expected from you.

>> No.17356533

Green demon realms are one of the best additions to the setting.

>> No.17356535

She's not really yan though, just clingy. I take it if you told a Nureonago to leave your house she'd get really, really sad and be submissive about it, but ultimately just hide in the basement. Or if they're a bit more chipper try and prove that they're a good housewife.

>> No.17356540
File: 45 KB, 458x311, 1486874957082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the matter dork, scared?

>> No.17356541

Its almost like people are iiiintttoooo dddiiiiffffeeerreeennnttt tttttthhhhiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggsssssss

>> No.17356542

Huh, I never really thought about it that way.
Lightly yan slimes.

>> No.17356550

>Nureonago always following dutifully a few steps behind the man that smiles at her
>He doesn't even give her the time of day
>She cleans his house, tries to cook him dinner, but he just tells her to scram and that she's a pest
>She's saddened but carries on, her values demanding her to keep trying
>She's come to especially enjoy when he walks outside in the rain
>Then he can't see her tears

>> No.17356551

I hate that they started drawing her with weird red claws. Looks so tacky.

>> No.17356556

Honestly, people who prefer dark demon realms seem in a minority. I love them myself and want to live in one but any time they're mentioned you usually have at least one or two people chiming in and saying how they're shit and green realms are better.

You're likely in the majority.

>> No.17356568
File: 396 KB, 495x954, chaf_tatie02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17356571

I like how things are diverse with a realm for everyone. I only wish it didn't seem like KC was heavily implying the dark realms would take over.

>> No.17356575

Holy shit she's so cute
Plus great boobs
I can't decide if I want to court or memerape

>> No.17356577

That bow looks real silly.

>> No.17356581

Why is this elf holding a bow she's no archer

>> No.17356582

I don't feel like ruining the nice taste in some people's mouths.

>> No.17356584

I don't doubt there aren't people who Dark demon realms appeal to but damn, they are like a laundry list of things I couldn't stand.
>>>permanent night god why
>main activities are sex, festivals, and sex festivals
>no normal food grows there, all foliage is of the twisted dark demon realm variety
>there's pretty much people banging everywhere you go, it's for "obscene, pleasurable, hedonistic lifestyle"s

>> No.17356587

KC made the friendly co-existence realm look like the best choice in zipangu though. It's very telling that all the mist continent girls are the ones from the four gods nation and not the other two.

>> No.17356593

*there are
Fuckin hell.

>> No.17356595

Archers can also use swords too, yet you don't see me complaining.
You aren't the /d/ick writefag that shitposted NTR on several occasions are you?

>> No.17356608

Normally I'd joke about elf rape but this one looks so cute and alluring that I just want to cuddle her and have slow romantic sex with lots of hand holding.

Where's she from?

>> No.17356612

I'm 99% sure it's a writefag people normally give shit for things in the past. Either way I liked the nacho stuff.

>> No.17356617

>Where's she from?
A Squeez game that also has a tittymonster that resembles a certain eggplant kouhai.

>> No.17356625

>Shitposted NTR
Anon I'm a shitposter but I don't really care to shitpost about fetishes that are sure to piss people off. If anything I just lurk and wait for something amusing to pop up these days.

>> No.17356634

>it's not ntr or orc rape
Well that's a pleasant surprise. You weren't kidding about the eggplant lookalike either.

>> No.17356665

The only noticeable differences between her and Mash are the tits, outfit, and stray hair strand. It's easy to tell that the artist is heavy into FGO in that regard.

>> No.17356677
File: 214 KB, 960x800, Echidna_NPC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>granblue gets a new primal beast
>it's echidna, the primal beast of motherhood
Jesus christ, this game can't keep getting away with making hot girls.

>> No.17356684

Look at how fat that tail is.

>> No.17356688


Dang, she actually looks rather friendly. Is she someone you need to fight? It'd be great if you could just recruit her.

>> No.17356704

Could get lost in that thing for days.
Nope, she's one of the few primal beasts encountered in the story who's friendly from the first meeting. She's a kind girl and thinks of everything from people to animals and monsters as her children.
She better be recruitable soon.

>> No.17356705


>> No.17356707

10/10 would select as Momster and plot to lewd.

>> No.17356708

Gacha is bad civilization.

>> No.17356711

Gacha games always have the cutest of girls. They know how to bait us.

>> No.17356712

Rather than Fallen, Redeemed?

>> No.17356729
File: 436 KB, 469x669, she knows.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she reveals that she knows your plot
>follows it up with this when you act surprised
I hope you're ready for 24 hour lamia sex.
This is too true, all the money they bring in allows for hiring good artists.

>> No.17356732
File: 857 KB, 691x950, 1487423579913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Soft yetidom

>> No.17356735

>even calls herself mommy

>> No.17356736

It doesn't matter, but thanks.

>> No.17356737

24 hour lamia sex is a bonus

>> No.17356741

Some of FGO's artists would beg to differ.
Holy shit, Nightengale looks better in ANY other art than her actual art.

>> No.17356744
File: 204 KB, 1200x890, mama snek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would fuck until she was a true mama and I was a true papa.

>> No.17356751

So it's confirmed that MGE3 will be focused on the Mist Continent, and also on aquatic species

It's easy to see how KC has been neglecting aquatic species, but now with his improved art and writing skills we finally will have more waifu-tier aquatic species

>> No.17356754

I just want to breed a holy woman like this, is that too much to ask?

>> No.17356765

FGO has the problem of having too many artists I think, you're so right about Nightengale.
Good man, she's perfect.
Sadly yes, we live in a depressing world.

>> No.17356767

Fate has a lot of guest artists draw various girls.
Also, I think Nightingale would be super cute if she had legs that matched the rest of her body instead of those twigs.

>> No.17356780

They do.

Sometimes it means that you get something fantastic and other-times you get nightengale.

GBF has more art consistency due to being the same guy.

Nightengale would be good if she wasn't T-posing and had a face without depth.

Look up the Summer CE with her and compare it to her normal art.

THAT is what we could have had.

Sprite guy is godly though.

>> No.17356781
File: 196 KB, 1200x1172, Hirokazu Koyama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least FGO still has multiple shining gems amongst some of the mediocre looking Servants.

>> No.17356787

What other Monster Girl countries do you think there are?

>> No.17356794

Hopefully some great northern Ice lands, and a floating city of machines. You know, the good stuff.

>> No.17356800

Underground nations.

>> No.17356803

NTR is not a fetish, its a mental disease that will be wiped out by mindflayers and momster Mamono Lord from any anon that cross over to MGE. Severe cases may get placed in white padded cells where they will be injected by manticore nurses and given shock treatment by Raiju until they agree to have this shit erased from their minds.

>> No.17356806

>the alien aura pulsating from her making it seem like a colossal spider with a human face is sizing up a tasty morsel
Was that a reference to the original Atlach-Nacha? Well done.

Pretty good, though that was a bit soft for my tastes
Getting lolidom'd by a chaos spider is the best end

>> No.17356811

I think my country would be fairyland. And I'd love to see what MG Russia looks like
Thousands of Ratgirls?

>> No.17356820

Noted on both sides. I don't think I have the heart to do actual, forceful femdom but I'll need to read and practice more to get it right.

I appreciate the feedback.

>> No.17356826
File: 228 KB, 600x600, 1441328353373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>EO5 is getting a worldwide release
>It's this Autumn

Probably the best piece of news I never expected.

>> No.17356834

Plus a city of Ghouls, and the great Chaos bedchambers

>> No.17356837

Nav is certainly a happy motherfucker, though I'm unsure if it'll be released in Leafland.

>> No.17356856
File: 1.23 MB, 1957x2158, 1466146910602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nav's into EO too? Neat. Wonder if they hang out on the general. I haven't been on there since EOU2 came out, though.
Why wouldn't it release in Canada, though? If it's getting a worldwide simultaneous release (including Europe, which has been screwed over with EO releases in the past) I thought Canada woud be included in that too.

>> No.17356860
File: 772 KB, 1216x1780, tumblr_olccjs2aGP1vldipoo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His artstyle and drawings didn't make it obvious?

>> No.17356875

I didn't know he'd drawn EO stuff before, so that necromancer is new to me.
Maybe I should take a closer look.

>> No.17356888

Im fine with either realm, waifu would likely decide which realm she wants. If Hellhound or Minotaur, likely dark. If Jinko or Ochimusha likely green.

>> No.17356905

I'm going to release that Ancient Evil!

>> No.17356911

Your two wives in your bigamous marriage are arguing over something! How do you solve it?
Reeefags need not answer

>> No.17356923

That would only make her get more determined at seduction anon. The same way how that Salamanderfag that is set on not lifting and fighting, will only make Salamander get a yan-like obsession in training him and making him fight her. That means an unique husbando, or at least an unique relationship, which is something likely a lot of MGs drool at.

>> No.17356926

put them both in hamster pajamas

>> No.17356933

I fuck them both in the ass.
The one that makes me cum the fastest is right.

>> No.17356947

Trial by fuck.


>> No.17356949

Suspend them both from the ceiling in full bondage, facing each other.
Only let them down when they've reached a mutual solution.

>> No.17356965

How'd I end up with two wives? I'm not likeable enough to barely get a girlfriend. Is it an arranged marriage?


>> No.17356967
File: 96 KB, 306x302, CouplesFruit1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been wondering for quite a time if the Couple's Fruit can be used as an auto waifu hack. Because upon eating it, any single MG will want to kiss and make out with the one who ate the blue part. Which in theory means that any single MG that eats the pink part, regardless of the race will want to rape the shit out of you if you give her half the fruit and you keep the other half. It doesn't matter if it is a haugty Dragon, a Hinezumi with her flames on or an out of season Jinko. And I can actually think of a lot of hacks using other edibles in MGE. For example if the Prisoner Fruit charges you with mamono mana, makes you more handsome and can turn you into an Incubus and given how the Incubization process is affected by thoughts and desires. If you eat lots of Prisoner Fruits medating on a particular MG or a particular race, can your spirit energy then become rarified so that it will be completely irresistible to that particular MG or race? Just like how the Undead Mushroom rarifies your spirit energy to be irresistible to undeads. A Corruption Fruit eaten by a man will cause a Dark Angel or Dark Priest to appear before him, is it then possible to somehow alter the effect so that a Valkyrie (or a vanilla Valkyrie that has been monsterized but doesn't know it) appears before him?

>> No.17356971

Find out what they're arguing about, then use my impartial decision making skills to resolve the issue.

Naturally, they'll try to convince me to see things their way.

>> No.17356976

"Sure whatever, I don't care."
- KC

>> No.17356979

It depends what they're arguing about, but assuming they both have equal authority on the issue at hand I'd gently remind my waifu that she is the adult in the situation. That'd usually do the trick whether my waifu concedes or puts her foot-paw down, but if they really truly couldn't come to an agreement even with me trying to diffuse the situation I'd have to separate them, forcefully if need be.

Or just do this, this sounds really nice too. Ball gags with little rings on the ball parts that I can link together with a padlock would probably be handy.

>> No.17356988

The problem with couple fruit is how you're going to get the MG to eat it. It will be like one of those stealthy missions where you have to put a poison apple on a guy's pocket so he can eat it and die. There is also >>17356976 for the rest.

>> No.17356989

"Yeah totally that sounds cool and not impossible!"
- KC

>> No.17356990

Monstergirls are not 3DPDs anon. They do not have something very nasty called the hypergamy instinct, which is the one thing actually responsible for you not having a girlfriend. Some monstergirls have at worst a very, very weak form of that instinct.

>> No.17356993
File: 167 KB, 721x953, 53042032_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Ice Queen's daughter so smug?

>> No.17356998

Yeah, I know getting the MG to eat it is the tricky part, or at least can be. My question is not if you can get one to eat it, but that if after you do it, it is a waifu hack.

>> No.17357001

When did he ever imply that? If anything monster behavior may overall become a bit more moderate once they fully break free of the "monsters assault humans" mandate of the gods.

Yes a few particular dark realms may take over bright green realms, as it apparently has happened in the desert region concerning the pharaohs versus the apophis. But the reverse can also happen, as the type of realm is ultimately tied to the nature of the monsters that dominate it. Even the race of the monster isn't the most important determining factor, Polove is a bright green realm despite Saphirette (a dark matter and personification of lust) having created it, because Saphirette's own personal nature is still one that is suited to a bright green realm.

Plus, the fact that the various realms in Mist have been at war long enough to shape the evolution of the monsters there, and yet the realms still remain independent, suggests that bright green realms are not on the way out.

Indeed when the different types of mamono realm were first described in the second world guide, Saphirette noted that bright green realms were in fact becoming an increasingly common type.

Its also not like vast mana causes a realm to turn dark either, given some of the most powerful monsters in the setting are ones that create bright green realms.

>> No.17357005

She knows she's going to cash in on the MILFyness of her mothervery soon.

>> No.17357013

what happens if a girl eats both fruits?

>> No.17357014

She's learning the techniques to get her boyfriend back.

Not really, it's just another way to get a girl. I don't think it's a hack because of how troublesome it can be.

>> No.17357032

To clarify, its not that its truly always night there, its just always somewhat dark and night is actually brighter than day thanks to the way the mana shines under star/moonlight.

Also, its not like all dark realms are equally lustful or lacking in other things to do. Dark realms are the main places Mamono Realm Beast Hunters ply their trade (since such creatures only rarely appear in other realms), and the Royal Mamono Realm has a massive art museum that attracts many tourists.

>> No.17357037

That sounds like a boss way to have your Ochi to go into any fetishes you want anon, and also get her to endulge into any fetishes she has. Though it would be fun roleplay. Just give your Ochi written instructions for the sex session and change the circumstances to do away with her inhibitions and shyness. "If this was master I would not dare to indulge in my dirty thoughts, but this is not master! This is a dirty prisoner that needs to be taught a lesson and treated as the breeding slave he is! And I can't disobey! It is an official order from master! As her loyal bodyguard I am obligued to see it is done!"

>> No.17357039

If it can get an out of mating season Jinko to rape you or have a Hinezumi kick you into the ground and rape you where you would have to otherwise pour water in her and rape her instead, it counts as a hack to me.

>> No.17357044


Make them kiss and make up.


She falls in love with herself.

>> No.17357053

Its a bit unclear, being an auto translator. But given the girls KC has already made that will feature in volume 3 I don't think we can say it will focus on Mist or the sea to a greater degree than volume 2 focused on Zipangu (the epilogue of volume 1 had the scholar stating he may go to Zipangu). In other words there will likely just be more of them than there were in the previous volume.

>> No.17357056

narcissism happens

>> No.17357057

Eh, whatever. Getting a Jinko could be pretty easy if you got a nice peace of meat, but she might be suspicious and her great sense of smell might ruin your plan.
Sounds like a lot of fun to be honest.

>> No.17357061
File: 127 KB, 767x1500, 1493757724712.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet her mom is nice and warm once you get to know her

>> No.17357065

I'd rather just take the daighter and have her all to myself. She'll get there eventually.

>> No.17357080

Mom body is best second to fit.

>> No.17357108 [DELETED] 

He hasn't even done a story for over a year. Why are you still mad at a dude who has the most avoidable content possible, binned text?

>> No.17357111
File: 947 KB, 1800x2250, 1464121314257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Couple's Fruit
>Find undead mushroom
>Make some sort of treat out of them
>One with the pink side and the other with the blue side
>Find single [High level undead of choice]
>Get them to eat it with you (This shouldn't be hard since undead mushroom is considered the most delicious thing to an undead)
>Instant waifu
And that's how I'm going to get my Lich waifu.

>> No.17357119

Nice hack. I could try this to get a War Lady Ochimusha with an army of Ochimusha under her command.

>> No.17357121 [DELETED] 

One autist seems to be on a personal crusade against KDF. No sense in asking why.

>> No.17357127

Why bother with anything like compatibility, emotional bonding, or indeed, anything you'd actually need to maintain a relationship, when you can just use some mind control fruit to force them to fuck you?
Truly, MGE is the most romantic setting.

>> No.17357135

Not like the lich wouldn't be testing out love potions either. Though pre-existing love already ruined the test results before she even started.

>> No.17357139
File: 326 KB, 438x669, Stranger danger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What can be done about these crazy monster girls?

>> No.17357141

It's a lich. Most of those things are skippable.

>> No.17357147

Good points.

>> No.17357148

Not being emotionally expressive isn't the same as being an actual emotionless robot.

>> No.17357153

>Truly, MGE is the most romantic setting.
Ah yes. Because "I rape you until you get Stockholm syndrome" is super romantic.

>> No.17357156

That quoted line is sarcasm.

>> No.17357159

Romance and seduction followed by gentle femdom is superior.

>> No.17357160

You do realize MGs do that all the time right? Do you think a Wurm gives a shit about that when she use her X1000000 streght to hold you in place and milk you dry? MGs are not human women, to them these methods are perfectly fine and acceptable and it is in fact endearing a guy goes through all this trouble to be with them.

>> No.17357162

I want a big, super soft jinko to snuggle at the end of this week.

Because FUCK fax lines and fuck these capchas

>> No.17357165

"You are not allowed to get your waifu except in the way I think you should!"

>> No.17357167

That much is obvious. the thing is that it sounded like this was the thing that made them realize it. And I found that kinda silly.
Might not have been the intention but that's still how I took it.

>> No.17357178

No, it's rough femdom followed by romance and seduction followed by more rough femdom

>> No.17357182
File: 38 KB, 177x175, Couple's Fruit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It should be noted that the effects of the fruit are temporary. The whole point of the article on them focuses on using it to enhance feelings that are already there, to boost confidence, etc. not to make people fall in love out of nowhere.

>And even after the deed was done, neither one of them would try to separate, and they'd try to stay joined together the whole time until the effect of the fruit wore off. Since it has this sort of effect, it's highly popular with monsters that can't be upfront with men, and monsters that aren't so good at being affectionate.

>> No.17357187

I had to change captchas because damn they were getting dumb.

>> No.17357190

This is correct.

>> No.17357192

Yeah its getting to the part where I can no longer take it.

>> No.17357195

>Of course she's my waifu
>We're completely compatible and love each other very much
>That's why I had to use this fruit to override her instincts, instead of, y'know, actually bonding

I'll never get tired of people like you who have no idea what "waifu" actually means.

>> No.17357203

>I'll never get tired of people like you who have no idea what "waifu" actually means.
It was a joke to begin with. Then autism happened.

>> No.17357209

>It should be noted that the effects of the fruit are temporary.
Which is a moot point when you consider that MGE girls and men alter each other from the moment they have sex for the first time. Even if the fruit effect was temporary, mamanomana effectively makes it permanent.

>> No.17357211

Just because it is temporary it doesnt mean it doesnt work. The fruit gets you to the sex part (which can be a good help with some monster races) and can help to boost feelings. Once you are having sex, its up to you to show her how much you love her and want her, which the fruit helps you with anyway.

So it should still help the Lichfag to help him show her how much he wants her as his wife and why he is the perfect test subject.

>> No.17357221

The progression of it goes like this
joke phrase > genuine phrase > newfags who use it as shorthand for "girl I really wanna fuck"

>> No.17357228

welcome to the MG general

>> No.17357233

Then I guess according to you, using red in front of a Minotaurus when Minotaurus waifu hunting or entering the Jinko jungle when they are in season is not acceptable either.

>> No.17357241

I think MGE is just so fundamentally broken that, when it's as easy to find a wife as it is in the setting, the value of any actual affection a couple might have becomes less than zero.

>> No.17357248

That's why you see some people dropping mamono mana a little.

>> No.17357255

>he thinks it's something from here

>> No.17357304

Except for monsters love and lust are more closely connected than they are for humans. The fact that a monster is willing to direct all her lust toward one man is explained in the settings to be in and of itself proof that she truly loves him.

>> No.17357308

>not just asking to become the lich's apprentice in magic and slowly getting her to let you have your way with her more and more by having her "help you concentrate"

>> No.17357316
File: 735 KB, 1000x1000, Loen - too hot to touch cen - colored 7-21-2017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

figuring out new art software while coloring your
waifu is the best thing and the most amount of fun you could possibly have while playing an app

>> No.17357321

So its broken because it doesnt work how you approve it should work. And for some reason it has to be hard to be valid. I dont know if you got the memo, but in MGE sex come first and bonding comes latter, or rather sex IS bonding. Mamonomana shape each other so each other become perfectly compatible, though it will not work in the cases where they are completely incompatible or one of them already has someone else set in their heart. But you know what is wonderful? That if you think going on dates and old style courting is the only acceptable way, you can do it! No one is forcing you to be taken by your waifu by force or to use the methods provided by KC and the profiles to do it! The great thing is that you can have your waifu while other anons have theirs.

And if this is still not acceptable to you, there are other settings you can try. Like 90% of them.

>> No.17357327

You can do that too. And either way is fine.

>> No.17357329


>> No.17357342


What are you, an alp?

>> No.17357346

I want a meme body type with a meme girl!

>> No.17357356 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 496x400, Snake-Cloaca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17357376 [DELETED] 


>> No.17357384

How about an oppai bakunyuu loli with big tits? For species you can go with Cheshires so she's smug and for some reason muscled with a 12 pack.

>> No.17357389 [DELETED] 

I wonder if it's technically a bannable offense.

>> No.17357393 [DELETED] 


Lewd but I approve.

>> No.17357399

Hmmmm... A tad to much muscle But otherwise perfect.

Would carry her and her huge tits everywhere while she nyahahas.

>> No.17357405 [DELETED] 

Dolphin pussy was up on /an/ for like two weeks.

>> No.17357409

You don't understand, anon. She's the incarnation of shit and it won't stop there.

For her fetishes she'll be into extreme lolidom, but once your penis goes inside she turns into a sub and blacks out because sex is too good.

>> No.17357411

I want a cute little kraken imouto to cuddle with.

>> No.17357413

So this is how Hellhounds feel when busybodies Inaris come nagging that they MUST do it their way or it doesnt count, huh?

>> No.17357415

I'm not talking about how sex equates more closely to love than it does in humans. I don't mind that.
I'm talking about how when it's the case that MGE monstergirls are outright made and programmed for love, it lessens the value of it. There's an element of chocie we're aware of, which MGE discards in favour of the whole "you can do anything you want, fuck and marry anyone you want", and it completely devalues how special the romances and relationships in the setting are.

ESL-kun, please. It's broken because when you start questioning how the setting works beyond the information given, it falls apart and the creator has to step in to create a new deus-ex machina to paint over each flaw as its revealed.

>> No.17357420

Sounds nice.
Strongfat would really even things out though.

>> No.17357425

Oh sure, how could I forget that. I don't think you could get more shittier, but I guess you could make her a pure gyaru or something.

>> No.17357428

Oppai oh my.

>> No.17357430

According to you. Just because you think it must be hard to be valid or that she must be as hard to get as a 3DPD to be "real" doesnt make it so.

>> No.17357431

>Being a smug bakunyuu oppai loli Cheshire's personal titslave
>Carrying her around by said tits as she nya ha ha's
I love it

>> No.17357432

>ywn be smuggily dommed by your CC Unicorn high school principal because you told her to your face "I personally don't like horse pussy"

>> No.17357441

Best bit is when she's smugging it up while looking up at you only to have a truly happy smile on when she falls asleep in your arms later on, even if her huge chest is filling the spots her body doesn't take up.

>> No.17357448

No, it's pretty objective. And just because MGE's way is shit, doesn't mean 3DPD is the only way.
But when the monstergirl is outright made so that she can love and please a man, it doesn't make it special when she "falls in love" with you. It just means you, out of however many other thousands or tens of thousands people with attractive qualities she also could've fallen in love with, happened to be in the right place at the right time.

>> No.17357453

To put it another way, that MG would give any other man the exact same love.
You just happened to be there first.

>> No.17357457

God that sounds amazing.
>end up hugging her from behind in her sleep, your arms poofing her tits up so they block her vision
>She wakes up and opens her eyes to total blackness because of this
>"NYaa! I'm blind! Titservant, you'll have to be my seeing eye dog now! Wait... Oh. Nya ha ha!"

>> No.17357462

The cutest little tittyshire.

Gonna scratch her ears while we relax and see if I can buy her some holst tier support bras so her chest gets held up and blocks her view.

Would be cute.

>> No.17357464

MGE doesnt discard shit. Do not confuse certainty of choice with lack of choice. MGs can tell an anon who propose to them or use a potion to waifu them to fuck off, they just will not do it for multiple reasons.

In MGE Love is Supreme God, if the way the world operates bother you, then you can pretend there are individual MGs that would reject you, you simply will never meet them. As far as we know this is how the world might work. Maybe there are Minotaurs that would not touch an anon with a stick if he was wearing a red shirt. Its just that the power that operates MGE makes sure he will never meet them.

>> No.17357469 [DELETED] 

At least it's not that 'eggshell' nonsense from the old /a/ threads...

>> No.17357476

>Buy her the most adorable and fashionable holst-tier support bra and a cute dress to go with it
>She puts it on and walks out to show you
>It's gorgeous and adorable and all, but her tits are very clearly completely blocking her vision and almost comically make her look like she's just a pair of tits with arms and legs
>Snicker and ask if she's having any issues
>"N-no! Nya ha! Its- its perfect! Perfect for a perfect princess like me! N-now, back to your carrying position this instant! We've things to do!"
>Tell her that's fine, come over to you and you'll pick her up
>You hear her gulp and give a warbling 'Nyeeh...' before she starts walking
>...Straight into the wall, bouncing off and landing on her ass
>"Oof! W-who put this here? Shoddy... building designers!"
She's committed at this point anon. A cute and funny gift, but she'll need twice as much personal attention now.

>> No.17357480

>Gathered a bunch of shit taste in just one girl
>People like it

>> No.17357484

And? Im pretty sure if your real life GF met someone before you under certain circumstances she would had ended up with him. The only reason she ended up with you was that you met her before him.

Yes, if another guy met my Jinko in mating season she would likely be with him. But it doesnt matter, you know why? Because it didnt happened and she is with me.

Or maybe not, maybe the power in charge of MGE made it sure so that no one else met her in mating season before me.

>> No.17357487


Seeing them bounce and wobble slightly as she tries to walk would be well worth it.

Would happily carry her around and hand feed her some snacks as repayment, along with keeping an eye out in case she takes a selfie so that she can see what she looks like.

Such a cute, hugely breasted cuddle cat.

>> No.17357491

They're clearly enjoying themselves. Maybe taste is subjective.

>> No.17357495

>MGs can tell an anon who propose to them or use a potion to waifu them to fuck off, they just will not do it for multiple reasons.
Those reasons being their Demon Lord programming which makes them fall for a man, and all the magical items and powers that'll make them fall for a man? Because that's lack of choice.

>if the way the world operates bother you, then you can pretend there are individual MGs that would reject you
So pretend the setting isn't as bad as it is? That's your solution?

>As far as we know this is how the world might work
But we don't. What we do know is that the world works as previously described, where the monstergirls will find a life partner with the same amount of deliberation one might use to decide what sort of sandwich they want for lunch.

>> No.17357504

Agreed. But what do you do when she says she wants a selfie and Right as the picture is being taken she leans over and kisses you on the cheek?

>> No.17357505

>the power in charge of MGE
You keep saying this, but KC saying "whatever you want lmao" is not a literal mystical force that exists in the setting.
If you can show me a citation that says otherwise, go for it.

>> No.17357506

But in many cases that isn't the case. After all, a majority of profiles state "if a man catches their fancy" or some other similar phrase.

There are few men that monsters will refuse, but many of them don't pursue just any man. Its kind of summed up here:

>Of course, the monsters have various different preferences for men, and there is such a thing as an ideal man to them, but there are hardly any types of men that they hate.

And its not like soulmates are much of a thing in the real world either. Chances are there are many people you could be compatible with, and its just a matter of who you find first and give the same love you would have given if you found another compatible person before them.

In other words I'm not bothered if there are other guys who a monster girl might love just as much if she found them first. Fact is she still found me first and I'm the only guy for her.

>> No.17357507

He has a point though. If MGs love and desire all men, what makes it special when one chooses you? I don't necessarily man that they don't feel love, just that it doesn't seem like they care who they pair with. Mamono mana makes it even harder to argue that teal love exists, as you dont even need to have much in common, it just changes you both until you consider each other mates.

>> No.17357512

You do know this happen everywhere even with 3DPDs right? They can fall in love with everyone who has qualities they find attractive and they are with who they are because they were at the right place at the right time. This also applies to you. In fact the reason you know everyone in your life is because they were in the right place at the right time. With MGs its the same.

>> No.17357517

>Mamono mana makes it even harder to argue that teal love exists
Especially when they consider lust to be love.

>> No.17357518

>Those reasons being their Demon Lord programming which makes them fall for a man, and all the magical items and powers that'll make them fall for a man? Because that's lack of choice.

The Mamono Lord's programming is only to the extent that they treat human men as effectively males compatible with their species.

Fact is, KC has mentioned that falling in love with humans is not a new thing for monster girls. Even before the current Mamono Lord came to power there were monsters who fell in love with humans via sex, and were able to overcome the god's programming that compelled/forced them to kill humans. They were just a rarity as, among other reasons, most monsters lacked the intelligence to fall in love to begin with.

>> No.17357519

Kiss her right back, pick her up, and carry her to the bed for some forceful, tender loving.

Gonna 'milk' her tits while she's sleeping.

Also going to enjoy the picture when she did take a selfie but its just her eyes looking out from her cleavage, breast flesh hiding the lower half of her face.

I'm gonna say she's pink instead of purple for Doughnut potential.

>> No.17357520

>Those reasons being their Demon Lord programming which makes them fall for a man, and all the magical items and powers that'll make them fall for a man? Because that's lack of choice.
The only difference with reality if you break it down to its basics is a higher failure rate. The same way the Demon Lord "programmed" them to fall for a man, women are "programmed" by natural selection and other factors to fall in love with certain men.
And that's as far as I'm touching this dumb topic before it quickly devolves into the eventual philosophical debate of free will, freedom of choice vs freedom from choice, how much we're deciding for ourselves vs how much we're just brain chemicals reacting in a predetermined way based on experience genetics and intelligence, and so on.

>> No.17357524

>the power that operates MGE makes sure
>the power in charge of MGE made it sure so that

There is no "power in charge of MGE". Unless you're honestly trying to push the narrative that there's some force which controls literally every thought and action of every single entity in the universe, in order to fulfill your agenda.

>> No.17357528

Its more that lust turns into love and vice versa.

>> No.17357538

Whats the link to that imgur with all the profile arts in png format? Didnt see it on the pastebin

>> No.17357543
File: 332 KB, 550x440, 1470078838380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some force which controls literally every thought and action of every single entity in the universe
>Posted in a setting where a succubus-turned-god used her reality-altering powers to change an entire species with sub-species/races numbering in the hundreds into waifus, of which are specifically stated to have some manner of connection to the DL due to how the lilims can corrupt people into monsters who have said connection
>Posted in a setting where KC can be considered the ultimate God-like authority who can decide what goes and what doesn't with zero effort, as he does when answering Q&As and expanding world guides
How autistic can you get?

>> No.17357547

"Firstly, about the life after monsterzation.
KC's stance is "as you wish, as long as not counter to the spirit of MGE". Love conquers all. Even without everything but love, you can still live. MGE is such escapist porn fantasy. It is not a work meant to make you suffer. After all, everything will be settled at a good conclusion, as long as the settings permit. And it is the main theme of MGE."

Love conquers ALL. From the word of the author, that is the lichpin of MGE, that is the main rule, the source of reality, the absolute rule. That is the "spirit of MGE." Everything in MGE revolves around that concept.

>> No.17357562

Doughnut potential?

>> No.17357566

>her loyal bodyguard

>> No.17357567

Yes, that entity is called Kenkou Cross, said entity made the "Spirit of MGE" that love conquers all and that you will not suffer. All the happenings in MGE revolve around these laws the same way our universe revolves around gravity.

>> No.17357570

>>Posted in a setting where KC can be considered the ultimate God-like authority who can decide what goes and what doesn't with zero effort, as he does when answering Q&As and expanding world guides
Then according to you, we should post all our Pastebin stories to KC and ask him to rewrite them, because he's the ultimate God-like authority, and any characters we make up need to have their thoughts and actions rewritten by him.
You fucking retard.

>> No.17357573

OC Doughnut Steel cheshire.

>> No.17357577 [SPOILER] 
File: 113 KB, 526x512, 1500690607585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to fluster my waifu by bragging how great she is! How she is better than some dragon or angel!

>> No.17357579

You're really pulling at straws here, now.

>> No.17357580

>The only difference with reality if you break it down to its basics is a higher failure rate. The same way the Demon Lord "programmed" them to fall for a man, women are "programmed" by natural selection and other factors to fall in love with certain men.
There's another difference between reality and MGE. That being, whatever influence that might be affecting human mating habits, isn't sentient.
Contrasted to MGE, that influence is sentient. It's called the Demon Lord. And it outright alters the instincts of other people so they act in order to further solely the Demon Lord's own goals.

>> No.17357583
File: 66 KB, 1234x294, 1486005384263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna make my waifu's tail wag by telling her about how great she is!

>> No.17357588

Does my waifu love me or not? What a hard choice. Who should I believe? The guy that decides what is and isnt real in that world? Or a random guy in a forum?

>> No.17357593

How am I? It's basically what you said.
When I said there wasn't some force which affected how characters in the setting act and think, you posted examples. One of them being KC. Saying that you think KC should get to decide how all the characters in his setting act, even when we write stuff in his setting.

>> No.17357595

Poor Rata-wife. Her husband is so loving yet so overzealous.

>> No.17357600

Just throw her into another setting and find out.

>> No.17357602

Thanks for proving my point when I said MGE was broken, and that love in the setting isn't special or unique.

>> No.17357603 [SPOILER] 
File: 860 KB, 1169x1065, 1500690908731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Right, there was that other part of that post . . .

>> No.17357604

Believe her. Hers is the only opinion that should matter. Not the former; not the latter; not even my own.

>> No.17357605

There is nothing wrong with having a lover that will sing your praises from the highest mountain.

>> No.17357606

>Who should I believe?
The person who says she isn't real, and never will be.

>> No.17357608

Oh ye gods!

>> No.17357609

Aaah Latenight, my man

>> No.17357610

Why are flustered Ratas so cute?

Why is flustering monster girls in general so fantastic?

>> No.17357612