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>make a new touhou game thats about seasons n shit
>pic related is nowhere to be seen

There better be a good fucking reason for this.

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Who the HELL are you quoting?

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Whomever it is you are quoting sure has a strange way of talking.

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I played the Yuuka patch for UFO to console myself.

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used pantyhose

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your post is TOO GREEN, but I'll let it pass because green is yuuka's color.
she will be back in Antimony of Common Flowers

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She is the hidden star of the show.

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Yuuka is so autistic, like Alice.

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It seems you forget where you are.
Also, who are you quoting?
Allow me to rewrite your OP for you.

Hidden Star in Four Seasons was released, however, Yuuka is nowhere to be seen.

There better be a good reason for this.

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I half-expected her to be the extra boss, but instead we get chair loli: standing up edition.

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Not to mention how it would have been a perfect end.

More like an "Oh shit! Yuuka!" As she caught onto the various levels of fuckery occurring.

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There is: ZUN would rather expand on Gensokyo's lore than appeal to your secondary taste that only wants to see the same few characters you like in every game.

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>> Yuuka patch for UFO

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Putting aside your blatant misuse of the quote function, why would she? Yuuka is the FLOWER Master of Four Seasons, not "Master of Four Seasons who just happened to like flowers".

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Exactly. Unless the incident explicitly involves flowers, Yuuka has exactly zero fucks to give about whatever crisis is going on in Gensokyo this week.

When the sun was getting blotted out by mist, did Yuuka get involved? No.
When some asshole was stealing spring, causing an unnaturally long winter, did Yuuka get involved? No.
When the moon get fucked up and some asshole froze the night, did Yuuka get involved? No.
Earthquakes, screwy weather, and even an alien invasion threatening to purge all life on the planet isn't enough to merit Yuuka getting out of bed, so why should this?

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>make extra boss nothing but a rematch with final boss

I do agree though with what you said. New characters are more important.

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so what will happen when she's not in Antimony of Common Flowers?

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That game's plot has literally nothing to do with flowers so far.

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She could be the penultimate boss, usually, the fighting games have the characters fighting someone who is knowledgeable about the incident who opens the way for the final boss, IAMP has Yukari, SWR has Iku, HM has Mamizou and ULIL has Kasen, and since the AOCF incident will probably involve flowers, Yuuka could show up as the one who knows what's going on.
Im not even a Yuukafag, i just think she more than anyone else has the most likely chance to return in AOCF.

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It's called "ZUN doesn't cater to the obnoxious segment of his fanbase that just wants him to incestuously rehash his older characters".

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Yuuka has 2 threads!

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Gensokyo is only so big. He's going to run out of youkai.

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>expand on Gensokyo's lore
This game is the most piss poor at lore.

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She should be involved whenever a huge unnatural amount of cherry blossoms bloom during the spring incidents. Shouldn't she? I guess Yuyuko never made use of the stolen spring, but HSiFS fairies clearly did, see stage 3.

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I don't think you realize that Okina is probably one of the most interesting characters so far because she can pretty much be connected with Yukari, the barrier and even Gensokyo itself

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It's a patch in thcrap that reskins Marisa as Yuuka and changes the dialogue. It's quite humorous.

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She's uninteresting exactly because she's ~another~ Yukari, another "creator of gensokyo". This time one that makes backdoors instead of gaps. At least Kasen is a Sage of Gensokyo with different powers.
The best thing we got out of this game was Eternity Larva.

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I think you meant Aunn, anon.

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I thought the same about Sanae with regards to Reimu at first, but she developed more so into a foil later on, so Okina could be something more interesting than she seems now in future works

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I second this statement, because Aunn a cute!!!!!

Pros off Cute-inu:
1-Guard dog
3-Floofers as ears
4-Hawaiian t-shirt
5-Will locate religion

Literally none.

Pros of Et*rn*ty L*rva:
Literally none

1-Lives for one day
2-Fucckkking retarded

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ZUN's ball and chain won't allow him to make any new Yuuka content, that's why she wasn't in Shoot the Bullet or Grimoire of Marisa.

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Feels awful, doesn't it?

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Fucking delete this

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Yuuka was implied to be a fairy, and Cirno was implied to be the new Yuuka. That's pretty significant.

Furthermore her NOT being directly in the incident is pretty telling, as fairies are directly and exclusively causing something everyone expected Yuuka to be behind.

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