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Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: http://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

Let's come together over things we all enjoy!

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Sandworms are LOVE!

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Dark Mages a best!

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First for a plump p'orc horde!

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I really love Kobolds!

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just like your fat hog horde you're too slow

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Mother daughter bonding

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Go fuck yourself.

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xth for I want to join the Sabbath

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How rude!

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I wish to discuss Minotaurs further. I think I have a problem.

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But I still have them and that's what really counts

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Do the Order and the monsters have any common enemies? Anyone who just decided "you know what I'm gonna step in everyone's egg salad today?"

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The Old Gods or whatever. The cthulu shit, I think.

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The best!

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Tentacle girlfriend and Kraken Onee-san.
Do they glare angrily at each other when you're not looking?

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Well right now If I remember correctly the sides are:

>Demon Lord
>Fallen God
>Order and Chief God
>Independent nations
>Chaos Gods

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>toasters made by gremlins dispense toast in the shape of dicks no matter what shape the bread put in is

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No, really. You're an attentionwhoring faggot and I wish you would just fuck off.

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Let's not even talk about what they'll do to your favorite console/PC.

Is nothing sacred?

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You say that like control pads with a rumble feature aren't already sex toys.

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I want a Gremlin to make a vibrating toy for herself, that rumbles whenever my game controller does. I want her to sit on my lap while I play.

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Yeti is cold and alone, she needs someone to take her in and cook her a hot meal

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It must be really cold then, because usually they are half naked.

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She wants to be fashionable, and she's tired of people asking her "aren't you cold without a coat?"

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Take this cat.

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But that's a fox.

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I already have a pocket flying lizard though.

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No, this is a fox.

>>17490785 Appears to be a cat.

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There is nothing better than being stepped on by a dragon girl

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Being stepped on by TWO dragon girls!

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Slaying a dragon would probably feel pretty good you would be a hero.

>> No.17490879

I'd like to step on my dragon at least once, maybe look down at her with a smug grin before teasing her some more. She'd never let me do it though.

>> No.17490897

Getting the dragon slayer title feels good no matter who you are.

>> No.17490907

>She'd never let me do it though
You don't have to ask permission to step on someone that's the whole point.

>> No.17490916


Getting the dragon layer title would probably be a more notable achievement in of itself.

>> No.17490917

She wouldn't enjoy it. If I forced her like that she might do something nasty to me.

>> No.17490926

Sweet, innocent anon. They are the same thing.

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Dragon feet

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Yes there is and it's called being cuddled by one.

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>Ratatoskr working hard every day for years to earn your affections
>a mega rich CEO Tanuki swoops in one day and just buys you out
What happens?

>> No.17491028

smear ad campaign

>> No.17491032

She goes full fake news to ruin the Tanuki's reputation

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>innawoods anon is super paranoid about the government spying on him
>a combination of Dale Gribble and Alex Jones with a bit of JC Denton
>thinks the government is trying to set up a secret plan to force men to fall in love with monster girls by adding various chemicals to the water supply
>hides off the grid from the world to prevent the monster girl Illuminati from finding him and lives completely alone
>thing is anon hasn't even seen a monster girl once in person
>ends up caring for a Shoggoth because he thought it was some girl in a really elaborate costume after finding her lost in the woods
>Shoggoth decides to help him out by creating radio equipment, drones, and various other knick knacks to assist him
>anon falls in love with her, not ever realizing she's a monster girl
>innawoods anon and shoggoth team up to end the monster girl Illuminati
>their love is augmented

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MG Schoolgirls trying a toast in mouth encounter with a boy they are stalking.

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>Buying me out from a hard working Rata

She's getting bigamy at most and that Rata's getting pregnant first.

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The fact that KC hasn't made a Medjed monstergirl for not-Egypt is baffling.

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A convenient MG for sure

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Cutest Pharaoh!

>> No.17491128

>chaos girls
the damn fool forgot about the chaos cabals probably had his brain scrambled already

>> No.17491130

>Pharaoh decides to go among the people in disguise
>unfortunately she chose to disguise herself as a ghost

>> No.17491138

Medjeds a low-tier god.

>> No.17491156

Aren't there any nice chaos girls? Who maybe have sometimes are milkwomen and are considering getting into ice-cream?

>> No.17491158

>"Off we go mastah~! Yahoooo!"
>"Babe, this is the most lively you've ever sounded!"
>"Tekeli li! Silly mastaaaaaAAAH!"

>> No.17491160

They're all nice, though.

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Today's the day she's gonna do it!

>> No.17491178

I want a Shog who can't control her excitement for new places and activities.

>> No.17491189

>Starry eyed Shog
>Looking closer, you can see literal stars in the inner void of her eyes

>> No.17491193

Medjed is the god that will surpass Kek

>> No.17491199

Genki shogs are best shogs.

Please go.

>> No.17491219

>Genki Adventurer Shog
>An outcast from her people for taking interest in such trivial things
>Forms her clothes as a tight fitting, sexy yet functional leather armor getup
>Loves tasting new foods and adding them to her internal cookbook
>Loves exploring with you, enjoys learning new things
>If shit ever truly hits the fan or it becomes clear that her mastah is actually in real dire danger, she reverts to full S I L L Y mode and essentially does her duties as a maid 'cleaning up' the danger while her mastah is passed out so he won't go insane from the sight of her revealing herself fully

>> No.17491225

mere female jellies!

>> No.17491233

That's pretty much my ideal Shog. A tight and feisty Shog adventurer in a sexy outfit, and plenty of tricks up her sleeve. A woman of few words, but plenty of action.
delete this

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How would a Salamander react to meeting a Son of Vulcan?

>> No.17491241

If you heavily irrumate a Nureonago, will she just smile up at you pleasantly even as the force of you slamming your hips into her mouth splatters her face apart?
Obviously there's no damage or pain to her despite you going at it with a force that would get you a homicide charge on a normal human

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Does this look willing to breed for you?

>> No.17491246

They'd react as they normally.

By greeting their fellow battle brother and reminding that that VULKAN LIVES

>> No.17491249

Yes it does.

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>tfw an ornery Amazonian Sabbath member will never make lewd gestures at me in the MGC Bar


>> No.17491255

>Skullfuck your Nureonago wife so hard you cum a bit out the back of her head
>She dutifully sucks you clean after and then moves to happily clean up the mess like a good housewife while putting some tea on for you
Its not fair

>> No.17491269

Let me whip my dick out and find out.

>> No.17491270

Best Chapter.

You're my negro now.

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How big do you like your devils?

>> No.17491287

Deny the tanuki's evil ways and cuddlefuck rata after making her snacks

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Devils? Short and smol
Demons? pic related

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If demonic energy can animate statues into monsters, might not holy power animate statues to fight them?

>> No.17491298

BIG, and in a variety of ways.
I would need two or three demons to satisfy my variety of big lusts.

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File: 274 KB, 609x1300, 1497807663381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Demons? Pic related or greater.

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File: 559 KB, 657x890, 1422579249992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is about right.

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>> No.17491313

How's she supposed to stand up like that?

>> No.17491315

Maybe, but I don't think anyone here is up for ActRaiser references right now.

>> No.17491323

>Coal black skin
>Violet eyes
Imagine running into her somewhere pitch black and all you see are those eyes.

>> No.17491328

It would certainly feel like somebody was watching me. Almost like I had no privacy.

>> No.17491338

Magic, son. Why walk when you can just hover everywhere in seductive poses? Though if she really needs help, I'm sure she'd be happy if you were to support her.

>> No.17491347

Unimportant so long as they have weapons grade thighs.

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Wide hips>large breasts

prove me wrong

>> No.17491352

Does it always feel that way?

>> No.17491360 [DELETED] 


>> No.17491365

A man can do terrible things when confronted with hips that don't lie. Terrible things.

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I would walk Yeti-Chan home gently.

>> No.17491373

But that just proves him right.

>> No.17491378

I can't because flat loli with wide hips is the best body type.

>> No.17491380

large breasts without wide hips don't look as good.

this is also good.

>> No.17491384

I know what you're doing anon

>> No.17491415

Why not oth

>> No.17491419

One of my favorites

>> No.17491427

Gargoyles who were parked on Church property act pure in MGE. Like Unicorn Lites really.

>> No.17491433

>walk Yeti-chan home
>she feels a blizzard coming her Yuki-onna classmate next door saw her come home with a boy and she's pissed
>Yeti-chan invites you in to cuddlefuck gently by a warm fire

>> No.17491434

I want a tubby holst to grope and squeeze.

>> No.17491437

I'd prefer one that's in shape.

>> No.17491444

Thats fine.
Muscle holsts are nice as well.

>> No.17491455

Isn't it just a minotaur at that point?

>> No.17491466

Nah, at that point she's a big, buff holst that is gentle as a fly and would love nothing more than to have you ride her.

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Only on the surface, anon. Remember that holsts are just as strong as their mino cousins and just as capable of turning your pelvis to powder. They're just just nicer if you give them regular dickings.

>> No.17491478

anyone have those pictures of a succubus i think was wearing that boob window sweater

she had blue skin and abs, that's all i remember

>> No.17491483

And who wouldn't with a girl that had tits like that?

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File: 1.02 MB, 1203x2046, 1484884742362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure this isn't it, but am I in the ballpark?

>> No.17491496

dark blue skin. there was also a version where she was just wearing black lingerie

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File: 1.10 MB, 1200x1600, 1390960049690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean this one?

>> No.17491503

I want a strong lizardgirl showing both her abs and cleavage at the same time like that
Or in a gym outfit, worked up a sweat

>> No.17491511

Enjoy your vacations m8

>> No.17491513

That's it, thanks a billion. You can delete it now.

>> No.17491515

Nips are usually safe now, but for my own sake I'll get rid of it.

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Will anon ever get over his fear of water?

Will anon ever get the chance to woo the superior water ladies of the deep?

>> No.17491530

Nips have become okay here for some reason.

>> No.17491531

Get those fins off the table, shipmate.

>> No.17491572

Those fins don't appear to be on the table Cappin'.

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File: 338 KB, 595x842, 1502934059795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's there to be afraid of?

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File: 1.71 MB, 2610x2180, 1486008400172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mershark looks big and scary, but I bet she's really chill.

>> No.17491601

That's a lot better than some of t's previous stuff. hope he keeps up the improvement

>> No.17491604

>reading through the end of last thread
What a fine mess that was

>> No.17491614

>what's there to be afraid of?

Ftaghn indeed.

>> No.17491623

Nurse Mersharks are really cute, docile girls.

>> No.17491627

I like how they're self conscious about their previous reputation and would fuss over minor injuries on humans.

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File: 27 KB, 300x428, golem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do golems ever wear tops with sleeves? What would a golem look like with a sweater on?

>> No.17491634


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Mersharks are cute, cute!

>> No.17491644

You won't be saying that once there's storms full of 'em tearing up your cities!

>> No.17491649

A milky minotaur

>> No.17491653

But how would that happen unless someone pissed off some elementals?

>> No.17491655

I can't believe you just referenced Sharknado.

>> No.17491660

That I did. What are ya gonna do, stab me?

>> No.17491665

less protein content milk

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>Underwater Nurses

After the logistics of how underwater nursing works, Nurse Sea Bishop when?

>> No.17491691

They probably have damp caves with air where they can lay a man down to work on when he's injured and healing magic.

>> No.17491693

>quote from man stabbed by a girtablilu

>> No.17491694

I hope you understand just how hot I find the idea of one of these pulling me down by the ankle while I'm swimming in the ocean and dragging me to the depths.

>> No.17491725

That reminds me, did anything come up during Shark Week? Or was it like how Shark Week was the past few years being a disappointment?

>> No.17491735

Kumiho > Kitsune
Rulsaka > Mermaid

>> No.17491747

I hope to be prey someday.

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File: 506 KB, 865x1450, Meeting-Serval.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scribbled something wholesome.

Two more sketches that accompany the one I posted:

>> No.17491785


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File: 604 KB, 789x1039, Noble_Waif.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At carnival with vampire waifu.
>Insist on going into the haunted house.
>She is less than amused and rolls her eyes.
>She dismisses it as just cheap, childish crap.
>You both go in anyway.
>Within minutes she's trembling and clinging to your arm.
>Midway through the house, pass a dark lit corner.
>Man in killer clown suit jumps out and grabs your her shoulder.
>She jumps and screams so loud you swear your eardrums rupture.
>Delivers the meanest right hook you've ever seen straight into the dude's face.
>Dude is out like a light.
>She just stands over him trembling.
>Her lips curl into a grimace and her face shades to a burning red.
>She storms off.
>Catch up with her outside.
>She's off to the side hunched over and fighting back tears, her face is so red it's almost glowing.
>Try to console her
>She pushes you back and turns away from you.
>She crosses her arms and locks her knees together. Sniffling.
>Then it hits you.
>You can just barely see it in the dim light, but there's a wet spot on her pants...right between her legs...

What do you do, /mgt/?

>> No.17491790


Anon, I...

>> No.17491811

Tell her she's shit and she shouldn't even call herself a vampire

>> No.17491812


>> No.17491813


>> No.17491832

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, remember to get your waifus in alternate hair-styles.

Twin-tailed cheshires would be cute, as would braid holsts.

>> No.17491834

Not him, but I'm not familiar with TFT. What's so bad about it?

>> No.17491843

Long braids are top tier but I'm a fan of the loose ponytail over the shoulder myself.

>> No.17491844

A lot of degeneracy, and some real shit tier Monster Girl wiki tier stories.

>> No.17491845 [DELETED] 


>> No.17491847

I'd learn how to style hair if it meant being able to style my waifu's hair.

>> No.17491848

That's true.

Braids are always a constant for me.

Kiki braids, vampire braids, and even bapho braids are nice.

>> No.17491849

Which writers?

>> No.17491897


Well at least on TFT they have story tags, so you shouldn't be blindsided by something you don't like in the story.

Unlike what's happened to me a couple of times just looking at random pastebin stories.

>> No.17491899

Reminder that sending your waifu to the couch is the worst possible punishment you can deliver and should be used only in the most extreme circumstances.

>> No.17491907

Mostly just bob, ace, sukiru. Might be some other pretty bad ones but aside from that and the occasional futa story it's not too bad.

>> No.17491921 [DELETED] 
File: 1.39 MB, 2480x3508, 0729_40k_daemon_color1A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Starting next week (i.e. the week of 21st-27th) I'll only be mentioning stories on the Wordpress if they contain proper tags somewhere near the beginning. I got more than a few angry messages about a story or two I had featured that contained things this thread generally does not like. While I don't really want to have to start screening content and filtering based on some abstract criteria, enforcing a "must have tags" rule seems like the best way to handle this.

Have more malal daemonette

>> No.17491927

What if I send her to the couch so I can surprise her with a blanket cocoon and the entire Original Trilogy.

>> No.17491928 [DELETED] 

A shit much like every chaos

>> No.17491934 [DELETED] 

Shogs are not shit! You take that back!

>> No.17491938 [DELETED] 


>> No.17491940

Phoenix when?

>> No.17491943 [DELETED] 


Get back in the Retconnian!

>> No.17491947

What's wrong with the couch anon? My waifu and I would use the couch for a lot of our comfy, lazy lewdness and other sexy play. If I told her to go to the couch then she'd be all happy because she's expecting me to sit her in my lap over there and lovingly grope her or molest her tongue and throat while she wears a ring gag while we watch TV or something like that.

>> No.17491950 [DELETED] 

She will be cannon again!

She will, she will, she will!

The bugs haven't gotten her yet

>> No.17491953 [DELETED] 

I wouldn't even sweat it to be honest. Spergs here feel the reason to freak out about the littlest shit. It's best to just ignore their fits.

>> No.17491965

Interesting dynamic with a sandworm.

>> No.17491973 [DELETED] 

Eh. It's been a long time coming. If the Formally-of-/d/ /trash/ writing thread can maintain tags on their stories, then it should be no problem for us. It's about a 30 second addition to posting your story here and might actually attract more viewers to your pastes in the long run.

>> No.17491982 [DELETED] 

>littlest shit
Sure, fag

>> No.17491990

You really haven't read many stories on there have you.

>> No.17491993

>send sandworm waifu to couch
>the couch is just a bit of manipulated flesh
>she removes the fleshy couch
>instead she forms it in part of the shell above
>she flips herself around 180 degrees quickly, sending you flying and landing in your head

>> No.17491998 [DELETED] 

While I agree with you some, there are a few things that should never be allowed here. If it was hardcore male/femdom, corruption or KDF stuff I'd definitely agree but fits and NTR are not to be accepted under any circumstances.

>> No.17492000
File: 1.27 MB, 2048x1536, 1502767262736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17492006
File: 1.14 MB, 2048x1556, 1502767334797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17492009

Hunting Horror

It's sandworm that can fly. It's also a chaos girl.

>> No.17492020 [DELETED] 

This. People here like to get angry at everything and cry wolf, but some things can't be ignored and allowed to remain.

>> No.17492025

I dig it, but whatever happens to her husband must be crazy.

>> No.17492028
File: 194 KB, 800x1129, DFmaNeLXoAEkmVN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 563 KB, 2048x1862, 1460765930471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If she wanted to cuddle,all she had to do was ask.

>> No.17492047

I've been considering a Kumiho story for about a week now. But I'm not sure how to tell versus show something she did in order to jump start the story.

>> No.17492050 [DELETED] 

Just to clarify, are you going to filter out stories that have tags that the community generally doesn't care for? Because while a agree with a lot of the topics on the shitlist, I was under the impression that your wordpress doesn't exclusively cater to /jp/.

>> No.17492060

My desire to lovingly impregnate is rising.

>> No.17492071

Being a manlet has its perks.
>tall girls are easier to find
>mgs wouldn't expect you to put up much of a fight.
>build muscle faster
>get spoiled by CCs more often
>look younger than you really are.
I want to fight a minotaur and change her last name when i'm done.

>> No.17492078 [DELETED] 

Unless it's a story clearly written as bait (the recent male Hellhound one comes to mind) I'll feature whatever pastebin stories get posted here on the wordpress. I'll be posting a message there with this weekly update that'll let anyone not from here know about the tags as well. Though to be fair, I haven't had a whole lot of extra-site involvement lately. The usual /monster/ guy stopped sending updates, and the one or two that only ever emailed me links I'll let know about the change as well.

>> No.17492080

They enter a mimic world after being swallowed and forget that they ever encountered the horror. If they ever realize the fabrication, they "wake up" from a dream into another fabrication. The horrors enter and influence the dreams of outsiders to gain material for keeping the illusion fresh.

>> No.17492084


I'll take twenty.

>> No.17492085 [DELETED] 

>the recent male Hellhound
Wait, I hope you're not referring to my recent story currently on the wordpress.

>> No.17492091

I'm not really expecting anything lanternon tier there just something to read and forget really.

>> No.17492098

And you're looking for good stories? Just use the wordpress and check out a few authors.

>> No.17492105 [DELETED] 


I'd definitely prefer tags if only because I am picky about species.

>> No.17492106

Anybody have a translation for this one?

>> No.17492116

>Quicksilver/KDF isn't on the writefag list anymore
Keksimus maximus

>> No.17492144

>it's real
Huh. Do even the discordfags hate him now?

>> No.17492145

I've read most of the stories on there actually. Much better overall then tft but that doesnt mean you cant try and find a decent story there.

>> No.17492164

Some anon on /d/ translated it a while back, I forgot what exactly it was but it was along the lines of "Stay away! This male/husband is mine!"

>> No.17492169

Anubises were made for butt stuff!

>> No.17492178

I agree, I just wasn't sure if you were aware of it. Look up Wings of Desire if you haven't seen that one. I think it's on literotica.

>> No.17492191

Wow. There are a bunch of dead writefags on there too, he must have fucked up bad.

>> No.17492193

I'll check it out thanks!

>> No.17492225 [DELETED] 

Honestly, it didn't even feel like your heart was even in it. The entire story felt too forced for me to feel anything.

>> No.17492228

Interesting. This is definitely news to me, I'm curious as to why I'm not there anymore, but not if it will disturb the thread.

>> No.17492232


Just because a writer is dead doesn't mean the stuff they already made goes away.

>> No.17492246

Right? That's what makes his absence so suspicious.

>> No.17492267 [DELETED] 
File: 195 KB, 1915x935, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While I appreciate the feedback, I was making sure I wasn't being confused with the shitposter.

I agree that it seems forced. I've been struggling to figure out what level of detail contributes nothing to the story. I also just want to write something more light-hearted/cute, and I've wanted to do a hellhound story since pic-related fun years ago.

Can you be more specific on what can be improved?

>> No.17492270

>Guy in fake world goes to buy his wife's favorite dessert
>Upon reaching the counter, he can't remember what it is even though he has bought it dozens of times before
>Horror wife realizes that she fucked up and forgot that humans eat food

>> No.17492291
File: 638 KB, 1016x1082, 15467565948654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Roll a Monster Girl.

I'd give a link, but people always seem to get books, so I give up.

Got one? Okay, that Monster Girl is now responsible for training you from a Zero to a Hero!

What does your training involve? Also, she has to sing this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtTmR_v6pz4

>> No.17492312 [DELETED] 

Show more, tell less. Don't just tell the reader a girl is getting impregnated when a guy cums inside, instead show the reader that she is pregnant (because some guy came inside her). Use a time skip and have the topic come up in character dialogue, have a scene where a pregnancy test comes back positive, or even just bring up the fact in the epilogue.

Also, edit your work. Grammatical and spelling errors really fuck with a story's flow.

>> No.17492314
File: 28 KB, 576x324, 1234675432342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17492334

Now that right there is a fucksquad

>> No.17492341

The friendliest chain gang you'll ever meet.

>> No.17492350
File: 237 KB, 298x322, buttstuff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


damn straight

>> No.17492367

Another day of sexual depravity in Monster Girl Egypt.

>> No.17492380

She'll shock me if I don't exercise, shock me if I don't exercise well enough, shocks me if I don't eat or sleep well, shocks me if I don't reach the goals she sets, shocks me if I lose a sparring match, and shocks me just to prepare me for sudden attacks.

>> No.17492384
File: 295 KB, 1600x2000, 1452920416225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You gonna post a link for full image? You can't just tease lewd butt stuff and not follow up.

>> No.17492389 [DELETED] 

Makes me wish there was a chat room for this sort of thing.

>> No.17492395

She teaches me how to craft gadgets and shit to fight.
All the other party members are going to think I'm some fuckhuge tank-type guy when really I'm just some scrawny nerd in what amounts to a fantasy Contemptor Dreadnought.

>> No.17492402

Given the art style I'd have to guess that's from one of the violated hero games.
That could be a bad thing.

>> No.17492408


>> No.17492422

Assuming that this would replace my waifu's current species and her personality and interests and fetishes were all perfect and the same, I would definitely be down for my waifu training me to be a hero with neat wind powers.

>> No.17492425 [DELETED] 

It'd be nice. MG stuff is niche enough that getting good feedback is difficult, and nobody (rightly) wants the thread derailed.

>> No.17492432

>Anon and his Yeti childhood friend are walking home.
>"Wow, it's really cold. Would you like to come in and wait the storm out Anon?"
>"Nah, I gotta get home. It's not snowing too badly"
>Snowing increases from flurries to sheets
>"Yep, totally fine with this"
>Full-on blizzard and white out moves into area
>"I'm sure I'll manage to make it home"
>Piles of snow are literally falling on Anon
>Off in the distance, a Yuki-Onna cries out

>> No.17492455

>not the prequels
So uncivilized.

>> No.17492472

Anon, I want to have a good comfy time with my waifu, not gather up enough anger for a mutual ragefuck session.

>> No.17492481


Sword training that quickly turns into bareback grappling. Work on that upper-body strength and endurance. Though I'd expect her to throttle me for trying to push a compromised joint to its literal breaking point.

>> No.17492485
File: 28 KB, 720x480, 1335682230873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Endorsing the prequel trilogy over the original
That's a level of torture that no arachne or dark elf could condone.

>> No.17492489

>It seems, in your anger, you impregnated her

>> No.17492491

Joke's on you. We watch them all happily and willingly. Revel in the good, snark at the bad.

>> No.17492496

Yes, but the dark side of torture play is a pathway to many forms of orgams some may consider unnatural.

>> No.17492504

There's torture play and then there's dangerous self harm anon, what other anon suggested is the latter.

>> No.17492513

I would actually enjoy Torture play. There's pleasure to be had when you're tied to a bed in a room with a leather clad Demon.
There's barely any good scenes in the prequels, and they're all in Phantom Menace.

>> No.17492528

Right? Torture play can be really comfy for both the giver and the receiver, but sitting through all three prequels is decidedly un-comfy.

>> No.17492532

>There's barely any good scenes in the prequels, and they're all in Phantom Menace

Truly wonderful, the mind of a mere child is.

>> No.17492538

I'd much rather my waifu jack me off with an Onahole, until I beg her to let me cum inside than watch the fucking prequels.
And then when I beg her, she makes me cum inside her as many times as she forced me with the Onahole while pouring the contents of said onahole into her mouth..

>> No.17492542

If you can tell me any good scenes that aren't the Podrace and the Darth Maul fight scene with all the other bullshit cut out then I'll be genuinely surprised.

>> No.17492548

I'd imagine training in stealth and ambush tactics as well as poison making.

>> No.17492554

Aww jeez anon that's pretty hot. I'd do plenty of compromising things for my waifu or daughteru before watching the prequels too.

>> No.17492564

What about the droid attack on the wookies?

>> No.17492590

>or daughteru
I disapprove, but am willing to ignore it out of shared hatred for the prequels.

>Anything from episode 3
That's hilarious anon. You should do stand-up.

>> No.17492600

The final lightsaber duel was semi-decent, but completely ruined by the bullshit 'I have the high ground' bit.

>> No.17492606

>Rolls a March Hare
>Instructions make no sense and always lead with us fucking like rabbits.

She never made me a hero, but I don't mind.

>> No.17492616

>but completely ruined by the bullshit 'I have the high ground' bit
You're sure it was that and not the half hour of pointless bullshit beforehand?

>> No.17492631

Hence the semi-decent. Once they stopped imitating the DS2 meta and actually fighting, it was tolerable.

>> No.17492646

Episode 3 is pure kino, you need a deep understanding of historical politics and philosophy as well as Shakespearean writings to fully grasp it. The only people who hate it are people who legitimately can't understand its brilliance. It's sad really.

>> No.17492659

Opinion immediately discarded, "kino" is a term used by pretentious assholes to justify liking shitty movies.

>> No.17492669

I want to commit deviant, forbidden sex acts with a brown loli Paladin-chan.

>> No.17492686

Do not sexualize Empress-chan! How will she defend the Imperium if you keep doing lewd things around her?

>> No.17492689

You seem legit autistic.

A. It's a word for movie/film in numerous languages, it's not a term
B People don't use it to justify anything, it's a joke, and that joke is that awful movies are just misunderstood art. It's so simple that it boggles the mind that people like you completely miss the point.

>> No.17492696

She takes in souls to power herself, doesn't she? I'll give her billions and billions, if you know what I mean.

>> No.17492697

Anon, I've run into people who use that term legitimately.
I just can't tell who's being ironic and who isn't anymore.
Also it's late and I should probably be getting to bed.

>> No.17492718
File: 2.22 MB, 540x540, 9b2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are about to enter to MGE world.

Do you take one of the extremely broken cheat weapons and skills offered to anons to ensure they get their waifu regardless of the MG race? Or will you take the baka goddess with you as your waifu instead?

>> No.17492721

"Don't call me a NEET you fucking bitch." ~ Best line said to her.

>> No.17492729
File: 114 KB, 800x600, 1438542092542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll take the bwaka goddess and use her and a pair of stocks in a basement to set up a brothel.

>> No.17492731

A cheat skill? What sort of cheat skill?

Wonder if there's one that says "go back and forth between worlds." If so, look for that one and grab it so I can wander off and pop back in whenever I feel like. If not, well. I don't know what to do then.

>> No.17492744
File: 606 KB, 1800x1500, Fiora11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a clothed bird

>> No.17492746

She's cute and fluffy. Some sort of a raptor?

>> No.17492748

That knight has a THICK fat ass

>> No.17492753

That's a big bird! What a great day for bird-watching!

>> No.17492764

Konosuba tier cheat skills allowed average NEETs to do whatever the fuck they want in the Konosuba world, basically reshaping it to their desire.
So if these cheats skills are on the same tier to the MGE world, you know what to expect. The kind of shit that can zero effort tame a Hellhound.

>> No.17492769

I'd take instant hypnosis and just use it to take sexual and economic advantage of the Paladin-chans. I'd make a whole convent my maids and the best girl of them all my waifu.

>> No.17492782

Depends on if the cheat would allow me to have an at least 5 girl harem of Hinezumi bodyguards.

>> No.17492793

Somewhere between eagle and paradise bird

>> No.17492868

>there's a helmet
>comes with a free Lich, Soldier Beetle, Cursed Sword, Living Armor, Dragon Zombie, and Vampire

I mean, if I have to play by those rules, I might as well go for the meme.

>> No.17492896
File: 301 KB, 1000x1412, C88qhvWU0AA-VwP.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which bug would you enkou?

>> No.17492897

The gyaru one obviously.
I want a double-handed handjob and a ball fondle while she's fiddling with her phone with the free hand

>> No.17492900

1 looks cool, but she's wearing crocs. 2 it is. Hashtag fugthebug.

>> No.17492902

I'd avoid 2 if I were you.

>> No.17492903
File: 358 KB, 903x1280, 1399698326559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17492907

the tan bug

>> No.17492908

>le breast envy with those disgusting cowtits

>> No.17492913


Those look more like aliens then bugs to me.

>> No.17492924

its the hair and mouths
you could say their design bugs you

>> No.17492943


>> No.17493006

Yandere bugs are good.

>> No.17493023

Wide hips + large breasts > wide hips > Large breasts

You've been proven wrong

>> No.17493037

A flat chest multiplies the attractiveness of wide hips.
Only imature boys who get seduced by the first large breasted monster girl they meet think it is important for a MG to have a big rack

>> No.17493042 [DELETED] 

This'd be a pain if I was still writing. Never dug the whole tag system.

>> No.17493047 [DELETED] 

Can I tag it as anything or are there specific tags I need to use?

Do I put the tags at the start of the story?

>> No.17493055

>Trying to shame a lover of big tits as an "immature boy"
You know, the sabbath absolutely hate tits but I don't think even they employ shame tactics against human boys.

You're pretty lame, dog.

>> No.17493100

If you pick anything but the tall geek you are an alp

>> No.17493109
File: 282 KB, 1000x1412, C88qi_hVwAAjPC_.jpg orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's a dumb jock, spider is the geek.

>> No.17493111

my bottom line is 1 pair of legs

>> No.17493116

>he doesn't want a big popular jock gf

Ha gay

>He doesn't like multi-leg leglocking when he fugs a girl

Ha gay

>> No.17493144

tighter embrace > multi-leg leglockong
debate me

>> No.17493162

>Liking freaks with multiple limbs be it legs or arms
You guys disgust me.
A proper woman has a single pair of arms and legs.
If you want extra bits on your wife then get a monster girl with wings or tentacles rather than a multilimbed attrocity.

>> No.17493168

>caring about how many legs she has

Shallow. Shallow.

>> No.17493174

T. an Arachne stooge
Go back on your mistress' web she will want to abuse you for breakfast.

>> No.17493182

>he doesn't like a mistress Arachne to make you her little fly caught in her web and sexually tease you

You really are a gaylord

>> No.17493209

If wanting a monster girl with the appropriate number of limbs make me a gaylord, then you're a slut for wanting to become a spider's stress relief

>> No.17493212

Excuse you mr.shallow. You just can't handle a real woman with many legs, and if that makes me a slut then I'm proud to be a spider's little play toy.

>> No.17493255

Atlach-Nacha > Jurou-gumo > Arachne > Ushi-Oni > Ant-Arachne

>> No.17493257

>implying its not Atlach-Nacha = Arachne = Ushi-oni > Juro-Gumo > Ant-Arachne

>> No.17493258

Atlach-Nacha > Ushi-Oni > Jurou-gumo > Arachne > Ant-Arachne

>> No.17493271

I never really got how mamonobama works, do the girls magically sense your every desire or something?

Also, is there magic/potions etc. that increase sensitivity for a tickling fetish? Which girls are best for that?

>> No.17493275

>tickling fetish
what a degenerate

>> No.17493276

Jorou-gumo > Atlach-Nachadashi > Arachne > Ant Arachne >>> Ushi-Oni

>> No.17493281

How can Jurou-gumo be worse than both overly sadistic Arachnes and rape trains Ushi-Onis?

That's an acceptable order too

>> No.17493306

Because I like my rape spiders stronk

>> No.17493308

Ushis are best spider though.

>> No.17493314

The details of mamono mana are left to headcanon
The last chapter of Sasha's fallen maiden story shows some of its aspects, but they aren't Canon unless you want them to be

>> No.17493318

You know what, I have to agree, I had a feeling of regret after listing nachos abovr ushis and hitting post.
Ushis deserve better.

>> No.17493338

Atlach-Nachas are much better than violent cow spiders
Be honest with yourself. What sounds better:
1: An Atlach-Nacha lovingly lolidoms you, builds up your frustration by being hyper tsundere and then let's you turn the tables on her, use her body however you please while she apologizes and clearly announces her love for you
2: An Ushi-Oni kidnaps you and turns your pelvis to dust as she ruthlessly attempts to impregnate herself with your children without any regards for your prior consent, the consequences of her actions or her own safety.

>> No.17493339
File: 529 KB, 1445x2047, 1497627683166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking for a decent job in MGC
>you get pulled by a head hunter for an entry level desk job at a small company that only employs five other workers, including your new boss
>walk in on your first day to find that your coworkers are all gyrau Dark Elves, and your boss is an absolute bombshell
>she greets you very professionally and hands you a copy of your contract and, skimming through it, you see a clause that says "Indecent behavior during work hours towards female coworkers will not be tolerated.* "
>flipping the back of the contract you find the addendum "unless the employee's bestial lust becomes too much for him to control."

>> No.17493352

>t. alp
I want to be tickled, not the other way around to clarify, though the other way round is fine too.

>> No.17493373

>fags still going crazy over nacho and her shitty tsundom
Not to mention their other, much lamer lolidom niche

This is one of those cases where vanilla is the superior flavor, compared to a bunch of degenerate derivatives. Though jorou-gumo is also nice. I imagine it tastes like vanilla and honeycomb

>> No.17493405

Elves are boring
Especially overly lewd dark skinned one
At least pure light ones are fun to corrupt

It's oknto personally dislike something, but when that something is objectively better then you've got to at least respect it.
Respect the chaos spiders.

>> No.17493407

Vanilla best flavor
Fags who want to *spice it up* dont deserve it.

>> No.17493416

>objectively better
It endorses bestiality, and does it at the worst moment, right when things get good you realize you're a giant spider.

You loose out on everything related to "comfy" too, entire life spent in a cycle of abuse an revenge fucking. Face it, the value you put on her is entirely subjective, and the girl herself is heavily watered down through threadcanon.

Compare this to the original arachne, a girl who is tip top waifu material, and it's obvious nacho loses out big time except for the handful of people who her fetishes cater to exclusively.

In fact I feel like it's a trend I've noticed with most girls. The main species are great all rounders, and then you have the sub-species for certain kinks.

>> No.17493433
File: 951 KB, 1500x1414, tumblr_osp42rpbZB1vldipoo1_raw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just love the idea of absolutely violating a foul mouthed brat and making her apologise, is that so wrong?

>> No.17493439

Nav is a god

>> No.17493443

It's not wrong, it's just surprising. The girl has been out for a while, so if you're still so into it you must really really REALLY want to skullfuck a foul mouthed brat

>> No.17493449

All this with the added benefit of lolidom. Nachos are perfect.

>> No.17493452

I wouldn't go that far anon.
Unless she's undead in which case all bets are off.

>> No.17493467

Ehh, maybe that term means more than I think it means. I didn't mean it literally, just took it to be extremely vigorous irrumatio of the mouth.

Gagging. Tears. Mumbled, broken apologies as you momentarily take your cock out of her throat and cum stained saliva drools down her chin onto her flat chest before you ram your cock between her lips once more, that kind of thing.

>> No.17493468

Well it has been one of my top fetishes for years now so when the profile dropped it was one of the best things KC has ever released as far as my personal tastes are concerned.

Skull fucking isn't something I'm really into but most other aspects of teaching them a lesson really appeal to me.
Lolidom, teen nachos, christmas cake nacos, they're all great.

>> No.17493480

Can't argue with that logic
I'm being swayed too hard by my own bias

>the girl herself is heavily watered down through threadcanon
I can disagree with this.
Rather than threadcanon watering her down I believe that it showcases her in rare situations that are canon.
There isn't really much point discussing how you would repeat the cycle of abuse with her, or the specifics of the transformation when you can instead discuss about cute and comfy moments that would occur with her throughout the months/years.

I like how some artists draw Atlach-Nacha with more developed bodies.
Loli Atlach-Nachas are ultimately the most appropriate given their disposition, but teenage, adult or even mature ones are lovable ad well.

>> No.17493482
File: 174 KB, 1064x1080, 1402400159491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>maybe that term means more than I think it means
Sometimes people use it to mean ocular penetration.

>> No.17493483

>let me tell you why a girl who isn't to my tastes is shit!

Not all the girls in the book were made to your tastes.

>> No.17493484

Some guy on /a/ said he creampied his gf in the eye socket.

>> No.17493489

I know, that's why Chardybis was included.

>> No.17493493

Isn't that true. How many girls are we on now, 204? 205? Either way that's a lot of monster girls and no one's going to like all of them, KC doesn't expect everyone to either.
But this is 4chan and more specifically, /jp/ so everything you don't like is shit.

>> No.17493499

Okay I take back what I said >>17493468 there, that kind of face fucking really appeals to me.

>> No.17493504
File: 198 KB, 785x900, 1493064973193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alps are monster girls too and deserve love just like all the others!

>> No.17493509

at least someone understands

>> No.17493511


>> No.17493513

Even the big and tall ones trying their best to look girly?

>> No.17493519

would you love a mino fitting that description? if yes, there you go.

>> No.17493520

>tfw no 2.5 meter Shoggoth

>> No.17493522


>> No.17493524

Would you walk into a store full of 2.4m shoggoths and walk out, sighing in disappointment?

>> No.17493525

Charybdis are cute, it's just that they get blue-ovaried by their superior Scylla counterpart

>> No.17493526

Are all alp pussies puffy to be misleading? Is there anyone weird enough to find out?

>> No.17493527

Yes I would.
2.5 to 3 is the ideal.

>> No.17493528

>Shitty loli spider with /d/ tier monster
>Superior to rape spider cow

>> No.17493529

>discuss about cute and comfy moments that would occur with her throughout the months/years.
At no point does the profile hint at downtime. You're either always raping her into submission or she's always stinging you with her poisonous barbs.

The one time she's docile is when you're a giant spider, and the times you're not a giant spider she's egging you on.

Now maybe the profile isn't clear on the intensity of the venom, and in the very early stages of poisoning you can enjoy cuddling on a couch together to watch a movie, if you watch the movie with headphones on, and drown out her incessant insults.

>> No.17493531

Story idea.

>Anon is literally MGE's most unmarriable man.
>Whenever he finds himself forcibly married, he unleashes his turbo sperg.
>The vast majority of monster girls only last a month before a divorce happens.
>Has a result, the Eros religion uses his case has a punishment for Cupids and Eros paladins.
>Now enter the unlucky Cupid who wound up with his case.

>> No.17493532

>It's post any flat Succubus image and call it an Alp episode

>> No.17493535

I desire an oppai loli spider harem

>> No.17493543

Remember, the scholar speaks in absolutes and is intentionally an unreliable author.
Taking things at face value leads to stuff like the hellhound misunderstanding.

>> No.17493553

You're right, the unreliability of the scholar is something I forgot to consider.

I mean fuck, maybe the nacho is just a paper tiger. He only has her words to rely on after all.

>> No.17493554

>The vast majority of monster girls only last a month before a divorce happens.
What fucking casuals.

>> No.17493555

An alp flexing hard enough so you can notice her is cute. In a dorky way.

>> No.17493557

Ushis are way better. Nachas won't stop being shitty unless you become a spider and bite her, and even then you have to spend the rest of your life spinning the thread.
With ushis you get to have some hot, wrestle sex and you can also become her teacher and have her learn cool stuff.

>> No.17493564

>With ushis you get to have some hot, wrestle sex and you can also become her teacher and have her learn cool stuff.
This is true. If ushis were all bad, KC wouldn't have given us that cute picture of a ushi learning to cook for her husbando

>> No.17493574

You need to get bitten in order to transform.
You can negate an Atlach-Nacha's venom by injecting her with a large dose of SE.
Once an Atlach-Nacha's venom is negated she returns to her original personality until the poison takes over again.
These 3 things are established in the profiles.
This gives us the possibility to negate an Atlach-Nacha's venom without transforming and then enjoy the time window where she is in her original personality while you are still a human.
That's going strictly by the profile. You can also apply other texts from the book to Atlach-Nachas, along with the additional information that KC gave us about them to also end up with cute/comfy situations.

It's definitely not something prominent, nor is it the reason why you would fall in love with an Atlach-Nacha but it is still a possibility. One that is very enjoyable to discuss about.

>> No.17493583

>You need to get bitten in order to transform.
No you don't. Unless my brain is mush, I remember very clearly that the Nacho's venom came from her words. Her words themselves were the venom she tainted you with, and it was this that made you go spiderman.
>You can negate an Atlach-Nacha's venom by injecting her with a large dose of SE.
Yeah but this means spider. Think about it man, we're talking about a top tier monster girl. a "large dose" is relative. When you get to the upper tiers of power, you'd probably need a full day of creampies to have it considered a 'large dose'
>Once an Atlach-Nacha's venom is negated she returns to her original personality until the poison takes over again.
Yeah, and you're left as a giant spider during this downtime. Unless you can dismiss the transformation after pumping out a tonne of SE.

>> No.17493588

You can dismiss the transformation at will

>> No.17493589

But as a spider? Come on, it's fucking disgusting!

>> No.17493594

Would there be an especially compact one with the tendency to jump on your head and back whenever you came into her reach?

Her words being poison was a mistake from an early translation

>> No.17493597

>Her words being poison was a mistake from an early translation
What? Is that true? That was the only thing I felt she had interesting going for her. And it was perfect thematically, even if I didn't like it.

Well that's lame.

>You can dismiss the transformation at will
Got any proof?

>> No.17493607

>What? Is that true? That was the only thing I felt she had interesting going for her. And it was perfect thematically, even if I didn't like it.
The venom in her body causes her to insult you. It's the bite that's actually dangerous.
>Got any proof?
KC's own words.
>By the way, their husband is able to freely return to human form, and supposedly they also have sex while he's in human form as well, but for some reason, they're shy about being seen getting it on with their husband in human form or something to that effect

>> No.17493610

>Anon's shittery becomes so infamous, that the demon Lord actually had to put a marriage ban on him. Only so it would protect the monster girls, not him.

>> No.17493616

>The venom in her body causes her to insult you. It's the bite that's actually dangerous.
Yeah but that's so fucking boring. It was way more fitting when her words themselves were poison. Also I know about it being the accumulation of poison that causes her to insult you. But it worked so much better then it was a literal trade. The poison within her went into her words and went into you.

You could almost forgive these words because of it. If she didn't insult you, she wouldn't release the poison within her. But now the words are just added insult for no reason other than she feels crappy.

Pretty 3dpd to me.

>> No.17493622

Soon after the others would come sputtering over in jealousy

>> No.17493635

But that's what drawn me to her, I love verbal abuse..

>> No.17493636
File: 792 KB, 758x1098, 1498325904691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>practice your cooking whenever you can, eventually being able to make some damn good food
>your family and friends wonder if you're getting ready for a career as a chef, but you never tell them exactly why you've been practicing
>one day, the portal opens and you get a monster girlfriend
>you cook for her every day and she sometimes wonders why you aren't a pro cook, but only for a few seconds as she gets caught up in how good your food is
>you secretly rub your hands together and laughs maniacally as she gradually gets more and more thicc
Is there anything you guys would try to perfect in preparation for the portal opening?

>> No.17493638

I love how everyone said TF was shit so KC just went and said "oh you can be human if ypu want."

>> No.17493640

>no one even threw him in the matango pit because it would be cruel to the matangos
>his own dog that he liked so much turned into cu sith and doesn't even want him

>> No.17493642

Which species would make the best shady used car saleswoman?

>> No.17493647

But don't you admit it's almost twistedly romantic in a way when she HAD to insult you? It's like you're sharing her burden with her, accepting the pain of her insults and shouldering the weight of her venom, until you succumb to it and rape her.

And all she could do about it as you pin her down and take her to pound town was feel grateful for being violated, because it's the result of you taking on her venom in her stead.

Now it's entirely meaningless. She's insulting you just because. It's neither here nor there, it loses its significance.

>> No.17493650

Image Dangerfield in monster girl world.
>I don't get no respect!
>Last night, a Wisp talked me off the ledge and told me I had something to live for.

>> No.17493658 [DELETED] 

What the fuck happened to ignoring the girl you dont like? Stop trying to ruin her to suit yourself.

>> No.17493661 [DELETED] 

>Stop talking about things I don't like!

>> No.17493670

Atlach-Nacha is already one of the best designed monster girl thematically
The reason why she is just a little girl with some spider bits is that it creates a bigger contrast with her married form and shows how important it is for her to have a husband. Without one she is doomed to constantly be sad, lonely and irritated.
There are also some neat details such as her having 4 legs and her husband too so that together they form a complete spider with 8 legs.

I get your disappointment, and perhaps the wording is confusing and we'll know more when the official SS translation is out. But for now the Canon is that she needs to physically inject her venom into you for transformation to occur.

>Pretty 3dpd to me
Take that back. You just don't understand them.
Insulting you is their only way to express their love. If they needed to selfishly vent their irritation on someone they wouldn't seclude themselves in a magically hidden nest and only attract (you) inside.
For you to see an Atlach-Nacha means you have a peculiar mindset that caused her to draw you to her, and I doubt you'd ever leave her once that happened.

>> No.17493673

Gonna have the biggest and softest cow

>> No.17493678


>> No.17493683

Refer to >>17493647. It fits together far better than insults being auxiliary.

>Insulting you is their only way to express their love.
Nonsense. There are countless other ways to express their love through their actions. Their words, even. We now know that she doesn't HAVE to insult you, she just chooses to. This means she can chose to say "I love you" too.

> they wouldn't seclude themselves in a magically hidden nest and only attract (you) inside.
Nigger their nest is a WMD. the seclude them selves out of self preservation, do you think either the DL or the Order would sit on their ass knowing this spider was out in the open?

>> No.17493686
File: 137 KB, 697x939, Atlach-Nacha4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tsun tsun dere tsun dere tsun tsun~

>> No.17493689

>There are countless other ways to express their love through their actions.
Like giving him the stomps.

>> No.17493692 [DELETED] 

>forced tagfaggotry
Fuck off. I guess the terrorists win, then.

Tagging doesn't even have anything to fucking do with /d/tards writing bait stories and you're just taking the opportunity to use the excuse to force tagging on everyone, like you faggots have been trying to do before. Who gives a god damn fuck about what /trash/d/ writefags do, and why should we do the same things as them?

>> No.17493698

Not really, I'm not picky about why she does it and I have a reason to ravage her. I may be autistic but not autistic enough to think too hard about why my dick is diamonds.

>> No.17493701 [DELETED] 

I'm fine with this. I only read stories for specific races and I don't want to read through half a story worth of world building before it's revealed what kind of monster the main character is going to fuck.

>> No.17493708 [DELETED] 

I don't read any stories with tags because if the writer is retarded enough to do that, they're going to be garbage anyway.

>> No.17493710

The venom puts her in a state where her only way of expressing her love is lolidoming you and insulting you
She doesn't choose to do so. She has no choices while envenomed, and only when it is negated she has a choice where she immediately apologizes for her previous words and actions.

>Your Atlach-Nacha waifu usually stomps you for a few minutes before switching to rape
>You give her a cute spider plush for her birthday and tell her about how much love her
>She proceeds to stomp you for a full hour

>> No.17493711 [DELETED] 

That's pretty superficial anon
>He can't tell the girl by the title of the story

>> No.17493715

>>She proceeds to stomp you for a full hour
Somebody's gonna have slimy feet at the end of that hour.

>> No.17493716

>She doesn't choose to do so. She has no choices while envenomed
She can bite you. None of that is necessary if she just gives you the venom as it accumulates before it gets too bad. It'll build up in you, and you'll fuck her an she'll be happy.

It literally removes the whole purpose behind her insults in the first place.

>> No.17493717

man i hate how artists post half the artwork on twitter

>> No.17493724 [DELETED] 

Tagging says nothing of writing ability. Everywhere else that hosts stories on the internet uses tags and lets face it, alp never used tags and he was still shit.

>> No.17493727

Do Wurns make good bodyguard waifus?

>> No.17493730 [DELETED] 

>That's pretty superficial anon
Look, if a bratty spider loli in revealing clothes is cussing me out I'm not going to sit down and ponder for half an hour about why she's doing it, she's going to get mating pressed either way.
This isn't the thinking man's fetish after all.

>> No.17493731 [DELETED] 

Why do you not like tags? Genuine question, curious to the answer.

>> No.17493739 [DELETED] 

>sit down and ponder for half an hour about why she's doing it
Not saying you have to. But the understanding that she's doing it because she has to, not because she wants to is an important one.

It's a distinction that could 180 your feelings in any given scenario.

>> No.17493740

Cutest spider in town.
Hug her for extra tsun!

I get your points, but it seems you don't get mine.
Rather than argur about a girl you don't particularly like go and enjoy yourself some Ushi-Oni or any other arachne species out there

>> No.17493746

>but it seems you don't get mine.
I don't. You say she has no choice, yet that would only be true if insults were the only way she had to alleviate the buildup of her venom. But this isn't the case.

So I don't really get what you're saying, no.

>> No.17493748

Which mg would make the best reverse trap?

>> No.17493755 [DELETED] 

I think that's the part you're missing, that distinction isn't something I care about. Both do the job for me just fine.

>> No.17493756
File: 189 KB, 800x800, d264f250dea9e5d1206052e46016aee7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can dark elves be nice bosses or coworkers without any blackmailing involved?

>> No.17493759

Vanilla succubus.

>> No.17493764


>> No.17493769

>Can dark elves be bosses or coworkers without any blackmailing involved?

>> No.17493770

Wurms make the best everything as long as they focus

>> No.17493773

That would be hard. There is always someone waiting to prey on the poor elves.

>> No.17493775


>> No.17493776

How can you get them to focus?

>> No.17493781

The Pavlovian method

>> No.17493785

Ask them to. Their main concern is always their husband and his interests.

>> No.17493804

>kikimora butler who tries to act all proper and uses "boku" but is putty in your hands when it comes to sex
>ochi who binds her breasts and wears male clothes due to zipangu succession rules but secretly wants to be seen as a woman
>rocker thunderbird with short hair, a leather jacket and screaming female fans who don't know she has a boyfriend

>> No.17493809

This >>17493785
Wurms aren't retarded, they're merely simple minded and don't care for much
If you made it clear that you'd like her to do something she would put her full focus and heart into it in order to accomplish it. Be it learning how to cook or how to play your favorite video game.

>> No.17493813 [DELETED] 

The "dumbest post of the day" award is going to get handed out early I see.

>> No.17493816 [DELETED] 

bunch of retarded-ass shit you fags got here

>> No.17493820 [DELETED] 

>enforcing a "must have tags" rule
You're gonna erase the stories that have no tags then? Even the old ones from this shithole's golden era? Why not just make tagged posts with story lists on your own blog?

>> No.17493829 [DELETED] 

Some anonymous faggots have been trying to push tagging for a long time here, I guess we know who it was now. ELH isn't even using a good excuse to force it on everyone.

>> No.17493834

I think learning how to cook might be too much for her.

>> No.17493835 [DELETED] 

I'm convinced this place will never stop digging through the bottom of the barrel until it reaches the mantle.

>> No.17493836 [DELETED] 

I can't believe that tagging would blister anyone's butt this much.
What the hell is wrong with having like six key words at the beginning of a story so that people know what they're getting into?

>> No.17493838
File: 270 KB, 737x699, 942faf7d4a7db812513fd7a577706e3f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17493839 [DELETED] 

What do you mean?

>> No.17493846

What if I tell her I find it super hot how Jinkos and Hinezumi destroy people in fight?

Can I get her to be a Jinko level martial artist?

>> No.17493850

She'd probably interpret that as you having eyes for someone else, and would initiate rape protocol 66.

>> No.17493861 [DELETED] 

If I'd hazard a guess:
>/d/ does it, so it MUST be bad!

>> No.17493862 [DELETED] 

What do you think it means?

>> No.17493867

You say that now, but just you wait.
In one day she will know how to cook basic ingredients dishes eggs and pasta.
In a week she will know how to cook plenty of meats, fish and sauces along with all kinds of vegetables and carbs.
In a month she would know a wide array of delicious dishes rabing from healthy to hearty and some deserts too.

Do monster girls with DFC get bullied?
Succubi are the idol species of monster girls, and they sport large milk jugs. Having a flat chest would instantly categorize a monster girl as uncool among her kind, unless she is in some weird cult.

>> No.17493869 [DELETED] 

He never said that, he said he's no longer going to post ones without tags from that date onwards. He's not deleting anything except a shitty ntr bait story that was written to get a reaction.

Really, no need to get so mad about it.

>> No.17493870 [DELETED] 

Fuck you kid you're a dick.
Youre a faggot.

>> No.17493872

Delicious food cook?

>> No.17493874

What's with this angry-at-the-world preteen?

>> No.17493875
File: 337 KB, 713x1000, Dragonia_samp1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTW in dragonia those 2 are wurms and they are
actually very smart. They were 2 headed dragon before DL but got separated into sisters after mamonomana. They run numerous shops and bars across all dragonia. They sometimes works as bartenders, the elder one excels at telling emotional stories and listening to problems and younger gives good advises. They also look for one husband to share with each other

>> No.17493876 [DELETED] 

>he's no longer going to post ones without tags from that date onwards
My, how monarchic.

>> No.17493880 [DELETED] 

Nothing, absolutely nothing.
If you walk into a bookstore to buy something, all the books are sorted into categories and have summaries on the back. Every site that hosts smut stories uses tags too, from normalfag ones like Literotica to monster girl related places like KC's own site.

>> No.17493881 [DELETED] 

Why is tagging such an immense burden, apparently?
It's only beneficial.

>> No.17493882
File: 526 KB, 720x960, 61d3ab94e8489d6f2fd1f2b1707c6764.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flat succs are better though.

>> No.17493883 [DELETED] 

Tagging books is the bookstore's job though, not the author's.

>> No.17493885 [DELETED] 

I think he's just mad that he can't bait people into reading a seemingly nice story only to dump something really shitty or edgy on the reader 3/4 of the way through.

>> No.17493886 [DELETED] 

>he said he's no longer going to post ones without tags from that date onwards
And that doesn't make any sense, there's no causality or correlation between "I listed some faggot's bait story and people got mad" and "Okay now I finally have an excuse to force everyone to use tags like my cabal demands." Seriously fuck off with this shit.

>> No.17493888 [DELETED] 

Sounds about right

>> No.17493890
File: 709 KB, 713x1000, 1500187115100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Info on the Knight Dragon?

>> No.17493893

I volunteer.

>> No.17493896 [DELETED] 

It's the publisher's job to do the summery. Since writefags don't have a publisher it falls on them.
That's the only thing anyone could complain about, that or prospective writefags upset that no one's going to care about their story with no sex scene and a monster girls no one cares about if they warn people about it upfront.

>> No.17493901

Do all these dudes bitching about putting tags on their shit actually write?

>> No.17493907


>> No.17493909 [DELETED] 

Oh okay, so instead of offering the reader the chance to atleast try and reading the story since they may like it. We're just going to make it so "reeee tags that bore me, I won't read it!"

I understand how it can save time if the story is shitty but hrist will it turn this place int even more of a circle jerk fest around very specific subjects.

>> No.17493919

Friendly reminder

>> No.17493921 [DELETED] 

>will it turn this place int even more of a circle jerk fest around very specific subjects
This, really.

>> No.17493922 [DELETED] 

This is a legitimate concern.

>> No.17493926 [DELETED] 

If the person doesn't like the species to the point of not reading it they'll bow out anyway.
If it's about fetishes, people already know what they do and don't like.

>> No.17493929

Kek it doesn't exist

>> No.17493931

There's nothing there my dude

>> No.17493934 [DELETED] 

That's sort of how stories in the real world work. Going back the bookstore thing, if you're only interested in fantasy and hate horror, you wouldn't waltz over to the horror section and tell yourself that's the next book you were going to read without even checking the summery, that's retarded.

>> No.17493937 [DELETED] 

There is always a chance that the reader will stick around to the end when reading a good story even if it doesn't have a monstergirl he likes. If you read the first line and see it doesn't have your waifu in the tags, odds are you'll just close the tab.
A story without tags encourages people to read at least a bit of it, giving it a chance to get them hooked. I lost count of how many stories I read til the end because I liked the setting and plot even though the heroine wasn't one of my favorite species.

>> No.17493939

What's this supposed to be?

>> No.17493941

I keep telling them but they won't listen.

>> No.17493944
File: 561 KB, 758x966, 222ebf92909ac1008e6ee149c8ab0f49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This artist is a god

>> No.17493948 [DELETED] 

Going to the library to pick up and read an actual book is different than opening a link to a 15 page story on the internet. You can't just scroll through a book for keywords you will or will not like in a few seconds and decide if you'll just "close" it and move on or not.

>> No.17493949 [DELETED] 

Exactly, so my point still stands how tags are stupid, a summary would be better as a summary takes effort. Tags simply just take no effort in saying "Hahaha Xd lewds! Male dom! Girls! X monster!"

They're fucking dumb.

>> No.17493951
File: 1.04 MB, 1112x1384, __wyrm_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_vins_mousseux__7237c83446b23710ead180d5f801870d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get her a pair of glasses

>> No.17493957

Oh phooey, looks like KDF deleted his disgusting toddlercon image from yesterday.

>> No.17493958

fellatio_gesture is incredibly sexual

>> No.17493962

Wurm sensei

>> No.17493972


>> No.17493973
File: 226 KB, 535x961, MGC BEACH COMING AT YOU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How upset would you be if your trip to MGC Beach, the best beach in the world, had to be cancelled for some reason?

Would you be this upset https://webmshare.com/play/qNYKz or even harder than that?

>> No.17493974

You sick fuck.

>> No.17493981 [DELETED] 

Of course writefag stories are shorter than real book and it takes less time to read them, that's why tags rather than a summery.
>using a strawman argument with xd

>> No.17493985

The dude made a mistake, why he had to post it here I don't know.

>> No.17493986

>They were 2 headed dragon before DL but got separated into sisters after mamonomana.

That's one way of solving the multi headed monster problem. So a Cerberus would become triplets with distinct personalities?

>> No.17493987 [DELETED] 

God damn it, misclick for the second part>>17493949

>> No.17493991

Is that Marina Inoue?

>> No.17493994 [DELETED] 

no anon is sucks

>> No.17493995

What if Wurms and pretend to be stupid to trick innocent human boys into lewd situations? What if they are actually clever schemers?

>> No.17493998 [DELETED] 

>>strawman argument

Literally didn't even address my point. Keep crying.

>> No.17493999 [DELETED] 

The only thing I'd worry about is if someone plans to post a story people don't like with the intention of including a /d/-tier twist they'll just tag if with stuff that seems ok and just not tag the shit that people here will throw a fit over.

>> No.17494006 [DELETED] 

I'm torn between not changing a thing and tagging every story with "Trigger warning: Descriptions of Penises"

>> No.17494013 [DELETED] 

You know what, do it. Push tags.
I'm ready for another truckercore shitstorm.

>> No.17494020 [DELETED] 

>Keep crying.
He's not the one having a bitch fit over having to slap a few descriptive words onto stories.

>> No.17494026 [DELETED] 

>if someone plans to post a story people don't like with the intention of including a /d/-tier twist they'll just tag if with stuff that seems ok and just not tag the shit that people here will throw a fit over
This is an excellent idea. I probably won't bother doing it, but maybe someone will.

>> No.17494031 [DELETED] 

Then the story may be quickly removed due to intentionally misleading tags.

>> No.17494033 [DELETED] 

Because it's lazy and stupid

>> No.17494038 [DELETED] 

How about I slap your shit?

>> No.17494040 [DELETED] 

Removed from where? The Wordpress? Like they give a fuck? Honestly if you write a story for the intention of pissing people off, chances are you won't give a fuck if it's added to ELH's Wordpress.

>> No.17494041

I deleted the old one because the artist was nice enough to color it. I'm not going to post it though, I know I'll offend people if I post it or if that one unsavory guy does.

>> No.17494043 [DELETED] 

If they "don't give a fuck," then why do they care about tagging?

>> No.17494044

Altoiris, the commander of dragon knights.
Calm, stubborn, proud. Dere level 3/5
"The night is still young, I will show you what makes me a dragon commander~"
She was a dragon warrior even before the DL. She is kinda of tsundere, she was checking bureau to see how it's going and how her underlings behave but got appointed to (you) as a guide by mistake. She is kinda mad that you didn't recognize her as your guide and asked her "where is my dragon at" so she promises to fuck your brains out
All dragonia profiles are monsters working in dragonia travelling bureau as guides to (you). The whole bureau is obviously just a dating service for single dragons looking for husbands
BTW it's not my translation, some grill translates it into russian

>> No.17494046 [DELETED] 

To make the story sound vanilla so people will read it you idiot.

>> No.17494047

>western writers are just as volatile and flaky as eastern artists
Really makes me think.

>> No.17494048 [DELETED] 

This isn't writefags you're losing, this is writefagging you lost because you keep advocating for stupid shit

>> No.17494051
File: 611 KB, 650x964, f9cffa3d6fcb8e3a766b413f1194e135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thick cows

>> No.17494052 [DELETED] 

Sounds like nothing of value was lost.

>> No.17494060

>Being baited this hard

>> No.17494076

Stop posting this ugly whore.

>> No.17494081

Where did dragons rarely meet man go? I guess with each passing generation they get less and less proud and haughty, reducing the amount of zombie dragons and becoming more female lizard like.

>> No.17494086 [DELETED] 

I for one have no intention of changing my formatting. If ELH doesn't want to list my stories anymore, tough shit. I haven't asked him to do it, he doesn't pay me, and I don't take orders from him.

>> No.17494087

Dragonia isn't official canon, so there's some liberties taken.

>> No.17494090

I feel bad for you KDF, not even you deserve to be hunted like that. Don't let the bastards get you down.

>> No.17494093 [DELETED] 

I didn't even know stories get added to the Wordpress and honestly it means nothing to me if they are or not.

>> No.17494102 [DELETED] 

>didn't know stories get added to the wordpress
You must not have used it before

>> No.17494106

Even then, those dragons are too lewd. I guess its what happens when they live around humans. They just can't resist the urge to hit on them.

>> No.17494107 [DELETED] 

Nope. Never had a reason to. I don't even know what it's for or what it contains.

>> No.17494110 [DELETED] 

Well I guess I can see why this is of no loss to you. Carry on!

>> No.17494121 [DELETED] 

To be honest I hate the Wordpress, and I don't even write. It seems that only popular writefag's stories get added.

>> No.17494129 [DELETED] 

I don't know about that, because even my stories made it on there and I ain't no star child. I just think it's that they sometimes miss one or two story postings during their updates is all.

>> No.17494131

Cute cow
Would Grope/10

>> No.17494139
File: 532 KB, 709x838, 9951024cb3a70e8e1545850b80524de2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17494148 [DELETED] 

I think he's just lazy and/or neglectful about it. I used to be pretty popular and he neglected to add some of my stories.

>> No.17494150


They are some 1/5 dere dragons but the whole bureau is like rehabilitation center for too much tsun dragons

>> No.17494152

Why is teasing a thick Sturm so fun?

>> No.17494154 [DELETED] 

Sometimes he's just too busy licking mono's ass

>> No.17494156
File: 250 KB, 886x742, Shiny Wurms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17494161

Yeah, I can see some married dragons trying to explain to their friends the wonders of having a husband. There would also be dragons that taught their dragon daughterus that guys are nice.

>> No.17494162
File: 786 KB, 744x953, 254f8beeab752f062418142af4cca1bd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because tsundairies are god tier teasing material

>> No.17494167 [DELETED] 

I don't know that is why I am asking

>> No.17494168 [DELETED] 

And nothing of value was lost. If you can't spend 30 seconds tagging your story then I don't have 30 seconds to click on your pastebin link to see what it's about.

>> No.17494170

Would grope, milk, impregnate, and give snacks

>> No.17494175 [DELETED] 

>tough shit

>> No.17494177

Reverse traps will be the end of me.

>> No.17494189

How has no one mentioned alps? The title holder for best reverse trap.

>> No.17494196

Alps are just bad overall, so they don't qualify.

>> No.17494204

>monster girl

>> No.17494234 [DELETED] 

This is the hole the general has dug itself in

>> No.17494240 [DELETED] 

More like the hole one triggered anon's dug himself into because his story's so special that it doesn't need tagging :^)

>> No.17494243 [DELETED] 
File: 55 KB, 736x1105, crow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But this is about a 3rd party site.

>> No.17494244

Dumb cow punt on her sweater wrong
She should go on a diet and read some book

>> No.17494276

Wurm, please get off the computer

>> No.17494283

Dragons were never picky or selective. The reason why Dragons in MGE tene to rarely meet men is due circumstance, rather than because they consider men "not good enough" or anything like that. Basically they are too prideful to go actively looking for men and also too prideful to mate with men who come to kill and steal from them. But once they meet a guy face to face who is not looking to harm her.....
Thats why Dragonia Dragons appear so lewd, they are meeting a guy in close proximity in a friendly interaction.

>> No.17494289 [DELETED] 
File: 332 KB, 550x440, 1470078838380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>upset that no one's going to care about their story with no sex scene
>writing smut

>> No.17494294 [DELETED] 

Oh a smug cat, nice, going to add this to the growing collection.

>> No.17494302
File: 85 KB, 1000x481, GoddamnFuckityFuckingThingsWontStayOn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saw this one on the wiki and I got to thinking. I own several cats and getting this antiflea shit on them is fucking hard and some days impossible. I can only imagine how hard keeping my waifu's mane pest-free would be. Probably get drugged on a full dose of tail venom as she bolts for the back door just for trying. How poorly would your waifu react to flea and tick products/collars anon? If applicable, of course.

If you want to fear for your harpy-species waifu, google "bird tick"

>> No.17494307

>I own several cats

You're like the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady.

>> No.17494315

>tfw my cat was too dumb to grow a neck so he's just got a head sitting directly on his shoulders

>> No.17494332
File: 868 KB, 1764x1031, 1500344363075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think Cat Ladies prefer fish shaped crackers and cookies?

>MG stereotypes

>> No.17494333 [DELETED] 

More like the hole dug by one egoistical faggot that wants to be the boss of everyone and to force everyone to do things like his favourite shit boards /d/ and /tg/.

>> No.17494339
File: 230 KB, 700x560, koraaaaa breaking the rules again I see.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eating in the hallway

>> No.17494341

Be careful with monster girl fleas. They are clingy as fuck and the only way to push them off is by giving them a really hot fuck. Take extra care if ypu are already married.

>> No.17494342

It would probably be a guilty pleasure. They try to act all proud and smug about it, then their mouth waters from the sight of one of those fish treats.

>...stop looking at me like that

>> No.17494343

>portals open
>suddenly sales of goldfish crackers quintuple

>> No.17494344

Uncute catgirls are so cute!

>> No.17494349

Explain how they're bad.

>> No.17494352

They induce gay panic in him.

>> No.17494355 [DELETED] 

Go away lostpenis.

>> No.17494356 [DELETED] 

Make me

>> No.17494374 [DELETED] 


>> No.17494383 [DELETED] 

No fucking shit sherlock.

>> No.17494390

Of course not, they just want something to screech about for (you)s.

>> No.17494393 [DELETED] 

Shouldn't be too big an issue to ignore the blatant pushing of tags. If you've written for long enough your name is as good as any tag in my mind. People know what to expect.

>> No.17494402 [DELETED] 

This honestly should have happened sooner. Please ignore the spergs. Moron is probably samefagging anyway.

>> No.17494407 [DELETED] 

I'm not even involved but you don't need to console ELH.

>> No.17494412 [DELETED] 

Can't wait for all the reeing when someone posts a story here, regardless if there's tags or not.

>> No.17494413 [DELETED] 

Console? I'm adding my opinion to the discussion.

>> No.17494414 [DELETED] 

>I'm not even involved but
Every time someone says this they're involved somehow.

>> No.17494415 [DELETED] 

I mean for a thread full of people do easily triggered it was only a matter of time that an equivalent to trigger warnings manifest itself.

>> No.17494431 [DELETED] 

I kinda get it. It's not pleasant being told what to do by some one else.

I mean, I get that his wordpress is a free service, but it wouldn't even exist if not for the people it's servicing. Then he turns around after years of doing this and goes "Okay, now you need to suck my dick, or you don't get to go on my website."

I mean, the fuck does he care if shit isn't tagged. It's the readers who care if their fetish isn't up there. He's doing this because a minority bitched about biting some faggot's bait?

If tags are so great, it should be the writer's choice to loose out on readers for not tagging. Shouldn't be up to ELH

>> No.17494444 [DELETED] 

>this place is becoming tumblr
How unexpected

>> No.17494445 [DELETED] 

>adding tags = sucking his dick

>> No.17494449 [DELETED] 

Regardless of the action he's still forcing you to do it. Seems abit egotistical.

>> No.17494452 [DELETED] 

You mean you support people posting NTR shit like that faggot did some time ago?

>> No.17494453 [DELETED] 

>trigger warning memes
>thinking tags are exclusive to this place because "lol monster girl threads are so easily triggered"
Every writefag general does this to some extent, if anything not tagging is more snowflake-ish

>> No.17494455 [DELETED] 

>Someone keeps taking a shit in the kitchen sink
>"Hey man can't you at least warn us instead of just being an asshole?"
>"Haha wow I didn't know you snowflakes were so easily triggered haha like wow man"

>> No.17494456 [DELETED] 

Anon, he's baiting. Don't bite.
Tags'll actually help me find content I want to see more easily, so I'm on board.

>> No.17494461 [DELETED] 

No, retard. Did I ever say that?

>> No.17494469 [DELETED] 

Rules are by pure principle someone forcing something upon others.

>> No.17494472 [DELETED] 

>Everyone who wants to write is now forced to follow rules on how they should do their stuff because one faggot managed to trigger a bunch of retards who could've easily just ignored his bait story the moment they realize what it was about

>> No.17494480 [DELETED] 

These rules are unnecessary. Basically this >>17494472.

Who gave him the authority to rule over others?

>> No.17494482 [DELETED] 

You're not being forced to do anything. You're being told that there is now a requirement to use the free service he spends his own time to provide and maintain. Stop being such a whiney and entitled shitter.

>> No.17494483 [DELETED] 

>Tags equal content control
Anon, do you browse boorus? Do you browse pixiv? Tags are a means to find things you like and avoid things you don't.

>> No.17494486 [DELETED] 

>is now forced to follow rules on how they should do their stuff
Either that or just give him the finger.

>> No.17494487 [DELETED] 

Do you hold the wordpress to such high esteem that you give it the authority to rule over your writing?

>> No.17494488 [DELETED] 

I swear to god you idots are making a bigger deal out of this than needed. No one is forcing anyone to use tags.
ELH isn't holding you at gunpoint to add them, if you don't want to use them then don't use them. This is only for people who want to be on the wordpress.

>> No.17494489 [DELETED] 

It's not even that much. It's just "Tell me what's in this story".

>> No.17494491 [DELETED] 

His wordpress sure sounds important if all this shitflinging is any indication.

>> No.17494492 [DELETED] 

Exactly this. The autists are more than welcome to host their shit on their own site. If ELH wants to make things more convenient for himself, that's a small price to pay for everything he does for us.

>> No.17494494 [DELETED] 

Neither of those pick which pictures to show based on if they're tagged on the artist's website.

>> No.17494496 [DELETED] 
File: 422 KB, 900x1246, riyo_chesire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'd think it's just shitters who can only rely on bait and switch to make their writing not miserable who sperg out this much over it.

>> No.17494502 [DELETED] 

No, now that you mention it.

Seems I over reacted at the thought of some one else telling me how I need to do things from now on, regardless of whether or not their service was actually that important to me. My bad.

>> No.17494504 [DELETED] 

And neither do these ones anon. Are you convinced that some Orwellian shit is going to go down?

Honestly, the ones who have the most to lose are the ones who rely on people not knowing what they're getting into so they can hit them with a shock value shitpost.

>> No.17494508 [DELETED] 

And sage was meant to only not bump a thread then it was used as a downvote system
Tagging works fine on paper
But considering the daintly tumblirina tier constitution of the average user here it will be used like trigger warnings

>> No.17494509 [DELETED] 

i require examples of these topics the thread hates. for research

>> No.17494511
File: 374 KB, 675x665, 1486082181128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a Raiju.

>> No.17494513 [DELETED] 

He wasn't even telling anyone how they needed to do things, he was just saying what he's personally going to be doing.

>> No.17494514 [DELETED] 

You for one.

>> No.17494519 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure shigydigy's pastebin is what caused this.

>> No.17494521

Law of Moot: If something can be argued about, then online, it will.

>> No.17494524

A moot law.

Even if something can't be argued, someone will try anyway just to show that they can.

>> No.17494528
File: 491 KB, 720x1008, Limblets WHEN WILL THEY LEARN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if Oni Tall with multi limbs?

>Manlets and 2 limbers never learning

>> No.17494531 [DELETED] 

ELH is saying the he will only display stories that are tagged on the writer's pastebin. Boorus and Pixiv don't do that.

He can do that, of course, and he can put up a shit list of forbidden girls or themes if he wants to, but nobody with a spine would go along with it.

>> No.17494536 [DELETED] 

Boorus have their own autistic requirements that make tags look like nothing.

>> No.17494537

Sheeva-chan pls

>> No.17494538 [DELETED] 

Boorus don't place any restrictions on the artists, they have their own autists do the tagging.

>> No.17494545 [DELETED] 

Says the most triggered person here.

>> No.17494546 [DELETED] 

I'm actually okay with this. It will be nice to be able to avoid stories that I wouldn't enjoy, rather than find out halfway through.

>> No.17494550 [DELETED] 

If it's not something you personally ever cared to do, and you found out that you were forced to start if you wanted to continue on as you were, just because some bitches whined, would you feel good?

>> No.17494554 [DELETED] 

Shigydigy and his NTR shit is definitely what caused this.

>> No.17494556 [DELETED] 

What's stopping you from just carrying on? It's not like you were archived in the Wordpress to begin with.

>> No.17494566

>"Ufufu~ you want to squeeze my breasts, but how could you hope to feel them enough with only two hands?"

>> No.17494580 [DELETED] 

>daughteru fuckers get bent


>> No.17494585

Get out of here, you dumb fox. Go help Ms. Cakesworth with paperwork or something

>> No.17494587

Aren't Raijus as rapey as Ushis?
I wouldn't want one.

>> No.17494591

I want to cum in her mouth in the hallway.

>> No.17494593
File: 1.09 MB, 1072x2000, 1496000826915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remember, no matter what happens there's no need to lose your head over it.

>> No.17494594 [DELETED] 

>>>/news/ or >>>/pol/

>> No.17494598
File: 233 KB, 1280x1024, 1375921291334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today I will remind them

>> No.17494601

This nigger draws the lewdest dollarhams

>> No.17494614 [DELETED] 

>thinking monstergirls and humans are exactly the same
I'm no daughteru fucker but you're a god damn retard.

>> No.17494617

>Ms Cakesworth and Ms Frigidvulpe complaining about boys and young love in their office
>meanwhile Lapcat and boyfriend are making out and groping right outside the office

>> No.17494618 [DELETED] 

>10 yo
That is literally nothing and happens every year or something
The youngest mother is 5 yo

>> No.17494621

If that dullaknight makes another charon-tier joke, I'm gonna irrumate her in front of her comrades

>> No.17494625

sexually bully the dullahan in front of her squad

>> No.17494630

>not using the dullahan's head as a onahole infront of her squad

>> No.17494633

>Using her head
>Not smuggling her body away while she's in the middle of briefing her troops, and fucking her through several orgasms.

>> No.17494634

I want to corrupt a Paladin-chan into a Dollarham and make her squad watch as I enter their leader's severed head from below and rub my head along the insides of her teeth while she desperately tries to bite my dick.

After I cum out of her mouth I'll take her head with me to be my plushie all night and they have to watch her headless, bound body shudder as I kiss and nuzzle her head.

>> No.17494638

>her squad fingering themselves under their armor as you bury your dick in her head
>including her body

>> No.17494649

>dullahan's head on the table while she brief's her troops
>holding back gasps and moans while blushed full red as you pound her body prone bone style in the back room
>Whole squad is shlicking

>> No.17494652

>Body has a puddle of girljuice under it when you check in the morning

>> No.17494657

>After school Cakesworth tutors her ace student and they commiserate over the fact that they're both dateless losers.

>> No.17494658

Monstergirl squads sound fun and chill. A rowdy 'one of the girls' kinda environment.

>> No.17494677

I bet her face would start to change over the days and weeks of daily reverse irrumations in front of her former underlings, from enraged and anguished, to aroused. She'd only snap at me for effect now and then, and then, one day, I'd ram it deep enough into her neck that my head would poke out between her lips. That'd be the day her squad would see how far she had truly fallen, and the day of her first kiss.

>> No.17494686

>Briefing room full of Dullahan Subordinates
>The head of the woman leading the mission is on one of the tables to the side of the room, trying to keep her cool and explain the images on the projector to the best of her abilities
>This explanation is very important as with out it no one would understand the images, distorted as they were by a man ruthlessly fucking a headless body upon the podium where leader explaining the operation ought to be standing

>> No.17494693 [SPOILER] 
File: 840 KB, 2067x2042, 1502992662579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you accept her feelings?

Uncensored here: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=64468522

>> No.17494700

What is this craze? I Like it

>> No.17494701


>> No.17494710

I'd accept every one of her feelings and mating press her full of daughterus.
Best crazy to come out of pixiv/twitter in a long while.

>> No.17494716

Man, she's pretty dedicated to the joke.

>> No.17494728

Pretty sure it started on Chinese social media actually, you're supposed to cover the nipple so it's technically not lewd, Chinese government still thought it was too evil and got rid of it but nips picked it up.

>> No.17494732

Surprised the leader could keep her composure with her body getting plowed that mercilessly.

>> No.17494747


Fucking real life Shimoneta between china and the koreas.

>> No.17494756

All Eros girls are pure minded, but their bodies are extremely lewd.
Your wife is lewd.

>> No.17494782

>pure of mind, lewd of body
We'll just have to fix that. Spend a long weekend helping her get in touch with the joys of having a hard cock in her various holes.

>> No.17494789

I officially found my waifu! Thanks! I would feel so safe with her. I bet she has abs of iron.

>> No.17494804

>russians get more translations than the english fanbase
Guess when everything outside is so fucking miserable and all you have to occupy you is a bottle of vodka and the internet stuff gets done.

>> No.17494819

Because alps are girly girls and can't hide their girlishness no matter how hard they try.

>> No.17494848

I like her.

>> No.17494870 [DELETED] 

There is no greater pleasure than giving your daughteru a whole lot of warm sticky cummies in her little cunny wunny!

>> No.17494876
File: 104 KB, 497x350, humanity_was_a_mistake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17494881

>said the guy who NTRed some poor fella by impregnating his 11 yo waifu
Really makes you think

>> No.17494888

>The Chief goddess is into cucking
We've cracked to code.

>> No.17494890

At least KDF understands that his pedo fetish isn't everyone's cup of tea, you are just insufferable.

>> No.17494898

You know you're giving him the exact kind of response he's looking for, right?

>> No.17494900

Turning an Eros girl into a cockslut is not ok.
They already have troubles distinguishing lust and love, don't make it harder for them or they will break and keep repeating how much they love you while riding your dick.

>> No.17494902

I know. But sometimes taking the bait is fun.

>> No.17494914

Hero of Order: Glad you could make it, Grandmaster.
Grandmaster Paladin: Watch your tone with me, boy. You may be the chosen hero of Chief God, but I'm still your superior as a paladin.
Hero of Order: As if I could forget. Listen, Grandmaster, there's something about the mamonomana you should know. Oh no. It's too late. These women have all been corrupted. They may look passably mediocre now, but it's a matter of time before they turn into beautiful monster girls and will rape us all.
Grandmaster Paladin: What?
Hero of Order: This entire city women population must be purged.
Grandmaster Paladin: How can you even consider that? There's got to be some other way
Hero of Order: Damn it, Grandmaster. As your isekai protagonist, I order you to purge this city.
Grandmaster Paladin: You are not my chosen hero, boy. Nor would I obey that command if you were!
Hero of Order: Then I must consider this an act of heresy against Chief God.
Grandmaster Paladin: Heresy? Have you lost your mind, Hero?
Hero of Order: Have I? Grandmaster, by my right of holy faith and sovereignty of Chief God, I hereby relieve you from your command and suspend your monsterlayers from service.
Paladin-chan: Hero, you can't just...
Hero of Order: It's done! Those of you who have the will to save men of that city, follow me. The rest of you... get out of my sight.
Grandmaster Paladin: You've just crossed a terrible threshold, Hero.
Hero of Order: Paladin-chan?
Paladin-chan: I'm sorry, Hero. I can't watch you do this.

>> No.17494915

>they will break and keep repeating how much they love you while riding your dick
I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. A busty brown angel riding me and saying how much she loves me? I'll lean up and give her a deep kiss while her hips work like a piston, make her melt and go full heart pupil.

>> No.17494923

>unsavory guy
You live in one hell of a glass house to be throwing stones like that, KDF.

>> No.17494924
File: 1.56 MB, 1660x1835, Victoria - .Less WS textless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello hi writefaggotry shitstorm yes

Technically the final chapter of All's Fair in Love and War. All that remains is a short epilogue and what might as well be considered a bonus chapter involving what Dirk went through after he sudoku'd himself to death and how he and Jeremiah met the necromancer Cyrene. Cyrene is also a returning character from Necropolis https://pastebin.com/8NnbKVWH

Fun fact: Looks like the permavirgin Victoria lost her virginity before Ilassa

>> No.17494932

Is that you, Klaus? I'm expecting something very dark and depressing.

>> No.17494936

Well hats off to you, then.

>> No.17494945

Hero: I watch my tone with you, old man. I may be the hero, but you're still my superior as a paladin.
Grandmaster: As if you could forget. Yes Hero, there's something about mamono mana I should know. ...Oh no, it's already begun. These women may look fine now, but it's only a matter of time before they turn into monster girls!
Hero: What?!
Grandmaster: This entire city must be purged.
Hero: How can I even consider that? There's got to be some other way.
Grandmaster: Damn it, Hero! As my future king, order me to purge this city!
Hero: I am not your king yet, old man. Nor should you obey that command even if I were.
Grandmaster: Then you must consider this an act of treason.
Hero: Treason?! Have I lost my mind, Grandmaster?
Grandmaster: Have you? Hero, by right of succession and the sovereignty of your crown, you must hereby relieve me of my command, and suspend my paladins from service.
Wilmarina: Grandmaster! He can't just--
Grandmaster: It's done! Those of you who have the will to save this land, follow him. The rest of you... get out of his sight.
Hero: I've just crossed a terrible threshold, Grandmaster.
Wilmarina: ...Hero?
Hero: I'm sorry, Wilmarina. You can't watch me do this

>> No.17494946

You funny guy you get shivved last

>> No.17494948

Don't worry, I'm only turning her into MY loving cockslut.

>> No.17494959
File: 1.08 MB, 1082x665, ushi_inari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad you could bake it, Ushi.

>> No.17494968

I'm intrigued and confused
When does paladin-chan monsterizes and rapes the hero??

>> No.17494974

Hatjobs are boring, though. I should write my own steelim with glasses so people would meme about her getting jizzed all over them.

>> No.17494981

Pretty sure there's a glasses Baphomet OC out there.

>> No.17494983

>she took off her hat
Shes absolute SHIT!

>> No.17494986


>> No.17494989

>Hatjobs are boring
My Hatter waifu challenges you to a duel!

>> No.17494995

Does she have an onahole running through it lengthwise or what? She's a shroom and can't take it off!

>> No.17495003 [SPOILER] 
File: 606 KB, 600x825, 1502997632791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not open this

>> No.17495008
File: 366 KB, 750x1500, Esdese The Ice Dragon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17495010


>> No.17495011

>That face

>> No.17495022

Ah, I want to turn the Chief Goddess into my onadoll. I'll become a great hero to defeat her and enjoy her body every day for eternity!

>> No.17495030


>> No.17495033

Mad Hatters can freely remove their hat, you realize.
It Hatterizes human women, too.

>> No.17495038


>> No.17495042
File: 546 KB, 946x1258, 1485707053674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a CC tanuki business woman to keep me chained naked under her desk during the work day and force me to constantly eat her out, especially during client meetings

>> No.17495056

Oh boy, here it is. I've been dreading not having a chapters to look forward to every couple weeks. Hard to believe it's been a year. Hats off to you, you glorious bastard.

>> No.17495059


>> No.17495061

I bet you'd also jack off all over the floor all day and shoot off a weak, final dribble watching her lick it all up at the end of the day.

>> No.17495067

You are an uneducated bandersnatch! She'd cut you up like snicker snack!

>> No.17495068

yes, not to mention her cowgirling me during lunch break

>> No.17495109


>> No.17495117

'Twas brillig, you slithy Tove! Go gyre and gimble in the wabe!

>> No.17495121

>ginger Hatter
Hairjobs with a hat finish when?

>> No.17495122
File: 104 KB, 600x705, 1501986100049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17495123


>> No.17495128
File: 97 KB, 579x819, 1479835938229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does she like SAA's?

>> No.17495130
File: 373 KB, 800x600, Every TF2 player's dream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17495134


The Vorpal Blade is known to make sounds like that.

>> No.17495137
File: 471 KB, 1200x804, 1495842775006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You will never have a small store and be constantly pestered by a cute tanuki CEO about how you should run your business.
>She'll never boast to you about how well she is doing to try getting a rise out of you but get flustered when you pat her head and congratulate her instead.

>> No.17495140

Southern cows need to be milked and personally trained until they become as sophisticated as those fancy Kobe cows

>> No.17495145
File: 307 KB, 602x800, 1548795498546.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

South African Airways? I don't know.

>> No.17495147

Better have a finish on her glasses.

>> No.17495149

>Hatterfag defending his waifu's honor
>the people he's talking too hear only nonsense
>Waifu hugs him from behind with a 'My hero~' before taking his hand and walking off leaving the others dumbfounded

>> No.17495150

I don't want my cows sophisticated, I want them as rowdy tomboys.

>> No.17495155

>those fancy Kobe cows
>hime cut Holst ojou-samas

>> No.17495156

Single action armys mate, or does she prefer 1858 new model armys? Or perhaps she likes those euro guns. Maybe she wants a Galand or Gasser? Or if shes patrician a Webley

>> No.17495162

>See anything you desire, traveler?

>> No.17495166

Ok, but you don't get to skip the milking.
Be thorough with her even if she says stuff like she can do it herself, or that it's embarassing.

>> No.17495167

I wonder how much clothed paizuri would cost...

>> No.17495170

I want a big ol western Holst with big ol tits and a big ol 45-70 lever action that makes her bell ring from the recoil whenever she fires it

>> No.17495178

Of course, cows always need to be milked.

>> No.17495180

Enter her caravan with her, where you can get some more privacy, and you'll find out.

>> No.17495185
File: 895 KB, 1057x595, 1477741103230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no /k/ tier holsts and minos with an appreciation for weaponry

>> No.17495191

The Kobes have to be massaged at the same time as well. It's very difficult to milk and massage at the same time, you really have to use your penis for the massage part.

>> No.17495209

I would pay good money to get to polish those splendid horn.
That dude doesn't know how blessed he is.

You have you to be very careful and gentle. Ask them if you're going too fast, if there is a specific spot they want you to hit, etc...
And always cum inside, it makes them softer and less stressed.

>> No.17495212

I want a Minotaur like this.


>> No.17495227

>You have you to be very careful and gentle
And you absolutely have to make sure that they cum at least every 3 hours. It's real hard work, trying to stay gentle and attentive while you have to make sure she releases often enough. The orgasms release hormones that affect the taste of the milk, you know?

And you better not even think about using a magic wand on them, they get upset at the slightest provocation and start pouting and dry up.

>> No.17495252

So a brown tsundere cow who dresses in fancy revealing clothing?
Decent choice, though I'd rather a fair skinned deredere cow who dresses in cute dresses

Getting the highest grade of Kobe milk is a lot of work, but it's worth it
The money and reputation it brings would allow you to make sure every cow on your farm is taken great care of and happy as can be

>> No.17495255
File: 245 KB, 390x431, 1475377949599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I would pay good money to get to polish those splendid horn.
i'm still waiting on that ankole watusi mino.

>> No.17495259

Anon please, I know I make mistakes but my intentions are pure and based on love, that guy is malicious and mean.

>> No.17495266

>So a brown tsundere cow who dresses in fancy revealing clothing?
>Decent choice, though I'd rather a fair skinned deredere cow who dresses in cute dresses

And cooking with meat is her specialty!


>> No.17495274

i have the desire for a roughly 8 foot brown mino to slather me in A1 sauce, tie me to a spit roaster and slowly turn me while licking the sauce off

>> No.17495290

>tfw texan
>tfw no minotaur gf to go shooting and swangin with
I bet she likes bud light too.

>> No.17495291

Truly there is no greater joy than a Kobe holst humming contently, her newly-orgasmed, still twitching vagina flooding with warm semen as her handler under her traces long circles on her abdomen while milking her with the other hand. Keeping their juices and milk flowing all day is a point of pride for their handlers.

They do get so attached to their handlers, though. It's a real pain in the ass to have one sick, when the Kobes get so upset at another handler even trying to approach them. It's better to have the handler take his sick leave in the pen with the Kobe. They've got such a strong caring instinct that they'll keep giving milk even though he has to lay in bed and be nursed instead of milking her.

>> No.17495293

>Extra beefy cow
>Still has a thigh-gap
Is this ok?

If she's from the south you could go for a good old BBQ'n'fuck
You bring the sauces, she brings the meats

>> No.17495307

Tagged as mge, not sure which race some of them are supposed to be though.

>> No.17495310
File: 1.11 MB, 1000x1645, lilim57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The demon realm's most popular porn star:
A 2000 year old lilim whose thousands of porn videos and photo shoots have captivated men for centuries. Millions of guys have beat their meat to her videos, rushing off to the nearest demon realm in hopes of finding a monster girl just as beautiful as her.

I imagine this would an effective way for the DL and lilims to entice and convert men from human lands to their side, joining the demon realms.

>> No.17495311
File: 103 KB, 607x644, a2cb07db41a0b8916e4a407f292d6956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is this ok?
listen to your penis anon, what does he say?

>> No.17495316

No self respecting monstergirl drinks light beer.

>> No.17495317

They'd need a lot of different product lines, though. One for vanillafags performing with her husband, one doing gangbangs etc.

>> No.17495323

Brown tomboy cows are best cows.

>> No.17495327

Well I imagine a 2000 year old lilim will have done just about every fetish imaginable, especially if she did porn shoots everyday for over a 1000 years.

>> No.17495328

But Lilims are SHIT!

>> No.17495337

I bet if you came face to face with one, and she fucked you, you'd change your tune.

>> No.17495338

>Towards the end it starts getting weird
>Like, even Slaanesh wouldn't do this weird

>> No.17495339

I mean multiple actresses, anon. It woudn't entice the vanillafags at all if there was just the one doing gangbangs and "husbando" films. They'd see right through it!

>> No.17495341

Didn't you post this already?

>> No.17495343

That wouldn't happen because they're Sluts!

>> No.17495349

This is a dream life
Kobe cows are the best

This will do.

>> No.17495350

>implying you would have a say in the matter

>> No.17495355

Yeah, word for word last thread.
He's also made a ton of other Lilim porn star posts over the past few months.

>> No.17495358

Yeah of course. It could be twin lilims or something. You have the one who married young and is super vanilla with her husband, and the other lilim actress is the complete opposite, not married, who does all the other stuff.

>> No.17495359
File: 59 KB, 419x249, 1431496197258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's trying again because last time he got no (You)s

>> No.17495362

Snuggly shortstack corgi kobolds.

>> No.17495374

It's a lot of responsibility, though. What would you do if you accidentally pumped your Kobe too hard and she got upset that you're being rough with her? You'd have to softly hug her, gently caress her, and lovingly coo in her ear potentially for an hour before she calmed down enough to continue. They're real princesses, except instead of a single pea it's a single bad thrust.

>> No.17495383

I just want a griffon to share stouts with.

>> No.17495387

It's all worth it Anon. All worth it.

>> No.17495390

>What would you do if you accidentally pumped your Kobe too hard and she got upset that you're being rough with her?
not him, but putting her on top avoids the problem alltogether

>> No.17495516

What are you some alp? Just fuck the lilim damn.

>> No.17495531 [SPOILER] 
File: 585 KB, 525x719, 1503004882867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are people in these very threads who never played MGQ original trilogy


>> No.17495541

Absolutely disgusting

>> No.17495545

Kistune lost scene and Tamamos ending is pretty good, same with Erubeties.

>> No.17495550

Makes me remember the day I nutted so hard I hit my face and stained my glasses. I died inside.

>> No.17495553

Her ending makes me rock hard. And I also find it somewhat disgusting. But god damn if that wasn't a good few faps.

>> No.17495555

Where is the subscribe button?

>> No.17495557

Pampered forever by the Crazy Shotacon Slime.

>> No.17495559

I didn't get that far before deleting it in disgust. What happened? I've always likes slimes.

>> No.17495561

You mean the very last one when she multiplies to fuck you?

>> No.17495563

On my dick.

>> No.17495564
File: 48 KB, 577x332, sempai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17495568


Those are some cute kohais.

>> No.17495569

Scanty is trash, Kneesocks best sister.

>> No.17495570



Are you new? Will you draw more? Please don't leave us...

>> No.17495572

I was thinking about the one where she turns your mind into a shotas and makes you her fuck toy. But the last one was pretty damn good too.

>> No.17495576


>> No.17495579

One woman Kuudere Harem is one of the best endings.

>> No.17495584

>are you new

LN has been here a while my man.

>will you draw more

I'm sure he will. He's a good guy.

>> No.17495585

That Cheshire's hair is begging to be grabbed during doggy style.

>> No.17495587 [SPOILER] 
File: 456 KB, 600x800, 1503005677971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beat the game and you can make it like MGE World.

Besides a lot of them don't.

Kneesocks didn't wear a wedding dress, your argument is invalid.

>> No.17495592

Does the Cheshire have a fat ass to match the Holsts tits?

>> No.17495597

>Beat the game
Yeah but that would involve suffering through hours of watching my character and the NPCs be dissolved, devoured, or raped to death. It's just as far away as can be from what I enjoy.

>> No.17495598

That holst seems like the kind of girl that will bait you into milking her.

>> No.17495607

>Not recogniing it within the second line

>> No.17495609

Theres only 2 forced death scenes are they're both in part 3.
Other than that most monsters don't kill/eat Luka at all.

>> No.17495610

One could hope so.

The greatest irony of that pic is that the holst is the trickster.

>> No.17495611

Wedding dresses are too important to wear so casually.

>> No.17495616

Nope, not me. I don't think I'd ever do a story with a Culling vibe. That's too edgy, even for me.

>> No.17495617

When the cow tips you.

>> No.17495622

Git gud and don't die, I don't remember any NPCs dying except one fag who used too much power
Hell, do you also get triggered by deaths when you are watching actions flicks on tv?

>> No.17495642

Bullshit, unless we're playing two different games. I can think of the mummy, the tentacle witch, the jellyfish, angler fish, and many more.
I don't enjoy violence nearly as much as I used to.

>> No.17495644

>He watches action flicks for the waifuism
>He doesn't remember the spirit hunt 2.0 on part 3
>He doesn't remember plansect
>t. TT shilling his game

>> No.17495653

Didn't i say forced? You can skip vore scenes to monsters you lose to, thats not forced thats you screwing up and losing and not doing the "skip vore" option.

>> No.17495667

Ah, as in forced to actually watch. You're right, but as far as I'm concerned reading something along the lines of "You are milked dry and dissolved into food" is pretty shitty. But to each their own.

>> No.17495676

>"You are milked dry and dissolved into food."
Ah, the fate of all cows in this world.

>> No.17495678

I'm not saying a lot of MGQ isn't shit, it is, Delphinius and a lot of Setouchi's monsters are fucking horrible. But there still is a whole lot of good in MGQ's actual endings and even some loss scenes aren't that bad (Kitsune/Granberias/Tamamos come to mind).

>> No.17495694

No I understand. I've seen a lot of praise about the MGQ story as a whole, and there were sole loss scenes that I enjoyed like the lava golem and crab girl. I just wasn't about to plow through.

>> No.17495695

Chesire is a bad influence on Holstaur-senpai. She's clearly trying to turn her into a smug cow.

>> No.17495713

What would it be like having these two be two years your junior and infatuated with you as their cool sexy sempai?

>> No.17495726
File: 278 KB, 801x900, 59773038_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This but with a twintailed cheshire while the holst pouts.

>> No.17495727

A note about the Mad Hatter.

I just noticed that one of the lines in her profile is actually totally wrong. Her body isn't supposed to feel anything like any part of a mushroom, the line simply says that they'll embrace a man with their soft body like he was being entangled by a mushroom's hypha.

Their actual body just feels exactly like a human's.

>> No.17495736

But it is soft right?

>> No.17495738

Yeah, just not mushroomy.

>> No.17495740

Meh, I still like to think my waifu's body is 'just a bit off' and has an unusually soft and very lightly spongey consistency, but thanks anon.

>> No.17495745

>"Hey senpai~ I'm not wearing any panties today~"
>"H-hey! I'm not wearing a bra! You said it was my turn with senpai today!"

>> No.17495765

Fish-shaped crackers, fish-shaped candies, fish-shaped solid waste, fish-shaped dirt, fish-shaped ethylbenzene

>> No.17495774

Swedish fish yes

>> No.17495785
File: 293 KB, 671x1200, IMG_0844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fish-shaped waifus!

>> No.17495790

In that case the only option is a buttjob vs paizuri contest, a cheshire's ass vs a holst's tits ending in a threesome.

>> No.17495792

Is nibbling on your mershark waifu's fins kinky roleplay? How would she react?

>> No.17495796
File: 51 KB, 515x599, 515px-Dorome0[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and sediment-shaped sediment.

>> No.17495800
File: 232 KB, 1200x796, 1471441317024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Terrors from the deep!

>> No.17495805

>just wanted to catch some bass for dinner

>> No.17495815 [SPOILER] 
File: 26 KB, 538x435, 1503009287569.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17495816

>Dorome runs up to you laughing and waving her arms one morning
>leaps and encases you in a big, full, pleasantly goopy hug
>wiggles in joy and keeps giggling, the happiest girl in the world for some reason
>Chuckle and pat her head, hugging her back before pulling back and asking her what she's so excited about and what's the special occasion this morning
>she cocks her head a bit then smiles before hugging you again
>"What special occasion? It's another day with hubby!"

>> No.17495817

>Beat the game and you can make it like MGE World.

Thats false, very, very false. You can achieve coexistance, thats it.

Mgs can still kill, cheat and reject.

You dont change them on a core level, monster lords in MGW dont have the power of MGE mamono lords. The world never becomes like MGE and you cant ever make it that way.

>> No.17495819

Who wants to go under the see and fight girls from another world?

>> No.17495823

>A world with coexistence between monsters and humans where there's still risk and the potential for drama and bad ends and having to work for attraction
Well shit, maybe MGQ is better than I assumed

>> No.17495832


>> No.17495852
File: 125 KB, 397x527, IMG_0845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about human-shaped sediment?

>> No.17495857
File: 226 KB, 800x600, Daily Dosage of Witchy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Create Coexistance
>Bad eggs exist for both humanity and monster kind
>It's not pure hugbox but still pretty great and quite peaceful
>In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous
>In New Ilias Continent, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit
>These are their stories

>> No.17495861

>Mgs can still kill, cheat and reject.
The most charming part about monstergirls is their inhuman and alien mindset.

Going "Hey my MGs are 3dpd!' isn't your setting's greatest selling point.

>> No.17495866

dodododo do doooo

>> No.17495867
File: 513 KB, 771x1100, Golem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using updated art

>> No.17495874

The virgin golem
The Stacey Sediment

>> No.17495876

Well meme'd

>> No.17495878

Doesnt take away what I said, if you like that better, good for you, I disagree.

But lets not pretend that you can make MGQ like MGE because this is simply not true.

This is MGQ, not Konosuba.

>> No.17495879

I prefer CSI: Mana
Charon's new boat looks amazing.

>> No.17495882

How does a monster girl react if she stumbles upon a bunch of captive monster girls that are being used as personal breeding slaves by a man?

>> No.17495883

Instead of "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Is it a long drawn out moan?

>> No.17495889

MGQ is for people who don't like the whole "Everyone must be happy" setting that is MGE.

>> No.17495901

Yes, but from her partner for her lame joke.
>Ma'am! A man's wife was monsterized by a radical Dark Matter at a rock concert!
>It's time to Cum on and feel the noize.

>> No.17495904


>> No.17495921


>> No.17495931

>Lucifina rapes Luka and calls herself Mommy
Paradox has some weird shit in it, but then again Setouchi and Xelvy are the main artist now so everything is pretty fucked up.

>> No.17495937

>The most charming part about monstergirls is their inhuman and alien mindset.
maybe to you
I just want a fluffy girl to hug

>> No.17495938

What's she going to do when hubby falls over clutching his chest?

>> No.17495942

>I just want a fluffy girl to hug
Far be it from me to stop a man from wanting to ruin himself on 3dpd

>> No.17495944

Makes a willpower save vs his CHA.

>> No.17495953

>H-honey? Is this a new game?
>Hey, honey! How do you play? What are you doing?
>Honey? Don't just play by yourself, that's very mean!
>C'mon Honey, this game isn't fun lets do something else

>> No.17495967

Somehow even sadder than stump jub jub. We have sunk to new depths.

>> No.17495975

Oh god that Holstaur, I'm not making it very long without milky and smug paizuri am I?

>> No.17495977

3d girls are not fluffy

>> No.17495987

I want a tubby cheshire and a muscled jinko for bigamy

>> No.17495991

I want a really sleek looking black granite Golem, and she is simultaneously mute and haughty as a Vampire.

>> No.17496002

How do Doromes even work? Is there a people-shaped lady underneath all the mud? Where does the mud even come from?

What would Dorone daughterus be like?

>> No.17496009

The same way slimes work.

>> No.17496010

Just because the setting isn't a nothing can ever go wrong paradise it doesn't mean the monsters in it can be all be labelled with a shitty buzzword like 3dpd.

Think about it for a second, MGE is the only setting with no cheating, no killing, no rejection rules hard wired into their very DNA. Does that make every single other monster girl setting in existence shit? Of course not that's just dumb, I for one actually love the thought of a monster girl staying with me because she wants to, not because some succubus slut in her throne said she has to because the author wants it that way.

This isn't a defence of MGQ though, I don't like it for other reasons but I've noticed people calling monsters who don't follow the MGE laws "3dpd" a bit lately and it kinda bugs me.

>> No.17496029

Senran monster girls would be too lewd for any mortal man to handle.

>> No.17496034

You have to understand people here don't even want anything like that, they don't want to even able to be rejected. Thats why people here love MGE because its a hug box and they want it and screech when people don't want/like or write the hug-box.

>> No.17496038

I just want to be tossed into a lamia pit and slowly sink into cool snek bodies and love.

>> No.17496042

That they would.
Tentacle Kat would be a groping buddy.

>> No.17496045

No they all go by their Ninja animal. So Kat is a dragon.

>> No.17496046

Just a shame that 99% of monster girl settings are MGE, monster girls being pretty much entirely unsympathetic and villainous (MGQ and every other "game over rape" game), or Okayado tier slapstick shit where you can't be around a monster girl for 30 minutes without risking accidental death.

>> No.17496051

So Yozakura would be a baby crazy P'Orc?

>> No.17496058

So a plastic wrap Itan Momen?
>She will never wrap you up to keep you fresh

>> No.17496060

Her baby craziness would go into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.

>> No.17496064

Western probably?
Non-could stop her from molesting anyone she wants, you included.....Although doesn't this mean that Asuka would be a Mucus Toad?

Well, she has the body and the skill to raise them all.

Breed her till she's super pregnant with a horde.

>> No.17496066

God help the man that becomes her husband.

>> No.17496068

I know that but god forbid someone else wants a monster girl who isn't from the MGE setting without rants about how she's 3dpd because she's not from their favourite setting. I know people have joked about this being the MGE thread in all but name only but jesus.
There's a number that reach a happy medium but sadly they're not exactly popular and in most cases, don't get translations.

>> No.17496071
File: 1.53 MB, 3000x3000, 1499134211913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fluffy girls just want you to hug

>> No.17496072

I volunteer as husband.
I have a fetish for impregnation and pregnancy

>> No.17496074

Eh, i like MGQ's setting (Specifically MGQ:Paradox) because of that, places like Grand-Noah has monsters and humans living in peace. Another reason why i like monster girls in general is because of rape.

>> No.17496075

Most likely western.

And I'd let her molest me.

>> No.17496087

>Asuka would be a Mucus Toad?
She's about as memorable as one.

>> No.17496095

>Be KC
>Make a setting
>Make it so that everyone can get together with their waifu
>Kuso wiabus start whining about it

>> No.17496097

If I'm ever thrown in a snek pit I'll be like that guy who slapped the snake and become the snake king.

>> No.17496102

Anon those were small snakes.

>> No.17496104

MGQ is not a good example for peaceful coexistence with monster girls when the majority of its girls are still ruthless predators, and the ones that aren't doom their "husbands" to a life as semen dispensers.
The entire point of MGQ is bad ends.

>> No.17496105

Anon please.
She'd probably molest you till your spent, leave you for another girl to find and molest the pair of you on her hoard.

I like vanilla but she seems more fit for a standard kunoichi.

Homu would be a cute snake.

>> No.17496111

If her "hoard" is a bunch of girls plus me than sign me up.

>> No.17496115

Doesn't change much. I'm a big guy.

>> No.17496116

Isn't that exactly what the MGs in MGE do? Ruthlessly hunt husbands and make them become spirit energy dispensers?

>> No.17496117

This place is about MGE.
Does anyone talk about MGQ? Fuck no "Muhhh voreeee". EMG? "3dpd!" Any other monster girl games/setting? There fucking isn't any!
This thread isn't about generalized monster girls its really is /Monster girl encyclopedia general/ /MGEG/. Is that bad or good? Its neither, he draws well but i don't like his setting. Its not my cup of tea but others seem to like it.
I just wish this place wasn't /MGT/ because its not /MGT/.
No one was complaining about his setting. He made it for a reason.
Harpies take husbands. Kitsunes do too. Seashell girls, Centaurs..... a lot of them take a "lover"/"Husband," the term means almost the same thing in MGQ.

>> No.17496122

Hikage would be a cuter snek,

>> No.17496125


>> No.17496129

It's mostly gold and gems along with a few of the girls she's nabbed that day.

Funnily enough, while she's grabbed many different girls, you're the only guy she ever grabs.

She would be but I think most of Crab's crew are snakes.

>> No.17496138

It hasn't even been a week you said, yet you delivered cyka.

All these revelations in the end, it was HOL UP as fuck, also TITLE DROP.
I'd say it was a fun ride but I will on to that epilogue, then I'll say it, fag.

>> No.17496139

Surely it must be a coincidence.

>> No.17496142

Personally, I prefer MGE not because I want my waifu to be hardwired to love me, but because real life is shit and if I wanted more I'd turn on the news. MGE is an ideal escapist family, where many if not all of the worlds problems are solved by everyone loving/fucking.

With that said, stop arguing about it. Let everyone have their ideal setting.

>> No.17496143

>She would be but I think most of Crab's crew are snakes.
All of them are.

>> No.17496145

Their sex drives mean that husband and semen dispenser/sex slave are basically the same thing, they just act nicer about it.
I dunno if being forced to have sex 12 hours a day if your idea of fun, but it sure isn't mine.

>> No.17496146

*Escapist fantasy
Auto correct fails me once again.

>> No.17496148

Of course it is.
She'd tell you so much whenever you bring it up although there may be a small stammer before she gives you a 'light' punch in the arm for suggesting she's seeking you out.

Well, there's a snake pit of good girls right there

>> No.17496149

>doom their "husbands" to a life as semen dispensers
So exactly as MGE?

>> No.17496150

I want to accidentally proposition my Succubus coworker for sex when I screw up trying to ask her something work related.

>> No.17496157

Except in MGE all of the girls love you and you'll more than likely be happy. In MGQ you might literally be worth nothing other than as a toy.

>> No.17496158

I like it because I'm a lazy cunt who just want his waifu to fall into his lap.

Not literally as she'd crush me.
Well, better make friends with the other girls. Not like she would get jealous.

>> No.17496159

So if you get one of the snek girls you get all of the snek girls? Sounds like a good deal.

>> No.17496162

I'd take something similar, but with tentacles.

>> No.17496163

I thought you said Seran. As in wrap. Fuck.

>> No.17496170

Not at all.
Not unless you start groping the other girls while she's 'napping' but ignore her.

You know it.

>> No.17496171

MGE girls actually do things other than have sex.

>> No.17496173

Anon you need to get your eyes checked.

>> No.17496177

This is bringing me "you were the chosen one!" feels. I fear how paradox will be, some anons told me some real bad shit and worse retcons

>> No.17496180

So would Miyabi be a hybrid between a harpy and a lamina?

>> No.17496184

But it sounds like such a fun thing to try. Especially if one of the girls she brought was Hikage.

>> No.17496187

This. To both points. Relax and enjoy the girls.

>> No.17496201

Yep, something like quetzacoatl except extremely weak to being called cute or beautiful.

Oh, it would be.

The snake would just lay there while you groped her, except for a little blush about her face and a steadily growing heat.

And Kat would have one eye open, waiting for you to grope HER in her sleep and growing increasingly frustrated that you keep playing with her favorite toys.

>> No.17496218

And one day I'd just lightly grope Kat, and get ready to live the dream.

>> No.17496219

>extremely weak to being called cute or beautiful.
I love tomboys that can't handle being called cute.

>> No.17496230

That would be all she needed to jump you.

That they are.
Also helps that she's best girl.

>> No.17496234

MGQ girls can fall in love though.
Paradox has wierd shit in it: Lolias piss/Some girls have dicks part of their body and a vagina (Looking at you high slug and a certain apoptosis) Other times its: Lolistein saying sweet nothings to Luka as she jacks him off, impregnation of Sully or being babied by certain minotaurs or even told to keep the relationship secret by timid monsters. Then theres: Lolifina knowing Luka is her son and still rapes him while telling him to "cum into mommy", Lolichaela "training" with Luka and wanting to train with him forever. Oh and then theres Eden's normal cowgirl scene. Theres actually nothing special about it just Eden doing cowgirl in her normal form.

The Gnosis-eating-a-testicle is unused.

>> No.17496237

You have good taste, anon.

>> No.17496242
File: 25 KB, 412x524, chiblim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It hasn't even been a week you said, yet you delivered cyka.
I am growing stronger.

>> No.17496245

Dumb Lilim.

>> No.17496248
File: 63 KB, 519x409, Chrysippus allegedly died of the rage of a thousand suns.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuk u

>> No.17496251

Her hat is SHIT!

>> No.17496260
File: 26 KB, 682x446, ss+(2017-08-17+at+05.04.59).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You said the same thing about lims, and changed your mind in the end.

>> No.17496264

>steelim story got this much feedback and art
Are lilims the secret writing formula?

>> No.17496268

No, Lilims are still SHIT!

You think i'd changed? Never.

>> No.17496271

I ain't readin those spoilers mate, I'll scream "why" when the time comes to play it. But seriously, normal cowgirl with Eden? No giant mutant tree of doom? What is this sorcery.

I've got to ask though, isn't gnosis like, a term? You and the other anon are using it like it was supossed to be a creature, my english being second hand probably doesn't help.

>> No.17496275
File: 1.28 MB, 700x1000, 1483542111511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Along with love, discipline, and dedication.

>> No.17496278

Everyone secretly loves Lilims. Why do you think the thread won't shut up about them?

>> No.17496280

>I am growing stronger.
That you are, congratulations.

Your lilim grew on me in the end, don't let anyone know.

If I've learned something about writefags, art and shiet, it is that memes are always the answer. Seriously.

>> No.17496287

Gnosis is a Sereph-Class Angel ment to replace Michaela after she was promoted to leader of the 7 Archangels.
Her counterpart is Zion, who happens to look normal and not like a machine and doesn't even have anything like ball eating, she was made to replace Lucifina after she fell from killing so much. Their world's Eden was promoted to 1st Sereph and wears CLOTHES!

If you choose Lolias at the beginning Eden has a lot of cute scenes, Eden actually has character development as she finally has what she wanted, a family, and shes happy and absolutely adorable.

>> No.17496319


Well at least not everything is bad, Ilias still a shit though. Do we get to bitchslap Luka's chuuni kid too? Actually don't answer, I'm getting impatient again.

>> No.17496325

Different Eden, she wears clothes! Ilias is a bitch but Lolias actually wants CO-EXISTANCE. SHE LIKES MONSTERS BY THE END OF PART 2.

Actually choose Lolias over Lolice. There is much much more character development. Though Lolice has some its not as much as Lolias.

>> No.17496329

MGE MGs = 3DPDs because they dont cheat or reject?

Excuse me?! Thats like the most far away you can be from being a 3DPD.

>> No.17496334

I thought it was Bane memes.

>> No.17496338

God dammit, stuck with Lolice, you gonna tell me now Tamamo is stuck on adult? Because last time this happened no one was happy, I can still hear the Tamamofags gnashing their teeth.

>> No.17496343

Don't be silly anon. Those come later.

>> No.17496348

Finding this one was easy.

>> No.17496354

Oppai lolicore is the cutest manticore.

>> No.17496357

Yes and No, but there is now TWO Tamamos, well.... A Tamamo and a Shikimamo. One which is sealed and cute and pops up for like 2 seconds the other is just a huge cunt which is an unwinnable mid-fight that doesn't do anything.

>> No.17496367

I guess paradox is a suitable name after all.

>> No.17496370

Letting your Dorome wife try a beer on a lazy afternoon!

>> No.17496375

Fuck off so much, you insufferable fucking retard.

>> No.17496379

You haven't even realized that Heinrich actually travelled with Alice the eighth, and you can recruit both of them.
Nor have you realized that you never DID kill Black Alice in the VN. She's a fucking goddess of Chaos now.
Oh and Sonya? She is not human.And that comes to bite you at the end of part 2.

>> No.17496382

Cuddling together with a nice buzz and watching the sun set!

>> No.17496388

I half spoiled myself with the Heinrich one but I kind of suspected it. Respectfully stop. Don't remember no Sonya though.

>> No.17496396

Remember that its all fun and games till the minotaur tries to get muscled enough to try and outwrestle a dragon.

>> No.17496401

Thats why i put in [spoilers]. Paradox Part 2 has everything from part 1 except H-Scenes so buy that over part 1. Or just use the /mggg/ thread on VG to get it who cares.

>> No.17496407

Feeling her mud shift around your groin as she starts getting flush in the face and pressing more and more against you!

>> No.17496415

Spoilers are so rarely used as actual spoilers I instinctively mouse over them, so yeah. I'm aware of the places to get it, I was there for the Rogue times, wonder if the triads got him in the end.

>> No.17496422

>Just because the setting isn't a nothing can ever go wrong paradise it doesn't mean the monsters in it can be all be labelled with a shitty buzzword like 3dpd.
Well, you kinda can. It just doesnt mean its necessarily a bad thing. Cheating and rejecting is 3DPD stuff and thus you can call girls who do it 3DPD-like.

However being 3DPD-like its not necessarily a bad thing. Its not something I want in my waifu, but it can be interesting outside of romantic situations. Other people might find it interesting even in romance. It comes down to personal taste, I guess.

>> No.17496429

Rouge is back translating dude. He goes by Arrtee now. RT, Rogue Translator.

>> No.17496438

>You'll never work on a space crew with a brilliant, but eccentric, Tanuki Trader.

>> No.17496453

WHAT. God fucking damn it, how is it that I always end up so out of the loop, fucking hell that's how I'm always making an ass of myself, helping dargoth or doing his own thing? I probably should check it out myself instead of making you waste your time for old news, but damn.

Today has been a loong day.

>> No.17496460

Oh no its fine, RT and Dargoth are working together.
Actually the team is about 4 people now, Dargoth, Rogue and MGL who everyone jokes is Eden because no one remembers him.

>> No.17496468

The screeching usually comes, I think, when they try to apply to MGE MGs non-MGE behavior. If a MGQ Minotaur kills a guy, few will care to screech. The problem is when you write MGE Minotaur doing the same. Few will care to screech if a randon MG says "fuck off loser, no." The problem is when you write MGE Hellhound doing it.

>> No.17496480

I sure as hell don't know who MGL is, poor guy. I just read his page in the MGQ wiki for old time's sake and see if there were any links besides his old one. I laughed, good ol' rogue I had a feeling he could be back. Your info has been enough, I appreciate your updating.

>> No.17496496

I'll never find this meme funny.

>> No.17496500

Everyone forgets about Errorname though.
Poor dude doesn't even post he just translates. If you want the current translation of part 2 go to dargoth's bitbucket.

>> No.17496518

Can't, promised myself to prepare for the paradocalypse, locked for days playing it when the time is right. Did the same on a smaller scale with MGQ part 2 and 3, gotta keep the traditions.

>> No.17496519
File: 319 KB, 600x800, 1475880049454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no GLaDOS robutt who peppers you with backhanded comments all the time but still loves you with all of her processor

>> No.17496547
File: 3.84 MB, 3072x2793, 1502980433367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17496549

Nice MGE Minotaur art of Minotaur raping a weak guy into husbandry is on the way. Musclefags rejoice.

>> No.17496567

Fire elemental based girls or demons with HELL PORTAL VAGINAS GLOWING LIKE IRON READY TO BE STRUCK

>> No.17496574

I wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.17496578
File: 122 KB, 437x613, Yuki-Onna12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yukis are too forceful, what if I want to fuck her instead of the Yeti?

>> No.17496582 [SPOILER] 
File: 66 KB, 1920x1080, 1503019137088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17496592

Wait, the girls are ready to be struck or the vaginas?

>> No.17496597

Why are you saying that all Musclefags like being the submissive one?

>> No.17496682

I've never gotten that but I'm a switch.

I would love to be the 'bottom' but I would also love to be on top just as much.

>> No.17496683

Skyrim with monstergirls goty edition when?

>> No.17496695

>You can now play skyrim on automations

>> No.17496700

Being a dragon-layer in such a land would be fun, although the early game where the dragons are lolis would be awkward.

>> No.17496704

I've seen someone draw porn of GLaDOS, not even a humanoid version of her, just straight up GLaDOS

>> No.17496737

Musclefags will enjoy seeing abs of steel and arms of iron regardless.

>> No.17496754


>> No.17496770
File: 885 KB, 1032x873, 59957135_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17496785

Imagine a loli demon presenting her big butt for penetration, reaching back to spread her cheeks with her hands and pointing her tailtip at her back entrance like an arrow saying "cock goes here"

>> No.17496787

Okay, now what?

>> No.17496794


>> No.17496798


>> No.17496800

How much manticore venom am I going to need to fill her to her limits?

>> No.17496811
File: 195 KB, 900x1246, 280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17496819
File: 1.24 MB, 1993x1659, 1501878186697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't impregnate a fat-bottomed loli through her asshole.

>> No.17496821

She would keep you inside her home and would continue to keep it snowing around her so that you are forced to stay.

Yan Yukis are scary. They show that gentle facade, but when you leave the house they flip out and will keep you in with rough sex.

>> No.17496822

>A fetish that involves a girl being so much stronger than you that she is literally chiseled in muscles.

Gee, I wondee why.

>> No.17496829

He doesn't want to make love to a manipulator arm covered in wires and other components. What a faggot.

I bet you wouldn't want to do anal with Shodan either!

>> No.17496833

What does she want? Her smug aura mocks me.

>> No.17496836

actually xelvy

>> No.17496838

>Draugr Overlords, but they all know Bend Will

Please no.

>> No.17496839

Demons are cute!

>> No.17496844

>The only men that can like strong women are men that like being submissive.

>> No.17496857


>> No.17496861

i agree with everything you typed

>> No.17496868


>> No.17496870

>Skyrim, but every monster is a monstergirl trying to rape you
>Huge Dragons dropping from the sky for snu-snu
I might actually want to play again.

>> No.17496887

Oh god.
Faggot Cat is in my mobage.

>> No.17496894

Go roll 10x for titty goddess, fag

>> No.17496898

Xelvy is in a category all his own, really putting the MONSTER in Monstergirl. Granted, I would never want to dick any of his creations.

Sometimes, you just want to see a shota get assaulted by an Eldritch monstrosity.
>inb4 "that picture"

>> No.17496907

I think his Adramalech is pretty cute

>> No.17496908

Bit on the chubby side. But that just means there's more of her to love <3

>> No.17496914

You aren't supposed to impregnate lolis yet anyway, just to do lots of lusty fruitless breeding for the sake of love and pleasure.

>> No.17496929

>have the mods that cause random huge battles to break out wherever you walk, add more monster variety, and improve dragon AI
>my last character was a female Bosmer werewolf

I'm already lost, aren't I?

>> No.17496930

Sonya is cute! And his minotaurs are cute too!

>> No.17496931

I'll give you that. Also, just from a design perspective, he doesn't disappoint. No "Girl face/torso on monster body" like some other artists
Setouchi's other problem after same-face

>> No.17496935

I have a bit of a shameful boner for Lamiaroid.

>> No.17496943

There is a difference between a stron woman (like Lizardmans, Salamanders, etc.)

And a muscular strong woman. The former is just a strong girl, the latter is a strong girl that actively looks how much stronger than you she is and how much weaker than her you are. The constrant between bodies. How easily she can overpower you.

Its easy to see why the latter are so popular with subs.

>> No.17496948

the stuff he draws on paper is pretty good actually if you seen the stuff he puts on twitter,
it seems his issue is he struggles with digital art.

>> No.17496953

Everyone has a shameful boner for lamiaroid, for some reason.

>> No.17496955

It's still absolutely retarded to say anyone that likes a monster girl has to be part of a specific fetish they feel caters to it.

>> No.17496957

So do I.
Fourty-eight squeezing units

>> No.17496964

Chubby cats are best cats.

>> No.17496982

I mean, who do you think I am?

>> No.17496985

Of course not everyone but a tendency can be observed. Is everyone who likes the Hellhound a sub? No, yet its easy to see who they will attract the most.

>> No.17496990
File: 137 KB, 500x722, zaku automaton.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>let your automaton maid watch gundam
>this happens
She claims that she can clean three times faster than shogs AND kikis!

>> No.17496993

>Is everyone who likes the Hellhound a sub
Fuck off.

>> No.17496997

She's getting her memory wiped.

>> No.17497005

>Mindwiping an S tier meido

>> No.17497010

Why is it necessary to be a sub to want her as waifu? Maybe you want to waifu her to tame her.

>> No.17497013

But can she help free the souls of those bound by gravity?

>> No.17497018

Good night anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, watch out for what type of cakes you give your alice imotou.

Don't want to come home and see she's spoting the body of a CC to go with her innocence do you?

>> No.17497020 [SPOILER] 
File: 101 KB, 1280x463, 1503023903932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you save the Ogre Princess?

>> No.17497026


>> No.17497028

>Ready to slay some nice dragon pussy
>It's just wyverns everywhere
Damn you skyrim.

>> No.17497030

>Maybe you want to waifu her to tame her.
Dumb maledomfag. go jerk off to Kikimoras and leave Minotaurs to people that have actual taste.

>> No.17497035

I don't like Gundam.

>> No.17497037
File: 146 KB, 667x1000, zaku maid type.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't do that if she's too fast for you to catch her!

Don't give her those kinds of ideas. She'll want to drop celestial bodies onto Earth.

>> No.17497039

How can one man's taste be this shit?

>> No.17497043

My first exposure to Mecha anime was Gundam Seed and Valvrave.

>> No.17497045

>She's trying a Dark Matter Drop!

>> No.17497056

>Gundam Seed
Oh god I'm so sorry.

>> No.17497060

Seed wasn't that bad since I was too young to really understand anything. Valvrave nearly had me jump out of a window with some of it's bullshit, especially when "She said thank you so she must be a good person" happened.

>> No.17497067

Fucking hell.

I still see that shit in my dreams
Thunderbolt has drowned it nicely though.

Anon, I would go back and watch Wing over Seed.

Wing has aged badly enough to be cheesy good, SEED is just a bad Remake of the Original.

>> No.17497073

I don't know, there's been so many Gundam shows and my interest in the mech genre is almost completely dead. I'd rather just jerk off to monster girls and watch whatever toku show interests me.

>> No.17497094

Did she really add on a ahoge?

>> No.17497095
File: 733 KB, 980x1155, 64466911_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.17497104

Damnit Fenrir. Chain isn't cheap you know!

>> No.17497107

It's not an ahoge! It's a communications antenna!

>> No.17497119
File: 604 KB, 1280x1857, 28_DWG_10_28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to test potions with/on a semen demon.

>> No.17497131

>Lizard Tail
Something isn't right here.

>> No.17497134


>> No.17497148


>> No.17497150
File: 518 KB, 417x1022, of course not.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well of course that means she isn't a succubus, dummy.

>> No.17497153

I am very OK with this. Even better if she upgrades to a Gouf...just to pull me close and whisper in my ear sensually...

"This is no Zaku, boy. No Zaku!"

>> No.17497180

Brown monster girls are made for marriage.

>> No.17497195

In terms of demographics, what is the monster girl equivalent to the stereotypical straight, white, 20-something, Christian, male?

>> No.17497196


>> No.17497198

probably Cat girls and kemomemes

>> No.17497199