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So are there any doujins of 2hu characters doing Youkai things? Or following their base desires?

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The ultimate crossover.

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That's a really good Spidey.

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Kurodani Yamame has no fans

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Trying to sneak away after one night stand!

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Depends on what you mean by "Youkai things." Youkai do lots of things.

Still gotta read that.
And yes, that's correct. Not literally, of course.

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>Depends on what you mean by "Youkai things." Youkai do lots of things
Honestly it depends on the Youkai more than anything. Don't tengu Kidnap children? Kappa take something from Human Anus? Etc?

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Tengu kidnap children?

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Didn't know japanese like Spiderman?

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>Yamame as Batman

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don't read it, you'll get a heart attack

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How did Spiderman end up in Gensokyo. Also how does a nap know about Spiderman

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But do his nads get bonked?

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Technically Spiderman is in old hell, not gensokyo

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>Also how does a nap know about Spiderman

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>He doesn't know.
There is a reason why a Tengu goes to the Human Village.

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God I wish that were me

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And what reason would that be

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Being a child growing up in the Human Village must be horrible.

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Yes. They would kidnap mainly boys, and afterwards leave them in high places where they would often be near death and raving mad. Its implied by this that they would rape them. Tengu have a lot of fun lore. Just wait until you hear the part about tricking certain people into eating animal dung.

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What's aya doing

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She's preparing the child for his deflowerment, and a long future as a Tengu sex slave.

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Half Human Half Tengu? How would they be treated

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Like Tengu with a massive disability.

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That's rather ableist

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They go to the village to scout

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Plenty. Sadly/jp/ labels them as edgy

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The amazing kurodani yamame!

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Make a doujin out of it.

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On it.

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More than likely, but /jp/ is repulse by such display.

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Fuck off with that Grimsokyo

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Its the truth

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It would be exterminated.

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Like Rinnosuke.

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Tengu often abducted priests, but they would also kidnap children. Some were permanently damaged mentally by the experience. Others were delirious or unconscious for a few days before eventually recovering. Renowned folklorist Yanagita Kunio said the boys of the mountain village where he grew up, as late as the late nineteenth century, talked constantly of their fear of being stolen by tengu.

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Read the folklore

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I'm not! I already own three zounose compilations.

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Aya is just being friendly to Children.

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She's a grown woman.

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Only one compilation can be seen here. The rest aren't with me yet but I own them already, you get it?

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By the way, a very fun fact: each compilation has a bonus 60-70 page story, featuring the main characters of each story in the compilation. Their own stories also get referenced, for example, Marisa uses the red seals she made for Reimu in Curse of Crimson to fend off Suwako's Twin Misghaguji, but that's not the only reference here (guess where pic related came from). All these callbacks make it end up feeling like the earlier stories are simply setting up for this one final chapter and the way it goes down is always "epic" in the literal sense of the word.

Nagaboshi is available on exh if you want to see how it plays out but that's his first compilation bonus which might explain why he couldn't find a good fit for VINTAGE other than having Sakuya show up.

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I hate you for being rich but I also thank you for the fun facts.

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These are the only doujins I own.

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Any theories

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Theories about what?

Also, I realized that I can now spread this without having to break my copy since a Korean copy is available on exh. However, their scanlation was done a little too well... that even the sound effects got turned into Korean. Impressive but not what I need.

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Kasen being able to morph her hand into things makes me like her even more. Imagine the possibilities...

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Imagine the possibilities

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How about no.

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Too late, Kasen.

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Kasen becomes the Iku of post-soku fighters because of this ability.

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What's zounose endgame

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To become a god so he may remove the border between grim and moe from this wretched world once and for all.

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It's really simple: to illustrate and possibly write some aspects of the next official touhou manga.

>To my left is Aya-sensei, to my right is pedo-sensei... hawawa
>Does this mean Zounose-san will be asked to draw the next touhou official manga..!?
>Isn't Karaage-san much more qualified for the job?

Here Zounose had a chance to reveal his desire to become an official manga illustrator, but chose instead to dodge the question and name someone else as "more qualified" than him. Have you even seen Karaage's works? The difference in technical ability is a world apart. Not only that, but it's clear to see that Zounose is more passionate about touhou, having drawn dozens of touhou doujins EXCLUSIVELY, and releasing three or four new issues at every convention he attends.

Zounose deserves to write the next touhou manga, possibly the spiritual successor of Forbidden Scrollery, and it's sad that only a few people believe this.

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>Isn't Karaage-san much more qualified for the job?

this enlightened comment has highly increased my respect for Zounose.

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>Zounose deserves to write the next touhou manga

ZUN is the only one that writes the manga by the way.

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Thanks to him some people unironically believes that Suwako is Touhou equivalent of Shadow the edgehog. That fagget deserves fucking nothing.

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Roll it back pint-sized

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Maybe after you stop posting shitty samples.

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>Zounose deserves to write
Zounose should not be allowed to touch the Touhou canon because of the fact alone that he has a very strong headcanon, which he's shown time and time again doesn't care about the actual, established canon. He'd end up forcing his own interpretations into the manga, and we'd end up having to pick them apart for what's supposed to be ZUN's idea, and what's just Zounone's bullshit.

Not to mention, he can't even keep things consistent in his own headcanon. How can he be trusted to do it for an official manga?

tl;dr: no

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Refute me, nigger.

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It's not his fault people are retarded. Tons of secondaries think Flandre is some kind of psycho murdering machine or that Alice is a stuttering moe-blob because of other fan authors, and such examples abound.

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Very strong headcanon didn't disqualify azuma aya or Aki Eda (the most yurifag of them all). And even if they each had their own view of gensokyo we're not wondering whether or not Remi invited everyone to that bath party so they can all have a gay orgy just because a yurifag like Aki Eda illustrated SSiB.

>he can't even keep things consistent in his own headcanon
>How can he be trusted to do it for an official manga
For one, he won't be writing the manga, ZUN will, and ZUN is going to be meticulous like he was with WAHH over the smallest details.
Second, ZUN is himself the inconsistent one. Reimu is very different in each of her manga appearances. I hope you enjoyed this aspect of the mangas because you'll get another flavor of reimu for the next one.

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>For one, he won't be writing the manga
Stopped reading here. Fucking read the conversation before you jump in.

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Isn't it common knowledge that only ZUN writes them? Then why are we still discussing possibility that zounose will write them seriously? I think it's more productive to shift the discussion on what qualifies or disqualifies him to illustrate the next toho manga, as opposed to writing it which is a wrong assumption from the first place.

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>Isn't it common knowledge that only ZUN writes them?
Stopped reading here. Fucking read the conversation before you jump in.

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You should have read further.

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I read enough

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I never asked for this but now I'm curious.

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As are we.

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Didnt Spiderman get a new manga release?

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I think it was in Shonen Weekly.

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