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S-so nanoka~

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Is she masturbating?

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No manko

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What is she doing?

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Watashi o chin chin daisuki des

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So manko ka?

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Yes, Rumia-chan I'm in love with your bald pussy.

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i wishes to breed the dark loli

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god i wish that teacup was me

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What are you talking about? Little Rumia is pure

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I never said she wasn't pure. She could very well have no idea what masturbation is and just innocently be doing it because it feels good.

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Have you been letting Lillith inside your head again you stooge!?

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You want scorching hot coffee being served straight your mouth?

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Pure Pure

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So nanoka~

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Taking innocent little Rumia into a dark corner where no one can see us!

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I think Rumia is the one taking that innocent man into a dark corner.

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all girls her age love a good chin chin, evey now and the(More like all the time)

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I want to let Rumia play with my chin chin as much as she wants.

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Uhhh. Nano-what?

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Just don't let her get peckish and bite off your package.

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Yes, but it has been filtered.

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Why so much mankoposting.
Just say cunny. You all go on about Rumia being the honorary fairy most times.

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My stance on feeding you all to Rumia still stands

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As long as I get to ram her little cunny, I'm fine with that.

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little girls in pantyhoses might be my biggest weakness

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in another world despite being the hero the enemy monsters have firmly grasped my weakness

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I wish Rumia would firmly grasp my weakness with her thighs.

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Deal, I want to become nutrients in her bloodstream and be absorbed into her loli tissues.

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I want to lose to Rumia in a danmaku battle and sustain her existence via faith as facilitated by the spellcard rules without losing my life and over time provide more value to her than a meal would.

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>sustain her existence via faith
You can't do that dude. Rumia is a youkai.

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Poor Mystia. She just got cannibalized.

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Lucky Mystia.

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Please don't make a joke of Mystia being eaten alive.

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Then fear. Then again, faith is just a kind of fear.

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I wish I were Mystia.

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I'd settle for being Rumia and eating anons

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I know.

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I'd fondle your sexy little girl body if you tried to eat me.

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That would be the next best thing.

This anon knows what's good.

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If this is a trade, sure.

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good doujin

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One two three, time to fall in the dark

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It only just now occurred to me that she's supposed to look like an albino.

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actually meant for >>20338341

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Guuuhhh! That is so cute

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I wish that was me.

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I wish I was Rumia too

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I wish I was Rumia's prey.

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I wonder what the reason behind the Rumia upskirt meme is. Besides lolicon disease, I mean.

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Lolicon is not a disease. It's perfectly normal to be aroused by lolis.

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Stuff like this I mean
https://www.nicovideo.jp/tag/ルーミア パンツ

Wanting to bury your face into Rumia's panties and die is a disorder.

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I can't quite tell what Dai-chan is thinking here.

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She seems to be aroused.

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Where can I find the MMD models for Rumia?

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That's a very good question. She is rarely seen in MMD's, Japanese or western. She is featured in the cirno's perfect math class MMD version (which is incredibly well made) . The uploader probably linked it at the end of the video/ description box. I would link but my ps3 won't let me. Hope this helps.

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I use this one for lewd time with Rumia in VR.

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That doesn't mean she doesn't have at least a couple models.

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Also https://twitter.com/yukistea/status/1017758423016878080

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Well, she's wrong.

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Poor Rumia, no one ever talks about anything other than how much they want to have sex with her or some sort of edgy fantasy about her being a sealed up superboss.

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>some sort of edgy fantasy about her being a sealed up superboss.
Or people really liked the idea of Rumia onee-chan. She's insanely cute regardless and she's somehow managed to be in the middle of the top 50 most popular 2hus for more than a decade now.

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not like there's fucking anything else to talk about. She's an irrelevant stage 1 boss only popular because she appeared in EoSD.

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Osana Reimu was pretty good
Why does Reireimu have to exist, FUCK

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Reireimu was alright. https://youtu.be/ZFAA2nr-3kA and pic related made me start crying like a bitch even though it's been years since I last saw it.

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There's also the occasional freak who fantasizes about being eaten by her.

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>Wanting to bury your face into Rumia's panties and die is a disorder.
No, it isn't. Suffocating on Rumia's panties while she wears them would be the best possible way to die, and since it would be the best thing I'd ever do, there would be no point in living after that.

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You could talk about practical uses of her ability, about the manual and Akyuu's claims that she eats people, about how her interactions with Aya portrays her as an unmotivated NEET who thinks attacking humans is too much of a pain. You could make silly threads written entirely in spoilered text and shitposts about how Hiro should change /jp/'s spoiler image to a black ball instead of Yukari's gaps which doesn't even make sense as it's not hiding anything. You could discuss her actual power level and strength as a low tier youkai and whether she's actually physically stronger than a pair of large humans or would even bother fighting you if you struggled. You could discuss what her actual existence source is, darkness, fear of darkness, fear of being eaten, or what. You could make comparisons between Rumia and black holes. You could talk about why she's visible on the new moon and if she loses her powers then. She doesn't really interact with anyone but you could still even discuss theoretical interactions.

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Were any of them uploaded to a non-shit site?

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I'm sure someone illicitly reuploaded them to some normalfag botnet site like youtube or pornhub, but you'll have to search yourself.

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You don't have to be like that either. What about Iwara?

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Possibly, but does Iwara have a worthwhile search nowadays? Just put the video titles into a search engine and see if they come up somewhere else.

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Copy the nico video link and watch/download.

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>does Iwara have a worthwhile search nowadays
Diamonds in the rough, really. If it has more than 10k views, it's not total garbage.

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Most stuff on Iwara are pure shit tho.

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True. Usually the good videos are the ones MMD artists are reuploading from their Twitter or a lower res version of the stuff they put on their Fantia page, which usually is free for download anyway.

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Why is her hair having a stroke?

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