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Is this the last thing the humans see before dinnertime?

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What you see afterwards

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spookyhus thread?

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is this more realistic to what a human from the village would see?

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Post the Rumia and anon make more humans story pls

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Wow, she's really going for that dick, huh...

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I thought this was a blue board

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I think you just see the inside of her stomach.

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I don't think they would see anything. Being surrounded by darkness is, you know, her ability.

Overall you're a lot more likely to be eaten by somebody like Mystia than Rumia. Even if you are a ignorant poor outsider, "Darkness=Bad" is still a thing most people understand.

I'm pretty sure this IS what a human villager. Despite the fact that they aren't actually on the menu.

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Obviously. Human sexual organs are viewed as the height of delicacies by youkai everywhere. Why do you think they prefer the taste of virgins?

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you wont escape darkness when you get that point so it wont matter do they understand or not.

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Is this is the last thing Rumia would see before sleepytime?

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>you wont escape darkness when you get that point
Uh, yes you would. People have canocailly walked into Rumia's darkness and survived. And i'm not even talking about Reimu or Marisa.

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Yes. Or fire as she burns away after being hit by a incendiary rocket.

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where is the doujin

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shes so ugly

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No. Not at all

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No. They see a cute little Youkai Girl nibbling on their arm and failing spectacularly in biting a chunk out of it and headpatting her.

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Wait, so Rumia is actually harmless?
Nice, that means I can play and cuddle with her instead of running for my life when I meet her.

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Rumia's a fucking lazy loliNEET that is effectively harmless due to her extreme laziness regarding actually hunting and eating people. She probably pays lesser fairies to feed her whatever scraps of man meat they can get their hands on whenever Yukari dumps outsiders into the forests.

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How can she pay fairies if she's a NEET?

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Sexual favors and protection from bullying from larger fairies and youkai (that are smaller than her). It's pretty much extortion but Rumia and the fairies don't know what that is.

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That's not extortion, but a legitimate and fair trade. The fairies give Rumia something she wants, and Rumia gives something the fairies want. Win win.
Extortion would be if Rumia threatened to eat them if they didn't comply.

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rumia scares the shit out of me

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Rumia scares and arouses me.
It's weird to have a boner while fearing for my life.

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Rumia is cute, scary and funny. She's scunny.

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I wish Rumia would trick me into following her to a secluded part of the forest.

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I read
>I'm licking all ovah' your hotdog now
in a Brooklyn accent and it killed my boner.

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Please let Rumia devour you so she can grow up to be big and strong.

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Please delete that disgusting picture, then go hang yourself, filthy hagfag.

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I wrote (just a bit of) Rumia porn tonight!

Also, Razy's Rumia is best Rumia.

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I hate you.

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I love you. Adult Rumia is a miracle of the universe.

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Rumia is really cute!

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Sex with the Ex!

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You guys must seriously have no-since of self-respect. Are you telling me they all outright go-after human beings in that game, the main amount of them.?

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>Rumia porn
Share it.

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Mostly the outsiders since directly attacking villagers would fuck up the balance, but rule-breaking villagers and the unwise (such as those who go into dangerous areas or leave the village at night without proper protection) may also be susceptible to a youkai's hunger.

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Why does Reimu mock this youkai?

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She has the power to punt her across the room

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She's ugly. UGLY!

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>stage 1 boss
>dumb as a brick makes Cirno seem like a mastermind

Reimu is right to treat one of the worst 2hu like the trash she is.

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Be nice to Rumia. Not everyone needs to be super powerful and cunning.

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Little did everyone know, Rumia had the most powerful cunning of all.

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Irrelevant whore

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Feeding the Rumia

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I don't know what I'm looking a-

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Adult Rumia is best Rumia.

Pedofags get out.

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>but rule-breaking villagers and the unwise (such as those who go into dangerous areas or leave the village at night without proper protection) may also be susceptible to a youkai's hunger.
Hard to say if that's actually true though. It would mostly depend on Reimu just not giving enough of a fuck to bother tracking down a missing villager that did any of these things. Which, to be fair, is pretty plausible considering Reimu not giving a shit is like half of her character.

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Unless it's Kosuzu.

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Reimu likes Kosuzu. That automatically makes her one of the most privileged people in Gensokyo.

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Don't let Kosuzu near that lolicon miko or her chastity will be taken away one day

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She has a really cute tummy

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Do they all eat human flesh? Like, you think they would share any meat they would catch.

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Wriggle is a good girl and probably doesn't eat humans. She doesn't seem hostile to them either.

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Perhaps. But still, when Mystia and Rumia offer her some delicious freshly caught outsider stew. I think she would have a very, VERY hard time saying no.

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Good thing they don't actually associate with each other and she'd probably fear Mystia for being a bird.

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Rumia is seen talking to Wriggle in the manga. You're right about Myschi, though. That said, Myschi and Rumia do have common ground with food, so I wouldn't be surprised if they at least knew about each other.

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Wriggle isn't so stupid that she somehow thinks Mystia would be liable to eat her. Mystia's favorite food is people anyhow, not bug youkai.,

It might just be a passing familiarity. Just two youkai that occasionally chat when they encounter each other during human hunting hours.

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Fairies don't eat humans and Rumia's too lazy to try killing you. Mystia would put you to sleep first by singing before ripping your intestines out of your asshole with her mouth. Wriggle's just Wriggle.

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>Fairies don't eat humans
They don't eat people, yes. But I don't think they would have much of a problem eating human flesh if somebody offered it to them.

>Rumia's too lazy to try killing you.
Rumia is too lazy to be GOOD at killing you. If you stumbled across her, she would still try to eat you.

>Wriggle's just Wriggle.
Like the other anon said, Wriggle is a good girl. But she is still a youkai, meaning she would have a hard time resisting if somebody offered her outsider stew.

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>she would still try to eat you.
Really depends on her mood. She isn't going to put much effort if you struggle, and if you do struggle she'll probably give up thinking it's too much of a hassle and then proceed to fuck off, go take a nap, or bother someone else.

I really don't think fairies would be too inclined on eating people in general since they don't depend on human emotions or belief and thus aren't born with a need or desire to consume human flesh. I don't think fairies even eat meat that often to begin with.

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I don't think she would need to put in much effort to kill most outsiders. Just bite the throat and start eating. She might be a weak youkai, but she is still a LOT stronger than your average human.

I agree that they wouldn't be inclined to eat people. But I also don't think they would have much of a problem eating human flesh if it was offered to them.

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>but she is still a LOT stronger than your average human.
She's also pretty dumb and lazy, so it'd be like encountering a crocodile, just don't run in a straight line and you'll be fine.

>> No.20942038

Yes. But most outsiders don't see a crocodile. They see a normal little girl in a black dress.

Well, or a cloud of flying darkness. Which, to be fair, is pretty sinister in nature.

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>she is still a LOT stronger than your average human.
There's no proof of that really. She's on the same level are Mystia and Wriggle and, like them, probably doesn't really have any advantages other than her ability. Every youkai isn't an oni, tengu, or vampire and she isn't even a beast type.

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>They see a normal little girl in a black dress.
That's the scariest part. Image that you see a cute little girl alone in the middle of the forest, so you approach her with the intent of rapin- I mean, helping her, then you get too close to the little monster and she bites your carotid artery off.

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>Youkai have a history of being physically stronger than humans.
>Since a human's power can't compare to a youkai's in the first place, it would be impossible to put up a fight within darkness that renders even torchlight useless.

The last one is from Rumia's article, even.

That is scary in theory. But it's kind of undermined by the fact that she's always hiding in a bubble of darkness. Meaning your typical gullible outsider won't actually be able to see her.

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>> No.20944838

>The last one is from Rumia's article, even.
It also doesn't say anything about physical strength. It just says that a normal person is at a disadvantage in terms of powers to begin with, so going into the darkness and giving a bigger disadvantage wouldn't be a good idea. It doesn't even say she's unbeatable outside of it. It also doesn't say "Rumia is stronger than 50 men and couldn't be held down by a large strong guy nor tied up."

Mystia and Wriggle are similar. Wriggle's bugs can be dangerous, but if she's not with any because they're all dead for the winter or something, then she's nothing. Mystia also isn't much if it's daytime when she can't blind you with her power. On top of that, it mentions just being in a pair is not only effective against her but against youkai in general. Thus even if they're at an advantage, it's more like they're stronger than an individual human, not some superbeast like people like to exaggerate youkai as being. A dude with a big heavy stick could probably take any of those three as long as they avoided getting caught up in their powers. And this is assuming they're an atheist and can't just kill them praying.

>> No.20944886

b-but muh strength of ten bears fanfiction

>> No.20945451

rumia is for blowing razzberries on her tummy.

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And babying.

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Brutally murdered and devoured by a cute girl, is there a better way to die?

>> No.20947299

It not completely unreliable, you ass.

I agree that youkai don't seem that much stronger than humans, at least some of them. But I do think it's pretty obvious from this that Rumia wouldn't have too much of a problem killing some random outsider smuck that gets too close to.

>> No.20947343


Honest thoughts?

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I had a terrible nightmare where the Cenobites were eating Rumia alive. I know she would do the same to me if given the chance, but I still felt horrible witnessing that.

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Do they eat people? Wat it the ones with the clacky teeth? I like those ones.

>> No.20947624

>Do they eat people?
No, but cannibalism was their newest fetish in my dream.

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You're right. Mommy Rumia should change your diapers, not wear them herself.

>> No.20947893

That kid is going to get eaten, isn't she?

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File: 1.07 MB, 1600x1200, Rumia the vulture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eaten out, yes.

>> No.20947939

She’s gonna eat her!!

>> No.20948490

That's even worse. I knew youkai were evil, but I never expected them to be rapists as well.

>> No.20948596

I want to father and nurture baby Rumia

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Imagine the smell!

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Youkai might not even have a smell that exists outside of Gensokyo anymore!

>> No.20950931

I think it's possible to orgasm by just having Rumia shove her crotch on your face.

>> No.20952801

i wouldn't mind being eaten after all that.
she already has my heart.

>> No.20956161

I see this before breakfast

>> No.20958388

Chocolate early in the morning is bad for you.

>> No.20959619

Imagine the pleasure when those teeth slide across your glans

>> No.20962824

Youkai are nice, sometimes...
F to pay respects to the smol loli ;-;7

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How did Rumia end up with pizza on her head and spilling mayo all over the place? Where did the little shit put the goddamn cap for the mayo? She better clean this mess up when she's done eating or there'll be hell to pay.

>> No.20963603

Not only is she a lazy Youkai, Rumia is a sloppy Youkai.

>> No.20964949

Rumia the Lazy night Youkai girl

>> No.20967478

Rumia the Lazy and Sloppy Night Youkai.

>> No.20971467

Someone get this youkai a Human!

>> No.20977112

The pizza slices ruin the image.

>> No.20981299

>mayo near pizza
Ruined everything

>> No.20981541

relax that autism buddy, the mayo is barely touching the pizza, and even if the mayo was put on the pizzas it still wouldn't be as bad as pineapples

>> No.20981589

I thought loli haet pizza

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