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Do you think she's capable of bearing my offspring?

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You’re a failure.
You’re incapable of having children.

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Who are you talking about anon, the cashier at your local grocery store? Surely not the 2D anime girl you posted a picture of...

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No she will either die during childbirth or give you stillborns

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nobody would want to bear your offspring

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Is she sick? Why would that happen?

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That's completely untrue, I would just be a failure as a parent and raise them incompetently.

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Reimu is frail and her hips are narrow, she might be actually to give birth through caesarean section but that would ruin her body and make her husband hate her, leaving her to raise her child alone

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You need to be able to enter Gensokyo first.
Now work on the rope.

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She can but not specifically yours. She meets men who are much better than you on a daily basis and I have a feeling she's just not interested in that sort of thing because what kind of gay wouldn't want to impregnate her?

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Why don't you fuck her and find out?

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you think you brain of capable hold bullet?

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Engrish is cute.

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She'd be a awful mother so I hope not.

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>pure miko
>awful mother

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She's Reimu.

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She's poor and bitchy. You want your child to end up as Ghetto trash?

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>Much better
She hates the men of the Human Village. It's why she rarely visits.

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Yes. But she would still be a utterly terrible mother.

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>She meets men who are much better than you on a daily basis
Those are either outsiders trying to leave Gensokyo, or human villagers. Neither group has, for obvious reasons, any interest in Reimu.

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mikos are literally village bicycle

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Me no think that yes

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Thats very rude and false

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Reimu is miko in name only but doesn't really do its job

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Reimu must be average-looking if not ugly

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She is. While most village girls are at least 6/10, and also far more likeable.

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>but that would ruin her body
healthcare situation in gensokyo is dire huh

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she isn't real, so probably not

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Reminder that the Hakurei line should, and will, die with Reimu.

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In Reimu's ending for the final 2hu game she'll have a kid who's already old enough to walk and talk (father never mentioned) and Reimu will comment that it wasn't a big deal and that's why nobody talked about it sooner.

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As an old-timey Japanese prostitute she has chlamydia all the way up to her ovaries, on purpose. This makes her infertile. It's a birth control method.

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thats assuming a lot especially considering she has too have kids too continue her family line.

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good post

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Couldn't Yukari just gap the kid out? Or Eirin uses some sort of shady drug?

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Can't be true, she's very popular with girls.

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She does ceremonies as shown in the fairies manga (that marisa tries to sabotage out of cruelty) and solves incidents when they pop up, that's all.

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she takes care of the mischevious hobos who settle up in her house as freeloaders and you think she wouldn't care for her own child? she even made a little room and bed for sukuna.

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no u

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She would never have my child, I'd always cum while pressing my glans against her armpit

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Touhou isn't anime

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Formation Sign - Improper Text
Thread Sign- Infinite laughs

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>Infinite laughs
Not found.

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She's popular with literal evil supernatural creatures. The only real girl that wants anything to do with her is a drug addict.

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