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Cast the western touhou movie

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Danny DeVito as Remilia

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Nicole Oliver as Yukari Yakumo. At least her voice fits.
I think.

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Chow Yun Fat as Reimu

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Yukari as the one that kills all the nigger actors and jewish producers

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Produced by deadman lmao. Owned by disney too. ZUN to get sued for plagiarism

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lil boom as rinnosuke

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Which actress is fitting to play Aya?

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is this thread about touhou feets?

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Taylor Swift as Marisa

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this but unironically

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What would it even be about? A drawn out version of EoSD with added characters?

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Directed by Micheal Bay.

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Sakuya - Scarlet Johannsen

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A diverse group of multicultural plucky freedom fighters who fight against an evil blond woman who erected a "border" to keep people out of her "pure and sacred lands".

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>she sings

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Written and directed by Dan Schneider.

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What kind of Touhou story Quentin Tarantino would write?

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More violence, more dialog and more feet. Emphasis on the feet.

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I like the feet part, he should give it a try

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Reimu played by Glenn Howerton

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He's perfect for the job then.

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>More violence, more dialog and more feet. Emphasis on the feet.
So basically Yuuka: The Movie then.

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this is so real it hurts

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needs actresses with good feet
no mediocre or shit feet

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EoSD except everyone is a member of The Expendables' cast, wearing their character's outfit but otherwise acting as themselves

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I'd cast it into the abyss.

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So Brie Larson is out of the list.

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I'd really really like a ASIP crossover with 2hu unironically.

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ZUN's wife.

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Hitomi Tanaka as Komachi

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Anri as Bya!

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Schneider-san has got it covered

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how do I say this... I got a boner

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Please delete this

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