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Yuuka is the youkai of motherhood and fertility

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i'm a bumblebee
bzzz bzzz
heading straight for yuuka's flowerbed

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trust me anon, it best not to leave any child near her

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the fandom skewed my perception of her, what’s her canon personality like again?

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mummy with stinky feet

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A very violence women

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once a genocidal maniac who gave no shit, now just a strange old lady hanging around in a flower field bullying fairies for fun

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Murder waifu prime early on
Now just an isolationist gardener
Hippity hoppity stay off her property and you'll be fine

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Leaving a kid with her will probably go wrong
This is why you put a kid in her instead
She wouldn't hurt her own blood

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She used to be an unrivaled mass murderer until Reimu came along. They competed for a bit but Reimu proved more cold and ruthless, so now Yuuka allows the new generation to do most of the work.

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You won't live long enough to put a kid in her and I'm sure she won't want to have a half-human child.

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Wonderfull flower

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Maybe yes, maybe no
She has lived a very long time, and might be bored enough to be interested if an intelligent botanist comes by her lair

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Fine point, Try your best not drying, I wish you good luck anon.

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oh I'll be doing the opposite in her loins if you catch my drift

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I see what you mean, now go and have some fun.

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I think I'm one of the few that views Yuuka as a nee-san instead of a mom.

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why nee-san? she's very clearly an old lady

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She's not, she's energetic young woman.

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maybe in the pc-98 era lol

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Extremely rude!

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old! OLD! Medicine could be her grandchild!

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Yuuka's cute yummy stinky feet!

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Also reminder that Yuuka has a cute big butt and she likes to bend over to remind you how big and slappable it is!

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She is immortal
Her youthful fertility is everlasting

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Yuuka is a treasure
and I want to plunder her like one too

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Yuuka is Reimu's mother.
I have proof but if I show it to you ZUN will ki

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Yuuka would never commit genocide. Not because she has any qualms about it or because she's too weak for it, but simply because it'd get boring real quick. She just threatened to kill all of Shinki's children in order to make her cry.

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so she's still an ultra sadist, or the cranky old granny that tells kids to get off her lawn? would she beat up a lost child that accidentally steps on her sunflowers?

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She would eat said child for the sake of doing so, let alone for harming her flowers
She is still youkai

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There is a criminal lack of good quality pregnant Yuuka images.

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Yuuka is a /fit/hu

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Is that guy who banter with black humour nochalantly and it can do a big part of said things if goes south but normally lives peacefully, has gardering as an hobby and surpricely well versed due her frequent travels in the past

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Let me guess, mima is marisa's mom too

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she is not happy day

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happy day

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Stinky feet but what about her armpits?

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Tell me anon, are you willing to risk your life, just to get near her?

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the best yuuka is more yuuka

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Me on the top left

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would my dna

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Footfags should be given medals of honour.

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That looks painful.

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One more, she keeps saying.

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I often fantasize of the odor of Yuuka's feet.

Am I alone in this?

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Send me one of your daughters.

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Wake up then.

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>"If Anon won't clean his hands, then I'll have to remove those hands."

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is this a fumo I can buy or is it custom-made?

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She is an official fumo.

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Not at all, I am torn on whether her feet would naturally develop the rancid, cheesy vinegary-like odor commonly described in poorly ventilated, active feet or a more earth-like base from her role of botanical manipulation. Yuuka's low-cut shoes would all but guarantee dirt, moss, and bugs being smushed between her stockings, soles, and toes. What kind of aroma would develop thereafter has been the basis of more personal daydreams than i would like to admit...

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Fucking smellfaggots. Go die from the coronavirus.

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>Go die from the coronavirus
Please don't wish something that definitely can materialize. Ironically, my lungs aren't too great and although I get ill very rarely, when it happens, it always ends up being a notable experience.

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