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A thread to discuss medium sized chuubas and below that aren't part of Hololive or nijisanji.

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Good idea to be honest.

>> No.23380079

Starting with Ran because she's my favourite streamer.

See you at the bottom of hiyoko.

>> No.23380112

I don't think that bear should be drinking. She's like 12.

>> No.23380151

>Aishit not allowed ITT
Very good idea actually, I approve.

>> No.23380169

I'd personally cut it at 300k subs. It's broad, but it would fit almost everyone.

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are you sure about that?

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it's fine that's in bear years don't worry

>> No.23380196

She said in that form that she's 12. I guess it's after her growth spurt or something. I don't know that much about bears.

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Sephira is cute! CUTE!

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Fuck off, no one above 100k, even that is pushing it. No Tamaki, Mea, and other garbage associated with nijiholo.

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Cute kizuner.

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Please check out this small VTuber, she recently hit a nice sub milestone!


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It's mostly personal preference, but I like HoneyStraps.

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