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Up up up!

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Down down down!

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Chen wants upsies

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Alrighg, up you go.
Now give me five more minutes Chen...

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Fooling around with Chen! Hoping Ran doesn't find out~

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My penis is as erect as it can be. Little kids are so hot when they fuck.

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Imagine fucking kids.

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Like going all in and draining one of your balls when your six inches deep in the childs groin.

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Is Chen also a posessed youkai like ran?

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Oops *computer

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>six inches

Giving yourself a lot of credit here anon

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I-it's really longer than that! That's just what pokes out between the sweaty cheese-encrusted fat rolls!

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Ran joining in after catching you and Chen having fun together!

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Ran finding out, getting jealous, and letting a dog rape you!

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Ran invites Chen to the show!

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This is Chen thread, please post only Chen.

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I think we will run out of pictures of onaholes if we did that.

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Got sauce?

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Do not objectify Chen 'please'

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Chen is an expansion card

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Are you trying to contradict my belief that Chen was built for sole purpose of rough sexual intercoarse?

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She was also built for receiving headpats. Copious amounts of headpats.

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Chen is meant for heterosexual sex with middle aged men.

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Remember to wear an anti-static wristband when giving Chen headpats.

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Chen is just like every other seven year old energetic and rambunctious girl, built to be a lightweight streamlined and portable onahole for the use of older men.

And thats a fact Captain Jack.

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A pussy with a tight pussy. But the fox will intervene if you hurt the pussy.

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The kiddiefuckers are from /a/.

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Maybe it's Yukari, who got tired of sharing Ran and now is trying to get the thread deleted.

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The threads were fine until some dipshit namedropped the board.

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The airwolf does that even mean?

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Gypsy earring and attire is a turn off. She would make for a good portable onahole if she remained nude and compressed herself down to fit in my large notebook backpack.

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It was a trap, all along, to get you to make love with that hag!

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A hag is fine too

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A cat is fine too

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Sex with prepubescent little girls is fine as well.

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Oyakodon is the only time where a hag actually makes things better, so I'm okay with that.

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get off me you toxoplasmosis carrying creature!

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stop lewding my cat!

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I'm not lewding her, I just want to make her feel good by performing oral sex on her until she orgasms.

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my favorite touhou doujin


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That Chen has long nails. Appropriate for her.

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if the tails were just a bit more fluffy and upright

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Yeah, the tails look kinda sad.
Still cute tho.

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Looks like a man though which is degenerate. Chen was built for fucking.

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No. It’s up down left right left right a b start

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Lewd pussy.

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If you can't find it yourself, you don't really deserve to read it

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I’ve been saying that all week!

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I went through 400+ magna on nhentai and I can't find it, just give me this please?

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You're either lying, or you're too dumb to know what "tags" are.
Too dumb it is.

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What about the other ball?

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I’m not about to wait a week to verify a burner email

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That's a very cute story.

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why are you being an insufferable smug retard over dog fucking doujins

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Not everyone uses it.
I don’t use it. Even if I got off my lazy ass, I’d probably use it once a month.

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It's on nhentai. Filter for Ran Yakumo, bestiality, and english.

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See the part where it says ran yakumo the 438 is the number of comics with her in it you smooth brained retard.
This is also it if anyone still cares

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>See the part where it says ran yakumo the 438 is the number of comics with her in it you smooth brained retard.
Yes, I'm the retard for trying to narrow down the results by only selecting doujin in english.

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Chen got a snack!

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>only selecting doujin in english
Are you retarded?

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No, anon. Are you just lashing out now? Let me break down how anyone could've done this with little effort.

The picture has Yakumo_Ran. The picture is in English. It's also clearly been well edited, so it can be assumed that it was taken from a full translation. Combine these two tags and you filter the total number of results to around 70, instead of 400+ (though there's actually over a thousand if you were using sad panda proper instead of a shitty mirror). Instead, you failed at combing over hundreds of results without a discerning enough eye to recognize the artist's style on a cover that still appears on the first page of most chronologically sorted search results.

Looks like you got there eventually, though. Enjoy your dog buggery, I guess. It's only the last page.

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You're pretty upset huh?
Just wanted to keep all the ran rape to yourself huh?

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Can Chen give me upsies with her youkai strength?

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I'm not the anon with whom you were arguing, I'm just stating facts. It's plainly embarrassing that anyone on /jp/ of all places could be so bad at finding doujinshi sauce. You can flounder around for two weeks, or use even the mildest of critical thinking to find anything in less than a minute. People who can't are treated the same no matter where you are on 4chan.

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>You can flounder around for two weeks, or use even the mildest of critical thinking to find anything in less than a minute.
I wasn't the one looking for it.
I was just enjoying how mad they were.

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anger when they're not met is the price of having standards

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Either way I'm enjoying it
(Also post some more cheeen)

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Please do not respond to phoneposters kudasai.

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Better that fish than Nazrin.

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chen is my favorite

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It's cute to imagine Alice making dolls for Chen.

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This should have stayed.
I wish I could draw and animate. I'd draw and animate Chen.

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I feel like if I fucked Chen again at this time I would catch something. This gypsy street cat has taken quite a few barbed dicks over the last so many years.

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chen has never seen a penis. do not speak to me ever again.

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I think I’m immune to kitty cats
I don’t feel all sneezy when I’m near one. Someone like Kagerou however is a different story.

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

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cute kitten

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Am I a bad person for wanting to do naughty things with Chen without Ran knowing?

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yes, very bad

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CHEN! Get off of page 10 Chen!

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Straight to hell.

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