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Rumia doesn't find you tasty

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The saga continues...

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Of course not. A NEET consumes nothing but junk food. It’s not my fault she doesn’t find my NEET essence tasty, all she does is eat human flesh!

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I knew shitting myself every day to ward off bad luck would help me sooner or later.

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she is mean

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Feed the Rumia with better foods.

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So is tummylingus a thing?
Cuz I'd pork Rumia in that regard

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I wonder what would happen if Rumia were to drink the white seed of a human?

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Princess cunny of darkness

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Alice. Please tell me those aren’t humans Alice.

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alice is a youkai too

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Alice is not a innocence girl

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Getting cooked and sliced for Rumia by Alice, with /jp/!

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I want to fuck Rumia so badly. I want to kiss and cuddle Rumia all day while calling her beautiful, cute and adorable, spoiling her as much as possible.
I want to impregnate Rumia so much. I want to have a little family with Rumia.

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I want to be eaten alive by Rumia, not be killed by some dumb pathetic hag who deserves to be bullied hard every day.

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Motherhood. Feed the child!

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I want to live under Rumia's skirt.

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>ywn be eaten, digested and turned into loli shit by Rumia, humiliating her because her cute body is a poop machine
Why live?

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I don't know what's the deal with this recent fixation, but it's okay.

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Who are you quoting

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A post in the future.

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ywn be eaten, digested and turned into loli shit by Rumia, humiliating her because her cute body is a poop machine

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No you don’t.

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Explain that

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How fucking new are you?

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Newfag tries to act hard because he saw a post about /jp/ and quotes, attempting to justify his rampant faggotry by accusing others of being new.

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You copied and pasted text.

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That's a bold assumption.

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I want to eat Rumia out

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She has a cunny, there isn't much to "eat out."

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I want to tonguefuck Rumia

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I want to make out with her cunny for hours.

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Don't fall for her traps

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Holy puffy, hairless squishy pussy!
Would devour.

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Lolimate draws some delectable cunnies

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My mom says I am tasty...

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Realistically, adult men would be the least tasty for a youkai like Rumia to eat since they tend to be hairier, sweatier, more muscular, and have a lower body fat percentage than women.

That said, they'd make up for it to a starving youkai in the sense that they have the largest body mass, providing the most meat, even if it's tougher and hairier.

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I weigh 120lbs and have a bf% of like 1
They might as well chew on a toothpick, mine preferrably.

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My pp is 7 inches in size, will Rumia be able to take it in her small cunny?

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No, but don't worry. Cock and testicles are considered delicacies in some parts, just look at Rocky Mountain oysters which some Americans eat. So I'm sure Rumia will still enjoy them from that perspective.

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I want to start a cute, wholesome family with Rumia. Even if I would have to deal with the issues that come from marrying a literal Maneater. For Rumia, it would all be worth it.

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Rumia might eat men, but I'm gonna eat Rumia!

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I am tasty

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Doesn't find WHAT not tasty?

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Your pathetic, phimotic micropenis

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That saddens me. Guess I'll stop bothering Rumia and go find another youkai to eat me.

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Rumia's a growing youkai, she needs sustenance. Please Do not take it personally.

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The adrenaline rush touhou. Too bad panic/fear causes meat to sour...

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Maybe Rumia enjoys that taste, since it's proof that her victims were terrified and in extreme pain in their last moments.

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Youkai are born, grow, live, and die/cease to be.

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All those anons... they'll be lost

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Where did this artist go man :(

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Rumia swallowing anon's cum!

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to gensokyo, probably

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File: 1.38 MB, 1200x1600, __rumia_and_black_delmo_touhou_and_2_more_drawn_by_shiron_e1na1e2lu2ne3ru3__77911fa91887c46105ed5455d19a8c31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy carnivorous cunny!

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I want to lick that delicious puffy cunny and drink Rumia's loli nectar until she is severely dehydrated!

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Yeah? She can eat this middle finger right here.

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Shame, his art has a hypnagogic quality to it.

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I think it's just you, dude.

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will we ever see rumia again in canon material?

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Looks like Alice made two holes in her face to feed herself to Rumia

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"Are you lost?"

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It's impolite to let a meal go to waste!
I demand you finish me right now!

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>Those pupils
She's not here to help anyone, is she?

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Rare Rumia sighting in the outside world

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she says that to me too

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No watch as she slams into the windshield.

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why can't Rumia just stop being stupid?

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Dark angel

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