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How do I become a Cookie Fag?

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I really like her eyes.

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I really like her.

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I like the gloves

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nameless rumia's wiki should help out a bit, maybe start there.

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very hot, thank you

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Aaaah I want to fill MGroid's gloves with my semen to the brim and then force her to wear them for a whole day!

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All you need to do is like cookie.
It's no different from the inmufags posting every once in a while.

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A fine addition to my collection thank you

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MGR stands for My Giant Rockhardpenis!

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cookie who?

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Two Marisas?!?!

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why would you want to be a cookiefag when cookie is dead? just look at the funny pictures

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post more funny pictures then

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Not him but they're fun to collect.
You can find some high quality images every once in a while.

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why cookie got so many fat bitches

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Not sure.
I take it as one of two things. They're either trying to mirror themselves onto a character, or they form them based on behavior.
Eat a lot, never exercise, beer all the time > flabby if not potbelly fat and etc.
Take this with a grain of salt since I barely even got into cookie beyond somewhere around surface level.

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RU cosplayed and MZ sounds fat

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I beg you dont because its a mess to get into

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whats with the increase of curiosity lately? cookies been around for a decade already and only recently people have been constantly asking about it

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We had this exact thread a week ago. It's literally one guy who found about cookie and wants to be spoonfed because he doesn't know how to use google translate.

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yeah please spoonfeed me please

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You have two options. First is to obsessively look at wikis and summary posts and memorize everything about the entire history.
Second is to watch the funny videos and do the haha.
Everyone seems to do the first for some reason.

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I doubt he knows how to translate a site.
The playlist (haven't looked yet) that has the eng. subs apparently was already posted, so that would eliminate any reason to ask unless half the playlist got nuked or are so old that they used annotations for subbing.

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Where's kofji from

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found out

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Ohio. :)

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I don't believe you.
not sure

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gonna start just telling lies about cookie whenever people make these threads

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there are 2 cookie threads on /jp/
one always lies and the other always tells the truth

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MGR is cute but YUH is cuter, shame there's barely any videos with her. You guys know any good YUH videos?

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>one always lies and the other always tells the truth
Well, thanks for planting the seed of doubt.
Now I'm going to have to check everything I find.

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you shouldve been doing that in the first place

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There's like 5 of them

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No I doesn't

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I think it does

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I am inclined to disagree.

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