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Rumia deserves to be fed a thread

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Rumia-chan needs to practise better oral hygeine

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>300 seconds
Torturing the Rumia is wrong.

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Rumia wants to be impregnated!

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I've fapped to Rumia the most out of any touhou. Does that mean she's my wife now?

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Common-law marriage laws have really gotten out of hand.

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My favourite Touhou ! ! !

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>Rumia deserves to be fed a thread
>fed a thread
so, like the dudes in this thread are her buffet?

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Mankind has evolved to understand the importance of being altruistic.

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Sign me the fuck up

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Nice. I can't remember the last time I saw a cup like that. I think I had one at one point but it's gone now. I can't remember when.

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Another sexy child thread graces the board with her presence!
Thank you based Rumia

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I wouldn't mind if her vagina was like the movie Teeth if it meant I could feed her that way.

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>sexy child

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Anon is based

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On what is Rumia based, anon?

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A child

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imagine the smell

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Rumia-chan lacks bobs or a brapper. What is so attractive about her to you?

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On what?

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>sexy child

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that's exactly it

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Lolicon nutrients!

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She is the light of my life

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She deserves to be fed my dick

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What happens if a youkai substitutes her diet of human flesh with a diet of semen?

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Me on the left.

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semen his highly nutritious, so she should grow up to be a healthy little girl!

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Ah yes Listerine Original. The indian (teepee) choice for getting drunk.

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I want to impregnate her pudge

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Her extreme flatness, her tummy, and her face. I also like the fact that she will kill me.

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Rumia is too cute!

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The honorary fairy cunny.

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Right on time, I just translated some nice baby-making sloppy kiddy sex with Rumia!

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I want to lick all her baby fat!

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Children can't have children, dumbass

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I beg to differ! There's lots of tiny Rumias running around now!

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Explain this then, faggot.

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Marisa joked around one day hiding a melon under her shirt one day and it caught on in the fairy community.

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Very nice. EOPs deserve to fap to this gem if it isn't translated already.

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My wife is so beautiful, bros

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it was me

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I agree, my wife is very beautiful.

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That's pretty cool. It's a shame Rumia didn't let him put it in (or was her hole that small?), but at the same time it's an example of a rare non-penetratieve insemination, and odd rare stuff like that are up my valley.
Here's my pick: https://exhentai.org/g/1743372/d8772eacd9/
Just incredible. I'd definitely nominate it as one of the cunniest doujins of the year, it gives intense UOOOOHHHH vibes, even despite a bittersweet ending. Though it seems like it's unfinished and the author is not selling it yet.

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It's fucking shit.

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No, it's not. A dick is a dick. Apply yourself retard.

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Thanks for the recommendation, that artist has a unique artstyle. There's great tummy art in it and I always love to see passionate sex. I agree with that other retard though, lolis are for men in their mid-twenties to forties. There's just something irritating about seeing shotas experience something they'll never truly appreciate.
>It's a shame Rumia didn't let him put it in
I'm an ass man through-and-through, and that doujin ticks every one of my boxes in terms of butt appreciation. Also I'm perfectly content with admiring a loli's body. I'm not concerned if a particular work doesn't contain penetrative sex.

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Since we're talking about doujins, this is my favorite one. I think everyone here has read it, but I love it so much that I still want to mention it.

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thank you for the meal

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Still the 7th, safe.

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Rumia day is in 7 months.

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Isn't Rumia day the 7th of every month? This honorary fairy is so amazing she gets 12 whole days dedicated to her.

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I just like her theme song.

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Nice ass, Rumia-chan

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>Are you a human I can eat?

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Using that logic, you'd be celebrating every other girl each month.
7/7 is simpler

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Mesugaki Rumia is hot.

>Using that logic, you'd be celebrating every other girl each month.
There's a reason why the 7th is Rumia's day.
And if there's a single girl who deserves to be celebrated 12 times per year, it's her.

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>Mesugaki Rumia is hot.
It makes me want to punish her via high-impact sexual violence and set her back on the right path!

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I definitely got some meat for this maneater, if you know where I'm going with this...

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Uhh, is there a specific location you want the flowers delivered dude?

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That is awesome and I want one. Got a sauce?

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The many fanworks that have given her a deeper and more complex character while keeping her cute and a tad bit silly have endeared me to her greatly to the point where I would not mind spending a substantial amount of the rest of my life around her. If it turns out that said life only lasts until dinner time, then I shall accept the consequences of my folly.

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Thats one innocent looking Rumia, for the corruption in your post.

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Imagine how heartbreaking it would be if Rumia bit into your flesh, then instantly let go, feeling nauseated and complaining that you taste like garbage.

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I'd probably sob and just blast my brains in front of her right then and there. Hopefully, she'll at least find some sort of amusement from that.

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please don't make Rumia eat dirt

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Don't get me started with a given person being a spooky skelly, thus disappointing Rumia and she leaves you alone because you are not worth biting and chewing for!

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that is why you must keep her well fed

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