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I'm starting to really get into Touhou but is it really true that these cutesy little girls actually sustain themselves by eating humans? And pic related goes into the "real world" and gaps them into Gensokyo all the time?

Also is Rinnosuke the only named male character?

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>Also is Rinnosuke the only named male character?
Pictured left to right are Unzan, Youki Konpaku, Rinnosuke and Myouren Hijiri. There's also Reimu's turtle Genji.

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Do they appear anywhere? Manga, games?

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Unzan actually appears in the games and is also the only one that's playable. But he is some kind of cloud spirit and not a humanoid like the others, so it's different.
Youki Konpaku was the gardener of Hakugyokurou before Youmu succeeded him. He's only mentioned in Youmu's official profile
Rinnosuke appears in a lot of the mangas, he's probably the most relevant male Touhou character that's not a cloud.
Myouren is the brother of Byakuren, and only referenced in her official profile, and was initially supposed to be the final boss of UFO but ZUN decided against having a man in touhou, but he didn't appear in the manga and only was mentioned in UFO

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>ZUN decided against having a man in touhou
Why is that? I always found it strange that there are mentions of males in some of these games but not a single one aside the one you mentioned has any relevance or power.
Is ZUN just appealing to waifu hunters or is there a reason every powerful being is female (if Youkai even have a gender lol because who knows how they have kids besides the human ones)

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They *are* youkai Anon, not all of them need or do consume humans but they do need the village humans to believe that. I know for a fact the Scarlet sisters consume humans, bare minimum they consume blood. Although, Flandre has her meals made for her, since she can't feed on people without utterly destroying them, so she might actually not know she eats people.

Outsiders are said to stumble into Gensokyo all the time and aren't protected like the villager humans are, and so are preyed upon by various youkai.
Muenzuka is where a lot of Outsiders are buried after being cremated, to prevent their spirits from growing restless or angry. Muenzuka and the Road of Reconsideration are places where the Hakurei barrier are blurry and intersect with the Outside, Netherworld and Gensokyo. It's also one of the most dangerous places in Gensokyo.

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>cutesy little girl
>Yukari Yakumo
Yes, but it is only applicable to youkai. Their main source of sustenance comes from the fear humans have of them. Eating them is almost secondary since it's more of a diet.

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Because that's just what Touhou is, prettily dressed girls fighting with pretty bullets.
It's been that for 25 years.
He could dress up some dude in a nice dress and give him some spell cards and put him up as a boss, but I doubt he'd do that unless he really wants to jump the shark.

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Fascinating. Where can I read about this? It sounds exactly up my alley. Strange that outsiders are not protected though, I've always thought they were...

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Like >>30314857 said, Myouren and Youki are only ever mentioned, but Genjii had a speaking role in SoEW and was used by Reimu to fly up until EoSD. He chills in a pond behind Reimu's shrine these days.

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Youkai are just supernaturals that don't have their own category like Lunarians or humans right? I imagine there are loads of them and the amount of flesh they would eat is insane. And does Yukari actually just provide them with food? The fear thing is kinda random, since I played EoSD and everybody just talks about eating Reimu for some reason...

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play the games and read the manga

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It's a bit of a grey area, it really depends on which youkai you run into and how they feel at the time. If you make it to the Hakurei shrine, you can get returned back to the Outside world or join the human village. Though it's still vague if you count as an Outsider or a Villager if you do decide to stay.

I believe that's why Reimu is so protective of Sumireko, since she's an Outsider and not protected by the same rules the natives are. Though she's far stronger than the average Outsider and can play danmaku so it's possible the youkai prefer to play with rather than eat her.
Sanae's probably loop-holed by being a living god if she didn't already count as a native when she "moved in"

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I am, it's just taking me awhile to get to the good parts since I'm trying to 1CC

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>Youkai are just supernaturals
>that don't have their own category like Lunarians or humans right?
That depends. They all fall under "non-human" but there are several types of non-humans that are youkai.

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>And does Yukari actually just provide them with food?
She can spirit people away, those people inevitably become food. Others can just wander into Gensokyo, they also can become food for random youkai.

>since I played EoSD and everybody just talks about eating Reimu for some reason...
I believe that part was a joke, but I'm not sure anymore.

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>I played EoSD and everybody just talks about eating Reimu for some reason
Yea because Rumia is one of the Youkai that actually cares about eating humans.

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I feel like ZUN keeps everything vague to attract autists like me

Not just Rumia, Meiling does too... Maybe even Remilia but I have not beat her yet

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>Strange that outsiders are not protected though, I've always thought they were...
Nope, cruel reality.

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why does Rumia T-pose

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marisa route has the answer

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Rumia is not jesus

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>I feel like ZUN keeps everything vague to attract autists like me
Well, he allows doujin material. Fan interpretation can run wild.
It has foundation in actual lore and mythology, so you can draw conclusions based on your research.

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If I went by the fan interpretations I've seen half the cast would be either pregnant, mindbroken or worse. No thank you.

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Really depends which fan interpretations you use for your research. Its not like you need to use strangest hardcore fetish ero doujins for that.

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bro you need to stop saving thumbnails

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Here dudes.

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saw boobs, I can't help it

That involves finding fanfiction that's well written. I really should tho yeah...

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what is exactly considered "well written"?
i mean it can be well writen even if its nothing to do with canon and it can be even well writen while its just porn, but i guess that ultimately depends from who is reading.
i myself have mountain of doujins to read, but just never get myself to do it since i have so much other stuff to do.

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As you said it's all subjective but something that's thought provoking and not shovelware, that has nothing to do with the lore or does not abuse the setting and characters in some unique way only possible in that fictional universe.
That's my criteria for Touhou and most super-natural fiction

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Youkai sustain themselves by giving paizuri

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>that has nothing to do with the lore or does not abuse the setting and characters in some unique way only possible in that fictional universe.
In defense, not all games are that flexible unless done from scratch like that new Aki sisters game in production.
The well written part can be achieved through other means like dialogue if the rest of the game can't be molded the way you want it to. It still falls on the creator to make something nice, but it all comes down to how much effort they're willing to put into it.
Not everything takes under a year to accomplish. It's make or break for some of them. If it's a flop, that's time wasted. It takes talent to have an idea and string it across. You can write, but don't write too much. At that point, I guess that's where interpretation takes over.

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>I feel like ZUN keeps everything vague to attract autists like me
Have you read Dolls in Pseudo Paradise yet?
If you like vague shit, that thing is going to sustain you for a whlie.

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>made in 2002
Is it related to the EoSD? I might check it out. I don't *like* vague shit, I do like hidden lore and mysteries and that kind of stuff...

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Pregnancy is a good look for touhou girls though

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You can't expect much from a cumbrain retard.

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>didn't appear in the manga and only was mentioned in UFO
Myouren never.

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>Not just Rumia, Meiling does too

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Hong is Chinese. They eat everything over there.
I wouldn't be surprised.

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How do youkai make babies?

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I don't know that, but I doubt it's easy to do.
You have to not get killed first and you have to somehow manage to impregnate them.

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It have sense for Meiling eating monks/priests
In journey to the west the monsters/demons try to devour the monk Tang Sanzang every time because they though that they'll become stronger if they eat this guy who is a descendant of a buddha.
(Kinda like in Inuyasha when everyone wants to eat Kagome and get a pearl shard)
The necklace of Sha WuJing. is made of the skull of the buddhist monks he atem then he became buddhist for redemption.

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By exchanging hats

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They have electricity in Gensokyo, right? It's not widely used, but I think the youkai and humans that live there are technologically advanced to know how to use simple electrical appliances. Byakuren Hijiri is often depicted with a motorbike, and Yukari Yakumo is often depicted with trains. It makes me wonder how advanced Gensokyo really is if they already have industrial age and post industrial age technology like this.

If it is true that Gensokyo figured out how to harness electricity, what do they use it for? Who discovered it? Did they learn how to harness electricity from the human world?

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>Byakuren Hijiri is often depicted with a motorbike, and Yukari Yakumo is often depicted with trains.
Because of Urban Legends (ULiL) and other stuff that happened in the series.

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Who are you quoting?

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Yukari has easy access to the Outside world and gapped a subway train and is keeping it wherever her gaps actually lead to. Byakuen got her bike from Urban Legends as Turbo Granny. No I'm not making that up.

Moriya Shrine are interesed in "modernising" Gensokyo and I believe Subterranean Animism has something about them trying to get electricity either from Former Hell or the Kappa.

The more learned members of Gensokyo are aware of concepts used by the Outside world's scientific concepts, but they have some kind of critical misunderstanding about it. Rinnosuke's especially notable for his misunderstandings as his ability tends to make him Dunning-Krueger his explanations. Yukari's the only one I know that doesn't make errors when she talks of the Outside world.

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>I do like hidden lore and mysteries and that kind of stuff...
The official printworks basically exist for you.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, Bohemian Archive in Red and Symposium of Post Mysticism, Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia in chronological order are the four big ones once you're more familiar with the Touhou games stories

After that you have all the various manga, short stories.

>Yukari's the only one I know that doesn't make errors when she talks of the Outside world.
Yukari is regularly shown as a actual polymath in multiple outside world disciplines though her main specialization is Mathematics.

The only other characters with that kind of up to date modern sensibilities are Suwako and Kanako who came into Gensokyo some time before the 2010's in actual time.

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Genji's still holding on.

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The only non-humans you can really trust as a villager in Gensokyo are Lily White, the Prismrivers and ones that are part-/used to be human (like Alice, Keine, Mokou or Youmu). Funnily enough, most of the early stage bosses are usually the deadliest to humans.

Gapped outsiders are fair game and get eaten all the time apparently, but if you can make it to Reimu's shrine they can send you back or offer to have you settle down in the village. They're treated quite well there, since everyone in Gensokyo always likes new fads.

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I wonder how Rinnosuke's parents got together in the first place. He's the only proper half-yokai, as in with Yokai x Human parents, right?

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Rinnosuke is secretly the strongest and the true protector of Gensokyo for being the only relevant male character who isn't a stand or missing.

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>Rinnosuke is secretly the strongest and the true protector of Gensokyo
You misspelled Alice.
Yuuka took her Grimoire. If you can fight Yuuka and win, you're already strong enough to do as you please.
Given the sheer number of dolls she possibly has, it's a miracle she doesn't feel or want to take Gensokyo by force.

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Nitori Kawashiro definitely uses electricity in her experiments

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Fairies won't deal with humans too much, probably outside of Clownpiece. They'll inconvenience you and maybe even hurt you a little bit, but no way they'll do anything more than that. They're very cautious with humans as seen in Sangetsuisei. The three fairies were literally afraid of even just going into the human village.
Gods also are not very dangerous, if not at all. Outside of maybe Suwako. In particular if you find Hina you're probably safe as long as you're with her.
You're probably safe with the Prismrivers if they're doing a concert. Outside of a concert? Not quite sure, when their instruments are played individually is when they're deadly.
Alice, due to the likelihood of being the person in DiPP, I don't think is very safe.

>> No.30585669

Anon, fairies are described as killing humans in Akyuu's books. The Fairies of Light being scared of the village is like how you may be confident in walking past a single angry-looking dog, but you wouldn't enter a den full of angry-looking dogs.

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Fairies aren't likely to kill you, at the very least, not intentionally. They don't really have a concept of death and regularly die of hypothermia from playing all day and sleeping through the cold night only to "respawn" the following morning. Hell, they thought drunk humans dying the cold sounded peaceful.

Mystia isn't likely to kill you, if you're a villager, though she'll blind you and sell her "night-blindness curing lamprey" to you without you realising it. She's probably more willing to eat outsiders though.

The Grass Roots Youkai Network members aren't liable to attack you either. Sekibank is indifferent and reticient with humans, Wakasagahime is too timid and Kagerou is seemingly fearful of humans, going by Sakuya's route.

Alice mentions in Strange and Bright Nature Deity about giving board to people who get lost in the forest, but also says she and the other forest denizens should work together to scare people outside it. So she's most likely safe, but is probably creepy to be around.

The Prismriver sisters don't seem likely to kill people, though a solo performance from Merlin or Lunasa might be harmful to you. Lunasa's music induces depression whilst Merlin's induces mania. They probably wouldn't do it on purpose to a living human though.

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Akyuu, the most reliable narrator

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Lies and slander, as expected of the Hieda establishment.

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"If you don't want to get involved with them, you must behave as if always thinking of the possibility that a fairy is lurking nearby."
"If you were to be successful in catching one, you can freely vent your anger on it since they're not very strong."
"If you fall victim of a prank, you can only curse your carelessness. It would be best to ignore them, because it would feel awful to think that fairies are laughing somewhere."
"She's extremely curious, so an experienced person may be able to successfully set a trap for her. [...] If you happen to spot her when she's distracted by the food, you have a chance to vent your anger on her."

What the hell is Akyuu's problem?

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Intense jealousy

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Oh, where's this from? I want to read it.

>> No.30616136

It's just Akyuu stuff.
I'll look for it later.

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Your image is the problem
>The sunflowers themselves are quite ordinary, so the field is a popular sunbathing spot for fairies in the day.
>Even if you came during the day, you'd be ridiculed by a great number of fairies.

It's from PMiSS. https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Memento_in_Strict_Sense
Read the entries about fairies.

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Why do Youkai follow these spellcard rules and not just use their ultra broken powers? Yuyuko could have murdered everyone who isin't immortal.

>> No.30620886

Mutually Assured Destruction, the spellcard rules assure that no matter what happens - you won't suffer any harm as the rules specifically stipulate the winner MUST spare the loser.

The big players agreed to them because even if they win a non-danmaku fight, they'll probably suffer a pyrrhic victory in the process and the small players agreed to it because it means they actually stand a chance against the big players. Before spellcard rules, there was essentially no fighting back against the Shrine Maiden.
That and Gensokyo wouldn't likely survive a full-blown conflict if everyone went all out, which all the youkai with any kind of intellect recognise is a death sentence, as without Gensokyo they wouldn't be able to survive the outside world's continued lack of belief in them.

TL;DR It's better for everyone to use spellcards.

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Will the deaths from coronavirus cause another flower blooming event like in PoFV?

>> No.30662787

This may be a dumb question but what's that heart next to the OP?

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No, they all only eat parts of me because I'm incredibly fat.

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Thread Watcher
You can find more in the 4chanX Monitoring section as well as the options tab in the header.

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Cool thanks!

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Along with this many youkai just straight up can't beat Reimu, she's extremely powerful and the few who can beat her are already the administrators of gensokyo and don't cause trouble.
As for Marisa though, I don't know why Seija didn't just murder her ass in DDC

>> No.30671783

and we have no idea which parent was which
considering how most youkai are female in gensokyo, odds are his mother was the youkai

>> No.30671889

probably a thread watch icon in some 4chan enhancement extension

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If power of gods come from faith than how can one be a "secret god" and be powerful at the same time?

>> No.30715545 [DELETED] 

Yukari a baba

>> No.30715670

I think it's inverted with a secret god. The less people know about you, the more powerful you are.

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my interpretation was that okina is a secret god because no one knows her true nature. She receives faith from millions since she's conflated with so many other gods, but no one knows the true form.

>> No.30718147

>how can one be a "secret god" and be powerful at the same time?
You might not know it yet, but you answered your own question.
The "secret" part is up for interpretation. You underestimate the power of secrets. The better kept the secret, the stronger she is in theory. Since there's only a few who know of her, that would make her incredibly strong. As more learn of her presence, the less strong she becomes. Using this logic, her power would be prone to fluctuation.
How you interpret "secret god" might bring variance into how you see her.

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My headcannon is that this guy is a good's smuggler from the outside world to Gensokyo and vice versa. And Reimu turns a blind eye to his crossing of the barrier because he gives her stuff. He was also connected to Marisas family. When Marisa steals stuff you know she has to know about what she had stolen. They are also close-ish and are both hoarders.

Basically Marisa and Rinnosuke run the Gensokyo black market.

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There's also youmu and her half-goast shenanigans

>> No.30781359

No one cares about the lore, all we like is the girls

>> No.30783094

Lore is significant to me.
If it were just the girls, it would be pointless. I haven't played Seihou, but apparently there's not much to go on. In that regard, it would be no different and lacking of something it could have had.

>> No.30813391

Anything about PC-98 Lore?
I don't recall there being discussion around them.

>> No.30813460

PC-98 era is dry on lore, since it was written before any kind of overarching plot existed. Hell, one didn't even exist until roughly Imperishable Night.

>> No.30813970
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just how strong is Reimu? She's still a human girl right?

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No way fag, without lore these girls would be just cheap sex dolls. I much rather get immersed in the mythos and enhance my experience. Hell you could even become so enlightened you actually started giving a shit about the story and not need the porn at all

>> No.30845240

Lore is one of the reasons Touhou remains popular and continues to release print works.

>> No.30845316

90% of PC-98 lore is jokes and thinly-veiled references to SMT or eroge

>> No.30845763

As it should be

>> No.30868712

What do these posts have in common?

>> No.30871483

A common poster?

>> No.30874644

>is it really true that these cutesy little girls actually sustain themselves by eating humans?
Nope! Only vampires so far "need" to "eat" humans and in actuality all they need is blood. So, they don't even kill people (on purpose). All any youkai really needs is fear, or rather superstitious thoughts and feeding into their egos.

HOWEVER Yukari and other youkai do eat people. They don't have to but hey, you don't have to eat cows and you still eat them, right? It's like that.

>> No.30874740

Really nobody told him to read the Chronicle?

Read Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and also read Symposium of Post-Mysticism. These are in-character lore books written from the perspective of a cheeky asshole. There's also Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red for a bunch of interesting articles explaining little aspects about things happening in Gensokyo as well as fleshing out some characters.

>> No.30874849

Pretending to be like Jesus because the crucifix looks sick as hell, in her opinion

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speaking of fanon, in all of her canon appearances Keine is 100% flat.

Many characters are flat but a lot of them over time get boobs in official art. Not Keine. Never Keine.

>> No.30875042

Not necessarily. Kappa tech is strange and water-based. MAYBE not electric. It's very hard to know.

On this subject it's been basically outright said that "power" exists in Gensokyo, as brought up by Kanako in SoPM, and I somewhat recently had a long chat/research dive with bros trying to determine where this alleged electricity is used. We actually couldn't find anything. We sort of ended up assuming there's some electric lights somewhere. Maybe Suzunaan has some? There's a lot of technology we found that was hand-operated rather than utilizing power.

>> No.30875075

Read Curiosities of Lotus Asia (Rinnosuke's series). It's great and has a TON of details in it.

>> No.30875242

>the Prismrivers
are dangerous, but they've mostly become reasonable

You can actually trust quite a few named youkai, but youkai in general are dangerous. Lily White is actually kind of dangerous since during incidents and spring she WILL fuck shit up and she IS actually quite powerful for a fairy. You can't trust any fairies, honestly, and they can even accidentally kill you or cause your death by fucking with you in the wrong place at the wrong time (making you walk off a cliff or eat poison, for example). Tsukumogami are generally chill, such as Kogasa who is completely harmless and rather helpful. Youmu is nice-ish, but quick to cut people with her sword and Alice is polite but creepy. Suika is genuinely friendly but her strength is dangerous, and any of the Lunar Rabbits you can find should be nice.

>> No.30875310

>regularly die of hypothermia from playing all day and sleeping through the cold night only to "respawn" the following morning.
A bit disingenuous. There's one example of the Three Fairies mentioning that this'll probably happen, but I wouldn't say it's a regular occurrence. A regular occurrence is them being shot down en masse during incidents, and respawning after a day.

>> No.30875617

>Mutually Assured Destruction, the spellcard rules assure that no matter what happens - you won't suffer any harm as the rules specifically stipulate the winner MUST spare the loser.
>many youkai just straight up can't beat Reimu
>Why do Youkai follow these spellcard rules and not just use their ultra broken powers? Yuyuko could have murdered everyone who isin't immortal.
The thing about no harm is specifically for humans, although the intent behind the rules is indeed to stop Gensokyo from being destroyed/keep people able to fight (the back and forth struggle keeps youkai alive) without destroying the world. That is one reason, and the other is actually not about how people can't beat Reimu--it's that humans in general need the opportunity to be able to beat greater beings and not die (in other words: implying that Reimu might need these rules in order to win/survive, and given there are no other living Hakurei I think it's safe to guess why). It is a thing to even the playing field, but the actual specifics tend to get forgotten by people or misremembered--which makes sense. There's literally only one canonical DRAFT copy of the rules, otherwise they're only vaguely referenced:

>> No.30875689

Okina is like an MLM scheme in God form, or something. Or a conglomerate, or publisher or something. She herself is unknown, but she IS known via many many many many MANY MANY MANY SO FUCKING MANY NAMES. Those names, such as Matarajin or Daikoku, gather faith. As a core and mysterious being she'll sometimes pop in and do something inscrutable to keep people aware of her kind of like a youkai (and she IS called a youkai-god derisively), but otherwise when you're that well known without needing to do anything... honestly she's practically retired.

>> No.30875719

less fun than him being a self-important trash collector

>> No.30875798

>Anything about PC-98 Lore?
Ignore it because ZUN does, and keep in mind that he ignores it because most of it is a thoughtless mess of references and otaku jokes.

FWIW the only real interesting stuff is Yumemi who is neat, Shinki kinda, Mima who might actually for real be coming back, and that Yuuka/Alice are from there. Not so much Alice since she's quite different. Yuuka is about the same.

>> No.30875829

>he ignores it because most of it is a thoughtless mess of references and otaku jokes.
meant to add, that he made as a college student*
Not to knock him. It's normal for the age he was at

>> No.30879833

Killing and eating people makes them fear you.
Nobody would fear kappa if they didn't keep drowning people.

>> No.30880053

Don't forget the assballs.

They attack people too, by the way. And sure, kill them. I'm not saying they don't kill and eat people, but that they don't actually need to. Literally. They're not an essential food source nor is there a direct advantage to murder. Spook successfully, via threats, attacks, or violence and you can continue to exist.

>> No.30881948

But the statement that "Yukari gaps people into the real world" is 100% true right? Especially since she's implied to give blood to Remilia

>> No.30895768

No, 9.

>> No.30896364

What's the context for this picture

>> No.30929136

She can spirit people away.
You can wind up in Gensokyo one day passing through the barrier as long as you are forgotten.
Humans from the outside world end up as food for youkai if they have no significant relations or special skills and don't want to live in the Human Village. If they live long enough to get there.

>> No.30944781
File: 1.85 MB, 2500x1302, __matara_okina_touhou_drawn_by_lfacras__73861373de7ff2e0294eb03f4f183d71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him but I think I understand your vision, practically any reference to the concept of god or similar belief that each person puts their faith (see Zeus, Jesus, Universe, Chaos, Odin, Shiva, etc, etc) is directed to the same place or entity but in a different way ... looking that way Okina is really powerful.

>> No.30964765

In Imperishable Night if you play as Marisa and Alice, Eirin says this:
>It looks like the two of you are using a copy of an ancient power.
>A chaotic power, from the time before humans were around.
Any ideas on what she might be referring to? Alice's Grimoire perhaps?

>> No.30982287

I'm sure at that point ZUN was just making shit up to make Eirin seem more important and grand than she really is, like how Eirin is stated to be surprised to see Sakuya but absolutely nothing came out of that

>> No.30990988

>He could dress up some dude in a nice dress and give him some spell cards and put him up as a boss
That's literally what Miko is

>> No.30991088
File: 2.23 MB, 1254x7172, wait what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey... At least they are still girls.

>> No.30993197

She is a human girl with a extremely overpowered ability it's just Reimu almost never uses it consciously. Marisa comments on it multiple times through the series and even ended up being the one to name it.

Yukari has been implied to have actually had to nerf Reimu through using their equipment in the past.

>> No.30994428
File: 671 KB, 759x726, yuyuko reading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find it interesting how a lot of Gensokyo's strongest and most influential residents are stated or implied to have been human at one point:
Was human before she died
Heavily implied to be Maribel Hearn after getting stuck in the past
Heavily implied to be Shuten-douji, who in most versions of the story was born human and became an oni later in life
Is Ibaraki-douji, whose backstory is very similar to Shuten's
Heavily implied to be one of Shuten-doujis former generals, who in some versions of the story were former humans who became oni after being recruited by Shuten
Among the group of humans that travelled to the moon and became the first Lunarians
Was obviously a normal human prior to drinking the Hourai Elixir
Is a divine spirit who was once a human
Former human who ascended to heaven as a Celestial
Former human who became a youkai magician
Former human (male) who became a hermit

And that's just cases we can be reasonably certain about. It's entirely possible that Remilia and Flandre were humans that were turned rather than being natural born vampires, for example. It makes wonder if there's some sort of thematic importance there.

>> No.30999362

There's better odds that Maribel is Yukari's daughter than time travel being involved

>> No.30999537

Is Renko Yukari's dad? Is that how Yukari got the power to manipulate boundaries?

>> No.31000480
File: 172 KB, 800x600, IMG_20201216_200048_483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder: doremy is important lorewise because she's the link between yukari, sumireko, merry and renko, baku is important but nobody besides tumblr cares about her

>> No.31002344

Maribel already canonically time travels in her dreams
>PMiSS mentions a note found hundreds of years ago that is clearly written by Maribel
>she visits the Scarlet Devil Mansion in another dream and is given cookies by Sakuya, despite the mansion being relatively new to Gensokyo
>Renko worries that someday Maribel will stay in her dream world for good
>Lafcadio Hearn parallel implies Maribel comes before Yukari
>PMiSS implies that Yukari only adopted her current name between 1200 to 1000 years ago
Honestly, Maribel being Yukari's daughter would make less sense than the time travel explanation

>> No.31028603

>she's implied to give blood to Remilia
She isn't anywhere, but she heavily suggests that she has a system in place to identify people who would best serve as food in Gensokyo. You can speculate that because Remilia is given humans as a part of her contract (Vampire Contract, obscure lore pre-EoSD, and probably the most important even in Gensokyo's recen history) Yukari has taken responsibility on providing, but as said: that's speculation, and not necessarily hinted or suggested.

>> No.31028641

She's a Lunarian! Sakuya is a Lunarian!

>> No.31029014

Don't take myth too seriously unless it is stated to be a thing within canon. ZUN ignores a lot of myths just 'cause. Like how amanojaku aren't oni, for instance. Suika could very well always have been an oni, and there's really nothing canonically suggesting otherwise.

>> No.31029047

>There's better odds that Maribel is Yukari's daughter than time travel being involved
No there really isn't

ZUN basically confirmed they're the same person.

>> No.31030974

I'll admit that Suika, Kasen, and Yuugi aren't as clear-cut in their origins as the others on my list, but it's still interesting to think about. If nothing else, it would explain why Kasen so firmly aligns herself as an ally to humans.

>> No.31057879
File: 159 KB, 900x746, 1586172093386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So why do guys consider spell card battles to be a woman's thing?

>> No.31058236

I thought tenshi was born as a celestial?

>> No.31058346

Because ZUN does.

Have you never read Tenshi's SWR profile?

>> No.31058428
File: 73 KB, 524x757, b3daf5ab60c2b1749e4af8b0ddbd9375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. hasn't 1 CC'd Lunatic

>> No.31058632

Because the only common thing between the two is a similar name.
The Sakuya we know is not the Sakuya Eirin knows.
The Sakuya Eirin knows is not the Sakuya that works for Remilia.

>> No.31061004

I don't play the fighting games

>> No.31062655
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